When will TB Joshua apologise for his MH370 lie?

TB Joshua "reveals the location" of the missing jet

TB Joshua “reveals the location” of the missing jet

TB Joshua’s MH370 prophecy must be his most disastrous one yet. We are now a month from this prediction and no plane has been found. No debris has been found. An intermittent signal has been discovered, possibly from the black box, but nothing has been confirmed.

Let’s look at some of the specific things we know he got wrong:

  1. The plane would crash metres after takeoff
  2. The plane would crash due to an obvious issue
  3. The plane would be carrying almost 200 passengers (it carried 240)
  4. The plane would be found “moments from now” (9th March)
  5. The plane would be found “moments from now” (15th March)
  6. The mystery being solved a week after the 15th of March

There are a few other things he said such as the “strange people on board” and the plane being found “between Indonesia and the Indian ocean” that seem unlikely but are yet to be ruled out. However, so much of this is completely and utterly wrong, it can’t be excused. Even SCOAN are keeping quiet about this prophecy now.

TB Joshua claims God shows him things in the future as clear as watching Emmanuel TV. We can see now that either he is lying to you and making all this up, or God doesn’t have a clue what is going on. Either TB Joshua is deceiving you, or God is deceiving TB Joshua. Pick your side.

If TB Joshua has an ounce of integrity left, he’ll be issuing a full public apology and admitting he made a mistake. We hope this event will teach him a lesson and put a stop to this sick exploitation of human tragedy.

119 thoughts on “When will TB Joshua apologise for his MH370 lie?

  1. he is a true man of God, just yesterday some fraudsters that have been using his name to deceive people come out in public on Sunday service, very soon the tb Joshua watch will surrender

      • Yes, the ‘fraudsters”on the sunday-service was a compleetly ridiculous.fake-story, tb Joshua is not the best producer of scenarios that have no single reality in it. The whole made-up-stroy was hilarious. No, tb Joshua is NO true man of God. His powers are channelings-powers and no Holy Spirit. It is witch-craft, and there is NO Life of Christ behind his words, it is all empty balderdasch. It is a dis-grace for christianity, to tolerate such a sickening ministery.

  2. I had insisted on giving him the benefit of doubt but I have given up. Nothing personal against the man but when you invoke the name of God and publish videos to that effect, you are essentially inviting scrutiny. Anyone ever figured what the Baal prophets woul dhave done to Elijah had fire failed to come down from heaven at Mt. Carmel? Elijah invoked the name of Yahweh and Yahweh came through because Elijah was his servant. Can we say the same of TB? No we can’t
    THere is something ‘Greek’ about the modern pentecostal movement; they are always seeking for signs; who will be slain in the spirit, who casts out demons and so forth. Nothing bad with that BUT….all ministers should be judged according the good old WORD of God. And if they dare prophesy, then their prophesy as well. This negro is an embarrassment both to the Body of Christ and Africans as well

    • @Vooke,
      Thanks for your comment, but this negro and 419 sakawa prophet of Nigeria, called T B Joshua is not even part of the body of Christ, but a great pretender and false prophet who needs to confess his sin of deceiving and misleading the Lord’s people, and to seek salvation through Jesus Christ. T B Joshua is just as deluded as his followers, because he imagines he is the “expected messiah.” and he needs to humble himself and seek the Lord Jesus for salvation.

      • Frauster Scammer Mr terrific,when will you confess your own sins?Mind you ,your wife and kids you abandoned are being taking good care by the one you hate the most.

      • @ Vooke,

        Thank you for your message. Thank you too for making your mind up as well. I appreciate for your speaking out concerning this sensitive matter. I apologize for being tough and very direct on you because I felt you were sort of sitting on the fence concerning this “prophecy”, please accept my apologies.

        God bless,


      • Wow. Talk about rotten fruit.
        I’m not surprised, but it’s still tragic that you SCOAN followers are willing to talk like this.

