TB Joshua’s UK Terror prediction

On the 29th August, the UK’s Joint Terrorism Analysis Centre (JTAC) changed the UK threat level from international terrorism from SUBSTANTIAL to SEVERE (source). Right on cue, two days later TB Joshua predicted a terror attack in the UK sometime between the middle and end of September. This was a fairly safe bet to hedge, but thankfully was wrong.

Thank God the UK has remained safe recently from terror attacks, and shame on TB Joshua for taking advantage of peoples fear through these constant fake prophecies.

86 thoughts on “TB Joshua’s UK Terror prediction

  1. OMG. The more I see of him the more I wonder how anyone can sit for even 5 minutes listening to that unintelligible, useless blather.

    I have sat through long, long church services without a problem. To sing, no problem. To listen to the Gospel preached, a pleasure.

    But this? I just can’t. It’s not the Gospel, it’s shifty sales-patter. I cannot stand this dude.

  2. Maybe this will show the Biblical way to God, out of this fake mess for someone out there who needs to know how to be reconciled to God through Jesus Christ –

    TURN from your wicked ways to TO GOD:

    1. With sin we won’t get into heaven or (the waters of rest) – Isaiah 59:1-2
      – Revelation 21:27
    2. Indeed I would not have known what sin was except through the Law
      a. We know that the Law of God is spiritual
      – Rom 7:7, 14 – Romans 2:23 – Mathew 5: 17-25
    3. The Law of God – Exodus 20
      – Deut 28

    4. Jesus Christ our only solution for our sins – Romans 5:8
      Isaiah 1: 18 -1 Peter 1:19 5 -Romans 5:1

      a. Confess your sins – 1 John 1:9
      b. Turn around / repent – Luke 13:3
      c. Invite Jesus Christ into your heart – Revelation 3:20-21

    5. Now you have the power to say you are a child of God- John 1:12,13

    6. Now you’ve got eternal live in heaven or (the waters of rest) with God
      -1 John 5:11-13

    7. Be baptized in water after repentance and receive the Holy Spirit – in this proses the Lord will let you become Born Again through His Spirit
      – Acts 2:38-39
    8. Now the end of the commandments is charity/love – 1 Timothy 1:5

    9. These things, that happened to the Israelites in the wilderness, are written down to keep us from setting our hearts on evil things as they did – 1 Corinthians 10:6-13

  3. PRAYER:
    Daniel 9:3-19
    3 So I turned to the Lord God and pleaded with him in prayer and petition, in fasting, and in sackcloth and ashes.
    4 I prayed to the LORD my God and confessed:
    “Lord, the great and awesome God, who keeps his covenant of love with those who love him and keep his commandments, 5 we have sinned and done wrong. We have been wicked and have rebelled; we have turned away from your commands and laws. 6 We have not listened to your servants the prophets, who spoke in your name to our kings, our princes and our ancestors, and to all the people of the land.
    7 “Lord, you are righteous, but this day we are covered with shame—the people of Judah and the inhabitants of Jerusalem and all Israel, both near and far, in all the countries where you have scattered us because of our unfaithfulness to you. 8 We and our kings, our princes and our ancestors are covered with shame, LORD, because we have sinned against you. 9 The Lord our God is merciful and forgiving, even though we have rebelled against him; 10 we have not obeyed the LORD our God or kept the laws he gave us through his servants the prophets. 11 All Israel has transgressed your law and turned away, refusing to obey you.
    “Therefore the curses and sworn judgments written in the Law of Moses, the servant of God, have been poured out on us, because we have sinned against you. 12 You have fulfilled the words spoken against us and against our rulers by bringing on us great disaster. Under the whole heaven nothing has ever been done like what has been done to Jerusalem. 13 Just as it is written in the Law of Moses, all this disaster has come on us, yet we have not sought the favor of the LORD our God by turning from our sins and giving attention to your truth. 14 The LORD did not hesitate to bring the disaster on us, for the LORD our God is righteous in everything he does; yet we have not obeyed him.
    15 “Now, Lord our God, who brought your people out of Egypt with a mighty hand and who made for yourself a name that endures to this day, we have sinned, we have done wrong. 16 Lord, in keeping with all your righteous acts, turn away your anger and your wrath from Jerusalem, your city, your holy hill. Our sins and the iniquities of our ancestors have made Jerusalem and your people an object of scorn to all those around us.
    17 “Now, our God, hear the prayers and petitions of your servant. For your sake, Lord, look with favor on your desolate sanctuary. 18 Give ear, our God, and hear; open your eyes and see the desolation of the city that bears your Name. We do not make requests of you because we are righteous, but because of your great mercy. 19 Lord, listen! Lord, forgive! Lord, hear and act! For your sake, my God, do not delay, because your city and your people bear your Name.”

  4. We did not listen to the true prophets in the Bible, but listened to these fake ‘prophets’ of today.

  5. TBJ is a liar, a fraudster, a criminal, a false prophet and a murderer who has the blood of over one hundred souls on his hands, but the days of this great deception of Nigeria are numbered. Wait and see!

