Another bomb in Abuja, another edited prophecy

On Thursday the 1st May, Boko Haram struck again with a devastating car bomb in Nigeria’s capital, killing 19 people. This comes only 2 weeks after the previous Abuja attack. Rather than providing spiritual and moral support to the victims, TB Joshua exploited the first bombing to promote his prophetic “gift” and tout his blasphemous anointed water. With the second one, with astonishing insensitivity, TB Joshua again claims to have predicted it. In a video released shortly after the bombing, “Wiseman” Racine brings a message from the “man of God”. The message was: “Thursday, people should be in an attitude of prayer for the nation that whatever was going to happen, God would avert it”. Thanks to revel2123 on youtube, we have the original, unedited clip, in it he says (bold highlights denotes what was edited out): “this coming Thursday and Friday, people should be in an attitude of prayer for the nation that whatever was going to happen on Friday, God would avert it”

This prophecy was dated the 20th April, which means the Friday this unspecified event was to take place was the 25th April. The event they now claim he was talking about happened on Thursday the 1st May.

This prophecy was a failure not only because he got the week and day of week wrong (not to mention the fact he didn’t even specify what would happen), it was a failure because it didn’t cause anything to be averted. The crazy thing is, nothing of note happened in Nigeria on the 25th April, so after that he could have claimed his prophetic word was a success, God averted the disaster thanks to his call to prayer. But this shows he’s not interested in averting disasters, all he’s interested in is his (fast eroding) reputation as an international fortune teller.

Original, unedited clip.


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  1. I’m glad you picked up on this one.
    Interestingly, I was reading about the situation with the kidnapped girls, and someone pointed out that Boko Haram is *very* active, attacking nearly weekly. Their death toll in the first quarter of 2014 is something like 1500 people. That’s 1500 people dead in 4 months at the hands of Boko Haram.
    There is nothing “prophetic” about predicting any kind of attack by Boko Haram. It’s a statistical *probability*.
    What is shocking is that his devotees have such short memories. Wasn’t it just last year that he predicted the end of Boko Haram attacks?

    • True, but didn’t even predict anything. Just something that would happen on Friday the 25th if people didn’t pray and fast for god to avert it. These prophecies are getting more and more frequent, and less and less credible!

  2. What can be done to open eyes of those in denial?
    I pray that God’s Grace should be abundant for us. By His Grace, the thruth will be known and set ALL of us free.

  3. Tbj or any oda prophets r humans for Christ sake like u nd i,nt a god or an idol.wateva he sees as a human being he can only say or inteprete in his own humanly way.he neva say he is god.he is definitely nt a magician either.Ds is too much watch.

    • Y is the title “prophet” tagged to him in the first place.He claims is hears from God remember? And he also sed aanything he sees is as clear as watching emmanuel tv. Sooooooooooooooooo

  4. Today, tb Joshua, advized the congregation; “to sleep and close your eyes, you with God”., about the un-rest in lagos about Boko Haram,and coming attacs and the kidnapped girls. He said that it was an evil spirit that is in the Boko Haram-clan, and that the governement and politics is responsible for it. He repeated it so oftend, that the effect is, that no-one listens any-how.. He imparted calmness, and it has the same effect as a placebo, it tasts as real and has no effect. TB Joshua does not care, he only pretends he cares, it is air-talk, empty time-filling, scorning , insults and irresponsible braggings. There is no hail in scoan, it is meaningless, without any foundation and without any righteous action in it. No Jezus to find in it. amen.

  5. @tbjoshuawatch: I believe anyone seeking the Truth will consider the clear evidence here with an honest heart.
    You also need to understand that people with itching ears desperately need con-men like Fatai Temitope Balogun to tell them fables; such people will reject even the most glaring evidence.
    That said, thank you for this labor of love. Keep up the great work.

  6. The major culprit in this whole mess, without a doubt, is the authorities in Nigeria. The fear they have of religious leaders has paralyzed their sense of duty to the wellbeing of their people. How a prominent religious leader as tbj has avoided necessary investigation and interrogation after all the allegations circulating against him is baffling. Someone will now say to me that the aggrieved parties should go to the police (even though we all know that the common man in Nigeria has ALMOST NO chance of getting justice once a “big man” is concerned). Like, seriously? Are you telling me that law enforcement agencies in western nations wait for official registering of complaints before they investigate suspicious activities and invite the suspects in for questioning? Do not deceive yourselves. The western world practice proactive law enforcement and not the reactive fumbling that we are seeing with the Nigerian authorities. If the Nigerian authorities were more proactive rather than reactive, you can be sure that the brazen manner with which the terrorists carry out their attacks on an almost daily basis would be greatly reduced. The terrorists know that the Nigerian authorities do not have a powerful information gathering setup. This is their main weapon against the people of Nigeria. If the information gathering system in Nigeria was top notch, they would have gathered by now enough evidence on tbj, using the various tools at their disposal, to expose him for what he is. If the authorities in Nigeria cannot handle the case of this single man, what hope then have the citizens of Nigeria for seeing the end of the terrorism that has plagued their existence in the near future? Youths of Nigeria get up, stand up and fight for your futures! Get rid of all the deadwoods in government!! Install your own chosen leaders!!!

  7. Kings,
    tbj has NEVA for once admitted to making a mistake. He has often claimed that ALL his “prophetic” pronouncements are infallible. You scoanites should cease from protecting this prophet of doom. He is a grown man who is fully responsible for his statements and actions! The bible says in the book of Jeremiah chapter 28 that any prophet who gives a time bound prophecy that does not come to pass during the time specified has not spoken by God’s command and must be punished! tbj has made his folowers robots who no longer search the Scriptures to confirm for themselves his ministrations, rather they ALWAYS paper over the cracks when it is convenient for them by saying such crap as you have just vomited. tbj is NOT the messiah.REPENT!!!

    • Exactly, and what makes it worse is he papers over these mistakes. It would be more forgivable if the prophecy failures never came to light, but instead he just “fixes” them in post production and releases them anyway.

    • I urge you to study John Paul’ teachings to understand more about true and false prophets

  8. Now you will ask me what I think of tbj. From my human calculations, I think that tbj and his cronies are master hypnotism practitioners of the highest order. I cannot prove this conclusively for now. There is NO “miracle” they perform in their “synagogue”that resembles what Jesus and the 1st century Christians EFFORTLESSLY did as recorded in the New Testament. I would even go as far as to say that he comes across to me as more of an Old Testament seer like Balaam of the Talking Donkey fame. I ONLY hope he could be right on the money just this once with respect to our kidnapped girls. More to follow…

    • I agree with you deamondada. I do think they are hypnotists–and having watched some professional stage hypnotists, I see how easy it is for someone who is skilled in that practice to make someone do all kinds of crazy stuff, and even to manipulate a person’s most basic impulses and bodily reactions.

  9. tbjw,
    he has all the charisma in the world and seems a sweet, soft-spoken and lovely fellow, yet, I do not trust him. My gut instincts have kept me alive this long. I trust my instincts when they ring the alarm bells in my head with regards to tbj. Let us know however we can be of help whenever you require. Stay strong.

  10. I am very surprised that TB Joshua just goes on and on with his deceptions! Maneuvering – then this way with his tricks and then that way with his tricks.
    Again, tbj is hiding behind someone -Racine. Typically his strategy. So if something goes wrong, he is not totally to blame?!

    If you do not listen and obey God and you persist in your sins, God will give you up –
    to do and pursue whatever you want! – Romans 1:21-24, 26, 27.

    The Bible says, “… God gave them up…”

    I wonder if this is not already what happened to tbj?

    • The thing I can’t get my head round here is that you could argue this prophecy was actually fulfilled, until they released this second edit. The people were told to pray and fast on the 24th for what would happen on the 25th, that it would be averted, and nothing happened. Why didn’t they stop there? Having re-edited it, it fails on two accounts 1) getting the date right and 2) causing the disaster to be averted.

      • I do not know what to say about his ‘prophecies’ anymore. To me he is a liar and a good one too.

  11. I have heard tbj saying … “to sleep and close your eyes, you with God”…and
    daemondada says:
    May 5, 2014 at 3:53 am
    “Now you will ask me what I think of tbj. From my human calculations, I think that tbj and his cronies are master hypnotism practitioners of the highest order”.
    this is also what hypnotism does-cause you to fall asleep…

    The Bible warns-
    1 Then shall the kingdom of heaven be likened unto ten virgins, which took their lamps, and went forth to meet the bridegroom.
    2 And five of them were wise, and five were foolish.
    3 They that were foolish took their lamps, and took no oil with them:
    4 But the wise took oil in their vessels with their lamps.
    5 While the bridegroom tarried, THEY ALL SLUMBERED AND SLEPT.
    We all need to pray and ask our Lord Jesus, to keep as awake and fill our lamps with the oil of the Holy Spirit.

  12. i find this tbjoshua watch being satanism influence,you people must be evil and trying to mislead us why are you following tb joshua ,why dont you try something that will show he is not good prophet rather than just wasting your time watching him 24/7 and

    • You are a blind heathen who follows an anti Christ and you will never see the kingdom of heaven following this blasphemer tb Joshua ..
      As I keep the Bible as my shield and the good lord Yahweh word as my sword I shall not fear the greed of man and his followers, Lucifer is your lord and he has deceived many including you, may the lord have mercy on your pitiful soul

  13. mist setuang:
    1) u dont know what satanism is.
    2) u dont know ur Bible well enough to test false preachers
    3) u dont know ur Bible well enuff 2 know we are supposed to be our brothers’ keepers.
    Christianity is not what someone tells you it is. it is how you genuinely feel about what a preacher tells you. so far TBJ has been sounding off to many pple.

  14. T B Joshua is a shameless and lying false prophet, who has been able to keep up his deception due to the biblical ignorance of the people who follow him blindly like stupid goats. He has made so many false prophecies that make him a false prophet many times over, yet his deluded followers believe him. Did he not “prophesy” the end of Boko Haram? And did he not say that the missing Malaysian jet has been found? When would these deluded people wake up from their slumber? Is it any wonder that the Lord said there shall be many false prophets who will deceive many?

  15. i heard arguements and comment, critism but i am not a judge like you did, if you judge then you are telling God to replace Him, what ever is from God is from God. you are not knew it has happen to our Lord long ago. they call him and liar, false prophet and blsphemious. they charge hime when he “i will destry dis temple and rebuild it three day and people wait for number of days but no temple as such u think is rebuild. so dont you leave what is God’s is God’s position.

  16. @ All,

    When THEY say, when so and so speak the wise listen. Which insinuates we are all stupid when we unravel the so and so speak their lies.

    Even when you confront them with the lies they speak they still believe what they say as a lie is real and fact.

