Pressure mounts on Nigerian authorities to #arrestTBJoshua


The collapse building that killed 115+ people

The final death toll for the SCOAN building collapse is now at 115. The building was illegally constructed, with a further 3 floors added without approval. Furthermore – it now transpires that the building didn’t even have “Occupiers Liability Insurance”, something that is required by law for public buildings.

Section 65(1) of Insurance Act, 2003 provides that “Every public building shall be insured with a registered insurer against the hazards of collapse, fire, earthquake, storm and flood.”

Despite having blatantly broken the law in a way that killed 115 people, and maimed many more, TB Joshua remains a free man. A growing number of people believe this is unacceptable and are putting pressure on the Nigerian authorities to demonstrate that TB Joshua is not above the law.

Open letter from 5 Nigerian academics

5 Nigerian academics signed an open letter saying it was time to arrest and prosecute TB Joshua because:

Mr. Joshua has done everything humanly possible to cover up the truth about this tragedy. First, in the first three days after the incident, he illegally barred officials of the National Emergency Management Authority (NEMA) from accessing the site and rescuing survivors. Second, while this illegal interdiction was in effect, Mr. Joshua attempted to dictate the narrative and deflect possible culpability by blaming the incident on a mysterious ‘small plane’ which had purportedly hovered above his church complex moments before the collapse. Third, as public anger mounted in South Africa, Mr. Joshua declared the dead ‘martyrs of faith’ and sought to change the subject by promising to ‘take his teachings’ to the country every month for the foreseeable future. Fourth, an audio recording has just emerged of Mr. Joshua paying a gathering of journalists N50, 000 each in exchange for suppressing the truth and privileging his version of events. The recording, whose authenticity has not been challenged, was released by Mr. Nicholas Ibekwe, a Premium Times correspondent who was present at the meeting.

They then turn their attention to the Nigerian authorities

If Mr. Joshua has comported himself as one above the law, it is precisely because the Nigerian state has offered him every license. […] The site should have been barricaded by the relevant authorities—the police, town planning, etc.— to secure evidence, given that the presumption ought to be that even if it is not immediately clear that a crime has been committed, something definitely has been remiss in the entire tragedy. Getting to the root of the matter should be the only concern next to solicitations for the welfare of the survivors.

They conclude

Mr. Joshua is a person of interest, not for his callousness, but for his cynical and persistent attempts to obliterate the truth and pervert the course of justice.

Lawyer accuses Lagos state of giving TB Joshua preferential treatment

Human rights lawyer Samuel Ilori points out that

Section 74(1) of the Physical Planning and Development Law of Lagos State states inter alia that at any time there is a collapsed building within the state. Wherever it is discovered that there is a negligence on the part of the owner or the developer, that land will be confiscated and whoever is at the other side of the law will be prosecuted. […] Every other collapsed building in Lagos State have been taken over immediately evacuation has been done. So all these time that they are trying to buy for the man, we are not going to wait. (source)

Illori wants TB Joshua charged with culpable homicide, because “he knew very well that that foundation that contain two storey building cannot take six storey building, yet he allowed it to go on”. He has written to the Lagos state governor, giving him 7 days to take necessary action:

Failure to which we will be left with no other option than to approach the competent court of jurisdiction for an order of mandamus for your good office to implement the law you signed in 2010 without delay. (source)

Families of South African victims intend to sue

A South African man who lost his sister in the tragedy has written an open letter calling on other families who lost loved ones to unite and:

  1. Advocate for the banning of TB Joshua from visiting South Africa and SADC,
  2. Advocate for the betterment of the lives of the children orphaned by the heart-breaking but deliberate collapse of that building,
  3. Educate individuals and communities on early identification of tendencies of being possessed working in partnership with the faith community,
  4. Unite and advocate for the de-registration of Emmanuel TV by ICASA
  5. Advocate for the suspension of what’s left of the ‘diplomatic ties’ between Nigeria and South Africa until an investigation is concluded on the collapse of that building and conviction of TB Joshua (as the person who bears the ultimate responsibility for his church) is done,
  6. Institute civil claims against TB Joshua.

The BBC are reporting that at least one other family has joined his cause, and they are preparing to take legal action against TB Joshua.

