Audio recording of TB Joshua bribing journalists

An investigative journalist called Nicholas Ibekwe has revealed today that in a press briefing TB Joshua offered all the journalists present a N50,000 bribe, to “help me correct some of the things that are written in the newspaper”.

Ibekwe claims he was the only one to turn down the bribe, and better still – he has released an audio recording of the meeting. It is difficult to understand the whole conversation, but it is unmistakably TB Joshua speaking, and we were able to glean the following points.

Audio recording:

0:28 – this appears to be discussion about the size of the bribe, 50,000 and 70,000 are mentioned. Ibekwe claims he was offered N50,000.

2:05 – TB Joshua says something like “I would be very happy if you would help me correct some of the things that are in the news”

2:20 – the journalists ask for an official statement, TB Joshua responds “what official statement do you want me to give?” A female journalists says “We know investigation is ongoing, but lives have been lost….” at this point TB Joshua cuts her off with a joke and gets everyone laughing.

3:35 – journalists say “thank you, thank you” as if they are being given something, TB Joshua jokes “so what are you going to write now?” Everyone laughs.

If you understand anything in the recording we’ve missed, or think we’ve got anything wrong, please leave it in the comments.

What is clear from the recording is that TB Joshua shows absolutely no remorse for the fact that a building in his church has killed more than 80 people. He sees it as a massive inconvenience to him, but not a tragedy. Frequently he turns the whole thing into a joke. It is also worryingly obvious that TB Joshua has the journalists (or at least most of them) feeding from his hand.

Ibekwe has said on twitter that since releasing the recording, his family are being harrased. Let’s pray for his protection and for more journalists and government officials to have the bravery to stand up to this corrupt church.

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  1. I think he is one brave dude. I have no doubt in my mind that there are people who follow TBJ who would be willing to kill him to shut him up.

    But…too late, he recorded it. The truth is out.

  2. This comment goes straight to my fellow human Nicho Ibekwe.I personal don’t make sense of ur claim.What u are saying is baseless.Everyone knows the man of God as a giver.He is not starting with the journalists.So I wonder why just today u connect his giving habbits to bribary.What really do u want him to do..cry all the time.People lost lives and u are now making it comedic. U nid to fear God.Be blessed.

    • You are simply deluded. TBj himself makes the connection, by askung “what are you going to write now?” After his “gift”.

      it is not generosity to hand someone a stack of money with the expectation that they will then do you a favor. That is bribery, not generosity.

    • This is the lamest comment I’ve read all week. He gives them money and asks…”so wat are u going to write now”……his grouse is with God, but if u defend what is obviously wrong, examine ursef as well my dear brother….this situation saddens me… unbelivers are already talking and all he is worried abt is his reputation. It appears it is about him, I had assumed a ministry should be about God….pray for him. Pray for the church, don’t start saying he just felt like being generius.

    • NsosoMN, TB Joshua should fear God, TB is the comedian in this destructive matter. There is just one word for this pityfull man of God, and that is; cheap, he is just cheap. And this ‘happy-prostitute”, teaches the Truth of Jezus Christ? God knows where this loozer comes from.

    • Nsoso; People lost lives that’s the more reason it should not be a laughing feast between the prophet and the journalist and philanthropy deed as this calls for mourning if human life means anything to you.

  3. TBJ tried to bribe a South African journalist many years ago. The guy refused the hush money and wrote a book in which he relates the death of a South African Springbok star who later died after visiting SCOAN and the attempted bribe. This charlatan could have been stopped years ago. His lack of remorse is telling but his satanic boat is now taking in water.

