Did a head of state order TB Joshua’s anointed water as a cure for Ebola?

TB Joshua’s Synagogue Church of All Nations (SCOAN) have released two videos clearly making the incredible claim that the request for the anointed water sent to Sierra Leone came direct from the president, Dr Ernest Bai Koroma. In the latest video, it is TB Joshua himself making the claim. Both these statements are in the video below.

Interestingly, the president’s public website acknowledges TB Joshua’s donation of $50,000 but says nothing about the donation of anointed water.

Now the mainstream press are picking up on the story, but the important question that remains unanswered is: Did the President of Sierra Leone Dr Ernest Bai Koroma really personally request water as a cure for the Ebola outbreak in his country?

It is time for the Sierra Leone government to come clean on this and release a formal statement.

37 thoughts on “Did a head of state order TB Joshua’s anointed water as a cure for Ebola?

  1. These malicious messages are cirtculated on regular basis,who is interested in their sick opinions and who pays for this website ?They even sent to those recipiernts not interested in their mean and malicious thoughts.
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  2. If the president did request it, then TBJ should have gone to sierra leone as he promised he would. So, either way, he is a liar.

    • @ M.,

      If a liar is surrounded by liars and writers that uphold his lies and false prophecies at all costs, what then can you or should we expect ?


      • He said he would go if he was asked for water by the governments of these countries officially. If it is true that they asked him, then he is a LIAR, because he sure isn’t in Sierra Leone, spraying water on the suffering victims of ebola, as he bragged that he would do.

        So even if they did ask him for it, he’s still a liar.

  3. Your recent criticisms of TB Joshua are appearing increasingly petty… particularly as there is no effective medical, financial and administrative solution to Ebola at this time.
    Secondly the idea that true prophets can not exist today is a creation of some theologians to explain their apparent deficiencies. It’s not so stated in scripture.
    Thirdly … I’ve listened to sermons from SCOAN and do not observe any significant errors. Most of the prophesies appear correct. A few may suffer from language challenges.
    Fourthly Virtually all prophets in scripture had their short comings … recorded for our learning.

    • @Gabriel,
      that is no license for quackery and pseudo-science.
      The focus here is on the publicity stunts by a supposed man of God in the light of panic and untold suffering. It don’t callous than that

      Watch his edited prophecies off this site and we can exchange notes..he is a liar,professional video editor

      These are not ‘weakness’ nor falling into sin, this is a grand deception on a scale you haven’t seen in eternities

      If there are prophets today just as in the days of old, where are their holy writings? Anybody pretending to speak on God’s behalf over anything more than the local church and at most country is a crook; you just don’t have Isaiah and Ezekiels in 2014 BECAUSE God ha ALREADY spoken through His Son in Heb 1:1 whereas before he spoke through prophets

      And finally, nobody has made any claims against TB on account of his bad English. Looks like your job is to string strawman arguments and then demolish them super fast.

      All we need is confirmation that a whole government is resorting to charms and witchcraft to combat Ebola. It don’t get backward than that

      • @ vooke

        Your statements are not as logical as you think.
        There is nothing scientific about miracles (by definition). Review your Bible-data.

        If the editing on EmmanuelTV is deficient be careful about “throwing the baby out with the bath-water”.

        I have followed the “better and more honest preachers” over the past 50 years …. whether their churches are in London, Chicago, Dallas, San Antonio and California …. I value them despite their doctrinal differences … but it is unlikely that any one could provide data to show that TB Joshua is less of an effective witness for Christ than any of these. Doctrine is very improtant but its application … more so.

        Grand deceptions in the past and present would include things like … doctrinal compromise that kept most true christians from opposing: exploitng the colonial masters of their time; Opposing Apartheid in South Africa untill recently; Opposing racism in many current churches in America and parts of India (caste system); opposing the economici systems that makes money God, profit the determinate and encourages worldly methods in church business …

        Your definition of a prophet is unique. I’m glad you referred to a couple of major prophets … how about the writings of the minor prophets and others not quoted only named? Hence their contrition to the universal church is unclear.
        Even the Isaiah was not perfect … We love him. He did not realise that the prophesies of Christ referred to 2 comings of Christ and not just 1…. agree?

        My job is to view things objectively in Christ … not to agree with you or with TB Joshua.

        Have you been to SCOAN, a TB Joshua cruasde or meeting to observe things for yourself?
        I know you must have been to many churches where their doctrinal position was great but their works nauseatingly lukewarm .. right?

    • Accurately correct or vaguely correct. 2+2=4 not 4.1 not 3.9. It is 4. And besides concerning his Malaysia flight prophecy someone somewhere would have heeded to his advice concerning the crash and come out and testify about it,if it was accurately correct. But too bad his prophecies do no one any good but all he does after a tragedy is release a video,edit what he actually said and brings glory to HIMSELF.”yayyy TB Joshua said it and they all still they all died, yayy TB Joshua said there would be a shooting by a military man in a location but it was carried out by a civilian in a different location,yayy TB Joshua said a plane would crash few metres from runway and now the plane is missing, TB said boko haram would be a thing of the past but they are still killing till date. What more do you need to know he’s a fraud.