  6. May the owner of this site be blessed with an increased readership. What a compendium of damning evidence for the false religion of prosperity that controls so much of Africa.

    Your posts on his anointing water are the best bad examples I’ve seen in a while from this movement.

    Have you ever thought of starting pastorchriswatch.com?

  7. Listen again, he didn’t say an attack was imminent ( concerning the UK ) what he did say was that prophecy comes as a warning and for them to be vigilant especially on those days he mentioned and for everyone to pray for God to protect that country. Unless you’re an insider and work for the UK government you’ll never know what terrorist activity might have been thwarted on those days that wasn’t made public.
    What I’ve noticed is that TB Joshua gets it both ways, because if he prophesy’s that he saw something happening in the spirit realm and it doesn’t happen because of his prayers and the prayers of others they call him false prophet and if the bad thing does happen they say why weren’t your prayers able to stop it? So you see its not easy being a prophet these days. But a true man of God can’t help but warn of what he sees so that the people have a chance to pray in order to defend themselves and their country.

    • @judge not,
      You are tying yourself in knots.
      Nobody has ever accused him of being unable to stop evil,disaster or catastrophes. What is beyond doubt is that his prophecies are extremely vague and he attempts to associate them with events through video editing. A good case in point is #MH17 and #MH370. There is enough evidence here. Look it up

      It is decidedly convenient to issue a terror prophecy after the threat level has been heightened. I can assure you an atheist in the UK would readily interpret this to mean an attack is imminent, not next year but one but in the coming days or weeks 😉

      What we have questioned is the value of prophecies totally unrelated to Nigeria. The two Malaysian jets for instance. First, the prophecies were vague and the country in question is Muslim so intercessory prayers could have only come from SCOAN. what’s the point of revealing them ( and the prophecies were clipped and cropped to fit the events)?

      Back to the UK threats. Terror plots are continuously being thwarted. So if one or two is stopped, it would have NOTHING to do with TB.

      You are left to conclude that the charlatan is invoking the name of Jehovah to garner popularity because blind sheeple like yourself has vowed to check brains at the SCOAN gate. They are drawn to the man as moth to a lamp as a result.

      • @ Vooke,

        Plus he failed to thwart the disaster in his own yard. When you see him praying week in week out.

        Setback be destroyed in Jesus Name, Business failure be destroyed in a Jesus Name, Bad luck be destroyed in Jesus Name.

        Plus they pray every day and people pray every day that nothing will happen and they were bragging and bragging and boasting and huffing and puffing about it, yet still the disaster struck all of a sudden as it is written in the Bible.

        Proverbs 16:18 King James Version (KJV)

        18 Pride goeth before destruction, and an haughty spirit before a fall.

        But hey you can’t tell them that. They are so entangled in their brainwashing that they live in an alternative world. On itselves this would be not a problem. But they have left indeed their brains at the gate and enter in and go home without taking it back because of their false induced euphoria when the leave SCOAN.

        I have been around them. Even a medical doctor was saying when they could not go to Haiti because of the Icelandic volcano ash fall, she said that God would personally switch the wind so they could go. Weeks passed by, nothing happened. And where are they now in Haiti ? Nowhere to be seen, while TB Joshua promised they would be their indefinitely. Lies, Theomania, Pride, Selfrighteousness, Madness, Irrational, Crazy and Bonkers. Go against everything except their own delusions to understand they are not living in the reality.

        There is nothing wrong with expressing faith, but I take Jesus as my Compass and methods and not a looney bin man that cannot understand his crazy imperative and endows that on his followers and make them lethal for other believing Christians and ruins their beliefs with their looney confessions. Perhaps that is just the prerogative of it all ? Glad I am out, I tell ya. It never has been so good in our lives, we thank God.

  8. Synagogue Collapse: TB Joshua Sends N72,000, Anointed Water to South African Families

    “They met with my family at home, offering condolences, and gave them R5000. I told them: ‘Whatever you are offering, it can never compare with the life of my sister.'” Thanduxolo Doro, who lost his sister Vathiswa Madikiza in the tragic event said.


    • What nonsense, what about visiting them at the hospital before they were flown out?

      Am beginning to pity believers who believe that when Hebrews talk of a Rest for the people of God it means REST from thinking 😦

    • Kindly note that this same synagogue church charged each of these victims (not martyrs) $1,200 or N200,000 for processing a “cheap” Nigerian Visa and $450 or N75,000 for a 7 day stay at that “Hotel of Death” not to talk of the round trip flight ticket from South Africa to Nigeria that costs about $500 or N80,000 totaling about $2,150 or N350,000…the Bible says these 419 scamming end-time false prophets will scam and make merchandise of the simple and gullible believers as we see them doing everywhere today (2Peter 2:3a…And through covetousness, shall they with feigned words make merchandise of [scam] you…)

      Now you do the math: subtract N72,000 from N350,000 equaling N270,000 or $1,700 profit that this “Prophet of Death” made from his “Deadly Deals” and then he had the “cheek” to send them such a paltry sum and food packets as if his victims are so poverty stricken that they cannot feed themselves when they could afford to pay him thousands of dollars for his “Deadly Tour”… What a Cheek!

