Thanduxolo Doro: Calling TB Joshua to account for the SCOAN deaths

Doro3Thanduxolo Doro lost his sister in the SCOAN building collapse. He has been instrumental in leading a group of around 10 families in taking legal action against TB Joshua. In this post we interview him and give details on how families of other victims can join the campaign to hold TB Joshua to account for the deaths. Please visit his website:

TBJW: Hi Thanduxolo, first of all, huge condolences on the death of your sister, but great work fighting for justice for her and the other families. How many families have joined with you so far?

Thanduxolo: Thank you for your words of condolences and encouragement. So far there are eleven families that are willing to sue TB Joshua. But I must add that this number fluctuates now and then. Some families drop out due to promises  of TB Joshua’s disciples that they are going to educate the deceased’s kids etc.

TBJW: Have you (or your family) received any assistance from SCOAN since your sisters death? If so, what?

Thanduxolo: Yes, in my family they left R7000 ($630) and other families report having received from R2000 ($180) to R5000 ($450) Editors note: as we mentioned in the previous post, not all families have received something.

TBJW: What contact has SCOAN had with you, did they initiate any contact, or was it just in response to you? How truthful have they been to you?

Thanduxolo: They went to my family because of the noise I am making. I continue making noise because my sister is worth much more than any money SCOAN can give. In fact, I told them this is an insult and a disempowering act to already struggling families. I shared platforms with their chief coordinator on public radio. They have been wanting to have a meeting with me. I refused because other families backed down from this campaign after such meetings. They brainwash people, making them watch a video of a collapsing building and promising to take care of all their needs.

TBJW: How can people help with the civil case? What should families do if they want to join with you?

Thanduxolo: Families need to be able to come to a common venue for an explanation of the process by the lawyers. On consenting that the families agree to the process they sign powers of attorney. Affected families can join the campaign calling for ‘TB Joshua to account‘ by sending an e-mail to or by calling 079 057 2083. I have also written to South African Government to provide on-going counseling to affected families as we continue to wait indefinitely for the remains.

TBJW: Thanks for your time, we commend you for the brave work you are doing while fighting to get justice for your sister.

Thanduxolo: I really appreciate your support. We need to do more in educating people about God. TB Joshua followers are bombarding me with insults and threats of wrath from God. The God I worship is a very compassionate God. He is a loving God, in fact He is Love. But people do not know that, they idolize and worship fellow human beings. It is so sad.

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  1. Thanduxolo, anyone who attacks you must have to attack me as well because your fight is my fight. maintain your stand. stand down for nobody.

    • Dear Brother Doro,

      I am reaching out to you from Nigeria and I read from TJBW about your laudable intentions and I really want to encourage you never ever to back down as victory is well assured at the end of this long and sorrowful road.

      I can commiserate with your pain as I have once been a victim of torture and arrest by that same synagogue church and prophet as you see from my posts on TB Joshua Watch forum below:

      There is also a book I wrote and published both online and and on print about this same church and prophet on the link below

      Now you have a fair idea of my orientation in this unfortunate incident. Now I believe is the time to call this man to account for his many sins & evil acts as his cup is full already.

      Kindly consider these options I am putting on the table:

      1) I can assemble a couple of lawyers in Lagos, Nigeria to file a “class-act” suit on your behalf as well as any other of your compatriot that is willing to join forces with you. So you do not need to do so from another country rather with select lawyers here that are not willing to compromise and charge you a dime for this service because of a common goal to see this prophet and his church brought to book.

      2) Because I am in-eligible to join in this legal suit since I am no relative of the victims…I can stand as a living witness in your case as proof that the church places no value on human lives hence they can callously torture innocent people and abuse their human rights with impunity and even abandon screaming people in their collapsed building for 48 hours to die while holding a Sunday service only 50 meters away.

      3) Similarly, I call on all the well intentioned commenters of TBJW who have been in one way been victimized by this church & prophet to make themselves available to you and your legal team as witness in this case to prove the human rights abuse point even if it means us raising funds for your trip to Nigeria to testify in court. I believe you can send your email of intent directly to Brother Doro or via TBJW if necessary.

      4) This is a clarion call to both spiritual & legal battle against the forces of darkness of that synagogue church and prophet that is openly and brazenly threatening people like us all over the world with “death attacks” both spiritually and physically. So let there be war!

      5) Even the Bible says that if you come to the altar of God in the church with your gifts and remember that you offended someone somewhere, you must stop and drop everything and first go back to make peace with such a one before returning to worship God. Likewise Jesus Christ said if your ass falls into a well on a sabbath day you will suspend your sabbath rest and “work” hard to first “rescue” that animal before continuing your sabbath rest not to talk of your fellow Christian brethren that are dying under a rubble in your church premises.

      Summarily, It is evident that had they allowed rescue operations to commence smoothly from day one perhaps these hundred plus people would all have survived albeit some with minor or severe injuries. This is the civil case that will surely nail this wicked and evil man in his “synagogue-sarcophagus” regardless of what the Coroner’s verdict will be as per the cause of collapse which is evidently clear to any “normal” person that it was a “structural defect” and no bomber-jet with “invisible” bombs or controlled demolition with “invisible” explosives

      I Rest My Case.

  2. My brother Mr Thanduxolo Doro firstly I say we mourn with you. I ask you in Jesus name to refrain from this that u r doing. U say ur sister’s life is worth more than what u say Scoan gave,but then u r suing for money. How much is her life worth then? Why donnt we leave everything to God. God that u profess is able to sort the matter out without ur assistance. I wonder why u choose to be famous out of ur sister’s death. How u got urself involved with Tb Joshua watch I am still asking myself. U should be mourning as we speak. Did u hear that there is a process starting tomorrow to establish what really happened at Scoan? Can you wait for that process? U r itching bcos of fame and amassing wealth out of ur sister’s misery. Soon u will be made to eat humble pie. I don’t know I even respond to this bcos I can almost bet that satan has entered u. We fight against spiritual entities not physical body. I pray that some day u will receive deliverance in Jesus name. U will always b my brother. I love u that’s y I write this. I am worried the wrath of God will befall u. Help me pray for God’s mercy in Jesus name.

    • Molify, you wach your tonque! You take your words back immidiatly! Who are you to accuse some-one else for your own criminal thoughts? You back off! You dont accuse a mourning fellow christian brother! You beter watch what God has in mind for fellows as you! I beg you pardon! Are you a scoanite? Saying you worshipp God? Then do your homework well, before you speack out! Mr Thanduxulo is at this time the only eager person in this case of the building-tragedy, who speacks out about a loving and compassionated God. He is very right and in justice. You are not. Mr Thanduxulo, my respects for your courage. Our God is a justice God too. He will protect the family of mr,Thanduxulo in honour. amen.

  3. Fight on, brave warriors, and bring this criminal and murderer, TBJ, to justice. Yes, God will deal with him and is already doing so, but we need to do our own part and let God deal with the rest, Amen and Amen!

  4. Well done! I would like tbj take the stand and not his video editing staff or his naive followers. I was one of them.

  5. Mr Thanduxolo, I pray for God to guide you during this trying time. You confess to be a Christian, so I suggest that you view your actions in the light of God’s Word. If TB Joshua is a prophet of the same God you claim to serve than how do you think He would feel about you suing him?

    • Dear Brothor Doro,

      It’s my pleasure and duty indeed to stand shoulder to shoulder with every true believer in need as commanded by our Lord & Saviour Jesus Christ.

      Only remember that the Bible in Acts 19:21-41 strictly says that whenever we as believers have some very serious issues with people especially as regards human lives and security in the society be they blievers or not as in the case of Paul vs Demetrius, it should be settled in a lawful assembly (law court) with deputies (lawyers) impleading or arguing their case against one another.

      Acts 19:38 – 39…Wherefore if Demetrius, and the craftsmen which are with him, have a [security] matter against any man [Paul], the law [court] is open, and there are deputies [lawyers]: let them implead one another. But if ye enquire any thing concerning other matters, it shall be determined in a lawful assembly…).

