Ghanian pastor: Do not rely on anointed water for protection against Ebola

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President of the Ghana Pentecostal and Charismatic Council (GPCC), Apostle Dr. Opoku Onyinah, has cautioned Ghanaians not to rely on Anointing Oil and Water for protection against the fasting spreading deadly Ebola virus since proper observation of sanitation is one of the core values God has instructed mankind to practice to stay healthy.

The whole article is well worth reading.

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  1. Law of Sanitation

    “Thou shalt have a place also without the camp, whither thou shalt go forth abroad: and thou shalt have a little paddle upon thy weapon; and it shall be, when thou wilt ease thyself abroad, thou shalt dig therewith, and shalt turn back and cover that which cometh from thee: for the Lord … therefore shalt thy camp be holy: that He see no unclean thing in thee, and turn away from thee.” Deuteronomy 23:12-14
    Every waste matter should be covered underground. God does not want His children to be careless and unclean. Touch not the unclean. Clean thyself after easing thyself. For the Lord demands that He see no unclean thing on you. Every waste matter that cometh from thee should be covered in the ground. Be ye holy as thy Father in heaven is.
    This is the law of hygiene and cleanliness. Many disobey this law since after easing themselves they do not cover the waste behind them; this is contrary to the law of God.
    “Depart ye, depart ye, go ye out from thence, touch no unclean thing;” Isaiah 52:11

  2. TB JOSHUA SAYS: Ebola comes from the devil?

    He breaks the covenant of Ebola over the nations, without a call for repentance? This is unbiblical this is part of the different gospel preached by tbj.

    Ebola prayer: Break The Satanic Covenant!!! – T.B. Joshua

    THE WORD OF GOD SAYS: Plagues like Ebola comes, because of God’s judgment on un repented sins!

    “Our ancestors had the tabernacle of the COVENANT LAW with them in the wilderness” – Acts 7:44
    “After this I looked,and I saw in heaven the temple–that is, the tabernacle of the covenant law–and it was opened – Rev 15:5

    A Blessings and a Curses the Biblical way –

    “See, I am setting before you today a blessing and a curse: THe blessing, if you listen to the commandments (the COVENANT LAW) of the LORD your God, which I am commanding you today; and the curse, if you do not listen to the commandments of the LORD your God, but turn aside from the way which I am commanding you today” – Deut 11:26-28
    5 “And I also heard the angel of the waters say, Righteous and just are You in these Your decisions and judgments AGAINST SIN, You Who are and were, O Holy One”!
    … 18”and a third of mankind was killed by these plagues… and the rest of humanity who were not killed by these plagues, even then did not repent of the works of their own hands, so as to cease paying homage to the demons and idols of gold and silver and bronze and stone and wood, which can neither see nor hear nor move. And they did not repent of their murders or their practice of magic ( sorceries) or their sexual vice or their thefts” – Rev 9:18-21
    “But people still did not repent, after all of God’s judgment poured upon them because of their sins, but blasphemed the God of heaven, because of their anguish and their sicknesses and they did not deplore their wicked deeds or repent for what they had done” – Revelation 9+16
    And [from] the altar I heard [the] cry, Yes, Lord God the Omnipotent, Your judgments (sentences, decisions) are true and just and righteous!

    • Ugh. He’s actively encouraging people not to follow quarantine rules, and not to be cautious about infection. Ugh ugh ugh. Horrible. In the name of “love.” No, it is not loving to be stupid about disease transmission. If someone collapses, and there is the possibility that they have ebola, the LOVING thing to do is call the authorities, and get them into quarantine and proper medical care immediately. It is not loving to pretend like you can do something for them, putting other people’s lives at risk so that you can feel like you “did something.”

      And again, capitalizing on people’s lack of knowledge. There is nothing “strange” about ebola. It’s a virus. It has nasty symptoms and a high kill rate. It is not some new, unknown disease. It is not untreatable, either. It is also not the worst killer that we face. Measles kills more yearly, even with worldwide vaccination. When is he going to release all the nations from measles? He’s not, because there’s no shock value there, no way to hype it.

  3. Thank God for men in national and church leadership who are FINALLY speaking out against these charlatans, and warning people of the dangers of their snake-oil “healing” waters and other nonsense.

    People need to get a grip. Ebola is a disease caused by a virus. It is not demonic. It is not happening because of some “covenant with the devil.” It will be stopped by following the rules for hygiene and sanitation.

  4. I want to see this Ebola-crisis in right christian perspective. Not by a natural perspective. We have doktors and hospitals, but they are not God. Nor their solutions. If we have to relay on natural preventions only , then we take away Gods will and The finished works of Jezus. I believe in the power of The Cross. I know missionairy, who step-in lepra-colonies, hug this people and pray for them, without being infected, because they put them-selves under the blood of Jezus. I believe in this protection , other-wise i can not call myself a christian. I believe Ebola is a woe form God, to turn people to Him,., to turn from their wicked ways.

    • Jamie, if you believe on Jesus for your salvation, that is enough. The power of the cross is to lift us out of our desperate sin situation, and to save us for eternity.

      we are not promised protection from every fallen circumstance of life on earth. Historically, some faithful believers have been protected, while others met their demise. All for the glory of God.

      there is nothing unfaithful to God about practicing disease prevention and seeking medical treatment.

      • @M Absolutely.

        @Jamie, God has given us the incredible ability to understand our bodies and understand disease. It does not honour him to ignore the this knowledge, it is “putting him to the test” in the same way satan tempted Jesus to put God to the test in the wilderness.

  5. I did not said to deny medical Treatment. I said, involve God by it. Dont relay on the doktor, relay on God. Other-wise the whol New Testmnet hs no meaning. It is baby-christianity to believe Jezus only for salvation. The journey with Christ, starts after this salvation. We live by Faith, not by sight, not by the natural world-circumstances. Yes, we will be tested in our Faith-walk with Christ. The typical thing for the most believing christians is, they run first to the doktor, and not to God. If the dokor could do what God can, we dont need healing-services. I believe God in all matters. The finished work of Jezus, the promises of God are real.

  6. The Book of Revelation is alive.
    The great day of His wrath has come and who shall be able to stand? – Rev 6:17

    All these are the beginning of birth pains – birthing of the coming King Jesus and His Kingdom of peace, joy and righteousness – Math 24:8.

    A. God’s following SEVEN SEAL JUDGMENTS reach a quarter of the world since Jesus’ death and resurrection (slight birth pains) – Rev 6+8.
    1. (Quarter of the world) False peace– Math 34:4 corresponds with Rev 6:2 followed by
    2. (Quarter of the world) Wars– Math 24:6 corresponds with Rev 6:3 followed by
    3. (Quarter of the world) Famines– Math 24:7 corresponds with Rev 6:5-6 followed by
    4. (Quarter of the world) Deaths – Math 24:9 corresponds with Rev 6:7-8 followed by
    5. (Quarter of the world) Persecution (martyred souls under altar) great falling away of Christians – Math 24:9 corresponds with Rev 6:9-11 followed by
    6. (Quarter of the world) Catastrophic destructive changes on earth – Math 24:9 corresponds with Rev 6:12-17
    7. Silence, because the seventh seal contains the seven sjofars and seven vials judgments – Math 24:31, Rev 8:1-2

    • B. God’s SEVEN SJOFAR JUDGMNETS (TRUMPETS) reach a third of the world (medium birth pains) – Rev 8
      1. (Third of the world) Hail, fire and blood –a third of earth on fire, a third of the trees burned and all grass (Ps 105:29 blood + poison or pollution)
      2. (Third of the world) Falling meteor – a third of the seas filled with blood or polluted and destroys, a third of the ships and fish destroyed
      3. (Third of the world) Falling star – poisons or pollutes a third of all waters on earth
      4. (Third of the world) Sun, moon and stars – a third of sun, moon and stars darkened
      5. (Third of the world) Locusts – five months of torture by scorpion stings
      6a. Satan’s army of 200 000 000 warriors from the east kill a third of mankind and
      b. Two witnesses testify of Christ’s soon coming in Jerusalem
      7. Earth quake – 7000 dies in Jerusalem, people run to mountains. The seventh sjofar judgment contains the seven vials judgments – Rev 11:15-19, Rev 15:5+ 16:1.

      • C. God’s VEVEN VIAL JUDGMNETS(BOWLS) reach the whole world (strong birth pains) Rapture – Rev 16
        1. (Whole world) Boils – malignant sores affects all those in the whole world with the mark of the anti-christ (666).
        2. (Whole world) Sea of blood – the whole sea is polluted and everything in the ocean dies.
        3. (Whole world) Rivers of blood – all the rivers and springs in the whole world turn to blood or are polluted
        4. (Whole world) Oppressive heat – sun scorches all mankind
        5. (Whole world) Darkness – the whole kingdom of the anti-christ around the world is plunged into darkness
        6. (Whole world) River Euphrates dried up – and the army of 200 000 000 marches on Israel
        7. (Whole world) Hail – all cities, islands and mountains crumble. Second coming.

  7. God gave us understanding, yes, about diseases. But our understanding fails, in terms of cure. There are many sicknesses that only leads to death, without cure. I believe sickness is from the darkness, and i look at sickness the way Jezus does. Jezus hates sin and sickness. If we have Jezus, we have His healing., by His Cross-offering/. It takes faith and believe in Christ, to make the shift from natural sources to a spiritual source; the finished works. I dont say medical treatment has no value,.it has its qualities, but is limited. I never go to a doktor, i go to God. I accepted Jezus as my healer. But when i breack a leg tomorrow, i gues not many christians have the faith to heal it by prayer, so i go to the hospital. I dont put Jezus to the test, when there is a legaly cure. Aids-hiv are rooted in the darkness, so is chancer, and has why this people come to church for healing., because our medical understanding can not help them. I believe God can. It depends on the dept of our faith or the faith of the healer, in Christ.

    • @ Jamie,

      Although I admire your expression of Faith, which is commendable above all for mankind to do so. It is expedient that those who do not believe they accept the treatment of doctors, surgeons, and specialists.

      However, leprosy is actually not that contagious. You can catch it only if you come into close and repeated contact with nose and mouth droplets from someone that has leprosy. That is not by hugging.

      Breakthroughs in the natural are simultaneous with breakthroughs in the spiritual. All things are parallel. We can read this in Daniel 12:4. But thou, O Daniel, shut up the words, even to the time of the end: many shall run to and fro, and KNOWLEDGE shall BE Increased.

      All truth is Parallel:

      Which the anticipation in the coming of Jesus Christ there will be natural breakthroughs with come from the spiritual realm. What flows from the:

      1. Word of God.
      2. Revelation.
      3. Presence of God. ]
      4. Fruits of the Spirit.]
      5. Gifts of the Spirit. ]
      6. Prophecy. } Spiritual World
      7. Miracles. ]
      8. Healing. ]
      9. Ministry. ]

      This will result into breakthroughs in:

      1. Medicine. ]
      2. Nutrition. ]
      3. Space exploration.]
      4. Communication. } Natural world
      5. Transportation. ]
      7. Technology. ]
      8. Education. ]
      9. Science. ]

      These things go together simultaneously.

      Our being is existing of Spirit, Soul (Mind ) and Body.
      1Thessalonians 5:23 And the very God of peace sanctify you wholly; and I pray God your whole SPIRIT, SOUL AND BODY be preserved blameless unto the coming of our Lord Jesus Christ.

      Hebrews 4:12 For the word of God is quick, and powerful, and sharper than any twoedged sword, piercing even to the dividing asunder of soul and spirit, and of the joints and marrow, and is a discerner of the thoughts and intents of the heart.

      This means that both are needed, the Natural as well the Spiritual. As a Christian we have the advantage to access both, we cannot neglect either. So therefor we do not rely on one only. Too Spiritual is not working. Too Natural is not working either.

      God interacts through both. He works through Spirit, Soul and Body which means one thing, three different areas in us. Both the Spiritual as well the Natural interact with each other.

      And as M and TBJW saying, this is what Jesus said:

      And he brought him to Jerusalem, and set him on a pinnacle of the temple, and said unto him, If thou be the Son of God, cast thyself down from hence: For it is written, He shall give his angels charge over thee, to keep thee: And in their hands they shall bear thee up, lest at any time thou dash thy foot against a stone. And Jesus answering said unto him, It is said, Thou shalt not tempt the Lord thy God.
      (Luke 4:9-12)

      Which means that people are not on the same level in Faith as others might be, which means not that the faith they have cannot do it, but means that we are not geared in this way as Adam and Eve were from the beginning. As soon the fall took place, Faith began to deteriorate in people and started to live in the natural means and progress of life.

      So then, we have arrived in 2014 and beyond which means that people have resorted to natural remedies, which can work, but don’t have to, but we have them, so we must use them and at the same time we can pray, ask, beseech, petition God to help us in our Faith and perhaps heal us, deliver us, speak to us by His Holy Spirit or as in the old Testament time the Spirit of God would come upon them and they knew what to do.

      But in no wise we should discard the natural world we live in. It is expedient we eat and drink healthy food, sleep enough, it is important to be hygienic, prevent our bodies to be infected by cleaning ourselves. By the way the Blood of Jesus is not immediately directed to protection, it is for the forgiveness of our Sins and that of others. Usually many problems start because of sins of ourselves and sins that affect us from others indirectly because of their choices. Eg. Responsibility is when you go toilet, you need to wipe your booty. You can’t leave it sitting there. 😉

  8. I am confronted very oftend with christians, who dont discern the natural from the spiritual. They defend their life-style very strong. Lifing by Spirit is an absolute other realm, guided by The Word,here on earth. The Kingdom of God in us. We are IN the world, but not From the world. It takes mostly a lot of explainations and discussion, to let this christians understand, that they stand with one food just in the world and the other food in Christ. They live by both worlds, and what i mean by this is, they use wordly systems to survive and they go to church for the spiritual food. Lifing by Spirit means, the new man, the new creation IN Christ, and this identity is totally different from the old man, our sin-nature. The new man is only spiritual, it is death to sin. And lives from the single heart, and not by intellect, but by spirit-guidiance, and wisdom. The beingness of Spirit in us, is different from the natural man. Ofcuarse we take good care of our bodies, but the needs of the bodies are different too in the Spirit-life. I agree that there are different levels of grow, thats why christian life never becomes boring, because there is Always more to discover. We go from faith to faith, and from Glory to Glory. It is not by accidence that so many spiri-filled christians are persequted, because we are realy different then the worldly people. We are free in every wordly sysem, because we relay on God. We are spirit-beings in Christ. But we do clean our home,make love, and take a shower. At the other hand, reading one passage in the bible, cleans the whole system. And clean is clean. Spiritual clean and natural clean. I love the Glory-understanding. It is the heavenly Grace to us always. All blessings are in it. All of them.

    • @ Jamie,

      You can only live like that, only if you are a full time minister and have a few thousand paying for your salary and your family and then you can just tell everybody a lovely far fetched story and make sermons with a lot of rebuke of how they have to live and knock somebody over with the powers you have acquired.

      If you have to work manually and physically, with blood, sweat and tears like most of the world does from 6 am till 7 pm (some even longer) and so provide for your family, then you have to be natural and you can only be spiritual when you have the time and place to do that.

      After these things Paul departed from Athens, and came to Corinth; And found a certain Jew named Aquila, born in Pontus, lately come from Italy, with his wife Priscilla; (because that Claudius had commanded all Jews to depart from Rome:) and came unto them. And because he was of the same craft, he abode with them, and wrought: for by their OCCUPATION they were tentmakers. Acts 18:1-3

      Are they ministers of Christ? (I speak as a fool) I am more; in labours more abundant, in stripes above measure, in prisons more frequent, in deaths oft. Of the Jews five times received I forty stripes save one. Thrice was I beaten with rods, once was I stoned, thrice I suffered shipwreck, a night and a day I have been in the deep; In journeyings often, in perils of waters, in perils of robbers, in perils by mine own countrymen, in perils by the heathen, in perils in the city, in perils in the wilderness, in perils in the sea, in perils among false brethren; In weariness and painfulness, in watchings often, in hunger and thirst, in fastings often, in cold and nakedness. Beside those things that are without, that which cometh upon me daily, the care of all the churches. 2 Corinthians 11:23-28

      Jamie, you need to apply your intelligence, you can’t live without it. You can’t just stuff it away and live on cloud nine. Otherwise it would be impossible to pay your bills, clean your house, fix your yard, watch TV, work on your computer, drive your car, go to school, do your job.

      Look here why.

      James 2:20 But wilt thou know, O vain man, that faith without WORKS is dead?
      James 2:26 For as the BODY without the spirit is dead, so faith without WORKS is dead also.

      • @ Jamie,

        PS I want you to look at the word WROUGHT in Act 18:3

        What do you think is means ?

        WROUGHT means:

        1. Archaic except in some senses. a pt. and pp. of WORK, or WORKING.
        2. worked.
        3. elaborated; embellished.
        4. not rough or crude.
        5. produced or shaped by beating with a hammer, as iron or silver articles.

        In the Greek is means the following:



        To toil (as a task, occupation, etc.), (by implication) effect, be engaged in or with, etc.: – commit, do, labor for, minister about, trade (by), work.

        Just saying. Watch that you don’t look only at the spiritual side. There is a Balance. God does require that from you.

        However God never intended to use our soulish brain as we use it today. Adam and Eve were created to be worshiping God and have freedom. The Fall has made us to do what ?

        Genesis 3:19 In the sweat of thy face shalt thou eat bread, till thou return unto the ground; for out of it wast thou taken: for dust thou art, and unto dust shalt thou return.

        Even Jesus did work and sweat at His father’s carpentry. Whatever it was, He worked physically. Only when He was doing His full time ministry God was providing Him, but He still had a Doctor Luke in his lot and He still had a Accountant Judas in his Disciple circle.

        Practical Christianity is the key here. Not living on cloud Nine.

  9. I am calling on all the church leaders in Ghana to be unified to STOP T B Joshua from ever stepping his feet in Ghana again. We already have enough false prophets and pastors in Ghana and we don’t need anymore from Nigeria!

  10. Jesse, i know it triggers all self-survival, but i walk the Word. I am cum-laude academic graduated., so my intelligence had her change to develop. The Bible says; seek first The kingdom and everything will be added to it. I am never without money, because God provides me. And i work 16 hours a day, for God. The night He is with me too. I live by faith, and i am anoited and have a calling. , as all christians have.

    • It is a wrong idea of western people, to believe The Bible has to do with intellect. If this was so, no illiterated or un-educated person would be able to come to Jezus. Thats the beauty of The Gospel, i is for the hearing heart, the mind is yeilded to the Spirit in the heart. Jezus is about love, and only love. On all levels,. The facts that so many poor countries have deep faith in Jezus, is because they have no other source. The Gospel has no compromising visions.

      • @jamie,
        “It is a wrong idea of western people, to believe The Bible has to do with intellect.”

        Can you for 30 seconds think how Jesus words spoken in 34AD as he ascended are part of your NIV/KJV Bible?
        It was not magic no supernatural occurrence. Some white me applied themselves to studying Koine Greek, Aramaic and Hebrew languages and translating and comparing ancient manuscripts. Do you suppose that if they had locked themselves in the Upper Room you would be having your Bible?

