TB Joshua fails to appear at court

TB Joshua was expected in court yesterday, but never turned up. His lawyer claims TB Joshua has not personally received a witness summons:

“There is need to make certain clarification. I want to inform the court that as at today no summons to appear before this court has been personally served on Prophet T.B. Joshua. No witness summon has been served. It was on Friday that the court bailiff tried to serve summons on Prophet T.B. Joshua but unfortunately he was not around because he was attending to issues of victims that died. The bailiff cannot depose to an affidavit that Prophet T.B. Joshua received a witness summon. I do not want it to look as if the prophet was served and he did not come. Prophet T.B. Joshua was not served, he was unavoidably absent. This has to be done personally.”

The magistrate did not accept this excuse, he said that according to Lagos state law, legal counsel could accept summons on behalf of their clients “That is why I said will you accept service for Prophet T.B. Joshua? Tell the prophet to come or do you want me to ask the DPO at Ikotun to lay siege at the Church?” (source)

It will be interesting to see what happens over the next few days, let’s hope justice is done and those held captive at SCOAN are released safely before becoming entangled in whatever chaos may ensue.

101 thoughts on “TB Joshua fails to appear at court

  1. Whatever happened to this favorite quote of this frivolous prophet:

    A Good Christian is a Good Citizen and law keeper?
    A bad Christian is a Bad Citizen and law breaker!

    You see yourselves now you sorry scoan fanatics…your man of god is such a scared pussy-cat and law breaker contrary to scriptural men of God who are as bold as a lion and law abiding as well…

    I guess if you guys also follow his un-christian and law breaking example you will also find yourselves as “outlaws”…
    maybe his “killer god” also told him to disobey the court order as well contrary to the Law of God…or perhaps he has some really cool “skeletons” in his closet he desperately wants to keep hidden from the world…

    Hey scoanites go get another life!
    There’s another better world over here, you know!

    Knock it off and stop embarrassing yourselves trying to “obsessively” defend this embarrassing prophet who is so scared of facing a very simple, rational and down to earth Magistrate Komolafe who is not even a trial judge in this case…

    Like I said before, every dog has his day in court…another day, another dollar!
    If I were him I will be in court to defend myself like every real man would…whether guilty or innocent!

    I’ve always known that this sissy prophet is a “half man” and not a “real man”…imagine claiming to cast out and destroy deadly demons yet he can’t even stand face to face and man to man with a Coroner in court…he thinks he can avoid his day in court or perhaps he wants to testify “live” on Emmanuel TV instead…Ha! Ha! Ha!

    This “yoyo” is a “Joker” Prophet! Trust Me!

    What a Joke!


  3. T.B. Joshua “No-Show” At Synagogue Church Collapse Inquest, Coroner Calls For His Arrest

    Head of the Lagos State Emergency Management Agency, Femi Oke-Osanyintolu, additionally claimed that SCOAN staff were not forthcoming with details that would aid an effective investigation. “We were not allowed to do documentation. Photographs of the incident were not allowed,” he said. “We asked for the manifest to know the number and identities of the people in the building, we were not given. We asked for the building plan, we were not given.”
    The pastor was called to present evidence that supported his claim that the church was attacked by terrorists flying over the building, something experts have ruled out. The pastor was also facing allegations that members of his church thwarted emergency rescue operations the day of the tragedy.


  4. Brother Nosa says:
    November 6, 2014 at 5:21 am

    TB Joshua’s quotable quote:
    …………A Good Christian is a Good Citizen and law keeper?
    A bad Christian is a Bad Citizen and law breaker!……………


    Oh, spot on. You had me laughing. Hahahahiehiehie……..

  5. Shut up, you all!!!! if he is summoned he will surely apper. The Court is Just an Inquest and noting Much, your court needs to summon him to come with legal papers and not just by sending nonsense oral order. NOTHING DEY HAPPAN, BECUASE GOD DEY, ALL YOU IDIOTS SHULD WATCH AND SEE. WE HAVE OVERCOMED ALREADY. LONG LIFE, TBJ, LONG LIVE EMMANUEL TV, LONG LIVE SCOAN.

