UPDATED: Building collapses at SCOAN Lagos, many reported dead

Reports are coming out that the building at SCOAN Lagos reserved for foreign visitors, collapsed this afternoon. Many are said to be dead (source), and people are reportedly trapped. We pray the emergency services will be able to work quickly and efficiently and be able to save as many lives as possible.


Note: this is a live and developing situation, as usual no trustworthy information is coming from SCOAN. We are compiling various reports from around the web as they come in. We present them as different perspectives to the story, we cannot guarantee their accuracy.

Update 1 2014-09-12 – Current reports state that it was the building hosting the church’s foreign members, and that 15 dead bodies have been recovered so far (source).

Update 2 2014-09-12 – It has been reported that SCOAN are not cooperating with the rescue operation, or allowing journalists to report on the incident: Synagogue Church security staff behaved in an aggressive way, attacked reporters of the Nigerian Television Authority (NTA) and broke their camera Work of the officials of the Nigerian National Emergency Management Agency (NEMA) has been also disrupted. One of the possible reasons is that the administration of the Church might have tried to cover up the real cause of the collapse.” (source)

Update 3 2014-09-13 – SCOAN confirm the collapse but claim nobody has died. “The media department of the church explained that contrary to media reports, no one is trapped in the rubbles and no one has died. Those who are injured are being cared for” (source). Soon after they release the following statement on Facebook:


Meanwhile, the BBC are reporting that at least 3 are dead, 18 are in hospital and scores are still trapped inside the building.

Update 4 2014-09-13 “The Nation” news website quotes a disciple identified as “Kate” claiming that the building collapse was the result of a bomb. This claim has been denied by State Police Public Relations Officer (PPRO),Ngozi Braide who told The Nation last night that “there was no bomb in the Synagogue incident.” (source).

Update 5 2014-09-13 Lagos State Building and Control Agency suspect that the extra floors on the building were being constructed without approval: “We have been here challenging them on the building approval but they haven’t said anything convincing. They claimed to have approval but we could not confirm it. They were told to bring the building approval authorised by the state government but none of them could provide it.” (source)

Update 6 2014-09-13 A TV news report claims that 15 bodies were pulled from the rubble, and the the church is not cooperating with the rescue operation.

Update 7 2014-09-13 More international news coverage of the event, this time in Reuters. Confirms that at least 3 are dead, SCOAN are still not acknowledging any deaths.

Update 8 2014-09-13 Today’s death toll has risen to 17, with hundreds injured, according to News24.

Updates will follow as they come in.scoancollapse

135 thoughts on “UPDATED: Building collapses at SCOAN Lagos, many reported dead

  1. Not to be insensitive but did I read somewhere of death(s) following a stampede over his water in Ghana?
    Now we have death out of ‘healing’

  2. Many are called but few are chosen. A dilemma is not a laughing matter but one of sorrow. If anyone died today his or her souls shall rise again in Jesus name. For those called to eternity by the Glory of the most high, may their souls rest in perfect peace.

    • Tuberculosis Joshua a.k.a TB Joshua is a SCAM. This guy is belief. He was unable to see the building collapse while he could even tell where the Malaysian plane was… Anyone that goes or believe in this man should start thinking twice and asking God to reveal more hidden agendas accompanying this guy.


      • Satan can do anything towards GOD’s works,therefore dnt judge so that you may not be judgedGOD ll restore all things satan has stolen from His children.My GOD is faithful He used TB Joshua for me to know n serve Him”GOD Almighty”…GOD ll fight for all of us n TB JOSHUA himself.

  3. What a tragedy. I feel such a loss in my heart for those people.
    My thought is that this happened because he has been fighting God.

    I had a dream last night with tbj who was digging up the ground with a shovel. He was digging up bad seeds. He was desperate in the dream.
    Now I see it is the bodies of the collapsed building.
    Later in the morning I was thinking about the dream and I had a vision of us watching him and we were behind bars in prison. The bars were made of copper signifies men and women of God who gives all they have to God to serve like the widow who gave all she had with her copper coins.

    I caught tbj one day saying in his fit of anger to the church, “I can hold you back.” And as he also said, if you fight him demons will come after you.

    So he uses spiritual powers and demons to hurt God’s people.

    In the last few years here In America there have been 7 or 8 pastors that have died on the pulpit or immediately after finishing.

    You can Google pastors dying on the pulpit. I don’t know of Google in another country comes up with the same search here in America.

  4. To TB Joshua,
    Now you will let our loved ones make contact with us, so that we can know whether they are alive or what or we will get our countries Embasies to go and investigate what is going on there!

  5. So this is the “Arena of Liberty”, that I’ve heard the Wisemen constantly talk about when doing deliverances.

    Even though it is the arena of torment, fear and bondage. An arena where tbj holds back gifted men and women of God who love Jesus so much, who sacrificed all including their own lives to be there to serve God. Yet tbj holds them back spiritually as well as in the natural. He won’t even let their faces be shown during the anointing water drliverances. No mic for them either just for the demons. Right now he is even holding back the wisemen. First he stopped them from prophesying and now they no longer deliver or heal.
    And now it seems that many have died.

    • all of you saying things against TBJ are foolish nd heartless… useless people.. what insolence.. can’t you just be wise in your miserable lifes. we should all stand by him at this point when he needs us most, and not talk against him. his a real prophet nd man of God. I fill so sad about what happened, God knows the best. for those who dead, may their souls rest in piece. I’ll keep praying for them and TBJ. God should stay nd be by him. ooooooh.. i cried.. may God help TBJ..

