TB Joshua should reveal the location of the missing Malaysian airlines jet

As we write, there is a passenger jet with 240 passengers which has mysteriously disappeared, presumed crashed. Few will be surprised to hear the TB Joshua claims to have predicted the incident. In the past he has claimed that God shows him these disasters “as clear as watching Emmanuel TV“, so presumably TB Joshua knows both what has happened to this plane, and where it is.

People all round the world are following this mysterious news story, what better opportunity to show the world that he doesn’t just patch together vague prophetic utterances after a disaster happens, but that his supposed prophetic ability is a gift to the world.

So TB Joshua – don’t just release this vague video like all your others. Show the world exactly what God told you and bring closure to the families who have no idea what has happened to their loved ones.

While waiting for this to happen, you might want to check out the unedited version of the prophecy (courtesy of revel2123 on youtube).

The prophecy in question starts at around 2:30, watch the video and note two key details that have been edited out:

  1. The crash will happen just a few metres from the airport where it took off (3:11, repeats at 4:01)
  2. The cause of the crash will be obvious, it won’t be something where they don’t know what caused it (4:18)

Looks like we’re just seeing another pathetic, attention seeking exploitation of a disaster. But if we’re wrong, this is the perfect opportunity to prove it.

Your move, TB Joshua.

122 thoughts on “TB Joshua should reveal the location of the missing Malaysian airlines jet

  1. i think that he is the one that god has chosen to reveal the deep thing of the spirit to us. since god revealed the incidence to him i believe even the exact location of the plane is also revealed to him. In order to clear the panic and doubt in the minds of the relatives waiting patiently to know the whereabout of their loved ones he should inform us.

    • rose, this plain-prediction is not about ‘deep’ things of God! It is just as a foreteller . It is a mystery why tb Joshua only sees dieing presidents, wars and accidents and political events, all in the natural. The deep things of God, are revelations from God for His people. To announche a future-event in the natural is called A word of knowledge, it is no profhesy. A profhesy is about Gods will for us, in Gods language. To predict a Russian war is only relevant if it is related to the Bibly profhesies.

    • In the video,he told you that he’s seeing everything including the name of the country but he can’t mention the name rather,he will send a letter to the Embassy about the plane which am 100% sure that he did because i believe in him and every single words that comes out from his mouth. Now the question you need to ask is did the Embassy in question honored his letter? or they trashed it? because Bible said that he that honors a Prophet call will receive a Prophet reward. Note that for him to see this since last year,that means he know the date it will happen and the flight in question but we didn’t did he’s word serious. Even me i watched that Prophecy live and i fasted and prayed for some weeks about it because live in Asia. Remember that God can use anything to express himself,it doesn’t matter whom you are,where you came from,colored or white. Why can’t they pay him a visit in SCOAN HQ to seek an advise and to know the exact location the plane is because he said in the live service last Sunday that the plane is deep down in the water there. Why can’t they go inside the water and search for it or can’t they dive?. True Prophet can never go on in broadcasting himself in every single thing he saw,it’s if you believe in him,you can seek him and he will guide you on how to get to its solution.

      • he said in the live service last Sunday that the plane is deep down in the water there. Why can’t they go inside the water and search for it or can’t they dive?

        Assuming the plane has crashed, which is the only believable possibility, everyone KNOWS it is deep down in the water. It was lost over the ocean, so it stands to reason that it will be in the ocean. Given that the ocean covers over 70% of the earth’s surface, that’s not a very helpful insight from Mr “prophet” TB Joshua.

      • words of wisedom, the true prophecy come to pass even the time of Noa people perish becouse they didn’t hear the words of God from Noa.

      • Well said Auidrey, even Jesus spoke in parables most of the time and his disciples asked him why is he doing that and the replied ‘do not cast pearls before swine’ and he would explain the parable to his disciples privately. That is to say, the embassy concerned should contact him to get the full story, he is not going to cast the pearls before swine as it shows clearly in this trend, even if he mentions the exact location of the plane in the water still there will be swines to trample on the information. it is the glory of God to conceal a matter and to search out the matter is the glory of kings (provebs 25:2), Let him that has ears hear

  2. Don’t mind T B Joshua, he is an ordinary false prophet and his days of deceiving the Lord’s people are numbered! The handwriting is already on the wall!!!!

  3. Unbelievable – he is still going strong with the same ‘cut and pasted’ prophecies.
    1. …..”The crash will happen just a few metres from the airport where it took off (3:11, repeats at 4:01)
    2. The cause of the crash will be obvious, it won’t be something where they don’t know what caused it (4:18)”……………
    Well this crush happened +/-2 hours in flight away from the tarmac @ +/- 1000 km per hour – gives us an distance of 2000km away. That is for sure NOT close to the tarmac
    They do not know what happened??????? It is definitely NOT clear why the plane disappeared.
    So Deut 18:22 says:
    22 When a prophet speaketh in the name of the LORD, if the thing follow not, nor come to pass, that is the thing which the LORD hath not spoken, but the prophet hath spoken it presumptuously: thou shalt not be afraid of him.

    • No he said that the problem will start shortly after takeof,and what is the problem,the fuel will start licking shortly after takeof which is why the plane didn’t get to its destination. Search for it video in Youtube and don’t its 100% clear.

    • Seriously…the unedited version…hahaha!!! Satan and his little menions will do and say anything to make the word and word of the Lord be tarnished!!! This is just hilarious…you expect sane people who have been to the SCOAN to believe this hullaballo….WHAT!!! Hahaha….

