Remains of SCOAN victims returned to South Africa

Remember the families of the deceased in your thoughts and prayers as their grief is reawakened with the returning of their loved ones bodies from Lagos. News updates are listed below courtesy of Just Wonder.

A women is carried by officials after collapsing from grief

The names of the deceased being read out too much to bear for some of the family members who are crying loudly
A stretcher being brought in for one of the traumatized relatives

Member of Lagos repatriation team dies of malaria

Pretoria – A department of health employee died after contracting malaria while assisting in Nigeria, Minister in the Presidency Jeff Radebe said on Sunday.
Radebe said Pieter Fourie, who was a member of the medical team sent to Lagos for the repatriation of the church building collapse victims, died on Friday.

The repatriation of the bodies was a concerted effort: Ngcakula

Remains of Nigeria building collapse victims arrive in SA

CENTURION – A plane carrying the remains of 74 of the victims of the Nigerian church collapse has landed at Waterkloof air base in Pretoria.

‘Lagos victims’ bodies are rotting’

“Out of concern for potential secondary trauma to the families as well as public health considerations, government discourages all families from viewing the mortal remains.”
“The bodies of about 80 South Africans killed when a church building collapsed in Lagos more than three weeks ago are decomposing in inadequate Nigerian mortuaries….”

A statement issued by the South African government on September 28 hinted at the state of the bodies: “Part of what was communicated to the families is that, due to the scale of the disaster, passage of time and climatic conditions, most of the mortal remains are not in a good state.

Nigeria tragedy: Aaron Motsoaledi

Bathabile Dlamini on the arrival of the SA bodies from Nigeria

LAGOS – Minister in the presidency Jeff Radebe says the remains of only 74 of the 85 victims of the Lagos building collapse will be brought back home.

Briefing the media in the Nigerian capital, Radebe said 80 South African specialists are still busy trying to identify the bodies of the other victims.
The health professionals and police officials arrived there on Friday night and were deployed to three hospitals to oversee the repatriation process.
The medical team has urged families not to view the bodies.
A religious service will be held at Waterkloof at 2pm on Sunday and TB Joshua, the ‘man of god’ could not!

Families of Nigeria disaster victims heading to Pretoria

SA government positive about bodies repatriation

Sophie Mokoena on repatriation of Nigeria tragedy victim’s bodies

51 thoughts on “Remains of SCOAN victims returned to South Africa

  1. Glory be to God Almighty for the understanding His had giving to South Africa to bear the lost of their love ones Lagos guess house building colapsed, in Jesus Christ Name. Amen.

  2. No scoan delegation attended the service, as far as we could find out! Even the journalists commented on it.

    And just after the memorial service in South Africa, for the scoan diseased, which was a very dramatic service and day. While all were still mourning, I put Emman TV on. Just in time for tbj to come out.

    TB Joshua only came out after the Waterkloof service (and after he finished following it) was over and to my disgust – he started laughing, because one of the congregation members did something funny. I am horrified at his behavior at a time like this.

    And his fake song is disgusting. He is so fake, it is not true. He just cannot get it right to be a Christian! His timing is totally out and so fake!!!! And there is no real compassion in his evil little nigerian heart. It is all pretence.

    Look at yesterday (16 November 2014 in the afternoon’s) Sunday live service, when put on you tube, to see what happened.

    • Why are u talking against Tb Joshua, TB Joshua is a man of God, no mater what had happend. Church must go on, bcs Church is heavely things not earthly things. What about the Catholic Preast, they hold services no mater what happened. So stop talking against man of God.

      • At least Catholics bury the dead and assist the suffering all over the world – in war zones, in areas stricken by disease

  3. I am not South African but I am proud of South Africa as part of African continent . Which country in Africa had ever care for its citizens like South Africa? None! What I saw yesterday can only happen when Westerners die, but South Africa shown that they are really the best number one (for GDP Per Capita Distribution and human well-being creation) in Africa. I love you guys and keep taking Africa from shame! More than that, e-TV and SABC did excellent jobs while CNN, BBC, etc… and even Emmanuel TV, did not give a damn to broadcast live the event even for 1 second. I would have liked that yesterday (16/11/2014), Emmanuel TV should cut short testimony time to cover also the event for at least 1 second.