      So let no ignorant Christian tell you that it is unscriptural to file a civil suit in such life and death matters. This is not the same as when someone defrauds us, we should not go to court but let it go for God’s sake as it is written in the same Bible.

      1 Corithians 6:6-8…But brother goeth to law with brother, and that before the unbelievers. Now therefore there is utterly a fault among you, because ye go to law one with another. Why do ye not rather take wrong? why do ye not rather suffer yourselves to be defrauded? Nay, ye do wrong, and defraud, and that your brethren.

      I Greet You

  6. Tb Joshua is innocent of this matter, why I said so is that, people watch Emmanuel tv and see the great work God Almighty is using Prophet TB Joshua doing in the lives of people. He never asked anyone to apply, but they applied because they saw the greatness of God Almighty in him. And he or she that apply to travel to SCOAN to receive God’s blessing for the salvation of his or her soul did not made a mistake. That man of God Almighty .Prophet TB Joshua has been there for poor, Widows, fatherless and many other, why people are not remembering the goodness of God Almighty when something bad happened? My sister please I pray that, God Almighty will give you the heart to bear the lost of your sister because human being is more than money, no matter how much Tb Joshua may bring to you will not call your sister back alive again. I want you to know that, this was very big attack to man of God Almighty. Prophet TB Joshua, no one even you would like any thing that will destroy the carrier he or she has been building for many years just like that. Please pray for that man of God Almighty. Prophet TB Joshua for he needs your prayers, believe me he will never leave you feeling bad as you think. He is a real man of God Almighty, he hears from God Almighty and wait until God’s appointed time. Thank, my heart goes to your sister. Stay safe in Jesus Christ Name. Amen.

    • @ Chinedu51,

      “He is a real man of God Almighty, he hears from God Almighty and wait until God’s appointed time.”

      Yeah by telling and editing said false vague prophecies, fake deliverance interrogations, being incapable to prevent anything, can’t deal with Boko Haram, nor tell where the MH370 is, nor where the wing is that he told us on 15th of March, as well the debris, not able to tell the difference between Russian and Western Europe airspace, is incapable to after his promises that he would go to Sierra Leone to deal with Ebola all by himself, that he has the audacity to tell his audience that he knew about collapse of the building without lifting a finger to prevent it, comes with letters of threats of terrorists afterwards, and much more and you have the guts to say he hears from God ? 120 people in total died because of his dicisions, his choices, his autograph on the dotted line without hearing from your alleged “hearing” from god and your Emmanuel “God with us” claims.

      You sir, you are full of baloney and full of foolishness and enjoy the fact that nobody could fulfil their lives potential because their life was cut short, because TB Joshua refused to deal with it. Not even to say that the Pope would be kidnapped, Obama would be sick. And you say TB Joshua is innocent ? I have no words concerning your abominable stupid thinking process. Your way of thinking shows how you have sold your soul to Satan.

      Just to remind all of you, that Jesus came to fulfil the Law but NOT take anything away from it. Which means an eye for an eye, a family member for a family member. The justice system is not a church. Justice needs to be satisfied of what the Law prescribes. If you tresspass IT, it is a terror to those that tresspass it. I can’t understand that you keep thinking that the Law of the land is a charity office to only slap someone on the wrist.

      Righteous judges you shall appoint in the land so that thou shalt live in peace you and they neighbour. If I tresspass it, I have to pay the price of the penalty that the law prescribes. No man is above the Law and Paul says we uphold the Law. Make no mistake. Tb Joshua is not above the Law, nor is any man, woman or child. Nobody.

      If Nigeria chooses to let the smell of money reign and corruption reign above the Law then they are being judged by God whenever the Great Judgment will appear.

      My opinion is that this is an international law application and a call for all the countries that are the victims of, not only Nigeria. I trust Nigeria as far as I can see them, which means nil.

      • You don’t read your Bible because if you do, you will not talk against the man of God Almighty. Prophet TB Joshua. A prophet can give prophecy this year and it happens in 5 years to come.

      • @ Chinedu51,

        Yes, in five years I can prophesy it too. Why not make it 10 years.

        Why is he always incapable to tell how, where, when, what day, what time, so we can see it for ourselves. That is always lacking. Besides all that they are useless prophecies. What has the world done with it ? Correct, nothing.

        Why dont you go through the posts concerning these matters and see that it is all covered already. Who cares in five years, ten years, twenty years. This world is just carrying on with or without these vague prophecies. The only people that care about it is you, the fanatic followers of TB Joshua and what did it help you in what and them ? Did you go out to prevent it and save the people that died ? No you did not, you were only gasping at it that is all. All he does is doom and football matches prophecies. Who wants to hear this one is dying, that one is dying, this is exploding, that is flying over, but refuses to lift finger. Completely useless, nobody is listening, no one cares than the likes of you that gloat over other peoples disasters and misfortune.

      • Jesse, you are so full of bitterness. You have cited all the “wrong doings” of this Man of God. So tell me which Man of God has been able to deal with Boko Haram? which Man of God was able to prevent the kidnap of the Chibok Girls. Do you want to turn Men of God into magicians of which you already accuse this particular one? what will it take to convince you ?

    • We’ll answered nobody knows how his life will end every day people are dying in different ways
      But who is suing them ,where you claim law suit or not death will still exist ,prophet tb Joshua never
      Woke up in the morning and plan to kill anyone, those who hate him they always wish to see something
      Happening to him ,you wonder if those who see him as satan are they holy ,how many people they are hurting
      without the public knowing ,and they appear as Samaritans shame on them ,I am not a member of tb Joshua but I believe that he is send by god ,those who hate him even if he dies tomorrow will you gain anything ,surely nothing you will gain ,god has never send those who hate him to judge him ,what happened
      To the man of god it can happen to anyone in a different way no matter how carefully is a person I hope this will make sense to those who hate him

  7. Brave and smart man. I applaud his efforts to get some kind of justice for the victims.

    While money can never come close to replacing their lives, it is a fact life that when a person dies, that death can cause serious financial problems for their family members. Whether it’s a breadwinner who dies, or a mother, or a child who is injured, or whatever. That is why monetary reparations are often called for when someone has been killed, either intentionally or accidentally. And it’s Biblical, for the record, that material reparations are paid, because each person contributes materially to their family’s wellbeing, and when a person is lost, their family’s natural suffering and grief is compounded by potentially life changing financial impacts.

  8. Now let’s wait for a moment and see how AlMighty God avenge what happened at Scoan. Ppl have asked for proof whether TB Joshua has been called by God or not. God will prove it in a moment. Just a short while. We will read abt it all over the world. Not a threat but its unavoidable. Pls don’t respond to this post till then. Let’s just hope by Grace we r all around by then. To Tb Joshua critics, I say watch and pray as u do not know ur last day here on earth. WATCH THE SPACE

    • @ Molefi,

      You call yourself follower of Jesus Christ ? They crucified Jesus Christ and what happened to anybody who did it ?

      Jesus died for all mankind, even the Romans that smacked him, whipped Him, crucified Him. And what happened to them ? Their Empire of the Romans lasted over 1400 years and nearly all of Europe was under their controle. They destroyed the Temple in 70 AD and still nothing happened.

      Yet you are here with your vile evil nasty charismatic witchcraft curses and the support of a mortal man that makes it simple to lie, to prophesy false, to scam, to do fake deliverances and all much more and then we have to take you serious about your vile evil wish to destroy others who stand for justice and righteousness to take its course.

      Then you go around like this as threatening with your false god you represent. Nobody is innocent ever. If God had to judge you personally about what you have done in the past and in the present you would have been wiped off this earth already a hundred times. You have not allowed to kill someone or by negligence, yet you wish this on those that have nothing to do of what happened.

      You are sick twisted lost puppy that if you had your way many would have been dead and the streets would look red with spilled blood. Jesus says about the likes of you, what manner of spirit are you, you don’t know. That is how much you know about God, His Word, His Holy Spirit. You actually deserve a smack in your face to come to your senses of the insanity you produce in your posts.

