Repost: Hattie’s story, part 3. Thought process

From the archive: In part three of her story, Hattie explores the thought process she went through which ultimately led to her severing her allegiance to SCOAN.

Who am I to question this man who is performing all these miracles and has such supernatural knowledge? He knows God better than I do and I had better listen to him.

TB Joshua appears to have such power in the supernatural realm and such knowledge about people. I wonder what he knows about me? I wonder if he will say anything about me? I am such a sinner.

TB Joshua seems to have “confrontation” with evil and often casts out demons. I don’t and am not even aware of that side of things much. I had better watch out/pray more/read my bible more/learn from TB Joshua more. (It indirectly made me acutely aware of evil at work and probably fear it more if I am honest)

A realisation

Some time passed and I simply carried on with my busy life.

Slowly I began to notice changes in people I knew that were involved with SCOAN closely. Most definitely these changes were for the worse and certainly not in keeping with the fruits of the Holy Spirit. It became more and more obvious with time. The people I knew were becoming increasingly hard, unloving and arrogant. They were disinterested in and withdrawing from relationships  and obsessed with all things SCOAN. It wasn’t just one person, I saw it happening across the board.   Within the families I knew who were involved, there was relationship breakdown, depression, isolation from the wider Christian community and rejection of family not involved in SCOAN.  All as a direct result of SCOAN involvement. I began to see that there was something very very wrong here. There was a deep discomfort within me. These people seemed to be burdened yet denied that burden completely. There appeared to be a real inner conflict going on, again denied. It seems strange to say it but there was something about their eyes. They seemed so hard.

A revelation

As a direct result of these concerns I began to pray and pray diligently and daily. In a way I never had before. I also went to pray with another Christian who I knew and respected, having seen many good fruits in their life and ministry. I still at that point totally believed SCOAN was a genuine move of God. That the problems were in the failings of the “men” involved for which SCOAN was obviously not responsible. I had purposefully never read any negative publicity about SCOAN. I just prayed and this fellow believer prayed for me, for discernment and understanding and that God would show me what was going on.

Amazing things began to happen to me. Over a period of a few days, I woke up in the night with Scriptures echoing in my mind. My heart would beat fast and I know that the Holy Spirit was speaking to me. It was like I was waking up from a long sleep. I could see in colour and my spirit soared. It happened in the day too that I would just be reminded of Scripture and I would write it down.

The most poignant dream of all, I liken to an experience where quite literally the scales fell from my eyes. I remember that moment of revelation and it was so beautiful.  I was reminded of conversations I had had in SCOAN whilst visiting and they stopped me in my tracks in this dream.

The first one was with someone I met there. I said “this really makes me question whether I am really a Christian” (i.e. I don’t see these things happening in my life..I must be nothing.)

The second was an inner conversation. I remember the incredible burden I felt and incredible condemnation and awareness of sin. Things I had long since repented of. I remember being petrified that thoughts would be broadcast to the audience too, (because this is what happens there!) I knew I was saved when I went and I knew that my sins were forgiven but somehow I didn’t quite believe it. I remember saying over and over to myself the scripture “for there is no condemnation for those who are in Christ Jesus” I now know that this was my own little spiritual battle going on.

So when I awoke in the middle of the night, heart pounding, I was so aware of God’s overwhelming love for me. That Jesus had died for me. That He had paid the price and He had made me and He loved me for me. It was all finished. It was like I was hearing the Gospel for the first time. Indeed there is no condemnation!  I was shown very clearly in that moment that it was the Deceiver ( making me question my salvation) and the Accuser (making me conscious of past sins) that was at work here.

I was utterly astounded. It was as if my world just turned upside down. It was from then that I began to look at the quotable quotes and see how they were twisting scripture. Very subtly but very significantly.

I remember one example in particular. One of the quotes on a SCOAN card read “Jesus is reachable” and I thought to myself “NO! Jesus was God’s way of reaching us! That is what sets Christianity apart from all other faiths..”It’s subtle but it implies there is something you have to do, or somewhere you have to go to reach Jesus (e.g. SCOAN)

It was only at that point that I began to look at some of the internet publicity that was around at the time.

I looked at the allegations (and was horrified but did not simply take then at face value) I knew that regardless of whether those allegations are true or false that this was not of God.I looked at the definition of cults (and was horrified that it ticked every single box: certainly where the disciples are concerned) What the visitors see is a careful showcase of propaganda to portray a genuine and very exciting Christian church. It was very carefully orchestrated and I was a ready victim for the psychological techniques employed. I am not alone.

What I believe SCOAN is doing is deceiving and distracting and enslaving many precious children of God. Deceiving even the elect. It totally undermines our individual relationship with God through Jesus by adding in another intermediary. It points us off course.

To anyone reading this: Please don’t just take my word for it. Seek God with all your heart and be prepared for His answer and not just what you want to hear. Jesus is the Saviour, Redeemer and Restorer. He really is the answer but you have to seek Him and Him alone.

