Jeremiah’s story: The shocking truth behind SCOAN Athen’s closure

A member of SCOAN Athens has got in contact with us to tell the shocking inside story of the closure of the SCOAN branch. You will read in his story that SCOAN are now denying that Athens was ever an official branch. This is a blatant lie, as proven by the screengrab from Emmanuel TV below, and the screengrab of the SCOAN website in our previous post.
Proof that SCOAN Athens was once an official SCOAN branch

Proof that SCOAN Athens was once an official SCOAN branch

My name is “Jeremiah” and I have been a member and worker from the beginning at SCOAN ATHENS BRANCH. As some of you may have heard this church exists no more. It closed down on June 1st 2014 after wise man Harry announced that it NEVER was a SCOAN branch as it had never received official approval. Yes, Harry came to Athens to close down a church that actually, was stated to never had belonged to SCOAN. Being present myself, what we were told was that this man-the pastor- was a “rude, disobedient, disrespectful and full of anger man” who left SCOAN LAGOS as he and his wife were undergoing discipleship. According to Harry, this man opened the church on his own together with some other people with whom he had been sharing his teachings.

Can you imagine the shock for all of us who had belonged to and had invested in this church for all these years? Now, whether this church was or not an official SCOAN branch, let the fact be known that until last Wednesday it was under the category of “branches” on their official website, not to mention the numerous healings and deliverances with the anointing water broadcast on Emmanuel TV, where the church was clearly stated both audibly and subtitled as the SCOAN ATHENS BRANCH, speak for themselves.

One may ask rightfully, then why did all this happen? Well….the truth of the matter is this: for the last couple of months allegations had been made against the pastor, who actually had left in January to go to SCOAN LAGOS, for “training” as we were told. During that period, his wife had taken over when the above allegations came to light. No more, no less, four female members/workers of the church accused the pastor of sexual abuse for the past three years. When this first broke out, the church was divided into two: those who believed the girls and those who didn’t. I, myself, was among those who didn’t. And never would have, if God Almighty had not orchestrated things in such a way that everything was exposed. You see, the leadership of the church and we who were for the pastor began to accuse these girls as liars, traitors and destroyers, and this led to extensive emails to LAGOS from those who were against, the girls themselves and their families, in which horrific details of emotional, religious and physical manipulation were mentioned. Finally, under the pressure of it all, the man was sent back to confess his sins. And indeed, being notified personally of his return we, who were closest to him were told the truth. A workers’ meeting followed in which he confessed in front of the workers and victims, of his sins. And I state here “he confessed” NOT repented. The full truth and the magnitude of this abomination had not been yet revealed, and until this day has not been yet, as more and more elements of this obscurity have been coming into light.

If I continue writing, it will never end….so there will have to be a part 2 or even 3. For the time being all I wish to say is this: we have been deceived, manipulated, extremely hurt and disappointed….anger, pain, sadness and coming to terms with all that has been light and all that has been darkness, has been my portion for long….knowing that a place where God led you, restored you and saved you has now turned into an abomination, is not something one can easily perceive…having to maintain the balance between Love and Forgiveness and the Truth, is something you can accomplish ONLY by a steadfast look of faith on the Cross of Calvary. ON CHRIST ALONE. I have  forgiven this man, as I clearly can see now that he is disturbed and is in dire need of both mental and spiritual help, himself….however I cannot and will not ignore the fact that the truth must shine, as our God is Light and Righteousness…and even more so, because there are STILL people who are actually under the veil of deception, in denial of the truth, brothers and sisters of mine, whom God loves so much and painfully desires they be set free.


Our thoughts and prayers are with Jeremiah, all those left confused and demoralised by this branch closure and particularly the young ladies who have been abused by this pastor. We plead with the remnant of SCOAN Athens to ensure that criminal charges are brought against this pastor to protect any potential future victims. Anyone with further information can email

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  1. Yesd, this exposing of the facts of an abusing pastor is a tragedy. But dont be mis-leaded to put all the attentions on this man only. It would be a welcome excuse for Scoan and Tb Joshua, to externalize their deceiving practizes and messgages, to some-one else. Dont forget, this pastor was under the authority of TB Joshua, and only TB Joshuas un-repented issues with women-abuse, gives room to this sorts of calamities and error. The same pattern of women-abuse has been practized in scoan, and the same denial of the rights of the scattered women have been the case. TB Joshua HAS NOT CHANGED this pattern. The closing of Athenes branche is a blessing from The Lord. God protects His people in Europe by it. Against Profhet TB Joshua and his authority. Glory be to God!

  2. Ya, it sounds like the fruit of TB Joshua’s ministry!!!!!!!!!

    Sexual abuse and lies upon lies………..trying to cover up.

  3. Not convinced. You shut a whole foreign branch because of an adulterous minister? Calvary Chapel’s Bob Coy fell and the church remained steadfast. Could it be that they shut it to avoid suits, or they was ordered to shut?

    • The thing with SCOAN branches is they’re so intimately linked to TB Joshua, anything that is pegged to the branch is pegged to TBJ. So when the allegations are so similar to the ones TBJ had been trying to shed himself, it’s no wonder they’d take drastic action.

  4. My heart goes out to that fellowship of people so desperately confused and hurt by all this and I pray for them.
    However, as Jeremiah rightly states, the light of Truth must shine for the captives to be set free. Please God they all will be and then over time restored and fully healed!
    We step up our prayers too for those from the UK known to us and still enslaved – may the Lord use the news from Athens to allow their blinded eyes to see clearly once again and to give them courage to get out. There will be desperate pain involved at that time, but our loving Heavenly Father is so gracious and kind and will sustain them by His Spirit, if they throw themselves on His mercy. There are also many people – old friends plus family along with compassionate professionals who are prepared to accept them, welcome them back and help in whatever ways we can.
    From the beginning Joel 2:25-26 has encouraged me whenever I shrink back from considering the daunting prospect of the long and difficult road ahead for our loved ones once our prayers for their deliverance have been answered.
    “I will restore to you the years that the swarming locust has eaten …
    You shall eat in plenty and be satisfied, and praise the name of the Lord your God, who has dealt wondrously with you.”
    Hallelujah! Do not despair! Trust Him whose mercies are never-ending and new every morning and whose faithfulness is great.

  5. Yeah, TB Joshua is able to deliver a Boko Harem-member, who has ‘killed, destroyed, raped, and treatening innocent people by purpose. “. Seemingly all of it happened because of an “evil spirit”. The Boko Harem-members who kidnapped the girls, seems to be all under the influenze of ‘ evil spirits”, and TB Joshua was not able to deliver this Greec pastor from his ‘evil spirit”? Suddenly the same sort of delict is called; rude, dis-obeyance, dis-respectfull and angry, reason to close the church of this pastor? TB Joshua who pleids to be forgiven for his tress-passes, and states ‘we all make bad mistakes”, , has suddenly no mercy for this man? Hundreds of African pastors became delivered in Scoan for the most worse habbits, but this greec western man needs to be trown in the dregg? Yeah, the authority and wisdom of TB Joshua is realy a russian roulette-game..

    • @Jamie
      A sin is a sin, no matter if it is commited by an African pator or by a greek western man.
      We are all sinners, and need the grace of God.
      I don’t understand your attemps to oppose people on their race. I want to believe that it is not intentional, but try and review your posts.
      God bless all of us, regardless of our races.

      • Christian, i came to Scoan by a missionairy calling. TB Joshua broke down my future, my vision, my heart an health. I have been accused for what-ever humanly possible, as a white western woman. Europe is the same as Sodom and Gomorra in their eyes, and white women are no more then a prey for their lack of morality and wild spirit fantazies. I have been blamed for evil-spirits i never hearded bout, and when i finally broke under the load of misery they put on me, no-one was there to help me. Since-then i have a great resistance against the black kindergarten-approuchments of life. And i have a disgust towards the approuching of TB Joshua and scoan. I am sorry if you say it is rassistic. I just have great resistance to the irrealistic world of TB Joshua, and his understandings seems to be related to the black cultural world, harsch, qrual, immoral and harming towards women, black and white . Tb Joshua hates the european world.

      • Christian, and i lost a good frend of mine, missionaire in Nigeria. The man was brutal killed in front of the eyes of his wife, who became raped, robbed and they cut her brests. They burned their missionairy home for orfhants. The woman came home with her 2 childeren and a un-wanted pregnancy in her womb by the rape. Yes, i learned my lessons about the black jungle-mentalitity. And yes, God blesses us all.

      • @Jamie
        Jamie ,we don’t see any black jungle-mentality or black cultural world in these 2 videos here

        Yet the horrible jungle-mentality or cultural world there cant be justified by any means.

        Your attempt to discredit black race holds no water.Please to avoid any misunderstanding, you should address TB Joshua’s action as human not as black or African.
        TB Joshua does not represent any race nor does he represent Africa.

      • @Jaime, my heart is just broken to hear your story, and to hear of your friend. I can well understand how it has become a racial thing for you. SCOAN followers frequently bring up race, and are antagonistic about Westerners (especially those who question TBJ), and Western thought (particularly the use of medication rather than deliverance). I can well believe that as a white woman within the walls of SCOAN, you were treated as the lowest of the low, especially if you failed to fall in line completely. I can only imagine what emotional and spiritual torture they put you through. 😦
        And as for your friend, what a horrific experience. Beyond words, truly. But please understand two things 1. What her family went through is what many, many African families suffer at the hands of those same men. and 2. We Europeans have short memories. But the fact of the matter is, it was not that long ago when we were regularly, with impunity, perpetrating the same types of crimes against each other and against Africans (and the rest of the world). It is not whiteness or blackness that causes such behavior. It is unstable governments, poverty, and desperation that cook together into such poison in society.
        Just as there are white people who fall prey to TBJ, there are Africans who see him for the snake that he is, and reject him. There are Africans rising right at this moment, working hard to bring Africa out of the instability and desperate poverty that ruins the lives of so many of their own. They are standing against the abuse of women, the mutilation of girls, rape, looting, and tribal warfare. We should not write Africans off anymore than we would want them to write us off because of the brutal rape of Africa by European colonists.

      • What an insightful, sensitive and grace drenched response @M. @jamie, apologies for my more cold rational response earlier, it wasn’t fitting for the circumstance.

  6. The first thing this deluded TBJ and his collaborators do is to DENY NOW, then THINK LATER! When their diabolical deeds are exposed, they immediately deny everything, and even deny knowing the person, even if they have known you for ten years. Well, the exposes will continue and we expect the false prophet, TBJ, to come out with his own confessions of sexual immoralities, adulteries, fornications, false prophecies, lies, deceit, child-sex, etc., and all the damnable and abominable things happening at SCOAN.

    • Marion, you are wrong. TB Joshua DOES represents the black culture and Africa. It is part of his mission to rebuild his Nation and Africa by the Gospel of Christ. A huge amount of the mis-conclusions in Scoan are builded on the African cultural habbits and traditions. Just as India has her own religious hindoe-life-style., has TB joshua his african life-style mixed with the gospel. The message of Christ is ONE message for all cultures and races. I am not against black people, far from it, but i can not deny the facts of the political situation of Africa, as being corrupt, dis-humanizing and dis-organized. It seems that all laws and rules operating in other Nations, have no ground in Africa. In war-time people and soldiers Always go beyound humanly wisdom, but there is no official war in Nigeria., there seem to be only lawlesness.

      • @Jamie I think you are conflating two issues here. TB Joshua’s ministry is a bastardisation of North American Word-Faith theology with African traditional religion. Without a doubt, there are aspects of TB Joshua’s theology and practice that is uniquely African. His demonology, the incubi and succubi (Spirit husbands and wives), water spirits, “remote control”, the use of power over reason to win converts. These kind of practices simply wouldn’t take root in other cultures. However, rape, deception, hatred of women, violence – these are not uniquely African evils, they are uniquely human evils and it is very wrong to suggest otherwise.

      • I do agree with you that TBJ practices what amounts to syncretism, mixing his ideas of Christianity with Nigerian traditional religion and some major cultural stuff. HOWEVER, we still must be careful of generalizing. I know it is tempting and I have been tempted to do it myself, in my frustrations.
        We must remember that people are individuals, and run on a spectrum, even within their own culture. TBJ does not represent individual Nigerians or individual Africans. He may represent cultural habits and traditional thought patterns, but Nigerians can no more be defined by him than Americans should be defined by the wicked individuals who go into our schools with the intent to slaughter children. There is evil in the world. It manifests in different ways, in different cultures. But the fact that one culture has such and such an issue still does not allow us to paint with a broad brush and burden all the people in that culture with our labels.

      • It is always a delicate subject when talking about cultural identities, and I completely agree that TBJ does not represent individual Nigerians or Africans, however I still maintain that Nigeria is fertile ground for someone like him, that’s why so many similar “pastors” are popping up all the time. I don’t know if you’re familiar with Hofstede’s cultural dimensions, but that’s a very useful way of comparing cultural differences. If you compare Nigeria to the USA, you’ll see they are much higher power distance index, which means that there is an accepted distance between those in power and those not, those not in power generally accept the authority over them without questioning it (that’s easy to see in SCOAN). They are also shown to be more a collectivist rather than individualistic society, this can help religious cults and sects spread like wildfire though family and tribal groups in a way that they never could in a more individualistic society like the USA. None of these dimensions indicate right or wrong or better or worse, just different, and different cultures will be vulnerable to different methods of exploitation.

        Of course it’s possible to apply these ideas in a very wrong way, but I think it’s helpful to be mindful of these differences because it helps us to more effectively get our message across. We’ve certainly adapted our writing style over time in an attempt to be more accessible to an African rather than European mindset.

    • M., thank you so much. I accomplisched not enough towards the right treatment of female in scoan, but i sure have reached some important changes. Tb Joshua will not easily forget me, i was no willing victum. I have Gods Spirit in me. TB Joshua has done realy everything to dis-qualify me and my gifts and talents. He nearly killed me by his powers and distracting twisted words. But i have a God who watches over me, espessialy in the face of a TB Joshua.

  7. @ Jamie,
    Please, you still believe they are being delivered ? He can’t even deliver a banana from it’s peel. Most of it is all scam. 419 lies. I am telling you again. These powers they have are being trained, like a Shaolin Monk who moves his Chi powers elsewhere in the body, so they project it on people and get them knocked over. Is that what you call being delivered ? You better study Pastor Win Worley on Youtube and you will know what actually deliverance is and how it is done.
    On the article. Yup, this was bound to be happening. I knew that and I wrote about it in many posts in former blogs that what they do is going to come out like that. Now everybody can see it. So Alea iacta est !

  8. Thank you Jeremiah for all of this information. Jesus does not let people go, keep holding on to the love and grace of Christ, and the resurrection power of the cross.

    • The same pattern in the South African Branch of scoan –

      ANOINTING WATER, Cape Town, SOUTH AFRICA, Scoan Branch

  9. Do you also see the pattern here?
    1. London branch – Sexual lust accusations to TB Joshua and after that the branch is not functional any more.
    2. Cape Town branch – Sexual lust – both the pastor and his wife were delivered of sex lust (after being scoan pastors for many years) – branch not operational after that any more.
    3. Greece branch – pastor confessed of sexual mal practices – branch closed.
    And what about the other disciple’s testimonies of weird sexual practices in scoan?
    Something is very wrong. It sound like there is a big sexual lust problem in that ministry, from top to bottom.
    From TB Joshua to followers!

  10. Jesse,
    I agree with you. Well said. TB Joshua, being this super ‘prophet’ could not see, what the problem of this pastor was? He allowed him to be pastor of Greece scoan branch for many years and even called him to Lagos to receive the anointing. Really? Just another proof that tbj knows nothing!