      Perhaps he thinks South Africans are like the hungry Nigerians (“15 corrupt journalists” minus one “correct journalist”) he bribed with N50,000 each to buy their stories for a paltry sum of N700,000 or $4,500…

      This is just the beginning of his “Pay-Back Time”…this Venetian “Merchant of Death” will surely be made to pay for his “bloody” pound of flesh when he finally gets his “day” in court…as they say:

      Every Dog Has His Day!
      Another Day, Another Dollar!!

      I Rest My Case!!!

  9. To MrTerrific,
    What was that dream of yours again, where they jumped and ran out of the church? Please put it on again. Can not find it.

    • Yes, let the site administrator help us find that post. I remember it started when people waited and waited for the false prophet, TBJ to come out. Then after a long time a lady stood up to read the Bible. Then as if on cue, everyone started running out, through doors and windows……
      I don’t remember all the details now.

      • That dream of your Mr Terrific, makes me think of what is happening now in scoan ‘church’!

      • That dream is yet to be fulfilled. If it is not an ordinary dream, but a message from God, it will surely come to pass and we shall see people running away from the Synagogue of Satan in droves.
        If this building collapse doesn’t do it, perhaps something bigger is about to happen to wake up the people from their stupor and stupidity.


    Nigerian Government has set up a coroner of inquest for the purpose of investigating the cause of the September 12 Synagogue Church of All Nation’s building collapse.
    This was made known in a statement credited to the State Attorney General and Commissioner for Justice, Mr. Ade Ipaye, on Sunday – 5 October 2014.

    The coroner of inquest, headed by Magistrate O. A. Komolafe, has been charged with the duty of establishing the cause of the collapse of Synagogue’s six-storey building that killed no fewer than 115 persons.

    Ipaye, who spelt out the responsibility of the coroner, said its final submission might necessitate the institution of a criminal charge against the church.


  11. Who had that dream, where they heard a voice saying, “That TB Joshua was given time to repent and he did not. So his time is up”?

    • @ Just Wonder,

      We all had that dream. Because God does not share His Glory with any man.

      Let justice prevail as it is just. Let mercy be for those that change their ways and repent.

  12. It’s no longer a strange aircraft that hovered 4 times and dropped bombs on his building, its now controlled demolition. This man is trying to hard to convince people,which makes It’m obvious that church hes hiding something. Now tbj makes it so easy for us to see he’s a liar and a phony he’s actions expose him everyday.

    • you’re a liar.if u ve eye of reasoning u’ll see that even in this forum u can the number of pple attacking him tbj had never come out to attack anyone.Now as nigerian i join the thousands pple to know what the mission of a big jet hovering a church

  13. Exactly ej.
    We would like to know from people that have benefitted from this site in anyway. People whose eyes have opened to the deception of TB Joshua. Please email us and give us your testimony. You can stay anonymous.

  14. Are u all fighting 4 God??? Our Lord Jesus Christ said “LEt he who is without sin to first cast the stone”
    May God av mercy on u all, u can go & meet him 2 rescue him or die 4 his sins if truly u’r 4 d salvation of his soul, just as Christ did 4 us…the Pharisee of our generation…keep it up! GOD is watching….u’ll die one day & give acount of every idle words u write

    • @ TB Joshua,

      We all sin, but we do not erect buildings that kills dozens of people. As a matter of fact we never killed any people at all.

      It is apparently “nice” to have on your personal record as a high profile “Christian” in view of the world and to know for oneself, I allowed dozens of people to die with my decision and the same time to expand and attract disaster in the process with no regard for life and negligence and yet still live in denial that one did.

      What if anyone of the dead to become a high profile person for the sake of the world ? President, surgeon, peace negotiator, pastor, architect,….

      Now they have been deprived of that because of greed of expansion, money, applying deceit, lies and scam techniques through the use of technology and misleading millions.

      When will you understand ? I believe never, because you have seared your consciousness with an hot iron to disguise the lies and diversions.

  15. This man reminds me of a cult leader Jim Jones who made his 918 followers commit suicide by convincing them to drink cyanide poison in November 18, 1978. His followers are too in the dark who don’t use brains. People in the crowd hardly use reasoning power. That’s why Albert Einstein said, “Only two things are infinite the universe and the human stupidity but I am not sure about the universe”. I don’t hate TB Joshua. I love his dramatized miracles on YouTube though I don’t watch Emmanuel TV.

