TB Joshua should be arrested for his Boko Haram stunt

A confessed terrorist unrestrained in a large group of people

A confessed terrorist unrestrained in a large group of people he planned to kill

Back in 2011 TB Joshua used the Boko Haram crisis to make a name for himself by claiming that they would be long forgotten about a few months into 2012. Sadly this prophecy has proven completely wrong, but it hasn’t stopped him from continuing to exploit the crisis for his own gain. This time, in one of his sunday circuses services a self-proclaimed Boko Haram member confessed that he had come with 4 accomplices to bomb SCOAN. To avoid being accused of misreporting, here is the video and this is the SCOAN report of what happened:

Nearing the end of the service, Prophet T.B. Joshua announced that a young man had a confession to make. The man by the name of Mustapha confessed that he was a member of the Boko Haram sect, which he explained was a cult. He admitted that his initial mission to The SCOAN was to place a bomb in the vicinity with the intent of killing hundreds. Mustapha, who said he was accompanied by four others, had the explosives hidden in a bag. They sat down to eat at a restaurant very close to The SCOAN, explaining that Emmanuel TV was playing in the background as they ate. At that moment, Prophet T.B. Joshua’s prayer for viewers began airing.

Mustapha, who had never been to Lagos, attended church or seen T.B. Joshua before, said, “By the time you (T.B. Joshua) prayed and laid hands on the screen, it was like you were there with us and you joined our midst. As you laid your hands on the screen, you laid your hands on our face. That was when confusion came between us; everybody scattered.”

[… edited for brevity…]

Several hours later, T.B. Joshua readdressed the issue and brought the young man forward again, stating that God had warned him of the impending attack several weeks ago and that he had been engaging in intensive prayers for the past fortnight. “It was not a surprise to me because I have seen it. My mission is to separate him from the spirit that is controlling him to do that. We are not to fight mere flesh and blood,” he explained.

As Prophet T.B. Joshua prayed, the Boko Haram member fell on the floor before beginning to vomit some strange substances. There was a tattoo of a scorpion clearly visible on his shoulder, which Mustapha explained was a sign of the cult. He further explained that this was the first mission he went on where this had happened as he had never failed before. After praying for him again in the power of the Holy Spirit, the young man fell once more to the floor. Upon getting up, tears were in his eyes. “The spirit leading him to kill is gone,” Prophet T.B. Joshua declared! We thank Jesus Christ for this mighty deliverance.

Notice how the man is brought forward twice, several hours apart. That means this man who has just confessed to coming to SCOAN to kill hundreds of people, and has yet to have the demon leading him to kill cast out (if you’re to accept the SCOAN narrative) is free and unrestrained for hours among the group of people he planned to kill!

His accomplices are still running free, probably with the bomb. How has the service been allowed to continue if this was a genuine threat? If there was an ounce of truth to this story, the authorities would have been immediately called as soon as the guy came forward, why would they keep a confessed killer and terrorist around for hours, unrestrained for a live confession and deliverance?

In case it’s not obvious enough by now that this was all a monumentally stupid and deceptive stunt, the Lagos State Commissioner of Police, Mr. Umar Manko has described the claims as baseless. We commend Mr Umar for speaking out and dispelling the nonsense, but this should not stop here. According to SCOAN, they had a terrorist in their midst. TB Joshua needs to be taken into police custody and questioned about this. If there is any truth to the claim, the man and his accomplices will be arrested and tried, and TB Joshua should be cautioned for not immediately turning him in to the authorities. If the claims turn out to be completely false, TB Joshua should be arrested and tried for wasting police time and creating a bomb scare.

118 thoughts on “TB Joshua should be arrested for his Boko Haram stunt

  1. I immediately noticed the interval of several hours and thought it very strange.
    this is no different than the poorly acted “shooter halted” video put out some years ago. I do not understand how people watch this crap without realizing what a sham the man is.

    • The reason why the prophesy regarding the end of boko haram has not come to pass is because you re still alive,anytime from now serious thunder will visit your whole family in form of boko haram,after that case of boko haram close.just mark this word

  2. It does not make sense fighting T.B JOSHUA frm any distant place worse still within his territory. Under heaven there is noone bigger,stronger,greater than God and He has at all times fought for Himself. So who are u using different mediums to fight for God, u ar fighting a losing battle, let God Himself fight him. Almighty God continue using T.B JOSHUA to rebarate us frm the spirit that steals,kills & destroys.

    • good point Annie. People know where TBJ is found. He does not hide from anyone. Go and deliver him if you are a more Christian than he. There is a chance that people who condem TB Joshua have never prayed for anyone and the person is healed..even from flu.

      • @ Bright,
        So if we would go to SCOAN and say to TB Joshua, we do a citizens arrest and will you accompany us to the local police station where he can confess his crimes he commit by using the vehicle Jesus to further his cause of scamming ignorant Africans and other world inhabitants.
        What chance would we have to do this ? While the security is instructed to stop anyone who comes even a spittle drop near him ? And how we then are carried off to our shame ? Your point was ? Scammers will continue until the authorities have no other choice anymore to deal with them and the time will come that this will all sort its elves out when time is there. I take it that God will deal with scammers in due time as has been done with many others. Like Peter Popoff, Sai Baba, Robert Tilton, Richard Roberts, Todd Bentley and so forth.
        Here is a video for you to examine and see all the power tripping you so dearly like:

    • I agree with you.What men do not understand they call names.What they understand they destroy.To God be the Glory for those who are with tb joshua’s Ministry, fighting for him are more than those who are against him.God’s ways will NEVER be our ways.

  3. @ All,

    I read a report in the Internet about the missing plane in Malaysia the following sentence.

    “Angry relatives threw water bottles at officials unable to offer any answers.”

    Read more: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2578020/Why-cellphones-missing-Malaysian-Airlines-passengers-ringing-Family-members-claim-loved-ones-smartphones-active.html#ixzz2vkf5MtZM

    Uuum “water bottles” ? What’s going on there ? Don’t tell me TB Joshua is instructing people to throw water bottles at officials now.

    Not sure whether to laugh or cry ? It could be unrelated though. But ya neva know ? Much weirder things have happened. Just saying.

