South African lawyer speaks out in defence of TB Joshua

South African lawyer Bally Chuene has been speaking out in defense of TB Joshua, a reader wrote in with the following questions:

I just have a couple of questions I would like to ask on this video I saw tbjoshuafanclub posting everywhere, based on this original article by SABC.

I have googled Bally Chuene and was shocked at what I discovered. Chuene was a former lawyer to Nelson Mandela, who has been implicated in a R200,000 fraud scandal and is said to have used his money and influence to try to hush up the fact a child drowned at his property. How ironic is this? Unless people/journalists is conspiring against him as well?

The original article on SABC News is dated 29 September 2014 and note that SABC uploaded the youtube video posted above on the 28th of September. Bally Chuene states he visited Nigeria around a week ago according to the article and the youtube video. If you subtract seven days it means he must have been in Nigeria around the 20th or 21st of September at the earliest. The incident happened on the 12th of September?

So how does he know whether church members interfered with emergency workers? Was he there on that day? No of course not, so what rubbish is this? What authority does he have then and why should anyone even listen to him? In fact, he is a lawyer, not a rescue worker so what relevance does he have in this matter? He was not even on the ground that day when it happened and seems to me not even the rest of that particular week, so his argument is weak to say the very least. Why did no one question him to ask but how do you know these things if you were not even there?

Yes it is very possible that the rest is true that the church provided 11 ambulances etc. some days later when they realised they cannot get away anymore trying to convince people that only a couple of people were injured in the incident and that these injuries were not serious.

Those statements by the church is well documented and cannot be changed which is of course proof that they were trying to hide the 116 deaths that took place at the time. Proof of when these ambulances were summoned, the date, should not be hard to obtain.

So even this video leaves a lot of question marks and a lot of explaining to do.

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  1. tbjwatch, off topic, why do you think the two m’s in the Emmanuel tv logo are of a different hue of blue from the rest characters? I’m trying to figure out something. could be of help.
    scoanites, you guys are cowards. I saw tbj holding service yesterday. you guys are supporting a fugitive of justice. it’s someone else’s relatives that died. no wonder.

  2. Maphumalo is among the 85 South Africans who died while attending a rally by self-proclaimed prophet, TB Joshua’s Synagogue Church of All Nations, in Lagos.

    It’s seven weeks since the deaths and the victims’ families still don’t know when the bodies will come home.
    “It is a difficult situation being on the mattress mourning. We are unable to do anything until Nokuphila is buried.
    “I am pleading with whoever has the power to release the bodies so we can move on with our lives,” said Mkize.
    Adding to the mother’s woes is the fact that school fees for Nokuphila’s 16-year-old son, who is in Grade 9, and her 15-year-old sister, who is in Grade 8 have not been paid.
    The teenagers attend a private school in Cape Town and owe R112 000 in fees.
    “I don’t know how we are going to solve this because my daughter was responsible for their schooling. I am hoping the school will be kind enough to understand the situation.

  3. You are good tbjw! What I also question is – Why did the church bought 10 or 11 ambulances? And that just prior to the building collapse? It looks as if the collapse was planned by tbj? Why does the church owns so many ambulances in the first place? Something is again questionable here!

  4. And why does tb joshua need ambulances in the first place? People are going to him to be prayed for for healing and not to be taken to hospital in ambulances? Or am I missing something?

    • what a God were serve ,iam very dilated to hear that south African top business men and professional are standing up for the MAN OF GO.,devil/tbjoshua watch is a liar, the truth is soon to prevail, lets talk more about the flying plane ,hey tbjoshua watch what’s your say on the plane?

    • so other churches that has hospitals are innocent, and the who bought ambulance buses to assist the d state govt becomes the evil man????
      na wah for spiritual blindness oh

  5. TBJW,
    All I know is that our Lord Jesus Christ has answered my prayers and petitions.
    If you remembered – I opened a court case in the heavenly court room a few years ago. God the Father being the Judges of Judges, Jesus being my Advocate and satan being my accuser and then you had me.
    The Lord has answered me by giving me the promise that I have put repeatedly on this blog. He promised to make fools out of false prophets and kie and tbj in particular. Which He did.
    Now God has opened up further what he did with this false prophet eg – God let tbj’s buildings fall even to the exposure of the foundations into a heap of rubble. He also promised that tbj’s followers will die and be scattered in that place with no one to bury them. Exactly what is happening now.
    So I am satisfied that the Lord will smite tbj again and again until he lets his slave (disciples) go and stops all his tricks!
    To me the verdict on tbj has already been pronounced in the heavenly court and we can just stand still and see the salvation and deliverance of our loved ones out of that cult.
    It will happen in the order of the Israelites’ and Moses versus the slave driver Farao. In the same way it will happen in the order of the people if God and Jesus versus the slave driver TB Joshua. It is just a matter of time. It will just be a proses.
    I am content that justice has been and will be served from God and righteousness from the Lord will prevail in this matter for all of us.

