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The inquest is continuing into the collapse of the SCOAN building that killed 116 people. Here are the most recent developments:

  • Town planner and consultant to SCOAN Bisi Adedire confirmed that the church did not have a permit for the building extension, and they knew it: “I told the church they have contravened the law in a way by building without approval but they said they could regularise it”. He went on to say that having approval does not guarantee the quality of the building, and the collapse of the guesthouse cannot be blamed on the church’s failure to follow protocol (source: Yahoo). Despite this claim from Adedire, the same article goes on to state that “Preliminary investigations revealed structural defects caused the collapse, and officials have said other buildings at the SCOAN compound were also sloppily built”.

  • The High Court in Ikeja will consider TB Joshua’s latest attempt to put a stop to the inquest tomorrow (22nd December). The fact that SCOAN is so insistent that this inquest ceases is surely the most damning evidence against them. Pray that the authorities will remain strong in the face of this opposition and insist on the full, due legal process being completed.

  • A British-Nigerian property developer who was a visitor to SCOAN on the day of the tragedy has been giving evidence on their behalf. He notes that the first responders were unprepared, ill-equipped and were more concerned about speaking to the press than rescuing people. Apparently, of the 132 people rescued, 125 were rescued by church workers (source). It should be recalled that the emergency responders tell a very different story about being blocked and attached by church workers for the first 3 days before the intervention of Lagos State governor. Regardless of who’s story is closer to the truth, even if the unlikely figure of 125/132 people being rescued by the church is true – don’t forget that 116 out of the 116 people who died, died because the SCOAN church building collapsed on them.

Being the Christmas season now, we don’t expect to be writing any new posts until the new year, but if there are any developments we will post them to our Facebook page. In the mean time, we recommend you check out Joshua Debunker’s youtube channel, we don’t know who is behind this, but they are putting in a lot of work producing videos that expose TB Joshua. Also, a reader sent us a link to an excellent, thorough, well researched and biblically grounded video they had put together about TB Joshua. If you are not sure what to make of TB Joshua, we recommend you take the time to watch this presentation.

Merry Christmas to all our readers, our thoughts and prayers are with those who, thanks to SCOAN are facing this season in the absence of their loved ones.

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  1. Good Morning People of God,

    I was present on the Coroner inquest of last week ,i can confirm the articles presented above are very wrongly narrated.
    In fact ,the articles are presented as if the town planner and the Witness of the collapse were testifying against Scoan which was totally different of what happened.

    Please, make effort to attend personally the hearing inquests to know the trustful updates.
    The town planner, Bisi Adedire, who was once the National Secretary General of the Town Planning Association and equally the Lagos State Chairman, testified that the collapsed building fell in a manner typical of induced or controlled demolition.

    He added that throughout his professional career, he had never seen or experienced a building collapse in such a strange manner.

    Explaining his stand, Adedire explained that the building came down once symmetrically, the iron rods were cut at the same level as if no cement had ever been used on them and that even more surprisingly, the foundation was intact.

    He added that all structures adjacent to the building were not affected by the collapse.

    Narrating his role, he said he was contacted by the church in June 2014 to prepare a technical report on the church buildings.

    He claimed that after evaluation, he had informed the church authorities that though they had erred by not getting approval before construction, the anomalies could be corrected.

    “I informed them that the law made provisions through a system known as regularisation to obtain the necessary documents”, he explained.

    “However, it comes with a fine. Consequently, I was contracted by them to regularise the building documents. I started the process immediately and I have official proofs to back it up. Sadly, we had not concluded the process before I heard that the building collapsed”.

    According to Adedire, the SCOAN had paid over N20 million to the Lagos State Government to process the approval.

    He further informed the coroner that immediately he heard the tragic news, he went straight to inform the appropriate ministry.

    “When I got into the scene of the incident on Friday September 12, 2014, I watched the CCTV footage of the collapse and I was taken aback because normal buildings don’t fall in such a way, within seconds. Also, the smoke like dust was suspicious”.

    When queried by the counsel to the church if having an approval was a determining factor in causing a building to collapse, he laughed and said buildings don’t collapse on papers.

    “Though having the relevant papers are important, they are not reasons for collapsed building. Even government structures with adequate approvals have collapsed in the past”.

    He finally presented to the court the original copy of building plans for both the collapsed building and the adjoining ones still standing.

    In another development, one of the survivors of the incident, Mr Taiwo Temitayo Taiwo, graphically told the courts what he saw inside the building prior to its collapse.

    He explained how he witnessed a rapid flash of lights cutting through the wall, followed by a thunderous bang before the building crashed down.

    He likened the scenario to a carpenter’s saw cutting through wood with precision.

    His explanation added further credence to the theory that explosives were used as suspected by the police.

  2. @mbiko

    Pls, here is another lie by tbj imposed on his manipulated disciple, how can there be a thunderous bang, bt d supposed thunderous bang was not heard in cctv, initially, it was a silent bomb bt now a thunderous-banging-bomb that was nt even heard in cctv, pls don’t lie to us! Tell tbj to repent or face God’s wrath.

    • @ All,

      I did not write this post named coming from JESSE PREACHER. This person whoever this is, is using my screen ID. Do not confuse me with this SCREEN ID !

  3. Legal Scoanite…

    Indeed your assertions are “correctly” repeating all what has been said and is being said here…

    1) The building had NO PERMIT…Period!

    2) The survivors who claimed to hear a “blast” merely heard a loud sound that is customarily heard when a such huge building of steel & concrete collapses…if they were so close to such “huge” bomb blast that can bring down such a huge building in seconds as they claim they were….they would all be dead and dismembered bodies in a morgue by now and not living witnesses in a court…Period!

    3) Whether the building consultant is “buddy-buddy” with your prophet or not…his evidence is “damning proof” against your prophet and his church for carelessly flouting building regulations & statutory laws (as he is still doing now) and carry on constructing such a building even after having been “warned” that it is “illegal” because he thinks he can always regularize or “bribery-tize” it…Period!

    4) So far why have you not posted on your prophet’s facebook page (as you have posted here) to “correct” his errors and tell him to “obey” the law and go present himself at the same court that you too have also been going to “present” yourself just to gather all your facts aright??? Did anyone bite you or beat at the court??? Why is he afraid of the court if he has NOTHING to hide from the law likewise his building contractor??? That is a far better CORRECTION than the lame one your are presenting here as if we are misrepresenting facts & twisting figures which your prophet, his paid lawyers, his paid witnesses, his paid police force, his paid journalists, his paid bloggers and his paid commenters are evidently doing…a.k.a PAYMASTER prophet…Period!

    5) In all our human experiences both in ancient & modern times of bombing techniques from gun power to nuclear warheads no one has ever come up with such a silent bombing technique that has no detonators, batteries, explosives, fire, smoke & sound and yet you in your deluded mind want us to believe your deluded lies of such a bomb explosion with the worst kind of court witnesses that even the dumbest criminal on earth will not call upon to testify in his favor because he knows how erroneous it is…Period!

    Apparently not so with your prophet and you his acolytes & sycophants…


    Xmas is just around the corner so do this simple “silent bomb” test at home…”detonate” your fireworks (explosives) after soaking it in a bucket of water overnight…

    If the “soggy” firecracker still “explodes” then we will believe your “silent bomb” theory…

    When even an ordinary “building consultant” is now the ultimate consulting “explosives expert” in the country that will now “convince” a law court it was a bomb explosion due to his years of experiences in the property business…I wouldn’t hire such an “incompetent” consultant based on his own testimony lest he unforgivable errors like mistaking “baking power” for “white cement” while mixing the concrete base for my building foundation that will cause it to collapse “controlled demolition” style…since he too cannot tell the difference between an “exploded” building and “collapsed” building like the expert police officers have arduously been trying to figure out for the last 3 months to no avail…

    The poverty levels to which Nigerians can descend to and make a “fool” of themselves for just a “fistful of dollars” is appalling…these guys are willing cut off their “heads” and sell it off to the devil if the “price” is just right….only they’re so dumb not to figure out they’ll be “dead” ever before they can even collect the cash from the devil…Shameful!!!

    The speed at which the building collapsed in seconds is clear proof that the “weight” of the building the pillars or columns were supporting had over reached “break point” to the extent where it just had to come crashing down…if you doubt me, carry the heaviest load you can on your head and tell someone to start piling more and more weight on top of it…after you have over reached your break point..your legs or pillars will “suddenly” buckle and before you know it…your extra heavy load will come crashing down in seconds…True or False?

    That is exactly what happened…the corner-pillars of the building “suddenly” buckled under the extra heavy load of the newer concrete floors they kept on adding on top of the building after it had over reached its break point unknown to the builders…and the entire top floors came crashing down in seconds on the foundation (which was left more or less in tact) as the pillars could no longer support the cascading decking of floors on its own strength…here we have it…common sense and rational logic can explain what is taking the Nigerian building associations & police bomb experts months to fathom what had happened and how it happened.

    What I just said can practically be demonstrated by experienced builders even in the coroner court using small scaled “replicas” of pillars with multiple decking being piled on them until the load becomes unsustainable to break point levels and well beyond that and it will surely and swiftly come crashing down!!!

    I Rest My Case!

  4. Scoan Witnesses @ Inquest:

    Meanwhile, a British citizen and volunteer with SCOAN, Robert Badagry, testified that rescue workers did not come to the collapsed site with enough equipment.

    Scoan contractor dodging the coroner & inquest:

    The coroner who, after listening to the arguments of other lawyers involved in the inquest on the admissibility of the report, said, “I am not doubting the report obtained from LASUTH until the contrary is established. The report shows that the contractor is sick.”

    A Layman’s Legal Analysis:

    We know that Nigeria is not America and Lagos is not London…but I can assure you that the NEMA and other emergency agencies have been stretched to their limits and experience with the advent of Boko Haram bombings & carnage….

    This will not take out the fact that the synagogue church workers who cannot administer simple first aid on an accident victim are not trained to rescue people and can never replace the trained government agencies who have been called upon so many times for rescue operations in bombed out zones all over the country…

    When their star witness (John Badagry) who is just a “simple builder” and not a “professional rescuer” will be their official spokesman for scoan’s rescue operations speaks volumes against their incompetence and naivety in thinking they can do better than the trained officials which is why we see so many casualties & dead victims at the end of the day…

    He accuses the NEMA staff of “cooperating” with the press, granting them interviews and answering critical questions to “update” the watching world on unfolding events…

    Is that not what is obtainable in other civilized societies where he claims to practice is building profession with “international builders” as opposed to his own uncivilized “thugged out” scoan church workers who were busy physically “assaulting” both the government rescuers & pressmen as well as “damaging” their vehicles and equipment???

    Perhaps he thinks we have forgotten all about that…he ought to have been asked where he was on the Sunday morning following the incident on Friday…whether he too was in the church auditorium with his prophet “praising” their god or he was at the scene of collapse “helping” out to rescue lives…

    People just talk when they evidently lack wisdom & understanding…why did they not allow the rescuers to do their work for heaven’s sake and at least “assist” them in doing it more efficiently with their own church manpower and rented equipment is a mystery to me till date…if you really want to save lives???

    WHY? WHY?? WHY???

    By now someone from scoan must have answered this “pertinent question” including their lawyers or do we still have to wait for their prophet to tell us himself when he finally appears in court…

    You’re talking about “paying” for ambulances & heavy duty equipment that you used to cart away the dead bodies you “killed” because of your criminal conduct…if you know how to obtain proper equipment from proper construction companies because NEMA apparently had none…

    Why didn’t you employ the same services of such reputable companies to “properly” build your collapsed building and fortify its weak foundations so as take the four “added floors” in the first place…if you’d done, that we won’t be here talking about it now…

    Instead they hired another “run-away outlaw” contractor who suddenly is so “sick” in the hospital that he cannot come to court to testify…


    They think they can delay justice and judgment…they forget that the law can catch up with a criminal even “decades” after committing a crime and still jail them for it…

    If the contractor is “genuine” he would be the first person to appear in court to defend the so-called building he constructed just like the building consultant of the prophet…wouldn’t he?