    • Stop talking about Emmanuel tv, Emmanuel tv is not CNN , BBC, etv, SABC. Emmanuel tv is only but a Christian channel that talks about the Kingdom of God Almighty only. How do u expect Emmanuel tv cut live service and show such thing. They are still many that are not yet been strong in Christ that are watching Emmanuel tv, if they saw that type of thing , they totally fall out away from their faith. If Emmanuel tv will show it they will show it later.

      • @ Chinedu51,

        Your quote “Emmanuel tv is only but a Christian channel that talks about the Kingdom of God Almighty only. ”

        By what standards do you personally measure or put your standard that proves the Kingdom of God ? Where did you put the bar concerning that. What is the Kingdom of God in reality ? Please can you tell us, because something is eluding me here concerning your comparison that that is the Kingdom of God.

        I think you don’t have a clue about the Kingdom of God. Please explain yourself.

        There is a lot of talk but it sounds really posh when you can just throw around some of the heavy words in the Bible and then compare it to what it happening in SCOAN and what they do there.

        Who is making your or even yourself credible that you are an authority on such level that we can believe of what you say ? Or do you like so many suck it out of your thumb without any backup of reality in which you make yourself very weighty in speech.

        2 Corinthians 10:10 For his letters, say they, are weighty and powerful; but his bodily presence is weak, and his speech contemptible.

        Defend your ministry Chinedu51 otherwise be still. Why is it that TB Joshua not himself comes online so we can interrogate him thoroughly about his manners and ways ? So he can defend himself, why are you here to defend him ?

  4. @chinedu51, do you know what christianity is all about? Have you heard of the Lord Jesus saying whatever you do to the least of your fellow human beings you do unto me? As in feeding the hungry, clothing the naked, visiting the captive and attending to the sick? It is stated well in the Bible throughout the gospels. We don’t do any of the above when it is convenient to us or TO BE SEEN.
    How much more when people have lost their lives, in one way or another, on our premises. People, we were responsible for their well being and safety as they were are guests and for a price for that matter. And I meen money.
    If what has happened, happened to a worldly foundation or enterprise they would MOST definitely had attended, PERSONALLY, talk less of sending a delegation. And now I hear that they didn’t even have the decency to interrupt their program to broadcast the service and show at least their respect to the bereaved families.
    As I see it SHOW MUST GO ON.
    Always was and always will be at this hypocritical authoritative institution.
    @Elgy, is the picture clearer for you know? I really hope so…..
    My sincere condolences to the families, and may God The Father, Jesus Christ our Advocate and the Holy Spirit Comforter, speak comfort, assistance and assurance of His Love in your lives.
    Through it all remember that JESUS CHRIST the hope of glory within us, IS WATCHING…..

    • @Jeremiah you have never talk good about the man of God Almighty TB Joshua, so let me not drag with you, if you really watched what happened yesterday, none of SA that talk against the man of God, TB Joshua.

      • @ Chinedu51,

        Why should they say anything ? He does not listen in any ways. You know how annoying it is when you are talking to somebody and they are actually not listening at all and even their eyes become all dull because they don’t want to listen in the first place because they are all up into themselves of what they do is the only think what counts ?

        There are a lot of people like this. They are their own invented moral and immoral compass and they live by it as if it the only Law that exists around them. Even have the guts to tell you that what they do is above all that exists because they have convinced themselves and others that they are the ONES that are doing God’s work. How dare you to ask me anything. I am just ignoring you because you actually don’t exist for them. They also have told themselves they are on par with Jesus Christ and even live on that plane which they tell you and try to intimidate you with. But when it really counts and it is needed to sort out a particular problem they always hide, run away, change course, tell you otherwise, deflect, duck, swagger, distract, try to make joke, deflate, inflate, explode, implode, act, flip, smile, yank your beard, poke you in the eye and then run away giggling, play around, stretch time, procrastinate, are on an assignment, but when it comes to responsibility they have filled another day, week, month. This they will do as long as they think they will get away with that. But I am telling you when the measure is full of all those antics it will come to a place where they can’t turn in any corner and will stand against the wall and face the reality that is unfolding for them. I call that, the mask has come off.