    • woow! that’s a marvellous remark and observation indeed and for sure that is his wall written message from the Almighty God that he’ s(tbj) been weighed in the heavenly court and has been found very wanting..!!

    • @just wonder, throughout my reading your posts, I have appreciated your swift, informative character as well as your spiritual insight in more than one cases. I have also admired the fact that you have remained silent when attacked many times on this site, particularly by the likes of @Evan. Moreover, I understand
      the pain and grief for your loved ones that are “trapped”, as you have stated, in SCOAN.
      Your pain in this case is also mine.
      However, there is something in this post that I must point out. You say that God promised you that TBJ’s followers would die and be scattered, left unburied.
      No matter what has happened, no matter how much we hurt, we must have Christ first in mind, my brother. We are to be His ambassadors alone, unto the saving Gospel of Grace. Our God is a God of Truth and Righteousness but He is also and most equally a God of Love and Mercy. He is Love.
      If we are His children, how can we rejoice even with the death of our enemies, when He has called us to bless our enemies and pray for them? And those TBJ followers, were not our enemies, but human beings, desperate souls who sought one way or another solution to their problems. Victims, war casualties as there is warfare taking place in higher places. But not our enemies. As Christians we do not fight against flesh and blood but against the strongholds and principalities of this world.
      Satan alone is our enemy. As Jesus alone is our Advocate. Please don’t forget that Christ shed His Blood on the Cross of Calvary, for these unfortunate souls also, whether they had received Him in their hearts or not is something only He knows. Place them in the category of deceived, manipulated yes, but please let us be merciful. What has happened can bring no happiness and no satisfaction whatsoever as children of the most High.
      Anger? Yes. Eagerness for justice? Yes. Grief and lamentation? Yes. But we must be extremely careful and set our rebuke in boundaries. And these boundaries are no less, than the boundaries of Love.
      Ultimately, I am convinced that God’s Righteousness will prevail just as we must never step out of our identity in Christ. As we have been loved, we must love, as we have been forgiven, we must forgive, as we have been set free by the Truth, we must stand for the Truth.
      I have said this before and I say it again: we are not against any man or woman but against the enemy of our souls who is indeed seeking whom to devour next. And he has many ways to achieve this.
      Let us pray, be careful and be watchful.

  6. The earthly courts can be bribed. Ignorant lawyers can say what they want. TB Joshua can maneuver all he wants. His followers can shout and curse. It will be to no avail in the end. He also got nowhere, with his revenge, to make God’s people his slaves. TB Joshua had ample time to repent. He chose not to. The matter is settled in heaven. The verdict was pronounced by God himself.

  7. D. J. McNabb

    TB Joshua didn’t have planning permission for deadly guest house
    AFP | 30 October, 2014 17:32

    It might be a doctered photos of the plane above the scoan building.

    …………”We also wrote and got a report from (the) Nigeria Civil Aviation Authority that the aircraft was flying 1,100 feet, which is 300 metres. So, the aircraft was not close to the building.”…………..

      • @watchtbjoshua No one is interested in how low the plane was flying over the building. This is pretty much irrelevant. What I want to know from @watchtbjoshua, @tbjfansuk etc. is what is your theory about the plane? All I keep hearing is the word sabotage, but how? As already mentioned several times, the only way the plane could have caused the building to collapse is if it flew into the building 9/11 style or dropped a bomb on top of the building. We know neither of the two happened. So what is your theory about the plane? Maybe I missed it somewhere. Stop talking about the height of the plane and using the word sabotage. Tell us your theory, how did the plane cause the collapse of the building according to you? Then just wondering, although pretty irrelevant, where did you get your info from about the 10 foot from the building? How did you measure it? Or is this an estimation?

      • @watchtbjoshua I quote from your article “An eyewitness told me; the first time the Jet flew over the building “It was about 60 foot gap from the building, the second time it was about 40 foot gap between the building and the Jet, the third time it came lower about 20 foot from the building the fourth time it came lower about 10 foot from the building.” Can I ask from what country is this eye witness? I saw a video posted somewhere (cannot remember where), of South African witnesses being interviewed at SCOAN about the plane. Was the eye witness you quoted South African?