    Now he too is so scared…oh sorry…too sick to testify…I don’t blame him because he would most likely implicate himself under cross examination as regards what he did or did not do to solidify the buildings foundation and why he went along to develop such a catastrophic building…next we’ll see if he too will file a “funny-suit” in the high court questioning the legal competence & jurisdiction of the Coroner in inviting him to testify like his prophetic client is doing…


    If I were the coroner I will send an “independent” doctor from the court to go and examine or diagnose him thoroughly & properly to know what kind of “no-name ailment” he has that will not permit him to come and sit in a court room for only a couple of hours and answer a few questions for only a couple of minutes…plus how long he has had this “strange” illness that cannot be named…

    This is Nigeria and we know how easy and cheap it is to go “bribe” a doctor to write a “fake or doctored” medical report…his prophet is an expert “briber” so that for him is elementary course in his “prominent” professional prophetic-career of bribery & corruption…

    • Police Bomb Expert Witness @ Inquest:

      Olanrewaju, under cross-examination by Mr Olanrewaju Ojo, the counsel representing Synagogue Church, said the team visited the scene of the incident on Sept.13 to perform post-blast Investigation.

      He said:” It was my boss, the Lagos State Commissioner of Police, Mr Kayode Aderanti, that instructed me to go.

      “When I got to the scene, I saw officials of the National Emergency Management Agency, Lagos State Emergency Management Agency, Red Cross and other security agencies carrying out rescue operations.”

      Olanrewaju said the presence of the rescuers affected the work of the team because the usual practice was for such areas to be cordoned off to enable the result to be accurate.
      He said the team however collected soil samples, bricks and roofing sheets from the scene which were later sent to the commissioner.

      “The samples have been taken to the laboratory but the result is not yet out.
      “The outcome of the test will confirm or disprove whether or not explosives were used to bring down the building,” the witness said.

      Olanrewaju said the CCTV footage of the incident shown to the team revealed that the building collapsed within seconds.

      He also admitted while being cross-examined by the counsel to the Lagos State Government, Mr Akingbolahan Adeniran, that the team did NOT find (bomb) detonators or batteries at the scene.

      “My lord, in EOD, we base our findings on the test that is carried out. We can’t presume because we rely on scientific test.

      “We have to wait for the result; but I can’t give the time when it will come out,” the bomb expert said.

      NAN reports that the matter was adjourned till Dec.18 for further hearing. (NAN)

      Layman’s Legal Analysis:

      We see the police are now cautious unlike before when they were dumbly claiming it was probably a bomb explosion with full force confidence in their crass ignorance…

      But let’s not forget that they found no single explosive residue or detonator or battery or “black box” as in an air-crash for that matter…

      So what the fuss?
      Why has it taken them about 3 months just to analyze samples of soil, bricks & roof sheets that can be done in a matter of 3 hours to determine if there are traces of explosives in them in a proper police forensic laboratory?

      Guess their lab attendants and scientists must either be scoan “church workers” or perhaps they have sent the samples to a special laboratory in America via Christopher Columbus “Ship” that takes months to cross the Atlantic ocean…

      Now that’s the only plausible explanation for such a long delay assuming the police have not received some “special favors” from the “Specialist Briber”…if you can catch my thoughts…

      The Nigeria Police Force had better be careful how they handle this delicate case lest this incident boomerangs horribly on them and be branded as the most “incompetent” police force in the world who know next to nothing in this 21st century of terrorism & bomb blasts…

      Just like their counterparts the Nigerian Armed Forces have now “competently” proven themselves to be the most “cowardly” military on earth who always flee together with the civilians when under heavy attack from rag-tag book haram fighters carrying AK 47’s and wearing bathroom slippers on the battle field…

      Word out of the military grapevine now is that the smartly “cowardly” soldiers now wear “civilian cloths” under their uniforms so that they can easily strip it off after fleeing and quietly blend with the civilians when the going gets too tough for them on the battlefield…lets not mention the multipl mutinies & court-martials going on presently in the military circles…

      This is the back drop against which the coroner court must operate…un cooperating church & prophet…delaying lawsuits from lawyers…un willing sick contractor…ignorant scoan witnesses…all pointing back to one perverted prophet pulling their srings with the million of dollars he dubiously obtains from his deceived followers…

      Every despot, tyrant, dictator, narcissist, megalomaniac and psychopath always think they are winning in their deluded until the day they are checkmated and it is….

      GAME OVER!

      I Rest My Case!

  5. Hmm, here is a proof that ur self acclaimed prophet is false:

    do anybody remember the time tbj was holding a service, then a bribed or hypnotised member came up confessing lies that he was one of the five bokoharam members that were sent to bomb the church bt the power of god struck him and his partners when they were watching one of tbj’s service in a restaurant?, the bribed or hypnotised member also said, the remaining four fled but he alone is come to confess, and tbj also confirmed and said yes, tbj also said God had told him 2wks back tht sth. Like that would happen! Now, if tbj would forsee an impending bokoharam attack (of which we know he was only lying) on his church, how and why couldnt he forsee a silent bomb attack (if truly it was a bomb attack) that led to the collapse of his guest house? But we know it was no bomb attack bt neglgence on tbj’s side that led to the death of over 100 invaluable lives that the world or tbj’s false reputation is not worth up to.
    Pls, lets be wise and know that tbj false stories are only to throw the world into a portmanteau of conundrum! If tbj has nothing to hide or if truly tbj is saying the truth, why is he refusing and afraid of appearing in court? Bt we know tbj as a deceiver and that has been his modus vivendi.

    • @ Jesse Preacher,

      I ask you to use a different Screen ID. Thank you. Not the name that I use. Use any other name and connect Preacher to it which is fine with me, but do not use my Screen ID name which is “Jesse”.

  6. So the bribe money by scoan was N20 million and now tbj is innocent of no approval and plans for the building. His imaged totally restored. Ha, ha…… and why should you come to testify for him on this blog. Is TBJW so important to you? Or to him? And where does this ‘poor prophet ‘get millions and millions to pay out now suddenly to the families of the dead and to Lagos state. How did these millions end up in his hands at a flick of a button? I thought he gave it all away to the poor? And how did the money he paid out to SA victims got into the country? Was it in a legal way? You people are laughable. Really.

    • Sister JW,,,

      You got me thinking there…so let me analyze the 20 million Naira (120,000 USD) building plan approval cost for us all to fully comprehend…


      1. Tenement Rate: N5000
      2. Building Plan approval Processing Fees: L X B X H of Building x MF


      (MF means Multiplying Factor for the location of the Proposed Building from foundation to roof top of the Proposed Building.)

      Different Areas have different MFs.

      Our Specimen Multiplying Factor (MF) area for calculation here is about 25 for Lagos mainland inclusive of Ikotun

      Therefore such a large 6 story building as theirs might not exceed this estimate of 75 ft in length, 55 ft in width, and 55 ft in height

      So if for example the Length is 75, the Breadth is 75 and Height is 55 and the MF is 25, it will mean 75 x 55 x 55 x 25 ( L X B X H X MF) which is 5,600,000

      So the Building Plan Approval PROCESSING fee from the above calculation is about 5.6 million Naira or 30,000 USD)

      1. Building Plan Approval APPLICATION Fee: N10,000
    • Layout Fee N5,000

    • Registration Fee N5,000

    • Certificate of Fitness Levy N10,000

    • Physical Development Levy ( This is 10% of the Fees from NUMBER 2 TO NUMBER 6) i.e

    • N5,000000 + N10,000 + N5,000 + N5,000 + N10,000 =N5,030,000

      10% of N5,030,000 is N500,000

      1. LASPYDA Levy N500
    • LASEMA Levy N5000

    • Fencing Permit N10,000

    • TOTAL N5,545,000

      This is a rough estimate for a building in Lagos mainland (which is cheaper than Lagos island) and the figures used as the L, B and H for the proposed building is an estimate but the MF is 25

      Now they have paid quadruple the amount @ 20 million Naira or 120,000 USD…

      The million dollar question is why pay so much more and when was the money paid???

      Because if they were processing it the “regularized” way as the consultant claimed…then they would pay a little bit more on top of the normal rates plus some “appreciation” fees for the “staff” to make them happy as is wont in this country,,,

      Not four times more because they are now compelled to “hastily” process it under intense pressure…and of course we know that such processing fees could be “back dated” to seem as if the process had been kick-started months ago…whereas they just initiated soon after the building collapsed…and it was evident that its lack of state approval will become an “indictment” against their prophet and his scoan church in this inquest…

      This easily explains away why they are claiming to have paid up to 20 million bucks for what they ought to pay much less…

      The guilty must PAY for their guilt!

    • @ Just Wonder,

      This money comes from whom he collects money from, his supporters and donors. They all want this to go away WITH FLITHY LUCRE WHICH IS MONEY ! It is called settle out of COURT a practice that has been used by Benny Hinn, Oral Roberts, Richard Roberts son of Oral Roberts, Morris Curello, Reinhard Bonnke, Peter Popoff and more extensively to cover tracks and to escape public exposure and to silence their victims.

      I personally have seen these court cases in copy paperwork from them by an organisation that I was connected to in the past, who showed me these extensive documents concerning this cases. They were written in legal form and were copies of the originals that were served to the above people. And they were all settled out of Court. I know for sure that TB Joshua, SCOAN and the whole of their fanatic aggressive followers will go down that route an brainwash their followers that it was the Devil who was doing this and that they are innocent.

      But here is the thing, no matter what they will do this stain will never vanish upon their lives no matter how much they will keep washing their clothes or try to throw them away. This will be always upon them of those who consciously made the dicission to erect an illegal building, have no building permit, have no insurance on it by their choices. Regardless of all that. TB Joshua has never received an answer from God about deciding to build such a place. God would have already known what would happen and if he is claiming that God had spoken God would have told him, do not build on this place here, because it will be disastrous for the future and cause great distress. It only shows that he knows nothing at all. I believe he gets his future predictions elsewhere and they are also self fulfilling or even created to be self fulfilling. I have told you that the SCOAN inhabitants whoever they are are gleaning information from their visitors. In whatever means they have available. The last time we were there we were followed by two women on the aeroplane on the way back to Istanbul, Turkey. When I noticed it that they had extraordinary unusual interest in me and my wife we decided to get “rid” of them to divide ourselves up and meet up at a designated place in Istanbul and then board on the last moment in time at an agreed place. This is what we did and as God is my witness I am not lying about this.

      Also when we were there my wife’s bag was tampered with, because it had a lock and it was broken and even completely removed. My personal stuff was moved around my Manuel the Mexican disciple to a different bed without my approval or even asked and God knows whatever they did with my personal stuff.

      You cannot trust them whatsoever that was clear to me from then on. I am telling you that is where they partially get your personal information from. The other I believe is by using access to familiar spirits which they have mastered just like certain high profile psychics do.

      Ps. Just Wonder, they absolutely don’t care about any individual who is not with them on the same page. So in how painful this is, this is what it is. This attitude they have exhibited to everyone that fell foul of them. Remember what the Scripture says.

      Matthew 5:23 Therefore if you are presenting your offering at the altar, and there remember that your brother has something against you, 24leave your offering there before the altar and go; first be reconciled to your brother, and then come and present your offering.…

      Have they not just carried on without sorting their differences which each one of us that have had a negative experience with them ? They are using everyone else to justify they case and vilify themselves of their own wrongdoing and when they would speak to you they will look with high eye upon you and give you lecture of how stupid and dumb we are and that God will trash, shred, destroy, uproot and ultimately wipe you off the face of the earth. And as you have posted the videos about narcissists, that is exactly what you and I have been dealing with and still have to be dealing with. They will never bow and say, I am sorry we were not walking the right road because they think they are always right at any costs, by any means, by any ways to polish their stinking rotting inside corpses they are hiding into and put God in front of their scandalous religion life cart to hide behind instead of admitting their wrongs. A narcissist has no remorse whatsoever and uses every means to make their life vilified in whatever they do. Because Nigeria is putting up with all that, that is why they still walk around as they do. The love of Money is the greatest evil when it comes to such things. Most people can be bought with money if the price is high enough.
      When someone has it in their head they are above everything of what they do and it is wrong you need to scramble straight and walk away from it if you are sincere and just. Some people are just too deep in their situation to make that right dicision. I just am facing this with a friend that lives in another country and makes these discisions for the sake of whatever he has in mind. It hurts him so much that he can’t even talk about. We have been visiting so often over the years of our friendship but his hurt is for him untold grief. This all is because of money. Money is good, but many times a wrecker of all kinds of things. Marriages, businesses, governments, relationships with friends, many other things in life. Do not get in the grip of the vice money when it comes to these things.

      If they did not have money SCOAN would not have a foot to stand upon. It would collapse like that building which we saw. But money is their god. Filthy lucre. They use it to justify their lives. If they were as poor as those they make videos about, they would be nobody and no one would ever hear about them. Money used like that is the most disgusting way to use it that way.

      I salute you and God bless, no matter what you think about me.