        The fact is God gave you a brain and it is blasphemous to ignore that fact. Thinking is not sinning. It is such iodeas that make African Christians extremely shallow and susceptible to every wind of doctrine.

        I refer you to this sound article on the same

  11. I dont say i dont use my brain. We have the Mind of Christ. We are saved IN Christ. We bring our own mind under obeyance of Christ. I use my brains, to walk the christian walk. We can accomplisch every expertise by the walk with God. The foundation in us is Christ. It forms our mind and actions., how to live a christian life. There is nothing wrong with learning what-ever you want , but relaying on mens-systems is limited. We use our brains for a wise life-style, by Spirit. We can be a wise exellent christian doktor, or bus-driver, or house-keeper, but the core of who we are is framed by The Word. I gues most christians have their hands full on using their brains to follow and understand the Bibly-walk for a life-time. We have the old-man fleshly brain and the new-man-spirit-brain. The mind, the heart, the spirit are one.

    • THinking is not the same thing as relying on men’s system
      Thinking is using whatever God gave you to solve problems
      When God commanded man to have dominion over the animals and the creation, He expected man to use his head to do that

    • @ Jamie,

      Jamie how can you say the mind and heart are the same.

      The heart is deceitful above all things, and desperately wicked: who can know it? Jeremiah‬ ‭17‬:‭9‬ KJV

  12. I have met intelligent people, who red the Bible 10-12 times, and all sorts of theologian studies. Still they did not had the right benefit from it. Only when the understood what Faith is, how the Spirit works, and that everything in he Bible is a matter of the heart, only then their lifes started to change for their good. Mind-knowledge can become religious. The Spirit is a free walk In Christ. Compleetly relaying on Him. The knowledge is flowing from the heart.

    • Intelligence is not ALL it takes to understand the word, remember the Ethiopian Eunuch in Acts
      The point is, WITHOUT intelligence, you can’t relate with God in any meaningful way
      When the psalmist looks at the heavens and marvels at the glory of God, it is his mind which is engaged, which perceives the wonderful creation.

      How do you REASON together with God as He invites Israel in Isaiah if you are not supposed to think?

      Thinking is not carnality

      Discernment is using your brains

      How many hours of praying in tongues do you need to change your TV channel from porn to NatGeo?

  13. Some-one asked aan old man how he had accomplished his marriage for 55 years. He only said; dont let the sun go down by anger”. It was his solution by the Word, to save his marriage. In this modern churches, we can be couseled, go in therapy, read books ‘how to save my marriage,”, . The fact is, the Bible gives the answers, it is up to us to live by it., simple and simple. How much brains are needed to understand how to apply the Word?

    • “….How much brains are needed to understand how to apply the Word?…..”
      Enough brains to set you apart from animals 😉
      Why can’t animals relate with God?

    • You need to use your cognitive abilities to read. You need to use your cognitive abilities to comprehend. You need to use your cognitive abilities to interpret. And you need to use your cognitive abilities to apply.

      So yes, you need your intelligence to understand and apply the Word.

      You also need it to discern truth from falsehood. Whether you admit it or not, there is an aspect of figuring out that TBJ is a false prophet that involved your intellect. And there is a HUGE aspect of his success as a cult master that has to do with people shutting off their intellect and reason, and believing “the Word” as he proclaims it, in his twisted, demonic way.

      There is nothing ungodly or unbiblical about using reason and logic (ie: your intellect). Paul used it, under the influence of the Holy Spirit. Jesus used it. Christianity, because of it’s initial respect for intellect, reason, and logic, is responsible for many of the institutes of knowledge we know today, and many of the inventions and discoveries that we now enjoy, by fostering not just the spiritual man, but man’s intellect as a *gift from God* to us.

      • Oh come-on.! Just watch the fact how you defend your fleschly intellect! What has it do with a Spirit-life? Lets talk bout your spirit-filled lifes! Much more interesting . Jesse, there are a lot of saved christians who can not read. I am sorry, but do you have any idea in what conditioning 1/3 part of humanity is? Who cares about your intellect? How do you gone preach the Gospel to people who can not read? Impressing them with a hebrew study of Paul,? The bible is a living book, with practical applyment, so it will work.

      • @ Jamie,

        Without your intellect you were incapable to write here. About being saved without reading, here is the thing. Salvation is an ongoing process. You need your intellect to make the right choices. You cannot discard it.

        Wherefore, my beloved, as ye have always obeyed, not as in my presence only, but now much more in my absence, work out your own salvation with fear and trembling. Philippians 2:12 !!!!

        Obviously you believe in once saved always saved am I right ? Why is Paul here instructing us to keep WORKING on it. Which means with our daily life, with our daily choices, e.g. Pay your dues for tax, pay the rent, pay your bills, don’t lie, don’t cheat, don’t have sex with an Aids person, don’t walk on the rail tracks, brake the car in time, eat and drink, this is all intelligence that is necessary to walk in the Spirit or whatever you understand about it.

        Now tell me practically how you walk in the Spirit ? Don’t give me an answer that I can’t do anything with. If you say reading bible, anyone can do that, if you say praying, nearly everyone does that, healing people, anyone can do it if they call upon God and apply it, if you say deliverance, anyone can do it,mid they know how to do it,

        This set away aside elite anointed more than you brigade has to stop infiltrating in people’s heads. A prayer of a righteous man availeth much is the key here. Preaching the Kingdom of God is the key here. And so forth. It does not stand with telling anyone, the Right hand of God is Power.

        I am convinced and have it tried out and checked, that a lot of pastors using scam tactics to let their followers they have these super anointings and can change everything whenever they step out somewhere and wave their hand. Whenever it comes about certain people that have certain problems it stops working conveniently and they go into excuses and start wriggling themselves out of it. Like this Ebola “anointed water” and delivering it by my self stories.

        Having “powers” means anything or nothing if you conveniently can hide by sleight of words and excuses. That counts for everyone, including me and you.

      • Jamie, the fact that many people do not have the benefit of literacy does not discount the fact that you need your intellect in order to comprehend the Word, whether it is read or spoken. Intellect has nothing to do with the ability/opportunity to read. It is the means God gave all of us to process the input our brains receive.

        You are not writing everything you write here absent intellect. You are using your intellect to form words, decide on spelling, and point out to me that there are high rates of illiteracy in the world. 😉

        There is NOTHING wrong or unholy or unfaithful about using your brain, using logic, using reason. You are doing it yourself. And frankly, you cannot NOT use it, no matter how much you argue against it. Your very arguments draw from your own intellect. It is a gift from God, not a curse, and not a worldly creation.

    • @Jamie how do we get understanding? By thinking: “Think over what I say, for the Lord will give you understanding in everything.” 2 Tim 2:7

      The first and greatest commandment involves loving God with our mind “Love the Lord your God with all your heart and with all your soul and with all your mind”?

      • @ Jamie and TBJW,

        For God hath not given us the spirit of fear; but of power, and of love, and of a SOUND mind. (‭2 Timothy‬ ‭1‬:‭7‬ KJV)

        It is expedient we use our mind and our mind to exercise our will. In doing our daily life, practical, practical Christianity is the key here. We work, we eat the food from our recipe book, we sleep in our beds, we have technology, we use it, check this out Jamie, Apple Campus 2,, Google Campus.

        How are you going to use your iPad, iPhone, Mac Pro, Android, Computer, Appliances if you just walk in the Spirit alone and don’t do the part that needs to be done in our bodies ? Practically. Just as Vooke says you can’t change the channel on your TV by prayer alone. You need a remote that the engineer has designed with his natural mind. Or do you know how to change it any other way ? We need our intelligence to operate our lives practically. If we only live with spiritual application, only spiritual things will be done. Nothing else. No train will go, no bus will move, no plane will fly, no hotel will run, no Burger King will make food, no barroom will be cleaned. Intelligence a God given ability that must be applied. Practical Christianity is essential and expedient. All sincere pastors must know this and teach their church members. Without it no church will function, nor operate.

    • @jamie,
      This is circular reasoning
      The only difference between man animals is BRAINS…..intellect/thinking

      Applying God’s way includes thinking
      How do you read your Bible without thinking? You were taught to read, a 100% mental exercise

  14. What is going on here? Do the mind-people feel offended? Vooke, no, the Bible is not a mental exercise. It are spirit-filled Words, to apply on your-self or a situation. Yes i reason circulair, because i dont see what is bordering you so much. The Words of the Bible are readed by mind, through the eyes, and stored-up in The Heart. the understanding comes by Spirit, the Spirit opens the Skripures and englithenment them. We understand by The heart. Faith is in the heart, we can not think faith. We can not think love. The bible is no word-play, it are spiritual realities. Lets return to TB Joshua, he is much more interesting then me.

    • @ Jamie,

      So then faith cometh by hearing, and hearing by the word of God. (‭Romans‬ ‭10‬:‭17‬ KJV)

      How are you going to read the Bible if you can’t read ? How can you hear the Word of God if you don’t have the intelligence to read and write and use a Bible that is printed by the printer who used intelligence to get you a Bible. The Logos is not separated from the Pneuma. Gods Word is not by it selves.

      Verily, verily, I say unto you, Except a corn of wheat fall into the ground and die, it abideth alone: but if it die, it bringeth forth much fruit. (‭John‬ ‭12‬:‭24‬ KJV)

      Who is putting the Word there ? The Sower. The Farmer. Practical application in all sorts of ways. Life cannot continue to go on if we are not apply our intelligence, physical powers, mind power, as a matter of fact in our state there would be no use of the Creation at all if we did not use our mind, soul and body. We cannot create only God can out of nothing. We are commanded to multiply and replenish. If mankind must survive we must apply carnal things such as procreation as God told us to do. We are designed for that. If you are only walk into the Spirit you need others who do the (carnal) works for you and giving you money. Without money nothing is done. No one want to do anything without money. Nobody can live without having money. The filthy lucre. Reality. Truth, life !

      • @ Jamie,

        Hear, ye children, the instruction of a father, and attend to know understanding. For I give you good doctrine, forsake ye not my law. For I was my father’s son, tender and only beloved in the sight of my mother. He taught me also, and said unto me, Let thine heart retain my words: keep my commandments, and live. Get wisdom, get understanding: forget it not; neither decline from the words of my mouth. Forsake her not, and she shall preserve thee: love her, and she shall keep thee. Wisdom is the principal thing; therefore get wisdom: and with all thy getting get understanding. Exalt her, and she shall promote thee: she shall bring thee to honour, when thou dost embrace her. She shall give to thine head an ornament of grace: a crown of glory shall she deliver to thee. (‭Proverbs‬ ‭4‬:‭1-9‬ KJV)

  15. Sorry guys, but if you are only mental word-preachers, and dont understand just one yota of the Spirit-filled life, then i am just out.

  16. @Jamie
    To me reading the Word is a spiritual experience. I place my hand on my bible and can feel the Holy Spirit. I one time when I was fasting and was reading my bible I saw little waves of Jesus flowing from the Bible to me. The Word is alive, it is Jesus. Many times I kiss it, hug it and even caress it with my hand. Giving Jesus a little love.
    We are Spirit beings.

  17. The problem is tbj who says when he is on the pulpit he is not the, man tb Joshua but the prophet tb joshua. As if he is two separate people and God uses only the spirit tbj and not the man tbj.
    Really strange and not biblical. He is one man and does not transform into a spirit being at church.

  18. Jullianne, thank you, my Spirit stars to shine by your kind expereince with the Bible. Jezus is alife in us. TB Joshua has the same Spirit as we have,with the same gifts, he is only anoited for his profhetic office . And he knows how to tapp-in the power of God. On fleshly, or carnal level, he does not understands his identity IN Christ. He lives by the flesch, and he lives more by faith (works, legalism, doing-it-yourself), then by Grace (Gods soeverein mercy for us). Abusing Faith is an extreem and produces comdemnation. Abusing Grace is an extreem and is the complecant passive christian., who let God do the work. The right balance is tha faith appropriaes what God already has given by the cross, healing, prosperity, salvation. Tb Joshua knows how to see in the spirit-realm and to take hold of heavenly promises for others, and how to deliver them. But he manipulates his values and the people and so it becomes witch-craft,demonic. He is not in right standing with Gods way. His person is a wicked man, selffisch, sexistisch,idle, pride, and qrual.

  19. TB Joshua taps in the power of God and he decides what will be released in a service. TB creates the skript, with real or imagenated demon. It is a work, and not guided by the Grace of God. It is a self-willed act, a work of the flesch., and it is a danger-zone, because it can be manipulated. Only by Glory-worshipp, the Grace of God will bless the people by His soevereign Will, and heal and deliver them instantly. We worshipp God in Spirit and Truth. But we do have to recognize we have this Spirit in us. Other-wise a worship will be a empty act.

    • @ Jamie,

      “TB Joshua taps in the power of God and he decides what will be released in a service”

      Sorry but I don’t accept or believe that. The Holy Ghost is not an errand boy. Nor is Jesus and God.

      It only confirms of what I said before in posts that the “powers” that he has acquired are DISPENSED at will. Trademark for demonic power manifestation at will. If you say this and it is true he has demons at his command and not angels. Angels do the Will of God, not our will.

      That is why Jesus prayed, NOT MY WILL TO BE DONE, BUT YOURS ! As the Son of God He could have access to legions of Angelic hosts when He prayed. But He did not. And since we have established that TB Joshua is the mortal man here on earth he is not Jesus and even Jesus did what his Father told Him to do.

      TB Joshua is and will stay a con man until he repents from his cheating and lying actions. Including editing of false prophecies. He is a liar.

      • Jesse, i dont care if you believe it or not. I know what i am saying. And dont mis-interpretate my expereinces.

      • Jamie,
        I am very interested in hearing of all of your spiritual experiences that you have witnessed and experienced, good and bad at scoan.
        I am particularly interested in learning how tbj operates in the spirit realm. He seems to do so much more than just deliver and heal. Unfortunately a lot of evil too.

      • I am so perplexed how demons are not allowed to throw up during the deliverance lines. They can only excrete bodily fluid during mass deliverance or the healing line where it doesn’t cause interruption.

      • @ Jamie,

        It goes against the word of a God and Gods word is the last authoritative Voice of Himself,do NOT interpret things by your Experiences or what you see and have acquired as an self interpreted belief. It is NOT feeleolgy, but Theological application of His Word and interpretation.

        If it does not line up to His Word you need to research if the Absolute Truth of His Word is what you make of it. By all due respect, I meet many people like you and we call this Flakey, which means if people like you take the helm in this world nothing will be done because you are throwing away your brain. God gave you a brain. Use it ! You cannot do anything unless you renew your mind which means do not be ignorant of the natural application of life. God even commands this, read what the Law says and Jesus did not take away the Law He came to fulfil it and we can be par takers of that and have the Holy Spirit in us. I do not perceive you have your both feet on the ground which is necessary until you die and meet your God.

        Jesus says, Do NOT tempt your God ! Nor tempt the Devil, be wise know what walking in the Spirit is as well in the Natural. God never ever said do one away and whisk away from terra Earth. This is your responsibility, face it. Why do you think gave everything to Adam and Eve in the natural. It is because we are flesh and the flesh needs to be used to apply what God says and commands, you chuck it away. Nothing will come from it.

      • @ Jamie,

        With all due respect. If you go by your experiences then it is likely you already have been deceived.

        It’s not Feeleology. At the end of the Day God has the last word. The absolute Truth that comes from Him alone. We are living in a time were charlatans deceive you with all kinds of tricks and they don’t come alone, they have helpers and they stick together like glue until it gets too hot for them to do so.

  20. Opening-up to the anoiting of TB Joshua, while he is in mass-prayer, activates demon-spirits, this spirits are able to attac. TB calles it litle demons who come to flock you. I expereinced them more then once. It is important not to pay attention on them, but to stay in Christ. They can do nothing when you stay in line with christ.

    • @Jamie
      I know he has sent me demons. I am especially alarmed the most b during mass prayer. How do you open his anointing.

      I was thinking if someone doesn’t like him or if a person has a pastors heart he hates that person and orders the demons to attack them.

      • @ Jukianne,

        No demons can attack you unless you break the hedge or God removes the hedge around you.

        Ecclesiastes 10:8 (KJV) ~ Whoso breaketh an hedge, a serpent shall bite him.

        Job 1:10 (KJV)

        10 Hast not thou made an hedge about him, and about his house, and about all that he hath on every side? thou hast blessed the work of his hands, and his substance is increased in the land.

        We face everyday demonic attack, what does not kill you, will make you stronger.

        Paul was beaten by a messenger of Satan. Shrug. It’s not a big deal. Where you draw your attention to…. Etc. etc.

        For I am persuaded, that neither death, nor life, nor angels, nor principalities, nor powers, nor things present, nor things to come, Nor height, nor depth, nor any other creature, shall be able to separate us from the love of God, which is in Christ Jesus our Lord.

        Be happy you are attacked, it means you do something right. Whether in prayer or in doing your thing as a Christian.

    • @ Jamie,

      “It is important not to pay attention on them, but to stay in Christ”

      It is important you pay attention to them. You command them to leave in Jesus Name and rebuke them. Because “small” demons are sent out to break the hedge around you, so the more powerful demons can oppress, depress and possess you. Ignoring them is tempting and activating Satan to attack you even more with other demons. You pray, you command them to leave you and then you leave it up to God to deal with it. Walking in the Spirit will not let them go away. Whip them with prayer, the Word and commands of no exercising you will. Is not My Word like a hammer …..a hammer that breaketh the rock into pieces. A hammer does not break a rock straight away, it needs several blows. I can’t imagine you advice people to ignore demons attacking you ?

  21. @Jesse
    What do you mean by break your hedge around you.
    How does one do that?
    I have felt the demons attack me coming from tbj. Many times. It is real and I can tell you I was the same in my walk with God. I did not expect it and I was not in fear.

    • @ Julianne,

      Breaking the hedge around you means you go over the boundaries of what your body can handle, by being overly fatigued, no sleep, sexual intercourse with strangers, deliberately sinning, sudden explosions and inducing fear, accidents, breaking the laws of gravity, experimenting with drugs, alcohol in being super drunk, eating, eating, eating, challenge things in the natural and in the spiritual, occultism, fighting, brawling, lying, just to name a few.

      So what if you feel “anything” “something”, you can pray don’t you, call out to God, speak out the Name of Jesus, command let every knee bow, let every tongue confess, no weapon that is fashioned against me shall prosper, break the stronghold, uproot the attack, scatter the evil, speak in tongues, fast, call on the Host of Heaven, ask God to send warrior, deliverance, healing angels on your behalf, speak the Word, command the Light to come forth in your darkness, pray lead me not in temptation but deliver me from evil, call upon the fire of the Holy Ghost, Holy Spirit, AND submit unto God then… resist the Devil and he shall flee from you, put on your armour, etc. etc. etc.