      What a bad news.
      God whyyyyyy.
      Well i’m strongly standing by my prophet, Snr Prophet TBJ.. God is with you father.. he knows why this is happening..

      We your children are always praying by you.

      Emmanuel………!!! God with You and I.

      • George, instead of wasting your time with TB Joshua, please go back to school and review your English grammar. You writting things that do not make sense at all.

        Please refer to the following pointers:

        – can’t you just be wise in your miserable lifes [lives].
        – I fill [feel] so sad about what happened
        – may their souls rest in piece [peace]
        – We your children are always praying by you [?????????????????????]

      • Thank you george for that encouragement words. To our Snr prophet TBJ your possesion has been touched but not your heart. Don’t loose focus. Don’t listen to those that are against,let them show the world what they are doing if it is right.

  6. I have just tried phoned them in scoan Lagos, but as usual could not get hold of the people I know. I was assured that nothing at all happened there. They are lying again as usual! As is their custom.

  7. September 12, 2014
    Update of Synagogue collapse: SCOAN officials with some ‘uniformed police’ are denying photojournalists to take picture @ALIBABAGCFR

    I’m at General Hospital, Isolo where the casualties are taken to. Three ambulances that just brought in casualties are headed back to SCOAN


    • On Sunday Aug 31, tbj was cursing people who were hurting Nigeria. He then accused the entire church of being guilty of that sin with those people. He said repeatedly that their blood was guilty. He said it was unfortunate for them that their blood was guilty. While the church was innocent, it seems like the sermon came back to haunt him.
      Please check out what I posted on it, their were other things as well. It is in the the article “cowardly u-turn:

  8. It is a tragedy that lives have been lost…such a pity it didn’t just collapse without casualties. We should pray for the families of the deceased….however….those responsible must assume their responsibility….fully…without lies and games, this time.

  9. Luke 13 (KJV) ​
    1 — There were present at that season some that told him of the Galilaeans, whose blood Pilate had mingled with their sacrifices. 2 And Jesus answering said unto them, Suppose ye that these Galilaeans were sinners above all the Galilaeans, because they suffered such things? 3 I tell you, Nay: but, except ye repent, ye shall all likewise perish. 4 Or those eighteen, upon whom the tower in Siloam fell, and slew them, think ye that they were sinners above all men that dwelt in Jerusalem? 5 I tell you, Nay: but, except ye repent, ye shall all likewise perish.

    Those who perished or are injured never met this because they are any more sinners than me or you

    And @Julianne, what’s the value of that dream coming AFTER the fact? It is no different from TB Joshua’s prophecies which are 110% accurate at predicting history! 😦

    • Vookie, you need to stop fighting me already.
      Jesus our Judge hears every word and you will be held accountable.
      If put your mind to it a little you will easily figure it out that I had the dream last night before this happened.
      He gave me insight as to why this happened which is why I posted it.
      Vookie as I said before this website is to expose tbj. We as believers should not be fighting each other. It is a great sin. We are supposed to be United walking in love and supporting and encouraging other.
      Vookie you are going to hate this but the first prophecy I was ever given I was told I was a seer and that God uses me to warn others. I was told God did not want me to hold back my tongue as I had been doing. In a few days God had my Christian friend who looked me in the eye and said I was a seer. So I had confirmation although I did not need it.
      God has used me to even warn pastors. I have already shared with you in the previous posts of your sin, yet you continue to do it.
      God is my witness to all of it.
      I already can hear your nasty accusations in your next email.
      I will not respond. I had asked you before to not reply to my posts.
      I am going to have to talk to the administrator about you because if you don’t stop one of us is going to have to go.

      • @Julianne,
        A tragedy and tens perishing suddenly and all you can say is ‘I saw this yesterday in a dream!’
        Did you warn anybody? Who benefitted from that dream? That is opportunism @Julianne, just like TB Joshua exploiting tragedy to the max.

        For the last time, this is a public forum, whatever you share here is accessible by everyone. If you don’t want people to see or comment on your contributions then keep them to yourself

  10. The will of God must be accomplished, never blame Tbj, rather blame the builders of the collapsed structure

  11. Synagogue church collapse: Journalists, emergence workers attacked!
    ….Ebola victims in collapsed building The source says church security staff, operating aggressively and threateningly, attacked emergency aid officials and smashed a Nigerian Television Authority (NTA) camera. Speaking to SaharaReporters today, a source from the Nigerian National Emergency Management Agency (NEMA) said that they have withdrawn from the scene of the Synagogue Church of All Nations in Ikotun, Lagos. The source says church security staff, operating aggressively and threateningly, attacked emergency aid officials and smashed a Nigerian Television Authority (NTA) camera. See Also Reasons for the “barbaric” behavior were unknown, but some speculated that the church may have been trying to cover up the real cause of the collapse. Others alleged Ebola virus disease patients were being kept there.

  12. Please pray. There are members of my family in SCOAN. I have not heard from them for many years because of the way things are in SCOAN and now I do not know if they are alive or if they are injured. There will be many others who are wondering the same, there will be people who now have to grieve and people who now have to heal. Please pray.