    Ps, I like the T shirt which the man is wearing…….., I just bought coincidentally 5 of those last week, except without the print, since I had thrown away Emmanuel TV T-shirts and told them that I did. And since I am intending to travel in the next few months, I needed some for a warm country. Blink, Blink.

    Strangely enough the black ones in the pack that I ordered went all of a suddenly missing and had to be replaced by different ones according to them. So they tried to cancel the order and still charging me for it.

    This was with Amazon. They reinstated my order from Amazon after I complained about the company to Amazon that had retracted them previously for unclear reasons, even though they were online and in stock, because they claimed they were not in my Email correspondence.

    That was after I threatened them with the Police, BBB, since I thought they took my money and were not going to deliver the T- shirts. Just saying, weird things happen. I am telling ya.

    • If TB Joshua is a false prophet, those who are sure should demonstrate how a true prophet should be by their works. If you cannot subject yourself to Godly principles for God to use you better keep quiet, you may be committing a greater sin criticizing and judging people which the bible condemns. I have know three people who have been healed by prophet TB Joshua. The blind man in the bible said, whether or not Jesus was having a demon he knew not but what he knew was that he was blind but now he can see. many are been healed by this man in the name of Jesus Christ and that’s what is important.

  4. T B Joshua is the biggest 419 and sakawa prophet in Nigeria. This ignorant fellow even deceived the late professor John Atta Mills of Ghana. He deceived his own president, Johnathan, and he continues to deceive the masses daily and the masses love to be deceived, and what would you do? Jeremiah 5:31.

  5. Yes, TBJoshua indeed is a man of God. No wonder contrary spirit are always looking for something always to put him down. But you have marked a wrong man. His anointing is too much for any demon to handle. May our Lord Jesus keep him, guide him, protect him and anoint him more and more in the name of Jesus Christ of Nazareth.

    • I still wonder why The Lord Jesus Himself chooses Saul (Apostle Paul ) as the instrument to proclaim the gospel while he was on his way to carry out his usual mission of persecuting to death His disciples.
      The Lord did not restrained him to inter Damascus where his mission was going to take place because there was where his solution will come from.
      Can anyone remind you what the true Love of God is all about? No one is righteous,not even one.
      He can be a killer today but tomorrow an instrument of God.
      No sin is too big to be forgiven nor no sin is little to condemn.

  6. If you don’t go to heaven, don’t blame Jesus. God has already opened the way for everyone but the problem is we are spiritually blind to see the opened path. My brothers and sisters, the Bible says if you follow a deceiver with all your heart, you might not make it into heaven thinking it’s not your fault. You can put blame on the Liar but God will not let you into his Kingdom. I don’t know who is a fake prophet or a true man of God either so I stay in my room and pray alone and read my Bible as well. I pray directly to God because He will surely listen and answer me. Lots of people here think if you don’t choose your own pastor or prophet, God will not listen to their prayers. Bigggggggg lie. I don’t want a situation whereby God will say do I know the type of prophet I have been listening and following his teachings. If I do follow a fake prophet and at last God said he is not working for Him, definitely I will regret and it will be too late to ask for forgiveness. Be wise. And please am not saying TB Joshua is fake or real. Am neutral because I want to worship right God. God bless you all.

  7. These group of fraudsters who were sent packing from SCOAN who call themselves tb joshua watch should not be listen to. They are all frustrated individual because they hold grudges against the anionted man of God. We all know what you all did. You write lies about videos being cut and pasted. What a lie! And who do you think believes such lies? Except your type, because birds of the same feathers flock together. We all watched it live. Every thing that happens in SCOAN is exactly what you see. I have said that your group should go for deliverance. What is the use if you can sleep at night? Aways thinking of what your next move against the man of God. What a life? Repent before it is too late. SCOAN is going higher and the anointing on the man of God is increasing by His grace. The more you persecute and tell all sort of lies against the man of God, the more we love him. This was what people like you did to Jesus. If you don’t like his prophecies, don’t take notice. They are not meant for you any way. Tb joshua watch don’t like the man of God, yet on sundays they are glue to emmanuel tv for the purpose of looking for how they can twist all the happenings to suit their evil purpose. One terrific calls him self pastor. You should be ashame of yourself. Pls drop that title. You are a disgrace to the kingdom of God. Repent and give your life to God

  8. @ Annatolia,
    You said ” contrary spirit”
    Go on explain what a contrary spirit is and where we can find those in the Bible.
    Is it “For the flesh lusteth against the Spirit, and the Spirit against the flesh: and these are contrary the one to the other: so that ye cannot do the things that ye would.”
    So what is “we cannot do the things what we would” ? And how is this applicable to our posts here which we write by our own will and back them up with evidence, bible scripture and exposing the scam techniques of SCOAN ? Don’t tell that contrary spirits can do this by free will do you ?
    What you want us to do ? Close our eyes, look through our fingers and gloss it all over ? So how contrary is this all ? Did Paul not oppose Peter for him telling bad theology and the application thereof, or is that also a contrary spirit. Aha I get it, it sounds nice to throw it out there. Well go on then cast out that imaginary contrary spirit out if us if you are so convinced about us we have one. Why does it takes years from your end to even remotely do such thing as casting out our your imaginary contrary spirits. Since who wants a contrary spirit anyways. Because that is what you are insinuating.
    So show your prowess and do your thing TB Joshua follower, because no point of telling us that you believe in “Distance is not a barrier” and you can’t even cast out a silly contrary spirit you concoct up we might remotely have. Go look at the demons of your own leaders have who we’re supposedly cast out since last year after 10 years of harbouring in them and travel all over the world and doing deliverance anywhere. Then tell us that Satan cannot cast out Satan, while that is exactly is what they were doing. Go on admit it, because anyone can do 1+1 here = 2. So don’t even start we have your imaginary contrary spirits, but go on and give us a laugh of your twisted thinking processes of how TB Joshua tells you otherwise.

    • I am very sorry for you. You have no understanding at all of the spirit world. You read your bible upside down

      • @ Florence,

        Well then, tell us how we have to read our bibles the, I am waiting for your exemplarily hermeneutic exegesis of your high level of “how many angels will fit on a pin theology” and your high visibility inside information ministry revelations.