  11. The Cape Town pastor of scoan delivered after being a pastor there for many years.

    The SCOAN Live SUNDAY Service [06.15.13] Part1
    Look at the time – 5:43

  12. So the pastor of the scoan Greece branch was not delivered of the sex lust spirit and anger after all?

    Watch TB Joshua Disciples DELIVERANCE from Spirit of Anger

  13. I said I would not comment, however I am so glad that God is exposing the truth. All these videos you have all posted are nothing but the truth. Pastors, evangelists, disciples of SCOAN for years, yet who didn’t know the truth??? For in John 8:31,32 Jesus clearly states: “If you hold to my teaching, you are really my disciples. Then you shall know the truth, and THE TRUTH SHALL SET YOU FREE.” Most of these people were teaching the “truth”, delivering, praying themselves without being delivered? How many times do you need to get to know the truth? Once, twice, a hundred??? Yes, life is not a playground and God’s Holy Word is CERTAINLY no playground. And let me say, that many of these deliverances are highly debatable to my knowledge. And do you know why? 1st Timothy 1:7 “They want to be teachers of the law, but THEY DO NOT KNOW WHAT THEY ARE TALKING ABOUT OR WHAT THEY SO CONFIDENTLY AFFIRM.” You know, when the Bible says they shall try, if possible, to deceive even the elect, there is a great promise there: IF POSSIBLE… well…IT ISN’T POSSIBLE, for here it is: John 10:27-29 “My sheep listen to my voice; I know them, and they follow me. I give them eternal life, and they shall never perish; NO ONE CAN SNATCH THEM OUT OF MY HAND. My Father who has given them to me, IS GREATER THAN ALL; NO ONE CAN SNATCH THEM OUT OF MY FATHER’S HAND.”
    No more games, God’s time is at hand….At this point, one thing is required from all :

    • @Jeremiah,
      “I said I would not comment, however I am so glad that God is exposing the truth.”
      Make up your mind. If exposing the truth makes you glad, share as much as possible. Otherwise withholding information that may set somebody free is clearly wrong

      • I have already stated in my story that there will have to be a part 2 or even 3. So no one is contradicting themselves here…. Since God is in control, whatever is revealed shall be revealed…if I hadn’t intended to reveal the truth, I would have never spoken. Everyone to his own battle…however my posting here is NOT my battle. Thank you.

  14. “But there is nothing covered up that will not be revealed and hidden that will not be known. Accordingly, whatever you have said in the dark will be heard in the light and what you have whispered in the inner rooms will be proclaimed upon the housetops” – Luke 13:2-3

    “Therefore do not fear them, for there is nothing concealed that will not be revealed, or hidden that will not be known. What I tell you in the darkness, speak in the light and what you hear whispered in your ear, proclaim upon the housetops. Do not fear those who kill the body but are unable to kill the soul, but rather fear Him who is able to destroy both soul and body in hell.…
    What I tell you in the dark, speak in the daylight – what is whispered in your ear, proclaim from the roofs” – Mathew 10:26-28.

  15. Jeremiah dear brother,
    I have been waiting for your visitation on this blog since the first day I came across this website. What is TRUTH? That is the most mind boggling question of this present age. We are witnesses to the myriad “truths” being bandied about today by all manner of “Christian ministries” and “men of God” with each and everyone or them claiming to be the Chief Oracle of the Perfect Mind of God. To which of them, then, has the Arm of the Lord been revealed? You are smart in choosing your battles. I would do the same in your shoes. One thing I want you to do for me. Be 100% honest in ALL your disclosures. It might have been already too late for me, yet, better late than never. Hope to meet up with you again. Safe bro.

    • @ Dada, @ All Witnesses
      “One thing I want you to do for me. Be 100% honest in ALL your disclosures”
      That has been addressed to me over and over again and especially on the other site. In such a manner that I am now being smeared and trampled upon that I am an Uber liar/narcissist and that I have claimed all those things that were said what was the speaking and vocabulary of the person which name is TB Joshua and Wise men. I personally have been attacked by all the Tom, Dick, Jane’s and Joe’s about my genuine sincerity. Because they probably wormed themselves into the higher echelons of God knows what position they are. But the continual evasion of addressing the facts has been done continuously by those Tom, Dick, Jane’s and Joe’s with evasive manner/attitudes and the continual sitting on that “fence” that I have been pointing out ever since. We all know because of frantically safeguarding of Mr Joshua and his personal discussions and have been replicated by those appointed for that. The things that I have been made liar of is irrelevant and has nothing to of the choices, many other things and false prophecies/ deliverances that have been done and anyone who is honest should or must right now, I say right now admit that it is true and not trying to twist it to make it look good and try to make it in favour of SCOAN, TB Joshua and / or Wise men in trying desperately to safe face. Let me make it clear to you Dada, NO ONE IS UNTOUCHABLE ! And where that smoke has been discovered you need to come to your confession there is fire and that fire is destroying many right now at this moment and that is what I have to say At this moment. So keep ignoring it, see if I care, but I am telling you right now it will not stop me of what I have gone through and have seen. Let me repeat, NO ONE IS UNTOUCHABLE ! NO ONE ! Only God, Jesus and the Holy Spirit are untouchable.
      So if you on purpose and continue to allow TB Joshua/Wise men/ Disciples to burn his/her/their bridges/churches/actions behind them that will be then for you to be called here accountable for when we all know you should know better, as well him, or anyone involved. If you think God will just keep looking through His Fingers forever because you think they are “infallible”, then think again. Because there comes a time that no-one no longer will be able to run away with their scam practices without being exposed by just the normal guys out there in the world. Then when the can of wriggle worms has been opened, then there will be one day there that there will be a point of no return.

  16. My Conversion Experience.
    I was separated from my unit in the thick of the battle. As I made my way back to them I met with the guy who was to change my life. He was about five ten with medium build. Not more than 75 kilos. But those eyes. They thick beard could not hide his murderous countenance. But those eyes. Serpentine is the only term that comes close. He had his rifle slung over his shoulder while I, fortunately, was at the ready. We eyeballed each other for an eternity. Then he had me. He had tenderly reached for his scabbard and pulled out a broad machete. He tossed it into the air and it hung there supported by nothing. I was transfixed. His first round missed my head by 2 inches and the second grazed the shoulder of my bulletproof vest. He had aimed for my head and thereby reduced his target area because of my Kevlar vest. That was enough to snap me out of my reverie. I took cover. He was on rapid fire while I was on semi automatic. He ran out of ammo. We both stood up. We eyeballed each other again for yet another eternity. He was never going to back down. He muttered something I couldn’t pick up, drew in a sharp breath then jumped high and snatched the machete out of thin air. He then made a suicide-dash for my position. I think he thought that he had put a spell on me. He definitely wasn’t coming over for a chat. I unloaded an almost-full magazine on full automatic. He was one of the bravest guys I ever met.
    Back at the Base, I couldn’t sleep. I met with the local interpreter/informant on our payroll and he told me that I was extremely lucky because I had just met a “djinn”. A fighter-sorcerer. He said that the djinn was probably out looking for articles (more like body parts I reckon) for his magic and that I took him unawares. I knew instantly at that moment that I would NEVER rest until I had a taste of the Supernatural. It also dawned on me that if there was a Supernatural then what our “born-again” chaplain kept preaching about the Lake of Fire was probably true. I converted to Christianity out of fear. I immediately resolved to find out what the Supernatural really is (and by extension if God/Lake of Fire is for real) and to know if the Supernatural was just like electricity which is a neutral force that can be used for good or bad purposes. I have since then humbled myself under quite a few ministers as I sought eagerly the Baptism of the Holy Spirit (BOHS for short). I have been despised and rebuked in equal measure as I sought the help of “men of God” in my quest. I have been told to fast and pray (though this has no Scriptural backing) by some. I decided to do a tenth of what Christ did by dry fasting for 4 days for the first time in my life. No can do. I met a 14 year old kid who was reputed to be a medium who regularly had apparitions of the Blessed Virgin. Nothing. I even was told by some ministers that I was just a “baby” Christian and that I had NO NEED for the BOHS and instead that I should strive to grow in the word of God and run my race with equanimity. CAN YOU ******* BELIEVE THAT? All the while I kept praying and believing in God for my visitation. That is why I am used to brethren on this website treating me the way they do. Yet when TBJW joined the bandwagon, I snapped, Folks, I am off to Brazil. The land of sun, ***, sand and samba. Yet not for the soccer rather for the sorcery. I have done my research and discovered that Brazil is the ideal destination for all things voodoo/juju/Dark Arts. Since I cannot get the Supernatural on this side of the Divide, I am going over to the Dark Side. I must know if the Lake of Fire is real. I am now a laboratory guinea-pig. I hope to have ALL my questions answered by the time I get back. Hope to see all you ******** if and when I get back. Be safe y’all.
    I advised someone to read the NIV in addition to the KJV and other versions. It beats me how someone could claim that the NIV denies the Deity of Christ when it says in Colossians 2:9 that in Christ the FULLNESS of the Deity exists in bodily form which means that Christ is GOD in a physical body. Also in Ephesians 1:7 of the same NIV it reads that we have redemption thru Christ’s Blood, the forgiveness of sins. For there to be redemption there must be a Power to redeem. How someone can then claim that the NIV denies the Power in Christ’s Blood is baffling.
    Apostle Paul met some disciples in Acts 19 who had not yet received the BOHS. THEY HAD NOT EVEN HEARD THAT THERE BE A HOLY SPIRIT.He didn’t say to them; okay just carry on as you have been doing. He immediately Baptized them in the Holy Spirit. No excuses. I have searched for an Apostle who does the same today to no avail. I am tired of kissing the asses of so called “men of God” just to get a few crumbs from their high and mighty tables. That is why I have got to take the risk and know for myself what is out there. I am out.Shalom.

    • Dada,
      Your testimony is very touching. Thank you for sharing it with us and the world. You make me think of these verses:

      And Jesus said, “Therefore said I unto you, that no man can come unto Me (Jesus), except it were given unto him of my Father (unless the Father draws him to Jesus) – John 6:25.

      This is obviously what happened and is happening to you.

      The Bible also says; “Seek and you will find” –“Ask and it will be given to you; seek and you will find; knock and the door will be opened to you” – Mathew 7:7; Jeremiah 29:13; Luke 11:9.

      You are seeking and you will find. The Lord Jesus already made you come upon this web-site warning you about tbj. So I must come to the conclusion that Jesus loves you very much and wants to save, heal and deliver you totally.

      I pray that you will find what you are looking for and that the Lord will lead you to someone who can help you. We could not answer all you questions.

      Remember –
      …” the Holy Spirit of God is given to those who obey Him.” – Acts 5:32
      Peter replied, “Repent and be baptized (in water), every one of you, in the name of Jesus Christ for the forgiveness of your sins and you will receive the gift of the Holy Spirit” – Act 2:38.
      Get baptized in water after repentance and see what will happen to you! It is in the place of the Jewish Mikwah bath – John 3:25.

      And pray Daniel 9.

      Shalom my friend. Go in peace. We will keep on praying for you.

    • Throw a knife in the air, open fire and catch it in time to take out your enemy? Hmmmm….. I have watched that in several movies….It looked cool in slow motion. Recall that beginning Anaconda scene where the snake smashes the floor of a cabin? They guy watches a nail cruising at supersonic speed fly up the screen from the impact. Magical. He has split second to decide on blowing his brains out or facing the monster…I like movies, novels, fiction. super heroes, Mitch Rapp. Thank you @daemondada for free entertainment

    • @ Dada,
      NIV And The Deity Of Christ an exegesis for Dada from Jesse.
      NIV, like most of the new versions, tends to humanize our Lord Jesus Christ. The name “Christ” has been omitted in passage after passage. “Christ” is His messianic name, showing that He is the anointed one. In some cases when He is called “Jesus Christ” or “Jesus the Christ”, NIV removes “Jesus” which tends to deny that Jesus is the Messiah. “Lord” is removed in some instances which is a blow against His Lordship. NIV does not deny the deity of Christ completely, but it does tend to humanize Him, as we are sure you as a reader can see.
      The deity of Christ in the Gospels. ITALICS reveal the words removed in NIV.
      Matthew: 1:25, “…first- born son,”; 8:29, “Jesus, thou Son of God?”; 16:20, “Jesus the Christ”; 24:36, “My Father”; NIV reads “the Father”; 27:54, “Truly this was the Son of God”, NIV footnote says, “or a son”. There is a world of difference in these two statements. Mark: 1:1, “Jesus Christ, the Son of God”, NIV footnote says, “Some MSS omit the Son of God”; 9:24, “Lord, I believe”; 15:39, “Truly this man was the Son of God”, NIV footnote says, “or a son”.
      Luke: 2:23, “And Joseph and his mother marveled”, NIV reads, “The child’s father and mother”; 2:43, “Joseph and his mother”, NIV reads “his parents”; 23:42, “And he said unto Jesus, Lord remember me when thou comest into thy kingdom”, NIV removes “Lord” and this is a very important error that affects the salvation of the repentant thief and the deity and Lordship of our Savior.
      Omissions from John: 4:42, “…is indeed the Christ”; 6:47, “…he that believeth on me hath everlasting life”; 9:35, “Son of God”, NIV changes to “son of Man”; NIV omits “begotten” from John 1:14,18; 3:16,18. Instead of “only begotten Son” NIV reads “one and only Son”. This is incorrect, for every saved person is a “son of God.” But in 1:14 and 18 “Son” is put in brackets which is to indicate that it does not belong in the text. “Begotten” is a translation of the Greek word “monogenes”. It comes from two Greek words, “monos” and “gennao”. “Monos” means “alone” or “only”. “Gennao” means “begotten” of “begat”, but NIV does not translate this at all.
      ITALICS indicate omissions. Acts 2:37, “…according to the flesh He raised up Christ”; 7:30, “…of the Lord”; 9:6, “Lord what wilt thou have me to do?” This affects His deity and Saul’s salvation. 13:33, “As it is also written in the second Psalm, Thou art my Son, this day have I begotten thee.” NIV says, “…today I have become your Father.” Quite a difference! 16:31 “Lord Jesus Christ”; Rom 9:5, NIV’s translation plus the footnote make for confusion. Rom. 10:17, NIV changes “word of God” to “word of Christ” omitted twice in this verse. 1 Cor. 5:4, “Lord Jesus Christ”, “Christ” omitted twice in this verse. 1 Cor. 9:1, “Jesus Christ our Lord”; 1 Cor 15:47, “the second man is the Lord from heaven”; 1 Cor. 16:22, “Lord Jesus Christ”; 1 Cor. 16:23, “Lord Jesus Christ”; 2 Cor. 4:6, “Jesus Christ”; 2 Cor. 4:10, “The Lord Jesus”; 2 Cor. 5:18, “Jesus Christ”; 2 Cor. 11:31, “Lord Jesus Christ”; Gal. 3:17; 4:7; 6:15 NIV omits “in Christ”, “through Christ”, and “For in Christ Jesus.” 6:17, “Lord Jesus.”
      The following words that are printed in ITALICS are omitted from NIV. Eph. 3:9, “God, who created all things by Jesus Christ”; Eph. 3:14, “for this cause I bow my knees unto the Father of our Lord Jesus Christ”; Col. 1:2, “Peace, from God our Father and the Lord Jesus Christ”; Col. 1:14, “Redemption through His blood”; Col. 1:28, “Christ Jesus”; 1 Thes. 1:1, “…from God the Father and the Lord Jesus Christ”; 1 Thes. 3:11,13, “Christ” omitted twice by NIV. 2 Thes. 1:8, “Lord Jesus Christ”; 1 Tim. 2:7, “in Christ”; 1 Tim. 5:21, “Lord Jesus Christ”; 2 Tim. 4:1, “Lord Jesus Christ”; 2 Tim. 4:22, “Lord Jesus Christ”; Titus 1:4, “Lord Jesus Christ”; Philemon 6, “Christ Jesus”; Heb. 3:1, “Christ Jesus”; 1 Pet. 5:10, “Christ Jesus”; 1 John 4:3, “Jesus Christ is come in the flesh”; 2 John 3, “…the Lord Jesus Christ”; Rev. 1:9, “Jesus Christ”; Rev. 12:17, “Jesus Christ”.
      Good for you man, Dada enjoy your virulent, filthy, Zondervan (the one that also prints the Satanic Bible from Anton La Vey) NIV translation and you keep asking why you are not baptised in the Holy Ghost ? How can Jesus even baptize you with the Holy Ghost when you keep yourself filling with erratic and missing Scripture of that Devil inspired/printed translation ? I salute you for your talk.
      Proverbs 15:4-7
      A wholesome tongue is a tree of life: but perverseness therein is a breach in the spirit.
      5 A fool despiseth his father’s instruction: but he that regardeth reproof is prudent.
      6 In the house of the righteous is much treasure: but in the revenues of the wicked is trouble. 7 The lips of the wise disperse knowledge: but the heart of the foolish doeth not so.
      You stay in your fleshly conduct dude, alright and if you are not interested to walk in the Spirit, how can God EVER baptize you with the most precious He has for you and us. If you keep behaving like this I can guarantee you, God will not baptize you with The fullness of His Spirit, because you would just trash Him and hurt Him all the time. This is not my judgment, but the telling you the obvious.