    • From the FCO Lagos: If you are in the UK  and need help because something has happened to a friend or relative abroad please contact the Foreign & Commonwealth Office in London and ask to speak to the Country Casework Team who deal with Nigeria on 020 7008 1500 (24 hours) or email;feedback.consular.services@fco.gsi.gov.uk

  13. Remember that TB Joshua’s security personal are heavily armed soldiers that are positioned at every entrance to his ‘church’, with automatic AK 47 rifles.

  14. Is this an unfortunate tragic event or another blood sacrifice ? Perhaps this is the unpleasant wakeup call for those trapped inside the Synagogue of Satan to leave

    • The church is sleeping. I pray that it wakes up from it’s slumber and begin to see what the devil is doing. For false messiahs and false prophets will appear and perform great signs and wonders to deceive, if possible, even the elect.

    • Thank you Jamie for reporting this. I just read the announcement…are they for real? What non sensical rubbish is this? Please, if indeed, as I have been reading in other sites there are casualties, those who have such information confirmed and first hand, report it immediately! This nonsense has to stop!

      • expect the worstest, TB Joshua is in the full publical spotlight by this disaster, so expect bizar constructed solutions and statements from him. Dont be mis-leaded. All dark will come to the light. Our God is in charge, and no-one else. Praise Him for His Grace over the broken families., He will take care. TB is a worm, and talks as a worm.

    • incoherent blathering from him as usual. No sorrow, no admission of severe injury or death, cover up and try to shift the blame. Same as usual.

  15. If this is the truth, why are the news reporters chased away and why are there no other reports about it except a release from old tbj? The professional liars?

  16. My heart is breaking for people who went to where they thought was the seat of God’s power on earth, and were met with death and injury. 😦

    They will not get recompense for this. I am sure that soon enough, TBJ will find some poor dope to “admit” to “bombing” it or “admit” to being a builder who did shoddy work, or some other audacious lie. And maybe he will make a grand gesture of a little bit of money, to show how sympathetic and charitable he is.

    My only hope is that if one of those hurt or killed was an international visitor, their families will push for justice and harass their embassy and the Nigerian government until TBJ is held accountable. As the owner of the property, and the leader of the church, and the self proclaimed spokesperson of God, he IS responsible for everything that goes on on SCOAN property.

  17. God know why the building colapsed. If we are true christians we should pray to God to rescue us . Christians in Iraq are dying . Tb Joshua has never said he is God . He said everyone is tempted including him . Paul an apostle of Jesus had a thorn in the flesh and he prayed 3 time. But he was told God’s grace is sufficient enough . Jesus said there will be trials and tribulation in the world but be of good cheer . He has overcome the world .”Lord. I come before your throne and declare. You are still God and we stand by prophet T b joshua in this trying times

  18. This is so Sad, people are dead, trapped, injured and all tbj supporters could say is they tried to bring down the Man of God but failed? Seriously!!!!!! All scoan can do is cover up!!!!!! With shallow statements, an incident is being reported by various media houses and scoan tags their report a “rumour”. This is a wake up call for tbj followers, because i doubt it’s Jesus Christ leading this people. GOD please Help us, save us from decievers.

    • They have actually resulted in saying that this has happened in order to promote TB Joshua and are cheering away…..people have died and others are being hospitalized so that TB Joshua is promoted…….do you all who support such claims know what the people of Israel were called to do in the face of such destruction? REPENT! Yes, repent, repent, repent. Such incidents in the Bible were meant for one reason alone: REPENTANCE. I fear most have no clue of the God they are serving….Lord, have mercy on us all….

  19. …In the evening, the pandemonium in the area of the church was compounded by security officials who besieged the entrance of the church, shooting into the air to disperse the crowd.
    The security officers (army guys) prevented onlookers from gaining entrance into the church, but their presence and shootings led to a stampede…


  20. Here they are coming – the lies fresh from scoan:

    A military helicopter was sighted hovering over the area.
    “The church members have been very aggressive and tried attacking emergency responders”.
    Some members of the church blamed the tragedy on ‘enemies’ who purportedly planted bombs on the premises.
    They openly rained curses on such ‘enemies’.
    One of them, who simply gave her name as Kate, said: “What has T.B Joshua done to warrant this? This is the third time they have tried to bomb the church”.
    “On two occasions, they intended bombing this place but God exposed them. Now, they came because they knew that

    our father (T.B Joshua) was not around and succeeded in blowing the place up”.

    “God will definitely judge them. Why is it that people do not like good things? If anybody is sick and comes here, he will be healed, if one has no money and comes here, he will be given some money to establish himself”.
    “Even the barren that came here ended up being parents. So, what will they say he has done??”
    The Lagos State Police Command, however, dismissed the insinuation.
    The State Police Public Relations Officer (PPRO), Ngozi Braide told The Nation last night that “there was no bomb in the Synagogue incident.”

    • The bomb claim would be funny if there weren’t people dead. :/ In this case, it’s just horrible and honestly quite wicked. Already trying to shift the blame and avoid culpability for those deaths.

      A bomb without explosion, a bomb without fire, a bomb without even smoke. Tell us, SCOAN folk, exactly what kind of bomb is that? An imaginary one? Yeah. Something imagined and created in the mind because allowing the possibility that TBJ and SCOAN are untrustworthy and unsafe is just too much for his follower’s brains to handle. Any other excuse, no matter how ridiculous, is better than that!

