Is Ebola a spiritual problem?

TB Joshua is widely quoted as saying:

“The so called strange ailment coming from three nations – Guinea, Sierra Leone, Liberia… satan is the manufacturer, the source. Begin to capture the covenant of that strange sickness. Command that strange ailment to come out and go to the pit of hell, in the name of Jesus Christ! Begin to capture the covenant of that strange sickness, command that strange ailment to come out and go to the pit of hell, in the name of Jesus Christ! Because of Christ, people of Liberia, Sierra Leona, Guinea, you are released.”*

This message plays right into his hands. If Ebola is a spiritual problem, then it needs a spiritual solution – ergo anointed water. What good are the simple, practical prevention methods against demons?

Whether or not you believe that diseases come from the devil, there are some simple and effective methods to minimise the chances of Ebola spreading. Some of these are listed below in a leaflet circulated in Sierra Leone. We implore everyone from affected countries to vigilantly follow this advice, regardless of your views on TB Joshua.

* We haven’t got a video clip of this, the transcript above is culled from one of many sites reporting it. If you have a link to the video or corrections to the transcript please add it to the comments and we’ll update the post.

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  1. quoted the following view about temitope Joshua’s stupid anointing somewhere and I very much find it plausible and reads “Laughable though this may seem to most of us, and I think this is more a publicity stunt for his own status than a real belief in his water, this shows the danger of society’s automatic “respect” for faith.
    Sure, most faith is harmless and pointless but here it shows how it can be pernicious and dangerous to others.
    If a drugs company sent water while pretending it was a remedy, it could be prosecuted under international law. But call it “holy” water or homeopathy and the perpetrators get a free ride apart from a little derision from western commentators.”

  2. Interesting that Tb Joshua is praying for them after he sent his anointing water. Obviously for personal motives as it would tarnish his reputation if these people are now not healed. He shows his lack of faith in his own anointing water as displayed when he posted on Facebook after sending the water they need to have faith to be healed. That’s not what he brags about endlessly while boasting about his anointing water. He has changed his tune.

    • @ Julianne,

      Do you know why he changes his TUNE or SONG ?

      Read this why in your bible especially the last bit of THE WORKMANSHIP OF THY TABRETS AND OF THY PIPES WAS PREPARED IN THEE…..

      Ezekiel 28:13
      13 Thou hast been in Eden the garden of God; every precious stone was thy covering, the sardius, topaz, and the diamond, the beryl, the onyx, and the jasper, the sapphire, the emerald, and the carbuncle, and gold: the workmanship of thy tabrets and of thy pipes was prepared in thee in the day that thou wast created.

      Look up what TABRETS and PIPES ARE, yes, you are right they are music instruments, mystery solved why he sings always a different song or tune. 😉 I salute you, Jesse

      • @Jesse
        Eze 28:1 in the pride of your heart you say, I am a God; I sit on a throne of a god. Vs 17 Your heart became proud

        I believe Tbj is an anti-christ. I always hear from his mouth I, I, I, I, I. Just like Satan before he got kicked out of heaven. Tbj competes with Jesus in all he does. His website, Emanuel tv, are loaded with Tbjs sayings. It like a jingle played over and over again so that people quote Tbj. One time I actually that it was a verse and I wanted to pull it up in the bible to find out it wasn’t a verse. His website and Emanuel tv should be quoting the word of God. The bad thing about Tbj quotes is they nearly always contradict the Word. For example “the best is not good enough the best is yet to come”. This is basically saying don’t be satisfied with your job, house, etc. Get a bigger house, new car, etc.. There are dozens of Scripture that contradict Tbjs saying.
        I noticed when he donates money he always says “I will give” as if the money is coming out of his own personal money. He never says the church, or Jesus but he acts like he is personally donating it.
        I feel that his anointing water puts a wall between Jesus and the people and makes himself the middle man for healing and delivering. He constantly is instilling fear to the church to not cast out demons. He will have pastors give 1 hour long testimonies of when they delivered someone and ended up with the demon. He is a good manipulator in instilling fear. He never powers us in Jesus and the power He died to give us. He has never taught how to cast out demons or heal the sick, yet that is his primary job as a pastor to make disciples. He wants everyone to need him and go to him for healing and delivering. I can’t stand how he makes people beg for healing. It breaks my heart when I hear them beg “man of God please help me.” I would count 20 l, even 50 times begging in order to receive healing. So sad.

      • @ Julianne,

        That’s right and it is only in his “disciple” circle who are always behave mysterious and secretive and tell you nothing. Always on an assignment. On top of it the leaders of the branches were full of demons themselves and “needed” deliverance from even when they were there for 10-12 years. Then claiming they are a deliverance ministry ????? How can they not be discerned, if he can “read” anyone.

        Yup it is always his “money” not that of the people that give it to him. A few months they were joking about it, that some people were writing out big checks in public and the camera was put on it. I said before, if he still was working for the chicken ranch he used to work for he would not been able to do what he does now. And if I had much money and give it away then almost everyone will write good reports about me.

        His followers brag how much he does for charity. Guess what Atheists are on No 1 for philanthropy. Read here.

        Watch Mr Zuckerberg and his wife are on the top spot. Not many know he is an Atheist. Who does not believe in a God. But Mr Zuckerberg lives simple and does not brag about his philanthropy unlike TB Joshua and followers. How is it possible to be blown out of the water by an Atheist ? Shame on you TB Joshua and they claim he is Gods right hand man and even sits between Jesus and God. Really ? And if you read about Joyce Meyer of what her organisation does for charity, then TB Joshua is a novice. But again it is not how much we do, it is what our heart and calling convinces us to do.

        So then, let us not be deceived by him, his followers who go berserker, his false lying editing prophecies, his personal lies, his trinkets, etc. etc. instead let us keep our eyes upon Jesus who is the Author and Finisher of our Faith and not him.

      • @Jesse
        God bless you for not being blinded and fooled by Tbj power. I wish I had the gift to quote Scripture off the top of my head. I know there are many verses about how blessed it is to see the truth. In addition to not trust man and bow down. As they all blatantly do to tbj as if he is God.
        I also see very little charity coming out of his ministry. All the videos on his website are years old. And when he does give he does it so that he looks like a savior and the people destitute. There was this one time when he had widows Stand up in front of the church over 1 hr. They faces showed how awful he made them feel as he went on and on about how hopeless they were. When the workers came out with rice and placed it in front of them they did not even look these women. They did not smile or even acknowledge them. Treat them like human beings only placed the bags and walked away. A very sad display of charity work. It was all orchestrated to make tbj look like a hero. T

  3. I had a horrifying experience using both the anointing water and the stickers at a time when I was a big believer in them and had total faith I would be delivered and healed. When I drank the anointing water I started worship Jesus in a bizarre way as I was on the floor crying hysterical. Hard to describe the abnormality in it but I was not in a sane state of mind. When I placed the sticker on my stomach it immediately grew in size and I felt my entire stomach in intense pain. I believed it was a good sign that I would be delivered but now I see I was left in worse condition. When I placed the sticker on my head I immediately became like a mentally ill person as I was having really crazy thoughts. My head was left feeling swollen and disoriented.
    My opinion based on my personal experience and so many testimonies of people dying after receiving the anointing water is that because Tb Joshuas heart is not pure about the anoint water it hurts people who’s heart is pure. I can not quote Tb Joshua directly as I don’t remember exactly what he said but he asked everyone to pray for the release of the new anointing water. He implied he wanted to look like God through the anointing water. I don’t remember the date he said it but it was right before his birthday for the tech savy, resourceful people who can dig up the video.
    Since Tb Joshua has so many times voiced his hatred for all other pastors and even has implied he is the only true pastor as evident in his prophecies. Because of this I believe because I have a pastors heart and a deep love of people I believe it opened me up to severe attacks using Tb Joshuas anointing water.
    What I find shocking is that he has suspended the wise men from delivering and healing the church because of the anointing water. He said they need to advance to a greater level and beat the anointing water in power. So the Wisemen have to compete with the anointing water. Tb Joshua slapped the Wisemen in the face so to speak after they repeatedly promoted the anointing water during the deliverances. I know without a doubt this is not the work of the Holy Spirit. I can not see Jesus suspending the Wisemen from healing and delivering his people because they need to surpass the anointing water. It is not biblical and not Jesus and His love.