    • Mr Evan,we thank God that this MOG(man of gore)is your prophet,and not a prophet of God.You are so stupid and dishonest like your guru.Be sure,the time of God is there to expose all these lies,and demonics things from this synagogue of Satan.
      In the so-called prophecy you are showing,your babalawo tells us that he saw a cloud over Nigeria which means trouble in Nigeria.He came back to witness the dispelling of the cloud,which means everything would be fine,including himself and the scoan.
      The more, this so called prophecy wants to show how nigerians are destroying their own country by what they say against.
      Now you want to tell us he was speaking about bombing;it is disgusting,crazy.,condemnable.
      Prophecy edify,exhort,comfort.1 Corinthians 14::3.I can’t see it in this scam
      From the old to the new testament,you will never see this kind of prophecy,without the proper action to take.
      Instead to release documents,authorizations,insurances,architects and buiilding contractors to show is good faith,it is manipulating videos as one who show the tragedy occured at 12:44 pm,another 1:30 pm.
      The cameras of security which are supposed to run 24 hours,inexplicably can’t show people who are posing imaginary bomb..
      We have no videos in “mymassiveegotv”, at least to stream the names of the deads,their nationalities,with condolences to their bereaved families.
      Again Matthew 7::22-27.22 “Many will say to me in that day, Lord, Lord, have we not prophesied in thy name? and in thy name have cast out devils? and in thy name done many wonderful works?

      23 And then will I profess unto them, I never knew you: depart from me, ye that work iniquity.

      24 Therefore whosoever heareth these sayings of mine, and doeth them, I will liken him unto a wise man, which built his house upon a rock:

      25 And the rain descended, and the floods came, and the winds blew, and beat upon that house; and it fell not: for it was founded upon a rock.

      26 And every one that heareth these sayings of mine, and doeth them not, shall be likened unto a foolish man, which built his house upon the sand:

      27 And the rain descended, and the floods came, and the winds blew, and beat upon that house; and it fell: and great was the fall of it.”
      King James Version (KJV) can bring you out of iniquity,if you want really Jesus,and not an antichrist.

    • Dark cloud over Nigeria – it is your sins Nigeria!
      It is written:
      “It’s your sins that have cut you off from God (dark cloud separating you and God). Because of your sins, He has turned away and will not listen anymore” – Isaiah 59:2

      “When you lift up your hands in prayer, I will not look. Though you offer many prayers, I will not listen, for your hands are covered with the blood of innocent victims” – Isaiah 1:15

    • @ Evan,

      Of course he “saw” it all, BUT DID DO NOTHING ABOUT IT !

      It’s the same as letting 3 year olds cross back busy road and God shows you few hours beforehand what is about to be happening, you in your daft “know the visions” before would just stand there and let the kids die and run over by a speeding car.

      Do you see what you are like ? You want it to come to pass and rave in it that it did, no matter the sacrifice, you still want to uphold the seer not the prevention of the calamity.

      That’s is what I call mentally ill and in need of locking up and throw away the key to prevent “practicing” loss of life. That is what the Law requires to be satisfied that justice is done.

      You instead go off when it comes to pass, sick, deranged, dangerous for other people and destructive for other Christians that are duped by your idiotic beliefs or farce religion that rather seeks loss offline than save it.

      TBJW, I can’t stand such kind of evil, It makes my blood boil and furious of this nauseous making type of folk that does not care zilch about anything than holding up a deranged evil conniving man in Lagos in SCOAN in the sight of the world.

    • So what are you saying??? That your Prophet allowed them to be killed??? Then he needs to answer for those deaths! That’s homicide!

  16. Nigeria: Synagogue Insists Building Collapse Was ‘Controlled Demolition’

    By Ikenna Asomba
    Barely seven days to the commencement of the coroner’s inquest instituted by the Lagos State Government to establish the cause and manner of the recent collapse of a building within the premises of the Synagogue Church of All Nations, SCOAN, Ikotun Egbe, Lagos, the church yesterday, released another video clip to establish its continued position that the building collapsed as a result of what it called controlled demolition.


  17. Some of TB Joshua’s reasons for the collapsed church building.
    1. Pastor in charge of the church Temitope Joshua attributed the cause of the collapse to a mysterious and ‘suspicious aircraft’/helicopter/army plane hovering/flying repeatedly over the building. About an hour after the ‘suspicious aircraft’ was there.
    2. “The pressure and the vibrations generated by the plane somehow triggered the building to crumble; perhaps, he suggests, because some kind of corrosive chemical substance was sprayed on it at the same time”.
    3. “As for who might be responsible, well Joshua has a theory on that front too, telling his congregation on Sunday that Islamist militant group Boko Haram were the likely perpetrators’.
    4. ….”You will not see it on a national TV but if you learn that they bombed here”…
    5. .…”the church yesterday, released another video clip to establish its continued position that the building collapsed as a result of what it called controlled demolition”….
    6. . It is a fanciful story. Unidentified aircraft buzzing around busy Lagos airspace? Chemicals falling from the sky? As for Boko Haram, well they’re rather busy at the moment, occupying vast swathes of territory in north-eastern Nigeria. And they wouldn’t need to come up with such an elaborate plot.
    7 . Another reason still coming to save face, I suppose……..
    8. And the ‘prophet’ just cannot hear from God and get the reason for the collapse together? The state must investigate?

  18. TB Joshua,
    You are so correct. The truth will come out. We will know who pulled that building! Whose finger was on or behind that?
    Well done, you have made the CNN News and others. You should feel so proud of yourself!
    Just a note to you; you have single handedly trashed Nigeria. You have just proofed to the world that you are a typical Nigerian. A clever, deceitful, 419, corrupt Nigerian. Stop blaming the others and start looking at yourself.