  4. The bible said anything which is close to god receives attack.Soim not seprised to hear all this blar blar about our man of God.Prophet TBJoshua. live long in Jesus name

  5. Dear brother and sister
    70 000 or 50 000 copy of video CCTV
    Even if it was naira it would have been for a job done to make things or truth known to general public. Secondly he is wise to not make a bride with so many people.
    Where he asked what we will u read of course you will want to check or make sure the right information is written about you.
    Prophet also smile and make joke
    Dieing is not an end spiritually talking.
    Be careful in life . remaind bless

  6. TBJ is a liar and a false prophet and one of the ways he has promoted himself is by using corrupt journalists to do his bidding. He is a professional bribe giver and gives bribes anywhere it would serve his purpose. He is not generous as people imagine but is very self-centered and imagines he could bribe anyone. He is beginning to realize that not everyone is as crooked and corrupt as he is. Well done, lone ranger among corrupt journalists! Be bold and expose TBJ, he can’t do you anything, because He that is in you is greater than Satan inside TBJoshua!

    • If your boldness of criticizing d man of GOD for many years even despite His humble nature did not stop this beautiful gift we are enjoying and d world at large including u, though u may not know bcos u are spiritually blind as d bible says seeing they will not see, hearing they will not hear bcos the prince of this world has polluted their hearts, but blessed are those that see this great wonders God is performing thru His prophet, weeping may endure for a night joy cometh in the morning, the blessing of God does not stop foolish things like this even death. Job, abraham, and so many others were tested.

      • How can u be afraid bcos ur heart is filled with hatred against someone u know nothing about, u are doomed u brood of vipers. this is how u killed d prophets of old with ur unrepented heart. Anything that happen u automatically jump into conclusion without any fear of God, but mind u Jesus Christ cannot be criticised d second time. The man of God will continue to grow stronger wether u like it or not, God’s mighty work will contnue in his life until d time God destined him, Tbjoshua does not need majority right from time bcos God almighty always fights his battle. One with God is majority.

    • Please don’t associate an unscrupulous man like TBJ with God. That’s a great sin. It’s only God who can change things for the better or worse, not a common man like TBJ. Don’t tell that you people are so gullable not to notice that. God forbids.

    • @ Karman,

      That is why the bible says:

      But he that sinneth against me wrongeth his own soul: all they that hate me love death. (‭Proverbs‬ ‭8‬:‭36‬ KJV)

      They love death. It is the ultimate weapon to get attention from the world and then deny they have anything to do with it and blame the Devil and everybody else. We ARE responsible for our actions in whatever we do. It is our choice when we write our name in the dotted line for a building contract. It is not somebody else. It was TB Joshua who authorised the start of this building. We tend to shy away behind religious shenanigans of saying, they did it, the Devil made me do it. There is NO WAY in hell that if God authorised it and he tells us they that are with us are more than against us that the enemy has a hold on you, unless you knowingly or unknowingly break the hedge that God did not sanctify beforehand. In this we know God did not approve for this building, how You and I can know ?

      Simply because of this: Psalm 127: 1{A Song of degrees for Solomon.} Except the LORD build the house, they labour in vain that build it: except the LORD KEEP the city, the watchman waketh but in vain.

      It is The Lord that keeps the city, not you or me. When we live in His Presence the enemy cannot touch us.

      1 John 5: 18 We know that whosoever is born of God sinneth not; but he that is begotten of God keepeth himself, and that wicked one toucheth him not.

      Wisdom and absolute Truth comes from God. SELF education in combination with greed, scatter brain and rashness of decision leads to disaster and calamity. You cannot blame your (imaginary) enemies or the Devil for that.

      I am suspecting TB Joshua has been reading Emmanuel’s book and weaves this in his teachings and intertwined this in Bibleverses.

      Find out the writer there has had encounters with a being in golden appearance and where these “revelations” came from.

      This book looks on the outside nice, but is designed to make yourself a human living god. Just what these fanatics claim about him. I am sure that is what has filtered to them who do.

      The incantations and interactions of the 9 demon “kings” as I said before in a post just do that. They will divert our attention off Jesus but towards those individuals where those high powered demons operate through. Because Satan and his demons want to be worshipped as God.