      • @Jesse
        Demons are fierce, they steal, kill, destroy.
        One day I was watching tbj and I felt sorry for the lady he was delivering because he was making a fool of her as the demon was running and hiding behind the big white fan. Tbj was laughing and having the best time playing with the demon yet having no respect for the lady who’s body the demon was in. How she was being humiliated in church and live tv, forever on the Internet. We have authority over demons but we shouldn’t tease demons. Tbj is a very sick man. Anyway, that night as I was deeply troubled by tbjs behavior I shut off the light to go to sleep and felt Satan come on me to have set with me. I knew what it was and fought with what I call power scriptures. This was a battle that latest many hours. It kept coming back and I kept fighting with the word of God. The next night it happened again, and I fought again but this time Satan left after only 30 minutes.
        This was in the beginning of watching tbj.
        The problem with tbj that personally happened to me was little by little he instilled fear in me. And sadly today I am afraid to lay hands on anyone. I no longer heal or deliver.
        I know what the word says and the authority I have over them. But once fear creeps in, it changes everything.
        Tbj succeeds you are helpless and need him to heal and deliver.
        I am turning things around but I have to say it’s hard. I have been badly abused by tbj watching him constantly tell me along with the entire church. Condemning me, blaming everything on you somehow, telling you you cant, you wont, you’ll never operate in the spirit, heal, deliver, prophesy, hear from God and you don’t even know how to pray. I started put with a pure and sincere heart watching him to learn how to heal and deliver at a greater level.

      • @ Julianne,

        “Demons are fierce, they steal, kill, destroy.”

        No they are not, they are defeated on Calvary and the Cross.

        And you, being dead in your sins and the uncircumcision of your flesh, hath he quickened together with him, having forgiven you all trespasses; Blotting out the handwriting of ordinances that was against us, which was contrary to us, and took it out of the way, nailing it to his cross; And having spoiled principalities and powers, he made a shew of them openly, triumphing over them in it. Let no man therefore judge you in meat, or in drink, or in respect of an holyday, or of the new moon, or of the sabbath days: Which are a shadow of things to come; but the body is of Christ. Let no man beguile you of your reward in a voluntary humility and worshipping of angels, intruding into those things which he hath not seen, vainly puffed up by his fleshly mind, And not holding the Head, from which all the body by joints and bands having nourishment ministered, and knit together, increaseth with the increase of God. Wherefore if ye be dead with Christ from the rudiments of the world, why, as though living in the world, are ye subject to ordinances, (Touch not; taste not; handle not; Which all are to perish with the using;) after the commandments and doctrines of men? (‭Colossians‬ ‭2‬:‭13-22‬ KJV)

      • Onoesse
        I agree that demons where defeated at the cross but they remained here on the earth, they did not leave with Jesus. they steal kill and destroy.
        However, Jesus gave us the authority over the demons, to cast them out. After he died on the cross He sent the Holy Spirit. He said it was better that He leave because He was sending someone greater than Him, the Holy Spirit. So we now have God living in us and we have His power to heal the sick and cast out demons.
        Luke 10:19 Jesus gave us the authority over the enemy. Evil spirits submit to us. John 14 12 Jesus said we will do greater works than Him because he goes to the Father and the Father is glorified in the Son.

        Jessie, I can give you other scriptures if you like about the authority we have over the demons. But I am confused I don’t really understand where you are coming from. Do you really believe demons cannot hurt us?

      • @ Julianne,

        Demons, evil spirits, lying spirits can only harm you if you open a “door” to access you as I said in the other post. If you do not allow this, (your will and saying no is the key here) demons cannot do you harm.

        Many people blame the Devil for their problems while 75% is their own choices and mistakes they do. Self control, knowledge, wisdom is the key here. Better wait and contemplate than taking rash decisions that have longstanding consequences. Although sometimes you have to take a quick decision otherwise you will fish behind the net and you might miss out on a blessing.

  22. I just have to say I love everyone on this website. I am so thankful to not be alone in my angst and pain over tbj.
    But it looks like this thread is getting out of control with everyone after Jamie about operating in the spirit. I actually see both sides we need to do both. Can anyone really teach how to operate in the spirit, what it means. Jamie herself said she isnt against doctors. There are some things I have read on that I don’t necessarily agree with and it doesn’t bother me. We are all different, we can’t all agree on everything the bible says. None of us can profess to be experts on any one thing in the bible. We all grow, change our perception of things and it’s okay.
    I don’t expect to agree with everyone on everything and choose not to try to convince someone of my views. Jamie is not in anyway sinning with her opinion. It is hers and she is entitled to it. I desire to learn how to operate in the spirit more if I could do it 100% of the time I would. I want nothing more than to be in the spirit with Jesus. Obviously I know how important our mind is.Our minds is what the enemy attacks and it seems that the enemy has a wedge in here attacking people’s minds causing fights. We need to stick together to be one in Christ for a purpose, to expose Satan and his works at scoan.
    The Bible says, I have the mind of Christ.
    I am not conformed by this world but transformed by the renewing of my mind in Christ Jesus. The spiritual battle where Satan tried to get Jesus to sin was an attack on his mind. When Jesus told Peter, get thee behind me Satan, you are a stumbling block to me. You do not have in mind the things of God but of man.
    That how the enemy gets in through our mind. My mistake I let fear in. Which is why I want to operate more in the spirit so that I have in my mind the things of God and not man.

  23. When I shared my story and many gave me Scriptures. I felt that Jesus was ministering to me through you all. I was very familiar with most of them but I wrote them all down and took it as a message from God. The Bible is a gift that just keeps on giving.

  24. I am not in anyway comparing this thread to facebook. I am no longer on Facebook the thing that troubled me so much was watching how so many Christians would fight over doctrine and really most of it was just that personal interpretation on the Scripture. Their are many ways to view a Scrioture. I have changed my views as I grow as a Christian. It is a good thing. One Verse has multiple meanings. God can use it alone and by itself to us or He can use it with the entire Chapter or even as a piece to a puzzle combining it with other verses. For every Verse on how important the mind is their is one on the spirit. Yet all Scripture is valid. It is a lot of fun to read the Word. I am in awe as I read it every day. Each Word is alive to me I can not get enough of it. God is the best writer ever. He can tell a story like no one else. He has something that appeals to all. Love stories, History, war stories, prophecy, science, He is poetic. It is God pouring out his love to us. Yet there are also lessons for us, it is our guide, our source, our love Jesus and the only tangible gift of God, the best gift of all, it is God, it is Jesus and alive and powerful.
    God does not want me to be a theologian. He wants me to “love” to love Him and to love others. That is first and foremost and the most important thing. That is God’s commandment to us. Love God with all your heart and to love your neighbor as yourself.

  25. The only thing I am willing to fight against is evil like Tb Josbua and what he does, how he hurts people.
    I don’t mind fighting to help the weak, the victim, the innocent.


    they have an amazing memory for tiniest details,they catalogue every offences and always ready to show others how much they have been hurt,they never feel sorry or guilt,remorse…they never say sorry.they never forging or forget,they never appreciate,or say thank you for what people have Donne,or are doing to them,they are full of jealous,there are,rude,arrogant,star born,head stone,show off too know at all even they are ignorant,they are full of proud being bad and have no respect for anybody,they do campaign of lies of people name,they always blaming other people for their fail or achievement,they have a strong hatred to other,they can not settle to one place,they move from here to there at any domaine,naturally and spiritually,they always sees fault on people and let everyone to notice it they never sees good things on people,they are so ego,they want people listing to them and be under their shoes,they pick to everybody who try to correct them,they made themselves big,and want attention seek,they always complain

  27. People of God there are bitter and hater people everywhere,in the family,neighbour ,ester et, in THE INTERNET and CHURCHES!!! Be aware of them,they do not care how they can hurt someone,let us ignore them do not pay too must attention to them,some time if wonder if they have not got any job to do just stay on Facebook and spend hours and hours abusing people who does not mind them,they have lose faith and want to make themselves important even they are not!!!!, some are writing for writing because they are the bitters,and haters,God have mercy on you,you in the bible Jesus heal a blind man for 40 years,but the bitters Pharisees questioned the man,do you know Jesus is a Beelzebub a demon,and the Power he did heal you is from the hell,but the man answer them: even he got a power from hell,the only things I know I was blind and this man Jesus heal me I can see,power from the devil or not I do not care what I care I have been blind for 40 years you did not heal me,but the man you labelling and hate heal me,so haters tbjoshua can be devil we Christians saw Christ on him manifesting the work of God,Christ did not came to everybody,your behaves showed you where you gonna end up( hell or heaven) show your values and class in internet.

    • @ Aimee,

      “we Christians saw Christ on him”

      And how is Christ supposed to look like according to you on a TB Joshua ? All what I got out of him is zap, zap, zap, zap, zap, zap, zap, zap, water, water, water, water, more water, wristband, more wristband, more new water, more stories, more sermons signed by TB Joshua and I am looking and checking and trying and praying and fasting and keep trying, looking, testing, trying, going through the zapping process. Then after many years onwards, nothing, nothing, nothing, and everybody else is so to speak healed and have breakthroughs and testimonies and strange things happen to them. Then you go through it again and again and again and again and again and forever again, then you ask questions and no answer, then start to get irritable, then the ignoring process begins, avoiding you, lying to you, finding excuses, blame you for no faith, keep going.

      Why don’t they tell to an imbecile but not me keeping me at bay, lying and deceiving and being selfish, evil, in the end nasty and extreme. Then you tell me Emmanuel is in Lagos. God with us. Well sorry did not see Him, did not meet Him either, while doing everything in my ability to find Him at all costs and by all means, but no healing, except zap zap zap zap zap zap, shake, shake, jump, jump, roll, roll, roll, fall, zap again.

      What fool do you think I am ? Do you really think I am an idiot ! A dumbass ? I don’t need your lies, nor your fake sympathy, nor your dumb stories you cough out every church meeting if it means nothing to me when you keep inculcating me with the same stories week in week out. Go lie to your neighbours, your family, your friends, your mates, but you leave me out of your serial lies ! DO YOU HEAR ME ! Scam somebody else, I am not interested.

    • @ Just Wonder,

      They don’t believe us that we prove it time after time. They only believe a lying editing propheliar what he said about TB Joshua.

      Then they hire journalists and bring them to church and fill all the websites with what TB Joshua says to cover up his former lies and prophelies and make him look good. Then put a ton of videos on YouTube with fake deliverances of left hand man of Satan who claims they live in hell. And the whole of Africa refuses to read the bible that it can be known that Satan does NOT live in hell, but he is roaming fro and thru the earth realm and the spiritual real where he sends his fallen angels with him towards angels, humans and other places. And so works in the sons of disobedience and is the author of lies and deception and anti Christ power. There is not one place in the Bible that Satan lives in hell. Secondly, which hell are they talking about ? The grave, Tartarus, Sheol, Gehenna, Abyss and does he live with Apollyon ? Only people who live by experiences believe this, but theologians prove that Satan does NOT live in Hell. But whatever !

      • The Devil’s Address Revealed.

        Scriptural references describing the abode of Satan are indeed few but adequate to reveal the truth. Turning to Job 1:7 and again to Job 2:2, we find Satan coming to appear before God, and the LORD asks Satan a very pointed question, “Where have you come from?”. Satan’s answer in both instances is, “From going to and fro in the earth, and from walking up and down in it.” Peter makes a similar statement in I Peter 5:8, where he admonishes:

        “Be sober, be vigilant; because your adversary the devil, as a roaring lion, walketh about, seeking whom he may devour”.

        Only those who go by experiences and silly “signs and wonders” believe that Satan lives in hell. Aimee you keep the propheliar up with your support ok. I dropped him. Case closed !



      • @ What ?,

        People need shepherds from any church, not those type that are in it for themselves to carve out a name for themselves in the stars. Passing through crowd in your church is not shepherding.

      • @Jesse
        At least people don’t need shepherds from false prophet . Why is it that Jeremiah is not thanking God for saving his life from a false prophet ?
        But rather he is unhappy that most of Scoan branches have been closed now , so does Jesse feel the same?

        To me ,Jeremiah seems to believe otherwise from what most of you think here that TB Joshua is a false prophet ,if not I don’t understand why he would not rejoice for God to flee his people in the hands of a false prophet.

      • @ What ?,

        One can rather come to that it is sad, that the foundation was not built on The Foundation of Jesus Christ the Corner Stone but on self promotion, deception and wrong application. Otherwise they would have withstood the storm which they did not. But of course you blame the detractors, the agents of Satan and the Devil for it I suppose.

      • @Jesse
        I blame? where did you see me blaming the detractors, the agents of Satan and the Devil here? I don’t even know what you are talking about.

      • From the book of Nineveh

        The Lord is a jealous and avenging God; the Lord takes vengeance and is filled with wrath.
        From You Nineveh, has one that come forth who plots evil against the Lord and devises wicked plans.
        I am against you, declares the Lord Almighty. The voices of your messengers will no longer be heard.
        Woe to the city of blood, full of lies, full of plunder, never without victims!
        I am against you, declares the Lord Almighty. I will lift your skirts over your face. I will show the nations your nakedness and the kingdoms your shame. I will pelt you with filth, I will treat you with contempt and make you a spectacle.

        Their are consequences for sin. So many Christians believe you can sin and you will be forgiven and it will be forgotten but Jesus when he healed one person said to stop sinning or something worse will happen.
        Jesus allowed Judas to sin for a while but he was doomed for destruction. We have to continue to pray for Justice and for God to remove Tb Joshua.
        Last Sunday tbj was encouraging the church to pray for him. His voice sounded odd in the beginning. And I sensed some fear when he was saying God provided a sacrifice for Abraham. I believe he is implying Jesus was his sacrifice for all of his sins the scoan.

      • Check out the video below of tbj service this past Sunday.
        He says that he knows all hearts. If you are a man of God and you receive a call that you have been waiting for you will abandon this church. If you see his expression and listen to his tone you will see how upset tbj is when he says it. This is at 49:30
        He then says, if you are here today its because you you don’t have an important issue to attend to. (Meaning a pastor who becomes busy won’t be able to attend his service)
        I believe tbj hold pastors back in the spirit realm. He actually one day warned the church when he was prophesying and the crowd was getting a little loud, anxiously wanting him to come to them. He got mad and threatened them “I can hold you back!”
        So we can see their three issues tbj has with other prophets.
        1. He is jealous. As he has frequently displayed his hatred for pastors. Constantly putting them down they are not genuine pastors because they do not prophesy like he does. Which he says with anger.
        2. He wants everyone to need him and want him, bow down to him.
        3. He is worried he will lose them to their profession as a pastor.

        He has some serious psychological issues. And one reason I believe he is so angry is that he is hurting and wants love.

        At 54:54 you will see the “claws”. He uses this often during mass deliverance. In his demonstration he is saying “Satan will have access to your possessions.” So this same hand sign is what he uses during mass deliverance where Jamie has testified she has felt demons attacking her Several times and tbj actually confirmed. He calls them flock of little demons. It is the time I am most afraid to watch him and now Jamie confirms my suspicions. If you watch the video link underneath about body language at 2:45 the instructor says of all the hand signals this is the worst. The person is saying they will try to lie to us. And warns everyone how dangerous this person is.
        I had a dream a few nights ago where God showed me tbj speaking and then I saw in the spirit realm what looked like massive groups of demons being activated. He uses demons as he has said, to fight for him. Sort of like angels who fight to protect us but instead he is using demons to hurt people who are pastors, people he doesn’t like, and those who recognize his sins. As many have testified of going against him and people going mad, getting sick and even dying.

    • @ Jeremiah
      Jesus instructions when he came back was take care of my sheep, my children, God’s people.
      Yet most pastors abuse the church, yelling, manipulating for money and other things. The Pastors look at the church and they see money. It’s really awful.
      I pray that the God will have the mercy and compassion for Tb Joshua, the way he had for the Athens branch. We all know he is guilty of so much more. I pray for Justice for all God’s people who are hurting because of these Pastors who abused, used and violated them.

      • @Julianne,
        Of course, Jesus appointed “shepherds”. It was the first assignment he gave to Peter before His ascendency. And throughout the Bible, God expresses His Holy Wrath for those unrepented shepherds who have deceived and led His people astray. The word “ποιμένας” in greek pronounced “pimenas” is exactly that, a shepherd, one who attends to, nurtures and pays any price to bestow care on the flock. In that book of John 21:15-17. “When they had finished eating, Jesus said to Simon Peter, “Simon, son of Jonah, do you truly love me more than these?” “Yes, Lord” he said, “you know that I love you” Jesus said “Feed my lambs.” Again Jesus said “Simon, son of Jonah, do you truly love me?” He answered, “Yes, Lord, you know that I love you.” Jesus said, “Take care of my sheep.” The third time he said to him, “Simon, son of Jonah, do you love me?” Peter was hurt because Jesus asked him the third time, “Do you love me?” He said “Lord, you know all things; you know that I love you.” Jesus said, “Pimane( the Greek verb for shepherd-pimenas ) my sheep.” This is the meaning of “pastor”, in Greek “pimenas”. It is NOT just another religious title. It is the ultimate calling to christian leaders of all time. Of course, Jesus Christ is the Good Shepherd, and the first thing He does before ascending to His Heavenly Father is to appoint a shepherd. There is a small book titled “A shepherd looks at Psalm 23″ by Phillip Keller that offers good insight on the identity and prospective of a shepherd. Jeremiah 23:1,2″Woe to the shepherds who are destroying and scattering the sheep of my pasture!” declares The Lord. Therefore this is what The Lord, the God of Israel, says to the shepherds who tend my people: “Because you have scattered my flock and driven them away and have not bestowed care on them, I will bestow punishment on you for the evil you have done,” declares The Lord.”
        Throwing around “names” is not going to help you much. Getting educated on God’s Word, will.
        And @Julianne, “There is no fear in love. But perfect love drives out fear, because fear has to do with punishment. The one who fears is not made perfect in love. We love because He first loved us.” 1st John 4:18,19. In Christ, you need not to fear anybody or anything….don’t let the devil tell you otherwise. In Christ, greater is the One who is within you, than the one in the world. It is our fear that invites satan’s devices into our lives, without it he is powerless. In Christ you have been fully equipped to deal with whatever he manufactures against you.(Ephesians 6:10-18). Believe it, claim it and be clothed with it and that’s all.

      • Jeremiah
        Thanks for the verses. I especially love “God is love, there is no fear in love, but perfect love (Jesus) drives out fear, because fear has punishment.

        Yes tbj wants to punish us with fear but Jesus say no I drive it out, rest in me. You don’t have to be afraid of Satan, demons, Tb Joshua.

      • @Jeremiah
        Which name are you talking about ? If you can tell me in what to throw FOOLISH has helped you here ,then ask me the same ,ok?
        You know what it is hard to understand about you ,this site clearly paint TB Joshua as a false prophet ,so how would you seek to be fed by a shepherd from a false prophet ? If I were you ,I would rather thank God for scattering almost all Scoan branches to free his sheep ,is it not?