      • Any body who talks against prophet Tb Joshua because of what happened at his guesthouse will never see good in his or her life. How many buildings are collapsing every day in various places, how many plans are crashing in a year killing many people. And people closed their mouth without talking any thing, is it because it’s the things of God Almighty, that’s why people open their mouth saying many things. Be careful how you talk about the things of God Almighty, allow God to judge this matter by Himself before you bring problem to your yourself. No wonder Jesus was hated so much during His earthly ministry. The people He gave food, healed, delivered was the same people that stood and said, crucified Him. Tb Joshua is a servant of Jesus Christ, a servant can not be greater than His Master. When people are talking against Tb Joshua am not surprised because they did the same to our Lord Jesus Christ.

      • @ Chinedu51,

        Why are you so brainwashed, hypnotised, incapable of doing anything on your own self, with your faith and your bible. Why you need others to chew the cud for you, over and over again ? How long did Jesus teach His disciples ? Did they not go out on themselves ? With the Holy Ghost upon them ? Acts 1:8.

        Why do you need to hang on someone that actually is tying you down on them and makes you paralysed to do anything by themselves. You clearly cannot read your bible by your own selves,,because you need to ask another what it means, you cant pray all by yourself, because you need to hold TB Joshua’s hand, you are incapable to go out and whenever a situation unfolds you can lay hands on the sick, rebuke demons when you encounter them. You are incapable to do your own prayerwalkies, fasting, use anointing oil, go out and pray lay lines to be broken, pray in the neighbourhood over houses. No, you cant you need a false private prophet for that since you are staying a baby in the Lord.

        Now you know what to do, so go out and start being one that eats meat instead of milk from TB Joshua teats that are dangling in front of you and you are gasping yourself into oblivion with nihilism.

  9. africans, africans, africans. you guys can be so cunning! this is the MAJOR reason the rest of the world never takes u guys seriously. going to court to resolve disputes is standard practice in the civilised world, people even take their friends to court, come out and still continue to be friends. no big deal. going to court is actually good because it usually stops a minor issue from developing into a major one which might lead to irreconcilable differences and situations. it prevents people resorting to jungle justice or diabolical alternatives. if you are not a lawbreaker you should be VERY happy once anyone takes you to court because after you have cleared your name, you can then countersue the person and claim damages! that’s why legal practitioners are some of the richest professionals in the civilised world! tbj should be very happy about this huge opportunity to clear his name. he should take it with both hands!!!

    • people can be so cunning! one moment u are gushing out pseudo-heartfelt condolences to the bereaved, the next, u are breathing murderous threats and calling them demon-possessed, money hungry, fame-seeking reprobates! all from the same mouth and in the same post! act right! the eyes of the civilized world are on this case because they know africans are scared stiff of religious/supernatural authorities just as they absolutely dread facing up to their corrupt governments (which they are very comfortable with since they themselves connive with those same corrupt authorities to exploit and cart away the wealth of their people). this case will prove to the civilized world that africans have finally started the process of maturing and emancipating themselves from mental slavery. that africa is no longer willing to remain the dark continent. Nigeria is africa’s talisman. Nigeria must rise to the occasion and lead africa into the next level. Nigeria cannot afford to fail africa. it’s a brave new world out there. join in.

      • 2 wrongs never make a right. the building collapse was completely evil. if the authorities do not do something about it, then that would be another evil. therefore, the authorities should be commended on their thoughtful setting up of this inquest. well done. this doesn’t stop the bereaved from pursuing whatever course/s of legal action that they deem fit. let us now watch keenly as events unfold. it’s gonna be a long winter.

    • 2 wrongs never make a right. the building collapse was completely evil. if the authorities do not do something about it, then that would be another evil. therefore, the authorities should be commended on their thoughtful setting up of this inquest. well done. this doesn’t stop the bereaved from pursuing whatever course/s of legal action that they deem fit. let us now watch keenly as events unfold. it’s gonna be a long winter.

  10. in all diz posts,,i send my deepest condolence to the brother who lost a sister,,bt thenwould wana ask him,,,now u are one of those chanting ”CRUCIFY HIM !!” like was done to Jesus in time of old,,what would u be saying by now if ur deceased sister actually went to scoan,received her healing and returned home blessed by God through the prophet,,would u post positive recommendations in favour of d prophet?now calamity struck and she becomes a victim as well as u cos u r hurt;;sori bout dat bt do u thnk ur campaign is rational?NO it isnt,,just relax and leave God to fight dis fight,,if d prophet is guilty God and man will convict him,,bt if he’s innocent,God would only glorify him and leave all haters of d scoan petrified…..dnt judge so u may nt b judged,,,lets all wait for God’s time

    • @ Godson,

      “God would only glorify him and leave all haters of d”

      God will never glorify anyone, only mankind does this.

      God does not share His glory with any mortal man.

      Isaiah 42:8 I am the LORD: that is my name: and my glory will I not give to another, neither my praise to graven images.

      E.g. Pictures in frames with plagiarized quotable quotes from others with TB Joshua on it.

  11. I would like to say T.B Joshua is a real man of God,the only prolem i have is the way his workers mistreat ppl,i was @Scoan bt didnot have an invitation,i tried to call for him bt was manhandled by 4 men all at once@thown outside.those ushers@Evangelist need serious going back to South Africa wthout getting wat i went there for,even though i had a med report i was refused prayerline

    • My brother sorry for the loss of your sister, nobody predicted that such a thing could happen, but to sue a man of GOD won’t return your sister back to life, yours is to accept any assistance you receive from Scoan, time will heal. At the end of the day we all dying as human beings even if your sister did not go to church in one way or the other she would end up dying as we all going to die. Forgive GOD will provide and remember she went there for a good course not to hurt anybody this was an accident

      • It is better for me to die in the house of God Almighty, than to die in the war front or in the hands of the wicked. That are talking against the man of God Prophet Tb Joshua because of what happened at SCOAN Lagos guess house,do you know the type of death that you will die,weather in the war front or in the hands of the wicked people.

    • @ Mercia,

      That is what they do when they find out you are incurable, then all of a sudden TB Joshua is AWOL and their Emmanuel (god with us) too.

      Just see how they behave Ebola, he promised to go, IF he had an invitation from Sierra Leone, why did they not do that since they were so staunch on the “anointed water” and……the money…..and thevprivate plane.

    • @Mercia

      Dear…your experience should actually wake you up. I wish you were here in SA last night to watch Special Assignment on SABC 3, to see that TB Joshua, the man you trust [with your life] is actually a false prophet. A church that throws you outside because you don’t have an invitation is not of God & TB Joshua is the founder & leader of it. Godly churches that I know here locally would welcome any stranger to join them in worshiping God [not their leader]. Please Mercia don’t entangle yourself in that mess called SCOAN. Forget TBJ & look unto Jesus (Heb 12:2).

    • Mercia, if a man raises children to become thieves and robbers i would blame the father fro his failures

    • Mercia, I am sorry you were mistreated.

      I am also sorry that you do not understand that your mistreatment stems directly from the way TBJ runs his church. He is “the man of God”, he rules that church. Do you not think that if the many abuses by his workers that have been brought up were against his wishes, he would have corrected them? He is the man who God speaks to, and yet he has absolutely no control over the brutes who protect him?

      No. He knows what they do. And they do it with his blessing. That is how he operates. If you do not submit fully and completely to his ridiculous demands (the “invitation”, staying at SCOAN and paying for the privelage, etc), he will withhold from you what you seek from him.

