Would you join this church?

An excerpt from the introduction of Stephen Martin’s excellent book “The heresy of mind control“.

Suppose you move to a different area and are keeping your eyes open for a good group to belong to (a social club, a church, a synagogue, or service organization). You visit one such group where the people are very friendly, loving, and give you individual attention. The group has a variety of programs: a rehabilitation program for drug addicts, services and nursing homes for the elderly, help for the poor, and free clinics. The leader inspires the disillusioned, the disenchanted, and those who have been rejected elsewhere. He is well-known and respected in the area, and the mayor gave him a position as director of the City Housing Authority. Would you join this group?

If you answered “yes”, you joined the church led by Jim Jones who led over 900 of his followers into a mass suicide murder.

“Stop judging by mere appearances, but instead judge correctly.” John 7:24

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  1. Realy, I said; “yes” , to the ideal concept, you discribed above. It seems i did not learned any-thing after scoan. The problem with the ideal dream is, that it is not the reality of The Truth. And ideals will Always fail. It is good to be awakened to the fact, that I trapped in it again. A lot of churches present the ideal faith-concept, what is not the doctrine of Faith.

  2. @ All,

    I found a very accurate description of such what is written above in your article, which goes as follows. This actually came up in me without me knowing you had written this article on your blog. I meant with that, that I had not see your new write up. Glad we are on one frequency. 😉 Jesse.

    “His arguments will be subtle, convincing, and appealing. His oratory will be hypnotic, for he will be able to move the masses to tears or whip them into a frenzy. He will control the communication media of the world and will skillfully organize mass publicity to promote his ends. He will be the master of every promotional device and public relations gimmick. He will manage the truth with guile beyond words, bending it, twisting it, and distorting it. Public opinion will be his command. He will mold world thought and shape human opinion like so much potter’s clay. His deadly appeal will lie in the fact that what he says will sound so right, so sensible, so exactly what unregenerate man has always wanted to hear.”

  3. Yep. That is exactly how my parents got trapped in a cult. Five years of associating with the cult followed by five years of full fledged membership before they got themselves kicked out for asking questions and confronting wrongs.

    It was the same deal: Beautiful properties, multi-million dollar church-operated business, well-kept buildings, warm, comfortable, welcoming, a strong sense of community, they literally shared everything, good food, lots of fellowship, stirring musical and arts culture, “traditional” values, great work ethic, people always smiling, the children energetic and robust. They had many various “outreaches” locally and abroad (including, ironically, a commune in Nigeria!) And of course, the leader had garnered compliments and recommendations from local and international people in powerful positions, and had several pictures of himself with the Pope, book recommendations from “big names”, and had even used the church’s charter plane to fly Mick Jagger somewhere (thought how that is a recommendation I am not sure, lol).

    But underneath that beautiful exterior was a toxic sludge of spiritual abuse, which in many cases extended down into the community and manifested as physical, emotional, psychological, and some instances of sexual abuse. The “unity” was forced. If you asked a question or disagreed with the leadership, you would be punished. Families were split up. Teenagers often sent to communes several states away from their parents. Husbands and wives split up if one or both made a misstep and offended the leadership. Public, humiliating confession. Public shaming. Petty rules that changed on a whim. Dissallowance of the common members to have access to newspapers, radios, internet, etc.

    One moment I remember vividly was sitting in a service while a young college-student was loudly shamed by one church leader after another. He was berated to the point that he was weeping. His sin? Getting saved while away at college, and being excited about Jesus, and starting an unofficial Bible study with some of the community’s youth. Heaven forbid that they should read the Bible and discuss it on their own without getting it filtered through the church leadership.

    And that is why I am quite certain that SCOAN is a cult. All the red flags are there, including the pretty, shiny exterior. Everything that SCOAN followers seem to think is a point in TBJ’s favor is really a big red arrow pointing out that he is a cult leader.

    • Thanks a lot M. for sharing. Yes, Scientology is a cult.

      Their full legal name is “Church of Jesus Christ Scientist”, they are also known in some places as “Christian Science” or “Church of Christ, Scientist”, and their so called bible based doctrine, like that of the “Synagogue Church of All Nation (SCOAN)”, is seriously skewed. Like SCOAN, they also do great mighty philanthropic works to help the less privileged as well as miraculously heal the sick.

      Ron Hubbard is a cult leader, as is TB Joshua, both are admirably highly intelligent monobeings able to hold millions in their enchantment. The devil’s time is now too short, he is taking no prisoners…

      • Point of correction, Christian Science and Scientology are two completely different things. Christian science is a christian sect (in the way Mormonism or the Jehovah Witnesses are a christian sect), Scientology has no relationship whatsoever to Christianity, and doesn’t claim to.