    • @ Dada,
      You can keep denying things and think I am ignorant.
      NIV Attacks Other Verses
      KJV Matt. 21:44, “And whosoever shall fall on this stone shall be broken: but on whomsoever it shall fall, it will grind him to powder.” NIV Matt. 21:44, “He who falls on this stone will be broken to pieces, but he on whom it falls will be crushed.” Even though NIV includes a weaker translation of this in the text, the footnote says, “Some MSS omit verse 44.” This is a rather strong suggestion that it may not belong in the Bible at all. Matt. 12:47; 16:3 and Luke 22:43,44 are treated by NIV in the same shoddy and shameful way. To the uninformed reader, such footnotes will tend to destroy confidence in the Bible as the Word of God. The passage in Luke is the record of the angel strengthening Him as He sweat as it were great drops of blood in His Gethsemane agony. How sad to see this passage doubted!
      NIV Says Mark 16:9-20 Not Reliable
      At the end of Mark 16:8 there is a 2 inch black line through the center of the page. In books and periodicals this usually means the end of the chapter, passage or article. Just below this black line we find the following in NIV, “(The most reliable early MSS omit Mark 16:9-20.)” Then follows their translation of this passage in the same size type as the text. However it is clear from the long black line and their note, (which is not printed as a footnote at the bottom of the page, but right in the middle of the page), that the translators do not believe that this passage should be in the text. Some so-called fundamentalists welcome this opportunity to rid themselves of this passage since the baptismal regeneration groups quote v. 16 and the same handling occultist cling to v. 18. I for one think it is more important to rightly divide the Word of God, rather than seek to destroy it.
      John W. Burgon wrote the book, “The Last Twelve Verses of Mark,” clearly showing beyond any doubt that these verses are a part of God’s Word. To this day Burgon’s book has never been answered. These verses are not in the Vatican and Sinaitic manuscripts, but as Burgon shows, the area where it should have appeared was left blank.
      So yeah enjoy your false virulent evil Zondervan NIV print press that also prints the Satanic Bible of Anton Zander LaVey. when you know this, one is warned for ever. Rupert Murdoch, who is owner of Zondervan and how he is involved into TV Porn, Gossip news papers, friend of the Popes and so I can go on. You keep supporting you Devil inspired evil virulent NIV Version the one that TB Joshua and Wisemen use. No wonder we see these branches close because of sex crazed, angry pastor and self appointed pastors aka liars, deceivers and 419 scammers that do prophelying and fake deliverances. Good for you Dada. Enjoy your Trip to Brazil and see if you can learn from local Voodoo shaman practicing Santeria and see if you can wack them with the NIV translation while the Devil laughs his head off because he wrote it by himself using rubbish scholars of translating and skipping manuscripts. No surprise that the Holy Spirit does not want to take home residency in you.

      • @Jesse,
        You are miles deep into absurd conspiracies
        It don’t matter who owns NIV presently. NIV first came out in 1978. Who owned NIV then? You don’t eat out at evangelicals joint,shop from evangelicals malls and so forth. . Even if the devil owned NIV rights,he’d be obliged to maintain the contents because readers would easily pick covert revisions.
        Arguments for omitted words can be turned around. What if other versions (KJV) added words that were not there originally. Having popular omission on the margins is definitely the mark of scholarship

        If a believer wants the truth, they have to study several versions, literal translation as well and avoid paraphrases such as Amplified and Good News IMHO. Rabidly attacking one version and glorifying another is the hallmark of cultic tendencies.

      • @vooke, @dada, @angelica et al. I’m sorry, but I’m not allowing any more comments on this topic. I totally acknowledge that some translations are stronger than others, but the “KJV only/NIV of the devil” idea is a fringe extreme, and not one I want to take over the discussions here. Every translation should be treated as fallible (as a translation), but for the layman having multiple translations is a great way of getting a more thorough understanding of the meaning of the text without learning the original language.

  17. @Jesse
    Read these KJV rendering and tell me what is wrong with them
    Acts 5:30 “The God of our fathers raised up Jesus, whom ye slew and hanged on a tree.”
    Acts 10:39 “And we are witnesses of all things which he did both in the land of the Jews, and in Jerusalem; whom they slew and hanged on a tree”

    • @ Vooke,
      The word (And) in English doesn’t always necessarily imply a chronological order or time it occurs. 😉
      The same is true in many other languages also.
      French Spanish Flemish Dutch Esperanto Hutu language Patoi German Portuguese

      • @Jesse,
        That is mighty extremely lame.
        If that’s the case, scriptures should be teeming with examples of ‘AND’ breaking apparent chronology/time. Share ONE example where this is the case. just one 😉

  18. @tbjoshuawatch,
    i find it rather curious that you omitted @Jesse from your warning yet he insists that using a particular version is the cause of depravity in SCOAN. all @vooke does is to chip in on emerging side issues raised in the comments where I strongly feel they are important. Profuse apologies for any offense to the admin and any reader of my comments.
    Final remarks. I use KJV almost exclusively, been at it for the last 11 years, & am a collector of old KJVs. I once had a 1766 that I lost. The oldest in my possession is around 160 years old. Very clean with thorough marginal references

  19. interesting that the discussions against the news of a SCOAN Branch being closed amid allegations of Sexual Abuse should have moved into discussions about Bible versions and translations. I am sure that there are blogs about Bible versions out there on the internet – but here? is this really the place for such things? – Jeremiah has courageously shared his experience and has declared his faith in Jesus and deserves honour and support and spiritual encouragement.

    • Thank you Madelaine for recalling things to order. The purpose of this post is to expose the truth, and not come against each other over “religious” issues and endless interpretations. Whether one understands the Truth in depth or not, here, fundamental christian principles have been violated and for those who sincerely want to know God’s mind on such matters-in terms of handling them- all one has to do is “dig” into His Word. I am no theologian or enlightened “teacher” but guess what: the Truth of the Holy Bible is actually QUITE simple…it is WE, who are complicated. There is one battle common for all of us, it is called the battle for the salvation of our souls…so let us focus on the REAL enemy, who isn’t playing around at all…and the real enemy is anyone and anything that contradicts openly or in hiding God’s Word and Spirit.

      • @ Madeleine, Jeremiah,

        I am convinced and by practice or experience that translations are the root cause of all the problems in the churches as well SCOAN and branches. I have written two more posts to explain myself about it, but it is so that they are not posted. So now nobody will know what they contain. Plus I was asked a question by Vooke and Vooke was not happy with my answer. Anyone who has followed me in the blog posts knows about me that I am not sitting down until I have done my utmost best to proof of what I believe is right. I have also spoken many blog posts before to each one of you that the closures of the branches is because of those things that I said before. I understand that each one of you disagree about it and do not want to get in debate with me about it because many can see I will not bend down for a mortal false preacher in Lagos who constantly is using people to advance his agenda. I thought that that was the point here. Further I have said that I find that some of you are way too soft in your convictions and blog posts about SCOAN. So far I have seen mainly M. and Angelica really going on a limb to write their posts. For me I have to search for words because English is not my first language and have a very small window to write into ( small gadgets) and many times the post that I write have to be copied and pasted into other things and it is a frustration and many times I have to redo them.. Which results in wrong sentences, expresions and not enough words into my vocabulary to express all what is in my mind and would like to say. But anyways I soon will take a break from all of this because there are some other things that are ahead of me that need my focus even more than this.

      • I am convinced and by practice or experience that translations are the root cause of all the problems in the churches as well SCOAN and branches. I have written two more posts to explain myself about it, but it is so that they are not posted.

        I completely disagree that the use of the NIV has anything to do with the issues at SCOAN. Those posts were not published because I’d already said no more would be published on that subject.

    • Yes, thank you.
      I get very frustrated when the discussion devolves into bickering and battling conspiracy theories. This is not the place for that.

      • Jesse, will you please calm down? Do you realy believe that more is better? And that being right is the same as being in Truth? And that prooving by the bible, that TB Toshua is a fake, will hindre him form his actions? There are no ‘too soft’ responses of people ,on this blog. There are only genuine people on this block, who try too contribute their understanding and expereinces about this un-clean issue, called TB Joshua. Some by 5 words, and others by a whole sermon. Mostly there is more delivered and said by the 5 words, then the long-term preachings. Every-one on this block wants the living Truth and the deliverance from being defiled and deceived by a Word-twister, called TB Joshua. The only way to beat his influenze, is too know who is greater then him, and that is Gods Word. The living Word of Gods Truth, applied. Only the doer of the Word will win, not the explainer, or the discussion about the Word. Only the revealing doer of the living Word will stand. All others are just opinions and fighting egos.

      • @ M.

        * If that is true, then why is the root cause in discussion still laughing everybody here in the face.

        @ Jamie,

        Can you prove your write up here that what you do is changing TB Joshua, Wisemen, Disciples or anyone while they are still going on and sitting in SCOAN Lagos doing the same lying and fake deliverances as 5 years ago, in 5 words please.

        @ TBJW,

        You are entitled to your opinion. If two or more news papers write a piece of news, which one do you believe ? Both or all of them ? Or the one that wrote it accurately. Is it than a fact that you are a convicted reader of the NIV instead of the KJV and that you prefer the NIV because that is what you use in your daily life ? So how are you going to defeat TB Joshua who uses the same bible ? That can never work. Whether you are a doer of the word or not. my question to you now is. Is this website set up just as the news paper that writes something for the sake of it and is incapable of cutting down the rogue tree in the field of deception and truth ? If you want to allow on God’s watch TB Joshua, Wisemen, Disciples to make more victims than keep writing soft blogs. Ezekiel 33.

    • That’s the diversion tactics of the enemy! Let’s keep focused on the false prophet, Fatai Balogun, aka, T B Joshua!

  20. I know this has nothing to do with the Greece Branch but……………………..


    Why John Chi is No Longer a Wise Man?

    Pray along with Apostle John Chi

      • Yes, the link for Deception of the age – part 5 of 8 was not placed. It is all about the Ghana branch. Confirmation of Pastor Kayode’s wife being sexually molested by tb joshua.
        Here is the link?

        Deception of the age – part 5 of 8

        See below

        1. June 12, 2014 at 7:56 am
        And what about
        4. The Ghana branch of scoan and sexual gross misconducts –
        Deception of the Age – Part 5 of 8
        Start at 1:13

        2. Just Wonder. says:
        June 12, 2014 at 8:04 am
        Ghana branch –
        Deception of the Age – Part 5 of 8
        Start at 1:13

  21. It is written –
    11 But now I have written unto you not to keep company, if any man that is called a brother be he a fornicator, or covetous, or an idolater, or a railer (Dictionary Definition: railer – One who scoffs, insults, censures or reproaches with opprobrious language), or a drunkard, or an extortioner (Extortioner in English means one who obtains from another by force, intimidation, or undue or illegal power) with such a one no not to eat.
    13 But them that are without God judgeth. Therefore put away from among yourselves that wicked person – I Corinthians 5:11+13.

    Warning to Escape Babylon’s Judgment
    4 Then I heard another voice from heaven say:
    “‘Come out of her, my people,
    so that you will not share in her sins,
    so that you will not receive any of her plagues/jugments;
    5 for her sins are piled up to heaven,
    and God has remembered her crimes.
    6 Give back to her as she has given;
    pay her back double for what she has done.
    Pour her a double portion from her own cup.
    7 Give her as much torment and grief
    as the glory and luxury she gave herself.
    In her heart she boasts,
    ‘I sit enthroned as queen.
    I am not a widow;
    I will never mourn’.
    8 Therefore in one day her plagues will overtake her:
    death, mourning and famine.
    She will be consumed by fire,
    for mighty is the Lord God who judges her.

    Unless the person repents and you can see the fruit of that repentance over a long period of time.

    • Jesse, i believe you have an brilliant mind and a very great capacity to formulate. I dont believe we can change TB Joshu by this blog. TB Joshu has his own believes system. He uses all opposite for his own gain, to proove he is right, even when he is far beside the Truth. I believe the only way to beat his influenze is to see him through, and to stand firm in the revealed knowledge of the Truth. There will be day, that TB Joshu will fail and fall. He reaps what he sows.

  22. So your problem is that SCOAN is denying a branch in Athens that it first associated itself with. It is a lie, right?
    When God brought the Israelites out of Egypt, they rebelled. When they rebelled, God told Moses to go down and see what the ppl he brought out of Egypt were doing. ( Exodus 3:7). That is denial, i guess God lied, blatantly, right?
    You want the whole world to believe that this post is true and not fabricated, a figment of someone’s imagination or false.
    Why “Jeremiah”? Why should a light be hidden. Why should a guy who is telling the truth about a branch that is no more be afraid?
    If “Jeremiah” was wise, the first thing he would have done was to report the abuse cases to the police and help the ladies. He will go to the authority 1st and help get the pastor arrested and dealt with than come on TBJW.
    “Jeremiah” were you there when the Athens church was given official approval?
    Fine, if there is a SCOAN branch and is not obeying rules set by the headquarters, what would you have them do? What would u have done if u were in their shoes, since u claim he confess but did not repent?
    The church dividing is not new. Peter had disagreements with Paul. Paul had arguements with other church leaders. There were split here and there. Even in the old days, Moses siblings had disagreement with him.
    From your story Lagos did something about the situation and that is a good thing.
    Oh so u claim, ” God led u, restored u”, in that place.? That is good if he did. So then, u should have problems with God whom should have known ( or didn’t know) that that place ( will become) “has now turned into abomination”? Since he led u dont u think he should hv known n told u b4 leading u to such a place? Or He is blatantly ignorant? Dont u think you should be seeking answers from him.
    Which kind of veil of deception are d ppl under? Which denial?
    I tot d branch is no more and so many r now saved.
    Since u invested in the church as u claim, don’t u think it is now time to invest in another that u deem genuine? Do that and get the ppl under deception into that genuine? Or u hv stopped going to Church now.
    If the others care to know Jesus was right there when Satan entered into Judas and Jesus did not cast Satan out of him. ( Luke 22:3)

    • I’m not sure why it’s hard for you to see what is wrong here Jacob. The pastor of a church carrying the SCOAN name confesses to sexually abusing 4 girls, and SCOAN take no responsibility, they just lie and say that it was never an official branch in the first place (and they don’t even say that publicly). What I do agree with you on is that this pastor should be reported to the police. I have asked Jeremiah privately if this has happened and not received a response – it would be completely irresponsible to prevent the authorities from doing their God given job. Jeremiah, if you’re reading this, I hope you are able to confirm that criminal charges have been or are being made against this man?

