An interesting video about prayer mountain

We came across this video about TB Joshua’s prayer mountain today. Watch it all the way though and leave us your thoughts in the comments.

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  1. if he is using marine power and at the same time the name of Jesus, why has Jesus kept quiet about it and also appears to be helpless in stopping the abuse of His name and bastardization of His whole ministry leading to the deception of His people?

    • Oops! I thought you would know the answer to this one! Let me give it to you straight from the scriptures, go figure the interpretation yourself!
      “For false christs and false prophets will rise and show great signs and wonders to deceive, if possible, even the elect. See, I have told you beforehand”. (Matthew 24:24-25, NKJV).
      “Not everyone who says to me, Lord, Lord, will enter the kingdom of heaven, but only he who does the will of my Father who is in heaven. Many will say to me on that day, Lord, Lord, did we not prophesy in your name, and in your name drive out demons and perform many miracles? Then I will tell them plainly, I never knew you. Away from me, you evildoers! ” (Matthew 7:21,22)
      Go figure!!

      • Besides, know that Jesus is not keeping quiet about it, even though, as scripture says, he will “allow the wheat and the weeds grow together till the end of ages”. Yet He warns,”He that has ears,let Him hear what the Spirit is saying…”
        Tbjoshuawatch is one way He is speaking.. will you listen? Know That He never forces anyone,or block christians from being deceived as the scripture i quoted shows, however He “stands at the door knocking… please let Him in! Jesus loves you!

  2. Okay lemme say this. I PERSONALLY know a fellow who knew TB Joshua while they both grew (as peers). BEFORE I SAW THIS THIS VIDEO, THIS FELLLOW TOLD ME THAT HE WAS A WHITE GARMENT CHURCH FELLOWSHIPPER! Some confirmation!

    This person also said TB Joshua once said to this fellow’s hearing ( I am being careful so that this person isn’t targeted) that if he became a “Man of God” he could have a lot of fame!

    After a while, he told this fellow “now I have gone to get power. I will now become a popular ‘preacher’! ” Bingo! What followed is what you all now see!

    Okay, what of before I heard this person talk that way about this so-called “prophet”? How could I have known He was fake?

    I read in a magazine ( I kept this magazine for a long time for reference purposes,but lost it unfortunately, because it became “hotcake” for people who were wanting to know about TB Joshua, but I wont state it’s name here,so that i may be able to retrieve another copy, (its a very old mag) from the publishers without undue interference from SCOAN, knowing what they are capable of)…

    Like I was saying, I read in a magazine where TB Joshua was interviewed back then. He was asked some simple questions and he gave some revealing answers as to what he really was! Actually if you knew TB Joshua right from the outset, you would see that His knowledge of scriptures and Christianity has only just gotten to acceptable levels thanks to crammed and plagiarized “quoteable quotes”; he knew nothing in those years!

    (Forgive me for digressing frequently, but I just have to type as it comes to me. As an example, I remember watching TB Joshua on TV, before he grew international, and he apparently referred to scripture while preaching. He said “When Satan comes to ask you who you are, be bold like Jesus was and say “I am so and so”. Because when Satan came to ask Jesus who He was, He was bold and told him, ‘I am Jesus Christ’ “! Now I can remember this now because it struck me as odd then; How could Satan NOT KNOW HIS OWN MAKER? I THOUGHT DEMONS RECOGNIZED HIM FROM A DISTANCE AND SCREAMED THAT HE WAS THE SON OF GOD???”

    This is why it appears Nigerians on the whole do not like TB Joshua… we knew him when he knew nothing!)

    Anyway, he was asked a couple of questions which he gave intriguing answers to: He was asked when he gave his life to Christ, to which he replied, “right from my mother’s womb, I accepted Jesus Christ as my Lord and saviour”!

    And again, when did he perform his first miracle,to which he said,” I cannot say, because I am unaware that miracles are being performed.for example, when I watch the videos of the church program I am suprised myself. I wonder, “you mean miracles are taking place here?” Because I do not know,and am startled when people tell me miracle have occurred in the church”!

    Now either he was unconscious through the entire church service, or he is just flat out lying! (Or something else worse than these!). Because the Bible says of Jesus, “This, the first of his signs, Jesus did at Cana in Galilee, and manifested his glory. And his disciples believed in him.”
    And again “The spirits of prophets is subject to the control of prophets”. When you wrought miracles by the Spirit, YOU KNOW EXACTLY WHAT YOU ARE DOING! Else it is a demon who has possessed you and is doing those things!

    Someone suggested to me that, not being able to speak english properly (he has improved in these years, of course he’s got hire teachers with the money he’s now got to stay in business!), that he simply didn’t communicate properly in those questions he was asked in the interview, but I didn’t buy it.. If you asked me a question three times, in three different ways, and I answered you back (maybe we spoke in greek,or something), using various sentences and expressions, BUT SAYING THE SAME THING EACH TIME.. would you doubt that you understood what I was trying to say,that I probably wasn’t “communicating properly”? Ofcourse not! And this is exactly how the interview went with ALL the questions. No, HE MEANT EXACTLY WHAT HE WAS SAYING!

    Now I ask you, is TB Joshua real or fake? A prophet of God, or a common criminal???

    • He is a great and highly anointed prophet of God Almighty Jesus Christ and he is for the blessing of Africa and the World, Glory be to God Almighty who anointed him.We love him and we will overcome all our adversity together in Jesus’ name!


      • Yes.. Prophet Tb is a man of God. Christians now days don’t believe in Miracles. But my Bible tells me that God Jehova is god of miracles, signs and wonders. So, we all believe that a man is a man of God when he preach the word without acting the word. Tb Joshua preaches the Word and act the word. He didn’t go to school but holy spirit trained him. Peter and John were not educated but people were inspired of their teachings. Why should Education starts by Prophet Tb Joshua. I never came across a graduate bible school in the Bible. Please tell me the name of that school so that I can know it. The Body of Christ is really divided.

    • Bunkum ! What is scriptural wrong with wearing white garment ? The other stories – TB Joshua’s (supposed) sayings and magazine articles can not be substantiated !

  3. tb joshua is real, what you talking now is just allegations no truth on that, based on your friend, that knew the man of God that friend of yours is a liar you two are in the same kingdom of darkness

    • @mist, I’m sorry, but he is not. If you read all my comment, you will see that I devoted just a little part of it to my friend as a source. I also talked (mostly) about things I have seen myself, and an interview I read myself. Please leave now, Jesus loves you!

    • @ Mist,

      Of course the best recourse for you is to label somebody to be a liar in the benefit of the doubt.

      You know what you should do ? You as the usual labeler, who always label others as being not sincere or liars, first look at your own label how you have labelled others with, because you should be labelled with the smallest label that is available on earth so that your need to do some effort to read your own label in which you have labelled others with.

      And what goes across the board for those who continue to lead others astray by continuously preaching things that are not mentioned, supported or justified by the Bible and bring this to the church as being a continual minister. i.e. “anointing water”, “faith bracelets”, “pictures with quotable quotes that are plagiarized”, and many other trinkets. That is what we call business, not true church.

      When people do that, they are Heretics. They are in need of repentance. The Bible doesn’t make light of the damnation of those who lead others astray. We should not take it lightly either.

      If we want to play ‘Don’t touch my pet preacher’ then we’re on dangerous ground and we are esteeming men higher than God’s word.

      Often it is said ‘don’t touch God’s anointed’ but that is often taken out of context. God doesn’t anoint people to preach heresy. We need to address false teachings and teachers according to the Bible, and warn others. So listen to me, drop your false private prophet and start following Jesus Christ that is your Lord and Saviour. He is only One worthy to follow. Drop the rest. Take your bible and start reading of what Jesus really did. He did a whole lot more than just having people froth on the mouth because of deliverance and interrogation.

      That is now what is happening across the board, we see all kinds of so called prophets being removed of which we said all along they were a danger to the Body of Christ. The latest one is Myles Munroe added to it is of which his plane was crashed on a JUNK YARD. How coincidental. Not even to talk about that he three weeks before only wanted to die when he was empty and void of all his things he still wanted to write and say. Is it not ironic that God is right in the middle of this All and now is purging His ruined fields of Harvests by misleading false private prophets. Glad He is now taking the bad seeds out so the true crop can develop freely without these lies continually in front of the Body of Christ as being said over the last 20-30 years. Go make a list and see what God is doing at the moment. What you were used to, is now being taken away and it is time to put your head in the Bible yourself so you can have a personal Encounter with Jesus Christ and not those heretics who constantly want to be on the top shelf of the Christian Bookstore with their glossy faces. I believe God is saying no more of this garbage in my Church.

  4. Am sorry to say this,what wrong if you are constantly in prayer?jesus were son of God but he were fasting for 40 days to get the anointing ,and he was powerful because of prayer,he start his ministries with prayer,all the time the bible said,Jesus went to the mount for prayer,at the end of his ministries he end it with prayer,most of powerful mans of God theirs secrets is prayer,how can God will used you if you are lazy in prayer,and everybody has his secret area for prayer,for myself I like to go at night at park where I can scream or meditated the words of God,in my house I prefer my bed room,so what wrong if tbjoshua created somewhere we he can be in relationship with God? one day if God allow you to visit Israel and witness how Sinai mount look,to reached the top it’s take 3 to 4hours,to came down 3hours,I don’t know how to describe the place where Moses and Aaron were constatly in prayer,if at that moment you were there you should have called them witchcraft doing juju up the Mount,tbjoshua is even allowed people to entered inside,did someone saw the marine spirit you are talking about?let us say the truth,why no be in constatly prayer and see how God would anointing you,there is no short cut in the ministries,nothing came cheaper,prayer is fuel for you soul,

    • You are right, there’s nothing wrong in prayer. What’s suspicious is all that “white garment” stuff he does. If you really are in Nigeria, you know “white garment” stuff, where they pray and what they do. I believe that is what the video is all about, not just the fact about “constant prayer”!