  8. ezekiel 13. : 1-16. 14; “I will demolisch the building which you have daubed with whitewash and level it to the ground, so that its foundations are laid bare. it shall fall, and you shall be destroyed in it, thus you shall know that I am The Lord your God”.

  9. @all I think it is important that in order to do a thorough investigation and in order to establish the truth, The coroner, Oyetade Komolafe and news media like SABC and media in Nigeria etc. needs to be asking the right questions, hard hitting questions similar to the questions raised in this article and others. The problem is that Komolafe and the news media does not know enough about SCOAN in order to ask the right questions. We need someone to make Komolafe and news media aware of articles such as these in order for them to ask the right questions. If SABC asked Bally Chuene hard hitting questions like how does he know there were no interference from SCOAN church members with rescue workers on the day of the collapse as he was not there, he was in South Africa and also if you were to ask him why SCOAN put false information on their official facebook fanpage on the 12th of September when the building collapsed stating that there were only a couple of people there that are rescued, I am sure he would have started fiddling around not knowing what to say. If the reporter raised his own track record and then asking him why his testimony should be believed I am sure it would have caused even more fiddling and a search for words.

  10. @ DWS,

    You know that is the problem now. There are so many TB a Joshua supporters online and write stories to confuse people of the truth. These people are christians but are duped by the situation and they are now hell bent to get him through this. TB Joshua knows this that is why he is ducking, diving, twisting, running around to save his skin and the whole of SCOAN. He is an dishonest man and will anything to do so. An honest man does not hide against the truth and it is likely that he is over his head in this and has too much ties with others who probably would kill him if he drags them down in his own demise of SCOAN and all that is connected to it. I saw something today that confirmed what I was thinking already. When you get at the source of this and you can cut this off once and for all, everything will fall into place and never have there been more people released from it all if that will happen. We need to keep watching, praying and be vigilant and believe upon reinforcements, which I believe is going to happen from an unexpected side which we did not know was watching with us all along. Have patience brothers and sisters, it will come forth when the time is full. Keep hanging in there, increase your efforts God will honour our endeavours to stand for the truth to be come forth. God bless.

    • I was on the site that day and what you are all saying is hearsay. TBJ does not have any ambulance and no one stopped the people who came to rescue as we all panicked and by the way can anyone change the story and tell us whose and why the plane was fling over the said building which I saw with my own eyes. I had traveled from UK with my wife but all we think someone somewhere was scaring TBJ followers away.

      • @George Thank you for confirming there was no ambulance provided on that day by the church 🙂 That is what we believe too cause why would they provide ambulances on the day of the collapse if they stated on their official page that there are only a couple of people there that are being rescued? So bingo. I think you got a little bit confused here. TB Joshua Watch supporters never said they believe in the theory that SCOAN provided ambulances in the first place, TB Joshua watch supporters were questioning this statement made by TB Joshua Fans UK. Here, read for yourself. This is where this whole ambulance story comes from – it does not come from TB Joshua Watch or TB Joshua Watch supporters it comes from SCOAN supporters. This is why TB Joshua Watch was questioning this article and this theory. We were simply saying that if the church indeed provided 11 ambulances as the article by TB Joshua Fans UK suggests then we are not ruling out that this might be the truth (give the benefit of the doubt), but saying that if so then this definitely did not happen on the first couple of days after the collapse of the building as seems to be suggested by the article. This is well possible that SCOAN might have provided ambulances later on in order for SCOAN to cover up the fact that they hindered rescue operations at first,, but this definitely did not happen on the first day or first couple of days as at this point SCOAN was still in denial as is evident from their statement as already mentioned on their official page that only a few people were there and are being rescued.

      • George,
        was there any sort of explosion shortly before the collapse?
        You realize TBJ supporters have long discarded the aircraft theory and are now latching on a controlled demolition theory?

        Could you do the world a favor and tell your story as honestly as possible? may be @tbjoshuawatch can give you a page. We are truth seekers not gossips

      • @Vooke You are right in saying we are truth seekers, that is it and therefore welcome Georges honest recollection of events. As far as the plane theory is concerned however there was never really a theory here and the reason why SCOAN changed their story cause they realised how stupid they were sounding and that they had no argument at all. They were just desperate at the time to grab at anything, anywhere. Anything to blame and anything to distract the attention from the real cause of the collapse as they knew they were in serious trouble as there is no building permit for the building constructed etc. Yes the plane might have been flying low over the building and it might have been a bit on the unusual side (not ruling out that it might have been so, although others dismiss that it was as close as made out to be by SCOAN), but if I remember correctly the building only collapsed something like two hours after the plane flew over the building or passed the building for the last time.Please feel free to correct me on the time frame as I cannot remember now, but think very close to about two hours.