    • @ Julianne,

      I chucked empty one bottle “anointing water” on a corner. The next week I arrived a car had smashed into the fence, the hedge stopped growing and up till this day it has not been repaired. Plus the shop on the corner is not thriving and the plants they have die in no time.

      I have thrown away everything concerning TB Joshua that I had, DVDs, Books, anointed water, wristbands, oil, stickers, magazines, flyers, sermon liturgies, everything.

      • @Jesse
        With you and I there is undeniable proof of the damage but I wonder how many people have used the anointing water and other paraphernalia from Tbj and have no clue why they got worse. It even gives you additional problems and apparently many die.
        I would take some oil and go bless the area in Jesus Name. I will agree with you for restoration. My mother when she would spray it had a bad feeling. I personally never felt it in the atmosphere but felt the damage to my mind and body.

    • I’m sorry for your experience Julianne. 😦 That sounds terrifying. (and the whole issue with the Wisemen sounds bizarre!)

      The things you say make me wonder if some of the “anointed” stuff is tainted or drugged in some way. I have seen the power of suggestion prompt extreme mental and even physical reactions, but what you describe really makes me wonder about chemical action as well.

      • @M
        Thank you for your kind words. I was very devastated to discover the truth about Tbj. My heart literally ached and I cried. But I am thankful for the revelation and the courage as Tbj likes to also instill fear saying If you turn against him demons will attack you.

        I doubt it an actual chemical problem but spiritual.

  4. @ All,

    Just something on another note:

    As I said, Birds of a feather…..

    Nigeria has all the means to “stand up”, but watch how they do it and don’t do likewise. Stay away.

    I hope that the honest Nigerian stands up and tells the rest of dishonest Nigerians that they can have their own country Liarstan and move over there and keep lying to each other instead to the rest of the world how sad they are concerning Boko Haram, false prophecies, fake miracles, 419 and scam practices.

  5. It is synonymous to stating that cholera is a spiritual problem yet the viruses are clearly identifiable and can be managed through human intervention. If in very obvious cases TBJ cannot clearly distinguish between what is spiritual and what is not then he will assist in the spread of the ebola viral infection. he is not different from other people who have made similar claims and assisted in the spread of the infection such as:

  6. Breathren I humbly greet you. Matthew 7 says ”Judge not.”

    I think as far as I’m concerned – you guys are all about judging the man of God. Yes I’m also a man of God. I also don’t like the fact that people have to shout, ”Man of God help me!” in order to be healed & delivered.

    The Lord Jesus Christ clearly stated that – Freely we received & freely shall we give. I don’t believe in the anointing water of prophet T.B. Joshua. I’ve had 3 bottles of the anointing water so far – two of which I gave away, 1 got spoiled. I currently have two stickers.

    But when I’m feeling sick or facing a certain challenge. I simply use my prayer towel – which I to it invoked God’s power for healing & deliverance. So when I’m feeling sick, I use my prayer towel for prayers. So please let’s not judge prophet T.B. Joshua… Because we’ll all know our fate on the last day.

    God bless you all! Shalom Shalom!

    • @Evangelist Hlumelo Nobaza
      What do you understand by the words JUDGE NOT?
      This verse is flagrantly abused to make Christians shy away from pointing out obvious errors and even apostasy. So, once again, share with us your understanding of what constitutes JUDGE NOT


      • @Evangelist Nobaza
        Are you not judging me? You think I am wrong and you are judging me and condemning me on your post.

    • @ Evangelist Nobaza
      Good morning and blessings to you. I was touched by your response even though it was protesting my post. I can see you have a good heart and good intentions. I am glad that we both agree that seeing people beg for healing is disturbing. It is also anti-Jesus and really the work of satan. It does not glorify Jesus but makes The look like a God.
      Mat 7:1-5 is all about judging righteously. It does not say judging is a sin but the opposite we are as Christians called to judge. The disciples all judged sin, that was there job bring people to Christmas and stop them from sinning.
      We are also called to be wise as serpents and innocent as doves because many pastors are wolves disguised in sheep clothing.

    • Psalm 31:8-9

      Open your mouth for the mute,
      for the rights of all who are destitute.[c]

      Open your mouth, judge righteously,
      defend the rights of the poor and needy.

      • @ M.,

        I speak as to wise men; judge ye what I say. (‭1 Corinthians‬ ‭10‬:‭15‬ KJV)

        By me princes rule, and nobles, even all the judges of the earth. (‭Proverbs‬ ‭8‬:‭16‬ KJV)

        And I charged your judges at that time, saying, Hear the causes between your brethren, and judge righteously between every man and his brother, and the stranger that is with him. (‭Deuteronomy‬ ‭1‬:‭16‬ KJV)

        Judges and officers shalt thou make thee in all thy gates, which the Lord thy God giveth thee, throughout thy tribes: and they shall judge the people with just judgment. (‭Deuteronomy‬ ‭16‬:‭18‬ KJV)

        The church thinks it can get away by hiding behind that you should not judge. Do we take everything that someone says as Gospel or Truth ? We should take everything when we believe that a man of God is infallible when he speaks ? Even if they are baptised in the Holy Spirit. We have God as our Witness, The Bible as His measuring Rod, his Spirit as our personal Teacher.1John 2:27.

        When people are following a man or woman that is in error, they are all guilty of their own error by not checking whether this is applicable. When so called “men or women of God” is claiming they healed an amputee and do not show the evidence before and after you know they are scammers and liars. There is a lot of claims in the Name of Jesus and a lot of screaming, oh you don’t have any faith, but show your evidence, if you have an arm growing on or leg grown on from amputees. In any other case one who does that is a sensationalist and deceiver.

      • @m
        Thank you for those verses psalm 31:8-9
        I do feel compelled to defend the poor and needy that tbj exploits during the healing line and when he gives them food or money. Religious pastors are the pharisees and sauducees who Jesus was angry at. Tbj goes beyond boasting but exploits them on top of it. Tbj is not only narcissistic he also has very low self esteem and wants even to need him and love him which is why he manipulates how the healing and testimonies are shown. He is basically teaching everyone to beg him and praise him. He does this so that he can look like a savior.

  7. Were diseses cured by JESUS CHRIST physical or spiritual problems. If JESUS could heel through shadows, apron etc of the apostles, then ebola or any disease can be healed through the medium of anointed water. Remember touch not my anointed and do my prophet no harm. LET LOVE LEAD. Jesus is Lord!