      • judge ye not lest ye be judged also,its suprising how people are always too quick to attack the children of GOD,but remember no one can stop the work of GOD,PROPHET TB JOSHUA,God has not forgoten you He promised that He will never leave nor forsake us

      • Because the Coroner himself knows the people that collapsed the SCOAN building. You wait and see. TB Joshua WILL never go to court

  6. This is shocking,very,very shocking.why nt go,now!! This is serious hoooo. Please man of god. Go now!! —-yes it gods time now. Why Run away.

    • If Tb Joshua will be arrested, remembered he is not the only Apostle of God Almighty, that had been arrested. Apostle Paul was arrested and been band with chains, does that means him not to be Apostle of God. Now I know that, Prophet TB Joshua is a real man of God Almighty because I can see many hated him the same way our LORD JESUS CHRIST was was hated during His earthly ministry. This was no name they did not called Him. So this is not a new story in my ear because Jesus Christ told me that, all this will come to those who believe in God Almighty in truth and in Spirit.

      • @chinedu51 the Apostle Paul was arrested for preaching the gospel, TB Joshua will be arrested for acting as if he is above the law and refusing to turn up in court when summoned, further charges may include causing the death of 116 people due to illegal construction, obstruction of rescue workers (leading to more deaths), bribery of journalists and threats of terror. Do you really think he’s in the same category as the Apostle Paul?

      • Is Tb Joshua a house bulder? Tb Joshua has no case to answer in this issue because he is not a house bulder. FG of Nigeria should lay blame on the engineers that build that guess house. Because I believe that, before adding up the three more story ontop of the previous one does not start just like. I believe two or three engineers might send application later to won the contract of additional more three up. Lay your blame on the Nigerian house builders who because of money agreed to add more. And mind you that, that house was collapsed by attack.

      • @chinedu51 SCOAN hired the contractors, so they bear some responsibility. Also, the church didn’t have any public liability insurance on the building, which is illegal for public spaces – can’t blame the contractor for that. Finally, whoever you think is to blame for the collapse – the fact is, TB Joshua was summoned to court, and he ignored it. He think’s he’s above the law, but he’s about to find out he’s not.

      • @ Chinedu51,

        Chinedu51, you benefit scrounger. You have no evidence that the building was attacked. You are no expert either on “controlled demolition” so keep your non expertise to yourself.

        This all of you your problem. You compare yourself with the great apostles who did none of these things your false private prophet does.

        He was deliberately AWOL and is walking the sidelines and the loopholes of the Law. He knows he is going to be served, so what is better than to excuse yourself to be dealing with the victims. That would not be a problem if he was a true men of God you all claim he is. But what is clear that he did not care a hoot about the victims in the first 2 weeks of the disaster. Secondly, what have you to say about this and you are telling me HE DID NOT KNOW HE HAD NO BUILDING PERMIT TO ERECT THAT GUESTHOUSE ? Is that what you purporting here ? Are you saying that is no crime ? It’s one thing to not have a building permit for such guest house but a another to have THIS PARTICULAR GUESTHOUSE TO COLLAPSE AS WELL ! And since one and one equals to in the normal world, I am calling you to this world to take note that this is how it goes in the Law and its application, that when something like that happens it is normal thing you APPEAR to the Court as this is a God ordained and commanded in His Word to Apply. So back to you Chinedu51 and TB Joshua again. It is a normal compulsory thing that when crimes are committed you appear before the Court. If you are innocent and have nothing to hide, YOU GO ! Why inflict more pain on yourself and on others who have nothing to do with any of your personal choices you have done. It is clear there that God says that no-one is above the Law and even Apostle Paul said so. Are you more than Apostle Paul ?

      • Holy Ghost fire on you, am saying that, Tb Joshua is a real man of God Almighty. Who am I to stand against the man of God as you do, God Almighty never made any body judge to another person.

      • @ Chinedu51,

        Yes we can do with some Holy Ghost power. But not in the form you wish it to us. You are destructive.

        Luke 9:54-55 And when his disciples James and John saw this, they said, Lord, wilt thou that we command fire to come down from heaven, and consume them, even as Elias did? But he turned, and rebuked them, and said, Ye know not what manner of spirit ye are of.

        Why don’t you learn from the real JESUS than your silly African charismatic witchcraft curses you release All the time.

        Romans 12:14 those who persecute you; bless and do not curse.