    • t.b joshua has done good things which the world knows.had never acused or curse anyone,he had been & is still helping people, my quastion goes to you children of lucifer,satan,darkness,devil, which gold then do u serve who is asocieted with the rubish you are speaking against GOD SENT PROPHERT? you dont deserve mercy & remember to watch you toungue for GOD SHALL USE THE SAME MEASURE TO JUDGE YOU! GOD IS THE BEST JUDGE. GODBLESS YOU NIGERIANS

      • thank you Dalio…..don’t worry about them, they are carnally-minded they would not understand anything spiritual. children of darkness, by your fruits we see u……shame

  7. Here comes tbj again with one of his godless prophecies,
    tbj said that we should be careful of a politician that will be killed and the politician’s death will cause crisis, 😐
    tbj is renowned for giving out suggestions and tbj & his disciples do wrong to point out the suggestions as prophecies… The election period is fast approaching & there will be killings, even careless politicians can be killed bcos everyone wnts the power, & here comes tbj with anoda of his reviwed suggestion or rather demonic-revealed-prophecy that there will be death of a politician! Man, tbj doesn’t hear from God! I stand to be corrected.

    Even if this prophecy were given to him by one of his demons, i knw the demon will also be forward to kill a politician in order to elevate his false prophet.

    • No demon goes out to fulfill this false prophet’s false prophecy…
      They just want to ascribe powers to themselves that they don’t have at all…

      Let me explain carefully…

      The fact is that they use the “cold reading” technique hypnotics and spiritualists use to deceive people into thinking they can see into their past or future life…

      Why don’t you simply say that so & so politician will be assassinated…by so & so assassin…@ so & so place…so that so & so politician… can take so & so precautionary actions to save his life…

      That’s how God “reveals to redeem” in the Bible with specific prophecies for specific people @ specific places and specific solutions…like the prophet Agabus who prophesied to Paul using his belt that he will be arrested in Jerusalem and imprisoned by the Romans as he was journeying towards Jerusalem which Paul himself confirmed as an “inevitable” occurrence according to the divine Will of God for his life…

      (Acts 21:10-14…And as we tarried there many days, there came down from Judaea a certain prophet, named Agabus. And when he was come unto us, he took Paul’s girdle, and bound his own hands and feet, and said, Thus saith the Holy Ghost, So shall the Jews at Jerusalem bind the man [Paul] that owneth this girdle, and shall deliver him into the hands of the Gentiles [Romans]. And when we heard these things, both we, and they of that place, besought him not to go up to Jerusalem [place of incidence]. Then Paul answered, What mean ye to weep and to break mine heart? for I am ready not to be bound only, but also to die at Jerusalem for the name of the Lord Jesus. And when he would not be persuaded, we ceased, saying, The will of the Lord be done…)

      This scripture below explains to us the real meaning of divine prophecy of averting an impending danger even like it was with David when the Lord revealed to him not to remain in a certain place called Keila or else he would be captured by King Saul..

      (1 Samuel 23:10-13…Then said David, O LORD God of Israel, thy servant hath certainly heard that Saul seeketh to come to Keilah, to destroy the city for my sake. Will the men of Keilah deliver me up into his hand? will Saul come down, as thy servant hath heard? O LORD God of Israel, I beseech thee, tell thy servant. And the LORD said, He will come down. Then said David, Will the men of Keilah deliver me and my men into the hand of Saul? And the LORD said, They will deliver thee up. Then David and his men, which were about six hundred, arose and departed out of Keilah, and went whithersoever they could go. And it was told Saul that David was escaped from Keilah; and he forbare to go forth [to capture him]…)

      Now compare and contrast these genuine prophecies in the Bible with this prophet’s “cold reading” predictions we keep hearing about that cannot do anything specific to save any specific person or situation…like they’re now claiming in scoan to have seen the building collapsed “100 years” before it happened but couldn’t be bothered to say or do anything to remedy the situation…even if it means calling out to the church as a whole to prayerfully intercede in order to avert the impending disaster..well that is how the Holy Spirit operates in a living church of Christ and of God by revealing to redeem His children from impending danger or disaster…
      Copy That???

      Of course knowing how violent and volatile elections are in this country…I too can say that a very prominent politician might be assassinated in this coming elections…so let us pray…

      Then if indeed my cold reading or calculated prediction does come to pass then my followers will say that I actually prophesied it before it came to pass…

      But if it doesn’t come to pass then my followers will say our prayers averted it….

      Now if it happens that any prominent politician gets attacked but survives it…aha…my ecstatic followers will say our prophet “saw” it coming and “arrested” the situation with prayers to “save” that politician’s life….

      Any which way you look at it such “cold reading” prophecy, it is a “win win” situation for such false prophets…so they persist in it!

      Until one of their “evil prophecies” they keep releasing on others suddenly “boomerangs” on them unawares like it just did for this false prophet who likes to prophesy death & plane crash disasters on others…

      (1 Thessalonians 5:3…For when they shall say, Peace and safety; then sudden destruction cometh upon them, as travail upon a woman with child; and they shall not escape,,,)

      Of course after taking the time out to prophesy soccer results to aid his “global gamblers” in predicting which way to bet their cash money during global football tournaments…

      Ghana 2 vs Brazil 1 ….Ghana are world champions!
      (While those smart gamblers who “bet” money on his predictions all smiling to the bank)

      See what kind of a prophet he is…A Gambler’s Prophet….

      Kindly tell us what has that got to do with preaching the Gospel of Christ if you truly are a prophet of God Almighty???


      • you are cannally-minded, therefore you will not understand anything spiritual, pray for your salvation, and leave this wicked ways

  8. To TB Joshua,

    Galatians 1:8

    “But though we, or an angel from heaven, preach any other gospel unto you than that which we have preached unto you, let him be accursed”.

  9. Pastor invites victims’ families for Christmas

    Johannesburg – TB Joshua has invited families of the South African victims who died while visiting his church in Nigeria, to spend Christmas with him – and they have accepted.
    Forty-four families of the deceased are expected to be flown to Nigeria on Christmas day after receiving an invitation from Joshua’s Synagogue church of all nations (SCOAN).

      • Ha, ha……… tbjw. After paying the N20 million – plus ?N to the families of the dead, I suppose the buildings are now all according to plan and… A… OK… and the guests too! Money talks. His image restored! This will be a happy Christ Mass for all. A big happy family. What can you have more. Hie, hie …

      • Wanna Bet???

        Oops sorry…I meant…HOSTEL…

        Not gonna put my “money” where my “mouth” is…on this one though…

      • he can always put them at the car park along with punished disciples….. I would consider it much more safe.

  10. Thanx Mbiko Boateng for standing for Jesus…..

    All of you pple are bloody idiots, I wonder what you will say when the real truth comes out, you must be either boko haram, ISIS or some occult members jealous of Jesus,……. for your own info the truth will always come out and believe me all of you pple will pay, you all are shameless, if TBJ has caused these deaths then y would he bother to pay and invite families,how many pple did boko haram killed, how much money does these groups have…. who invited them to a stupid court hearing, why are you(blogger) not writing about them, how many pple(locals and foreigners) are dying everyday @ your own hands, y are you pple not condemning yourselves, most of all did TBJ invite any1 to come to his church????????????,

    how many pple are surviving now through the healing s of the prophet, be4 u accuse and criticize some, look @ the story both sides, i find all these negative posts so disgusting, y do pple go there, are you telling me that there is evil powers that is calling all these pple there( that means all these pple who attend TBJ”s church are evil then, bcz I’ve e never head of holly pple mingling with evil, pliz if you don’t have anything to do, kindly stop making noise OK, i wonder who even created this site, y are u posting only negative things, are u saying TBJ is not doing any good thing @ all, …..

    I can’t help it, what good have You(blogger) done for any1, here u are trying to get fame through criticizn innocent pple, well guess what u are reaching a dead end, coz the truth will always rule, and u will fail miserably, …..let me give u priceless advc, shut down the site and start reading your bible,repent and open your eyes, hell is real……

  11. My Brothers and Sisters let us cheer up!!!!
    Iam sure that as this new year approaches we will certainly have a new spiritual item, to assist with the recent upcoming financial demands of scoan for expensive lawyers, something like a NEW ANOINTING WATER S SERIES with 25/hours a day prolonged anointing, 3x protection against demons, NO FAITH REQUIRED (new feature) of course SALVATION GUARANTEED OR MONEY BACK, balanced PH and new sensational AROMA…….

    Iam laughing on how much of a fool Ive been all these years, But this Year at last Iam FREEEEEEEEEE thank you JESUS.


    • Bro John,

      That’s the Spirit speaking in you…and where the Spirit of the LORD is there is FREEDOM…

      (2 Corinthians 3:17…Now the Lord is that Spirit: and where the Spirit of the Lord is, there is liberty [FREEDOM]..).

      We Bless God for your life…and we pray the Lord will also use you to set others FREE…


      One Love!

      • Yes Brother Nosa, indeed the Spirit of God sets people free, and only the spirit of God can set people free from scoan. The brainwashing is so deep that I am amazed so many times on how people are unable to see the truth in front of their very eyes. And yes I ll fight my battle for people to get free, I still have hidden cards under my sleeve…. Let them come….

  12. Happy Christmas TBJoshuaWatch, thank you for all your watching.
    And Happy Christmas to all who comment and read.
    Have a wonderful time celebrating the birth of our Saviour Jesus Christ the son of God.

  13. Oh yeah nosa, i agree with you, tbj gives out football match resuls prophecies so as to aid and strenghten people in gambling!
    And this is purely against the word of God, as i knw the Spirit of God cant go against the Word of God.

  14. Tbj’s prophecies are always vague, in my own experience in prophecy, God’s word is always specific, the exact place, the exact person, the exact time, the exact way it would happen & the clear picture of how it’d happen, bt as for tbj, i dont agree with his negative-mind-blowing-suggestions.

  15. All prophecies in the Bible, of the real prophets, were warnings that they must humble themselves and pray and repent of their sins and turn back to God or God’s judgments will fall on them. It was all about God’s people and their relationship with Him. These ‘prophecies’ of tbj does nothing of the kind. It is pure and simple divinations, which God forbids. The rest of the prophecies points to the coming of Jesus the Messiah and they were fulfilled in the New Testament.

  16. Thanks @TB Joshua Watch for mentioning my channel. Your site is also doing a great job publishing articles that expose TB Joshua’s falsehood and encouraging everyone trapped in his ministry to walk away from deception. Needless to say, no other site on the entire web has shown commitment to informing and educating people about the wiles of TB Joshua as you guys have done. A Big thumbs up as well to all contributors and commenters. Looking forward to learning more from all of you in 2015 and beyond.

  17. Yo! Gawd’s Own…Sarcastic Scoanite…

    Ho! Ho! Ho!

    Says “Santa-Scoan” on Christmas Day with “Father-Prophet” wearing a white “Martyr’s Beard” and a “Bloody-Red Gown” to match…with a Vampire’s invitation to an “X-mas Bonfire” in Hellfire!

    Come with a “short-spoon” to dine with the antichrist…so can you become his next “martyr”…
    Come with your problems, sicknesses & diseases…and exchange it for the antichrist’s highly coveted MARK of the Beast…
    Come free of charge…all your travel expenses are paid for…plus a little “something something” for your yuletide Gift of death…
    Come and RECEIVE it in the name of the…ANTICHRIST!

    RSVP (Rest in Synagogue Very Peaceful)

    We promise we don’t do Boko-Bombs & Isis-Missiles…we do Silent Bombs & Controlled Demolitions…
    We promise to be singing praises to the antichrist on Super-Sunday…while you are screaming out for help under the rubble…
    We promise to do it all over again…and then invite your relatives to also come to us right after your “martyrdom”…
    We promise to make sure all our building paper-work is legit to avoid any “inquest” into your martyrdom…
    We promise to “bribe” TBJW to shut down their blogsite at all “cost” and “repent” unto our father the antichrist….


    S-anti Krist…


    @ TBJW…

    Funny how a simple, harmless, little “blogsite” like yours…can “rattle” a giant rattle-snake!
    Just like David’s little “sling-stone” rattled a Giant’s forehead…

    Repeated History or Deja Vu???

    This is the Lord’s doing, and it is marvelous in our eyes…Mark 12:11!

    Keep on keeping on…
    Keep on Representing Jesus!

  18. Synagogue Building Collapse Caused By Infrasonic Weapon – Witness
    Posted by the Punch Newspaper: December 23, 2014 .