      • @??
        If I open my mouth and prophesied, I am openly inviting my hearers to test what am saying against a future event. I don’t know much about TB Joshua’s theology but I know he prophesied of an accident in Malaysia and when MH370 went down, he claimed it was prophecy fulfilled. Since we all have the same information on the missing jet as TB, we are testing his claims against this information. Is that foolish? Not as foolish as forcing prophecy to fit facts where the facts don’t fit the prophecy.

        He is embarrassing everyone. I am a preacher, I don’t have to prophesy to prove nothing. If I did, I would ensure it was God who spoke. And IF i prophesied and it failed to pass, I’d dump God like there is no tomorrow. In TB Joshua’s case, do we dump Jesus Christ who he claims to believe in or do we out him for fabricating falsehoods to make a name for himself?

        I have repeatedly said that since he is the only negro God chose to share with in advance the tragedy, and since he claims to know the location, he has had 38 days in which he could have pointed out where the plane went down. That would have been the most powerful testimony as to the matchless power of our Lord Jesus; doing what psychics have failed. I prayed for that, I looked forward to that, but lo and behold, all I met were constipated and brainwashed egos of his minions who are too scared of calling out a false prophet

        In Galatians, Paul rebuked Peter when he pulled a racist stunt. You would rather pretend your hero is right than call sin sin. Please fear nobody but God. If you want, go ahead and curse me. Send me spirits and haunt me because am calling out this conniving prick what he is.

      • You washisho Vooke,when you combine body of Christ with racism,you have to be called as it is .Foolish!

  3. T B Joshua will never apologize for his false prophecy, as long as there are people who still believe in his lies and deceptions. He will continue to deceive them until they wake up from their stupor!

  4. Yes. Remarkable how quiet his facebook page is about this. Usually they trumpet the prophecies ad nauseum.

  5. People hanker for signs have been used and confuse by magicians proclaiming to b christ..i hope he wil stil convence his blind worshipers

  6. What people should know is that we have four types of prophets a man made prophet self made prophet Satan made prophet and the PROPHET of GOD
    God reveal to His own PROPHETS to redeem but all other prophets mentioned are only revealing what there own masters are planning to do. Which we must be very careful about we need to pray this time to stop the evil revelation of those “EVIL PROPHETS”
    you will noticed that all those “EVIL PROPHETS” are nothing but modern witchcraft doctors

  7. @Mr or miss question mark, now that uve insulted mr terrific and vooke what exactly have you gained and what message did u pass accross. Lol.

  8. ALRIGHT, I HAVE HAD IT! Can you believe that on the same day as when the whole nation of Nigeria was thrown inti mourning (today) on account of the terrorist attack at a public place that killed about eighty people and wounded close to 200, that SCOAN is ALREADY OUT with a “confirmation of prophecy” video gloating on how tbj “prophesied” all about this bomb blast as far back as November 10 2013!!! How callous can this man be???!!! On such a black day in which the effected families must be grieving and indeed some families yet unsure of and still searching for their loved ones, only for this man and his cronies to release their “confirmation video” with so much razmattazz and that snide “I told you so” tone of voice. SHEER WICKEDNESS!!! This predicting of future calamitous events which ALWAYS eventually come to pass is nothing but a signature of a prophet of doom/ fearmonger. It is a psychological tactic used in getting people to run to the doomsday prophet for “protection”. The Sky is about to fall on your heads is a tactic as old as time. tbj you are a disgrace to Christianity. And yes YOU are responsible for everything your emmanuel tv team puts out to the public. REPENT!!!

  9. To all my brothers and sisters in Nigeria who are directly or indirectly affected by today’s bomb blast, I cry along with you all! Please accept my sincere and deepest sympathies on your irreparable losses and grievous pains. I am extremely sorry! And to all Nigerians, it is time you held your government accountable for the proliferation of violence, arms and ammunition in your country. If any sacred cow is to face the ax then do this pronto. Nobody’s political career is worth the life of a single Nigerian child. Your security is in your hands. Hold off with the seeking “Divine Intervention” and hit the picket lines. The future is now! Peace.