  5. TB Joshua has sinned : he has transgressed the ten commandments and depriving the dead of burial through his own fault.

  6. ” Emmanuel tv is only but a Christian channel that talks about the Kingdom of God Almighty ONLY “. BIG LIE!!! I vividly remember just after the Boston Marathon bomb blast how tbj and his emmanuel tv crew kept on broadcasting and re-broadcasting the gruesome scenes from the terror blast and the ensuing mayhem without even considering that such broadcasts should have a minimum viewing age rating. I guess that whenever stuff happens that throws tbj in favorable light and helps him gain more adulation from his puppets and feet-kissers then it’s okay to show the world their sick, edited “post-phecies”. on the other hand, when disasters such as the scoan building collapse happens, the such of which tbj and his scoanite goons DEFINITELY do not want to be associated with, you then begin to see statements such as the following: ” They are still many that are not yet been strong in Christ that are watching Emmanuel tv, if they saw that type of thing , they totally fall out away from their faith “, which now becomes the convenient escape route for these most deluded, brainwashed and extremely gullible scoanite horde. UNBELIEVABLE!!! for your information scoanites nobody needs your FAKE and INSINCERE condolences. you guys can shove it where the sun don’t shine. without a doubt you tbjites are some of the biggest jokers and cowards on the planet. DISGUSTING TWO-FACED SCAMMERS!!!

  7. Chinedu5 what is yr problem? If I may ask, did sambody send U to write on this blog.? U sound like sambody working at scoan.are U? U better stop,writing what U are writing. God,the Really god I may say.saw U write,if U were sent what to write,sorry too much, to U and yr sender,god is watching U.yr ending don’t say I never sent U, I think the best thing to do is the governments,all who had their people died there at scoan,must stop the Nigerian embassy to give an of their people buses,no more, nobody will ever go to scoan an more,look how much money has been lost,at the saltine these people,died after paying so much money,but today one country has suffered,to bring them how, TB Joshua is out of it,its nt chinedu5 better be the last,writing like the way U are doing.never, heartless people,what I saw on emmanel tv 16th Nov 14 was shocking,very shocking.why those coffins that funny song.u heartless people. Its only one day,my friend, only one prayer goes to the familes, I have no words to say,please no more, scoan.

  8. What an absolute, unmitigated disaster for the families and for SA. My prayers are with them. I cannot imagine the suffering those families have been going through, and continue to go through. 😥