    Several witnesses have dismissed Pastor T.B. Joshua’s theory of sabotage in the building collapse at his Synagogue Church of All Nations (SCOAN) in September. However, an EXPERT in explosives and weapons, Mr Biedomo Iguniwei, has laide credence to Joshua’s claim as he yesterday, told the coroner’s inquest that the collapse was caused by a high energy infrasonic weapon.
    Iguniwei, a former research scientist in weapons production with the Defence Industries Corporation of Nigeria, Kaduna, said he was contracted by the church to carry out scientific analysis of the materials from the scene, to ascertain the possibility of the collapse being caused by deployment of infrasonic weapon.

    He explained that an infrasonic weapon was a low sonic radiation used as a weapon to cause structural damage and destruction to objects.

    His conclusion, he said, was reached, after he interviewed two of the survivors and also analysed the CCTV footage of the incident.
    Iguniwei said that the “plane-like object” that flew over the church fired an infrasonic weapon that made the building crumble.
    “An infrasonic weapon can be fired or deployed from any flying object or from a location within a distance of between one hundred metres and 1,000 metres away from the intended target.

    “This infrasonic weapon employs vibration to induce high density destructive resonance in the building leading to a near perfect vertical crumbling experience.

    “I bring to bear my experience in arriving at this conclusion that the building collapsed as a result of uniform destruction due to the infrasonic pulse fired unto the building,” Iguniwei said.

    To support his claim, the expert cited the destruction of the Tacoma Narrows Bridge in Washington in 1940 as one of the cases where an infrasonic weapon was deployed. He however explained that the technology was not visible to human eyes. This, he said, was because radiation does not generate heat or lead to burning as in the case of bombs.

    “The bomb expert who is looking for chemical residue will not see anything like a by-product,” he explained.
    “Of course, there is no charring because all that the radiation does is to cause a vibration of the atoms from their position resulting in the emission of electrons.

    “Engineers generally believe that a structure would fail due to bad foundation and materials, but if you go there now, the foundation pillars are still very intact.

    “My position is that the building weakened from the top,” the expert said.
    Iguniwei’s testimony therefore brought up a new twist to the proceedings in the inquest into how the building where 116 persons were killed on September 12, collapsed.

    The Coroner, Oyetade Komolafe, directed Iguniwei to submit his research on the incident to the court on January 5, 2015.
    Meanwhile the suit filed by the founder of SCOAN, Prophet T.B. Joshua, to challenge his invitation to testify at the inquest was stalled on Monday.

    The suit could not be heard as the defence counsel told the court that he had only just been served on Monday morning with a further affidavit filed by SCOAN.

    Justice Lateefa Okunnu consequently adjourned till January 12, 2015.


    Kindly read the accurate web report of the scoan’s weapons & explosives “inexpert” expert quoted reference below:
    The Tacoma Narrows Bridge collapses due to high winds on this day in 1940. Fortunately, only a dog was killed.
    The Tacoma Narrows Bridge was built in Washington during the 1930s and opened to traffic on July 1, 1940. It spanned the Puget Sound from Gig Harbor to Tacoma, which is 40 miles south of Seattle. The channel is about a mile wide where the bridge crossed the sound. Sleek and slender, it was the third longest suspension bridge in the world at the time, covering 5,959 feet.

    Leon Moisseiff designed the bridge to be the most flexible ever constructed. Engineers of the time believed that the design, even though it exceeded ratios of length, depth and width that had previously been standard, was completely safe. Following the collapse, it was revealed that the engineers had not properly considered the aerodynamic forces that were in play at the location during a period of strong winds. At the time of construction, such forces were not commonly taken into consideration by engineers and designers.
    On November 7, high winds buffeted the area and the bridge swayed considerably. The first failure came at about 11 a.m., when concrete dropped from the road surface. Just minutes later, a 600-foot section of the bridge broke free. By this time, the bridge was being tossed back and forth wildly. At one time, the elevation of the sidewalk on one side of the bridge was 28 feet above that of the sidewalk on the other side. Even though the bridge towers were made of strong structural carbon steel, the bridge proved no match for the violent movement, and collapsed.

    Subsequent investigations and testing revealed that THE BRIDGE WAS VULNERABLE TO VIBRATIONS GENERATED BY WIND. When the bridge experienced strong winds from a certain direction, the frequency oscillations built up to such an extent that collapse was inevitable.

    (At the time, the engineering community was perplexed about how a bridge designed to withstand winds of up to 120 mph could collapse in a wind of 42 mph. EXPERTS still DISAGREE on the exact cause of the bridge’s destruction, but most agree the collapse was related to RESONANCE, a phenomenon that also comes into play when a soprano shatters a glass with her voice. In the case of the Tacoma Narrows, the wind resonated with the natural frequency of the structure, causing a steady increase in amplitude until the bridge was destroyed.)

    A replacement bridge opened on October 14, 1950, after more than two years of construction. It is the fifth longest suspension bridge in the United States 40 feet longer than the original. Construction of the new bridge took into account the lessons learned in the collapse of the Tacoma Narrows Bridge, as did that of all subsequent suspension bridges.
    Today, the remains of the bridge are still at the bottom of Puget Sound, where they form one of the largest man-made reefs in the world. The spot was placed on the National Register of Historic Places in order to protect it against salvagers.


    Kindly view the Tacoma Bridge collapse footage on youtube link below and see how the Tacoma Bridge vibrated violently for “long minutes” before it ever came crashing down…instead of “suddenly” as the inexpert-expert was lying under oath in order to mislead the court…if there was such a violent vibration, evidently practically every one in the building would have had “ample chance” within those crucially vital minutes of vibration like an earth quake to escape from the building before it finally collapsed…after all it was only six stories high…

    Whatever happened to the offence of perjury in court or is it only applicable to a court trial and not to a court inquest???

    Perhaps one or two scapegoats punished for PERJURY in the coroner court will further discourage any more JACKASS EXPERT that don’t know JACKBONE in scoan witness payroll from collecting bribe and coming to testify LIES in contempt of court…

    In the synagogue building there was no report or evidence of any kind of vibrations (not even a slight tremor as in an earth quake) in the building before it came crashing down

    Maybe the bribed “inexpert expert” forgot that the same synagogue witnesses like himself who were “survivors” all bar none spare none came to “testify” that they heard a “thunderously” loud explosion as in a bomb blast shortly before the collapse which the CCTV cameras and the entire synagogue church residents plus security & police guards as well as the neighboring Ikotun district residents all “failed” to see & hear…

    APARENTLY because they were all instantly “blinded & deafened “ by the infrasonic sound that the “ultra modern” state-of-the-art 22nd Century “Infrasonic Weapon” emitted as it “hit” the hostel building when it was fired from the “hovering” C130 Airforce bomber aircraft (which does not “hover” like a helicopter for goodness sake) on its mission against some “special forces” boko haram terrorists brandishing an “Improvised Nuclear Explosive Devise” (INED) they were about “detonating” in Lagos metropolis that would eventually annihilate millions of Lagos in its wake…

    That a “special intel” report from military DHQ in Abuja identified that they were hiding in the synagogue church hostel from where they were only a few minutes from “nuking” Lagos hence it was ultimately “expedient” for the entire building and its innocent occupants (as collateral damage) together with the resident terrorists and their nuclear bomb to be “annihilated” by a non-conventional bomb as a normal bomb would have “triggered” the improvised nuclear explosive device and nuked the entire Lagos with a population of 10 million people…

    So the CIA, FBI, MI5, MI6, INTERPOL & MOSSAD quickly “deployed” their Beta or “testing” version of the INFRARED SONIC RADIATION WEAPON to the Nigerian SSS which quickly passed it over to the Nigerian Airforce at the order of Mr. President for the “Expedient Demise (XPD) of the synagogue church building plus the resident terrorists…em…sorry erstwhile Internal Saboteurs…

    Boy! What a Hollywood Spy Movie Tom Cruise of “Mission Impossible” would “kill” to star in…but that’s way above his league for only one actor is worthy of it namely:

    JAMES BOND 007…who should also be “bribed” by this scoan prophet to come and testify how he secretly flew the C130 aircraft that “attacked” his collapsed building and caused the aircraft to unbelievably “hover” like the British “Harrier” Fighter Jet as the final bit of this wonderfully puzzling jigsaw-puzzle that has defied the best brains of Nigerian weapons, bombs & explosives experts from the police to the military and even to those “wannabe expert” consultant scoan witnesses in both the local & international building construction industry as well as those “bribed” journalists from the Nigeria media organizations not to talk of the Nigerian Christian churches….

    Where no one seems to be able to rise up tell this “Joker Prophet” to his face that he is a nothing but a lying MASS MURDERER that deserves to be jailed for life over the murder of his 100+ martyrs whom he sacrificed as “sacrificial lambs” to his blood thirsty demonic gods hence he calls them martyrs…instead they are all mystifyingly “silent” as if they are “afraid” of him or have also been “bribed” by him…

    How much does he have for screaming out loud that our common corrupt politicians don’t have a hundred and thousand fold…let’s face it he is not even the riches pastor in Lagos state talk less of Nigeria…what is a mere 20 million USD that he is claimed to be worth that an ordinary local government chairman embezzling govt funds doesn’t have times ten???

    Where for goodness sake is the Christian Association of Nigeria (CAN) or the Pentecostal Fellowship of Nigeria (PFN) that is supposed the defend the interest of Christians 7 Christianity in Nigeria???

    I keep saying it: if Bishop Benson Idahosa were alive today he wouldn’t let this be…Period!

    Have they become deaf & dumb all of a sudden??? This is supposed to be a Christian Church with both Nigerian & international Christians murdered incase they have forgotten and Christians…so why are they afraid to hold a press conference and openly declare to the whole world what they “think” of this charade of this prophet and his Synagogue Church of All “Deadly” Nations???

    Shame! Shame!! Shame!!! On them all! A Crying Crime Shame!

    Look at all the ridiculous scoan “controlled demolition” attack theories so far that have been comprehensively, logically and legally debunked:

    1) Boko Haram bomb attack legally foiled because of lack of fire, smoke, loud noise & dismembered bodies

    2) Internal Saboteurs with chemical bombs / re-agents legally foiled because of lack of drilled holes in the concrete and walls where such chemicals must be poured into and a reaction time of up to 36 hours after being administered which was impossible not to detect

    3) Silent bombs from low flying aircraft legally foiled because such a “modern technique” of bombing simply does not exist

    4) Infrared Sonic weapon legally foiled because such a weapon has never ever been used to bring down any high rise building “control demolition” style and is simply too incredible as the building must first “vibrate or oscillate” earthquake style unlike the “synagogue building” before ever crashing in a non-symmetric manner as is the case study with the Tacoma Bridge example sited by the “inexpert expert” which was his own “undoing” in his own science fiction theory.


    There are but only two witness left for scoan church to call upon:

    1) A demon possessed person who will be interviewed or cross examined not by “lawyers” but by their “wise men” that can come and testif in court that it was the demon in him or her that detonated a SPIRITUAL BOMB that control demolished their building…perhaps the coroner court will finally admit it as the “proven” cause of the collapse and multiple deaths….A FAT DEMONIC CHANCE INDEED!

    2) The prophet himself who seems to know so much about all these theories of how his building collapsed must come and personally testify to the impatiently waiting court and world how it all happened whether it be physical or spiritual so that his version of the “truth” can be considered before the coroner delivers the only obvious VERDICT in this INQUET that is both logically and legally accurate beyond any reasonable doubt that it was the building’s STRUCTURAL DEFECT of unlawfully piling more floors and concrete decking on a weakened foundation and pillars that could no longer hold the weight of the topmost floors that caused it to come crashing down killing 100+ innocent people and not 100+ holy martyrs!!!

    I Rest My Case!

  19. sick pple, do you understand it now, te bible says touch not…….., its coming this is just the beggining, want to know how much you pple the likes of Nosa, Just Wonder @ the so called tbjoshuawatch, Jesus will always defend his own against devils spreading poison like you pple.

    • @ God’s disowned,

      You are pretty full of yourself right ? People who want others to be destroyed is not Gods own, but a sick twisted individual twice brainwashed with their own religion.

      • i don’t blame you, you must be the devils favorite, guess what, time will tell… funny how you concluded that I want others to be destroyed…… kkkkkk, are u feelin the heat ha? don’t worryyy u haven’t started yet, when he arrives u will know

      • @ Gods disowned,

        There is no heat tangible whatsoever concerning all these conclusions you have made all by yourself. Keep dreaming in your own fantasies.