    • Kevin, I immediately got worse and my mind went crazy after taking the anointing water. Many people are hurt by it and so many die.
      The verse you quoted does not apply to prophets who are sinning. In fact there are more Scriptures about God wanting protection of the flock his children and He gets angry at those who take advantage of them as tbj does. And there are Scriptures about Pastors who much is given being held to a much higher standard than the church.
      Tbj sins every single week with the microphone in his hand. I will list a few.
      1. He boasts in his prophetic ability and then knocks down all other pastors
      2. He abuses the workers by yelling at them every week. For things like not holding the mic to his liking yet tbj hold it way down on his chest. The camera people every week cut him off and go to music the moment tbj starts to yell at them but you still hear him yell a little.
      3. He stages and or orchestrates the healing so that people beg repeatedly for healing
      4. He exploits their sickness by making them wear massive signs over their heads Iisting their sicknesses. An embarrassing thing for nearly all.
      5. Many times he gets angry at the person he prophesies over because they did not speak exactly how he wants. He then gets visibly angry at them and threatens them that he won’t help. Many times he just gets angry and walks away from them. One time a lady was on the floor and he yelled at a worker “leave her, she disturbed me.” One time when the crowd was getting a little anxious he threatened them he could hold them back. So that means spiritually he does things to people he doesn’t like.
      6. People go through a lot to get to visit the scoan healing line. They take off from work, many have to arrange for sitters and pet care. It costs $3000 just for one airline ticket. A couple would be$6000. Plus the outrageous price he charges for a private room $500 a day I remember reading from the London post online. You can pull it up online easily. Yet tbj has a hot temper and very little patience. So he constantly skips over people. So ma you times he never made it to the end of the line. inexcusable, These people have a confirmed appointment to be there and sacrificed a lot not just financially. Many will even sell there possessions even there home and yet they don’t get prayed for. The have payed tbj to visit on top of it. It is not a donation but a flat fee. Tbj makes a lot of money off of them.

      If none of this evil disturbs you I can give you a lot of more things that are extremely disturbing that he does weekly. With a pure heart I ask that you be honest and please tell me if these things are wrong or not. It does not mirror Jesus. It is all the sinful nature of tbj.
      There is a scripture that Jesus Himself said, ” in that day many will say I prophesied in your name, cast out demons, healed the sick, did miracles in your name and I will say to them depart from me I never knew you.
      This verse applies without a doubt to tbj.
      At first I believed in tbj and respected him so much because he did prophesy, heal and deliver but as I now know as per the verse it doesn’t mean he is doing God’s will.
      I pray that you follow Jesus and not man.

  8. Kevin, yes, the moment The Anoited Water prooves it is able to heal Ebola, Tb Joshua can start a factory on world-base and we can close all hospitals, psychiatric institutes,and only do a workshop Anoited Water-applyment.. Let see what will happen, until now nothing of importanty is reported by Sierre Leone,s Ebola-victums and the applyment of the Anoited Water.

    • Tbj immediately showed his own lack of faith in his anointing water by immediately posting on Facebook as soon as he sent it that the receiver needs to have faith for it to work.
      He is a hypocrite. He never said that before when all these people use it privately with no way to document it didn’t work. Yet they tbj repeatedly implies everyone will be healed, delivered and miracles of all kinds will happen to you. I can testify it did not help me but made my situation worse.

      • @ TBJW,

        Then your ‘proxy server’ does not do what it supposed to do. If you switch off scripts, encrypt the URL, encrypt the website page, cookies off, remove all objects, custom webbrowser, You will not be able to get a full page of http://WWW.SCOAN.ORG than just the background, which is black/grey with a bow on it. Nothing else will load.

        If I use the same proxy server elsewhere on websites with the same settings I have no problem to access all of other websites. Better check your proxy server you have for your personal anonymity, cause it does not do its job right and they will extract your place you are operating from. The SCOAN WEBSITE is full of script traps and as above it is proven that it cannot be finger printed by the tools that are from a professional very famous internet guru that I know.

        It is clear that they divert their responsibility elsewhere in this case “elite1408”. Which is their website hosting comp in US. A website certificate of this website has no signature of themselves which means it is insecure and therefor proven to be unreliable and a warning is issued when going there, proceed with caution ! This warning means they are up to something like ‘phishing’, ‘spying’, check who you are and are able to harvest your private IP addresses, WAN IP address, ISP, and web browser you use, trace route you and if it really comes to it, to attack you from a undisclosed place in the world and hack you and disable your networks and pretend it is not them. Knowing this guys’ notoriety, he will stop at nothing unless he has world domination. Not acceptable. Peace, out !

      • @ TBJW,

        Ps, yo dude, if they have links for donating to SCOAN and EMMANUEL TV on SCOAN.ORG they must have an SSL and certificate in place. Think again. Peace, Out ! Btw, this goof and self proclaimed whatever douchebag Revel2123 aka Gary McGoff has this link too on his YouTube account. He is clearly promoting monetary funds and mining of data from his YouTube account with nearly 7000 subscribers. Wake up !

      • No, SCOAN don’t need SSL certificate in place for these donation links, because the donations are taken care of by Paypal and its own SSL certs. No financial information is entered on the SCOAN website itself. The only place where ANY information is gathered is on the visit form, it would be preferable for this to be SSL – but no financial details or home address are required, and anyone filling this in is volunteering the data to SCOAN anyway, so you can’t say that the lack of SSL is to enable them to take your information.

        To be honest I think you’re giving SCOAN more credit than they deserve for the website. The SSL mismatch is purely because no SSL certificate has been setup, so it’s defaulting to the hosting companies self signed one, it’s not a deliberate conspiracy to steal data. The website source code contains nothing unusual for a wordpress powered site. Believe me, I don’t trust SCOAN as far as I can throw them, but in this case I don’t see any evidence of wrongdoing.

      • @ TBJW,

        ‘The SSL mismatch is purely because no SSL certificate has been setup, so it’s defaulting to the hosting companies self signed one, it’s not a deliberate conspiracy to steal data.’

        Yeah even though the website has no SSL cert. it still does its mining elsewhere in the site pages. I don’t think you have reverse engineered their HTML, XML, Java and other ActiveX to see where this takes place. As I said before the SCOAN domain and initial website is impossible to load when you are behind the proxy setup as I said before. As soon as you switch off scripts and URL encryption, page encryption, you are able to see the whole website. So, yes clearly geared to that they want to see who you are and where you are operating from. This is data mining. Just as NSA data mining is illegal, they deliberately choose to host the website in the US and not in Europe. See a little conversation here for you to update your lack of information.

      • @ TBJW,

        Ps. If your privacy is not important personally to you, why do you defend their website and their website programming if they mining data from you or others when you browse their pages. Even if it is just only cookies, they still get information from you that is none of their business. This is controlling people by the information they glean from your browsing, how you browse and what you say and buy online. Yes, all kinds of websites do this, it does not mean we have to agree they do this ! We are being forced now to agree with cookie acceptance for example. I hope you will stop defending practices that are designed to control people and/or even attack them from undisclosed places they can operate from.

      • @Interrogatorofwebsites
        “I don’t think you have reverse engineered their HTML, XML, Java and other ActiveX to see where this takes place”
        Actually, there are no ActiveX or Java components to the site (do you mean Javascript?). Since you presumably have reverse engineered this code, please point out exactly what there is that we should be concerned about. The only cookies the site stores are related to google analytics and the AddThis social sharing widget, none of which give SCOAN any ability to collect any personal data.

        I’m not defending the collection of data, but I also don’t think it helps our case to be paranoid over a perfectly normal, and functionally dumb website.

      • @Interrogatorofwebsites there’s javascript all over this website too – you need javascript for almost all functionality on a modern website: drop down menus, expanding text areas, image slide shows, video players etc, etc… I’ve checked every javascript link on their site, and each one is a standard piece of functionality provided by wordpress, a standard wordpress plugin, a third party widget (e.g. the sharing one) or google analytics. There doensn’t appear to be a single piece written specifically for the site. It’s very easy to verify (with a basic knowledge of web design) that there isn’t anything taking your private information. Again, if you say I’m wrong, I ask that you prove it. Point me to exactly what bit of code is doing anything to be suspicious about?

      • @ TBJW,

        Look I am not going to go in their website without a proxy server in between. And I can’t get there because I have encrypted the URL, the webpages, no cookies, no Javascript, plus remove all objects. So if I can’t open it without being scanned of what I am doing, I can’t point out to you where they have their Javascripts sitting. But as you can see from the using of that link there is javascript.and if their is javascript then there is the likely hood of using your private information. I mean come on, this is not just a small website. It exists of several other website domains too and Emmanuel TV.

