Joy’s story – discovering the truth about TB Joshua

Joy (name changed) spent 7 years as part of an American ministry that became closely (though never officially) associated to TB Joshua and remains so to this day. Almost two years ago the Pastor of this ministry (referred to in this post as P.J.) tragically lost his wife to cancer. This lady had been a close friend and confident to Joy. Out of respect for her late friend, Joy has asked that neither the pastor or his wife’s name be used in the post or subsequent comments. It may be obvious to many people who it is referring to, but please respect Joy’s wishes on this matter.

My reason for writing is not vengeance for having been hurt, but it is for the TRUTH to be exposed because now God is calling all to repentance INCLUDING T.B. JOSHUA and anyone else who is in this deception. I have had to repent before a living God of ever having been deceived and involved at any level in this corrupt gospel. Perhaps this was the time to share this experience.

My journey with P.J. and his wife lasted a good 7 years at least. I am sure that God brought me there at the beginning, when he still had an independent ministry, seeking after righteousness and preparing for our LORD’s return. It was about 5 years after I was in the ministry, that he gave up his own ministry to submit himself totally under the authority of T.B. Joshua. To be quite honest with you, his wife was not totally on board at the beginning. I also perceive she never became totally convinced as she would often go back and forth with her reaction to the SCOAN ministry. I think she wanted peace between her and her husband so she would conform.

Upon returning from her first trip to SCOAN, she was hit with a diagnosis of cancer. At SCOAN the use of medication is frowned upon, but despite her husbands protest she insisted on receiving radiotherapy. Sadly, despite all the prayers and medical interventions, she still passed away. I believe that in her last days on this earth, the very capable Holy Spirit ministered to her to prepare her for her journey home. I left the ministry about 6 months before the pastor’s wife died, I thank my LORD that during the year before I left, He gave me the opportunity to spend many hours traveling alone with her on a weekly basis. It was precious time that the HOLY SPIRIT used to minister to her heart and soul as she faced the end of her life.

Leaving the ministry was incredibly difficult to do, but I knew the LORD was leading me on a different path, and I had a growing unease about the direction the pastor was taking. When I left I was then ostracized from the group, losing a friendship with a sister and her family of 25 + years because I was perceived to be on the “wrong road”. “Agape Love” my former friend called it.

At this point I had grave concerns about TB Joshua’s ministry, but hadn’t come to any firm conclusions. Over the next period of my life, the LORD providentially used multiple situations to help me clearly see the truth about TB Joshua. I want to share them with you now in the hope that it helps others wake up to the truth.

Firstly, even in my last days with this ministry, I had started to get connected with a true ministry of the LORD in Kenya. After leaving, I traveled to Kenya and the LORD orchestrated me sitting at the table with a delegation of high ranking Pastors visiting from Nigeria who shed much light on TB Joshua and SCOAN. Another Pastor who was visiting from Asia said some of his fellowship had left to follow TB Joshua and it had had a terrible effect on them.

A second providential moment happened when I was on my way to the airport. I was sharing a ride with a Nigerian brother who knew nothing of my previous connection with SCOAN. Out of the blue, he started sharing with me a dream the LORD had given him about this so called “prophet”. In the dream he saw a pole in SCOAN where unclean spirits and powers were traveling up and down…then he heard the voice of the LORD saying, “I have given him (referring to T. B. Joshua) time to repent but he has not”. Was this conversation a coincidence? I think not. God had it all planned to expose the truth to me. He knew how much I needed to know the truth.

The LORD also exposed the falsehood of this ministry from simple brochures of Corrie Ten Boon, there were quotes from this woman of God who had already passed away, that T.B. Joshua was using…the problem I saw was this: Why was it that I had believed they were original T.B. Joshua quotes? Should he not have given credit of this quotes to the woman who wrote them? To some this might not seem a big deal, but it certainly left a bad taste and suggested an element of deception and dishonesty within the ministry. Since then I have learned though the TB Joshua Watch site that a huge number of other “original TB Joshua Quotes” are also plagiarised.