    • My dear mercia I fully agree with you…. the some workers at scoan are not of good heart at all, they are cruel…. one day my aunt was having migraine headache, she was puking non stop and was scared she was gonna die, I needed support, being an emmanueltv partner I decided to try their prayer line, first in south Africa, it kept on ringing, then I called Nigeria, was so relieved when it went thru… the woman who answered the phone was so cold, after explaining the situation she told me she would write down her name and her disease and give it to the prayer warrior, I was confused…. I asked her if she was not gonna pray for her… she insisted on the same response she gave me earlier…it was evident she didnt care, I was so disappointed… and I continued praying on ma own and that incident happened just a week after which the MOG advertised his prayerline… then the next day I asked God if it had been true was being said about TBJ… then God asked me if TBJ was God I said no, then God said if I God cannot stop ppl from behaving badly how much more TBJ….

      so you cannot blame TBj for the behaviour of his disciples as much as you cant blame God…

  12. Go for it Thanduxolo Doro. Go, go, go………….I support you. It is about time that TB Joshua takes the stand and is called to lawful responsibility. It was after all HIS church building that collapsed and maimed and killed scores of his guests. It is sickening and then he keeps on threatening anyone daring to speak the truth about him. It is not the time for it, but a time to fall on your face, in private and publicly, and call out for forgiveness. It is this nonsense of “do not touch God’s anointed” that has got the churches in the state they are today. It gives the false prophets and apostles an unsigned blank check to do just what they want. Through that Christians are kept in a state of fear, because they are NOT allowed to see or think on what is going on in their church. Yes, tbj is very clever in twisting your mind through empty promises. He usually promises a lot and produces nothing. I know of people in the past that he promised houses and education for their children, which never materialized. It was just to boost his own image on Emman TV. Stand!!! Do not give in to his clever maneuvers.
    ………11”Do not participate in the unfruitful deeds of darkness, but instead even expose them; 12for it is disgraceful even to speak of the things which are done by them in secret”…… Ephesians 5:11-12.

    • When Malaysia plan crashed two times this year and killed more than 500 people, since then how many people have you arrested. What happened to Tb Joshua did not happened to him alone, but for the whole Nigeria. Woo unto you wicked generation that have forsaken the goodness of God Almighty and choose evil. Any body who talks against Prophet Tb Joshua is evil person.

      • @ Chinedu51,

        Why dont you rebuke yourself and your false private prophet because of negligence and deliberate disregard for lives of people that attend his church compound ?

        People are willing to jump the balcony for him to die. That is a Jim Jones saga. People that arecwilling to die for a mortal man that has brainwashed them. It is dangerous for your mental health as well physically. I would in no wise kill myself in honour for a false private prophet. Not even to mention when I was prayed first by TB Joshua I had all of a sudden deep depression which I never had ever in my life like that.

  13. Remember TB Joshua is NOT in the same category as Jesus Christ.
    So do not use scripture comparing them.
    TB Joshua is a human sinner like all others and Jesus Christ was sinless!

  14. TB Joshua disgrace: MDC chair’s body stuck in Nigeria

    Since the disaster, Nigerian authorities are still battling to identify decomposing victims through DNA tests; but it has emerged this was a tougher task for the poorly resourced West Africans.
    It is difficult to get fingerprints from decomposing corpses. Reports from South Africa claimed that most of the bodies were being kept in mortuaries kept cool only by fans, with no refrigeration.
    Since the mishap, the Ndanga family has been living with the anguish of not knowing if it will eventually bury the correct family member.

  15. Toratatsu says:
    October 13, 2014 at 4:56 am

    Controlled Demolition
    To wire a building of that size for implosion requires weeks of careful studying and planning.
    For you to be able to demolish a building safely, you need to work closely with the Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) in defining the best means of dealing with changes in public housing protocols. Was it him that planned that and did he work with the department?
    If not-
    How could terrorists do that to the guest house and that right under TB Joshua nose and his security cameras. Considering that he is a control freak and knows about everything happening in detail in his “church” to the tee.
    In order to demolish a building safely, blasters must map out each element of the implosion ahead of time. The first step is to examine architectural blueprints of the building, if they can be located, to determine how the building is put together. Next, the blaster crew tours the building (several times), jotting down notes about the support structure on each floor. Once they have gathered all the raw data they need, the blasters hammer out a plan of attack. Drawing from past experiences with similar buildings, they decide what explosives to use, where to position them in the building and how to time their detonations. In some cases, the blasters may develop 3-D computer models of the structure so they can test out their plan ahead of time in a virtual world.
    According to Brent Blanchard, an implosion expert with the demolition consulting firm Protec Documentation Services, virtually every building in the world is unique. And for any given building, there are any number of ways a blasting crew might bring it down.
    Once the blasters have figured out how to set up an implosion, it’s time to prepare the building. That take a lot of time?
    Let wait and see if the High Court in Nigeria will do their job, bribe free.

  16. Maybe for once and for all, it will become clear, by this tragedy, that religion and spirituality, is no cheap buzziness-game. If a leader is not able, to stand by The Word, then who will? God is still God, and more deep and alife, then the envant terrible TB Joshua seems to had calculated. We should not offend a profhet, but a profhet is allowed to offend God, by his sin, death and destruction-formulas? TB Joshua is a warned man for years. May God have mercy on this profhet, who has to carry the death of hundreds of people on his account, for a life-time. It will be a wise awakening, to discover that God is no funny game, not some-one to fool with, and maybe Tb will come-out purified and renewed in Gods Will and plans. It will be a good day for the mourners and the duped childeren of God, by the ministery of TB Joshua.

  17. my GOD how do you sue TB joshua for your sister s death?did tbJoshua ask your sister to go to scoan?in the first place why did you let your sister go to scan?didn’t you expect some blessings?be-careful,you are trying to make money out of innocent man,and believe you me you will fail and regret,i cant wait to see you at scoan one day confessing,this tbjoshua watch is misleading you they are trying to deceive people by your name .

    • tell him so he can hear, did TB Joshua force his sister to come to scoan??? how is this TB Joshuas fault
      ??? i wonder some stupid people with thier stupid brain.,, meanwhile, note that the owenr of this tbjoshuawatch was an ex-worker in the scoan, who misbehaved, either becuase of fornication or jealusy due to God did not select him or her as a wise man, that is why they created this website, but this website is usless. as themseleves,

  18. My deepest condolences to you your families and all who lost their lives on a tragic incident that occurred on 12/09/2014 I appauld you for your braveness You are a real South African who knows how to fight for your rights The difference is in this case who are you fighting The Master or the Servant Please be careful the wrath of God won’t befall you If it’s true (what I believe) that TB is a man of God -it is a fearful thing to fall in the hands of God If he is not I want to repeat the words of the Gamaliel a teacher of law in
    Acts 5:33-39 My brother your demand for money is nothing We partners and friends of Emmanuel in South Africa only can meet with that with or without your pressure We don’t give because we are forced We give because We love and we give our best This we learned from our Mentor TB Joshua I encourage you not to be equally yoked with unbelievers Most of which will clap hands when you act out of anger Remember the bible says In your anger Do not sin Please since you confess to be a christian View all your actions in the light of God s Word which is a standard for the life of a christian We love you and your family we are praying with you

    • I am sorry You might have missed my point I am 100% sure of the ministry I following The Spirit of God in me since I am a christian confirm with the Spirit in Prophet who he is and who I am I send this message not for critics since its impossible to be one and be a christian but for the bereaved family (s) to remind them God is able We who are following Prophet have a responsibility of living a love life even if we are rejected insulted and ridiculed because we know the God we serve A servant can never be greater than the master John 15: 18-20

      • @good

        So you really can’t tell the difference between following a blog online & Emmanuel TV partners following TB Joshua as a prophet?
        Sad 😦

      • There are all following somebody standing in the name of God unless you mean Tbjoshuawatch is doing the job on his own not on God’s sake ?!
        May be you are right 😊

      • @good

        As far as I am aware tbjoshuawatch is not a religion, they are fellow Christians who believe that Jesus is the ONLY Messiah & He is seated at the right hand of the Throne of God.

        Whereas SCOAN is nothing but a false religion, believing that TB Joshua is Jesus of our generation, the Messiah of our time and he is seated at the right hand of the Throne of God. Do you call these blasphemies of the highest order, Christianity?

      • Oh I didn’t know Scoan means “religion” ? So Tbjoshua is a religion too ?lol ok, tell us more as you seem too intelligent 😃

      • @good
        “Oh I didn’t know Scoan means “religion” ?”

        Yes my friend that much is clear!