    All because of a completely preventable disaster, lies, deceit, and arrogance. 😦

  9. @chinedu51, as I am familiar with the SCOAN approach, I usually avoid to answer to its respective supporters. But I will tell you this much. This is not a contest. It is not about who is for or against TB JOSHUA. It isn’t about any man for the matter.
    When your heart, spirit and soul have encountered with the Restorer, the Great Soul Winner, Jesus Christ of Nazareth, it can never be about anything or anyone else but Him. The Bible says that without holiness no one will see the face of the Lord. Take note of that. It doesn’t say without healings, deliverances, prophetic words or even inspirational teachings. No. It says WITHOUT HOLINESS.
    Lies, deception, manipulation, abuse, selfishness, arrogance and autorchism have nothing to do with holiness. NOTHING.
    Do you think that the Lord Jesus states in vain that many shall say to Him on that day of Judgement, we have prophesied, cast out demons and performed miracles in Your Name, yet He shall turn to them and say, Away with you, I have never known you, workers of lawlessness?
    As everything in His Holy Word, it is there for a purpose. A divine one. To assist the children of God, in recognizing deceptive practices when necessary. And not only that. Furthermore, to rebuke and warn others to not fall in what is called “a death trap”. In terms of SCOAN this has proven metaphorical and literal. God’s Word IS our standard and anything that does not align with it, is NOT of the Truth.
    However nicely presented, however harmless it may seem, however noble it may seem. However GODLY it may seem. Have you read in that book of 2nd Timothy about those who have a form of godliness but have rejected its power? The Power of Purity, Simplicity, the Truth and Love.
    The Power of fearing God above ALL.
    You know I just read some comments made recently on SCOAN’s fb page and I quote: “TB JOSHUA IS WORTH DYING FOR”-concerning the guesthouse tragedy- among others. Well……let’s get things straight: JESUS CHRIST IS WORTH DYING FOR AND UNTO HIM ALONE THERE ARE MARTYRS, as far as the christian faith is concerned.
    The great Apostle Paul also speaks of an anathema to all those who preach another gospel, who preach another Jesus, who seems to be the same but isn’t. Because Jesus Christ, our Lord and Saviour would never go against one iota of the Holy Spirit inspired Word.
    Throughout my posts, me and others, have presented major biblical issues which SCOAN comes against or chooses to ignore, and the answers we have received in a nutshell are: “Touch not my anointed” or “Be cursed, speaking against the man of God” or “shut up and go to hell, sons and daughters of perdition”.
    Do you know what I read in these? No less than INTIMIDATION. Because beyond the lying spirit which is prevalent among scoanites for the “sake of the ministry” as they call it, there is also another equally prevalent spirit, that of intimidation.
    So let it be known that as sons and daughters of the Most High, we fear no one. For God’s perfect Love casts out all fear. ALL HUMAN FEAR. And because we fear now only God, His Son and His Holy Spirit, we dare not to hide behind false pretenses. When the Truth is distorted, abused and even deliberately hidden, we stand. WE STAND. It is our duty. It is what we live and shall die for. For this Truth has given us a new Life, this Truth has set us free, this Truth is the reason of our being.

    • yo bro, none of my biz yet if I were you, I would keep my good distance from all things scoan and that includes their websites, articles, broadcasts, teachings, ministers etc. considering it has not been too long since your mouth was disengaged from the poisonous breasts of this evil empire from which you hitherto suckled with great gusto. hearing you talk about how you keep updating yourself on what those crackers are defaecating on their crappy website has me worried about your psychological health my man. I’m aware that it is difficult to shake off the feelings of dread, uneasiness and abandonment (withdrawal symptoms) you must be going thru right now as you contemplate if you had made the right decision and that evil gremlin on your left shoulder keeps whispering doom and gloom ever louder in your ears to the effect that you are irredeemable. instead, have faith in the small, still voice on your right and forge ahead with your life. go out! to a concert, to the zoo, anywhere you can breathe and love yourself and your loved ones. travel, see the world. this life is ALL we have. life is beautiful. you can have it all. thank me later.

      • @Dada, thank you for your advice but let me clarify.
        I don’t expect everyone to understand what I do but I do as I am led and I will continue. As far as the voices you mention, you obviously have not understood that there is no dilemma whatsoever. I really don’t know where you came up with that I am contemplating whether I have made the right decision or not. If ever there was a decision I made that was right it was to get out of SCOAN once and for all.
        Not once have I expreseed any doubt, on the contrary.
        My anguish in terms of love for those who are still blindfolded and those whose lives have been devasted through it all, yes.
        However, as I certainly don’t believe that this is all the life we have but don’t intend to try and convince you, don’t worry yourself. I am living just fine, thank you.


    • @ Evan,

      ZZZZZZ, please go to bed or go play with your train set. Can you say anything else ? Or did they give you only that tape to play here ?

      • Lets have a clinical look at the this new episode:

        Now the true pain commences for the bereaved relatives, made so more pungent by the fact that the remains of their loved ones were once again abused (excuse my terminology) by allowing them to putrefy or “rot” beyond the state of recognition…

        Pls do you know that in Nigeria we certainly have both public & private hospital morgues where we pay good money to preserve our dead ones for up to six months or more if necessary before they are given a befitting burial???