    • I saw a different version of his prophecy about a plane from Asia…it said something about having a fault ,and that they are impatient…they need to check the plane better. All the planes on the Tarmac should be checked…from july 2013 on youtube
      He should help them out now…

    • It’s clear to understand that you are a tools of satan. If i may ask you, beside TB Joshua, how many other prophets in the world do you know for over 30 years with continuous prophesy?
      NOTE: A vision or trance is like a dream. Not everything you saw in your dreams you will be able to explain accurately after the dream.
      You might saw a man with blue jean in your dream but when you wake to explain the dream you may not give the accurate color of the jean. You might end up to describe the color as green or black.
      So also a vision or prophesy.
      TB Joshua is a humble prophet. He gives prophecy and even going in details to interprets his prophecy to the people in a language they will understand.
      As we all may know very well, the prophets of old in the bible only gave prophecy but will never interpret their prophecies to the people.
      Even up till today the prophecies given in the old testament, 95% of Christians today could not interpret those prophecies, except the ones interpreted already by the apostles in new the testament.

      Well, the reason why the prophecy of TB Joshua is not honored might be because he’s not from western world, or it could because of his color or his country. Just as it was said in John 1 vs 46 (Can any good thing comes out from Nazareth?).

      Am a living witness of TB Joshua Indonesia flood prophecy and the Indonesia plane crashed. I watched the prophecy live on Emmanuel TV online.
      The flood took many life away, destroyed properties and my flooded my home for several days.

      We should pray to God to send us more prophets like TB Joshua in our time.

      Sorry am not good at English

  4. This is what I said in my last post. How callous is this TBJ and his shameless broadcast team? Hundreds of people are grieving for their loved ones and some charlatan is claiming that he foresaw the tradegy. What good are his ‘prophecies’ if they cannot avert such disasters? The day is surely coming when God Almighty will make these people at SCOAN account for their despicable acts. May God comfort the bereaved families. In the name of Jesus Christ, Amen.

    • shame on you satan is using you……find your own prophet and start accusing him leave our man of god alone we from scoan we fight against powers of satan not flesh and blood not human being we have for people tb joshua is a real man of god……may my god forgive you for accusing our prophet the day will come when you yourself will confirm

    • Jonah was told by God to go warn the people of Nineveh. Their leader/president listened, came down his throne, fasted together with all their animals. God reversed the punishment, forgave them. Now here, you want TBJ to pray for the countries after warning them while they dont even listen nor believe what he says? Until when people realise we have a Prophet of God in our times, they will keep ignoring him and calling him names and face the concequenses. Pease!

      • Jonah warned a city. He was very specific. TB Joshua warned “Asia”, the largest continent in the world. I’m sorry, but your comparison doesn’t even come close.

    • Jonah was told by God to go warn the people of Nineveh, starting their leader/president they sat down, cried to God for mercy and forgiveness. It wasnt Jonah who was supposed to pray and repent. Why do you want TBJ to take all the load, reveal what God is showing you people, then pray for you while you continue in your sinful ways and disbelief? People really are too far from God. This is just a wakening sound for people to start learning, God does exist and the Prophets are here in our midst. Peace!

      • @TBJoshuawatch: Ask the Embassy of the country, if the Prophet did not fulfil his promise of sending them a letter or anything as he said he would. And he also gave reasons, of why he prefers talking to Embassies of the countries instead of mentioning those countries on air. This is a very much advanced world from the days of Jonah, but God is the same yesterday and today and forever. Peace!

    • A prophetic word was given to you and you still want the prophet to pray to avert the danger? The prophet is not God rather a messenger’ let those who have ears harken to it to save their lives. “My people perish due to unbelief” When Daniel had an encounter with an angel at a point he did ask when shall these things be? Answer- this vision is for an appointed time

  5. you guys have cease not to amaze me……you guys say TBJ is a false Prophet but yet all the prophecies he gives comes to reality; then you jobless bloggers pick up his videos and start looking for the flaws in it as though you are immortal judges where as you are just mere mortal kids still striving hard, in order for people to notice you through this crappy page called TBJ WATCH.
    you are just wasting your time coz the more you criticize, the more you advertize TBJ’S MINISTRY; his ministry is booming with an alarming congregation, Nowadays the auditorium looks stuffy due to the uncontrollable crowd; this simply means that you are just wasting precious time and digging your lives deeper into the pit of hell. You guys really wanna know where the plane is? why don’t you receive your own revelations since you guys are Holy and stainless Christians; or are you so concerned because your families are missing with the plane too?
    just stick to gospel and quit blasphemy….the gospel of God’s grace changes and challenges all things……….peace……..

    • Malaysian Airlines Prophecy – T.B. Joshua
      28 July 2013.
      Tbj said:
      ….a few meters from the tarmac the crash happened……………….. it is not anything that they do not know what the cause is……..he will let them know 7 months ahead of time? ……….in the light of how many aircrafts left from that country in the last 7 months…………?
      1. The craft DID NOT crash a few meters from the tarmac – wrong oops.
      2. And they DO NOT know what the cause was – wrong again oops.
      But luckily you can cut and paste the prophecy again, to make it sound as if you got this divination right.
      You are not in the light, tbj, if you have a spirit of divination…………. A prophecy from God would have called those people to repentance in Jesus, for the salvation of their souls……. that is what God’s business is. Not divination for money and fame. Then you still get your divinations wrong. Really you are making a fool of yourself.

      • God said;
        Ephesians 5:11
        Have nothing to do with the fruitless deeds of darkness, but rather expose them.
        2 John 1:11
        Anyone who encourages such people becomes a partner in their evil work.
        2 Thess 2:9-12
        …9that is, the one whose coming is in accord with the activity of Satan, with all power and signs and false wonders, 10and with all the deception of wickedness for those who perish, because they did not receive the love of the truth so as to be saved. 11For this reason God will send upon them a spirit of delusion so that they will believe what is false12in order that they all may be judged who did not believe the TRUTH, but took pleasure in lies.