      • TBJ is behind the scenes, directing his stooges what to say, but this “bomb” excuse does not hold any water at all ! Temitope Balogun Joshua, be humble, and accept responsibility for your failure, for putting up a structure without approval, in your mad rush to get foreigners into Hotel SCOAN to boost your inflated ego. TBJ must be humble to make his confession before God and the people and stop finding excuses and blaming other people. It is time TBJ is held accountable for all his atrocities!

  21. A Nigerian Television Authority, NTA, journalist, had his camera seized by a policeman. Some worshipers were heard raining curses on whoever masterminded the incident, as they claimed that it was not a mere building collapse.
    Meanwhile, Lagos State Building and Control Agency, LASBCA, Mrs. Abimbola Animashaun yesterday said the state government could not confirm trace of any document stating that the building was approved.
    Animashaun who led her team to the scene of the incident said none of the church members could provide evidence of approval for the collapsed building.
    According to her, “We have been here challenging them on the building approval but they haven’t said anything convincing. They claimed to have approval but we could not confirm it. They were told to bring the building approval authorized by the state government but none of them could provide it.”

  22. “The church members have been very aggressive and tried attacking emergency responders”.
    What has happened to – “Let love leads”? as tbj blabbers on and on on this topic?

  23. Sincere condolences to the bereaved. We pray that God, the great comforter will support your families and the nation through this time of sorrow. Our solidarity with you our brothers and sisters.
    Greed and corruption , bottom line, is culpable in this tearful crisis. Buildings collapse too frequently in Africa for the sole reason that owners take shortcuts with materials ,hastily erecting floor upon floor as authorities look the other way so long as their bribe has been paid. Its such a tragedy

  24. This is devil’s temptations.And it does not mean Tbj is a faillure.To real Christians remember John the Baptist seeked help from Jesus while in prison but Jesus never reported to prison why? The believers their home is in Heaven.

    • That kind of talk is all over his facebook page and it makes me SICK.

      They are completely ignoring the dead and injured. They have made this all about TBJ. All their sympathy and words of compassion and encouragement go to him. :/

      I have never encountered such heartless people in my entire life. Even the atheists I am acquainted with have more innate, appropriately directed compassion than the followers of TBJ.

  25. Remember TB Joshua’s New Year message?

    2014 The Year of Destiny, Year of Crossing Bridge………………..

    Wonder if this collapsed building at scoan is part of his own prophecy and destiny?

  26. I believe that God is warning TB Joshua, by this tragedy near his church. Just as the stampede in Ghana, TB did not see it coming, because God has the reign over visions, and not Tb. I believe God shows TB , to take care of His people in a righteous way. To believe this event will promote TB is a farce. It is more truth to say, that God forces TB Joshua, to place God first and not himself. The over-crowed to mekka-scoan, is a bad sign, for bad management and failing teachings. If the building-collapse is an attac of satan, then there is something seriously wrong in the vision and protection in scoan. I believe TB Joshua will looze His commision, if he is not able to change his self-centredness, to God-centredness. One of the core-messages and promises of God, is that we are under HIs shelter. A mega-church, where is prayed all day long, and no-one received a revelation of the coming collapse, is in sure danger-zone. Their minds is on something else then hearing from God and being dedicted to HIm. Maybe this event will humble TB Joshua, for the good of all. There is only One God.

  27. @oceane, as Christians our heart should be in an attitude of repentance on a daily basis. And of course this includes all. However, when someone commits a crime, for example, theft, the one who must face the legal and social penalties is the perpetrator himself and not society at large for their own imperfection, concerning the specific crime. Now, hiding, lying and allowing your followers to say that this happened in order of spiritual elevation/promotion is not just wrong but perverted. Even in the world, those responsible issue an announcement of sympathy and seeming humility considering casualties. Shifting the blame to others, like yes, I am a thief but look at John he is a liar, is a manipulative pcychological tactic for the masses, simply to deter attention from the real perpetrator and has nothing to do with assuming responsibility for one’s actions and thus repenting, something actually SCOAN so fervently teaches concerning responsibility. They say, I quote: no one is to blame for your situation but you. Something now I totally disagree with, because what should we say about children who are molested or people who unjustly suffer due to oppression they cannot escape? We were made to feel guilty even for our ailments as if they were the consequences of our sins, our not doing enough or not complying with the leadership’s instructions! And yes, I have repented before God for partaking in heretic teachings at SCOAN, although deceived and manipulated. If the “branches” are to repent, how much more should the “roots” of the tree? Please….why not go to the site @Jamie posted at 11:13 and see what is being said, as well as BBC Africa, to whether there are casualties or not. Asking me whether I have repented at this point, as to do with this incident, is ludicrous.

