TB Joshua’s cowardly U-turn

TB Joshua pledged 2000 bottles of anointed water to any affected country who would request it. He also said (multiple times) that he would personally deliver and administer the anointed water. See this video, and the timings below.

8:25 – If they invite me in the capacity of government, I will not only send the anointed water, I will carry it myself.

8:55 – I will not only send 2000 anointed water, I trust the anointed water. I will go myself there.

9:34 – here is TB Joshua, ready to go anywhere, not only sending, [inaudible] I will carry the anointed water, I will even spray it everywhere.

10:00 – Not only 2000 anointed water, but I, TB Joshua, that is my calling.

A few days later, Sierra Leone put in an official request (or so SCOAN would have us believe). The anointed water was duly loaded onto a chartered jet (someone should explain to this millionaire pastor about Fedex, think of what the $50,000 spent on the jet could have contributed to the fight against Ebola), and sent with great fanfare to Sierra Leone, but without its master.

The press in Sierra Leone are reporting that “A female representative of the Nigerian pastor, [is] in Freetown to oversee the administration of the ‘Holy Water’”.

Why did TB Joshua, who “trusts his anointed water” forsake his “calling” and send an associate on this potentially deadly mission instead?

Sadly, anointed water or not, the situation in Sierra Leone is not getting any better. The chart below shows the number of new confirmed cases and new confirmed deaths each day. Please pray for wisdom for the government and officials in these countries as they battle with this difficult situation.

New confirmed Ebola cases and deaths, Sierra Leone

source: WHO and Ministry of Health, Sierra Leone

64 thoughts on “TB Joshua’s cowardly U-turn

  1. This sit is there ti fight the will of God I will say this to who ever is envold if you know and you are convinced that tb Joshua is not a man of God then leave him alone concentrate on spreading the word of God in steady otherwise your punishment will be harsh.tb Joshua is doing great work which most of you have failed to do the man is down to earth and read to help and not only preaching the word of God I feel you have an issue with God and he will sort you out please stop sending me messages against tb Joshua and I pray that God convicts you today and let you lairs be exposed.

    • My brother I am afraid you are more of a Joshunian rather than a Christ follower, you are deceived to see only the cover and not the wolf under it. We who spent years in that ministry are fully aware of the lies the fake healings the edited miracles and prophecies the manipulated deliverances ( it would be a good thing for you to study about the power of suggestion used all the time in scoan) the character assassination and most of all t.b.Joshua’s evil ways of attracting people to himself and make a slave army. I dont blame you since I was also a dedicated follower of him but always seeking the truth and God opened my eyes although I had to go through very painful situations. I pray that one day your eyes open and you will clearly see the satanic power behind this charlatan that enslaves peoples minds and lives.

    • @ vooke

      We are not entirely sure who the charlatans are!
      When the leadership in many christian churches failed to oppose the introduction of worldly methods into church business; or failed to oppose compromised political / cooperate leaders sitting in the pews despite their exploitation of the great assembly and society at-large … do these constitute charlatans by Christ’s estimation? Would He flog them out of the gathering?

      Have you been to SCOAN, T. B. Joshua’s crusades or pastors meetings?
      I know over the years you must have been to many churches where doctrinal positions were very good and worship styles within our comfort-levels … but alas the work for Christ was nauseatingly lukewarm.
      Personal inspection may improve your evaluation of things.

      My intention is to remain objective in Christ … not to agree with you or with TB Joshua.

      Be wary of throwing the “baby out with the bath water”.


      • @grosanwo@gmail.com,
        “@ vooke

        We are not entirely sure who the charlatans are!”

        Let me help you my broda with the definition from Wikipedia;
        “A charlatan (also called swindler or mountebank) is a person practicing quackery or some similar confidence trick in order to obtain money, fame or other advantages via some form of pretense or deception.”- http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Charlatan

        You need to pore through this blog for evidence of this. Not once,twice or thrice…innumerable times. The motive is simple; make a name for and draw men to himself. That’s raw power right there not to mention $$$

        “My intention is to remain objective in Christ … not to agree with you or with TB Joshua.”
        What’s your OBJECTIVE take on the evidence of the grand deception and fraud you see on this site? 😉

    • Once more like he did with the Athens Branch he proves that He considers himself much more important than human lives and human souls. It is not all about Jesus it is all about the charlatan T.B.Joshua and his ministry, his is ready to sacrifice everything and anyone, and of course the same foolish excuse from all the Joshunias that he does what the Lord tells him to do, shame on him again and again.

  2. In many cases not only does the anointing water not work but in the case like mine it made things worse, instantaneously.
    But the saddest thing about the anointing water is that Tb Joshua is causing mans faith to turn away from Jesus and to a man, Tb Joshua for healing.
    If people really believed the power was in Jesus they would take tap water and use it to heal and deliver.
    I used to do a lot of healing before I received my first bottle of anointing water. Backs, knees, ankles, hips, colitis, arthritis, trigger finger, autism, depression, colic etc… many people felt heat, tingling and even fire when I layed hands on them. I had just started to do some deliverances too. Things were going pretty good and I was excited to grow more. I started watching Tb Joshua intently to learn how to operate in more power. When I received my anointing water and sticker it made my situation much worse instantaneously. As I had a cyst in my stomach. While I had minor problem with an occasional slight discomfort, it intensified to great pain and grew in size immediately. When I used the anointing water to heal some people, it never worked.
    I remember making my own and doing a deliverance with it. This is something I taught myself watching Tb Joshua. What a mistake that was to focus on something tangible instead of the power in the name of Jesus. I realize today Tb Joshua does not ever teach how to heal the sick or cast out demons. He wants every one to come to him, to need him. He is an anti-Christ.