    • Leave them,one day it will be a wake up call for them. Long live TBJ and his MINISTRY in Jesus Name.

  6. If You are bold enough Post this on your Site and Proof T.B Joshua Wrong::::: MISSING MALAYSIAN AIRCRAFT CRASHED IN THE SEA:
    In the morning, Prophet T.B. Joshua said this concerning the missing Malaysian aircraft: “The plane concerned is deep inside the sea. Some of the particles will be seen on the surface of the sea any moment from now.
    “May their souls rest in peace. We pray the Lord gives the family and loved ones the strength to bear the loss. Our prayer and love are always with them, the nation of Malaysia and other countries who had passengers on this flight.”

    • Yeah, we saw that new quote of his on facebook, interesting that the post went up about 8 hours after our one, claiming that he said it in the morning (i.e. before our post). Good to know SCOANHQ are keeping up with TBJW!

      Saying that it crashed into the sea is just about the most obvious thing he could say. Any other scenario is practically unbelievable, although nothing has yet been confirmed or ruled out. So now he’s stating the obvious after the fact when before the fact he got it completely wrong (the plane would crash metres after take off). Good work prophet.

      • its pretty obvious it crashed in the sea. plane crash on land would be pretty easy to find, with all the smoke etc

      • He never said the plane will crash meters after take off if you can understand a common English.Also in all his words,there’s nothing related to meters in it. He said that the fault started just as the plane is about to take off. Go and look for a nursery school kid to translate the video for u.

      • I think you’re watching the edited “prophecy fulfilled” video, not the original, unedited video. In the unedited video he first said it would crash metres from takeoff, and repeated the same thing again in a slightly different way. See links in the main post for proof. Once you see that, hopefully you won’t “believe in him and every single word that comes out of his mouth” anymore.

    • Of course it would be in the sea, that’s where it was last ‘seen’ – over the sea. You don’t need to be Sherlock Holmes to deduce that if a plane disappeared over a body of water, in all likelihood, it would probably be in that body of water over which it disappeared – anyone with half a brain can deduce that.

      As per usual with tbj-ites, you neglect the fact that there were two glaringly obvious mistakes in his ‘prophecy’, i.e., that the plane crashed a few metres from the airport, that the cause of the crash would be obvious.

    • @ Watched TBJoshua,

      It is very interesting that TBJOSHUA WATCH are keeping you guys on your toes. But I can’t help wonder why. Like I have said before on this site, if someone alleged that pastor is not used by God, I would just pray to God to reveal the truth to that person. I wouldn’t want to argue with them to disprove their allegations. Why so, because I dont believe in my pastor, him and I bothe believe in the Almight God for whom nothing, absolutely nothing is impossible.

      Why is it so important for you people to try to proof that tbjoshua is of God. He is not my dear brothers and sister and im beginning to suspect that you know it by now. Leave this cult, go back to your families and serve God freely. please.

      You dont need to be a rocket scientist to see that your tbjoshua is all over the place about the missing flight, his guess is as good as yours and mine. Families of the people in the missiing flight are so traumatised. The Christain community the world over needs to be praying for them and not using their fate to seek ‘fame’

      And if one may ask, why didnt you respond to TBJW’s fact stated below that your post went up 8 hours after theirs?

      I rest my case.

    • @ All,
      Another power tripper, with no biblical understanding of the prophetic, nor application. Just throw it out there. No in depth checking and sit back and talk to God/and or Holy Spirit in your own spirit about it where it comes from.

    • People of God: This man is a total and complete fraud. He is deceived and is deceiving others. What a shame that anywone with two working brain cells would give this huckster any of their time…much less their money. The people that back up this
      idiot with their affirmations is a shame. No discernment whatsover. That is always the case when people do not read the Bible for themselves but take the word of this con artist as if it is the Word of God.
      People of God: Be good Bereans (Acts 17:11) and examine the scriptures yourself and examine whatever this con man says in light of the Word of God and if you would, you would flee from this charlatan. He is up to no good…except to get into your wallet or purse by his flim
      flam and tortuous use of the Word of God.

  7. When my friend told me about the disappearance of the Malaysian plane, the first thing I said was that in the next week we can be sure that we will get a ‘prophecy’ from tbj. Was I right or was I right? And looks like I’m not the only one who had similar thoughts – in scoan’s economy, that would make us all prophets of GOD, wot? *sigh* Tbj is so predictable it’s becoming quite laughable – in a very sad way.

    I can bet you that if they find the plane, we will be seeing videos saying that he knew where the plane was and, possibly, even letters to the Malaysian government telling them of the location…

    • Yep. Exactly the same thoughts. “Oh ho! Here comes another post-event prophecy!” Funny how they don’t show up with specifics until *after* the even they supposedly prophesied.
      TBJ and SCOAN are simply shameless. His narcissism is boundless.
      Never mind that what he is doing is more along the lines of “soothsaying” than Biblical prophecy. If he were a prophet of Biblical proportions, as his followers claim, he would be proclaiming the Word of God and ceaselessly calling for anyone who can hear him to repent and turn from their wicked ways.
      He’s got a profitable three-ring circus going. But he is not a prophet.