    • Yea right, so that we witness another display of acting and comedy?( there have been witnesses you know). Waving his “magic bracelet” over people who fall under some weird “anointing”, and “sick” people acting to be “healed” while He reads out “prophecies” about people that they have put written down themselves, which is then told by church staff to the “man of god”? Thanks,but no thanks

    • @ Evan,

      We, I can’t say of all here who write here. We have been, we have been numerous times. And guess what happened when we came away ? Nothing.

      So what are you screaming and yelling about all the time. We know who TB Joshua is and we know what we encountered. Is it not particular clear to you, that all of us who were there, he was unable to do anything with ? Does you not question yourself why this could be ? Can it be that something unusual is going on here and that all the funny folly that takes place there is not working or will work upon us ?

      Look what is happening. You with your “Distance is not a barrier” support, nothing is happening to anyone of us. The years pass by and still everything is there. Nothing changed. It’s like the wolf and the pigs in the house of stone. The wolf keeps blowing and blowing but nothing happens because our house is not build upon sand, but on the foundations of Jesus Christ, the solid Rock the precious Cornerstone that keeps us standing. So keep blowing, huffing and puffing. It won’t work. Jesus Christ is Lord. We are here because of a time such as this.

      Think about it when this website was born and what is unfolding right now around your in SCOAN. Don’t you see ? All the branches closed, all the disciples pulled up back in SCOAN as failures because of their imaginary demons they had, then the guesthouse collapsed, the endless dodging and trying to find a cause in all of this, the bodies that are not going home for over two months and the chaos that comes with it all, the false prophecies that are not happening as they said about Boko Haram, MH370, Ebola crisis in Sierra Leone and no TB Joshua in sight there as he promised. Don’t you see ? God is closing in. He is inching forward bit by bit and still give time to repent. Because that is what this is about. Repentance of the works they do. Should you not take heed to such an advice ? Or do you just want to continue in this folly ?

      • @jesse, “Think about it…..continue in this folly?” Precisely! Actions and facts speak louder than words.


    Can someone please explain to me what that is?

    • @just wonder – In Nigeria, there are churches called “White Garment Churches” , primarily because of the fact that they wear white robes whenever going for a church meeting. However, they are also known for fetish practices like taking spiritual baths (hence usually located close to a river),drinking or eating all kinds of stuff (also for spiritual purposes), having all kinds of questionable visions and prophesying (and most of this while being unconscious, as they later have no idea what they said or did during this time), generally weird stuff that I cant totally detail here (including animal sacrifice).

      They obviously have some kind of power, as they can sometimes tell you everything about yourself (happened to a friend of mine) the moment you walk through their doors, but the source is questionable. If you want good luck, or just want someone who wronged you to suffer, people go to some of them for special “prayers” around all kind of colours of candles, incense, e.t.c

  7. Sacred grove:
    Mmmmm……A very interesting observation. Water spirits? The island in the water in a grove for religious purposes, just like the heathen practices of old. And you need to take off your shoes, when you go onto that ‘prayer mountain’, just like the muslims do. And in the beginning there was the name of allah written with stones opposite tbj first little hut on ‘prayer mountain’. I never really thought about it this way? It looks like it correlates with Princess Diana’s burial place, as well as the Bohemian cove of the USA presidents.

    God says to cut down or burn groves:
    Exodus 34:13 KJV
    But ye shall destroy their altars, break their images and cut down their groves:
    Deuteronomy 7:5 KJV
    But thus shall ye deal with them; ye shall destroy their altars and break down their images, and cut down their groves and burn their graven images with fire.
    Deuteronomy 12:3 KJV
    And ye shall overthrow their altars and break their pillars and burn their groves with fire; and ye shall hew down the graven images of their gods and destroy the names of them out of that place.
    Some kings, fighting against idolatry, accomplished that commandment, like Hezekiah:
    2 Kings 18:4 KJV
    He removed the high places and broke the images and cut down the groves…
    Bohemian grove:
    Princess Diana’s Death and Memorial: The Occult Meaning

  8. Sacred grove:
    Mmmmm……A very interesting observation. Water spirits? The island in the water in a grove for religious purposes, just like the heathen practices of old. And you need to take off your shoes, when you go onto that ‘prayer mountain’, just like the muslims do. And in the beginning there was the name of allah written with stones opposite tbj first little hut on ‘prayer mountain’. I never really thought about it this way? It looks like it correlates with Princess Diana’s burial place, as well as the Bohemian cove of the USA presidents.

    • @ Just Wonder,

      The belief in water spirits is very common in Africa. Especially the Mami Wata one.

      You know that demons and evil spirits don’t like dry places. Outside of a physical body. And you know they want to be into something “wet” to operate into. Which is bodies, animals, birds, fish etc etc. As well water bodies, and I believe possibly maybe bottles of water and oil. You can understand that if the Holy Spirit can attach it selves to oil and water is a symbol of the Spirit we also know there is a unholy spirit that can do the same. All spiritual virtue needs a carrier or can be transferred from containing within an object, body (hands and feet mainly) and breath.

      I know from direct encounter TB Joshua does not like to be looked straight in the eyes if you do so, especially when you try to do more piercing eye contact.

      l as a symbol of, so it can be that other things could be attached to that as well.

  9. Exodus 34:13
    13 But ye shall destroy their altars, break their images and cut down their groves:
    Deuteronomy 7:5
    5 But thus shall ye deal with them; ye shall destroy their altars and break down their images and cut down their groves and burn their graven images with fire.
    Deuteronomy 12:3
    3 And ye shall overthrow their altars, and break their pillars and burn their groves with fire and ye shall hew down the graven images of their gods and destroy the names of them out of that place
    2 Kings 18:4
    4 Hezekiah removed the high places and brake the images and cut down the groves

  10. TBJW,
    Sorry for all the same placements. I stuggled to get it through and it looks like all my efforts has gone through at once. Duplicates.

  11. Thank you – Mike19 and Jesse and Jamie – for taking time out to explain to me. Wow, what else will still come out about TB Joshua? No wonder the things that is happening to him is happening to him and that God wants his deceived children to come out of that place. This makes me even feel sick in my stomach the more.

  12. Come to think of it, when I was in Lagos back in 2007 I think, I witnessed the fact that TBJ had a gathering or service just for white garment preachers. When I asked what they where all about disciples told me that they were simply preachers who considered themselves of the highest order and that the prophet wanted to educate them. I never attended a service myself of course, but at that time they would gather frequently. And although disciples spoke of them with a tone of superiority towards them, I noticed they were also in awe of them. I don’t know if this continues but back then I was told that the meetings were held on a regular basis. Hmm…..
    Moreover, talking of these marine spirits do you think this could have anything to do with the fact that baptisms are a “no” on TBJ’s agenda? What with it involving water and all that?

  13. its also a place where disciples who are being “disciplined” are left for a day to a few days, without food or water (aka forced fasting) to repent/think about what they have done.
    Basically the SCOAN’s naughty corner.

  14. Pharisees and Sadducees were the group that orchestrated the brutal killing of our Lord. These are people who quoted scriptures all day long and appeared holy. Just as it will soon be revealed that a group of so called pastors who preach the word everyday were part of the group that orchestrated the demolishing of the SCOAN building. I’m highlighting this to alert our brothers and sisters not to be deceived by this group calling themselves “tbjoshuawatch”. Remember their father of lies, the old serpent and murderer quoted scriptures when he tempted our Lord. They are all working for the same cause i.e. to deceive and murder God’s people. Therefore watch and pray, their judgement is coming soon. He is a God of vengeance and His judgements are just and righteous.

    • @Sid, you are hallucinating.
      If anyone was murdered here, it is the 116 people who died due to the illegality, negligence and arrogance of TBJ. Facts are facts and the Truth is the Truth, and don’t even dare to compare the Lord Jesus the Christ with TBJ or anyone else for that matter.
      And from someone who was deceived for a good 9 years by SCOAN, I tell you that YOU are the one being deceived here. And wanting to promote this cycle of deception furthermore.
      And indeed you should pray.
      Pray that the Lord is Merciful and that His Judgement lingers a little more for the sake of salvation for many as stated in 2nd Peter chapter 3, for when it knocks on your door, you won’t like the side you are on.
      Oh….and your kicking and shouting is not going to stop, by any means, the FULL TRUTH of the Holy Gospel of Jesus Christ from being spoken and heard.

      • You were deceived for 9 years into what exactly? You people are so used to lying you are even believing your own lies. It is not a surprise though because your father is liar and has always been from the beginning. I can assure that you will never defeat the truth. Jesus is the way, the TRUTH and the life. If you can defeat the TRUTH then it means you can defeat Him, mission impossible!