        Were are you standing now? Punishment is one thing ,any one who does wrong or evil will be punished by God ,there is nothing new to know about it . What is important here,is to know the real truth if TB Joshua is a false prophet or not to you as a person who was involved with Scoan branches ,that is what matters to the people who read your posts. Otherwise you are not helping anything to the people who still believe him as a true prophet.
        Be true to yourself and tell what people needs to know not what people knows ready.

  29. @Jesse
    You mentioned before that tbj and the Wisemen were astral projecting and interacting with familiar spirits.

    I believe that they are astral projecting. Can you please tell me how you know this.

    What do you an by interacting with familiar spirits?

    • One time I heard tbj say, “I have eyes all around me”
      He said it in a very threatening way, warning people. Yet the people all clapped in their ignorance

    • @ Julianne,

      Because I see them literally do this with people. Sometimes it is slain in the spirit, sometimes they might come out of their bodies and hover around in the church and interact in the spiritual world and with the demonic entities and enter into people which they first “punch” upon (head, chest, tailbone) to find an entrance in somebody or suitable vessel to possess. When he was doing this to me I felt a person entering in me, violently and taking over my vocal chords and let me jump up and down which caused pains in my legs which have never disappeared since then and other sort of things.

      • Jesse
        Thanks for the examples. I think so many of us would be interested in hearing more spiritual experiences you have felt and witnessed their at scoan. Please share some more stories.

      • Jesse
        tbj always pauses when he does mass deliverances, or even while speaking. He pauses a long time and I see him busy looking around. He doesn’t just stay still. I can see he is very busy in his silence.

  30. This is Africa for you.

    17 Ebola Patients Run From Clinic Raided By Looters Stealing Bloody Sheets – Liberia Africa

  31. @ All,

    Just on Sunday on 31st of August 2014 TB Joshua has released new prophecies.

    Search with Google, because many journalists are involved. Especially African.

  32. At 104 min
    He says using a man as a demonstration once he receives his possessions what will happen. “You had 5 hrs when asking for this now you received this now you only have 2 hrs for “me” you are in a hurry. ”

    He should be saying “Jesus” and not “me/tbj”
    the truth always slips out of his mouth. Nearly every week I catch his slips up where he reveals what he does and really thinks. It usually happens when he gets angry.
    At 109 min
    He has the church repeat “I am wrong oh Lord, help me. ”
    His message is never encouraging, uplifting. In this message he tries to make possessions a sin. He should have at least a balance. Their are so many verses about God blessing us. Some people are in real need of a car, home, even suits and things. He mimics Satan with the claw taking your possessions, and makes the church confess they are wrong. Their was a few other things as well. He is the world’s worst pastor.
    He also seems to hold back all of his students their in some cases 10 yrs. Yet many are so gifted he should be sending them out in the world but he is a control freak and as we see he is afraid they won’t have time for him.
    So they live their as adults with no homes of their owns, no privacy sharing bedrooms with so many people. No families, isolated from the world. It seems like such a depressing atmosphere. I believe many are afraid to leave. Afraid of tbj and what he will do to them.

  33. It is 7:39 pm east coast in America and the sunset is just so beautiful. I feel like God is showering us with his love. The sky is completely filled with beautiful red streaks, pinkish clouds. It is a masterpiece. A work of art that only our God is capable of.

    Please look at your Window if you can. You will be blessed.

  34. julianne says:
    September 3, 2014 at 11:15 pm
    I agree fully with this your post. Let us keep on praying for family and friends living in that atmosphere and under that cult leaders control. Some are there 14 years already.
    Tbj ‘delivered’ his disciples, because some of their lifes has apparently been destroyed by satan, but they are going nowhere in scoan as well. He destroyed there whole life by keeping them there through a spirit of fear and false loyalty to him and not to Jesus and separated them from us.
    Help us pray for those deceived disciples for healing, deliverance and salvation out of that Babylonian cult called scoan and cult leader TB Joshua!
    He has them all worshipping him and he walks around like a fat cat who drank cream! If you look at his disciples, they all look used and abused and tired to death, but he looks like a rested out fat cat in a shiny nigerian suit! He makes me sick to my stomach.
    Then he preaches a lot of crap as well. Not even to mention all his false prophecies or is it divination?
    Help us pray for his deceived disciples.

  35. And Jeremiah says:
    September 2, 2014 at 8:50 pm
    And yes, Jeremiah. I have compation for the destruction of the Greece Branch and everyone involved. We went through the same pains and disillusions here. The pain of finding out the truth is unbearable. To find out that tbj and his ministry is a scam and that he is a Pharisee is indescribable. Your pastor at least tried to get delivered there. The Bible says; “Confess your sins one to another that you may be healed”, which he did, but tbj keeps on and on and on with his rubbish. I feel your pain, but take heart you will be healed in the end. There is life after scoan. It will just take time. We are praying for you and the others. You see how a destructive force tbj is!!!!! He has left a trail of broken people and branches behind and feels nothing!

  36. All TB Joshua does is cry for forgiveness. Forgive, forgive, forgive is his message. So we must forgive him???? Sorry, not even Jesus will forgive you without you saying you are sorry to him. You need to repent and turn from your wicked ways, before God will forgive you. The Bible also says; ” “Therefore if you are presenting your offering at the altar and there remember that your brother has something against you, leave your offering there before the altar and go; first be reconciled to your brother, and then come and present your offering”.…Math 5:23
    This is also valid for TB Joshua. He is not above the Bible! He knows that all the people whose lives and family lives he has destroyed have something against him, but he is to high and mighty to submit to the Word of God and he keeps on with his crap. He only cries out – forgiveness without repentance…….. He is twisting the Word of God to suit himself. He makes me sick.

  37. @just wonder,
    EXACTLY. There is no such thing as forgiveness without repentance. Just preaching forgiveness is the easy way out, whereas repentance-and especially in such cases where religious and sexual abuse have been practised- involves outright exposure, public confession-and not selective- ready to bear the legal and social consequences of such practices. And please….to set the records straight…the Greek pastor never asked for deliverance, he was “forced” to do so, and as such was the outcome.(He continued sinning right after his so called deliverance). So much for that. Repentance bears fruit, and so far quite the opposite is the case. Nevertheless, in response to some on this site, the Greek pastor is NOT my issue here. When I first met him, he was NOT what he became, but had a passionate heart for God, and God used him and his wife in the lives of many, genuinely. I know now, that he is probably the most deceived and manipulated of us all. As I know that God is in control. I will not make direct accusations however, against anyone If I don’t have solid proof, first hand, but I will stand for the Truth and point out the distortion of it going on in SCOAN. Because that is the beginning of it all:HERESY. Whether for selfish, perverted reasons or not, whether for acquiring riches and fame or not. And heresy has to do with teachings, of course those who preach it,will practice accordingly. I have stated in previous posts my views on Holy Spirit and anointing items issues, always examining and basing on scripture. As far as being Joyous to have been “eyes opened”, well of course I am, and personally I have moved on in my spiritual life with His Mercy, by His Grace. However, confronting on a regular basis those whose case is not as simple as mine, who have wounds to show, and have lost faith not in man, -that wouldn’t be an issue- but in the Word itself doubting even God Himself, is not something to take lightly. It is easy to say “oh well, guess they never were Christians”, let’s move on. That’s NOT the heart of God. Jesus speaks of that one lost sheep he seeks fervently, leaving behind the 99 which are safe. Moreover, Jesus speaks of the scandals to come and His words are but a sword to those who instigate them. Me writing on this site, is not my way of dealing with those in need of course, this I do on a one on one basis, when required, but it is a small “brick” in what I consider will eventually tear down yet another satanic stronghold. For those offended and angry, SORRY BUT I WILL CONTINUE. 🙂

    • @Jeremiah I could tell from the Greek pastor’s video that he didn’t want to be there, it was the most lacklustre performance I’ve ever seen on EmTV. I also know exactly what you mean about good people being caught up in the SCOAN machine. All the people I know were passionate, sold out, committed Christians. Whatever they became through SCOAN is a reflection on SCOAN not on the person they were (that’s not to exempt them from responsibilities for their sins mind).

    • No one is offended Jeremiah ,but you seemed to. You want to address others but you seemed offended to be addressed as well .You are free to talk so are we. Have a good day brother.

  38. Oh and you edisco, are working, I suppose?!?! What are you doing here. Go back to your job, you great person. You have time to read on this blog. Sjoe, go to work.

  39. Thank you Jeremiah for clearing up what happened to the pastor. That makes tbj even more rotten than he already is. Typically him. If you think he has sunk the lowest, he surprises you by sinking even lower.

  40. Now – to TB Joshua (the big coward),
    Since you are such a high and mighty coward, hiding behind your un anointed disciples and army with AK 47 guns, hiding away in your cult, we will write to you again and again on this blog. You have been given time to repent and send those disciples home and stop you divinations etc. But NO you are keeping them there with your sick tricks and keep on with you divinations. Now if you do not restore your disciples’ relationships with their families as well as their relationship to Jesus Christ very soon, you will face the cosequences.
    Just drop them, like a’ used up pen’, as you said and drop them in the middle of their lives, without anything and you will face the consequences. So if you do not release them now, you will and are going to look after them until their dying day. We are waiting and watching you. We are not the same down and out people like you knew. You have lost your hold on us. We are financially, spiritually and emotionally strong and are waiting for you. Just try you astral projection once more as well. We will not let the things you have done, be forgotten in the sea of forgetfulness. You will NOT take the easy way out, by crying for forgiveness without repenting and restoring what you have destroyed.

    • I consider Tb Joshua’s sins to be unforgiveable because he isnt just sinning as a regular man. He is working with demons, sending them out to hurt others. This makes him like a demon or lucipher to be more accurate. Lucipher has his agents, demons working for him like tbj. And tbj competes with Jesus in all he does. He wants to be Jesus. Wants all to worship him, need him. He even has his own sayings that he uses to replace Scriptures. That his disciples memorize and quote and that we are inundated with on Emanuel tv repeatedly . Sort of like a jingle so we don’t forget them. I’ll never forget the day when I looked one up in the bible and to my shock it wasn’t a verse.

      I will try me best to find the video where he boastfully and happily confesses if you go after him demons will fight you.

      I am not going to debate whether a sin is forgiveable or not. Please don’t reply with the Scriptures about forgiving sin. I am aware of them. It is just my personal opinion, which is subject to change in time.

      All demons are subject to hell. Tbj is working with demons to hurt people. It seems unforgiveable. Jesus knew Judah would later regret betraying him. Yet Jesus never had no mercy on him unlike he did with Peter. In fact, he said he was doomed for destruction and it is better for him to not have been born. Judas operated in the mighty powers of Jesus alongside Him.

      Jesus told his disciples those who sins you forgive are forgiven those whose sins you don’t forgive won’t be forgiven.
      Something Christians never discuss as it is quite difficult to understand.

      Before I get dozens of emails of misinterpretation. Forgiving I believe is a gift I have. I easily forgive others time and time again.

      • Take note – No commercial flight should pass over Russia and the Ukraine and/or naboring countries. Half the world’s population must avoid the flight????????? It can happen any time. He rambles on and on and on. These stupid predictions will not save anyone from hell fires. It means NOTHING in the light of etenity.

  41. I have seen and felt demons coming to me from Tb Joshua as has Jamie.

    A lot of people gave Jamie such a hard time for being more spiritual. Yet she is capable to see in the spirit realm which is not an easy thing. I too see and feel in the spirit and I desire to operate more from my spirit. It is the spirit that does the healing and deliverance and sees in the spirit realm. While yes, we must also use our mind to operate in the spirit. We even need the natural self to operate in the spirit in order to see, hear and feel. They all work together. I naturally use my mind, it is not a difficult thing to do what I want to learn more is how to operate in the spirit.
    Jesus operated more in the spirit realm.

    • Isn’t it telling how tbj won’t allow for his disciples when administering the anointing water to be seen or heard. They have no mic and it is difficult to hear them. The mic is only for the demons. And the cameraman purposely avoids having the disciple on tv. You mainly see and hear the person/demon being delivered. I am unable to watch it.
      This just is added proof tbj is holding them back. He won’t allow them on TV even though they are actually doing the deliverance. Tbj finds ways to keep them hidden.

  42. God gave me the gifts and anoiting to see in Spirit> I see past , presence, future, and I receive messages from the Holy Spirit. I gues every christian has this gifts, but not activated. Please, do forgive,Profhet tbJoshua, where possible, to not harm your-self with paining wounds. He is a great challenge to our likeness in Christ. He is a confused man., he is a warned man., let no-one admire his position. He is in row waters. God is aware.

    • @Jamie
      I am just being honest here. It seems impossible to forgive someone who is still sinning. For example the case of Ariel Castro who I saw a similarity in ways to tbj. He kidnapped 3 women for 11 yrs, kept them in chains, repeatedly raped and beat them. So much that one lady needed reconstructive surgery. He punched one in the stomach until she miscarried.
      How could anyone expect these women to forgive while they were still living there while under the abuse? I think tbj is so barbaric just like this man. Yet the neighbors never knew a thing. He fooled them all. In Court he told the judge that he was not a monster and the girls all knew they lived in harmony in the house. Sounds like tbj. As awful as physical abuse is I believe truly, emotional abuse is so much more painful. Tbj has everyone in chains in scoan, he holds them back abuses them badly. They all looked terrified of him whenever he yells at them. He sends demons to people who do physically hurt people, cause illnesses and things. Even Jesse said he has a pain is his knee today from his so called deliverance.
      Even if the man is not so abusive and extreme like tbj and Castro and just beats his wife. That in itself is so horrific how can one possibly forgive while it is going on?
      Everyone on here is so angry at tbj. In my opinion it is not likely someone has forgiven if they are angry.
      If tbj was to personally ask for forgiveness I would not even believe him. As he always lies and is such a good deceiver. He lies every Sunday at the pulpit. I would never trust him again. I am so hurt in so much pain that I can not find it in my heart to forgive him. The ones posting on this site are disciples and passionate for Jesus. We want to warn, wake up and free nit just the disciples their but all the people watching him. Who are all sinning by bowing down to man. If nothing else.
      The people living their like the disciples who ignore the abuse, and even lie for him. With testimonies, distorting footage etc or a case like Harry who was sent to Athens by tbj to close the branch. Lying to them it that it was never a branch yet he knew it was. He lied, cut them off and shut them out. Harry here is not just an accomplice but held to a higher level of accountability by Jesus our Judge. In a court of law an accomplice is also guilty as with Jesus.
      I no longer respect or even like the wise men. I find it so disturbing how they constantly praise tbj, how they ignore the abuses and even themselves are now abusive. You can see how barbaric they have become when they would go through the church literally punching people over, pulling women up by their hair, also yelling at workers for not holding mic correctly. Yet watching on TV I could hear clearly and it doesn’t look like they were holding it wrong. It seems abusive and unreasonable. Even their sermons are so hostile. They all scream their messages, their mannerisms show how they think they are above others. They angrily yell their message and point fingers and accuse the church during the message.
      I do not have the heart to see someone terrified. I would have to fight for the person.
      I look at the bible and their is one person who comes to mind. The apostle Paul who savagely persecuted the Christians. Jesus had to visit him in person and even made him blind for a few days. He then believed and was a changed man. Jesus was able to use his strength and determination that he used to fight brutally against Christians to now fight for Jesus and ended up using Paul to write much of the new testament. He wrote more books of the bible than the disciples that walked with Jesus. But I have to say with Paul he was confused he did not believe Jesus was God. He was still fighting for our Father God.
      With tbj you can not say he doesn’t know Jesus or that he is confused. He operates in the power of Jesus. He heals, delivers and prophesies. On the pulpit he preaches against what he does. Sinning. Submitting to Jesus. Letting Jesus have the right of way.

  43. In Spirit tbJoshua is questionable, and his person can in no way be trusted. There is no proove that all people become healed, nor that the deliverances are nessecary or just directed, and his profhesies are mostly doom and error, . Yes ofcaurse he is confused when he speaks against himself., he is confused about how the Gospel of Christ should be revealed and teached and preached., he is a liar, a fantast and a deceiver. Forgiveness is for the own well-being, it does not frees the prepator. If forgiveness is difficult, you can ask Jezus to do it for you. Just because the treatments of TB Joshua are horror, just un-humanly horror, thats why you have to protect your soul and ask Jezus to help you with healing. Open wounds attract demons. Forgiveness helps you, to not want to kill such a man, or to curse him, and creating more error for your-self. He is a sick man,. He is the only one who does not knows it.

  44. TB Joshua,s horror, is created by the way he mis-uses the Word, against people, against our free will,, he distracts, he mis-uses the Word as a sword to hurt the soul. He divides, he mis-leads, he twists, he knows he power of death and life of the tonque. He has skripts, mind-sets, to breack or build a person. He can bind you, tie you down, chain you, isolate you, and last but not least; kill you. He has profhetic powers. For the good and the bad. Thats why our learning-school is, to find the right way to be protected in Christ, and to use the Word as a shield. Confess unto freedom, . I gues people who live by Truth, are Always perplexed when a preacher just utters rubbisch, it scares, but the Truth will set you free. TB joshua-truth is error, in spite of his powers.

  45. I watched part 2 of last Sundays service and it was just as bad as the first part but in a different way. You can clearly see his hatred for the church, Gods people and his desire to hurt them. He is also caught lying.

    At 42 min, Tb Joshua says Nigeria is peaceful, he says this 5xs. The 5th time he is caught lying by his body language, a simple and we’ll known body signal that let’s you know the person is lying. Touching your left side of your face as you say the lie. The mouth can lie but the body can not. So Tb Joshua says, “yes, Nigeria is peaceful.” It is so odd how many times he repeats it and he uncomfortably touches his left side of his nose. He also suspiciously shifts his eyes quickly to the left and then sticks his tongue out as if his mouth is rejecting the lie. It is a very awkward moment. He also is proven to lie by starting out the service saying Boko Haram is Nigerias problem not ebola. So how can it be peaceful with Boko Haram being a problem?
    We all know he lies, but it’s fascinating to see the body language aligned with it.

    Within the next minute is when he shows how much he hates and wants to hurt people. It shows his true heart. I believe he is speaking of Boko Haram or the political party of Nigeria. It’s quiet hard for me to understand him at times.
    I will quote Tb Joshua, “the people putting this country to problem. They will enter problem too.” (Says it with passion and anger and confidence, typical threat from Tb Joshua. People clap and say “amen” but then he tells the church it is them in a very disturbing way that only he is capable of) ” just unfortunate, you are saying amen. Your blood is among them. Yes it’s unfortunate, you are saying amen but your blood is among them. Listen to me, you say Amen, I’m happy, but I want to remind you your own blood is among them. (He then rapidly taps his body for emphasis to show them their blood) ” the people that are standing here. You own blood is among the people who put Nigeria in this problem.”
    He says the church’s blood 4xs and one time demonstrates it. Just to make sure the church absolutely gets how the blood is so guilty of the sin of the people destroying Nigeria. How are all the people in the church guilty?
    But wait, didn’t he just say 2 minutes ago Nigeria was peaceful?