        So if we think logically there are only two ways the plane could have caused the collapse of the building. The first possibility is if the plane flew into the building 9/11 style and the second possibility would be if the plane bombed the building. We know that neither of these two possibilities is an option cause we know the plane did not fly into the building and if the plane bombed the building the building would have collapsed immediately, not two hours later. Am I missing something? What other theories can there possibly be? So why there was such a big thing made of the plane in the first place I honestly cannot understand – at most it was perhaps a bit unusual. In my opinion SCOAN was just trying to buy some time to come up with something more plausible and in the process made a fool out of themselves with such a theory. Go read back. I cannot recall that it was ever mentioned anywhere how they concluded this plane could have possibly caused the collapse of the building.

      • @DWS you’re right, the plane theory has really turned round and bitten SCOAN. Now they are pushing the controlled demolition theory, which doesn’t require the plane at all, but they made such a thing about the plane issue at the beginning they have to keep that theory up too. They’re clutching at straws and their credibility is shot.

      • @TB Joshua Fans UK Blog

        It’s very difficult for anyone to believe that SCOAN didn’t obstruct the rescue process. Their first public statement implied that it was a small issue and nobody had died “just a few people being rescued”, it was already well known that scores were dead. Not only rescue workers, but journalists claimed they had been attacked by SCOAN members and had equipment smashed. Then there was the bribing incident captured on tape, where TBJ asked journo’s to report on the good stories of rescue, not about the numbers dying. Finally, there was the ridiculous aircraft theory that made no sense whatsoever and only served to obscure and confuse the investigation.

        Why should anyone believe SCOAN when everything else says something different?

      • I was there and saw things myself. I was very surprised when I head NENA and other claiming they were not allowed in. 2 NEMA officials arrived on site without equipments. SCOAN had to contact Julius B company and a Chines company and both companies were given a mandate to make sure, they safe life while rescuing people. It took NEMA over 4 hours to get to the SCOAN.
        People I know the police and SCOAN security stop were hoodlums otherwise area boys. Almost 9 were arrested that day for stealing.

    • TBjoshuafans UK, have yet dodged the question posed by the administrators concerning the false statement published by SCOAN on the “few that were there are being rescued”. And let me extend this. On the same day disciples were telling relatives here in Greece that nothing had really happened and not to worry. Is anyone going to have the guts, at last, to admit to lying in our face and assume responsibility on this? Or should we accept being lied to as a legitimate and justified means in order to meet an end? The end SCOAN has in mind, of course, not God.
      Although they are very good at preaching it to others, humility doesn’t seem to appear in their own dictionary.

      • @tbjoshuafansuk @Jeremiah Very valid question we are all asking. @tbjoshuafansuk Can you please explain to us why SCOAN lied to the public about the situation on the 12th of September? I think I can answer this… There can only be one reason and the reason is to cover up and try to sweep under the carpet as they have done many times before. The only way you can try to hide this is to keep others from investigating the site. So did these journalists all lie then about the interference of SCOAN church members on that day of the collapse of the building? @Jeremiah Same strategy throughout, no matter what branch. Disciples lying about the situation on the ground and thinking that we were all born yesterday.

  11. Jeremiah,
    Thank you for the correction. In my haste it came over incorrectly. Our Lord Jesus opened these verses to me after the building collapsed. I am not glad about the deaths of those people. Not at all. I am thinking, “What a price to pay, for the truth to be exposed”.
    The God and Father of our Lord Jesus Christ is still the same yesterday, today and forever and he stated in the Bible, which opened up to me and I believe that through this, the Lord spoke to me and explained to me His mind set on this scoan matter:
    Her leaders judge for a bribe, her priests teach for a price and her prophets tell fortunes for money. Yet they lean upon the LORD and say, “Is not the LORD among us? – Emmanuel. No disaster will come upon us.” – Micah 3:11
    Therefore because of you, Zion will be plowed like a field, Jerusalem will become a heap of rubble, the temple hill a mound overgrown with thickets – Micah 3:12
    The prophets prophesy lies, the priests rule by their own authority and my people love it this way. But what will you, the people who love the false prophets, do in the end?………… – Jer 5:31
    ………And the people to whom they prophesy shall be cast out in the streets of Jerusalem because of the famine and the sword and they shall have none to bury them, them, their wives, nor their sons, nor their daughters: for I will pour their wickedness upon them – Jer 14:16

    I also believe that they were deceived by tbj. What has happened to tbj, makes me fear God the more and wants me to obey Him the more. Our God is a consuming fire – Hebrews 12:29. He is not our playmate or servant. He is a God of justice, as well as mercy. Both now.