Last but not least, the Word of God says that by their fruit, you will know them. What I witnessed in the ministry since the pastor submitted himself under the authority of T.B. Joshua was quarreling, division, ostracizing of people who left the ministry, the anointing water becoming bigger than our LORD Jesus Christ, to name a few things. Before connecting with TB Joshua’s ministry, the LORD performed many miracles through P.J’s ministry, but during the years after coming under the authority of TB Joshua, I can’t truthfully claim I saw a single genuine miracle. There was also the case of a young man connected with SCOAN who I met when an English couple who worked closely with T.B. Joshua came to New York to do an anointed water service in a Church in Queens, NY that P.J. had arranged. This couple apparently had been connected to this young man, whom we then met. After the couple went back to Lagos, this young man continued to attend our weekly service and leadership meetings. I speak of him because his earnest desire to serve the LORD with his whole heart had impressed me. I had several opportunities to speak with him candidly and got to see him as I would my own son. After some struggle, his dream of traveling to SCOAN and becoming a disciple came true. At the time I was very happy for him because I did not know the deception that was in that ministry. Since he went there, I never had contact with him again. I saw him when they had the anointed water service in Washington State, he also went there. The only thing I could say is that I saw his countenance on the live broadcast through internet and he appeared so “stony faced”. I remember P.J’s wife telling me (as she had traveled to Washington state to attend the service with her husband) that he barely acknowledged them. I often think of that young man and wonder how he is doing. I pray that he will wake up to the truth and that it will set him free!

Upon my return home from my first trip to Kenya, the conclusion of the matter given to me by our LORD is that T.B. Joshua was a false prophet and P.J. had been led to become a blind shepherd. Not long after P.J.’s wife died, the Super Storm Sandy destroyed the property used by the ministry. Some of us who are no longer in the ministry but were close to them also thought that perhaps after the these setbacks he would repent, but instead he continued with full force claiming that the happenings were from the enemy to stop the work. I have placed this man who was my former pastor at the Altar of Jehovah! I have forgiven any offenses and my prayer is that they repent and turn from sin, as I have done as well! A key Scripture that God has ingrained in my heart during this time is in Hebrews 12:13 I believe where its says to “MAKE EVERY EFFORT TO LIVE IN PEACE AND BE HOLY, BECAUSE WITHOUT HOLINESS, NO ONE (AND THAT MEANS NO ONE!) WILL SEE THE LORD!

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    • I’ve been seeing that article on several sites. No details of who the pastor is though, which is strange. Also, lots of supposed quotes from TBJ, but no video.

      • What a pity! Jealousy in the body of Christ. We bend the truth to suit us. Ascribing to the devil the works of God, is BLASPHEMY. Let us always remember to thank GOD for the good works he is doing through Prophet T. B. Joshua. T. B. Joshua’s Ministry is a complete replica of Jesus’ Ministry. If you don’t have his gift, go to God who is still seeking Faithful Christians. God Loves us so much and I keep on thanking him for the gift of the Anointing Water to us, through his Faithful Servant, Pastor T. B. Joshua of SCOAN. I am not a member of SCOAN and I have not had the priviledge of using the Anointing Water, but, to GOD be all the glory.

    • @ J karman,
      In my area of the country nobody prophesies of former members starting a new church themselves. In all my years having visited, guest visited churches, this is a common and inevitable thing happening. The article is referring and claiming to that he “prophesied” it is just ridiculous. Of course that is going to happen, as I said before in posts The Lord has not spoken there, it is just saying knowing all by yourself that this will happen anyways when people get disgruntled or disagreeing about the ministry they attend. Anyone who is pastoral office knows that this is their biggest fear that former members will walk away because they are not listened to or helped with their findings. Again, this is what you get if you claim you are “infallible” all of sudden it show that one is not so “infallible” after all and have no clue what being a shepherd is.
      To help people to understand this, here is what Jesus did.
      Jeremiah 50:6-7
      My people hath been lost sheep: their shepherds have caused them to go astray, they have turned them away on the mountains: they have gone from mountain to hill,
      they have forgotten their restingplace. 7 All that found them have devoured them: and their adversaries said, We offend not,because they have sinned against the Lord, the habitation of justice, even the Lord, the hope of their fathers.
      Matthew 15:24-26
      But he answered and said, I am not sent but unto the lost sheep of the house of Israel. 25 Then came she and worshipped him, saying, Lord, help me. 26 But he answered and said, It is not meet to take the children’s bread, and to cast it to dogs.
      Luke 15:3-9
      And he spake this parable unto them, saying, 4 What man of you, having an hundred sheep, if he lose one of them, doth not leave the ninety and nine in the wilderness, and go after that which is lost, until he find it? 5 And when he hath found it, he layeth it on his shoulders, rejoicing. 6 And when he cometh home, he calleth together his friends and neighbours, saying unto them, Rejoice with me; for I have found my sheep which was lost. 7 I say unto you, that likewise joy shall be in heaven over one sinner that repenteth, more than over ninety and nine just persons, which need no repentance. 8 Either what woman having ten pieces of silver, if she lose one piece, doth not light a candle, and sweep the house, and seek diligently till she find it? 9 And when she hath found it, she calleth her friends and her neighbours together, saying, Rejoice with me; for I have found the piece which I had lost.
      But then again they are not teachable in SCOAN whatsoever, so no wonder this is happening and elsewhere all over the world. DO NOT BE DECEIVED Jesus is your True Shepherd and He will in no wise EVER loose one of His Children.