  19. Whether controlled demolition or structural collapse, little does this matter in terms of repentance concerning lies, perversion and false teachings going on at SCOAN. Covering up and pointing in other directions is NOT going to satisfy God’s Wrath for all the souls that have suffered under SCOAN manipulation tactics.

  20. Concoction: a mixture of a bit of this and a bit of that. A few lies, some truth, more lies, some truth…..
    SCOAN……REPENT! We serve an All Holy, All Righteous, All Knowing God. You preach humility and a contrite spirit but it seems so hard for you all to practise.



    • @ Evan,

      Well, we first have to bribe TB Joshua to fall down, like he does with demonic interrogations which are fake, lies and a means to attract people to the church, just like their leaders were when they lived all their life with their demons and go out delivering people from demons.

      It took 10-12 years to uncover those demons in SCOAN that were travelling all over the world with “anointed water” and we’re never ever manifesting while administering the “anointing water” and interrogated their own demons and to come out.

      Mawhahahaha, how ridiculous this is when they concocted up the plan that all leaders needed deliverance from whatever they could come up with in their entrapped mind full of deception.

      Leaders that I know personally and know what they think and what they say.

      If you want anyone to believe that, then tell this to a ” brain left at the gate fanatic TB Joshua cult follower” but not me.

      I refuse to accept that, now or ever. If I ever meet them again I will interrogate them of their own lies they did publicly on YouTube and will give them a trashing of their rubbish they came up with to make everybody look silly.

      Secondly, I am waiting for my arrest so I can testify myself to the authorities of what I have been through with these fakers.

    • @ Evan,

      Another thing. They only care about saving their own skin while bodies are rotting in the mortuaries concerning this disaster.

      It is true what Gareth says, when the pen is empty you are discarded in the bin and don’t count anymore. Then I rather would people put up with my sins than that what happens at SCOAN that affects thousands.

      But whatever you can always blame Boko Haram, Ebola, the Devil, the agents of the Devil, the detractors, TB Joshua watch, me, others, except yourself, yes yourself for making those choices all by yourself and see what the result is. Nigeria is a country that will not have it to take responsibility for their own lying, deceiving choices and applications. Why would anyone take them ever serious again until those that there that do this will be removed. God help us with that. But Evan, word of advice, keep believing the lies and see how many you need to remember to keep a straight face whenever I meet you.

  22. @ Evan,


    Do you really think we can now bypass the security that he paid 30,000 dollars to tighten up the security ? You are a joker and a fine fabricator of nonsense that don’t apply or will be prevented to be applied.

    Milk cows will be protected by the Nigerian Government who like to sit in high places and wear their agbada’s and Bu Bu’s with big elaborate embroidery and proud heads and the smell of money, swell parties and extensive birthdays and nice 5 star hotel rooms and the motorcades that drive them around.

    A disgrace for Jesus Christ and His Father and a stench in His Nostrils.





  23. Tbjoshuawatch, where are you hastily fleeing to with this new post? Are you done feasting on the SCOAN building collapse already? I don’t think so. Why are you quickly trying to change the subject? Could it be that you have realized the truth in yourselves that the synagogue building was indeed bombed; but Alas! you have already lied that it was structural failure due to unregulated and unauthorized building work; and you can’t seem to humble yourselves enough to admit this to your readers that you have misrepresented the truth and lied to them while you claim to be exposing lies? How can a lie expose another lie? We have watched the SCOAN service, and have seen the difference between controlled demolition and structural failure, you cannot deceive us anymore. But don’t merely try to cover your track of lies with another post, please, I implore you with immediate effect to apologize for your misrepresentation and lies on the SCOAN tragedy. Perhaps you would be exonerated from the coming wrath. If you do not, well, you have my heartfelt sympathies, because you have with your own words and deeds enlisted yourselves among those whom the wrath of the LORD will cut off due to this disaster. I am not threatening you, I have no reason to do so, but perhaps you will listen to me and save your souls. However you try to deceive yourselves and other readers that TB Joshua is nothing and powerless, a con man, a cheat or whatever. You in yourselves know the truth that there is an unraveled mystery about him and an undaunted power at work in him beyond the grasp of created reason. This is not the time or place to debate if it is God in him or it isn’t. All I know you is that you all combined are no match for it. Unless you have got a greater calling from God [or the devil] than he has. Perhaps you would be able to escape when the sword comes. When I speak of a sword; this is what is written of it so you know what is now coming against you: don’t say you were not warned. I rest my case.

    • Remember the railing and ranting of the “Giant Goliath” against the Lord’s Elect Army of Israel…remember the sling and stone of the “Little David”…

      Biblical history is about to repeat itself in this end-time and the outcome is just as predictable as history itself…

      Whoa! Can wait for the knock out round to begin…his god against our God is a no contest match…we’ll soon see who will live or who will die…David or Goliath!

      I Rest My Case!