    • Interesting comment there @sid! And how are you privy to yet-to-be-revealed information that “a group of so called pastors who preach the word everyday were part of the group that orchestrated the demolishing of the SCOAN building”? Even SCOAN themselves don’t know this yet! Or do you also see the future like your “prophet”? Is this the next conspiracy theory to be released? And how would it be proven?

  15. Giles,
    What? I suspected this. TB Joshua is an agent of satan. There is no doubt about that anymore. I cannot wait for the Lord to act in saving, healing and delivering the disciples in mass from that slave driver and for him to drawn in the sea.
    That day I will also sing the song of Moses!

  16. @Sid, I was deceived into believing at SCOAN ATHENS, in FULL knowledge of TBJ as the branch was officially stated on the SCOAN website and videos on You Tube are still circulating, that I was following holiness in the Name of Jesus Christ, whereas lies, manipulation, the perverted use of the Word for sexual abuse and heresy concerning the role of the Holy Spirit in the life of a Christian, were my and others’ portion. Not to mention the unbiblical “anointed” items when the only ones who are anointed in the New Testament are we, the children of God and not lifeless objects. Really, I have stated facts in my post in June and from then on I have spoken many times concerning the deception. And it isn’t over yet. Others are going to follow shortly.
    By the way, I was a disciple and worker there, were you?
    @Jesse, thank you for drawing my attention to Myles Monro. I just saw the video of how he preached on not preaching Jesus, the Blood and the Cross. Unbelievable!!!! Indeed I believe that God has had enough with these false prophets and is most definitely closing in for the sake of His people.

  17. If my Prophet is using demonic power, why you prophets ,Pastors,Evangelist and Apostles who are claiming that your are called by God cant deliver him then.Bishops and Pops,priests of so called the early church, if you are called by God why cant you deliver my Prophet.. God will judge all of us for speaking against His anointed servant.

    • my brother or sister, that is same question i am asking al of them an no one can give me and answer, if they say he is using demonic powrs and they Themselves claim to be real men of God, then they should just go to the scoan church which is very wide open for everyone on sundays and then pray and deliver him when he comes out to preach, why are they just sitting down talking nonsense, this alone is a proof that TBJ IS A REAL MAN OF GOD. EMMANUEL.

      • So why can your ‘prophet’ not deliver us. Distance is not a barrier for him, remember! We are not claiming to be anything, but your prophet claims to be ‘a man of God’?? You are twisting things again, just like your leader.

      • Unfortunately, TBJ wants his demons, so he gets to keep them. Like I said earlier, even God doesn’t force people against their will!

      • Evan, someone has to want to be delivered of a demon to be delivered. No-one can deliver TBJ by force against his will. If anyone went to SCOAN to try to deliver him of the demons in him, they would not be successful and would only succeed in making a scene, just like TBJ does.

  18. @ Jeremiah
    I’m not surprise at all that most of you are ex-disciples, Jesus was betrayed by one of His. I have observed this so many times, it’s becoming a norm. One goes to an environment with certain expectations and as soon as those are not met, they quit and start a campaign to discredit the organisation. Why don’t you leave in peace and continue with your spiritual journey if you are a true believer? Or better still start your own church and preach the true gospel seeing you are now well educated in false teachings and prophecies?

    • @ Sid,

      Judas was not an ex disciple. He went because Jesus told him to do what he had to do and then AFTER that Satan entered him. He was there until the last minute before Jesus’ betrayal. So I don’t see the connection.

      Perhaps you want us to commit suicide now ? Hang from a tree perhaps ? And throw our silver money on the fields which we did not get.

      The inventions that you always come up with is astounding. Also I was not a disciple of him either. So what are you on about ?

      Let’s talk about his disciples right, have you noticed that none of them are doing much. Just talking in a microphone, handling a camera, having a bottle of “anointed water” and sort of doing the deliverance silliness. They are there for what ? 12-14 years ? How long does it take to become one that can operate on their own ? Start their own ministry and reproduce themselves ? Is that not weird ? Why is it that TB Joshua makes disciples that are attached to him all the time, while Jesus made disciples to GO OUT and proclaim the Gospel and do what Jesus did.

      Most of the disciples don’t do what Jesus did at all, so what are you talking about ? You hear about going on an errand, or a assignment but that is it.

      You should ask yourself why they are not deployed on their own ? John Chi left, he was disciple, Oh wait he was a “Don’t tempt Satan to tempt you” kinda guy but still left. Does your assertion also apply to him or is it because he does the same silliness as his predecessor ? Because I don’t see the difference. Everything is deliverance, deliverance, everything is Satan’s fault, nothing to do with their own choices and mistakes is it now ? It’s so lovely and brazen to blame everything on demons, evil spirits, Satan and so forth. Why is there never any responsibility for the person in question ? It’s always the Devil made me do it. I am telling you even if you remove the Devil from this earth and all his demons and fallen angels, they still would blame something else except their own will they did when it went all wrong.

      • @ Sid,

        Here is the thing to consider. Examples. When you drink your first alcoholic drink was it you took it or the Devil ? When you first went to the prostitutes, was you or the Devil ? When you started to use drugs, was it you or the Devil ? When you jumped off sky scraper without parachute, was it you or the Devil ? When you look at pornography on the internet was it you or the Devil ? When you got into a brawl in a bar, was it you or the Devil ? When you dabbled in the occult was it you or the Devil ? When you practice charismatic witchcraft curses was it you or the Devil ? When you drive over the speed limit, was it you or the Devil ?

        Go on, tell me who was it ? Ever heard about Obedience is better than sacrifice ? Is the rebellion of people themselves not responsible of what is going on with them ? How many choices are you facing every day ? Which one is the right one ? Taking a married woman to the Hotel and have fun there, who’s choice is it ? Stealing ? Killing ? Murdering ?

        Now let’s look at the Scriptures right: John 10:10 The thief cometh not, but for to steal , and to kill , and to destroy : I am come that they might have life, and that they might have it more abundantly.

        Two CHOICES there. They came and did not force you to do what they wanted you to do. It’s your choice, your will, your application of it. You can always have a choice. Eve had a choice, Adam had a choice, Saul had a choice, Solomon had a choice, Judas had a choice, Peter had a choice, Paul had a choice, and we HAVE a choice. The Devil cannot let you do anything unless you make that choice to do it.

        Matthew 26:41 Watch and pray, that ye enter not into temptation: the spirit indeed is willing, but the flesh is weak.

        Is it not your eye (s) that is the gateway to your soul ? Your hands that make that choice ? Your feet that run innocent bloodshed ?

        Isaiah 59:7 Their feet run to evil, and they make haste to shed innocent blood: their thoughts are thoughts of iniquity; wasting and destruction are in their paths.

        Who are we kidding ? Why not take responsibility for your actions ? Why blame everything on demons while you can make them unemployed with the right choices. Then they come to TB Joshua SCOAN get their so called “deliverance” and run back and do the same thing again and are still in the same cycle. Or even just come and go and get deliverance go home and still have demons or even more. It just does not add up.

        What is clear of all TB Joshua proponents is that they all make somehow their bop out of it and that is why they keep pushing the envelope. In the trend of “you need deliverance, Eh, you need deliverance, Oh, you need deliverance, Ah, you need deliverance” and then you visit them at home and ask the question “How is everything ?” Well fine, but I just got a heart attack, a pain in my knee, or a son that died, or still sitting in my wheel chair. Yet Hurray, TB Joshua, TB Joshua, TB Johua, pictures on the wall, anointed water, bracelet, and whatever they have. And then you see the heathen when you visit them, they have exactly the same, breakthrough in this, job change that, finance raise here, new car there, new necklace so, new house over there. Some of them are total Atheist or Humanist. They have no connection to anything remotely TB Joshua but get the same type of reward. So what are you on about ? Since you are so “speshul”, let’s hear it from the horse’s mouth of your side then.

        Is it not time to refuse to tiptoe around people who claim respect, consideration, special treatment, on the grounds that they have a connection with TB Joshua ? As if having that connection with him is a privilege or endowing virtue as it were noble to believe all you say in unsupported claims and superstitions. Yes or no ?

    • @SID, TELL ALL OF THEM, TELL OF ALL THE SHAMELESS EX-DISCPLES OF SCOAN, WHO WENT THERE FOR THERE OWN PERSON GAIN, WHICH THEY DID NOT ACCOMPLISH, SHAME TO AL OF THEM STARTING FROM THE NO 1 PERSON @tbjoshuawatch no 2 @ jesse, no3 @ just wonder no 4 @ mr terrfici and so on, this are buunch of hopless and jobless people talking nonsense about a Man of God, Gods wrath will come upon all then, as it has already started with thim on this blog, as they cannot sleep or stay a second without thinking of TB JOSHUA, this is to show the madness that has started on them, everyday there are here , i wonder if they have a job at all.

    • Well….let’s see now….if you call expectations that the leaders of the church you belong to, are to set an example with their lives and teachings in terms of pursuing holiness, the Truth and a sound Gospel doctrine, then I guess you are right. My expectations weren’t met. 😊

    • And @Sid there is no “my own church” to start. Don’t you know that the church belongs to God and it has already “started” for over 2000 years now? Its Founder, Head and Cornerstone is JESUS CHRIST.
      As for preaching the true Gospel, don’t worry, I am already doing that.
      As a born again, Spirit filled, child of God I can do nothing but that.