    Today, after 3 yrs of watching Tb Joshua I no longer heal the sick or cast out demons because I am afraid of getting demons or the sickness from the person. The fear crept in slowly watching Tb Joshua weekly. He teaches everyone to fear demons every week instead of faith in Jesus and His power He gave us as believers. He does a good job at instilling fear by things such as delivering pastors and then claiming that they received the demons by doing the deliverance. I was very strong in the Lord before Tb Joshua and now am so weak in faith. I am finally fighting back doing my best to over come it by going back to my foundation. The Word of God, what I call my power scriptures that I used to meditate daily that helped build my faith. Another way I am fighting back is by posting on this website. Tb Joshua has said if you fight him demons come after you. And I have to say I have felt them in my room. But today, I am not letting the fear get to me by focusing on Jesus and His powerful Word and I can honestly say I am starting to show some improvement.
    My desire is to heal others. I want to do it more than anything else in this world. It was the one thing that gave me so much joy. I love Jesus and I love teaching others about Jesus and His love and power.
    Because my desire to touch and heal is so strong it gives me heat pain to see Tb Joshua abusing the people. I have cried as people cry and beg repeatedly for healing. My heart breaks when I see Tb Joshua yell at someone as he is prophesying over them just because they did not answer fast enough or give the answer he was looking for. I see the people frozen in fear in front of him as they desperately try to do whatever he asks. Many times Tb Joshua threatens them he won’t deliver them. And I have seen Tb Joshua walk away from several in a fit of rage over nothing. Tb Joshua reminds me of the abusive husband who’s wife walks on eggshells afraid to set him off.

    • @ Julianne,

      “Tb Joshua has said if you fight him demons come after you.”

      If he really said that, he is even more out of order than we already know. There is no demon that I am afraid of. Yes we get attacks, but that means you are doing something good if you have vibrant prayer life and minister to people. You will never be without setbacks and attacks. God also allows this to teach you to get up and face them head on. Do not be afraid. Just make sure that you do not “put your head outside the hedge” otherwise a snake will bite you. God has placed a hedge around you. You keep that hedge up when you pray and stay in His Presence and reading His Word. It is an “energy field” and if it is pierced it is because you allowed it to pierced. You also have your armour. The helmet of salvation, the breastplate of righteousness, the belt of truth, etc etc. TO STAND against the wicked one. The enemy is always trying to find a place where he can pierce you. Defend yourself, you are geared for it. 😉 Fear is the opposite of Love and fear destroys our lives.

      Keep repeating: 2 Timothy 1:7 For God hath not given us the spirit of fear; but of power, and of love, and of a SOUND MIND. Do not let the enemy say otherwise. Fight the good fight of faith.

      • @Jesse
        Yes Tb Joshua said “if you fight me demons will come after you” everyone clapped when he said it. Not knowing what they were clapping at.
        Thank you for your advice. I know my problem arose when I let the fear creep in. I am starting to get stronger now. I am not letting Tb Joshua intimidate me any more. I try to still watch it to over come fears of his teaching.
        One of his teachings can be pulled up on the Internet that I can give a date to verify is on you tube.
        “wise man John Chi first appearance in eight weeks” 8.25.13
        He is confirming what Tb Joshua had said to be true. If you tempt the devil to tempt you God will leave you to your own strength against the devil.
        Another time he said something about we don’t know how to pray which is why God doesn’t hear us but the devil does. (Making people afraid to even ptay)
        He is notorious for making everyone afraid of the devil and demons. He does it every single week in some way.

        As a side note, if you watch the video when John Chi returns to scoan if you watch the body language you will see how angry Tb Joshua is at John Chi. John Chi gave him an open hug but tbj turned and gave him a side hug and didn’t even look at him in the face. He did not look happy.
        What perplexes me is how can John Chi confess to tempting the devil? I don’t even understand why he would go back after tbj said awful things about him. I wonder if he is still brainwashed, afraid of tbj as I believe he lost his voice because tbj sent him demons when he probably confronted him about one of his many sins. Tbj is so evil, we can not even imagine.
        I looked up the other day “Tb Joshua anti Christ” and one guy posted from 2009 that Tb Joshua sends demons out to people. I’m telling you I absolutely felt them in my room. Mind you I was already in a state of fear from watching Tb Joshua and when I started realizing the evil he was doing that was when I felt the demons attacking me.
        Tb Joshua confessed it himself.
        I pray that God leads me to the video so that I can post it.
        Right now I am at the place where I am not afraid and I have my power scriptures building up my faith even more. I have 5 pages of verses that I used to confess every day that I know gave me the belief to heal the sick and then cast out demons. So I am back on track now.
        I pray daily for God to remove Tb Joshua from his place of leadership as he abuses all the power and authority God gave him.
        I pray with a sincere and pure heart that this is best thing for the kingdom of God.
        I look at Mark Driscoll who stepped Down this past Sunday for 6 weeks while he is investigated for abuse. After a week of hell where they protested outside his church, he was fired a board he founded, the 2nd largest book seller removed his books.

      • @ Julianne,

        “John Chi gave him an open hug but tbj turned and gave him a side hug and didn’t even look at him in the face.”

        This has partially to do with the possibility of “powers” clashing with each other. The bible teaches that living waters will flow from our belly if we are filled with the Holy Spirit. But it can also be powers of Satan. A straight huge could cause manifestations and funny results between two people who have powers and don’t see eye to eye about certain matters. So it is more likely that than only anger. I am sure it has a deeper matter concerning that. That is what I said before in other former posts. If you punch anyone at the area of where the solar plexus is, this funny knocking down aka “slain in the spirit” immediately stops. Sometimes certain people know exactly how to block and disrupt these areas and where to do them. And in some cases it might cause serious trouble in others. So it is likely the reason why he gave a side hug. It would be funny if someone more powerful or with other powers would deliver you while you at it, huh. 😉

    • my brother, there are many ways God ve chose to keep His servants humble. I pray u understand the way God ve chose to keep u humble. Don’t forget that everything about God comes with it profit or consequences. May the Lord see u through

  3. @ TBJW,

    There were reports online where followers of him were purporting that the Ebola was eradicated in Sierra Leone since there were no reports anymore according to this individual.