        • The SDA CHURCH is a false religion, believing that their prophet Ellen White’s writings are equal to the Bible.
        • The Mormon CHURCH is a false religion based on Joseph Smith revelation of a book from an angel called Moroni.
        • THE ZCC CHURCH is a false religion who believe Lekganyane is their mediator.
        • The Shembe CHURCH is a false religion, believing their founder Shembe was sent to the black people in Africa, Mohamed to the Arabs & Jesus to the Jews.
        • The Synagogue CHURCH of All Nations, is a false religion, believing that TB Joshua is Jesus of our generation, the Messiah of our time and he is seated at the right hand of the Throne of God. I ask you again: do you call these blasphemies of the highest order, Christianity?
          If you want to be taken seriously in this forum give a reasonable answer to questions, don’t respond to questions by saying things like “…tell us more as you seem too intelligent”
      • @Olu, you had told us the fake Prophet and fake Pastors. Now tell us the good churchs and the good pastors, those you knew. Because according to your judgment, I can see that you have started making yourself Christ because is only Christ can judge the earth by judging the children of God. You are the type of people Jesus Christ called hypocrisy who stands at the door 🚪 of the church ⛪ never want to go in and never want to go out, and never want people to go in. You hypocrisy, Jesus Christ said, you are like tombstone that looks beautiful outside, but the inside full of the dead bones. You will never escape the judgment of God Almighty.

      • Dear General ,When and where did TBJoshua called himself messiah or Jesus?? He never called himself so as far as I am aware. Jesus was known as a Messiah because He told his people so and acted as God and Saviour by Himself.
        A false messiah/Christ is known in the Bible as somebody who comes and pretends to be christ by himself .

        So I don’t take whatever I hear people saying or calling him figuratively on tv to accuse falsely somebody as you seem to do so . I saw myself TB Joshua rebuking somebody who was calling him Jesus on prayer line.

        So I rest my case here, Thank you.

      • @good my good friend, Jehovah’s Witnesses challenge us all the time saying Jesus never said Himself directly that He is God. Along with other examples, we point to what others said; Thomas (John 20:28), Paul (Acts 20:28) to prove He is God. You & I both know that in the background of all that we have read, quoting Luke 18:19 does not really help the JW’s cause at all to substantiate their claims.

  19. If you go to anyone or anyplace for whatever, you expect their accommodation to hold up! To be build according to an approved, lawful building plan. For them to keep their side of the agreement that you paid for.

    • Please. Why don’t you people leave prophet Tb Joshua alone’ leave him for God to judge him if he is not a man of God. God Almighty never give any man power to be another man’s judged.

      • @ Chinedu51,

        Oh please stop whinging. Your master in crime has not appeared at the court because he is a coward and gives excuses for not attending. Instead he sends his legal to represent him. Sounds so familiar of psychopaths that are wriggling and twisting to come off the hook.

        That is now your pastor Chinedu51, not able to face the facts himself and not able to face Komolafe in presence. Anything to hide Mr TBJ ? Too scared to be out in the open. Your god incapable of protecting you ? No prophecy to edit in front of Coroner Komolafe ? No strange stories to fabricate outside your own walls of your Ivory protected tower surrounded by your fanatic cult followers ? Too scared and making excuses that they are after you ?

        Man, what kind of pastor do you have to let other as per usual to take the hot chestnuts out of the fire ?
        Behold your fake pastor that hides behinds his legal team. Proof that the “anointed water” is a sham, because it does not work in real life situations.

  20. I hear testimonies now – that the planes that flew over the building were on 9/11 and that the collapse of the building happened on 11 September 2014 and NOT on 12 September 2014?

  21. @Passy Olu

    You said: “…If it’s true (what I believe) that TB is a man of God -it is a fearful thing…”

    You sound not too sure, but don’t worry TB is not a man of God. He has repeatedly predicted/prophesied things which did not come to pass (e.g. the end of Boko Haram, the kidnapped girls being released, Malaysian plane that was never found…and…and…), so according to God’s word [Deuteronomy 18:22] there is nothing fearful as far as this guy [TBJ] is concerned. He is a real Matt 24:24 guy!

  22. Thanduxolo you are a jobless human being……did TB Joshua kill your sister? or did he make his building fall on her? i don’t think you are normal.

    TB Joshua compensated you financially and even spiritually, whatelse do you want from him? do you want him to die too?

    If you are a true Christian, you will leave it for God and not work with demons (TBJW)……you guyz are wasting your time.

    • @ J.,

      “TB Joshua compensated you financially and even spiritually, whatelse do you want from him? do you want him to die too?”

      From who’s money did he compensate, his own ? Where did he get that money from ? From the chicken farm he worked for and had it in his savings piggy bank ? And how exactly did TB Joshua “compensated” him spiritually. Heresy ! Anathema ! Your TB Joshua has nothing to compensate anyone spiritually. That is your sick twisted evil heretic conviction that he has. He is not Hod, he is not Jesus, nor can He command the Holy Spirit to do so. How did this false imaginative “spiritual compensation” take place. The more you talk like this the more we see you are false religion that lies and deceives and make your statements equal to what God only can do. You are a false “preacher” of heresies and the producer of lies that are in error with God, a His Word and it’s application.

      But keep talking, we will address you with your false exegesis of false doctrine and the spouting of lies. That assertion you made over there I want to make it crystal clear to you and all other Christians that read this this was Satan that spoke through your words. You equaled TB Joshua to God and His benevolence and kindness. Since we know from Scripture that Satan wants to equal to God, we can discern in our spirits that you represent Satan and not God Almighty.

  23. The inquest will result to nothing: in a country like Nigeria where many people are money minded and they can sacrifice their children for wealth, the officials will be bribed by TB Joshua and the findings fabricated- so it is a waste of time- moreover he has proved that his organization / mega-buildings are a source of income for the Nigerian Government because they host very many foreign visitors.

    The government of Nigeria will once again betray the people.

    • Karman, I share your sentiments. Corruption is very rife in Nigeria, from the government right down to the ordinary man in the streets. That’s not to say every one in Nigeria is corrupt, but that is the general condition in Nigeria. Apart from that, TBJ is a professional bribe-giver, who would give any bribe to save his battered image.
      They have already adjourned the case, but the whole world is watching closely. Would Nigeria live up to its reputation as the most corrupt country in Africa, or would justice be done to bring this criminal TBJ accountable for his atrocities?
      Please allow this man of Satan, TBJ, to take the stand to defend himself. TBJ likes to compare himself to the apostles, but did any apostle hire anyone to defend them?
      Let this liar of a prophet speak, and allow the people to count the many lies that come out of his mouth!

    • @ John,

      I agree with you too, it is already known that Komolafe said nobody will be prosecuted. Which shows they are stretching it out because of some pressure that is done by those who want to see something.

      Is O.A.Omolafe a Freemason. Let anyone do investigation about this as Inam doing myself. If he is there is no chance that anything will be revealed that in favour for TB Joshua the church and Nigeria villified for being innocent. Remember elections are coming up soon. A few “dumb” South Africans as sacrifice to get those who are hands on one belly Nigerians and the smell of corrupt and stolen money will not get the dogs of war and serial liars to speak of true justice. What APC has said is correct. Never in history Nigeria has been more corrupt than under the guidance of Goodluck Jonathan, who actually followed up the passed away former president Yar’Ardua. People fell for it because there was no other candidate available at that time. Now they pay the price for it.


    Hundreds of millions of dollars change hands each year in these popular Pentecostal houses of worship, which are modelled on their counterparts in the United States.
    “They don’t submit accounts to anybody,” says Bismarck Rewane, economist and CEO of Lagos consultancy Financial Derivatives. “At least six church leaders have private jets, so they have money. How much? No one really knows.”

  25. TB Joshua might bribe and maneuver himself out of this court case, BUT there is still the Heavenly Court Room that he will face and he will NOT fool, trick or bribe his way past the God and Father of our Lord Jesus Christ.
    If he does not turn from his wicked ways – the only heaven he will have is here on this earth!

    • No one who speaks against Prophet Tb Joshua in this issue that will go free from the anger of God Almighty, weather he is wrong or right because God never made any body a judge. Watch and see.