  10. Why do you trouble yourself so much? If God is with T.B. Joshua their is nothing you can do to stop him; you will only find yourselves fighting against God. (Acts 5:39)

    • Those words were uttered by a non believer, Gamaliel. IF that is the yardstick we should use, then there is no need for discernment because all false apostles will eventually come to naught. The problem with that line of reasoning is, BEFORE they come to naught, they will have caused havoc and born again Spirit filled believers are supposed to watch as they cause havoc before they implode?

      The Bible does not advocate for such passivity. It calls for Action. Come out from among them,shame them, have nothing to do with them

    • For your information, nobody is troubling themselves my dear. It doesn’t take one more than 5 minutes to pen a post and the issues being raised by this blog are real, cogent and of a VERY serious nature. I know of many other blogs where people spend hours chatting about irrelevant and totally mundane stuff. It seems you do not recognize the objective of this blog. Do some research and stop making a joke of yourself as a result of your poor understanding of Biblical Doctrine.

    • May God Forgive You all because i can see that is envy that is disturbing you all insteady of you to pray for God to increase his anointing yet you are here to critizie a man ofGod why cant you allowGod to be the JUDGE? Everything TB Does you people will talk to find something to tanish his image yet God continue to increase him why cant you stop and seek face of God??

    • Thanks My Dear leave them to fight TBJ they are wasting their time .I dont know when men are now fighting for God. Whycant you allow God to fight his fight,, ??? Why are you after this innocent Man? May God deliver you all haters of TBJ

  11. Please,if anyone knows to what address donations for the affected of the disaster can be sent to,do let us know. It’s time to stick together. Let love lead.

    • Discernment NECESSARILY entails judgement. Look at Paul walking and this girl with divining spirit keeps on following them. THey cast out the spirit and endengered their lives as a result.

      DIscenrment I repeat entails JUDGING between right and wrong and choosing right over wrong. And how would you evangelize to unbelievers unless you judged that they are perishing in their sins?

      • vooke, you better watch scoan, to see how BELIEVERS are perisching in their sins, and seem to need deliverances for every foolisch imagenated spirit. Where are the christians who live by the Grace of Christ, by WHo-they-are-in-Christ? Where are the believers in scoan, who can discern right from wrong? We need to have The Holy Goast, to see the Truth and see through meaningless works and teachings.

    • Serah dear sister,
      The Bible does not say you should NOT judge. What the Bible says is that you SHOULD judge CORRECTLY. Don’t get it twisted. This is what most lazy Christians say in order to shirk responsibility and avoid commitment in the Church!

  12. All in all i know that all passengers have already die what remain for us is to prey for them to rest in peas, God help those families which face this calamities.  

    • Shut up your mouth Johnson!!! How do you know that they are all dead?! Don’t you know that the family members of the missing are still praying, fasting and believing God for a miracle?! How insensitive a fellow are you?! I’m not surprised because your behavior is typical of SCOAN supporters. I pity you.

  13. @ All,

    Not only he has to apologize for the MH370.

    How about the Abuja bombing that killed 71 people few days ago in what they claim again that he prophesied it in November 2013.

    So WHY does this man sit upon his hands, EVEN when it happens to his own country ???? It is clear that he does not know where it exactly happens, except for Abuja. So can we confidently say this is built upon inside information that goes around of the tensions in Nigeria between Muslims and others and perhaps Boko Haram and been reported to him and he “prophesies” it but does not know where, so a general prophecy will do to repair his damaged reputation.

    It is a disgust that he did not do anything about it, if he knew. Would God not know where, when, what, how, date and exact time ? Again not in this case again. We must keep pressing this on those facts.