      • Oh my!!! People can be so unrelenting in trying to deface the Work and Word of God! But you know the Devil’s slogan may as well be that ‘the end justifies the Means’….and its just right to see that no matter what anyone says to any of you who say T.B Joshua is just a ‘guy’ who is looking for quick pocket change and fame just comes to show how myopic one can be in their apparent human wisdom that is nowhere equivalent to God’s foolishness in our eyes. You sir say that He is a fraud. You say that He is a patriach of The Evil One. Tell me and my friends all over the world who have been delivered and healed without even being in T.B Joshua’s presence…who simply placed their hands on their TV set and instantaniously after they repeated the words from T,B Joshua were healed and delivered by God. Tell me that all that was just simply my sub consious playing tricks on us…tell me that this man with whom im miles away from was able to speak directly to my Spirit the minute i was delivered….give me a reasonable explanation that will allow me to fathom the degree to which your hearts simply cannot see that the man whom you trash for being a vile and false prophet and not the medium through which God delivered me and my friends.

  8. tb JOSHUA only echoes what God tells him. In the case of malaysian airlines, I was watching his prophecy in 2013 when he mentioned about the big balloon.Hmmmm but what I am thinking is if the plane was anyway going to crash then why was it prophecised ? When everyone prayed for this plane, wil it not be safe ? TB Joshua only does what GOD tells him to and I truly believe that.Let all the intelligent people figure out with their wisom as to what happened to the plane or they can choose to seek the prophet of God. I only want to wait and watch to see what will happen of this plane. I pray for the families of the loved ones in the flight. The pain sears through me as I keep myself in their place. Peace to your families in this tough time

  9. The prophecy was said in 2013 not 2014, TB Joshua is a man of God and I have no doubt about it, everything he says comes to pass. How many people are getting healed if he is a fake prophet. It seems you like judging people what about your deeds who judges them?

    • Keep it up TB Joshua Watch – expose the evil of darkness to its core in scoan. I am tired of these ‘prophets’ who are deceiving God’s people! Sick and tired of them. Yes, scramble tbj, like a cock croach on a hot plate to save yourself. Hope the fire gets too hot for you to keep on tricking the whole world and that the fire will expose you totally………… until you repent and stop your nonsense.

    • The video may have been made in 2013. The original in no way comes close to predicting this even. The specifics are pretty much opposite what has happened with this plane crash. Apparently SCOAN felt the need to add a new prophecy after the event, and after TBJW called them out on the inaccurate prophecy.
      Which means TBJ/SCOAN are a bunch of lying liars who lie.

  10. Any man telling us the exact location of this plane is not proof enough that they are sent by God. There are other tests of a prophet. Even witch Doctors, Fortune Tellers and diviners can tell us the exact location of this plane and what really happened. People are deceived because they think that when they are told about their past and life then the person telling them is a true prophet. Today there are thousands of fortune tellers and diviners. Many false prophets are in Pentecostal religion and focus mainly on fame, big titles and money.

  11. what i don’t get is what you folks really want. when he gives his prophecies, you say its not accurate and look for flaws but as perfect as you guys are, you have never given us a single clue to any prophecy or where the plane must have crashed.
    You guys asked for the location and you got it. He said the plane is in the sea and you guys said it can even be predicted by a numbskull. i just think you are working with hatred and that my brethren will make every single finger you have used to type against this anointed servant perish in hell!!!

    • @ Jay,
      Why do you want us to perish in hell ? Is uncovering false prophets and their claimed prophecies, hell worthy. I know people who are much more accurate than him, but both of them have been using this “gift” if you call it a gift to abuse people and mislead them. Several times they have been slapped on the wrist about this and now they are not even allowed to minister anymore.
      There is no point in predicting anything is you can’t change the event, because that is what prophecy is designed for. To repent, to turn around, to come back to God. If you think it was accurate, why did he not mention the two stolen EU passports. God is a God of details and precision and none if us claim we are prophets so you can’t blame us that we are not prophesying. Pieces of a plane do float on the surface of water because a lot of the interior is made out of plastic, and kerosene floats as well, just common sense. As if we can dispense it every 24 hours, week,month, year, prophecies that come to us. You all only look that it comes to pass, which is the myopia and the misinterpretation of your observation of just saying, See, See, it happened. The broader spectrum and telescopic distance of prophecy is a whole different matter. Modern day prophets are using and abusing this “gift” at will a lot, when God has not spoken and use it rather for notoriety and fame and expanding their ministry for filthy lucre. Mind you, I do believe in prophecy, but for Gods people to get direction not destruction.

      • A true Prophet like TBJ has no case with a stolen passport,what he cares is to get to the bottom of your problem and to find a solution. In the case of a stolen passport,a common gate man can detect it without using a technology. So ask yourself how they bypass the checkpoint at the Airport?.

    • Since even people skilled in such things are having trouble finding this plane, it seems reasonable to expect that a “prophet of God” publically claiming to have predicted it and telling where it is, to actually help the folks out and tell them exactly where it is. They already know it’s in the sea.
      TBJ has a special knack for stating the obvious and calling it “prophecy.” We all know it’s in the sea. Duh. That’s not prophecy.
      He did the same with his “russian war prophecy.” The tensions started in November. His “prophecy” was made at the end of the year. And his “prophecy” was less specific than speculations that political analysts had been making for quite a while before he spoke up. He relies on his followers to obey the “advice” to have ETV on 24/7, effectively limiting their information pool to the fake “news casts” on ETV. People who are well-informed on a broad range of subjects will find his claims of “prophecy” to be downright laughable in their vagueness and belated appearance.
      However, all that is secondary. You revealed the true nature of SCOAN theology when you cursed us to hell for disbelieving your prophet. It’s a twisted, ugly, rotten fruit theology and even if he got all his prophecies correct I would never follow him because his theology, at the root, is crap.
      Jesus Christ alone saves. There is NOBODY we need to believe in besides the Savior, in order to reach heaven.