    • @Soe, ah Soe – nothing changes. Still changing the subject and ducking and dodging issues like a pro. The reason we’ve not posted on the building collapse for a while is that there haven’t been any developments – and no, we don’t count the SCOAN conspiracy theories as developments, just a continuation of the lies they’ve been telling since the beginning. SCOAN are now just fumbling around in the dark desperately trying to control the story, but if there’s any justice in Nigeria, this event will bring TB Joshua down for good, even if justice is not served, it has hugely dented his credibility, both the event and the way he dealt with it. Either way, he will not bounce back after this.

    • Ahahah!scoan was bombing at 12:44 pm.Ohhh scoan was bombing again at 1:30 pm.Please mister Soe,you are not obliged to come in this website with your heresies,your childish lies.The cameras which are supposed to run 24 hours didn’t see people who were posing your imaginary bomb.Can’t you stop a little bit this indecency when more than 100 died?Going forward with your guru in your demonics lies,you want to prove in a dishonest video you picked in internet your heartless position.
      I am not suprised,you must be one of those who were laughing,clapping the sunday in your synagogue of satan,when people were agonizing at 50 m in the rubble.Shame to you,and to all the bewitched gullible followers of this antichrist.In reality you and your guru have no respect for life.
      Look well this video I posted of a consequence of a bad structure.It will remind you a certain 12 september in your arena of slavery.

      Yes there is a mistery in is life:no one knows when he gave is life to Christ,no one knows when and where he received his water baptism,no one knows when and where he was baptised in the Holy Ghost.So is christianity is questionable.
      I really laugh when I hear his ignorant mesmerized followers speak of power.It is good to take care of the physical challenged,but why he can’t heal at least one of them?I never saw only one video with a born blind,a cripple by birth or polio or mute… healed as we saw it with TL Osborn,Bonnke,Nicholas Benghu…. in this arena of slavery.
      We saw a footage of Yinka Oduwole in UK who was supposed to had a breaktrough in scoan,after we saw the same young lady saying in deliverance that ancestral spirits block her life.
      We saw Shiro who used to pray for people online,who finally was deliver of ancestral and lion spirit.
      Fanny who translate in french was delivered from immorality and spirit of setback.
      The brother and sister Ruth Tong where too delivered of evil spirits.
      It is the same for Annette the journalist evangelist.
      The pastor of the scoan of Greece,was supposed to be delivered,now the church is closed,the same for the one of South Africa.
      Ruben Kruger the Rugbyman was supposed to be healed for cancer by your guru,unfortunately he died for this sickness.
      I f I continue,I will not finish.
      There is deliverance in scoan except for the insiders.Apart of the guru no one is married:what a breaktrough!
      Continue to threaten people as you think you have this right,you’ll soon have a surprise.
      Maybe you drank too much your demonic water for the salvation of your soul,when the bible says in
      Romans 10:9New King James Version (NKJV)

      9 that if you confess with your mouth the Lord Jesus and believe in your heart that God has raised Him from the dead, you will be saved. “.
      Be very careful with your heresies.
      Or you perform your rosary you call faith bracelet to have God’s presence,in fact stange fire.
      May TBW continue to do what they think right to save at least some from this spiritual death.

    • Soe, didn’t convince, didn’t intimidate, didn’t achieve anything.
      Same old SCOAN story…..
      Pointless shouting and kicking against HARD FACTS.

      • Where are Doe (or is it Soe? ), Visser, Vasilis and all the other TBJ defenders? Come and defend your false prophet now. He claimed to have foreseen the building collapse, but that is a lie! He saw nothing, because God does not even talk to him, let alone reveal anything to him. If God revealed the disaster to him, what did he do about it? The man is a bloody liar and a rogue and it is only deluded people who could still tolerate this monster.

        The man T B Joshua is not only a false prophet, but also a criminal , a murderer like his father Satan, and a rogue! Instead of confessing and repenting from his atrocities, he is threatening people who hold him accountable for the building collapse, but let the whole world know that TBJ is nothing and he cannot do anything to any true believer in Jesus Christ, for He that is in us is greater than the demons inside TBJ!

        Shame on you, Temitope Balogun Joshua, confess your sin and repent now, lest something greater than this happens to you!

    • When I read @Soe’s post I am reminded of a guy who once said:

      “Someone can do a good job of translating playboy magazine from English to French. They might do an excellent translation work but the text is lousy.”

      I think that’s a similar story with @Soe. Unlike other TBJ followers we see here, he writes well [good English], but the content is just as lousy!

  24. ‘TB Joshua must answer’

    JOHANNESBURG – Thanduxolo Doro has built a website to rally support for a civil court case against televangelist TB Joshua.

    “We want to know how much is owed to the families for the lives of the people who went there, we don’t want some handouts from TB Joshua,” he said.
    Doro’s younger sister Vathiswa died after travelling from Johannesburg to Lagos to worship at TB Joshua’s The Synagogue Church of All Nations (SCOAN).