      • Amen to that,Jesus said,No servant is greater than his master,if they hated me,they will hate you also,this is the time for all christians to stand d together in prayer and remember that many are the afflictions of the righteous but the Lord delivers them all

  7. People should learn how to respect God’s servant, Nigeria FG should fellow this issue of the guesthouse collapsed at the SCOAN wisely, otherwise the rawth of God Almighty will come against Nigeria. Let’s take this easily because it is something that, God is involved.

      • tbjoshuawatch you are stupid,what you mean Nigeria would do better without prophets like tb Joshua?are you jealous that he is not in your country?i believe in yr country you got Prophets as well why don’t you leave Nigerian prophets and talk rubbish about your Prophets.i call upon all Nigerian to stand and fight for their country,and Africa as a whole

      • @mist I never called TB Joshua a prophet, I called him a criminal, false prophet – and yes, Nigeria would be much better off without the likes of him operating in their country, but no – I certainly don’t want him operating in mine.

      • @tbjosuawatch, woe woe to you, 100 times, shame on you also, you look for every slight oppurtuinity to cruxify TBJ, that is a clear show of hatred towards him, if not why must you Judge are you God??????????????????????? take your time otherwise the wrath of God will befall you soon. TBJ IS A REAL MAN OF GOD.

    • The battle is of the Lord. Accident can happen anywhere. Beware of what you say bcos you will give account of it . Afterall Tb joshua did not pull down the building. May the souls of the departed rest in peace.

      • Shoddy construction and not taking insurance on a building is not an accidence nor an Act of God, it is an Act of Idiocy and should be punished with death or life imprisonment

      • @TB Joshua Fans UK Blog
        Let’s assume for one moment that it was a controlled demolition. If that was the case, the perpetrators would have had to have got into the secure SCOAN compound and strategically rigged the load bearing structure of the building with explosives, without being noticed or caught on CCTV. This would not be a quick or discreet job, and would almost certainly involve drilling into the building. If they managed to get away with all that, it seems likely that more buildings could be rigged up in a similar manner, or bombs planted around the site. If TB Joshua really believes his own words, how incredibly irresponsible of him to continue holding large public gatherings in a site compromised by terrorists!

        So no, we can’t see this is a controlled demolition, and evidently SCOAN don’t really believe it either. You are being deceived by them.

      • Why DID Lagos State Government refused to deploy Bomb disposal unit to investigate the use of Bomb? 2. Why did they refused the help of the SA Gov? 3. Why did they refused they refused to release the bodies of the dead? They think by the allowing the body to decompose the trace of bomb would be nullified. They have hand in it.

      • Here we go with the conspiracies again… Why did they not deploy bomb disposal unit? Because there was no evidence of a bomb. It all comes back to TB Joshua though – if he really believes his own stories, what is he doing continuing to hold large public gatherings in a place compromised by terrorists?! Lagos state would soon take his stories seriously if he halted all meetings until they had sent bomb disposal specialists in to thoroughly comb the whole place.

      • Is to cover their evil doing. As no one can stop the night fall and day break so also now one can stop the truth. It would surely come out one day.

  8. what ever the Prophet did before every body was happy but know there is a problem you look at him as a bad Pearson, let us look at our mistakes nobody is perfect .why cant we blame the Nigeria Government by holding the body’s of the desist and is not the one who build how many building collapse just because he is the man of God let us check our self first if we don’t have mistake we cone start pointing fingers he did not even give people the invitation to come to his church thous people they go because they wanted the answers from God. nobody coll them