        We don’t receive ‘”rotten” corpses for burial (because we pay for their refrigeration & embalming) as we must first lie them in state at home for several days before they are taken to their final resting place or grave…

        Now with all the extorted “dollar bills” that this synagogue church “scammed” from this 100+ dead people that evidently died due to the collapse of their “illegal & defective” building…

        Their prophet could not use the common sense and wisdom of man to make adequate arrangements with adequate cash payments (in millions of Naira if necessary), so that at the very least all their corpses should have been deposited in either public or private hospital morgues with proper refrigerating systems for proper preservation while the pathologists are busy carrying out their autopsy till the corpses are repatriated…

        Yet he has more than enough millions to spend in bribing journalists to hush them up…in hiring Senior Advocates of Nigeria (SAN) to argue his hapless & helpless case in court…in paying a senior ranking police officer to be making incredible, incomprehensible, ignorant and un-professional claims in the presence of a learned court and an enlightened world of “silent bombs” dropped from a low flying “bomber aircraft”; and terrorists “plastic explosives” hidden in air conditioner housings exploding without any loud sound, smoke & fire as the probable cause of the building collapsing…as well as sponsoring all manner of people including irate youths and disabled or physically challenged people to come to court and protest his pre-conceived “innocence” in a “blue murder” that we all who live in the world of common sense and common law “know” that he is complicit, culpable and guilty as charged…

        All these wasted millions in doing the improper thing…when these same millions could have been wisely spent in doing the proper thing…

        Such as paying the state authorities for that building’s Certificate of Ownership and demolishing the existing two storey building so as to reset and reinforce its foundation before re-building it to a six story or even sixteen storey building as the case may be…

        If I were him…I’d have done just that even as am doing in my current building project like every other wise man with common sense would…

        Herein lies the uncommon “foolishness” of the only Christian ministry I know that claims to have anointed “wisemen” as their church ministers contrary to pastors, deacons, bishops & elders in the church as commanded in the scriptures…

        As wise men say: common sense is not common!

        My heart goes out to the bereaved whose wounds have just been re-opened by this bizarre episode of “rotten corpses” and because of putrefaction they can’t even see the faces & bodies of their loved ones to say their final good byes…I too have lost many loved ones so I can feel their pain…

        My advice to them is:
        First bury your dead with honor…then fight their murderer with vigor!

        This is the least you can do to honor your dead loves ones that did not have to die…and after death be spat on and insulted in this callous and careless manner by this criminal…

        No it is not done anywhere in the wise-world we live in!

        May their gentle souls rest in perfect peace…

        I Rest My Case!

      • Eeeeeee.jesse everyone have right to express his own opinion by writing,videos,the way you normally do,why you want people readed only your posts or see your videos? Don’t be so selfish,disagreements are always between two people,no only one side,if the video he did posted did not please you,used scriptures and correct him,instead of using those childish words,am I correct jesse?as I always told you guys we are not enemies,tbjoshua,scoan,emmanueltv,Tbjoshuaministries ,are our disagreement we are having for so long,that is normal,but don’t take it too personal,and remember both party we are claiming to be Christians ,let our arguimnents rely on words of God,but not by picking some scriptures which suit you to let others down or accusing them falsely,one day we will be judge by everything we have been posting at any sites,as jeremiah who I salute till now corrected just wonder about the threathing he made to tbjoshua’s followers,he did said:we are not against any man or women but against enemy of our soul,if we are children of God how can we rejoice even with the death of our enemies,when he has called us to bless our enemies and pray for them?

      • @ Aimee,

        I am glad you learned from me directly and will apply to do so as you said you would do in the last 2 sentences.

        Which video are you referring to because I have posted many. You can’t expect from me to know which one you mean concerning that ?

        Of course my words are childish because you just connect something with something that is not true with the true facts that are. You are pre conditioned as well looking down on anybody who refers something to your idol TB Joshua.