    • I feel for the church as they just clapped and rejoiced even saying amen over what tbjoshua just said these evil people will have problems too. I can only imagine their shock, confusion and disturbance when TN Joshua then said it was them, their blood.
      To Joshua is so cruel, filled with hatred. He wants to hurt the church. No love.

  46. Tbjoshuawatch, if you want to post the video with a full article I think it would really bring a lot of attention and expose how he feels about his church, God’s people.

  47. How could Tb Joshua be angrier at the church than the people who are actually doing the destroying? I’ll never understand his evil heart and mind.

  48. This is the video of last Sundays healing line. At 10:10 min, you will see classic brutal Tb Joshua at work. He is hitting, punching the people down the line as he is healing. At times he savagely rips people’s signs from them. Love is not there, just a man who is taking out his aggression and hate on the people. Can anyone imagine Jesus healing in this way?
    I have healed people probably a few dozen and I gently place a hand on their shoulder or arm. I never would imagine hitting them. There is no need for that.

    I saw a video of the wisemen from the early days and they all seemed so kind and gentle while healing. If you look at the last few years they have become barbaric also. They are the fruit of Tb Joshua. In time you will become alike. That’s why God warns in his Word to be careful about your company. Sinners. Not evenly yoked. It is to protect yourself.

    I noticed that tbj these last 2yrs has been making an effort to change. He never worked the healing line and has recently started too. He also never went into the church to prophesy. Instead he would just call out a few people to the front. But the tragic thing is the more contact he has with people the worse he looks. His heart will always come out.

    Tb Joshua needs to step down because as long as he is on the pulpit he will sin.
    God holds pastors to a much higher standard than the church.
    Luke 12:42
    The Lord answered, “who then is the faithful and wise manager, whom the master put in charge of His servants

    Vs 45 but suppose the servant says to himself, my master is taking a long time coming, and then he begins to beat his servants.
    That Master of that servant will come on a day when he does not expect him and at an hour he is not aware of. He will cut him to pieces and assign him a place with the unbelievers. (That means Christian pastors will go to hell.)
    Like the verse, but I prophesied, healed, and delivered in your name. And Jesus will say depart from me I never knew you.
    This barbaric healing, teaching is not Jesus.
    Vs 47
    The servant who knows his masters will and does not get ready or does not do what the master wants will be beaten with many blows.
    From everyone who has been given much, much will be demanded; and from the one who has been entrusted with much, much more will be asked.

  49. Here is part 3 of last Sundays message.
    700 min. He says “I’m talking to you and I’m busy talking to God. That is private now. I’m talking to you and at the same time I’m busy talking to God.

    Tb Joshua says this several times boastfuly. As always in classic tbj style, makes being a Christian sound so hard. I like to also talk to God with out speaking with my heart and other times my thoughts. If I was at the pulpit I would never boast about it like he does. Instead I would teach others how. Instead he boasts and makes it sound so difficult.

    11:09 min he says, “the only means of peace is to know God’s opinion about yourself and others. Without this you are living in darkness, you are without direction, without peace.”

    What he is saying is you need someone to prophesy over you in order to have peace, direction and to live in the light.

    This is why it is impossible to finish watching a service as a follower and to have joy, peace, to be encourages. His entire message all day is gloom and doom. You need tbj for it all.

    Please note that he mentioned he wants to have a forum for people who have visions or prophesy to share. The total opposite of the tbj we all know, who hates all pastors and claims he is the only true prophet. So again he is making an effort but unfortunately his heart is still the same.
    Why doesn’t he teach how to prophesy, how to heal and how to deliver? It is the only reason why I started watching him. He has never taught the slightest thing about it.
    If he really cared about people he should start sending out all those disciples their at scoan who have been held back as much as 14yrs. At the very least they can heal, deliver outside the church to all the people who can not get in. While are not operating in the same power at least they will still deliver, heal and prophesy.
    The people desperate outside will be grateful and many would be delivered and healed.

  50. Don be intimidated or impressed by TB Joshuas style, just see it through. He indeed does not teaches much of value, except the ‘me-Holy-you sinner”-style. He is not near to God at all. He has some theories and efforts about it. Dont be mis-leaded. The Spirit-filled-journey starts from the heart, so meditate on the heart. The Kingdom is in us, in the heart. You have to search for it and find it.. By meditation. You can ask God for all the wisdom you need. And for all the gifts you want. Keep HIs Word in your heart, by repeated proclamation it IN the heart,and meditate on His Name. Just meditate, or pray, on the Name of Jezus, in devotion, and The Spirit will start to awaken and quickened on it. In short time, or immidiatly you will start to profhesy, to see things in the Spirit ,having a word of knowledge, and hearing directions from the Holy Spirit. Do everything by absolute Faith in Jezus. If you quote; “i can do all things through Christ who strenghtens me”, in the heart, then this proclamation becomes spiritual reality. Apply the Word, from the heart, not the mind, and The Word become alife. The heart will be cleansed from all pain, negativity and error, when you call on the Name Jezus in your heart. You kindle the fire and divine love of Jezus in your own heart.

  51. Unknown witchcraft is commonly practiced in the Christian world by laymen and leaders. This is called charismatic witchcraft. A pastor or leader who tries to control his flock or group is practicing witchcraft. He or she may feel that they know what is best for their people and they try to force it to happen. They may or may not know what is best for others but they have no right to force their will on others. The best example is God, He will not force His Will on us.

    We have worked with people who have been controlled by a dictatorial pastor. The pastor has formed soul ties with those who have yielded to his control rather than the direction of God in their lives. It is necessary to forgive the pastor, break soul ties and cast out demons.

    If you have left a church that truly does not follow Jesus Christ, then you need to renounce that church or organization, forgive them, break soul ties, and cast out demons. The Catholic Church is a good example of an organization that tries to control their people completely. Many charismatic leaders fall into this trap of trying to control people and their money in order to build their kingdoms whether small or large.

    We went to a church where the pastor seemed to let the Holy Spirit have His way in the services. There was a tremendous freedom there and you could hardly wait to get to church to see what God was going to do. Then the pastor decided that it was his church and would be run the way he wanted it to be run for his selfish reasons. After that, the freedom left and it was like any other charismatic church.


    Another aspect of Ahab and Jezebel is Charismatic Witchcraft. Witchcraft is the practice of trying to control others for personal gain. Charismatic witchcraft is exercising control over other Christians by leaders or by anyone within the congregation. A lot can be written about this subject. There are many demons associated with control of others. This practice is basically mind control.

    Soul ties are formed with those to whom we submit our wills. Soul ties can be formed with leaders of the church as well as with anyone in the occult that we go to for help. A dictatorial pastor will form soul ties with his congregation.

    The church leaders are cursed by trying to take the place of God in our lives. The congregation is cursed for following man rather than God.

    We have no right to control others! God gave us a free will and even He will not try to control us! Therefore, we enter into agreement with Satan and his demons when we attempt to control others, and we are practicing witchcraft!


    Witchcraft is the practice of trying to control others for personal gain. Charismatic witchcraft is exercising control over other Christians by leaders or anyone within the church. Charismatic witches use personal prophecy to control others.

    Soul ties are formed with those to whom we submit our wills. Soul ties can be formed with leaders of the church as well as with anyone in the occult that we go to for help. A dictatorial pastor will form soul ties with his congregation.

    The church leaders are cursed by trying to take the place of God in our lives. The congregation is cursed for following man rather than God.

    Queen Jezebel was a prime example of controlling others. A Jezebelic woman is actually practicing witchcraft as she tries to control her family. Charismatic witches are Jezebels.

    A lot can be written about this subject. There are many demons associated with control of others. This practice is basically mind control.


    There are those who can’t make clear judgements on issues and misuse the verse to judge not. Many do not realize they are to judge every prophecy, the fruit in our lives and in the lives of others, and on and on. You need to judge everything you see, hear or read. If not, you will be submitted to every wind of evil doctrine and fall into many hurtful traps. I once heard a pastor tell his people they should not criticize him even when he is wrong, neither should they talk about him. I have seen strange things in that church: an unusually large number of divorces, illegitimate children, crimes of theft and forced entry, idolatry, etc. People should be taught to properly make scriptural judgement.


    Witchcraft is defined as the power or practices of witches; sorcery; black magic; enchantment; irresistible influence; fascination; bewitching attraction or charm. Enchantment is defined as the act of casting a spell over; the use of magic to charm; the state of being under the influence of a magic spell or charm; a magic spell or charm; something that charms or delights greatly; great delight or pleasure. Also consider the words fascination, charm, captivation, allurement. Witchcraft is simply trying to control others for your own benefit no matter how worthy the cause may be.

    God anoints and provides for his ministers to do his work here on earth. The people look to the ministers to help them live according to the Bible. This gives them a power over the people that can be used for good or evil. Silly women look up to the pastors as someone on a pedestal and frequently end up having sex with the weak pastors. Silly men want the admiration of the pastors and try to please the prideful pastors to gain favor. In the positions of the fivefold ministry, it is easy to fleece the flock.


    When we got into deliverance, people would come to us for help of many different types. They wanted us to go to God and find out what they were supposed to do. They wanted us to be their parents, show them parental love and tell them how to conduct their lives. They wanted to pay us for our help, give us gifts of love, and give us tithes and offerings.

    Why would the people come to us for help? The Christian body is hurting and can not find the needed help in the church. The churches refuse to practice deliverance, healing, etc. and teach the whole truth of the Bible. If the people have problems, the church sends them to the world for help. They are sent to the medical profession to be physically healed in the body, to the psychiatric profession to be mentally healed in the soul, to the social profession to be financially healed in the material realm, and in certain ways to the world in general to be spiritually healed such as receiving peace.

    The people did not feel that they could hear from God or had a good relationship with Him. They thought that we did since we could help them and that God would speak to us for them. They may have been lazy, ignorant or have some other reason why they wanted to place us as intermediaries between them and God. They may have have had a Catholic or other religious background which caused them to look to man rather than directly to God for guidance.

    Their parents did not provide the proper role models pointing them towards God, The Father. It is so important how the parents raise their children. Parents actually are in a position of being like God in the lives of the children. The way a child relates to their parents, especially to the father, is the way the child will relate to God in later life.

    Many times when the children do not have good parents, they go through life seeking someone to fill that void in their lives. The parents may not have shown love for them. So, they seek love from others to fulfill that need. The parents may have been absentee parents and not given them guidance. So, they will seek others to guide them. They are still acting like a child even though they are adult

    • My problem is that watching tbj for several years has slowly made me afraid to lay hands. He got his wish. As he so clearly demonstrates he does not want anyone to be a pastor. I did it all for free. I never asked, expected a dime, nor would I have taken any money. I know tbj has sent me demons as he does others, who either dislike him or like me with a pastors heart. He did to me what he does to all those disciples at scoan, held me back, destroyed my ministry. It was the one thing I loved, that truly fulfilled me and gave me so much joy.
      I am getting stronger now but it isn’t easy to just break free from all his manipulation, fear mongering that he does each and every day he speaks at church. To break free from the demons he has sent me that I have seen and felt.
      I have to prepare myself mentally when I watch him so that I will not let fear creep in when he tries to scare us all about Satan and demons. He has a way of tying anything and everything we do or say to satan. And says things like God won’t hear you but satan will, if you don’t pray in the spirit. Yet he doesn’t teach how to pray in the spirit or what such a thing means. But he does boast that he does it.

      It all comes down to our minds. Once fear creeps in we have to make it a priority to immediately meditate on the Word. I have what I call my power Scriptures. Fear is how we are weakened and how the enemy attacks.We need to be in faith. Faith to heal the sick. Faith over our power over the enemy.

      In my case Tb Joshua is worse than Satan and all his demons. I easily over came them. So much so that once I started delivering demons my house keeper manifested and glared at me with such an evil look. After she left, I realized it was a demon and I was determined to cast it out. But after that day when it glared at me with hatred, it disappeared. My cleaning lady disappeared and never came back.
      So if I can totally overcome Tb Joshua his manipulation and fear mongering I know God will use me in a very mighty way. I fully expect to operate in more power than Tb Joshua. Tb Joshua is my problem, my obstacle.

  53. In one example, the following happened. The pastor instilled fear in his people. He warned them about outside organizations, leaving the church, not submitting to his authority, criticizing him, etc. In the church, they had to obey and not question his authority. Outside the church, they couldn’t leave his church and go to another church. They were paralyzed and were slaves to him. They were fearful of criticizing him and having him attack them from the pulpit. They were afraid to leave the church and lose their salvation. They were afraid of other organizations and people. If the people left, the people that remained could not associate with their dear friends that had left.

    The church cursed and prayed against the people that left the church, and against any other group of people that the pastor may have had trouble with. Their actions sent demons to attack these people and organizations.

    What were the results of the actions of the leaders? The leaders loosed demons on the people in the congregation and sent demons after the people that had left or had problems with the church. They cursed the people and spoke failure in their lives. The people had soul ties with the leaders.

    When the people left the church, they felt that God did not love them, they may be loosing their salvation, they were fearful of many things, they could not function normally in life, they were hurt and rejected by the way they were treated, had pains and illnesses associated with fears, had spiritual pride about being in the only church, had problems forgiving the pastor and congregation about the way they were treated, were deceived about things of God, blamed the Lord for what had happened, and were confused and weakened by the experiences.

    When an outside church renounced the practices of this church, the church was attacked by demons sent from the other church. The pastor and congregation had many problems in the church. You had one church praying against the other church. Actually, you had one church cursing the other church and loosing demons to attack the people in the church.

    How can these curses fall on leaders, followers and other churches? As the bird by wandering, as the swallow by flying, so the curse causeless shall not come (Pr. 26:2). The curses fall on the leaders because they ignorantly or deliberately practice witchcraft which is clearly contrary to the Bible. The curses fall on the followers because they ignorantly follow the leaders who are sinning. The curses fall on other churches because they ignorantly practice the Word of God and leave themselves open to curses. The main reason is ignorance or lack of knowledge of the Bible. There are many other reasons such as the leader’s selfishness, follower’s weaknesses and a church’s partial following of the Bible. We all probably have cracks in our armor which allow demons to attack us under certain circumstances.

    You must completely break free spiritually and physically from the organization and its leaders. You must renounce the organization and its practices spiritually to God. You must ask God to help you in all of these things, and to have faith and trust in God. To do this requires forgiveness for the leaders and followers, asking God to forgive you for your sins of bitterness, etc., asking God to forgive and bless them, breaking soul ties and curses on your family, casting out demons that came in through soul ties, curses and association with the organization, praying for physical healing, and disciplining your mind not to yield to the programmed thinking of the leaders and demons.

  54. o person should try to act like God in the lives of others and violate their freewill. Let God direct the actions of His Children. No person should submit their freewill to the leaders and become passive. A passive person is easily demonized because they yield. Both the leaders and the congregation will become demonized.


    When people are subjected to these control practices, they become hurt and are influenced by the families of Rejection, Bitterness and Rebellion respectively in that order. They are attacked by the Charismatic Witchcraft demons sent from the leaders to the congregation. They personally submit to the Passive Mind demons by their actions. If people outside of the church have controlled them, then they are attacked by the Witchcraft demons of occult and demonic associations. If they personally have submitted to substances of abuse, then they are attacked by the Witchcraft demons of sorcery, drugs, alcohol, etc. which control the mind.

      • At Seunbolaji,

        It maybe so, but RIGHT ON ! I have no problem to admit it, unlike your false prophet who thinks is infallible and tells things as first hand me down but had stolen it from others and wrote his name on it. Which is worse ?

      • 1 cor 2:5
        I demolish arguments and every pretension that sets itself up against the knowledge of God, and I take captive every to make it obedience to Christ.

      • @ Seaunbolaji,

        You say both ? But you don’t say that it is spot on how SCOAN is operating and their inhabitants. Getting this story because more people see through the scam practices of certain pastors that want to grow their empire for the sake of themselves by using fake things to attract others to expand yourself and then control them as you want them to dance at the seam of your trousers whenever you like with every time having a different story to pacify them. To make this clear to you, you defend because of gain somewhere what you can extract from it instead of getting out and looking on the outside in and see what is actually going on. If you are sucked in the swamp it is hard for anyone to see the way out. But those that are on the outside knows what trouble you are into. So keep treading in your swamp until you go head under and start to realise, I should have listened to Jesse and reach for the rope that is given to you. It show how scared you are to be without a man that takes you for a ride time after time. Question how come you are incapable to succeed in your own life with out the “anointing water”, “wristband”, “oil from him”, “fake deliverances on YouTube” etc. etc. What makes you that ? Hmmm, an addict ? A parasite ? A blood sucker ? Why can’t you tread in your own water where you are and succeed ? Why does another have to provide for you how you have yo live and apply with your bible in your hand and the Holy Spirit and above all a relationship with Jesus first hand. It is clear you are full of fear and can’t do it by your own inventiveness that God gave you to succeed. Nooooo, you want it dormant in yourself and leech it off TB Joshua which you have to pay for. You pay for something that you can get all by yourself, now who is the baby now ? Oh, by the way all this was written all by myself in the bathtub no plagiarism took place. Bye mr Seun that still can’t do it on your own together with God. The side line walker, the way of the least resistance taker. Fact !

      • @ Seun Abolaji,

        And you take everything serious like “Demons have a Base on Mercury”, “Demons that lost their fish”, “Demons that make money by the shed loads” and that “Satan lives in hell” and “Demons invented skinny jeans”. Congratulations you passed the test on demonology. Written somewhere out there with a view not comparable anywhere in the world.

      • @ Seun Abolaji,

        Still no improvement. Let me rub your nose in it so you are able to contemplate it.

        This article from Al Jazeera says it all. inform yourself.

        Since there was a big fanfare trumpeted around on Watch TB Joshua website that TB Joshua is bringing the anointed water himself personally and is now taking off a week from the SCOAN chores and coming over to SIERRA LEONE to wildly spray the “anointed water” to curb the Ebola disease is it not ? Oh, wait !!!

        Let me make you a prediction myself. You know when you will see him there ? When the vaccine is completely developed and freely acquired on the market of the big five Pharmaceuticals in this world, he will go and stand around spray the “anointing water” while his accomplishes whisk those off with initial proven Ebola and inoculate the Ebola victims with the vaccines and when they are healed he will parade them in SCOAN and elsewhere in frantically to prove the “anointed water” is real.. He is just waiting for that, because he has enough spies in the world and in such places to do the dirty work for him so the they can keep syphoning off the monies from donors, followers of SCOAN and it’s lying, editing prophecies to suit their purpose and fake deliverances, healings, miracles to make sure that that money train will keep flowing to Nigeria on the back of ignorant people who were pulled the wool over their eyes again,

        So, There is my prediction as well the uncovering of your local scamming ventures you so vehemently support with nothing to reply upon than trying to keep feeding me to post here. You can now start to watch this space, from today and towards December. We have our things in place to intercept another deception from the dark lighted musty rooms concocted inside SCOAN and we are ready to pounce on their trickery and misleading people to be revealed to the world as soon as it will be unveiled to the world that comes from the horses’ mouth TB Joshua. Watch this space ! “The dogs will not always be sleeping in stupor as in the past they did.” “Nor will the hawks “. This time we will be watching you inside and out of what they are concocting in SCOAN. So start scrambling !