      • @ Chinedu51,

        I wonder when you are going to stop your lies and unbiblical fabrications.

        It is written.

        Deuteronomy 16:18-19 Judges and officers shalt thou make thee in all thy gates, which the LORD thy God giveth thee, throughout thy tribes: and they shall judge the people with just judgment.

        Thou shalt not wrest judgment; thou shalt not respect persons, neither take a gift: for a gift doth blind the eyes of the wise, and pervert the words of the righteous.

        16:18-22 Care is taken for the due administration of justice. All personal regards must be laid aside, so that right is done to all, and wrong to none. Care is taken to prevent following the idolatrous customs of the heathen. Nothing belies God more, or tends more to corrupt the minds of men, than representing and worshipping, by an image, that God, who is an almighty and eternal Spirit, present every where. Alas! even in gospel days, and under a better dispensation, established upon better promises, there is a tendency to set up idols, under one form or another, in the human heart.

        You are caught out again in speaking your rubbish propaganda to defend your false private prophet TB Joshua and are showing your ignorance about the Ten Commandments and the Law.
        You yourself are in danger of twisting Gods Word as well speaking your charismatic evil witchcraft curses and remember for those that speak out such abominations, it will first arise at your own life and house. As for us we give your curses back in the Hands of Jesus Who will decide what to with it.

      • @Jesee , why do you replied that my comment because I have never called any body’s name. You replied it because you really know that your conscience is not clear from the man of God Almighty Prophet Tb Joshua. I say it again, any body who talks against Tb Joshua in this issue, weather Tb Joshua is wrong or right 👉 will never go free from the anger of God, because God never made any body a judge.

      • @ Chinedu51,

        Your evil surmisings mean nothing and fall to the ground and have no direction. God is angry with any man, woman and child that sins. Are you without ? So how much more the wrath of God comes to your own house and life, since you do not understand your nonsense you produce from your keyboard.

        The judgment of God has come to the HOUSE OF GOD FIRST ! And it has !

        1 Peter 4:17 For the time is come that judgment must begin at the house of God: and if it first begin at us, what shall the end be of them that obey not the gospel of God?

        TB Joshua did not obey the gospel of God and the commandment:

        Exodus 20:16 Thou shalt not bear false witness against thy neighbour.

        And how did he tresspass this ? By lying, speaking false prophecies, editing prophesies, adding and taking away from prophecies, deceiving many with false prophecies, fake interrogatory deliverances, false testimonies through Emmanuel TV and deceiving others he has the power of God and claiming healing for himself while he had to go to the hospital to get cured. Secondly being surrounded by the men and women who lie and deceive with him in leadership and I AM WITNESS OF THAT, AS GOD ALMIGHTY IS !

        John 5:14 Afterward Jesus findeth him in the temple, and said unto him, Behold, thou art made whole: sin no more, lest a worse thing come unto thee.

      • @Chinedu51,

        “will never go free from the anger of God, because God never made any body a judge.”

        Oh and where did God tell you he was angry with anyone of us because we exposed TB Joshua and his trickery circus. Can I have the letter that He wrote to you or can I have the E-Mail that he wrote to you personally or are you just making it up because otherwise your post is very empty in content and now it sounds weighty because your have thrown God into the balance and He has to flog all the people that speak against TB Joshua. You are redonculous ! What about all those Atheists like George Carlin who has made it 40-50 years of mockery about and to God directly himself and all his commandments. What about Richard Dawkins who is doing this for same amount of years and wrote at least 10 books to deny that God exists. Why are they not stricken down eh ? Or how about Keith Lowell Jensen, or Tim Minchin, or even Ricky Gervais. They all mock God directly and they make a mockery about it day in day out. What about it ? Eh ? You are such vindictive person, while Jesus said Bless them, Love them, Take care of them, you fanatic selfish evil nasty piece of work that wants to destroy all people to protect your false private prophet and loves to make lying stories about 120 dead people and justify himself in court that he is innocent.

  26. Thanduxolo you are greedy, instead of mourning your sister’s passing you want tomake money out of her death, shame on you Thanduxolo shame on you.

    • @ Precious,

      And what is TB Joshua doing ? Lamenting that his choice of building was blown to the ground by God’s judgment Himself.

      What are you thinking ? A big red cross was put on the building as Just Wonder said. Because God was not interested in 400-4000 dollar rooms with private butlers for visitors.That’s for holiday makers. Those do that. Not for he house of God.

      Care to check out His Word about it, Precious ? Psalm 127:1 A Song of degrees for Solomon. Except the LORD build the house, they labour in vain that build it: except the LORD keep the city, the watchman waketh but in vain.

      Maybe you should hold that under TB Joshua’s nose next time when he decides to build a new one and remind him that that is how it works, not the other way around by applying your own agenda.

  27. Im so surprised to the way people have been reacting to the scoan building collapse .We all knows death is certain ,but nobody knew how he or she will die ,please assuming these victims died through other means {accident of any form }can they probe God or death ,please let us be very careful in this matter ,may the soul of the victims rest in perfect peace amen

    • @ Oloruntobi,

      How irrelevant your answer is. Why don’t you set up buildings that collapse and put people under it, because they are gonna die anyways.

      This Scripture is relevant now:

      Ecclesiastes 10:8 He that diggeth a pit shall fall into it; and whoso breaketh an hedge, a serpent shall bite him.

      Your own sins SCOAN has opened the door for to strike you and now you are whinging that it happened.

      Your lies, your false prophecies, your deception of many, your evil, your 419 scams, your rubbing shoulders with evil men.

      And you think That God is not just ? What do you want God to do ? See it through His fingers ? How long you think you can keep your door of lies open without being stricken ?

      The prayer of a righteous man avail etch much, would God not hear the cries of a man where injustice takes place ? Should judgment not take place ? Should the Law not been applied for those that uphold the lies, corruption and deception ?

  28. It’s been a very long since I last made a comment here. My heartfelt condolences to the Doro family and other bereaved families. May the Lord heal you and restore His peace unto you.

    There’s this saying about one who keeps going back to a hurtful situation like the tongue does with a sore tooth… i.e. to say, when you have a sore tooth your tongue keeps ‘poking’ the tooth even though you know it will will hurt, you cant help it, it’s sort of a reflex action.

    But I can’t say it’s reflex action for the likes of @ Chinedu51, @ Evan and others like them who keep vsiting TBTW to read the comments of those who are saying tbj is not used of God. No, it’s not reflex action, rather it’s a very conscious, deliberate action. But after reading these comments they get filled with so much anger…

    My question to them is, why not just stay away from this website? How does your angry comments help you or the prophet you follow?

    If I happened to believe that tbj is god as you i wouldnt want to read whats on this site coz I would hurt, I would rather stay away from it and rather pray. But on the other hand it’s good you keep coming here, someday u will know the truth & the truth shall set u free to worship the Lord Jesus Christ and Him alone!

    But truth be told one needs not be ‘highly anointed’ to know that what happens at scoan is not of God. God help us.

    And to you TBJW keep up the good work – tell it as it is.

  29. Passy Olu,
    u come across to me as quite mature and intelligent. therefore, I am gonna go out of my way and congress with u. how can u say that anyone who doesn’t see tbj as a prophet is not a christian? are u not aware of the multiple allegations of gross transgressions brought up against tbj of which he has refused coming clean on? even Jesus said to his detractors “which of you all can convict me of sin?”. until tbj unreservedly responds to all the accusations levelled against him by parties such as tbjwatch, do not expect everybody to jump on the scoan bandwagon with glee.
    on another note, are you not aware that when Joseph wanted to quietly send away Mary that he reportedly was prevented from doing so by an angel who told him that Mary had done no wrong. the same applies for the bereaved, if it is the ” will of god ” for this tragedy to happen, should they not also have confirmation from your god? should they not ” send away Masto them y ” since no angel had confirmed that it was ” god’ yes, they should continue the legal battle until they see their own. angel “. that’s my take on this matter.

    • yes, they should “quietly send away Mary” by continuing with the legal process until they receive confirmation to the contrary that it was “god’s will” from their own “angel gabriel” and definitely not from tbj or scoan!