        When you come off your pedestal of your high visibility ministerial false private prophet insights you claim you have, we might have a more meaningful conversation. Until then you keep looking down on anyone with your eyes who disagrees with you. Typical Africans full of pride when they are at it. Been around, did that, got my T-Shirt with dealing with such type of Africans.

  11. @Nosa
    My heart goes out to those families. Thanks for your informative post.

    Wow! Just wow! I had no idea such things as you have mention were said in court! Such rubbish… In this day & age! And all this nonsense instead of preserving the bodies! I’m assured that God would not overlook all of this; may TBJ’s judgement come speedily!

  12. I respectfully request to differ my man. you say you’ll continue to do as you are led yet do you forget that you were also “led” to remain in that hellhole called scoan for 9 YEARS!!! ask wiser heads than yours and they will surely give you the same advice I have given you. save yourself first so that you can be able to save others. be efficient and not just effective. anyways, that was a top civil response from you. all the best. cheers.

    • @Dada, allow me to conclude this conversation.
      However strange it may seem to you, I was most DEFINITELY led to SCOAN.
      Our God most often uses the foolish to confound the wise.
      Personally, I consider it a “school” in terms of learning and discerning.
      Although the path was ultimately full of thorns and scorpions, it was necessary.
      Yes, it was NECESSARY.
      If God had not positioned me there, today I wouldn’t have known what it means to really trust only God and accept as my sole Mentor/Teacher, the Holy Spirit and no man, as it is settled once and for all in the New Testament for those who believe.
      I wouldn’t have been able to distinguish between the original and the counterfeit based exclusively on the simplicity and clarity of God’s Word and not man’s, whoever he claims to be.
      I wouldn’t have learnt beyond the pain to love my “enemies” and stand for the Truth at the same time.
      I wouldn’t have been able to take into prayer all those who accuse, reject or despise me at the end of the day, whereas my flesh, my ego, dictates otherwise. And to do this without force but freely and willingly.
      It is called the work of the Holy Spirit within me.
      As for salvation? If I were expecting to save myself then I would be doomed….I thank Jesus. 😃
      My salvation has been settled once and for all on the Cross of Calvary, through no effort of mine, and that is called GRACE. The Cross may be foolishness to others but to me it is the point of my salvation. 😃
      As for saving others? I can save NO ONE, merely point those who ask into the right direction.
      I may have been deceived, manipulated and even laughed at by many, but it really doesn’t matter.
      You see my friend, I have been spared, favored, loved and what has been given to me must be shared with others. As it is for all children of God. As He appoints us. No matter how many agree or disagree.
      And this is why I am fighting against deception. The ultimate weapon that satan holds in his hands today against humanity. I have been there. I know….And I know where it leads…..
      One plants, the other ploughs, another waters but it is God Almighty Who increases.
      I rest my case.

  13. Admins: is it possible to perhaps bock Chinedu51 because her ravings are getting to the point that she may seriously offend and cause hurt to the bereaved? She always does it, attacking Nosa and now the victims? Please can we look into getting her banned from this site? I know there are many offensive people on here but I find Chinedu51 particularly disgusting and unredeemable. I’m sure many agree.

  14. @crystal, stupid you, yes yu cannt redeem chinedu with your demonic and deceifful words, you guys will never win and will continue to loose. The GOD OF TB JOSHUA, WE IS WITH CHINEDU AN WHO CREATED YOU ALL , AS DEFEATED YOU ALL AND YOUR MASTER SATAN.


    • @ Evan,

      Which chew toy you want for today ? Evan. The everlasting Capslock keyboard or the anger management course ?

      Why is everything demonic with you and your angry replies are not ? Compare yourself with JESUS in how He would reply to a in your head imaginary detractor that has come to the conclusion that SCOAN is not what it pretends it is.

      If you don’t like it then try to get into a meaningful conversation instead of getting all spines up when they touch your false private prophet that only wants to save his ministry and face and keep deceiving the outside world that whatever he does is been told to him by God. It clearly is not and you will not see it until you remove your red mist from your eyes and stop shaking your little fists on your keyboard and start a meaningful conversation or dialog. Can you consider this before you write a next posts full of anger abuse of how we all need to die or be destroyed by some useless ranting you constantly do. Thank you.

