An investigation is undergoing into the cause of the catastrophic building collapse at SCOAN last Friday. Lagos State claim to have no record of the 4 additional floors ever being approved, SCOAN are yet to provide evidence to the contrary. A former Lagos State Commissioner for Physical Planning and Urban Development, Mr. Bolaji Abosede said “Lagos should check its record and once it is found out that the church is negligent; the government should confiscate the land, no double standard. If the owner of the building did not apply for approval or professionals were not involved, then he is liable for the disaster.” (source)

Every day, more bodies are being pulled from the wreckage. Today the body count stands at 50, and there are still many unaccounted for.

It is time for the authorities to prove that popular “men of God” are not above the law. TB Joshua’s illegal building work has killed at least 50 people, his followers initially attacked rescue workers and journalists, and now he is spinning some yarn about a mysterious aircraft remotely demolishing his building. TB Joshua is a criminal, and he has blood on his hands. Join the campaign to #arrestTBJoshua now!

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  1. It is past time to lock this charlatan up and throw the keys away. A man whose stock in trade is repeated lies and an insatiable desire for the spot light. His greatest sin is his aberrant gospel that has given countless a false sense of salvation. This is just the beginning unless he genuinely repents. It is an outrage that he is yet to express any remorse for the dozens his collapsed building has killed.

    • You called a man of God charlatan, I pity you. If you don’t know what to say, why not keep quiet. Because nobody will know how ignorant you are until you speak. Go ahead but let me show you the consequences of your action, whosoever shall fall upon this stone shall be broken into pieces and whosoever it shall decend upon, it shaill him into powder. You have just broken your life into pieces, it will start showing soon, in your finances, your business, marriage, family and then your body. Better apologise to him through same medium, that’s the only way to avert the judgment you have just brought on yourself.

    • Sept 18, Death toll update is now 80!!!

      I must admit that I am both heart broken and outraged as a Nigerian with all this innocent people that had to die for nothing in my country and the government still sees no need to arrest and indict this prophet…it would have been poetic justice if this prophet himself that is claiming to be the target of an “imaginary” terrorist attack had died in the collapsed building instead of his followers and members to spare us all this pain, agony, misery and embarrassment…I stand uncorrected. This is a clarion call on the global online Christian Community to put pressure on the global powers that be to pressurize the Nigerian government to arrest and try this prophet in a federal court for complicity in culpable homicide as they say in legal casuistry. Period!

      First things first, a crime is a crime regardless of the offender. But unfortunately in Nigeria, many “criminal celebrities” go unpunished because of their “criminal friends” in the corridors of power. This best describes the “synagogue prophet” and his “death-trap” or should I say “Synagogue of Satan” where blood sucking demons await gullible Christians looking for “magical miracles”.
      Visit this link: https://www.smashwords.com/books/view/401173

      My contribution to this well intentioned forum in spite of its fanatic criticism from the fundamental followers of the “synagogue online community” is to proffer a serious legal “class act” solution for the bereaved family members of the injured and deceased victims of the collapsed building be they Nigerians or foreigners with whom I deeply condole for their irreplaceable loss. I was once a victim of human right abuses for no apparent cause from those violently hostile thugs & touts a.k.a synagogue church members & security and would have sued their prophet to the highest court for the highest damages per se but was restrained from doing by the Lord which I once reported on this forum.
      Visit this link:

      In your case this is clear homicide if proven that the said building had no council permit to be raised from two floors to a sky scraping six floors leaving it with such a weakened foundation that inevitably gave way and caused it to collapse like a pack of cards as we saw in their own propaganda “home video” claiming it was a terrorist attack of a “silent bomb” that can bring down such an edifice without smoke or fire. Even the CIA would be interested in such a weapon that apparently was “dropped from sky” by that strange aircraft that coincidentally flew over the building before it went down. That is if they are “deceived” fan club members of the synagogue church.

      Unfortunately in Nigeria the case may never get to court. So let the family members of the victims whether individually or collectively be they Nigerians or foreigners file a lawsuit via their solicitors whether locally or internationally against the synagogue church for indirectly causing the deaths of their loved ones who could have “survived” had they been rescued “on time” when the first respondents came for their search and rescue operations which they are “professionally” trained to do but where “mystifyingly” prevented, hindered, attacked and driven back from the collapsed building by the synagogue church members & security.

      Why would I chase away my neighbors coming to help me put out the fire in my kitchen before it burns down the whole building except of course I have a “human skeleton” in my kitchen cupboard I so desperately want to keep hidden even at the extreme expense of losing my entire building. That’s my logical analysis of the situation in that highly secretive “cultish church” where preserving their satanic secrets is more important than saving the lives of the people that went there for their false healing & miracles.

      They are legally liable for severe damages and loss of human lives. I strongly advice and recommend that the family members of the survivors can successfully sue them without fear or favor whether individually as a plaintiff or collectively as a class act for well over $100 million (USD) or N500 billion (Nigerian Naira) damages in a court of law whether inside or outside Nigeria or even both. That way the synagogue church will keep paying damages till it expires from the face of the earth as a deterrent to other such churches and prophets who think that they can play with peoples’ lives as they do with their faith. Remember the antecedent of the previous “anointing water” stampede in Ghana that caused similar loss of lives? Once beaten twice shy, but twice beaten thrice smart!

      I rest my case!
      Brother Nosa.

  2. Apostle Paul was arrested and many them, I mean the Disciples of our Lord Jesus Christ. Nigeria government had once arrest the man of God Almighty. Prophet TB Joshua, so this is not this is not a new story again. But one thing is sure, they can never stop the Word of God Almighty in him from moving on. And you writer, after this story, watch how your life will be if you don’t confess your sins.

    • I fear nobody- as a matter of fact TB Joshua has attempted though to kill me many times but in vain- his water does not work

    • The bible does not record that Paul was jailed for being the person responsible for a building that collapsed killing 60 people (according to BBC Radio 4 News)

    • Are you willfully blind, or what?

      Paul, nor any of the disciples, were arrested for killing people.

      If TBJ is arrested (God willing, let it be!) it will be for whatever the Nigerian legal term is for negligent homicide. As the leader of SCOAN, “prophet above all prophets” as he allows people to testify, he is responsible for the collapse of that building. It was his responsibility to make sure that it was constructed legally and properly, and he has millions of dollars with which to accomplish proper building. He chose not to. The blood of those people is on his hands.

  3. So Chinedu51 wants to compare Paul with TBJ claiming disciples get arrested. Yet most don’t – only those that commit crimes or criminal offences. Criminals also get arrested. I wonder how we should discern a regular criminal from a disciple who commits criminal acts? Is it merely satisfactory to compare everyone to Paul or should be people be judged according to their own actions?

    • Graham, could you tell me the offence committed by Steven before he stone to death, or could you tell me the offence committed by our Lord Jesus Christ, before He was handed on the cross, could tell me the offence committed by Job before all things was taken away and he afflicted? If you say you know know the Word of God Almighty.

      • It’s all in Scripture, chinedu. Stephen was stoned to death for proclaiming the Gospel.

        Jesus Christ was crucified because he voluntarily sacrificed himself for our sins.

        Job committed none of the offenses his “friends” accused him of, but was allowed to experience loss for the glory of God, and received all he’d lost and more when it was over.

        TBJ, however, has committed a clear and obvious offense. He is not innocent. And his is not a great apostle. He is a lying false prophet who has killed many people through his negligence. May he be brought to justice.

      • Chinedu, Chinedu please give us a break. Peter, Paul, Steven and most of CHRIST were not arrested after a crime had been committed. With CHRIST they tried to find fault and even the King said he did not find any, so all those disciples were arrested purely for spreading the word of GOD the ALMIGHTY.
        But in the case of TB Joshua a crime has been committed, that of mass murder by negligence and it is punishable by law of the land. If you were saying he is being arrested for telling the leaders the truth of their works then we would be talking a different story. I hope it is clear to you now.

  4. Governor Fashola Visits the Synagogue Church of All Nations (SCOAN) Where Building Collapsed Killing Many

    Lagos State Governor Babatunde Fashola was at the scene, the Synagogue Church of All Nations (SCOAN), Ikotun on the outskirts of Lagos where a building collapsed, killing 44 persons. He called for an inquiry and investigation.
    Government officials have said there was no approval for the erection of additional floors.
    According to Thenation, Commissioner for Physical Planning Olutoyin Ayinde, who was on Fashola’s entourage, said the church’s engineers were yet to present their permit to make such modifications.
    Ayinde said: “Our meeting with the prophet was a closed-door meeting but it surrounds the collapsed building. It is a sad situation; lives have been lost and many others have been rescued.
    “We use this opportunity to express our sympathy to the affected people.
    “We have no proof that the church had permit to add to the existing structure. We have asked the engineering team to meet us and for about two hours now, no member of the team has come.
    “We also have questions for them. Even if the building does not have approval, it ought to be built professionally. We have asked for their team and we hope in the course of the week, they would get to us.
    “It is necessary to take the final inventory before we can say the number of people affected. Right now, we do not know how many people are involved. When a final inventory has been taken, the ministry of special duties will take a decision as regards relieve,” he added.


    • The foundation of that building would be very difficult to modify. Converting the building into a bigger building would entail demolishing the present structure and constructing a new foundation- pile foundation. It would also necessitate installing rolled steel joist frames (RJS). This is a lot of work which requires sophisticated construction equipment. The best solution would have been to build a new structure.elsewhere

  5. Mattresses, clothes and other household items, including air-conditionersý, were seen lying in the rubble of the building. Besides, a foul odour oozed out of the site?

  6. I was looking at the footage of the collapsed building again and that looks very much like a controlled demolition to me.

