CCTV footage from the SCOAN building collapse

Today TB Joshua showed his congregation footage of a plane flying over the building several times before it collapsed. You can see the video for yourself below, but be warned – it ends with footage of the building collapsing, which is very upsetting. The whole statement from TB Joshua is here.

A few brief thoughts:

  1. The video is low resolution, and it would have been trivial to add an aircraft “dot” onto CCTV footage in the editing suite. We all know it wouldn’t be the first time they doctored footage for their own gain.
  2. Assuming it is real, there is no evidence of any kind of contact with the building. If the proximity of the aircraft caused the collapse, it casts serious doubts on the quality of the construction.
  3. As far as we know, SCOAN still haven’t acknowledged that anyone has died, let alone expressed sympathy to their families.

Someone commenting on another site observed that SCOAN’s response to the building collapse is a good example of using devices of communication in place of the truth:

  • Propaganda: Blame it on UFO or something else.
  • Censorship: Break the reporters cameras or beat them up to silence.
  • Secrecy: Never say anything about shoddy construction.

Today TB Joshua tweeted:


He’s absolutely right, and for that reason his days in ministry are numbered.

159 thoughts on “CCTV footage from the SCOAN building collapse

  1. Whatever you think about the man of God Almighty Prophet TB Joshua, will come to you. If you think good for him, good will come to you. But if you think bad against him, bad will come to you. My question is, why people of the World hate good and love evil? If Prophet TB Joshua is hated, it is not a surprise something to me, because His MASTER JESUS CHRIST was hated too during His earthly ministry.

    • I am a very qualified and experienced engineer of over 20 years of practice. The manner the building collapses points to very huge forces involved and not just structural failure. There is no such structural failure, huge forces were certainly involved. A proper technical investigation ought to be carried out to establish where such forces were coming from. Terrorism is now quite advanced – consider what is happening with those aeroplanes that are being dropped and some go missing. We have not seen anything yet. Modern wars and attacks are not about numbers but the power of technology. If more that 50 years Hiroshima and Nagasaki could be destroyed by only two bombs, just imagine where are we now with the advancements that have happened over the years. CERTAINLY WE NEED TO PRAY FOR THE PEACE OF THE WORLD. RIGHT WHERE YOU ARE – YOU ARE NOT SAFE. ANYTHING CAN HAPPEN ANYTIME. These are times of peril and let us open eyes and and avoid being excited over nothing. One no longer need to be a trained soldier to stage a serious war – just technology. Technology has moved and certainly WE HAVE NOT YET SEEN ANYTHING – WORSE AND MORE TERRIBLE THINGS ARE GOING TO HAPPEN

      Luke 21 vs 36
      “Watch therefore, and pray always that you may be counted worthy to escape all these things that will come to pass, and to stand before the Son of Man.” These are Words from our Lord and Saviour, who is coming very soon.

      • I agree with you, you are talking out of experience Watson Hlangabeza, may the Almighty bless you. Emmanuel!

      • Very right … I have feelings of sabotage in my mind…. Plane over the building then disappears after collapse …. The truth will come out ! God bless MOG ..

    • Why attack Anointed man of God! Whatever happened God allowed it for a purpose. May The Lord protect him now and forever . Amen

    • My one and only prophet of the is a pity,dat we Nigerians neva value u at all.dont worry ,d GOD dat sent u, is behind u.even if d world reject u,is beta dan 4 GOD 2 reject u.remember topic ‘CROSSING THE BRIDGE’ dis is really ur BRIDGE,STORM,PREDICAMENT, Dat u are crossing, i kw u will come out victorious in JESUS Name.infact d devil has lost d battle.pls my Mentor be strong dont look at wht people say or wil say.jst look unto HE dat sent u.HE is there to help u 2 continue d race dat is remaiming,dont be weak.GOD cannot give u d load dat u cannot carry.GOD will give u victory in JESUS Name Amen.


    • That is true, whatever they say is up to them.God knows the thuth. Man of God , you are in our prayer. This is really really hurting

    • Those attacking the Man of God have no issues … And have no life of thier own … This man is blessed , he is highly Anointed and how do you fight such person ? Let’s us not curse ourselves by insulting the Anointed Man of God. Note touch not Anointed Man of God ..

  2. it is true that no matter the lie may go,God him self will review the truth. you may lie against some one, but God is the one to judge.

  3. Dis is nt cctv readjustment. They were aiming for the man of God. If not why is d jet formerly hovering at d mountain where prophet tb joshua was praying? Immediately he left d jet went down to d church nd hover again before going to d six storrey building thinking dat d man of God will b there. Nd finally throw grenade to d building, after their departure knowing d sound will nt affect their jet..they operate d remote n d building collapse frm d top to d root. This is an attack is only a fool will see d truth n still deny it. Come to north n see wht am saying dnt jst sit in ur fathers hus nd say rubbish!!!!!!!!!!

      • U a big fool I tell u,talking out of illetracy n criticisms,it will come to u and every of ur family members and someone will live 2 tell ur ghost ow a nuclear chemical can wipe d whole of Nigeria within minutes without any smoke or fire..I don’t know y everyone is against D Gift of Freedom in diz world!!….wot a Wicked World!! ow it hapuned and stop talking rubbish big fool!!

    • God Bless U sister!!,I’m filled with tears now watching ow d building came down..Diz is rely despicable of an act,May God have mercy on the people saying all sort of rubbish against d Man of God despite d footage released by CCTV,even people around gathered watching d plane hover very close to the building top about 4 times and left immediately b4 d Nuclear chemical was dropped..The Truth shall Prevail,God is with us!

  4. There is no sign of a bumb , or shooting coming from the Jet,. The only reason why a building can collapse is because of the sound-barriere, and in his case, the building must have been already strong out of balance, before an air-plain will be able to let a building collapse. The building was over-the-top constructed. Not in line with the foundation. It was a serious construction-misstake to build 2 more floors on a building that has a foundation-capacity for 4 floors. It is recklessness and irresponsible. It is easy to deligate each serious fault, made by people, to satan, but the facts are, the building was a dangerous construction,. No-one is going against a man of God, when the Truth of a situation is coming to the Light. Speculations about a cause , even uttered by a profhet, is against Gods economy, Gods plan are always save and solid. The collapse happened an hour later then the last flight-over of the Jet.

  5. And even when TB happen to be the target for terroristic attacs, then he escaped it, and innocent people became the victums. Until now, TB has not named the victums, only his own challenges. His challenge should be as a man of God, to open-up to family and public, the numbers of death or injured ones. I am more concerend about the people,who become target because of TB,s trouble-visions, and become in serious danger, then about some speculations of satans agents. People, buildings, it seems to be all of no importantie, as long as the man of God, TB Joshua is right. He is not right, the building was dangerous, and he did not see it coming. TB is expert in building on sand.

    • Where are u coming from with lies . Unfortunately for u,this is an attack if u know about construction .u will know the way its all over the news in the media and even here in south africa its on tv so its not a sectret no one is hiding u should call the president office of SA they will tell u the whole of SA has been made aware . this is trial time for christians and we should pray and not judge what we dont know let investigators do their work and shut up.What are u saying about boko haram’s treat to kill christians in churches 2 weeks before that accident? Was is a co incident? The missing military airforce attacked by boko haram? It time for prayer not of jugdes!!!

    • You are a miserable blasphemer and are like those sons of a pagan who laughed at Elisha’s bald head. You will be killed by a bear just as those who mocked Elisha were torn to pieces by a bear as the Prophet had prophesied. Congratulations on being a bear’s dinner! Who told you that the devil loves you? He hates you passionately!

  6. This video does not prove anything, especially coming from SCOAN. I would want to see the raw CCTV footage for 1 hour before and for 1 hour after the incident. Because the video is edited we don’t know for sure whether the aircraft didn’t return after the incident. We also can’t tell for sure if the aircraft is strange or normal considering that these guys (SCOAN) are about 5-6 km from the airport [according to google maps].

  7. The building was cheap hasted solution for the over-load on visitors. What is the Truth of this calamity? That TB Joshua is forced to re-construct his straight ways with The Lord. When there are cracks in a vision, or it is build on imagenations, people will become victum of it .The foundation of Truth-vision, is solid. A christian foundated in Christ,can not become attact by the devil, he is an over-comer in the victory of Christ. If TB receives attacs or threats, then this can happen because he is not near to God. He maybe have tremendous anoited powers, but his action are builded on self-righteousness, not rightousness in Christ. Tb is a do-i-your-self-expert, and so this collapsed building. It was not a blessed building, nor anoited. Seriously lack of right attention for the savety of the people of God,.

    • God Almighty will judge you by what you have said, fool who read Bible without understanding. Read the book of Job, and our Lord Jesus Christ during His earthly ministry, king David, who made a judge to the man of God Almighty Prophet TB Joshua? Every time you keep on sending attacks, what has he done to deserve all this attacts? What you wish to others God will wish to you. Anyone who talks against light is darkness like satan.

      • This only applies to a man of God. TB Joshua is NOT a man of God. He is a false prophet, but just wants you to believe that he is a man of God.

    • jamie,
      what are you talking about? you said a Christian founded in Christ , can not be attacked by the devil. who is the devil and Who is Christ? if so Why satan the devil attacked Jesus Christ the son of the Almighty God? Read Matthew 4:1-11 how the devil attacked Jesus. why satan did it for? Who are you to condem TB Joshua? who are you to know what is blessed and anoited by God Almighty if you are not the seeds of Abraham? Your Deceptive lead you no where. Leave everything in the hand of God Almighty you are not His mouth. Rember that your own mouth one day will be againist you and your own mouth will be witteness againist you. You are not judging the Prophet alone, you judge also the Holy Spirit in him.

      TB Joshua is not the fist Prophet to be attacked. If you are a Christian read the Holy Bible about ages Prophetes, read about the prophet Jeremiah in the book of Jeremiah 38:6 they even thrown him in the cistern where he sank into the mud. Read about the prophetes Elijah. he flees his own town becouse of his own life, his attacker wanted to kill him 1King 19:1-2 .Then read Romans11:3-4 they killed all God `sProphetes and Prophettes are they were not founded in Christ? Repent for your own soul salvation.

  8. I see the collapse symbolic, as the building is, so is the vision of TB., over-the-top. When a human-construction goes beyound its capacity, it will collapse too. To go beyound the capacity of the foundation, is because the vision is not build on clear, wise insights and rooted expertise, and faiht, but on un-controleble imagenation., and un-matured ideas. God will force TB to come to normal seize again, on the right foundation. Grounded in Christ economy, and not in TB-Nollywood-economy, .

  9. The stupid CCTV that’s being used to play with people’s minds is a clear case of image manipulation and unfortunately for TB Joshua, the aircraft has nothing to do with the collapse of the building.

    In the video of him speaking to journalists, he says that he left the mountain at 9 am. In the video of him speaking in church he says that he left the mountain at exactly 8 am. He got to church which is 10 minutes from the mountain and immediately received a call that a plane was hovering over the mountain. Moments later he gets another call saying the plane is now hovering over the church. At the church it hovered four times and then the building collapsed. Going by his words, this puts the time that the building collapsed to be about 9 am. He is clearly giving a false story because the building went down about 1 pm.

    The manipulated CCTV clip shows an aircraft in the skies at 11.30, 11:43, 11:45, and 11:54. The aircraft is not anywhere close to the building. The building collapsed an hour later and it’s collapse has nothing to do with the plane. There’s no explosion, no smoke no nothing. Eyewitness accounts have not said anything about hearing or seeing an explosion. The building collapsed from a weak foundation something which is very common in Lagos and occurs almost every day. A good example is here:

    • Josh, whosoever keepeth his tongue and his mouth, keepeth his soul from trouble.. Proverb 21:23, Lean not on your own understanding Proverb 3:5… My brother, what you are not 100% sure of, don’t conclude… I know you are a Christian, anyone who calls the name of JESUS and something supernaturally happens – Please for your safety, run away from talking against them or saying abusive words against them, so that God who call them won’t descend on you as He descended on Miriam with barrenness when she spoke against the Prophet, Moses… Let your information be based on what God says and NOT what you perceive or heard.. Men can lie, Pastors can lie, Bishops can lie, u too can lie but What God tells u concerning a person can never be lie… We Christians, we are NOT united that’s why we can boldly talk against our fellow Christian without regards and our brother of other religion will watch us and laugh at us… So be Wise..

  10. I just want to say thank you to everyone that prayed with us for the salvation of the people in scoan. Well, I have been trying to get in touch with my loved ones there, but could not get hold of them since Friday. All kinds of promises were given me that messages will be given to them and they will phone me back. That was again all a bunch of lies, as is their custom in scoan. Praise the Lord I could have a glimpse on Emman TV tonight that they are still alive?!?!
    To M: I hope you can also see if your family is well this way to, because I know your phone calls will also be ignored. The ‘lying department’ in scoan answers the phones!
    To contact them means nothing. They just refuse to call your family or friends so that you can speak to them or give them messages to phone you back. Everything is a secret in that hole as is fitting to a cult.

      • Are u sure u are a christian atall…or are christians permitted by christ to vomit this kind of insolent venoms? God 4give u. You Servant of hell. May God consul the Prophet and the families inVolved. TB is a servant of God untilled God jugdes otherwise.

    • Oh! Do you call this a cult? Know what? You remind me of your forefathers who claimed Jesus cast out demons by the spirit of belzeebub! If you don’t know what to say about men and women of God, keep your long tongue in your mouth…it will save you from the raging fires of hell in the life hereafter! God heal your thoughts and tongue! Aspire to be a God-fearing man or woman.

  11. This is absolutely a good observation Josh. Thanks. The plane was not close to the building at all. Noe veryone is as dumb as his followers.

  12. The same story over and over again: SCOAN Athens branch responsibility denied, souls thrown out, case closed. SCOAN building collapse responsibility denied, people dead and injured, case closed. And in all this not one word of sympathy towards anyone….and lies….as not only have they not admitted to casualties but they are actually denying their existence. A mother of a female disciple actually said that she contacted her daughter and I quote her words: “My daughter says that everything is fine, nothing really serious has happened, there are no deaths just a few with minor scratches.” Ok…….the end of all this is near…..I have nothing more to say than God IS in control. For one thing is clear: you either build upon the rock of ages who is Jesus Christ, the Way, the Truth and the Life, or on the sandy foundation of lies…and lies….and more lies.

  13. Yes, Jamie. The collapse of the scoan building is symbolic of what is busy happening to tbj’s Babylonian ministry, should he not repent and turn from his wicked ways. The writing is on the wall.

  14. The ‘secrets” in Scoan, are no more valid then just covering the facts and reality of what is going on behind the scenes. It gives TB the illusions he is in controle and can avoid bad publicity. It is mystery to me, that police and governement, dont interfere. Or the ambasades. Maybe all death people are already in their home-place for burial?

  15. Blessed are those who keep the Body of Christ protected, any body who have the fear of God ALMIGHTY will never use this attact to talk against the man of God Almighty Prophet TB Joshua to avoid God’s anger. Because God Almighty never made any body to be a judge to one another. I live in South Africa and watching Emmanuel tv every day, but I have never seen any thing evil from Tb Joshua. No wonder, our Lord Jesus Christ said, if they hated Me, they will hate you also if you go on the way of God Almighty. No wonder, light came in the World and the World rejected the light and choose the darkness. Woo to the weekend generation.

  16. When will this false prophet humble himself and accept responsibility, confess his atrocities and ask God for forgiveness? From all indications, the building has structural defects and was doomed to collapse. TBJ, you cannot lie forever and your sins will find you out and you will have no excuse to give or anywhere to hide. Repent now before it is too late, false prophet T B Joshua! Shame on you and your deceived followers!

  17. Jeremiah says:
    September 14, 2014 at 5:36 pm

    ………..“My daughter says that everything is fine, nothing really serious has happened, there are no deaths just a few with minor scratches……….”

    They told me nearly, word for word, the same thing, when I enquired about my peoples well being?

    • T B Joshua is a son of Satan, the father of lies, and his mouth is full of lies and deceit. His modus operandum is, DENY, DENY, DENY ! He has warned his stooges to DENY that any deaths occurred. I bet that those who escaped the tragedy have been kept away somewhere so they won’t even see the tragedy or are so brainwashed that they would think the collapsed building is a new construction!

      • Mr Terrific, it doesn’t matter what you say or think about the SCOAN and Prophet TB Joshua! It doesn’t matter what you call him. One thing the whole world and heaven know is this: God will never change His mind about Satan’s fate! He is about to go to the lake of fire! There is nothing you can do to stop God from sending Satan to the lake of fire! God has said it, and shall surely come to pass. Your anger stems from millions of souls that have been led to Christ! Whatever the devil does, TB Joshua will continue to lead God’s people to Jesus – you and the devil are dismal losers to God! To God be all the glory and honour! How many people have you ever led to Christ? None!

  18. But do u guys knws dt a plane is missing in adamawa airport since on friday according to an updated news, pls listen to d news something is fishing!!!!!!

  19. So what if a plane disappeared? Did the plane fall on the building or what? Where did it disappear to? Did it vanish in mid air? Huh? It sounds more to me like bribe money talking from scoan, concocting this stupid story. It sounds like the UFO fantasy stories on the internet.

    • U a Big Fool Just wonder!!,u are so jobless to sit down and reply blasphemous comments against d man of God!! U a big fool I tell u,talking out of illetracy n criticisms,it will come to u and every of ur family members and someone will live 2 tell ur ghost ow a nuclear weapon can wipe d whole of ur country within minutes without any smoke or fire.Technology has grown beyond wah ur dead brain could eva imagine so just sit down n shut ur mouth!..My God!.I don’t know y everyone is against D Gift of Freedom in diz world!!….wot a Wicked World!! ow it hapuned and stop talking rubbish big fool!! The Truth shall Prevail someday! God is with Us.

  20. Jeremiah,
    Oh, what a wonderful parallel. Tbj is building on the sand and mud of lies and lies and more lies, like sand on the sea shore. He will crumble and fall. His foundation is not on the Word of God. This is a wonderful example. Thank you.

  21. its so funny people dont value what they have until they loose it……jesus was tempted, job,king david and alot more….. we forget about covenant….you dont knw the covenant he has wit God….who so eva dat blesses d man of God shal b blessd and who so eva curses d man of God shall b cursed

  22. My summary –
    Firstly -TB Joshua is just protecting his own image and ministry, by chasing the press and emergency workers away. He is also trying to protect his own image through concocted lies and secrets. It is all about him and himself. I have not heard a word about Jesus.
    Secondly -He is more worried about his earthly building than the people who lost their live or got hurt. He is rambling on, holier that thou, about not seeking the gifts (building) but the giver (Jesus), but not a word of compasion or prayers or help from him to them (Jesus people) or to their families. Even our own families there, were kept away from us. He could not even tell them to phone us, confirming that they are ok?
    No, everything is just about his image and his building.
    Nothing about Jesus or His people!
    If you cannot or will not see who he really is then stay blind and follow him to hell.

  23. Aljazeera estimated the death toll at 40! And that TB Joshua and his pompous members can all sit in the church dressed up in their Sunday best while there are people trapped, dead and dying in the rubble next door is heartless and a direct contradiction to the gospel message. After attacking emergency rescue workers on Friday, they sit in the auditorium all day Sunday giving glory to “god” that TBJ is fine. He was too concerned with the negative publicity than to cancel the service and help with the tragedy. What a false religion. TB Joshua is the real god here – as long as he’s fine, it’s business as usual. And now he’s full of thanks to the media after members and disciples attacked journalists on Friday. After the news appeared on the BBC and other reputable news organisations he realised the lid is off, and now it’s time to bribe and flatter – oh deceptive and flattering serpent.

    The church is close to an airport and quite possibly in the flight path for planes. There was no hovering – merely an aircraft high in the sky. At that angle it looks quite near but it’s quite possible that it’s high up in the sky. What about justice and support for the victims. Utterly disgusting! How can this be tolerated? How can his supporters not question his disregard and disrespect for innocent lives, many of whom would have been members in his forsaken church. Oh because they were insignificant, we won’t stop our service for one Sunday and continue the rescue efforts, lending a hand where possible.

    • So true Emma. Sickening for him to stand there with his self-satisfied grin while next door are the bodies of the victims, under a pile of rubble that is ultimately his responsibility.

    • you u can hate the Prophet as much as you want, but u cannot deny the grace upon his life. Many of his detractors live far more a devilish life than they claim the Prophet lives.
      i have seen only love, love and love in this man of God. whilst many are accumulating monies for themselves, the Prophet is giving to the poor. why not mention these in your hate article? hypocrite

  24. @tbjwatch, you are 100%definition of darkness! U anti TBJ and scoan! u are evil, every Thing that comes out of your blog is from the pit ov hell! That thing you are looking for or that post you are so waiting to post will never come till you die! Sheh u sabi criticize,people don start am since the 90s and now we de 2014!u go hate tire!

    • I reject ur statement against d man of GOD IN JESUS Name amen.bcos in isaiah 7v7. I shall not stand neither shall it come 2 ur evil word wil go back 2 u.whn TBJOSHUA. Was helping people both in prayer and finance no body praise him,is only evil dat u people wil remember is unfair.whn Abraham,daniel,or job was tempted,do they question GOD? So do not judge.mind wht u say against MEN of GOD.BECOS UR TONGUE LEAD U ANYWHERE.

  25. Only in Nigeria! Were there no records of who was in the building!! Where are the authorities??? Is no one is responsible!!?? We are talking of lives lost yet life is sort of going on as normal, weird rationalising, explanations and even denials. One hears of the few people that were there yet authoritative reports say scores are dead many have escaped. It is frustrating getting any update. Who is responsible for the truth? Karma is a bitch

    • How many lives av u saved?…can u raise d dead?..saying we r talking about lost lives hia yet…yet wot?..only if u can raise the dead that u won’t join them..jobless creatures,hypocrites,babarians who talkk out of point and out of stupidity and jealousy..May The Wrath of God be upon u and ur household in Jesus name!..Amen!!

  26. Yes, everything on this blog is about the python TB Joshua. So yes, we are telling you about the serpent from the darkness of hell tbj.

  27. For arguments sake, a closer examination of this footage in slow motion reveals the following:
    1. Inability of the substructure of the building to distribute load from the right hand side leading to super-structural failure from the horizontal and vertical centre-lines of the building.
    2. inconsistencies in mortar and concrete mix, variations in the mixture and time between the old and new structure
    3. Poor steel reinforcement tying and spacing
    4. The flat roof of the building was an additional dead load leading to compression from above and lateral tension
    These are likely to have made the structure vulnerable to external post tensioned forces.

  28. Ugh. He is the definition of a narcissist, declaring himself the target, and making sure that it all revolves around him.



  31. m. its is even worser, it is a form of paranoia, ‘they are after me”.(demons and evil agents). We are sitting with Jezus on the right hand of God, and having the devil under our feet. Glory to the rest in Jezus. Let tB fight with his windmills, and one day the coin will fall.

  32. Do you know what I just noticed? That pole that appears when the building collapses–that looks an awful lot like a guidance pole, used to direct planes into the landing strips (and keep them from landing on buildings). Its “wingspan” seems much too wide for an electrical pole.

    Lucky for SCOAN that they are clearly in a flight path. It provided them with a perfect conspiracy theory. Busy international airport is going to have planes taking off frequently, especially on a Friday afternoon, heading into the weekend. And considering their proximity to the airport, any plane going over them will be “flying low.”

    Notice, too, that supposed to take their word for it that no more aircraft took that flight over SCOAN, because they cut the video off within a minute after the crash.

    No mystery. Just more lies from SCOAN.

    • Also, the most recent statistics from Murtala Muhammed International airport, which is 2.5 miles from SCOAN say that they had 105,215 airport movements in the year of 2011. Which sorts out into just under 300 per day, and about 24 *per hour*. That is a LOT of air traffic.

      Anybody who bothers to take a few minutes to google and do basic arithmetic can see what a ridiculous claim SCOAN has made, pretending that aircraft over or near their compound is strange and unusual.

  33. The planes shown on SCOAN CCTV are in fact 3 different aircrafts doing routine circulation before landing. Many more planes have continued to do so even after the judgement of God brought the devil’s castle down. None of the planes ever came near the evil building. I challange T. B. Joshua and SCOAN to cause GSM service provider to publish an independent call logs of the 2 calls Joshua claimed were made to him about the strange aidcraft. This is where the lie will be exposed. Clearly T. B. JOSHUA is a liar.

    • @Mertty

      That’s exactly what I suspect. Those aircraft manoeuvres could be a normal everyday thing considering that the guys are not very far from the airport.

  34. If you want to see how far Lagos airport is from scoan (Ikotun), look on Google Earth. It is a free download. It must have been an aircraft circling, waiting to land or different ones landing. The plane could not have been flying over the Prayer Mountain and then scoan, as they are 10 min apart. A Boeing or jet enjin plane would pass them together in a flash. This is tbj’s last anxious lying grasp to save face.

  35. You know. In the stillness of the night I was thinking about this tragedy. I do not think that the immensity of it all penetrated me properly, as I was so worried about getting hold of my people in scoan.
    It struck me anew, that it was a 6 story building with +/- 200 people in there. A building as big as a hotel. Just put yourself in tbj’s shoes. They were your guests and coming for help, paying an arm and a leg to get there and the blame is being put at your door. Rightly so, because you are the one responsible for their deaths and hurts, because of your plans to go ahead to build without plans. I think I will go mad.
    Not tbj. He is not even acknowledging any deaths or hurts. He is blaming anyone and anything else for that? Everything he does is always carefully and purposefully planned and photographed. He has not even acknowledges that anyone got hurt or killed, let alone go to the hospitals to pray for them. It is his guests you know. This only proof how heartless he is. We have tried to tell you this over and over again. He feels nothing for you, not guests nor disciples, as you see now. He will drop you as a used up pen and then throw you away. He is a cruel and brut less man. A psychopath with mental problems. A true cult leader.

    Photo of the building before collapsing:*s#!/Ndi.Igbo/photos/a.493310898408.258548.127503268408/10152519444793409/?type=1&theater

  36. The Authoritarian Power Dynamic – the psychopathic personality:
    In any abusive relationship the purpose of all activities are for the benefit of the leader – not the followers. Their role is to fill the needs (emotional, financial, sexual and power) of the leader’s regardless of the personal cost to themselves. This is a top-down power relationship (all the power at the top and none at the bottom). The characteristics of authoritarian personalities include the following:
    • the tendency to hierarchy
    • the drive for power (and wealth)
    • hostility, hatred, prejudice
    • superficial judgments of people and events
    • a one-sided scale of values favoring the one in power
    • interpreting kindness as weakness
    • the tendency to use people and see others as inferior
    • a sadistic-masochistic tendency
    • incapability of being ultimately satisfied
    • paranoia (p 65-66)
    When ex-members from various groups meet it is surprising that all the group leaders fall into the same personality profile. That profile falls into the category the psychopathic personality.
    Take back your life:


  38. Check the flight time on 12 September 2014 for Murtala Muhammed International airport. You will see the arrivals and departures of planes of there.

  39. Internet definition of “Culpable homicide”.
    It is the offence and causing death whether by intention or not.
    “Culpable homicide” is an offence under defined as “Whoever causes death by doing an act with the intention of causing death, or without the intention of causing such bodily injury as is likely to cause death, or with the knowledge that he is likely by such act to cause death, commits the offence of culpable homicide.”
    Is TB Joshua not is guilty of “Culpable homicide”.
    Where are the authorities investigating this?

  40. Tbj supporters are boasting about ‘miraculous’ survival stories in this saga. What about the over 40 dead victims? They had no faith in God? Why keep praising the guy (tbj) when scores of people have been killed (because of him)?

  41. I have this belief in my heart that the scenario was well planned to
    tarnish the image of the ministry and of God.I would like to believe
    that bombs were planted and as that plane was passing by i think the
    remote they used to detonate the bombs failed that is why the plane is
    seen flying lower and lower closer to the building until finally the
    bombs detonates and that plane does not return.I believe the remote
    that was used to detonate the bombs was being operated from the plane
    and this time they wanted their mission to be possible because of
    their many failed attempts in the past.

    • There are numerous problems with this explanation:
      1. No explosion was seen on CCTV or reported by passersby
      2. Explosives leave traces, not a single body outside of SCOAN has suggested foul play as a possible cause.
      3. According to SCOAN’s own timeline, the last pass of the plane was 45 minutes before the building collapsed, that rules out remote control.

    • Plane or no plane, detonation or no detonation, where were the head and faithful workers of SCOAN yesterday? Aiding, supporting, comforting the injured and the families of the deceased? James 1:27 “Religion that God our Father accepts as pure and faultless is this: to look after orphans and widows in their distress and to keep oneself from being polluted by the world.” Or is this meant only during birthday celebrations to enhance our public image? I would also like to believe 🙂 …that everything I was subjected to under false pretenses at SCOAN, was an awful nightmare BUT IT ISN’T! And let me tell you what tarnishes the image of God: Romans 2:19-24 “If you are convinced that you are a guide for the blind, a light for those who are in the dark, an instructor of the foolish, a teacher of infants, because you have in the law the embodiment of knowledge and truth-you, then, who teach others, do you not teach yourself? You who preach against stealing, do you steal? You who say that people should not commit adultery, do you commit adultery? You who abhor idols, do you rob temples? You who brag about the law, do you dishonor God by breaking the law? As it is written: “God’s name is blasphemed among the Gentiles because of you.” THERE IS A TRUTH, IT’S CALLED THE WORD.

    • @Analyst

      Your analysis plays right into the hands of TBJ. You can’t prove for sure that the plane didn’t return. Another thing to consider is this: remember several months ago SCOAN claimed that a Boko Haram member was caught with the intention to bomb? I believe that stunt was nonsense, but suppose [and I assume you believe] it was true & he was caught. Then who this time could have managed to go in at SCOAN through security & successfully planted bombs in all the critical areas/pillars without being caught? Your analysis has to be rejected, it lacks substance.

  42. God knows everything and he is still in control I don’ judge the prophet .Whatever happened there is just a ladder for scoan they are going to fly high.People died while still walking with Moses >

  43. Ne te rejouis pas de la chutte de ton ennemi,et que ton coeur ne soit pas dans l’allegresse quand il chancelle.vraiment c’est Triste le gens n’ont plus le coeur au lieu d’avoir pitie de tbjoshua vous les mechants c’est une occasion de se monquer de Lui,de dire du n’importe quoi,c’est une accident,les mechants ne voient que les mals,God have mercy on you.

    • why should anyone sympathise with TB Joshua? why should anyone send condolences to him? This was not an accident , it was TB Joshuas negligence. I am really shocked at your statement. TB Joshua has not even acknowledged that people died . why should anyone sympathise with TB Joshua? pourquoi devrait-on sympathiser avec TB Joshua? pourquoi quelqu’un devrait envoyer ses condoléances à lui? Ce n’était pas un accident, c’était la tuberculose Joshuas négligence. Je suis vraiment choqué par votre déclaration. TB Joshua n’a même pas reconnu que les gens sont morts

  44. People why you so cruel and hatred? May be you should be celebrating if you heard that tbjoshua were inside the building and die,is you wish bitter people? God is God say what you people are saying we Christians we said thank you our lord to spare our prophet,all you bitter are waiting to happen to him would not happen,Do not fight God,more you hated him more we love him,you are wasting your time by monitoring,hunting tbjoshua,you have got a heart,what happen to him you should pity him than writing rubbish,vraiment que mon Dieu vous pardonne,pas meme pas un remord,never mind,God will deal with you,despite what was going on he did pray for the sick,bitter you will never,ever win your behaver showed you where you gonna end up(hell or heaven) how a Christian can fight another Christian?bitter people you so happy for what going on,write,put critic every where,but today is tbjoshua tomorrow May will be you.bitter do not stop,scream.write,telephone everyone ,let all the whole wold knows about the collapse and tbjoshua,but remember God is with him,you expecting him to be arrest no way,closing scoan no way,you are wasting your time,for how many years you are fighting him? Did he stop no,because God send him,if it’s was by himself you should have finish him,it’s God and do not fight God.vous avez compri,laisser Lui tranquille,il ne vous connais meme pas.

    • @Aimee josua
      “People why you so cruel and hatred?”

      No greater cruelty and selfishness as in claiming that you were being attacked and 72hours later not issuing any statement comforting the bereaved and the injured. What if your wife perished and you are being assured that a big bad wolf blew the building to the ground? That is insulting your God given intelligence

      • What do you want the of God Almighty. Prophet TB Joshua to say, to come to Emmanuel tv and make announcement of the peopletthat lost their lives, how do you think that, it can be possible, he must protect the Body of Christ first. And it still very early to be judging this man of God Almighty. Please let him alone because you don’t know what he is passing through now.

  45. it happened on sept 11
    the muslims have been promising attacks
    muslims do not like Christians
    muslims use planes for terrorism.

    I thought from the beginning this was a terrosist attack.
    we are waiting to hear who died.
    apparently people from our church are there

    • Bean, I’m not sure what you think happened on 9/11, but I can assure you it looked nothing like this event. To compare the two is ludicrous.

  46. It is one’s emotions they use to manipulate, most of all. The sense of loyalty and awe to someone you consider far above yourself spiritually, the fear of daring to question anything he/she does, the dependency on him/her spiritually, emotionally, physically. The gifts and work that are projected continuisly so that any misconduct, anything out of Christ’s character and Word, will not be challenged, will not be examined. @ Aimee Joshua listen to yourself… say “thank you Lord for sparing our prophet”, this is the first thing that comes to your mind and not grief and sorrow for those lost in this tragedy and those probably fighting to stay alive. The Bible says to lament with those who are lamenting, to grieve with those who are grieving yet you consider the victim here to be TB Joshua who as you very well noticed was spared. Those who have died, the injured and their families are not important to you? Just because they were and are not “gifted” men of God? Have you heard of the Cross? Do you know that Jesus Christ died on that Cross, Himself, the Son of the Most High God, so that EVERY man should live? Do you know how precious and important every human being, even those considered the “lowest”, are to Him? He shed His Blood, every drop of it, for each and every one of us. Do you know what Christianity is? Do you know on Whom your focus should be? Have you read in Acts 14:8-18 how Ap. Paul and Barnabas literally tore their clothes and shouted to the crowd after the miracle they had performed, so that they would not worship them but only the Living God? “We too are only men, human like you.” (verse 15) Or do you think Ap.Paul lacked in gifts from God? Have you not read throughout Ap.Paul’s Epistles, that he introduces himself as a servant, and a servant to God’s people for that matter, as this is the calling Jesus left to His disciples during the Last Supper? Do you not know that in the New Testament there are NO leaders in the sense of the Old, but only brothers equal among equals, with First Brother (elder) Jesus Christ?
    And yes, I am glad that TB Joshua was spared, just as I am glad that my Greek brethren there were spared, just as I am glad that ALL the brethren/people involved there, were spared. This is not a contest. It is not about taking sides. It is about exposing darkness into light and doing the will of our Heavenly Father according to His Holy Word. It isn’t about hatred, those who hate are damned, it is about maintaining a sober mind concerning God’s opinion on matters and not man’s, however eloquently it is spoken. Jesus’ words to the Pharisees were sharper than any double-edged sword, did this mean He hated them or considered them damned? Or was it an act of love, a call to repentance? We should be like Paul, who declared boldly in 1st Corinthians 2:2 “FOR I RESOLVED TO KNOW NOTHING WHILE I WAS WITH YOU EXCEPT JESUS CHRIST AND HIM CRUCIFIED.” Once this knowledge, the knowledge of the Cross, which is the supreme message of the Bible, abides in your heart, then faith, love, humility and a sound mind on everything will be your portion. To stand for the Truth is the greatest expression of love you can offer, for it is the Truth, and the Truth alone that sets free.

    • My question is, where this man of God Almighty. Prophet TB Joshua wronged people? For me, I watch Emmanuel tv every day I have never seen any wrong doing in this man of God Almighty Prophet TB Joshua. His life remind me the life of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. Many people is thinking that, this world is our home, this World is not home. If this world is our home, the Prophets and Apostles of God wouldn’t have died. Steven was stone to dead, this will show you that, this world is not our home. Remembered that, our Lord Jesus Christ said, we are in the World, but we are not of the world. Those who lost their lives at SCOAN building collapsed has make their heaven, believe it or not. For me, to die in the house of the Lord is better than to die in the world. May their souls rest in peace.

  47. Jeremiah, why do you have such a hatred for the Prophet?What are you trying to do? To convince the world that it is not from God.Yoy have Nickname name of prophet.You has reached to this spiritual level to judge this man?Look the spar at your eye and let the bile.I doubt if you got heard from the god at least once in your life.
    We draw conclusions because of your bad character, and that bitterness inside you. Your heart is full of pride and arrogance.
    Leave the sermons and lessons, and Look To repent and humble yourself before the Lord. When the time comes to get things in position, and the Lord revealed the whole truth,then will be ashamed all who speak out against this man of God.
    Envoy of God can see him Only those led by the Spirit of God.PRophet Jeremiah stayed in the pit with shit.
    If you can stay in the pit with shit ,continue your <>

    • @unworthy servant,
      “Envoy of God can see him Only those led by the Spirit of God.PRophet Jeremiah stayed in the pit with shit. If you can stay in the pit with shit, continue your ” You are so angry and frustrated with my comment, you really don’t know what you’re saying, do you? Wonder why….it wasn’t even referring to you, must be the Cross message in it…it does that to some….”We draw conclusions….”, how many of you are there, a legion maybe? And by the way, servant of who?

  48. Judgement has already come..i started seeing the judgement oft bj from fake prophesy, malaysian plane. water stampede in Ghana.
    Jehovah Nissi, unfortunately he will carry gullible ones with him.
    TBJ your judgement has come repent……

  49. Vindicate me,O God,and plead my cause against an ungodly nation;
    Rescue me from deceitful and wicked are God my stronghold.
    Contend,O lord,with those who contend with me;fight against those who fight against me.
    Take up shield and buckler;arise and come to my aid.Brandish spear and javelin against those who pursue me,say to my soul,I am your salvation.May those who seek my life be disgraced and put to shame;may those who plot my ruin be turned back in dismay.may they be like chaff before the wind,with the angel of The Lord driving them away;May their path be dark and slippery,with the angel of The Lord pursuing them.psalm35:1-6.
    God protect papa tbjoshua,bitter people rejoicing,you have got a subject to talk about,put comment the way you like but God is God,the hand do our Lord is upon him,you wish him dead we wish him long life,who said we do not care about those who pass away we do,we are praying for the family,you know bitter you want to hear tbjoshua is arrest you are putting more fire in this matter but God is in control,
    Les prophetes des malheurs pour tbjoshua,tout ce que vous faites c’est zero,ne combattre pas
    Dieu,vous avez un subject a se rejouire,mais cela va passer,tbjoshua c’est un
    Homme De Dieu,il fait son travail.

  50. Jeremiah,God bless you,let me ask you are you really a Christian? A Christian can not against another Christian, as a Christian you can not hated another Christian,and have a little respect for others,your behaved show us who you are and where you came from,show your value and class,you are free to critic but it must be civil,no write to please people,you are a Christian proof everything by the bible,please I pity all those who lost their life,especially the rest of the family,am not rejoice what was happened,how can I??i must be an animal even it’s my enemy I will feel sorry,but nobody planned this happened is the work of the devil to finish tb joshua but he is a big liar,God is in control,stop putting fire on the matter to influence every one especially the family victims,is what you call love jeremiah? All your comment toward tbjoshua is full of hatred why?how could you hated someone in such level?do you slept at night,how could you sleep with all those hatred in your heart,mind,soul?you can not even appreciate even the work he is doing,because you hated him so much you would never see positif side of tbjoshua,for you all he is doing is fake if he is fake why people around the wold queue up to came to scoan or watching emmanuel tv????
    You rejected him we blind,stupid PEOPLe we accept him,Jesus as well few did believed on him,
    They called him names am not surprised for what you are writing,or labelling tbjoshua.
    Go bless and carrying on doing your job,tbjoshua is doing his helping people you can not see it,but me I thank God for the work he is doing through tbjoshua,tu sais le salaire
    Du peches c’est la te rejouis pas de la chutte de ton ennemi.tu as compri
    Jeremiah Portes toi bien aure voir

    • Another angry and frustrated one, who doesn’t know what he/she is saying. “You rejected him(TB Joshua) we blind, stupid people we accept him….” !!!!!!!!! Aimee Joshua…..time to become Aimee JESUS.

  51. Thank you very much God bless you,as a Christian I can not insult you,je te benis au nom de Jesus.un enfant de Dieu n’insulte pas les Autres moi j’aimes tbjoshua pourquoi tu m’insulte alors mon frere.God forgive you.aurevoir clever man.

  52. I repeat again: more you hated him
    More we blind,stupid(is the way you guys called us)we love him so much.
    We support him especially in this hard time he is going through.
    You guys you are too know at all. You so clever,educated,good English …
    You can not follow tbjoshua we nobody people we loved him,remember most
    Of Jesus disciples were uneducated,in the bible most of man of God where nobody people but
    God made them somebody,to confuse the wold,tbjoshua were nobody,God make him somebody
    Every country knows tbjoshua every where he goes they welcome him like a prince but look at him
    He is so humble he cared for people,he never show off comparing to so many of same servant
    He never exposed his family never talk about them in the pulpit,that the reason I,loved him so much
    And despite all you are writing is mean nothing to me,for me I can see God using him to help all
    People around the wold le gens souffrent avec des maladies terrible et voila
    Un homme avec un don de Dieu entrain d’operer les miracles vous les incredulous
    Vous vous opposer,leave us alone and why you insulting people if we do not
    Accepted your comment concerning man of God,it’s my choice,you too is yours
    Why you so angry and bitter ready to insult??and you claim to Christian!!!!!

    • God bless you, Aimee Joshua. You see hatred in my words, where I was quoting the Gospel. It is true that Jesus Christ is the rock of ages, a stumbling stone, an offence for those who just cannot lose confidence in man, in themselves. And the reason why I am writing here is because I was also blind and stupid, serving and following this ministry which turned out to be an abomination. Your words have projected exactly the state of those who follow. I thank Jesus for opening my eyes to the lies and remoning my stupidity from the deception I had fallen into.You see the surface, what is projected to you, I LIVED the abomination behind the scenes, behind the works and words: Lies, lust, deception, perversion, authoritativeness, divide and conquer tactics, fear impartation and insults-God knows how many insults-! For this reason alone, I am very careful not to insult anyone, and I have not insulted you either. It is the truth that has insulted you and not I, whether you like it or not, whether you understand it or not. And I won’t stop bringing up the Word, no matter how many shout, curse and try to intimidate. I am familiar with all these tactics…I say again, I LIVED them for over 8 years, I was a SCOAN worker. Were you? And believe me, I didn’t intend to stop being a faithful worker there if God hadn’t thrown the truth into my face! I know you can’t see the truth now because neither could I…it took God’s divine intervention and revelation Word…it took His Mercy and Grace. There is nothing you -or anyone else for the matter- can do to persuade me about this ministry. I have given it chance upon chance to prove itself and it has failed consecutively. By human and by Word standards. As to challenge my Christianity, I won’t even bother to answer. The One who knows, knows….the rest let them discern, not on this faceless blog but face to face. So I will end our net conversation here. I pray the deception for every one out there, comes to an end soon. Actually, I know it will….:-)

  53. False prophets like T. B. Joshua have no link with heaven and therefore cannot predict building collapse. Because Ebola is real unlike those arranged “miracles” on Emmanuel TV and Oyakhilome’s TV shows etc these so-called men of God cannot go near patients with Ebola disease. This is in sharp contrast to what Elisha (a true prophe) did when Naaman presented with leprosy an incurable and very contagious disease at that time.

    • Why all this noise you agents of devil …? Why do you want to make noise because of these deaths ? Why. ? Why? Why ?…. This could have happened anywhere in the world … How many buildings collapsed that day all over the world which killed people ? Why SCOAN ? Stop this propaganda against our MOG … You will make noise but note God is in control…. You have fought TB JOSHUA for long and the almighty Lord will always protect him … Remember touch not the Anointing … So don’t say you were not reminded on insulting and demonizing the MOG ….it’s your choice …. But remember God is in control of things … MOG will get out of this soon… God bless you MOG ..

  54. TBJOSHUA GOD wil speak 4 u in dis matter.all the evil they are saying against you,GOD will use it for ur promotion.TBJOSHUA YOU ARE THE BEST ALL OVER THE WORLD.DONT MIND THEM. GOD IS ON YOURSIDE.WHAT THEY ARE PLANING AGAINST UR MINISTrY wil not work.

  55. Sandy it’s seem like you are a prophet,tbjoshua is a fake for you but not for us,have a little respect,show your value and class,who are you for judging people?you behaver show you where you gonna end up(hell or heaven)how could you hated someone in such level,more you hated him more we love him,you will never ever stop tbjoshua he is doing what God asked him to do,you will never finish him,am sure if you get chance to meet him alone somewhere you can kill him because the hatred is too much if he is fake why all those people queue up to come to scoan?people around the wold,is why you so jealous about,appreciate what God is doing through him if you doubt him other people loved him look at recent crusade at Colombia could you see how they welcome him like a prince but he never show off,and the miracles!! You can not see it because you hated him,for you guys all about tb joshua is horrible,since 12.09 look at your bad comments,your wish for this incident is to close scoan,tbjoshua be arrest or die,is want you want,but remember God is God of justice,he knows the truth,you guys do not jump at the conclusion,let the authorities doing their job is not yours,people are suffering with terminal disease and God has send someone with a divine gift to help us and you are making a campaign to destroy him
    Believe me you are waiting your time You can not fighting God,mind your own business,delete everything about tbjoshua you will be in peace,thank you for your campaign but am out,are you really a Christian?i never saw in the bible a Christian using verbally insults,never,the bible said love your enemies,forgive those who hated you,sandy do you believe at those verses? Seek God,you can not even heal none,or doing the job tbjoshua is doing,how many souls did you bring to christ?

  56. Celui qui dissimule la Haine a des levres menteuses,et celui qui repand la calomnie est un insense.

    Celui qui parle beaucoup ne manque pas de pecher,mais celui qui retient ses levres est un prudent.


    • Why all this noise you agents of devil …? Why do you want to make noise because of these deaths ? Why. ? Why? Why ?…. This could have happened anywhere in the world … How many buildings collapsed that day all over the world which killed people ? Why SCOAN ? Stop this propaganda against our MOG … You will make noise but note God is in control…. You have fought TB JOSHUA for long and the almighty Lord will always protect him … Remember touch not the Anointing … So don’t say you were not reminded on insulting and demonizing the MOG ….it’s your choice …. But remember God is in control of things … MOG will get out of this soon… God bless you MOG ..

  57. I really cant believe in this day, when man has been to the moon and back, that some can fall for such levels of brainwashing and ignore the most basic cognitive abilities. To those of you failing to address the issue at hand and washing it down with ridiculous unproven theories coated with religious recitals. I have a reality check for you. Some of those lives lost will have a cascading effect, a child lost a parent, a bread winner. Someone has needlessly lost a partner. There are some, who as a result of this, will never live to achieve what they otherwise could have. Their destiny now doomed for the deepest of misery and hardships. There are some who will now, like me, question God’s will for his people. Who will ask the most logical but hard questions and in the absence of truth, they will come up with conclusions which might not necessarily be inclined towards to this fanaticism. There was life before TB Joshua and there will be life after him. There is no one man with solutions to all of the world’s problems, the dynamics are far beyond him. In the context of where we are today, if life is lost in this manner its only just that we probe people responsible, arrest and charge them if reasonable cause is found. How can they not even acknowledge that people died, that extra floors were being added, that there is an airport near by, if this was indeed strange plane, why wasn’t the building evacuated, dont even ask me how could they have known….they are said to have predicted the Bangladesh collapse, why not theirs? If there is a God out there justice should prevail. If this is justified in anyway, we could as well just abolish all justice systems and set all criminals free.

    • Why all this noise you agents of devil …? Why do you want to make noise because of these deaths ? Why. ? Why? Why ?…. This could have happened anywhere in the world … How many buildings collapsed that day all over the world which killed people ? Why SCOAN ? Stop this propaganda against our MOG … You will make noise but note God is in control…. You have fought TB JOSHUA for long and the almighty Lord will always protect him … Remember touch not the Anointing … So don’t say you were not reminded on insulting and demonizing the MOG ….it’s your choice …. But remember God is in control of things … MOG will get out of this soon… God bless you MOG ..

  58. As an afterthought, TBJ now wants t visit South Africa. This is after in the first day after the tragedy hew couldn’t even acknowledge that many have died in his building. All he was interested in was to project himself as the target and to “proclaim that his time is not….” More like The Lord Almighty!! So the talk about him regarding himself as some messiah is not far from the truth!!!!??? So TBJ “was it time… for the many of our brothers and sisters who perished in your badly constructed building. How do you sleep at night knowing that you made hundreds of people use a dangerous building which is said to have been expanded with additional floors without proper designs or plans.
    No wonder you trying to move the attention from this to some fake (“”strange”) planes … Rather than “as a man of God” taking responsibility and apologizing to the many families and countries that Los their loved ones!!!

  59. But what do want with the MOG …? Wat agendas do you have ? It tells much that you are agents of the devil ? This could have happened anywhere and why the noise ? Because it’s from the Prophet who would have known this calamity? Why the plane and goes away after the collapse ? My mind tells me this was a plot to demean the MOG and the whole work of God. I strongly believe explosives might have planted on the ground …. And the plane was there just to ignite them… Am not an engineer but how can a building just collapse like breaking an egg ? Too many questions but no matter wat you say against this Anointed MOG is that you are fighting a losing battle … You will attack him… Demonize him …say this and that but GOD IS IN CONTROL OF THE SITUATION. WE HAVE A GOD OF SUPERNATURAL PROVISIONS AND SUPERNATURAL SOLUTIONS …
    Jesus is power and may The Lord continue to Favour and protect MOG TB JOSHUA …

  60. touch nt ma anoited nd do ma prophet no harm,people r luking forward 2 deir detruction,God wil nt 4give dem 4 wat dey r duing

    • @alonge – When Jesus was on the cross, he said “Father forgive them, for they know not what they do”. Jesus forgave those who crucified him, but you think God is more protective over TB Joshua?

      • God allowed it to happen … And it happened …. Why all this noise and attack the MOG ? It could have happened anywhere ! God bless TB JOSHUA

    • Those insulting the MOG should be punished by God as thier insult is not to MOG but to God. Note is not James … You don’t insult my Living God and get away with it…

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