  28. Ok…now I get you! Who ever said it was because of THEIR sins? To imply something like that would be non christian and personally I value my relationship with God too much. If you had read my first comment you would see that first of all I refer to the INNOCENT victims. It is SCOAN administration that should repent NOT the victims or families, for this. God forbid!!! However, throughout the history of Israel, the sins of some brought about punishment sometimes including the innocent.(wars with tribes where even the children were not to be spared.) Unfortunately, this may happen, but who are we to question the way God moves and allows things to happen? I, for one, don’t…..I believe that 1st Corinthians chapter 10 and especially verses 1-24 warns us what to expect when partaking in two worlds.;-)

  29. We all live in sin, even after salvation. Let no man believe he is free from sin. We are going from producing the acts of the flesh, to the acts in the Spirit, as a proces in time. Repentance is a normal daily duty for every christian. The christian who believes he is without sin, or judging the sins of others, because he is so “good”, is just religious and does not walk in the Light of Jezus Christ. Christians avoid sins, but there are numerous occassions where they commit sin because of ignorance, just lack of right knowledge. God does not calles for repentance, because He gave His Son Jezus for our sins. The ONLY walk we walk, is the walk in Christ. TB has blamed, accused, condemped,abused,punished,humiliated people endless for their sins. While he excuses and justifies his own sins. , because he is “the profhet’. Everything will go wrong and becomes a confusing mess, when ‘the profhet” believes he is more fortunated and justified, then the average christian. In fact it is the opposite, God will hold TB accounteble for the harms, the perisching and the bad treatments, to His people. If we believe in a living God, then this God is sure able to interfere in questionable doctrines and organisation- management.

    • Imagine, going to church, to meet Jezus, to be forgiven of your sins, and the leader hunts you as a mad-man to expose every sin you did as ‘terrible ‘bad’, stoning you alife with accusing you for wicked imagenated evil-demons, making a show of your eager trust in the Mercy of Christ,. A leader who mixes fleschly works, with spiritual works, fleschly words with spirit-filled words, confuses every discernement in Truth and makes you feel as the most dirty fool every alive. Glory to to works of Jezus Christ, who loves His people for ever. In steat of exalting this profhet, he would do well to just do his home-work well and grow-up.

  30. Earlier on Friday, a devastating tragedy occurred right inside the expansive premises of the church and surprisingly, Joshua missed it.
    I suppose tbj has ordered his disciples to now put a ‘copy and pasted’ prophecy about the event together as soon as possible out of his archives. They are digging like mad now. Watch Emman TV tomorrow.


  31. Who are going to investigate what happened at scoan properly and professionally for the deceased and their families sake?
    May the blood of those sacrificed for SCOAN cry for justice,

    • rahel mesfin, I rebuke your accusation, in the Name of Jezus.! YOU better pray for your beloved profhet, to help him out his calamities without end. I pray for the victums and my enemies. Dont believe a miljon prayers will with-hold God from teaching His Will, to a profhet who ignores HIs commandments. amen.

    • You people are so used to throwing around curses and wishing evil on people who disagree with you that you can’t imagine someone disagreeing or objecting to another person’s teaching without cursing them or wishing them evil.

      That’s tragic.

      But you are projecting your own heart and intent onto others.

      Furthermore, if your “prophet” is so great, what opportunity would any such (imagined) evil prayers have to manifest on his own property. My goodness, do you think he’s that pathetic and powerless, after all?

      The reality is that TBJ and the rest of SCOAN leadership allowed shoddy (and possibly illegal) construction work to be done on their property. And they created a culture in SCOAN where people believe that being at the physical location and near the prophet is their last and best hope for healing. Those two things combined to create a situation where people were living and sleeping in a building still under construction, and when it collapsed, they were injured or died. the evil is not in the reports of this disaster. The evil is in the fact that serious negligence occurred, rescue workers were kept away in the first and most essential period after the collapse, and NOBODY at SCOAN appears willing to take responsibility. It is the Ghana stamped all over again, only worse.

      • This is another warning and it’s going to get worse if TBJ does not confess and repent from his atrocities. It will also get worse for all those colluding with this false prophet and those following him!

  32. May the Souls of the departed rest with the Lord Jesus.
    God Bless us all at this very challenging moment. God is Who He says He is and will do what He promises to do.
    Man of God TB Joshua we pray the Almighty God to continue to Bless you and the entire SCOAN family.

  33. In my capacity as an expert in advance construction and surveying I reply to TB Joshua statement that a plane was responsible for the collapse of the building in by advising him :
    1. There are several buildings worldwide that experience planes hovering around them , but do not collapse. Examples include structures around Heathrow international airport where planes fly over buildings every 30 seconds, but none have ever collapsed.
    2.The foundation for a three storey building is different from that of a five storey building. In the former wide strip reinforced concrete foundation while in high rise buildings piled foundations reinforced in-situ are more appropriate.
    3.steel reinforcement detailing of low rise structures are different from those of medium or high rise structures.
    4 Proper structural engineering calculations should have be undertaken instead of depending on erroneous spiritual visions.
    5. a building should be designed to resist seismic forces.

    These are just a few points worth of note . I am sure TB Joshua had millions of dollars to assist him pay proper attention to structural engineering

  34. So, apparently TBJ considers 100+ people “a few”. Interesting math. The official statement avoids mention of death and injury by misdirecting the entire conversation to “media lied about the location of the collapse”. Whatever.

    17 dead and many more pulled from the rubble alive (I praise God that there were not more dead!).

    When will people recognize SCOAN for the nest of lying snakes that it is?

  35. @Jeremiah,
    Am fully aware in the scriptures that death and destruction as well as pestilence accompany rebellion and sin against God. Outside what the Bible records, NOBODY has a right to attribute any tragedy to sin. Here is why;

    1. These tragedies and disasters affect both believers and non believers EQUALLY
    2. In the Luke verse I shared up here, Jesus specifically cautioned us against this error.

    Think Rwanda genocide where 1 million black Africans perished in under 100 days. That’s an average of 10,000 butchered per day for 100 consecutive days or slightly over 3 months. Was it a luciferian sacrifice? What was their sin? They practiced more witchcraft and corruption than say Nigeria or Togo?

