TB Joshua and John Zavlaris – the truth

According to a recent video from Emmanuel TV, there is a guy in the New York/New Jersey area called John Zavlaris who is falsely claiming to be affiliated with SCOAN. TB Joshua claims Zavlaris once came to SCOAN in Lagos for deliverance, TB Joshua prayed for him, a photo was taken of this moment, and was used as to claim that he was anointed by TB Joshua. This, TB Joshua claims, was not the case and he was never in any way affiliated with SCOAN. You can watch the entire statement here:

[at the request of John Zavlaris ministries, this video has been removed because it was becoming one of the top ranked google results for his name. If you are interested in viewing the video, you can find it by searching on youtube]

A source who was once part of John Zavlaris’ ministry strongly disputes this narrative. They claim to have frequently provided videos that were aired by Emmanuel TV of John Zavlaris’ anointed water crusades, and it was not uncommon for John to receive phone calls directly from TB Joshua. When visiting SCOAN in Lagos, Zavlaris would return with suitcases full of anointed water, not something a “nobody” would ever be allowed to do (normal people are limited to one bottle each to prevent scammers).

So what is the truth? Thanks to youtube, we have been able to find numerous videos broadcast on Emmanuel TV telling a very different story to TB Joshua.

For example in this video, John Zavlaris is broadcasting from Cincinnati in 2011, he says that “The man of God TB Joshua, general overseer of SCOAN and owner of Emmanuel TV gives me new anointed water to spray people…

In a video from Birmingham, Alabama Zavlaris again claims that TB Joshua had sent the anointed water to him to minister at this service, and he signs himself off as “John Zavlaris for Emmanuel TV”

From a video of an anointed water service in New York city, the Emmanuel TV voice over refers to John Zavlaris as a SCOAN evangelist saying “one of the Synagogue Church of All Nations evangelists has been sent to minister the anointed water in Jesus name”.

Remember, all the videos above (and there are more we could have shown) are from Emmanuel TV. This means the claims in them (John Zavlaris being sent by TB Joshua, being a SCOAN evangelist) are from SCOAN HQ, approved by the general overseer. John Zavlaris was clearly far more than a guy who got a photo taken while being prayed for by TB Joshua. For whatever reason, he became a threat to TB Joshua and was disowned and betrayed in a dishonest way. It should serve as a warning to all TB Joshua workers – you are only valuable to him as long as you are useful to him. He doesn’t care for you, he cares for what you can do for him. As we have seen through the many fake and edited prophecies and the complete disowning of SCOAN Athens (claiming it was never a branch, even though their website used to list them) – TB Joshua thinks nothing of telling barefaced lies.

As for John Zavlaris, we hope and pray this will shock you out of your deception. You cannot continue your ministry without public repentance and denunciation of the false ministry you have been supporting and drawing people towards, at great and tragic loss to yourself. You are responsible for many people being deceived by TB Joshua, but it’s not too late – you can now redeem this situation by using your influence to expose the rottenness and deception of SCOAN that you are fast becoming aware of.

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    • lol.

      TB Joshua isn’t looking at this site. Joshua and the folks at SCOAN are about the Lord’s business. Choosing to worship the Lord instead.

      Perhaps you can quiet your spirit and enjoy ministering to the Lord in song instead:

      • James ,Ooh is Zavlaris and the folks at Zavlaris ministries aren’t about the Lord’s business??
        WHY you seem you failed to tell the same to TBJoshua to close his lying mouth too ??

        If only you can watch yourself, even yours isn’t quite yet when its busy defending LIES from TB Joshua and SCOAN.
        I worship the Lord of course and i don’t need a video to do so.You are a joke.

    • The prophet is already humble enough and is still growing in humility every day. As fo the wisemen, they r praying so how about that?

  2. TBJoshuawatch, you posted that the video from Emmanuel TV says John zavlaris is falsely claiming to be affiliated with SCOAN, which is misleading: the video says that John zavlaris is falsely claiming to have been anointed by TB Joshua. These are two totally dissimilar matters – with the latter being a very weighty statement. Why would you undertake to confuse the two? All the videos you posted pretty much only emphasize the same fact; that John Zavlaris was at certain past times given the anointed water to minister to people; NOT that he was anointed by TB Joshua; which are yet totally separate issues as well. You are yet to provide one video evidence that John Zavlaris was anointed by TB Joshua. So what case do you have here? None. And if None, Why would you go to such great video sourcing lengths to misrepresent TB Joshua again? It’s your stock in trade, so it’s no news. For the records, when TB Joshua anoints people at God’s directive, he announces them to the world as was the case with the Wise Men; it is not a “done in the corner” affair. It is a great transference that he accords the recognition it deserves from his very own lips, not even from the lips of the anointed. This John Zavlaris guy is just what many other of TB Joshua’s ex-disciples are; Over-ambitious. They want to get to the prophet’s position overnight. People are so ambitious that they would go to any length to claim what they are not supposed to. You were given anointed water to spray, which new comers to SCOAN have also at many times been given, and you now claim you are anointed by TB Joshua? Come off it! Undiscerning are those who would believe such a statement.

    • Soe,what do you mean John Zavlaris claimed he was ‘anointed’ by TBJ?? Do you really believe that??
      Do you have proof that John Zavlaris has claimed that TBJ has anointed him??
      Can even TBJ anoint or it is God who anoints his servants????

      John Zavlaris never claimed to have been anointed by TBJ ,this is all sep up by TBJ himself unless you give proof where John claimed so.

      • Soe, you are funny…..really.
        Playing around with words as they like to do at SCOAN in order to deceive the uneducated on the Word.
        And of course you are unbiblical.
        As partakers of the New Testament, justified by the Blood of the Lamb, redeemed by the Great I AM, chosen, an elect royal priesthood unto God, foreknown and predestined, we do NOT expect any man whatsoever to anoint us, as we have been sealed within by the Holy Spirit, Who dwells within EVERY born again christian. But then I guess they don’t educate you on1st John 2:20,27.Let me tell you then:
        20″ But you have an anointing from the Holy One, and ALL of you know the truth.” 27″As for you, the anointing you received from Him remains in you and you do not need ANYONE to teach you.”
        Moreover, please enlighten us. What kind of an anointing have these “wise men” received, when at one point TBJ said publically, on a Sunday service, they had to withdraw and pray because a bottle of water was more anointed than them? Clearly, you SCOAN devotees do not know of which spirit you are.
        To do with John Zavlaris, the list is coming to an end: first the London branch scandal, then the deliverances of all “possessed” disciples / pastors / evangelists involved, following the abominating downfall of the Athens branch, the silent disappearance of the Cape Town branch, shortly after, the tragic and scandalous collapse of the SCOAN guesthouse with a terrible death toll, now the renunciation of John Zavlaris. And all these are only the official events. Unofficially…..
        Time is running out and all of you are running out of excuses…..stop hiding behind your mentor and grow up in Christ, finally.
        Time to read EZEKIEL 13 and wake up.
        Time to read the whole Bible, for that matter.

    • Soe,really John Zavlaris should come off it?? So you have no regards for the people who were being helped through John Zavlaris with the anointing water ??
      They should all come off because John Zavlaris is stopping the Americans’s money which should have gone in TBJoshua’s pocket ??

      Well, John Zavlaris indeed has come off it after TBJ warned him to use his anointing water again ,so what was the problem with TBJoshua again?

      May be that is why TBJoshua wasnt happy to see this church didn’t shut down as he expected when the anointing water was withdrawn from them and now he decided to discredit him publicly in hope Americans won’t go there again.

      Please advise the Prophet to stop drawing all the ‘glory’ and the ‘money’ to himself because God has proven that TB Joshua have no right to shut down his once affiliated church organization the way he wants as he did in London and Athens ,without forgetting the Wisemen whom we no longer know what they have became because TBJ is hiding them which is very embarrassing to this ministry.

      • Soe,you are yet to provide one video evidence where John Zavlaris claimed he was anointed by TB Joshua because this all claimed by TB Joshua and not John Zavlaris.

        And TB Joshua never given any proof of that,he just claimed it on emmanuel.tv but yet he didn’t show up any evidence that John Zavlaris has claimed so.

        ”The burden of proof always lies with the person who is making a claim”

      • @???

        “So you have no regards for the people who were being helped through John Zavlaris with the anointing water ??”

        The “anointing water ” is a scam. When will you learn that ? You can tell anyone that an object or a medium is “anointed”. You can even say a dog statue in a village has the ability to bring you luck. Just lay your hands on it and believe. That is all there is to it. And it is proven by experiment that it can work like this. There are several examples of that already. I am not going over this again and again. I have written about this before and before and before. It really does not matter if anyone is not paying attention to it, but that is as far as it goes.

        The tactic is called “snakeoil men” It is telling people what it does, but it only works with those who have enough superstition to believe in it. For others who apply it, it does not work at all. Whether you stand upside down, climb in to a tree, stand on one toe. It just does not do anything.

        I have also written about it that that is regarding myself, my wife, others that we stood proxy for and have applied it on. And the more you say things over it such as, Oh this is , deep, deeper, and then deepest. It is as making a suspense thriller for your audience. This is what snake oil men do for a living. The sell you anything. They even sell you if they get a chance for it. That is when you allow it.

        Nobody ever in here ask and wants to know where that water is coming from and how it is prepared. I have seen only one video about it that TB Joshua is handling a small bag of water and then passes drums of water while have a little seep coming out of the bag and put it over the water bags inside the drums.

        Ofcourse it is a “medium” but it passed off as the Spirit of God. But the behaviour that comes out of it as I wrote into the other post .