  4. Yes i want to come there bout im trying to no if i will see money to come. pls pray for me let god give me money to come pls thank you god bless u: amen.

      • Thank u,tv watch,for the work,u do. But I would thank u more if u would touch more church’s at the moment, than to just watch tbjoushua alone,what do U say abt that,because U are going to be shocked what U will see,if U really want to help people! Touch all of them. Go to Facebook,pastor lesego Daniel of Rabboni centre ministries. In south Africa, . Me I give up, I will pray for myself god is with me,I was shocked when I sow that, I Rest my case,

    • @don Chi
      If you read this, please don’t spend a cent trying to reach TB Joshua. Christ is available to you wherever you are, spending your hard earned money going to see TB Joshua will simply lead to disappointment and disillusionment. Seek God and he will meet you where you are.

      • To All,
        I just want to comment on Angelica’s post of
        January 4, 2014 at 4:53 pm
        ……….By the way, you followers of Mr. TB Joshua why does he place on his SCOAN altar, fruits to his “spirit guides”? …………..
        I think it excellent. Really good. Sorry I am commenting a bit late.
        Please note!
        I am NOT promoting voodoo! But this video is very revealing, especially about the offering of fruit to the spirits in voodoo and the mixture of voodoo with Catholic Christianity.
        Listen to this video from a voodoo practitioner himself.
        Fruit are being offered to the spirits in Nigerian voodoo and West Africa – by Taliesin McKnight•
        Click on:

        And who is sitting on the empty chair in tbj’s church at the altar????

      • is not everybody who got the direct link to God;remember Jesus said u cant go to God without going through me,so don’t lie and tell people that God will meet them where there are,its a journey that is not easy ,not many can say Jesus and bring him to the scene instantly even you liar could you?

      • Only Jesus has a direct link to God. Do you get that? Nobody else. It is only THROUGH Christ that we have a relationship with God. Same goes for you, me and TB Joshua.

      • No-one knows the son except the father, nor does anyone knows the son, and the one to whom the son will reveal him.
        But remember, whatever you do, to the least of jesus christ ‘s brethren, he said, you are doing that unto him.
        And bear in mind, jesus said again , whoever is not with him he is against him.
        What does this mean ?
        I don’t know the son, and the one to whom the son will reveal him.
        Or do you know him, is that not tb joshua ?
        If he is not, who is he ?
        Glory to god !

    • My dear Mr. don Chi, you’ve got the wrong number! You are in the wrong house, bro.

      However, as you have fallen in here don Chi, it is not by coincidence, we will not let you go just like that; therefore, I pray over you that you get delivered from your delusion in the Mighty Name of the TRUE Jesus Christ of Nazareth the Son of the Living God. Amen.


      People, it is heartbreaking to point this out, but this is another one of “the deceived” who’s about to sell his house and squander his family’s savings and inheritance for a trip to SCOAN as a result of the deceptions and “bric-a-brac” he had seen on Emmanuel TV.

      Watch as he goes there with his high hopes of “miracles, prophecies, blessings by the minute” dashed in pieces, his family’s living expenses all spent up, only to return home totally drained, bankrupt, disenchanted and frustrated. Yeah, you got it right, like the prodigal son..

      It’s really sad that the insanely deluded ones will repeat the Nigerian trip again and again to SCOAN until it finally starts to sink in…if it ever does, while Mr. Fatai Balogun, or is it “TB Joshua”, dances to the bank, or better still, his “home safe deposit”, as he rarely goes to the bank so that no one will know exactly how much he’s got – the banks are too computerized these days.

      • Wow, what a faith !
        Remmber, the people who broke the house in the roof. Uncoved the top of the house just to get to the man of god.
        Ok, let me ask, is it the first ever person who will do that ?
        If not where are the others ?
        Don’t want to know?
        If there are, would you believe their testimonies ?
        Praise GOD !

  5. And, yes, I have been caught by just such a church, you described, called scoan. But thank God, He has delivered me out of that fruit cake, deceitful ‘church’ and opened my eyes and brought me into the light of His truth!

    • By the way – Why did God favor Abel’s animal offering and not Cain’s fruit offering of the ground ?

  6. Without a doubt, SCOAN is a cult and T B Joshua is by every means a son of Satan, who presides over a synagogue of Satan called SCOAN. I thank God for everything I experienced at SCOAN and I’m now in a position to recognize any cult and any false prophet anywhere INSTANTLY! My discernment has been quickened and everyday as I dig deeper into the Bible, I get more understanding and enlightenment. SCOAN is a place for destroying souls and destinies, but for me, it was the wake-up call I needed to rise to my destiny. Yes, TBJ meant destruction, but God turned it round, and I pray He turns everything round for everyone caught in this deception of our time, and that they come out bolder and stronger than ever before!