    I hope this will clear up the matter?

    • Thank you Just Wonder.
      Not so much for receiving the correction as for proving to all those who indeed express hatred, what it means to be a child of God. In Him we live, we move and have our whole being, and no matter the tactics of our adversaries, we sow seeds of Love, Righteousness and Truth. We know in Who we believe and unto Him we humble ourselves so that He may exhalt us enclothed in His Righteousness.
      For those who remain unrepentant, the Sword of the Spirit, which is the Holy Word itself, shall judge and execute the Father’s Will. Nothing shall remain hidden, nothing shall not be weighed. As for ourselves, we remain debtors as God Almighty is the Eternal Creditor.
      And to the greatest commandment of all, we comply: for love is the fulfillment of the Law.
      Our faith is empowered by love. God’s love.
      And this we do because our faith certainly does not rely on a healing, a blessing or a breakthrough we may be in need of, but on the Author of the Truth, the Holy Spirit of Life, who dwells within each and everyone of us who have decided like the great Apostle Paul, to know nothing else except Jesus Christ and Him, crucified.
      In all this madness, herecy and deception going on in the matter we are addressing and in the world at large, we are to shine as stars, fools to many but well known to Him Who saved us. 😇

  12. God’s Word about the ‘faith’ wrist bands of TB Joshua.
    Ezekiel 13:17 – “Now, son of man, set your face against the daughters/sons of your people who prophesy out of their own imagination. Prophesy against them 18 and say, ‘This is what the Sovereign Lord says: Woe to the women who sew
    and make veils of various lengths for their heads in order to ensnare people. Will you ensnare the lives of my people but preserve your own? 19 You have profaned me among my people for a few handfuls of barley and scraps of bread. By lying to my people, who listen to lies, you have killed those who should not have died and have spared those who should not live.
    20 “‘Therefore this is what the Sovereign Lord says:
    21 I will tear off your veils and
    22 Because you disheartened the righteous with your lies, when I had brought them no grief, and because you encouraged the wicked not to turn from their evil ways and so save their lives, 23 therefore you will no longer see false visions or practice divination. I will save my people from your hands. And then you will know that I am the Lord.’”

    SCOAN 09/11/14: Part 2/2 Sunday Live: “FAITH IS SPIRITUAL FORCE By TB Joshua”. Emmanuel TV

    From the beginning:

      • @ ALL

        The Ambulances bought were 20 to be given to Hospitals in Lagos State, 8 has been donated already to Hospitals in Lagos. 2 donated to a rural area in Ghana and the rest was awaiting distribution.

        Even Lagos State themselves don’t have the equipment to run the Hospitals effectively. The Red provided 1 and NEMA provided 1 that broke down that same day.

  13. scoanites, this blog is not komolafe’s court and we here are not coroners. tell your boss, tbj, to take all these info and evidence you guys are bringing here and submit them at the rightful place which is the coroner’s inquest as sworn deponents!!! you all can go along with him and co-testify in court!!! stop dithering endlessly you bunch of cowards!!!

    • @daemondada you are the biggest goat fool that ever liveth on this earth, repent of go to hell. You have no right to Jugde anyone, who are you????????????????????????????????????????????? TBJ IS A REAL MAN OF GOD, IF YOU DON LIKE IT OR BELIVE, LOOK FOR THE CLOSEST TRANFORMER AROUND YOU AND HUG AN GO TO HELL.

  14. Christianity IS the easiest of ALL the beliefs on this planet earth to follow and practice. try being a Jew and keeping the over 600 laws and regulations enshrined in the Torah in addition to myriad Talmudic and Rabbinic harsh requirements. or try being muslim and fast for 40 days in ramadhan, five prqyers a day or being a 4th wife. what about the yoga-like practices and meditations of buddhists? yet this simple belief has COMMANDED it’s adherents to OBEY the laws of the land. why can’t one of the espousers of this belief practice what they preach? tbj, you are the biggest COWARD alive!!!

    • @daemondada
      It seems many of the commenters claim they are vast in the Bible! Yet all the do is condemn TBJ for the collapse of the building.
      So that we don’t interfere with the investigation, we just waiting patiently. We would all see the OUTCOME very soon. Just as one can NOT stop the DAY from breaking and NIGHT fall so also those behind would be exposed. Even letters and emails sent by critics trying to get the court to overlook the presents of the JET.