    • @Biki, who told you we were “happy”? Manipulated yes, deceived yes, lied to yes, but happy NO.
      Actually, what is happening at present is justice being served. But this is something that you who are simply “spectators” of SCOAN have no idea about whatsoever. We though, who were “insiders” know, as well as those who belonged to SCOAN no matter the branch. And as I am writing these words, they are nodding their heads in agreement.
      Your prophet is facing what he so desperately wanted to avoid here in Athens. By sending his wise man Harry who announced that SCOAN headquarters had nothing to do with us, as a church, he thought that he had achieved to keep his name and the ministry’s, out of the scandalous and abominant situation his best “fruit” had created. He had avoided having his name entangled with any possible legal actions. Mind you, this would have been indirectly. And now…..look at what has happened. The Lord has brought him in a position to come face to face with the Law. What an irony…..
      And here in Greece we have a saying: “counting without the owner’s consent”. In this case, God Almighty IS the owner, as everything has been done in the name of Jesus. But our God is a jealous God, and He is the epitome of Justice and Righteousness, according to His Divine Nature. Don’t think for a second that He did not give time for repentance, through many, like myself, and through His Word, His Voice was clear as was His Mercy. For being given time to repent is no less than pure Mercy. For all of us.
      This is not a matter of pointing fingers, not even just to do with the tragic victims of the collapsed guesthouse but for the exceedingly many sheep, whose lives were shuttered in one way or another, for some even destroyed, through the falsehood of this ministry. And the Good Shepherd has been watching.
      You simply see what is presented to you.
      Come to your senses, it ISN’T all about Tb Joshua.
      He is not the Messiah, nor will anyone else ever be.
      The Messiah has come.
      His Name is JESUS THE CHRIST.
      He reigns and dwells in our hearts through The Holy Spirit of Life.
      Our hearts are His church.
      And the church is His Body.
      We who were deceived, manipulated, abused ARE His Body.
      And this is whom He defends.

    • What happened was an accident so he shdnt be blamed,all of us know that the collapse wasnt due to structural failure afterall many of these has been happening and nobody has ever summoned those people,why is his own different and nobody care to find out what a jet was doing in a residencial area

  9. @chinedu51

    So you reckon that @Biki Sekete will live long just because he/she has just lied to everybody here that victims were not invited?
    You folks are pagan religionists! You resort to deception in order to defend deception. Heathens do these things, not Christians.

    You must remember that there is a whole page on the SCOAN website that says VISIT US http://www.scoan.org/visit/ in which they state
    “…you must wait to receive confirmation of your visit from us…”
    “We will send you an invitation letter…”

  10. @ All,

    Then it is now time to jump the “bandwagon” to make sure if one bribe would succeed another lawsuit is in line to keep them on their toes. Nosa if you feel doing it, do it. You girls who say you have been sexually abused as I have seen a post that two have sued as well. So should others. Not all lawsuits can be bribed, it will come out one day. We know that what one does in secret will be blown from the rooftops and behold this is happening right now. If you slack now this will only keep festering and kept alive for the sake to smell the money and enrich themselves on the backs of future victims. Call me hard, but SOFT USELESS DOCTORS MAKE STINKING WOUNDS ! Let them fall after order of Saul and Goliath no show their head to the world.

  11. sorry about that..
    But I seriously hope people would sue; take this man down once and for all….
    Today is the first day i would post on this site; pleaaaase people, this has gone on for long enough! Take him down now!


    • God will never allow that to happen,do u honestly think prophet TBJ deserves to be punished for doing no wrong? these indeed are the trying times for the children of GOD,why do you choose to believe satan than the servant of God,why do u rejoice when the ppl of GOD are suffering? only GOD will judge prophet TB Joshua if he is wrong and very soon the truth of GOD shall be revealed and satan shall be brot down together with those who serve him,these are all those who judge the children of God and post all hateful comments and insults,u all need to repent, every negative comment you are making against the prophet of God brings a curse upon you.

    tbjwatch is God’s platform to expose falsehood in the Body of Christ among whom T. B. Joshua is the worst. But thank God that heaven has disowned him. SCOAN is now monument of shame.

  13. “The information brought joy to the heart of
    the church members at the inquest. So
    happy was the counsel to the church that
    he said: “Thank you very much.”
    The information, which brought about this
    mood was supplied by a police witness and
    Divisional Police Officer (DPO) at Ikotun,
    Haruna Alaba, a Chief Superintendent (CSP).
    Alaba yesterday said there is a possibility of
    controlled demolition of the Synagogue
    Church of All Nations (SCOAN) on September
    12, which killed 116 people at Ikotun, a
    Lagos suburb.
    But Coroner Oyetade Komolafe was not so
    taken in. It ordered the police to provide
    Certified True Copy (CTC) of the Ikotun
    division police diary from September 12 to
    Coroner Komolafe ordered the church to
    provide the CCTV footages of activities at
    the scene from the day of the incident to
    the last day of rescue operation. But Alaba
    said from the CCTV footage he watched, the
    building came down as if controlled.” (read more: http://elotitv.com/entry/as-coroner-awaits-prophet-t-b-joshua )
    This… an example of things that can go on here in Nigeria! We have seen the footages.WE KNOW THEY WERE DOCTORED!
    And then this:
    During his testimony last week, John
    Obafunwa, the Chief Medical Examiner of
    Lagos State, had said that some of the
    corpses deposited at the mortuary were
    But in his testimony, Dr. Oke-Osanyintolu
    said that the bodies recovered from the
    building collapse site were “whole and not
    “I observed, I did not palpate, I did not
    percuss. He had the opportunity to palpate
    and percuss,” he said, trying to defend the
    inconsistencies between his and Prof.
    Obafunwa’s testimony. Source: https://www.premiumtimesng.com/news/top-news/170630-t-b-joshua-absent-as-downpour-mars-coroners-inquest.html
    God help us!