  25. The bigger picture –

    Allow me to put a part of what is going on around the world as a warning to repent and turn back to God through what Jesus did for us;

    “Be always on the watch and pray that you may be able to escape all that is about to happen and that you may be able to stand before the Son of Man” – Luke 21:36.

    The world is falling apart.

    End Time Events Weather – September 2014 (revised)

  26. “And the world will be as it was in the days of Lot. People went about their daily business–eating and drinking, buying and selling, farming and building”— Luke 17:28

    “Now the Valley of Siddim (Dead Sea valley in Israel) was full of tar pits and when the kings of Sodom and Gomorrah fled, some of the men fell into them and the rest fled to the hills” – Genesis 14:10

    Sinkholes are also falling in everywhere around the world.

  27. evan, nobody is gonna go into that synagogue to deliver tbj coz it might unfortunately be on that day that the main auditorium might collapse.hehehe.

  28. am I banned from posting or what? not seeing any of my post yet receiving a message saying something about duplicate posts. any problem?

  29. soe, you must be about the stupidest person I know of. you expect folks to seat back dead lazy and watch as tbj controls the narrative of this whole unfortunate episode? no ******* way! his spokesman on the channels tv interview refused to give the world the comprehensive figures of the casualties in their collapsed building claiming, ostensibly, that it was a matter for the government investigators. yet the same scoan finds nothing wrong with trying to brainwash public opinion with their unabated propaganda on their fallacious “controlled demolition” conspiracy. even going as far as trying to teach the same government investigators their jobs by contrasting their theory with what collapsed buildings should look like! scoan take the cake as the biggest con artists on tv ever! tbj constantly says one thing and then does/means the exact opposite. the classic move of legal luminaries. DISTRACTION. DIVERSION. DIVISION.TBJ HAS NO BUSINESS WALKING THE STREETS FREE! HE SHOULD BE IN CUSTODY NOW! THE BEREAVED SHOULD NOT BE PUSHED TO THE WALL!!!

  30. the only person the sword is coming for is the lawbreaker you nimcompoop. so give it a rest. even the Apostle Paul tells his listeners to respect the law of the land as long as it doesn’t contravene the law of god. talking about gods was it not the temple of dagon that collapsed when Sampson allegedly pushed down it’s main twin pillars? Methinks that scoan should appease their false gods quickly so that they can fortify the rest of their temples from further attack/damage. braindead idiots!

  31. Dr. Damages Show Episode 156: Nigeria @ 54: Fake Independence, Fake Miracles
    Time 18:04 and on; 27:36; 28:27; 29;06

    As Lagos state government begins to investigate Prophet T.B. Joshua, the man of God screams that his miracles are real. Dr. Damages tells the Lagos State government where to look if they want to find the scripts of Prophet T.B. Joshua’s miracle performances.


  32. immediately Oscar Pistorius phoned in the cops on the night of the gruesome killing of his girlfriend, the authorities didn’t just say “okay, you arr Oscar Pistorius a worldwide renowned figure go do your bladerunning thing while we carry out our investigations”. flipping hell! on the contrary he was promptly whisked away to the courthouse where a competent judge had his passport seized and then pronounced a strict restricted movement order on him alongside a lot of other restrictions. what are the authorities in Nigeria waiting for? another tragedy? INCOMPETENT FOOLS!!!

  33. TB Joshua’s own 9/11 stunt – Date, planes, people killed in a controlled demolition, lies etc – according to him.

    Zambian Synagogue survivor speaks out – ‘I just heard a huge bang’

    He added that just a few minutes into their chat, he heard a ‘huge bang’, subsequently losing consciousness. “I just heard a huge bang. I don’t remember anything from that moment because I am told I fainted.”



    “At least we are not commercializing God’s word like so many others. Instead, we speak with sincerity in Jesus Name, like people who are sent from God and are accountable to God”, apostle Paul said – 2 Corinthians 2:17


    “The incident does not affect The SCOAN alone, but also Nigeria’s economy,” the statement said. “What happened is a big blow to the economy of the nation, most especially, the airport, as a whole, as most of the tourists to Nigeria are coming to visit The SCOAN; I mean, six out of every 10 tourists come to Nigeria visit The SCOAN. Since this happened, there is no more business and we cannot go on the street anymore.


  35. TB Joshua blog.

    “Figuratively describing this earth as a market, Prophet T.B. Joshua said, “No matter how long you spend in the market, no matter the profits you gain, you cannot sleep there – you have to come back home. It is not a comfortable place to sleep, no matter how beautiful, profitable or good that market is, you must come home; the market is no man’s land,” TB Joshua said.


  36. TB Joshua To Appear in Court Monday, 13 October 2014, Over Collapsed Building

    The founder and general overseer of the Synagogue Church of All Nations (SCOAN) Prophet TB Joshua will appear in court on Monday over the collapse of a six-storey building in his church at Ikotun, Lagos state Western Nigeria.
    The building killed over 115 people, 86 of them South Africans. Scores of others were also rescued.
    Following the incident, the Lagos State government set up a judicial panel to look into the cause of the collapse.
    The panel is scheduled to start sitting on Monday 13 October at the Lagos State High court at Ikeja, Lagos.