    • Yes, remember, jesus when they questioned his powers coming from ? They also suggested that he got them from the boss of demon.
      I like it when you put the same to the man of god tb joshua, that’s shows us that truely this is a man from god.
      He doen’t use his own wisedom but christ who dwells in him.
      Big amen !

      • Based on this peculiar logic, nobody who claims to have power given to them by Jesus could possibly be deceiving you. In fact, if people question where the power comes from, it makes you even more convinced it’s from Jesus! In this case, you have a lot of warnings about false prophets you have to remove from your bible.


  7. Hey guys, I did not see “Prophet” Fatai aka “TB Joshua” slash “Charlton Heston” climb up “Mount Sinai” dressed in his white garment this year to get revelations concerning 2014 with his cameramen.

    What happened? Has he finally stumbled upon the truth of the Word of the Living God, the Lord Jesus Christ that God is Spirit, and they worship Him must worship Him in spirit and in truth? That you don’t need to “go to” the mountain to hear from God? That God is everywhere, and can meet you wherever you are? If so, that is a first step in the right direction.

    • No maan, here it’s wriitten, unknown god ! How can be everywhere?
      What is this?
      Still have a big job to do or what ?
      How somebody speak nice about god but at the end reveal that he/ she doesn’t know where is god.
      But there bible showed us that there are many gods out there, therefore, greater is he that is in us, not everywhere !
      Hallelujah, amen !

  8. Is it just me or is the silence from SCOAN supporters rather deafening on this one? Maybe they decided to read the post and then think about it for a while. That would be a new thing!

    I know several of us have mentioned Jim Jones and other cults but maybe the point needed to be made in a seperate post, in just this way, for it to get through.

    • True, the silence is deafening. I suppose maybe the new 2014 strategy is not to participate in any blogs or sites critical of the Porphet. Whatever the case let those that seek the truth see it for themselves

      • Shame on TBJ and his devotees! They tried everything, including threats, curses, blackmail, ad hominems, fabrications, concoctions but they failed miserably and could not stop anyone on this blog. Whether they remain silent or not, we declare,” No retreat, no surrender!!!” TBJ must come out with his public confession of lies, deceit, fabrications, manipulations, fornications, adulteries,etc. He must also release all the captives he’s taken hostage inside the synagogue of Satan, otherwise aluta continua!!!!

  9. Yeap, the his mighty power is manisting right now. These thugs are being revealed one by one. When they think of business they also think about a church where they have to use jesus as they product to sell and get right fat income.
    They think, the scoan is of that nature, but got it wrong and who can rectify them ?
    Only jesus christ of nazareth, is the answer against this satanic attitude

  10. I wonder why jesus called the people to him ? Didn’t he think of the money they will loose when they go to see him ?
    Ok, the money they will use to visit the scoan is that money they will spend it to you. Clever !
    Don’t you know that we also enjoying to travel ?
    Remember, that also give us an idea that to go to scoan, you must have the money which you get from god.
    You tell yourself that I am going to scoan, then you pray with the man of god in faith, thereafter, you will have the money to go wherever god want you to go.

    Hallo !
    Join the body of christ and enjoy the freedom in his kindom where there is no lack, as compare to your poor one.
    Amen !

      • You said, people must stop going to scoan instead god is here, therefore, the may save their money to go to scoan. You have a church where they can go. But you don’t tell us what kind of god is there and who gave you the authority, the bible on it’s own or the annointed man of god or elders of the church.
        But surely not jesus christ of nazareth, mmhhh !

      • We are not in competition with TB Joshua, so we have no reason to tell people where to go. No desire to either, because we have no idea where they are and what are good churches in their area. All we can say is that you don’t need to pilgrimage ANYWHERE to meet ANY man in order to meet Jesus Christ.

      • Ok , please forgive me, if I offended you. But as he layed down his life for us, we have to loose something of value for him.
        We can travel the whole world to seek his presnce.

      • One of the many things wrong with SCOAN is that despite claiming that “distance is not a barrier” they create a culture where many people believe that the solution to their problems requires a pilgrimage to SCOAN in Lagos. Often these are very poor people, and travelling to SCOAN may be at the expense of food in their mouths, or education for their kids – but it’s worth it, because the “man of God” will deliver us from this poverty/sickness/situation. Then for the majority of them they don’t even see TB Joshua, or in some cases even get into the church.

        People can travel anywhere they want if they have the means, but a culture which encourages this level of sacrifice for something completely unnecessary is plain wrong. This is nothing against sacrificial giving, it’s against foolish and unnecessary giving. Whilst TB Joshua lives the high life with designer clothes and a presidential suite, many people are spending their last dollars in a hopeless attempt to have the “man of God” pray for them.