      • A lot of bomp blast, terrorist attacks and buildings have collapse in Nigeria(for example) in the past, Abuja bomp blast and many others, it was no news, Now that it has to do with church, lucifer laments and sents his agents to create situations to derail the minds of the people of God from concentrating on the future plans God has for them.Mr Journalist, be careful with the way and manner you use the name of an anointed man of God like Prophet T B Joshua to make a name for your self.Just like you Nigerians,this is another opportunity for you guys to start fighting among you because some of you think SCOAN is taking away Christians and money meant for some religious centers call churches. Believe it or not, T B JOSHUA is a servant of the most high God and has come to stay.The more you pray against him, the more God is lifting him up.I advice you Nigerians to learn to accept the truth, and concentrate more of your time on how to deal with the terrorist activities like boko harram, militants and a host of demonic blood drinking activities existing in your country. I pray God have mercy on you.

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  8. TB Joshua hit by bribery claims
    The preacher has been accused of trying to bribe an entire television crew.

    JOHANNESBURG – Investigative journalist and author Jacques Pauw has described the Synagogue Church of All Nations (SCOAN) and “Prophet” TB Joshua as one of Africa’s most influential men, who tried to bribe him during an interview.

  9. only idiots will agree with what you guys are doing to frame the man of GOD,no shame on you,how could you,i(imitating somebody’s voice) however you are good at it but GOD will come back for you and the repercussion will be painfully

  10. I’m patiently waiting for the conclusion of the investigation by the relevant authorities. Can an aircraft merely flying over a building cause it to collapse? I’ve heard some theories about resonance and so on.
    But if it’s found that they were simply adding more floors to a foundation that was meant for two floors only, then someone has to be charged with culpable homicide.
    In Sri lanka or a country thereabout, the owner of a textile factory was arrested after it collapsed and killed many people. Like tbj himself said, God will reveal the truth.

      • Thanks Johnson for that clarification. Bottom line is this guy should not be treated like a sacred cow. If he is found wanting, the law has to take it’s course.

    • @ Survivor,

      God has no obligation to us to reveal the truth except about His Word. He has not up till now with the Malaysian MH370, despite TB Joshua claiming we will see it any moment from now, there will be a wing, there will be debris.

      Note that certain people are chosen by God, so do demons. We have always seen that he predicts calamity and doom and death.

      Is God not a God to give us life ? To psalm 118:17 I shall not die, but live, and declare the works of the LORD.

      We as believers have supernatural protection, but demons can also provide supernatural protection. Demons can give us abilities to be out of harms way or even challenge death defying stunts. Make no mistake. We usually see this with street magicians. Because they do magic, or magick they do not do mere trickery alone. They have entered in the supernatural realm and interact with demons that choose them to perform through them.

      I am still convinced that when a series of manifestations are happening all the time in every meeting it is not God that does them. It is no open heaven at all times. We see that in Scripture, you see this with Israel that many times God did not answer and heaven was sometimes shut as brass. Portals are opened and closed. But it needs continuous 24/7 prayers. They don’t stay open all the time. But human blood sacrifice will curse the earth area again where it falls. Only this curse can be broken by Jesus. TB Joshua wants to build on New Land for a bigger larger building. Many have paid with their lives. Start praying now over this in your personal time with God and He will show you what I mean. That is why he acts as a cool frog. The corrupt government of Nigeria is away 5-6 months for er-election. They will not find fault with anything, all they want is re-election of their parties so they can shift monies again in their bank accounts to sit their as demon “kings”. Their religious outside is not what is on the inside. Watch what will unfold unless we expose them to all the people of the world.

      • @ All,

        Ps note that TB Joshua mentions in a video of John Zavlaris YouTube website that ALL embassies wrote them letters. He does not mention anything about the dead that died.