  19. White garment churches aka ‘Prayer Houses’ are simply pseudo-christian groups which in actual fact are African Traditional Religious practitioners or practices(juju,voodoo,spiritism,idolatry, fetishism) all wrapped up and sprinkled over with bits and pieces of christian emblemage.Nothing truly christian about them save from the emblems and symbolisms here and there.Classic examples of wolves-in-sheep’s-clothing. Different tribal groupings in Nigeria have their own varying versions of these type of occult houses which should never be called ‘churches’ in the real sense of the word. They are entirely demonic movements…and there’s a whole spectrum…ranging from those that are only lightly obvious in their fetishistic practises to those that are blatant occultists still wearing white,and then red atimes,and even black atimes. Some of them bear names that tend to flatter and cover their wickedness like ‘Celestial Church of Christ’ whilst some others like the one in my hometown with branches in Lagos bear strongly ominous names.The one in my tribal hometown is named ‘Three Cross Society’. In my own opinion the two most ‘successful’ ones have been ‘Celestial Church of Christ’ and ‘Cherubim & Seraphim’.Both have a steady catalogue of scandals involving their leaders,always giving off one or the other to the media every so often.They are never in short supply of cases of sexual scandals especially.I’m not surprised Mr Joshua is being linked with movements such as these.They generally all have this system where they claim to be able to communicate with the spirits behind people’s problems.And I can confirm they really truly do make contact with spirits.They claim this to be the ‘spirits’ of God. I don’t know if they are trying here to say The Holy Spirit…but no,they mean ‘spirits’ ,so in my arguments with these folks I have often told them those cannot be the Holy Spirit as the Holy Spirit is one and the same singular Spirit of God.They also do tell of communications with spirits of the dead,communication with spirit husbands/wives,Ogbanjes,python spirits,spirit of death and all-what-nots….Pls note these are not my terms .I try to use their terms in explaining for now.This all the same old devil and his same team of fallen angels who must all bow at the mention of the name of Jesus.

  20. White garment churches are simply pseudo-christian groups that are in actual fact African Traditional Religion of voodoo,juju,fetish,occultic and sorcery practises all more mixed up and wrapped up with a sprinkling of christian emblem age and symbolism. I did a long write on my previous comment,I don’t know why it failed to send.I’ll retry in a bit.

  21. There’s a whole spectrum of these kinds of groups,which we call here ‘white garment churches’ or prayer houses’.Nothing truly christian about those places. Some are actually more blatant in their fetishistic practises ,others try to cover up their wickedness by being less pronounced with their fetish practises,but they are all the same…houses of demons with a steady catalogue of sex scandals involving their leaders. No surprise Mr Joshua is being linked to them.But why does he not state his involvement with such a group in his biography if indeed he used to be one. What is TB hiding? I hear too he has Islamic past as well. Not surprising at all. A lot of Muslims here in Nigeria are readily fetishistic as well.They gat no qualms with charms,amulets,spiritism and all that kind of stuff

  22. @SID, TELL ALL OF THEM, TELL OF ALL THE SHAMELESS EX-DISCPLES OF SCOAN, WHO WENT THERE FOR THERE OWN PERSON GAIN, WHICH THEY DID NOT ACCOMPLISH, SHAME TO AL OF THEM STARTING FROM THE NO 1 PERSON @tbjoshuawatch no 2 @ jesse, no3 @ just wonder no 4 @ mr terrfici and so on, this are buunch of hopless and jobless people talking nonsense about a Man of God, Gods wrath will come upon all then, as it has already started with thim on this blog, as they cannot sleep or stay a second without thinking of TB JOSHUA, this is to show the madness that has started on them, everyday there are here , i wonder if they have a job at all.

  23. evan, now you’re not only being a hothead but also being a dumb ass. I only advised you to get out off that sinking ship called scoan bcoz I see potential in you for a brighter future. if after all these proofs on tbjwatch blog you still are not satisfied, then adios. one thing you must know, tbj is not gonna want to go down alone. go Google up about Marshall Applewhite of heaven’s gate cult. a word is enough for the wise!!!

    • @daemondada, you are 100% possessed, and you need deliverance, dont worry , all of you on this blog, talking negative things againt Prophet Tb Joshua, just one day the spirit of God will lead you all to scoan and you guys will get your deliverance, there, i mean Prphet TBJ will deliver you people in JESUS NAME , AMEN.

      • @ Evan,

        I have been there for so called deliverance and so called healing and when I came home, I felt so depressed that I asked myself where that came from, because I never had that in the first place. What I did experience was that I was spiritually raped. Up till today I have no advantage from it what so ever. Because everybody says I am the same as I always was. This includes that he was incapable to speak any word of knowledge over me while other prophets that I have encountered could and did.

        Plus you think that what happens at SCOAN is a validation of deliverance. It’s all in the head. Between your ears of what you believe. And I think the fake interrogatory deliverances at SCOAN suck. Go ask that guy who lost his fish or that guy that claims Satan lives in hell and has a basecamp on Mercury. Maybe he works at NASA and love to tell us lies and is a secret service man that has access to Area 51 in the U.S. and that there are Greys and Reptilians that shapeshift and have a Hollywood contract and are actors in V.

        You are obsessed with deliverance. Behind every tree, door, car, train, plane, you see demons and evil spirits.

  24. @Jeremiah @Tbjfansuk I know that people tend to move on to the latest post and might not always realize that there are some questions added on the previous post (especially when the comments becomes quite a lot to sift through). @Jeremiah I have a question for you on the previous post, right at the bottom. @Tbjfansuk I replied to your response when mentioned that you have 5+ moderators with the same login details posting as tbjfansuk. Many thanks. Have a great day everyone 🙂

      • @Jeremiah @Tbjoshuawatch Thanks, Jeremiah. @tbjoshuawatch. Any idea why Jeremia’s reply to me did not get posted? I asked him about the reasons for the closure of SCOAN Cape Town branch. He mentioned he answered my question but it did not appear. Many thanks.

  25. First of all, correct me if I am wrong but I heard tb joshua mentioning of “misfortune to happen to those who gossip around deaths and his practices”, are you not afraid of such to happen to you? More than that, how do you get joshua’s information before everyone? When I read you, you seem to be decent and not reckless, but why can’t you just be scared of a prophet?

    • @Elgy: your comment sounds sincere,not like others who come here insulting, so I would attempt to reason with you. As stated before, I happen to know someone who knew him before all of this “church” business of his started, so I know a little about his beginnings to know that he’s a fake prophet just in it for the money and fame (I’m sorry, but this fellow confirmed it time and again to me,too bad it’s true.Just open your mind for a moment to me,though you may not believe it)

      And now, it’s been confirmed that he started out as a white garment church pastor (incase you missed it,read again these links: and this one, classifying celestial church as white garment: See all the information on this TBJW page about “white garment churches”. Pay special attention to the first link,then see that in my comment I talked about him (as a genuine preacher??) saying things like “Jesus was bold before Satan to tell him ‘I am Jesus Christ’ “, when Satan came to ask who He was (and he was apparently quoting scripture while saying this!). Now, some things are forgivable as mistakes; this is not one of them! A real preacher cannot commit such a blunder!

      Not just that, but he claimed in the magazine I read, that he was born again right from his mother’s womb!Now others have read this interview also, a google search would reveal that. I also hope to get another copy of this magazine as proof.

      He also said in the interview that I read that he had no idea when he performed his first miracle (yet Jesus knew His, according to scripture i quoted earlier), and he doesnt know whenever he does perform miracles (yet “The spirits of prophets are subject to the control of prophets” according to scripture, New Living Translation).

      Be honest and VERY REASONABLE with me for a while. Be extremely honest with yourself… what do you make of all this information?
      You say we “seem to be decent and not reckless”. Would it be far-fetched, that people who appear this way to you, and back up things they say with various proofs and sources are indeed right after all? I write this because I am genuinely concerned.. please open up your mind!

    • @ Elgy,

      If he was a real prophet like Elisha, how many “bear(s) out of the bushes” opportunities of many moons now have past by.

      How come we are all doing fine and just getting on with life and that God has blessed us with all kinds of things so far ?

      Africans and some others are full of superstition and believe if you tell something “wrong” in their heads, everyone must drop dead, have bad experiences. Even JESUS shows He is totally against that when his disciples want Him to call Fire upon His enemies.

      What you don’t get is that we are against the practices how TB Joshua and SCOAN behave. We have said that all along, but we can’t help it if you don’t agree with us. It’s very simple. Change, repent, do away with the fake, restructure, stop lying, inculcating, brainwashing, stop threatening and so forth and we will back off, it’s as simple as that. Pity that none of you can get that. But can you convince someone who goes by their own invented moral and immoral compass and compromise bad things and pass it off as you like to see it for yourself ?

    • So why is TB Joshua cursing people to have misfortune befall them simply because they criticise him. I actually watched one of the clips where he said people should not annoy his spirit or upset his spirit or something like that. He sounded like he was threatening them with an ability of his to be able to retaliate on them by projecting misfortune against them by his spirit. Could it be TB Joshua is even a wizard, cause I know it’s witches and wizards and occultic people that claim the ability to astral-project and to afflict people by projecting forces from their spirit and all that kind of stuff. Why wild TB even mistakenly make such a statement. Does TB practise witchcraft? Sorcery? What happened to Jesus teachings that says to bless those who curse you

      • Well he is warning them as a servants of God not to bad talk him. Talking bad things about a servant of god is not acceptable in the spiritual realm. Mariam had Leprosy because she was talking Bad about Moses (the servant of God).