      • @M
        wow!! Im guessing your either a scholar that is you read alot of books or you are just trying to see how far you can stretch your paws of malignant ideas about a person who till date has not harmed but helped who has not only served his country but also other countries who has not only helped those in need but also those who have more than enough i.e Royals and Presidents….my only concern is that when a President decides that He or She is going to see TB joshua he/she needs to have been advised by an entire team and the fact that they keep coming back to see him not only shows that TB Joshua is helping their countries in whatever way he does but also he is not as much of a fraud as you say he is….

  12. @Jay,
    Indeed, which doctrine are you using to send to hell all those questioning this ‘prophecy’? Mind you, no one here is claiming to be a prophet. We are simply pointing out the flaws in the video. TBJ just talked of a balloon in Asia. Do you know how big Asia is? Did you want ALL the countries in Asia to ground their aircraft? And for how long?
    It seems SCOAN has really invested in you. Do you have a Bible I wonder? What does Mt 5 vs 44 say?

  13. @Jesse
    yes of course, its hell worthy. This is because the last time i checked, i found out that you were neither a god and definitely not a judge; therefore, if you judge people now, who would judge you on the last day?
    You said you know accurate prophets, why did they not make you aware of the crash? or were they also missing in the sea? you said you did not claim to be a prophet, then why do you keep disturbing a man who gives what God reveals to him when you don’t even have a clue?
    As far as am concerned, no one has ever come out openly to give delicate prophecies like TBJ DOES…..
    You said “Pieces of a plane do float on the surface of water because a lot of the interior is made out of plastic, and kerosene floats as well, just common sense”, following this statement, it simply means you believe the latest prophecy he gave, but you are just covering your blasphemy up by saying he uses common sense.
    About that crap of given all details, he is not God but a servant of God, so do you expect him to tell you about the life history of each passenger on the plane before you believe him? or do you want him to explain to you ingrate how the people painfully sank in the sea? There are certain details that have to be left out of a prophecy to prevent the world from fear and trembling. TBJ does not give more than what he receives from God, so if you are not cool with the little details that’s your own piece of shit.
    Finally, the man of God is not searching for fame, he is already extra famous and people like you make him even more famous by advertising him with your wacky and crappy articles of no commercial value……..peace……..

    • @ Jay,
      “You said you know accurate prophets, why did they not make you aware of the crash?” We’ll why don’t you inform yourself with Stephen Chaote, Ashley McGuicken, Grenville Barber, Rick Joyner, Bernard E. Jordan, Paul Cain.
      But they all abusing of what they have. Sad but true. They have been addressed by me same way as TB Joshua is. Since I know all of them personally except one which is Bernard E. Jordan, does not mean I still address them now. I was inside SCOAN and I came out disillusioned, especially when I found out that all leaders, disciples, and close followers were claimed about they all had demons. That was the last straw that broke the camels back for me. There is another few prophets I know, Derek Burley and John Paul Jackson, both have prophesied over me with alarming super accuracy. One of them looked as far as my birth all the way to my near future and even on the long term. These are very busy men with extensive travelling schedules and one has more experience than TB Joshua in his little toe than TB Joshua will ever have concerning word of knowledge, prophecy, prophecy for the church and prophecy for the world. Some of his predictions and prophetic utterances have been over ten, fifteen years with such alarming accuracy that if he could explain himself about it what God has revealed to him for decades in the future, TB Joshua would have his jaw on the bottom of his shoe, so accurate he is. So don’t tell me about prophets, I know one when I have seen one and TB Joshua is not part of that level where he operates under, he has helped andcfevealed to resolve many cases that were unsolvable and directed kings, emperors and presidents. He has been in many presidents offices and rooms to tell what is coming and what to do about it.
      TB Joshua goes nowhere than his own circus parlour, this guy has been in the most secret places on earth where TB Joshua will never tread or will be invited for over decades. So don’t bother me with TB Joshua anymore whether he is a real prophet. I mean it. So keep going to promote your little prophet. Real prophets don’t need all the advertisements like you all do of what you are relentlessly doing to no end. You are nothing that a Bunch of attention seekers.

      • @Jesse
        You claimed that you have been in SCOAN,where in the world is it located?. And for your information,TBJ don’t travel because he has no time for that and if you need him,you will have to visit SCOAN. Also they’re many men and women from different countries who have been there for more than a month but didn’t get the chance to meet him. That you are there in the church watching him on telecast doesn’t not mean you have met TBJ.

    • @ Jay,
      “TBJ does not give more than what he receives from God”
      TBJ is highly likely saying things that God or the Holy Spirit never said. How many people have turned to God when he tells one of his prophesies ? Did they personally repent ? Got baptised and filled with The Holy Ghost ? Received the gift of speaking in tongues, and other gifts ? Oh wait, it is only for exceptions. Like 5 wisemen of which one already has “tempted the Devil to tempt him.” Nobody else is further worthy to receive the Holy Spirit they claim they have and go out and do the same what they claim to do. No one is too good or too bad to be so, but they never get a chance to do so even if they desire to do so, because others and disciples are constantly elbowing them away from that. Which proves it is not the Holy Spirit. You never see a Holy Spirit baptism taking place as if the Holy Spirit is incapable to teach them and raise them. Strangely it has to go all through one mortal man who is elevated on a pedestal by other mortal people. Really ?

      • If they did not honor the letter and prophecy how will they be saved? Just like Noah,he warned people but didn’t honor his warning n eventually perished.