50 thoughts on “Repost: Hattie’s story, part 3. Thought process

  1. Thanks for sharing your experience with the world. Let everything be judged in light with what the Bible says. The use of anointing water is not Biblical. Any object that was used to heal in the Bible was meant for particular purposes and at that time. It was not prescriptive but descriptive. Many testimonies are given about those who used anointed water and were healed or receive breakthroughs for many things. Anointed water is now the power not God. Some testified that anointed water saved them when they were in danger either of accident or attacked by thieves. So God is not powerful enough to protect His children? He now passes through anointing water or rosary or bangle to save? He says in Isaiah 43:2 “When you pass through the waters, I will be with you; and when you pass through the rivers, they will not sweep over you. When you walk through the fire, you will not be burned; the flames will not set you ablaze.” He promised to be with us. God Himself will be with us not sending anointed water or bangle. I see many false doctrinal issues with SCOAN. Those who follow blind-fully should be careful because their faith is not more in God but in TB Joshua and His anointed Water, anointed bangle etc. If you like you despise all what is said here and think that those who are writing against the ills of SCOAN are devilish. One day the truth will come to light. I appreciate His humanitarian work but we should not be deceived by what we see. We search the scriptures and allow the Holy Spirit to give proper understanding of what the Bible says.

  2. I am a bit worried of people who time after time keep criticising a man in a manner and fashion akin to talking to themselves. I took time to watch TB Joshua’s crusade currently underway in Cali, Colombia. And my request is that, okay those criticizing TB Joshua must surely come out and do greater things than these so that we can see they are right and Prophet TB Joshua is wrong. The same applies to Biblical teachings if you are going to say so and so is wrong or blaspheming, you should take to the pulpit, airwaves, internet or other media and give us your own correct or true teachings so that we who know little can see the light. Otherwise just making noise about another man’s calling and ministry without giving us an alternative is akin to a dog barking at a flying bird.

    • @ Charles,
      Why do greater things ? Lets look at Todd Bentley, he did huge crusades for months on end in the US and lets look at his record now. Enough said. Can you answer me why were there are so many black Africans in Nigeria rolling on the floor in Cali, Columbia ? It seems to me that Africans are “cursed and full with demons” all the time all over the world, or they are just from Lagos SCOAN and are willing to put up a vomiting and roll over the floor show. How many white people did you see on the floor rolling and vomiting ?

    • No sir, you are incorrect. Truth is not validated by displays of power. That is an unchristian and unbiblical viewpoint. Jesus accommodated people at times, when they asked for miracles, but made it clear that their request was foolish and childish, and at other times rebuked those who demanded a display of power very strongly.
      The Word of God is all that is needed to refute heresy. If the Word of God–Scripture–is not adequate for you, then you are rejecting an essential part of being a Christian. It is not any man’s teaching that is correct and true, but the Word of God given to us in Scripture.
      I find it very strange that TBJ’s followers are so obsessed with competition, and throw blind loyalty at whoever they think has “the most power”. This is antithetical to true Christian doctrine. Yet another piece of evidence that TBJ is *not* teaching the truth.

    • You are right to an extend, but believe me, i use to visit this site long ago and feel the same way you do, when God open my eyes, i came back to this site and confirm so many things that rae actually going wrong in scoan and believe me, this site encouraged me to stay away from false doctrines. If this site is no helping you in anyway, just know that many are being set free from the falsehood in scoan by the exposition here and i am an example.


    • @ Angela,
      Great general prayer, but what has he done that is worthwhile that you have to pray for that in that general way ? Of course we are not worthy to receive any prayers from you. Uum rather like doom flyby prayers and so on and evil surmising. Instead of blessing and praying us as the Bible commands. Well go on what has he accomplished in your life ? Go on tell me ? Why could God not reach you as M. said ? Were your prayers not good enough ? How is this prayer going to reach God, if they did not before that you needed a false lying prophet to state your case ? Go on tell me ? Of course I will not get an answer from you will I now ?

    • @ Angela,
      Will I get an answer on my questions ? Because what does that prayer mean or do if other prayers yiu did were not answered that you needed a false lying prophet that cannot tell us where the MH370 is as well promised us where the Boko Harem Chibok girls are and will be released shortly or even the attack that we would see in France !!! That Nigeria now has to resort to Malala Yousouzai to bring this to the attention of the world. As well the “anointed water” of which is claimed it is bulletproof and fire proof. NOW TELL ME ! Stop beating around the bush and explain that through him you acquired from God what you could not do on your own with praying to God ? Or you are eating his bread he provided and your finances you need it is that you do such a general prayer, because that is what it is, a general prayer that can be applicable to everybody and everything. Do you talk to people like that ? How you think God answers prayers ? You don’t even know what TB Joshua actually needs. You just want to uphold him as is. Why not pray about his lying ? Or false prophecies or edited prophecies, the miscalculations of addressing and the failed healings of those that went home empty handed and are blamed for their lack of faith ? Ever thought about that Angela ? Go on answer me ? You must be full of fear just like he is when I one day will confront him toe to toe, face to face, eyeball to eyeball and address him about the above questions.