        Instead of connecting to the remote web server, your and my browser is “securely” connected only to the local “Proxy Appliance” they are likely using which is decrypting, inspecting, and logging all of the material sent from the browser. It inspects all content to determine whether it abides by whatever arbitrary policies the local network is enforcing. It’s users have NO privacy and NO security. Or perhaps it just silently logs & records everything for possible future need. Either way, it has obtained full access to everything the user enters into their web browser, this is yours and mine.

        For example, suppose that “SCOAN industries” installs a commercially available “SSL Proxy” (which you say they don’t, which I don’t believe) (also known as an HTTPS or TLS Proxy). Then, as part of prepping computers for use inside their network, their hosting IT department simply adds one additional “trusted” Certificate Authority to each computer. That’s all it takes !!!!

        Now, whenever anyone inside “SCOAN industries” network or anyone who browses, whether secure or not secure (http:// or http:// makes a “secure” connection to any remote public web site their Paypal, Google Mail, Facebook, anything, that connection is intercepted by the Hosting company SSL Proxy appliance before it leaves the building. On-the-fly, the SSL Proxy Appliance creates a fraudulent “spoofed” web server CERTIFICATE in order to impersonate the intended remote web site, and it signs that fraudulent certificate itself using the signature of the also-fraudulent Certificate Authority that was previously planted inside the user’s browser or computer. Helloooooo !!!! Dude, are we still talking ? This is what I said in the former post with the fingerprinting. I am not sure if you get my drift, but I am assured by the web guru that he knows what he is talking about in the case of the or domain. Before it was called I have little interest to be hijacked as a private or professional user with the SCOAN.ORG or EMMANUEL.TV website. If you say you can’t find anything suspicious then post here all their Javascripts they use you are referring to you found inside all their webpages and I will analyse it from there.

      • @Interrogatorofwebsites So you’re basing your whole suspicion on the fact that they use javascript on their website?! So do we! So does virtually every site on the web! As you know, we’re not fans of SCOAN in the slightest, but we do try to keep to credible criticism, not conspiracy theories. Here you’re claiming that they’re mining personal data, when you’ve not even inspected the website! There is only one place on the website where it is possible to enter data – that’s the visit form, where people voluntarily enter personal information. There is also a link to paypal for donations, but that’s all taken care of by Paypal’s security. The rest of the site is read only, sure they can take your ISP’s IP address if you’re not using a VPN or Proxy and get an approximate location, but that’s about it (if that bothers you, you’ll already have appropriate protection against that). If you want to show me credible evidence that they are up to something dodgy, please do – otherwise, let’s leave it here.

  9. @ TBJW,

    Here is the proof that SCOAN.ORG is a scam website. They can’t even be properly “fingerprinted”. They use someone else’s certificates with someone else’s name in it.

    One or more errors were encountered when querying:

    The SSL/TLS security certificate obtained from the remote server was invalid FOR THE EXACT DOMAIN YOU ENTERED. However, we were still able to obtain the certificate’s common name and fingerprint, which appear below. Since something is wrong, please examine it carefully and give your close attention to the additional diagnostic note(s) appearing next:
    Trustworthy certificates are “trusted” when they have been “signed” by a known and trusted “Certificate Authority” (CA). We trust the signer to have verified the identity of the signee. The trouble with the certificate that has just been received from the domain shown above, is that IT WAS NOT SIGNED by any known, authorized, recognized, and valid certificate authority. This most often occurs when a certificate is “self signed”, meaning that no higher authority is vouching for the identity and integrity of the server offering this certificate. (Note that NO VALID COMMERCIAL Internet web sites would ever do this!) While connections to any such web server will be encrypted, you really have no idea to whom your encrypted data is being sent: It could be your boss, your network’s IT department (for capture, scanning, logging & analysis), or an entity much more malicious. PROCEED WITH CAUTION if you connect to any such remote web server, and try to determine WHY the server is offering a certificate which no valid certificate authority is vouching for.

    The Domain Name (where the certificate was obtained) DOES NOT MATCH any of the names INSIDE the certificate: (And it must.) Trustworthy certificates contain a list of one or more domain names for which they are valid. The leftmost portion of such names MAY also contain an asterisk ( * ) acting as a “wildcard character” which is valid for any domain name appearing in place of the asterisk. The trouble with the certificate returned by the server that accepted the connection at the IP for the domain name shown above, is that no matter how we look at it, IT IS NOT VALID for the domain name. This would be like a web server using someone else’s security certificate. It should not happen and you should proceed with caution.

    You should examine the Domain Name and Certificate Name (also known as the “Common Name”) shown below. They will often be nearly identical. For example, the Certificate Name might simply have a ‘www’ prefix which is missing from the Domain Name. And if you were to enter the domain name with the leading ‘www’ everything would be fine. But if the names are very different, something is not right.

    The trouble may be something you can remedy by altering the domain name submitted, or the trouble might lie with the configuration of the remote secure web server. You should examine the domain name submitted, above, the errors returned, and the error comments to determine your best course of action.

    Domain Name Certificate Name EV Security Certificate’s Authentic Fingerprint Click to view complete certificate chain — B9:BA:E4:F8:FF:2F:15:CD:7A:92:7D:36:67:0B:13:BC:D4:C1:E9:32

    You can see here clearly that they can’t even be sincere on their own website. They are redirecting the traffic if even the authorities would investigate. Very clever.

    The Interrogator of Websites.

    • Thanks for the info, but it looks to me like they’ve never setup SSL rather than a deliberate attempt at a scam. The only part of the website where a proper encrypted connection is essential is the giving section, and there they use paypal. Unless I’m missing something, the certificate mismatch is only an issue if you deliberately try to access the website by entering the https address. Then the certificate is the self signed one which is the default on most hosting companies unless you’ve purchased and setup one from a certificate authority. Am I missing your point here?

      • @ TBJW,

        Try to log on to behind a general proxy server with scripts off and you will see the website will not load. They will not allow you to access the website unless they get some information from you and from where you access it and use scripts from where are.

        @ J. Karman,

        Those are the so called (demon possessed and “delivered”) scam leaders of the SCOAN branch UK. There are more. I am aware of it, so should others.

    • When you try to download the Emmanuel TV app it requires permission to access:
      Photos, media, files
      Camera, microphone
      Device ID and call information

      Now why do they require access to all of those things. It appears they will have access to my phone, my mic to hear me, my files, photos.

      I tried just now to access the app through the Emanuel TV website to get the info but it didn’t work I went to the play store instead. Emanuel TV app was leading me to a rage software for website page.

  10. I have four things to say: 1. If someone does not possess Christ’s Spirit, he is not His.-Romans 8,9- the teaching in this ministry is out right “striving” to be a Christian yet without the Holy Spirit within you, when this is the fundamental seal of Grace, of the Work on the Cross. I know this because we were always taught that the Holy Spirit was “around” us but not within is, based on Jesus’ words to His disciples BEFORE His crucifixion/resurrection. This is Old Testament theology, the Holy Spirit within us as Christians is the seal of the New Testament. There is no such thing as a born again Christian without the Spirit of Christ/Holy Spirit dwelling within him/her. And no where is it mentioned that only a few e.g a prophet, or some “wise men”-which does not appear as a ministry in the Bible- possess God’s Spirit. HERECY
    2. “Satan has access to the person you were, the person you are but not the person you will be” Scoan quotable quote. Yesterday, you were the old man, today as a Christian you are a new man, a new person. AS A BORN AGAIN CHRISTIAN SATAN MAY ATTACK YOU, ACCUSE YOU BUT HE DOES NOT HAVE ACCESS TO YOU. Or…..aren’t we talking about Christians here? Need we go to the Bible to quote what it says about those in Christ/Christians? Ten posts wouldn’t cover it… HERECY.
    3.They are authority to themselves, equvelling questioning and searching their teaching/sayings to blaspheming. There is only one kind of blasphemy: against the Holy Spirit. So this is what, indirectly, you are doing, according to their teachings, when you have a question, which they call a “query”, and is stated to be “forbidden” as you tend to be in “dangerous” waters for yourself. The whole teaching structure is founded on imposed fear, constant guilt syndromes-dare you think for yourself- and non-questionable, non-debatable leadership. Apostle Paul always spoke under the “umbrella” of the Fear of The Lord, believe me, they have no fear but the fear of man, their actions/deeds have spoken.(Scoan Athens).