    • Listen, there was no controlled demolition- The structure was poor- this is how buildings collapse if you do not know

  7. Man of God prophet TBJoshua be strong nothing is going to stop u from preaching the word of God me and my family we are praying for u in Jesus name

  8. currently 300 South African citizens who were in the building are missing(unaccounted for) with 67 dead . There are many more people buried under the rubble. I do not think Nigerian alone can cope with the rescue mission.- other countries whose citizens were in the building need to intervene-unfortunately the travel agent is SCOAN – they will try to hide everything: THE ATROCITIES COMMITTED BY TB JOSHUA AGAINST THE CIVILIAN POPULATION OF VARIOUS COUNTRIES needs to be condemned in the strongest possible terms.

    • my people in southern africa please stay in your countries and worship Yahweh there, he is present. TBJ is a crook open your eyes im talking from experience, i have visited scoan , that anointing water is fake, i never got what i went for neither did my friends i met there.
      All these water, handkerchief, salt,stickers, pastors and prophet are deceiving you.


      These 419’s are going defile you and lead you to hell.

      • Say it loud,Akim,it true.we are all blessed, what we need is to stay close to god,Read the word. Yrself. People have just gone lazy.to do things for themselves, look now. U still want to see more, then u will see,. No body can bless u.

  9. I pity d so called Christians that are part of all these criticism. If its a mosque, no muslim will be part of d criticism no mata how true or fake d imam or mosque is. Christian, why criticise church or ur felow Christians because of your stupied opinion? who are u to judge weda a church or man of God is true or fake? it is written “Judge not, Let God be d true judge.” Ps 105:15 “touch not my anoited and do my profet no arm”. Weda true or fake u are no God so kip quiet and stop dis criticism before u sin against God. Building collapse is not new but because its a church evry one wants to paste rubish. If. does airplanes dat got missing belongs to a church, people will say d pastor used dem for ritual. If its muslims, u will not hear anytin. If. d government is doin der job, why d missing plans? y d miss chibok gils? y d bomb blast always? y d death of NIGERIAN soldiers by boko aram? wat is bokoaram stil doin in sambisa forest? so d government tinks d church is d best place to excercise power and make investigations rit? wen sambisa forest is der..Christians dat dont know der left from rit are bakin dem up against d church. Fools pasting rubish and want to make Heaven

    • You should ask your prophet all those questions. He said that boko haram would be done by 2013. That the girls would come home quickly.

      Tbjs building is not the government responsibility, expecially if he built without permits as seems very likely.

      And are you saying we should be like Muslims? Islam is a false religion and a cult. Any group whose leader cannot be questioned or criticized is a cult. SCOAN is a cult for this reason (and many others)

  10. I watched the CCTV video and saw the aircraft circle the building four times, exactly one hour later, the building caved in like a timed demolition. As God fearing children, we have to be watchful over our utterances as we will be held liable for the judgment of our mouth, whether written or spoken. The Messiah Is Coming soon, rather than condemn pray for Men of God and that God should strengthen them in the face of the common enemy of mankind, Satan. TB Joshua is under a combined forces of darkness attack, but he will prevail like so many before him.

    • You did not see “an” aircraft “circle” the building. You are closing your eyes to the video itself and instead listening to what SCOAN tells you the video shows.

      What is shown on the footage is planes following a flight path from the international airport nearby. You can see a pole from the guidance lighting system for the airport after the building collapses.

      If a building falls because a plane flies above it, that is the fault of the owner/builder. Properly built buildings do not do that. But now you say a “timed demolition”? What? What would a plane have to do with that? Demolitions are done from the ground. Are you saying that someone got into there, without being spotted by the hundreds of people in the building, and set up a professional demolition job? And yet, even though demos of large buildings require explosives, none were heard? Amazing. You’ve added invisible demolition men and silent explosives to the UFO conspiracy theory.

  11. Certainly, the false prophet, TBJ, should be made accountable, but Nigeria is a land of corruption and the false prophet is a professional bribe giver who is ready to pay off people to thwart investigations. Let them prove me wrong for once!

  12. @M, remember the pictures on the wall, on emmanuel tv, with Ap. Paul, John the Baptist, Tb Joshua and etc? Next thing will be Jesus and his picture side by side 😉

  13. Statement by President Jacob Zuma regarding South Africans citizens affected by the church building collapse in Nigeria.
    Fellow South Africans,

    I am greatly saddened to announce that 67 South Africans died and scores of others sustained injuries, after a building at the Synagogue Church of All Nations collapsed on Friday, 12 September 2014, in Lagos, in the Federal Republic of Nigeria.

    This is a particularly difficult time for South Africa. Not in the recent history of our country have we had this large number of our people die in one incident outside the country.


    • Tb Joshua’s statement concerning Friday 12/9/2014 Synagogue building collapse: “The FEW that were there are being rescued.”
      Disciples’ reassurance to families: “No one is hurt, just a FEW scratches..”
      CNN, BBC, Reuters: officially over 40 death toll at Synagogue building collapse.
      South Africa presidential statement: 67 South African citizens ONLY declared dead from Synagogue building collapse.
      Tb Joshua: “No matter how long a lie is sustained, truth will someday prevail.”

      SCOAN quotable quote: “If you tempt the devil to tempt you, God will leave you at your own strength. God’s Grace cannot suffer corruption.”

  14. Synagogue Tragedy: Why T.B. Joshua should be arrested

    The General Manager of the Lagos State Emergency Management Agency (LASEMA), Femi Osanyintolu,said -”upon arrival at the scene, rescue workers from the agency met resistance from church members, who said they could carry out the rescue mission themselves.

    According to the agency boss, members of the church had said “that they don’t need our (LASEMA) efforts. That they are equipped. That they know how to do it”.
    This caused a delay of about 20 minutes as the LASEMA management had to hold a meeting with the church members, to state their intentions and plans”.

    The man told Channels TV, they were delayed, some of his men were physically assaulted. They met stiff resistance for three days from Zealots who are members of T.B. Joshua’s Church. The man also said construction was still going on while people were living inside the collapsed building.

    “Anyone obstructing the duties of emergency agencies will be arrested.”

    The public is yet to know the identities of the dead, Joshua who ought to shut up is trying to save his face and job. We published what he wrote on his Facebook wall after the tragedy-
    “A building, not the church auditorium as was reported. The few people that were there are being rescued. What you wish to others, God wishes to you. Nothing makes us love a person as much as praying for him. The more I love you, the more I will pray for you.” …He issued that statement hours after the incident.

    After the whole thing blew open-a doctored footage was shown to the press. He was bold to say-“ The evil one did it- aircraft flew over the building just before it collapsed.

    When you claim to see visions and prophecies for others without seeing an impending doom about to fall upon your kingdom, it is necessary and appropriate for folks like me to ask you questions.
    So my question to this man is,- when are you really going to come clean? When will you stand up and be man enough to tell your followers you are only human-bound to make mistakes? When will you tell them about the ghost writers, responsible for all your scripts, the paid bogey men who set up prophecies & fake visions that never come true? When will you tell the sick in your church to go to the hospital for medical help? . Who got saved through your ‘healing & deliverance’?

    Jim Iyke’s mother was brought to your church for prayers after people said you have this extra-ordinary power to heal the sick, what happened to her? Did you even mention about Jim Iyke’s mother’s death to your followers? What really happens to men and women who gave up the ghost inside your Church? You have obviously swept every negative news from your church under the carpet all these years. You would have probably covered this tragedy up but God is above everyone else, including you.

    Sir, did Jim Iyke a man you used to lure other public figures to your church get delivered after all that big news headlines his coming to your church made? Is he a better man today?. Legions of demons are chasing the man about, thanks to you. I just mentioned a few, there overwhelming evidence that you Joshua sees nor hears nothing from God!

    And what about all the proof on TB Joshua Watch?

    The government must arrest and put you (T.B. Joshua) on trial immediately. There is enough evidence to do so. You are the principal owner of the building that collapsed. Since money can not bring back the dead, I urge the families of the bereaved to drag you (Joshua) to court if the government fails. These families deserve to get some good money off T.B. Joshua for negligence. There must be a lawsuit here for all the souls lost and those that are injured. T. B. Joshua is not above the law! The world is watching.


  15. Are those people going to live again if you join hands or campaign for T.B Joshua to be arrested? Jesus his master will rescue him people of the darkness kingdom you are so happy right and you know the truth.

    • No, sadly. They are dead and their families will suffer their losses.

      But if TBJ is arrested, perhaps those families, and some of the injured survivors, will see justice done.

  16. Nigerian church building collapse was not the first (video)
    It describes the building that collapsed on Friday as an “architectural masterpiece”.
    The church has had three previous locations, and each time something happened to its structure.
    “The roof of the first church was blown off by a storm, the second church was washed away by a flood while the third church also collapsed due to severe weather conditions,” the church said on http://www.scoan.org.

  17. 67 south africans died at the collapsed building!

    “I am greatly saddened to announce that 67 South Africans died and scores of others sustained injuries. This is a particularly difficult time for South Africa. Not in the recent history of our country have we had this large number of our people die in one incident outside the country,” Zuma said in a statement.

    Over 300 South Africans were staying in the four-storey guesthouse on the grounds of the church when it collapsed while workers were adding two more storeys. The South Africans and others were hoping to see the church’s leader, self-styled faith header TB Joshua who claims to be able to cure even otherwise terminal illnesses.

    • U are a full. when God decide a thing Who can question God .when the wife of a pastor died in a plane chrash who question God does what people say or do bring her back to life all of u are fulls

  18. Say TB Joshua gets locked up. Within a week, he would be the King of the prison, with everybody catering to his whims, and even running his church services from there. Almost all the people potentially involved in putting him away, probably believe he is a real prophet. I bet this ‘man of God’ will not see a single day in a jail cell. Pity.

  19. I think Christians forget the extreme responsibility they have. Assume TBJ is evil, like you said; You still have biblical obligation to love and pray for him. Love your enemy as yourself!

    • That we have done for the past 14 years. We have been patietly been praying for his salvation and warning him.