      • @ All,

        Ofcourse this pastor is coming out. He was a underground puppet for TB Joshua in the first place, by going on a spree of negativity and then bring them out to testify. Which I have seen myself inside the dormitories. They strategically place spies and microphones in the dormitories who then challenge you if they don’t know who you are and siphon off your personally life situations which they later will put out in the so called “arena of liberty” as prophecy or words of knowledge. Which then the ignorant victim has to admit as true. Just so you know now. You have been scammed while you were not watching.

  15. evan, if B Joshua is as righteous as this profhet claims, then why did he not already defend his case in court? And how come, that you profhets, believe temptation is a futille issue, that should not be mentioned? Bribe is a nonsence-action? Abusive, violent, controling, manupalitive, merchandizing, fabricated tricks, deceiving indoctrination, is all of ‘no importantie”, because TB is still not matured? Who is this man, to sell this sort of nonsence? Afraid for his own head? A anoited man of God, is FULLY matured and equipped to do get his job done, in a God-directed way. If there seem to be endless troubles, then something seriously is wrong with the god-given ability to manage Gods work, in a responsible way. TB Joshua should be under attac? And what about his attacs to others for years on one end? . He receives what he sends out,. If TB does not learns his lessons, he will looze everything.

  16. @Tbjfansuk So you the moderator of tbjoshua fans uk claim that you were in Nigeria at the time when the building collapsed on the 12th of September? As the moderator of this UK site I assume you live in the UK. If you were in fact in Nigeria on the 12th of September then this must have been a massive coincidence, wont you say? Or are you just saying you were there at the time of the collapse because it would make you seem to be a more reliable witness and give you free reign to create whatever plausible story you can come up with?

    • @ DWS,

      TB Joshua Fans UK blog are the most unreliable posters you can think of. The are pro pro pro TB Joshua. So yes, any story will do for them to defend this scam artist of a TB Joshua.

      • @tbjoshuawatch @tbjfansuk Thanks for being fair TBjoshuawatch. It is great to see 🙂 However I would still like some clarification from the moderator @tbjfansuk on the grounds of his own statement/admittance in the following post.

        The above post was submitted on the 22nd of September by Tbjfansuk and I quote “we have been at the SCOAN for the past 7 days and have some shorking revelations that who shock you to the bone. NIGERIANS YOU ARE WICKED!”

        So that means according to the moderators own words he was in Nigeria at earliest the 15th of September as this post was written on the 22nd of September?

        So by the moderators own admittance he was not there on the day of the collapse, but told us otherwise in his reply on this post and gave a “firsthand encounter” of his recollection of events on the day of collapse on the 12th of September?

        Why the discrepancy? @tbjfansuk – will be great if you can elaborate on this, looking forward to hear your explanation.

      • @DWS good catch! As I said in previous comments, I don’t see why we should believe their statements given SCOAN’s track record of dishonesty, I was just pointing out it was feasible that UK disciples could be in Lagos now.

  17. T.B. Joshua Pays Tribute To Synagogue Collapse Casualties In Song

    Prophet T.B. Joshua’s official YouTube channel ‘Emmanuel TV’ has released an emotive song dedicated to those who lost their lives in the tragic incident that left over 100 dead in September 2014.
    The song titled, ‘Heaven Is Our Home’ is sung by South African soprano opera singer Kimmy Skota who is renowned for her touring with Dutch classical music legend Andre Rieu.

    • Ok. Beautiful voice, emotional song, now let’s get down to business.
      Firstly, I thought the bodies of the deceased are still not buried, so what is this projection of serene graveyards? SCOAN assist the authorities so that indeed these bodies or what has remained of them at least, get a decent burial. You portray respect for the dead in this video when the truth is that you have shown no respect while hindering procedures for them to be repatriated.
      Secondly, what are you implying? You show the main auditorium of SCOAN and then the Heavens.
      Again and again. Does this mean that only through SCOAN one can reach there? That they are utterly connected? As in…salvation comes through SCOAN?
      Sorry, but I’M NOT BUYING IT, and do you know why?