    4.Anointing waters, stickers, bracelets, “spiritual items”? Some say they work, others say the opposite. I have a question here to ask: has anyone ever heard of the placebo effect?
    Please to all concerned: educate yourself on God’s Word and not on signs and wonders-which many are questionable as I have experienced first hand-. One’s compliance to the Word is the fruit the Bible speaks about and not displays of power. There are many powers in this world that display themselves just fine. Are we not to test every spirit according to the Word? Claiming is not enough, ABSOLUTE COMPLIANCE IS.
    @Julianne in the Jeremiah post you made a comment. Point of correction. All this happened in Athens not London. It was the Athens pastor and church that were denied. Thank you.

    • @ Jeremiah,

      Quote “3.They are authority to themselves, equvelling questioning and searching their teaching/sayings to blaspheming. There is only one kind of blasphemy: against the Holy Spirit. So this is what, indirectly, you are doing, according to their teachings, when you have a question, which they call a “query”, and is stated to be “forbidden” as you tend to be in “dangerous” waters for yourself. The whole teaching structure is founded on imposed fear, constant guilt syndromes-dare you think for yourself- and non-questionable, non-debatable leadership. Apostle Paul always spoke under the “umbrella” of the Fear of The Lord, believe me, they have no fear but the fear of man, their”

      Lol, using and misusing Scripture to strike fear in the naysayers is trump in cults. They are saying they are “chosen” by God oh, dare you to touch me, God will turn upon you as a ton of bricks and a lot of shouting and screaming as well intimidation go with that. Especially big churches and ministries do this, so you cower in your corner and get of their case. You will see these drive by shootings in TBJ Watch all the time. They love their charismatic witchcraft prayers and warnings, which are hilarious to see. Can you imagine if all those things would come to pass then most of us and others would be dead by now. These ignorant people don’t realise how they curse, send demons with their words they speak from their soulish part of their body and give Satan a foothold to cling upon their curses they speak out. Nine of them knows that Jesus abhors these things as he said to his disciples when they asked for fire from heaven to consume so and so. Jesus told them, ye know not of what manner of spirit ye are. He then also teaches us to bless those and pray for them that persecute you…. It show just from where they cone from, they complain about hatred, but they sow it by themselves and their word they entertain in their own hearts…… And TB Joshua is standing idly by and complains that the more he is persecuted the more tonic is flowing to him.

      Well, why not set up a swat team and give him a physical trashing and see how his “anointing” will soar, because if we have to take his words serious then that would be the way then for all Christians to go for and get their anointing increased. How ludicrous.

      • I expereince TB Joshuas ministery as a mix of legalism and grace. A dangerous mix. Maybe he started by Grace, but routine and controling-sysems, witch are religious, took over. A religious controle, causes hell, it only relates to sin-consiousness, not to the Freedom in Christ. Religon causes pride, arrogance, idle statements, top-under-dog-positions, and harsch treatments. They never left the wilderness, they builded a kingdom in there. Only Christ is the way to freedom, in ALL christianity. Christ is the only weapon against ALL dogmas, doctrines and funny entertainments. Christ is our Faith.

    • @Jeremiah
      Thanks for the correction I didn’t realize I mixed up the cities.
      And a big thanks for mentioning “the fruit the bible speaks of ” which brings up a true test to see if a pastor is led by God. Are they a reflection of Jesus. Do you see the fruit of the Spirit in tbj? Love, joy, peace, forbearance, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness and self control. Any Christian can heal and deliver in Jesus Name. It is the laws of this world. Sort of like gravity, you can’t change it. If you believe and have faith in Jesus and his power that He gave us you can heal and deliver. It is so easy, powerful, unstoppable and guaranteed to work that even the sons of Sceva were casting out demons in the name of THE Jesus whom Paul preached. Sort of like an extension through Paul until one day the demons realized something was wrong.
      Jesus actually described himself and said he was gentle and humble in heart. Does tbj appear gentle and humble does he have the fruits of the spirit? when I look at Tbj I see boastfulness and pride and a hot temper. In fact the camera man has a difficult job constantly cutting to a commercial every time tbj yells at and either a worker or someone he is prophesying over. The camera man is not fast enough and we can still see tbj still yelling in a fit of rage for what appears to be no reason.

  11. TB Joshua has a new stock horse he ride upon concerning Ebola.

    He now blames Satan for it and that Satan is the manufacturer of it and that it has to be prayed back to hell.

    Back to hell ? Which hell is he talking about, The Grave, Gehenna, Tartarus, Sheol ?

    So every disease is in hell then ? :-\ I wonder why they have not been able to pray AIDS, HIV, Marburg virus, Polio, Stage 4 Cancer back to hell. How bizarre.

    One person said online: “God bless his prophet, Prophet T.B. Joshua, we haven’t been hearing of Ebola ravaging in Sierra Leone again, the people and Govt of Liberia should ask the same from the Prophet and Ebola will be gone from them.”

    So let me understand that, is this person telling us that Ebola is not ravaging Sierra Leone again ? Has it stopped ? Really ? Or is it just one of those lies again that makes TB Joshua look good and the rest of the world an idiot ?

    Another person says: “The gullible ones are bound to swallow this Satan-Talk, line, hook and sinker! But wait a moment, why is Satan with his Ebola absent from: China, where Churches are brutally controlled and persecuted. Europe, where all sorts of abomination including same sex marriage have gone viral, and Christianity is virtually dead! I can go on and on. Please TBJ, limit your hypnotic messages to your gullible congregation.”

    Yeah strange that it is nowhere to be seen in America, the UK, the Rest of Europe, South America, Asia.The only cases you see happening is that when they come from there out of Africa.

    Ofcourse he pulls the same trick as with the MH370 in saying “The controversial pastor boldly declared that God had spoken to him to pray for the nations affected by Ebola as its reign of fear was close to closure”

    Why is it that God always speaks to him but he still does not know where the MH370 is, or that wing that he promised us or the debris.

    Apparently the conversation is one way or the high way because we only have to hear about what God says and we cannot do a two conversation with God to get answers. This god that TB Joshua is referring to must be another god of systems that want us to believe this and that is happening, but we can never ask a question and hear it for ourselves, we have to hear this from the world prophet TB Joshua. The same question must have been about his kids, he has only girls as offspring, why does that god he talks to everyday as he claims did not give him a son as heir and secure his lineage. He once answered a journalist in anger, “How do you know I have no sons as a child”. We all know TB Joshua you don’t have a son, Ok, so stop telling us hypnotic stories and diversions. Also all of sudden the god that they talk to is AWOL. As conveniently always when things go not as they expected.

  12. I once heard Pastor Adeboye of Redeemed quip that anyone who tells you ‘God told me’, ‘God said’, ‘God is telling me’ ever so frequently is a liar. Proof was He spoke in Malachi and it was not until 450 years later that He spoke. God just does not speak that frequently to nobody

    The name of God is taken in vain when men ascribe their imaginations to God. The name of God is a TOOL for controlling the masses because the charlatans know invoking it numbs the sheeple’s senses and reason

    Throw in God in a sentence everybody suspens logic and thinking. In that hypnotic state, garbage is poured into their minds. And they eat all of it.

