Repost: Hattie’s story, part 1. Visiting SCOAN, first impressions

A post from the archive, part 2 and 3 to follow.

Why am I writing this? I have a unique viewpoint. I have been to SCOAN as a visitor and have been entranced by it. I have watched many videos and I have watched Emmanuel TV.  I was for a long time a sympathiser, never deeply involved but certainly deeply affected. I have known disciples (very well) both before, during and after their involvement and I want to bear witness to the truth, to share my story. I will also share my perception of the psychological and spiritual processes at work.

Why did I go?

SCOAN in Lagos


I am one of probably many thousands of visitors to SCOAN in Lagos. Why did I go? I went because I had heard from people I knew of the wonders God was doing there. I knew people well who were very involved and had great admiration for them. I felt I just wanted to see for myself. I was curious, needed a little faith boosting and I was disillusioned with the “Christianity” I saw around me. ( I now know that I was living my faith through the experience of others and this certainly looked like it was going to be one big experience)

I thought that by going I would see “evidence” and that it would boost my faith.  I am intelligent and well-educated. I thought I was discerning. I now know that I was spiritually very naïve and not grounded in Scripture.

What was it like?

I did have an incredible week. I went with a small group of visitors from the UK. We were all in search of something. Most of the others were going to be prayed for for healing. I was simply interested and intrigued. I wanted to see for myself.

From the moment we arrived we were treated like celebrities. We were driven back to the SCOAN in Lagos by a team. People were lovely and so friendly. We were shown. There was Christian worship music playing. Our days were spent together, watching incredible videos and speaking with the group leaders in preparation for the two big meetings we would attend. We were shown around the huge complex and told about all the work that SCOAN was doing. We were even taken to “prayer mountain” which was the place where TB Joshua would go to pray. We had a ride on his speedboat. I remember thinking how lovely he was. How kind he was and how humble to be taking some time out of his busy schedule to spend time with us. I was in awe of him. At the end of the week, each visitor even had an audience with the prophet himself. It made you feel special (special to God even) I thought that if TB Joshua had a “word for me”, it would prove that God knew about me and loved me.  I now know that this “celebrity treatment” and attentiveness is common in cults and is known as “love bombing” It gets you to lower your guard and it achieved that with me very well.

The videos, some of which I had seen before, showed miracle after miracle. I was hungry for more. I was excited and enthused. I remember reading the book of Acts in my dormitory bed. My experiences were shedding a whole new light on my Christian faith. I could see why so many were coming here.

In the meetings I saw more miracles and incredible supernatural phenomena. I saw one man literally be hurled across the room whilst being prayed for. I saw TB Joshua identify people in the church (with a “prophecy”, having incredible knowledge about them that astounded) It was exactly how I imagined the early church (in Acts) would be.

Meanwhile, back in the visitor room where we were watching videos, we were also given slips of paper to keep with our Bible/notes. I don’t recall them all. Some were Bible verses. Others were “quotable quotes”, phrases coined by TB Joshua and used alongside scripture by the disciples. I remember two distinctly. One was a short phrase about “doubting the doubt” e.g. when doubt comes “doubt the doubt”, the other was to do with accepting God’s prophet and receiving a “prophet’s reward” for doing so. The quotable quotes seemed to illuminate scriptures that I had previously known to mean something slightly different. To me, in this context, seeing all these amazing healings and miracles, the quotable quotes made complete sense.

The psychology of seeking healing and denying treatment

Looking at the context in which these quotes/teachings were given (i.e. most people were seeking healing prayer) I can see very much why people feel compelled to stop their medication.  There was a huge emphasis on faith and that without faith it is impossible to please God. There was a huge emphasis that you have to claim your healing by pressing on in faith. There was a huge emphasis on “doubting the doubt”, on the fact that God has healed you and that Jesus died for your healing, all of it (a twisting of scripture….not all are healed!) Some were apparently healed. For those that weren’t, it was very much implied  (though not stated explicitly) that it was their fault. So not only did they have to cope with the disappointment that they were not healed, they had to cope with the “failure” that they didn’t have enough faith. That somehow they weren’t deserving. This is very much how it feels and it is devastating.  I had prayer for a small matter  and I experienced it to some degree. I have seen people go through it and die with this burden. In my group, there was a person with a chronic illness who had to take life saving medications. They stopped their medications towards the end of the week and became visibly extremely ill. The disciples kept praying for the person and claimed it was the “demons coming out”. I never had the courage to find out what happened to that person. I imagine they ended up in hospital as they got off the aeroplane.  There was a lot of denial of what was actually happening. It was all this “doubting the doubt”. Accepting reality was seen as a lack of faith.