  20. WARNING “You tbjoshuawatch and you followers that are publishing derogatory or defamatory messages and statements against anointed men of God with power. You people are looking for the evil Curse of Leprosy on your bodies and businesses. Be careful!
    I know one thing if that man gets upset at your write ups or posts and Curses you people with that mouth he uses to cast out demons and heal all sorts of deadly incurable sickness from all over the world, I don’t think there is any one out there that would be able to deliver you people from it and I know what I am stating! I suggest you be wise and to let him be!Please note this is not ment to be a malicious statement or an insult”

    • Listen I am not scared of TB Joshua you can tell him to harm me — and nothing will happen to me. I have survived acts from people like Joseph Kony, Alice Lakwena who are of the same stock as TB Joshua- -TB Joshua is not GOD, you need to reeducate yourself

      • may God have mercy on your soul, may your eyes open before the day of judgement. oh how can you say such stupid stupid things. its the same as saying that you don’t fear God. u beta start watching your back.

  21. if i were you as a christian,i will be praying for investigation to come out and see the truth,but since you tbjoshua watch belong to the kingdom of darkness that’s why you rulling the possibility of tbjoshua be guilty and going to prison,i wish God could punish you and put you in jail instead of him

  22. All you who are speaking of the wrath of God, you are really that blind to not see where the wrath of God is pointing to? And actually, you have seen NOTHING of the wrath of God….this tragedy is simply a warning/call to repentance, for those who use the name of Jesus and remain unrepentant.

  23. And by the way, stop mentioning the test of Job. Job was unique, as Daniel was, as Joseph, as David, as Jacob, as Abraham were. WE ARE NOT IN THE OLD TESTAMENT where God tested His servants and prophets, we are in the New Testament, in which the prophets of old do not exist only the prophetic gift given to believers by the Holy Spirit. “For all the Prophets and the Law prophesied until John.” (Mathew 11:13) The price has been paid, the ultimate test was nailed on the Cross of Calvary. Our tests of faith are within our human capabilities, manageable, on a personal level, in which God brings the way out. Those who die for their faith are called martyrs, a higher level of faith beyond Old Testament tests. In Christ we live, we move and have our whole being.

  24. I hope TB Joshua is not bribing anybody to announce false numbers. According to president Jacob Zuma of South Africa, 67 South Africans died in the tragedy. That is just South Africans alone. We are yet to hear about visitors from Ghana, Namibia, Zambia, Zimbabwe, Botswana, Kenya, Tanzania, Ethiopia, Malawi, Mozambique, Cameroon, Togo, United States, Canada, UK, and South American Countries.

  25. Hear,O Lord,my righteous plea;listen to my cry,give ear to my prayer,it does not rise from deceitful lips
    May my vindication come from you;May your eyes see what is right.
    Though you probe my heart and examine me at night.though you test me,you will find nothing;I have resolved that my mouth will not sin.as for deeds of men by the word of your lips I have kept myself from the ways of violent.My steps have held to your paths;my feet have not slipped.
    I call on you,O God for you will answer me;give ear to me and hear my prayer.
    Show the wonder of your great love,you who save by your right hand those who take refuge in you
    From their foes.keep me as the apple of your eye;hide me in the shadow of your wings
    From the wicked who assail me,from my mortal enemies who surround me,they close up their callous hearts,and their mouths speak with arrogance.they have tracked me down,they now surround me,with eyes alert to through me to the ground.

    God is under control,he will bring his justice.sorry for all who did make it and the family.
    Papa tb joshua remain calm.

  26. tb Joshua must release the list of visitors who were residing in the building including the total number of people that were there at that time so that people can assist in the rescue effort–I understand he is still adamant

    • Yes, we know how serious SCOAN is about their invitations and requires detailed information from foreign visitors. And we know this simply by looking on their website, in the “visit us” page.

      So WHERE is all that information? Hmm.

  27. Nigeria: SA Team Dispatched to Lagos

    Cape Town — Government has dispatched a search and rescue team to Lagos to assist in the recovery of the remains of South Africans that were killed during a tragic building collapse in Nigeria, says International Relations and Cooperation Minister Maite Nkoana-Mashabane.


  28. Johnson please cool down,too much talking,leave the matter to the hand of authorities,tbjoshua has no time to hide the list,South Africa author.and the family will even help more,you are just putting fire on the matter,do tbjoshua know you I do not think so,mind your words,you the one monitoring,hunting everything about him,but tbjoshua has nothing to do with you,he is man of God,if you hated him,we loved him,and we support him,God is Go of justice,he will reveal the truth long time tbjoshua wait to the prison,is not a new place for him,is want you wish!!i never saw in the bible a Christian against another Christian,how could you joint together to destroy another Christian?read your bible again and again,now every where you are celebrating what happen to man of God,you are saying this time no more tbjoshua,or scoan,you wish him even dead,disappear,to see him suffer is your wish?even he goes into prison we will support him,and the hand of God will be with him he will perform even in the prison,so we are not afraid God is in control,Johnson tbjoshua would never come and arrest you God did not sended him for that,he is busy doing what you saw on emmanuel tv,even us far away we see what God is doing through this man,the prison where tbjoshua will be believe it will shake people around the wold will follow him there,no worries Johnson he will be fine into the prison and you how you gonna feel happy?

  29. “There was only one architect involved in the planning — the Holy Spirit,” TB Joshua said
    Structural tests ordered after fatal Synagogue building collapse
    Lagos – Engineers in Nigeria’s financial capital, Lagos, on Wednesday ordered urgent structural tests to be carried out at a popular preacher’s church after 70 people were killed in a building collapse.
    The Lagos State Building Control Agency daubed red X-marks on buildings in the sprawling compound of televangelist TB Joshua’s Synagogue Church of All Nations (SCOAN) in the city’s Ikotun area.


    • This man is insulting everybody’s intelligence. Holy Spirit was an architect?
      How did he communicate the designs to the construction workers? And how did they confirm it was the Holy Spirit?
      Is this assertion different from parents who kill kids and claim that God ordered them to? That’s schitzophrenia

  30. everyone speaking against the man of God, prophet TB Joshua should be very careful about what they say coz he serves a living God that does not allow mere people to speak against His servants. be very careful about what you say next coz that man is innocent and the devil is the cause of all this. I pray that you will repent and seek God before its too late. let us not judge coz the video footage speaks for itself. don’t b blind to the evil works of satan.

  31. you evil it is time to end for your kingdom shut up your stupid co
    mmnt hell is for you don worry GOD is protect the man of God TB.J

  32. Albert usuma.i just pity you,could you how people queue up around the wold to see man of God?how could you called him a charlatan,God have mercy on you prison is not a new place for tbjoshua,he has been there lyears ago,and you know even in the prison God will continue to use him even more powerful and that prison will be shake with the power of the Holy Ghost,all of us around the wold we will be queue up to visit him,Albert if the way you wish that tbjoshua must be lock up in the prison happen how much they will pay you,you are you anyway?am happy to be in prison because of Christ ,I don’t know if you are a Christian or not,but let me tell you,like or not,God did call this man to do his work which to help people in need no you Albert Albert is a saint no sin he saw only other people sins how many people did you heal or heal??if you can not believe at tbjoshua believe at least what he is doing,he do care for people,you hated him because he is true man of God,all of you you are joint together like Pharisee to kill tbjoshua,at moment nobody is at tbjoshua side,all of you are screaming crucifie tbjoshua crucifie tbjoshua one in commun accord you choice barabas instead of Jesus,what tbjoshua done to you guys?the raison also you hated him because your kingdom of darkness is exposed by tbjoshua,God is using him powerful that you people with Cain spirit can not handle it,you so jealous and you got this opportunity to accuse him,say what ever you said this collapse of the building is the plot of lucifer and his demons to accuse man of God,why you guys so happy about this incident,you quick jump at the conclusion,leave the matter to the hand of authorise you guys mind your own business,have a little respect,show your value and class je ne sais meme plus que dire,tu es vraiment sans maniere,quelle education,how so much hatred to tbjoshua,he does even know you,do not fight God,tbjoshua never proclaim that he is Jesus,but he is carry one on doing Jesus recommandation,who ever believe to me he will do the same work as am doing and even more,read your people,am not tbjoshua member at scoan but as a Christian I believe God send him,le salaire du peche c’est la mort,attention mon frere tu as affaire avec Dieu,repent

  33. what is arest you evill let me tell
    you samthing kiling is your job.
    you are responsbl for that . the ma
    n of god this your tim to be anath
    lebel of greace.but for satan & his
    flowors time to end.

  34. Finally….there is an official announcement by SCOAN on their Facebook page, concerning the aftermath of the Synagogue building collapse. Worldwide pressure and hard facts-it doesn’t get harder than this- forced SCOAN and its people to admit to casualties,-so the truth did prevail in the end after all- although no number of the deceased is mentioned. However, after the condolences sent out to families who lost their loved ones it is all about projecting and protecting image -once again- in reassuring that SCOAN faculty have been collaborating with authorities and humanitarium groups throughout this tragedy, contrary to reports. And of course, the statement would be incomplete if not referring to SCOAN’S conspiracy theory and emphasizing that TB Joshua was the target, so as to eliminate responsibility due to poor/faulty construction. What is really absurd, with all due respect to the deceased, is the word they use, twice actually, to refer to the victims: martyrs. Suddenly, after a week of denial, they come up with the term martyrs. Funnily enough, in one of my comments yesterday I spoke of who is considered a martyr, someone who has died for the sake of Christ. Someone who is persecuted, tortured and put to death because of his/her faith in Christ. If this was a tragic accident, we are speaking of victims, if this was sabotage, again we are speaking of victims. But martyrs? Since according to SCOAN, TB Joshua was the target, did the victims die as martyrs to TB Joshua, as in martyrs to Christ?
    Will this insanity never end?

  35. SCOAN responds to accusations of non-cooperation-
    JOHANNESBURG – The Synagogue Church Of All Nations (SCOAN) has rubbished accusations that it is not co-operating with rescue authorities following a fatal building collapse in Lagos.
    But in a statement issued on Thursday, SCOAN said it has provided necessary assistance and will continue to work with relevant bodies in a bid to establish the cause of the collapse.
    A week after the collapse of the building?!?!
    He made sure everyone is properly dead, before he agrees to help.
    Amazing how sly he is in protecting his image!