      • Yes, the police has been noted, however it is not easy to prove cases of sexual abuse under religious manipulation when we are talking of adults who although under manipulation, did whatever took place with their “consent”. Families are still in the process of dealing with this sensitive matter. However, I find it incredible that what took place publicly is being so fiercely opposed, as if anyone really wants to find out the truth they can refer to the former branch address to see whether it is operational or not, especially if someone has people in Athens. IT HAS CLOSED DOWN, and if you seek the reason why, well about 200 plus people who were present on June 1st would answer you. If anyone has the means just to find himself in the district, he will be told by local residents, as most of them attended the church. I fully understand how some “people” want to “cover” up this matter, it is their job….I have said what I have said and if the administrators of this blog wish to find out the truth, it is very easy for them to do so. These events are hard facts and not speculations so they are becoming extremely difficult for some to “swallow”. For it is outright exposure, and as the Apostles of Old testified: you can “close” our mouths, but God’s Word CANNOT be bound. And by no means am I surprised….the devil who is a liar tried even to “hush-hush” the resurrection of our Lord Jesus Christ. But he couldn’t because it had ALL begun. And this is just the beginning…NOT against people but against the deceptive spirit of ages. “For God will bring every deed into judgement, including every hidden thing, whether it is good or evil.” (Ecclesiastes 12:14) And to put a full stop, my previous post said it all, concerning what kind of church we are dealing with. If God were not leading me to do what I am doing believe me I would have never bothered at all, as I have my own battle of pain to overcome…but I know that this post is speaking and going to speak to more, and THIS is the real problem for those who oppose.
        @Just Wonder, there IS a pattern as you stated, it is called the spirit of Jezebel, and God Almighty is about to uproot it.
        No more comments, next one will be a post.

      • Hi Jeremiah. Thanks for confirming re: the police. It’s so important to go though the right channels, but I do acknowledge how difficult these situations are with the spiritual manipulation aspect. I pray that the authorities will have the wisdom and insight to get to the bottom of the situation.

  23. Let us hear what the Spirit of God has to say about a certain church: “To the angel of the church in Thyatira write: these are the words of the Son of God, whose eyes are like blazing fire and whose feet are like burnished bronze. I know your deeds, your love and faith, your service and perseverance, and that you are NOW doing more than you did at first. Nevertheless, I have this against you: You tolerate that woman Jezebel, who calls herself a prophetess. By her teachings she misleads MY servants into sexual immorality and the eating of food sacrificed to idols. I HAVE GIVEN HER TIME TO REPENT of her immorality, but she is UNWILLING. So I will cast her on a bed of suffering, and I will make those who commit adultery with her, suffer intensely, UNLESS THEY REPENT OF THEIR WAYS. I will strike her children dead. Then all the churches will know that I AM HE who searches hearts and minds, and I WILL REPAY EACH OF YOU ACCORDING TO YOUR DEEDS. Now I say to the REST OF YOU IN THYATIRA, TO YOU WHO DO NOT HOLD HER TEACHING and have NOT learned Satan’s so-called deep secrets ( I will not impose any burden on you): Only hold on to what you have until I come. To him who overcomes and does My Will TO THE END, I will give authority over the nations.- He will rule them with an iron scepter; he will dash them to pieces like pottery- just as I have authority from my Father. I will also give him the morning star. He who has an ear, let him hear what the Spirit says to the CHURCHES.” REVELATION 2:18-29.These are God’s Holy words speaking to one of His seven churches concerning “what he had seen, what was at the time and what would take place later.” REV.1:19 seems like someone is very angry….I wonder why…;-) SORRY, I’M STANDING FOR THE TRUTH….AND I’m not alone:-)

  24. @ tbjw Why is Jeremiah not responding to ur questions in that regard? Do u just believe anything sent to u as the gospel truth by a stranger u’ve never met or seen because it a bad report abt SCOAN? What is ur definition of public? Where u in the church to know and confirm or u believe so bcos someone send u a mail.
    The fact that this case has not been sent to the Police when u claim clear evidence for the pastor to be punish by law raises doubts. It is either a figment of the imagination of an intelligent person, false report. or Jeremiah ia a fake person! If there are evidence the pastor must rot in jail!

    • We don’t publish everything sent to us, and we always make sure to the best of our ability to confirm any story before we put it out. Of course we can’t confirm this to the extent of providing video evidence, but we have very good reason to believe it (behind the scenes) and nobody has tried to dispute it. It’s also interesting to note that this Pastor was once “delivered” from the demon of lust at SCOAN.

      I didn’t say this case hadn’t been sent to the police, I assume it has been, but haven’t been provided with confirmation.

      Now it’s our turn to ask the questions – why do you think SCOAN is now claiming they never had a branch in Athens (wiped from the website), when the evidence is clearly to the contrary?

      • If I woke up in the middle of the night and was presented with this story, I would believe it at once, because T B Joshua and his bunch of criminals are capable of anything Satan would do! The FACT that Scoan LIED and DENIED the Athens branch is sufficient proof that this story is 100% accurate!! Why? Because when T B Joshua is presented with incriminating evidence, his immediate reaction is to DENY NOW and THINK LATER!!!

    • @Jacob,
      “The fact that this case has not been sent to the Police”
      Is that a fact? How would you confirm this, especially if it never made news? Supposing it were, is that conclusive evidence of the sexual assault claims being baseless? They hauled OJ Simpson to Police and courts and held a not-guilty verdict. This, by your logic means his wife is still alive

  25. @Jesse,
    If you insist on your right of reply, I request @tbjoshuawatch to share with you my email address so we can engage outside this blog over your NIV conspiracies. Just be warned, I am a stubborn skeptical believer. cliches won’t do. You present hard facts or withdraw all of your allegations

    I salute @tbjoshuawatch for quickly bringing the comments to order. And I apologize for my role in distraction. It really don’t make any sense or wisdom debating extensively on non-issues here. Visitors ought to visit this blog, read the articles and the comments without straying on the PURPOSE of this blog; exposing T B Joshua

    • @ Vooke,

      TBJW does not have any email address to send your email address to. I would have loved to engage in such things as you suggested, but unfortunately because of time I only am available to do so extensively with you in and around September/October 2014. This is no excuse, but something that has been arranged since last year and the time towards that draws near in a matter of days. I have already made this clear earlier that I have some things to do concerning that and to focus upon as you can see in another post that I posted here. Since the NIV translation will not run away until then I suggest we will talk about it then somewhere, some place if you don’t mind. In the mean time I would suggest to not read your NIV but go back to a trusty KJV preferably Cambridge edition and look into what others also have written about it as well videos on YouTube.

      [–snip–] (You were back into your KJV/NIV argument there Jesse – TBJW)

      I will not engage in discussion after this @ TBJW. We will find some time by God’s grace for that in the near future so please post this as last blog post concerning this matter NIV/KJV.

      • @ TBJW,

        I did not have any other means available at the moment than this blog to tell directly to Vooke. Vooke might think I am evading the challenge, which I am not. That was all I am saying.

      • OK, well now he knows. BTW, you really need to stop feeding Kiki the troll over at WTBJ, he’s a deeply troubled individual and I don’t think your interactions do you or he any good at all.

      • @ TBJW,

        I will try. But be assured I soon will take a break from all of this anyways, because the things that I said are coming up soon and need all my attention for quite a while and I don’t want this for a while on my mind.

  26. To Jeremiah,

    …”If God were not leading me to do what I am doing believe me I would have never bothered at all, as I have my own battle”…

    That is exactly my story too.

    I want to thank you that you are acting on the strength of your conviction and are bringing out the truth regardless of your hurts, pains, disillusionments, fears and shock of who tbj really is! We all went through that painful ‘wake-up’ call from our Lord Jesus.

    Your pastor at least confessed and went for deliverance of his problem, but tb joshua still has not confessed or gone through deliverance. So it makes your pastor even better than tbj. I believe there is hope for him and it is for the Greece branch’s deliverance and salvation to be cut off from scoan.
    Tbj reacts to this as if he himself is innocent from this tipe of abuse?

    Am looking forward to the next placement of truth and I hope your experience will open the disciples’ and member’s of scoan’s eyes so that they can come out of that Babylonian cult for good.

  27. @Mr. Terrific
    You will do that bcos u lack the ability to judge properly. u can’t think or reason objectively but only subjectively, so I am not surprised.
    Okay, How will I confirm this.? how will you confirm this story? Where you at the supposed meeting? The internet is a free place anyone can concot stories and publish it like u are doing. Your “Jeremiah” never said it was sent to the police and court.
    U have forgoten that a not-guilty verdict is not the same as not-dead verdict. Is your English okay?

    • Your “Jeremiah” never said it was sent to the police and court.

      Jeremiah said: “Yes, the police has been noted, however it is not easy to prove cases of sexual abuse under religious manipulation when we are talking of adults who although under manipulation, did whatever took place with their “consent”. Families are still in the process of dealing with this sensitive matter.”

      If you read Jeremiah’s whole story and comments you will see that it stands up to scrutiny. There is clear evidence from SCOAN that something major recently happened with the Athens branch, in the context Jeremiah’s story fits. We have spoken to others who have been sexually abused at SCOAN before, and believe me it is a very difficult and sensitive issue. When someone who you look to as a “man of God” or “Father in the Lord” takes advantage of you, it is an incredibly difficult thing to process, please act with sensitivity to these women.

  28. @tbjw
    So u also edit and publish what u deem fit, and important, and what u believe. And not all what the public should know. U are not different from the SCOAN or tbj, u are all editing and publishing what u desire.
    So u admit u can’t confirm it. U have good reason to believe, which reason?
    Nobody has disputed bcos those who matter are not paying attention to ur concocted stuff. Only those who are part of ur camp pay attention to ur fabricated stuff.
    Oh so now, u agree and accept that deliverance at SCOAN was true and not acted… that it is genuine and should be seen as such. He was once, when? Mary was delivered of 7 demons and she became a follower of Christ. The Mary others claim was Jesus’s girlfriend.
    “You assume it had been”. Anyone can get up and assume anything. it does not cost a dime.

    • Very rarely can a crime be proven, even in court. Jury’s are expected to come to a conclusion “beyond reasonably doubt”. We will not publish any allegations unless we are convinced beyond reasonable doubt, and in the case of Jeremiah’s story, we are. And this is nothing like SCOAN’s deceptive video editing, we don’t edit anything after publication, if we make a mistake or publish something false we will admit to that and apologise. So far, that has only happened once, but it actually turned out we were right all along! We are acting from evidence, you are not providing any “reasonable doubt” to counter it.

      When did we agree that deliverance at SCOAN is true? If anything this case proves it is false, if he was delivered from demons of lust, why did he sexually assault 4 women?

  29. @tbjw U have spoken to which ppl, where is the evidence?

    *** Jeremiah said: “Yes, the police has
    been noted, however it is not easy
    to prove cases of sexual abuse
    under religious manipulation when
    we are talking of adults who
    although under manipulation, did
    whatever took place with their
    “consent”. Families are still in the
    process of dealing with this
    sensitive matter.”

    Like seriously? So u can’t get a lawyer and send the case to court. Are there no witnesses. You got to be kidding! You can’t prove!! “Consent”?? Like seriously? Those adults are not serious?

    • @Jacob,
      What evidence do you need?
      has TBJ ever exorcised a demon from you? How then do you know he exorcises demons? Wait you watch them on TV? 😉

      The overriding principal at work here is common sense. There was a branch in Greece and it is no more and no notice was given. The church was run by a guy who has had Lust exorcised from him. Which of this is false?

  30. @tbjw
    Oh so after publication, u don’t edit but before publication u do? What is ur definition of publication.
    Rarely can a crime be proven? Rarely can a publication on the net be proven.

    ” if he was delivered from demons of
    lust, why did he sexually assault 4
    women?” …..When Jesus raised Lazarus he died again. A demon can come back if u don’t make things right. check the bible….Matt 12:43-45. Do u understand the Bible at all. If u did u will know it is not strange.
    okay it is false so why refer to make a case.? U are not been consistent. If it is false why say once he was delivered.

    • @Jacob,
      All over and saying nothing. Lots of nothing
      1. Did we ever have a SCOAN branch in Greece?
      2. If yes, is the branch operational today 6/16/2014?

  31. @Vooke
    It is easy to say someone is all over and saying nothing when u dont seem to understand the person. Isn’t that a cheap response? If it is in support to your subjective view the person is saying something but if it is against it is nothing. Cheap talk.
    1. Did we ever have a SCOAN
    branch in Greece?
    I dont know. I cant tell. I am not in SCOAN Greece Branch.
    Have u been in SCOAN Greece? Do u go to Church there? Have u been in Greece before?
    2. If yes, is the branch operational
    today 6/16/2014?
    I dont know. How could I know? I can hear about it on the net but to confirm it can be really difficult. I have never in Greece before.
    If it is no more what is your beef? The Churches Apostle Paul started are no more? Methodist churches in the UK are reported to have closed down. The catholic church has been reported to be involve in several sex scandals. So it is not new to hear same.
    Were u at the SCOAN Greece Branch venue on 6/16/2014?

    • @Jacob,
      Terrible logic. So many denominations are ordaining gay so if SCOAN ordains one, it’s no biggie, should never concern you.

      1. There was a branch in SCOAN and I posted it’s anointing service up there. That plus other evidence will convince anyone including those who have never been to Europe or Greece of its existence
      2. Members of Greece SCOAN were never notified of its abrupt closure. You can provide evidence they were

      Three (3) International SCOAN branches have shut with little ceremony and under a wave of sexual abuse allegations. Intelligent primates questioning this rather peculiar phenomena should not drive your bitterness off the charts. You can explain them away as sad coincidences and we’d all be happy. Popping here in and railing against your perceived hero is not helping him; match facts with fact.

      Shalom 😉

      • EDIT: Popping here in and railing against your perceived hero’s DETRACTORs is not helping him; match facts with fact. TBJW is made of rational Christians. indulge us with your version of whatever went down in Greece

    • @ All,

      Jacob the wriggly squiggly worm wriggling left right and center concerning things he can’t even prove himself. Gives excuses for past things that happened to excuse for failures to own up where holes were blown into the defence of fake demons of “lust” that were never there and all those demos from Lagos they claim are put on a chain or cage did travel all the way back to Athens in Greece to “possess” the same man again. When are you going to eat your own bull crap Jacob ? You should have become Jacob the fiction writer and let Zondervan/Harper Collins do the printing press for you.

      James 1:13-14
      Let no man say when he is tempted, I am tempted of God:for God cannot be tempted with evil, neither tempteth he any man:14 But every man is tempted, when he is drawn away of his own LUST, and enticed.

  32. @TBJW
    ok, SCOAN closed a branch n they denied it, so denied it, so they lied, so what? Are u a Christian? Haven’t u lied before since u became a Christian? Does the Church answer to u? When they opened the suppose branch did they tell u?
    It is terrible logic when it does not favour your points n opinion. Obviously it is good logic when it does favours ur points. cheap talk! A easy n cheap way to brush everything and not answer the questions!
    So u r tbjw and vooke too, then u have a lot work to dooooo!! U posted what? Where did u get it from, you camera or what? Or the liars? Are u not sure what u picked wasnt a lie?
    So you are rational n u are not bitter, yet you have problem with someone who started his church and decided to close it. Did he notified u or the members when he started it? Is that what you call intelligence.
    I cant prove it, can you? Is it from what u took from the liars?
    Past events, what are saying here that is present or future events? Since it pulls down ur point it is past. Of course, neither are u saying anything futuristic. Perfect human, failure spotter n watcher, you have never failed, right? I am sure there are countless failures in your life. Have you finish counting and pointing out your failures?
    If d demons were fake. that means the suppose pastor did not do anything by influence of the devil. he did by himself, just like the anointed David laid with someones wife and got the man killed, ryt? Why then should tbjw use it to buttress its point. This show hw confuse and desperate tbjw is to throw dust into people’s eyes.
    They claim they are chained? When and where? Evidence? Anyway, since they were chain; they could be unchained too.
    Eat my crap? Dont u think all the fake and rubbish publish here put together can make a book, with the title “tbj expose”. You can get some money, u know !
    At least, u indicate that Zondervan n harper collins will publish mine stuff. That is good. Yours, am afraid, they will reject.