I have known people declared healed. Some stopped their medication as a result and some didn’t. In the group I was in there was no command to stop medication, rather an insinuation that if you believed your declaration of healing, you could claim it by “acting in faith”. They (the leaders at SCOAN) were however careful to say that it is up to the individual and I know some were actually told to go and see their doctor when they got home. (Note from the editor: This describes Hattie’s experience, others have had differing experiences as will be reported in future posts)

I suppressed some of my queries at the time. It was so awe-inspiring that it wasn’t hard for me to put myself down. I thought “who am I to question?”

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13 thoughts on “Repost: Hattie’s story, part 1. Visiting SCOAN, first impressions

  1. I Personally Believe that whatever PROPHET TB JOSHUA IS DOING IS REAL!!!!! I’m not moved by what I hear or read In Jesus’ Name. satan and his followers will never be happy with the goodness of GOD’S SERVANTS and GOD’S WORKS. PROPHET TB JOSHUA, Please keep the good work that you’re doing. I will always believe in every good deed which is from my GOD!!!! The devil is already defeated!!!!!!

    • @ Angela,
      You can believe what you want. That is entirely up to you. People that write here are not Satan’s followers. They are genuinely followers of Jesus Christ and this false nonsense you keep putting up here as that we are the Devils minions is just ridiculous. So tell us about your personal encounters with TB Joshua and his disciples. Were you healed, were you delivered and from what ?
      I personally would be totally happy with God’s power going through people and for my part everybody. But my personal encounters with TB Joshua as NIL results. NIL, NADA, NOTHING ! So if I was sent by the Devil, it would have been uncovered IF TB Joshua was sent by God. All that I encountered was afterwards depression when he laid hands upon me and become even more sick than that I was. So yeah, thanks for telling me that God works through him. So funny ! And every true believer knows that the Devil is defeated , what is new ? But blame the Devil for everything is not sticking with me. Most problems are that we make the wrong choices, the wrong assessments and the interactions with other people. This has nothing to do with any devil, demon or other things. If I drink ice coffee with cream on a searing hot day and I get sick. Do I blame the Devil, or my ignorance that my choices were wrong ? That is what they do in SCOAN, blame it on the Devil. Just like Eve did in Genesis 3 and what DID GOD SAY ! He said it was their choice and their result of their choices. What everybody needs to learn is to say NO to temptation and no to things that are not for us to take part in. Then you will have a lot less problems.
      So my opinion and experience, thank you very much, that was once, but not again. Bye, Bye. Since then much better result. And live is NEVER without hindrances and problems. So get enlightened Angela and grow up and stop relying on con men to take you for a ride. Take care, God bless, Jesus loves you just as anyone is loved by Him. So begin to draw close to Him instead of a lying MH370, Boko Haram prophet. Start to have a relationship with God instead with people who do but are not what they say they are.

      • Please please Stop this nonsense !!! Tb Joshua is very real!!! My girlfriend and her family been to scorn her brother that was mentally ill was delivered in score.. And he has gotten admission in BIU guy was in scorn last month for thanksgiving..

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  3. T.B. Joshua is a true prophet, and we as christians we need to support him through our prayers. Even Jesus they doubted him and said he had a demon. Most of his disciples walked away when he said I am the Bread of Life, if you drink my blood and eat my flesh you will have eternal life. They have eyes but cannot see, and ears but cannot hear. They grope around in darkness. If you know that you are of little faith, then that is your portion. That is why God calls certain people to do the work, because he looks at the heart. I cannot see anything wrong in the work T.B. Joshua is doing. The blind can see, the captives are set free, the widow, the old, the orphan, the fatherless, the lame cry out and they are helped. Which cult can do this work. Do not be deceived, whatsoever a man soweth, so shall he reap. T.B. is planting life, what are you planting, ….?