  11. Remote control. T. B. Joshua uses a technique called “remote control”, in which by hand motions, standing ten feet or so away from “patients” he manipulates their motions. By scooting his hands to the left, the patient seems irresistibly drawn to the left, and to the right, the patient goes to the right, by circling his hands, Joshua send the patient into a circle, often until they spiral out of control, falling into a dazed heap! This method once again is more akin to occult healing practices, than it is to the Majestic healing gifts of Jesus Christ. Another similar technique is called “point of contact”. For example, the bare breasted woman suffering in agony before the congregation, of a cancer, for her Joshua stands about 15 feet away, and rubs his chin vigorously; this is evidentially affecting her cancerous breast, by remote control. (See the healing of the woman with a blood problem for years, she only touched Jesus and was healed)
    Notice the corresponding customs in tbj ‘church’;
    1. Prayer mountain and Prayer Mountain in the swamp – The Island in the water with the grove of trees.
    2. The drums.
    3. The possessed person and their sexual acts and advice to it follower.
    4. The marriage between voodoo and Catholic Church.
    5. The water.
    6. TB Joshua is of the Euroba tribe.
    7. The white robes.

    Voodoo (full documentary)

    Note the performance of the Captured Ancestral Spirits – Why do the people in scoan turn and turn after tbj prayed for them. Especially in the beginning of scoan?
    Zangbeto Voodoo Mask Festival in Benin in HD

    • @ Just Wonder,


      The trouble is Just Wonder, we can tell this a hundred times to them and explain it into every detail, but they just are not willing to accept it. I still have no answer from anyone of them Who is the The Holy Spirit and what did they know about Him before they saw this spiritual manifesting. Most Christians just don’t know what the Holy Spirit is like and how He operates, simply because they have no experience or in depth Bible knowledge about Him. A lot of Christians are willing to accept any spiritual manifestation because they think they are in church and this can’t be from the Devil. While the opposite is true and facts are that most of these powers are not from God. This includes what is on the videos and above all Kundalini, Chi power projected to wards their chakras in their bodies, which causes them to fall and twist around, which in turn they pass off as demons and evil spirits. How many deliverances did Jesus do ? Only a few, but here it is as a conveyor belt of people being delivered. Does God work like this ? Not at all. On top of it these powers are invoked at will, this is another point that should make you weary from it. They deny vehemently that that is so, but how can you churn out so many people every single service ? Was Jesus not moving everywhere in Israel ? Markets, Temples, Synagogues, Fields, Mountains, at sea, Anywhere. TB Joshua refuses to do this and he had a shed load full of excuses for it. For me the proof is in the pudding when he would go around in every highway and byway unannounced and demonstrate the same what he does between 4 walls now. We will not hold our breath for that, because we know he will flunk big time making his claims hard. Just think about it, why would someone not do that if he is the real thing with random people ? Is his god too small for that ? Clearly his’ is. Don’t believe his nonsense he is guided by a light that shows him only to be in his own building to do these things they claim. Clearly for him GO INTO THE WORLD……is not applicable for him and wisemen, only for us and others.

      Question, why is it that Racine is still wearing glasses ? No demon behind that ? Or why is he not healed from it ? While they claim “Emmanuel is with them” ? Please, please don’t ask questions….

  12. How did you know him ? How did come across with the scoan ?
    If through emmanual tv. Watch it and pray with the man of god.
    Follow them in every prayer, then through that you will make it.

    • I give thanks to God that the salvation that is offered through Jesus does not require the watching of a tv channel.

  13. If you are famous, like Kimmy Skota, opera-singer, or Joyce Banda, then you are allowed to enter scoan without to much sacrifize. Kimmy Skota had watched emm-tv 3 months, and was immidiatly invited. While others , who are not of real importanty, wait for years. Of what profhet, do we talk any-how? Has christianity lost his grip on the Gospel of Christ? His Kingdom-message? Scoan is a sad story, a repeating sad and dis-honouring story towards Christ His gifts for us.

  14. Thank you Jesse,
    How can we educate them on how to recognize the Holy Spirit? As so many that came out are disillusioned and confused now!

    • @ Just Wonder,

      I would love to write about this and my favourite topic concerning that. I have written some stuff about that, but it is very comprehensive and in a blog such as this I would need to break it into bits and pieces, because it would not fit in a couple of blogposts.