    His followers will do anything to cover him up. Then think God does not see it and knows that he is walking the sidelines. We all know that the gifts of God are irrevocable so he is likely running on the “anointing” he acquired before and now abuses it and still runs his place by being slippery and slithering through the mazes. As M., rightfully said: When the SCOAN engine (disciples and staunch followers at any costs) shuts down, TB Joshua would then be dead in the water.

    What he needs to do is to come out and tell the world that he has been deceiving several situations publicly and go back into repentance, do the work of an Evangelist and tear down his empire that runs on fake deliverance, healing videos and knocking down people with the anointing he is now abusing for his own gain.

    He has deceived many ministers in the world that what he does is exceptional while it is formatted in a form that pretends that these deliverances and healings really take place.

    He is not alone with it because there are many other pastors who exactly the same as he does. We are being conned as it is and there is no such thing or place in the world that churns out all these miracles continually as if they are coming out of a factory. The desperation of some Christians is so on edge that any “spiritual manifestation” will do because they think that their churches are not functional. Their problem is that they don’t spend enough time in prayer, reading the word and call upon the Holy Spirit to work through them wherever they are. Instead they run to the place where they are being scammed out of their monies and instead they work on their own relationship with God they sit down and listen to funny stories. Like having a “shadow spirit”. Hilarious. (All he is saying but not in those words, we have a guardian angel or more of them.) Nothing new. The thing is that some occult practices is talking to and finding out who your “angel” is, while it is likely a demon that takes you for a ride and sells out your soul to Satan. We should not look for our angels, we call upon the Lord to send His angels to assist us. And it is at His discretion and Divine Will if He honours that. We don’t dispense “anointing”, nor do we demand angels to do our will. Mind you, I said our will. Jesus taught us in His Word that, “lead us not in temptation, but deliver us from evil”.

    • Technical adviser, pray that God forgive u and open ur eyes to see. U need help, u need to be delivered from ignorant, self righteousness, pride, false teaching and blasphemy.

      • Dear Ray
        You who are talking of blasphemy so ignorantly have you ever thought of what can be more blasphemous than putting the blood of Jesus in a bottle and selling it to people for 50$. Or have you never been to Lagos? Is it not blasphemy to separate The Son from the Father and give their names as titles to bottles of anointing water? And what about those bracelets who can guarantee your salvation? You who speak of false teachings are you not aware that none of the members or even the disciples of t.b.joshua dare to believe or say they have the Holy Spirit (meaning they are not Christians because according to the bible none who does not have the spirit of God can be His). And even the so called wisemen who do have the Spirit of God and are according to the bible in need of no one to teach them or lead them, are still bowing down to t.b.joshua and submit to him as mere puppets. WHAT A BLASPHEMY!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • I’m convince that u would ve participated in crucifixion of our Lord Jesus Christ if u were to be during that generation. Your case is not in any way different from the religious leaders that crucified Jesus Christ, though while they know the truth, yours may be mere ignorant. Nevertheless, may God have mercy on u.

      • @ Mustapha,

        Stop telling lies that we would crucify Jesus Christ. We follow and pray to Jesus Christ not charlatans who come with the Name of Jesus and do their own agenda to make world fame for themselves.

      • You really think that it was the religious leaders of that era that crucified Jesus? Superficially maybe but actually it was YOU AND I, AND FOR THAT MATTER OF FACT HUMANITY AS A WHOLE. He was crucified for our sins or the other way around, our sins crucified Him. Please….enough with this self righteousness and spiritual ignorance. Christianity is not a religion, indeed.

      • Dear Mustapha

        All you Joshunians seem to be unwilling to open your eyes even when what you see or hear comes blatantly against the Bible. Who is crucifying Jesus Christ and who is an antichrist than the one who denies that Jesus is the Messiah, who denies the place and role God has given to Him, as the only savior and mediator between God and man? Are you not aware of the titles given to t.b.joshua from his followers as the Messiah of the last days? Do you agree? Are you Jewish? Are you still waiting for the Messiah to come? Or haven’t you heard the false teaching that in order to discover Jesus you need first to discover a star (indirectly pointing to t.b.joshua). Where is the role of the Holy Spirit sent to remind to the believers everything that Jesus has said, and revealing to them all the truth? I ll tell, in scoan reality nowhere, because t.b.joshua has taken the place of God in your hearts no matter if you realize it or not. How long did it take Jesus Christ to raise the 12 apostles who changed the world ask yourself. There are disciples in scoan for more than 10 years who ended up having demons. Why? Because cursed is the man who looks upon man says the Bible. WAKE UP