        Many today are taught to get an impartation or impregnation from the anointed preacher and then such an example is brought forward the Wisemen. Noboby is there when it takes place was it now ? Has anyone seen how it is applied or executed ? No ! There is no need when Scripture states we ALL have the same standing before God; ALL believers have the same Holy Spirit and Christ as our Mediator. We can ALLreceive from Jesus, who is the one we should all be seeking. Going to a certain person or meeting to seek an anointing by impartation is unbiblical. No other person is to be our Mediator to receive the Holy Spirit or even mentor. The Holy Spirit is our Mentor, I have hammered long enough about that already. Whenever men become Mediators, Christ’s teachings diminish and men’s teachings increase. We are then giving them, not the Lord control over our lives. Do you get me ? That is totally what you are seeing here. Look at the women how they talk when they ahem preach in SCOAN. All say, Oh, Ah, Eh, TB Joshua is my mentor. This is said to stroke his ego. That is what he likes. The moment you stop saying this, he will drop you like a brick. That is what all these charismatic witchcraft practitioners do. Just disagree about one point or try to be on another page, they immediately start to elbow you out and ignore you and willingly not reply to you. The will march pass by you with a red head and behave you are just air. Typical charismatic Christians do that. I spit on that. It disgusts me because it only means that they only know what it is about and you don’t know nothing. Been there, gone through that, even till today, I have loads of T-shirts from those kind of encounters with them.

      • Jesse,well if it didn’t work for you, it has worked for others and they have them right to believe so if they want to .
        You cant force anyone to believe you and nobody is forcing you to believe them.

        The matter in this article is, WHY TB Joshua would lie to the whole world about this Pastor John Zavlaris ??
        What has he done to him?? But i guess we will never know anything on this matter as we still don’t know anything on what happened to the Wisemen.

      • @ ???

        Of course it always works for the “others”.

        It did not work only for me, my wife, it did not work for many that I know that it was applied for. Just to say, the woman next to me had cancer, it did not work on her. The man that I met on Prayer Mountain had cancer, it did not work for him either.

        If you are capable of being a crafty snake oils man, it always works for the “others”.

        The whole world as in the Body of Christ is looking for gimmicks. Widows coins, Handkerchiefs, Beads, Water, Miracle water from Israel Salt, Oil, Printed on sheet of material, Calenders, Photo frames, Special CD series, you name them. I have got plenty of these lying around in my office because they keep sending you this rubbish with their begging letters. Once and while I collect them and throw them in the bin. People gobble it up. You are dealing with hard nosed investigator here with many years of experience with the local and abroad charlatans. I have been around, I have done my part, I have seen enough that gimmicks is not the way of God but a distraction to the Body of Christ wholesale.

        Then you have all those false private prophets who do nothing than telling tall tales, fantasy stories that are outside Scripture, but attach them to Scripture because they are hard died salesmen to make merchandise of you.

        So enjoy your trinkets and the like. I am not joining your ranks ever again with this twisting of God’s Gospel for raking in billions of dollars.

        These people will tell you hundreds of different stories how you can twist God’s Hand to your benefit. And if it does not work, they go on another spree of stories to get you interested. They put weight into their own stories by walking special in their own personal empires where they are their own king and god.

        Call them out for inside the market, the library, the schools, or along the street they are not around. It has to be in their own domain and control where they can concoct with their self made engine to deceive the rest of the world with their antics. I have seen it all. I have attended it all, I have been through it all. How many do you see stepping out on their own inside that ministry ? So far there has been only one, and one that does the same nonsense as their masters did. It’s a formula, a pandemonium circus where you can attend to and then you have to sod off. Next ! Ahem, did you bring money ? No ? Oh ok, not interested, stay home. Don’t call us, we will call you !

      • Its all about money. Where was TB Joshua all these years when it was officially announced by SCOAN from lagos that pastor John Zavlaris was one of his pastors who have been given the anointing water to administer in churches around United States?. I have watched series of videos where Zavlaris administered anointing water in churches in US. These videos were officially edited, approved and aired by SCOAN in lagos. TB Joshua must understand that his satanic practice has led millions astray. The productions, distributions and sale of his anointing water is nothing but heresy, travesty and aberration to the true spirit of God. It is satanic, sacrilegious and an abomination unto God. When Tb Joshua is carefully examined one would see an embodiment of craftiness, manipulation, deceit, and false prophet.I am not the judge but I denounce him as a true prophet of God.

      • @???

        Here is the thing that I am falling over. As simple as that.

        @ ???

        Well it did not come over to me that you made a mockery of it. Why would not you reply to my posts ?

        The “anointing water” does not work. Period. What you see happening is the transfer of the advent of animal magnetism which is the the same as was used by Franz Mesmer produced an “artificial tide” in a patient which was called Francisca Österlin, who suffered from hysteria, by having her swallow a preparation containing iron, and then attaching magnets to various parts of her body. She reported feeling streams of a mysterious fluid running through her body and was relieved of her symptoms for several hours. Mesmer did not believe that the magnets had achieved the cure on their own. He felt that he had contributed animal magnetism, which had accumulated in his work, to her.

        The source of this transfer to water is deliberately done by this animal magnetism which is similar to Kundalini power or chi or qigong, prana yama, Kiaia and many more and rising or coming down in another human and being or transferring this to others via places in the body. Mostly tapping on the top of your head, on your chest, solar plexus and the bottom of your coccyx Nothing to do with Holy Spirit. They put the Lingo and the Acacadabra with it and tell you it is Holy Spirit. Have YOU EVER SEEN THE HOLY SPIRIT BEING DISPENSED from a bottle ? REALLY ? How disrespectful ! Telling the Holy Spirit is working because you fist pump a bottle with water in someone’s gob or wherever ! Where did we see Jesus doing any of that ? Where did we see the apostles doing any of that manner as well.

        I am not putting up with Haitian application of the transfer of demons and their virtues that they are exploiting there. If people think that I am not knowing what I am talking about, think again, I have been for years exposed to this kind of application and I have enough experience regarding that it is not a God given thing to do so. Regardless of all the manifestations or even healing, fake deliverance they put up ! Belief what you want, I don’t participate in it anymore and I am a lot better in my life now than I ever was. Being around there with them made me sick and all kinds of things were happening that had nothing to do with God but came from them who did that. They did everything in their power to get rid of me and my wife and elbow me out with their attitudes from hell and ostracizing me because I was not on their false private prophet page and their agenda with my questions.

    • @ Soe,

      “NOT that he was anointed by TB Joshua”

      Who is anointing who or what here here ? Are you claiming that TB Joshua can pass on the “anointing” he has ? You mean something else don’t you ? Is it not so that Christ is The Anointed One ? And who is the giver of the the anointing ?

      It is found in the book of Acts as the practice to commission someone into ministry. The laying on of hands has become a Pentecostal tradition that is removed from its original meaning in Scripture. Touching people on the forehead or chest so they fall is considered a sign of the power of the Holy Spirit. But none of this is found in the Acts of the apostles or taught in the Epistles that instructed the church.

      Paul writes in 1Timothy 4:14: Do not neglect the gift that is in you, which was given to you by prophecy with the laying on of the hands of the eldership. In other words, God spoke what he was doing in Timothy and they approved of him into ministry even though he was young. What was this gift? The previous verse tells us Verse 13, Till I come, give attention to reading, to exhortation, to doctrine.

      Paul laying hands on Timothy was not with the intention to pass on a gift or power or result in the abnormal behaviour as we see today ‘It affirmed the gift they saw working in him which resulted in his appointment to be a pastor. Timothy came under attack as a young pastor and Paul had to reaffirm to him in 2 Timothy 1:6-7 “Therefore I remind you to stir up the gift of God which is in you through the laying on of my hands. For God has not given us a spirit of fear, but of power and of love and of a sound mind.” In other words he should not cave under pressure from others because of his youth, he was approved by God and through the apostles.

      What does this have to do with what we see today? Next to nothing. What we see are people lined up as the anointer comes to lay hands on people in line or sporadically wanders through the audience touching them to pass on what he has.

      Yet Paul counseled Timothy in 1 Timothy 5:21-22 :“Do not lay hands on anyone hastily, nor share in other people’s sins; keep yourself pure.” Timothy was to lay hands on people as approval for their call into ministry, but he must make sure.

      Here we see John Zavlaris also ministering. What do we see ? We see he is laying hands on others and he is already contaminating himself by poking fingers in womens chests and put his hands on women bellies and also touching the small of their backs. What is happening here. I have not been speaking about this, but I have observed and watched his videos over the years as same as I was here in TBJW.

      You can clearly see that John Zavlaris is contaminated and is overly friendly with women even at his birthday party, he is surrounded by women. There are only few men there. The men don’t come over to learned to me when they speak. Not judging them but are basically not strong in their appearance. To me he is showing erratic behaviour already. This could be the reason why TB Joshua is withdrawing himself from him, because he might see what I am seeing going over there and it is not that thousands are going there, it is because something strannge is going on with John Zavlaris in the spirit. Watch him again and again. After the denial of the “anointed water” he is now stepping into the laying on of hands and slapping people around the head. Even with both hands. This is odd behaviour. This is not laying on of hands whatsoever.

      I am sorry that most of you are not able or even willing to see this, but I do there is something strange going on and I believe it is that strange fire that is going on there. Also I believe and are convinced that there are several fake deliverance have taken place. You will notice that a olot of women from different countries from Africa getting these so called deliverance who supposedly living in the US.

      My bold statement is that John Zavlaris is doing his own agenda and program as TB Joshua has been doing for years. They are disbanding everything for a purpose and this all has the reason to “protect” TB Joshua of what is coming. There is something moving there and I hope we will soon see this. Mark my words on this. I salute you all, God bless, Jesus is Lord ! Follow Him !

    • @Soe
      Communication is about what you do say as much as what you don’t say. The clear and obvious interpretation of what TB Joshua communicated is that the only link between him and John Zavlaris is that he once prayed for him, when in fact he was once considered a SCOAN evangelist.

      • And don’t forgot that in that time he was being prayed for by TBJ ,Zavlaris just forcefully took a photograph with TBJ WITHOUT his consent ?? How funny is that…

      • @ ???

        What do you mean by forcefully making a picture. I made pictures of TB Joshua (he even waved to my camera)(is this consent ?) and they are in my digital albums. So you are saying I am now using them for my own benefit to advertise ministry ? Really ?

        There are many that make videos online to make money for their own venture to have 10,000 subscribers.

        Here is the Wiki How: http://www.wikihow.com/Earn-Money-on-YouTube

        This is what they do while at the same time get benefits from the Social Security and walk around with lots of time upon their hands and make even more videos with no content at all with a lot of hullabaloo inside of them and claims. The whole of Youtube is full of them. Look around and see what is really going on. They even advertise it into Readers Digest, Time Magazine and other prevalent magazines.