    Sometimes back Pat Robertson blamed the Haiti earthquake on voodoo. I never heard of such folly. What caused Katrina where many evangelicals perished? Christians ought to avoid shallow thinking that sin= destruction/death and righteousness= bliss because the reality is quite opposite. Psalms 73 will tell you that wickedness does not attract instant judgement, in fact they may thrive for all their lives and live longer than the righteous.

    All I can read from this tragedy is negligence and greed. Somebody wanted more capacity at the cheapest. Of course there are larger issues of miracle chasers congregating there. But this is not unique to TB Joshua. If you are sailing in the miraculous, The needy congregate around you. If you are not but you purport to, they will swarm around you. Be at as it may, people dying while pursuing healing tells me something is terribly wrong with this man. Outright and insensitive denial of the actual magnitude of the tragedy points to selfishness; they have gone into full self-preservation mode. To them it’s about managing their image than anything else. This ministry is self-centered.

  36. Published on Sep 13, 2014

    Journalists, who initially tried to cover the collapse of a building inside the premises of Synagogue Church of all Nations, owned by Prophet T.B. Joshua, saw hell in the hands of the church members.
    The church members descended on journalists, who tried to take any photograph of the collapse building. Some journalists got their cameras smashed and other were seriously beaten for attempting to steal some shots of the collapsed building. A particular TV station had the windscreen of its car smashed by the members. What they were trying to hide is still difficult to understand.
    By the next day, obviously having read the reports on some of the newspapers, Prophet T.B Joshua surfaced and tried to do some damage control. He invited journalists, who had returned to cover the rescue effort, despite the treatment they got the previous day, to his office in the church premises for a meeting. First he instructed all the cameras to be turned off on the grounds that he doesn’t want his face to be seen and that he was not properly dressed. Then he went to blatantly deny his church members were responsible for the treatment meted to journalists the previous day. He blamed the act on the people of the community absolving his church members. And then out of his ‘benevolence’, he apologized for what the ‘people of the community’ did.
    Done with the apology, he then went on to detail what could at best be described as a conspiracy theory as being responsible for the collapse of the building. The building itself had been partially completed and people had been living in it. By this time it was a four-storey building. And then sometime this year, the church decided to add two more storey. People were living in the building while work was going. That accounts for the huge number of causality.
    But Prophet T.B Joshua sees things differently. He told journalists that five minutes before the building came down, a mystery plane had hovered above the building about four times.
    Please take your time o listen to the video as Prophet T.B. tells his tales.

  37. I am speechless about tbj stupid explanation of what happened?????????
    He is still not taking any responsibility of what happened, but blame it on someone and something else. Prayer Mountain where he supposedly was (lie) is just 10 min drive from the church. So no one could alert him? He supposedly did not know? He also has a ‘don’t care’ attitude about people getting hurt and just talks about the loss of his physical building and the press?
    He is as sick in his mind as you can get!
    There is no repentance in sight from him.
    Watch what will happen to him from now on.
    God is NOT mocked.

  38. TB is in full charge, his mind is working as Always, he ‘talks” excuses and leads the attention away from the real issues. It as a child that fears punishment from a parent., and entertains them with stories. ” Why did no you go to school” ?, well, on my way to school, a man came out of no-where, entered me, and then i found myself in bed with the wife of the neighbor”.

    • First my prayers are with the dead, that the good Lord will receive them and forgive them all their sins. Also my prayers are with the families of the dead so that they be comforted by God in this difficult Moment. May the injured receive the mercy of God as we pray that the Master healer (JESUS) will touch them. Finally, I pray and hope that God (the all-knowing and almighty) will help all of us Christians to know the truth and walk in His path. That includes knowing which Pastor is of God and which Pastor is not.

  39. Followers of this false prophet should begin to think for once. TBJ does not know what happens in his own house and how could he claim to know what happens in yours and in your life? Wake up, people! TBJoshua is a false prophet!

  40. Wake up people, wake up. Tb joshua is a false teacher,prophet and healer. What more do you need, is it when your loved one dies after a false healing or your family member dies in a plane crash or bomb blast your prophet claim to have seen or your friend or loved one dies in a collapsed building, it that when you would speak up?
    Wake up. A church is supposed to be truthful and transparent and held fully responsible of what goes on in its premises. Instead of shifting blame to an helicopter be accountable for ONCE, humble yourself, it’s ok to fail, you are human not God. May the souls lost Rest in peace. God please help us, help your people, these so called self claimed Men of God can’t keep preying on the weakness and gullibility of innocent people.

  41. Lord jesus i pray to you to strengtening our father ,in the name of jesus,,and all the member of scoan ,,give peace ,were theres no peace .in jesus name.amen

    • How about the bereaved families? It is interesting that in an accident, you would rather run after the owner of the property and never even mention the innocent victims in your prayers. That is sick.



  42. T. B. JOSHUA is heartless and very greedy. Look how he was quick to say it was NOT the church that collapsed but a building. How on earth can he advertise that his greedy enterprise is still intact when many lives are still trapped! I thought he was going to use his anointing water to raise the dead back to life. It’s time to put this liar behind bars.