  36. Govt to register and regulate churches

    “The answer is that we have come to a position of registering churches – not only in Zimbabwe, but the whole of Africa because it has become a means of making money. People are forming churches at places where there are no means or public toilets and young men are suddenly forming churches – some of them which might be devil worshipping,” he said.
    THE GOVERNMENT will soon register and regulate churches in light of recent human rights abuses orchestrated by some church leaders, senior government officials said on Monday.

  37. Granham please do not get involve,this matter happened in Nigeria,do not put fire for this incident,we are so sorry for what happened,mind your own business.ne te Mele meme pas dans cette histoire,tout est entre les mains du Seigneur,leave Nigeria authoriries deal the matter,the justice is there,who are??the number of foreign visitors will clear,Nigeria embassy is everywhere in the world,also the legal visitors always feel a form all the informations is there tbjoshua no a criminal,he did not plan this incident,God knows why,and all of you are involved you have called lucifer and all his demons to enter you to destroy man of God so you can accuse him,God is juste he knows everything,you wish him all those horribleness things to happen to him but let me tell you,the God you called him only him who should end tbjoshua,no man,say what you are saying because of this incident,God is with tbjoshua,even in the prison he will be man of God we will support him and visiting him,the prison will be shaken,so no worries is the first time for him to be in prison,he is not a criminal,you people made him,you hated him so much,he have done nothing to you guys,it’s can happen to anyone this incident,call him names,only God who knows the truth,bravo celebrating be happy,scream in the street but one day you will regret aller de l’avant,sonner de la trompette,mais le salaire du peche c’est la mort,good luck to you guys

  38. Vooke, hie, hie………………. it is so bisar that it borders on hysteria. Maybe they were, after all, human sacrifices at tbj’s hand? We just missed it!

  39. No word on Namibian victims in TB Joshua church collapse
    The Nigerian High Commission in Namibia says it cannot confirm whether any Namibians were among those crushed when a church of famous televangelist TB Joshua collapsed in Lagos this week.
    Namibian Sun tried to get information from the Synagogue Church of All Nations (SCOAN) in Lagos, but the church indicated that “all information will be communicated soon”.

  40. Shock after delay: SA front pages, Wed 2014-09-17

    The papers are dominated by the news that came through last night – that 67 South Africa were, in fact, killed in the Nigerian church collapse of the weekend.
    It took a while for South African consular officials in Lagos to realise the full extent of the SA death toll. By Tuesday morning, the news was only that a few South African had been injured and one killed in the collapse.
    How awful for the relatives of those killed – to wonder for the past few days if their family members are safe, only to find out now that they were killed. I’m sure this story will play out over the next few days in our papers, with interviews with family members and in-depth features on TB Joshua’s church that is so popular in our country.


  41. Good job jeremiah,have a rest,tu es vraiment bien informer,mais dommage la facon dot tu hais tb joshua,tu Lui veut vraiment du mal,a Christian can not persecute another Christian,did you pray this morning? What did you tell God? Did you accused tbjoshua ? 8years at scoan?are you sure,what Good memories do you have,how could you someone for years? My sister from Belgium were deliver and heal at scoan,the Holy Ghost revealed everything she has done,and now she is free and has put everything behind her as she was a famous knows by everyone,so jerry are telling me that it’s was a trick? If you did not fit to became a disciple say the truth,your attitude show us the reason why you did not make it,have a little respect you are insulting everyone who are not in your side,you want to convince us that tbjoshua is devil a fake,let us witness by ourselves,more you putting negative comment about him more we are curious to visit scoan and see if false or true according to your say,many of member of family are free after them visiting scoan,maybe during your stay tbjoshua did not have the anointing he has now,jerry appreciate good time you had at scoan,always I told people scoan is not a place of picnic,and nobody dragged you by force was your passion,at scoan you must be sincere,hard worker,stick at all the boundaries,the disciples in the bible left everything to followed Jesus,Jesus told them if someone love his wife,husband,children more than me is not one of mine,Jesus mother and bro.come to see him but told them who is my mum,father,bro or sist? Is those who listen my word,ther is no harassment ,abuse,at scoan,you know Jesus had 72 disciples when things came hard they could fit and left then12 only remain but they did not became abuser of Jesus ,examine yourself,are perfect,your campaign to destroy tbjoshua would never ga ahead you too verbally violent,bro.you are not a saint,this matter God is in control no you.

    • Aimee Joshua,
      I was waiting for you….and my answer to you is : WHATEVER 🙂 ….do you copy paste your comments? “Are you a Christian?….a Christian cannot persecute another Christian…..people all over the world queue to go to SCOAN…..you hate him, we love him….you are of satan, evil…the prison will be shaken….French, English….blah,blah,blah,blah……and does every post in here have to end with your comment? Is that some kind of victory for your “papa”, in your mind? Please, don’t mind me, continue on your campaign “it is all about TB Joshua, our prophet, our saviour, our god and NOT about Jesus Christ, The Son of God, The Bread of Life, The Way, The Truth and The Life. Go on, remain blind, uneducated on the Word, deceived, manipulated. Just to know, I am tired of answering your senseless and baseless comments so from me…. Au revoir! The books have been opened and yet you and so many others still refuse to see the Truth.

    • Stop and stop comparing Tb Joshua to Jesus Christ nor tbj’s disciples to the Disciples of our Lord Jesus Christ. Aimee it’s a free world keep worshipping your prophet, Good luck with that. A word is enough for the wise.

  42. Aimee joshua, sure God is in controle in this tragedy in Scoan, sure He is. And no-one else . May this bloody event on own property, be a deep humbling and awakened understanding for TB Joshua. We all make misstakes, but we have not all dobble powers, so blessings or curses will multiply too. May Gods mercy be on TB Joshua, for the good of all.

  43. you all who aganist T.BJ .We know wher you com. befor 2014 years you acuse & crucefi Jesus crist & killed his follwors .now ?

    • Tomas, Jezus died for you too, if you are willing to accept his offerings. Then you dont need a miracle-worker or disaster-worker as TB Joshua any-more. Then you have The Great Miracle-worker at home. It is a matter of who you serve. Cursed is the man who puts his trust on men, blessed is the man who puts his trust on God.

  44. What will it take for all of you to understand that they are prepared to go to any length, sacrificing anyone and anything, in order to protect their name, their leader? The one for all and all for one is not applicable here. It is simply, ALL FOR ONE…..

  45. Jeremiah, yes, they go to any lenght, to be involved in the wonders and disasters of a profhet, believing they will have benefit because of it. They are wrong, time will show them the des-illusion. What sheperd will feed his sheeps with endless mis-conclusions, mis-conceptions and mis-behaviours? God is Almighty, He does not needs a self-righteous profhet, to do His works in us.

  46. to TbJoshua: of course Tb Joshua operates in the same ways as Joseph Kony of LRA and the late Alice Lakwena of the HSM and also Severino Lukoya of new Jerusalem temple.
    1. They all use or used satanic water and claimed to be sent by God . They all called upon the name of ‘Jesus’ They all claimed miraculous powers, they all claim to control nature.
    TB Joshua has just sacrificed many people to renew his magical powers. His time was up so instead of him going , he decided to offer to satan members of his congregation- that is the rule of the satanic kingdom which includes TB joshua. REEDUCATE YOURSELF

  47. God have mercy upon you,you know your blessing depend on the way you threat people,so be careful for what you are saying,am living at Europe and everyday accident occurred killing people,none ca plan accident,is the work of the devil to destroy man of God bit God is in control,you seems to know at all,,did you helped tbjoshua while he sacrifice people to get more magic power?the bible said mind your wold because by them we will be judge and your declaration is around the world,you did witness how tbjoshua sacrifice human blood? You were present,and who are then,you are one of tbjoshua agent of darkness,you know at all how it occurred,thank you for your information,but have a little respect toward this man tbjoshua,show us who you are and where you came from,your value and class,there is too much hatred toward tbjoshua ,what did he Donne to you?? Are a Christian? If yes why all this about? Tbjoshua the power he has got is from God like or no that why people are hating him so much because he do exposed kingdoms of satan,the difference between power of darkness and light is the devil have not got love,observed tbjoshua he is humble,caring,he showed love to people,write what you want only God who knows the truth,you want to finish tbjoshua but did you send him? God had the last word,you guys mind your business,tu as compri,le salaire du peche c’st la mort,drains Dieu,respect envers ses serviteurs,la male diction est la attention cela peut te poursuivre jusqu ‘au 4 eme generation,prend de la trompette
    Sonner partout sur le nom du tbjoshua,go on do not stop scream in the street about tbjoshua yourself are you saint? You never sin? Do not only see others people see how about yourself?

    • There are three personalities to blame for this tragedy :
      1. The multimillionaire elusive TB Joshua
      2. His architects
      3. His structural engineers

      reeducate yourself

  48. Yes, tb Joshua is ‘a man of God”, who heals 100 people with one hand, and destroys 100 with the other hand. Maybe he is still ‘under construction’ , of Gods guidiance? Not yet fully matured? What -ever you say good about him, that much bad will come to the survace about him. God is no joker, God honours the Truth about people and situations. A man of God, who heals, delivers and has the office of profhesy, and at the same time he abuses, he is in fornication, he robbs people, he mis-leads, he lies, he uses trickery, he uses qrual treatments, and does not sees a collapse of a building on his property coming in spirit, is a questionable servnt of God. To see or hear a profhetic warning, demands to have your attention on Gods voice. Maybe the attention of godman tB Joshua is only on sundy on God, and the rest of the week he was “counseling” his choir-girls late in the night, and the rest of the day he “counseled” rich people, for about $3000,for a meeting with him? You re right, who cres bout some futille litle sins of a profhet, as long as it is not you who becomes sexs. abused, robbed of your lst money, mis-leaded with waters, stickers , or even being killed on his property, just waiting for the sunday-mass? We will see what the next havoc will be. We pray God to for god-sake make TB Joshua mude, lame, blind and deaf. Thats the best .