  26. Elgy,

    We are scared of a prophet and respects the God of the Bible’s prophets, but we are not scared of a false prophet, like TB Joshua.

    …”when a prophet speaks in the name of the LORD, if the word does not come to pass or come true, that is a word that the LORD has not spoken; the prophet has spoken it presumptuously.


      • @peace & love: No sir! I am not judging anyone. Far be it from me to judge anyone, as there is only one judge, God Almighty! However, it is this God Almighty’s Word that I am bound to follow, with fear and trembling:

        “Have nothing to do with the fruitless deeds of darkness, but rather expose them” (Ephesians 5:11) and

        “These are the words of him who holds the seven stars in his right hand and walks among the seven golden lampstands. I know your deeds, your hard work and your perseverance. I know that you cannot tolerate wicked people, that you have tested those who claim to be apostles but are not, and have found them false. You have persevered and have endured hardships for my name, and have not grown weary.” (Revelations 2:1-3)

        I am bound to this Righteous Judge’s Word, to do His bidding. As a result, I have to expose false prohets and their works, just like He commanded in His Word!

      • Peace & Love
        For one: Our concern is that TB Joshua is running a cult and keeping his disciples in his church like prisoners. They are not allowed to rest or read other books or make contact with anyone outside that place unless tbj gives permission. He is using and abusing them. They are not allowed to think for themselves. He uses them to build his own empire and drops them just like that if he has no use for them anymore.
        For two: He is giving false ‘copy and pasted’ prophecies out as true. See proof on this blog.
        For three: He is teaching false doctrines etc. etc……….
        Further: Read the other testimonies on this blog……………………
        Then you will know the reasons why!

  27. And we are not judging him, but discerning him, according to the Bible, as the bible commands us to do.

  28. Then leave that to Almighty himself ! I see much emotions that at all cost we have to get at him and expose him…. Its not us but GOD himself and we dont need to come up with videos or anything as if he is not a real Prophet the world will see… WE dont nid to make loud noise or campaign against him as we are doing ….. time s good judgement …the world nid peace and love for it to be a better place to live in…..

    • you say time is a good judgement. well, unfortunately, time is what the 116 victims of this unnecessary tragedy no longer have. perhaps if only they had paid attention to the warnings of tbjwatch blog, they might have decided not to travel to scoan and might have still been alive today. start being realistic.

      • Leave that to God … you are too emotional … and an emotional person does not make a sound judgement !

    • We are the endtime elect sons & daughters of God whose endtime duty is to ensure that the “devouring antichrist” will not deceive the true children of God into infernal eternal damnation using his human agents a.k.a false prophets as forewarned in the Bible prophecies…

      We are our christian brother’s keeper and the watchmen of the body of Christ…so we must do this!

      Copy that?

      Plus…would you not warn your loved ones, blood brother, sister, friends or neighbors from the danger of boarding a plane you had a divine foreknowledge about its being doomed to crash into the ocean and killing all passengers on board shortly after taking off?
      I know you would! Well, that’s why we do this!

      We “know” from Bible doctrine & prophecies that such endtime preachers, churches and ministries are false and doomed to crash into the eternal lake of fire…shortly after Christ’s Second Coming

      So we warn others like “you” not to follow them into perdition because of the love of God and of Christ which constrains us not to do otherwise…even though they tend to hate, threaten and attack us at times….we still persist

      C’est la vie…that’s the “stressful” life we sometimes must live as true believers…

      But for these false prophets…there is no love lost between us and them…know why?

      They like the devils who are our sworn enemies of our souls and are certainly the enemies of the cross and salvation of Christ and therefore are scripturally categorized as the sons of Esau with a seared & sold out conscience to satan when they knowingly and willfully crossed the proverbial Rubicon and burned the bridge behind them by sinning the unforgivable sin against the Holy Ghost by coming into the church disguised as wolves in sheep clothing to mislead the saved sinners back to hell; whom the Word of the Lord has pre-judged and condemned to eternal destruction; therefore they can no longer find a place of repentance before a wrathful and vengeful God even if they wanted to by all means…

      (Hebrews 12:17…Lest there be any fornicator, or profane person, as Esau, who for one morsel of meat sold his birthright.
      For ye know how that afterward, when he would have inherited the blessing, he was “rejected”: for he found no place of repentance, though he sought it carefully with tears…)

      (Phillipians 3:18-19…For many walk, of whom I have told you often, and now tell you even weeping, that they are the “enemies” of the cross of Christ: Whose end is [etternal] destruction, whose God is their belly, and whose glory is in their shame, who mind earthly things.)

      (2 Peter 2:1-3…But there were false prophets also among the people, even as there shall be false teachers among you, who privily shall bring in damnable heresies, even denying the Lord that bought them, and bring upon themselves “swift destruction”. And many [believrs] shall follow their pernicious ways; by reason of whom the way of truth shall be evil spoken of. And through covetousness shall they with feigned words make merchandise of [scam] you: whose [pre] judgment now of a long time lingereth not, and their damnation slumbereth not…)

      Search and see…no labelled false prophet or prophetess ever repented in the Bible from Genesis to Revelation, though all manner of chronic sinners did repent be they prostitutes, robbers, publicans, satanists, even a Pharisee and mass murderer like Paul…but no false prophet did even at the point of death like when Elijah slew the prophets of baal and Jehu the Destroyer slew Jezebel and her false prophets…

      Hope you can see our scriptural point that we “endtime elects” are the custodians of truth of the gospel of Christ and we must defend it…we can’t help ourselves!

      Besides we are not judging a thief when we call him a thief because he stole; we are only identifying and exposing him for who he is…it is the magistrate that finally tries and “judges” him per se when he is sentenced to prison for stealing…Similarly when we say so and so is a false prophet because of his unscriptural doctrines and practises we have not judged him at all but only identified and exposed him for who he is…it is the Almighty that tries and judges the false prophet when he is finally condemned to hell fire…

      So if I say a false prophet or sinner must go to hell..I have judged him as if I am God and that is a sin…but if I say that so and so sinner should repent or will perish in hell on the day of judgment I have preached to so and so…

      That is why we only say that such charlatans are as fake and phoney as a two dollar bill…but do not say that they must go to hell…only the Word of God can pass such judgment on them as shown in the scriptures above because the Word is God!

      I Rest My Case!

    • @ Peace and Love,

      No the Bible says appoint righteous Judges to judge matters.

      Also the Bible says we must bring these matters to the least esteemed in the church and let them judge. Since we are the least esteemed in your eyes, by this we judge the matters as Bereans as it was and suppose to be.

      No one is without correction.

  29. Elgy please help me beg tbj to hasten and come and meet me in the spiritual, mental, physical or whatever plane that he chooses so that I can teach him personally to stop using people as toys. thank you.

      • The element of surprise is no longer there so I will not venture to operate behind enemy lines. tell your commander to meet me at ANY neutral ground of his choosing. come along as well brave one.

      • @ Elgy,

        We came to meet him and sit with him, we came away with nothing. Besides me with deep depression. I really liked that, NOT ! You can tell him that. And that his “Distance is not a barrier” does not work. Just like Kimmy Skota said “Distance is not a barrier”

        YET STILL SHE HAD TO COME FROM THE NETHERLANDS TO BIRMINGHAM TO GET DELIVERANCE. How rediculous from her to say this. Why could she not stay home if she believed that ? As if God is not omnipresent, omniscient, omnipotent ? The pretend she was suffering from something while she was travelling all over the world with Andre Rieu and have a successful carreer already. Which shows there was nothing wrong with her.

      • Kwa kwa kwa, so you are nothing of what you call yourself than just a coward trying to impress people only, chineke ooo

  30. Just an update on TB Joshua and Boko Haram:

    And TB Joshua said in 2011 not to worry about Boko Haram?

    TB JOSHUA Prophecy On Boko Haram Chibok Girls All Coming Back Home Alive

    • @ stupid just wonder, there is noting wrong with this, at all, he said they are coming back home and they will surely cme abck, that is prophesy , even the bible prophsised of the second coming back of Jesus, so prohecies could take sometime to come to passs, so keep watching you will surely see them return, why you always fiing fault when you know that all TBJ Prohecies do come to pass 100%

      • @ Evan,

        Yes and tomorrow it will rain. That also is comming to pass 100%.

        Abubakur Shekau said, they are not coming back, they are sold off in marriage. What do you not understand. And since you say they are coming back, please give us date, time and place. Otherwise just shut up and comply you are wrong and your false private prophet. The same we can say about the MH370 will be found one day. But TB Joshua said a wing, debris any moment from now. That “any moment from now” is now 8 Months later and still nothing. So yeah, false private prophet, will you comply your defeat and your stubborn denial ?

  31. Nigerian Militants Seize Kidnapped Schoolgirls’ Hometown Chibok

    Boko Haram took over the town after a battle with Nigerian forces and vigilantes yesterday (14 November 2014), Ayouba Pogu, a community spokesman, said by phone from Maiduguri, the Borno state capital. Pogu received the news from residents who fled Chibok after communications were cut as the militants probably destroyed phone masts in the town, he said.
    The Chibok abductions by Boko Haram, whose name roughly translates to “Western education is a sin” in the Hausa language, drew international condemnation. The group has killed more than 13,000 since 2009 in its campaign to install Islamic rule in Africa’s largest economy, President Goodluck Jonathan said in September.