      But what we need to know first is what are the characteristics and purpose of the Holy Spirit and Who He is and how He operates in and outside a church building and even outside in open and public buildings. Point one is that The Holy Spirit is not connected to any specific person. A second point is that The Holy Spirit cannot be commanded around at will. Another point is that the Holy Spirit does God’s sovereign Will not our will and will bring us closer to Him and His Son Jesus Christ. A fourth point is that The Holy Spirit can operate by Himself without us invoking Him or ask. The Holy Spirit can “fall” upon us without us doing or saying anything and/ or when the Word of God is preached. Most important points are, we wait for the Holy Spirit to reveal to us in depth our ongoing relationship with Jesus Christ and what He wants from us and receive Him to draw into the Presence of the Father as well to let us understand the Ultimate Goal of God, what is the Salvation of our souls and of all mankind. We must let the Holy Spirit minister to us personally, taking over our lives, cleanse us, empower us, teach us how to read the Word of God, not through people we know who claim and “have” power or powers or it seems they have power or powers or claim that God is only with them. We need to know that The Holy Spirit is everywhere and reveal Himself to you at any moment in time. Another characteristic is that we spend quality time with the Holy Spirit, this does not mean to spend time with people who claim they have Holy Spirit or do things in the Name of Jesus. It is a personal thing, not a hand me down from other people who don’t show their personal lives to you and are recluses with their private lives. Jesus was very open in His ministering live, although He spent time alone with God, but when ready He revealed all the details to us all. Ministers that are very private and sinister cannot be trusted and sneak away when the church meetings are over. The Holy Spirit is given to all who genuinely ask for Him and all people can operate like Jesus did when we receive Him. The Holy Spirit is not for certain “special” individuals alone, we all can or must receive Him to be indwelt by Him so we can understand the Word, Heal the sick, Cast out Devils, Prophesy, Preach, Teach, Words of knowledge, Minister, Comfort, Advocate, Judge, Speak boldly, Have no fear, fulfil your destiny as God wants you to be and more.

      • @ Just Wonder, and others,

        Our question is and must be, What is the office of the Holy Spirit? How do I define His Office? And His way of working. Seeing that He is from everlasting or from the beginning as we read in Genesis Chapter one and verse two

        And the earth was without form, and void and darkness was upon the face of the deep. And the Spirit of God moved upon the face of the waters. (Genesis 1:2 KJV AV).

        From this early record of the word of God we see the Holy Spirit’s involvement, which clearly distinguishes Him as a person and not as a thing as some people term Him to be. Then in (Genesis 1:26 KJV AV) we have the plurality of the Trinity including the Holy Spirit as God said:

        Let us make man in our image, after our likeness (Genesis 1:26 KJV AV).

        Now we must lay hold on these facts, from here, that the Holy Spirit has within the Triune Godhead (Father, Son and Holy Spirit an office from which He ministers in perfect unity within the Godhead. To verify this statement you have to turn to the book of John,

        Howbeit when He, the Spirit of Truth is come He will guide you into all Truth: for He shall not speak of Himself but whatsoever He shall hear that shall He speak: and He will shew you things to come. He shall glorify me: for He shall receive of mine, and shall shew it unto you. All things that the Father hath are mine: therefore said I that He shall take of mine, and shew it unto you (John 16:13-16 KJV AV).

        We can therefore with assurance boldly say that within the Triune Godhead the Holy Spirit is the One Who reveals the Heart and Mind of the Father, and the Heart and Mind of the Son, to the individual believer which is us. It sometimes appears that one type of believer thinks that the Father is more important than the Son, and the Son is more highly esteem than the Holy Spirit, but this concept is wrong and unscriptural because they are of the same equality in Spirit and working as One: one they are equal in wisdom, equal in knowledge, equal in Holiness, equal in character, equal in divinity and in Truth they are equal in every attribute. Now lets look at the relationship of the Triune Godhead at the baptism of Jesus in the river Jordan. Although Jesus does say that His Father is greater than Him He is still Divine as well the Holy Spirit and work together as One. After John immerses Jesus in the water the Holy Spirit descended after the heaven opened upon Jesus and the Father spoke: this is my beloved Son in whom I am well pleased. The whole Godhead in perfect harmony, which is the Father the Son and the Holy Spirit acknowledging each other.

        Another point is The Importance of the Personality of the Holy Spirit.

        Well, as I commence writing this the first thought should come to your mind is Jesus’s command TO His Disciple’s after His resurrection, before He returned to sit on the right hand of HIS Father’s throne in glory.

        Here are His words as they appeared in Matthew:

        Go ye therefore, and teach all Nations, baptizing them in the Name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Ghost: (Matthew 28:19 KJV AV). (Something that TB Joshua and Wisemen don’t do) Instead they use a bottle of water and tell you this is containing everything what is written above there. I wonder how they would justify this against scripture, but again, there you go. I mean in their application and conviction is “spraying with water or a mist of water is baptism and the salvation and healing of your soul”. In any of this application it is said, I baptize you in the Father, Son and Holy Ghost. Is there any video concerning that ? Or at any application that is ? Not that I am aware of. But then again I don’t watch it anymore either.

        Anyways let me continue from where I diverted.This therefore identifies the personality of the Holy Spirit distinctively as an individual of equal status within the Triune Godhead. Although the Holy Spirit is invisible yet He is a living person. He has His own identity, and in existence possesses His own individuality in the Godhead.