    • @ Jay,

      You said “yes of course, its hell worthy”

      I think it is a good thing you are NOT in charge of Hell then and what is Hell according to you ? Gehenna, The Grave, Sheol, Tartarus, Purgatory ? Which one ? Oh, thou great and awesome Hell and Condemning to doom explainer.

  14. TB Joshua is not going to be obedient to the lodge of this slandering blog. You should be obedient tothe truth and repent from your slandering. Slanders do not enter Heaven.

  15. @ survivor,Jesse and M
    i guess you guys are in the same organization typing against TBJ. How much do you guys get paid to persecute a Prophet? so you mean you just sit and type against a prophet 24/7, day and night? you guys must be extremely jobless…..
    and to survivor ,
    I have no Bible and i have never even come across one…..you claim to be vibrant in the word but little do you know that it is not all about knowing the word but acting on it by showing good examples to unbelievers. Is it by continuous blasphemy you achieve the gospel? you made more sense while you were quiet!……..peace………

    • lol. You’re funny Jay.
      Nobody pays me. Warning people against the false prophet and his destructive teachings is payment enough. Like all SCOAN followers, you inflate his importance in the minds of both his followers and detractors. It takes perhaps 10 minutes out of my day, on days that i choose to visit the blog to write what I wish to write. Make no mistake, your “prophet” is NOTHING in the grand scheme of things. But if I can spend a few minutes after work in pointing out the dangers in his teachings, then I will gladly do so.
      I know you know nothing of the Word of God for this reason: You equate questioning TBJ with blasphemy worthy of hell.
      Were that even a sin, which it most definitely is not, we are covered by the blood of Jesus even for that. Perhaps we shall meet in heaven one day. It is a place where TBJs importance (and ours) will be burnt to nothingness by the glory of the presence of God.

      • The crazy thing…which im not sure about is that you have not been to the SCOAN. Im not Nigerian and the Man of God TB Joshua has done so much to my life…i didnt believe in him because of all the false prophets out there but the minute the hand of God transformed my life through TB joshua i believed and i have been the most liberated guy because of God through him so dude just get your affairs in check open your closets and dust away the devils little minions in your life and ask for forgiveness from God because your tongue that has spoken profanity against the Man of God shall be the same that shall damn you.

    • Jay, you are a confused man. No Bible and you want to be a good example for non-believers? Thank God there are not much wicked persons who believe as you do. You must be part of the bizar-self-constructed-gospel of tb Joshua. TB joshua is a famous man? Only for thoose who adore him and not Jezus Christ. As i said; a profhesy reveals Christ. A profhesy reveals the knowledge of christianity, by the Holy Spirit. All the rest are Words of Knowldege, and in the case of tb Joshua, a lot of irresponsible crapp.

  16. @jay,
    You don’t even have a Bible? And what’s with the foul language in your posts? Do you learn all that language from TBJ, or you are just misrepresenting him? By the way, I have a job. And Tbjoshuawatch don’t pay me a dime. I just happen to find them more logical than the likes of you!

  17. @SURVIVOR,
    What part of my comment was really hard for you to comprehend? When I said “I have no Bible and I have never even come across one”, I never meant I really had no Bible or never seen one, I was talking literally and making a vital point that you still cease to notice but since you never got the point, I will break it down for you.
    You go against a man of God with all your might even with foul languages and slanderous remarks but now I said you made more sense while you were quiet and it’s getting you on your nerve…… Just don’t say evil things against an ordained man because you just choose to, but examine every single thing in the light of God’s word since you are a Christian. Don’t judge the man of God because you see TBJW doing so.
    PROV 1:15 “My son do not walk with them; keep your foot away from their path”.
    Be Christ like……Jesus criticized no man……………peace……………….

    • When I said “I have no Bible and I have never even come across one”, I never meant I really had no Bible or never seen one, I was talking literally

      Errrrmmm…. OK. I’m not sure you know what “talking literally” means then, because we took what you said literally.

    • Jesus criticized no man? Jay, now you say you have a Bible, but what bible?? Jesus had many critical things to say regarding false teachers, both the judaizers and the signs and wonders false prophets.

  18. Perhaps some of tbjs ostentatious charity ought to be directed at providing his own followers with bibles so they can become familiar with the word of God.
    but of course, biblical literacy would loosen his hold on them…

  19. tbjoshuawatch, I should have taught by now you should have repented of your sins. You know what you guys did and the reason you were sent packing, your fraudulent attitudes we have read. God is giving you guys long rope to repent. Profet tb joshua is a true man of God and the servant of the most high God. His prophecies are 100% accurate. You eigher take it or leave it. No body forced you to accept it. So what’s your problem? Who made you a judge over him? The more you condemn, the more the ministry grows. So why can’t you turn a new leaf? Wisen up guys!

    • @ Florence,

      You said “God is giving you guys long rope to repent”

      Now tell me ? Did God tell you this ? If not why make up hypothetical insinuations ?

      Did you KNOW that God tells in the Bible that ALL people repent and…. Come to know the TRUTH, that includes you in your daily life you live.

      Since your claim about us is completely redundant now, we can take the rest of your claims with a pinch of salt.

      Ps, lets look in your brain now. Oh how you would enjoy that we would be punished by God and you and your false prophet vindicated, not realising for your OWN selves that might be duped, taken along, misguided, deceived, mislead by your private “prophet” ALL along. What a sad situation you are into, but you likely will respond by, Ooooh, no I am not deceived at all I just say what every body else says and follow like sheeple without asking God and test it in your own spirit whether He has said so. Tell how you know and by what means did you test it ?