    • Same old story…..well trained “puppets” do the dirty work….as I have heard over and over again “All to protect the prophet….” I thought it was JESUS died for all and not the other way round. So be it.

    • Thanks, that first link is a very detailed account of the days proceedings. It definitely sounds like Alaba has been paid off, everything he said was entirely in support of what the church had been saying. Seems like the judge is seeing through this though.

  14. a true believer will understand that this is persecution God will come through this situation. So many people traveled to Nigeria because of SCOAN and i believe that benefited the Nigerian economy . it is so shameful on Nigerians who are speaking against their own brother. all i know is that, God sometimes give his children into trials, people of the world laugh and make a mockery but God comes then to glorify his children after the trial and those who were laughing and mocking are ashamed. TB Joshua is a true servant of God i know God will not let his enemies to shame him for long. those that are mocking the man of God are mocking God. People we need to focus on knowing God and his character and also learn how the devil operates. there is a fierce battle out there in the spirit which an un believer cannot understand.

    before making comments please seek the knowledge of God first then you will understand why this things are happening to TB Joshua.

    • @ Priz,

      “God sometimes give his children into trials,”

      This then a trial beyond bearable is it not. The bible is telling you otherwise.


      But this scale is so big that this cannot be resolved even over many years and Africans tell you a lot what ministers have told them but are actually fiction in the reality and are not the truth of the situation.

      That is what we call deception until they themselves are confronted with it then they jump, hide and dodge every responsibility as we can see here. Not even to mention bribes to get themselves away from it all.
      All that because they wanted a building erected without a building permit as well the insurance that covered it. It only shows that God could not intervene because they were cheating and lying throughout their escapades in their venture with the $$$$$ Signs in their eyes. Bam ! And god said No ! Red Cross all over it as Just Wonder said. Of course you always can blame the devil for your own deliberate choices can you not ? Can the devil make you sin ? No, it is your own choice you cave in. Even the man in the Gerasenes could have ripped JESUS apart if he did an effort but actually did not do anything then a little bit of screaming while he was able to break chains. When you see all those with these “powerful demons” including Lucifer etc etc, they say they have none of them break chains in front of everybody.
      The smell of money keep everything lubricated until there is a righteous Judge and I hope it will be Komolafe who will rip this apart once and for all. He has my blessing and prayers. Please God, give coroner Komolafe a spirit of power, boldness, truth and absolute righteousness to set the captives free from TB Joshua’s lies and deception and death grip. No more deaths forever through the action of TB Joshua the sheep abuser of this time. Mr. Komolafe, let not the cry of the deseased unanswered as well their blood been spilled unlawfully by their greed of not having a building permit and insurance. Let it not happen again. Thank you, God bless you Mr Komolafe.

      • @ All

        Aviation Authority must explain what a Military plane came to do in residential area.
        Where did the plane take off from?
        Where and when did it land?
        What was its flight plan?
        What was its mission.
        We know that Military aircraft have capacity to inflict lethal weapons on any target. We also know that Military aircraft mounted with High Energy Laser and Electromagnetic devices have successively been launched at targets. The HEL has capacity to pulverized concrete to powder form and it does with out dicipating heat to its surrounding. It is a direct target device. When the concrete around a reinforced structural element is pulverized then the structure is bound to fail. As for the SCOAN building if the columns on ground floor is destroyed with a direct energy lethal device like laser, the build would fail the manner it came down. The coroner has to look beyond the officials of Lagos State whos limited in knowledge cannot unravel the cause of collapse. The simplest and easiest thin to say is to claim its structural failure and doing this would amount misplaced judgement.