        And usually they are never original by themselves. It always have to have a content with somebody else into it which they admire and support in their own deception and idolizing.

        I rather be poor than making money from those who deceive the world. Thank you. A lot of money is made from total idiots who I have nothing in common with. Enjoy your imaginary demon infested club which you like to support. I have checked out and I am loving it.

      • @???

        And about the money making of Youtube, THAT IS EXACTLY what SCOAN is doing. Having loads of material to post online, this is how they make a part of their money through Google. C. I. T. A. (Caught In The Act)

        You really think I was born yesterday, right ? You really think I was falling over by the ignorance you thought was part of me, right ? You really thought I was too stupid to understand a charlatan and their trickery and their scam practices ? You really thought that did you not ?

        Just for your information, it is well known that big ministries do this plus to promote themselves online to be notorious. The more drama, the more people will come and look. It’s an animal instinct for stupid animals that do so. Glad you want to be part of it. I took myself out and can now watch it from the outside because if you are caught up into it there is usually no return just like this flower operates.

        And when you are in, you can’t come out. You catch my drift now ?

      • Hey, Jesse that was TBJ who made such insinuation that John Zavlaris took a picture without TBJ’s consent and i was just making a mockery of it.
        And i m not asking you to believe the anointing water works ,If it doesn’t work for you ,that’s fine .
        So, i m not interested in whatever you keep telling me,
        Please ,you don’t have to stay behind to post comments and i m not going to answer your posts again.

      • @???

        Why do you not want to talk to me ?

        Do you want to talk to me about this then ?

        Waiting for your reply.

  3. And one more thing:
    Over-ambitious ex-disciples????
    With character assasination, constant work, sleep deprivation, constant humiliation, family isolation and enforced inner condemnation and celibacy, what kind of ambition are you talking about?
    Please, give us a break!

    • Jesse, this is amazing!!!!
      Indeed, we are not fighting against flesh and blood but against the evil powers of darkness in heavenly realms.

  4. You are a real investigator, you even went to Pastor John Zavlaris birthday parties to see what is going on??? It looks like you were not even invited, you just went there to investigate??? hmm!!! Year give us a break and leave it for God to judge

  5. All of you guys who are insulting prophet tb joshua, you are doing nothing but attracting more curse to yourself. if john z is claiming to be called to ministry , so why is he using the man of God’s name to support is claims? whay makes u guys think that the anointing water is ministering on people are from scoan? i ain’t judging him but i think it’s wrong for a man of God to lie against another.

    • He used man of God’s name because TBJ likes to be praised and if he didn’t use his name,TBJ wouldn’t allowed him to take anointing water.

      But don’t worry , now he was no longer using his name after TBJ stopped him from using the anointing water because TBJ fears that “thousands of Americans” are now trooping to John Zavlaris and not to TBJ and that is a big loss of alot of money for Scoan.

      Here now you know the real truth behind TBJ’s anger against this innocent man.

    • What makes us to think that the anointing water which John Zavlaris used to minister on people was from Scoan,is because the emmanuel.tv supports so and has broadcast this man on a SCOAN channel .

      Do you have eyes ,glojoshua?

  6. i know for sure this website is created by the enemies of scoan, that’s why they always write mean stuff about scoan . sooner or later , u will realise your wrongs and will repent. God bless u all

    • @ Glojoshua,

      You say: “We are the enemies of SCOAN.”

      SCOAN is itselves it’s worst own enemy.

      You can see that by figuring out the following. False private prophet builds hostel for overflow without consulting the Holy Spirit, because if he had then the Holy Spirit would have said, Do not build here, it will result in disaster and cause you a bad name. Only people who are blind and hate South Africans just want it to be covered up and bypass the Judicial System of Nigeria who loves to support milk cows to enrich their own society with the blood money of others to maintain that. How about that ? What do you think what God would think about such a venture ? Any idea ?

      Here is your prophet that wants to evade the law telling the whole world that Christians should be law abiding, but uses the law to stretch, delay, evade, use top lawyers, gives his daughter a lovely project to graduate on in Law University in the USA and much more.

      You find it that we are SCOANS enemies ? Come again ?

  7. This Zavlaris-affair, is a beautifull stragedy by TB Joshua, to take the attentions off of the building-collapse. They are tired of their ‘dancing-on-grave-yards-acts”. So, time for a new scandal, and it is masterly by TB, to let some-one else be the target of blame and humiliation, and not him-self. The TB Joshua-miracle-show becomes more hilarious each day. TB is master in creating confusions, debats, conflikts, discussions, and emotional havock. As a magician waving with smoke in african gospel-style. The man must be over-ambtious to create one plot after the other, and realy has no clue that all this over-heated nonsence, has nothing to do with The Gospel and Truth of Jezus Christ. Just nothing.

  8. Brethren…

    This prophet is surely on his last death throes…just like pharaoh whom the Lord hardened his heart unto destruction in the “Red Sea”…and he too is just seconds away from pushing his own self destruct “Red Sea” button!

    The question is: how many of his followers will go down with him in the overflowing and overwhelming wave-blast?

    As for the whereabouts of the wisemen who came to see their Herodian prophet…of course the “Wisemen” from the East have gone right back to the EAST from whence they came…

    (Matthew 2:1,12…in the days of Herod the king, behold, there came wise men from the EAST to Jerusalem…And being warned of God in a dream that they should not return to Herod, they departed into their own [Eastern] country another way…)

    Come on guys you should’ve known that…it is written isn’t it???

    Hopefully they’ll renounce their evil deeds in the Herodian “court of scoan” and repent of it…
    Or they too would do the “Jackie Chi” stunt of re-inventing themselves as “false apostles” in their own respective countries…

    Well these wisemen ain’t nothing to bother about for now…lets stay focused on their prophet who keeps coming out with new and innovative ways to rebel against the Word of God to his uttermost destruction…I don’t think he knows the full import of this scriptural warning that : …It is a [terrifyingly] fearful thing to fall into the hands of the LIVING [AND LIVID] God…!

    It sends shiver thru my spine whenever I think of what awaits this man and his prophetic stereotypes in eternity as is revealed in the scriptures…

    As for the female evangelists…well maybe they’ll just last long enough until they finally get wise enough to get married…after which their jealous prophet pulls the rug off their feet for escaping from his harem…and “disclaims” them publicly and “retrieves” back his own anointing he gave to them…
    FLUFF…goes their feminine ministry…in a powder of white smoke!
    Perhaps they have purposed in their hearts to end up as scoan SEMINARY NUNS…who knows time will tell…

    Thank God for the “Daughters of Philip the Evangelist” who prophesied and showed us how God uses women in the prophetic ministry of the church…which is crassly contradictory to their own so-called evangelistic ministry that starts and ends in the pulpit…

    (Acts 22:8-9…And the next day we that were of Paul’s company departed, and came unto Caesarea: and we entered into the house of Philip the evangelist, which was one of the seven; and abode with him. And the same man had four daughters, virgins, which did prophesy…)

    Now if they were going to truly preach Christ in the streets or out there like other proper Christian women are doing…and not be preaching about their “mentor” and his mentorship as we see them doing…We won’t say say a word…but you know a Leopard can’t change his spots like a chameleon changes his skin color…so their trade mark spots cannot be hidden…

    As for the anointing water….any one who believes, follows, uses and preaches this MARINE DOCTRINE of anointing water is 100% not a TRUE CHRISTIAN but a MARINE CHRISTIAN…

    In this I stand scripturally uncorrected and incorrect-able…

    Take it or leave it!

    (Acts 16:13-16…And on the sabbath we went out of the city by a [marine] river side, where prayer was wont to be made; and we sat down, and spake [preached] unto the women which resorted thither. And a certain woman named Lydia, a seller of purple, of the city of Thyatira, which worshipped God, heard us: whose heart the Lord opened, that she attended [repented] unto the things which were spoken of Paul. And when she was baptized [in water], and her household, she besought us, saying, If ye have judged me to be faithful to the Lord, come into my house, and abide there. And she constrained us…)

    This scripture squarely nails all these marine-christians with their marine “anointing water” on their foreheads…

    Paul had to go and preach to some womem who were falsely taught by false prophets to be going to pray by the “river side” unto marine spirits thinking there were praying unto God…to the extent that even Lydia a wealthy business woman who really was a true devout daughter of Abraham albeit was extensively deceived by these false marine-prophets…like unto your own marine-prophet whose prayer mountain is famously located on water…unlike the prayer mountains of Jesus Christ and His prophets that were always located on land eg Sinai the mount of Moses, Carmel the mount of Elijah and Olives the Mount of Christ…Copy that???

