TB Joshua’s deadly partnership with Sierra Leone government

TB_Joshua___Ebola_Sierra_Leone_Gets_Anointing_Water__African_Countries__10_Aug_14_-_YouTubeWe’ve got to admit, it took us by surprise. A country actually took TB Joshua up on his offer of a donation of anointed water to fight the Ebola virus. Joe Fayia Nyuma, representing the Sierra Leone High Commission to Nigeria claims that the request for anointed water came straight from the president Dr Ernest Bai Koroma himself. In the video below, it claims TB Joshua sent $50,000 donation, 4000 bottles of anointed water on a chartered jet, costing an additional $50,000. Nyuma claims that the anointed water will be used to “curb the deadly Ebola yoke that is about to destroy our nation”.

While we at TB Joshua Watch fully believe in the healing power of God, we do not believe that he operates like a vending machine, dispensing healing at the puff of a spray. The anointed water is completely unbiblical and idolatrous, and in a case like this will only hamper the efforts of brave health workers battling this disease. The World Health Organization reports that so far 170 health workers have contracted the virus and 80 have died. Meanwhile, TB Joshua uses the crisis to promote his anointed water and brag about how much money he spent on a private jet.

Of course it is possible that SCOAN have made all this up and that Joe Fayia Nyuma was not acting on behalf of his government. If this is the case, it is imperative that the authorities in Sierra Leone clearly distance themselves from this stunt. (Update: the website for the Office of the President have announced TB Joshua’s monetary donation, but no mention of the anointed water)

We hope it is only a matter of time before the Nigerian government takes decisive action against this dangerous con artist.

The full video is below, the statement from Joe Fayia Nyuma starts at 6:10.


15 thoughts on “TB Joshua’s deadly partnership with Sierra Leone government

  1. @ All,

    Regarding Boko Haram again !


    Well done TB Joshua with convincing us that Boko Haram we will not hear again with your claims and false prophecies. Not all Africans are liars, but we know now who the real liars are. Africans want to take on the world, but can’t control their own household. Time for the real African to stand up and show those liars the door and tell them to go grow their own country Liarstan and move over there and stay away from the rest of the world. Lie to yourself, we don’t need your lies anymore.

    TBJW, the saying is birds of a feather …….

  2. There was a man who once quipped that African Christianity is thousands of miles wide but inches deep.

    Such gestures and the fact that they are cheered by authorities and thousands of blind sheeple convince me the guy was dead right

  3. The solution to the ebola crisis lies in educating the population regarding hygiene. TB Joshua’s water will only become a vehicle of viral transmission, as many people will be sharing the water while ignoring the mode of viral transmission. The affected countries should learn from this http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/world-africa-28743595
    Joshuas water does not heal -This is articulated though my own, the experience of my own family, and the experience of hundreds of patients afflicted with divers diseases who either visited Lagos from London or used the so-called anointed water. Of course supporters of TB Joshua will say that I am lying, but I am a living witness to the failure of the anointed water: No one who traveled from London to Lagos (SCOAN) was ever healed according to medical tests and investigations in UK and no one who used the anointed water in UK was healed.

    • T b joshua needs to be delivered. He behaves like a freemason. Why are all his prophecies about doom?

  4. Whoever is denying Ebola’s existence, what do they think it is?
    These are people who enforce the stereotypes on Africans being primitive

  5. Wake up, people, and stop being deceived by this petty conman and ordinary false prophet, T B Joshua. Let him deal with the ebola outbreak in his own backyard, Lagos, before even attempting to take on another country. T B Joshua is a big joke!

  6. Lol.

    Nigeria is so “safe” that TBJ had a special video made warning people not to come to SCOAN without an invitation, because they cannot be protected by SCOAN without that invitation. Featuring a sad woman who looked like she’d been beaten talking about how she sinned by coming without invitation and got her payment by being robbed and beaten.

    I guess if Nigeria is totally safe now, they need to pull that video. :/

  7. @ All,

    Anyone aware what Boko Haram did yesterday ?


    If you can’t take TB Joshua serious with his prophecies about Boko Haram, can you take him serious about any other prophecy ?

    Come guys write a new post that Boko Haram still abducts people in Nigeria and murders them out.

    @ M. Nigeria safe ? Ha !

    Invitation right ? Yes, because they have to carry you with Police armed with guns in the SCOAN vans. So safe it is. That is how they transported me and my wife when I went to Lagos and go back home. If it was safe why it is needed to do that then ?

    • Yeah, Tb Joshua believes that his reality is truth for every-one. If he feels save (by armed gards), he believes every-one is save. He somehow has no clue about what is realy going on in his Nation. Thas why he believes that a bag rice is a huge gesture, while the people realy need a beter life-foundation. Nigeria is worlds 3e poorests nation, 60 % is illiterated, and 70 % lives from less then 1 $ a day. Maybe, because Nigerians are used on their circumstances, they dont expereince it as we see them. They have just another life-expectation and a different way to survive. If B joshu should rely be wkened to the needs of his Nation, he would have changed his teachings, in practical applyments, and he would have build bible-schools . Unil now he just believes in his solutions, and westerns and their help and solutions are seen as a sort of maffia. Westerns should be carefull with their civilization-expertise, and NIgeria should open-up more to healthy and humanly advize. The black culture is realy another world. Maybe one day, they will join in one vision and Gods will for us all.


  9. I am very sorry for this generation because they are doomed and at the same time blind, the world have lost because satan has taken their mind, see the thought and reasoning of people that believe that they are human been.

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