Building collapse updates

Inquest begins

On Monday the 13th October, the inquest into the building collapse begins. It is reported that TB Joshua will take to the stand, but we’ll believe that when we see it. SCOAN have been doggedly continuing their propaganda, flipflopping between a mad hypothesis involving a UFO and claiming it was a controlled explosion. Hopefully this inquest will put to rest these ridiculous claims and the appropriate people will be held to account for their irresponsibility. Please pray that the inquest will be honest, thorough and get to the truth.

Suffering of the victims

Some of the bereaved families have started to receive a paltry amount of compensation from SCOAN. We’ve heard figures from between R2000 – R7000 ($180 – $630) per victim. For reference, it is likely the deceased family member paid at least R5000 on flights to Lagos alone.

Some families have not even received anything. One lady who lost her husband has told us “He was the only breadwinner in our house and he went to see TB Joshua in the hope that he will receive prayer for the cancer he has been fighting for almost a year. We saved up for the trip as this was our last hope. I am now at home and do not even have money to pay the rent or the kids school fees as there has been no income. My husband was not suppose to be gone for so long and now he is gone for good.”

One man Thanduxolo Doro lost his sister in the building collapse. He is mobilising a group of bereaved families to sue TB Joshua. You can visit his site here: we will have an interview with him posted in the next couple of days.

Please pray for the grieving relatives of the deceased. Pray they will be supported and that justice will be served.

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  1. Thanduxolo Doro, who lost his sister, Vathiswa Madikiza, in the tragedy said since his recent call for a class-action lawsuit against Joshua, representatives of the church had repeatedly tried to set up a meeting with him.
    “They met with my family at home, offering condolences, and gave them R5,000. I told them: ‘Whatever you are offering, it can never compare with the life of my sister,’” said Doro.
    Madikiza had paid R18,000 (about N270,000) to travel from South Africa to Lagos to visit the church.

    • people lost their life at scoan ,do we understand that this people applied and put as much as reasons in the application to be allowed to come? Sad that tb Joshua is being blamed for people that he didn’t invite to his church

      • It is a public place and the charlatan owes the visitors a duty of care. Look that up and start using your head for once. Brain is a terrible thing to waste

  2. TB Joshua, eight media houses, 21 others to be witnesses at coroner’s inquest starting October 13
    by Dare Lawal
    The coroner’s inquest into the collapse of the Synagogue church building which was instituted by the Lagos state government, is expected to begin on 13th of October.
    30 witnesses including TB Joshua, eight media houses and 21 other people are expected to give evidence.
    The sitting will take place at the premises of High Court, Ikeja.
    The inquest is instituted under the Lagos State Coroner’s System Law No. 7 of 2007 for the purpose of establishing the cause and manner of the collapsed building incident of Friday, 12 September, at the church premises in Ikotun-Egbe area and the many deaths that followed.
    In a statement by the Lagos State judiciary, some media organisations, including the News Agency of Nigeria (NAN), PM News, Vanguard, Channels TV, Television Continental, Daily Independent newspaper, The Nation and Punch newspapers are expected to present themselves and give evidence at the Inquest, among other bodies.

  3. @ TBJW, please write a letter or Email to the Magistrate Komolafe one way or another and I hope that anyone who is involved is willing now to testify. Well, I am. I cannot stand the lies anymore of what is going on.


  4. And TBJW – Please put in you letter to Magistrate Komolafe – that the foreign disciples stay in scoan without valid visas for months and years at a time!

    • TB Joshua is still a man of God though many hate him and that is common that you cant make every body happy. I was there when the the plane in question was flying over the biulding with a lot of noise but i havent had anyone questioning about the plane at the time please dont be hypocrstes we are in 21stC. Don hide my email or my name

  5. @just wonder, I’m just wondering if you are a Christian? If you are, the word says that in the city of Ephesus so mightily grew the word of God and prevailed! Halelujah!

  6. @Jesse, pls free to testify, it’s your choice. Just rremember that Judas hanged himself after realising the,impact of the crucifiction of Jesus Christ! We need Judas to be able to conquetr!