    John 8:42-44
    Jesus said unto them, If God were your Father, ye would love me:for I proceeded forth and came from God; neither came I of myself, but he sent me. 43 Why do ye not understand my speech? even because ye cannot hear my word. 44 Ye are of your father the devil, and the lusts of your father ye will do. He was a murderer from the beginning, and ABODE not in the truth, because there is NO TRUTH in him. When he SPEAKETH a lie, he speaketh of HIS own:for he IS a liar, and the FATHER of it.

    Since they made TB Joshua their messiah because he has been able to reprogram them with what he has been teaching and things “are” happening that is why they believe him, he is send by God.

    What we know from His Word is:

    2 Thessalonians 2:5-12
    Remember ye not, that, when I was yet with you, I told you these things? 6 And now ye know what withholdeth that he might be revealed in his time. 7 For the mystery of iniquity doth already work:only he who now letteth will let, until he be taken out of the way. 8 And then shall that Wicked be revealed, whom the Lord shall consume with the spirit of his mouth, and shall destroy with the brightness of his coming:9 Even him, whose coming is after the working of Satan with all power and signs and lying wonders, 10 And with all deceivableness of unrighteousness in them that perish; because they received not the love of the truth, that they might be saved. 11 And for this cause God shall SEND them STRONG delusion, that they should believe A LIE:12 That they all might be damned who believed not the truth, but had PLEASURE in unrighteousness.

    It’s not just delusion, it is STRONG DELUSION. Even God has done this for that purpose so WE MIGHT AND MUST SEE how it works. Those who do NOT read their Bible will only know this if they are filled with the Holy Spirit. Those that DO read their daily, hourly Scriptures will know because of what God has revealed through his Apostles and Disciples as IT IS WRITTEN. Jesus Himself taught us this when He spoke to Satan, who knew the Scriptures and boldly declared to Satan, ITVIS WRITTEN !

    Those that follow man and their teachings have a great possibility that they are already deceived. My raleighing call is to you all who read here. Drop every teaching when you begin to question what is been taught. Blow the dust of your Bible, sit down, call upon God in all earnest and call upon the Holy Spirit Teach me Lord, let Thy will be done in me not mine. Ask God, what do you want me to do, here I am. Stop ogling people who draw attention to themselves for being famous. The most important thing for Satan is that he is worshipped instead of God. That is why he wanted to SIT upon the mountain in the NORTH.

    Isaiah 14:12-14
    How art thou fallen from heaven, O Lucifer, son of the morning! how art thou cut down to the ground, which didst weaken the nations! 13 For thou hast said in thine heart, I will ascend into heaven, I will exalt my throne above the stars of God: I will sit also upon the mount of the congregation, in the sides of the north:14 I will ascend above the heights of the clouds; I will be like the most High.

    Satan wants to be God. Watch it unfold in front of you when you look at SCOAN when they basically shifting demons around and putting up a lying deceiving show to draw OUR EYES towards it and not to God !

    Sorry have been away, travelling, very tired. I have faced high level heavy spiritual battles and war over a few days. Have conquered them in His Might. Jesus is Lord !

    • @tbjoshuawatch
      There is an even greater damage; believers will start doubting the true prophets. This is sad

      • So you believe there are at least true prophets in this our generation?Can you mention them and let us test the spirit behind them as you do to tbjoshua ?
        Are we not allowed to know the true ones from the false ones as you seem to know?

  17. so what if its not true? why are yiou concerned am sick and tired of your updates i don’t need them please stoppppp!!!

  18. @tbjoshuawatch please post the youtube links alongside the embedded videos. Comes in handy in ripping them off Youtube from a mobile device. Thank you

  19. @ who are the true then?
    Paul in 1 Corinthians is quite particular about the gift of prophecy.

    1 Corinthians 14

    New American Standard Bible (NASB)
    Prophecy a Superior Gift

    14 Pursue love, yet desire earnestly spiritual gifts, but especially that you may prophesy. 2 For one who speaks in a tongue does not speak to men but to God; for no one [a]understands, but [b]in his spirit he speaks mysteries. 3 But one who prophesies speaks to men for edification and exhortation and consolation. 4 One who speaks in a tongue edifies himself; but one who prophesies edifies the church. 5 Now I wish that you all spoke in tongues, but even more that you would prophesy; and greater is one who prophesies than one who speaks in tongues, unless he interprets, so that the church may receive edifying.

    I don’t see what listing all past and present prophets will help TB Joshua with. Besides, this blog is about TB Joshua. If I were you, I’d roll my sleeves and get busy refuting allegations against this charlatan instead of looking for other charlatans to prove that he is not the only crook around.

    Questions for you
    1. have you watched both the full and edited clips?
    2. Is there a deliberate attempt at fitting a prophecy into a tragedy?
    3. What is the motive for doing this?
    4. Is it Christian to do this?

    • By those bible quotes ,Does it mean we should ALL seek to be “prophets”? can you shed more light on that please?
      And so listing other prophets would rather be much of help if you have a gift of discerning Spirits as many do not have that gift.
      We should also seek to help and learn from each other in all matters where an occasion is presented,that is what believers are called for.
      If the motives and desires to open this blog was from the Holy Spirit ,their following works and strategies would be different.
      As far as we know the bible does not recommend us to concentrate ONLY on one prophet ,then that is a BIG question mark those called “Deluded” here, have about this blog.By doing so,this blog is more less trusted by thousands.
      The bible says in psalms 127:1
      “Unless the Lord builds the house,
      those who build it labor in vain.
      Unless the Lord watches over the city,
      the watchman stays awake in vain.”
      People of God,rather watch that you are not working in vain.I am out.

      • @who are the true then?
        That verse simply means prophecy is a gift. Let me make it easy for you. Any man purporting to have heard from God and the word fails to pass is either a lair or his God is. It don’t take much or any spiritual insight to see through a failed prophecy. Prophecy is not guess work. It has to fit the time, place and people, otherwise its a joke.
        You are definitely calling this blog unspiritual. How would you propose they go about it if they were spiritual? A man prophesies and it fails to pass. He then lies to make it APPEAR that his prophecy is true, not once or twice but severally. That man should be called out for who he is and am glad this site has exposed this serial lair
        I have been around believers for years and I know they have perfected the art of obscuring reality with Biblical jargon and verses. There are christian books that deal with grief, marriage, relationships, prayer, fasting and so on. Some ministers are concentrated on kids, students, addicts and so on Surely you are not going to rail on them for the ‘one thing they do’. There are false prophets all over the world. This blog has focused on one man, We can spend the whole year discerning their motives but perhaps while at it we should ask ourselves if what they are doing is right.
        Luke 12:24
        24 Consider the ravens: for they neither sow nor reap; which neither have storehouse nor barn; and God feedeth them: how much more are ye better than the fowls?
        God feeds the birds but they have to go out and get the food and swallow for themselves otherwise they will starve. THat psalms don’t call for the passivity you are implying. You lock your door, arm your ride, eat balanced diet lest you fall ill. God has given us senses and reason to see through lies and we simply can’t apologize for thinking

      • Greetings in Jesus name, Have you watched the teachings I posted before based on scriptures in 1 Corithians 13:9-12 here?

        So this is what I think about tbj prophecies.You know i do not have the gift of discerning spirits ,i m still learning each day and i will be happy to learn from you too if you get ideas on the teachings of the video.

        Please dont get me wrong,i never said they are not spiritual.I meant the site should also focus on different prophets simply because all are not falling for tbj only.What benefit will they gain from this site that treat one prophet? That is only my idea,i m not suggesting anything.

        What I know the final words is from God,whether they are guided by Holy Spirit or not ,it is only God who knows everything ,then time will tell the all truth.

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  21. @who are the true then?
    “If the motives and desires to open this blog was from the Holy Spirit ,their following works and strategies would be different.”
    You clearly said the motives of this site was NOT from the Holy Spirit. Quite a discerner and judge we have right there. Someone going on WITHOUT the Holy Spirit is clearly unspiritual. Don’t reverse yourself. You should apologize or justify your statements
    About how this site SHOULD operate, that is a good opinion, your opinion. SCOANites’ opinion is the admin should be handed to the devil so that they learn not to ‘blaspheme’. What about the Christian relatives of the South Korea ferry tragedy? They don’t have one since they don’t even know about this blog.
    Should a man collect all opinions on anything he has set his heart to do before doing it? I don’t think so. Not practical. TBJoshuawatch is TB Joshua Watch. You can open yours (no rudeness) and focus on another quack, or others in Hungary, Cape Verde or Burkin Faso. I want to focus on what they are actually doing instead of what they can, should (according to you and a million others) and I pray that you do
    While it is true God know everything, that fact don’t change obvious facts I have come to learn from the tireless work of this blog. I will repeat them for you
    1. TB Joshua has repeatedly prophesied in the name of Yahweh
    2. TB Joshua records his prophecies
    3.TB Joshua’ prophecies have repeatedly failed and there is enough evidence
    4. prophecy failure is IMPOSSIBLE if they are of God
    5.TB Joshua has repeatedly forced/cooked prophecies to make them fit events
    6. Cooking prophecies is not of the Holy Spirit; it is grand deception
    7. It don’t take special spiritual insight to see through a failed prophecy
    8. False prophets issue false prophecies
    From 3 we conclude he is not a prophet of God. From 5, we conclude he is a serial lair (like the devil?) and from 8 we conclude he is a false prophet
    I kindly request you to address these points when on this blog instead of skirting around them

    • You keep on surprising me.Why are you so angry at me? Where have I said I am a Scoanite?Am I not allowed to give my opinions?
      Should you be hard on me because my points are different of yours?
      Should I apologize because you keep on twisting my words? What is to be spiritual means to you?
      For me ,anyone who lives by faith in Jesus Christ is spiritual.That is what i understand by the word spiritual in christianity and that is quite different when you have a call from Holy Spirit as a task/a vision to do/pursuit.And I also added it is only God who knows everything because any one’s opinion could be wrong.
      So dont keep on twisting what i never meant in order to make it look bad.
      I was not here to argue but to give my own opinions and to learn from others.You can go back and read the way you keep on responding to me.There is none of my requests you addressed or answer the way it is asked than keeping twisting and throwing your anger on me.
      I m not tbj, i m not a scoanite, i m an individual stating my own opinions like everybody else here.Sorry I m done with this.