        I really could do with a good chewable sermon where I can do iron sharpeneth iron, because followers of TB Joshua can only say, “man of God”, “anointed” “prophet of prophets” “it comes to pass ” and more blah, blah, blah. Pretty boring.

      • You re busy wasting ur time with imposters,besides they bear a fake names,ask them to put their real name b4 u could answer their madness thought.

  9. @ Kiki,
    Yeah, yeah, telling when it comes out for you as you see fit.
    How much have you tortured me about a “word” that I said ?
    You haunted me, you copied and pasted, you harassed, you twisted my words, but you “holy” prophet can do no fault.
    WHERE IS THE PLANE, KIKI ? give us the co-ordinates, the exact place and at what depth and which place and at what time ?
    If you can’t and your prophet, then he is no prophet, he is general prophet with nothing to warm yourself by.
    Isaiah 47:12-15
    Stand now with thine enchantments, and with the multitude of thy sorceries, wherein thou hast laboured from thy youth; if so be thou shalt be able to profit, if so be thou mayest prevail.
    13 Thou art wearied in the multitude of thy counsels.
    Let now the astrologers, the stargazers, the monthly PROGNOSTICATORS (1. to foretell (future events) according to present signs or indications; prophesy, 2. (tr) to foreshadow or portend) and up, and save thee from these things that shall come upon thee. 14 Behold, they shall be as stubble; the fire shall burn them; they shall not deliver themselves from the power of the flame: there shall not be a coal to warm at, nor fire to sit before it. 15 Thus shall they be unto thee with whom thou hast laboured, even thy merchants, from thy youth: they shall wander every one to his quarter; none shall save thee.
    You remember my name, the name that exposes SCAMMERS and LIARS. No need to be a pastor for that. Everybody can see this, with and without Bible.

    • These words come to mind when I think of TB Joshua,
      “If they do not speak according to this Word, they have no light of dawn” –Isaiah 8:19-20
      “When Jesus spoke again to the people, He said, “I am the light of the world. Whoever follows Me will never walk in darkness, but will have the light of life.” – John 8:12

      • TO TB Joshua;
        Acts 3:19
        19 Therefore repent and return, so that your sins may be wiped away, in order that times of refreshing may come from the presence of the Lord;
        Matthew 28:19-20
        19 [a]Go therefore and make disciples of all the nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father and the Son and the Holy Spirit, 20 teaching them to observe all that I commanded you; and lo, I am with you [b]always, even to the end of the age.”
        Acts 2:38
        Peter replied, “Repent and be baptized, every one of you, in the name of Jesus Christ for the forgiveness of your sins. And you will receive the gift of the Holy Spirit”.

    • Jesse,I don’t have time to waste with you again, talk whatever you want,i don’t care.
      To tell you the truth,many times I don’t finish to read your comments,or I just pass by.
      Besides that many times the contains are always harsh words, irrelevant and silly, many times also they are same stories blah blah blah and it gets boring sometimes.

      If you knew the true meaning of “hunter”,you would know that you are talking about yourself man!
      Of course hypocrites don’t see what is bad in themselves,they always see bad it in others.

      You are a “HUNTER”, a serious ONE, 24/7 on internet hunting on all sites,magazines,you tube …anything related to TBJ and hunting every person there on every single comment that do not suit your nonsense and deceptions against Scoan ,arguing, hunting people and never rest until you get the LAST WORDS,that is where you feel happy like kids fighting to get the most toys.
      And that is your daily job “HUNTING” to get the “last words” and you will think ,you have won.
      But the kingdom of God is not a matter of talk but of power.You hunt every single person who does not accept your deceptions,disturbing them with with too much words that have no power of God to change them if you think you are called by God to do what you do every day on internet.
      So,Keep HUNTING and deceiving yourself and waste your time,i don’t mind.

  10. Remember TB Joshua, the Word of God:
    Ikabod – “The glory has departed”
    This is what the LORD Almighty says:
    “The people of God are oppressed by TB Joshua and his wise men. All their captors (TB Joshua and his wise men) hold them (the disciples) fast, refusing to let them go. Jer 50:33
    Yet their Redeemer is strong, the Lord Almighty is His Name.
    He will vigorously defend their causes, so that He may bring rest to their land, but unrest to those who live in Babylon (scoan). Jer 50:34
    A sword against the Babylonians, TB Joshua and his wise men!
    Declares the Lord-
    1. Against those who live in Babylon and
    2. Against her officials and
    3. Against their wise men and
    4. A sword against her false prophet

    • TB Joshua – the COWARD – being the clever, deceitful, trickster that he is, has done the following to maneuver himself out the danger of the Muslim – Boko Haram group;
      1. Staged this stunt of Mustapha, to trick everyone into believing that Boko Haram cannot deliver him or touch him. He will deliver them
      2. He sent truck loads of food up to the Muslim North, in Nigeria, just after this, to appease Boko Haram? The Muslims even honored him for that.
      Clever, is not the word.
      But tbj is a coward tricking his way out!
      The Bible says;
      “But the COWARDLY, the unbelieving, the vile, the murderers, the sexually immoral, those who practice magic arts, the idolaters and all liars-they will be consigned to the fiery lake of burning sulfur. This is the second death.” – Revelation 21:8

      • An article placed on Yahoo mail:
        Even the Yahoo News are finding his ‘prophecy’ weird and noticed and highlights the deleted parts,
        Nigerian preacher “predicted disappearance of MH370”

        The Nigerian preacher, televangelist and faith healer allegedly prophesied the incident would occur back in July, 2013.
        His prophecy concerned

        “An Asian nation” where a “large aircraft, carrying over 200 people would develop a fault on the tarmac”.

        Joshua goes on to claim that the fault “can be discovered at the tarmac, but because of impatience…”


  11. Yip, I agree, Florence – TBJ’s new PR.
    What about you – watching TB Joshua Watch like a hawk?!?!
    Wonder why?

  12. TB joshua haters are Amartey (terrific) iran mcnaught, giles, leon gentle, karina van, tracy, just wonders, tina dcsonza, jesse, dave and tonge. People of God, take note of these people. They were sent away from SCOAN because of their dubious ways. Terrific is on the run. He duped members of SCOAN in ghana. Just be careful of this guy. He is the director of tbwatch, where he writes all sort of lies against the anointed man of God. I want that mustapha boomber that planned to boom SCOAN to be investigated very well. These group of people that hate the anointed man of God can go to any lenght to try and eliminate him. What they don’t know is God is solidly behind him. His anointing is increasing by the grace of God. That is why his prophecy is 100 % accurate. We watch it and we can testify to that. So this group, tbwatch you are wasting your time. Find some thing useful to do with your lives. Repent and come to SCOAN for deliverance. Save your souls

    • @ Florence,

      You said “They were sent away from SCOAN because of their dubious ways.”