    My own thought, If the Devil is going to do something, he can tell us, but does not tell us exactly where, when, how, date and time, so it still can come to pass, but no remedy is given, because God is allowing this ? Mind you they did pray, but no answer in this case again !!! Now what was the contents of that prayer then ? Did he not teach, if you just talk to God or are not born again God will not hear you ? Nobody had faith then to avert it ???? Yes ? No ? I think we see enough scamming and 419 here, is it not pro TB Joshua fancultclubbers ?!!!!

    • Amos 3;7; “Surely The Lord will do nothing, but He reveals His secret to His profhets. Before God can bring judgement or destruction, He reveals His counsel or plan to His profhets in advance as a warning to the people, PROVIDING AN ESCAPE FOR THOSE WHO HEAR AND OBEY”. This is the true meaning of proclaiming a profhesy, so people can escape.

      • @ —-

        What rubbish reply is that. That means the whole of Abuja should have been evacuated since November 2013 until now !!!! Nobody would do this. Would it now ?

        Then if it was, nobody would have bombed then anyways. It would have been somewhere else.

        Using this Scripture had no application whatsoever.

        Let me make clear to you, —- What, where, when, date, time and how to escape is the right answer here. Not your lame excuse of which you raped scripture for.

  14. Joh! Jesse! Man watch your tonque! Raped Skripture? No, where the tekst is pointing too, for thoose who understand is, that a real profhesy is compleet, It means God shows place and the event, and sure people can be warned at fore-hand. IF a profhet reveals the whole vision and is clear about the warning and the solutions to escape. It is useless to pronounche that Micheal Jackson will die on such an so date, without warning him, the profhesy is given for a reason. It means that the profhesy of Tb Joshua are to fage and only a direction, so no action or preparation can be taken. If a profhesy is a real vision, God will give it compleeted, not as a mysterious suggestion. The bible is very clear about what a profhesy is, and what a imagenation is. Ofcaurse has using the skripture application, it is in fact the only source to be able to interpretate what is going on, and not your personal reactions.

    • daemondada says:
      April 15, 2014 at 3:54 am
      To whom it may concern,
      The use of the word FOOL in a metaphorical fashion or as a simile which we see when Apostle Paul branded the Galatians as FOOLISH is totally different as to when the term is directed literally and in the strictest technical sense of the word at people. Take another shot. You can do better than that.

      Then I have a right to call the racist Vooke a FOOL.

      • Stop justifying yourself. Jesus called Herod FOX. Now, fox is a cousin to the dog. a female dog is called BITCH. Can I call you BITCH? Hey BIACH come here BIACH…..@?? why you bitching all over? Even better, go call your mum BITCH! hey mom, BITCH! talk to me
        That is unwholesome talk, the last I expect from a believer. Please debate sensibly without pouring all your raw emotions here. TB was 100% wrong on MH370. Either his God is less than omniscient, or Joshua is a quack. What is it gonna be?

      • @ Both Vooke and Dada,

        Stop dividing yourself among each other. Drop it ! Get back to the drawing board the both of you ! Someone is watching. Do not let the Devil high jack your minds. Focus ! I have to do this too. It is easy to see a certain word triggering off our observations and divert in issues that are trivial but could mean a change of direction how someone thinks and cause things not the way we would like to see. Discern. I make sometimes these mistakes to, but that does not mean we can get on the same page about what is really at hand and so we must. So necks in, cave in the angry heads and retract and assess the battlefield, wut’s goin’ on. Am I still up to date ? Do I need to adjust. Tune in… Etc. etc.

    • @ —-

      You need to be more clear about it when you write it. I thought you were one of those pro TB Joshua supporters who use certain Scripture to justifying the means of their scam circus. So what you wrote in the other post should have been added and part of your first post, then I can see what you are talking about. My bad. I thought you were like Open Minded and wrote this to make a means to an end. Please take a little more time to explain yourself when you use it to point it out for me to see it. You know by now that I am like this and maybe I misunderstood you. Let us no longer sit on the fence looking and think, maybe, maybe, and make it clear how we look at things as we must do. You can’t sit in two camps. People need to become more transparent in what they say and think. No offence.