        The dead are taken by the 9 demon “kings” as their personal sacrifice and he cannot touch them then to use them to create a new chapter for expansion to deceive the rest of the world even larger. God will allow this and people think it is a “move” of God and feel sorry for him that it “happened”. This is a part of the New World Order to shift into place. The Beast, the False Prophet, the False Religion to take place and destroy millions, if not billions. Start praying that they will “Fall after the order of Goliath”. They will continue to mock us, unless you cut off their “spiritual” head and display it to the world. Do not sit back, do not let your guard down, do not let them to deceive again. Do not fear them, do not cave in.

      • Do not be surprised to find out that he will start another construction project in South Africa so that people may flock there again. Nigeria’s name is already tainted with the threat of ebola. Moreover it was mainly the South Africans he offered for blood sacrifice so in order to attempt to divert the consequences of the curse and to complete his rituals with minimal repercussions he has to go to the birth places of those he sacrificed and engage in further secret satanic acts.

      • @Jesse,
        If the investigation reveals that the disaster was caused by the weak foundation rather than the aircraft flying over the building, then Nigerian authorities or international authorities don’t do anything about it, that will pass as one of the worst acts of evil perpetrated in the name of God.

    • Thank God you made it alive…I think you need to understand that you can become a fearless weapon (Battle axe of the Lord) which can be used to chop down this evil tree called synagogue that satan has raised in our land of Africa these last decades, so as to save so many innocent believers like you and others whose lives are still in danger not only of physical death but also of eternal death if they do not escape from that secret cult called a church.

      Listen good, do not fear evil doers if you are a child of God because you are by far superior to God on that. The Lagos state governor, the first lady and her husband the president of the country have all queued up to offer this “untouchable” prophet in Nigeria special condolences…so what makes you think they will turn around to prosecute him??? You’ll have a long wait! Except of course you drag him out of Africa to face justice like former Presidents Laurent Gbagbo and Charles Taylor of Ivory Coast & Liberia respectively who thought they were above the law in Africa but definitely not in Europe & America. Copy that?

      It is evident from the reports of the officials of Lagos state government that the said building had no statutory building permit from the state government…that is enough “legal weapon” to kick start an “international lawsuit” against this prophet and his church on indictable charges of culpable homicide / negligence / unlawful conduct / obstruction of rescue operations and so on which will no doubt be successful bearing in mind the prevailing circumstances of this unfortunate “international incident” that should not have happened if the church had gone the extra mile to “lawfully” develop this building according to the required specifications by law.

      This is my brotherly advice to you my brethren…for the sake of those who died and were injured…team up with other like minded survivors and relatives of the deceased and sue the skin off this prophet’s back till justice is served and seen to be served for the benefit of mankind. Remember you could easily have died just like the 100+ people but God spared your life perhaps for just this purpose…so don’t hesitate if you really intend to fight for the lives, honor & dignity of your true Christian brethren worldwide who want this reproach to the gospel and name of Christ to be checkmated!

      God Bless.

        First things first, a crime is a crime regardless of the offender. But unfortunately in Nigeria, many “criminal celebrities” go unpunished because of their “criminal friends” in the corridors of power. This best describes the “synagogue prophet” and his “death-trap” or should I say “Synagogue of Satan” where blood sucking demons await gullible Christians looking for “magical miracles”. Visit this link:

      My contribution to this well intentioned forum in spite of its fanatic criticism from the fundamental followers of the “synagogue online community” is to proffer a serious legal “class act” solution for the bereaved family members of the injured and deceased victims of the collapsed building be they Nigerians or foreigners with whom I deeply condole for their irreplaceable loss. I was once a victim of human right abuses for no apparent cause from those violently hostile thugs & touts a.k.a synagogue church members & security and would have sued their prophet to the highest court for the highest damages per se but was restrained from doing by the Lord which I once reported on this forum.
      Visit this link:

      In your case this is clear homicide if proven that the said building had no council permit to be raised from two floors to a skyscraping six floors leaving it with such a weakened foundation that inevitably gave way and caused it to collapse like a pack of cards as we saw in their own propaganda “home video” claiming it was a terrorist attack of a “silent bomb” that can bring down such an edifice without smoke or fire. Even the CIA would be interested in such a weapon that apparently was “dropped from sky” by that strange aircraft that coincidentally flew over the building before it went down. That is if they are “deceived” fan club members of the synagogue church.