    So Lydia and others like her claiming to be “true Christians” will often go to the “waterside” to pray and yet she knew NOTHING of being baptized in water which is a MAJOR tenet of our faith in Christ and the UNITY OF THE SPIRIT of God dwelling in us without which we will never ever be able to flow with the move and leadings of the Holy Spirit in our lives because BAPTISM is what enables us to be able to relate ONE-ON-ONE with God…just as it was necessary for God to baptize Israel in the waters of the Red Sea by the hand of Moses so that they could meet and relate with Him ONE-ON-ONE on Mount Sinai when He appeared before them…so also it was mandatory for God to baptize the Jews by the hand of John the Baptist in the waters of Jordan so that they could meet and relate with Jesus Christ the Son of God ONE-ON-ONE when He appeared before after He Himself was baptized into the UNITY OF THE SPIRIT when the Holy Spirit descended upon Him “physically” in the form of a “Divine Dove” that only John the Baptist saw as the only human being that was ever permitted to see the Holy Ghost manifested in any physical form here on earth…

    Although there is another prophet and the only one for that matter who was also permitted to catch a glimpse of the Holy Spirit on the Throne of God in heaven…his name is Ezekiel…but all that is for another day another doctrine…
    Read Ezekiel up to find out how and where…but only the Students of the “Spiritual School” of the Holy Spirit will be able to catch this revelation when they read that particular portion where these things are recorded in the book of Ezekiel…
    For I am not permitted to say it to all and sundry…because the Holy Spirit is a very special PRIVATE PERSONAL PERSON indeed who loves to hide Himself from the “un-learned, un-trained, un-tutored & un-mentored” lest they inadvertently “offend” Him…but conversely loves to reveal Himself to His “learned, trained, tutored & mentored” Bible Students craving and thirsting for the knowledge of the Word…

    Okay enough of my ramblings about this “Lovable Person”…whom I love, honor, respect, regard and fear so much that it hurts…that never ceases to amaze me with the amazing stories of the Mysteries of His Kingdom…that keeps me drooling and salivating for more…as He reveals them to me…
    Sorry for digressing…but now you can see from the scripture that it was necessary for Lydia and her entire family to repent and be BAPTIZED as true worshippers of Jehovah Elohim the Almighty God in order to enable them walk in: One LORD God Almighty, One FAITH in Chist Jesus and One Baptism in the UNITY OF THE HOLY SPIRIT…

    Ephesians 4:
    3 Endeavouring to keep the UNITY OF THE SPIRIT in the bond of peace.
    4 There is one body [of Christ], and one Spirit [of God], even as ye are called in one hope of your calling;
    6 One God and Father of all, who is above all, and through all, and in you all.
    Now compare this mysteriously marvelous scripture with what you haplessly & helplessly ignorant scoanites are being deceived by your marine prophet to be doing…instead of leading you to be baptized in the water he is leading you to be praying with “anointing’ water…enter your pool altar…stage left…

    Any wonder why your Emmanuel TV hides their pool altar from view whenever they show their live Sunday service broadcast…they know that that place is not “pure” so best hide it from people’s view…lest there be a backlash from mainstream Christians…as they say…out of sight is out of mind…

    • So So So…


      You still won’t see eye to eye with us on this???
      Pray you don’t see face to face with God on this…that’ll be brutally disastrous..

      Because you think anointing water WORKS…therefore it is scriptural right???

      Cool…so why don’t you go try using the ANOINTING SPIT & ANOINTING MUD as well…after all there was a certain occasion when Jesus Christ used both to administer healing…but stop…did you see the disciples and apostles going about using spit and mud to be healing people afterwards???

      These are what the Bible calls SPECIAL MIRACLES that is done once and not meant to be repeated again and again like the praying for the sick with anointing oil for their healing….
      (Acts 19:11-12…And God wrought SPECIAL MIRACLES by the hands of Paul: So that from his body were brought unto the sick handkerchiefs or aprons, and the diseases departed from them, and the evil spirits went out of them…).

      You see it was a one off occasion and Paul did not go about asking people to be bringing white handkerchief to him or the church for their healing as we remember it was being done by some popular ministers and ministries several years ago when that new phenomenon of “white handkerchief healing“ was spreading like wild fire all over the churches…now it has been replaced by another new one…called anointing water…same old Satan same new tricks: …Lest Satan should get an advantage of us: for we are not ignorant of his devices [new tricks]…2 Corinthians 2:11!

      So what’s it gonna be in…
      Satan’s HELL-OWEEN
      Trick or Treat???

      Boy…it seems like the good old anointing oil for healing is going out of fashion in these endtime churches and is being tactically & tacitly replaced by the anointing water as many churches are now adopting this evil practice of “water healing”…no small wonder as the antichrist is fast tracking his subversion of all the churches with false doctrines & practices so that in a short while he will merge all of them together as one global ECUMENICAL CHURCH OF THE ANTICHRIST…

      We the endtime elects are waiting very patiently for him to keep on fulfilling all the Bible Prophecies about him…until we take him unawares and hack him down… unto eternal destruction…according to the same Bible Prophecies… a simple case of…
      TIT FOR TAT!!!

      Why do you go about spraying this “Eau de Aqua” you call “Anointing Aqua” on sick people to heal them thinking it is of God???

      Whatever happened to…The prayer of faith shall save [heal] the sick, and the Lord shall raise him up…James 5:15???

      I mean you guys really want to go to hellfire just like that…because of one man that wasn’t even born a Christian but a moslem unlike many of you…

      Come on now…you guys can do better than this…you guys are still “homo sapiens” with human brains and not no “homo morons” with fish brains…I still want to believe that somewhere in there…there is the real man and real woman left in you…


      For Saul could have repented and even “groomed” David to take over as the next King in 100% obedience to God’s word & will.and make it into heaven.. instead he chose the warpath or rebellion against God’s Kingdom purpose and right now he is languishing in hell fire waiting for his even more fiery “flame-furnished” apartment in the eternal lake of fire…

      You think God wants you to perish that way…NO WAY!!!
      Neither do we in our own little way…

      What’s wrong if we ALL make it to heaven and look back on these “olden days” on earth…laughing at us and our “funny” comments on TBJW site…when we used to be on opposing sides of the Kingdom…that caused you guys to repent and get out of scoan…back into the true way of the Lord unto eternal glory????

      Tell me scoanites…what’s wrong with that???

      That’s why we preach to you guys for the love of Christ constrains us to still do so…not because we love you so much per se…but because we love God so much…because He too first loved us…

      Besides we know where you are heading with your “LIE LIE” prophet who isn’t helping matters for you…the more you try to defend him the more he comes up with a new release of lying scandals…and then you turn around and blame TBJW for highlighting his lies…why don’t you blame your prophet for actualizing his lies in the first place…


      Wisdom is for “wise men”…not for your “wisemen”…who have been “out-wised” by your “un-wise” prophet…

      If you catch my drift!

      • Finally for those die-hard, Ride n Die Scoanites…
        Beef you want, Beef you get…
        Here goes…

        Benin..is where the first Christianity Church was planted 500 years ago in 1504 by Portuguese Catholic Priest with the support of the King called Oba Esigie the first black African monarch to be baptized as a Christian ….it is also where the first Pentecostal move of God started in Africa barely forty years by the popular Idahosa ministry…

        Again it has become of spiritual note for the spiritually sensitive believers where the endtime move of the God to checkmate the antichrist has commenced…true to its Christian pedigree as the “Ephesian Battlefield” between the forces of God and satan…for right here in Benin City there is an unseen and unheard “major war” going on in the realm of the spirits involving angels & demons as well as men of God and men of satan….all pitched in their battle trenches not giving or taking a quarter…but very soon the battle front will shift to Jerusalem in Israel and then it will explode into the physical realm…and the whole world will hear and witness it as major event in the endtime sequence…when the full scale Arab-Israeli War commences that will lead to the captivity of the Jews once again for a fourth consecutive time before the antichrist will step into the act and save the Jews from captivity as their much “expected & awaited” Messiah!!!
        (Note: it used be in India and its environs where this spiritual power base was located in the last few decades that is why many pastors used to go there secretly for spiritual empowerment those days…but it has now been relocated to Benin where the beast has now set up her throne…am speaking by revelation as it one of the main reasons am here waging war against her citadel of evil…)
        Consequently there many of these “Jazzmen” or “Jujumen” in Benin City and its environs who have been duly empowered by the devil to freely make potent charms & bewitchments for those aspiring to be fake pastors / prophets to be performing these same false healings & miracles…that you guys keep waiting for donkey years in scoan as “slave disciple” to receive from your prophet as “anointing”…so come down town…and meet with them..
        Why wait there any longer???
        For what???

        Come on guys…take a short cut and cut short your long wait to stardom, fame, money and glory…as a globally acclaimed false prophet…

        Jump the queue and go visit these “voodoo witch doctors”…they’ll surely empower you as long as you can PAY THE PRICE of some “little” human blood…just like your prophet keeps doing regularly to “renew” the potency of his “marine” powers….

        If you are too timid to submit a human sacrifice cause you’re too chicken…
        You can do a “fly-by” visit at any of the aerodrome-covens of the “wytches & wyzards” on a night flight to VENUS in your vicinity…to acquire this same spiritual powers…
        But you need to get initiated and get your “flying” broomstick for your out of body night flights to seek, kill & devour your friends, loved ones and neighbors and submit their flesh & blood for eating & drinking during your witchcraft balls & parties…presided over by your high priest or priestess…and you’ll surely be empowered within a short while once they see your zeal and thirst for human blood…. give & take one or two years at least that’s way shorter than ten year or more in scoan isn’t it???

        If you’re scared of heights but not scared of depths….best you get a scuba suit…and take a deep dive into any of the rivers of the marine kingdoms near you…don’t bother about strapping on an oxygen tank for breathing though as it’s all dry and warm once you get to the bottom of the water and hit terracotta…

        (Note: I know these things cause I’ve been taken down there a lot of times by HIS Spirit and sometimes by His angels…to attack some very stubborn “Queens of the Coast” & her cohorts to seriously bash them “black & blue”…em…just for the fun of it…)

        Then you’ll find a couple of mermaids or “drop dead” gorgeous females waiting to dote on you…that is if you are a male…and if you are female…they’ll transform themselves into a couple of “Hunky Apollos”…never mind they are just “hermaphrodite demons”…that usually come to attack human folks living above the water as their spiritual husbands or wives….one of then will eventually get married to you there in the marine world so you can start a “happy” family there with cute little spiritual babies…who are demons though…but who cares anyways…they’ll act, talk, cry & suck breast like real babies do so you can’t spot the difference…at least you’ll be their happy human daddy or mummy…something you were never “free” to do in scoan as a disciple of your prophet…ah…freedom is rare!!!
        THANK GOD FOR GOD!!!
        The bottom line is that you get to meet & greet their marine queen and if she digs you…she’ll empower you to be performing the same false healings & miracles with the same false ANOINTING WATER…

        But if you’re a land lubber and can’t swim…not to worry…get connected to any one of the many occult lodges or shrines near you and sincerely explain your dire need for dire power…to their “grand master” promising him to do any thing “necessary” for it…he’ll tell you what to do…when to do…where to do…how to do…and once you do do it…the satanic sky of false prophetic ministrations is your limit…

        So who the heck…needs scoan’s “anointing water” anyways…when you can easily go get yours all by yourself …certainly not Zlavaris & Chi…
        Oh lest I forget…more importantly too…you’ll be given a gold ring with a black ONXY in the middle…

        That’s the “TOOL” that these false prophets apparently use to knock down unsuspecting folks on the healing lines…who wake up later thinking that they were pushed…er…slain in the Spirit…

        Observe their fingers carefully and you might just see that so-called “Bishop’s Ring” on their finger…that’s a clear clue of them being occultists…even if its your parish pastor do not exonerate him because he really does BELONG!