    • @ Just Wonder,

      Evan is paid/determined to annoy us and/or lives in La la land. Perhaps the brain synapses are short circuited and irreparable damaged like the grooves of a broken record.

      • @ Evan,

        Quote of 4 Hours ago.

        Abubakar Shekau, Boko Haram leader, claims to have carried out his promise to marry off the teenagers still being held and said that they had all converted to Islam.

        More than six months on, talks aimed at securing their release are at an impasse, despite government claims last month to have brokered a ceasefire deal with the fighters and peace talks.

        On Friday evening, a suicide bombing at a petrol station in the northern city of Kano killed at least three police officers and two civilians, police officials said.

        What do you not understand ! Hope not fulfilled makes the heart sick as well your brain. Nobody says here that the Chibok girls should not be released, but you must admit that you are in love with the false private prophet and that it is proven with facts and articles that he was wrong simply because he thought he could do a general prophesy about Boko Haram and that his spies were giving the wrong information and went with that. How he got the lid on his nose because he was churning out prophesies by the shed load. And that the “anointing water” is a scam. It does not work on Boko Haram, nor on Ebola.

        I know when it works. When they have found a cure for Ebola then we see a shed load of “anointing water” send and scam people that it “works”. The projection I know is in December 2014. If there is any righteousness in David Cameron, which I doubt, he better keeps the borders tight and closed for ebola patients to come to The United Kingdom as well secret loads of fake “anointed water” around that time and after and monitors all SCOANS scam movements in the United Kingdom.

  32. @peace and love: I love the way you are throwing around this “emotion” thing, very clever. When you reply, i need the answers to these questions; be sure to anwer them before anything else, do not dodge them.

    Now suppose you see your child standing at the edge of a very deep pit or well or somthing, and you know if he falls he will die.. What would you do? Would you try to save him? When you do that,would you have any emotion at all?(correct me,but i guess thats why we are human??). If you do have emotions while saving him,does that make it wrong? (4 questions at this point).

    Now imagine a girl who has just been raped. When she goes to the police to report, do you expect her to have any emotions at all? Suppose she does have emotions,does this discredit her testimony as “one who has emotions hence cannot make sound judgement”? Answer me if you will!

    Imagine if you knew that a drink had poison in it,and a loved one wanted to drink it.. Would you try to stop him? Would that be bad judgement,simply because you had emotions? Please answer!

    While I wait, I will attempt to help you out (yet be sure to give your own answers though!)
    When you see your son in danger and with emotions try to save him,it is not bad judgement, because your judgement (or more correctly “discernment”, a word I would use more often now, because you would later say “you see,you are judging! Judge not!”) that someone will die if he fell into a deep pit or well, came BEFORE you saw your son there, hence is not based on some emotion. The emotion came afterwards!

    Also the girl who was raped,if she actually saw the person who did it,or if she personally knew him before the incident,would give correct testimony about the rapist,because the knowledge of who he is came BEFORE he raped her,hence is unaffected by the emotions that come thereafter. She only acts later due to emotions, but her testimony is based on knowledge she had BEFORE the emotions came.

    Now the loved one who is about to drink poison.. You knew BEFORE this person went near it that it had poison. You act in emotion pleading and reasoning with him not to take it and die, but that action is based on knowledge you had BEFORE the emotions came!

    You see, we all started out with open minds, believing TBJ may be a real prophet, I repeat, WE ALL! Ofcourse we had no “emotions” then. Then we discovered was a fake prophet.,. It was this KNOWLEDGE THAT WE HAD THAT PRODUCED THE EMOTIONS YOU NOW “SEE”!

    Does that make our knowledge invalid? No,because we had perfectly clear and open minds when we discovered all this, and that knowledge is what produced all the “emotions”!

    Try warning someone of death without emotions at all, then I would listen to you..

    Besides, like I earlier said, we do have command from God’s word to expose false prophets, and are commended for doing so (see scripture I quoted earlier ). It is this command from God we have to obey, “emotions” or not! Because we walk by faith not by sight, and certainly not by “emotions”! We must obey God, whether we feel like or not, no need to consider our “emotions”

    Okay, bring me some more of your “emotions” stuff.. I eagerly wait your reply!

  33. Besides peace & love, I guess the more correct thing would be to look beyond emotions of anyone, and examine the facts they are bringing. Suppose you can see that their facts are valid, would you ignore them simply because the people bringing valid information “had too much emotion”?
    I eagerly await you response to my questions!

  34. @peace & love: I can see that you have been to this page since my previous comment, as evidenced by your comment above. Why haven’t you replied mine? Could it be that you have no reply to give??

    • hahahaha, why do you think I’ve been calling these scoanite folks a bunch of cowards all this while? you honestly believed they were gonna answer your simple, direct questions and show themselves up for the illogical minds that they truly are?of course they just can’t see the forest for the trees!!! my advice, just drop whatever info or evidence you have for them here for their perusal and be on your jolly good way. these folks line of reasoning as well as directional path is diametrically opposed to that of the logical world. shalom.

    • hahahaha, why do you think I’ve been calling these scoanite folks a bunch of cowards all this while? you honestly believed they were gonna answer your simple, clear and direct questions and show themselves up for the illogical minds that they truly are?of course they just can’t see the forest for the trees!!! my advice, just drop whatever info or evidence you have for them here for their perusal and be on your jolly good way. these folks line of reasoning as well as directional path is diametrically opposed to that of the logical world. shalom.

  35. I Greet You,

    Now here is what the infallible scriptures says about “white garment” worshippers & churches…

    Its origin dates back to the days of the wicked Queen Jezebel and the worship of baal which she introduced into Israel when Jehu the “Destroyer of Baal” was anointed by God to wipe out the evil house of King Ahab (Jezebel’s husband); which he zealously accomplished; he set about to also wipe out the prophets, worshippers and house of baal from Israel. So note that in those days baal worshippers (white garment worshippers) used to wear special “vestments” or white garments before entering into the house of baal to worship.

    (2 Kings 10:20-28…And Jehu said, Proclaim a solemn assembly for Baal. And they proclaimed it. And Jehu sent through all Israel: and all the worshippers of Baal came, so that there was not a man left that came not. And they came into the house of Baal; and the house of Baal was full from one end to another. And he said unto him that was over the vestry, Bring forth vestments for all the worshippers of Baal. And he brought them forth vestments [white garments]. And Jehu went, and Jehonadab the son of Rechab, into the house of Baal, and said unto the worshippers of Baal, Search, and look that there be here with you none of the servants of the LORD, but the worshippers of Baal only. And when they went in to offer sacrifices and burnt offerings, Jehu appointed fourscore men without, and said, If any of the men whom I have brought into your hands escape, he that letteth him go, his life shall be for the life of him. And it came to pass, as soon as he had made an end of offering the burnt offering, that Jehu said to the guard and to the captains, Go in, and slay them; let none come forth. And they smote them with the edge of the sword; and the guard and the captains cast them out, and went to the city of the house of Baal. And they brought forth the images out of the house of Baal, and burned them. And they brake down the image of Baal, and brake down the house of Baal, and made it a draught house unto this day. Thus Jehu “destroyed” Baal out of Israel…)

    This is the Biblical and prophetic ministry of “Jehu the Destroyer of Baal” that we “endtime elects” are called upon to do by boldly and fearlessly exposing the prophets and practice of Baal in order to destroy “Baal the antichrist” from the Body of Christ before His return to rapture His pure, unblemished and holy saints!

    Read all about the fiery and zealous Jehu the Destroyer in 2 Kings 9 & 10 to understand this ministry better…

    The spiritual “secret” behind white garment worshippers is the “fallen” angelic cherub called Lucifer who is deceiving them to be using the “angelic dress code” of heaven which is “Fine White Linen” for Jesus Christ, His holy angels and His glorious saints in heaven; while they are still here on earth against the commandment of God.

    (Revelation 1:13… And in the midst of the seven candlesticks one like unto the Son of man, clothed with a [white] garment down to the foot, and girt about the paps with a golden girdle…)

    (Revelation 4:4… And round about the throne [temple of God] were four and twenty seats: and upon the seats I saw four and twenty elders [saints] sitting, clothed in white raiment [garment]; and they had on their heads crowns of gold…)

    (Revelation 19:13-14… And he was clothed with a vesture dipped in blood: and his name is called The Word of God. And the armies [angels] which were in heaven followed him upon white horses, clothed in fine linen, white and clean [white garment]…)

    For this reason the Lord has passed a judgment against all such unscriptural and strange apparel or white garment wearing worshippers and false prophets in the church of God as they do such unto Baal a.k.a Satan

    (Zephaniah 1:7-8… Hold thy peace at the presence of the Lord GOD: for the day of the LORD is at hand: for the LORD hath prepared a sacrifice, he hath bid his guests. And it shall come to pass in the day of the LORD’S sacrifice, that I will punish the princes, and the king’s children, and all such [worshippers] as are clothed with strange apparel [white garment]…)

    (Zechariah 13:2-4…I will cause the [false] prophets and the unclean spirit to pass out of the land. And it shall come to pass, that when any shall yet prophesy, then his father and his mother that begat him shall say unto him, Thou shalt not live; for thou speakest lies in the name of the LORD: and his father and his mother that begat him shall thrust him through when he prophesieth. And it shall come to pass in that day, that the [false] prophets shall be ashamed every one of his vision, when he hath prophesied; neither shall they wear a rough [white] garment to deceive [the saints]…)

    Note too that in this perilous endtime only the soft and simple minded saints or gullible believers can be utterly deceived into eternal destruction by these antichrist agent…quite unlike the elects or rugged, hardcore truth loving believers who can never be deceived into destruction no matter how hard they try to because these ones will naturally gravitate to the voice of the truth of God as soon as they hear it…they are simply wired with Truth!