  4. M. I agree totally with both of your comments. The sword we are to fight against all evil, the sword of the Holy Spirit, is no more no less than the written-for over 2000 years- validated-for those who call themselves Christians- non debatable, uncompromising WORD OF GOD. Anything that does not align with this Word or goes beyond it, is heresy. And since there is no neutral kingdom-as Scoan teaches- let everyone think for themselves to which kingdom does heresy belong to…..To end let me add the following verse, for all those who speak of “enlightened teaching” in any denomination: Jeremiah 23:30 “Therefore, declares the Lord, I am against the prophets who steal from one another words supposedly from me.” The Greek translation says: who steal MY words. So yes, deception may not be far from the truth, just as satan’s transformation into an angel of light is not far from what a real angel of light looks like. LOOKS LIKE, SOUNDS LIKE. Isaiah 42:18-20 sums it up: “Hear, you deaf; look, you blind, and see! Who is blind but my servant, and deaf like the messenger I send? Who is blind like the one committed to me, blind like the servant of the Lord? YOU HAVE SEEN MANY THINGS BUT HAVE PAID NO ATTENTION; YOUR EARS ARE OPEN, BUT YOU HEAR NOTHING.”

  5. @Nduks
    How and who determines whether the objects used in the Bible was meant for a particular purpose and at that time? Which Scripture (scriptures) indicates that? Which scripture indicate that they were prescriptive but descriptive? U are talking like those who claim healing, signs n wonders have passed. If from u God can prescribe a thing then, how much more now? Remember before some of these prescriptions came into force there already existed a Scripture for them. Before handkerchiefs were taken from the Apostles to heal people the Scriptures was already in existence. Before James told the elders to use the oil to anoint the sick (James 5:14), there was already a Scriptures. God could have parted the sea without Moses stretching his rod but he told him to. U n I were not there but u think it a sensible act. There was no Bible then.

  6. Hattie, U claim tbj appears to have such powers in the supernatural realm. u also claim tbj seems to have “confrontation” wyt evil and cast out demons. From the onset u even didn’t know ur stance. Clearly u have been confuse all this while. Ur thinking processes is greatly flawed. If u were in doubt or u were not sure of yourself why didn’t u raise question long before. It is either u are dissappointed former SCOAN member or u are framing this up.
    U began to notice changes in which ppl? Ppl from where? How come someone wyt a busy life and flawed thought processes all of sudden want us. believe that she can now think right.
    The people you describe fit tbjw n its allies, cannot u see, they watch emmanuel tv n tell us the latest stuff, they are obsess with tbj n scoan than the Bible.
    So u prayed for discernment n understanding n u want us to believe that God answered with amazing things happening to u. It happened day and night…. ur heart beat fast n u knew the Spirit was speaking to u. Like seriously? U got to be kidding us. U want us to believe that. Are u sure u were suffering from some fever n having hallucinations?
    Lol, then u could see in colour n ur Spirit soared. U think it is okay to believe this joke. This sounds like comedy.
    Scriptures were echoing… n u didn’t bother to give us 5 of them. Maybe ut fever was getting u insane. U had dreams n u want u to believe that it didnt come from over eating or Satan.
    So it has to take a dream for u to realise that Christ died for u, u got to be kidding! U were not a Christian all this while.
    It is clear ur understanding of the English language is bad n ridiculous. Who taught u english. Ur comparison of those two statement is absurd. U can do better.
    Of course, only the gullible will fall for this work of fiction.
    U can do better than this fake story.

    • @Jacob,
      “The people you describe fit tbjw n its allies, cannot u see, they watch emmanuel tv n tell us the latest stuff, they are obsess with tbj n scoan than the Bible.”
      TB Joshua’s hencnman…the ‘Like seriously’ guy
      Why does it offend you when bad news are reported out of SCOAN?
      It’s been quite a while since your guy spewed nonsense packaged as prophecy in the name of God. His epic fail with MH370 and Boko Haram has made him a tad cautious
      Now, point out falsehoods in this account or choke on your bitterness 😉 I wish you were half as concerned with the plight of the brainswashed as in putting up senseless distractions in the way of those doing something about it

    • Hi Jacob. You say about Hattie “why didn’t u raise question long before.” People in my family are part of SCOAN and I visited Lagos and from my experience asking questions is not approved of. The questions are answered with some meaningless phrase and the suggestion that by asking questions you are displaying a lack of faith. To ask questions in that negative atmosphere is very very difficult.

  7. I have visited scoan 2times and i can testify to this report. What you said here is just what goes on in the scoan.
    Now God took away my spiritual blindness and started to ask me questions, – concerning mediums like anointed water, faith bracelet,demon centered doctrines etc
    Also God made me to understand that even Paul the apostle didn’t have the anointing to heal all the time, so why will tb joshua choice when to operate spiritual gifts? I thank God very much for taking off my spiritual blindness because this happen very suddenly when i was planning to use the limited means i had to go for the faith bracelet anytime he decides to give it out, even though the anointing water and stickers never made any difference. I have been to the prayer mountain also.etc etc. My involvement with scoan made me to develop a super-spiritual attitude and i started leaving a live of isolation, distancing myself from people for fear of demons, see demons in everyone elses life and also judging who is a christian based on your endorsement of tb joshua. scoan is devilish, believe it or not.