    • Gawd’s own Scoanite…

      The only poison we “see” is your prophet’s poison of death that sent 116 innocent souls to their early and tragic graves…

      The only lies we “hear” are those told by your prophet’s paid professional “expert” liars who come to court to deliberately commit the unlawful offense of perjury a.k.a lying under oath…

      hopefully you too can join their “ignoble” ranks and come to court “uninvited” to “confess” as an interested party and volunteer to be the “sacrificial scapegoat” of your scamming scoan prophet as the boko haram terrorist bomber or silent bomber or internal saboteur or chemical bomber or infra sonic bomber or gawd’s own bomber if you like…

      Just pick & choose your choice…the list of lies is long and robust enough to satiate your huge capacity to compute, configure, assimilate and accommodate mind boggling lies as the truth without blinking an eye, breaking a sweat and cutting a smile…

      At least you’ll become rich & famous overnight from the “hefty bribe” you\ll get from your prophet and the certain “death sentence” you’ll get from the law court respectively as the “elusive bomber” and a “true martyr” of your prophet…who died to save him and his lying ministry from utter shame, disgrace & destruction…

      Three LOUD “EMMANUEL GBOSA” For You”’

      Or do you want to REPENT???
      And save yourself from eternal destruction instead???

      • @ gods disowned,

        We are not uncomfortable with truth or absolute truth. But adamant for uncovering the “anointed water” scams and the promotion of Islam in SCOAN and the rediculous retarded demonic 30-40 minute interrogations of demon infested leaders that are delivering other people with “anointed water” without themselves manifesting all over the world and let us believe in such scams which your illuminati false private prophet keeps promoting for the sake of foolish people that stink in such deception. Including those silly stickers with him as your idol upon it.

  20. TB Joshua will never ever go to Court, because he is to high and mighty and O so holy… How dare you invite him to court – the ‘man of god!’ It will be a Pharaoh like take out in the end. Watch and see! He will rather die than get out of his hole. Just like Kaddafi. His wanna be friend. Remember God is busy working here. I ay again, “Watch and see!”

  21. This “Synagogue Building Collapse Caused by Infrasonic Weapon”, is so farfetched. It borders on retardation. These people are either bribed or not normal. Let me see. So the military plane of Nigeria doing practice runs caused its Infrasonic Weapon to target its own Nigerian ‘church’ and the government just makes a curtecy visit and nothing more. What am I missing?

  22. And why is tbj just giving money to the deceased’s families and NOT the injured’s families? Why does he only invite the deceased’s families for Christ Mass and NOT the maimed’s families? Why does he only focus on the dead? There are paralyzed bread winners, whom he just disregards.

    • Come on now..

      Those 200+ survivors & injured folks ain’t no MARTYRS…cause they are the ones that “refused” to die which invariably reduced his tally of “martyrs” to just 100+ when it ought to have been double or treble that number @ 200 to 300 “sacrificial lambs” thereby doubling or trebling the “spiritual powers” he would otherwise have “received” from his GAWD…

      Because the more human ritual heads a satanist sacrifices or submits to their satanic kingdoms the more powers and promotions they receive there…this is a known spiritual fact that no Christian except a spiritually blind Christian can deny…

      So the scoan prophet is “mighty cross” with those “survivors” who almost “sabotaged” his spiritual “master plan” to obtain even more spiritual powers…than what he currently possesses which apparently is not sufficient for him to protect himself from the Coroner…so he had to desperately seek help from paid lawyers & police officers as well as paid scoan protesters, experts & witnesses who only have “human powers” to help save his skin from an imminent “jail sentence” or imprisonment….

      But of course he’s not gonna say it openly as that is suicidal to his prophetic career…but at least he can show it openly by “ignoring” them and their relatives while focusing his “cash rewards” on the relatives of his one & only TRUE MARTYRS of his gawd’s faith….

      So what happened to the so called “powerless” power of their satanic kingdoms and gods that he so trusted in..that is now making him to look like the most “foolish” false prophet that has ever walked upon the face of the earth…who dumbly sacrificed 100+ people in his own house and tried to make it look as if it was a harmless accident in this 21st century of modern civilization & technological advancement where such spiritual foolery can’t stand scientific scrutiny…

      !00 years ago…he would have gotten away with it unscathed…1000 years ago nobody would have even bothered to ask any question as human sacrifice was still accepted in many ancient civilizations…but today???

      If found guilty by the law…his “head” will surely “roll” as atonement and justice for the 100+ heads of his victim that he “rolled” on his demonic dice of deception and death….

      It’s not over…
      Till the FAT LADY Sings….

  23. Ohh my God, what kind lie is infrasonic weapon again?? Tbj and his endless lies, are they trying to say the nigerian force that was on training that day, attacked their building?? Thats lie… False prophet with false accusations with false witnesses. Damn!

    @jesse, im sorry, jesse is my actual name, i dont have any other screen name to change to.

    • @ Jesse Preacher,

      You can change it to anything if you want to, you are a person of free will is it not ? I have been using this screen name for many years on TB Joshua Watch and other websites which identifies me as me writing in that Screen ID and that is one reason I ask you this and secondly for the sake of confusion with the readers here that it may and will cause. They might think you are me or I am you. You catch my drift ? And for the sake of playing people out I ask you to just change it into another Screen ID that’s all. I appreciate this very much if you do. Many thanks.

  24. Gawdsown Scoanite…

    You better listen up…

    Your prophet makes up to 5 million US dolls monthly from the estimated 5000 pilgrims who come from all over to “visit” him that he charges about $3000 per soul…after travel & lodging expenses he makes about $1000 overhead profit per head…times 5000 heads equals $5 million monthly and $60 million annually…minus tithes, offerings, contributing, church gate-fees and prophetic seeds of course…

    You see why this prophet will do everything possible & impossible to protect his very lucrative corporate empire…you see why he can afford to pay millions of naira or hundreds of thousands of dollars to his lawyers to keep him from testifying in court…as well as millions of naira to police officers to come and lie in court to defend him…likewise to scoan experts & witnesses to come and give unbelievable testimonies in court…similarly to the physically challenged persons, youth activists, church members and even traditional rulers who come and protest his innocence in court….yet ironically he himself refuses to come to the same court to testify or protest his innocence…

    I ‘ve said this often to your scoan likes who are always busy fighting this man’s battles as opposed to us who are fighting the Lord’s Battle…while we get our reward and blessing from The Lord…you get nothing from your prophet…

    You do the math….your prophet gets paid in millions of dollars, his police, experts, witnesses, protesters, activists etc all get paid in the thousands of dollars…but the likes of you online scoanites get paid NOTHING…absolutely nothing upon all your internet time, efforts and subscriptions to defend him and launder his damaged image…he doesn’t recognize or acknowledge let alone reward you…making you guys look like his dumb JACKASS…who can only say at the snap of his little finger…HEE HAW HEE HAW…

    Your prophet’s daughter attends Harvard University’s expensive Law school as a foreign student (which you obviously can’t afford even in your dream life) and he sponsors many of his relatives and well wishers with fat pay cheques from his church account…while you guys get nothing…not even a commendation letter from him on his facebook page mentioning, remembering or thanking his “online campaigners” for all their unflinching support for him…yet he always seem to remember to curse and threaten his “online critics” with death attacks from his demonic-gawd because they are only speaking the truth about him that “exposes” his lies & deception to the whole world and “delivers’ many souls who were unwittingly deceived by him…as we often see from numerous testimonies here…

    For the record this site is for Civilized Christians not Barbarians Christians…except of course you are a ride & die scoanite whose talk is always aggressive, violent, uncivilized & barbaric just like their father…like father like scoanite!

    Now “Gawdsown Scoanite”
    Who do you now think is the Foolish Jackass of your prophet…You or Us?
    Hee Haw Hee Haw!

    Wise up…stop acting, talking & thinking like a JACK-ASS in a JACK-POOL…
    You can’t match us when it comes to playing word games…

    • On second thoughts …

      Maybe after this post your prophet will soon write you online campaigners a vote of thanks on his facebook page and even compensate you guys with some cash monies…because we are now mocking you nickel & dime online scoanites…ha ha ha!

      Cause I noticed that soon after we mocked him for giving some relatives of his victims paltry sums of money (5000 rands) and food packs as compensation when his victims paid him thousands of dollars or about 20,000 rands to visit him…he shamefully came back to give them about 50,000 rands each…now he is even inviting them for XMAS JAMS all nite long….

      All in a CHEAP PUBLICITY STUNT to show the world he cares about them when in reality all he cares is how to save his skin from legal prosecution and restore his permanently damaged image no more no less…

      Where I come from we don’t celebrate Christmas or “birthday” right after we just lost a precious loved one…instead we “mourn” with black clothing and “heal” our broken hearts with tears & prayers…as Jesus Christ taught us to do…This is not the time for Xmas Jams…there are many more “Xmases” or “Birthdays” ahead for that!

      Bible says…rejoice with those rejoicing and mourn with those mourning…not rejoice with those mourning and mourn with those rejoicing as that is contrary to scripture…so our thoughts and care and love and prayer goes out to those relatives still mourning their terrible loss in this Yuletide season of Christ’s Birth…may the Good and Merciful HOLY COMFORTER fortify you and heal your “Broken Wings” in the Name of JESUS CHRIST our Lord and Saviour…Amen!

      As things stands…if he really does care about them he would not have allowed their loved ones to die like chickens in a poultry…by denying them a fair chance of survival during those 3 days when he purposefully & deliberately refused the professionally trained rescuers (NEMA, LASEMA & Firemen) to properly do their job and save lives…while he was busy preaching in the name of his antichrist and sing praises to his antichrist gawd (inside that same church he is now hosting those bereaved relatives) as the blood of his “martyr-victims” was flowing like a river only a few meters away just beside his “marine pool’ Altar of Death…

      Those bereaved relatives who want to go there are free to do so…those bereaved relatives who want sue him for serious damages are also free to do so…its a free world and we are free people…but Truth & Justice MUST prevail…

      This is the Perfect Will of God!

      I Rest My Case!

      • @ Sajjadruth,

        Please tell us which hell, ? The Grave, Sheol, Tartarus, Gehenna, Purgatory ? Please explain ?

        Glad you are not the over seer of mankind. Because EVERYBODY would be destroyed and you alone will be with God. In a time such as this you are destructive, evil and failing to preach the Gospel to those that are so called “bound” in your twisted mind.

        Luke 9:…53But they did not receive Him, because He was traveling toward Jerusalem. 54When His disciples James and John saw this, they said, “Lord, do You want us to command fire to come down from heaven and consume them?” 55But He turned and rebuked them, and said, “You do not know what kind of spirit you are of;…

        We know, I know from which spirit you are. And it ain’t God, Who gave His Only begotten Son for all of mankind. We know what Temple you go to, we know your roots, we know what you are, we know that God will also Judge you for speaking Hell upon believers of Christ and are filled with the Holy Spirit and the likes of you who claim you should not blaspheme the Holy Spirit, BUT THAT IS EXACTLY WHAT YOU DO ! Just like your everlasting self demonised leaders who were in the branches and were casting out demons while possessed themselves with all kinds of demons. Then tell us that Satan cannot cast out demons because otherwise his kingdom cannot stand, but that is exactly what they were doing and now use human intervention and loopholes in the Law of the Land of corrupt Nigeria and call it acts of God !!!!! ?????? You can bend God Will for you BY YOUR OWN CHOICES ! You are free to do so. Your lie of when God says no who can say no is not true. Millions of Atheists are your examples, millions of godless celebrities are your example, millions of witchcraft practitioners, Satanists, Wiccans are your example. When God said NO TO ADAM AND EVE They STILL took from the tree of knowledge of good and evil. You should stop your false lies now of your heretic false private prophet, which you blindfoldedly follow instead of God Himself.

    • there is nothing you the devil’s child can tell me to listen to, if you were a real preacher you would learn to preach the truth, i rest my case, will be back to see you drowning in the devils’ mouth when the truth finally comes to open, i pity you for i can see just how much the devil is rejoicing bcz of how much you are giving him credit….. if you claim to be doing the right hing, how come you are only posting negatives of TBJ, doesn’t he do any good, you pple really sound just like your god(devil) nothing good comes out of his mouth, like father like children…..shame

  25. According to the local Chronicle, Catherine Ndlovu from Bulawayo, second largest city in Zimbabwe, allegedly paid thousands of dollars to enable her travel. However trying to help her child, the woman lost her life, but the family narrates how they were told the truth.

    Yesterday the relatives of the 40-year-old accused famous Nigerian clergyman of erecting a “wall of lies” following the collapse of his church building, which claimed at least 115 lives, on September 12.

    Catherine’s sister told the journalist:

    “We called them [TB Joshua church] every day, asking where my sister was and they said she had boarded a plane back to South Africa and would be back on Sunday last week.”