        He must not be regarded as a mere influence, or power or form or dispensing power, or sort of anointing but as a Living and a Divine Person, with Who you can Interact and have relationship with as with your friends, spouse, family, etc. etc. The wonderful thing about the Holy Spirit is this: Although He does not have a Body structured as a human, He has all the characteristics above and beyond any normal human person, thus making Him a Divine Person, a Living Person equal in intelligence, equal in Holiness, equal in Wisdom and Knowledge, equal in understanding and Divinity: just as the Father and the Son as One God, Three Offices.

      • Continued The Holy Spirit, Who is He ?

        The Personality of the Holy Spirit does not depend on having a physical, material body or even a human body. A person is a living person because He is conscious of his own existence and can consciously think, will and act simultaneously; these are the attributes of the Holy Spirit.

        He is The Dictator or Director of Divine prophecies is attributed to the HOLY Spirit as the Spirit of Prophecy Who will refer at all times to Jesus Christ and usually is unctioned through true prophets for the repentance of sins and returning people back to God the Father and Jesus. Not for how much miracle money do I get in my bank account, posh shiney race cars that I will drive, 15 bedroom palaces or in football matches who will win and so forth.

        We read in 2 Peter:

        For the prophecy came not in old time by the will of man: but holy men of God spake as they were moved by the Holy Ghost. 2 Peter 1:21 KJV AV.

        Even in the Old Testament, the Holy Spirit is referred to as the author of divine prophecy (II Samuel 23:2-3 KJV AV), reads as follows:

        The Spirit of the Lord spake by me, and His word was in my tongue. The God of Israel said, the Rock of Israel spake to me, He that ruleth over men must be just, ruling in the fear of God. 2 Samuel 23:2-3 KJV AV.

        The Person and Work of the Holy Spirit are a very clear definition for a believer in three distinctive works of the Holy Spirit they are:


        JOB 33:4 KJV AV
        PSALM 104:30 KJV AV
        GENESIS 1:1-3 KJV AV


        JOHN 6:63
        ROMANS 8:11 KJV AV
        GENESIS 2:7 KJV AV


        2 PETER 1:21 KJV AV
        ISAIAH 6:5, 9-10 KJV AV
        ACTS 28:25-27 KJV AV

      • Whenever the writers of the Scriptures referred to the Holy Spirit as the third person, personal masculine pronouns are used. In John Chapter 14:16, we can read:

        But the Comforter which is the Holy Spirit whom the Father will send in My Name He shall teach you ALL things and bring ALL things to your remembrance whatever I said unto you. But when the Comforter is come, whom I will send unto you from the Father, even the Spirit of truth, which proceedeth from the Father, He shall testify of me: Nevertheless I tell you the truth; it is expedient for you that I go away: for if I go not away the Comforter will not come unto you; but if I depart I will send Him unto you John 14:16 KJV AV.

        The Holy Spirit is a Person for the following reasons: Personal pronouns are designated to Him to identify the Holy Spirit as a Person, the bible uses such words as would identify a person to be a person and not a thing; these then are masculine pronoun in reference to the Holy Spirit. What we have to take notice of is that in original Greek grammar, the word Spirit (PNEUMA) is a NEUTER NOUN; THAT is; it is neither masculine nor feminine. However, whenever and wherever a pronoun is used in His stead, the pronoun is always masculine and not neuter pronoun. The masculine choices of pronouns have always startled or ring an alarm bell to the student of the NEW testament Greek. This goes to prove that all persons of the Godhead are masculine, (or masculinity represented). The masculine pronouns such as He, Whom, His, Him, and Himself are designated to the Holy Spirit. In the gospel of John 16: 7, 8, 13-15 KJV AV. The Greek masculine pronoun (EKEINOS), rendered HE, is used twelve times. So, (ETYMOLOGICALLY) the word means “that one”, or “that person”.

        Nevertheless I tell you the truth; It is expedient for you that I go away: for if I go not away, the Comforter will not come unto you, but if I depart, I will send Him unto you. And when He is come He will reprove the world of sin, and of righteousness, and of Judgment: Howbeit when He the Spirit of truth is come He will guide you into all truth: for He shall not speak of Himself; but whatsoever He shall hear, that shall He speak and He will shew you things to come. He shall glorify Me: for He shall receive of mine, and shall shew it unto you; All things that the Father hath are mine: therefore said I that He shall take of mine and shew it unto you. John 16: 7, 8, 13-15 KJV AV

        Moreover the Greek word (PARAKLETOS) meaning Comforter; is only applied to the Holy Spirit in the bible.