      • @ Jeremiah,

        To the voice sounds down right awful. Knowing her from Andre Rieu and his travels around the world because my connection is closer that it seems. I found her tone of voice totally out of tune, singing awful falsetto noise and they using here as their poster girl because she supposedly got “deliverance” in UK in Birmingham. The videos have been removed though and are no longer existing. She was also there when Mandela was buried and is telling that she had restrictions in her singing. Which was contradicted by Andre Rieu himself when she was introduced time after time on his tours. She sings just fine whenever she performs. How do I know, because I and my wife watch Andre Rieu concerts all the time on TV. You have no idea how the tentacles of this vile octopus are stretching and have grip upon.

  18. “He died of a broken heart!” – Daily Sun
    Daily Sun
    11 November 2014

    He died of a broken heart……….

    Daily Sun (November 11 2014) – FOR two long months, Collen held on, hoping to say goodbye to his wife. But on Friday, he could wait no longer and gave up the earthly struggle. COLLEN HAS GONE TO MEET HIS WIFE IN HEAVEN.
    His wife died in the building collapse in Nigeria when she went to atttend prayers at TB Joshua’s Church of All Nations.

  19. Someone drew my attention to the latest release of Jonathan Cahn – a Messianic Jew’s – latest book:
    I just bought it and started to read.
    I am stunned in the light of what has opened up to me about tbj, (the slave driver like Farao and God ordering him to let God’s people go and rest and serve their God) to read in one of the starting paragraphs
    …….The revelation of the Shemitah will continue to unfold as a weeping ‘prophet’ walks the grounds on which has once stood the holy city, the glory of his nation. Now it lies in ruins and rubble. The reason for its destruction, the timing of the calamity and the nature of its judgments are all contained in the Shemitah and the mystery surrounding it.
    The Shemitah is the seventh Sabbath Year of Rest! The word Shemitah means – THE RELEASE, THE REMISSION, THE LETTING REST, THE LETTING GO OF GOD’S PEOPLE, YOUR SLAVES, TO REST!………………….

    The Lord is confirming to TB Joshua – TO LET GOD’S PEOPLE GO!!!!!!!!!!!


  20. @ DWS,@TBJW

    I, Stella Wood and 2 others have been in Lagos since August 28th till the incident on the 12th Sept. Other writers on our blog joined US. Upon their return to the Leeds published the article in which you quoted “we have been at the SCOAN for the past 7 days and have some shocking revelations that who shake you to the bone. NIGERIANS YOU ARE WICKED!”

    • @ All,

      Oh it is Stella Wood. Enough said. A fanatic of fanatics who also defended the MH370 prophelie.

      Stella, when will we see the MH370, or perhaps a wing, some debris ? We are waiting since your false private prophet told us that any moment from now which is now 15th of March 2014 would be found and we would be stop talking about it.

      Let me rejuvenate your ignorant brain.–angering-families-of-passengers-9854250.html

      From today if you like, see date of my post.

      How about the Boko Haram promise, same way ?

      When will you fanatic cult followers give up about your own lies you keep regurgitating about the defence of your false private prophet TB Joshua.

      Perhaps you understand this better how America thinks about Nigeria.

      Rightfully so because you and the country you defend are the most vile deceivers in the world when it comes to you milk cows to siphon off money of poor people in defencing them to the hilt.

      • No really, stella, what’s up with those prophecies? don’t mind jesse’s tone, i’m being civil; i wan’t to know..

    • @Tbjfansuk Thanks for your reply. Appreciated 🙂 As mentioned previously I think this is a massive coincidence that you happened to be in Nigeria on the day of the collapse, don’t you think? I have noticed that each post that are contributed by other writers posted on your blog your authors are recognized e.g. John Howard is recognized for writing this post and for this post Marelise van der Merwe is recognized as the author etc. I realized that posts you as the moderator create does not have any recognized author which to me indicates that these are posts written by you, the moderator yourself. If this is the case then it proofs that the article submitted on the 22nd was indeed written and submitted by you, the moderator of TBJfansuk and then proofs that you were not in Nigeria on the 12th of September. Or is the fact that the author of that post on the 22nd of September is not recognized an over sight on your behalf?

      • @tbjoshuafansuk Thanks for replying. Wow 5+ moderators with the same login details can become a bit like the wild west.

      • @tbjfansuk I am not so sure I am buying into the fact that you claim that you have 5+ moderators with the same login details all posting as tbjfansuk? Who then has been answering all of my questions here then? Was it you, Stella Wood or one of the other 3+ moderators? As you are all different people with different opinions, surely logically it does not make sense that 5+ different people is commenting as one (as tbjfansuk). Take tbjoshuawatch for example. Imagine if e.g. @Terrific, @Jeremia, @Jamie, @just wonder, myself etc. all posted as tbjoshuawatch cause we all use the same login details posting as tbjoshuawatch. Does this make sense, of course not as I for one do not always necessarily agree with e.g. each and every comment by @Terrific for example and might not share all of his views. (Sorry for using you, Terrific. This is just an example to explain my point). If so many people have free reign to post as tbjfansuk when and if they like, how then do you go about the moderation process making sure that what is posted is acceptable and ‘accurate’ information?