    • Jacob, I am already writing a book, called; “How to make fortune, by planting a fake and rubbisch-church, 1001 tricks to deceive people”. I use Scoan as one of the examples about how to go long with such a dream.

    • @ Jacob,

      Demons chained, that is what TB Joshua claims, chained, caged, now YOU make them uncaged, unchained at will, right. By what ? By your nonsense ? Or by the silly claims of SCOAN. That is what you in SCOAN do, you claim, but no evidence of what you say. Also other followers and deliverees claim that Satan lives in hell and many more science fiction. There are more deranged and fiction writing people outside the lunatic asylum than inside. Fact !

      I am 100% convinced that most of the deliverances you see are indeed fake, why because almost every deliveree is peering through their squeezed eyes (no these are no demons) to see what the so called deliverer does like holding a bottle of anointed water in front if them and they suddenly fall. I have had numerous bottles of that stuff in my hands and stuffed it in 2 litre bottles by instruction of TB Joshua, guess what happened ? I never fell down, nor did I tell ridiculous stories to anyone, nor did I bounce up and down, nor did I say I was afraid of it. No matter what you say, it is a scam that you all want to cover up by all means possible. If you see the Tonge’s then they have to throw the bottle of anointing water on the floor and claim it is “light” because they are filled with the demons of death and darkness. Oh, yeah and why are these people going all over the world with the same bottles of their alleged anointing water and deliver people in all kinds of churches AND DO NOT MANIFEST OR START TO TELL THINGS FROM THEIR IMAGINARY DEMONS THEMSELVES? The same counts for the Holmes family with their demons of Failure, Indian man, and spiritual husband, wife, the Peter and Wendy family whose daughter AND HUSBAND was one of the pastors in South Africa branch and were brought back to LAGOS to get extensive “deliverance”. What fool or idiot do you think I am ? One without any brain if you like to believe THEIR LIES and THEIR BULLCRAP ! What were you thinking ! I am thinking that it is better for you to slither away now quick for you in case you look even more silly.

    • @ Jacob,

      “Past events, what are saying here that is present or future events? Since it pulls down ur point it is past”

      In your assertion “Past” when it comes to the word “past” it means “cover up” and move along, no loitering, pretending nothing has happened. Pull another trick. Distract attention. Tell a rivetting new story about “new anointing water” (with several ridiculous claims and lies) which makes brainless zombies gobble it up as nectar without effort. Sums up SCOAN and its inhabitants behaviour and reprogramming them resistless (Yes master, we obey) up to a Tee. No responsibility, no accountability, that is why they are in Nigeria one of the most corrupt countries in the world. But we already know that. Nothing has changed now there either is it now ?

  33. @ Jamie
    If u are writing such a book then it means you support such a thing. You obviously practice best what you are sharing in that suppose book and the SCOAN your good role model. Have u really made a fortune even? I am not sure. You got nothing, like we be talking about u instead of tbj and the SCOAN. By the way, if someone has planted a fake church, what have u planted?

    • @Jacob,
      “If u are writing such a book THEN IT MEANS you support such a thing”
      Bad or zero logic. Improve your comprehension skills.
      AM struggling to understand why you visit these pages. What compels you?
      The truth has set so many free. You too can be free. Receive it 😉

    • @ Jacob,

      Stay away from Jamie ! I mean it.

      We are not planting what we are not called for, but TB Joshua can hang up a nice story and it sounds feasible because he is not alone into the deception because he has allies that are willing to participate to replicate his nonsense because if easy money coming. When he makes a new batch of “anointed water” you should see him going on a limb pressing HOW MUCH IT HAS COST HIM ! Cost him what ? Did he work in the ice lolly factory 5 shifts and broke his back over carrying 500 boxes of ice lollies every day and got paid at the end of the month or is it his sly guilt tripping you that you should turn upside down your wallet and give him all your credit cards to make his “dream” come true in being comical Ali from Baghdad in Iraq during the 2003 Saddam Hussein toppling invasion, while preaching with the bible closed ?

    • Thank you for this video/statement which I consider probably the best “comment” to this post, so far. Although there is a point that I don’t fully agree on, its simple and sound doctrine manner is an oasis in all the complexity of nothingness. Ecclesiastes 7:29/12:13,14 “This only I found: God made mankind upright, but men have gone in search of many schemes.” “Now all has been heard; here is the conclusion of the matter: FEAR GOD AND KEEP HIS COMMANDMENTS, for this is the whole duty of man. For God will bring every deed into judgement, including every hidden thing, whether it is good or evil.”

  34. @Vooke
    Like seriously? Bad logic? Why will a sane person write a book titled “how to make fortune, by planting a fake and rubbish church….”? Like seriously? Hehehe…Is that promoting Christ or what?
    Why wouldn’t u struggle to understand, you whose comprehension skill is so improve?? Hehehe….
    I visit to get a comprehensive resource on tbj n SCOAN gathered from the ever lying emmanuel tv, the internet and other liars.
    Are u really set free? Why do u keep visiting these pages? Is it to get set free again and again because you get bound or entangled again and again?

    What evidence have u provided? Is it the one u took from emmanuel tv? I never said the demons were chained, u claimed they said d demons where chained. If someone chained them another can unchain them. I am educating u. Have u seen Satan b4? I am not sure? Even a bacteria u havent seen. You who is not a lunatic n doesnt preach fiction is 100% convince that what someone sees is fake? Realy? Were u in dat someone’s eyes? What have u seen yourself
    You have numerous bottle of that stuff? It looks like u are a dissapointed former SCOAN member. Or where did u get it from? From SCOAN or someone else? Are u not sure the gave u something fake since it is obvious u like the patronage of fake things? Are u really serious? U sound frustrated and bitter, oh!
    Where do you live, heaven? There are no corrupt men in your country? Everyone is responsible and accountable, wow? I hv never heard of such a country? In ur assertion it is past event when it shows that no one is perfect.
    Like seriously, u plant what u were called to plant? How, when and where n who called u? So u are part of the tbjw team?
    I can see u enjoy watching tbj n emmanuel tv and publicizing them, a break in transmission gives u headache; I’m very sure.

    U planted faith in Christ and what happened? U saw Christ n showed him to the world that he is real or what?

    • @ Jacob,

      “Where do you live, heaven? There are no corrupt men in your country? Everyone is responsible and accountable, wow”

      Wh cares where I live. When there are wicked things happening in SCOAN then we all should our gob shut is it not ?

      If there is any headache to go by it has nothing to do with any broadcasting from EMTV. It has to do with a whole different issue. Something that you defend in desperation and twist around as you think because others do something that is why SCOAN is allowed to do the same ? What are you thinking ? Not much, I know, because you don’t live in a society where things are not allowed and if you do, there is no logic in what you say, Vooke said.

      Whether I have seen Satan or not what has that to do with deliverees claiming that Satan lives in hell ? Go on, back it up in Scripture so you can look even more silly. How silly you do look. You don’t even have to study Theology to know that Satan does not live in hell. Nobody lives in hell who is alive. How ridiculous. How even more stupid. But in SCOAN they can claim that because they can tell anything to the Zombie crowd. Go live in your little hell bubble dude, see if you see Satan there with a pitch fork and a pointed tail as well goats feet with hair on it. You really think I am born yesterday aren’t you ? The only thing that SCOAN has done for me is ruin things and made me see how one can lie through their teeth 24/7.

    • @ Jacob,

      “Even a bacteria u havent seen”

      Jacob, I have seen bacteria, even so much on a toilet seat that even the flies who were sitting on it in the thousands were trying to fly away with it. No kidding.

    • @Jacob,
      Like seriously? Bad logic? Why will a sane person write a book titled “how to make fortune, by planting a fake and rubbish church….”? Like seriously? Hehehe…Is that promoting Christ or what?
      Why wouldn’t u struggle to understand, you whose comprehension skill is so improve?? Hehehe….
      I visit to get a comprehensive resource on tbj n SCOAN gathered from the ever lying emmanuel tv, the internet and other liars.
      Are u really set free? Why do u keep visiting these pages? Is it to get set free again and again because you get bound or entangled again and again? “”
      You are just distracting everyone with deliberate incoherent verbiage.What is ‘LIKE SERIOUSLY’? Please stick to the topic; third branch of SCOAN shut in the wake of sexual abuse allegations.
      Shalom 😉

  35. Jacob, yes, thats what i do. I share with others that Christ is real. I am a christian. What is your trouble with us?

  36. @ Jamie
    I didnt ask whether u share with people that he is real or not? Anyone can do that without knowing him. All u need to do is read abt him and have talking skills.
    I dont have any problem with you. If I did like I will start a tbjw watch. I am only have questions for people who have time to watch someone when they haven’t finish watching themselves. Questions for people who are not bold to show their faces or even associate themselves with what they are doing.

    • Jacob, I appriciate it when people dare to question. What is it what you realy want to know? This web-site is full of genuine confessions by people who dealed with Scoan and TB joshua in one or another negative way. They show their faces very clear. It is up to you if you are open enough and determined enough, to let the stories have their rights of being told.

    • @Jacob,
      You can lead by example. paste your full names, contacts here and location 😉
      In this World, only Christ was without sin. but we see Paul rebuking Peter, John the baptist rebuking Herod and so forth. If the only people who should point out wrongs are the perfect, NOBODY should ever preach to nobody ever…we are doomed till that Revelation angel comes flying carrying the everlasting gospel

  37. @Jamie
    If u want to know what I really want to know, you will refer to my questions and answer them? if i didnt want to really know i wouldn’t have typed them in the first place.
    What makes a confession genuine? What is ur definition of genuine? What is the proof that they dealt with SCOAN n tbj in one or another negative way? They showed their faces, where and when and to who? I have not seen your Jeremiah; not even standing by a popular monument in Athens.
    Anyone can get up anywhere at anytime, especially on a blogging site that comes free, to tell stories. No wonder we have a lot of Junk on the internet.
    Of course, no one can prevent stories from being told on a free site. Like tbjw will not exist.
    @ Vooke
    My name is Jacob Dapaah, i live in Accra, Ghana. Call me if u want to +23324 666 7442. My name on this thread has a link, you can click on it to find more. Hope your device is okay? Because like your would have found out those info long time. Your name does not have a link like mine.
    So u are with sin n who rebuke u of late? Since u were rebuked u never sinned, right? Or those who rebuke u came back to rebuke u again? Or they rebuke every week and month? Did u stop sinning. since u got rebuked? So John rebuke herod, n Paul rebuke Peter? How many times?
    So you called this preaching the everlasting gospel, heiii, like seriously? Where do u get your infomation from? Is that what they taught u in your church?

    • Jacob, genuine; without falseness, pure,honest, real. Proove negative treatments scoan; you can read on this blog more of the same stories of people who did not knew each-other., but became traumatized by TB Joshua. Women; abuse, extreem insults and false accusings and deliverance, sexual treats and manipulation, mis-use and harm by the powers. Men; abuse, insults, manipulation, rejections, punishements, false deliverance. Great investments for years without any reward or harvest. Some came home at the point of death. They showed them-self on this site by a hidden name. They are from different countries, and some of them charged of by police,and pastors,. No-one of us was destined to become a statue, but in scoan they choose the zomby-form.

    • @ Jacob,
      It is kind of funny to see you have the 666 number in your cell phone. Really funny. If we call it, who would we get on the phone ? You ? Or would we get another person who will curse us through the phone with a (silent) demon curse ? And then we all have to run to the SCOAN in Lagos to get interrogated by the wisemen of a phone demon. Maybe it is three · · · and three – – – and another three · · ·. That was S.O.S in phone (demon) language by the way for beginners in fake deliverance.
      Apparently I am called every day by someone who likes to call me just for fun or curiosity or just monkeys around with the handset and loves to stalk me and can’t say nothing and then throw the horn on the hook. Why dial my number, why even bother ? If one can’t talk, why even phone me ? Maybe the one that calls so repeatedly and relentlessly is perhaps mute. If someone who wants to call me have to say something then say it here, I am ready to engage, not scared of anything.
      Imagine if I would call people relentlessly and not say anything how would that come over ? Perhaps I have touched a raw nerve and they are too startled to talk.

      • @Jesse
        “@ Jacob,
        It is kind of funny to see you have the 666 number in your cell phone. Really funny. If we call it, who would we get on the phone ?”

        Drop your superstition man, You are not a newbie in CHrist 🙂

        1 Kings 10:14 The weight of the gold that Solomon received yearly was 666 talents,

        2 Chronicles 9:13 The weight of the gold that Solomon received yearly was 666 talent

        The problem with some believers is they have unshakeable faith in demons. I would have called Jacob, but I don’t see any need to. I limit what I share out online. AM always behind a firewall and a proxy server

      • @ Vooke,
        Come on, you quote this verse in relation to what is written in Revelation ?
        In the time of Solomon this meant not the same, they did not have any measure to measure his wealth that is why they wrote 666. Which meant in those times “unlimited”.
        No, I am not a newbie in Christ, but it looks like you are, otherwise you would have known of what I say here above is the right explanation and not what it means in Revelation.
        I also explained that to Kiki who goes crazy like a Norse Viking Berserker on the other site defending himself with air punches and who is also totally and completely ignorant about that. But my posts are not posted because when reality knocks at their door they don’t post it there. And FYI, it was just hilarious and totally laughable to see him write the phone number with spaces between it because he intended to write it like that. That is SCOAN followers for you. A lot of bluff but nothing than useless kerfuffle. When you want to confront them in real live they have to hide behind their pathetic firewall and proxy server. Cowards and weasels as they are. I have told Kiki I am ready to meet Kiki face to face and then Kiki can repeat the same online in my face. But as usual not surprisingly, Kiki hides as a little weasel behind Kiki’s words.

    • @Jacob,
      Sharing your contacts with strangers is your business. I almost regret daring you. I won’t reciprocate because I DON’T SHARE my privacy with strangers, and I don’t expect them to.

      Your point is that since TBJW has mortals who fall into sin, they should be the least to point out TB Joshua’s erring ways. I respectfully disagree. This blog is not concerned with petty things such as whether TB lusted or shouted at his congregation. It is the grand deception in this organization and also allegations of spiritual abuse

      Investigative journalism expose many ills in the society. SCOANites should be glad it is other believers who are pointing to the gangrene in the organization and not unbelievers. That way they are more likely to be objective than ‘people of the world’. Long Live TBJW

  38. @Jesse,
    “In the time of Solomon this meant not the same, they did not have any measure to measure his wealth that is why they wrote 666. Which meant in those times “unlimited”

    Where did you get that? Proverbs talks of God hating unjust measures. Fact is thousands of years BC, we had elaborate weighing systems. The word ‘talent’ in that verse does not mean a unique ability 🙂

    • @ Vooke,
      That is not related and if you know that is a fact. Only today they express it in how much it was. They just expressed it in Talents that is it. Like 1,2,3
      And it has nothing to do with 666 in Revelation there is even speculation that it is 616 instead of 666. So let’s not start even there.