  49. O lord,how many are my foes! How many rise up against me!
    Many are saying of me God will not deliver him.but you are a shield around me,o lord;
    You bestow glory on me and lift up my head.

    Papa tb joshua courage tout est entre les mains du Seigneur.
    Vous les monqueurs Dieu vous benisse,mais Sachez le Dieu est Dieu de justice.

  50. Jeremiah you know English is not my first language in my country no where we spoke it,so do not even go there,you do understand my broken English you the one making yourself cheaper by using bad language,you have no respect for none no even appreciate what people have done to you,you too know at all,you too agitate and full of anger,bitter where all those came from??in french we said: qui se sent mauvais qu’il se Mouche,stay still you talk too much,stop insulting people even you do not want to admitted it,what a kind of Christian are you!!!is my choice I love papa tbjoshua and see you insulting him every where even you not agree with him is terrible,I ca not believe it you have bee at scoan for 8 years
    And you have no right to stop people going to scoan,also respect other people opinion
    You have got so many in your side joint together to destroy tbjoshua why you are insulting us who don’t want to joint you in your campaign ? I did nt insulted you why you so angry to me?be a Christian you deserve this name.

  51. Aimee joshua, Go! Go there to scoan! Offer your help, and just offer your service in discipleship. Just expereince what it will turn out to be in reality. You only talk highly expectations, so go! Aboout 5-8 years, we will hear from you again, and i will be not suprised when you are bitter,dissapointed,hurted unto the bottem of your soul, and dumped as a old worned out shoo. Dont talk from distance, just jump in the arena and fight your-self through it, it will be a matter of life or death. You will meet your beloved profhet in a way, you could not even imagine in your slighests dreams. A horror-hell-hole in the midst of Gods liberty-arena, with TB Joshua watching your downfall, slow but sure. It will be a learning-situation you will never forget. Tb Joshua will see to it, that his marc will be on your soul for-ever.

  52. Really thank Jamie for your information but let me tell you pray for tbjoshua,do not hated him is what am trying to explain to you nobody perfect tbjoshua is human being,he has got mistakes like you and me he is not God,please you are making your life difficult by monitoring tbjoshua life,you just delete all about tbjoshua and scoan you will be free,I love my party so much when they did not passed I was disappoint,you know everytime other party in power held meeting am nt going or watch them on tv and I feel happy I have nothing to do with them you too guys tb joshua disappointed you forget about him,find other church and be a member,clean your soul,why you want to miss paradise because of tbjoshua?forgive him,do not hurt him.

    • Aimee, you have swallowed the false theology of TBJ whole.

      Nobody is going to hell for disapproving of TBJ. And frankly, you need to understand that disagreement, even anger, is not always sinful, nor is it motivated out of hatred.

      We don’t hate TBJ the person. We hate the lies, we hate the control, we hate the manipulation that he perpetrates. We hate the damage that he has done. We do not hate him. And we do not need to accept him as God’s best prophet in order to get to heaven.

      The ONLY way to heaven is through accepting the free gift of grace offered by God through Jesus Christ. Period. End of story.

      Furthermore, forgiveness is good and admirable. But forgiveness does not preclude holding people accountable for lies and crimes they perpetrate. TBJ wants the power and money that comes with his position as “prophet”. If he wants that, he must accept the responsibility.

      • You who said, Prophet TB Joshua is not a man of God Almighty, then tell us who is from God Almighty so that we can go to him, You fool at forty. You believe that, satan can do miracles, and God your Creator can not do miracles nor use any body for His work. Woooooo unto you who is talking against the man of God Almighty. Prophet TB Joshua.

      • Why do you need a “man of god”? Is jesus not enough for you? All believers are on equal footing before God, because of Jesus Christ. We are no longer under the rule of Law, but of Grace. And we have the complete Word of God

  53. @ Chinedu,

    Son, let me give you advice as a father.

    Let me show you a better and greater way to go and make friends.

    The greatest man ever lived and was before this world was and is is Jesus Christ. It is clear in all your doing, ways and speech you don’t know Him personally. You have never encountered Him. What you have seen is a substitute a mortal man, a man you trust your live with and all your being, yet when you wake up from your stupor and veil over your eyes you will find that no one in this world can be trusted and fail to live up to.

    So, son stop following mortal man, women and children. Start following Jesus because He alone is worthy to be followed. That is a command and choice, a command you have refused to obey, a choice you have rejected.

    You are looking up to someone to be your father. A father you did not have and could not interact with. You have been searching and searching , but found a surrogate, a person who only had daughters and does not know what a son really wants. I see that pain and God is right now putting His Finger on it.

    I will pray, just as Jesus is praying for you right now that Satan will not sift you because that is about to happen with your soul and your mind.

    My sincere advice to you, look to the inside of yourself in your own chaos, make a true choice then separate yourself alone, call out to Our Lord Jesus Christ and make Him your Lord and Saviour then follow His Commandments. Ask Him to baptise you in His Spirit. You don’t need TB Joshua.

    PS, my absence was on purpose. I am aware what has happened since day 1. I know also that I have said and prayed over and over again for months in isolation “They shall fall after the order of Goliath.” it is clear that God heard a prayer of a righteous man. God Who sits in Heaven shall have them in derision, those that speaketh the lie, those that entertain deception, those that scam others with fake miracles of God which He did not perform. God only is worthy and He will not share His Glory WITH ANY MAN !

  54. @ Aimee,

    You are holding on straws. If you don’t fight yourself out of it right now from your fanaticism defending TB Joshua, you will drown and pay with your soul.

    The same counts for you, you don’t know Jesus Christ. You don’t mention Him in your debates and defence. You are still hypnotised by your false master who keeps blaming everything else but himself. I have to meet a Nigerian that will take responsibility for things they have sown themselves and always blame the Devil for their own failures and lack of knowledge.

  55. Oh, tbj, you are smooth. Now you release footage of your guests mobile phones. You are inspired, really inspired, but unfortunately not by the God of the Bible. The plane on the mobile and your security camera, does not even closely relates to one another? You are a master trickster for sure.

    • Thank you Just Wonder for the information. And as we are talking, all emmanuel tv is doing is projecting “testimony” upon “testimony” to dodge any responsibility, when it is more than CLEAR that SCOAN and TB Joshua are fully responsible for this tragic event. And what is even more provocative is that TB Joshua who owns emmanuel tv has yet to come on and address personally the families of all the victims. Justice must be attributed for the sake of the deceased, concerning the real perpetrators. SHAME ON YOU ALL WHO FEAR NOT GOD! SHAME ON YOU!!!!! GOD INDEED IS IN CONTROL AND IS MERCIFUL, BUT NOT IN YOUR WAYS.

  56. See New Photos of “Mysterious” Aircraft Linked to Synagogue Church Building Collapse

    And now, photos of the said aircraft have been released.
    A Facebook post from ‘TB Joshua Ministries’ stated that a South African visitor named Shadrack Mamzini to The Synagogue, Church Of All Nations (SCOAN) took a picture of the suspicious aircraft on the day of the tragic incident.


  57. O God,whom I praise,do not remain silent,for wicked and deceitful men have opened their mouths against me;they have spoken against me with lying tongues.
    With words of hatred they surround me;they attack me without cause.
    In return for my friendship they accused me,but am a man of prayer.
    They repay me evil for good,and hatred for my friendship.

    That is my prayer for papa tbjoshua .
    Stay still God is in control

  58. Celui qui dissimule la Haine a des levres menteuses et celui qui repand la calomnie est un insense.

    Celui qui parle beaucoup ne manque pas de pecher,mais celui qui retient ses levres est un homme prudent.


    • @ Aimee,

      Then take your own advice, shut up and go away. The lunatic asylum is waiting for you to strap you in and to put you in their isolation ward and dispense your Paxil, Xanax, or Prozac everyday for your religious mania, vindictive vile charismatic witchcraft witch, so you start reasoning normally like we all do. Get a grip on your religious agression hysteria theomania. Or get deliverance of that demon that you use to curse us with your wordcurses. You don’t know of what spirit you are. We follow Jesus, you follow mortal man and trickery and want to keep evil, fake deliverances and other nonsense alive while dozens of people paid with their lives because of greed and selfdelusion and putting own personality high on top of their agenda. It is clear you love human blood sacrifices to keep one man alive and in the saddle who was incapable to heal me, my neighbours, my wife, my friends, my acquaintances and enjoys his lying repretoire to save face. II Thessalonians 2 for you to read in your isolation ward, so you realize what you are supporting.

  59. TB Joshua now wants to blame the collapse of that building at scoan to Boko Haram, but he prophecied in 2011 that; “Not to worry about them, because soon they will dissapear”? Now he is suffering at their own hands? So why is he worried about them?
    And on Sunday he said; “The attack was aimed at him and the rest of the people must not worry”. But more than 200 people are hurt or dead? So thet must not worry, he is the one that must worry………….about…………….Boko Haram ………?

    • I also heard that comment on Sunday about not worrying because they are after him. What a nerve! As you say after all these victims, deceased and injured, people shouldn’t worry…..tell that to the families who have lost husbands, wives and children. How dare those who are in favour of SCOAN and TB Joshua even show their face!

  60. Breaking News 18/9/14 – Prophet T. B. Joshua
    Joshua went on to state that after thirty years residing in Ikotun, Lagos; he had never witnessed an incident of this nature. “This is to tell you we have a stable terrain in this area. I have been in this community for the past 30 years and no building has collapsed,” he insisted.
    So it just proofs that there was fault with the building. No proper building collapses when an aircraft flies low over it and is build on a stable terrain.

  61. Gift of the Givers chased away from church

    Lagos – Gift of the Givers aid workers have been chased away from the scene of a collapsed building in Lagos, Nigeria, and threatened with arrest if they come near the site, the organization said on Thursday.
    The two representatives from the organization told Sooliman it had been difficult to get information as there was no co-operation.