      • @ Who are the true then ?
        I would like the respond shortly on your last reply IF I can, unlikely, if only. I don’t know what you are looking for ? But it seems to me that you are looking for answers in some people that have got your attention which is no attention for you to give attention to. Your attention goes to something that you think is worth giving attention to. I say on the contrary. Why ?
        To me there was no twisting. Those are usually in SCOAN who do the twisting and when they want to attack of what I say, they like to twist what I say and make me a liar. Whatever ! This is, because I have found them long time a liar and liars. Scoan people are fanactics and they will stop at nothing in thinking they are fighting the “devil” in us which is not there than solely in their inmagination. They have become their own enemies of demonizing literally everything and have infected a group of people with that that cannot think any way else because of inculcation. ( Teaching or impressing upon the mind by frequent instruction or repetition) This is poison. Poison that is addictive, destructive and now must be defended at all costs because there is a business at stake. Not a ministry of Jesus Christ, but a business. Where the man-made up stories now must bring in the money and visitors. You personally find that this is not offensive ? Or to be angry at ? Or just let it be ? If I was not personally drawn into it I would not be here to testify of what I have experienced and gone through. My testimony will not do for you, nor for them, because they have put themselves into a position that there is no possibility to convince them of what they are doing. God has shown me that for quite a while now. I have given Scriptures for that. I have a feeling that they are ignored and just been trampled over when I write them here. I have no hidden agenda. I am open and direct although with a hidden ID and not my real identity. I have heard quite a few things that made me do so. Even that I was invited by TB Joshua Watch to reveal myself and get in contact. I do not wish to do so for that reason. However I want to contribute of what I can read here on a daily basis if I can. And there is a reason a blog like this must exist to prove that there are things in this world which are not as they seem they are. There is nothing wrong with that. There are millions of blogs. Blogs with truth and blogs with crap. I prefer truth although I do read crap sometimes.
        Those that are here and reply are those that have been in SCOAN and attended long time. They have seen, they have felt, they have gone through it all. We have been mocked that we are those that did not want to be there were not out of them or even God as they claimed. But time has shown that the longer this is moving on that our convictions and evidence is now coming forward on a regular basis. So sometimes indeed time will tell. But mind you, sometimes you need to argue and make your standpoint clear and if you are running away with your tail between your legs as you express then why make insinuations to us as we have not addressed your requests. If anger is been expressed here it is because of injustice. Injustice is what has happened to us and others and now we are looking for justice and justification and the truth to prevail. And so far we have uncovered lies, deceit and scams in this SCOAN church and we have no interest to gloss things over and we will say it as we must say it.
        Everybody is entitled to their opinion, but opinions are personal and can be suggestive to others and even severely detrimental to some individuals. When the kitchen is getting very hot, then stop complaining that it is too warm to work there. It comes with the job.
        People always hang their hats upon who is so to speak spiritual or not. To me making lies and false prophecies and making fake deliverance’s is not spiritual at all, it belongs under the category of being a liar, deceiver and using people for your own gain and other motives.
        Nobody wants to stand idle in such place and sing Que Sera Sera, Que Sera Sera. Explanation of that is in this song for you to discover by Doris Day.
        A lot of things are done in this world for that reason alone.Now we have all kinds of things going on and everybody wants to jump the gun on everything that is not right, but we have to ask who is who and what are they doing and for what purpose. So far I have not seen anything in SCOAN that has convinced me of their claims that includes my own interaction with many of them. Which is great disappointment for me and my family. Therefore I am now standing on the other side of the fence and that does not mean I am in the Devil,s camp as they are always insinuating. It means I have enough of their lies and deceit.

      • @who are the true then?
        Nobody called you a SCOANite, I meant even these have opinions of their own on how this blog should be run. Read this statement to refresh your memory

        “IF THE MOTIVES AND DESIRES TO OPEN THIS THREAD WAS FROM HOLY SPIRIT ,their following works and strategies would be different.”

        That means you @who are the true then? know their motives are NOT from Holy Spirit. You reverse yourself when called out and say only God knows everything.

        Why don’t you stick to the issue at hand, watching T B Joshua. The only people here I have observed complaining about shining a spotlight on this charlatan are SCOANites who console themselves in the fact that there are other charlatans out there.

      • vooke,So you want to tell me that anything/work we may come accross with involving Christianity must absolutely have been inspired by Holy Spirit?If we were all to believe so, i won’t think you will be here judging tbj nor doubting him.
        Did you not come here to give your opinions?Am I or any scoanite not allowed to give ours?
        So what do you want really to achieve by keeping bringing this issue of what i said before?Why dont you yourself stick your discussion on tbj only and forget about what I or the scoanites have said/done/still saying/do.From what I see, I dont see any difference.

      • @who. I’m not sure why you suddenly started taking offense, all I’ve seen is a robust discussion between you and the likes of Vooke. What seems to be happening now is you’re feigning offense as a distraction from the real issues.

  22. I am not only asking for a clampdown on tbj, I am also asking for the authorities in Nigeria to investigate all those malevolent Islamic clerics who are responsible for radicalising those impressionable and impoverished youth in Northern Nigeria. They must be clamped down. The success in the fight against terror can not be achieved with these guys on the loose. No matter how many foot soldiers the government overcome, these men have nurseries in operation to produce more. Religion remains the opium of the poor masses.

    • yes please – shut down all operations and send my family home – they will be welcomed with open arms

  23. Please can anyone tell me if tbj comes from Lagos because I just saw him looking rattled for the first time ever as he dared the terrorists to attack Lagos. Seems he’s beginning to feel the heat. He definitely should shut down ALL his operations, considering the incredible crowd of foreigners and locals who have turned Lagos into a Mecca of sorts, at least until the violence blows over. Giving it large on camera on how nothing can happen to “his people” even if elsewhere bombs are going off, just doesn’t wash. Once again, I plead with all would-be visitors to SCOAN, SHELVE those plans indefinitely! Africa can be a jungle!! Do not become just another statistic!!!

  24. survivor,
    I made it a point of duty to check up on watch tb Joshua blog at least once a month to see if they have responded to your 3 questions. You guessed right. No explanation for their claim that the Fullness of the Holy Spirit dwells in the physical body of tbj. No explanations on the other questions as well. Seems they have even gone as far as backing off on refuting tbjw’s posts any longer. Speaks volumes of tbjw’s stamina and longevity.
    TBJW, if you ever needed convincing that you are making serious progress, there you have it. Peace.

  25. Geta yigesesachehu eshi mind your business !!! the battle is not yours its for God, so live him alone let him do the work of God !! Geta yigesesachehu again!!!

    • jesse,Who told you that getting mad at everyone who comes here with any approach different from yours is a wise way to give credibility to the
      site or to bring justice?? That is the most stupidity you can think of as you have kept doing so and defending it ,smh.
      I dont see any where it is written that only those who share the same thoughts with this site are welcomed in the discussion?
      This is a public platform welcoming everybody regardless of who they are or what are their supports. So what is your problem?
      Are you trying to force people to believe yours own opinions or? Why dont you let everybody to speak what they think without shut them up?
      I keep wondering why many are no longer interested in this site because you have made sure to chase everybody who is not on your side.Sigh

      • @ Who,
        Me chasing anyone away ? Chuckles. Is it not so that those that usually come in with a lot of huffing and puffing against TB Joshua Watch after rigorous debate and discussions, they themselves realise they don’t have a paw to stain upon ? Hence the drive by scolding and all of us have to do and say “incoming ! ” and “Duck !” Because that is what we all experience when pro TB Joshua fans call at the door and drop a bombshell, but never take time to reason about the matters at hand that are written out here ? So the endless going round and round usually ends up in arguing about trivial matters that are between the engaging. What else you want me to say then ? Open up a veneer shop and start glossing it over ? Or use proper sandpaper and get nasty ugly top layer off and see what is under there and describe it to you verbally with thorough words ? You let me know ok, cya later, alligator.

      • Alligator?wow talking of offense??may be tbjw did not see this ,he would have said also something on that.Thank u to chase me with a nice cya!!Hope u enjoy the site after.
        Any way God bless.

      • @ Who,
        Cya later, alligator, is just a famous expression. Don’t ask me to tell you that you can google this all by yourself.

      • @ Who,

        You look at the wrong explanation, It is “Cya later, Alligator, in a while, Crocodile”. So try again. Don’t look at the literal Alligator word, dude. Why are you looking for the negative about it, it’s just an funny expression as there are so many if those.

      • Who, as an American, I can tell you that jesse meant it is a somewhat flippant way of saying goodbye, not an insult. It is a common phrase in American English. “See you later, alligator.”

  26. Who told you that getting mad at everyone who comes here with an approach different from yours is a wise way to give credibility to the
    site ?? That is the most stupidity you can think of as you have kept doing so and defending it ,smh.

    I dont see any where it is written that only those who share the same thoughts with this site are welcomed in the discussion?
    This is a public platform welcoming everybody regardless of who they are or what are their supports. So what is your problem?
    Are you trying to force people to believe yours own opinions or? Why dont you let everybody to speak what they think without shut them up?
    I keep wondering why many are no longer interested in this site because you have made sure to chase everybody who is not on your side.Sigh

  27. @who are the true then?
    Dismissing other people as being unspiritual senselessly is wrong You are saying that TBJW is not led of the Spirit otherwise they would do things differently. And it is a tad hypocritical to deny what you said
    I think this blog welcomes opinions otherwise we would not be having the comments’ section. What is utterly boring is indulging in your opinions in and out at the expense of the real issue; watching TB Joshua. Why would I walk into a library and start wondering why they don’t sell ice cream or socks? The very name of this blog, tells you what to expect here. I would be disappointed if I came across Benny Hinn sermons here or Donnie McClurkin songs here 🙂 Give these guys a break, they are living up to their name, and their work is made terribly easy by this serial liar
    One more thing, you are criticizing somebody’s opinion with your opinion. Why shouldn’t you be criticized? You will especially when you don’t make sense. Nice weekend and happy Lord’s Day tomorrow 😉

    • Vooke where do you see the word “unspiritual” in my statement? Why do you keep on twisting my words? Have i not explain to you what i understand by the word “spiritual” before? “To have a calling from God” and “to have faith in God” do all sound the same to you?
      Do all believers not spiritual?But do we all hear from God ,i mean do we all hear from Holy Spirit telling us what to do?This is what i meant
      Your false insinuation that i said tbjw is unspiritual is rather baseless and seems too hypocritical to me.
      If they really heard from God telling them to open account dedicated to tbj only,i apologise for my wrong judgement but my points concerning this are:
      -Should everyone who comes on any christian blog MUST believe everything written there without thinking ?or test why and what are their motives?
      -Should you have a right to judge tbj, the scoanites and everyone who says what you dont like to hear but them ,they should’nt do the same to you? That is actually what you are doing by defending that we should’nt also judge the way you are doing.
      I m sorry that it went far this way but that was not my intention to judge tbjwatch or anyone but you are the one who pushed me into this.
      I even tried to keep back my judgemental words by stating its God who knows everything because my opinions may also be wrong but you kept and kept pushing and bringing this issue till now and you made me go where i was not looking for because i had to go back and explain everytime you are twisting what i m not saying.
      Please i beg you,lets stop this here.Everyone is entitled to his own opinions the way everyone may also be wrong but concerning spiritual issue ,its hard to change anyone’s thinking.
      I m verry sorry for any inconvenience this argument has caused here especially to jesse and tbjwatch ,but this was not my intention before when i first started to discussing with you.
      Rather my point was to know if TRULY there still existing “TRUE” prophets like those on the bible in our generation according to the statement you were saying here
      My aim was not to go against your statement but to learn from you .If i was given any example ,my purpose was to search more and to understand more why this one is called true and this one false because according to John Paul’s teachings,one cant base all his attention on the accuracy of a prophecy and go to the conclusion whose prophet is true or not.
      When i asked you this ,my request to you was not absolutely a means to defend tbj ,apparently that is what you thought,but my intention was to learn from you what you seem to know better than me because in this endtimes,wherever you go you hear there is a prophet here and there,so it takes most of times the grace of God to know really who is true or not ,otherwise the only thing to know them is from learning and searching for ourselves.
      But I m fine ,i think this argument has cost us too much time.Its really time we rest on this.
      Thank you,I wish you nice weekend and happy Lord’s Day too.