  39. @Jesse,
    it was on a light note.
    Talent was a specific measure in Biblical times and 666 talents of gold means 666 unit measures of gold. So am not sure how or why you concluded that Jew had no unit of measure. A talent weighed about 34Kg
    Read about the TALENT here;
    666 is a random number all over scriptures UNTIL it is associated with the Man of Sin,Son of Perdition in Revelation 13. As such,I’d be the last person to panic over a 666 showing up anywhere.. It is bound to appear somewhere, on your Social Security number, passport, vehicle registration, chassis, engine number and so on. It does not necessarily imply evil anymore than 777 implies God or good. So if @Jacob’s number has 666 INSIDE it, that’s no cause for alarm

    • @ Vooke,
      “As such,I’d be the last person to panic over a 666 showing up anywhere”
      Where did I say I panicked ? Don’t put things on your posts I never said or did.
      Here 666, 666, 666, 666. Whoooo I am now sooooo distressed and have my knickers in a twist.
      Of course I know what a Talent weighs but The Jewish measuring system did know zilch about kg’s so no point of proving your posts by that.
      It means they did not bother how much it was, it just meant that no-one got so much as he did and just used the number 666 for that. They could not use 777 or 888 nor 333 which are numbers related to God.
      I don’t know why you can’t accept of that that is what it means for that time. Why would one bother when it came from left right and center and it was so much that they just did not care about it anymore. If they did they would have given the correct amount which they did not. 666 has millions of applications if one feels necessary to calculate it. Nobody knows also what is before and after Alpha and Omega. So if you want to go and sit and calculate it be happy. I am sure the gold they had was more than only 666 talents.

      • @Jesse,
        “Of course I know what a Talent weighs but The Jewish measuring system did know zilch about kg’s so no point of proving your posts by that.”
        You are free to believe what you want but try to base it on facts. THey never had Kilograms back then, they used Talents and shekels. Both TALENT and KILOGRAM are dry measures of specific quantities. So when you run into a measure called TALENT in the scriptures, don’t assume that since it is not in KILOGRAMS it is an estimate of nothing.
        Why couldn’t they say 667 talents? it is because all they had was 666, not a talent more or less

  40. @Jamie
    I never asked for synonyms of genuine. Dont u know what a definition is? So bcos there same stories of people who don’t know each other are publish on a free site, it is genuine. How did u know they dont know each other. Funny enough, they choose to hide their name, why? When the suppose bad guys are not hiding. Are u really serious about this. Abuse….really n dey can’t gang up haul tbj and SCOAN to the Hague or any court! Aren’t there witnesses. Ah, even if the trial take long it will one day come to an end.
    At least tbjw can go an extra mile and help them since it has confirmed. It either this victims don’t exist or are lying. What is the proof they are from different countries. If you are not destined to become a statue, what are you destine to be? In SCOAN they choose the zomby form, really? Have you also been in SCOAN before or you got to know about them when you watched emmanuel tv. Looks like u are a dissapointed member. I can likewise read all your comment only on this blog and tell the kind of Zombie u are similar to.
    If you are not paying for a blog, it doesnt and wont cost nothing to publish stuff with hidden motives. and moreover hide to do it.

  41. @Jesse
    So u are scared now? So now u believe in demons can do something now? If you think I am possess, come cast out the demon for me.
    U didnt ask for my contact in the first place, so what is your problem now. You have expose your lack of wisdom and your ignorance of the Scriptures. No wonder u make the comments you make. You have shown how your thinking is founded on funny assumptions. Did you call me and I didn’t answer? What you are good at is giving jive here.

    Seriously? You asked for me to live by example by sharing. Now it is my business. Now it is called privacy. An easy n cheap way to get away. You obviously dont mean the things u post here.
    Of course, you can’t share your privacy; your can only false stories and hide.
    Those who do things in the dark delight in hiding. They dont want their hidden motives, works and faces to be brought to light.
    Now it is a grand deception and allegation of spiritual abuse and not sexual or physical abuse? You point out the errings n what happens? Accuser of tbj n scoan or the pointer of the errings of tbj and scoan. Jesus asked the accusers of the woman who commited adultery that he that is without sin let him throw the first stone. You’ ve throwing your stones.
    You not doing anything different from what Satan does. He is always accusing and pointing out the wrongs of men. The only difference is that yours is sometimes weekly or monthly.

    Rev 12:10 And I heard a loud voice saying in heaven, Now is come salvation, and strength, and the kingdom of our God, and the power of his Christ: for the accuser of our brethren is cast down, which accused them before our God day and night.

    Look at the inconstitency in your words. So you are into investigative journalism? Really? How by concoting storie and picking stuff from emmanuel tv? Do u really know what investigative journalism means?

    • @ Jacob,
      “So u are scared now? So now u believe in demons can do something now? If you think I am possess, come cast out the demon for me.”
      I am not scared. I never said I was scared of your telephone number. It was just funny and laughed it off. So could you quote where I said you were possessed ? I was asking for Kiki’s address and Kiki’s phone number , but Kiki declines because Kiki wants only thing that is fictitiously sitting in SCOAN and try to lure me to that place again where I have wasted years of my personal life. Only fools, dogs and donkeys go back to their vomit. Just for anyone’s information I never vomited in SCOAN when anyone released their kundalini powers upon me, nor did I fall like a lunatic rolling on the floor. Not even after 15 minutes jerked around by TB Joshua because that is all he was able to do and create depression in my head when I went home and some ignorant woman that had to turn the air condition high up so you get sick from it, but she did not care one hoot about it when I said turn the air condition down. Who wants to go to this hellhole and flying fig circus then again ? Not me. I leave it to the Dum basses, like Kiki and fanatic frenzied deceived zombie followers of SCOAN.

    • @ Jacob,
      “Did you call me and I didn’t answer ? ”
      No, I did not call you. Should I ? Tell me any good reason to spend 7 US dollars for 148 minutes of useless discussion with you. I rather have a huge icecream or pizza for that. Much more enjoyable and yummy. Did I say I wanted to call you ? I don’t recall. Nor remember unless you are the scammer and liar “Kiki waste my time and energy”.

    • @Jacob,
      ” Accuser of tbj n scoan or the pointer of the errings of tbj and scoan”
      What’s the difference? Focus on TB Joshua and facts available; grand deception and a string of edited prophecies. Respond to that

  42. @Vooke
    You wont share your privacy with stranger, of course. But it is okay to take false stories from strangers and share with strangers in the name of pointing out gangrene?

    • @ Jacob,
      Gangrene it is. No doubt about it. Pity that you have given by TB Joshua SCOAN blinkers on, willingly and deliberately. Enjoy your ride down the drain in SCOAN. I have been there, even TB Joshua’s wife evelyn admitted to my wife that there was nothing much going on there in SCOAN in February 2009. Now you heard it from the horse’s mouth. Cough. Just be happy dude, enjoy, I am out of the looney bin. Don’t wait for me to see me coming back.

    • @Jacob,
      A string of allegations of sexual abuse, IRREFUTABLE evidence of prophecy failure and deception
      FOCUS 😉

  43. Jacob,Thats always so funny about the scoan-fans, they smasch their error-arrows ,accusing others, for being accused. There is refind difference between accusation and discernment. The adulterous woman repented after one misstake, and did not commited the same sin again. Tb Joshua calls his repeated tres-passes ‘weaknesses”, it is a man of compromise. Dont trust his meekness, it is a mask.

  44. @Jamie
    Really? I accuse of what? I am so different from tbjw n its fans. I take no delight in accusing people for years. What is the wisdom accusing someone every week and month, when it is obvious the person wont change.
    If u care to know I am not a SCOAN fan, neither do I attend SCOAN.
    You just take delight it assuming. Do you really know the meaning of discernment or u are just using the word? U expose your ignorance of the Scriptures. The scriptures never said she never committed that sin again. The Bible is silent on that. To say she repented after one mistake is adding to the Scriptures and saying what the Scriptures never said. Obviously, that is what you have been doing all this while. Is adultery the only sin in the world? Are you sure she never sin again and remained perfect after that encounter with Jesus. Come on, you must be joking.
    I dont know what tbj said, u are saying it. Whether he is really meek or not I dont know. I have never related or spoken to him before. From your words he admits to “weakness” but as for u what have u admitted to.
    if u want to point out his misdeeds or rebuke him or accuse him, you got to do it in his face and not. hide in some ghetto to do that.

    • @Jacob,
      “What is the wisdom accusing someone every week and month, when it is obvious the person wont change.”
      TBJW exists more for the deluded SCOAN adherents than for TB Joshua.
      They check in here like you do, their minds are renewed and hopefully they walk or run away from the trash that is SCOAN. If nobody else ever changed from being a fanatical SCOANite, @vooke did 😉
      I know the value of TBJW firsthand. @tbjoshuawatch, may Jehovah bless you and richly reward you for being watchmen and saving many out of bondage and fire

  45. @Vooke
    So now tbjw does not exist more for tbj but for SCOAN adherents. Seriously? If it was so the blog will not be like this. Like u will not attack the person of someone even if he is the devil himself. You would have rather dealt with issues to save a greater number of people.
    Do you really have proof that people are being change by this site or u are assume because u get traffic.
    You are not the first to start this kind of site. People who do this dont even do it on a free site, put their names, picture and address on the site bcos they believe in what they do, mean it and proud of it. They are not afraid of any body bcos even if it comes death, they are ready to die for sake of the. Lord Jesus. They dont just post how false a preacher is, they go beyond that they focus more on teaching those who visit the blog what Jesus did and what He stands for.
    Anyone who is a fanatic of a man or thing without having to relate with that thing or person has a problem; a personality problem, priority problems or that person has some emptyness that he or she want to fill. This is the kind of people who go crazy about celebrities even when they have never met them before. Or pls if I may ask, where you once a SCOAN member? No wonder you have move from being a SCOAN fanatic to being a SCOAN watch n tbjw fanatics. You have only change camp doing the same thing. Fanatics dont think objectively when it comes to their fanatism.

    • @Jacob,
      You have very intelligent ideas of how blogs should be run.
      Now, FOCUS. FOCUS on what TBJW is doing instead of what you THINK they should be doing. They are doing something. You are like Sennacherib and Nehemiah. City and temple lies in ruins and when Nehemiah tries to do something they mock them. Repent 😉
      I was not a SCOANite, but a firm believer in TB Joshua’s prophecies. Until I ran into and I discovered I had believed a fraud. Information is power. The Truth indeed set me free within days. Others I directed here have been transformed! Am currently busy exposing another crook who appears to be reading TB Joshua Bible
      Unlike you, I don’t worship people or institutions, am a skeptic, and a Spirit baptized Christian

  46. @Vooke
    Only God knows your real motives and only him can judge u. If u have been change by this free site u would move on with your life to other things. No u keep visiting so it obvious the change is not complete.

    • @ Jacob,
      I had a life and a happy family BEFORE I stumbled into . Last time I checked, I still had a life and family and a job! I don’t know what your idea of ‘move on’ means

      I frequent this place because they respect the truth. I admire their FOCUS at what they do. I have learnt alot from them. They are professionals not sensational people. They go for days or weeks IF there is nothing to report on. Once something comes up, they bring it out. I also visit to see hapless SCOANites and they sympathizers spinning nonsense to avoid the inevitable conclusion; they have been deceived. is a study in the power of indoctrination. People defend their convictions to the point of stupidity 😉

  47. @Vooke
    Thank u for admiting I have intelligent ideas of how blogs and not this blog should be run. Always fond of dodging the issues
    Me focus? I will focus on Jesus unlike u.
    They are doing something, of course tbjw sympathizer, anyone can do something.
    Nehemiah did somthing? Are u sure u n tbje are doing what Nehemiah did? Is that what u were taught?
    Which cities & temple are in ruins?
    Instead of being a firm believer of the Bible u chose to be a firm believer of tbj’s prophecies. Is that the training they gave you in your church.? No wonder. U have only moved from a firm believer of tbj’s prophecies to a firm believer of tbjw. In each case there is some tbj in it. Obviously one day u will find out u have believed a fraud too.
    U still claim others u directed have been transformed n u can even give us proof. Anyone can hide anywhere in the world n claim ppl or he/she has been transformed; or say he or she is a Spirit baptize. Christian.
    So u are now into the business of exposing another crook who appears to be and not who is reading a tbj bible. I hope ur vision is correct.
    Oh, is that the job u claim u have. No, u dont worship ppl, u worship tbjw, free websites. U are a skeptic too, a skeptic of facts n truth, of course what else will you be when you chose to be a firm believer of tbj’s prophecies instead of a firm believer of the Scriptures.
    When I ask questions I’m bitter. You are not bitter. Are u sure?
    U had a life? Who said u had a dead? U ran into, now u stumble upon? Obviously, u have been running n stumbking upon many falsehood all your life.
    You are ignorant, ignorant of what my idea of move on means. No wonder. You are ignorant of many things, I dont blame u. You frequent this place bcos they respect the truth which they cant prove, why wouldnt u admire them? They are professionals, professionals of what? Do u know who a professional is?
    So now they are reporters? News or what? So why wouldnt they tell u when they have found nothing by their set standards to report. Look at u n them, u are always waiting for something to come up, u surely get dissapointed when nothing comes up.
    Now tbjw is a study. Send it to the schools to be studied. So u spin sense n u know the conclusion, d comments u post here does not suggest so at all.

    • @ Jacob,

      So many questions one has to answer to you. Nearly all the questions I asked, TBJW, others asked are never answered, always ignored, dodged, twisted and if some are answered it is make TB Joshua really, really good. Most are also of the nearly all questions answered are answered in a particular format. Most them are verbally manipulated sentences so that SCOAN and TB Joshua look good, perfect, never done anything wrong.

      So in order make the balance right here.

      1. Where is the MH370 wing that TB Joshua promised us in his prophecy he claimed he got from God.
      2. Where is the debri he told us too ?
      3. Where is the plane that would be found “any moment from now”
      4. Have the journalists stopped talking about the MH370 as TB Joshua purported ?
      5. Has Boko Haram been rolled up ?
      6. Has Boko Haram released the kidnapped girls he said would be released ? Why as for his own birthday to release them ?
      7. TB Joshua advised us that the world should not sort out Bashar Assad and the Syria problems. Which resulted in the today’s problems in Iraq, Iran, Afghanistan.
      8. Why if TB Joshua claims one drop of his “anointing water” can change a country, why is it that it does not in the case in the above countries ?
      9. What happened to the prophesied collapse of the Aero plane companies and the people that are involved in it ?
      10. Why claim that there are so many different “anointing waters” necessary to achieve different results. Does the bible teach us about such “powers” to be deployed in that form ? Is the power of God not Universal to all issues (and can be accessed in faith believing Him, Hebrews 11 ?) , for diseases, miracles, problems of life ? Why claim, deep, deeper, deepest with riveting stories and it really does not make any sense than to those that just think is the answer to all problems ?

      One never gets answer to that, it is take it or you leave it. Is there a bridge between the common man to God, or is the way only to God through Jesus, why claim that one is the Messiah of our time, while being caught out in several claims falling to the ground ?

      Denial of such only exists in SCOAN, but would in the face of public scrutiny in front of skeptics proven to be all true. The self-hypnosis is rife in SCOAN yet proves even among the leadership who goes out delivering demons with “anointing water” which so to speaks casts out and manifests demons inside people does not manifest inside of them when applied and the shout in the Name of Jesus ! You probably won’t bother to explain as such, when it is claimed Satan cannot cast out Satan, because that is exactly what is been happening then. How can they NOT MANIFEST if they hold the water bottle in their own hands while others manifest when they hold them in front of other so called deliverees that manifest inside the crowd. For anyone that bothers, anybody can see what I mean, but it is clear they ignore or explain it away with weird angry answers that don’t add up of what I say. Plus I am ferociously attacked for it when I ask questions about such facts, which are no spin as you blame us for that.