  15. @??
    “You washisho Vooke,when you combine body of Christ with racism,you have to be called as it is .Foolish!”
    I don’t know what is washisho but obviously it must be insulting. How did I combine the ‘body of Christ with racism’. Is it because I called TB negro? well, am a negro too, way darker than him in fact. That is so besides the point and am sure you are picking it to distract us from the main issue at hand; your guy failed flat on his face on MH370. Who told him to prophesy? Nobody but he was after publicity. THe only reason we have false prophets is so that they can draw men after themselves. Nobody spews out half baked prophecies for a hobby, it is an elaborate marketing scam.

    • SHUP UP ,Whether you change in Vooke or daemondada,I m sure you are not black.You ain’t buy me with your lies.
      Aiii,you goes now insulting MOTHERS ???!!!OUFFF
      Which believer you mean?Were you one FOOLISH? If only you knew yourself.
      FOOL,you are a DISGRACE to BELIEVERS.TBJ’s prophecies do not cover your own foolishness before God.
      WATCH YOUR OWN and Get a life.Everyone will be reliable to his own.

      • vooke,
        I hope you will not be conned into supplying your ID on this site unwittingly by pro SCOAN hasslers! From the way ?? has a problem grasping English Language Grammar I believe I know EXACTLY who is behind the moniker. Ignoring ALL baseless arguments is the best policy on this website. Peace. Please drop the Negro appellation as it can be considered offensive. Thanks.

      • Undercover Vooke daemondada,nice try ,I was going through all your previous comments,they all smell the same rat although you put up much effort to play 2 personalities. But the problem isn’t on which ID you show up with, when you act foolish ,you have to be treated as foolish.

        You can also try to play advising to yourself and tell yourself to never justify your FOOLISHNESS with the word of God the way you like to do:
        “Apostle Paul branded the Galatians as FOOLISH is totally different as to when the term is directed literally and in the strictest technical sense of the word at people.”

        “Jesus called Herod FOX. Now, fox is a cousin to the dog. a female dog is called BITCH. Can I call you BITCH? Hey BIACH come here BIACH”

  16. Shame & a big shame unto you detractors of the man of God. Now that the MH 370 plane has been found; what have you to say ?. SHAME UNTO YOU.

      • This man is sleeping by saying the plane has not be found that means he is not listening to news. All what TBJ said always come to pass there is nothing he says thats does nt come to pass. The plane was found in indian ocean according to his prophecy what else do you want to hear??? Thomas

      • No, it really hasn’t been found. In fact they’re close to abandoning the search. If you believe otherwise link us to the proof! As for TB Joshua’s prophecies always coming to pass, if you really believe that, there’s no hope us trying to convince you otherwise, the deception is too deep.

    • @Don-Richmond, UNA BANGI?. They are still scouring Indian Ocean trying to guess where the plane crashed as of today 15th April 2014. May be you had a vision of MH370 being discovered? Note TB Joshua said it will be discovered any time from ‘now’. Now was 9th and 15th of March. Why can’t he spare the 20 nations the agony of searching and just pin-point the crash-site?

  17. Yes, and even when there had not been a profhesy, the event and disasters would have happened any-how. TB Joshua did not placed the bomb. He is just a seeer who likes to proove he can see. In spite of all the commotions he causes by it. It is common in Africa, to have the most great giant-church and to do nothing for the thousands of victums of war and poorness, in their back-yard. Bizar hypocrizy., blindness for the reality around them, and compleetly useless and in-effective ministeries, who can not solve the basic-problems in their own areas. Jezus died, so there would be Always enough. Except in africa.

  18. …like that was the first bomb to ever go off in abuja in recent times. We all know abuja is a target we expect further explosions if nothing is done. I watched the new prophecy video on youtube. I would love to see the original one. This guy is pure entertainment.