      If you are talking about me ? Then you are telling lies. I was never sent away, I LEFT, with a good reason.

      I think you are getting desperate now. Why can’t you admit you we’re duped and step off from your defence of a mere mortal man, woman, children like we all are.

      I can’t understand you are putting me in their list, I am totally independent from them and write on my own accord. I don’t even have contact with anyone of them. So why are you telling the readers of your post, I was sent away ? I would like to have your apology for what you claim about me. If you can that is.

    • You’re deluded if you think his prophecy is 100% accurate. Completely deluded.

      Btw, you missed me. 😉 Never sent packing. I came across TBJ through my own husband’s deluded obsession with him, and following the advice to watch lots and lots of E-TV, began to notice horrifying blasphemies and testimonies flowing from that corrupted hell hole called SCOAN.

  13. If you don’t like the man of God’s prophecies, you are not forced to believe. You don’t like the prophecies, deliverances, healing etc, then why do you watch and video his broadcast every sunday? You are a group of fraustrated people. One day you all will pay for your wicked acts against the anointed man of God. It is never too late, repent

    • @ Florence,
      Why do keep twisting our words as believers in believing all that God does. Whether this is prophecy, healing, deliverance, teaching, praying, shepherding, speaking about God, Preaching.
      We all love that and we all thought in SCOAN it was it, but we discovered by Gods grace and mercy that its not.
      Why don’t you take a few steps back and start to observe, watch, try and test and check your bible what going one and what Jesus did. The deliverances are standing out the most, just watch them closely, follow the people that testify, ask them questions and be direct to them. You will see that there is no life in their eyes. No shine, no reflection of their soul. Bland, dark, dull and no spark and brightness in it whatsoever.

  14. The Bible said thou shall not speak against the man of God, but since when was being a man of God all about predicting evil or bad things (especially after they happen). Pastors of today claim they heal and deliver but there are still people dying in hospitals everyday, beggars on the streets, planes with people missing, disabled people on the streets begging for arms, people without money left to die in hospitals

    If TB Joshua could stop a Boko Haram plot in his church, why in the world is BOKO HARAM still bombing people in Nigeria. Like someone said, Africans are so ignorant and blinded by pastors that some even eat grass because they were told to … is it even fair? I also wonder how people watch all these TB Joshua stuff and not see that they are just acted! Exactly why wouldn’t the police intervene if it was a real Boko Haram member! all these makes it too fake and yet people still believe! I’m sure people will learn if their kids are bombed! maybe they can ask why TB Joshua didn’t save them! SMH ignorant Africans

  15. @ pk

    i think you are the one that is ignorant about the gospel truth. You said If TB Joshua could stop a Boko Haram plot in his church, why in the world is BOKO HARAM still bombing people in Nigeria? this is because the man of God is a Prophet not a sorcerer. he does only what God asks him to do.
    while Osama was bombing America, why did no prophet in America or any other Prophet in the world find out is hide out?
    don’t ever say that Africans are ignorant!!! are you wise? if yes, stop the bombings.

    • Oh, but your “100% accurate” TBJ claimed that God said last year people wouldn’t even be thinking about Boko Haram, the killings would stop. And yet they are killing and killing.

      If this incident were real, it goes against his own prophecy. Oops.

  16. @ All,

    My investigation posts have been removed. Must have touched a raw nerve. Can’t handle the truth, hmmm, Gary.

      • @ TBJW,
        Sorry, I posted this on the wrong site because of copy and pasting this. I apologise. No worries ok.
        It was something about Revel2123.
        Never mind, it did touch a raw nerve, just watch Kiki how he responded on me. It was something that I discovered. Now he calls me a “hunter”.
        No problem, it is just clear it was correct, that is why they removed it. All the arrows are now directed to me.

  17. @ PK,

    This what the bible says but hey, we read it upside down according to Florence.

    2 Timothy 3:13-14
    But evil men and seducers shall wax worse and worse, deceiving, and being deceived. 14 But continue thou in the things which thou hast learned and hast been assured of, knowing of whom thou hast learned them;

    2 Timothy 3:15
    And that from a child thou hast known the holy scriptures, which are able to make thee wise unto salvation through faith which is in Christ Jesus.

    So I stay with that, because my parents taught me the bible 2 times a day. Reading out loud from it and as a child I listened to it. They did this their entire life until they died. My mother had always a bible on the side of the arm chair as well one on the table in front of her. My wife read every morning her bible and I read whenever I can day and night. Wished I had better memory, because I have bad memory which is hindering me to do better. And I have plenty other things that hinder me, but it does not stop me believing in God. I move, I struggle, I wrestle, I contemplate, I loose sleep, I climb mountains, I fight the good fight of faith, I contend with the faith, I talk daily with God, even If He does not answer or give me the solution, I continue, even with the many hurdles and hindrances I face, I move and edge to my Goal. To dance with Jesus and Him dancing with me every day. And to enter in my rest when my time is there……We thank God for all His Blessings. He has been good, all the time.

  18. @ jesse
    Are you sure you are not working for the kingdom of darkness. Why do you harbor so much hate agaist your fellow human being? If you are holier than TB Joshua, your role in lifè is to help those that ar spiritualy weak and not to condem them..you dont win people to God by your actions. If you, Jesse, are a man of God,a Christian, refrain from such language and show love..God wil back your ministry. I hate to be judgmental but the way you hate TB Joshua is the same way the devil hates true worshipers. Overcome by love otherwise people wil run away from you thinking you represent the prince of hate..the devil..if you know you dont.