        Am not teasing you scoanite fellas…
        I mean every word am saying…cause I really want the best of the best in your false prophetic career…not as your devil’s advocate per se…whom your prophet is to you…but as “HELPER” to help you follow properly the way of destruction you have so resolutely chosen to walk in…as Jesus Christ told the spiritually blind Pharisees who claimed they were self righteous and can see by themselves…that it is really GOOD for them since they can “see” and follow the way to heaven by themselves…so they don’t really need Him to open their eyes to see the TRUTH…for He came only to save the blind sinners…not the sighted self righteous Pharisees and their disciples…
        Well now scoanites…what’s gonna be???

        Still wanna wait on your prophet for another ten more years after these ten tenuous years have gone by for the special anointing to do what he he does…when you can really start doing it TODAY if you take your own destiny into your hands???
        The future prospects ain’t looking good…with all these John Chi & Zlavaris saga of guys trying to to steal his satanic show just like that…without really paying the real price that he paid…in terms of blood sacrifices…
        Nah Man…he’s not gonna let them go out and shine at the expense of his own human skulls he submitted..if they want to shine like…then let them also go submiit their own human sacrifices to the devil…come to think of it…that’s a fair satanic deal…why should I sacrifice my own…and you don’t want to sacrifice your own after eating from my own???
        This I believe is the problem thios prophet currently has with his wisemen who have probably been asked to produce their own human sacrifice as it it common with satanic agents be they oculltists, marinist, witches & wizards…and when they refused, they are ostracized, rejected or at best side lined until they comply and all things return to their normal camaraderie level as before…
        Now worst case scenario is one or two of these wise men coming out to say the truth and expose their secret but that might lead to his sudden death if he does that without first repenting unto Christ who will then protet him from any spiritual or physical assassination attacks…but that is up to them to decide as if they remain silent and don’t spill the beans they might just be spared…
        If truly all is well with the fale prophet and false apostle…let him pay scoan a visit to see how his old school mates are doing in their disciple school or let Emmanuel TV invite him for an interview as it was before he depart iunder controversial circumstances…
        This is no Paul and Barnabas row at all…it is deeper and spiritual…seems these guys want the power but did not want to pay the blood price after all….

        Well we wait and see…what the cat’s going to drag in this time around…with scoan you can be sure of one scndal or the other…they really can’t help themselves…Can’t they???
        See what the scripture says about it…
        2 Kings 6:28-29…And the king said unto her, What aileth thee? And she answered, This [witchcraft] woman said unto me, Give thy son, that we may [cook and] eat him to day, and we will eat my son to morrow. So we “boiled” my son, and did eat him: and I said unto her on the next day, Give thy son, that we may eat him: and she hath hid her son…)

        See…Satan offered me this OFFER too, you know…as soon as I came out of your scoan church about 10 years ago coming to tell me physically “face to face” that if I “worked” for him he’ll make me a greater and mighty “prophet”…because he knew that I knew the truth about his lie so there was no point trying to “deceive” me and make me think he is the Almighty God as he is doing with many of your likes now…

        So Satan he made his pitch at me just like he did to Jesus Christ in the wilderness so that’s nothing new…that was shortly before I was given the inspiration to write down the Endtime Journal that was being revealed to me as at then as I never saw it coming…back then it was just an itch to write “something or anything” that I had which is popularly known as the “writer’s bug”…

        Trust me…the furious dispassionate ice-cold hatred and forceful manner at which I expressively told him to go F—K himself!!!

        (sorry about that crass word)

        So startled him that he disappeared immediately…then I realized that this discussion was all playing out before me physically in real life and broad day light as I was walking down the a major street…when the devil joined me for a walk uninvited and possibly unseen by others around me too…can’t forget that day in my life…I lie you not…

        Sometimes the enormous amount of hatred that wells up within me against this antichrist devil-guy and his dragon father and beastly beast…is so overwhelming and choking that I feel like going to grab their necks and slowly suffocate them to death…

        But that’s the flesh speaking as only by militant prayer using the WORD which is the Sword of Truth…while walking in 100% obedience to God’s will and word for our lives…can we certainly choke this antichrist devil to death…that is if you are an endtime elect of God…
        Otherwise…please please…DON’T GO THERE…
        The antichrist is scripturally empowered for a short season to fight and defeat every “saint” of God who dares to openly challenge or oppose him whether spiritually or physically…only the “elects” (against who no human, devil or antichrist can lay a charge or challenge – Romans 8:33…33 Who shall lay any thing to the charge of God’s elect? It is God that justifieth [them]…); are scripturally empowered to face up to him face to face and defeat him at any plane be it in their physical three or spiritual four dimensional planes…

        Likewise the beast who is scripturally empowered to wage war with any nation and defeat them…except again that cadre of rugged endtime elects that God is busy birthing and raising up all over the world…before that fateful day when the Temple of Jerusalem is rebuilt by the Antichrist Pope where he will locate that accursed image of the Beast (a.k.a Virgin Mary) in the holy place of where the altar of God ought to be…and cause the image of the Beast to become animated and be speaking like a human being (not a robot please) that will be the source of awe and wonder to the whole world as well as the antichrist will call fire to fall down from heaven like Elijah did that will cause the Jews to say that Elijah has finally returned to fulfill the already fulfilled Malachian prophesy… Behold, I will send you Elijah the prophet before the coming of the great and dreadful day of the LORD…Malachi 4:5!
        I kid you not on these kingdom mysteries taught me by His Spirit which you never get to hear from the pulpits and airwaves of your churches because these preachers don’t even have a clue about these things…let alone know it…as only the Spirit led and taught wise believers will know and understand it as they see it unfolding and fulfilling the Bible prophecies until they are able to personally identify the antichrist in flesh and blood be it face to face or in the media as the religious and political prince of the world…then they’ll know what is scripturally the next thing to do as the Holy Spirit leads them to do it…
        Because day of that GREAT TRIBULATION that will wipe billions of people have come upon the world…
        Seek for knowledge and not power for miracles…for in knowledge is real power!
        Read what the scriptures says:
        (Revelation 13:1-18…

        1…And I stood upon the sand of the sea, and saw a beast rise up out of the [marine] SEA, having seven heads and ten horns, and upon his horns ten crowns, and upon his heads the name of blasphemy. (You see the SEA where the marine “anointing water” comes from?)

        4…And they worshipped the dragon which gave power unto the beast: and they worshipped the beast, saying, Who is like unto the beast? who is able to make WAR with him?

        7…And it was given unto him to make war with the SAINTS, and to OVERCOME them: and power was given him over all kindreds, and tongues, and nations.

        11-12…And I beheld another beast coming up out of the earth; and he had two horns like a lamb, and he spake as a dragon. And he exerciseth all the power of the first beast before him, and causeth the earth and them which dwell therein to worship the first beast, whose deadly wound was healed.

        15-18…And he had power to give life unto the image of the beast, that the image of the beast should both speak [as a human], and cause that as many as would not worship the image of the beast should be killed. And he causeth all, both small and great, rich and poor, free and bond, to receive a mark in their right hand, or in their foreheads: And that no man might buy or sell, save he that had the mark, or the name of the beast, or the number of his name. Here is wisdom. Let him that hath understanding count the number of the beast: for it is the number of a man; and his number is Six hundred threescore and six.…)

        (Daniel 7:25…And he shall speak great words against the most High, and shall wear out the saints of the most High, and think to change times and laws: and they [saints] shall be given [delivered] into his hand until a time and times and the dividing of time…)

        (Daniel 8:23-24… And in the latter time of their kingdom, when the transgressors are come to the full, a king [antichrist] of fierce countenance, and understanding dark sentences, shall stand up. And his power shall be mighty, but not by his own power: and he shall “destroy wonderfully”, and shall prosper, and practise, and shall destroy [persecute] the “mighty and the holy” people [elects]…)

        (Daniel 11:25… And arms shall stand on his [antichrist’s] part, and they shall pollute the sanctuary of strength [Rebuilt Temple of Jerusalem], and shall take away the daily sacrifice [true worship], and they shall place the abomination [image of the beast] that maketh desolate…)

        (Matthew 24:14-16…And this gospel of the kingdom shall be preached in all the world for a witness unto all nations; and then shall the end come. When ye therefore shall see the abomination of desolation [image of the beast], spoken of by Daniel the prophet, stand in the holy place [in the Rebuilt Temple of Jerusalem], (whoso readeth, let him understand:) Then let them [Endtime Elects] which be in Judaea flee into the mountains [as the spirit leads]…)
        AS Bible students you must believe Bible prophecy…
        But if you are a dilly-dally scoanite…best save your skin first by fleeing now and after that get enrolled in the Spiritual School of the Holy Spirit for His direct Mentorship & Tutorship…

        Interspersed with Him sending his angels to come and give you live practical training lessons with practical examples especially in the art of spiritual warfare when they stand side by side with you showing what spiritual weapons and prayers to use in attacking these demons & satanist to either destroy or demolish them…as well as their kingdoms which is where they always draw their strength from…never ever forget this all important spiritual warfare strategy taught me by YOURS TRULY…THE SPIRIT…

        Attack them and their kingdom at all times most especially @ the midnight hour of your local time which is their prime time to do evil…as that really does demoralizes them and causes them to be helplessly afraid and dreadful of you..to the extent they might come spiritually or physically to you to plead with you to leave them alone and spare them all the destruction you are meting out to them and their kingdom…don’t be fooled by their “false pleas” as they’d come right back to attack once you let them off the hook…so have no mercy at all for them because they don’t deserve it…if you do you’ll still regret it at last…reserve your mercy of God for the poor & needy around as that is far more profitable for the work of the kingdom…

        Am speaking from personal experience and by HIS Grace I’ll be done with the online & offline publication of the book on “Total Spiritual Warfare” am “penning & compiling” now using my many battles with these forces of darkness from the topmost to the least most that I’ve encountered over the years…in my “warpath” with the antichrist…

        As a practical test case scenario so other brethren in similar situations can learn from the combination of my human weakness and divine strength…that give me many resounding victories against all of them bar none spare none…so they too will obtain the same victory in Jesus Name…

        Then together we can boast in the Lord and say:



      • @Nosa

        “What’s wrong if we ALL make it to heaven and look back on these “olden days” on earth…laughing at us and our “funny” comments on TBJW site…when we used to be on opposing sides of the Kingdom…that caused you guys to repent and get out of scoan…back into the true way of the Lord unto eternal glory????”

        lol 🙂
        That would be great actually hey 🙂







    • Nosa
      first I must asure u that your evil intentions and expectations against prophet tb Joshua as well as those of tbJoshua Watch, will be highly disapointed just as those of these Barbarians
      “And when the Barbarians saw the venomous beast hang on his hand, they said among themselves, No doubt this man is a murderer, ….Howbeit, they looked when he should have swollen or fallen dead suddenly: but after they had looked a great while, AND SAW NO HARM COME TO HIM…..And he shook off the beast into the fire and felt no harm” Acts28:46.