  19. To whom it may concern,
    Your pathetic attempts at private sleuthing is a shambles. But don’t let me discourage your pursuing your dreams. Whatever makes you sleep at night. I do not have multiple identities as you obviously do, you who keeps chasing me all over this website with different monikers. What Jesus says is that if you call someone “you fool”, which is a direct slur, you are on a knife-edge. Telling a man that he talks as a woman is not the same with telling a man that he IS a woman. Understand? I couldn’t get any clearer than this. I am done with this issue. Thank me later. You are welcome in advance.

    • Uncover daemondada ,I never chased you before I knew you were the same Vooke but keep on trying .
      One day you will be the one to thank me for putting you to the right track.Do you see anyone of your clan acting foolishly and evoking the name Jesus or bible at the same time??Better you learn to hold your tongue.

    • @daemondada, I use negro in no offensive way than African Americans use the word niggaz. A black man calling you nigga is cool,a white man calling you that,it is a racial slur. But I withdraw the word and apologize for any offense to all . If this @?? Is really spirit filled, they’d know vooke is a man,a black African. He called me a PIG and a FOOL and used Galatians to justify them, I showed I can call them BITCH and quote Christ to justify me. Some of these SCOAN foot soldiers need to go to school first, learn English,comprehension,critical thinking,theology,scriptures & be Spirit filled before browsing here 🙂

      • It’s all good bro. Way to go. Pay no mind to unfruitful exchanges. We have bigger fish to fry. Peace.

      • Foolish liar Vooke undercover in daemondada ,you can fool whoever will fall for your lies.I can swear on my life you are not black.
        I know that lie game you played when the bitterness you have towards black ethnic was obvious,what else can you do than keeping up.

        These Vooke and daemondada release too much identicality that it cant be 2 personalities.
        I sense both of you all your comments have too much resembles.Even you have the same good level in English and play the same game to despise Africans, more shamefully now those who are not on the same level with you in English just for your gain to keep your foolishness and disguisement.

        Not only that both of you played on the fence concerning TB Joshua before but also suddenly both of you changed against him on the same time with too much eager to avenge.
        At this moment both of you have a rage to pursuit TB Joshua and you have decide at the same time to pursuit every Scoan supporter who comments on here with bitterness.
        You cant fool me Vooke daemondada,find another gullible.

        In bible there is no “negro”,Bitch or BIACH terms.God play that foolish game with your racists vulgar friends.Shame on you!

  20. Tb is correct in al his prophesy he said the Malaysian plane will be found at India ocean which cameto paass, he said abouut this bombing nd said it is in Abuja correct is left for your Goverment to come close for him to give them more light but we decide to be foolsnow lives hasgone you are there talking rubbish. TB JOSHUA ISNOT EVEN LISTENING TO YOU RATHER HE FOLLOWS GOD’S DIRECTIONS

    • @ Holly,

      I would like to know how you “assess” that he follows God’s directions ? Is that what TB Joshua told you or do you just make this up as you see fitting as a good reply ?

      Or, if you did hear this from the Holy Spirit, why is it that we have to come to him ? Did all prophets in the Bible not come to the people of Israel, example Nathan to David, Samuel to the people of Israel, Jeremiah, Isaiah, Habakuk, Zechariah, Jonah, Iddo, Gad, Daniel ?? Is there a difference in application that you think is applicable here ? So please refer how you came to that conclusion ? I am kind of curious.


      • @ Holly,
        Even without asking the Holy Spirit I already came to the conclusion that TB Joshua is a liar as well his leaders as well his disciples. So with established I am wondering what inner eyes of faith is ? Faith has eyes now ? I was learned and taught in the Word of God that Faith comes by hearing, hearing the Word of God. Romans 10:17. And it also talked about that you if you have an ear to hear let them hear. Hmm ears not eyes. Or is it Now faith is, the evidence not seen. But I see TB Joshua and his crew and what I see is fake and now they also lie. They did that before and I was one that said it for years. Now everybody can see it. With or without your alleged inner eyes. How does a blind man see ? So what you see with and without your claim is a scam and 419. I wished it was different but it is not so. So it is now time to open your eyes and see.