      • It’s very hard to take any of these claims seriously when TB Joshua himself doesn’t take them seriously enough to turn up at his allotted time in court to present them. He can’t say he didn’t know about it, practically everyone in Nigeria knew when he was due in court!

        How can you claim the plane had anything to do with it, when by SCOAN’s own CCTV recordings there was nearly an hour between the last plane flying over and the building collapse? If the columns were pulverised as you suggest, why did it take 50 minutes for the building to collapse, without any sign to the people inside that damage had been done?

        Regarding you being there on the day, why should we believe your statements over multiple eyewitnesses, journalists and rescue workers who say otherwise? After all, you’re still supporting SCOAN who released that completely fabricated story about only a few people trapped inside, currently being rescued, as if nobody had died.

    • and what has this got to do??? you think you are mocking a Man of God??? No you are mocking yourself and wasting your time.

      TBJ LOVES GOD AND GOD LOVES HIM. So you, @ just wonder, you are just wasting your time.

      • Was TBJ served NOTICE to come to court NO! NO! NO! if you claim he was given notice let’s see it.

      • @TB Joshua Fans UK Blog
        According to Magistrate Komolafe they did serve him notice, they were unable to do so personally, but according to Magistrate Civil Procedure Rule, Order 5 (Rule 2), Law of Lagos State, 2009, which guides the coroner inquest, a counsel appearing for the church can also receive the summons on behalf of his client. TB Joshua’s lawyer did receive the summons. This is more weaseling from SCOAN to try and avoid the inevitable truth coming out.

      • You’re dodging the issue there. The point is, TB Joshua has no valid excuse for not appearing in court. As for your rep having seen ALL the families? We know of one woman who’s husband died, she has received no visit and no phone call despite numerous attempts to get in contact. Who should we tell her to contact so she can get the support she deserves?

      • I Have the list of all the people affected you if you are sure someone has not been visited, give us the name to cross check.

  15. Greetings, kindly I would like to know what happened did tv Joshua last appear in court?or what..thank u

      • No, He didn’t, because he was NOT served a NOTICE so why would he go? Let the court give him notice and see if he won’t go.

      • @TB Joshua Fans UK Blog: why should he go? ummmm lets see.. maybe because he is “a law abiding citizen with nothing to hide” and “is eager to prove the truth”? such a person as I have described would gladly go, even without a summon!

    • greetings to you,in the first place why is he appearing in court? to do what?there are so many killings and bombing of churches and motor packs in nigeria,tell me how many of these people i mean the priests of those churches and the owners of those motor packs have been summoned to court,you people should be very careful,it is written “touch not my annointed,do my prophet no harm”i have never been to scoan before but i know that he is a true man of GOD,IF you suffer tomorrow because of this dont blame the witch in your community

  16. @ Whom it may concern, Editor, department of Journalism, Mr Bally Cheune

    With reading this information I saw the following assertion. Which is incorrect.

    “An eyewitness told me; the first time the Jet flew over the building “It was about 60 foot gap from the building, the second time it was about 40 foot gap between the building and the Jet, the third time it came lower about 20 foot from the building the fourth time it came lower about 10 foot from the building.”

    No Lockheed Martin C130 Super Hercules is capable of flying 10 foot from or over a building. This is fantasy from the eyewitness. It would be too dangerous for such an huge aircraft to fly this close to buildings or objects.

    Please contact me for more technical information concerning this.

    Yours Sincerely,

    General Duncan J. McNabb the commander in chief, United States Transportation Command, Scott Air Force Base, Ill. Retired

    • That is the problem, why did it fly so low. At the right time the video taken by the witness would be presented.

  17. i can see many people on this site that regulary make negative comments about TBJ cannot even stay for more than 5 minutes without thinkg of TBJ, hahahah, this is Un aware mental problem, brought upon your lives , for crticizing a real MAN OF GOD, TB JOSHUA. SOON THE MADNES FOR ALL OF YOU HERE TALKING NONSENSE ABOUT HIM, WIL ESCALATE TO ANOTHER LEVEL. HAHAHHAA EMMANUEL.