      You know the Bible, yes, just as satan does, yet no fruits of Love, wy? ur not a child of God. I gues you(just as ur Tb JoshuaWatch conspirators) r greatly disapointd seeing Jacob Zuma as many families of victims of de buildx collaps, has forgiven scoan and the prophet.

      How do we know the spirit of the antichrist, “he opposeseth all that is called God”2Thes2:4.
      So, to hell with ur Occultic/ initiation lectures! “…we hve an untion from the Holy One, nd we know all things”1Jn2:20. We know who u r and what this Blog is.

      I know this webside was inspired by satan, to limit the pop of captives he constanly loses at scoan, his place of constnt/public exposure, humiliation and defeat!
      As for the wise men, they r praying, how about that? Satan is just in for a higher degree of disgrace defeat and finall downfall.

  10. Soe,when you listen to this video,what do you understand??

    Do you mean NOW its time for TB Joshua to tell those he made false promises to COME OFF IT !!!
    Is that how PROMISE works at SCOAN???

    • Soe, NOW the TIME for TBJoshua to LIE about his “representatives” in USA has come,is that what you meant by COME OFF IT??!

  11. My understanding of the dirty behaviour of Balogun against Zavlaris in spite of proofs they were deeply tied is that Zavvlaris said publicly in a video he will never use again the so called anointed water,God is doing a new thing in his ministry according to him.
    So he can’t be useful again for Balogun the man of gore for his hellish propaganda.,self promotion,personal glorification..

  12. TB Joshua’s days are numbered. Americans, Canadians and people from south American countries are no longer visiting his church. Many people in Europe and parts of Asia are also now aware that TB Joshua is a lying magician. Money is no longer flowing into his ministry and jealousy, the green eyed monster has now gripped him. He cannot believe that Americans are taking their money to Zavlaris instead of him. I hope this fiasco will open Zavlaris’ eyes. His eyes did not open when he lost his wife through TB Joshua’s lies but hopefully now he will understand TB Joshua’s true nature. Zavlaris (and John Chi) need to repent and publicly renounce TB Joshua.

    • @ Joshua Debunker,


      Amen !

      John Zavlaris is deceived and is deceiving others. Will not comply because of II THessalonians 2. Only God can remove his blinders and his staff.

  13. Until we differentiat ourselves from seeking for prophecy from any imposter who claims he hears from God then we will see the light,the likes of tb joshua will seize to exist.ingnorance on part of his followers will render many souls to the devil Beware a wolf in a sheep clothing

  14. John Zavlaris is a true man of God! All of these is lies!
    TBJoshua said lies!Is not first time,he knows well this kind of tactic!Please people open your eyes!You foolish Galatians! Who has bewitched you? Before your very eyes Jesus Christ was clearly portrayed as crucified. 2 I would like to learn just one thing from you: Did you receive the Spirit by the works of the law, or by believing what you heard? 3 Are you so foolish? After beginning by means of the Spirit, are you now trying to finish by means of the flesh?[a] 4 Have you experienced[b] so much in vain—if it really was in vain? 5 So again I ask, does God give you his Spirit and work miracles among you by the works of the law, or by your believing what you heard?Galatians 3

    • @ Philimon,

      No he is not, I dispute it. He is deceived and he shows erratic behaviour in applying ministrations. Whatch how he pokes women in the chest, belly, backside, slaps them with both hands around the ears simultaneously and other things. He is even pushing. The “manifestations” are done by those women are no demons. They are self made up to keep this so called ministry going. He carefully studied TB Joshua’s formula and he is applying it in the hotel room there. It’s the same type of scam that comes from Bob Larson ministries. It’s rubbish. They don’t care if they have to lie for it. I personally believe the spirit of lying is taking more and more root because of a business venture that they slap out of it. Btw South Africa is calling TB Joshua on trial. Martins Cobham has called out for that. These are his words.


      Thank you Jesus for this breakthrough. Let God be true and every man a liar. Let it be to Your Glory alone. Amen.

  15. Good Morning Everyone! I can’t talk at any great length at the moment as I’m about to be out and about… but I spoke to a representative over at Zavlaris Ministries yesterday afternoon. I was driving at the moment so I didn’t think to take the name of the lady I was talking to. She was very humble and engaging. She said that they have nothing but profound love for Prophet TB Joshua and there is no animosity towards him.

    I can’t explain in great detail right now but she believes that there are some instigators that are causing the situation to be more that it is. She said that Zavlaris Ministries have enemies as well who seek to destroy their fellowship. These instigators may have been successful in creating a misunderstanding between them and SCOAN. But she is close to Pastor John and wanted to let me and you all know (I told her that I will pass the message along) that they have deep respect and love for Prophet TB Joshua and SCOAN.

    As far as SCOAN Athens… I haven’t looked up all the details yet but I do know that Jesus spoke about what happens when a demon is cast out of a person. If a person is delivered but chooses to return to their own sin like a dog does to it’s own vomit then it seems like that devil will find other demons more wicked than itself and the state of the man is worse than it was before.

    Jesus also told someone to go and “sin no more.” I can’t remember exactly but didn’t he also say something that a worse thing will come upon you? I have to relook that one up.

    Matthew 12:43-45

    • @ James,

      “I can’t explain in great detail right now but she believes that there are some instigators that are causing the situation to be more that it is. She said that Zavlaris Ministries have enemies as well who seek to destroy their fellowship. ”


      Christians today always find ways to say Ohhhhh we have enemies, the devil is in the details, then they are vilified is it not. If they did read the Bible then they would know when they go out on the narrow road that that that is what you will encounter. But they also fail to acknowledge that they make mistakes. I make mistakes, so will they. So will anyone. Correct them, repent, change your ways and show your remorse and then they can move on. But that is what nobody does in SCOAN or their affiliates, because they think whatever they do is Gods work. Including you James. Including me. Including everybody. So that God will be true and every man a liar. But no they never come to that at all. That is why it is scam, deception and cover up.

      • It is a given that no one on earth is perfect… except the Holy Spirit of course.

        I do believe her when she says that Zalvaris’ Ministries has enemies. If you are a genuine Christian and/or have a genuine Christian Ministry you are automatically a target of opposing, professed Christians and non-Christians alike.

        Is TB Joshua your enemy? Yes or No.

      • @ James,

        This is what I mean. Everybody has enemies. Why do christians constantly blame the Devil. If you submit unto God and resist the devil he will flee from you. But no here they are complain, complain.,Ohhhhh the devil made me do it, the devil is after me, the devil has shut down this and done that. Give it up. Most things are because of what humans do. Because they made a choice, except the right choice. Why ? Because they throw away their brain and it is easier to blame the devil for all that goes wrong into your life. Then you are vilified is it not ? This is a teaching that is emphasised in the charismatic church to have a scapegoat to blame it onto. This is also shown in their behaviour towards each other. Oh you have a demon, you need deliverance and they go through the pandemonium circus of the so called deliverance and they come to testify and then one month later the devil is at it again because they choose to take out a credit card and max it out and come to the conclusion they can’t pay for it. Or they buy a house and they have to turn upside down everyday a coin to live in it because they were not envisioning that it took more money to pay for the bills and so they go in all kinds of things to get money what takes up their time and energy and distracts themselves from God. They then start to compromise and then it all of a sudden goes wrong and they start blaming the devil because their own plans did not work out as they thought it should be. It’s always the Devil that is throwing the spanner in the wheel,right ? They rather defend their good plan then defending a God plan. IS it better to build a guesthouse which was not approved by God and the Holy Spirit or is it better to first wait what God wanted ? When it goes pear shaped, blame it on the devil again or whoever. When Ibwas attending SCOAN I did everything that they expected from me as a follower of JESUS Christ, until it started to conflict so badly in myself that then was nothing left then to leave. Which I promptly did, which saved me from a lot more conflict inside my personal life. I did not leave because of running away, I left because nothing what they said was working for me at all. Nothing. So then why waste time any longer with things that were futile for me. And you can see the result of it today. All branches closed, besides one. Go on, blame it on the devil, but not what they choose to do in what they did what they did, ok. Most people have no idea how they have been indoctrinated and peers ally inside already destroyed. That was not because of lack of knowledge, but because arrogant selfish self styled people who think they know it all and leave a trail behind them with strewn around bodies as it was in concentration camp Bergen Belsen Second World War. No thanks. Enjoy your Bergen Belsen, I stay away from such if they don’t change their ways. Give my portion to the dog named Rafiki.

      • Jesse, I just asked you a simple question. Is TB Joshua your enemy? Yes or no.

        From what I’ve read you’ve been at SCOAN for 10-12 years. You’ve probably felt like you’ve been used like a worn dust rag and barely looked over, ready to be tossed. Perhaps other disciples had come in after you and made the cut as a junior prophet or wiseman…I don’t know really. It’s easy to sense your commitment to see through Joshua’s downfall and how you are completely infuriated with the whole situation.

        It’s a good thing that TB Joshua didn’t say to you that if you eat his flesh or drink his blood you would have eternal life…. or it’s not proper to give the children’s bread to dogs. Now, you would’ve had a real fit!