  1. This post makes me sad and glad at the same time.

    Sad – because another person got hurt by scoan and

    Glad – because someone woke up to the truth and came out.

    The older I get the more I fear God. We are either going to obey Him according to His word and be blessed or disobey Him and be deceived so that we will fall under His judgments or curses. Forget the curses of a witchdoctor, it is nothing compared to the curses of God upon disobedient people.
    I have seen how God sends you a spirit if deception, if you do not accept the truth in His word or about a matter so that He can judge you.

    There are two examples in the Bible which scares me:
    1. For the mystery of iniquity doth already work ……….9 Even him, whose coming is after the working of Satan with all power and signs and lying wonders,
    10 And with all deceivableness of unrighteousness in them that perish; because
    THEY RECEIVE NOT THE LOVE OF THE TRUTH, that they might be saved. 11 And for this cause God shall send them strong delusion, that they should believe a lie:
    12 THAT THEY ALL MIGHT BE DAMNED/judged who believed not the truth, but had pleasure in unrighteousness – 2 Thess 2:7-12.

    If you do not obey God’s word He will give you over to do what you want-
    2. Example Homosexuals and Lesbians:
    “For this reason GOD GAVE THEM OVER to degrading passions; for their women exchanged the natural function for that which is unnatural, 27and in the same way also the men abandoned the natural function of the woman and burned in their desire toward one another, men with men committing indecent acts and receiving in their own persons the due penalty of their error. 28And just as they did not see fit to acknowledge God any longer, God gave them over to a depraved mind, to do those things which are not proper” – Rom. 1:26-28.

    This makes me fear God even the more, because if He sends you a spirit of deception, who will save you?
    If He gives you over to what you want to do, who will save, deliver you or heal you?

  2. am a follower of tb joshua u better stop writing ur carstigution about tb joshua

  3. Ure a FOLLOWER of tbjoshua. Please my dear, follow Jesus christ and evryoda thing as long as its pleasing in the sight of God would be added unto you. Be wise!

  4. Joy,

    When I first became a disciple I remember one dream very well.

    A dragon cut off someone’s head, scraped out the inside brain, filled the skull with blood and gave it to me to drink out of.

    I was confused about it, but I told TBJ but he didnt say anything.

    • @Giles:

      Here is the interpretation of your dream that your former “master/mentor” wisely refused to reveal to you, by the Grace of the Almighty God (Blessed by HIS Name Forever). It is not by power, or by mighty, but by the HOLY SPIRIT of God, I am nothing but the “Broom of the Almighty God” to sweep away dirt, it is not by any special power of my own.

      Dragon (The Devil/Evil Principality)

      Cut Off Human Head (The removed wisdom of man – a human without a head is a human whose wisdom has been removed)

      Human Head with Brain Scrapped off (A brainwashed person, a person under hypnosis – a mesmerized human, a zombie, a robot)

      Blood – Life, the essence of life.

      Drinking blood – High occult satanic initiation into the use and manipulation of the human creature and every living thing for “the” final purpose of Satan. See my first video link on this post here:
      (Take time to watch the video, and you’ll understand what some of that “purpose” is).

      Since you had this dream while is SCOAN, it means you have been initiated to assist the “Dragon” the master of the environment (in this case, SCOAN) to be a member of his inner concourse to share in the workings (life) and profits of the organization and in assisting him manipulate and use the hypnotized people in the domain. It is like being initiated into Satanism, in most cases they do it via dream, it does not occur physically.

      Question: Try to remember, if before you had this dream, were you particularly close to TBJ? Did you ever have any meal especially with him, or with him and the members of his first inner circle – note: the Wisemen of SCOAN are the third inner circle of TBJ(they do not count)? For some reason you were favored and have been initiated in, wherever you go they have a portal in your life to monitor you to frustrate your life, or get you to return back to SCOAN in apologies and continue with them. Do you still see TB Joshua, the SCOAN environment, and any member of SCOAN that you have no special attachment to such as a sister, brother, etc. in your dreams once in a while? If your answer is yes, they have a gateway still into your life that must be closed, seal it shut by the BLOOD of the Living Jesus Christ and close it forever.

      Recommendation: Go into serious fasting and prayer and pray the following verses of the bible – Romans 10:13, Joel 2:32, Acts 2:21, 1 John 1:7 – break the power of that evil initiation of TBJ over you, or whoever did that to you (If you can I will recommend three days dry fasting or as the LORD directs).