  30. Money Making Schemes:

    Ebola Watch: Don’t Cash In On Plagues – African Pastors Told!

    It is in this light that residents in notable African communities in Canada have advised Christian pastors who claim to have the cure for Ebola to call a halt to these outrageous and thoughtless claims, reports visiting Ghanaian journalist, Edmund Agbeko

    Tony Obi, a Nigerian resident in Brampton praised the Nigerian health authorities for calling Prophet TB Joshua to order on his claims to have a cure for Ebola. He said: “I must commend the Nigerian authorities for asking T.B Joshua not to invite Ebola patients to the country [Nigeria] for spiritual healing. If he [T.B Joshua] claims to have the cure, can`t he simply fly to these infected areas and cure them? It’s unbelievable to hear such stories from our homeland and we pray the Nigeria authorities will be at the best in the fight against Ebola.
    These so called men of God just want to make money from the vulnerable in the society. ”

  31. T B Joshua has since the nineties mined the gullibility and nincompoopery of Africans using fake, forged and fraudulent miracles cure claims and prophecies. But it took just a little architectural oversight to expose the schemes and pretensions of this charlatan.

  32. @ Chinedu51
    U say, “Any body who talks against prophet Tb Joshua because of what happened at his guesthouse will never see good in his or her life.”

    This is pure heresy! There is absolutely nothing that will ever happen to anyone who speaks against your idol tbj, no matter how many times you say that. All is perfectly well with those God is the Lord Jesus Christ and it shall continue to be well because the Lord Himself has made it well.

    Free advice; – You are delusional dear brother/sister, please pray to God to deliver u from your stupor, so that it may be well with you. In the meantime try and stay away from reading the true facts published on this site because it hurts you so much.

    Stop wishing bad things on those who see things from a different perspective and remain blessed.

  33. More proof that TB Joshua is NOT working with the law:

    It is more than a month that the building collapsed and TB Joshua still has no list available of who was there at the time. The coward also ducked and dived when the coroner arrived at his church!

    Collapsed building: Produce guests list, coroner orders Synagogue

    The leader of SCOAN, Prophet T. B. Joshua, was, however, not available to receive the coroner during the visit????????????
    Asked whether there was documentation of those who checked into the building, the CSO answered in the affirmative but said he was not readily available with the list.

    • @ Just Wonder,

      Ofcourse he would not be available, he TOLD BY HIS LEGAL TEAM NOT TO SPEAK OUTSIDE THE LEGAL COVERING OF HIS LEGAL TEAM. And it is likely that a certain Peter from Australia iscinvolved into that. Forgot his last name. He also had all of a sudden tons of demons after berating me at SCOAN about this and that, prophet this, prophet that, get hold on him, he is going to travel, speak to him now, and so forth.

      Just Wonder until he is in the dock he is not required to talk to anyone individually at his choosing. That is how the Law functions. That is why he forced his daughter to study Law, while she rather wanted to be a teacher. So he has access to all those writs, legal procedures and legal advice team.

      Also if he would speak then he has to remember all his stories he hangs up to everyone, but he does those of who he knows they will back him.

      He is not covered by God, he is covered by clever slate of hand and deception as well surrounded by the people that are willing to jump balcony for him. Do you understand Just Wonder. And as long the SCOAN engine keeps going like that, they will try to everything to let the rest of the world dance at the seam of their pants and keep smirking when they can send around the coroner from one wall to another cupboard by denying everything of being responsible for. Do you really think Satan crawls away unless God smites him with the Word to back off as He says that His Word shall not return void but shall accomplish whereto…

      Therefore Satan will now also pretend to use the word of God to deceive even more. You can see what it does to Kiki as Aimee on the other website. They are willing to sell their soul even more and destroy even more people in the process before they release their last gasp of air/oxygen.

  34. Mr. Thanduxolo we are very sorry for the loss of your sister and we pray for a speedy healing in your heart. Even though you fight for justice but trying to sue the prophet (TB Joshua) is something your sister will not agree to even if she was alive, Am I lying?

    • @ imaginary Apostle Apostate,

      Is anyone immune for Law of the Land ? Did Jesus said so ? Did Jesus say away with the Law ? did The true Apostle Paul, we will not uphold the Law ? Am I lying ?

  35. I with I could know what is it that Prophet has done.Is he the builder, engineer or govt inspector that did inspection according to Nigerian building regulations or is he the bomber.Is there anyone who knows why did the Nigerian Authorities let the people to use a building that was not compliant.People here are busy using bible qoutations and playing with the emotions of those who lost their loved ones.Please let us not play the Man let’s play the ball.

    • @ Builder,

      Who did not enquire with God about the building that he said should be built ? It TB Joshua, your false private prophet that claims he speaks everyday with God and believes that God shows him how to build. However I have seen pictures of bolts and nuts in the loft of his existing building (church) where the Steel T-Beams meet that they were bending and there was questions about this whether this was very dangerous of collapse at that time. So much for claiming Holy Spirit building work and blueprints. Yet they bolts were bending. Who is to blame then ? The Holy Spirit as they claim ? Or is it again this funny story telling false private prophet that allows builders with skull printed hats to work at his place as I have seen by myself and who shout around like madman when they do their jobs.

    • @MrTerrific as far as I understand he said that it was not the purpose of initial stage of the investigation to prosecute anyone. I don’t think he was saying nobody would ever be prosecuted.

  36. Everybody has a freedom of choice and association. Thanduxolo’s sister believed that by going to scoan she will get whatever she wished for thou Prophet TBJ made it clear that distance is not a barrier. Scoan never invited anybody or ask for any contribution or fees to congregants, if you donate it is out of your free will. TBJ never acts or pretend to be JESUS or GOD nor does his followers address him as such. Thanduxolo is a Christian but he could not convince his sister to come to his church for prayers or pray with her at home and now he wants to be famous. You can quote all the verses but that won’t bring back those who have fallen, may their souls rest in peace. If falling of the building was man made or negligence of scoan that does not mean TBJ is not a prophet and a man of God as I believe. As he is not God or his Son Jesus he therefore can’t be forced to know everything. the fact is JESUS in him does heal and world wide there are testimonies> there was no need for him to demolish the building just to get attention. He is a CHOSEN on, let those who believe in him support SCOAN and the bereaved families. Thanducolo and the crew would never allow SCOAN to give their fellow member a decent funeral if she was a member. Thanks prophet TBJ encourages people to go back to their churches after getting what they were looking for in scoan. Be blessed.

    • When I visited SCOAN I had to receive an Invitation, without one I would not have been granted my Visa. When I visted SCOAN I had to pay a fee. So the statement that TK has made does not match my experience. You admit that the “falling of the building was man made or negligence of scoan” if it is the negligence of scoan then the leader of scoan carries the ultimate responsibility. who is the leader of scoan?

    • @TK
      Start thinking and join the human race.
      SCOAN is a public place akin to a lodge. Visitors pay and are invited there.
      The host owes them duty of care.
      The collapse was not caused by ghosts or UFOs nor natural phenomena such as flooding or earthquake. It was criminal negligence and for that the owner should pay. He should be hanged if possible.
      This is no more about challenging TB Joshua’s office as a prophet or MoG, this is all about criminal negligence

    • @ TK,

      You are a liar. We all had to pay to stay there. As a matter of fact we had to come upstairs where the personal Secretary D. Told us literally and “now the money” it was sort of a joke, but still we had to pay lots of American dollars to stay there. even the extra days above 7 days. As well we got several peppered scriptures directed at us by TB Joshua himself to give, even so “that it hurt a little” and he was using leaflets for that he gave us beforehand.

      So you are just one of those that loves to lie about him as all the others that fanatically follow him.

    • @ TK,

      “Everybody has a freedom of choice and association”

      Not so, because I know that the leaders have chosen to be there because nearly all their family members are there. Also they are rewarded with free perks, travelling, food, shelter, clothes, other things including money. Why work a real job when you can parasite on peoples monies and just run around telling others you are on “assignment” but not telling what. I even saw one member leader literally confess that while she was under “deliverance” and claimed she had a “spirit of death” but was still alive nearly now end of her fifties as well her husband who had a “spirit of darkness” and yet still lead a major branch of SCOAN and deliver people without manifesting themselves. Then still denying that Satan cannot deliver Satan, but that is than what they actually do.