  15. @ All,

    I want to mention that in one of the latest interviews with TB Joshua Website Punch he claims that they don’t advertise their ministry and let the anti SCOAN websites doing the advertisements with people with sunglasses up in the back of the church ???

    Just a question ? What are all those personal TB Joshua fans websites and associates and blogs, interviews, branch websites doing then ? Including Facebook, Forums, Twitter, shamelessly fanatic and agressive inundated accounts with YouTube videos about him, Books, promotion of all “anointed” objects, I.e. picture frames, stickers, etc. etc.

    To say the least, he is fibbing right there and then as if he pretends he does not know. Oh wait, please, please don’t say that and don’t ask that question…..don’t involve me into that as he would say smugly, like “prophet” Angel does as well. Always twisting, avoiding, deliberately misdirecting and misrepresenting is Ok for them to do as it comes out for them. Would someone filled with The Holy Spirit do something like that without feeling guilty and correcting themselves real quick ? Or just keep on smug barefaced continue to plot their next lies ? Please, please, don’t say that or ask any questions….

  16. Thank you Jesse,
    I hope that your posts on the Holy Spirit will shine light in the darkness for some people.

  17. Well if a ‘pastor’ can get his congregation to eat grass, then I suppose to people like this tbj will look like a saint. Oops ‘prophet’.

  18. Yes, TB Joshua is a cult leader and everything he does, to his disciples, will go back to him and his family one day. Thank you for reminding everyone of that fact again!

  19. Neva knew abt this grass eating pastor until now. Thenks to this blog for keeping me and other people out there informed.

    • Yes, we learn every day. Here is another we just discovered that operated like TB Joshua, also in Nigeria. He was known as Jesus of Oyinbo or “Jesu Oyingbo” in his language of Yoruba, and was very controversial too as he combined Christianity, Islam and African Traditional religion in his practices.

      He is dead now, but if anyone tells me that he was not TB Joshua’s mentor I will seriously doubt it, because he operated the way TB Joshua is currently operating; besides, TB Joshua has remained “mum”and “beats about the bush” whenever he is asked who his mentor was and how he came to be converted to Christianity from Islam – pro’ly he does not want people to associate him with the man because the stigma attached to him.

      From what we get, when this “Jesus of Oyinbo” died, all his “disciples” (yes, he had disciples too like TB Joshua), were kicked out of their boarding quarters and told to leave by his children.

      If this is the case, it is a sad disaster what will happen to all the “disciples” in SCOAN if anything happens to TBJ, or if TBJ stands up one day and commands them to GO! Where will they go, as some have abandoned their families and turned their backs on their loved ones, some have also completely terminated their education to live in SCOAN, some have no skills at all to survive outside of SCOAN. SCOAN is a serious disaster waiting to happen…

      See some resources that you might what to peruse about “Jesus of Oyinbo”:



      • TB already announched about the Bridge-journey for this year 2014, “that many will fall”. This sort of doom-predictions is realy scary.

      • @ Jamie,

        If I was you Jamie, I would not worry or bother about it. People fall all the time. It is just inside information and spying on them and make such predictions. Most prophets just watch the news and how everything and trends go, have spies out there and when trained enough they just predict this or that will be likely to be happening. We call them Pundits, not prophets. TB Joshua has a bunch of TV’s just outside his office with all the news channels on it and disciples that constantly monitor this and will report to him about what is going on. Including pro SCOAN journalists that are reporting on behalf of him, paid or not paid. Life just goes on with or without these prophets and whatever. So don’t be distracted with bridges, pontoons, cross overs, or Bridgegate, Whitewater, Watergate, or whatever gate or stories that are bound to come to pass with or without predictions and what was already long time in the news brewing. Just keep focussing on This verse.

        Hebrews 12:1-3
        Chapter 12
        1 Wherefore seeing we also are compassed about with so great a cloud of witnesses, let us lay aside every weight, and the sin which doth so easily beset us, and let us run with patience the race that is set before us, 2 Looking UNTO Jesus the author and finisher of our faith; who for the joy that was set before him endured the cross, despising the shame, and is set down at the right hand of the throne of God.
        3 For consider him that endured such contradiction of sinners against himself, lest ye be wearied and faint in your minds. KJV AV.

        Ps. When I went to Lagos and on my return flight I was approached by a coloured Journalist asking me if I could write to him about TB Joshua so he could write something in the news paper he worked for. So he gave me his business card and tried to convince I really should do this. I never did, but it all goes to show how far they will go to get information out of you to publish somewhere. So if TB Joshua says that he does not advertise the ministry to Punch website, he should be called accountable for that in lying that this is so. Him and like all his followers do this and it is pathetic from him to say such things, because anyone can see all over YouTube, e.g. Revel2123 and many, many others, countless websites like watch TB Joshua, watching TB Joshua, TB Joshua fan blogs, Time magazine, not to speak in and around every tribe in Africa and now also in New York City by John Zavlaris, and other places.