    In a separate interview the victim’s brother also said:

    “We became suspicious when other Zimbabweans who had travelled to Nigeria came back via South Africa and she wasn’t part of the group. It became clear they’d been lying to us and withholding information from us all along.”

    The uncle of her orphaned children accuses the church of cover-up lamenting they were not told the truth for several days:

    “When we heard news of the collapse, we feared the worst. There was no communication from the church until my cousin, who lives in South Africa, called them. They just put up a wall of lies and kept telling us she was safe. It would be only several days later that they confirmed our worst fears.”

    Even the family’s hopes to receive the body of the deceased were reportedly dashed after TB Joshua’s aides asked them to provide a DNA sample for positive identification.

    “We don’t even know if that’s true, and our only hope now is that our government can get to the bottom of this. Who knows how many other Zimbabweans have been kept in the dark about their relatives’ fate?”

    It would be noted that the tragedy aftermath sparked hot discussions and caused several scandals.


    Note: this is exactly what “Just Wonder” said she experienced at the hands of this scoan church and prophet when she was frantically trying to find out about the safety of her relatives living in scoan church…who “all-of-a-sudden” now cares for their victims’ relatives (they had previously disrespected disregarded and despised) with their “crocodile tears” and “sneering gifts” because their prophet is staring down the barrel of a prison cell and prospective closure of his Lagos scoan church…if found culpable of mass murder in this inquest…

    That’s what I call “Satanic Care & Demonic Drugs” after death!
    Who do they think they are trying to deceive or mislead as usual???
    Certainly not this wise world of wise men!

    • A 33-year-old South African woman trapped for 5 days in the rubble of a collapsed Synagogue Church building has narrated her ordeal.

      Lindiwe Ndwandwe, South African survivor of SCOAN building collapse. Credits: AFP

      The tragedy occurred September 12, when the building belonging to pastor T.B. Joshua’s Synagogue Church Of All Nations

      (SCOAN) fell down, leaving scores of people dead and many injured and trapped.

      One of those caught under the debris was Lindiwe Ndwandwe. Several ghastly days she had to spend waiting for the rescue, she could only hear the screams of those beneath the rubble slowly fade .

      Speaking with AFP Saturday, September 20, the woman finally found courage to share her story and provide the details like the one that she had no other choice but drink urine to survive.

      READ MORE:

      (Note that this is the same “caring” prophet who was happily “singing” in his church on Sunday Live on TV…while this woman was “sipping” her urine to survive and others were “spilling” their blood in a painful and slow death in his building nearby…)

      Now you want to tell the world you care with your Xmas invitation of your victims relatives…
      Who you trying to deceive…
      Certainly yourself not us!

      • Meanwhile new details of this story have surfaced. Which is no allegation, but the information provided on the SCOAN official website. According to the page, the SCOAN had 3 different locations in the past, and there were serious troubles with the church building.

        Read the paragraph taken as it is from

        “The physical structure of The SCOAN has gone through different stages. Each stage served a purpose! Before moving to our present position, The SCOAN has had three previous locations. The roof of the first church was blown off by a storm, the second church was washed away by a flood while the third CHURCh also COLLAPSED due to severe weather conditions. Shall we say all these happened without God’s knowledge? No. In every situation, God is still saying something. Today, The SCOAN is an architectural masterpiece located in the heart of Ikotun-Egbe, Lagos.”

        READ MORE:

        (Kindly note that this same church have a nasty habit of cutting corners in their church building constructions which have led to similar disasters because of structural defects in the recent past…)

        As at then it was NOT a terrorist act of CONTROLLED DEMOLITION because apparently there were no foreign casualties or coroner inquest…

        NOW IT IS …

        Who do they think they can deceive????
        Judgment will surely come upon the wicked???
        Mark these words words!!!

  26. Yes, Nosa +1 for you and note:
    TB Joshua never puts the emphasis on Christ’s Mas, but on New Year services. He is playing this deception tricks here again. The emphasis is NOT on Jesus, but on himself.
    So check this out.
    He invites the families of the victims to his Christ’s Mas service, but they only fly there on Christ’s Mas day. It takes about 6 hours flight from SA to Nigeria. So when will they arrive there on Christ’s Mas day anyway? They will be tired and exhausted, when finally arriving there. It takes 10 hours from home to church. It will be a watered down service, but then he will prepare for the big New Year service. The Big show and then they will play Christ’s Mas songs and fool the public that, that happened on Christ’s Mas for the visitors. They will even copy and paste old Christ’s Mas services, songs and happenings. I know. I was there when these tipe of things happened. Usually there is only a Christ’s Mas tree and no Nativity scene as well, with baby Jesus, Mary and Joseph etc etc. Check it out.

    • Yes, Just Wonder. Because placing the emphasis on Xmas day beyond some hymns means “nothing”, whereas New Year’s Eve is yet another chance to “exhalt” his prophetic gift and have everyone waiting in awe of what he might say as the ultimate guideline into the new year. New Year’s Eve is so much better for self projection, don’t you get it? 😃 Anyway, people want to hear what the future holds and not the meaning of Christmas and ultimately that message of the Cross, which once fully understood, eliminates prophets, stickers, waters and bracelets. Was it by chance that Apostle Paul insisted with such persistence in 2nd Cor. 1,2 on making as clear as possible the preaching of the Cross leaving no room for eloquence or further boasting, as he refers to? Once again, everyone will be waiting for TBJ’s “word” and you will most certainly get the full coverage and projection of how he attended to the bereaved families he has invited. Sickening…….

    • @ Just Wonder,

      I did tell you that. These Law practitioners are all unreliable because of filthy lucre and the spirit of fear. Has anyone noticed that Oyetade is suffering from Strabismus or Squint in his eyes ? Surely TB Joshua does not want face that, because then he has to prove that his so called healing prowess is “real”. I have always told everyone of you. He is nothing without his camera crew, his disciples, buildings that are prepared for him to operate in. You will never see him ever in public places ministering AS JESUS DID ! Unannounced ! Like as we all walk in streets, libraries, buildings, schools, hospitals, business buildings, outside Mosques, Hindu Temples, Buddhism temples, or any religious places. He is and will be a sham, like all TV evangelists and smooth shines suit polished ministries.

  27. It is written: About what God thinks of the Christ’s Mass tree of scoan;
    Jeremiah 10
    10 Hear ye the word which the LORD speaketh unto you, O house of Israel:
    2 THUS SAITH THE LORD; “LEARN NOT THE WAY OF THE HEATHEN” and be not dismayed at the signs of heaven for the heathen are dismayed at them.
    6 Forasmuch as there is none like unto thee, O LORD; thou art great, and thy Name is great in might.
    7 Who would not fear thee, O King of nations? for to thee doth it appertain: forasmuch as among all the wise men of the nations and in all their kingdoms, there is none like unto thee.
    8 But they are altogether brutish and foolish: the stock is a doctrine of vanities – Jeremiah 10

    • JW,
      Many thanks for this scriptural insight on the Xmas tree…many Xtians sometimes simply but ignorantly follow the wrong precepts in the church because of the herd mentality of humans…
      Proverbs 27:17…Iron sharpeneth iron…

      • @ Just Wonder,

        Colossians 2:8 Beware lest any man spoil you through philosophy and vain deceit, after the tradition of men, after the rudiments of the world, and not after Christ.

        Mark 7:8 Disregarding the command of God, you keep the tradition of men.

  28. Nosa,
    It is written,
    “My people are destroyed for lack of knowledge. Because you have rejected knowledge, I also will reject you from being My priest. Since you have forgotten the law of your God, I also will forget your children – God said” – Hosea 4:6
    But todays, prophets, priests, pastors, rabbis etc. cannot even warn their people about this hearten practice of the Christ’s Mas tree from Rome?
    They all fall in line with Rome, just like sheep, but call themselves all kinds of biblical names!

  29. Thanks Jesse and O, it makes me think of the following verse as well:

    “Making the Word of God of no effect through your tradition, which ye have delivered and many such like things do ye” – Mark 7:13

  30. Note:
    Up to now NO live Christ’s Mas service has been uploaded on YouTube from scoan. Check it out.

  31. Sajjadruth Scoanite says: you “pigs” are just unbelievable, you ask for hell, you get hell


    Last time I searched the scriptures….the swine or pigs was definitely defined as you “stereotypical” scoanites who despises the TRUTH of the gospel of Christ and embraces the LIES of the antichrist doctrine…and such will surely end up in the hellfire that they are asking for…

    (Matthew 7:6…Give not that which is holy unto the dogs, neither cast ye your pearls before swine [pigs], lest they trample them under their feet, and turn again and rend you…)

    Because God Himself will “personally” ensure that you will continue to believe your LIES with which you have been DELUDED unto eternal destruction…since you “personally” chose to refuse to repent when even here on this site and elsewhere you see other “former” scoanites coming out openly to renounce the scoan-lies of your lying prophet and announce the TRUTH of Christ Jesus…

    (2 Thessalonians 2:10-12…And with all deceivableness of unrighteousness in them that perish [in hell]; because they received not the love of the TRUTH, that they might be saved. And for this cause God shall send them STRONG DELUSION, that they should believe a LIE:That they all might be [eternally] damned who believed not the truth, but had pleasure in unrighteousness…)

    Has it ever occurred to you that the only PERSON we point our words, faith, belief, hope, aspirations, confidence, trust, love and all-in-all to on this site remains…

    HIS TRULY…THE MAN UPSTAIRS…the Author and Finisher of our Faith???

    Not no prophet, pastor, bishop, church, ministry, denomination or religion as you scoanites obviously do…

    If i were to be an “impartial” and neutral observer reading all these posts from both camps of for and against the scoan prophet…this would be my logical conclusion…

    1) The scoan critics “always” quote scriptures to support their “assertions” against the scoan prophet…while on the other hand the scoan supporters “rarely” quote scriptures to back up their “defense” of their scoan prophet and his conduct except when it comes to pronouncing judgment, death and destruction for criticizing their prophet…

    2) Isn’t there any scriptures the pro scoanites can also quote to defend the “conduct” of their prophet or is it because they can’t find any such scriptures to quote…

    This is the truth!!!

    Need I say more???
    Guess I needn’t…

  32. Devotees of dada Joshua: Wake up and get out of that place.

    The Dangerous Devotion to Cults (Full Documentary)

    All cults preach a different gospel, and different Jesus and a different spirit, which is just off from the truth.

    Get out from scoan, it is a cult.

  33. Warning to Escape Babylon’s Judgment

    4 Then I heard another voice from heaven say:
    “‘Come out of her, my people,’[b]
    so that you will not share in her sins,
    so that you will not receive any of her plagues;
    5 for her sins are piled up to heaven,
    and God has remembered her crimes.

    Get out devotees of tbj;

    Cults Escaping Evil My Life in a Cult Bio Documentary

    • @ Just Wonder,

      There is a video on YouTube @ Christ Love account. Mostly children, some of South Africa and some of the UK branch disciples depicting Job.

  34. As this year is coming to an end, this was NOT the year of crossing a bridge.
    It was a year of SACRIFICING.
    A year of sacrificing anyone and anything in order to keep those dark SCOAN secrets well locked up in the closet and protect at any cost the name of TBJ.
    In chronological order:
    Sacrifice No1:
    Disciples/pastors being supposedly demon delivered after years of discipleship, to satisfy the ego of a man who in this way establishes himself as the only true, anointed and spirit filled christian among his followers. Many of which end up ostracized, dwindling in their own existence as stray and needy puppies, who await pathetically a call from “daddy”, so that they might just be summoned once again.
    A royal priesthood unto God? According to which Gospel?
    Sacrifice No 2:
    SCOAN official branches shut down. Members, workers thrown out without the slightest compassion, souls shocked, lives devastated, denied from SCOAN headquarters. Lies upon lies, ALL to protect TBJ.
    A Shepard, a King, a Head, a Saviour, who sacrificied HIMSELF for each and everyone of us, setting an example for those who follow in His footsteps.
    Or is it….. EVERYONE sacrificied in order to protect the SCOAN head?
    According to which Gospel?
    Sacrifice No 3:
    SCOAN guesthouse building collapse. Price tag? 116 deceased, dozens injured, bereaved/fatherless families. And SCOAN/TBJ’s response? Initial denial of casualties, inhumane handling, once again lies upon lies and eventually heresy upon heresy, conspiracy theories, court summons ignored and fought against, all in order to avoid assumption of responsibility whatsoever. The ULTIMATE sacrifice.
    A song, a blasphemous pronunciation of martyrs-the question is unto whom-, a Christmas dinner and a few dollars, will “wash” it white like snow… According to which Gospel?
    Has anyone read EZRA chapter 9 and 10?
    For all us, who were blindfolded, under the veil of manipulation and fear, this was the year of BURNING A BRIDGE, with its pieces being scattered into oblivion along with its deceptive fruits. This was a year of pain and labor, as we who were delivered from deception, were born into the Truth of Christ, ALONE.
    In His Truth we stand, and pray that all you who remain captive due to “signs and wonders”-which we from first hand know that are highly questionable-, be removed of your blindfolds as the Mighty Hand of the Great I AM rips them off of you.