      Please explain to me or challenge me how you can apply, spray “anointed water” around and you are possessed yourself and you spray by the litres over a long period of time applying this all over the world in meetings, house meetings and shout at them they are free in Jesus Name those that so called “manifest” that they not manifest themselves, because these are demons they claim they have. Therefore you should take these stories from them and the videos they send out with the smallest pinch of salt in the world, because they are down right lies and deception. When I saw them going through their so called deliverance I knew that those half an hour interrogatory deliverances were fake too.

      They have threatened me with their remote deliverances and mad charismatic curses but until now nothing can be reported by me that they succeeded. But how can they ? Not because I am their so called pharisees, but because their rubbish claims don’t stick upon me.

      • Jesses, I have been following your comments about the man 👨 of God Almighty prophet Tb Joshua, I really believed that you are Emmanuel tv 📺 viewer. But still talking about against Tb Joshua, you don’t want others to enjoy the Presence of God Almighty as you do by watching Emmanuel tv. Do you want to take the blessings that are coming from Emmanuel tv 📺 alone. Please stop ✋ confusing people so that they can also enjoy the grace of God Almighty in Emmanuel tv 📺 as you do. Thank.

      • @ Chinedu51,

        Let me explain something.

        Anyone that believes or thinks that the Lockheed Martin C130 is the cause of this as some new stories unfold on the Internet should consider this.

        Why would a alleged war plane doing attack IN THE DAY TIME ? While most aerial attacks at any time are done in the night with night vision and also knowing that all people would be sleeping in the hostel so more fatalities.

        For decades America, Britain, other European countries have done so. Go check your history. Let Mr Giles enlighten you with your warped train of thought concerning this,

        I don’t watch Emmanuel TV, I see clips from people who post them online with questions about this as well I know from first experience in SCOAN.

        I heard that TB Joshua Fan Blog UK writes these silly stories and now even blame Ayo Oritsijafor as well Obama for what has happened. The story concocted can only come from combining conspiracy theories of the application of the “the Jericho weapon” that was applied to this.

        Ok to sum it all up:

        First it is the plane flying over and the low flying to blame. Even that the plane was gone for over 1 hour.
        Secondly when this did not stick it was the alleged Alpha Jet that disappeared.
        Thirdly after one month then it was a video that supposedly proved “controlled demolition”
        Fourthly then it was “wired bombs”
        Fifthly then it was ” chemical application”
        Sixthly, now it is “the Jericho sound weapon” that also brought down WTC 7 down.
        What is it now ? Is it this or is that ? Or is it something else ?

        Really ? And you have false private prophet that knows all things ? One that claims who speaks everyday to God ? And can release the “angel of God ” and speak charismatic curses on his “brothers” ? With a government that lies, schemes, deceives and backs him up ?

        But Alas ! how funny and extremely sad this is. Mind you that I just do a:

        Mawhahahaha, Oh my goodness, oh my word, hilarious, those crazy madcap articles they write to cover up their outlandish folly of this tragedy. I am doing this now to you personally right in front of your screen you are looking at. I am high pitched snickering like a girl on laughing gas at your rediculous support of such weird out of this world stories that it is outright the best comedy I have read in a long while.

        No disrespect to the victims with this post, but I have to draw the line here. I cannot support such nonsense and idiocy.

  37. Meet the real TB Joshua and his ways:

    Synagogue Tragedy: Coroner Visits Scene Of Collapsed Building As Church Spends To Undermine Probe

    The coroner’s visit came as it remained clear that the agenda of the church, which is led by a self-styled ‘Prophet’ T.B. Joshua, is to cover up the incident and sabotage any serious probe.
    The church’s lawyers refused to release the manifest of deceased victims in the collapse. They questioned the coroner’s request for the manifest.
    The Church counsel insisted that the church had submitted the DNA of all the families involved two weeks ago. The distraught coroner asked, “Are you saying that the DNA was done somewhere else and submitted to the Chief Medical Officers?” to which the lead counsel answered “Yes.”
    Incensed, the coroner informed the counsel that the sole authority that can carry out identification of the deceased “are the pathologists that are so appointed by the state,” adding, “Something done elsewhere cannot be used.”
    Since the beginning of the inquest on Monday, no family of deceased persons has shown up. A source close to one of the bereaved families stated that Mr. T.B. Joshua had silenced the families through financial compensations and other promises of spiritual help.
    The self-styled prophet has reportedly continued bribing reporters to downplay reports of the tragic collapse.


    Following the collapse of a guest house owned by the Synagogue Church of All Nations in Lagos recently, the federal government has been urged to prosecute the owner of the church, Prophet T. B. Joshua for breach of the compulsory insurance of public buildings law.


  39. Hypocrisy or Humility? – Photos of TB Joshua Carrying Three Bags of Rice Go Viral

    Social media went agog as photos of Pastor-Prophet Temitope Balogun Joshua of the Synagogue Church of All Nations (SCOAN) carrying three bags of rice on his head went viral.

    While some people were moved by the image, calling it a display of sympathy, other called it a publicity stunt, in light of the recent collapse of his church building. Others attributed the image to Photoshop.

    However, freelance journalist Iheuchukwu Njoku said: “As a viewer of Emmanuel TV, I have actually seen the video clip of this particular humanitarian mission previously and managed to find the footage on YouTube.

  40. Even if the courts in Nigeria set the murderer, TBJ, free, he cannot escape the heavenly court. God will surely deal with him sooner or later.
    Just you wait and see!

  41. SCOAN 19/10/14: Sunday Live Prayer Line With TB Joshua. Emmanuel TV:

    Interesting that most of the foreign disciples of TB Joshua, who stayed there without visas, have now disappeared. To me Nigerians live up to their corrupt reputation! Corrupt to the core, but think they are God’s gift to the world! But their day of reckoning will come and so will TBJ’s. God is NOT mocked.

  42. Woe to those who call evil good and good evil; Who substitute darkness for light and light for darkness; Who substitute bitter for sweet and sweet for bitter! Woe to those who are wise in their own eyes and clever in their own sight!…Isaiah 5:20-21.

  43. Joshua and hundreds of fellow “prophets” operating in cities, townships and shacks on the African continent and elsewhere in the world today are providing a supply to a veritable and powerful demand. More ominously, there is clearly a warped but co-dependent relationship between the ‘prophets’ and their followers.
    Many leaders leave the proverbial heap of corpses as they march on to their various victories.
    For their part, the followers and subordinates need a portion of the power and charisma of the leader for their very sustenance, survival and meaning in life – or through death.
    Many leaders revel in the cacophony and stampede of subordinates as they jostle around them in a never-ending beauty contest of loyalty and obedience.
    While the leaders are – Swollen with power, authority and all the symbols thereof …

    • Doro! y don’t u wake your sleepy mind bro? you are insane nd disgusting , u r embarrassing us as SA ppl, cumonnnnnnm!!!! yerrrrrrrrr

      • Please ppl don’t judge T Doro, plz let him mourne the way he want to, and lets not judge him. For ppl who calling them selves Christian, I didn’t expect them to comment on this site.

  44. Molefi thank you, you have said it all. I have lost my loved one’s too and I believe with no doubt that they are in heaven, as they went to Scoan seeking. We don’t choose how we want to die or where we will die. that’s for God and I believe that their time was the 12 of September. TB JOSHUA didn’t kill anyone just leave the Man of God alone. Salvation is personal and I believe that those who died had fulfil their purpose here on earth and now it’s left with us whether we run the race as them. I also wish that I am like those Martyr s dying in the house of God. Thanduxolo take heart and pray for the salvation of your soul because your sister would have died anywhere. I am sorry to you are just chasing the wind. As painful as it is it’s done it was her time. It’s not Prophet TB Joshua who killed her it was just her time and everyone that was with her.

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