Athens: the latest disapearing international SCOAN branch

In 2012, 4 branches were listed on SCOAN's site, today there are only two

In 2012, 4 branches were listed on SCOAN’s site, today there are only two

A few years ago, there were 4 SCOAN international branches in addition to the mothership in Lagos. Today, only two branches are listed on the site. Capetown quietly shut down around two years ago without any public explanation, and recently the same has happened to Athens.

Just over a year ago, a former member of SCOAN London reported that due to a crisis in the branch, TB Joshua had “taken emergency action by ordering the closure of the London branch and recalling all his workers from London to go and operate from Lagos only”. The branch is still listed on SCOAN’s site, so officially it has not been closed, but it is true that many workers were recalled to Lagos, and the branch only meets now on a monthly basis (at most). Presumably this branch is being kept on “life support” due to the strategic value of the city.

From SCOAN’s website, it appears that it is only Ghana that still meets on a weekly basis, although curiously no venue is listed. It was this branch that hosted the terrible anointed water crusade that resulted in the deaths of four people. After that it was rumoured that the authorities banned them from meeting in their venue, but we’ve been unable to confirm this.

All of this certainly puts paid to the myth that TB Joshua’s kingdom is experiencing continued and unstoppable growth. There have been no new international branches for years, and half of the original ones have now closed. TB Joshua’s stunts are becoming increasingly outrageous and desperate, high profile leaders have left and setup new ministries, and his world prophecies are now nothing more than a scrambled mess of patched together statements. SCOAN is very clearly a kingdom in decline, let’s hope and pray that those we love escape from this mess before they go down with it.

If you know anything about the latest situation in London, Ghana, Capetown or Athens, please post in the comments or email, there are many people with unanswered questions.

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  1. To TB Joshua,
    Why do you not reconsider what you are busy with and “humble yourself and pray and seek God’s face, in Jesus Name and turn from your wicked ways, then God will hear from heaven and He will forgive your sins and will heal your land” – 2 Chronicles 7:14.
    …..” if you are presenting your offering at your altar and there remember that your brothers has something against you, leave your offering there before the altar and go – first be reconciled to your brothers and then come and present your offerings” – Mathew 5:24.
    For one minute forget about you and yourself and stop trying to build your own legacy and your own ministry. Start thinking about your situation, while there are still time! You are in a serious situation.……
    Remember –
    It is written:
    “Thus says the LORD of hosts, “The sons of Israel are oppressed, and the sons of Judah as well; And all who took them captive have held them fast. All their captors hold them fast, refusing to let them go – Jer 50:33
    Yet their Redeemer is strong, the Lord Almighty is His Name.
    He will vigorously defend their causes, so that He may bring rest to their land, but unrest to those who live in Babylon (scoan) – Jer 50:34
    A sword against the Babylonians,
    Declares the Lord-
    1. Against those who live in Babylon and
    2. Against her officials and
    3. Against their wise men and
    4. A sword against her false prophet

  2. Oh its pity you didn’t check yo facts right~Athens and cape town branches they still functioning as normal and for your own information Scoan mission is not to build churches all over the world rather is building people for the salvation of their soul~you will see Scoan in lagos is like Mecca and you can never find places like that all over the world

    • You exemplify the confusion that is rife at SCOAN. We’ve heard from sources connected with both branches that they have closed, and this is verified by the fact that neither branch is listed any longer on the SCOAN website (see link below). Since you’re so sure about your “facts”, show us one piece of evidence that they are still operating?

    • @kel
      “Scoan mission is not to build churches all over the world rather is building people for the salvation of their soul”
      Deluded souls rationalizing failures,nonsense and illogical things. Christianity is no excuse for thinking. If that is not it mission, why did it open the branches in the first place? 😉

  3. In Europe and America, powerfull ministeries are arising by God, at this moment, who carry the Glory-power of God. There will be a great Revival all over the world., in the out-pouring of The Holy Spirit. This Glory-ministeries are of much higher spiritual level then Scoan is. TB Joshua is still fighting his way through the demon-realms, while The Glory-realm is the soevereign manifestation of God. TB Joshua is sure not the only church working by the powers of God. And this Glory-ministeries are integre Men of God, without a questionable past of mis-using power and mis-using people. This ministeries are increasing very fast. In 2-3 years, there is no need for scoan to leave Africa, because God provides America, Russia, India, China, Japan, Austria, Europe, with powerfull Revival-ministeries. No need any more for the African versions of The Gospel of Christ. Halleluah!