    • @tbjfansuk Thanks for your reply. Please see my response to your answer lower down on the page. I have another question for you in this regard. Apologies, my reply did not get submitted in the right place somehow. Also if you can answer why SCOAN lied to the public on the 12th of September about the situation on the ground it will be much appreciated. I stated my explanation below of why I think SCOAN lied to the public on the 12th of September in reply to Jeremiah with what I think is the only possible explanation. But maybe you have a different explanation? I would like to hear it. Many thanks.

      • @DWS, we will never get an answer on this issue because they have not been instructed on the matter-how to reply- simply because they have NO answer.

      • @Jeremia Yeah you are right, there is no answer that can be provided to that question and no reply on this matter means that they accept that SCOAN lied to the public about the collapse of the building on the 12th of September (there is no other choice but to accept it because of the evidence).

  21. WOW!!! evan so you’ve got some balls on you now dontcha? that’s just swell. now be the dog’s balls and run along and go bark at your puppet master, tbj, who right now is hiding in his fortress as a stinky rat in a sewer. inform him to stop being a pussy and face up to his responsibility as a man should. what kind of role model have you chosen for yourself? a COWARD who hides behind his stooges while they take the heat on his behalf? you are a hothead and definitely in over your head. nevertheless, I see you as material we can work with. better join the winning team (tbjwatch squad), which we are, now because tbj is going down faster than a snitch with cement shoes in the water. I have had the immense privilege and honour to have served under some of the best, biggest and brightest commanders in the business as well as fought alongside some of the bravest hellraisers the battlefield has ever seen. I know what it is being under command as well as having guys under my command. and let me tell you, no commander worth his badges EVER LEAVES ANY MAN BEHIND!!! I have ALWAYS led from the front and never demanded from my men what I have not demanded of myself. this now begs the question from you, why the focus on tbj and not the many other tricksters that litter the landscape? well, we have at several times urged tbj to do the christian thing and come to the Christian Court and answer honestly to multiple allegations of wrongdoing brought up against him. of course this court is meant to be on a neutral ground. it’s been a no-show from him and scoan. I don’t claim to be his judge. his judgement has already gone before him. I’m just advising him to make his downfall as honorable as possible. do you not know that the bereaved are still as at this moment waiting for the bodies of their loved ones for burial? they have not even seen the bodies for themselves. how do you expect them to find closure to this tragedy? how do Africans expect the world to take them seriously when they just can’t get their act together? justice delayed IS justice denied. this is sheer wickedness to the highest degree!!!
    on another note, you are quite right to call me the biggest GOAT and FOOL you know of because I am
    1) THE G.O.A.T. = THE Greatest Of All Time. I make no bones about it.
    2) my sex drive is bigger than the randiest mountain goat’s.
    3) Capricorn is my zodiac sign (though I don’t believe in astrology).
    and as to being a fool, I ALWAYS RUSH IN AS ALL FOOLS DO!!! always have. always will. and yes I do love transformers (the fiction action movie) and as per dying, I am dead already. THERE IS NO LAKE OF FIRE!!! so feel free. don’t worry. be happy. welcome aboard!!!

      • @ TB Joshua fan blog uk fan,

        Do you ever pay attention to SCOAN followers as well ?

        If any of their threats should have taken place all SCOAN detractors would have been obliterated by now.

        So far I find SCOAN proponent one of the most vile people you can discuss with online. There were a few other places which was Yahoo and MSN rooms and that under Christians as well. For years I have been in Yahoo rooms and experienced the vile nasty verbal diarrhoea from them. This was equaled by those that were nice there to talk to. But coming in contact with TB Joshua cult followers there is no equal than them in their fanatic vile evil nasty piece of work they are when it comes to conversation. It only proves of what spirit they are from and it is not the Holy Spirit.

  22. @Jermemiah @Anyone Does anyone have any info on why SCOAN Cape Town closed down and when it closed down? We have heard the reasons for the closures of Scoan London Branch as well as the reasons for the closure of SCOAN Greece, but I have not seen anyone come forward explaining the reasons behind the closure of SCOAN Cape Town. Some information on this will be much appreciated.

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