    We have the wherewithal within the 66 books to survive in any generation. We do not need ‘additional’ revelations. God has spoken to us through His Son (Heb 1:1) and anybody who finds that inadequate is straying into apostasy

    • Ya Vooke, I also noticed that in the Bible, God did not speak so much. Just check out how many visions are penned down by the mighty Prophets of God in the Old Testament. Not one had a blabber mouth.

      …14 “Indeed God speaks once or twice, yet no one notices it. 15 “In a dream, a vision of the night, when sound sleep falls on men, while they slumber in their beds, 16 Then He opens the ears of men, and seals their instruction… Job 33:14-16

    • Tbj contradicts himself all the time. One example he says when he is at church he is “prophet Tb Joshua” and elsewhere the “man Tb Joshua”. He says he is led by the Holy Spirit the entire time, he can not make a single move unless the Holy Spirit tells him.
      It is not only anti biblical but very confusing and he makes it so hard for anyone to believe they can heal and deliver because he makes it seem nearly impossible. God uses us the way we are. We are not puppets that he controls every move we make, every time we move our hand. In front of the church he is not transformed to a another person.
      Yet he contradicts himself because other times as he contemplates where in the crowd to go to first. I’ve heard him say he doesn’t know where to go first.
      It’s so ridiculous when he says “I love the Prophet Tb Joshua” and even says how he loves watching “Prophet Tb Joshua” on Emanuel tv. Not only is he so boastful he sounds like he has a split personality.

  13. And – Let two or three prophets speak and the others should judge what is said – 1 Corinthians 14:19.

    • @ Just Wonder,

      Exactly ! That is why he recently “hid” the Wisemen and goaded the congregation into the story that they needed to supersede the “anointing water” and need to “prophesy” as well. You see how slippery he is, because if I was there and the many who think like you and me, we would ask such questions to be answered on the ground of Biblical standards. Until now he has been the only “prophet” who has been using familiar spirits to “read” the peoples pasts to deceive them that the Holy Spirit is telling him everything about everyone as his narrators want us to believe. Teehee. Now he isvsaying that Jesus said “will he find faith when Jesus returns”. Sure, we know this from Scripture and we know that the world does not accept the Holy Spirit but the Anti Christ spirit. No one of us says that God does not heal, deliver or do miracles, but dispensing it as he and the Wisemen do is clear in Scripture that that is not so. A Souvereign God does not dispense miracles at will only in church meetings, stadium meetings, as a matter of fact God is doing many simultaneously all over the world right now by His will and not ours and you don’t have to be in Lagos or a branch of SCOAN for that.

      • @ jesse
        I agree, God does not dispose miracles in church only. I am deeply bothered when the wise men deliver and tell the demons “do you know where you are” “this is the area of liberty.” They say it when the demon gives them a hard time. It comes so naturally to them. As if the demons have to obey because they are inside the arena of liberty.
        It only proves that TB Joshua brain washes all his disciples into believing that Scoan is a “safe haven”. That they are protected and have more strength. And if they leave they wont be protected. Acts 17:24 the God who made the world and everything in it is the Lord of Heaven and earth and does not live in temples built by human hands. 1 cor 6:19 our bodies are now the temple of the Holy Spirit who is in us.

      • Jesse, can you get the dvd where tbj said that the wise men will be retreating to super charge their anointing? I would like to hear him myself and will appretiate it if you can place it here.

      • @ Just Wonder,

        It is somewhere online usually on Momi Si, Revel2123, TB Joshua Fans UK, when they cut and paste pieces of the live services in YouTube.

      • @Jesse
        Do you have anything to back up that he uses demons to read people’s past?
        I suspect him of doing that to condemn and humiliate people.

        There is one video where tbj is playing, laughing and having the best time mocking a demon in this lady who has sunglasses. Tbj orders the demon to take off the glasses and then to put them back on. He makes her do it really fast and over and over.
        This is not a deliverance but tbj playing with them and proof that he orders demons to do things.
        With so many people reporting mental illnesses, diseases and even death after going against tbj it appears as if what tbj said is true. “If you fight me demons come after you.” I myself have felt the demons in my room when I was angry at him for the evil he was doing.
        The tragic thing at the time was that watching tbj made me afraid of demons. But I thank God I am stronger now. I watch him to overcome any fears that may be left. It is a big spiritual battle.

  14. u guys will one day be tired n fade away..but scoan is growing n will be growing…critics only makes a man of God more strong.Tb joshua is criticized cos Jesus was being criticized….have not seen any man of God on earth that has been criticized like this.but it only shows hw geniun Tbjoshua is..keep up!!

    • @ Edisto
      I have a question please answer honestly. Does it bother you to see people begging every week to get healed?

  15. tb joshua, keep exposing! Like some one commented here, me too i destroyed all the stickers, books, pamphlets, anointed waters, infact everything scoan, went to the dust bin. what a relief on my side.

  16. Ebola is simply a contagious disease, nothing spiritual.Those infected from Africa and brought to the United States have been healed by medical doctors.

  17. Thanks Jesse,

    I found the dvd,

    This is soooooo……………………….. sick??????????

    Where do you get something like this in the Bible??????????????

    TB Joshua: Where Are The Wise Men? Sunday Live 22 Jun 14

    Unbelievable – click on:

    • In response to the video @Just Wonder posted, which, actually, I have already watched: Where in the Bible and specifically the New Testament do we see lifeless objects possessing the Holy Spirit’s anointing? Apostle Paul’s handkerchieves were not anointed, they simply worked as a channel for the anointing residing in Paul himself to flow into meeting the needs of others. It was Paul who was anointed NOT his handkerchieves. How can the “wise men”, and man in general, who is indeed the greatest product of the Holy Spirit, be inferior in God’s anointing to some lifeless object? Possessing greater Grace than believers? To whom was Grace provided and given to through the Cross, through the Blood of Jesus Christ? In 1st John 2:20 it says: “But you have an anointing from the Holy One, and all of you know the truth” referring to born again, spirit filled Christians, and 2:27 “As for you, the anointing you received from Him remains in you, and you do not need anyone to teach you. But as His anointing teaches you about all things and as that anointing is real, not counterfeit -just as it has taught you, remain in Him.” Christ’s Grace, Life, Anointing are given to BELIEVERS AND NOT OBJECTS.

  18. Not even to mention the arm bracelet charm of tbj!!!!!!

    …3 “But I am afraid that, as the serpent deceived Eve by his craftiness, your minds will be led astray from the simplicity and purity of devotion to Christ. 4For if one comes and preaches another Jesus whom we have not preached, or you receive a different spirit which you have not received, or a different gospel which you have not accepted, you bear this beautifully”….
    …13 “For such men are false apostles, deceitful workers, disguising themselves as apostles of Christ. 14No wonder, for even Satan disguises himself as an angel of light. 15Therefore it is not surprising if his servants also disguise themselves as servants of righteousness, whose end will be according to their deeds” – – 2 Corinthians 11: 3, 4,13-15.

    • The crazy thing about the bracelet is that Tb Joshua teaches everyone to pray with it as a Catholic Rosary. He puts it in his hand, praying and moving from bead to bead.
      When Tb Joshua removed his miracle bench he said the reason was that when people leave the country and take it on the plane they can put illegal things in the pipes giving Jesus a bad name. So he was removing the bench to protect Jesus.
      Does anyone believe we should stop healing to protect Jesus? Does he really believe what he says or could it be he really has no clue and just makes things up arbitrarily.
      These TB Joshua paraphernalia does not come from God. It only puts a barrier to Jesus making Tb Joshua the middleman and the one whom the trust is in. When people use his water, etc their faith is in Tb Joshua and his power, not Jesus.