      • @who are the true then,

        Unspiritual is equivalent to people who are not led of the Spirit. You clearly said the blog was not run by people led or at least their motives and intent were not of the Spirit. That is a clever way of calling TBJW unspiritual.

        Are TBJW unspiritual? I have never met them so I can judge, but their work on this blog, it helps the body of Christ by exposing crooks just as Paul exposed Diotrephes. So am on their side as long as their allegations are founded on facts. So far they are; every instance they point to TBJW Joshua’s deception, they back it up. I pray to God that many SCOANites visit this blog

        How do you tell false prophets from true ones? A simple objective and quite logical test is to watch if whatever they said comes to pass. That’s Jeremiah and Leviticus Test. They need to be 100% accurate all the times. Next observe whether what they speak lines up with God’s word just like the Bereans And finally, their conduct.

        For me,TB Joshua has failed the accuracy test as this site has repeatedly proved. So he is false. You don’t need a blog to carry out these tests, just your eyes and ears opened. Are there true prophets out there? I believe they are. I want to test TB Joshua’s authenticity against the Word of God and not another man that’s why I won’t tell you what/who I think is a true prophet.

        Now, may I ask you after watching just one of the many edited prophecies pointed out in this site, what do you make of them? Do you read deception, human error,misunderstanding or perhaps malice from TBJW?

        Happy Mother’s Day

      • Vooke,i am afraid that we can ever see or understand what we have been discussing on the angle,it seems to be very ambiguous,and i don’t want to keep wasting your time.
        But I m very grateful you were being nice to me and willing to help.
        Many thanks and may you stay blessed in the Lord,happy Mother’s day too.

    • @ Just Wonder,
      I would like you to divert for a second off this Boko Haram thing. Yes we know they kill people, but what is their motive ? Could agree their stance against western education has likely a deeper meaning. It’s not about the education so much I feel or rather am convinced of. I believe and am convicted that with the western education comes now all the evil of MTV (Miley Cyrus), Disney (Maleficent), the introducing of the Satanic Matrix (a system that promotes everything satanic and have made certain people slave of that system, which is now vehemently defended all over the world) I know the focus is TB Joshua here, but you will see he is just part of this all of the deception what is worldwide of a group of people who want to control all humanity) no I am not talking about conspiracy. I am talking about the bigger picture here. If you observe the worldwide shifting of things on the news and in countries, you see there is whole lot more going on than in SCOAN alone or Nigeria. We have seen from the beginning of this year an unprecedented release and increase or do I say man made created situations on the world scene that draw our eyes off God and what has to be about His Kingdom. If you see the winner of the Euro Vision song festival which is the bearded lady, you will see that he (she) says, “We are unstoppable” that is a high profile demon that speaks there, so is in Miley Cyrus in what she does. Perversion of the human mind to make the abominable in the eyes of God acceptable and tolerated. Now here is what TB Joshua said a few years ago about Hollywood, “we need this, we need these actors, to entertain us” Why would a minister promote Hollywood, Nollywood ???? What does that say about him ? Who is speaking there ? So if people cannot discern this how far have we drifted ? I am saying, everyday it is clearer of who he is and who those others are that mentioned. There are many more that I could say this. It is totally and completely designed to destroy the faith of mankind and they are ones that are worshipped for what they do. Do see what I mean ? Does everyone see what I mean ? That is why I say, do not look at any man, woman or child that draws attention to themselves in order to be worshipped, which is Satans highest goal, he wants to be seen as God. They want to be seen as God, they want us to lay prostrate at their feet of the deception they give us day after day. Only Jesus has right to draw attention to Himself and His Father, not even the Holy Spirit does this, yet it looks as if He is used like that. Not so. We are dealing here with total brainwashing of demon and fallen angels worship. Perhaps you all know this or perhaps not, but I am saying it again in case any if you have fallen asleep. The mind is a battlefield. Choose this day Whom you want to serve. Take heart ! Our redemption draws near, try not to fall in temptation of lies that are now spread all over the media increasingly for the purpose to deflect of what really going on. Take charge.

    • T B Joshua is a shameless liar and a false prophet, but the pity of it all is that his followers don’t even see it, and they would surely perish with him, unless they repent. It takes only one lie to make one a false prophet, yet T B Joshua has lied times without number, and is the biggest of all the false prophets in Nigeria! Shame on you, Temitope Fatai Balogun Joshua, senior false prophet of Nigeria!

  28. @ Daemondada, thanks for checking it out. The fact @watchtbj have not responded to my simple but pertinent questions speaks volumes. Could it be that they could not find any way to defend tbj on those questions? Otherwise WHY would they stay mute?

  29. @ Survivor,
    Did they say anything in the first place then ? If they can’t even put up the right picture of Boeing 777-200 then you can already know they just like to make up things by using scripture while there own “prufit” has announced there will be no prophecy. Fire gets to hot for TB Joshua I suppose or he has been slapped on the wrist by the United Nations who wants to enslave us with their lies they spread of what they do in the name of the UN and their demonic representatives of Angelie Jolie., Coincidently we see Obama and Cammoron, jump the band wagon for the deception that actually started with the #MH370 aeroplane of Malaysian airlines to draw our eyes off Mr Putin and Crimea, Ukraine. I am telling you now, everything will be used to draw our eyes elsewhere and if we give attention to what we should not give attention you are already been deceived by the manipulators of where Satan is behind to play out his last filthy Symphony in his vile out of tune demonic system Orchestra. Take Heed ! Keep your faith eyes upon Jesus and do not be afraid and LET NO MAN DECEIVE YOU !

    • @Jesse,
      You are turning into a conspiracy theorist. What is the relationship between #MH370 and Crimea? Has its disappearance stopped anything?
      I hate theorists for one reason, they pretend to be skeptical with official new but they have immense faith in ridiculous theories without any fact. UFOs,Chemtrails,anti-vaccines all that…they are delusional and a danger to themselves and others

  30. Gosh, no wonder services are so long. He has to repeat his useless generalities and platitudes a half dozen times before moving on to the next one. :/
    Anything useful said here? No. I’m grateful that he’s choosing not to incite sectarian violence. Brownie point for him on that. But seriously “this is the voice of God.” ??? He’s just repeating pre-chewed bits of information that secular analysts and news agencies have fed him.
    There won’t be an attack in Lagos but any moment from now you will hear of big shots getting attacked. OK. Covered every possibility.
    I cannot for the life of me fathom how people are sitting there gazing at him with rapt adoration as if anything he is saying is new or amazing.

  31. @ TB Joshua Watch,
    You want to see a true demon in action ? One that will not come to SCOAN for deliverance because they are being “destroyed” Google Miley Cyrus right now. Revel2123 here make a video from that and prove that the claim of “distance is not a barrier” on this poor deceived girl that is launched personally by the high profile demonic. Father and mother are so to speak Christian as well she had a Christian upbringing. I am not saying you should look, but see a authentic true demon manifest and TB Joshua will stand with a mouth full of teeth because the staged deliverances are far from what you see this demon do through Miley Cyrus. Believe me we are into a complete downward spiral from here, Madonna is “innocent” compared of what she does. I do believe in demons and fallen angels, here is one for all to see as is this Conchita Wurst Eurovision song festival winner, but the demons you see in SCOAN are caricatures compared to the real ones who are out there. Make no mistake, this one is real and will draw millions into hell. These you won’t see knocking on SCOANS door crying for deliverance, like they do there, “man of god, man of god, please help me.” Again to all you SCOAN followers and those that wrote here see the difference of a real demon and fallen angels and compare that to your pathetic idiocy you see in SCOAN. You have no paw to stand upon. None !

  32. TB Joshua should be ashamed of himself for again using the issue of Boko Haram to promote himself, even when he prophesied in2011/ 2012 that the Boko Haram menace will be long gone and a thing of the past within a couple of months.
    Today 5/11/2014, TB Joshua had the audacity to come out in front of his bewitched congregation (clad in all his for sale regalia, all complete with his anointed bracelet) to validate himself as a true prophet, when he interrupted his Wisemen’s usual repetitive mass prayer to self-promote again like he normally does, of having caught a Boko Haram member.
    We are tired of this new trend of his, of picking up of Boko Haram ex-members here and there who come to his church to prove and brag like he has done something outstanding. This Boko Haram finds of his, adds nothing to the overall arrest of the entire Boko Haram brigands, or bringing back the girls that were kidnapped from their school, or discontinuing the scourge of the Islamic terrorists in Nigeria.
    TB Joshua bragged as usual today that, if people regard his prophecies as false and call him a false prophet, then would they should also say that his casting out demons is fake. Mr. TB Joshua equates his prophecies as a validation to the authenticity of his casting out demons.
    (God hears a true prophet and manifest himself in him, therefore when he cast out demons, he is casting out demons under the anointing of the Holy Spirit of the LORD who never lies)
    Therefore we can deduce from this that:
    A FALSE PROPHET = A FALSE EXORCIST, a fake, a Sharman that moves spirit from one location to another as a voodoo priest does, instead of sending them to the pit.
    (A false prophet does not talk on behalf of God, but of the devil, since it is impossible for a TRUE prophet of God to prophecy and it does not come to pass as God has told him)
    Hence Mr. TB Joshua, your casting out demons is false as you are a false prophet (Jeremiah 28:9).
    I say to Mr. TB Joshua, yes I say it. Mr. TB Joshua, please stop using the work of God to promote yourself.
    Again I say, anyone wherever and whosoever, supporting or still supporting this man TB Joshua is operating under a CURSE. As he deceitfully manipulates videos and the Word of God to suit his purposes and preserve his business empire, SCOAN, he is operating under the Spirit of Deception which is evil, and he’s under a curse so is everyone that promotes him, supports him, fights for him or works for him.
    As is written in the word of God:
    “Cursed be he that doeth the work of the LORD deceitfully…” – Jeremiah 48:10
    Keep up the good work TBJoshuaWatch, and thank you Jesse, Mr. Terrific, Just Wonder, Vooke, Survivor, M., et al. for supporting this site, know that we are praying for you, you are covered on the BLOOD of Jesus Christ, say it as it is, do not fear.
    The devil will not prevail, the war rages on…it might seem like he is winning, NEVER GIVE UP (Judges 20:1-48), because victory is sure at the end.
    #BringBackOurGirls, #BingBackOurGirlsNow
    Warrior Princess, the LORD’s weapon of war.