ANC Youth League say TB Joshua should be denied visa for South Africa

Nine days after the disaster, when TB Joshua finally started showing sympathy for the dead, he pledged to visit South Africa every month in honour of the victims. We would be very suprised if he kept his word, especially after he so quickly forgot his pledge to personally take annointed water to Ebola affected countries. However, if he does follow through with the pledge, the ANC Youth League are doing everything in their power to ensure he isn’t allowed to enter the country:

“TB Joshua should not be allowed to come to South Africa until we know what happened to our fellow countrymen at his church, We will make sure we engage with the department of international relations and co-operation to make sure they do not issue him with a South African visa.” (source)


It will be very interesting to see what happens over the next few days, and there are encouraging signs that the pressure is being felt by the authorities, there are reports that the investigation is moving forward and that the outcome could be TB Joshua being charged with culpable homicide. There is a part of us that has sympathy for the government, prosecuting him will not be easy given the huge number of dedicated followers he has. Already some are saying that even if he is imprisoned, this will only put him in the same category as the apostles who were also imprisoned (though I don’t recall any being imprisoned for causing the death of 115 people). However difficult this situation may be, it is hard to see any justification for the closed door meetings with Lagos governor, the president visiting to “commiserate” with TB Joshua, or the fact that services are still going on at SCOAN despite evidence that other buildings are illegally constructed. Let’s pray that justice is done, and the bereaved families get the answers that they are seeking.

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  1. Birds of the same feathers flock together. The people responsible for arresting the So called man of God are also like Tb Joshua. They are, liars, bribe takers, heartless and wicked so what has happened didn’t mean anything to them at all. That’s what they are do to get money. Politicians lie and kill innocent people in order to get money or obtain power so if Tb Joshua also do the same thing what shows he can be arrested? I will never be satisfied if he is arrested and prosecuted because it will be a way of manipulation for us to be happy claiming justice is done. God will arrest and prosecute them at the right time. Mark down my words. I know what am talking about. He is only above laws made by human but can never be above God’s law

  2. This is an official communication from The Synagogue, Church Of All Nations regarding some stories currently being reported in the media about the recent incident that happened in The SCOAN.

    Our attention has been drawn to a publication in the Vanguard Newspaper of 26th September 2014 titled, ‘Synagogue: We Sealed Off Building Before Collapse – LSBCA’.

    In the article, the General Manager of the Lagos State Building Control Agency, Mrs Abimbola Animashahun Odunayo was quoted as saying that the agency had sealed off the building before it collapsed and that the church ignored the warnings of the agency to stop construction. The story was initially published by online media portal News24.

    We deem it necessary to state that the above publication is not true in that:
    1. No contravention notice was served on the church before the collapse because there was no reason for the issuance of such notices.
    2. The building had never been sealed off for any reason whatsoever before the collapse of 12th September, 2014.
    3. At no time was any stop-work notice or directive served on the church or pasted on the building prior to 12th September, 2014.

    We however wish to state that the letters that were written to the church by LSBCA were written after the collapse of 12/09/14 in the following order:

    1. A letter dated 16/09/2014 Ref No. LASBCA/AL/PCA/DH/01 requesting for the submission of a development permit and approval of structures within the church complex, four days after the building collapsed.
    2. A contravention notice dated 17/09/2014 Ref No. AL/LASBCA/DH/PCA/CN 06 alleging certain contraventions, five days after the building collapsed.
    3. A letter dated 17/09/14 Ref No. AL/LASBCA/DH/PCA/CN 06 requesting for non-destructive tests for structural stability, five days after the building collapsed.

    It must be noted that no sealing or quit notice has been served as the building never called for such.

    In the above circumstances, we would like to believe that LSBCA has been quoted out of context with the motive of destroying the ongoing investigation into the case as well as casting doubt on the position of the church that the collapse was due to an attack.

    Our attention was also drawn to a publication in Nigeria’s Guardian Newspaper of Friday 26th September 2014 titled, ‘Early Probe Report Indicates Compromise In Synagogue Building.’