      • Only a satanic force will try to keep people from using the Name of Jezus. TB makes things up, because he realy does not understand some crusial bibly facts about healing. He turns facts around. Just as in the Korean-cruzade, tb tells the congregation, that there will be only healing, when the Holy Spirit directs God will about the healing. This is a failor in TB,s own faith. It implies, that only men-of-God who are able to hear the spirit directions, are allowed to lay hands The bible says, healing will take place, when we know the Skriptual Will of God about His promises and healing. Not the will of the healer is important, the Will of God, by His Word, will heal. The Name of Jezus is a contact-point., for the power to work. Every believer is allowed to lay hands and pray by the Name of Jezus. To tell the congregation, that God will only heal, when there is a Word for that person, is a lack of faith. God heals, where-ever there is believe, and believe is needless related to the understanding of The Word. Jezus says, Only believe. TB is confused.

      • I believe that tbj goal is to make every believer think they have no chance of healing and delivering. So that everyone will need him. His disciples have to bow down to him and adore him in public. Do you ever notice how the wise man constantly praise tbj when preaching and even during deliverances. While the wisemen were suspended I watched a little bit of wiseman Christopher he went on and on about his father in the Lord.
        When tbj was at the crusade I tuned in for a few minutes and caught wiseman Daniel praises tbj like crazy. He then yelled at the church that they didnt appreciate him and now he was taken away from them.
        There is respect and love for a pastor and teacher and then there is Scoan where there is an obsession of excessive adoration and praise not for Jesup but for TB joshua. Free they are not. Arena of liberty it is not.
        When Harry went to Pasco the third day, his message was all about Tbj and how great he is. All the while there was this huge banner hanging over head with a small photo of Harry since he was doing the conference and then a gigantic photo of tbj.
        Tbj loves to put his picture on everything. All the previous stickers and water had his face. So I see tbj has made some effort to change by removing his face from the water and stickers but his heart is the same because his face is still plastered over the weekly brochures and I have even seen it painted on the side of an Emanuel TV truck.

  19. Ebola Outbreak: Mixed Reactions Trail Doctors’ Strike in Nigeria.

    The refusal of the Nigerian Medical Association to call off its industrial action, inspite of the outbreak of the deadly Ebola virus in the country is generating mixed public reaction.

  20. I feel in my heart to share these testimonies with all Muslims out there –
    You do not need tbj or his ‘anointed water’.
    You only need Jesus Christ.
    There is hope in Jesus.

  21. Speaking of fruit the other day makes me bring up TB Joshua and his children. It is amazing how when he speaks he keeps them and his personal life hidden.
    I heard one message only of his wife and at the time I was afraid of her because of her temperament. She looked so fierce, was angry and yelling. It was very intimidating, I spilled my water on myself as I was watching. When TB Joshua met and proposed to her he said she was his twin. I have to say he does prophesy accurately many times and this one was correct. She is also very flamboyant and extravagant with her expensive African dresses and head dresses. I can only imagine what their household is like.
    This silent man about his family, posted one day on Facebook about his daughter graduating from college. This was when I still followed Tb Joshua. I was baffled that it mattered that much to him as a pastor of his power that he would even want his daughter to go to college.
    He was boasting about her yet he should have been embarrassed because here she was raised in a Christian home of a Pastor who has more power to heal, deliver and prophesy than any pastor I have seen and yet she is choosing to not follow in his footsteps. I would think seeing all the miracles she would believe in Jesus with all her heart and want nothing more than to love and serve him. TB Joshua said “I can not force my children to follow in my footsteps, they have to decide on their own. I can only point them to the way. It is their choice not mine.”
    It goes to show what she really thinks of her father. The signs and wonders are meant to bring others to Christians and make disciples. I look at the Copelands who you can see have love have three children full time in ministry along with their three spouses and all their grown grandchildren.
    I also am reminded of the verse where Jesus curses Capernaum and Bethsaida, he says “and you Capernaum, who are exalted to heaven, will be brought down to Hades, for if the mighty works which where done in you had been down in Sodom it would have remained until this day.”
    The fruit of Tb Joshua is not very good fruit for the kingdom of God. The wise men started out all so kind and loving yet are slowly changing. His daughter wants a job out in the world. LOVE is the key and the difference between Tb Joshua and the Copeland serving Jesus.
    I also find it interesting she was 1 pt away from graduating first class. Something is not right about that. Spiritualy maybe subconsciously.

    Also she was going for her masters in law. It seems odd she would want to become a lawyer and fight all day in court. Also Jesus fulfilled the law. It just all seems so odd, maybe rebellion.

    • @ Julianne,

      About his children it is a different story. I know a part of their personal lives, but I leave it there, because I found his children as well his wife very nice whenever I interacted with them.

      • @jesse
        Tbj is charming and pleasant when you meet him. It does not justify or negate the fact that he is so evil.
        I listened to a teaching of Evelyn Joshua “walking in grace” and graceful she was not. She was a hot tempered, angry, explosive, criticizing, arrogant and pompous person. I did not see Jesus in her “love, gentle and humble.” Tbj said that she was her twin and I agree.
        As for his daughter I have never seen her, I am not speaking of her personality. The subject had come up on “fruit” and I was pointing out how she is choosing to not serve Jesus even though she has witnessed so many miracles. It is a reflection of Tbj and his ministry. She obviously is rejecting it and possibly being passive aggressive choosing to go to school for law.

    • This T B Joshua’s daughter is that girl who was born out of wedlock with one of TBJ’s concubines. At the time, TBJ claimed the girl was abandoned in the church by someone and he adopted her. I didn’t realize TBJ has been lying to us right from the beginning. TBJ is the son of Satan, the father of lies, and there is no truth in his mouth! He is a deceiver like his father Satan, and must be exposed!

      • @Mr. Terrific
        I live in America, it is very strange to hear talk of concubines. Is this a culture thing in Nigeria? I know that Tbj believes in them and according to his proposal to his wife he doesn’t think it is a sin. But it is fornication or adultery depending on if you are married or not.
        Recently on Emanuel tv, tbj had healed a lady who hated her country, nigeria. Tbj offered her a job and had his hand on the back of her neck for several minutes. The lump was on her neck but it was very inappropriate for him to have his hand there. It is an “Erogenous zone”. He freely laid his hand there and several times caressing her neck all the while offering her a job. He did this on live tv.
        He did it in such a non Chalant way but it was so wrong. Is this how he handles his employees? Here she was happy to now have a job and with TV Joshua’s hand lovingly on her neck for a very long long time. One would think she got aroused as it is an Erogenous zone.

      • T B Joshua is a real fornicator and adulterer and he is not ashamed. This woman must definitely be aroused, and she loved it, as she might think it is “holy” for a “man of God,” a false prophet, to do things to her. Biblical ignorance is killing believers!

      • I am talking about the so-called “abandoned” one, named AJOKE. I understand she is now the one studying law.

      • Mr T
        Is that really the correct spelling “a joke”.
        I am a big believer in the power of your name. So is Jesus which is why He says in His Word. Jesus is the Name above all other Names. The Word evil is contained in the Word devil and God is contained in the Word good. The Word war is contained in the word lawyers and they fight all day for a living.
        The word dog is contained in the word God. In my opinion I believe God chose a dog to resemble Himself in so any ways. They are your best friend, love you unconditionally, forgive you ex: you forget to feed him or even kick the dog (sadly some people do), they want nothing but to be by your side, are ever so happy if you take him for a walk, ride, toss a ball. They will protect you, so loyal, will give you their undivided attention, they are with you if you cry, even licking you, and has healing powers in their saliva. And so much more. When I see a dog my heart melts. There is not a dog I have not met that I didn’t love.
        I see God’s amazing love in a dog. I believe God gave us a dog as a precious gift. A small taste of what he is like. Dog make great rescue dogs, they are dogs that lead the blind, and therapy dogs that help sick people.
        God is so good.
        Even in the bible the significance of the meaning of the name is so important. He many times changed someone’s name when he had a purpose for them.