    • @ Bright,
      Why do you say hate ? I don’t hate people, I expose rather falsehood, what is wrong with that ? You twist my words, which I don’t express. It does not matter if people run away, they are not reliable and usually a disappointment. So no loss there. They abandoned Jesus too, so if they do to Him, so they will do to me. No loss there. My God will always be faithful and He will never leave me nor forsake me, because only Jesus has experienced that on the cross, for me, for you, for all, so I do t have to go through that.
      It can look lonesome, but never lonely, I am a adopted son that can say Abba Father. I am hid in the Beloved. So no point to say represent what you think it is. You ask God and He will tell you that my heart is sincere, zealous and direct. I don’t blame you when you don’t know better that God is worshipped in Spirit and in Truth. This circus that you so adore is not what God is about. You cast your care upon God, because He (Christ) careth for you. His ways, not your ways, nor any bodies ways, but Christ’s.

      • My friend Jesse, pray to God let him neutralize the power of TB Joshua otherwise many are been deceived truly, let the God who gave you the wisdom to know a false prophet also bring you the wisdom to solve this problem. your concern may be genuine but without any solution to this, its useless. Daniel found solution to the kings dream, Paul did not only opposed Bar jesus, he also blinded him. David did not only opposed Goliath, he also defeated him, Paul again removed the evil spirit in the prophesying girl. if the spirit of God reveals an issue to you, He will proffer solution as well. God is not a God of confusion, He will always provide some solution through who ever he is working with otherwise the individual may be working on his own no matter how good his intent may be. Remember also that God may be working with the man for that is how Jesus want Christianity to be. He said, if you have faith like a mustard seed, you can say to that mountain to move and it will move. He said, if they are not against us, they are for us so the disciples should not stop people healing and delivering in His name. I am always mad at us true Christians for we have refused to make ourselves available for God to use. healing, deliverance, and all what have you should be available at our finger tips for Jesus gave them all to us when HE sent us and said all these signs shall follow us. John the baptist said, a man can have nothing except he is given from above, since we have refuse to present ourselves for God to use us, the devil can always fill the vacuum and it is us God will blame. for you to be blameless, perform miracles God is ready to support you otherwise you may be working like an empty barrel and will incur the wrath of God almighty. thanks. I am your brother in Christ Shanks T.

      • @ Shanks T,
        You forget that people have a free will to choose. Whether to do evil or to do good.
        Did God stop Eve to eat from the tree ? Did God stop any of the Olympic Games that has nothing to do with His Gospel ? Did God stop truth from being twisted ?
        Isaiah 45:7
        I form the light, and create darkness: I make peace, and create evil: I the Lord do all these things.
        Everything fits in what God wants to be happening or not happening. He knows where we are in the moment of time and all things work for good, when He allows it or not allows it. He knows who will be saved and who will not.
        Isaiah 55:11
        So shall my word be that goeth forth out of my mouth: it shall not return unto me void, but it shall accomplish that which I please, and it shall prosper in the thing whereto I sent it.
        Exodus 4:11
        And the Lord said unto him, Who hath made man’s mouth? or who maketh the dumb, or deaf, or the seeing, or the blind? have not I the Lord?
        Matthew 5:3
        Blessed are the poor in spirit:for theirs is the kingdom of heaven.
        2 Timothy 4:20
        Erastus abode at Corinth:but Trophimus have I left at Miletum sick.
        2 Corinthians 12:7
        And lest I should be exalted above measure through the abundance of the revelations, there was given to me a thorn in the flesh, the messenger of Satan to buffet me, lest I should be exalted above measure.
        If you truly knew how God would do things, you would know what I know. Yet you believe in things that are not to believe but vain things for me to do concerning who I stop or not stop or have solution for or I deliver or not deliver, I am free to choose. Playing vigorous guitar or drum or have the oracles of this world beyond comprehension will not let anyone enter in the Kingdom of heaven and
        Matthew 16:26
        For what is a man profited, if he shall gain the whole world, and lose his own soul? or what shall a man give in exchange for his soul?
        I am not called for anything, everyday is a day of wasting of time because of vanity upon vanity, so do it yourself. I don’t have the ability to cheat people. I will leave that up to others.

  19. @Florence,
    I have noticed your very strong opposition to this blog. I have a few questions for you ( And please reply reasonably, not just emotionally):
    1. you seem to spend a lot of time visiting this site despite your view of the administrators. Why then do you feel the need to ‘expose’ them? Could it be that there is some sense and truth in their posts?
    2. I’m certain you will agree with me ( inspite of your feelings about this blog) that tbjoshuawatch post logical, intelligent and well-reseached posts. More importantly, they have some pretty good knowledge of scripture which they use effectively (NOT deceptively).
    So Florence, for the sake of neutrals like me, try to debate logically, intelligently, maturely and BIBLICALLY.

    • It’s better to keep quite if we don’t understand how God works , if you are a Christian just remember this Jesus is coming and let his will be fulfilled that is deliverance, healing and salvation .may God almighty open your eye’s.

      • If you are not in spirit the is no way for you to know the true prophet and the false (according to scripture) because God is only using those who are in spirit.If then your are a real Christian go to God and ask who is tbJoshua you will get the answer .Emmanuel

  20. Another sunday is coming. Terrific (Amartey) jessy, justina wonders iran, giles and others, get ready with your evil computers, evil pens and evil vedeo cameras to vedeo, copy and pastes, then say it is SCOAN doing so. I have watched emmanuel tv long enough, I have never seen or heard such things done. What do you think SCOAN is? It is a church with a difference, filled with the Holy spirit of God. You feel it when you are there. God wouldn’t be there if there was any hanky panky. So don’t think you can deceive any one with your childish lies. We all know who you guys are, therefore is interested in your lies. They know the group are frustrate fellows

    • To Florence,
      Should you have been correct in naming anyone here correctly – which you are not doing – then what is the the purpose of doing so.
      The mature way to solve this problem would be to tackle the problem and not the person.
      Proof to us that what is exposed on this blog is false and we will repent gladly and turn from our ways.
      But you are going the same immature way of tackling the person and not the problem as TB Joshua and his followers are famous for?
      This is an unmistakable proof that you are one of his PR’s.

    • @ Florence,
      You said and I quote “evil computers, evil pens and evil vedeo cameras to vedeo, copy and pastes, then say it is SCOAN doing so.”
      So, eh, now our computers are evil and pens too ? Even our video cameras ?
      Wow, I am baffled ? So why don’t you switch of your computer from the wall outlet because computers are evilllllll. I wished I was a psychiatrist, so I could advise you on which medication they should put you on. Because you are hallucinating about your allegations of our evil computers.
      I can totally see you in here:
      And here:
      So turn off yours, before it will carry you off to the lunatic asylum.