      • @ Seun Abolaji,

        Go back to sleep enjoy your confusion. Or bark up towards the Super moon, you still have one night to do so.

    • Jesse, this is a strong teaching. I see the same pattern in my country in charismatic churches. Everything starts well and then money, organisation , controle and fame takes over. They seem to have faith for powers, but not for provision. I have had a time with very litle money, and i just surrendered my account to Jezus, i blessed it, and asked Him to help me, and i let it be. I never looked again on my account, and after this i had always enough. I did not bordered where money should come from, it just came. If i wanted something to buy beyound my budget, The Holy Spirit warned me. I live by expectation that He will care for me, and He does. No rich live, but enough to meet my basic needs. I just believe Him.

  55. I would like to share with everyone what it was to make me believe I could heal the sick. I never owned or read a bible until around 30. I went for several years to a bible church that did operate in the power of God. I first learned about healing through Gloria Copeland healing school and it helped me in extreme emergency situations with family members. But I never really believed I could heal the sick until I started listening to the divine healing technician teachings of Curry Blake the overseer of John G lake ministries.
    It took a while for me to really get it but once I did and I tried it, it worked and everytime. I have healed so many people of back, knee problems, arthritis, colic, depression, colitis, pinched nerves, bells palsy and even autism among many other diseases.
    The secret to my success is very simple. Like God’s Word says, you have to be a child to enter the kingdom of God. I realized that Jesus was still alive today as he was alive here on earth 2000 years ago. He is the same today, right now as he was back then. He is still our healer. And his Word is still alive today, that means their is power in the Word and what it says you can do. What we are supposed to be doing as Christians, healing the sick. So I never praying out loud had a challenge as I was very uncomfortable but I ran into an emergency situation with a friend and I was so frightened for her I pushed through my fear to pray for her. I was not sure if she would be healed through me. As I had little faith in myself but I still believed it was possible. And the most important thing I had 100% faith in Jesus, in His Word, in His ability to heal. He is invisible but He is not dead. So it worked she was healed. A few months later I ran across another emergency situation where my friend was in extreme pain and she was healed. From there my faith increased and I healed more and more and then I started casting out demons. Thanks to the teaching of Curry Blake who teaches us we have the authority over the demons and makes it sound so easy. Unlike tbj who constantly scares us of demons.
    So the way a child believes in Santa Claus is the same way we have to believe in Jesus as our healer today. Nothing complicated just really believe like a child. It is guaranteed to work.

    • It took a lot of courage to even post on this site but it is part of my training to overcome these fears. The first few times I felt Father God with me. I felt heat in my arms.
      Many times when people would feel heat coming from my hands when I would heal. Sometimes tingling, in some rare cases fire where people would drip sweat. Many times people felt nothing and it still worked. God is just so amazing. I love Him so much!

  56. Julianne, you should cast out fear! And replace it with trust and easy convidence. You have beautifull gifts and expertise. Demons are realy nothing in the Light of Christ. TB is an intimidator. Fear hindres your authority in Christ. So just stand-up and shout your-self back in the right position. I met a mother who was very fearfull for her demon-possed son. He was violent and the more she feared, the worser he became. I learned the mother to stand firm, to cast her fear out repeatedly, and after a vew days she was able to help her son. The more she dared to stnd in authority of Christ, the more her son sub-mitted, and finally she over-came the demon.

  57. I watched the Korean Conference and was astonished at all the hype at the arrival of To Joshua that was put together by Emmanuel tv. They are experts at promoting excessive hype, pomp for Tb Joshua. I love Jesus and His Word so much that this kind of display actually hurts me to watch.
    It is Tb Joshua who is encouraging, and manipulating others to worship and bow down to him.
    They actually videotaped and played the pastors driving to the airport to pick him, the video taped the outside, inside of the airport. Cut to the pastors waiting for Tb Joshua at the airport, one looking at his watch. Standing under a banner with hI a picture. Woman dressed in their traditional clothing, a child waiting with flowers. The emmanuel tv announcer is very articulate, professional yet she seems like a bad actress doing a script as she goes on and on about the arrival of the man of God, Prophet Tb Joshua.
    Some of her sayings are, “Incheon International airport is the center of attention as people await the arrival of the man of God, Tb Joshua. ”
    “Pastors and elders are coming from all around Korea and indeed the Asian Continent”.
    “A colorful tribute awaits Prophet Tb Joshua as they are holding Nigerian and South Korean flags to celebrate the Prophets return to South Korea.”
    They then have several pastors speak about their anticipation and excitement of his arrival. They sing a welcome song for Tb Joshua as he arrives.
    “With the official welcome over the Prophet, his entourage, and welcoming committee walk through the airport and into the awaiting vehicles and depart in convey. ”
    Video of them driving to the hotel
    “They make their way through a tranquil night sky to where the man of God will be staying during his important visit to the nation.”
    “This is Seoul South Korea the world’s 2nd largest metropolitan area over 25.6 million people. A mega city and a nation that will be impacted for Christ.”

    This is 13 minutes of his arrival and it’s not even over. It continues at the conference with all kinds of footage of the beautiful new building inside and out. All the people waiting outside to get in, registering, getting to their seats.
    This just all seems a little over the top, excessive and yet classic Tb Joshua style. Boasting, adoration, hype for him. Always.
    I find it obscene and offensive to Jesus Christ.

    When Wiseman Racine speaks he actually says, “I greet you in the name of my mentor and father, prophet Tb Joshua.”

    That one was another shocker.

    He also says,” he (tbj) sent me with this message. ”
    “No matter what you have been through the man of God Prophet Tb Joshua say… ”
    (Instead of quoting Jesus)
    How crazy does this all seem?

    I didn’t watch his entire message. Some of it did seem pretty good and inspiring but their was some nonsense Christian hype that I can’t stand because it is a lie and just what people want to hear.
    “Your prayers have all been answered today.”
    “Something good is going to happen to your ministry that will change your life forever. I’m here to prepare you.”

    The Korean pastors prayer touched me he was so humble.

    Tb Joshua surprised me as he was doing an impartation. He even had some who he prayed for heal a lady. This is anti-tb Joshua as we know and have seen so much proof. Clearly God is working on him and he is making an effort but the problem is his heart. You can not fool God. Man looks at the outward and God looks at the heart.
    I have not received an impartation to heal and neither did my friends who also heal. We just simply did what the Word said. We only needed the Name of Jesus.

    How awful it would be if you needed someone to impart the ability to heal. I can not imagine this working for the people all over the world for logistic reasons.

    • Obscene is the right word. It is all total blasphemy. 😦

      I can’t bring myself to watch it. But by your description, it is EXACTLY what other cult leaders have done. They gather their entourages. They make sure they are greeted by grinning flunkies wherever they go. They create a scene wherever they go. They create photo opportunities with legitimate public figures in order to borrow the legitimacy.

      It is the parallels between this behavior in SCOAN, and the behavior that was present in some of the deadliest cults in history that really makes me afraid.

      • @ M.,

        “grinning flunkies”, nice coin stamping that, I like it. It only shows their ignorance of it all. They should send journalists from CNN, Fox News and other news broadcasts of what they did to Benny Hinn and Kenneth Copeland and interrogate them from the airport until the entrance of their hotel room asking if he can demonstrate deliverance and healing right where he is with some serious sick and possessed people. Because I believe Jesus would do this if they brought any to Him. That will show the world if he is real or just orchestrates all those funny “I am in hell” and “Satan lives in hell” videos on YouTube. This is how you search out scammers. Because atheist Holy Spirit is everywhere. Why always in controlled environments is my main question. Whenever I travel, I do pray for people when I bump into sick people. Not always. Because in America and Europe it is much, much harder to do so, but in The Caribeans, India and in Africa it is very easy doing that and nearly every one wants it when you approach them and when you speak to them and just ask.

      • @ M,.

        Oops I auto spelling kicked in. Not atheist Holy Spirit, but The Holy Spirit. My bad, sorry about that I need to check my posts better, but I have not time enough for usually. I only have a certain time bracket to do this. I hope next time better.

  58. Today the congregation in scoan, was rebuked for being religious, in steat of having a free Spirit? It is such a mystery to me, how this man TB Joshua blames others for the results of his own teachings. TB is legalistic and far from freedom in The Spirit. Further he told the people, that if they could not pass the tests and trials, they would go to hell and not to heaven. Man, we have a real sheperd in this man TB Joshua! Thank to God, Jezus has the final judgement about our dedication. And since when are religious people hunted as if they are totally wrong in their worshipp? How can TB play for God? TB Joshua still does not understands the Grace-covenant of the New Testament., where love dictates the path of Christ. About the faith-bracelet was said, that, christians talk to God by heart, while religious people talk with the mouth. Why do christians fight other faith-doctrines and frames? Are they not all childeren of God? Did not Jezus died for the whole world? It is more worse to oppress people byself-designed statements and abusements and wicked power-performances, and call this freedom, then to be religious, pious and skriptual ritualistic. The fact is, Jezus His path is so simple, that even a child of 3 can understand Him.

    • I only saw a few minutes this morning and this was the part I watched. It must be God.
      I heard Tb Joshua as usual insulting the church. He seemed angry at them as he always is. And said some garbage teaching as always, something about “their spirit is not free”.
      I plan on watching the entire message.

      For so long I watched him hoping to learn from him and week after week I got absolutely nothing. I never once understood a thing he was saying. Some times I just thought it was his accent. But God has showed me the problem. Why it looks and sounds sort of true and holy. It is because Tb Joshua talks a lot, of things in the bible like the spirit but then he makes up his own mumbo jumbo talk. It is always anti biblical and condemning of the church filled with threats and hatred of the church.
      You are somehow fooled into thinking he knows what he is talking about because you see the power of God he is operating in, unlike any pastor in this world operates in. So you just assume he knows what he teaching about.
      But Jesus just showed me last week even Judas operated in His power. Yet he was evil, lying and stealing. He even had an issue with the Mary worshiping at His feet.

      God has a purpose for it all. He may not be happy with what is going on at scoan but He is a GOD of Justice.
      Who knows maybe we all here on Tb Joshua watch are part of His plan to bring down Tb Joshua.
      I look at Mark Driscoll from Mars Hill Church who was just now forced to step down. He was also abusive to the church and workers. A few people complained, started a website and it all grew from there.
      So we just have to keep exposing the darkness at scoan and keep praying for Justice.

      • The Spirit revealed to me that the ministery of TB is ” a masterpiece of blaming”. TB blames by habbit. To avoid the critizm on him. He blamed me for almost all error possible, every week i seemed to have a new demonic opression in his sight. I refused to take it, i just smached him everything back in the face. At the end, he had to admit that i only had weakness because of tiredness. His blamings, accusings, judgings for sins you never did, are soul-killing. It is the opposite from the freedom in Christ., where we are forgiven and healed and beloved.

  59. Look how TB Joshua is trying to hypnotizing the Interpreter at the
    Pastor’s Conference in South Korea 03/04/2014 Part II

    1. He got his interpreter to focus on him alone. ‘Service’ starts.
    2. Then he starts to intimidate and confuse his interpreter, by moving into his private space – 15:55 on…
    3. Notice how tbj’s voice starts to change as he approach the interpreter – 16:01….
    4. Tbj gets the people laughing – to relax them, so that they can drop their guards – 17:06…
    5. Voice change as spirit starts operating through tbj – 20:40
    6. Repetition of the same thing over and over again.
    5. Then tbj clicks his fingers to put him into a hypnotic state – 22:24…
    6. TB Joshua announces to the interpreter that they are fighting??? Why??? Where does this fit into his so called message. No tbj is struggling to get control if the interpreter.
    7. Tbj also used the hand introduction into hypnoses –….tbj pretends to grab hold of the interpreters hand so that he will not fall down and to confuse him tbj says that the interpreter must take his hand and not fall down – the second hand shake….31:48
    8. It did not work well so he tried it again …36:19-37:00….
    9. He also brought the interpreters hand up with mike to his mouth.
    10. Then at 1:07 he announced the impartation of the ‘anointing’ to the pastors???
    Learn How To Hypnotise – The Approach

    Learn How To Hypnotise – Suggestions

    Hypnosis Induction – Handshake Inductions

    Hypnotized Blonde Girl Thinks She Has 11 Fingers

    Hypnotized–But, She Doesn’t Know It

    Stupid Charismatic Tricks: The Use of Hypnosis In Phony Fake Healing

    An Ex-Faith Healer Explains The Tricks Used(WOTM Radio)

    • I wasn’t able to use the link to the video to part 2 of the conf. But I found one that is similar and so funny.
      The body language is what is so funny. I actually found myself laughing. This endearing interpreter is very afraid of tb joshua and the two are like cat and mouse going back and forth. Tbj is very confrontational and in this guy’s face. He even grabs him by the shoulder once, points his finger right to his face. It is some how hilarious watching as this professional interpreter is constantly walking backward away from Tbj as Tbj is walking towards him. Like a dance. The interpreter retreats each and every time. Some times he gets away with just a few steps back but some times he walks backwards the entire length of the stage.
      I feel for the guy but it is some how funny.

      I was so baffled by the body language and how it could be possible that Tbj couldnt tell that he was seriously scaring him.
      It was a refreshing change because normally I am horrified watching him abuse everyone. You have to watch to see what I mean.

      His message was about knowing God’s will before you pray for someone. It may not be God’s will and the prayer could be idle, it can be destructive like the seven sons of sceva. That is the problem with the church.

      Can you imagine Now he is saying if you pray for someone and it is not God’s will you can get a demon. It is so anti biblical. And since when should you be afraid to pray for someone. Since when is it not God’s will to pray for someone. How is this the problem of the church that they pray for people without it being God’s will.
      Its too bad like always he gives some crazy teaching and then yet doesnt tell you how to do it right. If his teaching is correct he should be focused on teaching how to know if it’s God’s will to pray.

    • Does anyone here from Nigeria know the discrimination laws? Do they not exist?

      How does he get away with not allowing sick people inside the church for service?
      Anyone visibly sick like on oxygen or in wheel chairs.

      It is one of the many things Tb Joshua does that bothers me so much.

  60. A message to TB Joshua’s disciples

    The “church” SCOAN and the evil “brainpower” behind it, makes these “disciples” and “followers” believe that outside of the fortress SCOAN there is no deliverance and no salvation (Note from editor: ex disciple Gareth also reported this teaching), and that the Holy Spirit ONLY moves in the vicinity of SCOAN. The man TB Joshua, brain washes his followers especially his “disciples” to believe that in SCOAN, there is an OPEN HEAVEN which you cannot experience anywhere in the world; therefore, anyone that dares to leave the group is condemning his/her life to constant demonic attacks, eternal damnation and separation from the Power and Holy Spirit of God. We know of course that this is a lie from the pit of hell; salvation is NOT only found in SCOAN if at all, this hypnotic teaching LIMITS the awesome power of our GOD JEHOVAH that we know operates any and everywhere he chooses.

  61. Yeah, and there is no special open heaven in scoan! TB has acces to tap into the power., thats all. ALL christians who are saved, live by the open heaven., if they understand it and make use of it, or not. TB Joshua lives from-out a carnal standing, not a heavenly standing. TB works his way-up through the demon-realm, towards heaven and eternity. It is the opposite off the standing in Who-we-are-in-Christ, sitting with Him in heavenly places., and from-out this standing we do His works. TB teaches lies!

  62. They are HYPNOTIZED – deceived into thinking they are men of God when there can be very little that is farther from the truth. They are “holy gangsters”.
    Being naive, the people of God believe many nonsensical things that professing charismatic, flamboyant deceivers teach and claim.
    These men, for example, have the vast majority of professing Christians in the world eating out of their one hand, while their other hand is in the Christian’s pockets.
    It is written –
    “My people are destroyed for lack of knowledge. Because you have rejected knowledge, I also will reject you from being My priest. Since you have forgotten the law of your God, I also will forget your children” – Hosea 4:6

    • It isn’t hypnotism. TB Joshua is guilty of a lot but not that. He manipulates, threatens and scares, seduces in many ways.
      I had a dream last night that I don’t quite understand. I saw a few of us watching emmanuel TV and we were shocked and outraged as he sat on the floor with a brown rusty looking tea pot as he was mixing things. He looked like a witch doctor and someone cried out “witchcraft”
      He was doing a spell to make people sin and fight. This was an odd dream that I can’t figure out just yet.
      The day I went to Pasco to see Wiseman Harry I was not aware yet of all the evil that tbj does and I had a dream that tbj and I were sitting at a table for two and he was yelling at me. I was very sad over that dream. I had a dream I think right before that where I was in a dark parking lot and tbj was yelling at me. I also had a dream where we we standing in front of a refrigerator where he was pointing to the freezer and yelling at me. This was all when I liked him. Very sad and confusing to me. I also had a dream once that he spoke and activated what looked like 100 or so demons to come after me. That one came true. I have seen it and felt it. He does a lot through emmanuel TV to hurt others with demons. Those who he is threatened by because they have a pastors heart or because they are aware of his evil.

      We really have to do all we can to expose him and cause him to step down so that he can stop hurting people.
      He is a dangerous man.

    • I might be wrong about my interpretation if my dream last night that the spell was to get people angry and to sin. I only came to that conclusion because I got angry. But being angry at evil is not a sin. I don’t know the purpose of the spell.

    • I was thinking about the body language of tbj towards the interpreter at the s. Korean conference. Wondering why tbj did not speak to the audience but at the scared interpreter who kept taking backward steps. Tbj has done other conferences before he should have known who the audience was. And then I realized he saw how visibly afraid this man was and he must have liked it because he then spent the entire message going after him. At some point tbj should have had the human should decency to stop chasing him.

      Tbj gets very confrontational with him as keeps going to his face, he grabs him by the shoulder and even corrects how he hold a his mic. There was nothing wrong with the way he held his mic and we could all hear him okay. This a pet peeve of tbj that he abuses his workers over. They must hold the mic directly in front of the mouth. Very unsanitary, especially with the Ebola outbreak. But with everything tbj is a hypocrite as he holds his mic down by his shoulders.

      It is apparent in this video that tbj is having fun being confrontational with this guy and scaring him. It reminds me of fish or animals that pick on the weak.

      I thought this video was funny before but no longer. It is just as sad as all the rest.

  63. “Indeed, all who desire to live godly in Christ Jesus will be persecuted, but evil men and impostors will proceed from bad to worse, deceiving and being deceived. You, however, continue in the things you have learned and become convinced of, knowing from whom you have learned them”… 2 Timothy 3:12-14

  64. @julianne,
    dreams after dreams after dreams with TB Joshua…it just don’t sound right. What purpose are they serving?