    (Matthew 24:24…For there shall arise false Christs, and false prophets, and shall shew great signs and wonders; insomuch that, if it were possible [for them], they shall deceive the very [hardcore] elect…)

    So you see it is “impossible” for these very hardcore elects to be completely deceived by these antichrist agents…Niet in Russian! Nein in German! Non in French! Never!

    The difference here is that the simple deceived saints will refute & dispute, reject & deny the scriptural truth; while the elect will confirm & believe, accept & defend the scriptural truth as we see both sets of believers on opposite camps doing here on this site…

    (2 Timothy 4:3-4… For the time will come when they [simple saints] will not endure sound doctrine; but after their own lusts shall they heap to themselves teachers [false prophets & pastors], having itching ears; And they shall turn away their ears from [Jesus Christ] the truth, and shall be turned unto [antichrist] fables…)

    So if you as a believer deny the Jesus Christ the Truth, He too will deny you on that day…
    So if you as a believer defend Jesus Christ the Truth, He too will defend you on that day..
    So are you a simple saint or a hardcore elect? The choice is yours!

    C’est Fini,

    I Rest My Case!

    • In my bible 10 kings 20-28.
      Verses 22 : and Jehu said to the keeper of the wardrobe bring robes for all the ministers of he brought out robes for them.
      The bible did not determined the colour of the robes?why are you saying white?
      There are so many places in the bible showed us that there is nothing wrong for wearing a white garment.
      A garment being without a spot or blemish it’s show a character of righteous ,clean and pure spirit.
      There are so many scriptures in bible confirmed it:
      Rev 1:13
      Rev 3:4-5
      Rev 7:9
      Rev 15:6
      Rev 6:2. Rev 7:13-14. Rev 19:14. Rev 16:15 rev 16:5
      Ecclesiastes 9:8. John 19:23. Math.28:3 Marc 9:3. Math17:2. Esther 8:15

      • As a Bible student you do not knowingly despise or argue against the written Word of God especially when you “know” that you are in error as that is holistically unprofitable to your salvation (Proverbs 13:13… Whoso despiseth [argues against] the word shall be destroyed: but he that feareth [obeys] the commandment shall be rewarded…).

        But I want to believe that you are only trying to argue in lieu of searching out the truth like a “Berean Christian” based on the loads of scriptures you quoted as many people still see nothing wrong and un-scriptural in white garment worshipping.

        That noted, note also that Jehu made a clear distinction between the worshippers of baal who habitually wore such special vestments (whether white, red, blue or yellow colored garments as the Cherubim & Seraphim Church, Celestial Church of Christ, Aladura Church & Olumba Olumba Church worshippers in Nigeria where sad to say; they all originated from and elsewhere in the world still do till date) to worship in the house of baal; and the worshippers of Jehovah who put on their normal Sabbath or “Sunday Best” clothes or garments or vestments or coat of many colors per se to worship in the Temple of God like the rest of us contemporary Christians still do till date. Hopefully you do the same too…if not you better repent now from such crass error.

        Note too that it is only ministerial garments like that of the Priests, Levites, Singers or Choir & Temple Guards or Ushers that was scripturally recommended while the rank and file members or worshippers wore their “normal clothes” to worship in the house of God just as it still is in contemporary churches today. Need I quote scriptures for any one to see that this is the truth?

        Note again that these stereotyped colored or white garment churches a.k.a Cherubim & Seraphim Churches are doctrinally and erroneously fond of calling on the names of “certain” angels like Michael, Gabriel, Raphael & Uriel while burning candles and incense when praying. I know this not from any “he say, she say stuff” because I was once a Celestial Church of Christ member when I was a young teenager before I left them never ever to return…Selah.

        Yet the scripture vehemently warns us against “angel worshipping” a.k.a demon fellowshipping as that can cause us to lose our eternal reward or salvation (Colossians 2:18… Let no man beguile you of your reward [salvation] in a voluntary humility and worshipping of angels [a.k.a demons], intruding into those things which he hath not seen, vainly puffed up by his fleshly mind…).

        Plus minus this: you ever read or heard of any angel called Raphael or Uriel in the Holy Bible from Genesis to Revelation? Me Not!

        The cherub-angels called Gabriel and Michael I know…but definitely not these two fallen-angels called Raphael & Uriel who are certainly Satan’s topmost demonic principalities namely of the Princes of Persia & Grecia respectively as revealed in the prophetic book of:

        Daniel 10:13,20… But the [demonic] prince of the kingdom of Persia withstood me one and twenty days: but, lo, Michael, one of the chief princes [arch angels], came to help me… and now will I [Gabriel the arch angel] return to fight with the [demonic] prince of Persia: and when I am gone forth, lo, the [demonic] prince of Grecia shall come…

        So you see it is indeed wrong and unscriptural to be a colored or white garment “Christian” like those worshippers of Baal…

        Evidently as true believers, the only garment we should be wearing at all times both inside & outside the House of God is our spiritual “White Garment” of holiness & righteousness…unstained, untainted & unblemished with sin which Jesus Christ gave to us when we first got “born again” in Spirit and in Truth (Ecclesiastes 9:8…Let thy [spiritual] garments be always white; and let thy head lack no ointment [anointing]…)

        I know you will agree at least agree with this last scriptural point…Right or wrong?

        I Greet You!

        PS: for more scriptural and spiritual insight in these things kindly visit any of these links below to read Chapter 5 (Pages 523-531) of the Endtime Journal.pdf

  36. @DWS, in yet another attempt to reply to you, the answer is that no information, at least to my knowledge, has surfaced concerning the Cape Town branch closure.
    Its pastors, a couple who were disciples for years, were last seen on Emmanuel TV last year, undergoing deliverance-spirits of pornography and lust, I think- at that time when massive disciple deliverances were taking place at SCOAN. Right after that, the branch closed. Coincidental? I think not.
    The disciples also “vanished””into thin air, concerning the ministry. Mind you, as have many others….
    Given the secrecy sustained at SCOAN, I doubt if anything shall be made known. Another case well covered up, I will say.
    This is why I am glad that God led me to expose the works of darkness at SCOAN ATHENS, both factual and doctrinal. And I am confident that He will have the final say on SCOAN’s malpractices worldwide.
    Too many souls are involved and our God is a Jealous, Just and Righteous God.

    • @Jeremiah Thank you for your reply. I have seen that video – was posted on your post about the Athens Branch Closure. I know that it was said there that no reasons were given for the closure of the branch at SCOAN Cape Town branch. I was just thinking that there might have been more information by now. Now that there is no SCOAN Cape Town branch to go to in Cape Town I was just thinking where do all these people attend now? And this is why I find it strange that no one from Scoan Cape Town branch is speaking up about what happened there as clearly if SCOAN does not exist for them in Cape Town anymore, then there is no hold over them anymore.

  37. TB Joshua is warning his guests who are staying in hotels in Lagos not to worry about Boko Haram. They will not blow up a hotel.
    TB JOSHUA SPEAKS On Boko Haram, Chibok Girls, Warns Nigerian Politicians

    When his hotel collapsed, he blamed it on Boko Haram.
    T.B. Joshua Speaks On SCOAN Building Collapse
    Time : 17:38 + 22:36

  38. Repatriation of Nigeria tragedy victim’s bodies underway
    Saturday 15 November 2014 06:16

    The repatriation of the remains of the South Africans who died in the Nigerian tragedy has begun in earnest on Saturday.

    Two South African National Defence Force planes arrived in Lagos in the early hours of Saturday morning to collect the bodies of South African-based people who were killed in the September 12 building collapse.

    Eighty five South Africans were among 116 people killed when a guest house attached to TB Joshua’s church collapsed in Lagos.

    Minister in the presidency, Jeff Radebe is expected to announce the final figure to be repatriated on Saturday.

    Officials are tight lipped on the final figure following the announcement on Tuesday that only 54 of 85 bodies were positively identified by Nigerian authorities.

    However pathologists worked around the clock as they raced against time to meet Saturday’s deadline.’s-bodies-underway-20141511

  39. Where is that coward again? Sophie Mokoena on repatriation of Nigeria tragedy victim’s bodies cannot get an interview with that coward TB Joshua. Where is he? Running away again!?!? They just want him to give a message to the families. But – no – he is too much of a coward! An arrogant, important, coward at that. Even the minister of Nigeria can speak to them, but not tbj.

  40. LAGOS – Minister in the presidency Jeff Radebe says the remains of only 74 of the 85 victims of the Lagos building collapse will be brought back home.

    Briefing the media in the Nigerian capital, Radebe said 80 South African specialists are still busy trying to identify the bodies of the other victims.
    The health professionals and police officials arrived there on Friday night and were deployed to three hospitals to oversee the repatriation process.
    The medical team has urged families not to view the bodies.
    A religious service will be held at Waterkloof at 2pm on Sunday and TB Joshua, the ‘man of god’ could not!