    The scripture says: Matthew 5:

    35.Things don’t become true just because they’re dressed up in religious-sounding talk.

    36.In fact, the more religious it sounds, the more reason you have to be suspicious of it.

    And to those who think that because tb joshua’s ministry is expanding to columbia, hear what Jesus has to say:

    Matthew 7

    16.And sometimes these guys are hard to spot. But this is the key: look for Godly character. Don’t be fooled by their apparent success, their good looks or their talent.

    Don’t be fooled by their apparent success!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Also note that Jesus said, few people walk on the narrow way that leads to heaven. So sounding religious and calling the name of Jesus is no guarantee to eternal life.

    Matthew 7

    22.On that final day, there will be many that will want to talk about all the religious things they did that impressed so many people.

    23.Then I’ll tell them, and this will be the first time they have ever really heard My voice, You have to leave now, I don’t know you. We were never intimate. All those things you did that you’re so anxious to talk about had nothing to do with Me. You were just using My name to make yourselves look good.

    What tb joshua is doing is impressing so many people, but like me, God is taking off the scales from the eyes of people.

  8. @Vooke
    Vooke is always the first person to pop up to defend tbjw. Is that all u can say, oh pls, u can do better. your admission of your obsession with tbj n the Scoan is obvious.
    U can call me whatever. Isnt it interesting that u did not get enough wisdom to ask yourself a similar question: ” why do u get so offended when stuff are said abt tbjw’s post that u don’t like?”
    Instead of answering the questions u resort to diversionary tactics and saying things that are irrelevant to the post. Are u Hattie or tbjw? U can’t answers the questions bcos u dont have answers. Or will u fabricate a faceless Hattie who hides behind firewalls to answer.
    So u report bad news out of SCOAN, funny, that is all u can do all your life. funny.
    If u see a cautious person can u recognise? Tbj has not prophecied so far so tbjw n its allies hav run out of Bussiness. They have little to do so to keep the blog relevant n alive they have to concort stories. U go tru the blog n it is the same pattern, very predictable. People with wierd n wild imaginations. A typical ignoramus of the Scriptures and things of God
    Look at this bling guy, how can u see? The whole story is false no one need to point out anything. U know that but because u have an agenda to spread falsehood and lies all your life that is what u will keep on doing.
    Look at someone who claim not to be brainwashed and yet have nothing to show for it except to churn out falsehood. U know u can do better than this.
    Any sensible and objective person can tell by comparing my 1st post with ur response to my post that Vooke delight in pathetic distractions.
    Forget it, dont be deceived u are not doing those who have been brainwashed any good. Those who have been brainwashed are tbjw n its allies which u know well.

    • @Jacob,
      The liberty of TBJW is virtually non-existent at SCOAN. If this was SCOAN, you’d have been flushed out eternities ago!
      TBJW is doing a fine job of exposing deception in the body of Christ complete with proof. You on the other hand thrive in irrelevance and incoherent side shows here
      The challenge is simple. point a SINGLE falsehood here on this blog. You can’t, all you do is hurt that deception is being exposed. You’d rather believers believed lies for the sake of brotherhood

  9. @Yacob
    Of course, that is the only thing u can say bcos u have nothing relevant to say here. Such an ignoramus showcasing his traits. Ur spelling is even terrible. I’m sure u don’t even know what the word “dangerous” mean. The church doesn’t need to wake up, u have to.

  10. @Mobi
    U are part of the ppl making tbj popular but are blind to that. What shows that u have even been to SCOAN before? U can testify to this report, are u sure? U saw the writer of this story at SCOAN? Are u really sure understand what the word “testify” means? Or u want to give us another nice fabricated story from your head?
    Are u sure it was God who really took away ur suppose blindness? U still blind.
    God made u understand that Paul didn’t have the anointing to heal all the time? Are u sure it is not ur own mind? Were u there in Paul’s time? Such a joke. U are not afraid of God right to go to the extent of bringing Him into this falsehood? U sound like a dissappointed fellow whose faith didnt work. If it had work u wouldn’t be talking like this.
    So now that u know the suppose right stuff have u gotten the results u were looking for.
    Your involvement made u develop…, clearly u have personality issues. No one asked u to develop those things u developed. U went to a place where demons are cast and u became afraid of demons, ridiculous, with all your praying. Okay so now u are not afraid of demons anymore or what?