    • @ Angelica,

      “A FALSE PROPHET = A FALSE EXORCIST, a fake, a Sharman that moves spirit from one location to another as a voodoo priest does, instead of sending them to the pit.”

      Exactly that and under the guise of lies and deceit. Remote control, but not from the Holy Spirit. I am so glad that you see it clear as day, God bless you ! I do hope and pray that others will see it too.

  33. @who are the true?
    You know am still waiting to see you comment on the substance of this blog. Since you keep on insisting that you have right to opinion, what is your opinion on these edited prophecies? I don’t see the point of wasting comments space discussing how Man City won EPL on TBJW 🙂

    Again, @ who are the true?, WHAT IS YOUR OPINION?

  34. Jesse,
    “…I know the focus is TB Joshua here, but you will see he is just part of this all of the deception what is worldwide of a group of people who want to control all humanity…. I am talking about the bigger picture here… It is totally and completely designed to destroy the faith of mankind …”

    I cannot agree with you more. This is 100% correct. Tbj, for instance, is a big instument in the enemies hands, to let God’s people loose their faith in Jesus! Espesially his disciple that he drops, just like that!

    The bigger picture is the One World Order and cie. trying to rule the political and religious systems of the world.

    The Bible says that the enemy will say; “What is right is wrong and what is wrong is right” Is that not exactly what is going on today? Daniel.

    It has been prophecied in the Bible that in the last days-

    …23 “In the latter part of their reign, when rebels have become completely wicked, a fierce-looking king, a master of intrigue, will arise. 24 He will become very strong, but not by his own power. He will cause astounding devastation and will succeed in whatever he does. He will destroy those who are mighty, the holy people. 25 He will cause deceit to prosper, and he will consider himself superior…” – Daniel 8.

    The Bible says that the anti christ spirit will …..”speak great words against the most High, and SHALL WEAR OUT THE SAINTS of the most High, and think to change times and laws: and they shall be given into his hand until a time and times and the dividing of time”…Daniel 7:25.

    Are these evil deceit not wearing us out?

  35. I bring again under your attention:

    Walter Veith – Total Onslaught series. (And I do not promote his religion).

    He really throws light on the bigger picture;

  36. Just Wonder, Mt Terrific,

    TB Joshua haters show your venom must be flow !!!!
    TB Joshua haters show your venom must be flow !!!!
    TB Joshua haters show your venom must be flow !!!!

  37. Gen 15:13 And he said unto Abram, Know of a surety that thy seed shall be a stranger in a land that is not theirs, and shall serve them; and they shall afflict them four hundred years;…..This from your analysis means that God lied, because the Isrealites spent more than 400 years in Egypt. Did God lie? If he did den we are wasting our time following the Bible and him. Check your Bible and you see that they (Israelites) spent more than 400 years. You guys dont understand prophecy….you are motivated by shear jealousy. More over in the new testaments statement by Jesus and his disciples suggested that he will becoming soonest yet it has been 2000 years now. Luke 21 say it loud more especially the very word of Jesus…. “Verily I say unto you, This generation shall not pass away, till all be fulfilled.” Yet that generation has pass n Jesus has not returned. by your standard Jesus and his twelve disciples are the greatest false prophets…. pls wake up from your slumber…if he is false why keep on monitoring. Can’t u do something better. U know u get traffic from using his name. Your judgement is on its way!

    • @Jacob
      About the 430 years of sojourn, instead of repeating this matter here, please refer to these articles. Am surprised that as early as the 1600s somebody had an answer for you!
      430 years means exactly that in the scriptures so the issue of God lying is not here but rather perception or our understanding. I approach scriptures with a presupposition that God can’t lie nor make mistakes. It is my understanding that needs to line up with His word

      Next, about Luke 21. Jesus was talking about a specific event in 70 AD some 35 years way, the siege of Jerusalem. The key word is what ‘ALL’ entails. On the other hand whenever God speaks of specific times in the scriptures such as the 70 years captivity, He is precise. What you hav here is a charlatan who not only gets the timing wrong but the very contents of a prophecy. Not once or twice but severally. You can’t possibly equate ‘difficult’ passages of the scriptures and they are many with a professional video editor who bends prophecies to fit facts

      WHy keep on monitoring? Common sense. There are believers who know that TB is a crook and they ran for their lives. Others we pray they may be delivered.This blog maintains its presence for the benefit of those yet to realize this. If there is any wisdom, it would be in refuting what this blog is saying with wisdom.

      TB is the one who uses disasters and tragedies to draw many to himself. HE is on record claiming to be the only man to whom God revealed the #MH370 event. And he is trying to draw more using Boko Haram menace. He is a publicity stuntman. Funny if he were not doing it in the name of Jesus Christ.

      More judgement is coming to those who knowing what a charlatan this man is still persist under his wings. COme out from among them lest you be destroyed together

      2 Corinthians 6:17
      Wherefore come out from among them, and be ye separate, saith the Lord, and touch not the unclean thing; and I will receive you.

      • “You can’t possibly equate ‘difficult’ passages of the scriptures and they are many with a professional video editor who bends prophecies to fit facts”

        Very well said! 🙂

      • “WHy keep on monitoring? Common sense. There are believers who know that TB is a crook and they ran for their lives. Others we pray they may be delivered.This blog maintains its presence for the benefit of those yet to realize this. If there is any wisdom, it would be in refuting what this blog is saying with wisdom.”

        For those who haven’t been following this blog from its inception – THIS IS A GOOD ANSWER! Thank you, Vooke, from someone who follows this blog and prays regularly for old friends but comments only rarely.

      • When Jesus was on earth, even him, he had people saying his miracles and healings were fake. infact, the doubters who new the Scriptures at that time said he did it by the power of an evil spirit. So you guys are not doing anything new. At the end we will know who was right and who wasn’t and on which side God belong. TB is a man like paul or any other men of God might make mistake or err in one way or the other, in doing God’s work. You can’t tell me Paul was perfect, hence not everything he said was perfect. That is why neither Paul or Peter is the standard. TB has been doing what he does long ago….TV has just help many know. about what he does now. when he was starting where were you, now you adding to his publicity. We thank God whether you are right or TB is, you guys are trying to preach Christ……With ur response…Anyone can make logical deduction or whatsover. In the same way TB team can put stuff together things to make everythong look ok. Dont u think God should have known better and shouldn’t have caused his men say different things to spare us this analysis. He could have spared us all this. The point is u dont understand how things work in the spirit and a gift operates…. If God know the future so better dont u think he should have spared us this messy world when he decided to created the angel’s that fell… If u presuppose that God cannot lie or make a mistake when you haven’t shown any proof beyond reasonable doubt in that regard, so can the voice of God through the man of God be presuppose to be without error or falsehood. Like 1 Cor says, ” for we know in part and we prophesy in part,….About Luke 21, like seriously? At that time they will see the Son of Man coming in a cloud with power and great glory.” (Luke 21:27….So christ returned in 70 AD, right?… “I tell you the truth, this generation will certainly not pass away until all these things have happened”, says Luke 21: 32. Wow, this all has different meaning. If so TB’s team can explain some of their words likewise. It just a matter of time…they have to start. Couldn’t Jesus be little smarter by telling us that some of these things will happen. ….or the writer Luke did wrong editing by jambling up the words?
        God through David in Psalm 122, told his people to ” pray for the peace of Jerusalem” – I am sured they prayed yet Jerusalem was attacked. Jerusalem was attacked anyway. Wasn’t God too wise to have told them not to pray, knowing that the attack will come anyway.? ……sometimes we not praying would have made situation worse…. They edit it, yes. They may do that for a reason. Write to them and ask them why? In churches people give testimony about the goodness of the Lord. Yet there are some who the Word so to speak does not work for them! Yet we don’t here from people how praying or fasting didnt change their situation…….Like I said in both ways Christ is preached, either you or TB….( Phil 1:18)

  38. Pingback: TB Joshua loves Boko Haram | TB Joshua Watch

  39. @Jacob,
    You are all over. Nobody said nothing about doing ‘new’ things. So you are quite irrelevant on that point. Just because in the ‘end’ we will know who was right don’t invite us into passivity . That was Gamaliel’s strategy. Nigeria May as well ignore Boko Haram because God will judge them in the end!
    TB has been at it for eternities? It don’t matter, it simply means he has been deceiving for long than we thought. Catholicism was at it for years before reformation
    Ministers of the gospel are not perfect. Again, you are digressing. This is not about perfection, but deception. Let’s see. A prophet may succumb to the flesh and sleep with another man’s wife.. That is quite different from prophesying falsehoods and pretending that you didn’t by cooking prophecy videos. Deception is deliberate,very conscious and definitely of the devil. In short falling in sin and packaging sin for export are eternities apart.
    Back to Luke 21, you are again digressing. You are no different from Skeptics who overwhelm weak believers by demanding to know where Cain got his wife from. If there are inconsistencies in Luke, they exist in your mind.i don’t want to engage in arguments on this forum.
    Jerusalem? Study Judges about the cycles of rebellion-attacks-repentance-redemption. That’s another irrelevant point. You should be busy fishing examples of edited prophecies form scriptures instead of irrelevant gleans all over.
    Finally, you admit they are a smart person. THEY EDIT 🙂 What took you so long? It is more helpful writing to terrorists aksin them if they intended the bombs to go off. Do you dishonestly think that there are other reasons to indulge in deception than to deceive? You are funny.
    Is Christ really preached amidst deception? Did Paul mean that we should entertain apostasy because the word Christ is thrown around? Next we will have gay ministers and we should ignore that because Christ is preached! And after that adulterers,and murderers…catch my drift? What was the point for Paul to lay down elaborate requirements for a minister of the gospel,we might as well have Mswati preaching

  40. Interesting, Jacob. So do you believe yourself that Jesus Christ has already come back as He promised? Just wanna know what you think that’s all. Thanks.