    The article quoted the Honourable Commissioner for Physical Planning and Urban Development, Lagos State, Mr Toyin Ayinde, as saying that one of the columns or pillars of the collapsed building in the church measured 2 feet by 2 feet and that the reinforcement used for the same was 16mm.

    This publication is also misleading and untrue. There is no doubt that it was calculated to give the impression that the collapse was due to structural defects as against the position of the church to the contrary.

    We hereby request all the involved parties to take the necessary steps towards correcting such dangerous misinformation so as not to mislead the entire country and the international community.

    We also urge the media to take necessary steps towards avoiding the publication of unconfirmed stories in future.

    We should not pre-empt and interfere with the ongoing investigation.

    The SCOAN

      • pay attention to this: TBjoshua-fans uk was set up by TB Joshua himself through a man called Micheal to assist in carrying out his devious activities; to spy for TB joshua and report their findings so that fake prophesies could be compiled for broadcasting. It is also supposed to fight against TB joshua watch, and was closely connected to the now defunct SCOAN which now poses as Emmanuel TV UK.

    • Africa is sometimes despairing.We can’t understand that authorities leave someone continue to unleash scandalous statement and not essentials matters:number and names of people trapped and killed in the rubble,authorizations,insurances.
      I never heard that scoan and his guru release any statement relate to authorizations.
      How can we stand that when people were dying horribly in the rubble,the “show” was going less than 50 m of the tragedy,with disgusting display of clapping,laughing and boasting?
      This man would had been already in police custody,even if it could have been released on bail waiting the full investigations and the inevitable trial
      May the Lord deliver Africa.

    • How could anyone believe anything coming from the Synagogue of Satan, the house of deceit, lies, manipulation and everything that comes from the pits of hell ? They denied the deaths, saying there were only a few “scratches.” What are they talking about now?

    • whatever ur excuses are SCoan i know u not brainwashed but you jst doing your job which uv been paid to cover a South African n a Christian too n dt is d reason im in full suport of ur human god tb joshua to be denied visa
      let leave my nationality n focus on your defense

      u deny any obstruction of rescue help as well as d footage

      ill tell you dt indeed Scoan did not cooperate

      by God’s Grace through d Holy Spirit i was readin somethin on d net n there it was Nairaland website from d first day in fact all comment seconds after d collapsed some cornfirmed but were unable to get pictures coz it was heavily armed blockin everyone yet some denied it completely as a lie even living their numbers

      anyway 1-i call it babaric what Scoan did
      accidents hapen here in SA n d first thing we do is call for help n while help is on d way we are driven by concience n compasion to begin rescue ourselves until helps arrives.

      ooh Scoan.tb joshua God is grieving doz souls uv taken

      • God will surely punish the false prophet, TBJ, for the murder of innocent people who sought help from him in their ignorance.
        This is just the beginning of the end of the Synagogue of Satan, aka SCOAN!

  3. @Tumi-Gladwin Nkoane

    It’s very difficult to take you very seriously especially when you quote anything from SCOAN. SCOAN does not care about TRUTH. They were not acknowledging the deaths just hours after the incident while the MEDIA was already reporting several deaths at the time. So as far as SCOAN vs MEDIA, the chances are that the MEDIA could be right. Even if SCOAN are right about their claims, they have moved so very far beyond the “reliable & trustworthy boundary” that whatever they say needs to be taken [not with a pinch] but with probably a bucket of salt.


    • Mister Evan,it is sad to say you are more interested by your guru than lost lives.Where were your so called anointed water,sticker,faith bracelets and all your others demonics stuff to prvent this horrific tragedy?
      Let me tell you something and all the followers of signs and wonders.Jannes and Jambres faced Moses with astoundings signs:where they men of God?
      It is time for all the folllowers of hell who are really sincere to pick seriously Paul words in 2 Thessalonicians 2:9-12.
      When you willfully denie true,God himself will send you a spirit of deception to believe lie.
      It is not too late for you and all the others to go back to sound doctrine and real life in Christ and not to all these stuffs which are relly blasmephies.

      • @Valy,

        And you are exactly right. Why ? Because that is been happening for a long time.

        How long have these TB Joshua followers cursed us and want us to be destroyed ? Years now. If not more than ten years.