  18. T B Joshua said the true shall be prevail and you people who can not see will be ashamed.no matter ,what you people are saying TB Joshua is moving forward and shame to satanic agents like you.why can GOD not stop and expose him if TB Joshua is doing bad things,one thing is sure the servant of GOD can never be disgrace.Nigerians you are destroying your country don’t go and solve the problem of Boko haram and why not leave TB Joshua to GOD to deal with the matter.shameful Nigeria govt you people know what happen to that building but one day it will be expose.you do not appreciate of the prophet GOD has given to the nation instead you people want to destroy him.bad luck people so.the church is running normally and shame to you people and a lot of South Africa still go there because they have seen that GOD is the in SCOAN.Remember this today satanic Nigerians you can never stop TB Joshua or stop the gospel of GOD.

    shame Nigeria Govt

  19. Tell me how many true prophets of God in the Bible were in good relationship with corrupt leaders of their time? T. B. Joshua is in agreement with all the corrupt presidents and politicians both at home and abroad. Genuine prophets would stand on Highland of Holiness being backed up by heaven and say to kings and rulers “Thus says the Lord……” or “You serpents, ye generation of vipers….” Not so with T B. Joshua who has these corrupt and godless rulers as his blind followers.
    T. B . Joshua has been weighed in the balances of God and found wanting. Heaven has clearly spoken that he is not of God.

  20. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cjiBMKTvcis&list=UU8yH-uI81UUtEMDsowQyx1g I just have a couple of questions I would like to ask on this video I saw tbjoshuafanclub posting everywhere. Here is the original article by SABC http://www.sabc.co.za/news/a/a8f33b8045a565f594f69790ca3f4715/No-basis-to-say-Joshua-didnt-cooperate-with-rescue-teams-20140929

    I have googled Bally Chuene and was shocked at what I discovered. http://www.iol.co.za/news/south-africa/chuenes-clam-up-on-drowning-1.398069#.VF-NosnQsrU and http://www.sundayworld.co.za/news/2012/02/05/mandela-s-former-lawyer-up-for-r400k-fraud How is it possible that even this man mentioned has an uninvestigated negligence case in which someone died and fraud case against him. How ironic is this? Unless people/journalists is conspiring against him as well?

    The original article on SABC News is dated 29 September 2014 and note that SABC uploaded the youtube video posted above on the 28th of September. Bally Chuene states he visited Nigeria around a week ago according to the article and the youtube video. If you subtract seven days it means he must have been in Nigeria around the 20th or 21st of September at the earliest. The incident happened on the 12th of September?

    So how does he know whether church members interfered with emergency workers? Was he there on that day? No of course not, so what rubbish is this? What authority does he have then and why should anyone even listen to him? In fact, he is a lawyer, not a rescue worker so what relevance does he have in this matter? He was not even on the ground that day when it happened and seems to me not even the rest of that particular week, so his argument is weak to say the very least. Why did no one question him to ask but how do you know these things if you were not even there?

    Yes it is very possible that the rest is true that the church provided 11 ambulances etc. some days later when they realised they cannot get away anymore trying to convince people that only a couple of people were injured in the incident and that these injuries were not serious.

    Those statements by the church is well documented and cannot be changed which is of course proof that they were trying to hide the 116 deaths that took place at the time. Proof of when these ambulances were summoned, the date, should not be hard to obtain.

    So even this video leaves a lot of question marks and a lot of explaining to do.