  62. Families scour Lagos morgues – SA envoy
    Johannesburg – Families are frantically scouring hospitals and morgues in Lagos, Nigeria, because they don’t know where their loved ones are, says South Africa’s high commissioner in the country.
    Over 200 South Africans survived the building collapse at the Synagogue Church of All Nations (Scoan) in Lagos, Lulu Mnguni said on Thursday.
    “There are 265 South African survivors. Initially there were 96 injured South Africans, but now there are only 29 still in hospital, including a 3-year-old child,” Lulu Mnguni said in a telephone interview.

  63. Hi pastor Jesse,
    Paxil,xanar,Prozac …
    Pastor Jesse you are swearing.
    Save your energies to your member of church.
    Partout des insults,abuse,conneries.
    Which kind of pastor are you?use the power our lord left us to heal all those you are named,leave papa tbjoshua alone are you really a pastor? Sorry that name pastor does nt fit you,do not insult me,is my choice to stick with tbjoshua am not joint your campaign to insulting others,am in peace no agitate,anger,hatred,bitter,check all my comment I never ever insulting you guys,why are you insulting me?i forgive you and I have not got any problem with you guys,am stable in spirit and I never hated anyone am bless also my family do not project me your personality.pastor Jesse God bless you,be a real model for your member of your church,a pastor with a shape tongue,ready to fight everyone,never forgive and forget living with same hatred years and years in your heart,repeating same thing everywhere,everyday to anybody,complaining and complaining,Jesse,Jesse,Jesse,circle and circle

    • @Aimee,

      Paxil, Xanax and Prozac are no swearwords.

      It is what you need. You go over the same thing over and over again same way. You are full of hysteria. You smell of desperation is that if you fall away from charlatan Joshua that you have no foot to stand upon in your already straw clutching faith. You follow man, while you should build your confidence on Jesus Christ and the relationship with him which you clearly don’t. You never mention Jesus, all you do TB Joshua this TB Joshua that, TB Joshua so. You are clearly a fanatic cult follower and you do this to rub shoulders with TB Joshua and frantically holding him up. How many people have to die ? You are bizarre and worrying in your mental assessment of the reality. You live in your own mental bubble where everything is TB Joshua. You don’t and can’t see that. Outside people see your desperation and fanaticism. You throw scripture at people who are not your enemy, not even TB Joshua ‘s. Nobody is hating him. He needs to get out in finding fault in excuses. I have experienced them first hand. The spirit of lying has taken over and they need to repent of their veil that is over their eyes. How can you continue when so many families have been torn apart who went there for solution of their problems only to get deeper in it because of a shambolic made building. This is not getting in your warped twisted fanaticism you display. Everything says STOP! and as lemmings they keep running from the cliff. You are not stable you have your cognitive abilities impaired and you spew by using Scriptures to destroy people who did nothing than leave this place that caused unknown hurt to them and you want them to even more suffer by THROWING WORDCURSES at them. You are no different than what witches do or Satanists. What are you going to gain if your words came to pass ? Make more families in grieve ? That is what you are doing. When I ever minister I do not lie, nor do I claim deliverance that people are willing to do for the sake of money. The bible teaches the love of money is the root of all evil and many have pierced themselves with grieve because of it. How many people do you want to die ? Aimee ? How many ? Is it not enough already ? They were not dying for their faith as in Roman arena or by Christian persecution. Just stop and think about UT, while you still can but you don’t or are not willing.

  64. John the baptist was humiliated and his head cut off so be it to Senior Prophet Tb Joshua. God allowed this to happen. TB Joshua is a man of God. The devil is a liar.

  65. Aimee Joshua. Do you realy believe that the people on this site, only are grievious un-forgiving critizers, who dont behave like christians? If your beloved TB Joshua would have act as a christian, this site would have never came into existence. You say you have a stable spirit and i believe you. Why then is your spirit not able to discern what is the truth about what people on this site are saying and what TB Joshua is doing? what you see on emm-tv is not what happens behind the scenes. Your spirit will show it you.

    • Jamie, may God Almighty forgive you, in Jesus Christ Name. Amen. Who give you power to judge and be saying all this? Why do you talk like you know what will happen to you Tomorrow, please stop saying all this things against Prophet TB Joshua because Tomorrow is too big. Prov 3:5-6 do acknowledged God Almighty before you condemned people. Bible said, judge not and you shall not be judged, conduem not and you shall not be conduemed, forgive and you shall be forgiven.

      • Chine, i have forgiven TB Joshua, for terrible harm done to me. Does forgiveness forbids to talk about what happened? I dont think so. Tb Joshua is not more favoured by God, then I am or who-ever is saved by Christ. As i said before, you point more the finger then i do, i just give facts. You guys talk easy about judging and condemnation, until you yourself become victum of TB Joshua. Since I am freed of TB Joshua, my life has become much and much better. I am here to warn.

    • @Jamie,

      “You say you have a stable spirit and i believe you. ”

      Well sorry Jamie I don’t believe that. She is sending word curses to you by using the Word of God. How stable is that ?

      She preferably wants you to die on the spot and receive disastrous consequences for touching her idol. A human being that prefers to lie instead of coming out. He is hiding behind his own warped theological errors that he never did anything wrong. He started all this and he did not consult God about the building he approved. He did his own agenda. He loved the smell of money instead of the people that he should have looked after. Money destroys so much in this world. On top world domination with his own name on top and having fanatics around him. A dictator to deceive millions. Revelation is all telling us that. That the Devil wants to deceive the whole world and even gets this opportunity to do so. Secondly the choices he made are his. Solely his. He ran out of space in wanting more of it all and he did not want to stop at anything. Nothing. That’s vile. God’s word is an invitation to all of us. Nor to be rammed down our throat with fake deliverance and counterfeit miracles.

    • Jesse and Jamie, it is useless answering Aimee. Her whole attitude throughout the site, speaks of someone who considers herself something like a Joan D’Ark for the sake of TB Joshua. She obviously feels she has this “divine” calling to eliminate any opposition against her “papa”. She can’t think straight nor reason…in her comments you always read about how others are insulting her when the only thing she does, in a self pity, false humble and self righteous manner, is to insult others. Notice how she is there….waiting, haunting, if anyone DARES to speak against the doings of her beloved ministry. She hasn’t left anyone unanswered….I think she considers it her duty, a service to her “papa” coming against those who oppose SCOAN’S lying spirit, as you rightly stated Jesse. And yes….now you mention it, I hadn’t thought about it but her bizarre writing style could indeed be word cursing. Nevertheless, Jesus is my shield and God’s Holy Word my fortress. Furthermore, let us focus on what is tragically happening in Lagos, the lies, the deceit, the harshness and the unbelievable death toll, which has not concluded yet, officially. Time to be more alert in exposing facts thoroughly examined against the Word and basic structures of the society we live in. For instance, this unaccountability of TB Joshua. So far he has succeeded in convincing his followers, in a spiritual sense, but now God has brought him face to face with the reality of the world: collapse of Synagogue guest house, SCOAN owner, 84 dead and counting. Do you know what God is saying here? NO MATTER HOW MUCH YOU SHOUT, NO MATTER HOW MUCH YOU KICK, SOMEONE IS GOING TO BE HELD ACCOUNTABLE. 🙂

  66. kiki, you are defeated finally in the long, bad-blooded battle with jesse. take it on the chin and wave the white flag before you get annihilated. it doesn’t matter anywayz bcos there is no heaven/hell. tbj is a complete fucking cunt. martyrs my ass. no shred of acceptance of responsibility on his part. I’ve always told y’all to stay out of Africa. IT CAN BE A JUNGLE! you’ll just end up being another statistic in the 95% unsolved murder/manslaughter case files. I work there as a security consultant. my deepest condolences to the departed, injured and all sufferers. where can we donate to tbjwatch if you don’t mind?

  67. You did not get me Prozac and all the depression medication he named I would never take it am stable,no agitate,anger,hatred is pastor Jesse need it,am not ignorant you too know at all I did not say Prozac,Paxil is swearing I was jus surprise to see a paster using all those words,come on too know at all do not think only you knows everything that why you can not be stable spiritually is my choice to stick with tb joshua,why are you insulting me,you do not even know me,by you comment I know who you are,just arrogant and bitter people claiming to be Christian but leaving with hatred years and years,am happy and stress free surround with my lovely family,you the one have no peace fighting with everybody,and having shape tongue,have no respect to none,you are always stress and want to stress others,la bible dit Vivez en paix avec tout le monde meme vos enemis,Vivez en paix avec vous meme je dors et me reveille avec la paix du seigneur,comment un soit distant pasteur peut vraiment insulter les Autres,tu as Perdue la tête,partout vous avez une langue de vipeur pret a injecter du venin aux gens,how can i even willing to join your campaign with all this attitude?please too know at all leave us alone,what I do not get all of you seems to be Christian and how could you sleep and wake up with all those hatred,how God will used you?that why you became so angry to tbjoshua because God is using him,you want to perfome like him but you can,repent first and God will use you guys simple.found fault in my English I do not care am even proud of myself to communicated with you guys in a language which is not my first language,you do understand my broken English,

    • No one hates you we all love you very much. Please wake up from that deep sleep and join the campaign against TBJ – you will receive your freedom from Jesus not Joshua the god of SCOAN buildings. Personne ne vous hait, nous vous aimons tous beaucoup. S’il vous plaît réveiller de ce sommeil profond et rejoignez la campagne contre TBJ – vous recevrez votre liberté de Jésus ne Joshua le dieu des bâtiments SCOAN.

    • @aimee,

      I totally understand your broken English if you think it is the language barrier between you and me.