  4. I dont know much of the scripture, but i know that our Lord warned us of false prophets to come. He also told his desciples that people will deny them for what they will do in his name. So be careful when arguing about God and his people. Am not saying that the so called T.B Joshua is from God. Weather from God or not, that i dont know. In acts, we read about a man using cults to heal people and they believed him to a man of God until the apostles preached the gospel. Jesus also being the son of God was accused to be the chief of demons. When going for/against something/someone, make you have enough evidence. GOD BLESS.

  5. @ Hattie or Jesse or whatever name you call yourself.

    Well, if you were a true Christian you wouldn’t have been rude, insulting, attacking. All the bitterness, anger and insult that is coming out of your heart is a proof of your hatred. and remember, a christian should not hate. Well, I am sorry. You are in trouble – within and without. It seems as if the goal of your life is to tarnish T.B. Joshua’s name. Get a life!

    You quote “Jesus loves you just as anyone is loved by Him” is just a paraphrase of what the man of God, prophet T.B. Joshua says “Jesus loves you just as He does any of his Apostles”. It seems to me that his teachings still speak to your heart, right?

    Dear, I hardly doubt whether what you are doing is driven by love (pretending to be the savior, to save humanity), rather, it is dictated by hatred. Why do you want others to follow you in this insanity of bitterness and hatred? Will this save your soul? It just reminds me Satan’s attitude. He knows he is doomed but he wants to drag as many as he can with him in hell. And you, just because you hate you want everyone to hate like you. Why don’t you just settle your accounts with your neigbour and God? Even if he was a bad man or anti-christ or occultist would your attitude help anyone? With hatred in your heart in the end you will end up at the same place. Sorry, but i pray for God’s mercy in our lives, Jesus died for all of us. If Jesus who died on the cross urged us to pray for those who hate us, how much more you should pray for those whom you “suspect” are not real Christians or occultists or witch and wizzards – for their conversion and salvation of their soul. If you want to do something to save the world go and preach the Gospel to the lost. Stop trying to divide christianity. You are not more christian than a T.B. Joshua follower. On the contrary, you are someone who causes division to the body of Christ. T.B. Joshua is someone who preaches unity. Advice, check your motives.

    Jesus never insisted on proving anyone wrong or wizard or occultist. He knew that there were others who needed Him, He knew that there was a field to harvest. He also knew that the time would come that everyone would be judged by the Almighty, so He never lost His time with such nonsense. Then why do you bother judging people? Aren’t you afraid that God will judge you one day? Why can’t you just move on with your life? Why can’t you just get over it?

    PS: T.B. Joshua is a real man of God. If any of you couldn’t maintain his/her deliverance it’s not his fault. Look unto God, he can do it again and again.

    Thank you!

  6. “Be sober, be vigilant; because your adversary the devil, as a roaring lion, walketh about, seeking whom he may devour” 1 Pet 5:8!
    Let us pray for the Man of God (TB Joshua). Devil is always angry & unhappy since people are escaping from his hands through Jesus using the man of God! Haleluja!! he will keep being unhappy & angry forever cos he is defeated! a defeated & disable satan can do nothing except walking about as a roaring lion! Jesus is Lord! and He will keep doing miracles through TB Joshua and many people escape to His kingdom! Amen!!!

  7. Very interesting how people who call them true Christian are angry when they hear name TB Joshua. mmmmmmh if you know you are a true Christian why judge, accuse, call names, abuse and says all sort of thing that the Bible forbid Christian to do? is it because their darkness kingdom are being destroyed? Is it because their evil secret are revealed, or is it because the more they destroy Christian the more they move close to God?
    Like Job, the devil can destroy our body, properties but they cannot steal our SOUL. Christian may die but they SOUL are being welcomed in the Kingdom of God. When you are a true Christian you dnt judge you pray for the other people to be saved but not destroying them with your words. Words are more dangerous than firing a shot because you think you talking the truth but only your devil controlled mind.

    The Bible says ” You refuse to believe in my prophets that I send to earth, and you speak with your mouth that you believe Me, how can you confess you love and believe in Me if you have never seen Me?Please honour the word of God ” Do no touch to my anointed one nor harm them” this means whether you believed in men of God or not, let God take charge. Let them be and keep praying for yourself to show the real men of God, but leave the rest alone……. For me I that God has send Prophet TB Joshua, because God has show it to me, and since then my life has transformed completely. I am not a Nigerian nor been there. But Glory to God I am saved and strong in the Lord. May God be and strength the family that loose their family.

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