  20. Anybody else notice that TBJ appears to have a new PR writer for his facebook page? His cleverness lies not in his Biblical knowledge or his prophecies, but his self-marketing.

    • @ all,
      Show me the bodies they claim they have killed of Boko Haram ? They don’t even dare to make statements, the military.

  21. @Jay,
    As Tbjoshuawatch have pointed out, ‘literally’ means exactly the way something is said. Do we need to get into English lessons now?
    And if there’s someone who’s raw nerve has been touched, it’s definitely you. The tone of your posts betrays you immensely!
    The problem you have is that your knowledge of Scripture is dangerously warped, as M has correctly pointed out. You may wish to ask TBJ to distribute more Bibles to you and all his other followers. Because to you: questioning the very questionable doctrine of TBJ= an express ticket to hell!
    Ok you have a Bible, but it’s clear you don’t take time to read it!

  22. if you are not a prophet of God dont argue with those with the gift only because you obviously dont understand the prophecy. Stop trying to prove the man of God wrong using earthly reasoning. I am waiting for a man of God who will stand up and say the Lord said TB Joshua is fake.untill then he remains the greatest prophet of our lives. Let the spirit of the Lord move in a way it deems fit.

      • I know many men of God, and my husband is one of them, who are convinced by the evidence seen and heard that TB Joshua is a fake Christian leader but highly successful con-man and cult leader. Many women of God, like me, are similarly convinced. This is why TBJoshuawatch was started, why it faithfully perseveres and why it is prayerfully supported by those of us who dearly want to see old friends, deceived brothers and sisters from our old church delivered from his clutches. Please, Lord, may it be SOON!

      • Amen!
        And many men of God have said the same. We can also point to Conrad Mwebe for godly, Biblical repudiation of the faker TBJ and others like him.

      • You say you are a man of God, and so says TB Joshua. If you say he is a liar, he might also say a liar is you.
        I find it strange that it looks like all you do is watch TB Joshua. We see his work, show up yours..!

  23. I’m following the news on this one.
    I’m curious to see what will happen to the “prophecy” and the statements TBJ has made, if it turns out the plane was highjacked and either landed in some remote area, or crashed in a jungle (more likely, sadly) somewhere in the region.
    He said the plane is in the water. That would be the obvious place if it crashed over the ocean. But will you SCOAN followers hold him to his word if it turns out the plane is NOT in the water? I’m very curious to see what happens. It seems to me that TBJ is simply scrambling to keep up with the news in order to make post-facto prophecies. He’s relying on his followers’ devoted 24/7 watching of E-TV to keep them from paying attention to other news sources.
    Also, TBJWatch, do you download these videos to have a hard copy? I’ve noticed many of them disappear after errors have been called out.

    • The authority already said it went into the sea. So that is not debate, because they’ve been searching the sea since.

      • That’s where they think it is. But Yolanda, it is also possible that it detoured and crashed on land. And that’s the point. TBJ is claiming he is speaking God’s words. He did not make a “prophecy” that is anything more than what the authorities had said before he said anything. If it didn’t go into the sea, as he currently claims, what excuse will he have? Will you accept his word as 100% accurate then? If he edits and remakes his video to reflect the end results, will you notice?
        What kind of prophet makes after-the-fact proclamations and then presents them as some kind of miraculous word from God?
        Not a Biblical prophet.
        And what kind of prophet capitalizes on celebrities and disasters, making vague predictions, and vague “pray for them” nonsense?
        Not a Biblical prophet.
        Biblical prophets did not participate in soothsaying. If they predicted disaster, it was specifically God’s judgement upon a people, with a call to repent and turn away from sin, in order to avoid the disaster. Jonah is a case in point.
        TBJ is a soothsayer at best, not a Biblical prophet.

    • He said what he prophesied openly for the world to see. All you do is wish, but you want to convince us you are the ones who know the truth. Thank God this time around you won’t say the video was doctored..!!!

  24. Let the whole world take all propheses very serious to avoid for damages to our sinful world and my I request the man of God (TBJ) to mobilise himself in my countries to save lives and the moment many people are delivered and their nations it will mean the whole world will be save in Jesus name.

  25. Whoever open this blog to criticise T.B Joshua is a jobless mofo. You know I find funny and see you as a sicko. you don’t have anything better than open a blog to pull somebody down? Get a like mahn. I just pity you and your kind. This T.B Joshua you so much hate has done more charitable work than most people. You who open this blog to speak ill of him, what help have you done for people in your family, talkless of community?

  26. @Yolanda,
    It seems you have joined the conversation very late. The mission of this blog is not to ‘pull TBJ down’. This blog is simply pointing out the scriptural flaws in TBJ’s doctrine ( eg his followers believing that he is the messiah, or he is divine etc).
    Since this TBJ’s church and message is widespread, this blog is doing a great job in POINTING OUT those flaws. The problem is that too many people are idolizing TBJ at the expense of Biblical truth. You may want to argue reasonably and Biblically Yolanda, not just emotionally because the man in whom you have invested so much has been questioned. Remember you are not adding value to the debate by simply calling people on this blog names!

    • Very interesting developments. Can anyone point us to the video containing his claim that it was deep in the ocean? I’ve only seen the claim made as text.

  27. The Man is just tooo muchhhhh!!!!
    He has just aired another after the fact explanation of his nonsense, just to display how much clueless he is about the situation.
    Impatient = 1. The pilot knew the fault but couldn’t wait ?
    2. They did not take time to screen all passengers ?
    What Is your pick? 1? yes you are right! 2? Yes you are right too!!

    The plane was: 1. Hijacked?
    2. Crashed?
    What is your pick? 1.? Sure. 2? Of course!!!