        They have absolutely not clue about:

        Matthew 5:44 But I say unto you, Love your enemies, bless them that curse you, do good to them that hate you, and pray for them which despitefully use you, and persecute you;

        Luke 6:28 Bless them that curse you, and pray for them which despitefully use you.

        Romans 12:14 Bless them which persecute you: bless, and curse not.

        1 Corinthians 4:12 And labour, working with our own hands: being reviled, we bless; being persecuted, we suffer it:

        That fanatic spirit is behind there. At all costs, even human lives, they don’t care, as long they can achieve their goal of illegal acquired monies, scam techniques, lying, deceiving, cursing you for exposing them of what they really are, practicing negligence, deliberate disregard for anything else than that what fit in their periscope. Not realizing that they leave a trail of death and destructing behind.

        The bible says clearly this: Psalm 127:1 A Song of degrees for Solomon. Except the LORD build the house, they labour in vain that build it: except the LORD keep the city, the watchman waketh but in vain.

        And they need security footage to prove what God is so to speak is saying. Why is it that now the arch liar who speaks with God everyday as he claims he can’t point out those who did it ? What kind of prophet are you then ?

        Why can’t he attend to the hospitals and attend to the sick and heal them instantly as they claim inside SCOAN. Are his followers not asking such questions ? Well I do. He is a charlatan and keeps hypnotizing his audience with lies and scams.

        Why wait until coming out with this video ? The other one came out straight away. This is calculated, deliberately done, according plan and how to set up a case to deceive the world wholesale. Can anyone of his followers tell my why he waited after two weeks to do this footage ?

        How can you take someone serious like that, when you immediately have footage the next day to impregnate your followers with blaming a plane. Then it is a bomb. Then it is acid that destroys pillars. Then it is another footage. Why defend yourself, if God is for you and will do it for you. Why you are frantically and frenzied try to proof yourself that you are a moG and you can’t do nothing that just knock over people and let them scream while you “minister”. What happened to the interrogations, have the demons all of a sudden cowered in the corner ?

        Calculated, Inculcation, Blame shifting, Call for destruction, Calling out curses are certainly a attribute for a moG. Walking in the flesh and practicing charismatic witchcraft over others and controlling them as a Jezebel demon.

  5. It is time for authorities to stop the manipulations,garbage and blatant lies of this false prophet.I think,enough its enough.It is totaly abnormal to leave him continue his deadly propaganda without being stopped.He showed us a first footage where he tells us that the incident occured at 12:44 pm
    Now he brings out another where the building which was supposed to be a rubble,collapse à 1:30 pm:we have now 2 differents times of the incident.How someone can be heartless in this point? no remorse,the main thing it is to save his empire.

    When you visit his facebook page,you can see that he delayed his first statements lies upon the tragedy.
    For example you can’t read again when he was saying only few people are rescue in the building when some were already dead and more than 300 people where in great danger..

    • @ Valy,

      Psychopaths do this all the time. The shuffle and scuffle and use anything that they have at hand and can get their hands upon. They control everything from start to finish. They have thought out everything in detail. They don’t surrender to God and give it in His Hands because it is out of control. They control all of it and they work at peak time when they can do this in the face of all detractors and their own plans. It is likely they have been sitting for this for many years to do this. And they can play an audience up to a tee. It’s when they function best. Ruthless, crosshaired they home in on everybody that will be at their side.

      If you describe psychopaths as being callous and showing a lack of empathy, traits which we can describe as “coldheartedness.” The criteria for dissocial personality disorder include a “callous unconcern for the feelings of others.” There are now several lines of evidence that point to the biological grounding for the uncaring nature of the psychopath. For us, caring is a largely emotion-driven enterprise. The brains of psycopaths have been found to have weak connections among the components of the brain’s emotional systems. These disconnects are responsible for the psychopath’s inability to feel emotions deeply. Psychopaths are also not good at detecting fear in the faces of other people about in the situations that they are into. Psychopaths, and to a degree, sociopaths, show a lack of emotion, especially in the social emotions, such as shame, guilt, and embarrassment. They will try to keep face and restructure that nothing was wrong they did whatever they did. They have risen above that in the belief that they are not punishable by any source of justice and truth.