    • Doubt your doubt!.
      “”but lets be serious, if i go to the hospital know, do you still think people will be interested in your god? i mean pastors lets be serious””
      Thatz the idea displayed sometimes. yep, Timothy a man of God was always having “”stomach issues””, Paul the apostle sought heeling for Timothy from God, and God said no. Timothy was afflicted by a demon 3 times, and 3 times he begged God and God said, my grace is sufficient in that when you are weak then I AM strong.
      Not afraid of demons, the right thing to do is to see the demons that are in me and cry out to God, than to keep spotting demons in other people’s lives. That actually what i tried to explain that the doctrines course me to become super spiritual.
      I use the word testify, just to pint out that his experiences in scoan is exactly what goes on there. Everyone who has visited have almost the same experiences. No way to prove to you that i have been they. If the tell you that i was very scared when i saw the dogs in the cage, you say am a liar. I have stayed in the scoan main building for a week.
      Not disappointed at all. I am happy that the burden has been lifted off from me. remember i went there out of curiousity to what i have read in the book of ACTS. I didn’t have a special need. i get the stuff for people around me who can’t afford to go there, but like anyone else, i keep at least 1 anointed water for myself and sticker etc. Remember these things are not free and not any ind of person can have access to. Before you needed to purchase the frame before you are given the water, one frame one water etc, when you visit him as a visitor, he gives it as a gift but only 1. so you have to buy many more from under-behind where the choir is. ”My Father’s house is not a business place””
      The issue here is that this anointed water etc takes are eyes off God, we turn to worship what we see, Itz just like any other charm.
      Now it is the faith bracelet!!!
      Apart from that, when we’re submitted to God, He decides the when, the how and the who, in regards to the timing, the manifestation of the specific gift and the person or persons to be on the receiving end of what He has planned. Read about Paul in scripture and note that they were times that he could not operate in the gifts. Why was timothy who was always will Paul never healed? etc.
      Let me ask you are question, are you a pastor? i hope you are not longing to become like him.

  11. @Mobi
    “Scoan is “devilish”. U are not the 1st to say that, they said same about John the Baptist (Matt 11:17) and Jesus (Matt 12:24). But many still believed in Jesus and they only know why.
    Are u really serious? Matt 5:35-36 does not say what u claim it says. The original greek text does not even suggest that. This a complete distortion. Are u not lying, do u think u can fool anyone? What kind of Bible are u using?
    From what u are saying anyone can say likewise that ur story is not true bcos it is dressed up in religious sound talking . And for that matter we have to be suspicious of it. In Matt 7:16 Jesus did not say they are hard to spot. A big lie. U are fraudster, using a bad translation of the Scripture to suit ur skewed thinking. The Bible does not even suggest that. It does not even talk about success. The fact that ur story n stories here sound religious and nice does guarantee those behind it eternal. I know u know that.
    Jesus had multitudes following him, he did so many miracles (n ur suppose religious things) that were not even recorded. Jesus was a success or do u think He was a failure? Some said bad thing about him yet others believed him. And Jesus is not fake because we was successful n those of us who believe n imitate His example are not either.
    Dont deceive yourself, the scales are still on your eyes.

  12. @Mobi
    “Doubt your doubt!”, is that all u can say, dissappointed fellow.
    Wow u have even memorise tbj’ s words. You can get results in your life and those around u when u study n memorize the Scriptures.
    “Timothy was ALWAYS having ‘stomach issues’ “, liar. Where did u get that from, stop adding to the Scriptures. Is only Timothy u know? Timothy was advise to take wine so u can take in some wine when u get a similar problems.
    God said no to someone’s healing in the Bible, stop misleading people. A great ignoramus, u clearly dont know anything no wonder u say the things u say. That is why u got disappointed. Get some proper Bible knowledge else u will remain miserable all your life.
    Timothy was not afflicted by a demon, ignoramus ( 2 Cor 12: 1-10). How do u read or study your Bible. At least u agree that the grace came from God and not a doctor? “To see demons in u”, joker. Do u have demons in u?
    Just admit u don’t know or understand the meaning of the word “testify”. “Everyone have the same experience”, do u know everyone.
    U are happy the burden is lifted yet u went there out of curiousity n not bcos u had a need? Look at the inconsistency in all of your statements. Your wrong motive is clear, no wonder u had fear from the beginning. No wonder u n the ppl that sent u got so dissappointed. Did anyone beg u to buy. Dont misapply the Scriptures. Those Jesus kicked out of the temple were selling things that had nothing to do with God saving grace, God’s business or even temple in particular. Grow up.
    If u want to take your eyes of God u will and u are responsible for that, dont blame anyone. The Prophet Moses used the rod in his hands to divide the sea n perform many miracles, did make the people take their eyes off God n put it on the rod.
    Where in the Bible did the Bible say about times that Paul didn’t operate in the gifts?
    Paul wrote a letter to Timothy n advised him on what to do to help his situation. ( 1Timothy 1:23) It could have been a wisdom or direction from God through Paul to Timoth. The Bible said nothing about whether Timothy got healed or not.
    I am not a pastor. If God decide to use me to be a blessing to world like Jesus (Isaiah 61:1), fine, if not ,fine. I am always ready n available for God to use me anyway that pleases him.
    Your lack of knowledge is too obvious.