    The plane is currently in: 1. West of Malaysia?
    2. East of Malaysia?
    Your pick? Either is right…. but we will know for sure any moment from now …. When the information is aired on mainstream media!!!

    As far as I am concerned … The man is nothing more than an entertainer … a poor one for that matter.

      • I am referring the service held today in Lagos … Live on ETV.
        Unfortunately not able to record … hope someone comes up with the video shortly … But It was hilarious, to say the least… with all due regards and respect to the sorrow of the concerned families who are in despair … despair TBJ “prophesy” says will end “any moment from now” as by next week, the matter will no longer be in contemplation.
        Jesus Lord … Have mercy on all the families in despair… May your Grace be abundant in this situation.

      • Thanks. There’s also an edited version of it here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ADirmm20nfU

        As we said in the comments on that video, If he had said it was in the ocean between Malaysia and the Indian ocean last week when they were only searching in the south china sea, that would have caught peoples attention. If he had said that there was an element of foul play involved back when most people thought it was an accident, that would have been impressive. But these “revelations” come after the same development happens in the news. On the 10th March the Malaysian government announced that they were changing the search area to the Andaman Sea (between Malaysia and the Indian Ocean), then a few days later TB Joshua “advises” them to search there..

  28. I cannot believe to utter gall of TBJ and SCOAN. To present this is a prophecy, and to claim it has to do with the Malaysian flight.
    It is more and more unbelieavable to me that so many people allow him to play with them, and their lives (and their money) in this manner.
    “I see a balloon…I see which country this is but won’t say it…maybe I will send a letter…it’s because of a mechanical fault…” blah blah blah. what a steaming pile of crap.

  29. Occassionally I visit this tbjoshuawatch blog to see how God is working in the life of TBJ. If not that the tbjwatch owners are irredeemably committed to finding fault with this prophet, why insist that he tells the spot the aircraft crashed as though TBJ chooses to see whatever he wants to see and it is no longer as God chooses to reveal to him? Severally TBJ talks of asking God to reveal more about an issue to him. My advice is that you open TBJWATCH church (or show) where you can make some money by the side rather than just advertising the man TBJ and admitting therefrom that he is larger than all of your team put together.

  30. Reading TB J followers comments, no wonder the world thinks Chrisiians are mad. So sad to see the vitreol they spew in his defense. Maybe he can get all those mega wealthy pastors to pitch in and send in his own search team, plus all that highly technical search equipment and find it himself. Surely god will show him where it is , and supply the funds and equipment, and that would cause the world to know he speaks the truth!! or not.

  31. We should not rush to condemn man of GOd, but sinc believers rush to vindicate their prophets by prophecies we should be equally eager to sort quacks from the real deal. saying a plane will crash on the runaway is not the same as a plane crashing over 1 hour after flight

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  33. Only God knows the truth, but I think this prophecy is too serious to be believed by white-skin people but I do

  34. what we believe is that he is the true men of God coz if i may ask who of u will accept the second coming of Jesus will we not stone him to death again since we are not believers

  35. the things of the spirit is foolishness to the natural man…..the carnal mind is in enmity against God…..there is not wrong with this prophecy….the only crime he committed is that he spoke in the Name of JESUS.

    • Stop arguing please. There are many sources of “prophecy.” God, human spirit, evil spirit, a combination of any of the above or even a deliberate effort to deceive and have a following. One sure way to tell whether a prophecy is from God or not is by getting an answer from God himself. If God keeps quite about it, don’t commit yourself to it and don’t despise it either. If I predict that it will rain tomorrow and it does rain, you can not conclude that I spoke by the Holy Spirit.1. I may have been guessing and my guess came true. 2. I may be an expert in interpreting the times and seasons and have merely used that ability. 3. I may be involved in planning a nuclear attack that involves the falling of “rain” and I’m merely revealing what our group has planned. Since you are keen followers and may not be aware of my other activities, you won’t realize it. 4. Some activities are demonically planned. Since they are planned, the people who associate with the demonic world are therefore aware of these plans and when they talk about it before hand, they can not be said to have prophesied. As for TB Joshua, I personally know nothing good or evil that i can talk about him. I will choose however to trust in God and not in individuals. A prophet is like a counselor to you. He can advise and guide but you take the final decision. When Hananiah prophesied in the presence of Jeremiah the prophet of God, Jeremiah humbly conceded until God told him Hananiah’s prophecy was a lie. Jeremiah 28. When Agabus prophesied that chains awaited Paul ahead of him, Paul informed them that he was already aware and prepared even to die for Christs sake.Luke 21:11-13. Prophecy should not bind you and restrict you. That’s not the aim of prophecy. Beware also of the spirit of witch craft that wants to dominate people in the name of prophecy. For some reasons, God has permitted the false prophets and the true ones to co-exist until some day. Remember the anti Christ will deceive many. Why? Because he will appear godly in many way. In fact he will have so much power that it will be easy for even the elect to be deceived if possible. Watch out. Repent wholeheartedly now and follow Jesus with all your heart to escape the great delusion.

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  37. T,B Joshua is receiving unbelievably negative comments from the World and especially Christians because he cannot be greater than his master Jesus Christ. Jesus was criticized, humiliated, rejected and killed by ‘believers’ – the Pharisees and Sadducee. Please be warned, TB Joshua is a TRUE servant of God, a great gift to this generation so don’t partake in the current abuse against him and his ministry. May God grant you wisdom and courage to belief. amen.

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  39. Hello, it will good if you will allow God to fight for himself and allow this man of God alone. What did you again from these envy and crictics ?

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