  7. This may be the last time I comment here.
    TB Joshua, yes…no matter how long a lie is sustained, at the end the truth will prevail.
    But it doesn’t end there.
    The longer a lie is sustained in one’s life/heart, the sooner he will be consumed by it.
    We, at the Athens Branch, looked up to you, trusted you, we entrusted you with our children and considered you our spiritual father.
    We worked, giving out our best time, our best effort, our best ability, our best love, to the ministry.
    To SCOAN.
    We anticipated your words as we meditated on your teachings as an insight to God’s word.
    Deceived or not, manipulated or not.
    And you responded.
    We were there. We heard with our own ears as you referred to us as “your people”.
    Just as we heard on that 1st June, through the lips of your servant “depart from me for I have never known you”.
    The repercussions due to the abominant going ons at SCOAN ATHENS, you so diligently orchestrated to avoid, in terms of tarnishing your name, have now met up with you. And this time not indirectly but directly.
    And the price is high. It doesn’t get higher: Human lives and souls.
    Really, was it worth it?
    Our God cannot and will not be mocked.
    Who can escape His Righteousness? Who can escape His Justice? Who are we to place God’s things in order of importance? Who are we to say a ministry is of greater value than a “few” souls?
    Who can escape God’s wrath? Who can escape His Word? Who are we to tell God how to do things and rewrite His commandments? WE ARE NOTHING BUT DUST TO THE WIND.
    And if per chance we were favored into receiving Saving Grace, why should we boast in anything as if we did not receive it from above?
    Indeed, TB Joshua, what a sad turn of events.
    Maybe it is time to surprise God the more not simply by humbling yourself in the closet but through genuine, outright repentance. Repentance that bears fruit. And the Truth is its first borne.
    And to be honest, we do not and cannot surprise God Almighty….He has known from the moment we were conceived in our mother’s womb, the choices we are to make. And patiently, expectingly, He awaits for these choices to unfold according to events.
    All I have to say, is that it is never late to make the right choices.
    For healing, for deliverance, for restoration of your own soul and the many others that have suffered along the way.
    For His Love never fails and His Voice never ceases to calling us back from our paths of unrighteousness.

    • Maybe I am stupid. Kindly state what u say in simple English. What r u saying and what is ur point?

    • @ jeremiah, why last time?? are you running? or nemsisis has began in your life?? you have no seen anytin yet, TB JOSHUA IS A REAL MAN OF GOD.

    • stop defending god he do not need our help we must see what we are doing wrong in our daily life and not what other people do.
      but so far people continue to speak about the man of god this means he is a successful person

    • Jeremiah,give us evidence of your claims..infact be careful let GOD judge or else you ll pass your own judgement

    1. cecilia says:
      October 12, 2014 at 7:25 am
      ……..@just wonder, I’m just wondering if you are a Christian?……….
      It is not about me or you, but about TB Joshua and the truth about him misleading God’s people as a lawless man.
      Just like you are wondering– I am also wondering if TB Joshua is a Christian myself?
      The reasons:
    2. He has no testimony that he ever repented of his sins
    3. He has no record where he was baptized in water after repentance
    4. He has no record of being baptized in the Holy Spirit after water baptism
    5. He does not teach the following or lead his followers in the right way – Matthew 28:18-20
      18 Then Jesus came to them and said, “All authority in heaven and on earth has been given to me. 19 Therefore go and make disciples of all nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit, 20 and teaching them to obey everything I have commanded you. And surely I am with you always, to the very end of the age.”
      38 Peter replied, “Repent and be baptized, every one of you, in the name of Jesus Christ for the forgiveness of your sins. And you will receive the gift of the Holy Spirit. 39 The promise is for you and your children and for all who are far off—for all whom the Lord our God will call.”
    6. He fits into Jesus’ definition of a false prophet, like a hand in a glove – 15 Beware of false prophets, which come to you in sheep’s clothing, but inwardly they are ravening wolves. 20 Wherefore by their fruits ye shall know them – Mathew 7
    7. False prophecies, sleeping with his disciple etc etc.
    8. Stealing, killing and destruction are following him as his fruit.
      Please proof to me that TB Joshua is a man of God, except through false his signs and wonders.
      • We are hoping then that Tbjoshuawatch has ready given her financial support as she has chosen to talk ONLY to tbjoshuawatch privately 😊

  8. Who started ur site. Human beings or the devil himself? I always ask myself everytime I read ur post. Pls just give the name of the person. I want to check biography of the person. Pls

  9. As a matter of interest,did anybody notice the kind of profile pictures r attached to our comments on this site? Just asking They look satanic.