  4. @ Jesse
    Are you saying you believe all the healing and deliverance are fake at Scoan?
    I actually believe them to be real but misleads us into believing he is perfect and has 100% accuracy.
    I noticed that when he had meeting for disabled people, he spoke, gave them all food and money but they all left in the same condition they came in. There were several hundred in attendance. Blind and missing limbs. Many came in crawling on the floor, or using skateboards for transportation, sitting on them and using their hands on the floor to push themselves. One lady that walked on her hands, he gave a wheelchair as a gift. I cried so much watching that day. And I remember pleading with God that it wasn’t good enough to give them food and money. If Tb Joshua could heal all why didn’t he heal even one person that day. I was in Pasco when wise man Harry was there and I Noticed the severely disabled people in wheelchairs had a row set up for them in the middle of the convention center. They were not in the front as in most places. Almost hidden. While Wiseman Harry healed so many people for three days with nothing but lines all day long. I went up and my cyst was nit healed. However I did feel electricity coming from his hand. These severely disabled people never went up for healing. I sadly saw a disabled child at the airport on the way home. I saw her when I checked in for the healing line. She couldn’t move freely, her body looked abnormal, swollen, she also looked mentally ill as well. Truly heart breaking. I saw her and her parents on the way home and I felt so sorry for them. They looked so very upset. Yet they were deceived they would get their healing. I’m sure it cost them a lot of money for the family of three to fly there. I don’t fault Tb Joshua for not healing every single person. The problem I have is the misleading others into thinking he can. And the manipulation of the videos making them seem destitute to exploit their problems and glorifying Tb Joshua almost as if he is God.
    The other day I read that he had a women who was beaten up by people in Nigeria. She came without an invitation and because of the ebola outbreak Tbj was trying to scare people into not coming without an invitation. While I did not see it I can only how it seriously frightened people. As I myself have been frightened watching his 1 hr long testimonies. But the other problem with this is that Tb Joshua just had said how safe Nigeria was. He actually says it a lot and even has videos of pretty petite American girls stating how safe it is. Yet I have read that the reason why the hotels rates are “I think” second highest in the world is because of terrorism. And from what so many others testify, scoan picks you up with armed security. That does not sound safe. He needs to be honest. In America we don’t pick people up with armed security equipped with guns. He is Mr. Double talk, so while he just said it was safe and inviting others to come. He then scares everyone into coming with out an invitation.

    • @ Julianne,

      “Are you saying you believe all the healing and deliverance are fake at Scoan?”

      No that is not what I am saying. But there are other one that are made up with the help of video and posted to Youtube and their websites to attract people to SCOAN. I am 100% sure about that.

      The powers they have are capable of doing spiritual manifestations and there are possibilities of healing taking place and or other manifestations that look like spiritual manifestations aka deliverance.

      If one can come out of their body with their spirits, aka astral projection, they can enter in other peoples bodies and take over their bodies and make it do what they want them to do. This is well documented in Rebecca Brown books and it is also known that witches and warlocks can come out of their bodies and enter into animals. Mostly Cats, Dogs, Ravens, Owls, and other nocturnal animals. They can travel like this and “spy” upon you remotely. A warlock is able to use his own spirit to enter in humans as well and travel outside their bodies and “fly around” even if they are conscious and awake. They are also using demonic spirits to do this and can eavesdrop in your own house while sitting in the car. Some people are even raped remotely like that. There are documented stories where people wake up with black and blue spots and bitemarks all over them and have been raped by such at night time or in their beds.

  5. To TB Joshua:
    “If I shut up the heavens so that there is no rain, or if I command the locust to devour the land, or if I send pestilence among My people and My people who are called by My name humble themselves and pray and seek My face and turn from their wicked ways, then I will hear from heaven, will forgive their sin and will heal their land. Now My eyes will be open and My ears attentive to the prayer offered in this place” .…2 Chronicle 7:13-15


    • If you do not repent:
      Deuteronomy 27:26
      26 ‘Cursed is the one who does not do all the words of this law (10 Commandments) by observing them.’
      “And all the people shall say, ‘Amen!’
      Deuteronomy 28:59-61
      59 then the LORD will bring upon you and your descendants extraordinary plagues—great and prolonged plagues—and serious and prolonged sicknesses. 60 Moreover He will bring back on you all the diseases of Egypt, of which you were afraid, and they shall cling to you. 61 Also every sickness and every plague, which is not written in this Book of the Law, will the LORD bring upon you until you are destroyed.
      Deuteronomy 30
      30 And it shall come to pass, when all these things are come upon thee, the blessing and the curse, which I have set before you and you shall call them to mind among all the nations, where the LORD your God has driven you,
      2 And shall return unto the LORD your God and shall obey His voice according to all that I command you this day, you and your children, with all your heart and with all your soul;
      3 then the LORD your God will turn your captivity and have compassion upon you …
      Revelation 9:20-
      20 But the rest of mankind, who were not killed by these plagues, did not repent of the works of their hands, that they should not worship demons and idols of gold, silver, brass, stone and wood, which can neither see nor hear nor walk. 21 And they did not repent of their murders or their sorceries or their sexual immorality or their thefts.
      Rev 16:11
      Fifth Bowl: Darkness and Pain
      10 Then the fifth angel poured out his bowl on the throne of the beast and his kingdom became full of darkness and they gnawed their tongues because of the pain. 11 But they still blasphemed the God of heaven because of their pains and their sores and DID NOT REPENT OF THEIR DEEDS.

  6. I a post from an ex disciple who talks of someone who confronted tbj going mad

    When I put the sticker on my head I had the craziest thoughts truly as if I was mentally ill. My head even felt swollen and dizzy.

    When I drank the remaining anointing water in one shot in my water I ended up the floor crying hysterical worshipping Jesus. It was a crazy love not normal.

    Part of the reason that slowly made me afraid of tb Joshua and demons was when I experienced first hand what happened to me through the anointing water. In addition to Tb Joshua constantly instilling fear and the acting like he is the only one who can heal, deliver and prophesy.


  8. Jullianne, Psalm 54 is the best protection against fear of demons and resisting demons. It is a deliverance-prayer, and used by exorsism. Learn it by memory, it is a strong weapon. It works!.

  9. If TB Joshua is able to send demons, to harm others, it must be clear what kingdom he serves. TB Once hrmed me with his powers in such a way, that i became in extreem un-beareble suffering for 3 days, almost to the point of death. He told me later-on, that it was a test by him, to see if i realy had the Holy Spirit in me or a evil spirit. He said, a person without he Holy Spirit would not have survived the attac of his powers. Amen Lord, amen, for saving me.