  35. To the devotees of tbj,
    Surely in your hearts you must know that things in scoan are not right. Surely you must know!
    Do not resist the small voice inside of you warning you.
    Do not be like the following verse says:
    “Ye stiffnecked and uncircumcised in heart and ears, ye do always resist the Holy Ghost, as your fathers did, so do ye” – Acts 7:51.

  36. The Biblical – God’s – New Year starts Sept/Oct and sets the trend in your life for the rest of the following year. Thus the High Priest went into the Holy of Holies once a year with a blood sacrifice to plead with God for forgiveness of sins. God does not work according to Rome’s New Year. 2015 will be a year of sorting tbj and his lies out the more. His human scarifies to his god. Of exposing him, but it will be like the above DVD’s on cults.
    Note: Not one of the cult leaders worked with the government. They rather died, before they let the government investigate them! So it will be with tbj, the cult leader, as well. He will NOT let the authorities investigate him! He wil go the same way as Pharaoh and the rest of the investigated cult leader. I just pray that our Lord Jesus will save His disciple first. This is the beginning of the end for tbj. It was the end of all the cults when the governments started to investigate them!

    • They have released a video.

      I predicted that this charlatan would get away with his crime and he just did.
      May he pay for them right here on earth so he can be an example to others

  37. TB Joshua predicted today about the Indonesia-air-plain. On the video, TB has a black beard, no grey beard. It is a video form years ago.

    • You are right Jamie, no grey beard in this video. Would like it if someone can trace the date that the original prophecy was given?

      • @Just Wonder @Jamie another way you can always tell it’s an old prophecy is they don’t mention the date. If it’s recent, say less than 12 months old they make a big point of letting people know.

  38. I believe that one item is very important to understand about Scoan. ; as long as people who come to God, need an authority to help them fore-ward, that long a man as TB Joshua is free to operate in a position of might and powers and confusing teachings and questionable profhesies. To know Christ Jezus, we need no authority to show us the way, we have the Spirit of Christ to lead us. To life by our identity in Christ, is supreemly freedom and responsibility to walk the own destiny. Most christians prefere to walk on the hand of a pastor. As childeren who need a daddy, and thats why 1,7 biljon christians on earth,hardly are able to change anything in this world.

  39. Jesse,

    I could not help but chuckle when I saw this!

    He is so predictable!

    Prophet T.B. Joshua Predicted AirAsia Plane Incident In Indonesia (video)
    Prophet T.B. Joshua has released a video via his YouTube channel Emmanuel TV showing a prophecy he gave regarding the disappearance of AirAsia Flight 8501 in Indonesia this morning

    AirAsia Indonesia Plane PROPHECY – T.B. Joshua

  40. Mixed response to TB Joshua’s invitation

    Durban – While some family members of those who died in Lagos, Nigeria during a religious pilgrimage were excited to receive an invitation from prophet TB Joshua to attend a Christmas Day dinner, others were unimpressed.

    “God is everywhere. Why should I go to Nigeria?”
    But the Maphumulo family of Ezimbokodweni on the KwaZulu-Natal South Coast denied having received any invitation from the church.
    None of the family members were keen on the trip, said the spokesman. The family said they were battling to cope with Nokuphila Maphumulo’s death. She was among the 116 people killed in the tragedy on September 12.
    “I won’t lie to you, I won’t go. God is everywhere. Why should I go to Nigeria? Even my nephew, Bakhe, who had gone to Nigeria with his mother, Nokuphila, does not want to go back there.
    According to a spokeswoman for the church, Anthea van Heerden, who is travelling with the group, the 44 were invited to a “beautiful dinner” on Christmas evening. Van Heerden said the family members had gone to pray on a mountain, so she could arrange a telephonic interview.

  41. 23 “At that time if anyone says to you, ‘Look, here is the Messiah!’ or, ‘There he is!’ do not believe it. 24 For false messiahs and false prophets will appear and perform great signs and wonders to deceive, if possible, even the elect. 25 See, I have told you ahead of time
    26 “So if anyone tells you, ‘There he is, out in the wilderness,’ do not go out; or, ‘Here he is, in the inner rooms,’ do not believe it. 27 For as lightning that comes from the east is visible even in the west, so will be the coming of the Son of Man. 28 Wherever there is a carcass, there the vultures will gather”, Jesus said– Mathew 24:23-28

  42. And still all his predictions have nothing to do with the salvation of souls. Not a word of repentance of sins and turning from their wicked ways to God through Jesus Christ, to the Muslims of Indonesia.

  43. @all, sorry for repeating myself as i saw on the last post. It was that I kept sending and was getting spammed for some reason. Thereafter TBJW rectified the problem and all similar comments came up.
    Anyway, blessings to all who are fighting for the truth to prevail with a sound mind.

  44. Just look at himmmmmm….

    This Joker Prophet and his behavioral lying conduct is a truly as predictable as that of the devil the father of all lies…imagine that!

    Jesse “prophesied” that the false prophet will surely “prophesy” his lying cut & paste to match “photo shop” prophecy about the Indonesian air crash and Jesse’s prophecy came to pass just as soon as he prophesied it….

    Hey scoanites…

    It seems there is a new “prophet” on the block who seems to be better than your “cut & paste to match” prophet cause he simply says and it comes to pass without any vague photo shop deceptions unlike your prophet…

    Care to become “Jesse’s Disciples” since you are so blinded by the ability to prophesy which makes you follow after a blind prophet as blind disciples instead of after Jesus Christ the Light of the World…

    At least we “know” that “Prophet Jesse” won’t deceive & mislead you as your photo-shop prophet is doing…rather he will point you straight at Jesus Christ of Nazareth the TRUE PROPHET OF GOD whose disciples we all are…

    Boy…this guy is a Joker leading a pack of Jokers…

    I mean doesn’t he have any sense of decency left in him…to come out with such a false cut & paste prophecy in order to claim that he “saw” the air disaster FIRST that took the lives of 100+ plus innocent souls before the entire world at this particular time when he is under “investigation”…when the same world “saw’ the disaster that took the lives of 100+ people in his own house which his blind prophetic eyes couldn’t see…is a grave insult to the memory of his dead “sacrificial martyrs” …

    There you go again….scoanites

    Do you still need any further proof that your prophet is a “deranged megalomaniac” that needs to be put behind bars before he starts to “stage manage” more disasters around him that will take the lives of hundreds more “martyrs”…as it seems he is in his blood thirsty elements when it comes prophesying about people’s deaths…

    Let him shut up and go face the Coroner Court investigating how he “Killed” his sacrificial human martyrs who died as a result of a mysterious “nature of atmosphere” hanging over his hostel of death…which he saw hanging over far away Indonesia but could not see hanging over his own rooftop…

    As for you emmanuel.TV and your antichrist prophecies…why did you not cut & paste to match the prophecy of your prophet when he also “saw” the future death of his 100+ martyrs…

    Of what use is it to you if you have a man in your family who is always fond of prophesying the death of every member of your family without any remedy…only to say every single time…I told you first that this & that will soon die…while reveling in people’s grief…will he not be branded as the prophetic-killer in the family…

    Know ye not that God “reveals to redeem” people from death or destruction and not “reveals to revel” in people’s death or destruction as your prophet can’t help himself doing every time to the extent of composing a “special song” about it like Nero the singing emperor did over a burning Rome he himself burned down?

    Do you now see who inspired your prophet to compose and sing his song of six pence at the expense of 100+ souls?

    Let him sing another song over the dead Indonesian plane crash victims & invite their relatives to a “beautiful new year’s eve dinner” as well to show how much he cares for them…

    Oh 100 souls died in a train crash yesterday in this nation…

    Hey people…I saw it first!

    Another 200 souls perished in a plane crash today in that nation…

    I told y’all…I also saw that first too…

    Why can’t he positively see or prophesy that this & this or that & that nation had a massive revival and repentance unto Christ in a great move of the Spirit to the glory of God…

    Oh we don’t play that @ EMMANUEL TV…
    We only do death & destruction as well as dirty dancing with demons too…

    After all said & done…you guys that are still blindly following this guy are a very sorry bunch…we only pray for God to have on your sorry souls!


    • @ Nosa,

      All nice and well, but I am no prophet. Although I have experiences where the future has been revealed to me in occasional situations and times. I don’t have an all day long prophetic gift to deploy.

      But that does not mean I can and many others could replicate TB Joshua and other claimed prophets with future situations by just intensely study trends and repetitive circumstances of futuristic events by hit and miss, trial and error declarations.

      Further after watching TB Joshua for quite a while now he seems to me to have access to inside information that is totally outside of God and the prophetic gift. Before anyone starts to cry foul about conspiracy theories, etc. etc. one must know that there are events that are definitely man made and induced to deceive the world population with things that we think they would be and attribute to an “act of God” but are likely created and induced by mankind. There are many things hidden from us of what we think mankind is not capable of, but if they can create an atomic bomb that can destroy us many times over and create hundreds of space satellites swarming through the atmosphere, I am sure certain other things we see and attribute to “God” are actually created by mankind and deployed.

      I cannot wrap my mind around a self proclaimed prophet that always telling us the disasters that befall us and not other things as the first order prophets did in the Old Testament. For example that a whole country would be taken in exile to another country because of such and such reason. Or a situation as in the case of Daniel as another example. And……we all know why TB Joshua does this, which is, to attract people to SCOAN to go through the rediculous ghastly stupid deliverance interrogations which they perform all the time on camera of which I have mentioned before are just anti biblical and down right heresy if not worth an anathema to be applied to.

      Without technology and access to the Internet nobody would know about his antics and SCOANS than his direct environment of where they are. And without it they would be able to build this circus pandemonium of what it is today. Hence the desperate attempt to infiltrate the Christian satellite industry like so many US based ministries do. And also to HAVE their own TV channel on the Internet OF WHICH THEY ARE IN CONTROL OF and not outsiders because it would be much harder to get away with this nonsense they broadcast there. Having been close to Euro Spirit leaders and have been in contact with them in the past and some other ministreies who were attached to it, I know that if you want to be in the inner circle you have to be prepared to do what they want you to do even if it is completely nothing to do with God or Jesus. I have been close to Benny Hinn confidantes, workers and sat in their houses and businesses of who would go at length to deploy such farcical matters to be on TV.

      TV preachers are and always will be theatrical actors in front of us. I remember Benny Hinn call to us to work with him on a shot that he wanted to do (while explaining how much it would cost to do this, etc. etc) to do a repeat setup in the way we sat the choir sang and us to interact with his theatrical antics to the outside world.

      I have seen enough of this garbage to last a lifetime and I have seen people cursed for it when they would not do what they were doing right which was disgusting me to the core of my being.

  45. And why are their prayers not answered to stop these accidents? Tbj’s got how many thousands praying for them? And don’t forget. “Prophet” TB Joshua is also praying for them, but it helps nothing.

    • @ Just Wonder,

      Yeah, remember their ” Distance is not a barrier” claims. But if you see the “prophecy” you can actually see he has already in his speech condemned to result of the outcome. Which means for me that this must happen one way or another to under girth his credibility. Remember the Obama ” prophecy”. Why would Obama deliberately allow to put this out in public ? What does Obama gain from “fulfilling” this kind of “prophetic” from TB Joshua. I know TB Joshua and department do write to Obama or have secret interactions with each other, hence his trying being close to NATO. The USA can use a “false private prophet” for progressing their “New World Order” really badly because those that are with them deceived or not is kudos for voter confidence for elections. I am telling you there is a lot more water going under the bridge than we were let into when we were there. Hence the difficulty to get into the inner core. You can participate in their parties but going out with them on “deliverance” and meetings they will not allow you. That is only laid away for them and the families that have tossed away their private life for joining them in their private and secret meetings they have outside you. Their inner secrets will not be revealed to you even if you are a genuine sincere CHRISTIAN. Their Christianity is wayyyyyy superior to yours and mine. Their “calling” is wayyyy more important than yours and mine. You can tell your objections but they do what they want as long they can get away with it. As you can see and as I have told you. Simply because Nigeria is a crap country concerning justice and righteousness and the smell of money is way more important than correcting it. They will try to drag it out as long they can get away with it.