  10. Is there any justice in the Nigerian judicial system? Are there still some men and women of honour in the judicial system? Have they stopped taking bribes? Let them prove me wrong for once and put this criminal and false prophet TBJ behind bars, and let him pay compensation for all the families of the victims from the millions of Dollars he has stolen from the Lord’s people.

  11. To all those concerned,
    Those who are ex disciples and ex SCOAN workers, know EXACTLY what I am talking about.
    To the rest, who are kicking and shouting just because they have been watching Emmanuel TV or have attended a few services at best, or even received somehow “spiritual items” (anointing water, stickers, bracelet etc), well, really….you are so clueless and ignorant of anything behind the scenes, that it would be foolish of me even to answer you….Nevertheless, let me leave you with one of your favorite SCOAN
    And soon you will all find out. I pray that for some of you the revelation of the Truth won’t be unbearable…..
    Thank you, TB Joshua Watch, for giving me the opportunity to testify to the reality of SCOAN here in Athens and at large to stand for the truth.
    God Almighty led me to do so, and I have done it.
    Let us all who have placed our hope on Christ, fix our eyes on The Cross, as we are led by The Spirit into the Truth and nothing but the Truth.

    • @Jeremiah get awayy you fool, i can see your time is up and nemesis is catching up with u, now, why are you runnung? and where are you running too? you have not seen anythin yet, you will reap the consequences for mocking, abusing and Judging a MAN OF GOD, AS PROPHET TB JOSHUA.

  12. “And anyone who says, ‘You fool!’ will be in danger of the fire of hell”, Jesus said – Matthew 5:22.

    • @Justwonder ,What about Daemondada who kept calling people Fools and F*** ?? Have you told him so you hypocrite !

    • @JUST WONDER AND TO YOU Luke 6:37

      “Judge not, and you will not be judged; condemn not, and you will not be condemned; forgive, and you will be forgiven;

      SO SHUT UP AND STOP JUDGING PROPHET TB JOSHUA, you have no right to judge or condem him, HE IS A MAN OF GOD WETHER YOU LIKE IT OR NOT.

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  14. I happened to catch emmauel tv last night. What caught my eye was that the scoan’ers were showing footage of buildings that had been brought down by controlled demolition and still pictures of buildings that had collapsed because of structural failure – obviously comparing the differences between the two. They then showed the footage of the scoan building collapse, saying that it was brought down by a controlled demolition – basically saying it was brought down by implosion.

    This make no logical sense. Are the scoan’ers saying that they demolished a building WITH PEOPLE INSIDE??? When a building is being imploded, isn’t one supposed to clear the building and the surrounding areas?? Or are they running with the conspiracy theory that somebody entered their premises and set charges to bring down the building in an act of terrorism?

  15. i was there when th building collapsed,it has nothing to do with the man of God,no one went there to die but to bring the glory of God unto our families,or for personal salvation…I wish i died there as well it was the best location or place for your spirit to rapture than else where on this planet..We are not scared of death because Jesus Christ is our victory…what happened its a revelation which can never be understood with carnality…it takes revelation from Abba the father…if you can reach him you will have the revelation….For we are not fighting fresh and blood.For who are fighting the Man of God…you are fighting God himself….its just a matter of time for your eyes to be opened and May God forgive you all…For you Dont know what you are doing….I Am going back to SCOAN anytime from now…..True christians are known by their fruits Galatians five verse twenty two…..we salute the brothers and sisters who are with God now…we salute the Man of God,we salute the survivors more work to reach dark places with light,we salute Emmanuel Tv and parteners,Scoan members we are one….to our persecutors you make us strong everytime we love you…..Jacob.

  16. Jacob!!!!! you are blessed lets stand for the man of GOD .GOD is faithful in all HIS ways and will not give us a load that we can’t manage to carry.HE who never sleeps nor slumber will watch over his children.


  17. What l kno is dat what happen in scoan is natural disaster it can happen to any body or any country, they should stop put blame on TB he has no fault on dis matter honestly, he dis not invite anybody to come to his church now, everybody is lookin for solution to there problem that is why there come all away from s africa but what happen is clear to God it may not clear to any humanbeing

  18. Temitope Balogun Joshua is the prophet of God. The nigerian magistrate who demands that the prophet be summoned have just summoned God Himself, in that TB is a meek man who caries the owesome presence of the Lord. I feel sorry for his accusers cos the Lord is on the case

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