    • @Jacob is persuaded that nothing short of a PhD in Hermeneutics/Exegesis and Koine Greek is required for you to comprehend a LIE by TB Joshua. In fact it’s quite possible that even God doesn’t understand this guy 🙂

      • In John 9, some of the pharisee said interrogate Jesus’ healing of the blind man from birth. Of course, they haven’t seen a spittle-supported healing of a blind man from birth. Others thought he is from God….Now they had a problem he has done that on a Sabbath because of that Jesus can’t be from God….. What tv stations do? Don’t they edit their stuff before showing it on TV, even the news report we watch. Yet how many including Christians have protested that they are lying to the ignorant public. During Jesus’ time his fame spread through word of mouth. I do not doubt a bit that some may have suggested that the info transfered from one person to the other was “edited” or altered to make Jesus popular in Judea (and we know it is very possible for a little bit of falsehood to be added when info moves from one person to the other by mouth). Of course, it will be those who are “far” or “sad” to see. (pharisees and sadducees). I am sure if Jesus was living in our age you would have had a blog.
        Okay TB is a charlatan. Do you know any genuine one – a prophet of God for our age. Tell me, I promise if I can,I will help you promote him and ensure those who need the working of such a grace to go to him/her instead of TB. Or better still pray to God he makes you one or give u the gift, since you can use it better than TB or even know the proper thing to do. We can always ask for the gifts of the Spirit. God is generous. If God does not understand this guy, He must be joking not to raise any other man with such influence to counteract a charlatan like TB. It is not as if the devil has gone to sleep. The devil iss serious and mean business…God must mean better. Comparatively, a reasonable God will have an alternative to whatever that is of the devil when He can provide same and even to His kids.

      • What tv stations do? Don’t they edit their stuff before showing it on TV, even the news report we watch.

        That’s completely different. TB Joshua releases videos as “proof” that he accurately predicted something, but the proof has been tampered with by incorrect details being edited out. This gives an incorrect impression of accuracy. It is deceptive. The Malaysian airlines one is a good example. In the original he said the flight would crash metres after takeoff due to an obvious fault. Obviously MH370 did not crash metres after takeoff, and they still don’t know what has happened, so these details were edited out.

  41. @Jacob
    You have a tragic trait of comparing TB to Jesus and the apostles..over and over. But why would I be surprised yet I hear the dude is a Messiah/Elijah to some SCOANites.
    Our professional video editor is guided by one principle;DECEPTION. He is so horrible at it that it doesn’t take any gift of discernment to see through his lies. It also makes TBJW job so easy. No honest person would fail to see DECEPTION. If TBJW had a single instance of evidence I would look the other way. Or even two. Or three. But they are all over. Similarities? Tragedy, edited prophecy, shameless publicity
    Are there genuine prophets? You are the second person defending TB Joshua along those lines. In fact the other person, one @who are the true? also asked for genuine prophets. He disappears and you show up….Changing handles? I suspect so. Now, pray tell me, how does it support your argument/stand in naming other ministers? Are you prepared to entertain this charlatan because there are other charlatans out there? I will give you the same example I shared with your other handle; you can’t walk into a library and start whining that they don’t stock candy. THis blog is dedicated to one man; TB Joshua. That is their “One thing”-Ps 27. Instead of murmuring about who they are not exposing, focus on what they are doing
    You lost me in your last paragraph.
    Answer these simple questions
    1. Have you come across irrefutable evidence of deception from SCOAN/TB Joshua on this site?
    2.If you answered YES in 1.above,Did you know of TB Joshua’s deception before visiting this site?
    3.If you answered NO in 1 above , did you find any shred of evidence of malice/false allegations against SCOAN/TB Joshua on this site?
    4.If you answered Yes in 3 above, kindly share with us.

  42. Dear Jacob, dont mind no so much abt editin nd lies,nt surprised de r furious on somelse.God gav us ten commandments,speakin against false prophets was nt part of it.Wen Jesus came,d greatest commandment he told us was, Love God with all ur heart,might nd soul nd love ur neighbour as urself,he neva mentioned false prophets or anytn.Whateva u pour out of ur mouth only shows d contents of ur heart.Tbj watch is jst exposing d content of der hearts.Jesus came to restore d fellowship btw God nd man,he neva instruct us to becom mopol nd hunt dwn prophets.d race we run is personal.TBJ will ansa,U will ansa nd i wil ansa. Its easy to speak against people,bt at whose gain or loss.If u cnt preach Love,wch is a true mission of a true christian,then i wonder wer we r goin wit al dis.i stil ask,If Jesus was to return Tda,wil u TBwatch be proud to stand in His presence nd say,ys Lord,we av done a gud job,we Love u Lord Jesus?

    • @Doris, U couldn’t have said any bettter. I dont know why people wont promote what dey love but rather spend all their energies bashing what they hate. There are over 3billion people whose heart are locked up in other religion other than Christianity. why wont they go after such souls. Obviously, they can do better. Ppl just get jealous of successful wytout tangible reason. I wont even be surprise if these guys have never preach the love of God manifested thru to any person face to face since the beginning of the year.

      • @Jacob,
        That is a strawman argument.
        You have concluded (OR JUDGED) that TBJW hate TB Joshua. You have then proceeded to attack this conclusion. This blog is inspired by love, love of strangers or relatives trapped in deception. You are not helping them by ignoring the dangers they are exposed to
        Running TBJW and reaching out to ” 3billion people whose heart are locked up in other religion” are not mutually exclusive. You don’t know whether the admins behind TBJW are doing anything to reach to these souls. Why are you judging? There are students in colleges, why are they not reaching out to the 3 billion lost instead of wasting time on Western education? What about soccer players? Can’t they devote their energies at preaching? What about bus drivers? Weird, weird reasoning here. I told you you can’t possibly whine about no candies in a library.
        Obviously you visit here because of the tireless work of TBJW. You won’t admit the man is a fraud even in the face of overwhelming evidence

      • @jacob, Jelous of his success??? You think its owning a big church in ikotun egbe or having foriegners troop in and out or wearing expensive suits or whatever you define as success? All that is vanity, cuz thrs a lot of billionaires out thr that don’t know God but yet thay are sucessful. The ? Is How are we seen in the sight of God.

  43. @Jacob, Pls don’t u dare compare TBJ with JESUS christ or the apostle paul. Am not really a bible scholar buh this blog has helped me. Let me correct u, evn when apostle paul wants to give an instruction he says whether God instructed him or not.1stcorinthians7vs25. Unlike TBJ who claims evrything he hears is from God and makes a huge blunder out of it. And Jesus told his disciples he wud rise on the 3rd day and he did. Did he rise on the forth or fifth, NO! Unlike tbj who say something wud happen b4 the end of 2013 and it happened april 2014. Fine people in the bible days sed Jesus christ was this or dat buh he Proved us he was sent by God cuz his WORD was fufilled. The denial,Betrayal,his death,his resurection. So please do not make reference to Jesus christ when trying to justify tbj’s crooked ways. And besides the Bible has Given us pemission to Discern.

    • @ej Tell us how this site help u in details so i can share ur testimony wyt others. Did u go to the SCOAN and u were duped? Did u ever meet the Apostle Paul. What is extra ordinary about him that makes it abominable to compare him to TB….wasnt he a human being subject to like passion as us. The Jesus u claim prove that he was genuine; have u forgotten that ppl wyt ur kind of mind (against some man of God) claim he didnt die and that he is not the saviour or Son of God? Others say, ” he never came.” They are still waiting for him. It always a matter of where u belong. U will do a better job if u go after such ppl? Since u are not scholar of the Bible u shouldn’t judge another man of God or if u will judge, judge rightly. (John 6). Miriam judge Moses… obvious Moses was wrong and I believe God reasonably knew that.
      If say something will happen in 2013 and it happened in 2014! Does it make him a liar? The question we should be asking is why it delayed in fulfilment? Was it because of something we didnt do well or better since God reveal to redeem. Did someone’s or our prayers delayed it? When God told Abraham that he has GIVEN his descendants some land. God gave the specific boundaries. Do you know that till now after 5,000 years the Isrealites are not occupying those lands. they occupying a small portion. the others are being occupied by soverign countries declared nations! If you want to be critical you will say. God is powerless or that he lied. But if you on God’s side u can explain it and give reasons. It is a matter of where u belong (Gen 15: 18-21)
      N when did telling someone he is jobless and missionless become an insult? What about telling a Man of God that he is fake, charlartan and liar?

      • @jacob……sincerely no words for you on this. but I would say something. God isn’t a God of confusion. Remain Lifted

  44. @vooke,u see,u keep goin round in circles.wat goes around definitely comes around.if u had a mission of love u wudnt evn av time replying to each nd evry comment around its obvious ur jobless nd ur missionless.If u read abt Jesus Christ,dts if u evn Knw him,u wil c dt his ansas to hs critics wer short,direct nd urs,long,ambiguated nd full of empty words.well,whoeva suffered in d hands of TBj shd learn to go embras Jesus first,knw Jesus,read jesus,speak Jesus,nd live Jesus bfo goin arund lokin fo who to pray fo dem.D Bible tells us,work out ur salvation in fear nd trembling.JESUS IS OUR STANDARD.Tbj or anybdy,wil nt do dat fo u,if u dnt beliv in Him,nobdy wil force u too,its nobodies business do somtn more positive wit ur time nd make a positive difference in d society u live in.

    • Doris u just called someone missionless and Jobless. And ure preaching Love. where do u stand please and what do u stand for cuz insultin people dosnt speak well of u nor what u preach.

    • @Doris,
      “.If u read abt Jesus Christ,dts if u evn Knw him,u wil c dt his ansas to hs critics wer short,direct nd urs,long,ambiguated nd full of empty words”
      Jesus never drove cars, he walked most of the times and besides, he was born in a manger. Ever considered avvoiding cars, planes OR delivering your kids in a manger to be ‘Jesus’ like?

  45. @ej If TBJ wasnt successful u will not be writing about him. it is only successful people that give jobs to critics and commentators. If TBJ had 30 members and was stuck in some corner in Lagos u wouldn’t have been blogging about him. No body talks about the poor, you know that? In our world today who pays attention to the guys who had failed. Do you know what u look like in the sight of God and how did u know that?

    • @Jacob,
      Terrible logic.
      Popularity and fame/success is no measure of authenticity. At some point, the body of Christ only had 13 members. Besides, Mohammed was highly successful. That’s why we have billions perishing. His followers may equally label their critics as envious.

  46. Hahahahaha….@all,u guys want to use short ansas,right?@ej, Missionles is been witout a mission,jobles is nt avin job.ur guilty conscience mit av given u a wrong interpretation.Yes,love is and will remain d message to share to d world.Wow! truth is coming out from ur own mouths…it seems u guys ‘hate’ to hear abt love and Jesus Christ,hmm..@vooke,so wat u no abt Jesus is dt he walked during his time.haha,thanks for d info.Now we know wer u belong.I can feel d hatred u hav towards JesusChrist in ur what else r we saying,TBwatch?remb to use short,direct nd simple words to reply.LOL,atleast u can always remb me for dat.LOL.comon put some smiles on ur faces.Poor burns energy nd fuel spending so much time nd money on jst 1 character.dont u tnk so.y nt channel dt energy on somtin bera,watch.its all abt LOVE,shun hatred.forget abt TBJ and show some love to people arund u.Redefine ur purpose in life nd bless others wit wat God has given u.Jesus Loves U all.