    • @ Jacob,
      So you can correct someone when they wrong ? So why can’t we correct a lying false prophet ?
      1. He lied about the MH370
      2. He lied about the debri
      3. He lied about the wing
      4. He lied about the return of the Boko Haram girls.
      5. He lied that Christians would be protected from Boko Haram with stickers and “anointed water”.
      6. He lied about the attack in France.
      7. He lied about fireproof and bulletproof of the “anointed water”
      8. He lied about that a witch doctor can cough up a calabash.
      9. They (SCOAN) lies about the interrogation of demons inside SCOAN, but not on crusades.
      10. They use scripture to make ongoing mass ministry while those kind of ministries were mostly one or two times.
      11. They covered up TB Joshua saying “go get it” for the anointing water which resulted in numerous dead and broken leg.
      12. They use YouTube to post lying videos and edited prophelying videos.
      Etc. etc.
      So you find it not right that someone like that should not be addressed on these matters ? Preferably by me toe to toe, face to face, eyeball to eyeball ? How long will you promote and stand behind such wicked application Jacob ? Because your denial of above speaks volumes and proves you are not a rightful judge of matters that are mentioned in 1 Corinthians 6. We should close our eyes, look through our fingers and sweep it under the carpet ? People who are liars on purpose should be addressed, exposed and revealed for the world to see.

  13. @Jesse
    As it is always, Jesse will jump in, i wonder who will be next. The same dedicated allies always around since since, n some few occassional readers. Only these few ppl always read the jokes ( works of imagination) here, including me.
    I am sure u will be washing emmanuel the rest of your life. It is clear u spend more time on emmanuel tv more than u spend on your Bible. Emmanuel tv is what keep u sane, u know that.
    Isn’t it amazing u had the wisdom to realise that I can correct someone yet u are not wise enough to realise that someone i corrected, i met here on this platform. I did go to any other place to correct him/her where he/she will not even see or read that he/she has been corrected. This show that I am wiser than u n ur allies.
    Pls show us proof He lied abt “anointed water” or sticker. The fact that the Bible teach us to pray and yet u prayed and didnt get results doesn’t mean the Bible lied that prayer produces results. What it mean is that you have to work on yourself, your faith n your knowledge of the things of God or else u will remain miserable n dissapointed for the rest of your life. I am sure u have so many unanswered prayers in your life. Work on yourself else u will remain a dissappointed fellow.
    If u have enough wisdom to correct tbj n the SCOAN; go to Lagos n search for T B Joshua n tell him, “Mister, i want teach u some wisdom n how to do things right.”. But you can do that. You don’t have the money to even do that. U can only sit home watch emmanuel tv,b faceless n hide, all of your life, coward.
    If u want to face me, come on, i am ready.
    How long will u remain ignorant of the Scriptures n defend the figment of someone’s imagination.
    The plane u are talking about the people with the most advance technology cant even find n seems to b confuse though they spend millions of dollars. They churn out info they choose to n end up dissapointing the families of the victims. Do u know what a debris is?

    • @ Jacob,
      Been there numerous times. Nothing happened. Any reason to go again to waste my money and time ?
      Now since he is at it again with MH17 he should pack up as a humanitarian because people die all the time anyways, there is no use to say anything. Always coming with this crap afterwards. If you so called know something THEN DO SOMETHING AND STOP SITTING ON YOUR HANDS ! Because knowing something evil and doing nothing about it is the same as being a criminal. Again Mr Joshua rides the tide of disaster without doing nothing and posting silly general useless prophecies with no solution as always.
      Debri is flotsam, rubbish, pieces of junk. You think I am an idiot and don’t know what debri is ? If he says I see debri, we all saw it before him on the satellite pictures and news. So yeah keep lying Joshua about you see something like debri and plane wing of the MH370. And now it is the MH17. Don’t break my mouth open on that one because this one prophelying is NOW personal !

  14. @Jesse
    A great ignoramus, quoting 1 Cor 6, you are a joker. Assemble esteemed ppl in the church n call b4 them tbj, a typical blockhead try to misapply Scriptures. You have not only a wrong but also a miserable understanding of the Scriptures. Stop reading nonesense stuff and study your Bible well.
    I am sure u have lied this week. Yes or no? Or u have been perfect all the days of the week? Have u ceased to be a Christian. Only ignorant n gullible ppl comment in support of this blog, no wonder the one behind this blog is a chief of them all. You guys watch emmanuel tv more than the followers of tbj self, people with pathetic lives.

  15. jacob, grr,grr, grr, blub blub blub, blurry, blurry, blurry, grumble grumble, grumble. Oh Lord, save us from our fellow-christian-brothers.

  16. @Jamie
    Ah, Jamie is next. The same guys. Is that all u can say Jamie. What u need salvation from is your miserable n hidden life no one knows about bcos no one knows u n u don’t matter in this world. Neither are you important to anyone. U need salvation from your blockheadedness n lack of knowledge of Scriptures. U are sensible enough to doubt what u see on tv and call it fake and yet still remain stupid to believe concorted stories from faceless people. Grow up.