  21. Holly Camba,
    So you have no shame to come on here and say that it is the fault of the victims of the bomb blast since they could not convince their government to “seek guidance” from tbj?! Yes, this is what you are indirectly putting across by this your poorly considered post! Do you understand the concept of the sanctity of human life?! If you were the one hypothetically in a position to alert those people who died in the bomb blast, would you stand idly by and wait for the negligent government of the country to pay you homage before you save the lives of the innocent people looking for their daily bread as the Bible commands?! I am now 100% convinced that most SCOAN supporters are just like their overlord, tbj. Unreliable to the extreme. Yet you all keep preaching “LET LOVE LEAD”. Hypocrites.

    • My Dear Your Problem is envyness and hatred, Tell me when a Prophet is been crucify by people like you ,If he is not of God by now he would have been singing another songs, Him alone cannot change the situation whe you people dont believe him .Do you force people to repent? NO Bible said that he that believes baptise him he that does not believe leave him so tell me how do you wish him to talk to God onbehalf of people that has not said AMEN??

      • For a lady who is, from your tone of voice, obviously a mother, you are so unbelievably stone hearted! So, according to you, because the casualties of the Abuja bomb blast did not repent and run to tbj for “protection” they suffered such a disastrous fate?! Are you seriously listening to yourself?! Shocking!!! TBJ IS NOT THE MESSIAH! REPENT!!!

      • Yes, T B Joshua is a FAKE messiah, one of the many fake messiahs the Lord warned us about!

    I think he was talking about the TBJW
    EVERY thing about Prophet TB Joshua is fake acording to you…ha ha ha You are just about to tell use that even the chairs which are sat at the SCOAN are not real chairs they are photoshoped ….Haikhona tsholetsa

    • What is so funny in this dark, sad and mournful moment of the devastating terrorist attack that is making you laugh your head off as a crazed hyena?! Is that what they teach you in SCOAN- how to dance on top of the graves of your adversaries? In case you do not know the topic of this particular post, scroll to the top of this thread and read the heading of this post! ACT YOUR AGE AND REPENT!!!

  23. I have realized that the likes of Vooke, Jesse,blayzey.Mr Terrific Matty and the rest of the TBJW followers are always believing what their God TBJ watch himself say..They just believe each and everything he says about prophet TB Joshua without questioning. They will defend everything he says with their everything including their lives and integrity. Some of them worship him knowingly and some of them they do it indirectly because of ignorance… This cult page has one boss TBJW himself whose mandate is to pull as many people to himself as possible using the name of God,Jesus and Prophet TB Joshua..His followers will do any thing to satisfy him by ensuring that they tarnish TBJ as much as possible. They are trying to confuse Christians by bring their own human knowledge of the bible and oppose those who are doing what God himself sent them to do. Shame ..But I hope they will know that JEHOVAH is not a small boy ,he doesn’t drink beer, he is not limited to human intelligence, he is neither limited to technology…He will reveal himself one day to them and their idol which calls its self TBJW..I pray for them to receive the grace of GOD him self not of TBJW or Prophet TB Joshua but of God himself. AMEN…

    • I can tell you here and now that you must be the one who has been guzzling the beer by the gallon! You are completely mistaken on ALL COUNTS except when you say that we are willing to lay down our lives for the Truth! So God gave you “human intelligence” only for you to consign it to the dustbin once it comes to matters concerning HIM! When the Bible says that Christians should be wiser than Serpents, what did Jesus mean? For your information the Faith (Gospel) has once and for all time been delivered to the saints. There is no other wisdom to look for except that which is contained in the Scriptures and which is ALL God breathed! I don’t want tbj “breathed” wisdom. The Bible says that by their fruits (love,joy,peace,patience,kindness,goodness,gentleness,faithfulness,,self control) you shall know His chosen ones and not by their gifts (supernatural powers)! Stop crying for your master. Let him come on here and defend himself or he should parley with us so that we can agree on a neutral ground and let’s get this party started! I can’t wait!;8-)