    • @ Jacob,

      If you claim that all what is written here is cocked up stories, then you should generalise all stories that are concocted are falling in the same league as you claim about any of ours. Then the balance is right. In your debate you question everything TBJW, but none of what SCOAN and TBJ and Wisemen do. How funny and how biased you are. You are constantly using weights in your scales to make your own conviction being justified in the face of Justice. Glad you are not a judge of world issues, because then even though the mistakes of all mankind which is inevitable truth and fact, you still would place TB Joshua on top of the Christian chain as untouchable with no mistakes to be accountable for. Weeeeeeeehhhhh, sure, you are such a….. You fill it in. People who are hypnotised and self hypnotised do exactly what you are doing in the last post you are writing. You have no means to say anything else than that. How sad that all is. And how skewed your life is too. Simply said, a horse with blinders on and is yanked at the reins which direction he must talk, sleep, eat, work, pray what TB Joshua and Wisemen says and not what God says. You are caged in and shackled and have no freedom in God yourself to be in this world as a true believer that can enjoy their freedom in life. You are stuck !

    • @Jacob,
      Are you talking to me? Learn coherence…it is atrocious reading your paragraphs.
      You really love TBJW, if you didn’t you would not be here would you? 😉

  48. @ Jacob,

    We have moved on, we are going wherever we want and God brings us. The first step was leave the prison SCOAN behind, spread out our wings, soar like and eagle, prosper like a king and queen, sample all that is good, awesome and true, see everything, interact with God’s creation on all levels from the animal kingdom to the highest levels in society, work on it to be unblemished, breathe in His power, write and rewrite history, make His Name known, speak His word, thrive in His blessings, look forward to His Arms again day by day. So yeah, stay couped up mr, stay in your own self deception while we experience all that is from God available from Him without going to a place that dispenses so called deliverances and miracles out of a small bottle, but that does not mean we should not speak up against scams, lies, fake prophecies, fake deliverances on camera because of luring people to SCOAN, fake healings, false doctrines. Hurray !! We don’t need anything that TB Joshua has on offer, we know where to get it ourselves through Christ Jesus. So Tara !

  49. @ Jacob,

    Another question for you Jacob. Not sure you will comply, but here goes.

    You know about Miley Cyrus don’t you ? Would you agree with me she is demon possessed ?

    So if TB Joshua uses a bottle of water to do “alleged miracles” what is Miley Cyrus doing putting water in her mouth from a water bottle and the spits it on her fans in the front rows.

    So if Miley Cyrus is possessed, then what is she doing then ? Is it not clear that she is spreading her:

    1. Her Vile bacteria and Virusses upon people in the front row.
    2. SPREADING HER PERSONAL DEMONS AND DEMON POWER INSIDE HER TO OTHERS BY USING THE WATER. Because if you all claim that the ” power of God ” can so called be transferred by the alleged “anointed water”. Can I confidently say that the so called “anointing water” is actually sort of the same what Miley Cyrus is doing by transferring demons into people as it is the case with interrogating demons in SCOAN ? Because after all TB Joshua and Wisemen HAVE to touch/spray people to manifest their demons right ? Can you guarantee me that this is not the case and if you say not, explain why is this not possible while I show you through the example of Miley Cyrus that this is very well possible so. Do you deny it, Jacob ? Do you ? Let me see how you wriggle yourself out of this one.

  50. @ Jesse
    U sound so bitter, angry n frustrated yet u claim to be attacked.
    I am interacting with you so it is proper to ask u question here. I will not go and hide behind proxies, firewall and a free site to ask u question or tbjw questions. If u hide behind a free site n ask someone questions is that asking questions when the physical location of the person is obvious. If u want to ask tbj n scoan question, man up and go to dem and ask ur question. Face them and engage in a dialogue with them.
    If u want ur questions to be answered u must be ready to answer questions asked u. Anyone can hide anywhere and ask question and when asked questions and not answer. That is a cheap and easy way to do it.
    It is either u dont have money or resources to go and get ur questions answered or u dont mean the questions u asked.
    Dont hide to seek answers. Why should u do that if u believe your message is valid and relevant. If I ask u or tbjw questions it is because we all here. I have not created another platform to ask u questions.
    Look at u telling someone he eat,sleep, work, pray what tbj says when all u do is watch emmanuel tv and share and report what tbj does. Are u really a true believer, free and make His Name known?
    Of course, u will go wherever u want, that is what u have been going all this while and not where God want u to.
    You know u cant leave the prison of Scoan. U cant even get it behind u since it is what u live to share and report on on a free site.
    Forget it, u dont make him known. What u make known is the scoan n tbj. Fake deliverance n prohecies on which camera? Your camera video analyst? All u can do is hide.

      • @tbjoshuawatch,
        I beg to differ, @Jacob is living up to his name, that’s all there is to him. 1000 questions and obfuscating.

    • @ Jacob,

      “when all u do is watch emmanuel tv ” No I don’t I saw a small 7 minute clip somewhere. That is not watching EMTV.

      “Of course, u will go wherever u want, that is what u have been going all this while and not where God want u to.”

      So I am not supposed to go to work, not supposed to go eat, not supposed to buy things, not supposed to go where I am invited, not supposed to go anywhere right ? Then being cooped up in SCOAN and being at the mercy of a serial liar and deceiver who tells your that it is dangerous boogey world out there, is that what you are saying ?

      Please Jacob, don’t tie up everyone in SCOAN, there will be no more computers, no more Windows, no more Mobile phones, no more Goolge, no more food to eat in restaurants, no more cattle ranchers, no more Mc Donalds, no more bill paying, because we have to be cooped up in SCOAN and be at TB Joshua’s feet prostrate is that what you are saying ? You are very funny. Big entertainment for everyone to see. Thanks for being a recluse in SCOAN. Stop using their camera’s, WordPress and Youtube as well, they are all from the Devil.

    • @ Jacob,

      “I will not go and hide behind proxies, firewall and a free site to ask u question or tbjw questions”

      So what ! I or anyone can sit in my/their private bunker with walls of concrete with steel of 10 yards thick and why would you fall over that ? It would be the same thing to say that the President can’t sit in Camp David when it is war time is that what you are saying ?

      I refuse to be slave of anyone and especially not of TB Joshua, I regret every day of my life I have thrown away so many years away for nothing, including my energy and time. Not to speak about the financial part. Not that important. You want to be with TB Joshua, you want to sit on his lip, I don’t. And if I sit behind 14 firewall, twenty hardware NAT’s and 16 Norton Internet security packages, why would you care ? You can hear my voice in what I write. If you read a book, do you see the man/woman ? All you see is the picture on the back side, unless you go to the book signing. But what he or she writes is their personal thoughts and ways of life unless it is fiction and fantasy. Big deal.

      Being desperate is very bad perfume, I was told.

  51. @tbjw
    Which question related to me did u ask and I never answered? Is that all u have to say after been silent for all this while. I hope u are watching emmanuel tv. tell u what happened after the day.
    @J Karman
    Tell tbjw to report that too since it is their calling to give reports on tbj and SCOAN

  52. Jacob, what are you doing on this site? Just keep on worshipping profhet tb Joshua, it is your free choise. We made a different choise. We worshipp Jezus.

  53. @Jamie
    I check out a comprehensive resource on tbj n SCOAN if u care to know. Every choice one makes is a free choice. So u can choose to keep on worshiping tbjw and believe in their pointing out of their grand deception and hide too. U made a different what? By pointing out grand deception n lies? Is that what u call worship? Forget if that is your worship of Jesus, u are lost jamie. Or that is what they taught in your church as worship. Please, u can do better.

    • @ Jacob,

      “By pointing out grand deception n lies? Is that what u call worship? ”

      Here you go again with your questions, but what about our questions ? I think you are hypnotized to say the same thing but then different and make it to a question. You obviously like deception. Whatever the church provides you swallow whatever church that may be. You like the government lie to you ? You like you wife to cheat on you ? Do you like your children to lie to you ? I mean, what are you saying dude ? What is wrong with you ? Jesus says I am the Way, THE TRUTH and the LIFE, He who comes to me will never thirst. He did not say let us lie so we progress in life. Big difference. You are stuck man, seriously stuck. Come out of this hypnosis. Staring yourself blind upon what is not right. Go in the deeper layers and you will find there is no truth than only deception. If their leaders are full of demons while they are there for many years and it claims it is a deliverance ministry, how come they were never discovered with their demons inside them when they were sitting at TBJ’s desk who claims he can see right through you with the spirit of god, which he demonstrates every time he is ministering inside SCOAN ? What ! Man, what more evidence do you need ? What can’t you see ? Even a 5 year old can see that when explained to him thoroughly. That boy will say, that’s not right and you are an adult. What !

    • I should worshipp tbjw? Dear Jacob, this is just a web-site where people can share their expereinces with scoan, and their search for Truth. I am not lost, far from it! Since i left scoan, my live is in full strenght and loveble again. I love Christ. And all is given by Him.

  54. @ Jacob or is it Mr. Jakdap:

    Please, just shut up! You heard me, yes, just shut your hot air balloon up. I am are not impressed.
    Why are you insisting that people should reveal their identity? Is it necessary for truth? Haven’t you heard about protecting the identity of the “Whistleblower”? Whistleblowers could choose to protect their identity if they so choose it is up to them, and it is highly advised by the law community for reasons, I do not have time to go into in this comment session. Therefore, the team/person that manages this blog or comments on this blog is entitled to protect his or her identity if they so choose. It is acceptable provided the information that provide is accurate and can be proven. And from my following this blog so far, I have noticed that they always have a backup proof of every point they bring forth.

    This blog as @Vooke pointed out is not arrest anyone from what I concur but to warn people who are still deceived by such false personalities in the body of Christ as TB Joshua, who are using people who life have dealt a hard blow for merchandise. This blog, has streamlined their efforts on one particular person to stud,y it does not mean that there are not others out there also engage in this evil in church organization around the world in the guise of miracles, signs and wonders.

    Throwing cheap shots like, “it is a free” blog is immature, or that they watch Emmanuel TV every day is unlearned, because if you are a student of a matter, you are supposed to concentrate your efforts to learn the “in and out” of that matter as well as follow it to come out approved.
    Just because you have you have your flimsy blog and your picture exposed for the world to see does not necessary mean we know who you are. What is the name you used in your blog profile “Jakdap”, the name of a human being? That picture you put up there could easily have stolen somewhere else in the world wide web and put as yours. What is your full name, so in case when TB Joshua is giving out his “blessings” for those who support him in blog comment posts, yours will show up on the list. Giving Jesse a phone number to call you does not necessary mean that is a true number, anyone can buy a phone and dispose of it tomorrow, not that I have any intentions to call you, I have no time – too much hot air with no substance.

    By the way, is that your blog above paid for, isn’t it a free blog like TBJW or even more FREE as you copy links from other websites to post there? Just shut up, look at you pretending to be an intellectual while you don’t even know your right from your left. What? Are you here to protect TB Joshua so he will recognize you and possibly send for you to receive your own “blessing and anointing water”? Dude, cut the chase, because you will be disappointed, TB Joshua does not know you, and there are a lot of people kissing his feet so as to share in the profits to even give you a thought, or even a crumb from the sale of “anointing water” and “prayer benches”.

    Besides, answer the question put to you by Jesse and stop running around the bush:
    Why is TB Joshua operating under the spirit of deception/guile? Why is he editing videos to conform to his false prophecies and deliverance? Apart from the recent false prophecies pointed out by Jesse above, there are a myriads of other such false claims and prophecies, didn’t he prophecy in the 2013 that there will be food shortages around the world therefore people should go into exporting and importing business and that governments should invest a large percentage in food production. What happened? I don’t see any food shortages now, or such that happened in 2013.

    Face the drumbeat man, TB Joshua is a false prophet period, there is no two way about it. Whether this blog is FREE or NOT, or people commenting here reveal their identity or NOT, the purpose of this blog is clear, it is here to expose the workings of the false prophets and pastors in the body of Christ of which Christ himself warned us to be aware of according to the living word of God in Matthew 7:15 – Beware of false prophets, which come to you in sheep’s clothing, but inwardly they are ravening wolves.

    • well said Lady Claire. Dont trust the meekness of TB Joshua, it is a pretense. He is a plunderer. And better run, before he damage your soul, mind, spirit and body. Thank you so much.

  55. @ all,


    “Boko Haram attacked two villages near Chibok in Borno State yesterday morning, leaving scores dead and many injured.

    The heavily-armed terrorists who were 20 in number, were reportedly dressed in army uniforms. They stormed Koronginim and Ntsiha villages, conveyed by two vehicles painted in “army colours,” Punch reports.

    In an attack that lasted for about five hours, the insurgents reportedly razed the villages as well as livestock, and shot at residents sporadically.

    Many of the injured people are now on admission at Chibok General Hospital.”

    How did that prophecy go again from TB Joshua ? “Boko Haram” we will not hear from them again if my memory serves me well. Now he wants to tell us that the Wisemen soon will be able to prophely as well. So he decides who prophesies or does not ? So the gifts are dispensed by him then ? While he hides behind what he calls god ? Or has he conjured some of the lying spirits to inject in the Wisemen ?

    The Lord said, ‘Who will entice Ahab king of Israel to go up and fall at Ramoth-gilead?’ And one said this while another said that. Then a spirit came forward and stood before the Lord and said, ‘I will entice him.’ And the Lord said to him, ‘How?’ He said, ‘I will go and be a deceiving spirit in the mouth of all his prophets.’ Then He said, ‘You are to entice him and prevail also. Go and do so.’” 2 Chronicles 18:19-21

    And Jesus Himself said that the deception and lying in the last days would reach towards such a fever pitch that even the very elect might be deceived if it were possible. Matthew 24:24

    So we must be keen to lying and lying spirits. If we are not, we will fall for the greatest lie of all…

    Then that lawless one Antichrist will be revealed whom the Lord will slay with the breath of His mouth and bring to an end by the appearance of His coming; that is, the one whose coming is in accord with the activity of Satan, with all power and signs and false wonders, and with all the deception of wickedness for those who perish, because they did not receive the love of the truth so as to be saved.

    For this reason God will send upon them a deluding influence so that they will believe what is false. 2 Thessalonians 2:8-11

    7 Ways to Recognize a Lying Spirit:

    1. A lying spirit can not understand the truth. John 8:43-45
    2. A lying spirit denies the deity of Jesus Christ (that He is God). 1 John 2:22
    3. A lying spirit stands with a majority opinion (many times). 2 Chronicles 18:21a
    4. A lying spirit practices unrighteousness. 1 John 3:7-8
    5. A lying spirit does not listen to believers. 1 John 4:5-6
    6. A lying spirit speaks words that fail to come to pass. 2 Chronicles 18:27
    7. A lying spirit entices men to destruction. 2 Chronicles 18:19-21 <~~~ Very important.