  17. Outside this post. When he foretold of trouble in Russia and clearly foresaw MH 370 it seems tbj missed a significant revelation, MH17. I am yet to hear scoan boast of this one. Did the prophet give us piecemeal prophecies? Or he got the last one so wrong, it’s still fresh in our minds that they rather be quiet . RIP n condolences to the families, friends

    • @ Joe K.
      He has now and this MH17 is now personal for me. So much for knowing and then sit upon your hands and do nothing is a keen to being involved criminal. In Law when you know something concerning crime beforehand and do nothing about it, you are same criminal as those who perpetrate it.

  18. @Jesse
    you are right, scoan in their carefully selected choice of words has claimed prophecy on this event. Tbj asked Russia to take care of their airspace. Just, if he had asked Ukraine instead… or better still not had blood in his hand by waiting for it to happen then gloat about his prophetic prowess later. I feel the pain too. I do not have access to the original footage just to be sure there are no edits like is we are accustomed to in prophecies from scoan

  19. @Joe K
    The Bible prohesied (fulfilled ones) and has still prophesies (yet to be fulfilled, the Book of Revelation is full of such prophecies) that more gory or extremely sad events. They will be fulfilled one day those that are yet to be fulfilled. Will you call the Bible, the men of God that God spoke through or even God as people who has no limit to the quest for fame or (show of) power.
    * 2 Chronicles 20:- the fulfilment of the supernatural destruction of the enemies of Israel
    *Isaiah 11:11-13, Jeremiah 25:11, Hosea 3:4-5 :-The destruction and rebirth of the Jewish nation.
    The Lisr goes on. These prohesy fulfilment involve the death even innocent children. Does that mean God is sick and uncaring? Does that mean God does not take delight in destruction.
    How some humans see a church does not matter. When all is said and done how God sees a Church is what matters. Men without the help of God cannot see beyond what their physical eyes see but God sees more, and that is important. (1 Samuel 16:7). If u are serious u read scriptural references.
    If u were really concerned about the victim u will ask urself were are the h”eading” for after death, eternity with God or what. U will ask urself whether the people they have left behind are saved or not and pray for their salvation.
    This how those of u who know nothing about the Scripture talk baselessly. U base your talk on sentiments instead truth of Scriptures yet u claim to speak for God’s people. At the end u make him more popular. Absurd.
    It just like a Christian blogging about a Secular celebrity ( he or she regard as evil) instead of blogging about Jesus. At the end he or she arouses more interest in the celebrity instead of Christ.

    • @Jacob,
      Get this inside your head
      Biblical prophecies were released BEFORE the canon of scriptures was completed in 96AD with the penning of Revelation
      There is absolutely no prophecy after John the Revelator that has any significance outside the four walls of the church from which it was fulfilled
      We no longer have prophecies and prophets of the same grade as Ezekiel and Daniel releasing prophecies about events thousands of years away. Why so, because that would entail RECORDING and PRESERVING those prophecies just as scriptures for many years. You need to ask yourself if you regard TB Joshua as inspired as Paul for instance. What is the responsibility of the 2014 church in regard to a global prophecy that will be fulfilled say 200 years from now? Do they add it to Revelation? Or do they write separate sacred books such as Book of Mormon?

  20. @Jacob,
    You Sir are the one that does not know the bible – and the bible quotations you throw out to support your arguments are all baseless and off point – look at the mirror before you point a finger.
    Your so called “prophet” and his puppets, shooting out an edited video about the crash to brag about his ability to prophecy days if not hours after the flight crashed without even acknowledging the victims of such crash or their family is the epitome of harshness bar none – there is no point to defend or advocate for him on this.
    True Christians should respect the dead, and how they are presented; for now worrying about where the poor souls in the flight are headed for eternity, is not what we are discussing about right now, this is a digression, who said that is not a problem, but since they are already gone, there is no use crying over spilt milk. The best we can do now is to treat them with respect, of which your prophet has failed to do, instead he is bragging all over his TV station of how power to prophesy (and the potency of this power is in question).
    Moreover, your reply here is baseless; it is like you just want to post a comment for the sake of it – just to have something to write in reply for your EGO, because your points are senseless and off-direction. I guess that is why some do not even know where to begin to start to correct you, but instead leave your to your own ignorance.
    Besides, some of these points you are raising here (all over again), have already been addressed by commentators of this blog in past
    discussion, which show you are a NEWBIE follower of this blog rushing to conclusion maybe to bag some “Blessings and a bottle of anointing water, who knows a possible engagement to one of his favorite choir girls” from TB Joshua for supporting him on the internet – if this is your goal, forget it, you’ll be disappointed mennn…
    Finally, if you are wise, before you post any of your comments you think is highly “intellectual” here again – not to insult your intelligence, I will advise that you search this site first to see if anyone has answered your question in the past, before trying to make point out of an over-beaten dead horse.
    Please if this guy “JACOB” raises a point/question that has ALREADY BEEN ANSWERED or ADDRESSED again in any of the comments section IGNORE HIM!!! He is seeking for recognition; I feel he has his eyes one of the TBJ singing choir birds…He is fighting with all his might to impress, that is why he refuses to hide his identity!
    SILENCE IS THE BEST ANSWER FOR A FOOL (note this is not to call him a “fool” per se, this is just a proverb, but you get the gist).
    ***pardon any typo guys this is an internet comment not a graded school essay, so chill on the typos and make the best of it. God bless – Chao 🙂

  21. huh,tbjw today you ve got no slander comments to post ?Oops sorry abt that,lol

    Ask yourself, are you working really for God or for selfish purpose?
    By the way ,Jesus never sent any one to do that job you are doing daily of exposing what you call “false prophets”
    He only sent his disciples to preach the gospel ,to heal the sick and cast out demons.
    So whom are you fooling?