    • Jamie, what can you share about the attack Tb Joshua sent you? How did Tb Joshua send you the attack, did you see or feel a demon? I can’t believe how would confess to sending it to you. I know what I saw and felt and he some how has control over demons. In the bible Paul sent a demon to Alexander but only to save him for hell. But I believe even though Paul did it Jesus would not have approved because when they disciples wanted to bring fire down on a town because they did not receive Jesus. Jesus said no, you do not know what spirit you are of. I did not come to destroy but to save
      The verses are 1 Tim 1:20 and Luke 9:54

      I think about the ex disciple who got kicked out for getting engaged with a church member without approval from Tbj he ended up losing all he had and his fiancee died. There are so many stories of people dying going up against tbj. Jamie you just said that tbj said you would have died.

      • @ Julianne,

        TBJ has no power or powers to kill anyone. God has the last word. Keep declaring Psalm 118:17 I shall not die, but live, and declare the works of the LORD.

      • @ Julianne,

        Keep declaring: Jeremiah 23:29 Is not my word like as a fire? saith the LORD; and like a hammer that breaketh the rock in pieces? Just hammer him back.

  10. @ Julianne,

    Keep meditating on:

    Isaiah 59:19 So shall they fear the name of the LORD from the west, and his glory from the rising of the sun. When the enemy shall come in like a flood, the Spirit of the LORD shall lift up a standard against him.

    Luke 6:48 He is like a man which built an house, and digged deep, and laid the foundation on a rock: and when the flood arose, the stream beat vehemently upon that house, and could not shake it: for it was founded upon a rock.

    Leviticus 26:8 And five of you shall chase an hundred, and an hundred of you shall put ten thousand to flight: and your enemies shall fall before you by the sword.

    Deuteronomy 32:30 How should one chase a thousand, and two put ten thousand to flight, except their Rock had sold them, and the LORD had shut them up?

    Do not be afraid, for greater is He in you, then the one who is in the world.

    Isaiah 41:10 Fear thou not; for I am with thee: be not dismayed; for I am thy God: I will strengthen thee; yea, I will help thee; yea, I will uphold thee with the right hand of my righteousness.

  11. @ Julianne,

    Isaiah 57:15 For thus saith the high and lofty One that inhabiteth eternity, whose name is Holy; I dwell in the high and holy place, with him also that is of a contrite and humble spirit, to revive the spirit of the humble, and to revive the heart of the contrite ones.

    Ephesians 6:12 For we wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this world, against spiritual wickedness in high places.

    That is where you use your hammer on. 😉

  12. I found the perfect video that confirms much of what I said.
    YouTube a video titled “Tb Joshua Sunday live 18 Aug 13” by revel2123
    By the grace of God I found this one first try and found so much proof.
    It starts out immediately with the fear mongering. Trying to make everyone afraid of Satan and demons. Please take a look at the faces of the people. Everyone is serious, concerned, scared and confused.
    He says if you presume on your own strength and tempt Satan to tempt you it is not humility and God will leave you to your own strength. He gives job as an example but then says job was not guilty of this. So really the only verse he has to support it doesn’t apply. How does he get away with this teaching?
    He then says we can not deliver and heal at our own will. He says if you are not a pastor or Jesus did not send you and you lay hands on that person to deliver them God will leave you to your own strength and that demon of lust, stealing, will enter you. (Yet I know Jesus says never will I leave you. ) that is at around 17:35

    He is constantly planting messages of you the church can’t do anything and I can. He puts himself on a pedestal and in the same sentence he knocks beats everyone else up knocking them down. He has what I call subliminal messages or brainwashing throughout every message as he repeats the church can not prophesy, hear from God, deliver or heal the sick but he can.
    At 47 min he says because God shows him how good his life is and where he is going he sleeps well at night and then he says the church is running heater skelter because you don’t know where you are running to next.

    At 50 min he speaks of the wise man dropping. At 1:00 he insults the church again saying you are supposed to ask God but you can continue to ask God 100 years and you will not hear anything and you continue to disturb me so I have to tell you.

    It is quite disturbing watching all this how highly he thinks of himself and how little he thinks of the entire church. If you watch any video 2012 or 2013 when I watched consistently he abused the church and workers in multiple ways all the while boasting in himself. The problem is that because he has so much power he fools so many people. Watching tbj is liking watching bad tv with cursing, violence and sex. it gets into your mind, your heart, spirit. In this video he ironically speaks of the spirit suggesting, whatever that is but really the problem is what is tbj suggesting. Tb Joshua terrorizes people and they don’t even know it. People leave scoan afraid and down not feeling empowered or loved. I have followed so many pastors I have to say Tb Joshua is by far the worst in everyway. He is so evil and so extreme you can not compare him to anyone else.

    There is more
    At 1:07 he starts talking about the Wiseman no longer prophesying. He shows a video of Harry who seems kind and loving who is naturally. He says that they will not prophesy again until they match tbj.( I am not able to quote him word for word) yet the wise men prophesied just fine. I believe that they made tbj look bad as he yells a lot at the people. In 2012 and 2013 the wise men did all of the laying of hands and delivering and healing. Tbj only prophesied and preached. The wise men would be at the church over 12 hrs and lay hands on thousands. Not just the healing line but also the entire church. This would happen Sat, sun and Thurs. If the a person needed deliverance while tbj was prophesying, he would tell them the wise men would do it. Clearly tbj was not interested, too much work. I believe God has been dealing with tbj and that is why recently he has now been doing the healinh line. I truly believe Jesus will remove tbj. Now you watch tbj and he is trying so hard to be on his best behavior but his true self ones out each and every sunday. What is in his heart comes out of his mouth.