      This is because they still have a portal (hole, channel, doorway, gate) into your life to still control your life and treat it like a “YOYO” even though you have left the ministry. If there is anything you received while you were there, I will suggest you throw them away, if not, they will take it away by FORCE by power from you one day when you need it the most. That is the working of the SATAN, how he operates, he gives you today, and he takes double from you tomorrow. God NEVER does such thing, even when you are in sin, because the gift of GOD is without repentance (Romans 11:29). That is why Satan still has the little power he has today – God never took Satan’s power from him, but Satan and his agents are wicked, when he is upset with you, he takes it back, his so called “blessings”, and strips you off of anything else that came with it. Throw away any gift or paraphernalia of SCOAN still with you.

      Be blessed in the Mighty Name of the LORD Jesus Christ.

      -Angelica (The LORD’s Sweeping Broom).

    • @Giles,
      You have all the power to break TBJ’s hold over your life and to trample him and his cohorts under your feet. T B Joshua is nothing but a petty fraud parading as “man of God,” but sooner or later, this leader of all the false prophets in Nigeria will face the music. Judgement has been pronounced already and would become manifest, sooner or later.

  5. In my estimation, the most difficult thing in this world is coming out of deception, deceit and lies. It takes the grace of God to come out of the demonic forces at SCOAN, but God is more than able to deliver His people from this maniac and false prophet called Fatai Balogun, aka, T B Joshua.
    Warning to T B Joshua: Repent now and receive the Lord Jesus as your Saviour. Humbly make your public confession now than later, and let the Lord have mercy on your wretched soul!

  6. @Joy:

    Thank you for your testimony, (Revelation 12:11). I cover you and your household (also this website) with the Precious Blood of the LORD Jesus Christ for protection. Although I do not know you, I can guess the Pastor you are talking about, and I am sure that my guess is 97% accurate. I believe your pastor’s wife was attacked with cancer because she was sitting on the fence with SCOAN and they must have seen her as a sort of hindrance to getting to your P.J. and using him.

    Let’s pray P.J does not take your name after this published testimony (as I know he and they will read it) or your picture to his “mentor” and they place a candle over it and covered with swiggly celtic writings, or step on your picture muttering incantation (they call “special” prayers) to destroy you/afflict/or render your life useless, or draw-back-down the “blessings” you received from them.

    Like I suggested to Giles, above, if you prayed with, or sent in a prayer request to TB Joshua while at Pastor “P.J.” church and received anything such as a car, a home, etc. I will suggest you sell those and buy new ones – or you they will force you into losing them, at a crucial point when you need those things the most– it is better you willing let it go. If you received a baby or a husband from such incantation prayers, or through using some other SCOAN paraphernalia or visiting SCOAN’s prayer mountain! Ha! May the LORD intervene, they will be the cause of serious headache and heartache to you unless you go into tremendous warfare praying and fasting to break the chain.

    Ask the LORD for help, serious fasting and prayer is involved to revive the blessing of a baby etc.. For the whole earth is the LORD’s and the fullness therefore (46:1), nothing belongs to the devil, he is a thief. However, God has given him certain things of which he can give to whomever he pleases. If you remember, he tempted Jesus Christ to bow down and worship him and he will give him kingdoms. Yes, he has the power to give out those earthly kingdoms if he so wishes, because God has given him authority over them when he deceived and stole it from the authority of father Adam.

    Spiritual Warfare is real, people! Christianity is not a joke, put on the WHOLE amour GOD especially when you say you want to visit the so called “churches” these days. The evil in some of these churches are even worse than what you find outside.

    NB: @TBJW,

    I noticed that TB Joshua and his internet wiz team have overwritten you on Google, when you type a search of a topic, expected to see this website, TB Joshua and his fans websites are all you see. They overwhelm you with nonsense. One who is determined is forced to have to go to the 4th and even up to the 6th google option to find this website’s topic of interest. If you have and you know anyone that is good with SEO (Search Engine Optimization) get that person to work to push this website out.

    -Angelica (All Praise, adoration and glory be to the Living Jesus Christ)


  8. I believe there is only one God, one Son which is Jesus Christ of Nazarret and one Holly Spirit.. Above all there is nothing greater than that! fear no one but God himself.. Remember what God said at the last days.. Be ready! Repent and confess your sins every moment of your days.. Jesus loves you that s why He died for me and you.. Be wise..