    You have exposed TBJ for sooo long,so what ELSE? hahaha You need to use your brain to see beyond your noise .
    No Holy Spirit can work through faceless people who seat somewhere on internet doing nothing than exposing endlessly a “false prophet” ???
    So which spirit is behind this site ?Is it really from God or devil.Even a 10 year old can answer this question.
    Have a good job TBJW! lol.

  22. @Kiki,

    The troublemaker, I know you just hang around reading post after post to find something to hang on to and debate to support your “god prophet” TB Joshua, instead of using that time to read your bible for true salvation and deliverance! People like you worship TB Joshua as your deliverer and messiah forgetting that it is the LORD JESUS HIMSELF that is your LORD and SAVIOR and ONLY deliverer. You are old enough around here to know that this website, TBJW, does not post any info unless it is properly researched and proven. The devil is a liar! Instigator! You think you will sneakily force TBJW to post comment regularly waiting for them to make mistakes.

    Keep up the good work, do not be tempted to be quick to post items here unless you have researched carefully and proven what you’ve have to reveal. Do not mind pushovers like Kiki who want to tempt and dare you into posting regularly to keep them ranting and raving because they have nothing to do. Besides, if you never post any new topic again here, it is also okay, the work you have done already with this website have helped and saved thousands, if not millions, from deception and saved hard earned family money from being wasted on hotel/SCOAN dormitory cost stays in Nigeria, anointing water, prayer bracelets, prayer benches, etc, etc.

    • @Muruti ngwangwa, may be your god tbjoshuawatch can then give you what you missed to get from my “god” TBJ ,lol.


    Quoted from GNB

    Eze 13:17 The LORD said, “Now, mortal man, look at the women among your people who make up predictions. Denounce them
    Eze 13:18 and tell them what the Sovereign LORD is saying to them: “You women are doomed! You sew magic wristbands for everyone and make magic scarves for everyone to wear on their heads, so that they can have power over other people’s lives. You want to possess the power of life and death over my people and to use it for your own benefit.
    Eze 13:19 You dishonor me in front of my people in order to get a few handfuls of barley and a few pieces of bread. You kill people who don’t deserve to die, and you keep people alive who don’t deserve to live. So you tell lies to my people, and they believe you.”
    Eze 13:20 Now this is what the Sovereign LORD says: “I hate the wristbands that you use in your attempt to control life and death. I will rip them off your arms and set free the people that you were controlling.
    Eze 13:21 I will rip off your scarves and let my people escape from your power once and for all. Then you will know that I am the LORD.
    Eze 13:22 “By your lies you discourage good people, whom I do not wish to hurt. You prevent evil people from giving up evil and saving their lives.
    Eze 13:23 So now your false visions and misleading predictions are over. I am rescuing my people from your power, so that you will know that I am the LORD.”

  24. You do have to reach out to God he said come up hither, He’s not coming down to us, why you think we will be caught up in the air and not on the ground, even the dead in Christ will be raised up first with him in the clouds, We have the indwelling of the Holy Spirit but you have to persevere like on the day of Pentecostal for the fire to come upon you, remember now, they all were born again, you have to press in for the deep things of God, just because TB Joshua said something like Jesus is reachable, he is and he’s also God. Even you were blinded by the devil, can’t you see that after, after you visited Scoan you had scriptures popping up in your head, it was released by the power that’s there, you were walking around like a dead useless christian. just think where you would be if you had not gone there, think about all the other churches you’ve gone to without experiencing the things you did there. If anyone is not praying to scripture is Dr. Olukoya MFM G.O.always praying against FLESH, prayers to kill, when God said bless your enemies, forgive.

  25. Hattie God bless you for sharing your story. Jesus loves you and knows you more than you will ever know. As He is an invisible God for the most part. He will never leave you. I pray that Jesus will bless you with His presence. I have had many encounters where I have felt Him with me.
    What do you mean about your thoughts to the audience? Is that in your dream or does that really happen in scoan?

    If you watch Emanuel TV you will notice they are constantly quoting tbj. At one time I thought it was a Scripture. On the Emanuel TV website especially under the programing tab you will see it is loaded with Tbj sayings and no scripture. Tbj wants to be treated like a God and actually competes with Jesus in all he does. Most of the Tbj quotes like the one you mentioned all contradict the bible like “better is not good enough the best is yet to come. “

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