    • Actually, you are completely wrong.

      There are several very simple practices that would be effective in curbing the spread of ebola dramatically, and would end this outbreak, if people would obey the rules. (and “holy water” and demonizing ebola are things that prevent those basic health practices from being followed).

      As to the rest, you are blinding yourself. “Most” is not enough for a prophet claiming to speak God’s actual words. But he doesn’t even get most right. He makes vague pronouncements that he then has edited and narrated to fit events as they come up in the news. He only makes specific prophecies after such things have already been said and talked about in the news by secular world affairs analysts. IE: His prophecies are specific only when he has a really good bet about being right. All the rest of his babbling is vague and incoherent and needs narrators with stodgy British accents to bolster them and guide people into believing they are right.

  4. the owner of this website is a big fool, keep wasting your time and deceiving your self, while Prophet T B JOSHUA GROWS. I can see you enjoy watching Emmanuel TV. GOOD,KEEP WATCHING EMMANUEL TV AND YOU WILL BE BLESSED.


    • Joshuas water does not heal -This is articulated though my own, the experience of my own family, and the experience of hundreds of patients afflicted with divers diseases who either visited Lagos from London or used the so-called anointed water. Of course supporters of TB Joshua will say that I am lying, but I am a living witness to the failure of the anointed water: No one who traveled from London to Lagos (SCOAN) was ever healed according to medical tests and investigations in UK and no one who used the anointed water in UK was healed.

      • I live in UK and I was HEALED through anointing water. You may say show the evidence ,I may reply you didn’t show evidence of your claim either.
        So why should I believe your claim and not MINE ? Or thousands of people testifying to have been healed and delivered through anointing water?

      • Hi ,Madeleine, if you never believed those you can see on TV ,how would you believe the one you can’t see?

      • Most pipo who support tbj and his water are the guillable ones who have never had 1st experience with this man. If the pipo pro tbj and his water are true they have never used or encountered him, the watch emmanuel tv and base their belief there.
        I personally have had him pray for me (thank you Jesus I was delivered later from this act) I have used his water bottles and bottles they don’t work and they worsened my situation. Children of Yahweh open your spiritual eyes..stop worshipn this tbj

      • @Discernment ,how do you know I never had an encounter with Prophet TB Joshua? Do you know me?
        And two, I don’t worship him but God. Please stop raging against your fellow Christians ,no one is forced to believe any body , we all have free choice. At the end of the day ,all believers in Christ have the Same Father of Heaven.

    • @ Evan.

      Islam still grows and as a matter of fact it is the fastest religion in this world that grows is Islam, Scientology still grows, atheism still grows, Buddhism still grows, Hinduism still grows.

      What are you saying ? Oh wait, what you said does not make any sense, because it is proven what I said above, except WE ALL KNOW THEY ARE false lying and demonic religions but I repeat they still grow. Not sure if you comprehend Revelation 12:9.


    • First of all: “And if anyone does not have the Spirit of Christ, he does not belong to Christ.” Romans 8:9. There is no such thing as a born again Christian without the Holy Spirit dwelling within him. And for that matter, there is no such thing as a true Christian who is not born again. To be a Christain and possess the Spirit of Christ is one and the same. So….selective impartation of the Spirit, e.g. only for those of “higher” callings, is HERESY. This is our legacy and seal, as children of God, if we have accepted, decided and follow the Holy Bible based Christian faith. Among others, it is one of the priceless gifts we receive from the work on the Cross followed by Christ’s resurrection. It is the essence of becoming and being a true Christian, it is one of the fundamental articles of Grace. Now, as a Holy Spirit filled Christians OF COURSE we should and actually must judge, discerning also the spirits. “What business is it of mine to judge those outside the church? Are you not to judge those INSIDE? God will judge those outside. Expel the wicked man from among you.” 1st Corinthians 5:12,13 and “Do you not know that the saints will judge the world? And if you are to judge the world, are you not competent to judge trivial cases? Do you not know that we will judge angels? How much more the things of this life.” 1st Corinthians 6:2,3. So, actually, those who we must not judge are those still in ignorance as we once were, although there will come a time to judge all. Do not judge for you shall be also judged accordingly, has to do with forgetting where you have come from, becoming merciless, gossiping, bad mouthing brethren and people due to selfish, evil motives. Assuming one’s true position in Christ is what, unfortunately, most christian leaders of today distort, summing it up to simply claiming prosperity in the flesh: a healing, financial breakthrough, a blessing, a promotion. These are good, but they are far from what a Christian is or at least should be. AUTONOMOUS, in terms of his relationship and walk with Christ. A Spirit filled Christ soldier-warrior, as Paul urges Timothy. No mediators are required, and the church-body of Christ is to complete, encourage, edify, help and comfort one another and NOT OVERPOWER. Read the book of Hebrews and you will understand that the Most High Priest has been ordained for eternity, referring to Christ:”You are a priest forever, in the order of Melchizedek.” Hebrews 5:6. After Christ there are no leaders, in the sense of the Old Testament but SERVANTS, as Apostle Paul so fervently reminds us in his Epistles. There are most certainly gifts but not leaders as such. So much more could be said but it all boils down to this: THE POWER OF FAITH IS KNOWLEDGE. Stop being carriers of men’s words and wisdom, go for yourself to the Word, discover its hidden treasures, if you seek in sincerity and humility the Spirit of Christ will reveal for He is not a respecter of persons. If indeed, it is Christ that you seek….”But I am afraid that just as Eve was deceived by the serpent’s cunning, your minds may somehow be led astray from your sincere and pure devotion to Christ.” 2nd Corinthians 11:3. In the Greek translation it says: your minds be corrupted and be led astray from the simplicity in Christ. KNOWLEDGE AND SIMPLICITY IN CHRIST.