  6. TB Joshua’s megalomania is his ruin and his expose’. With the bribing and fretful responses to the press, it is so obvious to people with integrity around the world that he only cares about his reputation. Watch tomorrow’s Sunday service – it will be all about TB Joshua. He is now quick to release multiple detailed responses “categorically” coming against the negative news articles with dates and so called facts. Why did he not “categorically” acknowledge on the 12th of September that the building collapsed with approximately upwards of 300 people inside? Why did he not “categorically” admit that there were casualties and seriously injured victims?

  7. I have just heard that a mother, who went up to pray for her two drunkard sons, has lost both her legs in the collapsed building of scoan. Up to now she has heard no word from TB Joshua or any pray was offered to her from him?!?! TB Joshua just cannot get it right. He does not know how to be a Christian. There is no love and compassion in his evil little heart. I am so glad that he is being exposed for who he really is without his Christian mask.

  8. Cape man missing after Lagos disaster

    News of the guest house collapse and Masiba’s disappearance came at a very difficult time as his father’s health was poor, she said.
    The Cape Town family of Ponko Ka Masiba, a veteran journalist who had travelled to Nigeria to write an article about TB Joshua’s Synagogue Church of All Nations when a guest house there collapsed, say they can do nothing but pray that the 52-year-old is still alive.

  9. Though they join forces the wicked will not go unpunished. You can join forces with Boko Harum, the press and all forces of darkness but judgement is coming upon you soon. Our God will get back to you and you will not cross the bridge, many of you will fall in 2014.

  10. To all those who are cursing and intimidating under the fear of man:
    JEREMIAH 23:9-14
    “Concerning the prophets: “My heart is broken within me; all my bones tremble. I am like a drunken man, like a man overcome by wine, because of the Lord and His holy words. The land is full of adulterers; because the land lies parched and the pastures in the desert are withered.
    The prophets follow an evil course and use their power unjustly.
    Both prophet and priest are godless; even in my temple I find their wickedness” declares the Lord.
    “Therefore their path will become slippery; they will be banished to darkness and there they will fall.
    I will bring disaster on them in the year they are punished,” declares the Lord.
    “Among the prophets of Samaria I saw this repulsive thing: they prophesied by Baal and led MY people Israel ASTRAY. And among the prophets of Jerusalem I have seen something horrible: They commit adultery and LIVE A LIE. They strengthen the hands of evil doers, so that NO ONE turns from his wickedness . They are like Sodom to me; the people of Jerusalem are like Gomorrah.”
    JEREMIAH 5:21,22
    JEREMIAH 3:12,13
    “Return, faithless Israel”, declares the Lord, “I will frown on you no longer, for I am merciful,” declares the Lord, “I will not be angry forever. Only ACKNOWLEDGE your guilt-you have rebelled against the Lord your God, and have scattered your favors to foreign gods under every spreading tree, and have not obeyed me,” declares the Lord.”
    JEREMIAH 4:1,2
    “If you will return, o Israel, return to ME.” declares the Lord. “IF YOU PUT YOUR DETESTABLE IDOLS OUT OF MY SIGHT and no longer go astray, and if in a TRUTHFUL, JUST and RIGHTEOUS way you swear, ” As surely as the Lord lives” then the nations will be blessed by Him and IN HIM THEY WILL GLORY.”

    He who has an ear, let him hear what the Spirit says to the churches.
    The Lord is near.

  11. Why Good people are always attack by evil news? When evil people do evil things No News?
    …the bible says the trying of our faith worketh Patience….TB joshua this is ur trying time God will see you thr.ijn name.
    After God has Left king saul in the Bible, david Still killed the man who came and told him, he has killed King Saul, david killed the young man immedatly b/cus he said he has killed Anointed King saul..pls people don’t kill urself with ur mouth or ur comment against any man of God..God himself will judge them, Even you and I will be judge at the last day..know one will be Left unjudge.
    Pls let us ask for the mercy of God before our judgement day in heaven..

  12. TB Joshua is going down. Sad that it has taken all those lives to put him out of misery.
    Best and quickest way to take him down is through South Africa by applying unrelenting pressure including calls for boycotting Nigerian exports if at all.

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