    • The truth is that, Prophet TB Joshua is the really man of God Almighty, there is no two ways about it. Even the devil himself knows that, TB Joshua is from about. Only what I Chinedu really know is, servant cannot be greater than his Master. Whatever TB Joshua is passing through his Master Jesus Christ pass the same during His earthly ministry.

      • @ Chinedu51,

        You are wrong it has to do with the elections and the people are being sacrificed for it. I have evidence.

        “Nigeria’s main opposition party has blamed the government for what it calls playing politics with Takfiri terrorist group Boko Haram, as it held its first major election rally.

        “The PDP (Peoples Democratic Party) is sacrificing the lives of our brothers, of our sisters, of our children for very selfish political ends,” said the All Progressives Congress (APC) national chairman, John Oyegun.”

        This whole thing of delaying is because of that to keep the ones that sit there now in power.

        And they all work together in that and they threaten those that are wanting otherwise with death and with bribes.

        We see evidence of this everywhere and God is showing us what it really is about. This is a systemic thing and the web of deceit has everywhere nestled for their own positions to be preserved even at the destruction of many than besides themselves.

        The conversations go like this: Don’t worry, we have many people in place to deal with these matters, brother, sister. ……..

        What is said secret will be trumpeted from the roof, you cannot hide you will be exposed.

      • @ Chinedu51,

        “Whatever TB Joshua is passing through his Master Jesus Christ pass the same during His earthly ministry.”

        We all pass through things. Do you think our houses don’t have cross on top of it in our families, friends and others.

        Please do one thing, do NOT compare TB Joshua or anyone to Jesus Christ EVER ! It is inexpressible what Jesus Christ went through. There is no-one compared to what He had to do for the entire world and the universe.


    As the coroner’s inquest into the Synagogue Building Collapse resumed on Wednesday 19th November, 2014, the Police Officer in charge of Homicide at the State Criminal Investigation Department, Panti, Lagos, DSP Olushola Agboyi, has told the court that, even though investigation was still on concerning the circumstances surrounding the September 12, 2014 incident, there were strong reasons to suspect INTERNAL SABOTAGE as cause of the building collapse?????
    And NOTHING happens at scoan without TB Joshua knowing it!!!!!!

  16. you’ve been loaned some brass balls from evan haven’t you now, chinedu51, and you’re now brave enough to come back on here to keep making a fool of yourself as you always do with your puerile posts yet again ain’t you? you are shameless. try making a reasonable post on here with relevant facts and evidence to back up your ideas and beliefs for once and not just your regular broken record rhetoric and see if you will not henceforth be taken more seriously. act your age my man and respect yourself!

  17. Well, let’s see now….Boko Haram, MEND, internal sabotage, a helicopter, an aircraft, chemical weapons, silent technology, rival pastors’ plot, TBJW commenters, satan himself, ALL but TBJ’s plain old greed and negligence…why of course now! And the magistrate rightfully noted the fact that the service was being conducted as usual on that same Sunday after the incident. In other words, cheering and exhaltation of Joshua’s “superiority” was going on at the same time when crushed bodies and people with amputated limbs were being carried out of the rubble next door.
    So, is the next thing going to be to denounce the “martyrs” and proclaim them saboteurs?
    YOU DON’T.


    • @ Evan,

      Oh, now you have visions too ? Did you mean deleriums ?

      All the 34 interrogated by the local DPO Apolice are people that sit inside or going to SCOAN and they will lie through their teeth to save their false private prophet just as that picture of the Lockheed Martin C130 WITH NO DATE ON IT was so called evidence.

      Then let the local DPO police show any evidence that the local visitors did it, without anyone noticing it what was going on. The lie of that TB Joshua knowing it is even more abysmal since the begs the question for all to ask, why did he then sit upon his hands and DO NOTHING ! But we know this already from his false private editing of the so called general prophecies he says. He will do nothing. No did he do anything to try to raise up the dead, because he knew that if he dragged his feet for over a week there is no chance to raise up people from the dead and people would know he was a false prophet after all if he even tried.