  6. The president probably did. This should not be surprising. Over in the poor part of Africa, a lot of ‘educated’ people believe in this frausdter TB Joshua. It’s really inexplicable why this is so. Maybe they all see something which the rest of us heathens cannot?

    So do not be surprised that Dr. Koroma the president of Sierra Leone may have requested help from TB Joshua. Maybe it was a package: get the $50K but request for some ‘anointed’ water as well.

    Note that the President does not make such decisions alone. He has numerous advisers. And who knows where those people come from, and what their backgrounds and beliefs are? Personally, I believe that the President himself means well for his country.

    In Sierra Leone, all public gatherings have been banned temporarily except (wait for it…) religious gatherings. Apparently you can contract ebola from someone in a nightclub or a bar, but not in a church or mosque.

    Go figure.

  7. Please stop all the gossips and finger pointing and pray that God may Passover our nations of the Ebola plague

    • @ Donald,

      FYI, Ebola virus has been found in African monkeys, chimps and other nonhuman primates, possibly fruit bats, which Africans EAT ! A milder strain of Ebola has been discovered in monkeys and pigs in the Philippines. Marburg virus has been found in monkeys, chimps and fruit bats in Africa.

      Transmission from animals to humans

      Experts suspect that both viruses are transmitted to humans through an infected animal’s bodily fluids.

      Examples include:

      Blood. Butchering or eating infected animals can spread the viruses. Scientists who have operated on infected animals as part of their research have also contracted the virus.

      Waste products. Tourists in certain African caves and some underground mine workers have been infected with the Marburg virus, possibly through contact with the feces or urine of infected bats.

      How do YOU want God to Passover while people sin and go against His commandments ? AND EAT animals that God has not allowed to eat. And what do people do in bat caves all the time. Most people know they are poisonous and infecting and yet they still go there.

      Does the word of God not TEACH YOU THIS, DONALD ! Do you not apply such warning ?

      Ecclesiastes 10:8-9. He who digs a pit may fall into it, and a serpent may bite him who breaks through a wall/hedge. He who quarries stones may be hurt by them, and he who splits logs may be endangered by them.

  8. This is yet another publicity stunt by T B Joshua, the counterfeit prophet of Nigeria, to hoodwink another African leader. Lord, open the eyes of your people, give them wisdom and understanding, that they may see this false prophet for who he really is, and stop being deceived.

  9. people should mind what they said about the man of God T.b josua because God has and still using him to save people, spriual and financial pls my people this holy water we are talking about here the water and the holyness is also from God if u belive that God is the creator of all thing and above every other it means that the holy water did not belong to T.b josua alone because he created him and water he made the water holy for T.b josua to us for the baptism of christ so who so ever blive will heal in jesus name.

  10. It is not suprising that the president believes TB Joshua. This is reminiscent of Professor Isaac Newton Ojok believing Alice Lakwena in Uganda during 1986, 1987 … find out more what happened by searching the internet.

  11. to R KEDI: INSTEAD OF ARGUING AIMLESSLY READ PREVIOUS POSTS IN THIS WEBSITE REGARDING THE ISSUE OF HEALING. as i can see you are ignorant of the truth. i do not post anything without a solid basis.

    • To read the writes up of others will not change anything of what I experienced in my own very case.
      And sorry if you think I m arguing but I don’t see what fault did I committed to state my belief .
      Anyways thanks for your reply.

      • @kedi
        You remind me of a man who was healed and the Pharisees tried to put him down or discredit the Healer….Praise be to the King of Kings, Mighty and the only Wise God Jesus Christ for your healing

        What this blog does is exposing deception with EVIDENCE, overwhelming evidence for the same. Instead of arguing with your miracle, please focus on the crisis and the cheap opportunism here

  12. Peter 16:18 And *I* also, I say unto thee that *thou* art Peter, and on this rock I will build my assembly, and hades’ gates shall not prevail against it.

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