      Some thing else is broken. You rationality of reality. If you say this colour is blue you will keep saying that it is yellow because you believe that TB a joshua has the last word in your life because you have geared yourself like that. Everybody over the whole world in your mind is a totsl and complete nincompoop when they say something about your soul tie you have with your idol TB Joshua. This is a very bad thing. Go back to Jesus and talk with Him with your bible next to you about TB Joshua who just admitted that his churchgoers were beating and smashing the news cameras by his security and followers, while he first denied it when they asked him directly. His answer was Christians are good citizens. Usually they are, except when they come from SCOAN they become vile and aggressive and ostracize you when you are not on the TB Joshua page. I know everything about that.

  68. http://www.nairaland.com/1910423/how-illuminati-collapsed-tb-joshua#26429967
    So TB Joshua fans believe that God allowed Lucifer to carry out the attack and hid it from his prophet so he could not pray over it?
    No wonder they keep on reminding us of that verse where Elisha/Elijah could not see what ailed the lady.

    Lucifer uses Illuminati to attack the building and there need not have been any bomb, Jericho walls fell by acoustics 🙂

    These people are beyond help

    • TB Joshua Fans are the secret police of satanic agent tb Joshua. Their promoters were breed in SCOAN Lagos until tb Joshua sent them to Europe. Their work was to spy on people in the now defunct branches of SCOAN and report to TBJ. They engage in hacking email accounts of people and sending malware under false pretences. it is led by one Micheal a die hard of TB Joshua who received special instructions from TBJ from a very early age. He was engaged in an internal conflict in the former SCOAN London

  69. How is it that TB Joshua praying in the mountain is not distracted by an unusually low-flying aircraft but a phone call from a church member far from the mountain does it?

    So a member not on the mountain spots a low flying craft but TB who is on the mountain can’t?

  70. All I know is that TB Joshua will give an account to God, the Father of Jesus Christ, about the trail of broken, hurt and dead people that he left behind throughout his life and ministry. God is not mocked and tbj will face him sometime to give an account of what he did to people. To me he is definitely not a Christian, neither a ‘man of god’, but a messenger of satan. A cult leader, masquerading as an angel of light. He is responsible for all these peoples’, deaths and hurts. Not anyone or anything else. All the lives and families that he destroyed in the past, not even counting the indescribable grieve that is going on in families and homes at the moment. His 419 tricks will come to an end someday. He will not always get away with it, through bribes and clever snakelike maneuvers.

    Remember what Jesus said – Mathew 7:15-23
    15 “Beware of false prophets, who come to you in sheep’s clothing, but inwardly they are ravenous wolves”, Jesus said; 16 “You will know them by their fruits”. Do men gather grapes from thorn bushes or figs from thistles? 17 Even so, every good tree bears good fruit, but a bad tree bears bad fruit. 18 A good tree cannot bear bad fruit, nor can a bad tree bear good fruit. 19 Every tree that does not bear good fruit is cut down and thrown into the fire. 20 Therefore by their fruits you will know them.

    I Never Knew You –Jesus will say;
    21 “Not everyone who says to Me, ‘Lord, Lord,’ shall enter the kingdom of heaven, but he who does the will of My Father in heaven. 22 Many will say to Me in that day, ‘Lord, Lord, have we not prophesied in Your name, cast out demons in Your name, and done many wonders in Your name?’ 23 And then I will declare to them, ‘I never knew you; depart from Me, you who practice lawlessness!’

    I am glad that through this, the truth of who tbj is, came out. Unfortunately it was at a high cost.
    I hope that this will bring TB Joshua to his knees in repentance and that all those captive disciples of his will wake up and be set free and be reunited with Jesus and their loved ones.
    The end is near.

    • I’ve just been keeping myself updated on this thread, I’ve visited this site weekly for about 2 years because I went to SCOAN and witnessed myself the terrible things that happen at SCOAN. it is no church but a place where God is trampled on in favour of TBJ. I was in a privileged position, my mother was a diplomat at the time so we got to have private time with ‘the prophet’. I sat in his dingy little office with all sorts running after him, bowing, kneeling, barefooted, you name it. He is a creepy man, he made my blood run cold. I can also testify to the glowing lights used in the dorm rooms, as mentioned in one ex members account, not sure which. The only thing worse than TBJ are his followers. They are truly disgusting. Even at a time of national mourning, some South Africans still deem it fit to sing his praises and not ask questions. That is the extent of their brainwashing. Ask them about Jesus, they’ll say ‘Jesus who???’ because all their worship goes to a 5 foot nothing, illiterate user and abuser. THAT is the truth. Let it be known.

    • I live in London but I’m in Zambia at the moment. Unfortunately the local attitude is still very ‘pro’ TBJ even in light of this tragedy caused by greed. More guests = more money. So he can maintain his spot on Forbes Richest African Pastors list. Truly sickening.

  71. TB Joshua should just confess and beg for forgiveness: this disaster could have been worse- suppose it happened at night when everyone was asleep what would have been the consequences?

    • Confess what? You’re speaking as though the man has a conscious or sense of right and wrong. If he’ll exploit a poor person who is sick and desperate, what does that tell you about his moral make up?

      • May TB Joshua’s share be with Dathan and Abiran and with Sodom and Gomorrah. May he have part with Judas Iscariot

  72. We would like to know who’s plane in question and why it was flying over the building at that very moment before you call TB Joshua a criminal

    • It wasn’t flying over at that very moment. It was an hour before. TB Joshua is just deceiving people, shirking responsibility and wasting police time with this theory.

    • @George Wainaina,
      How many military airplanes overfly Eastleigh highrises on their way to the airbase?
      How many of those buildings have you ever seen collapsing as a result?
      And why is it that ONLY SCOAN’s incomplete building collapsed leaving ALL others?

      Am a strong advocate of logic and rationality amongst Christians because this is probably what we need more than anything else

  73. all SCOAN buildings are likely to be very dangerous. All of them need to be properly inspected. I am sure that the structure of TB Joshua’s worship building itself is very dangerous. People should avoid such structures.
    TB Joshua has destroyed people in many ways: through deceptive healing sessions, with many people dying later in hospitals or their own homes in silence; by depriving poverty stricken people of their livelihood through extracting huge sums of money which he calls tithes leading to death of, or serious suffering to peoples relatives. I will give you one example One lady from a country in the southern part of Africa who resides in the UK was deceived to work for TB Joshua and give up everything for him- she forgot her elderly mother- her mother is continuing to suffer with illness and serious poverty- her mother cries day and night .

    • @ Johnson,

      It could be dangerous or still could be dangerous. In 2007 a guy from South Africa by the name Johan. Forgot his last name, with who I went on top of the SCOAN building to oversee Ikotun Egbe. HAD pictures that showed the steel beams which were connected with bolts and nuts that they were bending. Apparently the building is free standing in the middle in which was claimed this design was from the “Holy Spirit” and was built like that in the vision of TB Joshua. You ask me why I went on top there ? Because he took me there and told me about it and showed the pictures to me over there while he had been in the loft. This is a long time ago now. I don’t know if they ever did something about it or just left it, but obviously God has allowed me to know about this. Not sure why, but I can see it is a witness now of what happened. This particular guy who told me was an South African by the name of Johan and was a large and tall man. He also told me he was practicing Reiki and that TB Joshua would approve of him in starting his own ministry and church. He was an odd man, got divorced from his wife after he attended Lagos with his marriage problems. He personally blamed it on drinking from the water in the plastic bags, he led me to New Land the place where the building has collapsed now and kind of led me into drinking this water in plastic sealed bags from a stand where they also sold food. After I had drunk from the water he told me about his problem that led him to the divorce. I did not pay any mind to it then. But I do now.

      Ps Aimee, you still don’t get it because you are blinded by the god of this world, but I pray your eyes will open. It is clear you only know what is on the outside, not what is happening on the inside. People like me have been there, so stay in your stupor if you like. I left when figured things did not add up. And the more time progresses God had lead me about more knowledge about Satan how he operates. TB Joshua will definitely not invite you personally when he “prays” “invokes” “incantate” when he is on prayer mountain then his very close die hard people. Know this too by personal encounter. A true man of God has nothing to hide from sincere Christians who ask him how he does it. You are simply not invited to the inner core. Certainly not ! The more secrecy, the more likely you deal with the opposite site of God. Jesus is Lord and He will reign over all and rules over all evil and evil shall fall after the order of Goliath. So shall be the elections in Nigeria. Let the Name if The Lord Yeshua HaMassiach be praised. For He is Lord, not any mortal man. We want Jesus and nobody else. Thank God for giving His Son to us.

  74. The Holy Spirit showed me, that the cause is a weackness in the foundation of the building. And that the building is still the property of TB Joshua. In time, without an airplain hovering over, the building would have collapsed any-how, because it is builded illegal and ir-responsible. It is an extreem wise correcting lesson for TB Joshua, to watch over the people of God, and His plan. It is a fist of God, in the proud and ficle face of TB Joshua.

  75. A word of encouragement straight from the Bible:
    … “Beloved, do not believe every spirit, but test the spirits, whether they are of God, because many false prophets have gone out into the world”….
    …You are of God, little children and have OVERCOME them (the false prophets), because He who is in you is greater than he who is in the world”… 1 John 4:1+4.

    • 7 “He who has an ear, let him hear what the Spirit says to the churches, “To him who OVERCOMES I will give to eat from the Tree of Life, which is in the midst of the Paradise of God.”’
      11 He who OVERCOMES shall not be hurt by the second death.”’
      17To him who OVERCOMES I will give some of the hidden manna to eat. And I will give him a white stone, and on the stone a new name written which no one knows except him who receives it.”’
      26 And he who OVERCOMES and keeps My works until the end, to him I will give power over the nations—
      27 ‘He shall rule them with a rod of iron. They shall be dashed to pieces like the potter’s vessels
      as I also have received from My Father and I will give him the morning star.
      29 5 He who OVERCOMES shall be clothed in white garments and I will not blot out his name from the Book of Life, but I will confess his name before My Father and before His angels.
      6 “He who has an ear, let him hear what the Spirit says to the churches.”’
      11 Behold, I am coming quickly! Hold fast what you have, that no one may take your crown. 12 He who OVERCOMES, I will make him a pillar in the temple of My God and he shall go out no more. I will write on him the Name of My God and the Name of the city of My God, the New Jerusalem, which comes down out of heaven from My God. And I will write on him My New Name.
      20 Behold, I stand at the door and knock. If anyone hears My voice and opens the door, I will come in to him and dine with him, and he with Me. 21 To him who OVERCOMES I will grant to sit with Me in My throne, as I also overcame and sat down with My Father in His throne.
      22 “He who has an ear, let him hear what the Spirit says to the churches.”