    • @Vooke
      I have had about a dozen dreams of tbj in 3 yrs. 1000 nights divided by 12 is not that much. Yet they were all significant. The God of the bible is still alive and is the same yesterday, today and forever. As in the bible he uses dreams to warn us. All of the dreams of tbj have been warning dreams. Even when I was a follower of tbj I had warning dreams that saddened and confused me.
      God speaks to me a lot in my dreams. I dream every night. Many times I find myself living out my dreams. Yesterday, He spoke to me in a dream that was coordinated with the news. The dream and the news were two pieces of a puzzle that fit together.
      I have had many dreams with Jesus and Father God. I have had Father God speak to me in my dreams. Although extremely rare. One recent dream I saw heaven open up and God said “rejoice you have done well, rejoice”. God knows I need constant assurance as I always do my best to do the right thing. It took a lot for me to just to start posting on this website. My will is always to please God.

      I have had one supernatural encounter with Father God in my dream where God and I spoke together like he spoke to King Solomon. It is something I will never forget and still continue to thank God for.
      I will share just one more dream because it will help everyone. In 2011 I was reminded about a dream I had about the age of 7. It was sealed up in me since then. 2011 was when I started watching tbj. Growing up as a child we did not talk about God, we did not pray, we did not own a bible and only went to church maybe for Christmas. I was very afraid of the devil from watching some cartoons. I did not know that God was more powerful than the devil because in the cartoons I watched their was an angel and then the devil talking to the cartoon character. They seemed to be equal in power. I had a dream where there was a knock on our door my sisters and I ran to door, my mother opened the door and Jesus was standing there. He said, “dont be afraid, he is dead”. He was dragging Satan around on the floor what looked like a piece of aluminum foil and he was going door to door to tell everyone the news. The door that we were standing under was arched and we lived in a village with dirt streets with pebbles. I know today that place was Jerusalem where Jesus defeated Satan on the cross. Mind you I was 7 years old and had never seen such a street scene.
      This dream I had as a little girl and it was sealed up and only revealed to me when I would need it the most, my biggest spiritual battle when I started watching tbj. I was already healing the sick and doing a few deliverances. I was not afraid at all of demons or Satan as I knew Jesus gave me the power over them. When God opened up the dream that was sealed in me it was so vivid as if I had just had the dream.
      Daniel 12:4 Daniel, roll up and seal the words of the scroll until the time of the end.
      Rev 22:10 Then He told me, do not seal up the words of the prophecy of this scroll, because the time is near.

      Jesus opened up this dream to me when I was the strongest in my life. Fearless against Satan and his demons but also when I had just started watching tbj and as we all know tbj messages are all meant to make you afraid of Satan and the demons so that we all need him. The reason why Jesus said Satan was dead is because that is how much power he has over us, nothing. If fear slips in that changes everything. So I am breaking away from the fear mongering of tbj. And I will start going through videos of 2012 and 2013 to post them and warn those who are still followers. My biggest challenge was not overcoming Satan and demons that was very easy for me as I had so much faith in Jesus and what He did on the cross. My challenge was not Satan but tbj. He was my big obstacle. The problem started when I started feeling demons coming from tbj and Emanuel tv. I saw tbj who was so much stronger than I in power over satan and demons, healing, prophesy. If he had so much more power over demons than I and he was sending them to me what power did I have to stop the demons. I was no match for tbj. So today I am stronger yet not where I was before as I am afraid to lay hands on people because of tbj teaching that you can get demons. Even at the south Korean conference that I just watched he said if you even pray for someone and it’s not God’s will it can be destructive for you like the seven sons of sceva. He has other time said if you pray to God not in the spirit. God does not hear you but satan does. So not only according to tbj can you get demons from healing the sick and casting out demons but even for just praying for someone and even if you pray for yourself. He wants to keep you from God in all ways possible.

      The Bible says we have all authority over the devil and nothing shall by any means harm us. Spirits submit to us. Tbj has many times played around with demons as he was casting them out. Like the one who he had take off her sunglasses and put them back on repeatedly and really fast as he was laughing having so much fun mocking the demons. This is not why we have authority of the demons. Tbj makes a mockery out of God’s power. He also shows no respect for the lady who’s body the demon was in. No human decency. If you read many people’s stories online you will see how many people went mentally ill after confronting tbj. Many people died or have lost loved ones. When I used both the anointing water and the sticker it hurt me not just physically but mentally. It happened immediately and I was literally having crazy mental thoughts so crazy I can not but them into words. This was still when I was a follower of tbj. He is threatened by anyone who is a pastor or even has a pastors heart. He has even said during church if you come after him demons will come after you. So tbj uses his authority over the demons to hurt people. Sort of how God has angels to fight for us tbj uses demons to fight for him. I have two years of videos to go through but I will find that video where he confessed. I do not even need his confession I saw it and felt it. And I can connect all the pieces and see patterns of all these people’s horror stories/testimonies.

      When I was lost in the world I used to go to a very accurate psychic and astrologist. She told me that it was a gift I had. I also had one psychic who I visited one time that was famous for accuracy tell me the same thing. At that time I paid no attention to my dreams at all. Today as a Christian I wonder about these two ladies who knew so much about me. I some times think they had a prophetic gift from God that the devil was able to get them to use for his dark world. Sort of like tbj does when he abuses his powers.

      Vookie are you a tbj supporter. I get that impression in the way you questioned my dreams. The dreams come from God.

      • @julianne,
        “Vookie are you a tbj supporter. I get that impression in the way you questioned my dreams. The dreams come from God.”

        I don’t support him. I ran into this blog over the MH370 disaster specifically because I was mesmerized by a man who claimed to have prophesied over the accident/disappearance. I came here with an open mind and granted him the benefit of doubt until my confidence in him was eroded by tons of evidence of his video editing skills and failed prophecies. Now I know he is a charalatan, an embaraasment to the body of Christ and his ministry has cult-like tendencies- extreme control and indoctrination

        I have lost count of the number of dreams you purport to have had about TB Joshua and I know everything happens for a reason. I wondered what impact those dreams have had on your life and those around you. I have never had any dream about TB Joshua but I know from the diligent hand of that the man is a fraud.

        What have you done with your dozen or so dreams? Are you helping others?
        The impression I get is you are a dreamer. Look up how many times you have used the word ‘dream’ here. I have met believers who dream on just about anything. My humble advise to you is to focus on the revealed WORD of God and to test every dream against that. I know there is a new ‘ministration of Holy Spirit’ called dream interpretation but I really don’t have time for them. Dreams to me are no different from the Parables of Jesus. If they came from Him, He should and He does indeed explain them, otherwise I ignore them. Cryptic/coded dreams are pretty useless and not worth sharing

    • If only people questioned the things tbj does and say the way Vookie questioned a few dreams I posted. So suspicious over a few warning dreams about tbj. That to me seems really crazy.

      By the way, the more time I spent with God and also in learning about my dreams the more God has spoken to me. While I may have a gift, I don’t take it for granted. And God speaks to us all in dreams. It is the best time for God to speak to us because the world is shut out. I have a lot of visions as I am falling asleep or even waking up because that is the time when we are most disconnected from the natural and the world. Sometimes when I wake up I hear the Holy Spirit speak to me. When the holy spirit who lives inside of you speaks to you he uses your own voice as do demons.
      I know it is the holy spirit because I wake up and the words just come out. I sometimes don’t know what they mean but in that day I always find out. Sometimes it is to help someone else.
      If the voice comes from the outside a different voice it is an angel.
      God is really so amazing and so good and He is a supernatural God. I love God and Jesus so very much. I desire to know Him more and more.

      • @Julianne,
        The truth is that you should base your faith and works only on what is solid and undoubtedly true-at least for us Christians- the living Word of God. Of course God gives dreams but note this: the devil also gives dreams, either to intimidate, either to deceive. Furthermore, some dreams are simply the product of our subconscious, depending on what has been occupying our mind during the day, worries or desires. Just because the content of a dream seams to be in line with our beliefs or opinions, does not mean it is God sent. You should not be too quick to trust every dream….personally, I have had dreams that have proven to be true and others which were not…..both of which had to do with SCOAN ministry. Time, the Word, and hard evidence proved whether they were God sent, as warnings or promises, or the devil’s lies, simply to deceive, confuse or intimidate. As for some, I am still waiting for time to expose their meaning….another point: when in your heart you feel absolutely sure that God has spoken to you through a dream, it is wise not to be too quick to “broadcast” it….spoken to the wrong audience you could cancel its power….and you never know on such a site like this who you are actually coming into contact with…remember the Holy Spirit’s words: “Be slow to speak, be quick to listen”…not everything is for everybody…and I am not a TBJ follower…you know…

      • @Jeremiah,
        I am seriously disappointed in you. We should be encouraging each other to operate in our gifts that God gave us not discourage and even scare each other. I saw a bit of tbj in you warning me that some dreams are from demons. And to call my dreams not solid and doubtful. There is no reason to deter people from dreaming with God.
        I am aware that there are different sources of dreams. I have spent years studying the subject of dreams and countless hours journaling my dreams, praying about them and studying them.
        To tell me I should base my faith and works on the bible not my dreams is inexcusable. What gives you the right, the authority to try to interfere with my relationship with God. He who guides me, warns me and showers me with love in my dreams. You must be jealous.
        I tried to encourage others to explore their dreams. They are a gift from God and yet you clearly are saying they are not. Dont use them as a guide. You speak of faith in the word. Yet you show no faith in the word, the bible in any of your comments. The Bible is filled with Scriptures where God spoke to His people through dreams.
        Do I need to remind you of the verse that God is the same yesterday, today and forever. Or of all the dream verses.
        You have not succeeded in the least bitvto deter me. I am glad that I got to see the real you.
        Isn’t this website about exposing the evil of tbj who deters all from having a relationship with God. Yet here you are doing the same exact thing.
        I love my relationship with Jesus and my Father God. I love how they speak to me throughout the day every single day and at night when I sleep.
        Yesterday God gave me a breakthrough and he revealed it to me in my dream the night before. He actually used an incident that occurred to my friend 20yrs ago to speak to me about it. I was able to recognize it and put it all together as it played out in the day. Dreams are like puzzles with many layers. No two dreams are ever alike. It took me some time to recognize God’s unique ways of speaking to me in dreams. I don’t just value the dreams God gives me but I am so thankful and I love them and love God.
        Jeremiah, you ironically quote from the Bible be slow to speak and quick to listen. You really should have applied it to yourself not me. I was encouraging others and you are discouraging from people walking with God.
        I have wisdom and discernment and am aware of dreams that have not happened that I would never share. Why would you imply that I dont?
        You seem to want me to rob me of my gift from God something that gives me so much joy. Shame on you!

      • Jeremiah,
        Correction, my break through came to me in a dream the night before last night. I received the breakthrough during the day.
        Last night God gave me a warning dream and a very serious one. That I am so thankful for.
        Yes, God is alive and still speaks to us in dreams.

      • I would like to encourage others a little more to seek out what God is telling you in your dreams. While I know I have a gift but God speaks to us all, in dreams. It is like healing we can all heal but then their is the actual gift of healing that the bible speaks of.
        I regret not taking my dreams more seriously sooner.

        I thought I was on this site to warn others of tbj but I see that I have to warn others of Jeremiahs comment to not trust your dreams. To only base your faith and works on the bible and not y our dreams as they are not solid and doubtful. This is absolutely 100% incorrect. Not only does God speak to us in our dreams but visions, and other encounters. Of which I experience a lot of. God is a supernatural God, if you put Him in a box you are missing out in a whole lot. We are His children and He loves to speak to us in various ways.
        Yes, there are several sources of dreams but it is relatively easy to distinguish the source.
        I keep a journal by my bed to make it easier to journal and not forget.
        There is no reason to be afraid of your dreams from God. I have spent countless hours studying dreams in the bible, journaling, praying and studying my dreams. God speaks to me every single night.
        I have come a long way to where I am in just a few years as far as interpreting them but it is still a work in progress. In time you learn God’s unique way of speaking to you.
        I have different levels of dreams with God. The ones I had these last two nights are typical but sometimes I have very special one that are vivid in color. Sometimes they look more real in the dream than in real life. This is extremely rare. The dark ones are always warnings. You have to always ask what does this mean to me. For example if you dream of a dog, you can look in a Christian dream book for interpretation but you always need to consider what it means to you. Are you afraid of dogs or do you love them. God personalizes our dreams to us individually. The dreams can be simple and easy to understand or complex with layers and pieces of a puzzle.
        There is no end to Gods creativeness.
        I can tell you honestly God has revealed to me so much in dreams. He reveals to me a lot about people in my life through dreams. Things I would never know unless God told me in my dreams.
        I highly encourage all to journal your dreams and seek God. It will please Him so much that you are willing to spend the time to hear Him and are willing to get to know Him better and how He communicated with you. Not many people can hear God during the day but we can all hear God while we sleep.

        Goodnight. I pray that you all hear from God while you sleep.

  65. @Julliane,
    There is a very good reason why scriptures stop at Revelation from Genesis. 66 Books is all God left humanity to navigate in life.
    This means the WORD of God is the KEY to life and not dreams
    Dreams MUST be subjected to the WORD of God
    Revelations MUST line up with the WORD of God

    Why do you take offence when a believer prides himself in the Revealed Word of God and not dreams?
    Dreams are subjective; everybody dreams
    Joseph Smith the founder of Mormons had extensive dreams and visions
    These birthed the Mormon heresies
    Ellen G White had dreams and visions too..She is the greatest inspiration to Sabbatarians (Seventh Day Adventists)
    Willian Branham a father of modern pentecostal movement had dreams as well. He erred towards the end of his ministry out of these and misled so many

    Bring me your dreams and I flash my Bible
    In 2 Corinthians 12, Paul the Apostle had visions that exceeded many of his contemporaries
    He shared his dreams FOURTEEN YEARS LATER lest he appears to boast in his spiritual experiences. Paul boasted of his weaknesses and not supernatural encounters. That’s the example we should follow. And even when he did share part of his dreams/visions, it was very small.

    Paul NEVER constructed doctrines around dreams, he stuck to scriptures. John in Revelation had the most glorious visions. Even him stuck to scriptures and the gospel of Jesus Christ

    So @julianne, CAUTION around dreams is not an option. In fact the more dreams you share the more skeptical I get. Paul encourages us to encourage others with Psalms and Hymns (Eph 5:19) not dreams. The entire 176 verse o Psams 119 glorify the Word of God. Nothing comes close to that. Bring them scriptures any time 😉

  66. @julianne, WOW!!!!!
    No one is interfering with your relationship with God, how could we anyway? Although my attitude towards you was purely advisory and by no means offensive, you came up with: “I can see a bit of TB in you… must be jealous….shame on you……I am glad that I got to see the real you…..yet you show no faith in the Word, the Bible in any of your comments…” Do you really think this is a race to outsmart one another or whenever someone does not fully agree with you, well then, they are from the devil-like myself and Vooke- because of course you are from God? I don’t know you and you certainly don’t know me. And, I will not refer in detail to my relationship with God here, because it is ONLY between God and me. You say “I have wisdom and discernment”, sorry, but this alone is foolishness. No one boasts in himself or attributes qualities to himself, in Christ. Others should speak on our behalf and not us. Have you seen the great Apostle Paul do so? On the contrary, humility after humility were his comments concerning himself. And this is how I also feel….I consider all things rubbish in front of the excellence of having the knowledge of Jesus Christ. As far as dreams are concerned, go to the book of Genesis to see how a great “dreamer” handled his dreams from God…as well as his attitude towards those who “doubted” him….it is the Word and the Word alone that will teach us on how to see ourselves and others and most importantly God. It is this Word that will help you to get rid of all your fears and put an end to demonic attacks which cause you fear as you claim in your life. “Greater is the One who is within you than the one who is in the world.” NOBODY has authority over you if indeed you are in Christ. You say demons were transferred to you through a screen yet I was a solid member/worker of this ministry for years, who is now opposing it openly and no such weapon has succeeded against me. And as a Christian, I too have gifts….This is why our faith and relationship with God MUST be based on the Holy Spirit given Word and not feelings, emotions or even dreams for that matter. I have seen people get obsessed with their dreams being led completely out of the Bible, ending up with hatred for others, especially for those who harmed them, choosing specific verses out of context to the extent of proclaiming who will be saved or not!!!! Of course, I trust you agree that by no means, no matter who the person is or what he has done, do we have right to judge their salvation. The requirement of humility and maturity must be kept in all simplicity and purity. “But I am afraid that just as Eve was deceived by the serpent’s cunning, your minds may somehow be led astray from your sincere and pure devotion to Christ.” The Greek translation actually says:”….your minds be corrupted thus falling away from the simplicity in Christ.” 2nd Corinthians 11:3.
    To conclude, Paul says in 1st Corinthians 2:1-5″ When I came to you, brothers, I did not come with eloquence or superior wisdom as I proclaimed to you the testimony about God. FOR I RESOLVED TO KNOW NOTHING WHILE I WAS WITH YOU EXCEPT JESUS CHRIST AND HIM CRUCIFIED. My message and my preaching were not with wise and persuasive words, but with a demonstration of the Spirit’s power, so that your faith might not rest on men’s wisdom, but o God’s power.” God’s unconditional Love and uncompromising Truth, be with you.

    • @Jeremiah,
      “This is why our faith and relationship with God MUST be based on the Holy Spirit given Word and not feelings, emotions or even dreams for that matter. I have seen people get obsessed with their dreams being led completely out of the Bible, ending up with hatred for others, especially for those who harmed them”

      I totally agree. How many men have been converted to Christ through dreams? Contrast that with the Word of God and you will get my point

      Personally am way too skeptical of people who keep on ‘hearing’ God ever so frequently be it through dreams/visions/revelations. They ALWAYS dilute the Word of God by drawing us to their experiences. Like I said, dreams which don’t add no value to nobody should never be shared. Same as dreams which don’t mean nothing. And finally, spiritual experiences were NEVER designed to sho separate super CHristians from the average Christians.

      Recite John 11:35 for me anytime instead of a 10,000 words essay on your visions and a further 20,000 on their interpretation and I will be more edified 😉

    • @Jeremiah and Vookie
      In Gen 20:3 God spoke to Abimelek in a dream. He took the dream seriously and made amends and as a result his life was spared.
      In Gen 31:10 Jacob attained his wealth because he listened to God’s instructions in a dream. God even in a dream told him to move and go back to his home land.
      Gen 37:5 God revealed Josephs destiny to him in a dream.
      Num 7:13 A dream confirmed Gideons victory and strengthened him. It caused him to bow down and worship God.
      1 Kings 3:6 God appeared to Solomon in a dream and had an actual conversation with him. As a result Solomon became the wisest man to live and was given great wealth and honor.
      Mat 1:20 God spoke to Joseph who was going to divorce Mary. He listened to what God spoke to him in the dream.
      Mat 2:12 God saved Mary, Joseph and Jesus by warning them in a dream to leave the country
      Mat 2:19 God in a dream instructed them to return.