    • @DWS, no one and I mean no one has even mentioned the outrageous and full of falsehood- in order once again to deceive- statement of that September 13, made by SCOAN. They haven’t even bothered to apologise for that blatant lie of “a few that were there are being rescued”. Not only that, but now as I see on their FB page, they keep a moment of silence for the “martyrs of faith”, as if playing with words is going to get them out of the mess they are in. And when I speak of mess here, I am not speaking simply in human terms. That mess they may worm their way out of due to corruption….but as far as God is concerned there is no escaping what is due if they carry on in the same manner.
      As I have explicitly said in other posts, the use of the term “martyrs” is totally inappropriate and the only reason for its use is once again to cover their abominant doings and tame the gullible. And there are many, oh, are there many…. Let’s see: Were the tragic victims questioned on their faith? Did anyone put them to the question concerning Christ so that they took a stand and decided to die for His sake?
      Let me put it this way…..If a christian dies in a car accident, or a plane crash, does this make him a martyr? If someone happens to be in a church and it collapses on him does this make him a Christian and a martyr for that matter? NO. N-O-. NO. So then, what are we talking about here? Was that guesthouse considered holy ground? Did they die instead of Joshua so they are martyrs unto Joshua?
      What do they mean? I will tell you. With the term martyrs they are blaspheming and promoting their own holiness at the same time. This is how audacious they are and how they will stop at nothing to advance their cause, using and abusing. The line is drawn nowhere, nothing is too dear…..indeed, the Word is used and interpreted so as to serve selfish and authorative purposes. If Christ were indeed the center and the pillar of this ministry and everything subdued to the Cross, no matter the mistakes and the wrong doings, even the sins committed, we would all have been witnessing a completely different turnout of events.
      Repentance, prayer, ashes and sackcloth would be the present state of this church. The attitude of Ezra and the people of Israel would be their portion.
      But CHRIST is NOT the center, TBJ is.
      When manifestations of extreme adoration at the expense of others and blasphemous declarations of him as the messiah of our generation are sustained and not appalled, this is how things stand.
      Whether they like it or not, whether they admit it or not.
      And to those who say “judge not, lest ye be judged” this is my answer:
      “twist not Scripture, lest ye be like satan” 😇
      For in Christ alone, we live, we move and have our whole being.

  21. The Government silence is because the corrupt heads of government and top politicians are blind followers of The. B. Joshua and do consult him regularly for prayers and prophecy either to win elections or remain relevant. That’s is in great contrast to genuine prophets of God in the Bible who were always in alignment with heaven and stood on highland of holiness to say to evil and corrupt leaders of their time Thus say the Lord…..” or “Ye serpents. …, ye generations of serpent…..”

  22. We are talking about a man who is given instructions by God to drive out demons, command Cancer, HIV, and any infirmities to leave people just by calling the name Jesus. A humanitarian recognised by the United Nations.

    He fears only the almighty God, the creater of the universe, he can not be intimidated by anybody. He is not afraid of prison or death. He is a Christian, and you know what this means; “LIKE CHRIST” If you are a Christian you know how Christ endured all for the sake of obedience to God. Only after being instructed from above will he do or accept any invitation.

    Who dares chalange such authority and power? Please bear with him, Mr TB Joshua is a law abiding citizen, but Prophet TB Joshua has some other superior to answer to who has completely different laws, and speaks a different language from us. Those who honestly believe in God, and are faithful children of the most high will understand what i am saying. Weigh how much he has done for the world and judge fairly, and tell me if he deserves prosecution of any manner what so ever. Beware lest you provoke the anger of God by tourching his anointed one as the bible says, and befall God’s wroth, and his justice fall apon you. BEWARE BEWARE!………….

  23. you people really surprise me,why are u so interested in this case?Nobody is interested in finding out what and why a Jet was flying over a building,was it an army base or airport.since you people dont have handwork sit down and criticise while the person is moving higher and higher and none of you can stop him,WHOEVER THAT GOD HAS BLESS NO MAN BORN OF WOMAN CAN CAUSE HIM,DO YOUR WORST YOU WONT SUCCEED

  24. You all know the truth so stop all these,dont do what will provoke the anger of GOD on yourselves because if you do or take any unnecessary actions against the MAN OF GOD, those murderers,armedrobbers,terrorist and homeless that he TB JOSHUA has taken out of the streets and given hope will come back to the streets to meet you and this time around it will be worst than before- write it down in your record book


  26. Ala Ine napapa, I am suprised with the Nigerian Government over this tragdy at Scoan. Take note weeping may endure for a night but Joy comes in the morning. I trust there are tooooooo many people against the man of God. But all I can say is watch the space and wait upon Gods’ wrath.

  27. T. B. Joshua and all SCOAN supporters will be shocked when they find themselves in hell fire away from the presence of God whose Word has already judged them as workers of iniquity. The rich white visitors, corrupt presidents and heads of government and other financiers of Emmanuel tv are to be blamed for promoting and spreading the deception and falsehood by Temitope Fatai Balogun whom they polished, bathed and are now selling him as ‘Prophet’ T. B. Joshua. I can not remember one single individual who attended SCOAN and got convicted of his or her sins and got saved. Rather T.B. Jpshua is propagating another gospel alien to the Cross of Jesus Christ. Indeed T.B. Joshua is cursed to say the obvious. (Galatians 1:8-9).

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