  9. I pity U all ppl who R busy pointing fingers an labeled all sort of names TBJ ur problem u only go thr to c wht going on not to seek fr God’s face! If his not really man of God(tbj) then who r u to jugde? if all the mericles and love he share wth widows,erldery ppl,students and dissable ppl why tht ur so called man of God take over and do the same? And I can’t feel ths story the person who tell ths story jst mixing his thouts and wht he heard via wht people believe n saying about Man of God TBj if his of Devel then tht Devel is fool to allow him to cast out Demons. I will continue to watch and listen to his teaching no meta wht if his possesed which means the Demons R doing a goood job to help the needy (I rest my case)!!!!!!!!Emmanuel!!!!!!!!!!!!

  10. People be careful about what u are saying concerning prophet TBJ. I strongly believe that he is a true prophet sent by God to our generation. Let me ask u a question if u say that TBJ is not used by God;what make u think that u yourselves are used by God and not satan? What make use you a true servant of the Lord? Prophet TBJ since the starting of his ministry has touched many lives in different ways not only in Nigeria but in other nations too. Remember that you are not appointed by to by God to tell who is a true Man or Woman of God is. Jesus Christ the son of God was betrayed by his own disciple not only his disciple but his cousin so it happens that people will betray others and castigate them. In Numbers 12 Miriam and Aaron castigated Moses and The Lord heard them not Moses but the Lord Moses came to known that his elder sister and brother were talking about him after God called them to ask them why they were speaking about Moses ,prophet TBJ may not hear u as you speak bad about him but remember God is hearing you may God judge between you and Prophet TB Joshua in Jesus Christ name . My prayer for all talking bad about prophet TBJ. is may Jehovah hear all u have said and pay u accordingly in Jesus Christ name. Emmanuel!!!!!!!.

  11. I believe He is a real prophet sent by God to teach us about the word of God. He really inspires me and since I have installed Emmanuel TV in my house I am beginning to understand the Bible. I use to reas it but never be able to analyse it but now that I watch TBJoshua’s bible teachings I understand. I wish God Almighty can pour him all the blessings for what he is doing. I do understand that he is not God, he is not Jesus but only serving God by spreading His word to those who are still in the dark to come closer to Him (God). Thank you daddy and continue with the good good work, I Thandiswa appreciates it big time.

    • @ Thandiswa,
      You need to be baptized in the Holy Spirit to understand the Bible. That is why you don’t understand it on your own. This also opens you to the danger that we are addressing here which is that false prophets can tell you anything without you are been able to check if it is true. Only the Holy Spirit will give you a “check” inside you if it is true and what it means. Read 1 John 2:27 for my explanation.
      Further ask Jesus to baptize you in the Spirit and wait for Him to come and fill you. Initial baptism, then start praying to fill you like a glass and then ask for overflowing, then ask for to be sitting in a pitcher (of the Holy Ghost) to be able to pray and cast out demons. Keep asking God to bring His Presence to you, in you, around you. You will experience His Presence surrounding you and it will be hot (heat) sometimes cold (ice), sometimes you will shake, sometimes you feel weak, sometimes it will be a sudden burst of speaking in tongues, but if you so ask God for the translation and what He means by it. Your hands can turn reddish and feel heavy or light, it can also feel like someone puts a heavy warm thick mantle around you or a hot flow from the top of your head. You will be conscious and you will still be able to walk and do things. When such things happen you can get a word of knowledge about yourself, a situation or a another person, you will know when it is given it is mainly for repentance not to know their telephone number or bank account. These are familiar spirits and lying spirits that tell you things that are irrelevant for you to turn to God or to repent. The Holy Spirit gives you burdens, but does not drive or force you to go around in the car to look for people you think should be prayed for or meet. God will place people on your track and gives you impressions of what you need to say or not say. I find the Holy Spirit usually wants you to comfort people and encourage them and just be with them. This can vary from bad people to just people who need encouragement, but mind you the Holy Spirit is perfectly capable to help, comfort, heal, deliver people without anyone around. As a matter of fact preferable because this is how you personally learn to know the Holy Spirit instead through others you think you should admire. I believe it is more important to learn to know about the Holy Spirit through your own engagement in prayer and reading Gods word than hear it third hand me down from someone else.

  12. i pray that the Lord will deliver you from being used by the devil …… I believe TB Joshua is sent of the Living God wat ever u say or wish to happen nothing will stop him from doing God’s Work……he is God sent to deliver this world from the devil cnt u see..dnt be deceived follow God…….if he is a false man dnt wory abt dat thats not ur cause of concern God will reveal him….but one qn for u if TB Joshua is not sent of God then who is

  13. I read this story and still at the end had no clue as to what exactly the author is trying to say. Totally valueless read as he goes round and round circles say a lot without sayin much of substance.

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