    He talks about about how he is praying for more wise men and wise women. Which it is obvious tbj discriminated against women just by picking 5 wise men and naming them that. He struggles saying both in one sentence as it is a tongue twister. He picked wise men from the bible but if he really knew the bible he would know that it was magi that visited Jesus not wise men. That is just a poor translation. The wise men in the bibke were actually not of God. There was the wise men and then there was Daniel. We all know how that story goes. The wise men could not interpret the dream. The other amazing thing is what a boastful name to have. I would be embarrassed to be called a wiseman, instead of a pastor. Only tbj would be capable of giving them such an embarrassing and boastful name.

    He then proves how he over works them which lines up with so many stories of his ex disciples. He says that the wise men are not common. They are fighting to maintain, that is why you don’t see them on in the church. Why you can’t see them outside, they are inside maintaining their character. You only see them coming out to pray. After prayer you will not see them in town or anywhere.
    This here is also anti-biblical as Jesus did his first miracle at a social wedding. He was always out with the people, eating with them. But in tbj world he makes it nearly impossible to be a healer, deliver. No wonder in in a few short years they changed so much.

    At 1:25 tbj then talks nonsense about removing the prayer bench to protect the name of Jesus because people could do all kinds of things with the pipes.
    This was all in one teaching of his.
    Right now Jesus is dealing with them all. Please watch a video from 2012 or 2013 for a true picture.
    Please pray for Tb Joshua to be removed and for justice.

    • @ Jukianne,

      You can name a dog or a pet any name, Rafiki, Tarzan, Sparkle, Scooby Doo, Betsy, you name it.

      The only one that believes in it is the one that names it. Many things are established and named. They call Ebola virus, Ebola, but they could have named ortonichochinasivitusbarfingflaviollop virus. Or OCNVBF virus. It means actually nothing, nor does Ebola, but is what value and importance you put to it. If you are not yourself of who you are, then there is absolutely nothing be proud of. 😉

  13. Julianne, your discernement about Tb Joshua is correct, so trust it. Dont analize him, discern him by The Truth. Your fear is only, because you dont agree and fear repressailess. It is part of your proces, to use The Word in its true power. You will discover that in a vew days, you become independant of Tb,s stragedy., you maturing in free standing in Christ. We dont relay on men, we relay on Christ. And just overcome the pain that there are men as Tb Joshua, who mis-use Skripture for their own selffisch gains, because churches are full of them. Stay true to your Saviour. B Joshua projects evil powers by the way he mis-uses words, and confuses the consiousness of people. He is able to breack the connection /focus with Christ, he is able to close your open heaven, he is able to tie you down and bring you in bondage, he is able to quens your Spirit, he is able harm you in your wounds, he is able to trown you back in carnality, he is ble to let you give-up because of all the distractions he causes. Dont believe God is not aware, TB Joshua is a warned man. Fight! Fight your-self out of his system. Thats your duty towards God and your fellow-brother, who need your gifts. The extreem powers of TB Joshua, have no single vlue for thoose who believe the promises of God. Get your own worshipp. God will build you in it. God allows people as Tb joshua, we are all on different levels of grow. Your Faith is all you have to over-come. the world is full ot this kind of patetic pityfull ‘great’ dim-lights. , as Tb Joshua. Find out The Truth for yourself, and no-one will ever deceive you again.

  14. a preacher who causes; fear, pain, confusion, quilt, shame,bondage, oppressions, is religious and carnal. We only fear The Lord. TB Joshua ,s office of profhesy, is far below what a profetic office should be. TB operates in some gifts, but not in Holy Revelation. He has powers, he has anoiting, but he functionings are carnal, not spiritual. A good preacher points to what Jezus has done for us, and not to how bad the people are. The Truth will set you free. And freedom is not by might, not by power, but by My Spirit, said The Lord.

  15. @ All,

    News update from CNN. I am just watching live CNN a report in Sierra Leone. Guess what ?

    The Ebola epidemic is increasing in Sierra Leone and more tents are set up to contain the victims that are dying by the dozens every day.

    Why would you believe TB Joshua ? Or his followers who work overtime to defend their lies and the “anointing water”.

    It is proven that the “anointing water” does not do zilch and it clear we will not see TB Joshua any time soon “putting” Ebola back into hell.

    It is baffling that people still running after this man, because now he cannot manufacture his fake healings and deliverances because Ebola is a real disease that need containment as well a working vaccine. The evidence is every day on TV. Funny for a man claiming that he speaks to God every day and a church that claims Emmanuel, God with us, is incapable of moving Gods Hand in this sad case of Ebola.

    @ Julianne,

    Your quote of “Watching TB Joshua…..etc etc. is called, inculcating. Which means:

    instil (an idea, attitude, or habit) by persistent instruction.

    “I tried to inculcate in my pupils an attitude of enquiry”

    synonyms: instil, implant, fix, ingrain, infuse, impress, imprint, introduce;

    teach (someone) an attitude, idea, or habit by persistent instruction.

    “they will try to inculcate you with a respect for culture”

    In this case everywhere are demons, in you, outside you, curses, so come here to SCOAN to be “delivered”. If only.

    Then your quote where you say “Ask God a 100 years…..” Really, he said that ? So why are his disciples in the branches always saying, oh come with us to Lagos, TB Joshua has the answer to your problem ? Now he is slithering away from what his disciples tell their congregants every single week, month or whatever. What are these trips for to Lagos then ? So far as I was told personally to get healed, delivered or whatever you are looking for. Now he wants to slip out of it because we ask God a 100 years and we must and don’t bother him about it ? The audacity !!!! Outrageous !!! He always has an answer, excuse, just like the leaders of the branches. If you hear and see this how can so many still be hypnotised, brainwashed and run after him ? And his defenders tell that we are lying ? Or his journalist writing their head off about him in promoting him and Nigeria ? Or that TB Joshua Watch is making up stories ?