    • @ Florence,
      Quote “hanky panky”
      1. Hanky Panky is Anything which can happen between a couple. There is no set definition as to what it may be, but it can be said that it is something that someone who is not part of the couple would not want to be around when it is occurring.
      2. Sexual dalliance.
      So far I know God is everywhere, even in hell.
      Psalms 139:7-8
      Whither shall I go from thy spirit? or whither shall I flee from thy presence?
      8 If I ascend up into heaven, thou art there: if I make my bed in hell, behold, thou art there.
      When are going to read your Bible for a change ? Florence …..if you can’t, let me know, I will point it out for you. No problem at all.

  21. @kp U are dead right, thats the big problem we facing,as people. I watched the Sunday service,looking at what happend.ii think that was nt TRUE,it looked like strap for tbJoshua,

    • You think the plane crash was set up as a trap for TB Joshua?
      Please tell me that’s not what you meant because that’s insane.

      • Never mind, I forgot this was about the Boko Haram and not the plane crash.
        However, it is still ridiculous to think this is a trap. TBJ knows what he is doing and is a participant in the manipulation. There is NO WAY, as restrictive as SCOAN is, that some random terrorist with a bomb got into the main part of the sanctuary.

  22. Re: the supposed statement from Lagos Police-
    Two questions -1) this supposed statement first appeared online the day after the service- how is it possible they investigated it to conclusion that quickly?
    2) every article tells us what he said, but none actually quote him. What kind of genuine article doesn’t quote the source? How do we know what he actually said, if anything?

    • I’ll grant that the reports of the police statement aren’t entirely credible, but as we said in the article, the statement (if true) is the least they can do, they should be arresting TB Joshua and questioning him about the whole stunt.

  23. Terrorism is the main reason why a couple of threads back, I enjoined everyone paying attention to me to forego travelling all the way to Lagos because the security there is quite porous when compared to most Western countries. Now a thread comes up on tbjw revealing an attempted catastrophic terrorist attack on SCOAN. As if I knew beforehand. Not putting Nigeria down, yet there is no comparison in the security apparatus available to that in the Western world. Putting your lives in the hands of a man, no matter how strongly you believe in his supernatural powers, is always a gamble. I repeat, Africa CAN BE a Jungle.

    • TB Joshua and all of his kind (these power preachers) have a totally opposite spirit to what Jesus had –
      Jesus did not accept the kingdoms of this word (worldwide fame and fortune) from the enemy when tempted, but willingly emptied himself to the point of dying the most cruel death on a cross. Not for his sins, but for ours!
      Jesus had the following spirit –
      Mathew 4:4+8-10
      Satan Tempts Jesus
      4 Then Jesus was led up by the Spirit into the wilderness to be tempted by the devil.
      3 Then the tempter came to Him and the devil took Him up on an exceedingly high mountain and showed Him all the kingdoms of the world and their glory.
      9 And satan said to Him, “All these things I will give You if You will fall down and worship me.”
      10 Then Jesus said to him, “Away with you, Satan! For it is written, ‘You shall worship the LORD your God and Him only you shall serve.’
      Philippians 2:6-8
      The Attitude of Christ
      …Jesus Christ who, although He existed in the form of God, did not regard equality with God a thing to be grasped, emptied Himself, taking the form of a bond-servant and being made in the likeness of men. Being found in appearance as a man, He humbled Himself by becoming obedient to the point of death, even death on a cross.…

      • Prophet TB Joshua is true man of God I have been to the synagogue church of all nations I been watching emmanuel TV for the past 8 years the miracles and deliverance are real and broadcast live nothing is fake Why would Mustapha the boko haram member risk going to jail or lose his life for what some of you are saying was stage managed show at the synagogue church of all nations The biggest crime committed by prophet TB Joshua is that he is African and Nigeria if he was American or European the world will be celebrating him Man of God we are in your corner Emmanuel

      • If you think he would be treated differently under these circumstances if he were a European or American, you’re absolutely right, he would be in police custody. Let’s imagine a similar scenario in America. What if Joel Osteen claimed that an Al Qaida group had come to bomb his church service, 4 had run away due to his spiritual powers, but one had come and confessed and been delivered. I can guarantee you the NSA would have been all over his church in seconds, it would be a national scandal and he would almost certainly be facing criminal charges. Why Nigerians let TB Joshua mock them in this way is beyond me.

      • In any stupid country, you have stupid people like T B Joshua doing stupid things and getting away with it. Or perhaps, this time around the Nigerian people and their government would do something right and prove me wrong!

      • LOL,tbjoshuawatch you can weep now and wipe those tears because your dream did not come to pass!
        Start another strategy, that one has failed again like all the previous ones.Sorry.

      • if Joel Osteen would have been in police custody because his power made 4 of Al Qaida to run away and 1 came back to confess of being stopped to kill by it, but in other ways Joel would have been fine with the police if his power never did anything to stop hundreds of his church attenders to die!Woow
        What kind of brain do Europeans have??That is extremely chocking, your hatred towards TBJoshua is beyond understandable and imaginable.
        I feel sorry for you people claiming to be Christians with that kind of life you live in.

      • You don’t seem to be processing the fact that all these claims are fake. Even if they weren’t, dealing with this man without involving the security services, then seemingly allowing him to go free would certainly be sufficient for criminal charges.

  24. Terrorism is the main reason why a couple of threads back, I enjoined everyone paying attention to me to forego travelling all the way to Lagos because the security there is quite porous when compared to most Western countries. Now a thread comes up on tbjw revealing an attempted catastrophic terrorist attack on SCOAN. As if I knew beforehand. Not putting Nigeria down, yet there is no comparison in the security apparatus available to that in the Western world. Putting your lives in the hands of a man, no matter how strongly you believe in his supernatural powers, is always a gamble. I repeat, Africa CAN BE a Jungle. Safe.