      I said from the beginning I did not trust this coroner in the first place. I gave also the reasons why and see back my posts. Now you can see they let it all come out as conspiracy just like 9/11 in the US.

      It is also about the elections it is only a few months away and I know they will do the most extreme things to cover things up, divert, bribe anyone who is in it, kill, maim, murder, destroy and then blame the Devil for their own actions and anything that can be an end to their means.

      • @Eva, please forget about dragging with those people that is against the man of God TB Joshua. Only what I know is that, the God of TB Joshua is at work. Jeremiah and his gang will be ashamed very soon in Jesus Christ Name. Amen.

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      • @ Chinedu51,

        You call that God at work, this lying evil setup of dodging from the side of TB Joshua. Far from Daniel in the lions den. Far from a David who faces Goliath. Far,far, far.

        Avoiding to be summoned is on purpose, deliberate, with choice. He has been grieving with a smirk on his face and have made jokes as to avoid true responsibility.

        You call this milk of human kindness ? It is acid in the face of so many. If you have nothing to hide you step forward and address this as a true man of God. His god that he hides behind is the loopholes of the law, jumping to avoid to speak up as asked. He deliberately wants a drama to unfold and add this to his name and the church. What an awful man. A coward and a screwer of mankind by falsehood.

        Anybody can see this is dragging feet, digging in the heels to make spectacle and compare themselves as JESUS in Gethsemaneh. Did our Lord Jesus make excuse ? It was the Will of the Father to stand trial and if this false private prophet cannot adhere to what he approved in the form of not having building permit and no insurance IS THAT the hallmark for a man of God ? He an you claim he is infallible while the just mentioned matters are fraudulent, deliberate choices to cut corners in extracting monies from people who suffer of problems that I once had and then come away with nothing. Anybody who does things that are against what countries prescribe as rules and regulations are punishable through justice. You deny such a thing ? You deliberately want this to be thrown out ? You rotten scroundrel, you festering nasty piece of work that defends evil for the sake of Truth how dare you even to come here and show your hell inspired writings here for the sake of filthy lucre and bending the rules of Law and the watchful Eye of God for promotion of slithering away for your own gain. God will have His vengeance, if it is not in this life it will the next.

  19. @Evan, no truth has surfaced simply the heinous covering up of TB Joshua’s lawlessness, once again, for people like yourself to continue in worshiping and adoring him and at the same time cursing and damning others.
    Long live TBJ as in….Hosanna to the Son of David?
    I don’t think so….

  20. u guys.. I mean all of u guys y are u judging sumbodi dat u dnt even create. Let God d creator of everytin judge. If d people dat die there did nt die, definately die wil die sumhow sumwhere. Everybodi wil die. Dnt tel God dat he dnt know what he is doing ookkkk.. Let TB Joshua to God dnt judge him ooooooo

  21. nigerian saying what they dnt know. Can u nigerian compare d death in SCOAN to dat of boko harm? Y dnt u delibrate on dat an let TB Joshua be. If u cannt blame d president of nigeria, u can nt blame TB joshua an u cannot question God.

  22. @Modupe
    So you are saying that we should not talk about these deaths but talk about those caused by boko haram? I THOUGHT THIS WAS CAUSED BY BOKO HARAM???? SO WHY SHOULD WE NOT NOW TALK ABOUT THIS? O…. so you admit this isn’t caused by boko haram anymore right? How dare you disagree with your prophet???

    Anyway, just one life is precious to God, the bible tells us that much, so even if it’s just one death I will talk of it!

    And if everybody would die someday, hence you go kill a random person (or whoever), saying that it’s because everyone would die someday, and you are caught, you will go to jail! Like the bilble says, “The Son of Man will go just as it is written about him. But woe to that man who betrays the Son of Man! It would be better for him if he had not been born.” (Mat 26:24)
    So we can see that although everyone will die, “woe to whoever caused his death”, including your tb joshua!

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