  43. Juliana and pero I just pity you how could rejoicing what happen at scoan do not rejoicing for the sorrow of your ennemi I can see your happiness if tbjoshua were dead,why you hated him so much more you hated him more we loved him Juliana you are a women where is your hurt??do not talk the bad thing about someone but as a Christian let talk what is good,like or no tbjoshua is doing good work,look at the broken home which tbjoshua reconciliated,fees…you Julia when you hated someone you will never see his nice side only bad,and you will wish him bad luck,and see him finish,collapse,everyone hate him and run away from him,is that your wish Julia,how many people did you helped or heal?you are monitoring tbjoshua everyday,you can even kill him if you have a chance so you are you gain by hating him so much,you are destroying yourself tbjoshua none will stop him only God,you are wasting your time the building is collapsed and you so happy!!!scoan is not a place of picnic but a place of a hard work,to became a disc il ,wise man,nobody gonna pampering you,you have to commit yourself,sacrifice,praying night and day no stop,and when you no fit they kick you out you became bitter and start writing anything to humiliate man of

  44. Sandy God have mercy on you,tbjoshua is not a greedy,he is humble and helping so many people,mind your own business ,leave tbjoshua alone,you wish him dead but he is alive am sure if you heard that tb joshua were dead you should be celebrated,why you are so hatred toward him,maybe jealousy,envy,or just a bitter,you are wasting your time God is with him,you will never stop him only God,one day you will regret what you are writing,a Christian can not fight another Christian ,where is your heart,I pity you,tbjoshua does not even know you he is busy doing God work,Jesus as well they did labelling him the way you are doing,carry one do not stop

  45. Juliana,what wrong with you,are you really a Christian?you said tbjoshua is using power demoniac to hurt people of God,and 7,8pastors die in America at pulpit all of them tbjoshua killed them,Julia stop no senses,if you are a really child of God the demons have no power on you,that mean all of them did have have God on them,am no fear of demon because my life is clean Am working with the angels of God everywhere,you said again tbjoshua send the demons after people,so if you are a true prophet why you scared tbjoshua?you should even send curses to tbjoshua because you seem to be saint,no sin on you,Julianna expose the devil no tbjoshua,you are fighting God,you will never win,your campaign is for you anti tbjoshua,you said you dream about this or that about only tbjoshua,no other things,you know my love when you hated someone so much you will never dream him in good way,nobody dragged you to came at scoan,or forced you to monitoring tbjoshua,if I do not love someone I would never wasting my time,hunting,or monitoring him,I will delete everything concerning him,Julia you and all the anti tbjoshua would never win better stop and repent,in the bible the disciples never rest,they left everything,if you were in that time you should said harassment ,bondage,those people at scoan tbjoshua do not lock them,they made their own choice,if you did fit to became like them just say the truth,they enjoy be at scoan if they made mistakes tbjoshua as a father must correct them,Julia you are confused tbjoshua,never cursed anybody,maybe you feel guilty the way you wish him collapse,finish you know do not be happy because of what happen on12.09 why you so happy,are you sure you are a Christian????
    A Christian can not fight another Christian,tu as compri,merci et aurevoir

  46. Julianna are sure tb joshua stopped wise man to prophesying and heal people where do you got all the wrong information?are you the coordinator of scoan? Why you so interfere in tbjoshua business,wise they remain at scoan,you do not even what they are doing tu es vraiment un prophete de malheur pour tbjoshua tu n’a rien a affaire?you think you gonna stop tbjoshua,make a big group of people to conspirate tbjoshua it will never work could you see how many go to scoan everyday? Around the world people are queue up to see him,God is with him,tbjoshua loved his wise man you wish them to leave tb joshua,you know them because of tb joshua,without tbjoshua you will never meet them in your life,wise man love tbjoshua,is not your business to know why and why show those evangelists face on tv mean what?stop watching emmanuel tv,you will be happy and deliver,you like talking about demons,maybe you are the one possess sorry for saying that,because if you are not guilty why scared of the demons?
    You are so confuse Julia,repent and you will be free,even tbjoshua cursed you if you are inno
    If you are innocent the curse will be back to him,if got power of God,and tbjoshua got power of the devil why you are scared? Are sure tbjoshua killed the 8 pastor at America ?
    Julia say the truth we gonna be judge for what we are saying,God will judge you if is not truth about you are saying,you are saying that to humiliate man of God,to scare people to go to scoan??it will never work,we ar not the baby,let us witness our selves no your say ok julia

    • Aimee, you are probably not aware of this, but nothing you have said here is new. Nothing you have said here is even remotely persuasive, either.


    2king 4-27

    And when she came to the man of God to the hill,she caught hold of his feet,and GEHAZI come near to thrust her away;but man of GOD said let her alone: for her soul is vexed within her; AND JEHOVAH
    HATH HID IT FROM ME ( man of God,the prophet) AND HATH NOT TOLD ME.
    Could you explain to me this? Why you keep on saying why God
    Did not showed tbjoshua the collapse of the building,to be a prophet is not
    A magic show,it’s a divine gift,you can not play with it,please read your bible
    And see how God were using his prophet,maybe this word prophet you think
    Was only at Old Testament,in our generation is a big offending to believe in
    A prophet,pourquoi le gens sont vraiment compliques,le gens souffrent et voila
    Un serviteur mendante avec un don de Dieu vous Lui qualifier de tout Sauf de rien
    Dieu n’est pas obliger de tout reveler a tbjoshua,de toute le facon vous ne comprenez pas la bible
    Ce don est sacre,on ne peut pas Joueur avec cele,ce n’est pas de la magie.