        Were you working unto Prophet TB Joshua or as unto The Lord? You weren’t working for free then but you are working for free to make sure that he pays up.

    • @ James,

      Aren’t we all still sinners ? If your statement is true than we need every day deliverance. Where did JESUS advocate that ? Where did Paul write it ? Where did John, Peter, and the prophets write it. Do we see deliverance throughout the old Testament ? Who was delivered from demons in the Old Testament and by who ? Did they do it daily ? Weekly, Monthly ? Yearly ?

      Ps. I never said that people cannot have demons, but this demonising everybody and at every turn and in every corner in the body of Christ needs to stop. Take responsibility of your actions and decisions. Stop blaming the Devil for everything. Sin is ingrained in everyone, we need God and His Spirit to get through it.

      • When the scriptures says that he that is born of God does not sin it is simply saying that those who are born of God does not make sin a personal habit or make it our daily practice. We stand opposed to sin and should repent immediately repent of any sin that we commit (1 John 1:9).

        I did not say we need everyday deliverance. You added that. But since you went there, in one sense we do need everyday deliverance (Matthew 6:13).

        Take for instance the man who was possessed by Legion whom The Lord delivered. I don’t know what the circumstances were in how he became possessed with such a large number of demons but imagine if after he was delivered he did not go do the will of God and forgot what great things The Lord had done for him. He would subject himself to possible demonic possession again or unknowingly, possibly do the will of satan or the flesh (Romans 8:13).

        But as far as deliverance from demons in the Old Testament, there was a yearly atonement for the sins of Israel where one of the he-goats was sacrificed and the other was a scapegoat which was sent away to Azazel (the devil). The scapegoat is also known as the goat of Azazel in Jewish circles. (By the way, if you can receive it the goat that was sacrificed symbolically represented Christ and the scapegoat represented the murderer Barabbas who the people had chosen over Christ).


        But thus were the Israelites delivered annually from their sins and from Azazel (satan). Obviously, there were other sin offerings that were offered in the Old Testament.

        Now I agree with you that we cannot always blame satan for our own misdeeds. Neither should we ignore the fact that demonic oppression and coercion exists.

      • @ James,

        “I did not say we need everyday deliverance. You added that. But since you went there, in one sense we do need everyday deliverance (Matthew 6:13).

        No, we don’t. This is what charismatic church thinks that we need constantly deliverance for every sin we commit. There no evidence in Scripture for that. No does JESUS say that either. He says,mango sin no more unless something worse will happen to you, it does not mean demon possession. This is what SCOAN makes up for their own convenience so they can ride upon you again and again with “slain in the spirit” and the silly interrogations of non existent demons inside of them.

        “Take for instance the man who was possessed by Legion whom The Lord delivered. I don’t know what the circumstances were in how he became possessed with such a large number of demons but imagine if after he was delivered he did not go do the will of God and forgot what great things The Lord had done for him. He would subject himself to possible demonic possession again or unknowingly, possibly do the will of satan or the flesh (Romans 8:13).”

        Agreed, but it did not happen so not applicable to this man. You are way demon obsessed, you look for every excuse or problem there must be a demon behind something. This not true. You can very easily see who is demon possessed or not. Just look around on YouTube and in the celebrity world. But all the forefront celebrity demons or high level influential people you see coming and begging to be freed for their demons. Not even Atheists, not even witchcraft covens from the U.S., UK, in Europe. What you see in SCOAN is Africans with superstition. I know even pastors that were demon possessed such as Roberts Liardon who was interviewed by SCOAN did not go through public deliverance for everybody to see. Yet he was always preaching about demons this and that. I met up with Roberts Liardon many years ago and the first thing he did was looking up and down my body which I was asking myself why he did that. That was before he was caught in a homosexual encounter with a male pastor somewhere.,here we have Roberts Liardon who wrote all the Gods generals books and see what he did and is now being restored in ministry by Colin Dye from Kensington Temple of which he was a dean for the Bible. Back at the same trickery what he was doing before when he started. His fake remorse will not do for me and I doubt for God either if I think about what God is like. He was not restored by God, BUT WITH THE HELP OF MEN, who do the same thing as TB Joshua. Make merchandise of people. I have dealt with them personally, I have sat at their tables and in their offices and I have enough of their shenanigans of lies, deception and diversion for the sake of their personal cult antics. They have all their own following and use them to abuse many minister and do everything to destroy them if they are not in the same page as them. I have seen the court cases they had with others and how they paid them off to be silent and with gag orders about their personal lawyers. So much for believing God to protect you and walk everywhere you believe you need to do. You will see them walking with their personal bodyguards and the ties with the police. I have seen enough and encountered more than enough to last a lifetime. But all you do care about is blaming everything on the devil. Please gimme a break, these are personal scheming people without any demon insight or present but do this by PERSONAL CHOICE. I would recommend you to step off from your stick horse and blame everything what is happening upin the devil. If you want to live in constant superstition then do so. God has given us a brain, use it.

      • James wrote: “I did not say we need everyday deliverance. You added that. But since you went there, in one sense we do need everyday deliverance (Matthew 6:13).”

        Jesse wrote: “No, we don’t.”

        James wrote: Why you brought the subject of everyday deliverance up when I initially wasn’t talking about it, I don’t know but I know it was on your mind. But since you brought it up, not only is The Lord’s Prayer a daily prayer or better said… a structural foundation of how we should pray. But the prayer also makes a petition to God about being delivered from evil (or the evil one). It’s a daily prayer.

        Jesus: “…And lead us not into temptation, but deliver us from evil” Matthew 6:13

        Interestingly, in the same Matthew chapter… the Lord talks about a daily evil:

        Jesus: “Take therefore no thought for the morrow: for the morrow shall take thought for the things of itself. Sufficient unto the day is the evil thereof.” Matthew 6:34

        That is why I said IN ONE SENSE we do need to be delivered every day. I’m not talking about going to see the Pastor everyday to be delivered. Do you see the difference?

    • James, what you are claiming is just nonsense.
      Jesus never commanded to his disciples to shut down churches when a pastor has sinned.
      A church does not belong to a pastor to CHRIST. NOBODY has the right to shut down the body of Christ.

      Did TBJoshua thought about the other members of the Athens branch and what they did to deserve that punishement??

      Ok,and what about the London branch and Cape Town branch?? Which were the sins of its pastors??

      Coming to John Zavlaris’s public disgrace,which ”instigator” can deceive TB Joshua to disown and shame publicly his own ‘representatives’ in other countries if TB Joshua is a true Man of God who has a Spirit of God in him as he claims??!

      No,there is something else that caused TB Joshua to make such scandal .It has nothing to do with ”instigators” nor with letters he claimed to receive.

      • I agree with you that The Church-at-large belongs to Christ but He gave the responsibilities of administering the local churches to Pastors, Apostles, etc. Notice in the book of Revelation how the Prophet John was instructed to relay what he saw to the “angel of the church of Sardis…the angel of Philadelphia…” so forth and so on. That word “angel” simply means a herald or messenger. Those who would relay what God had said to the congregants would normally be the Pastor or some Elder type of position of the local church.

        Ultimately, ??? (Mystery person), the angel of the church is responsible and must give account to the Lord for the people there (Hebrews 13:17). Seems like Joshua took a chance and gave Athens every possible opportunity to flourish and afforded it SCOAN’s resources but the behavior of the Pastor led to it being closed down. Did the congregants deserve that? No, not at all. But neither do children deserve the effects from their parents’ misbehavior and unfortunately get caught in the crossfire.

        As far as the SCOAN London branch… what I know is that it was official as the ex-co pastors completed their discipleship training and was sent to London. There was some flare ups between the congregants and the leadership. In turn the leadership tried to distance themselves from Nigeria’s leadership and change the name of the UK SCOAN branch to Faith Acts Now. That didn’t quite work out so the ex co-pastors and some other London congregants started TB Joshua Watch. For more detail you can see part of that story on the Watch TB Joshua blog. The Watch TB Joshua blog is a different blog to this one. I don’t want to put all the details of what possibly went on there on here because there are some very personal references involved. If you really want to get both sides of the story you will have to do some digging yourself on this one. Sorry. I wasn’t aware that there was a Cape Town Branch until yesterday.

        As far as shaming is concerned… regarding Athens there was a lot more going on with the Pastor than what the congregants were made aware of. As far as SCOAN London it appears to be a clear case of mistrust, misdeeds and betrayal. Didn’t Judas get our Lord arrested? Who is plotting night and day, working hand and foot to get Prophet Joshua arrested? satan? Maybe… ultimately it is satan.

        Brother Zavlaris and the rest of the people over there are going to be okay. They are godly people.

      • ??? Mystery Person wrote: “James,and what of his WISEMEN?? Which sins did they committed for him to sweep them under the carpet???”

        James writes: What about the Wise Men? Wise Man John Chi simply relocated back to Cameroon and says that his relationship with Prophet Joshua is excellent.

        As far as the other Wise Men… who said that there was anything wrong? Didn’t Moses disappear in the mountain and the people didn’t know what had happened to him? Moses was busy ministering to the Lord during that timeframe. Why is it automatically presumed that something has to be wrong with the Wise Men?

        From what I can tell in my short time in finding out about TB Joshua and SCOAN… it seems like everyone has been through a lot over the past year. It is a time and period for reflection. Good Morning.

      • ??? Mystery Person wrote: “A church does not belong to a pastor BUT to CHRIST”

        James wrote: I tell you what sir or madam… let a church stop paying it’s mortgage or rent and let’s see who the church belongs to. Why was Faith Acts Now shut down? Or is it?

      • ??? Mystery Person wrote: “James, What do you mean by “Even though your church was not “officially” approved “??

        So what is this mean to you:” (the picture for 2012 on SCOAN’s website showed Athens amongst other branches… the picture for 2014 shows London and Ghana)….