      • @ TBJW,

        From all of you I am surprised you say this. There are loads of videos from EmTV and on Youtube where they claim this and even say this in public that they write with NATO and get NATO letters as well they have written to Obama. As I said I am not a conspiracy theorist, I know just by my own encounters and other experiences that certain things are as they are today because of this.

        There is for example another “prophet” who claims the same things as TB Joshua does and I have written with him several times and others and goes by the name Stephen Choate. I also have met several people online who have been conned by this particular man that actually goes by Stephen Paltieri, this is actually his family name and I have seen pictures about him and his mother online. He is very elusive and only last year he started to reveal himself to the world. It took many years for me to find him of how he looked like since he had claims he was in direct contact with Paul Cain, Bob Jones (who died last year) Elijah list, Larry Randolph, Kim Clement and others. The whole Kansas City/Brownsville/Toronto/Lakeland crew is rather insular. This same spirit has been to TB Joshua in the past like from the Toronto blessing with John and Carol Arnott and the thing was that it was also introduced to the church I was attending in that time. I don’t know if the pictures are still up in the dining room upstairs at SCOAN with John Arnott holding hands with TB Joshua ? I knew before that time that the Toronto blessing was a terrible outpouring of strange fire inside the church. That counts the same for Brownsville. The leader of that movement all of sudden died recently.

        Besides all of that There was a mixed spiritual atmosphere there in all those Toronto meetings. Lots of counterfeit things running amok. Strange fire. In my case, I needed to be there for that season though. Some people got what they needed so they thought something out of it and moved on while others got addicted to the sensuality of it. You can see this kind of behaviour still in the so called mass deliverance meetings in SCOAN of which I know some are fake and others are just this kind of spirit that comes upon some people and start to behave as they do as you see there. You don’t see any mass deliverance taking place in the Bible anywhere. Do you ? And people claiming they do because of so called “books” unwritten by whoever and quote a bible verse for that you should take with a pinch of salt. These manifestations are the same as what they do in Haiti here:

        I hope you are not sitting on the fence concerning the latest developments, because you have been silent about these kind of matters. TB Joshua is again pulling the wool over many peoples eyes and they are only want to see these doom prophecies fulfilled but have no idea what a real prophecy is and what it is for.

        Next door they have another post in which they are going again berserker over other peoples grief and complications about a lost plane of AirAsia. Funny enough they did not post any video confirmation about the same company slipping from the tarmac the next day with 159 people onboard and another plane that crashed elsewhere. I have posted on the other side there are 5960 plane crashes recorded and you will only see TB Joshua and SCOAN grab those that can be used to create more notoriety about themselves.

        After now seeing that the Nigerian Court system is just as bad as next. We should not be surprised they have all their tentacles together in this matter. Nobody in any other civilized countries can get away without building permits, building insurance as well the cop out that they did it with God’s will while they are just carrying on to keep people in the dark of what they really did. This is solely coming from fear, inducing their nasty charismatic witchcraft curses on those who are ignorant and uneducated.

  46. It is written: The prayer of the wicked is an abomination unto The Father…

    It is written: The Father will not help the evil doer to do evil…

    So God will not answer the false prayers of false prophets and their false followers…

    The uk diplomat has just diplomatically torn this agony prophet’s “prophetic certificate” in public by more or less voicing out what is on the mind of the entire members of the global public watching the “live soap” of this prophet and his courtcase drama that has now stretched into “season two” come new year in 2015…

    You know initially I thought christians were much smarter than moslems in that they could not be religiously brainwashed like them into suicide bombing and stuffs like that..

    Now the level of brainwashing these scoanite christians have received from their “mumbo jumbo” prophet to the extent where they have lost their ability to reason as normal reasoning people just like these islamic suicide bombers is making me have a sober re-think…

    How do they believe in this lying prophet is a configuration I can’t compute…

    Brethren as true believers in Christ who truly love God we MUST view these scoanites like “sick patients” in a clinic that need our love, care, sympathy & prayers because they don’t know what we know…if they did they would know better as we know…

    Oh Lord have mercy on their poor souls lest they perish in their ignorance…and judge their lying prophet according to his works…Amen!

    Regardless of what these ignorant scoanites say or do against us they are not really our enemies unlike these demons and their collaborators or false prophets…

    Let’s pray for these deceived believers all over the world…I too was once deceived like them but now I know better…cause I now know JESUS the TRUTH…

    Please let’s do THIS for JESUS!!!

    • @Just Wonder random hand signals never convinces me of anything sinister – and with TB Joshua you don’t need to drain the bottom of the barrel to find something sinister.

      • @ TBJW,

        There is a picture of him right here.

        Still not convinced TBJW ?

        Watch this then. This is NOT THE OK sign. This is done on purpose for that reason. TB Joshua is part of that I am 100% sure. Why all the secrecy in the first place. You can’t get in the the inner circle no matter what you try. They have sold themselves to the allegiance of dark spirits.

        What better to deceive people than preach the so called “Gospel” new version 1.0, 2.0, 3.0 to their liking and ways than this. Close to it but NO CIGAR !

        Do you hear them talk about the Cross of Calvary ? The Works of the Cross ? The Blood of Jesus as forgiveness of sins ? Baptism in water ? Communion ? Anything that is needed for the Christian walk. Instead we are show a counterfeit Christianity with replacement trickery. Bottles of water, bracelet to pray, and any other story that is off line of what Jesus taught us.

        Idolatry in practice. Are you a Muslim ? Catholic ? JESUS never taught this ! Jesus taught, Our Father, Hallowed be Thy Name,

        The prayer as it occurs in Matthew 6:9–13

        Our Father in heaven,
        hallowed be your name.
        Your kingdom come,
        your will be done,
        on earth, as it is in heaven.
        Give us this day our daily bread,
        and forgive us our debts,
        as we also have forgiven our debtors.
        And lead us not into temptation,
        but deliver us from evil.

        No bracelet involved, no “anointing water” involved.

        This is THE template for prayer. Not a replacement by a material thing.

        Matthew 6:7 But you, when you pray, go into your inner room, close your door and pray to your Father who is in secret, and your Father who sees what is done in secret will reward you. 7″And when you are praying, do not use meaningless repetition as the Gentiles do, for they suppose that they will be heard for their many words. 8″So do not be like them; for your Father knows what you need before you ask Him.…

        Can I find any Scripture that says use a bracelet to connect to God ? Please tell me where !

        Pharisees with prayer drums perhaps ?

        Self hypnosis. Does God hear you because words of repetition ? That is what the heathen and Pharisees do, says the Bible.

        Faith cometh by hearing, Hearing the Word of God, Romans 10:17.

        What ! It did not say count with your prayer bracelet to receive or get Faith.

        The bracelet is totally and completely obsolete and a useless thing.

        And look at this video where a woman claims she is healed and sees now.

        WHY IS SHE STILL WEARING GLASSES !!!!!!!!! if Jesus healed her or the “anointing water”.

        I don’t know about you but I have enough of this scam ministry and their lies. Thank you.

  47. Tbjw,
    “Do you mean the stroking the chin pose”?
    Yes, this is exactly what I mean. Look on the internet for more info on Free Mason’s hand signals. Below is the best I could get in the time I have.

    Listen to both videos in total.
    This is only Lecture 12, Part 1 and 2 of 21 DVD’s.

    Understanding the insider sign language.
    Homebase TV presents: Lecture 12.
    Battle for the Mind. Part 1 – Mark Woodman
    Time 31:35 + 38:54 and on –

  48. Interpreting the secret language of the occult.
    Homebase TV presents: Lecture12.
    Battle for the Mind. Part 2 – Mark Woodman.

    • @Just Wonder @Jesse

      Here’s the thing with Masonic hand gestures, most of them are such normal gestures that anyone who is regularly photographed will be caught making one at some point. If it could be shown that almost every posed photo of TBJ contained some obvious masonic hand signal, then I might think you were on to something, but when it’s one or two here and there I can’t take it seriously. Maybe he is a Mason, maybe not – but I’m not going to take seriously the possibility based on a few photos possibly showing masonic gestures, especially when there is far more credible evidence (proof in some cases) of his involvement in just as bad, or worse things.

      • @TBJW

        I agree with you here. I have seen my dad before make that hand gesture while explaining something and he doesn’t even know what Masonry is.

        Also I may add that I have watched Mark Woodman’s lecture where he shows people making these gestures, but it’s a different video from what @Just Wonder posted. In that video, the same Mark Woodman accidentally made one of these hand gestures and then he apologised immediately to his audience & explained that it wasn’t intentional. If I can find that video I’ll bring it. But it’s quite telling that anyone can be caught making such gestures, they may or may not be Masons, it’s not that conclusive.

      • @ General,

        There are lots of linked organizations to Freemasons. They might or not have their own gestures, but they still have them. Whatever they are, they always have a place or job in society somewhere coincidentally in where they have (some) authority or are involved in it. In where they could change a situation if necessary or been told to do so. Perhaps check about Skull and Bones Society. Who coincidentally have the same sign as the Nazi’s had on their military hats in the second WW. Why they did choose that ? They must have a reason for that is it not ?

  49. Sorry! In my haste I have put the wrong link on:

    Here is the correct one.

    Homebase TV presents: 12. Battle for the Mind. Part 1 – Mark Woodman .

    Time: About 31:25

  50. I say again: “Only take note of STILL photos. POSED, STILL photos. For example, on the front and back covers of books. Deliberate posed photos, not accidental using of the signs here and there, in their going. Also watch the bigger picture of the person’s live, the fruit of their lives. It is very revealing once you get to know their secret sign languages”, I tell you.

    • @Just Wonder I’m talking about posed photos too, almost any deliberate hand gesture in a pose could be interpreted as masonic. I know several colleagues (definitely not masons) who have adopted the chin stroking pose in their corporate photos. Lots of people innocently use the “It’s ok” gesture, it’s even an established communication signal for skuba divers. I’m not saying he’s not a mason (although I’m very doubtful) I’m just saying that a few pictures of him posing using well known hand gestures is not good evidence that he is. As for the picture in the suit, I have no idea what the issue is there.

      • @ TBJW,

        Would believe me then who married a wife of whose father was deep into Freemasonry and who died a terrible death on his deathbed with stomach cancers and operations in where they had to feed a tube in his stomach to feed him for a long time until he died ?

        Note: When Freemasons take their initial vows, they speak several curses over their chest and stomach areas, declaring that if they violate their vows, terrible things may happen to these parts of their bodies.

        Freemasons are not gonna tell you where they are at and what they do. Some might. But certainly not those that are ministry because everyone knows that that is a no no.

        Even if divers do the Ok sign underwater, what else could they do instead ? In some cultures this is the same sign for them that insults them deeply and get offended with it.

        Many parts of the world interpret a circle made with the index finger and thumb, with the three remaining fingers up as “OK.” But some places see it a little differently.

        In Japan, this gesture stands for “money.” In France it means “zero” or “worthless.” In Venezuela and Turkey, gesturing to someone in this way implies that they are a homosexual. And in Brazil, the OK sign is the same as an Italian chin flick.
        These curses can and do cause problems for their descendants in these areas.

        Yes, some people do unconsciously gestures repeatedly, but if you repeat it constantly and you want to publish them you clearly are saying something to others who observe this and know what it means.

        Nobody should doubt the secret hand signs of Freemasons. They do it among each other and they also when in Court they have to lie or will lie if there is a fellow mason in distress. Even some Judges are Freemasons and even Police Commissioners are Freemasons.

        Hand signs are all over the world and they definitely mean something. No doubt about it. So do rings, so do clothes worn in a specific way, with colours and attributes on them.

  51. Still photos of tbj.
    Tbj is such a mixture of everything evil, in the dress of Christianity. It is difficult to put a tag on him. He is implementing Muslim, Catholic, African native religious practices etc etc. He is just what you want him to be, at a specific moment. Free Mason hand signals is just one of the tools he uses.
    Scoan has chosen these pictures to publish and they know exactly what they are doing.
    Also take note what the situation or message is when they sign to the world of evil friends. They silently talk with each other like this. No know language needed.
    What message do you think he is sending out with this photo?

  52. TB Joshua and Ebola. What is he saying?

    I think this is now enough. There are many more, but I think you’ve got the message. Do not dismiss it, check it out for youself. It will help you discern.

  53. hmmm judge not so that you too shall not be judge…for he that eats do eats for himself and God and he that does should not condemn

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