    Any person in their right mind should and must know better by now !

    • @Jessie
      Tbj didn’t say to “ask God”.
      He said “you are supposed to ask God but you can ask God 100 years and YOU WILL NEVER HEAR FROM GOD. You disturb me so I have to tell you. ”

      This is Tbj “inculcating” the church to believe they will never hear God only he can. He also says it in a very insulting way.
      He should be teaching how to hear from God if he really truly hope had a pastors heart. Not discouraging the church.
      In 3 to 4 yrs of watching him he never taught how to heal, deliver, prophesy. The exact opposite. He says things like “God doesn’t hear you but Satan does.”

  16. It’s interesting to me that he made that announcement about going there himself during the period in early august when there was a pretty dramatic decrease in new cases. In other words, he was watching the news and thinking he was making a pretty safe bet. I don’t think he anticipated the upswing in cases. There was another downturn in mid-august, but I can’t find the dates that he actually sent the water. It was announced that it had arrived on the 17th, so he may have sent it during that decrease, again thinking he had a winning bet.

    What a skeevy, manipulative, self-serving liar he is.

  17. The Lord showed me this morning that Tb Joshua is like Judas. Walking in the power of Jesus, healing the sick and casting out demons yet stealing from their ministry. Judas was an evil man while serving Jesus, walking along side him and doing miracles. While Satan entered him to cause him to be betray Jesus. Judas already had a evil heart and it was easy for satan to use him as his servant. Judas even betrayed Jesus with a kiss. How deceitful, what is a hypocrite like Tb Joshua who lies and deceives on the pulpit. Judas was a liar. He even got upset when Mary was worshipping Jesus with the perfume. He lied and claimed it could have been used for the poor but it was his own pocket that he was thinking about.

    I believe Tb Joshua is second to Judas as far as evil walking on this earth. More evil and then Isis and Boko Haram who are confused and think they are fighting for God. TB Joshua is serving Jesus, he has the powers Jesus gave him and is operating as Jesus’s hands and feet. Yet, he competes with Jesus in all he does giving himself a man all the glory.
    He has his own sayings that in many cases contradict the Bible all over the website, Emmanuel TV, and makes his disciples memorize them when it should be Jesus is Scriptures.
    He instills a fear of demons robbing them of their faith in Jesus and His power making them an open, helpless target to Satan and his demons. He makes himself the middleman between man and Jesus but we know “there is one mediator between God and man, that man Jesus Christ.”
    TB Joshua mskes all peopke afraid to cast out demons, heal the sick and even to pray. So that all people will need and come to him.
    He scares people from praying to God by saying things to the church like “when you pray you don’t pray in the spirit. God does not hear you but satan does.” He also discourages people even more by saying, “you can pray 100 years but you will never hear from God.”
    He manipulates and trains people who go to scoan to beg for healing as he exploits and humiliates them on live TV. Even making them wear a sign over their head of their diseases.
    He has many time allowed people to get on their knees before him. To call him things like “the Jesus of this generation”. He allows people to glorify Him endlessly whike they give their testimonies. He is so abusive and controlling. You can see how afraid all the workers are of him when he gets into one of his frequent fits of rage on live TV.

    I could easily write an entire book of all the evil I have seen Tb Joshua do. One book cannot contain all the evil he has done.

    I pray for justice. I pray that God removes this evil man from this place of authority and power over the church that he abuses. In Jesus mighty name.

    God is a God of justice. Jesus never said “Judas I pray for you” or “I forgive you”. He said, he was doomed for destruction and it was better for him not to be born. When Judas was remorseful and hung himself you don’t hear anything about Jesus having mercy on him.
    Jesus is “love” and is gentle and humble in heart but he is “God” and a “Judge”. He is fierce when He is angry. He cursed Capernaum because they saw all those mighty miracles and did not repent. How much more angry must Jesus be at Tb Joshua for doing the mighty miracles of God and doing them in unison with evil.

    • @Juliana
      You are just a mad person. If you cant control your hatred,revengeance and anger in you, I m telling it will destroy you.

      • @seunbolaji
        Let Jesus be the Judge between you and I. I will not fight with you and call you names like you have to me.

      • I thank Jesus for opening my eyes this morning showing me how Judas operated in the power of God and healed and cast out demons but yet was evil. He lied, he was a thief and even got angry when Mary was at His feet worshiping Him, loving Him with the perfume and her heart, with her tears of love and gratitude. He was thinking of Himself not Jesus and got angry.
        Aka Tb Joshua

      • @Juliana
        If only you can look at yourself before telling me what you cant follow yourself. Is Jesus not going to be The Judge between you and TBJ ?!
        For me I won’t waste all my life on this site arguing and talking endlessly things i have no power to change ,that’s foolish. So good luck.

      • Jesus will Judge all including every Word.
        Your message condemns you of all that you are accusing me of. The Bible warns about removing the plank in your eye before judging.
        I am exposing the darkness, the evil from Tb Joshua. If you read my posts and disagree with anything in particular I wouldn’t mind having a civil and respectful conversation. But calling me names in a very nasty post I can not respond to. I certainly won’t do that.
        My advice to you is be angry but sin not and if your right hand causes you to stumble, cut it off and throw it away. Eph 4:26 and Mat 5:30
        Another words if you can not handle the comments of this site that you are unable to control your hateful remarks and start name calling you should not even visit this site because you end up sinning.
        There was not even a single comment on why you disagree with any of my accusations it was only threats and name calling. Which is why I said let Jesus be the Judge between you and I. I have even went through a lot of work with a video on you tube, breaking it down explaining in details the sins. So that everyone reading can verify for themselves.
        I believe the founder of this website was led by God to help expose the evil at Scoan for which I thank and praise God for.