  24. Yes indeed it is massively shameful to be proudly releasing these edited videos in the wake of tragedies.

  25. @tbjoshuawatch, good point. The glaring errors on his prophecy details and the subsequent attempts to cover up points not to mistakes but to dishonesty. It is difficult not to be suspicious of everything else this man has said.
    Earlier today I shared with a friend about his deception and he was shocked,but he finally agreed there is just no way this man can be a man of God. What I have been witnessing here is SCOANites getting into denial mode and getting mad t this blog instead of weighing whatever is being said about their guy. While matters doctrinal may be subject to stretching due to interpretations of scriptures, a false prophecy is inexcusable

  26. My first comment on this site and I must say upfront that I have never been a fan of TBJ from Day 1. All the points on this site do not surprise me a bit, hence, as much as I like it, it has become somewhat redundant to someone like me. Found it during the MH370 saga and I’ve read every post since that one and some of the backposts. I’m really sorry I won’t be commenting on the topic at hand as I really can’t add anything new. For me, TBJ is (and will always be) a fraud, and I don’t care whose ox is gored by that statement and I won’t care to respond to any SCOAN followers who takes out time to respond to that (so save your hand the trouble).
    Anyway, my issue here is that you guys should keep doing what you’re doing as it’s really serving a part in the movement for true Christianity, however, I am more interested in finding out if you have other church leaders here who you have any facts against or doubts about. There are some very popular ones I have serious issues against but you guys seem to have more biblical knowledge, spiritual insight and obviously more resources than I do so I’d really love to hear about such. If there’s another site you have dealing with this, I’d really appreciate a link. If not, I’d urge you to look into something like that. This generation deserves a watchforce like yours to point out some wrong representations of Christianity. especially in Nigeria where everyone is looking for one miracle or another Pls do let me know.
    May God continue to guide and bless you!

  27. Laying your life for the truth you TBJ watch worshiper…yes because wat ever he says is the truth to you…..keep dreaming

  28. thou shall not judge…why is it that people believe that that the devil can do all this but GOD cant …is not God more powerfull than the devil

  29. http://www.thestar.com.my/News/Nation/2014/03/21/Woman-reports-sighting-jet-Raja-Dalelah-Im-convinced-I-saw-aircraft-near-Andaman-islands/

    This woman may have been right after all. They re claiming to have found the wreckage or something like it


    May be the plane/wreckage is nowhere near ‘between Indonesia and Indian Ocean’ after all!!!

    I honestly don’t envy this crook

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  31. All of you saying stupid shit about the prophet should go read the lost gospels. make sure you understand who is God, Jesus and the most important , learn to know yourself as a human. I laugh when I read even some that claims to be preachers trying to prove the prophet wrong. ya all are the greatest ignorant that have ever existed in this world. Tell, me what your problem is,,,, that motherfucking boko haram has been killing and destroying , you ain’t got nothing to talk about that son of a Bitch!!!.. You fake pastors fucking members wives can’t never discover the secret of God and Humanity that TB Joshua has….. fucking bitter and jealous!!!!!!!! ya better go get a life and leave my prophet alone. If you think TB Joshua is not godly and you are , why can’t ya motherfuckers go expose or deliver him to the naked eye of the whole world????? You the author of this blog you are a muderfucker!!!!!! you son of a bitch go get yourself a life!!!!!! fuck you and your motherfucking blog. You all that are aginst TB joshua, fuck you all!!!!!!!! and deep. I’m a gnostic ! Jesus is an EON , he Is more than what you think of him…. God’s body is all that can be seen and touched, his mind is in Humans….. Go search to know the truth about yourself, when you find you will be astonished and you will rule over all…….

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