      I am not constructing doctrines from my dreams as you accuse me. Nothing I said implies that in the least bit.
      You obnoxiously say, “bring me your dreams and I’ll flash my bible.” You shouldn’t flash the bible to fight with fellow christians that is not what it is meant for. You should be living the bible. Walking in love. Just because I post a few dreams of tbj in a very appropriate website you shouldn’t judge, condemn, questioned, criticize me and invalidate the authenticity of my dreams. I defend my dreams and you accuse me of boasting.
      The verse you give of Paul, the one where you say “you’ll flash your bible”is totally inaccurate. You say that Paul waiting 14yrs to share a vision so that he wouldn’t boast. First of all it was not his dream it was a vision that belonged to someone else. He was telling a story of something that happened 14yrs ago. He doesn’t say he waited that long to not boast it doesn’t even make any sense. The complete opposite it true he was boasting in the vision and I quote Paul In 2 cor 12 he says, “I must go on boasting. I will go on to visions and revelations” (and then he speaks of the vision)

      You say, “the bible says to encourage others in Psalms and Hymns, not dreams.”
      That is again inaccurate the bible does not say, “not dreams”. It says in 1 cor 14:3 but the one who prophesies speaks to people for their strengthening, encouraging and comfort.
      Dreams, visions, are in the category of prophesy. And they all have the same purpose.
      which is what I was doing, encouraging as you and Jeremiah were trying to dissuade me and others by believing in our dreams from God.
      You even say that you know there is a new ministrations of the Holy Spirit called dreams interpretation. Here is a verse about the end times.
      acts 2:17 in the last days. God says, I will pour out my Spirit on all people. Your sons and daughters will prophesy, your young men will see visions, and your old men will dream dreams.
      If you put God in a box and do not believe or refuse to spend the time to get to hear God you will not be included in that.

      Vookie, you also attacked another believer at the beginning of this thread over her spiritual walk, also condemning and twisting the word. I was praying to God for peace as you did not let up. It speaks a lot of your heart, your character.

      You have great skill in editing and deleting my comments to make me look in a bad light. You remind me again of tbj who does the same with his prophesies. You even put words in my mouth that I never said.
      Let me refresh your memory why I said you reminded me of tbj.
      You discouraged me from believing me in my dreams calling them not solid and doubtful. You also warned the devil gives dreams to intimidate and deceive. This is tbj, trying to stop you from operating in your gifts from God and then scaring you about the devil. It is very easy to decipher who the giver of the dream is. I have had enough with tbj I don’t need you doing the same thing. You should be ashamed to discourage me and others on this site to believe in our dreams. I sense a jealousy and insecure spirit in you. I have said repeatedly God speaks to us all in dreams and that we all have gifts. Which is exactly why I posted my dream so that other people with their gifts could interpret and share what God showed them about tbj. I was not boasting. I was defending myself and encouraging others from your negativity and discouragement. This is my personal intimate relationship with God that I love, value and appreciate yet you not only try to convince me to not trust in God’s dreams but then you attack me. again by saying that I am boasting in my relationship with God. And you so humbly state you keep yours private. Really, Jeremiah you’d don’t speak to others about God to show them how good He is? I share healing stories and some visions. Some occasions when the need arises I do share my dreams also. It is always to help the other person and to edify God and never ever to boast in myself. God knows how pure and sincere my heart is.
      When I read about Solomon’s encounter with God in his dream I am in awe every time. It inspires me, and makes me love God more and more. It never gets old.
      I did not get on this site to defend my dreams. It was only to expose tbj and his evil but I see you have that same evil spirit although a much lesser degree. You also have a fighting and dominating spirit. I was praying for you Jeremiah as you went ballistic in your remarks the other day. Writing in all capitals and even yelling that you don’t care if you offend others. I didn’t come here to fight and I certainly don’t want to see others fight. We should be in unity in Christ. Yet you are attacking my dreams, invalidating them, the source of them. Trying to get me to stop trusting in them.
      What made you the supreme authority over dreams? To tell me I am wrong, to judge me, condemn me and my dreams.
      It is because of people like you and Vookie that Christians have a bad reputation. You are exactly the reason why I stay away from Facebook as so many Christians love to fight over nothing, personal opinion mostly.

      You should study the dream verses I posted at the start of this post and decide again if you don’t want to trust in dreams from God.

      I was very disturbed by your comments and opened my bible to read and God led me right to Luke 11:52 woe to you experts in the law, because you have taken away the key to knowledge. You yourselves have not entered and you have hindered those who were entering. Jesus went outside, the pharisees and the teachers of the law began to oppose him fiercely and to besiege him in something he might say.

      This was a verse that Jesus gave to me to give to you. It happened like when Jesus was in the synagogue and opened up to Isiaiah. God led me right to this verse as I was devastating by your attacks. He is calling you a pharisee. You yourself have not entered that gate of dreaming with God and you are hindering others from doing so. All I did was post a few dreamd and you opposed me fiercely, I was besieged.

      I am a very spiritual person and can sense and feel things something you lack in. It is the reason why I can’t stand fighting and it pains me to see people suffer at tbjs hands. It is also the reason why I can feel God, Jesus and the Holy Spirit loving me and embracing me a lot. I have many encounters with God. Because of my sensitive spirit I can feel and see a lot. I can also see and feel the demons attacking being sent by tbj. He even confessed if you go after him demons attack you. Jamie who also is very spiritual has also seen them. You are living in a box and putting Jesus in a box. If you don’t believe that is your decision but you shouldn’t fight with others and try to force them to believe what you believe. You shouldn’t make them wrong and you right.
      We can’t all agree with each other on everything just because you don’t believe in dreams like I do for what reason are you fighting with me. I didn’t ask for your opinion. If I had listened to you I would have shut God out of a very important part of my life.
      Many Muslims are reporting how Jesus is visiting them in their dreams these last days and they are converting to Christ. God uses many ways to speak to us.

      I will not reply to any more of your attacks.
      I leave you both with Psalm 126:1 when the Lord restored the fortunes of Zion, we were like those who dreamed. Our mouths were filled with laughter, our tongues with songs and joy.

      I also worship God as the result of my dreams. I am in awe of Him and his creativity in the way he speaks to me in my dreams. I am also in awe at how I literally I live out my dreams and how God does warn me and guide me through dreams.

      • @julianne,
        You are being comical. You shared private information in a public forum so quit whining when that information is dissected. and FYI nobody is fighting you. That’s playing victimhood. Next you will say you are being persecuted. I hate to say this but it is obvious you are PROUD and hate being questioned on nothing. Typical of believers who think they are more than others. That is why now your ONLY teacher is Christ, no need for fellowship. You are self-contained 🙂

        Read 2 Corinthians 12 over and over again prayerfully and you will discover that the man Paul is talking about was himself! That he waits for 14 years before divulging the extent of his revelations is quite something.

        “Dreams, visions, are in the category of prophesy. And they all have the same purpose.”
        I agree with this statement and that’s why Paul’s conduct with regard to his vision and spiritual experiences is the same yardstick I use and I believe you should apply in your dreams

        Next thing @julianne is to put yourself in our shoes. You are busy regaling us in your dreams. So what? What should vooke and everyone else reading them do? The most logical and spiritual thing to do is to TEST them. Are they any relevant to us? Are they in line with scriptures?

        When I said there is a ‘new’ ministration called dream interpretation, I meant there is an unhealthy obsession with dreams that lacks scriptural basis. I said it sarcastically 😉

      • @Vookie
        I am not on this website to fight with others. In the past I did not fight with you on anything you said. I am only defending myself and my love walk with God from your judgement, condemnation and accusations. I have not responded to your most recent attacks nor my previous post that you are now also fighting with me on. You can not make your intentions to fight any more obvious. I was planning on just ignoring you but you since you are now digging up my previous posts I have to ask you to not respond to my posts.

        I have disagreed with comments that people have posted. It doesn’t bother me, nor do I feel the need to tell them they are wrong or to convince them I am right. We are all different and entitled to our opinions. Most of the time the differences are so insignificant. We are not expected to be clones in our thinking.
        When I post on something someone says I find something I agree with and comment on that. I do not search for something I disagree with. Rarely do I ever disagree with someone on this site and If I do it is something I strongly feel about and I do not fight with them in any way.

        I have taken a series of prophecy and also dream classes. They were all so wonderful. We would share our dreams and we would all give our interpretations. We had a highly gifted teacher in dream interpretation. The prophecy classes were just as enjoyable. We all had dreams and were able to prophecy. Everyone was at a different level and we all had different gifts. I was not the most gifted in any gift but I was not jealous. I was excited by all their gifts. We were all in unity, encouraging and supporting each other. It was such a nice environment. We were operating in the gifts of the spirits and their was no envy and no fighting how God instructs us to be on His Word.

        I joined this site to expose tbj and his abuse. It was nice to have support of others. I expected opposition from only tbj supporters. Which surprisingly I rarely come across. When I do my intention is to not fight with them, to yell at them, insult them, accuse them or threaten them. I simply reason with them and show them my heart.

        I have seen how earlier on this thread you did not stop with your attacks on someone else. Your spirit is one of fighting. I know you will not even take what I am saying seriously. But sin has consequences not just on judgment day but also while living on this earth. I have simply posted a dream and then had to encourage others and defend myself. If someone sees boasting in that it is because they have envy. Boasting is what tbj does although he is quite extreme and excessive.

        I ask you Vookie to stop fighting with me and do not respond to any of my posts. I will not be responding to any of yours.

  67. @Vooke, once again you have covered me.
    @julianne, really…..Your immaturity and spiritual ignorance are more than evident. Oh….and that spirit I am supposed to have, it is not called dominating but domineering, just for the record. 🙂 Anyway….despite all your accusations I am not fighting you as you think, on the contrary…you see…although you “sensed”, “saw”, “felt” and “was told” so many things about me, after reading your post today I was “told” only this: to love you more. So, I prefer to leave you with this: Psalm 4:2-5 “How long, O men, will you turn my glory into shame? How long will you love delusions and seek false gods? Know that The Lord has set apart the godly for Himself; the Lord will hear when I call to Him. In your anger do not sin; when you are on your beds, search your hearts and be silent.” Yes, Julianne…let us search our hearts and be silent…

  68. @Julianne, is a public forum in case that obvious fact escaped you. So it is ridiculous to post stuff here and then throw tantrums when people comment on them. I will post and reply on BOTH the contents of the thread AND comments. I have been doing that since I joined and am not about to stop.

    DREAMING is not a spiritual gift anywhere in the New Testament otherwise Paul the Apostle missed it BIG in his first epistle to the Corinthians and others. And so is dream interpretation. They play a very peripheral role in the NT. Besides, even if it were, my faith is founded on the solid rock; the WORD of God. If I have ought against TB, I’d have to demonstrate how his words/actions are contrary the Word of God, not necessarily how he scared me in a nightmare 😉

    If your dreams ‘edify’ you, keep dreaming. If you get warnings in your dreams about TB, then you need to warn others and I hope and pray that you do. But how many warnings about TB do you need in your dreams before you take action? Joseph the carpenter dreamt once and acted immediately. How many people have you warned about TB ever since you started having bad dreams starring TB?

    Repetitive dreams may point to obsession with your object and nothing else.

    For the last time, am not interested in fighting nobody; it is the ‘spiritual’ ideas propagated here that I MUST subject to scriptures. That’s a full-time job and I take it very seriously 😉

  69. Julia Julia,what wrong with you? Are you sure everything ok with you?why you keep on monitoring hunting anything movement of tbjoshua? You accusing tbjoshua of killing 8pastor in America,for sending demons to peoples,for that and this,Madame tu es vraiment aller tres loin,tu n’es pas a l’aise,conscience guilty maybe,why you want bringing devil in your life because of lack of respect for man of God,if you right why you so agitate,insure,scare? Why are fighting tb joshua,your campaign would never stop tbjoshua doing his work,nobody consider tbjoshua as Jesus,himself said many time am not Jesus,he is not
    Ever harassment people he shout to the devil no people,ask God to show the way the devil act before
    Leaving a person who has been possess so long,some time they resist they refused to leave the body
    That why man of God has to shout to the devil,sometime touch him please read your bible
    And when tb joshua said as tb joshua I can said this,that mean when the spirit of God upon tbjoshua in that time is God revealing all the secret hidden to people that why some people crying and confess,and when tbjoshua finish the work in the church ang going to his home with he is family( wife,children…)
    He is now other person,he is a husband for his lovely wife,and father for his kids,the spirit of God is not there anymore he can pray but no as a prophet,at least God ask him to do so.
    Julia ask God to use you as well,but he can not use you with all you are writing,you hated tbjoshua so much,the bible said to forgive our ennemi,is tbjoshua your ennemi?what have he done to you for to do a campaign to finish him?examine yourself,clean up your heart God will use you more even tbjoshua,
    You start even talking about his marriage what is doing with you cela n’a pas des sens why you are wasting your time instead of praying,reading the bible you can not fight God,if tbjoshua is a fake God will deal with him no you you are writing nonsense Julia,the crusade at Colombia was success,Julia how many people did you heal?you accusing tb joshua sending you demons,it’s not make no sens,tbjoshua is a demon you Julia you see God every day you are a saint,how come tbjoshua can send you demon which make you no to lay hand on people,and how could you lay the hand on people
    While you are full of hatred??you can not hate and pray,even tbjoshua is wrong you are not right to hate him,I never saw a bitter Christian,Jesus did forgive those who killed him,what wrong tbjoshua have done to you,and when people bow is Nigeria culture to greet a senior,my son s friend from Nigeria anywhere he saw me he bow to greet me I don’t like it but it’s an habit the way they raised them,we are in Europe,please Julia do not hate someone because people said this or that,demande au seigneur de t’orienter,you have gone too fare and confuse,do not mind people we gonna be judge for what we are saying,and the judgement will be individually,nobody will be spare at the big
    Judgement coming soon even tbjoshua,everybody so mind our word.

  70. Julia where is your problem? They have been marrying many years,have a big girl who uk,why are you bringing this subject after all those years? Tbjoshua said God has showed him her beautiful wive mama Evelyn days before they meet,she just came to confirm man of God vision,any way read your bible and you see how God worked with his prophets they are special,they eyes,mount ear,hands,feet of God,they can not do anything without God will,they are just instrument,they like remonte control which God is the finger to change the channels,if God say pray for that person he will,his all trips depend on God if he disobey by doing his will God will remove his spirit from him and became a man of people but no a man of God,some time you would never understand them,while you are sleeping,or eat them they fasting and praying,asking God to use them even more,you too Julia just focus on praying,clean your heart,forgive and forget you will see how the Holy Ghost will use you,you will perform more than tb joshua,people will say you became a magician,the gift is for any believer,it’s written in the bible
    Why divine,prophesy,miracles,healing,became so doubt to you people everything became devil where act.2-38…we want to see people be deliver from incurable diseases,the doctors told them there is nothing they can do for theirs diseases what you guys want to go again? Let them came to the man of God they want to around the wold,I know so many no only tbjoshua,why you are fight man of God,where you want us to go?? To you guys?give us then your churches address !!! Please Julia mind your words,how tbjoshua can send you the demons? It’s show that you have not meet God how came the power of the devil from tbjoshua can cursed you?tbjoshua never hold back no pastors contrary for what you are saying he always help them for their ministries,they go back to theirs churches happy and bless for those you are humble and patient,those who he see that they are fit to be a pastor he straight told them to stop is what you call harassment? Some they are after something when they do not got they want they became better none called tbjoshua Jesus,bow to knees is Nigerian signed of respect to greet a senior,tbjoshua never shout to people during the deliveverence but he shout to the bad spirit to come out.julia you are confused repent we will be judge according to everything come out from our mouth,remember all you are writing you will answering it in front of God even me I will as well,including tbjoshua.,you are conscientious for what you are writing.porte toi bien et a la pronchaine.

  71. Comment vous vous disputez entre vous? Julienne with vooke et jeremiah???donc cela Montre le sang chaud,et too know at all entre vous,personnel ne veut preter l’oreille a l’autre,ayez l ‘esprit du Christ,humble,le moi,moi,moi est trop entre vous.

  72. We saw it here at Europe,America ,they meet the same day,proposal in the same day and get marriage the next day and divorcing the following day is that knew to you Julia?? Tbjoshua has marrying to one beautiful one lady mama Evelyn,had children one uk university,why are you bringing up this subject??even you hated someone or do not agree with him say the truth about him,or if you have nothing nice to say about your ennemi just keep quiet,other wise you will fabricate liar and you will embarrass yourself,you want tbjoshua to stepdown fair enough the short cut is ask God to do it,you have got holy ghost everything you ask God he will hear you Julia if you are a child of God why are you scared of the demons tbjoshua is sending you?and why you dreams around tbjoshua?please if you have guilty conscience just repair your life,never mind people,the salvation is individually,we will be judge according to our say,act in the last day,God would not spare none even tbjoshua,Obama,pop,white,black,man,woman,all of us,never mind people,be you.

  73. Julia please tbjoshua wife is a good women do not even go there,she is special person,she is happy and loved love each other,they are good parent for bringing up their daughter Sarah who grad,at uk university,do you about?i love the way tbjoshua do not exposed his wife and kids in public eyes,,why do you want Evelyn have friend?tbjoshua is his best for 25 years,and there is not a best friend in this world one day she or he will disappoint you,Evelyn is man of God wife,she is busy taking care of his family,why you want her to have regular interview?what is the benefit after, Julia wearing a ring is not a signe of happiness I can wear it and am not happy,all of us knows that Evelyn is tbjoshua lovely wife,pick on tbjoshua but no to his wife and kids,you just give you point of view about tbjoshua ministry but do not put your nose on theirs private life,they have been marrying for long time ago why you are bringing up about proposal!!!tbjoshua saw her before they met and in America how many do proposal the same day and marrying in the same day??evely is a good women with value and class,Julia you never met her how could you labelling her as a bad person??a part from being tbjoshua wife she is a human being like you,I can see how you are hurt in your disagreement between you jeremiah,vooke…all bad comment you are putting about them hurt them as well,even you hated someone do not fabricated liar to embarrass them you will end up embarrass yourself,reading your comment you seems a holy holy,saint,and you refused to forgive tbjoshua,what kind of Christian are you?you said you see dreams,laying hand of seak,see thing coming,Julia by witch power do you do it?because you still have a big ennemi tbjoshua,and the bible said you can prophesy,heal,dream,speaking in tongue,preach,raise the dead,but if you have not got love all is zero,you will never see The Lord Jesus,you are wasting your time,I was in shock reading your comment how you can not forgive?jesus did in the cross I can see who you are,you are confused Julia,any where into yr comment tbjoshua,tbjoshua what wrong with you?even 8pastors die in America tbjoshua is responsable what nonsense,tbjoshua is abusing people and what are you doing by pick on tbjoshua wife?you see the reason why you can not even agreed with your colleague anti-tbjoshua ,all of you are too know at all,too much I,I,I,me,me,me,with that dominant spirit you would never settle down spiritual you sees fault easily ,my mum told us listen a lot,and talk less.julia stop confusing yourself mind your own business you will be happy women in the earth,seek God,be humble stop stressing yourself in the internet,time you spend make critics spend it in prayer,reading bible visiting people in prison,hospital,home care,charity…spirit of critics ,gossip die hard you have to pray and cast it out.

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