      • @Juliana
        You have called TB Joshua even worse. You seem you have no clue of how much yourself you can rubbish the name of others only for REVENGE yet you have the gut to complain of others calling you names ??
        What is going on with you ? It still hard for me to understanding which world you are coming from.

        That’s enough,i m done ,i m not going to argue with you endlessly with this tbj issue as you seem to have a time for only that ,me I have a life.

      • @seunbolji
        You have yet to list a thing of what I said that had you so angry. Instead your email yet called me another name.
        With Tb Joshua I am listing actual proof of the evils.
        What do you disagree with?

  18. I am not implying that tbj is stealing money. I have no knowledge of such a thing. I can only say he is a bad stewart of God’s money. He mis-manages and is wasteful.
    For example:
    Hiring a lady on live TV just because she hated her country. He was going to have her be a contact person for the people she knew who were sick. Sounds crazy. No interview or qualifications verified and doing a job that anyone would do for free that requires very little time.

    So much other waste I have obderved. He definitely doesn’t have managerial skills and doesn’t seem concerned about how he extravagantly spends the money as Tbjoshuawatch reported he spent $50,000 to charter a private plane to send the anointing water to sierra Leone instead of sending it fedex. He seems to have an abundance of money as he stated just last week. He said they have the money to open many branches. The money is not the problem.
    For so much money available it seems very little is spent to help the poor and the majority spent internally, wastefully.

    And he takes credit for the donations as if it coming out of his own pocket.

    • @ Julianne,

      The same thing I have said and said. When I was there, there were several other people who said that about him and that he will be taken accountable for it. His donors have set him up for that, it’s what he said himself in the South Korea crusade. People are willing to support him, because he knows how to do a soft grooming speech when it is necessary. People fall for that.

      • @ Jesse
        Were you a disciple too? I looked to see under testimonies but I couldn’t find your story.

      • @ Julianne,

        No disciple, but long time interaction with SCOAN and his followers.

        There is nothing to testify, because there was not anything happening for all those years. Those years I will never get back. I really wished I did something else instead of those years.

      • @Jesse
        I myself having believed and trusted Tb Joshua, respected him as a man of God operating in power I was in shock when I realized the truth of how evil he is. I went through so much emotionally after the shock wore off I was deeply hurt, my heart aching and I was crying over the devastation I felt. It is such a betrayal because you really do believe he is operating in union with Jesus as his hands and feet. My feelings then went from hurt to anger and then fear because of how he threatens demons will come after you if you go against him and other talk like that.
        Today, I am slowly getting stronger but he really set me back. I used to heal and cast out demons before him and today because of his teaching I am afraid to lay hands on anyone. So I really lost a lot, especially the thing I loved the most, healing people.

        Today I see that what I went through as only making me stronger. The devil is a liar and deceiver and I overcame the deception at scoan. Jesus can use me in an even mightier way because I overcame that deception from Tbj and the devil. God needs people like us who can see through the deception of the devil. A wolf in sheeps clothing.
        Tbj is much like Judah not only operating in power but betraying everyone with a kiss. A liar. What he says and what he does are two different stories.
        I was meditating on Isaiah 55 yesterday, amazing chapter beginning to end. Love every Word, God is so poetic to. We were all seeking Jesus. His Word that is alive and is Jesus is all we need. I was so filled with joy mediating on this chapter it was the same excitement as eating a piece of cake.

        “Come, all you who are thirsty, come to the waters” (Jesus is inviting us to come to Him)
        “Listen to me, and eat what is good”
        “As the rain and the snow come down from heaven, and do not return empty, but will accomplish what I desire and achieve the purpose for which I sent it.”
        (I think of the beautiful rain that softly comes down and waters the grass, trees and flowers that are all unique and breathtakingly beautiful. That smell good, are esthetically pleasing. God even has bees happily working turning the pollen from the flowers into honey to bless us even more. Honey that is endless in health benefits. God is so good and all that He created.
        He uses His water to fill the beautiful lakes, rivers, oceans and waterfalls. The trees bless us endlessly with so many delicious fruits that are also endless in beauty, shapes, colors, smells, textures and tastes. From the water comes down we are blessed with an endless variety of nuts and grains. Yet God says the water returns but only after it accomplishes what God sent it out to do. God says so will be His word, reading it, meditating on it will accomplish what He desires it to do in us. How much more does God love us than a flower. God can do all that through just the rain. How much more can He do through us who love Him?
        I feel like I past the test discovering the truth about Tbj. Yes I was hurt and regressed a little but I am now finally getting out of that.
        “As the heavens are higher than the earth, so are my ways higher than your ways and my thoughts than your thoughts”

        I love Jesus and I love all of you guys on this site who are fighting to expose the darkness and for Justice.

  19. I feel that Romans 11:4-5 applies to us here on this website
    I have reserved for myself seven thousand who have not bowed the knee to baal, so too at the present time there is a remnant chosen by grace.

    We seem to all at once believed tbj to be from God because of his powers but by God’s grace our eyes were opened and we were strong and courageous to walk away and follow Jesus totally.

    Someone posted the other day their are 10000 visitors on this site so I would imagine their are about 7000 on this site who hate the evil at scoan and love Jesus.

  20. We would not bow down to Tb Joshua as everyone else clearly does. Actually treating him as if he is God.

  21. The only problem is that Tb Joshua has left nearly all of us bankrupt in any ways. We need Jesus to fill that void the pain.
    Spiritual abuse is the worst.

  22. “The heavens even the heavens are the Lord but the earth God has made for the children of men”
    God blesses us so much with the rain. He made the whole earth to bless us. How much more does He love us. His Word is so much more beautiful and powerful than the rain. His Word is alive, is Jesus and He gave it us to bless us. So much more than the rain.

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