  41. ‘Lagos victims’ bodies are rotting’

    “Out of concern for potential secondary trauma to the families as well as public health considerations, government discourages all families from viewing the mortal remains.”
    “The bodies of about 80 South Africans killed when a church building collapsed in Lagos more than three weeks ago are decomposing in inadequate Nigerian mortuaries….”

    A statement issued by the South African government on September 28 hinted at the state of the bodies: “Part of what was communicated to the families is that, due to the scale of the disaster, passage of time and climatic conditions, most of the mortal remains are not in a good state.

  42. Oh my gosh. 🙂 @tbjoshuafansuk still continuing with the plane theory causing the collapse. Please tell me @tbjfansuk what is your theory? How did the plane cause the collapse of the building if the plane did not fly into the building 9/11 style or dropped a bomb on the building? Did I miss your theory posted somewhere? I might have done. Not interested in how high the plane flew over the building, that does not really matter. I want to hear your theory on how the plane caused the collapse of the building. Also can you send me a link to where it states that the plane has now gone missing and so did the pilots as well. I have not seen this mentioned anywhere in the news.

  43. Member of Lagos repatriation team dies of malaria

    Pretoria – A department of health employee died after contracting malaria while assisting in Nigeria, Minister in the Presidency Jeff Radebe said on Sunday.
    Radebe said Pieter Fourie, who was a member of the medical team sent to Lagos for the repatriation of the church building collapse victims, died on Friday.

    • evan is just as I was when I was younger. zealous and hotheaded without the required knowledge. let him be. he will come around as long as he keeps visiting this blog. he knows in his heart of hearts that we are speaking the TRUTH!

  44. I say, dont be mis-leaded by the wicked stragedies of the air-plain flying over the building, it is just a set-up-stragedy to hold on too and to confuse the real important issues, the failors of Tb ,s calculations and misstakes. Who cares about such nonsence, when God is with this families any-how? TB,s funny re-constructions of reality, will not hindre God to act as He is. amen.

  45. Somebody thinks the video is fake
    @tbjoshuawatch, did you confirm this is the prayer mountains?
    ‘What a completely ridiculous post and video. The place you are talking about is the faith resort ground of synagogue. Thousands of people, not only from Nigeria but from Europe, North America and Asia visit The Prayer mountain of SCOAN every year, they even play videos from there on Emmanuel TV?? Where is the shrine you are talking about? Because it is next to a lake? Come on man….

    don’t believe everything in this world.

    wake up – what an utter nonsense. smh smh smh.’

    • Giles, a former disciple at SCOAN had this to say about the place:

      “its ALSO (emphasis mine) a place where disciples who are being “disciplined” are left for a day to a few days, without food or water (aka forced fasting) to repent/think about what they have done.
      Basically the SCOAN’s naughty corner.”

      I never went there, but I’m guessing using “also” in this post affirms that it was the prayer mountain as well.

      • @Peace & love
        At least I’m honest ( unlike your “prophet”)! I have not been there, and I didn’t claim to have been! I only gave logical conclusions based on what people that have been there said. And now that it has been confirmed that it is indeed the prayer mountain, what do you have to say for yourself??

        And by the way, stop twisting things! I am not “judging” (your words, not mine) TBJ based on some guess, I am “judging” him on some pretty hard facts I have stated earlier. Did you not see my comments???? I spoke of things people who knew him personally growing up said, I spoke of things I saw him myself say on TV, I spoke of things I myself read in an interview!! If it were you, would you not consider all this hard evidence???

        Honestly, I’m too tired to repeat myself here in this comment.. Just re-read all my earlier comments. Peace!


  46. @Peace & Love I personally am not that interested in this particular article cause I simply have not enough knowledge on this particular topic to feel that I can comfortably and with confidence comment on such as these. What I am interested in though is to ask legit questions, that involves not the slightest of speculation or guessing, not that I suggest this article is just guessing and speculation but because of my lack of knowledge on this article for me to comment on this topic might be speculation and guessing and I don’t do guessing and speculation. I am looking at the facts and asking you to answer me on the following questions and no avoidance strategies and answering selectively:

    1) Why did Scoan lie to the public on their official Facebook Fan Page saying after the collapse of the building on the 12th of September that only
    a few people are there and being rescued? The only reason I can see is to try to cover up. Enlighten us with what you think the reason is for them
    lying about the situation on the ground? My understanding is that it is claimed that TB Joshua is infallible because when he speaks it is as if it is
    The Holy Spirit itself speaking? Is this statement true or false? If it is true then don’t you think this is blasphemy in the highest order? Does the
    Bible not say in Romans 3:23 ” All have sinned and fall short of the glory of God”. Also who then is responsible for this lie on SCOAN’s Facebook
    Fan Page? Is it not on the instruction of TB Joshua that this false statement was posted/approved on SCOAN’s Facebook Fan Page? Is lying
    one of the fruits of the Holy Spirit?

    2) I have asked this several times now. What is up with the sabotage plane theory? As mentioned before there is only two ways the plane could cause the collapse of the building. 1) Flying into the building 9/11 style and 2) the plane dropping a bomb on the building. We know neither of this has happened. So what is your theory, how did the plane cause the collapse of the building. Would love to hear your theory on this? You all know this is simply a desperate attempt to distract as you know yourself that there is no way the plane could have caused the collapse of the building hence the reason this question has been asked several times and still no one from @tbjfansuk etc. enlightened us with their theory of how the plane caused the collapse of the building, cause there is no theory.

    3) @Jeremiah explained to us in detail the reasons behind the closure of SCOAN Athens and to confirm this we see the deliverance of the SCOAN Pastor of the SCOAN Athens branch being “delivered” in Nigeria Lagos. We know that SCOAN London closed down because of strikingly similar allegations. Also the fact that Wiseman Harry stated that SCOAN Athens was never an official branch of SCOAN is a very silly thing to say, because there is loads of proof that SCOAN Athens was an official branch of SCOAN as it appeared on SCOANS official website as an official branch and also broadcasted as such on Emmanuel TV. So what rubbish is this? Did he really think he was going to get away with a ridiculous statement like that? Very desperate indeed. And who send Wiseman Harry to go make a statement like that? TB Joshua of course. So did the Holy Spirit through TB Joshua instruct Wiseman Harry to lie? Of course not. So what conclusion are we to make about the Spirit that operates in SCOAN? Is this the fruit of The Holy Spirit?

    @Peace & Love there are many more questions one can add but I will conclude with these for now. You need to admit that there are a lot of things that does not add up and yes does SCOAN itself not teach to “Make God’s Word the Standard for your life” and to measure everything in accordance to The Word of God? You see @Peace & Love this is simply what we are doing and we are measuring SCOANS actions against the Word of God and SCOAN is found wanting on many issues and these are real concerns that we have.

    Now I don’t think for one moment I am perfect, cause I am not, no one is and none of us are claiming to be (and please don’t tell me that TB Joshua is because if you claim he is then you got serious questions to answer according to The Word of God 1 John 1:8 “If we claim we have no sin, we are only fooling ourselves and not living in the truth.” and 1 John 1:10 says If we claim we have not sinned, we are calling God a liar and showing that his word has no place in our hearts.) so I am not judging here at all. If TB Joshua was to confess that he is a sinner like all of us according to the Word of God and admits that he makes mistakes from time to time then no problem, as long as of course it is not serious offences committed time and again that cannot stand up to the scrutiny of what is expected of a Godly man and a pastor of His sheep.

    The problem here @Love & Peace in general is that if measured by The standard of Gods Word there are loads of question marks and massive concerns concerning SCOAN as a ministry. And the blatant lies and cover ups as mentioned above are just a handful of the concerns. Understand that we cannot just sit back and say that it is ok for especially new believers in Christ to be deceived in thinking that such behaviour is acceptable in any way and of course there is an obligation to fight against blasphemous false doctrines e.g. the claims of TB or his disciples that he is infallible. Teachings like these promote idolatry.

  47. @Peace and Love 4) Further to this what about the prophecies about the Malaysian airlines and of Boko Haram that has not come to pass just to mention a few? What about the proof of the editing of prophecies by SCOAN? These are also massive concerns. Deut. 18:22 “If the prophet speaks in the LORD’s name but his prediction does not happen or come true, you will know that the LORD did not give that message. That prophet has spoken without my authority and need not be feared.”

    5) Is it not true that many foreign disciples residing at SCOAN Lagos have overstayed their visas by months and in most cases by years? Is this not against the law?

    6) Why is TB Joshua selling his photo frame to church members in order for them to put his photo frame up in their houses? Is this not promoting idolatory (the worship of a man?) And in return for purchasing the photo frame he will then administer the anointing water to those that bought the photo frame personally after the service as motivation for people to buy the photo frame. Is this not exploiting the desperate? I am open to different viewpoints on this, but the way I interpret this personally is also of great concern.

    I will conclude for now, but as mentioned there are loads of concerns and question marks. So @Peace and Love Please start answering to these many concerns.

    And no one here is getting paid, on the other hand though it makes sense for SCOAN to have some paid commenters here to try and hush up these many concerns. So with no further delays and distractions please answer all these concerns honestly.

  48. @Peace & love
    LOL! LOL! LOL!

    Really??? That’s all you got??? It’s amazing, isn’t it?

    I thoroughly trashed out this particular train of thought you are giving out in this comment, DARING YOU TO RESPOND TO ME, and you vanished into thin air, nowhere to be found!

    OMG! My stomach hurts!!

    Okay,for the benefit of the doubt…

    And the reply to my questions are…?


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