      Unfortunately in Nigeria the case may never get to court. So let the family members of the victims whether individually or collectively be they Nigerians or foreigners file a suit via their solicitors whether locally or internationally against the synagogue church for indirectly causing the deaths of their loved ones who could have “survived” had they been rescued “on time” when the first respondents came for their search and rescue operations which they are “professionally” trained to do but where “mystifyingly” prevented, hindered, attacked and driven back from the collapsed building by the synagogue church members & security.

      Why would I chase away my neighbors coming to help me put out the fire in my kitchen before it burns down the whole building except of course I have a “skeleton” in my kitchen cupboard I so desperately want to keep hidden even at the extreme expense of losing my entire building. That’s my logical analysis of the situation in that highly secretive cultish church where preserving their satanic secrets is more important than saving the lives of the people that went there for their false healing & miracles.

      They are legally liable for severe damages and loss of human lives. I strongly advice and recommend that the family members of the survivors can successfully sue them without fear or favor whether individually as a plaintiff or collectively as a class act for over $100 million (USD) or N500 billion (Nigerian Naira) damages in a court of law whether inside or outside Nigeria or even both. That way the synagogue will keep paying damages till it expires from the face of the earth as deterrent to other such churches and prophets who think that they can play with peoples’ lives as they do with their faith. Remember the antecedent of the previous “anointing water” stampede in Ghana that caused similar loss of lives? Once beaten twice shy, but twice beaten thrice smart!

      I rest my case!
      Brother Nosa.

  11. 2:41 – When the female journalist asks for a statement of sympathy because some lives have been lost, he cuts her off and says, “Why can’t you talk of those who are recovering?” He turns it into a joke and laughs. “I want to assure you that a lot of people, we have rescued them. Many of them are even in the prayer line now.” He then alludes to the fact that they are available for the journalists to talk to. He’s trying to focus the media on those who have recovered, like that one South African man Phumsa Fihlani who says how he was rescued. TB Joshua is playing the media, he’s probably bribing the rescued people too, “Give your testimony to the glory of God”. It’s disgusting! Then the same female journalist at 3:24 makes the statement, “Can we say you are wishing them [the rescued] quick recovery and sympathising with those who are lost” to which TB Joshua lashes out to say they are martyrs (mispronounced). That he needs to talk like a man of God. It’s abhorrent. At no point did he want to acknowledge that people died. What a deceiver!

    • Well said, Emma. And of course we aren’t speaking of martyrs in this case. Their statement is unbiblical. Martyrs are those who are persecuted and die for their faith in Christ when faced with its denial. As far as anyone knows the unfortunate victims were simply visitors, they could have been Muslims, atheists, non believers and so forth, who simply were visiting SCOAN, each one for their own personal reasons. Pursuing a healing, a blessing, a deliverance, does not make someone a Christian, as even TB Joshua himself has stated. They are undeniable victims. To be pronounced martyrs, is yet another attempt only to promote his holiness, as to be martyrs unto Joshua, in order to flatter and “deactivate” families’ justified legal pursuit of matters. With all due respect to the deceased, families should not allow him into deceiving them with smooth words, after initial denial of casualties from SCOAN itself and obstruction. No matter the events, a sound mind must be kept.

  12. TB Joshua Building Collapse Survivor recounts ordeal, says – ‘It was the Table that Saved Me”

    The 28-year-old said he heard a strange hissing sound just after sitting down for lunch in the dining hall last Friday. He managed to hide under a table as the building came down.
    Immediately when I want to start to eat, I just felt like something like a blast on the wall. I can’t explain what it is. It made a small sound; something like a wired bomb, and then soft da, da, da, da, da….. sound so quick and the building was coming down. So I lost my consciousness.

    They have blocked the video on the Internet.