        James wrote: As far as SCOAN Athens, from piecing together some details I simply gave my opinion on what likely might of happened. As far as London, there were two incidents that I’m aware of… the first incident at SCOAN London was the one involving the founders of TB Joshua Watch (if you want you can look that up at the Watch TB Joshua blog)… this link is not the one that I initially looked at for the first incident but I’ll share with you this particular link:


        …and this 2nd incident, 2014, I’m not sure why TB Joshua decided to close SCOAN London down and leave Emmanuel TV UK in it’s place but if the Lord told him to do so then so be it.

        “But I have this against you, that you have left your first love. ‘Therefore remember from where you have fallen, and repent and do the deeds you did at first; or else I am coming to you and will remove your lampstand out of its place– unless you repent.” (Revelation 2:4-5)

      • @James
        For the record, the authors behind TB Joshua Watch have never had any involvement with SCOAN London whatsoever. That post you linked to was a complete fabrication, as was 90% of the content of all the posts they have done “exposing us”. This is an example of the desperate lengths SCOAN go to to try and discredit people with genuine concerns.

      • In the link that I shared with you above… here is an excerpt of the person who was lured into TB Joshua Watch group:

        “I thought they were out to tell the truth about TB Joshua. But now its clear to me that its otherwise and I feel remorseful that i’m betraying innocent blood…”

        Flashback: Judas: “… “I have sinned by betraying innocent blood.” (Matthew 27:4)

      • James ,Really ?? You keep thinking that the behavior of the Pastor of Athens led to it being closed down??

        Ok, what of the behavior of TBJoshua?? Why is it for you “No one on earth is perfect ” always applicable to TB Joshua but cant never be applicable to other pastors ??

        I failed to read in the Bible where Prophet John was instructed in his revelations from the Lord to close down any church because of the ”misbehavior” of its pastor though.

        The Lord can’t do that,instead He would have sent another ‘angel’ or shepherd.

        Children who are affected by the ” misbehavior” of their parents won’t be thrown out of the house to run on the road wondering where to go ,instead they will be provided much support for their care, education and leadership from the appointed bodies of the government.

        So If TB Joshua really cared about ‘the Children’ of his closed branches ,he would have nominated other ‘trusted’ shepherds or sent to them the ‘holier’ one from lagos but as we know ,he just don’t care .Only what he cares is about the money that enters in his pocket.

        And if anybody dares to stop that money,TB Joshua won’t hesitate to shame that person publicly.This is the case with John Zavlaris’s public disgrace from Scoan.

        And about TBJwatch being part of London branch before,i don’t want to talk on their behalf but i can assure you they weren’t because they also asked why it was closed the same many here don’t why.

        And for your information,London Branch was closed few months consecutively after the Athens branch was.You are the one who needs to dig more concerning Scoan as you seem to know few of their lies.

        And yes,in Cape Town in South Africa ,there used to be a Scoan branch there,and i posted to you the proof.

        James,Just acknowledge their lies,its just obvious to anybody whether you support the ministry or not.

      • Hmm for James ,the one who pays mortgage and rent are now the owner of the Church and not Christ Himself ??
        Ha ha,how funny.I understand now why TBJoshua is fighting for money ,lol.

      • James,this is for you :
        Matthew 16:18
        “And I tell you, you are Peter, and on this rock I will build MY CHURCH, and the gates of hell shall not prevail against it.”

        James,Who was speaking there to you?What is it the mortal TBJ or the Lord JESUS??
        Why can’t you just see how wrong TBJ is, when he/you puts himself/him in the position he is not??

      • John chi is no longer TB Joshua’s Wiseman .He rather has escaped the control mind of Scoan.
        And I even salute his courage by refusing to stay under captive in SCOAN.

        And all the Wisemen should do the same.They are mature enough now to take care of themselves.
        But TBJ don’t want to send them out because he fears that if he let them go,”Thousands of people” all around the world ,would no longer have to troop to SCOAN when they have else where to go near to their home.

        And this is what caused TBJ to lose his mind on the case of John Zavlaris.

        Hmm, it has been 3 months now since the disappearance of Tbj’s wisemen, so do you mean they haven’t finished with their “reflection”??
        If there is somebody who needs to take a long time for “reflection” ,it is must be TB Joshua because he seems to have started losing control of himself and to me, you should advise him so if truly you care about him.

      • Ha ha,you make me laugh .’If the Lord told him so to close his branches’??
        Do you really believe the Lord talks to TB Joshua as he wants to make people believe??

        Do you know what caused TBJ’s trouble most? His arrogance to seek glory by making false claims and false prophecies in the name of God when he should have stayed humble and not forcing people to believe him or to run to him for money.

    • Ok, James let me enlighten you on SCOAN Athens. The deliverance of the pastor of the Atbens branch you saw from your TV screen was fake. Yes, FAKE.
      How do i know? Well he admitted it to me. It was all a show. He did it only to obey the “man of God” upon instruction. And not only I but also others are aware of this. So much for the “deliverance”. He was never delivered from anything. He was just obeying orders. And being manipulated and blind myself at the time, I thought it was wonderful that he had decided to obey “God” beyond his undrrstanding. “I did it, he said, to honor the prophet.”
      Now, I could go into a long list of all the wrongs in this action towards God, His Word, the church and himself for that matter. But this is not my intention. Me and so many others on this site have been pointing out the blatant heresy and the compulsive lying but you choose not to hear. So be it.
      You must understand that at that time we were clueless of the truth. We had been manipulated to the point of believing that TBJ was the mouthpiece of God and wouldn’t dare to question anything he said or did. It was all upon “instruction in righteousness”….
      So this man wasn’t delivered and as a result no demons returned. This is a ministry of lies, lies and more lies.
      And what a ridiculous comment about forbidding photos now, afraid of the SCOAN name being exploited. You know the ministry isn’t exactly flourishing…..With 3 out of 4 branches closed down and a guesthouse collapsing leaving behind 116 deceased, I hardly think any serious minded minister of God would want to be affiliated with SCOAN.
      They have reached the point of paranoia, by denying the obvious: the Athens branch was not of SCOAN, “the few that were there are being rescued”-concerning the collapse initially-, John Zavlaris was no more than a visitor who took a picture with TBJ and that’s all folks!!
      You are running as a herd of cattle towards the cliff and all you see is the scenery on the way….
      Again. ISAIAH 42:18-20 “Hear, deaf; look, you blind, and see! Who is blind but my servant, and deaf like the messenger I send? Who is blind like the one committed to me, blind like the servant of the Lord? You have seen many things, but have paid no attention; your ears are open, but you hear nothing.”
      The Lord has spoken.
      The Lord is speaking.
      The Lord will cease speaking.
      Decision is at hand.

      • Jeremiah, I can empathize with the deep pain and hurt you are feeling because I too have been through a church break-up at one point. I had known the Lord for a few years but looking back at that time I was a babe in Christ. I was living in Sicily at the time but before the break up, the church was of one heart and one mind in the Lord. We had a very strong fellowship and shared with each other what we had. Particularly we enjoyed fellowshipping at each others homes.

        To make a long story short, the problem pretty much escalated when one minister believed that if you did not speak in tongues you were not saved and the Pastor did not believe that. He did believe that it was gift but that was nearly about it from that standpoint. Seems like a small thing but the minister was so gifted in persuading others that he convinced many in the fellowship that “tongues” were the case and he almost had me convinced, for about 2 weeks! So the church had split into two separate fellowships and the wounds were fresh and they were deep. Like a sharp talon scraping against my heart. I tried attending both fellowships because of loved them all… being pulled this way and that. I’m sure satan was rejoicing behind the scenes.

        Perplexed about the whole situation, I decided to just stop, strip myself of everything I knew AND SOUGHT THE LORD about the subject. Indeed I had found that it is not the case that one has to speak in tongues to be saved. Perhaps my situation does not seem as grave as yours does but the same objective had been reached. And I may not be able to convey what I’ve experienced in such a gifted way like you, my brother… but my point is that I do understand what having a crushed spirit is when a church is broken up. It’s a serious thing and I do not take what you have been through lightly.

        As far as SCOAN Athens, I’m sorry that you had to experience that. From my perspective it was your ex-Pastor, not TB Joshua, who was mainly at fault in this case. Again, I understand your pain though I have not perceived it and may not have experienced it in the same way as you. I’ve read your testimony on the other tbjwatch page by the way and indeed I would have thought that it was a SCOAN branch as well. I can understand how you and others felt misled.

        I also believe Brother Harry when he says that your ex Pastor had been undergoing discipleship training but had left and initiated the church in Athens on his own. That, behind the scenes, your ex-Pastor was pretty much rude and disobedient to the leadership. Even though your church was not “officially” approved, as Brother Harry had said, it seems as if Nigeria simply took the low road and gave it a chance to grow… initially rejoicing with you in the outcomes.

        All those things that went on between your ex-Pastor and the leadership is not something the congregants would have normally been made aware of unless your ex-Pastor, his wife or Nigeria chose to share it. Seems like Nigeria tried to give him a chance to recover but couldn’t continue to do so under the circumstances so closed the unofficial branch down. Truly, I can understand how you feel that TB Joshua is ultimately at fault but I think your accusations are misdirected. Joshua may be Prophet but like Jonah, he is not perfect. He simply put his best foot forward and used all his resources to give the Athens church a chance in spite of your ex-Pastor’s indulgence. Just my opinion.



      • James, What do you mean by “Even though your church was not “officially” approved “??

        So what is this mean to you:

        And you haven’t tell which was the sins of the pastors of London,Cape Town branches or your lame excuses on why they were close down too.

        James, can you stop your LIES one moment ,who do you think you are deceiving ??
        Just quit your spirit too,we are tired with your false humbleness.

      • @ ??? Mystery Person,

        I responded to this post of yours above somewhere in here. My respond post in Feb 7, 2015, 3:30 pm.

        And no, I’m not trying to be falsely humble even though I once kicked a football and it never came back down to earth… smile.

  16. And, James……..”they have nothing but profound love for the prophet and there is no animosity towards him.”
    Who told you that we hate TBJ?
    We hate what he is doing!
    For this is how our Heavenly Father has instructed us: to love the sinner yet hate sin and expose it wherever it deceiptfully lurks.
    Now as far as this representative of John Zavlaris, why not go to his fb page and see his answer to TBJ and his comments under it. Whether he was offended or not is evident. