Twitter’s reaction to TB Joshua’s UFO conspiracy

While TB Joshua’s followers are fastening down the hatch, the rest of the world blinks in disbelief at his ridiculous conspiracy theory.

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  1. Again:
    Internet definition of “Culpable homicide”.
    It is the offence and causing death whether by intention or not.
    “Culpable homicide” is an offence under defined as “Whoever causes death by doing an act with the intention of causing death, or without the intention of causing such bodily injury as is likely to cause death, or with the knowledge that he is likely by such act to cause death, commits the offence of culpable homicide.”
    Is TB Joshua not is guilty of “Culpable homicide”.
    Where are the authorities investigating this?
    TBJ has the audacity to say the people who died there because of his negligence are martyrs? The dictionary defines a martyr as “a person who is killed because of his religious or other beliefs.”

  2. Nigeria: Synagogue Death Toll Hits 44

    Joshua insisted yesterday that he was the main target of the attack, an incident the self-acclaimed clairvoyant did not foresee. But when contacted, THE LAGOS STATE POLICE COMMAND PUBLIC RELATIONS OFFICER, DSP NGOZI BRAIDE, said there was nothing to suggest that the collapse of the building was a Boko Haram attack.
    She said: “You can’t conclude that because an aircraft flew over the building that it was Boko Haram that attacked the church building.
    “As of now, we have sent the video clips for analysis and until then, we can’t determine if it was an attack or not. The result of the analysis would determine the outcome of our investigations.
    “There are lots of issues at stake and we are studying the evidence they gave us”.

    This is because we are receiving CONFLICTING REPORTS FROM NEMA AND THE CHURCH, so we have commenced investigations.

    “But as at now, there is nothing to suggest it was a Boko Haram attack until our investigations are over.”

  3. It is true that people have died in the incident,But God is still upon his servant T. B Joshua, no matter what happen it is just an accident, This is not a time to blame the man of God,The prophets during the old testament they didn’t prophesied in every incident took place in particular time,

  4. T B JOSHUA was NEVER a man of God, but has been a man of Satan from the very beginning and we’re just seeing the beginning of the end of this great deception of Nigeria!

  5. Tb Joshua watch you titled this post: “Twitter’s reaction to TB Joshua’s UFO conspiracy” when what you really posted was twitter reactions that share your sentiments. Typical pot-kettle-black scenario.

  6. I gues the tragedy is, that TB Joshua believes his own bizar stories. He does not sees himself as to be accountable. He is compleetly entangled in a script,that only he understands. He constructs crazy stories by habbit, because it has Always worked for him. Making misstakes seem to be un-beareble for him, and for his imago, and so he makes even the simplests healthy commons sense-solution impossible. He forces others, to believe nonsence, and call them liars if they dont. How deep has a man to fall, and be stopped to harm innocent people by his insane ideas, before he will awaken to the God, he preaches about.

  7. ;what was the aircraft doing over the building 4 times? b4 people make judgments ??? September 11,a plane crushed the building in America,we all sympathized and blamed no body,why are we blaming tB JOSHUA OVER THIS?

    • On September 11, 3 planes crashed directly *into* 3 separate buildings. And by crash, I mean crash. Fire, explosions, and actual physical damage caused by many tons of plane hitting the buildings directly.

      “Hovering over” or “flying over” does not cause buildings to collapse (unless they are so poorly built that they should not exist). You can clearly see that SCOAN is in the flight path of the international airport very close to the compound. No airplane “crushed” TBJs building. No airplane even touched his building. No airplane got close enough to cause collapse. Those were aircraft (different ones each time) following a set flight path. Nothing strange, mysterious, or sinister about it.

      • Comparing this to 9:11? Woow!! The pictures or even videos of the 9:11 crash is still on the Internet, go watch it before making dull comments.

  8. I do not know why People who are so called christians do not want to reason for themselves. Come to think of it, TBJ Claims to see visions all over the world and is celebrated by his deceived followers as the Senior Prophet whose prophecies are true and direct from God. Now why could this so called Prophet not see the attack under his own nose. Again, now we see and hear his followers saying that he is not God and that he cant see everything – something some of us have known for Long. His followers believe that he is the solution to every problem and that once you go to TBJ then your problems are over – what a stupid believe. My own wife went there against my wish and came back with nothing special just as I told her and yet she wanted to tell me how God is present at scoan so I told her to spare me that nonsense. The same followers including their Prophet were boasting that BOKO HARAM failed many times to bomb their church because their Prophet is holy and therefore God always protects him. Now my conclusion to TBJ and his followers is that there are two possibilities i see in this case;

    1. The building was not well done and therefore the plane had nothing to do with the collapse
    2. If it is true that the plane bombed the building (as the liar wants us to believe), then it is either TBJ is not protected by God afterall or he is no longer riteous and therefore God has denied him as a punishment – dont Forget TBJ sees every difficulty as cause of sin so by his own words, his sins have caused God to Abandon him in this case

    To me he has complicated his case and further confirmed what some of us already believe (that he is a charlatan) by trying to cook up an explanation for the incident. I expected him to come out and show remorse and accept that his building was not of up to standard.

    A free advise to his followers – please do not just follow blindly and accept all he or anyone else for that matter tells you. God created us in his own Image (including ability to think and make choices) so please make use of that power God gave you. Analyse these men of God around us and also please please read in between the lines. Secondly pray for God to Show you who they really are. I used to watch TBJ because of my wife and one former head of state (I dont want to say the name) who was my role model. At that time i believed TBJ but i analysed many things about him. I listened to his words carefully and noted them down to check in future and I found out that he is an inconsistent deceiver. It is not easy to find that out if you are not critical of him and he does a good job at making sure that his followers never get critical of him. Many of his followers just clap without understanding what he is talking about. God help us in Africa.

    In conclusion, there is one Thing TBJ and I agree – that is no matter how Long a lie is told, the truth will come out one day. So he may deceive his gullible followers but not the whole world.

  9. Whatever the cause is,; demons, boko haram, air-planes, weack foundation and construction of the building,……………….the building is still the property of TB Joshua, and so he is still responsible for the harm and destruction dont to the people on his property. Let us be very clear about the fact, that the Scoan-property seems to be Holy ground., Arena of Liberty, . What happens in The Spirit, manifests in the fysical. If there has been an attac from-out the spirit-realm on the building of TB Joshua, then it means, there is an enterance for the evil. I believe, that the world of TB Joshua, is his own kingdom and not the KIngdom of God. He mixes 2 worlds, the world of worldly possesions and the blessings and promises of God. If TB had worked by Gods Kingdom-law, he would have build a save building and not a cheap hasted reconstrucion on a weack foundation. The collapsed building was a weackness in the Kingdom-law. It is a great warning, to every-one to never mess around with the law of God. It will destroy people.

  10. It means, TB has reconsructed the building by poverty-consiousness and not by the riches in Christ. TB will not be the only wealthy man, who became rich by Gods law, who still lives by a povery-consiousness,. If the money is not used to flow to others in a blessed way, it will do harm. Lets pray, that TB will honour, bless and anoit the provisions needed for the funerals. If he is not handling this Holy matters carefull, it will return back to him in great troubles. Gods Kingdom has her own laws and so the world has, wrong understanding, wrong applyment of Gods rules and care will cause tremendous havoc.

  11. SCOAN Building Collapse, An Act Of Human Sacrifice – Rev. Owusu Bempa

    Rev. Isaac Owusu Bempah, the General Overseer of the Glorious Way Chapel has once again cautioned Christians to be wary of the head pastor of the Synagogue Church of All Nations (SCOAN) because there is more to the collapse of his building than meets the eye –

    …Joshua, speaking to a packed auditorium of worshippers seemingly undeterred by the tragic incident that transpired days earlier…

  12. News is coming in from people whose loved ones went to scoan now with a group for a visit. They could contact their people on their mobile phones until the accident. Since then the phones went dead and they do not know whether their people are dead or alive!

  13. I wouldn’t be so quick to celebrate and condemn because all this excitement will be short lived as soon as the truth is revealed. The challenges faced by the prophet and true christians all over the world will only serve to bring glory to God. All things do work out for good for those who love the Lord. I will be praying that you live to witness as God prepares a table before his prophet and true christians in your presence. Time will tell who is serving the real God and who are the sons and daughters perdition. Just as the devil celebrated when our Lord was crucified but only to be embrarrassed and degraded when He resurrected in Glory and Power.

  14. Experts urge government to seize collapsed Synagogue property

    A former Lagos State Commissioner for Physical Planning and Urban Development, Mr. Bolaji Abosede, said the government should check its record to see the approval granted the church. He added that if Synagogue was found to have erected any structure without approval, there should be no double standards in the application of the law.
    He said, “Lagos should check its record and once it is found out that the church is negligent; the government should confiscate the land, no double standard.
    “If the owner of the building did not apply for approval or professionals were not involved, then he is liable for the disaster.”

  15. TB is fully responsible for the tragedy, even when it happened by an evil spiritual attac! The building is his property. On his ground, whitch should be Kingdom-ground., and happen to be cursed ground. The building was not build by the law of Faith, but by earthly motives, . The only thing that has to happen now, is that TB Joshua will change the governements , from earthy governement where he is in charge, to Gods governement, where God is in charge. I will be the end of the frauding corrupt, misleading , robbing and abusive, and deathly cursed vision. God law of Faith is only blessed. ONLY.

  16. Fate of SA groups unclear after collapse

    Lagos – At least five South African church groups were in a guest house at the Synagogue Church of All Nations in Lagos, Nigeria, which collapsed, the government said on Monday night.

    Members of the public who wish to enquire about relatives can phone the department at any time using the following numbers: 012 351 0924 and 012 351 1757.

  17. Jamie God bless you,do not rejoicing for what napped to tbjoshua,one day it can happen to you,how could you hated someone in such level,monitoring hunting anything concerning tbjoshua it’s sad what happen at Nigeria (scoan) do you think tbjoshua happy for what happen??you should even pity him but you so happy wishing him bad things,but remember God is God of justice,tbjoshua did not planned the accident,God knows why it’s happen is that the first accident occurred in this earth???check the news you will see,we are so sorry for those who did not make it,Jamie ne te rejouis pas de la chutte de ton ennemi pourquoi tant de la Haines to tbjoshua tu es un saint?are you without sin?

  18. As at today death toll hits 57 and a living survivor walked out alive. Maybe if the overzealous tbjoshua scoan members did not hinder rescue workers and journalists from doing their work many of the dead would have been found alive. It is so unfortunate that up till now nothing have been said by tbjoshua about the dead neither have they released the list of names of visitors who were in the collapsed buildings.

  19. RICHIE,please read this careful:2king,chap.4verses27

    And when she came to the man of God to the hill,she caught hold of his feet and Gehazi come near to thrust her away;but man of God said let her alone:for her soul is vexed within her;and JEHOVAH HAD HID IT FROM ME,AND HATH NOT TOLD ME.

    Richie please read your bible properly,do not write for pleasure to humiliate man of God,you can read all the story and see how God work with his prophet,if you in this time you should humiliate the man of God,the little boy die but God did not told the man of God,look to be prophet is not a magic show,a prophet is a man he is not a God,God is not obliged to revealed all to his prophet,God lead them.tbjoshua as a man he can not performed all those miracles,is God in tbjoshua doing the miracles if God did not revealed the collapse of the building it’s does not mean he is a fake do not always see errors,look at what this man is doing why all those people around the wold queue up to see man of God,please you can not hated someone in such level,you will never stop him only God you are wasting your time,this incident God will take control but no the way you wish,why you want tbjoshua disappear,people in need want him
    More you hate him more we love him,vraiment c’est pitie,pourquoi cela?
    Are saint,you never sin.

    • 2Kgs 4:27 you quoted is out of context. The dead child is not the prophets child. This incident has nothing to do with the security & welfare of the prophet. So God didnt reveal the womans problem to him. INSTEAD READ 2Kgs 6:8-23. Its about the safety of the prophet, his nation and the people. God WILL ALWAYS REVEAL BECAUSE the prohets IS ALSO A SHEPHERD. Please note that when the incident in ch. 4 was later revealed by the woman, God through the prophet raised her dead child. I GUESS ITS NOT TOO LATE abi?

  20. God is in control,let us pray for papa tb joshua,God is God of justice,and he has got the last word,no matter what people are saying at that hard time God got the final verdict,you people do not jump straight at that the conclusion,at moment we have got judges,solicitors,without qualifications,they are giving theirs opinions because they are too know at all,they are wishing bad lucky to the man of God,nobody will stop man of God only the person who called him the mighty God,pourquoi le gens sont vraiment mechant a ce niveau,les prophetes des malheurs pour tbjoshua,si il vraiment un fake prophet why les gens continue toujours a y aller? Dieu est avec Lui,tout passera according to God will,tbjoshua n’a pas planifier a tuer tout ce gens,c’est le travail du satan pour Lui accuser mais Norte Dieu est juste,la verite finira par triompher ,j’ai pitie de papa tbjoshua et de la famille eprouver,Dieu connais la cause de cette accident,les gens parlent pour parler,tout finira tres bien.

  21. Bigdue, I know what am talking,take your bible and read:2 Kings chapt.4 verses 8 to 37.i did trying to explain to Ritchie this,some time God can not revealed all situation to his prophet,like the death of this boy God hidden to the prophet,the prophet was surprised asking why God did hidden the death to him,Ritchie did put the comment why God did not showed tbjoshua the collapse of the building,is the reason why I answering basic on similar situation,you the one did not understand me or the scripture,if Gd did like to reveal to tbjoshua about the collapse he should have done it,but he hidden it to him,he is souverain ,
    He know the reason,do not blame tbjoshua ask God why he did not reveal it to him,Elijah God did not reveal to him the death of the boy,Elijah was the prophet who prayed for the women to have a child.

  22. Aimee, tbj is not the victim of this event. The dead and wounded are the victims. This is not a “challenge” for tbj. It is a tragedy resulting directly from his arrogance and negligence.

  23. O God,whom I praise do not remain silent,for wicked and deceitful men have opened their mouths against me; they have spoken against me with lying tongues.
    With words of hatred they surround me;they attack me without cause.
    In return for my friendship they accuse me,but I am a man of prayer.
    They repay me evil for good,and hatred for my friendship.

    This is my prayer for papa tbjoshua
    God is in control,stay still.

  24. Celui qui pale beaucoup ne manque pas de pecher,mais celui qui retient ses levres est un homme prudent.

    Celui qui dissimule la Haine a des levres menteuses,et celui qui repand la calomnie est un insense.

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