    • @doris,
      Calling a stranger mission less and jobless. Let’s see. Would you call your mother mission less and jobless over a cup of tea? Obviously you meant to insult and to inflict hurt. I really don’t care for insults, it’s a common trait among. SCOANites. You should have gone ahead and cursed me as well. I mean you are quite capable.
      Next. Please quit pidgin. It is atrocious to the eyes

  47. @Vooke Like TBJW, their suppose watch is a straw man’s watch. Their cup will be full at the righf time. N do u love TBJ? This blog is inspired by love? Like seriously? Like not only will they run TBJW, they will also run another site in addition like “”….That will tell people the genuine way to get genuine salvation and healing.
    Oh so u know them. They are college students? Did they leave their schooling to watch emmanuel tv and blog TBJW. They don’t have to win all of them at once! One person at a time. This is simple wisdom! So you don’t see any wisdom in them preaching because others don’t, yoo. I hope u can tell the Lord of the harvest same. It is between u and ur God. Overwhelming evidence gather from emmanuel tv or being at SCOAN yourself. What is shown to u on emmanuel tv live is edited. Take ur overwhelming evidence and charge him in the law courts of Nigeria. That will stop him totally and save many, even unborn.

    • @Jacob,
      There are intelligent reasons why you don’t have shower heads/shoe racks in the kitchen. All your arguments revolve around your opinion on how TBJW should approach their job.
      Even outright idiots can tell deception from video production. You are defending the indefensible by playing dumb.
      A video is asking the church to fast and pray on Thursday and Friday over something that would happen on Friday. A bomb goes off the next week ands they release a video showing what was prophesied. They show the bit asking people to pray,omit the bit mentioning the timing of the event. It was not more that 3 seconds and it immediately followed what was said. They jump over to him repeating this message. Wiseman whatever was sent with the clarion call for prayer and specific instructions as to the timing. The timing is edited out. For it would prove the prophecy false. What’s the point? Draw people to himself by creating illusions of true prophecy riding on disaster and tragedies. How callous!

  48. @Vooke, well said. You just pre-emptied my thoughts. @Jacob, kindly say something about the EDITING OUT of INCORRECT details in the post-event videos that SCOAN habitually release. Is that not DECEPTION? If TBJ preaches virtues such as integrity and humility, why can’t he acknowledge that the prophecy didn’t come to pass exactly the way he prophesied it because ‘we didn’t do something well or better’? (quoting you verbatim). But instead of giving an explanation like that, or being man enough to apologise for incorrect ‘prophecies’ they edit out the incorrect details! To what end? Is it to show that TBJ is infallible? Lastly if TBJ has ever apologised for a wrong ‘prophecy’ or discouraged his video editors from the deceptive practice of editing out the incorrect details from an original video, I would be glad if you provided that evidence on this blog. Peace.

    • @Survivor TBJ has neither denied or accepted editing the videos. Do u have evidence concerning him ever denying editing the video. What are prophecy for? “but prophesying
      serveth not for them that believe not, but
      for them which believe.” – (1. Chor 14:22). “Having then gifts differing according to
      the grace that is given to us, whether
      prophecy, let us prophesy according to
      the proportion of faith;” – (Rom 12:6). Now because we prophesy according to faith, so many things lead to the fulfilment or delay or absolute unfulfilment of the prophecy. Because it a spiritual gift, anything you do with it you can attribute it to God. Now u put ur faith in action to get a revelation, word of knowledge or wisdom, speaking in tongues and prophesy. Now with prophecy prayer plays a part in it fulfilment or not. That is why Elijah as annoited as he was when he prophesied about the sound of rain. he didnot go to sleep but went to pray. (1Kings 18:41) Now u cant prophesy about a negative happening and go and pray that thing happens. that will be redicilous!
      If u showing a people that a part of what u prophesy comes to pass what is the need to show the part that did not come to pass. Is it to show that God lied or not? Whether a prophesy comes to part or not, it does not change the salvation of people who already believe! Since u already the edited part what use is it to u? U dont need it again since it does not serve any proper cause. And it is not like they don’t know people like you know the part of which has been removed by them. So who do u think they are deceiving? Is it those who don’t know that part? If so, then who get the glory at end? God or TBJ? If u want to know why the very truth about why they edit the video, walk to the SCOAN and ask? Like I say if u know the deceptive prophesy, give us the true prophecy. Why, don’t u think God can use you.?
      It very obvious that u see no good in TBJ. Christ even saw something good in evil men. So far as u are concerned, there is nothing good in TBJ. The truth is not whether they edited the video or not!
      If they really want to help people they will not just hunt deceptive prophesy you wont only hunt TBJ, they will go after every false prophet (by standard) in Lagos. will change their web to from to It is not love that motivate them. It is something else? Am sure they are always praying TBJ prophesy to give them work to do. So what about those he didn’t edit. It is not about the editing. They are always finding fault wyt the man. And such attitude cannot come from God.

      • If u showing a people that a part of what u prophesy comes to pass what is the need to show the part that did not come to pass. Is it to show that God lied or not?

        The parts they remove completely change the essence of the prophecy. E.g. the MH370 DID NOT crash metres after take off, but the original prophecy said it would. Which part of the prophecies related to this incident have come true? He’s a false prophet, it’s as simple as that. Stop allowing yourself to be deceived!

      • @TBJW, Where u there when the plane was crashing? You weren’t. But you believe the news reporters. U have enough faith in them, good. The plane did crash anyway, isn’t so! That is something, a sign of ingenuity. What have you guys done? U have not given any prophecy that hasn’t even come to pass! You can do better! It is you who have not been deceived, i thank God for your lives. There is time for everything, your TBJW will come to an end one day. We all live to hear and witness it.

      • News reporters are held to certain standards of accuracy. TB Joshua clearly is held to none. We don’t need to be proven prophets to point out a false prophet.

      • @tbjwatch Like seriously! A certain standard! Set by who and who? If you don’t need to be proven prophets to point out a false prophet then what do you need to proven as? Since it is ur job, work and mission to point out a false prophet; Let me ask, which other false prophet have you dicovered? If TBJ is the only one you have seen (by your standard) then you have done nothing. Give us the names of the rest! Like I said earlier, you can do a better than this.

      • @Jacob A standard set by the market (if you want to stay in business), and in many countries regulatory bodies. You seem happy to not hold TB Joshua to any standard. As for demanding names of other false prophets, we’re not going to get fooled by that distraction technique. Deal with the issues in question.

      • @TBJW So you were there were there when they set the standards and they are without an error. You believe it, good for you. Any group or group of men can set a standards and go by it. So what is your problem. Standards are not. eternal.
        Am I the one to hold TBJ to a standard? Since u seem to be doing it since you know better what else? I have done enough to educate you and will continue to educate you on the nature of prophesy. But it seems the wisdom I share with you is too high and deep for you to understand. I can only pray for you.
        Like seriously, so you think someone is using a distraction technique to fool you? You are already distracted by lack of understanding and misunderstanding. No wonder, you want to continue in setting focus on the wrong things. It is just an excuse not be excellent.
        Your motivation is not of love – God’s love. You pay more attention to a suppose Satan than Jesus. You might be joking.

      • @Jacob
        We never said anyone was without error, we just said that the secular press are held to standards and judged by those standards. Anyway, there is a MAJOR point you can’t seem to grasp (perhaps the wisdom is too high and deep for you to understand) and that’s that TB Joshua claims to be speaking on behalf of God. Standards don’t get much higher than that! When he releases prophecy videos where he’s had to edit out major elements of the original prophecy (which is tacit acknowledgement that there was a mistake, otherwise why edit?) that makes a mockery of God, did God make a mistake? Or does TB Joshua not hear from God?

      • “If they really want to help people they will not just hunt deceptive prophesy you wont only hunt TBJ, they will go after every false prophet (by standard) in Lagos.”
        Terrible logic is your forte.
        Why can’t TB Joshua go to hospitals or morgue to raise the dead and heal the sick? Or visit Saudi Arabia or Iran or even Mogadishu, Somalia and convert Muslims perishing in sin? I don’t recall any minister who does this. This does not mean they are fake; they can only do one thing. This blog has no ads it is not a profit venture. This is ministry, exposing quackery and deception in SCOAN. They don’t get noble than that. These are brave souls who are not intimidated by curses. These are THINKING people who don’t apologize for using their common senses. These are believers who can rightly divide the word and call out blasphemy

        The only motive of such bitterness as you carry with TBJW is because they are telling the TRUTH. If there is any wisdom like I told you in your heart, REFUTE allegations of this blog and I will gladly join you. But you can’t refute the truth. Cain’s sacrifice was not accepted. He got bitter with this truth and instead correcting himself, he vented on Abel. Don’t be bitter, REFUTE…REFUTE and vooke will join you because an on the side of truth

      • @SurvivoWhere does TBJW get their inspiration from. Jesus did not commission us to hunt false prophets neither did he say that we should waste all our energies on false prophets. Jesus didnt even do that. Only losers waste their time on people who are their adversaries. They can also do better by preaching the saving gospel of Jesus and its riches thereby. Do u think if Jesus did that we would have known anything? If He wasted all his energies on his enemies do you think we would have known the Will of God in details?
        Oh the prophet said black benz will hit a cyclist but a white nissan hit cyclist. At least a car hit the cyclist and that is something. John in revelation said he saw chariots with eyes.. Have u seen one before. u should smell a rat in that too. You can say the prophet didnt see well but u will agree with me that He saw something. but u guys haven’t seen anything yet. Since u smell rat and think it just some trick….it must be very easy for someone like u to come out with one as joke to prove the supposed false prophet is joke, like a plane will crash at end of the. year.

      • Yes, refute, refute, but they don’t. They’re more interested in the names and addresses of the writers on this blog. but there’s nothing they can do. T B Joshua will be exposed relentlessly and rigorously until he comes out with his public confession of his lies, deceit and manipulation and misleading the flock of God.

      • @vooke That is good logic. So if he didn’t use cell phone and because we do u want to hunt False prophets, good! U have found a good purpose, mission and job. I hope u get a good reward. I didnt say u have sinned or committed a crime hunting a false prophet. You just refusing to admit you and them can do a more noble work? Jesus didnt use a microphone, you can use it. If Jesus didnt call u to hunt a false prophet, you can call yourself to hunt one! Why not! Eveyone will answer for his decisions, that is why everyone must be left alone if they want to continue in their ways. (Acts 5:37-40)
        Those who lived in Jesus’ days didnt have bombs “thrown” or hidden to kill them. So it probably didnt occur to him! Neither did he have a printing press. But we know he had false prophets. At least the water is not the “blood of Satan” and if it can do anything at all it is can quench thirst. It is better SCOAN didn’t reduce it to a dirty art, if they did u would have had a problem with that.
        @ Mr. Terrific Wow! They will be working for a long time. If they believe in what they are doing, They would have revealed in their identity even if it meant death. At least they will die for a noble course – as martyrs of the faith. TBJ is not hidding abi?

      • I didnt say u have sinned or committed a crime hunting a false prophet.

        Glad to hear it!