        So a man of God should be lying as it is written in:
        Numbers 23:19
        God is not a man, that he should lie; neither the son of man, that he should repent:
        hath he said, and shall he not do it? or hath he spoken, and shall he not make it good?

        It is always Ok for them to do so, to lie, to twist, to deceive and to scam, but if we are caught in it we have be made bare bottomed to the shame of the entire church and outside of it and never get a place to work in Any church again. Then I also want to point out one more time about their other leaders and branch leaders who are or were so called demon possessed and had to be delivered from their “demon(s) after ten, twelve years being possessed or for a lifetime and how can you look in their eyes when they were chosen by him from the beginning to go out all over the world to cast out demons in others, with “anointed water” and not manifest themselves while spraying it. How can you ever face them and look them straight in their eyes knowing they were lying to you all that time. Can you ? Would you not ask yourself why they were never delivered in the first place when someone claims they have the Holy Spirit of God and Who knows ALL things and delivered them after a few, hours, days, weeks when joining SCOAN and even have been laid hands on by TB Joshua numerous times without manifesting their inner demons the presumptuously had ? Even have been sitting in his office and walked with him side by side for God knows how many times, without being discovered with their inner demons ? How foolish one can be to believe anything they say ? Or go back to them to join them ever again only to be lied to again and again ? They will not answer this, nor give me a satisfactory answer or say sorry of such fallacy and scamming. They will continue in their own agenda and discard it all as a used up pen and think, for you a thousand others we will have, in which they do exactly the same as they did with me and you guys.


      • @ Jamie:

        When you get such nonsense prediction (via prophecy, dreams, visions, word of knowledge, etc.) which does not agree with your spirit, simply reject it and cancel it by the Blood of Jesus Christ. If it is targeted at your specifically, send it back to sender according to the Word of God in Psalm 109:17. It will affect you if you don’t do anything about it, but simply accept it.

        Let us Join hands and reject that wicked Prophecy in the Name of Jesus; in fact, we send it back to SENDER, by the power in the Name of the Son of the Living God, Jesus Christ!

      • “Jesus of Oyingbo” was another false messiah like TBJ who slept with the women in his cult like TBJ is doing in his SCOAN cult.Out of curiosity, I personally visited this cult in Maryland, a suburb of Lagos, when I was in Nigeria, and learnt of the sordid things that happened there. This is what happens to people who sheepishly follow false prophets.

      • Thank you Mr. Terrific,

        My issue with TB Joshua is not his sleeping with his women, NO not at all, I think that “horse” has been beaten to death by many of his critics. I believer, in most cases if the elephant does not permit the rider to ride it will not be ridden (I think this is bad too, don’t get me wrong). However, this is his business and those of the women and girls that he goes to the sack with, or he used to go it with, whatever.

        My issue is his insistence on USING THE PAIN AND MISFORTUNE OF PEOPLE to enrich and popularize himself. For example, NO ONE enters his church without paying; this he does in the way of making sure that everyone must purchase his church program or stay outside. And he indirectly ensures that no one that comes to his church leaves without at least a bottle of his “anointing water” he know doesn’t do jack.

        This is just a tip of the iceberg, there are many more creative ways this man has come up with and devised to draw money out of unfortunate people such as private consultations, church hotel stays of which you literally pay for everything in there not to talk of the hotel itself which comes in degrees such as private suite, executive suite, dormitories, etc. all at different price ranges.

        The man literally strips people bare of any finances or money they have when he is done with them leaving them destitute or begging by the time they leave his church. He further camouflages his daytime robbery by dashing out miserly handouts that he calls charity to a selected few that will look good on his Emmanuel TV and make him look like a “good” man to the world. For example, in my last trip to his church I saw well-dressed healthy looking people begging for money all over the place for food or transportation home, it is literally pathetic.

        May the Good God Almighty, Yahweh, hear the cries of His people and deliver us one day once and for all from these vultures that call themselves the “men of God”.

  20. Thanks Jesse. it frightens me, when TB joshua mis-uses his powers and the Word, to justify his own purposes., by mis-leading so many people. What on earth is his goal? How far will a man go, to protect his shameless grandeur and misstakes? Paul revealed the Grace of Christ, thats why villages and cities could florisch by the real power of God. What goal does the ‘revealed gospel ” of tb Joshua serves anyhow? Why seems everything a contradiction? Tb gives with one hand and scorns with the other. Why does God allows this?

    • Jamie, don’t blame God, but blame this false prophet TBJ and the deluded people who believe in his worthless divinations and lies!

  21. What is your problem are you a muslim or is God too dull for you to fight for him.am pst mathew you people cant kill me in jesus name or you may say am another things i knw u.u will vess and die because u are demon .

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