    • @Aimee,
      . You need to confront TBJ with this Scriptures, because he is the one who claims to know everything. He claims God shows him everything, including results of football matches, even before the matches are played. TBJ is a liar and a fake prophet.

  48. The arrogant are attacking me,O God;and band of ruthless men seeks my life
    Men without regard for you,but you,O Lord,are a compassionate and gracious God,
    Slow to anger,abounding in love and faithfulness.
    Turn to me and have mercy on me;grant your strength to your servant and save the son
    Of your maidservant,give me a sign of goodness that my enemies may see it and put to shame,
    For you,O Lord,have helped me and comforted me.

    God bless papa tbjoshua nous t’aimons et prions pour toi,que Dieu soit un judge dans tout ce qui se passe,c’est un temps difficile mais Dieu va tout restore,ce monde est plein de mechants que Dieu les pardonne.

  49. y a u juss blaming Prophet TB Joshua….an innocent man who has saved many soul ,instead we shld stand by him and pray for all those who are injured…the devil is targeting him bcz he has loosed many battles….however God of Prophet TB JOSHUA has never failed and he wont start now
    People of God let us remain rooted in the work and we wont be shaken by the Devil

  50. y do u wanna consider the negative side of Prophet TB Joshua negleting millions he has helped both financially&spiritually??Can an evil person show such generosity? Some of u God ll punish u for ur mouths …..its rather safe 4 u to keep shut thn to talk of wat u don noe…

  51. Tuva why you so happy about,those who did not make it are human being,the way you are saying is like you are announcing election result !!! You are not a member of authorities,let them doing their job,stop putting fire to the matter especially to the victim family,je ne te comprends pas,c’est une evenement Triste,tu fais cela parceque c’est tbjoshua ayez un peu de la compassion…

  52. Girma from Ethiopia,
    As we all know, the bible is saying, ” Enemy/the satan/ is move around us like a roaring lion.” and also, it was written, as the enemy will come for nothing, but to skin, for theft, and to destroy.’
    Like a everyone, I feel sad for the deid persons. But it is good to understand as always Satan is fighting you, me and the Saved children of God day and night to let them to saddness.
    TBJOSHUA, you know your God and God aslo knew you from the begnining the womb of your mother, so, God knows about your ministry and about the destruction of the buliding too. We all should pray to the God who reveal the secrete and knows the ajenda behind.

  53. Thank you girma,at least you do understand the bible,same of those who are putting the comment have not even knowledge of the bible,name like prophet is big issue,miracles they are call it fake,on ne sais plus comment les expliquer,ma sister no worries God is in control,he is God of justice,it sad to see people acting the way nasty,we are so sorry for those who made it and people are disturbing us.even us at Europe we are so sad,you just pray for tbjoshua,what am not get it all those who put bad comment about man of God they so called Christian,how a Christian can persecute another Christian,and the bible said love your enemies,pray for them,as Christian you have not got right to hate anybody ,so where all thi hatred come from? I know from Cain,judas,lucifer,a child of God got love always every where,look all those insult,abuse from so call Christian and at night they knees and pray to God to bless them!!!on Sunday they go to church,lord have mercy.stay bless

  54. Morning All! My name is DV and I’m in SA. If you all can read Matthew 5 vs 8 – 22 you will get a clear understanding of the incident in Lagos.

    But I frustrate all powers and the principalities of the kingdom of darkness that is looming in the days we are living in that, it has been conqured 2014 years ago. It has no power nor dominion over the place of the living God. Devil, you are a lier and you’ll never and you wont defeat us in Jesus name.

    Not at home, work, church, roads, atmosphere you shall reside. You are defeated!!!

    Fire, fire, fire, fire, fire, fire, fire……Jesus, Jesus, Jesus, Jesus, Jesus, Jesus, Jesus…..!!!

  55. O God,whom I prise,do not remain silent,for wicked and deceitful men have opened their mouth against me;they have spoken against me with lying tongues.
    With words of hatred they surround me; they attack me without cause.in return for my friendship they accuse me,but I am a man of prayer,they repay me evil for good,and hatred for my friendship.

    We love you papa tbjoshua this is my prayer for you.
    God is in control.

  56. Morning again!

    All I know again is that, we are hard-pressed all side, perplexed but not despair…so this isnot for TB Joshua for he is not God but he’s of God Almight. Now, look at this is a different angle….when he is troubled, what about God himself in heaven? The bible says, touch not my annointed ones. David, Job, Shadrack, Meshack and Abednigo were also troubled….did they ever move and rebel against God? if they did, show me where it says so in the bible. Again, God is standing in heaven for he’s preparing the coal of fire to fetch his own as he did not tell the day time and hour of his coming. You who is celebrating and mocking TB Joshua, you better repent and look upto the one seated on the throne,the one who is pumping your lungs with oxygen, the one who brings light and night, the one who holds all stars and the moon, the lion of the tribe of Judah, the one who was-that is and he’s to come, the author and the finisher of our faith. He said, come unto me all who are weary and I shall give you rest. You know you do not have peace within you but I promise you that, once you can give your life to him, he’ll take care of the rest of your worries and hatred in you and anger that hinders you on your way.

    Call unto him now, and shun all the evil spirits that seem right but just deceiving you….

    In Jesus name…

    DV in South Africa

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