      • Yes, that’s the correct spelling. It’s a Yoruba name, and not ” a joke,” but AJOKE. She looks very much like TBJ, but was born in fornication and adultery. TBJ is a hypocrite, and needs to make his own confessions RIGHT NOW!

      • Julianne, I also live here in the USA, in Atlanta, Georgia, and you can get in touch with me through the admin of this blog.

      • I believe Tb Joshua cursed himself calling himself “TB” which is a disease turbucolousis that infects your lungs. When I watch tb Joshua I many times find myself holding my breath. Joshua is a good name but he has the tb connected to it. So it is like a diseased Joshua, a mix. Kind of how he is now, doing miracles but at the same time causing more harm than good.

  22. This site is managed by modern day Pharisee. They existed during Jeus times and they do as well today. They have the same blind and deaf spirit and spirit of anti-Christ. Stay away from being deceived. Fortunately they are only less than 1000 followers that prove this site has not much to offer compared to Emmanuel TV watch by millions daily. So is Jesus time, only a handful of pharisees who opposed Him.. Believe in His prophets and receive prophet’s reward. GB

    • @wonderful counsellor
      Islam has over 1 billion followers and this site has just 1000. may be Islam is the truth 😉

      • @Vooke ,this site is not a religion nor does he preach the gospel ,that’s the difference.
        It can rather be compared by Old Pharisee’s doctrines.

      • @ Vooke,

        Correction, Vooke, it is 1.6 billion followers for Islam. It covers 23% of the world population and it is growing faster than any other religion. 😉

        P.s. Jesus talks about a remnant Rev 12:17 that will follow Him in the end, so yeah, I am confident as well assured that we are in that lot if we don’t look at others but only at our King Jesus.

    • @wonderful counsellor
      We very rarely delete comments, but posting the identical comment on 6 different posts is not accepted. I’ll leave this one, but the others are deleted.

      Regarding your post, rather than call us names, why not refute the claims of our site? It would make you sound a lot more credible!



      • @Evan
        GOD has given us the right to judge. He has also given us a mind, eyes to see and ears to hear. If you read this thread there are several verses quoted about judging righteously. The disciples judged all the time as they stopped people from sinning.
        TB Joshua is a hypocrite as you are in your post. Are you not judging us?

        You call us “my friend” and then you call us liars, asking us if we are God, and then trying to scare us. So many nasty comments in such a short post. I would love to have a discussion as I am sure we all would but you are fighting dirty and not even giving any reason why you disagree with any of our statements.

        Most of the people on this site are like me. I once followed TB Joshua and believed he was anointed. When I first started watching him I healed the sick, and even delivered a few people. Yet after watching TB Joshua intently to learn how to operate in more power I started losing my faith and started becoming afraid of demons. Today, I do not lay hands on anyone because I am afraid of getting demons. TB Joshua is a fear monger. He constantly warns about Satan and demons. When he should be teaching the Word. Jesus defeated the enemy at the cross and then gave us the power over the enemy. He manipulates us all the time to fear. One way is by having several 1 hr long testimonies of pastors who delivered and then received the demon or that persons sickness. He warns about tempting satan, God will leave you to your own strenght. Which is anti-biblical. TBJ wants everyone to need him and come to him for his healing and deliverance. While he does some good every week delivering and healing he does a lot more harm because he instills fear of demons in all.
        In addition, he has a hot out of control temper that he uses to abuse workers and the church. He manipulates and trains everyone to beg for healing, exploits people’s sicknesses for his glory. I would need an entire book to write all the things that he does which is evil.
        I would like to end with a few Scriptures.
        Mat 7
        ” Many will say to me on that day, Lord Lord, I prophesy in your name, in your name I drive out demons and in your name perform many miracles? Then I will tell them plainly, I never knew you. Away from me, you evil doers.”

    • @ Wonderful counselor,

      I am still waiting for that so called “prophets reward” you are referring to. Takes a long time then. I am kinda tired on waiting for it. Ahem, scrapes throat, Don’t see anything of it of what I have not done by myself, my family and with God. And what am I then to believe or receive…. he never said anything about nothing, except that my wife was married and married before, which she wasn’t. Oh well. So much for personal prophecy and dragging us in front of the Emmanuel TV camera.

  23. @kedi,
    You are right, TBJW is not a religion nor a Christian sect like SCOAN. This makes it quite nonsensical comparing them like @Wonderful Counsellor has done. 😉

    Does it mean that any church with a following less that SCOAN is false?

    Does it also mean that any church larger than SCOAN is true while SCOAN is false?

    TBJW is not a church nor sect nor a religion; it is a blog. Not the largest nor the smallest and I wonder since when POPULARITY became the yardstick of measuring the AUTHENTICITY of any group

  24. I have a serious problem with men just helping themselves to a women’s body inappropriately. A pastor especially should not be touching a women neck, waist etc.
    I once saw Wiseman Daniel during Monday healing service put his hands on a woman’s breast. It was that brief time when they had playback video. I played it back and froze it and his hand was 100% on her breast. It raises a lot of questions.
    I have to say I liked wise man Harry a lot because when he would prophesy many times he would ask for permission and then he would kindly offer his hand. If you watch the intro video of him coming to America you will see what I mean.

  25. The Lord showed me this morning that Tb Joshua is like Judas. Walking in the power of Jesus healing the sick and casting out demons yet stealing from their ministry. Judas was an evil man while serving Jesus, walking alongside him and doing miracles.
    While Satan entered him to cause him to betray Jesus. Judas already had an evil heart and it was easy for Satan to use him as his servant. Judas even betrayed Jesus with a kiss. How deceitful, like Tb Joshua who lies and deceives all on the pulpit.
    I believe Tb Joshua is second to Judas as far as evil walking on this earth. More evil than Osama Bin Laden and ISIS, Boko Haram who are confused and think they are fighting for God. Tb Joshua is serving Jesus. He has the powers Jesus gave him and is operating as a representative of Jesus as His hands and feet. Yet he competes with Jesus in all he does giving himself (man)all the glory.
    He has his own sayings that it many cases contradict the bible all over his website, emmanuel tv, and makes his disciples memorize them. When it should be Jesus’ Scriptures.
    He instiils a fear of demons robbing them of their faith in Jesus And His power and making them an open helpless target to Satan and his demons.
    He makes himself the middleman between man and Jesus. But we know “there is one mediator between God and man, the man Jesus Christ.”
    Tb Joshua makes all afraid to cast out demons, heal the sick and even to pray. So that all will need and come to him.

    He scares people from praying to God by saying things like “when you pray you don’t pray in the spirit. God does not hear you but Satan does.” He then discourages people even more by saying “you could pray 100 years but you will never hear from God.”

    He manipulates and trains people who go to scoan to beg for healing. As he exploits and humiliates them on live tv. Even making them wear a sign over their head of their diseases.

    He has many times allowed people to get on their knees before him. To call him things like “the Jesus of this generation”
    He allows people to glorify him endlessly while they give their testimonies.

    He is so abusive and controlling you can see how afraid all the workers are of him when he gets into one of his frequent fits of rage on live tv.

    I could easily write an entire book of all the evil I have seen Tb Joshua do. One book can not even contain all the evil he has done.

    I pray for Justice. I pray that God removes this evil man from this place of authority and power over the church that he abuses. In Jesus mighty name.

    God is a God of Justice.
    Jesus never said Judah I pray for you or I forgive you. He said he was doomed for destruction and it was better for him not to be born. When Judah was remorseful and hung himself you don’t hear anything about Jesus having mercy on him.

    Jesus is “love” and is gentle and humble in heart but he is “God” and a “Judge”. He is fierce when He is angry. He cursed Capernaum because they saw all those mighty miracles and did not repent. How much more angry must Jesus be at Tb Joshua for doing the mighty miracles and doing them in unison with evil?

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