  13. Las Gladiolas Housing Complex – Controlled Demolition, Inc.

    Scoan complex – Controlled Demolition?

    Khathuatshelo Ramovha said: Immediately when I want to start to eat, I just felt like something like a blast on the wall. I can’t explain what it is. It made a small sound; something like a wired bomb, and then soft da, da, da, da, da….. sound so quick and the building was coming down. So I lost my consciousness.

    His testimony was removed of the Internet.

  14. Although not knowing exactly what is taking place behind the scenes fully, spiritually and in the natural, I wish to urge all those who are blindly following the SCOAN ministry: God Almighty, the Creator of Heaven and Earth is a Jealous God Who cannot be mocked. It is not coincidental that He is allowing devastation and exposing corruption worldwide concerning this ministry. No matter what you see or hear, this ministry and its leader are NOT aligned with God’s Word. YOU ARE UNDER THE SPIRIT OF DECEPTION. It is not the whole world against SCOAN as you are being told, rather than GOD coming against those who are deceiving and misleading His sheep. And be aware: in such a case, one’s unrepentant soul may be the devastation of many. WAKE UP AND RISE FROM THE DEAD AND CHRIST WILL SHINE WITHIN YOU. THE TRUTH OF THE HOLY WORD IS MORE THAN CAPABLE TO SET YOU FREE.
    Do not deactivate your mind to reason, your senses to be warned, your inner being to possess the independent spirit your Creator intended for you.

  15. Synagogue Building Collapse: T.B. Joshua – Again – Accused Of Human Sacrifice By Pastor –

    Following the tragedy that befell the Synagogue Church of all Nation last Friday, a Ghanaian Pastor, Isaac Owusu Bempah of Glorious Word Ministry International (GWMI) has accused Prophet T.B Joshua of human sacrifice.

  16. I thought of this tragedy as a large jet circled my town several times this morning. We have a small airport, and I have never seen a plane that big land there. I think perhaps they were testing to see if the airport and runway could handle larger passenger jets. In the process, this huge jet flew numerous times over the busy commercial development next to the airport. A number of large buildings were in the flight path.

    How many buildings collapsed?


    Because in this country, the building company that constructed a building that would fall under the vibrations of a low flying plane would face serious consequences. And if there were people inside such a shoddy building, the owner of the building who allowed people to enter it in such a state would also face serious consequences and possibly jail time, if there were any deaths. There is a building code, which accounts for things like weather and airplanes, etc. And the person who does not build to code, and the owner who knows it is not up to code, will be held criminally liable in the case of any kind of disaster resulting from that.

    This whole situation just burns me up inside. All that unnecessary death. The injuries. The orphans created. And the flippant way TBJ and his flunkies are treating this adds insult to injury.

    • Are u blind or deaf that the cctv footage played wasn’t clear enough for u to understand that it was an attack by terrorist using d jet and chemical substances to crush down d building? U are one of those numerous critics of the man of God waiting for any little opportunity to pour out ur hatred. But God will put u all to shame across d bridge. Jesus was called names even people like u called Him prince of belzebub. U waggle ur tongue so fast against God’s anointed. Brood of vipers, doomed for destruction and never coming for repentance.

  17. TB Joshua can be worried because he is a true prophet, he knows why God allowed that to happen, he knows where those Heroes are, a place far more peaceful and fulfilling than this troubled earth! So why should he be worried? You are worried because you are an ordinary person and cant see beyond human eye! Write whatever fabrication you can, but as for me, my faith in him as a true prophet aint shakennnnnn!!!!!!!!!

  18. pls my brothers nd sisters i know is very painful but let leave it to God to judge,and stop listing to rumors so that we will nt face the judgment of God,we should be very careful abt what we said to men of God

  19. To Joshua is a giver. Moreso he must have given the money to u guys to appease u as to avoid ur usual lies against him. He asked what u ll write cos he must ve bn apprehensive of ur usual madness and lies thru which u make easy money. Mr Reporter U a on ur own oooo.

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