  25. This video is so disturbing. Firstly, it appears that TBJ kept this man overnight, not even just a few hours. Because he’s explaining why he’s waering the same shirt as the previous day. To what end does he hide this guy away overnight? Knowing he’s a Boko Haram terrorist? Where they delivering him? When then a second public deliverance? What else were they doing all night? It is curious. First, a terrorist, apparently “undelievered” calmly confesses to this complicated plot to bomb SCOAN, with 4 other men, who are no where to be found. He asserts that TBJ visits in his dreams constantly. As yet he is still apparently a demon posessed terrorist. Odd. Then they take him out. overnight.
    Secondly, the “deliverance”. What a ridiculous, poorly acted circus. Fake punching? Fake pushing? What. Someobdy show me where that is exemplified in the Bible.
    And the audience sitting there laughing and clapping like fools? It is horrifying to see a room full of people gloating at someone’s humiliation and suffering. Whether it’s fake or not, they believe the man is being hit and being humiliated, and their glee is disgusting.
    Then, *another* confession.
    Then *another* deliverance, vomiting this time.
    Then proclamation of freedom, blah blah.
    Y’all. this is classic cult behavior. Manufacture a “big crisis” so that the main man can step in and “save the day”, and draw the group back into relieved unity. TBJ has to regularly manufacture these crises (this is just the biggest of several “attempted killings” he has claimed) in order to keep SCOAN together and hide the questions and concerns.
    This is nothing but a circus.

    • You people assume and speculate too much lies.
      Who told you the man in question come over night to Scoan or went back free ?
      I was present at scoan church when the police came over after the event occurred surrounding the all church and the man was shortly handed over after his deliverance to the custody of the police for more investigations.

      • It’s in the video presented quite proudly by SCOAN. So….Emmanuel TV told us. duh. TBJ bragged about being in the same clothing because he had spent alllllll night with the man. The man “confessed” on day 1. Was delivered once. Apparently was being delivered all night too. Then paraded out on day 2, confessed again, “delivered” again. All of that was broadcast on Emmanuel TV.
        If there are lies, then it is TBJ and E-TV that created them.

  26. Prophet TB Joshua operates in the spiritual world not the physical world than that is what most of my brothers and sisters are missing What he sees and fights its not the physical its the spiritual guys wake up We know life is spiritual not physical the spiritual controls the physical scorn is real non believers take off your your spiritual blinkers

    • TB Joshua – why do you keep on sinning by cutting and pasting ‘prophecies’ and staging acts misleading everyone etc?
      The Bible is very clear on people like you;
      1 John 4:4
      4 Beloved, believe not every spirit, but test the spirits whether they are of God, because many false prophets have gone out into the world.
      1 John 3:6-10
      6 No one who lives in Jesus keeps on sinning. No one who continues to sin has either seen God or known God. 7 Dear children, do not let anyone lead you astray. He who does what is right is righteous, just as he is righteous. 8 He who does what is sinful is of the devil, because the devil has been sinning from the beginning. The reason the Son of God appeared was to destroy the devil’s work. 9 NO ONE WHO IS BORN (AGAIN) OF GOD WILL CONTINUE TO SIN, because God’s seed remains in him; he cannot go on sinning, because he has been born of God. 10 This is how we know who the children of God are and who the children of the devil are: Anyone who does not do what is right is not a child of God; nor is anyone who does not love his brother.

    • Oh please, knock it off with your spiritual superiority complex.

      You have a body. You are typing on a technological device.The spiritual is real. But The physical is not an illusion. And the physical fact point to TBJ being a liar, manipulator, a circus master–anything but a prophet of God.

      There are some people with spiritual blinders on, but it’s not the people you assume. Take a look at yourself before you start accusing others.

    • @ Matemai,
      “We know life is spiritual not physical the spiritual controls the physical scorn is real non believers take off your your spiritual blinkers”
      So then stop eating, stop going to work, stop providing for your children, stop washing yourself, stop combing your hair, shave your face, stop going to the dentist, stop going to the doctor, (Luke was a doctor), stop using the bookkeeper, (Judas held the purse). Stop everything physical.
      What evidence you have that the spiritual, whatever you understand of spiritual, or whatever you have told yourself or some brainwashing pastor has told you, that the spiritual alone controls the physical. Do you need to be spiritual to eat ?, Drink, drive car, operate an aeroplane that has disappeared in thin air and nobody knows where it is and call off the search, because it was all spiritual that controlled the physical there. Breast feed your baby, fold your laces to tie your shoe ? And so forth.
      People like you need to be removed from normal daily standing in this life operating this world people before you personally draw them in your abyss of delusion and madness and bring this world to a standstill because of your funny bone that played up for us to look at and laugh at your ignorance of your own personal life and convictions.

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  28. If this Boko Haram doesnt help wake-up tbjoshua’s brainwashed fans, then i wonder what will.

    You know when I get up to go to church, im doing so with the aim and hope to get uplifed in my spirit by the Word of God shared, by collectively worshipping and praising the Almighty God.

    But seriously, watching emmanuel tv i wonder how adults with 5 senses use their hard earned money to travel thousands of kilometres to go and sit in a ‘church’ and watch some ‘rehearsed stunts such as the boko haram one. You dont need to be a rocket scientist to realise that tbjoshua is fighting with his all to try and keep his fans.

    Please people of God wake up. Do not be deceived by the so called “deliverance” where people humiliate themselves screaming, vomiting, teaingr down their clothes, etc. What exactly is deliverance? Christ delivered me and every other born-gain Christian, who has accepted Him as their personal Lord and Saviour; by dying a painful and shameful death on the Cross more than 200 years ago.

    Everything we need as children of God we find it in His Word; study the Word of God prayerfully, go to a Bible preaching God, that preaches Jesus who died and rose for the forgiveness of all humaity and you will get delivered from whatever is deterring you from walking with Christ. Is it unforgiveness, is it sexual immorality, is it poverty, is it hatred, you name it, study the Scriptures prayerfully and you shall get your deliverance. The Bible does say we shall know the truth and it shall set us free.