  37. y’all just CANNOT believe what I just heard tbj say on his network. the joker defaecates from mouth! in summary he said that god allowed the tragedy in order for his (tbj’s)congregants to know how he (god) had been protecting them (congregants) from attacks… (he then went on to reveal series of letters received from imaginary terrorists of which he had previously hidden from public knowledge, prior to this tragedy, detailing plans to blow up his outfit). he then went further to state that god allowed this particular one to succeed so that they (his congregants) could appreciate his (tbj’s god) protection of them all this while. the sick,demented and deranged con man even had the guts to say to his deluded flock that the reason he never told them about the secret letters from the imaginary terrorists was that he KNOWS that if he did, most of them (those of little faith) would no longer waste their hard earned money on a fool’s errand trip to the SEE AND GO HOME EMPTY HANDED CHURCH OF ALL NATIONS! WHAT A HEARTLESS HUMAN BEING TBJ IS!!! why not inform your customers of the likely risks involved in coming to see-and-go and hence let them make up their minds for themselves if they choose to be “martyrs” or not? must he force/con innocent trusting sheeple into being “emergency martyrs” unwittingly and against their wish? this deceiver definitely has a case to answer!!! can’t wait for his behind to be hauled into the docks on monday!

    • Yes, this false prophet, TBJ, does defecate from his mouth, but then, what about the deluded people who gulp up the s…..t from his mouth? They are more to blame, because they are the reason this illiterate and ignorant false prophet continues to defecate from his mouth!

  38. some **** would now ask me why I am crying more than the bereaved hoping to shut me up. fat chance. I can assure you that most Africans are intimidated by the supernatural and you can bet that even some of the bereaved are in knots on how to face up to this ****. not I. I have already signed my death warrant a long time ago and the only thing I feared was the lake of fire (which I have already confirmed doesn’t exist) so get lost. do you know there is a legal term called “criminal negligence”. tbj was aware of imaginary plans to attack his business and he never thought it wise to warn his customers of the dangers of coming to his outfit? if this does not see tbj hit with the full weight of the law, then there is nothing left to it than to pronounce the Nigeria Justice System a sham. sorry tbj it’s kinda late to be sorry. afterall it wasn’t your fault was it? ****!!!

  39. can’t see my first post. anyways I just wanted to say that I had a HUGE hunch that we were gonna have a major development in this terrible timeline on or before the 13th of October. and just as I was about to type this down I saw Just Wonder’s bulletin. just in time I say! once again well done Just Wonder in your indefatigable efforts in the fight for justice on behalf of the victims of 9/12! more grease to your more than able elbows. victoria acerta!!!

  40. WHAT THE ****!!!!! scoan have just distanced themselves from everything their spokesman said on the channelstv interview. tbj has once again, as usual, sold another of his faithful, gullible apologists down the river! this is the final lesson for all you scoan supporters. once the heat is on, tbj will abandon you in the twinkling of an eye! The statement on their official facebook page reads: “Our
    attention has been drawn to several articles circulating around the internet quoting Mr. Ken Emeakayi as an official representative of T.B. Joshua, The SCOAN and Emmanuel TV.
    The Vanguard Newspaper even called him ‘T.B. Joshua’s aide’ which is a misrepresentation.
    “While Mr Ken is a member of The SCOAN and an Emmanuel TV partner, he went to the media on his own personal level to air his views concerning the incident and not to officially
    represent the church. Any official statement from The SCOAN will be published on our website and our official Facebook Page.”
    Emeakayi had during the interview, refuted claims that the
    church was not given an approval by the Lagos State
    authorities to commence construction, saying that it was
    officially given an approval for a 12-storey building.
    He said: “It is not true and I stand to be corrected. I want to also point out that whosoever said that was not saying the correct thing, because I also listened to a commissioner ofLagos State, when he came to your (Channels Television) studio. He said that when he got there, he discovered that there was no approval for the building, meaning that he has not been there before and there was nothing of such. Yes, the church had approval.” Asked if the church had shown the approval to the Lagos State Government authorities, he said: “Yes, of course. Officials of Lagos State Government have been there severally. They have even come to look at other buildings in the church premises. So, there is no additional structure to the building. We are talking of a building that is on its own. We have the pictures.It’s a new structure.”
    can we now reasonably declare that scoan and tbj have set up this poor man as the fall guy in this whole mess???

    • You cannot trust this criminal and false prophet, TBJ! He is more interested in his own self than in anyone, and will “use and dump” anyone for his own purpose. It is time the people dump him and let him realize he is just an ordinary false prophet, but will they?

  41. oh how so terrible a situation! so many lives lost and folks grievously injured! all because of this sad, cunning and deceitful little man! their is no way to repay the losses yet the justice to be meted out on this pirate should go some way to assuage the pains. I’ll be the shoulder u can lean on when u need one. be strong my brothers and sisters, u are not alone! we are here with and for you all!!!

  42. He never said there would be an attack. All he said was that they should strategize during that time of the month and pray over it. What is your problem?

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