  76. Mmmhh! It is clear the owners of this site are trying too hard to bring TBJ down that even the recent tragic accident will excite them so much. I only started watching his channel this year and am not familiar with these miracles and healings going on in a church because I am from a different religious background.

    But to be honest I noticed more ‘anointing’ in him than in any other pastors that have gone this route. I have always watched the channel with an open mind allowing myself to separate the man from his gift. Why I went that route? So that when the ugly side of human being rears it’s head I will still be able to enjoy the gift that I see. What I have noted as well from following the tragedy is that the people who travelled to SCOAN applied the same approach. They have no interest in TBJ the human being they are interested in the gift, that is why evn after what happened they still say they wont stop going to Nigeria. This is the same for celebrities, sportsmen and the like. People separate their respective gifts from the human being they are. When they misbehave one is still able to overlook what they did and still enjoy what they offer best.

    As for my 2c worth here, the only thing I have picked up from all that is being said here, is a group of disappointed people being blinded by their disappointment trying to convince everybody that there is evil in the gift of the man. You have not realised that your disappointments cannot be everybody’s disappointment. Not even the survivors of this tragedy are agreeing with anybody else who is trying to capitalize on the tragedy to mock TBJ. Believe you me no one thinks he is God or Jesus’ younger brother, it is only in the appreciation of the gift that he displays.

    Seeing a pastor engaging in this kind of a medium in such an irresponsible way leaves nothing to be desired. I guess I am safe to know that I will never come across this pastor. I wonder how many pastors are here. Your careful selection of scripture quoting to help you mock another man of God is also surprising, I think while you were busy searching for those verses you would also have come across the verses that encourage you to approach the wrong one and discuss their wrong with them. I truly think it is irresponsible for a man of God to mock another in public. In fact what is happening here is more hate and some kind of jealousy. Some people seem to think all people are bothered by rich pastors, in pastor driven churches that is not surprising. I guess that can be left to God and the rich pastor if that money is ill gotten.

    *****People are not blind you know**** TBJ is human at the end of the day, his errors do not cancel the gift he has.

    • Mercy Mash, you are very wrong in your assessment. First of all, nobody can bring TBJ down; only God can do that, and I assure you that God’s judgment is already on this fraudster and criminal, who claims to be a man of God, but is only an ordinary false prophet riding high on the biblical ignorance of many people.
      If you know the Bible, you would realize that we have a mandate and a responsibility from God to expose wolves like TBJ who are devouring the Lord’s sheep.
      Here on this site, TBJ is under EXAMINATION by the word of God, and not under persecution, as you imply.
      You can call it, “hate,” “bitterness,” or whatever, but TBJ’s atrocities must be exposed and whoever has ears, let them hear!

  77. Mercy Mash, when I first came across this site I was an active member of SCOAN Athens. At that time reading the allegations stated on this site troubled me deeply and made me nervous as I felt disturbed within my spirit. And the reason why I felt disturbed was not due to some views which I considered extreme but because in most I could see the elements stated concerning the ministry to being true. I fought against such thoughts, believing that I was at fault for developing negative thoughts in my mind. At the time, I decided not to read this site anymore and put all my doubts and fears to rest. And indeed they became dormant as I carried on happily believing that I was serving Jesus with a pure and sincere heart. I REALLY BELIEVED IN WHAT I WAS DOING and by no means was disappointed. Until….until the ugly reality and truth of it all, hit me. Actually, it didn’t just hit me, it blew me away as I was forced to face my worst fears coming true. God’s hand and mercy led to exposure, as I have stated in my post titled: Jeremiah- the shocking truth behind the SCOAN Athens Branch closure. Lies, deception, sexual abuse, manipulation, truth distortion, perversed use of God’s Word and finally to be denied as a church as a whole, by SCOAN Lagos headquarters. 500+ souls thrown out, tagged by SCOAN and TB Joshua himself through his servant wise man Harry, DENIED, CASE CLOSED.
    Since then, people with whom I had been working with, serving and relating under the same roof, sharing the same faith, the same teaching, have lost their orientation, not being able to handle the events and violent uprooting. Hit by depression, their faith has been replaced by anger, bitterness and the awful sense of being used and abandoned, as they were not able to handle such circumstances. And up to the present this has been the situation. Sheep who were being shepherded, thrown out, abused in many senses, scattered, lost. Have you read what Jesus Christ says about His sheep and the good shepherd? John 10:1-18. Indeed, Jesus Christ is the good shepherd, however He has appointed shepherds/pastors to lead and educate His people. Human souls are just too precious to Him, He paid the ultimate price on the Cross of Calvary, with His own priceless Blood, to be thrown out, scattered, abandoned.
    Yes, TB Joshua is human, as the owners and commenters of this site are, as we are all. And mistakes are made, when our human side gets the best of us. BUT: there are principles set in the Bible, God’s “love letter” to us -the standard of our life, as SCOAN rightfully states- that must be kept, if we are to be called Christians. To say to not mind the source but be interested only in the gift, to overlook misconduct but be benefitted only by the gift, is something that even SCOAN would not agree with, as I am extremely familiar with their teaching, and TB Joshua himself has taught on this matter. As Christians we do not pursue gifts but CHRIST’S CHARACTER. It is Christ’s character, that we acquire through Holy Spirit impartation, as we are indeed born again through our repentance and simple yet genuine faith in Christ, on the work of the Cross. And as we are born again, acquiring this character is a procedure, it is the work of the Holy Spirit within us, in which we come to display the fruit of the Holy Spirit, through hearing and obeying His Word. BY LIVING THE WORD. Not just some, not up to a point, but ALL. Christianity is not a matter of mere gifts but receiving the Holy Spirit as one’s personal mentor and teacher, Who will lead us to the fullness of the Truth. This is why God’s Word states that “My people are perishing due to their lack of knowledge.” It is not a matter of power, it is a matter of knowledge. Holy, Spirit given, Word, knowledge.
    My friend, no one is trying to cancel anyone’s gift, how could they anyway? But for that gift to work for the Glory of God and only and for the Holy Spirit to support the gift 100%, the receiver must conform to the Word 100%. No one is allowed to play around with human souls, and for that matter the salvation of our souls.
    Most of us here, are to warn, based on first hand and long term experience. And personally, it is well with my soul, but God will hold me accountable for withholding the truth whenever and wherever it is necessary.

  78. Question is while you were there did u try to make him aware of his evil ways if u want to claim you are these brave people that enlighten people? There is a difference between warning people about wolves and conniving to crucify and vilify the wolf. There is no difference between people who claim to have read the bible so much. They are all the same,always selecting the verses that favour them and twist them. You already are no different from your mentor, you need to repent and read your bibles slowly because what you are doing here is far from being what is written in that book. Just the same way you are judging you will be judged. Perhaps those pastors that are here are just too scared to start their own ministries because they know they will be judged the same way. LEAVE TBJ FOR GOD and move on with your lives. GOD BLESS U ALL.

  79. Believe when I sayThis TB Joshua is evil and the devil him self together with his witch fellow Nigerians who hostile contaminating our South Africa, Your lies and devils magics are destroyed forever. I won’t comment any further to justify this practical fact.

  80. TB Joshua and your tails the horror black magics that you perform won’t stand a millisecond in the real God of South Africa’s name a God of our fathers. You are destroyed you evil spirits. I won’t justify this practical pure true statement in eyes of true God of South Africa and our fathers.

  81. I am a South African and we are outraged about all of this – 84 South Africans died! And then Joshua says they were martyrs – the cheek. The first 24 hours of search and rescue are crucial, and that is when they allowed almost nobody to the site. He showed very little compassion for a man of God!

    He has genuine gifts. Once God gives it He doesn’t take it away – Rom 11:29: “God doesn’t take back the gifts he has given or forget about the people he has chosen.” But unfortunately he has developed a god-complex. He is accountable to no one. He has a cult-like control over his close followers. It is all about the cult of personality – displacing Jésus as the centre. He also preaches a prosperity-gospel. It is just like the televangelists in America who have turned religion into big business. They prostitute their gifts for fame and fortune.

  82. My sincere condolences to the bereaved and prayers for the victims of this building collapse incident. God is loving and merciful and he will support you and us all in these difficult times. Particularly to citizens of South Africa, my heartfelt condolences, of course to all other nations affected as well.
    We also pray for the worshippers and TBJ himself. SCOAN has handled the whole event poorly, in a relatively casual manner, ignoring many of the customary procedures that usually happen across Africa in terms of respect of the dead and response to catastrophe. I am yet to hear of a proper acknowledgement or an appeal to aid and support for the suffering and affected victims. A fund would be in order and administered by trustworthy team and external support is needed.
    God bless you all.

    • Don’t worry my dear brother Joe, I believe that, the man of God Almighty. Prophet TB Joshua, by God’s grace will take good care of those families. If he can sponsored a lady from Bosnia to highest university in the world that, cost him, $80,172 a girl of 22 years old. I believe he will take good care of them by God’s grace. I believe that may the reason he wanted to come to South Africa.

  83. TBJ’s claim that he would like to visit South Africa is a big lie! Yes,TBJ is lying through teeth, because he knows he DARE NOT and CANNOT visit South Africa. Let him prove me wrong and go to SA!

    • Yes, TBJ is lying through his teeth, because he knows we know what he did and we’re waiting for him, and he dare not go to SA!
      Shame on you,Temitope Balogun Joshua, you deceitful, lying and false prophet of Nigeria.

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