    I know so many people from my country, Botswana, who have taken loans to visit the scoan. Yes they did get their share of public humiliation, screaming, vomiting etc, but they are back home and have their lives changed? Yes, for the worse, whatever problem that caused them to go to nigeria, still remains but on top of that they have debts to pay.
    I remember one, a colleague of mine, who has a chronic situation and once said I felt so much pain one night and when I tried to administer the anointing water, I found that it was finished and i had to be carried to the hospital. I was like, why couldnt he call on the name of Jesus instead of wanting to administer some ‘dirty’ water. And now the water is finished and the problem is still there, what does it mean for him? Get another loan, fly to nigeria for some more deliverance and water and sticker? Lord have mercy! When I have a challenge I pray a prayer of faith to the Almighty God in the Name of Jesus, not look at some sticker or water or water ever!

  29. Please whoever is the writer critisizing Prophet T B Joshua must know you are fighting a losing battle. Jesus was hated and crusified by agents of Satan but HIS victory over the grave and death are what we are enjoying. How do you continue to fight your creator GOD. I hope you will be caught in the net so that you be delivered by him. Listen to the demons who are caught and delivered. Is it TBJ who puts the words in their mouths? I pray that Jesus has mercy on you and saves you from your sinful acts.

    • @ Abkgyenin,
      We love Jesus Christ and all what He did and still does and we want to see more of Him, but we do not want to see scam preachers that use the name of Jesus and the twisting of their bibles to make their own empire and notoriety with scam practices.
      Scammers need to pack their bags and do something else than scamming or repent and start preaching the Gospel. Why don’t we hear the message of the Cross in SCOAN ? Or how to repent from your sin and be water baptized and filled with the Holy Spirit ?

  30. @Abkgyenin,
    Are you serious? You honestly believe critisizing TBJ is ‘ fighting God’? Did you read your own statement?
    I suggest you get hold of a Bible and study the scriptures prayerfully and ask the Holy Spirit to deliver you from your deception. Amen

  31. Maybe you – the lodge of Tb Joshua watch blog are still arrested by your soul sickness slandering ?

    • @ Bachido,

      It starts to bore now and it trite too. With all these deliverances and remote deliverances that never take place that in your skewed head and way of thinking. But good luck with your deliverance toy and keep chucking it around. We just carry on.

    • In the testimonies of the last years were severals cases of people supernaturally saved in kidnapping situations.
      There is two ways of fighting terrorism:
      1. Starting a physical war against it -> a lot of killing on all sides
      2. Starting a spiritual war like TB Joshua -> no killing: unbelievable, like a fairy tale
      Boko Haram: Here is a similar situation at 38min of: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Dyrho_hoz5s
      Somebody on his way to murder sb ended up in a church. Unbelievable

  32. Prophet Tb joshua is a really man of God. Through the prayer line of his ministry my mum was healed from a disease dat would have killed her in a matter of months, i did everytin medically possible as am a medical doctor bt no improvemts until i took her to scoan. I was also delivered 4rm spirit husband via emmanuel tv n so many oda miracles. God can use anybody, God stil works in mysterious ways, we can’t undastand his ways 4 d way he uses mr A might b diferent 4rm dat of B so if u dnt believ him keep ur mouth shut. God want pple he cn us n tbjoshua is one of dem. I cal him ‘a gift to our generatn’, wen u work in a hospital environmt u ‘ll undastand y i cal him dat

  33. Let TB Joshua do what he came here on earth to do and you do what God has assigned you to do. I dont think your purpose in this earth is to critisize TBJ. Preach the right gospel if u think he is not doing the right thing and all who follow him will see the light of God and come to you. Why spend so much time trying to prove him wrong instead of preaching the Word. Strange hey.

  34. Christ will forgive even Osama Bin Laden if he confesses his sins. People should stop these forms of mechanical Christianity. I realised your criticism are very very baseless. God forgive you your sins.

  35. They are verly verly aware that they wont and the cant win the battle…they are just exercising their freedom of speech.

  36. You are a detractor, i was at scoan , when mustapha, the boko haram man was confessing, you and this site are direct from Satan, piss off

    • You must be really mad with SCOAN for leaving a terrorist possessed with a murderous demon free and unrestrained for hours. There could have been a blood bath.


  38. God I pray that someday, people will take my name in their mouth like chewing gum and never cease to talk about me like your anointed servant prophet TB Joshua in Jesus Christ name I pray…

  39. What are you gaining from this blog? If you claim to be from God, win souls for him and stop this non sense of a blog. I am waiting for the day you will testify at the SCOAN. A journalist from SA recently did.

  40. The prophesy regarding the end of boko haram will not come to pass untill all imposters,bad medias and press must be attacked to death by so called boko haram.some people in this conversation will die through boko haram attack soonest.they know them selfs by their real name,they use fake name to do their posting.amen

  41. Another killer from boko haram were delivered yesterday, Wow!!!! Prophet TB JOSHUA and the WISE MEN should be really acknowledged for the best work they performing. I’m not moved by what I read or hear, I’m only moved by the word of GOD. To the anti – TB JOSHUA, stop criticizing PROPHET TB JOSHUA and at least try to adapt to the GOOD WORK HIS DOING, such as: taking care the youth, the orphans and the physically impaired people. Who of you ever did that???? Why only focusing on the so called bad side of the Prophet and start to see best that his doing. Jealous is sickness. Take some part of the continent and support the poor/needy rather than just sitting and see whether you will ever find any fault with PROPHET TB JOSHUA!!!!!


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  44. Well many people citicised and doubted Jesus Christ himself. Is it just a messenger they wudnt criticise?. Why do people believ in bad rather than Good ?. why can’t we all open our minds to the truth? .If TB joshua is a false prophet, does it make the world a better place ?. I hav been to the church and what I experienced was real.He is a true man of God. May heaven’s light shine on hearts. God Bless

  45. We hav so many evil in this world which we accept and the few good we choose to reject. Jesus said if we believe, greater things he did we will do, john 14:12. So are we as christians nt permitted to do greater things?. But we doubt in our heart so much it is impossible to achieve it. If open our lives to God we will perform miracles as the spirit of God leads just like prophet JB joshua. I knew someone who started the church wen the church was nothing. He said prophet TB joshua will say that very soon this church will be occupied by people from around the world who will get salvation and deliveranc to the Glory of God. I believ that if we dedicate our lives to God, God can use us regardless of our background or race. Remember, being ready to face persecution is one of the attribute of a true believer. So if truely he is a man of God, it wud be rather awkward for prophet TB joshua to have a persecution free ministry.


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