  4. The handwriting is on the wall, and this massive corruption, manipulation, fabrication, fornication, adulteries, false prophecies, counterfeit miracles and all the nonsense taking place at SCOAN are coming to an end. Lord, make haste to deliver Your people from this synagogue of Satan called SCOAN!

    • My friend work up time is gone our Lord and saviour Jesus Christ said in Mathew 10:24-25 and I quote “A student is not above his teacher,nor a servant above his Master. It is enough for the student to be like his teacher,and the servant like his Master. If the head house has been called Beelzebub how much more the members of his household!” I thank God because u are fulfilling scripture by what u are saying about the anointed man of God Prophet TB Joshua. If Jesus Christ was called a satanic when he was not what his servants like prophet TB Joshua? Mathew 7:1-2 say Do not judge ,or you too will be judged. For in the same way as you judge others so shall you be judged ,and with the measure you use it shall be measured to you. I pray for you that may Jesus Christ judge u according to your words in Jesus Christ name.

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  6. Interesting! I remember watching the birthday message last June from the various branches including the Greek one for TBJ’s hyped-up 50th celebration.

    Thinking of which – anyone know what the Ringmaster has scheduled for tomorrow, 12th June, his 51st? This day has been remembered and celebrated every year since I’ve known about him, culminating in last year’s big bonanza.

  7. There is even more serious crisis in the dying London branch: There is no longer the so called anointing water service ; no more spraying of anointing water at the services ; some senior members left such as Rachel.Holmes; conflicts between black and white disciples in London on the basis that TB Joshua is favoring white disciples since they can easily access funding in UK.

  8. i wish to bring updates about John Chi but i realised that comments were closed a statement from His website reads “”I thank God for the life of my mentor Senior Prophet T B Joshua whom God has used to show me the future of my present commitments. He is my mentor, my father, in fact, he’s a major prophet of this generation. I thank God for his life””.

    His ministry is called ark of Gods ministry.

    • Moboi, thanks for the updates. Yes, I have seen some of Wiseman John Chi’s ministry video clips on YouTube. The Wiseman is doing wonders in his home country, Cameroon. Of late I have been thinking that Wiseman John Chi’s departure from SCOAN is in fact a blessing in disguise for the Cameroonian people whose government had declared Prophet TB Joshua persona non grata. Isn’t it amazing how a government that did not want an anointed man of God still gets another anointed man of God whom they cannot deny entry into the country or deport from the country.
      In fact it’s not Cameroon alone. I remember a couple of years ago some Zimbabwe government officials saying that Prophet TB Joshua was not welcome in Zimbabwe. And see what has happened in Zimbabwe now. Within Zimbabwe itself now is the youthful Prophet Walter Magaya whose services are drawing crowds of the same magnitude as SCOAN. Prophet Magaya has also been seen at SCOAN on a number of occasions. His ministry is Prophetic Healing & Deliverance Ministry: or

  9. @Tatenda, thanks for the appreciation. In contrast, i was really disappointed at how this deception will be gaining grounds in Cameroon now with his presence because he is not different from his mentor. If you read the epistles of Paul very well, you will understand that God’s grace is given to every one of us and that spiritual gifts are not permanent appointments or what we have today ”careers”. God is responsible for the gifting. No where in scripture were the apostles and the prophets permanently performing signs and wonders. Notice how Paul sought healing for Timothy to no avail etc. Infact, they probably know right up there that what they are doing is a scam.

  10. Here is his mentorshop page & message
    I want to say something listen. ‘’John Chi is my favorite, most gifted, most loved. His humility is down to earth. He is hardworking, pressure and tension is not a problem to him. When it comes to fasting, he can go on and on. He is also very prayerful. I thank God for his life’’. T.B Joshua

    Their doctrines are those of demons! The know what they are doing. I feel terrible because i use to be a partner but today as i am writing this, God opened my eyes to see.

    It is now that i understand the meaning of a dream i had when i planned to visit scoan sometimes in 2010. though the dream didn’t stop me from going there, i just understand now that perhaps God warn me and since i was not sensitive to the things of God, i did not obey.

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