        You just refusing to admit you and them can do a more noble work?

        Running this site is only ignoble if you believe TB Joshua is an anointed man of God. Since we believe he is a dangerous cult leader, we consider warning people about him to be a noble and worthwhile task.

      • @vooke If it is noble as u claim then u will not shy away from being associated with it or letting the world know u are behind it. U will boldly put u picture on the site to let the world know that u are the guys shinning as light of the world. If u are really proud of what you are doing u will not be afraid to be identify with it. The ppl of the light should be more bold than the suppose ppl of darkness who are always on tv. If it is not cowardice what else can it be. The desciples were not afraid of being boiled, burnt or stoned.

  49. @TBJW If it is not without error, you could like wise be believing in something with falsehood or bit of it. You claim the edited portion are major elements and ones not are minor, oh, by your standard? or by scriptures? So your problem now is the videos. If they stop editing will you be at peace. I don’t think so!
    You obviously don’t know the scriptures? Did God make a mistake? You can say that he made a mistake if you want to. It wouldn’t be the first. Others have said he is not perfect and he makes mistakes because the Lucifer He created became the devil who has messed up the whole of creation which He has been fixing since. So you can say that if you want to because what He told TBJ did not come as exactly as it should have. Read your Bible very well there are predictions that God gave as recorded in the Bible that didn’t happen exactly as recorded in the Bible. Did God lied or make a mistake?

    • God doesn’t make mistakes.
      TBJ does. Frequently.
      Therefore, TBJ is not hearing God’s word but making up his own stuff.
      Which makes him a LIAR, as he claims to be speaking God’s words.
      And the fact that he edits things in order to try to make them fit compounds his lies and makes him that much the worse.
      Is that not simple enough to comprehend?
      Jacob, where is the Malaysian airliner? What did TBJ prophecy about that? In what timeline?

    • “Read your Bible very well there are predictions that God gave as recorded in the Bible that didn’t happen exactly as recorded in the Bible. Did God lied or make a mistake?”
      Since you use plural, care to share a few here? or just ONE

  50. @Jacob, 1. Neither TBJW nor other ‘watchers’ claim to be prophets – so you are misplacing your argument by asking us to prophesy something. 2. This blog is specifically about one TB Joshua not all the false prophets in Lagos or Africa or any other place! 3. The editing we do not agree with here changes the essence of the initial prophecy. For example if a prophet says: ‘ pray because on friday this week a black Mercedes Benz car will hit a cyclist’. Two weeks later, a white Nissan car hits a cyclist. The prophet then releases a ‘prophecy-confirmation’ video BUT EDITS OUT the day of the accident, the make of the car and its colour. A discerning mind would immediately ask some questions: 1. Did the prophet get the message wrong from God? 2. Does God reveal vague prophecies that leave the prophet guessing what God is trying to communicate? 3. Why would the prophet edit out the incorrect details when trying to prove his gift of prophecy? Why not release the UNEDITED video? Well if you don’t smell a rat in all this editing, I DO. There we can agree to disagree. Only God Almighty will guide each one of us according to His will and using His constitution – the Holy Bible!

  51. @Vooke I have shared several. scroll up or read the my previous comments. if u have been following the conversation instead just commenting for commenting sake u would have noticed it.

    • @Jacob,
      am still waiting for shining examples of deception from scriptures. That’s quite a tall order I presume. What value does the subject prophecy of this blog add to the body of Christ? Prophecy is supposed to edify its hearers. Were they edified by being made to pray for 2 days in a row over a false warning? Nigeria is constantly under threat of Boko Haram, they don’t need sensationalism and cheap publicity charlatans riding on their fears to remind them of this.

  52. @vooke Terrible logic will be my forte since u can’t think logical enough. You claim of TBJ’s falsehood is not base on logical deduction motivated by bitterness of what he does and say?
    And where did I say fame is a measure authenticity? Or u don’t understand simple english.? If Jesus at the end had only 30 members do u think anyone will talk about him?
    At least we have an example from Jesus, he did not go to the hospitals and where ever to heal. John the Baptist was in the wilderness…the people went. Not all sick people are in the hospitals and no one is captured and sent to the hospital bcos he or she is sick. you have to go there on your own volition. The church is healing center of some sort?
    what I didnt see in Christ Jesus was he hunting even a false prophet, not to even talk of false prophets. If these guys are not jobless and missionless why will they be doing this. I know if they get a better job they will leave this thing.

      • Vooke,since you asked just one falsehood ,i would wish to know what are your points on the article below
        There is even some funny parts like these,
        “Bizarre sexual tone of some of the meetings:
        “Kiser claims that while at Joshua’s compound, she was urged to watch testimonial videos that showed people masturbating. She also said the prophet used profanity during prayers.”
        This sounds very odd but there are a lot of similar accounts- including those of ex-disciples we’ve talked to. Even in TB Joshua’s official magazine there are testimonies of dubious ‘sexual healing’, quoted here in the article:
        “In testimonies published in his magazine, people give credit to Joshua–as well as Jesus–for miracles. One man said he was delivered of bestiality after Joshua asked him to touch two women while standing in front of the audience.”
        “A white lady, South African, left there because of sexual exploitation. Her father started Synagogue Church in South Africa. I asked her on phone why she left and she told me the whole story. She said T.B Joshua was sleeping with her in her father’s house in South Africa, when he came to South Africa. The lady said she realized what was happening when T.B Joshua slept with her friend from England. So, both of them now said they were not coming back to the church. They reported these to the authorities of their countries. Presently, T.B Joshua cannot go to South Africa and enter Cape Town. There is an order waiting for him. So also Austria, a lady from Austria, Tamara, was in the church and saw what was happening. He slept with the girl too.”

  53. @Jacob
    ” Jesus did not commission us to hunt false prophets neither did he say that we should waste all our energies on false prophets. Jesus didnt even do that. Only losers waste their time on people who are their adversaries. ”
    Jesus never sold bottled water called ‘Blood of Jesus’ either something SCOAN has reduced to fine art nor did he peddle stickers that save you from bombs

  54. @vooke That is good logic. So if he didn’t use cell phone and because we do u want to hunt False prophets, good! U have found a good purpose, mission and job. I hope u get a good reward. I didnt say u have sinned or committed a crime hunting a false prophet. You just refusing to admit you and them can do a more noble work? Jesus didnt use a microphone, you can use it. If Jesus didnt call u to hunt a false prophet, you can call yourself to hunt one! Why not! Eveyone will answer for his decisions, that is why everyone must be left alone if they want to continue in their ways. (Acts 5:37-40)
    Those who lived in Jesus’ days didnt have bombs “thrown” or hidden to kill them. So it probably didnt occur to him! Neither did he have a printing press. But we know he had false prophets. At least the water is not the “blood of Satan” and if it can do anything at all it is can quench thirst. It is better SCOAN didn’t reduce it to a dirty art, if they did u would have had a problem with that.
    @ Mr. Terrific Wow! They will be working for a long time. If they believe in what they are doing, They would have revealed in their identity even if it meant death. At least they will die for a noble course – as martyrs of the faith. TBJ is not hidding abi?

    • @TBJW,I can see who was giving you hard time,and you just came to picking it on me.
      Just take it easy.

    • “Eveyone will answer for his decisions, that is why everyone must be left alone if they want to continue in their ways. (Acts 5:37-40)”
      You have comprehension problems or you have never heard of sarcasm. THis is just about the most important thing you have said in a long time. Question is does it invite us into passivity and total inaction? And wouldn’t you rather share that scripture with the professional video editor and charlatan who persists in churning out new photoshopped prophecies?

      • @Vooke You don’t have a comprehension problem bcos your comprehension comes from above, ryt? I doubt. Your lack of purpose has clouded your judgement. Your conscience damaged by the rod of the devil, you can never see anything good in another?
        I share the scripture wyt the editor and charlatan then what next? You are not so different from the professional editor. Your approach is the same in principle. You choose to churn out “textshopped” and “wordshopped” infomation about people, you only see the bad side about them. For the video editor he focus on the good side. He is big, u are small. He is winning, you are loosing. He is brave, you are a corward.
        I have been saying that for a long time? As if you have been saying something different about TBJ – “a charlatan and professional editor”. Thank God that you have work to do bcos of TBJ. LOL

  55. @???
    This blog call them ALLEGATIONS. How are they falsehoods?

    ” So in the absence of rock-solid sources, we will compile and summarize the existing articles that ALLEGE abuse. There is no guarantee that they are reliable sources, but we present them to give an idea of what is out there.”

    That is the spirit of honesty. For vooke, I can’t possibly comment on sexual abuses in absence of hard evidence. But I can tell you for free that where there is smoke there is fire. You can test the allegations by considering the consistency of the different supposedly victims. Another thing is, given the relative secretive nature of SCOAN as revealed by the likes of Giles,you have to be suspicious. And finally, I would not put it past a serial charlatan and professional video editor to engage in this

  56. Woow!@jacob, U r like my bro 4m anoda mother.May God bless u always.Peter always told Jesus,he loved Him,he wil neva lev his side nd all dat.But guess wat,on dt d day,wer was he??He nt only ran away bt denied Jesus 3 times. it was John who was at d cross with Jesus til Jesus finishd d mission.John hardly spoke of loving Jesus,bt he believd dt Jesus loved him more dan all d disciples.John laid at d feet of d cross for hw long it taks Jesus hangin der,he bore d pain wit him.Peter was out der denyin Christ,Judas himsef commited wer do u guys really stand tbjw,r u out der denyin christ or r u out der selling Jesus for 30 pieces of silver??First,u dnt lik us comparin Tbj wit Jesus,is Jesus not ur standard.whoever claims he or she is from God shd have d xristics of Christ.2.u dnt lik anoitin water nd stickers,d Bible dnt say dat??really!what abt those apostles who healed tru handkys nd aprons,elisha used cooking oil,salt,elija’s cloak was ful of anoitin,samson used an animal jaw,david used a catapult nd a stone,moses had his rod,Jesus told many of dos he healed to go wash in water,d hem of his robe healed a woman,so wat r u nt sayin Tbjw?? Busy selling Jesus for 30pieces of silver??well sounds like a mission!wateva it is u r tryin to warn d public abt Tbj is nt a new thing to d ear, ur jst crying over som spilt milk whinnin lik a kid.lik seriously,save urselfs d h@aches.its no news again if som1 is a false prophet,who cares??d battle is d Lord’s nt u,nt man.

  57. @ Doris,

    I guess you never read what Jesus said concerning Peter:

    Matthew 16:18 And I say also unto thee, That thou art Peter, and upon this rock I will build my church; and the gates of hell shall not prevail against it.

    Thumbs up for your extensive Bible knowledge Doris. I guess that explains why you are in SCOAN. Little or no knowledge at all.

    Being Brainwashed and Bred as an Ignoramus in Bible Knowledge Illiteracy must be one of your favorite activities in life.

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