  56. @Lady-Claire
    Another name to make it look like a different person. Shut up? You can say that a thousand time. It wont change anything. U sound depressed and angry.
    Oh so u did check my profile. It was that important to u. Why didnt u check the profile of the one behind this blog. I havent only insisted on identitied but i have also asked for proof n verification for this so called report.
    So now they are whistle blowers? Really, funny ah? Who are they blowing the whistle to and for what reason? And which community law advise that, in which country? Are u assuming they are whistle blowers or u really know that about them? Who protects the whistle blower? The blower or someone else? I dont know so tell me.
    U have notice n not that u know that they back up every point the bring forth with proof? which proof, from where?
    Oh so to streamline their efforts one particular person to study when there are others is not throwing cheap shots but expensive ones, right? Is that ur kind of maturity, u got to be joking.
    Now they are also students of emmanuel tv, defender of tbjw?
    So u dont know me bcos my name is not a name and my picture is a picture from somewhere on the net.. Did i say u knew me? If u want to know me u will get to know me. Oooo so that is why u guys hide bcos u know u can pick a picture from anywhere on the net. Is Lady-Claire also a name of a human being.? If u werent aimlessly commenting u would have seen my full name above on this thread. But no, u jump from nowhere to give us some cheap talk, a talk with no substance.
    I never gave Jesse my number, liar. She never asked for it. Of course, anyone can buy a fone n dispose it off. Cheap excuse. Anyone can come up with stories and email it to someone too.
    My blog is free like tbjw but unlike tbjw, i use it for better things. u know it. I copy links from other sites yes,unlike tbjw which copies videos and other stuff, I ask permission to do that. You can contact the authors or the administrators of those sites. Thank u for the publicity.
    You who know ur right from ur left, u are not here to be recognize and be bless by tbjw but so we will know u too exist and is a defender of tbjw? Hypocrite, look at u. No wonder u came from no where to defend tbjw n give jive. What are u here for?
    Are u frusted, jealous or go mad at the thought of me being recognize. Lol. Why does that worry u so much.
    I never said tbj knew me. Are u commenting for commenting sake or what? Please let me know if u are alright.
    If u were a reasonable person u will know the right person that Jesse posted. But since u are not, you wouldnt know.
    True proohet Lady-Claire, give me some true prophecies. Good u agree it is a free site, is that all u will admit?
    Stop being inconsistent. U said they streamline on one particular person, now the blog expose the workings of the false prophets and pastors in the body of Christ. Stop lying, u know this blog is all about tbj. Be careful of false teachers that expose teach what is not true and expose things that cannot be proven on a blog.

    • @Jacob is in love with TBJW but he won’t admit it. He is bitter at the truth. I think if you really have to bark at something that shopuld be TB Joshua. If he wasn’t a professional video editor and swimming in allegations of sexual abuse and gutter gospel, TBJW would not be here in the first place.

      I bless the Lord that @tbjoshuawatch is evoking such angst, incoherence and irrationality among SCOAN sympathizers….Their blood is not on them

      • Yes, I agree with vooke, that Jacob is bitter and fuels his confusions and frustrations on others. Jacob, keep your heart and Jezus, you are gone need them in this tribulated time. Peace is in your heart,.

    • @ Jacob,

      I was wondering in YOUR profile, why there WAS HACKING in there.

      Such things are for you as a confessing Christian to do ? I see. So hacking you don’t find to be illegal ? So what does the Bible say about illegalities ? Jacob….. Does Jesus also hack in other people’s computers ? Which brings me to SCOAN. So does SCOAN also condone hacking as Christian practices ? So then why has the SCOAN website script related scripts embedded ? So SCOAN is allowed to extract IP numbers, WAN, LAN and SAN IP numbers from accessing computers and trace route them right ? Am I right Jacob, because don’t try to fool me with your denial, because I have seen there are scripts in SCOAN’s website.

      So if SCOAN has nothing to fear and God is their defence, why put scripts in the SCOAN website to do such things. This is also in all the TB Joshua Fan blogs, same story. So this means they are just scared, but behave boldly because they are with “many”. CITA, which means caught in the act. All that to protect a false prophet. Not anymore, the cat is now out of the bag !

      How stupid do you think we are ? Jacob, and that we are novices on the levels of IT ? Is that what you are thinking ? Think again.

  57. Let me advise @Jacob and all the ilk he represents.
    FOCUS on the message of this blog not the messenger. For all I care @tbjoshuawatch may be short, ugly, short hair, high IQ or whatever. That is the least of my concern.
    FOCUS on the message.
    Study the message
    Attack the message.
    Refute the message.
    Oppose the Message.
    Meditate on the message

    And if you really feel spiritual and discern demons at work here trying to besmirch a prophet of God, feel free to cast them out. Otherwise you are wasting time with your emotional rants

  58. This is how I know am dealing with losers on
    1. Name calling- the moment they start calling you fool,children of Satan/Lucifer and so on
    2. Ad- Hominem – attacking the characteristic or authority of @tbjoshuawatch without addressing the substance of the argument
    3. Responding to the tone of the writing again without attacking the substance of the argument
    4. Contradicting the argument WITHOUT evidence

    This is the best way to approach @tbjoshuawatch claims;
    1. Explicitly refuting their central points. For instance, “TB Joshua prophecy over #MH370 has failed” . Use evidence or logic to prove it HAS NOT failed
    2. Point out mistakes and EXPLAIN why they are mistakes. For Instance if @tbjoshuawatch alleges John Chi has left SCOAN, demonstrate that he is still there
    3.Contradict and back up your contradiction with reason and evidence. For instance, on the video supposedly showing kids worshiping TB Joshua, prove no worship obeisance is offered or whatever is done is harmless or not wrong.

    I have yet to spot any hint of suppressing the truth on @tbjoshuawatch and should I run into any, I will walk out of this place.
    Believers should never apologize for thinking nor be ashamed. God could have easily made us brainless, but He chose to give us intellect. It is blasphemy to shun critical thinking in the Body of Christ




    2 John 1:7
    I say this because many DECEIVERS …… have gone out into the world.

    Any such person is the DECEIVER and the ANTICHRIST.

    Matthew 24:5
    For many will come in my name, claiming, ‘I am the Messiah,’ and will DECEIVE many.
    Matthew 24:24
    For false messiahs and false prophets will appear and perform great signs and wonders to DECEIVE, if possible, even the elect.
    Mark 13:22
    For false messiahs and false prophets will appear and perform signs and wonders to DECEIVE, if possible, even the elect.
    1 Timothy 4:1
    The Spirit clearly says that in later times some will abandon the faith and follow DECEIVING SPIRITS and things taught by demons.

    Maybe we should humble ourselves and ask God in Jesus Name to deliver us from deception!

  60. @Vooke
    You can say that. I am in love with tbjw n wont admit it just like tbjw n it allies are in love and obsess with tbj n scoan n wouldnt admit it. If tbjw wasn’t a story teller I wouldnt be here in the first place. Anyone can say bless the Lord. Every independent minded person who analyse what is posted here will know the stuff posted here are half- truths, inconsistent, mischievous n unreasonable.
    Vooke why wont u give that advise to yourself,tbjw and it other allies. You should focus on the message of Christ and not the messanger tbj and SCOAN.Every independent minded person who read all the comments on this thread knows that I started by attacking the message I got attacked. You hypocrite, hollier than thou fellow. If you want your demons cast out come meet me face to face. The sick goes to the hospital, the hospital does not go to the sick.

    • @Jacob,
      Please point ANY ‘half- truths, inconsistent, mischievous n unreasonable’ on
      You have never done that. Weeks later just emotional rants after rants.
      The only crime this blog has done is confusing SCOANites and their sympathizers with the truth 🙂 🙂

      The difference between & @Jacob is one is coherent with very clear goals, the other is a study in distraction, digression and dodging. Once again, Please point ANY ‘half- truths, inconsistent, mischievous n unreasonable’ on

    • @ Jacob,

      “The sick goes to the hospital, the hospital does not go to the sick.”

      You are incorrect.

      Jesus Calls Levi
      Luke 5:30

      …30The Pharisees and their scribes began grumbling at His disciples, saying, “Why do you eat and drink with the tax collectors and sinners?” 31And Jesus answered and said to them, “It is not those who are well who need a physician, but those who are sick. 32″I have not come to call the righteous but sinners to repentance.”

      Jesus came to the sick, he came to Lazarus, he came to the woman at the well because he sat there for a reason, He restored the cut off ear in the Garden of Getsemane, He bumped into the blind man, He was/came in the Synagogue and healed the shrivelled hand, He went TO THE POSSESED MAN in the Gardarenes. Just name a few.

      So yeah, you are wrong. And since the Holy Spirit already has come we don’t have go anywhere. God is omnipotent, omniscient and omnipresent, but He does not dispense miracles on a conveyor belt on every command we say or want. TBJ can conjure them up anytime, but recently backtracked on it that he had to hear from God when it came to a man in a wheelchair with many machines around him, or even a man that I know in the wheelchair whom they told he can’t go to SCOAN because there are no elevators in SCOAN. wow ! If Emmanuel is there then no elevator is needed is it now ? Ridiculous !

  61. Jacob, TB Joshua is swallowed in his depts. He follows his weakness. I dont accuse his sin, i point to the facts of the consequenses for his ministery and the involved people. , TB JOshua needs the profhesies of others to sustain his vision. , because sin will defile his clear perception. TB Joshua has anoited powers, they stay even when the person sins. But there is no Spirituality in such release of the power, it is just from the flesch. TB Joshua has a flesch-vision, he ripps you from all your good treasures and dignity and money. He likes the biggest piece of cake to any degree.It is all flesch-desire. In The Spirit of God are no pieces of cake, only Gods Gracious provisions and promises, for ALL.

  62. @ Jamie,

    Jamie, Grrr, don’t talk about cake, me luv cake, yum yum. Especially marble cake. Oh, now you have made me hungry. Dang ! Me wan’ cake now. 😉

  63. Talking about 2013 and 2014 TB Joshua’s prophecies, what about the dubious ones of 2012? As I was cleaning up this morning I came across TB Joshua prophecy I wrote down to prepare me for year 2012 when I used to be a diehard TB Joshua fan. Now reading it, I feel nothing but shame of how much I have been deceived and praises to God for setting me free from such false men of God.
    TB Joshua New Prophecy Year 2012 (from my notes he gave in December 2011)
    1. Food production should be everyone’s priority there is going to be worldwide food scarcity. If you want to start a business in 2012, start a large farming business. Buy a tractor and buy a land in your village, employ the youth and start a large farming expedition -because there will be food scarcity (Food production was not a problem for any country in 2012).
    2. In 2012, many currencies will fall, especially the US dollar, there will be nothing like the Nigerian Naira again (Nigerians are still using their Naira currency!).
    3. In 2012 everyone will be forced to discover his/herself.
    4. The world should be ready for hard times in 2012 and this will lead to massive joblessness and insecurities (never saw this in 2012).
    5. There will be economic wars. Economic wars verses Security wars will be 50:10 ratio between countries. Economic wars in 2012 will be more serious.
    6. To be blessed and maintain the blessing of God in your life in 2012: support the needy, orphans, widows, etc.
    Read these prophecies, did anyone come to pass???
    #3 and #4 of the so called “2012 prophecy” is what every Christian is supposed to do anyway in good times or in bad, I figured he just added that to make the prophecy seem more authentic or something.
    It is a pity indeed; I feel ashamed of having believed TB Joshua and wasted my time all these years believing this man. I even used up my savings to travel to SCOAN twice, but NOTHING came out of the visits, NOTHING, NADA. It’s a pity.
    … be warned.

    • Take heart, my dear Muruti ! It’s such a painful, devastating, and disappointing experience to fall into the hands of a false prophet like T B Joshua. But the great thing that comes out of this is that some of us would wake up from our slumber and see these wolves for what they are and expose them. I will continue to EXPOSE T B Joshua until he makes his public confession of false prophecies, lying, deception, manipulation, fabrication, fake miracles, fake testimonies, fake deliverances, fake healings, fornications, adulteries, robbing and stealing from God’s people, etc, etc, etc, to make himself a millionaire.
      The Lord will surely judge this great deception of Nigeria, called T B Joshua, and all his accomplices. Repent now, T B Joshua and let the Lord Jesus have mercy on your wretched soul!

  64. Well, it has been nearly three months since the Athens branch closure and this is what it has amounted to. Brethren who are seperated into two “groups”: those pro SCOAN yet against the “sinful” pastor and those who are now sceptics towards the whole matter and have decided not to take any man’s word for granted. In both cases the pastor has been “abandoned” as very few remain by his side, mainly family members. However, the sad side of it all is that the spirit of “divide and conquer”, of “haters” against anyone who dares to-at long last- question all the going ons and doctrine at SCOAN by biblical standards, remains firm. Thank God not for all, as some have come to open their eyes and decided indeed to examine all things under the light of God’s uncompromising and incontestable Word, as it is, simple, pure and straightforward, written-funnily enough- for the simple minded, the unwise, the foolish according to human standards, as we are told in 1st Corinthians 1:26-29. A doctrine of “do not blaspheme against the Holy Spirit-equating scriptural examination of SCOAN to blasphemy- and there on presenting a spirit of intimidation: “they should be aware, the way they are carrying on they will lose their healing not to mention the salvation of their soul”. Really…..I won’t even bother to comment or refer scripturally to the absurdity of such beliefs. After all the darkness that was going on, for a fact, at least at the Athens branch, to characterize such statements would be an underestimation…so let’s just say that they are simply a laugh. Under such criteria the pastor alone should have “vanished” from the face of the earth, into everlasting condemnation of an eternal hell. BUT…GOD IS THE JUDGE AND NOT WE. One’s salvation is in His hands entirely, we are to follow the road map given to us, His Word. WE ARE TO JUDGE BETWEEN WRONG AND RIGHT, EXPOSING AND OUTCASTING SIN WHEREVER IT LAYS, AND THAT’S ALL.1st Corinthians chapters 5 and 6. Personally, being referred to as “dangerous” enhances and stabilizes the conviction in my heart of standing for the truth and wasting no time in exposing it for Christ’s sake. You see, it is the Fear of God that leads me and not the fear of man. Accountable I am to the Almighty alone, if lies, deception, perversion of the Word and covering up, pass before my very eyes and I keep my mouth shut. And as Leonard Ravenhill- this great yet simple warrior of faith against sin and abomination in the church- says: “My main purpose in life on this earth is to be on the devil’s “most wanted” list.” Dangerous? So be it!!! Anyway….now most are involved into wanting to find out what has happened to monetary matters as suspected embezzlement is first on their current agenda. Talk about beginning with the Spirit and ending with the flesh….how much more flesh??????? What is truly sad and dangerous here is forgetting the reason why we entered this church: Jesus Christ, for the salvation of our souls. Not gifts, not promotions, not privileges, not stickers, not bracelets, not waters, not signs and wonders but holiness….HOLINESS. God have mercy on us all….To conclude, when God says “my people are perishing due to the lack of knowledge” this means one thing: KNOWLEDGE IS POWER. PERSONAL, FIRST HAND, PERSONAL KNOWLEDGE OF GOD’S WORD IS POWER. AS A CHRISTIAN YOU ARE ENTITLED TO IT WITHOUT HUMAN INTERCESSORS. Hebrews 8:10-12.

    • Good comment, Jeremiah! God is raising up believers who study, know, understand and obey His word. When we understand His word, we have power and are able to see the lies and deception in our times and to expose false prophets and pastors, such as TBJ and his synagogue of Satan. Keep up the good work, all discerning believers, let’s continue to expose the wolves in sheep’s clothing till they have nowhere to hide!

  65. The story from Tbj wife on the Internet makes Tbj look guilty when it comes to adultery. It shows that he does not believe it Is a sin.
    Evelyn his wife talks about his proposal after knowing him only 45 min. He said, “I don’t want a concubine, will you marry me?”
    There was no talk of love or even God in the marriage the only talk was sex. I would have been insulted but she said “yes”.
    It also shows he does not consider sex outside marriage a sin. Now it is more than 20 years later and there are so many reports of Tbj having sex with the women in scoan. He was so hard on the pastor from London, no mercy not even to the church. The sheep he had a responsibility to take care of once he made them a branch yet he cut them off. I pray that all these women come together and hold Tbj accountable. I pray that Jesus has as much mercy with Tbj as Tbj had with the London pastor and church.
    There are so many ways to prove it. Monica Lewinsky had that dress. I believe the boy who molested Michael Jackson knew of a mole. In Georgia there was a pastor who had several people he settled out of court with.
    I pray that Jesup will expose all the evil at that church and that he removes tbj from leadership and authority, in Jesus Name.
    Jesus is the one true HOLY righteous judge.

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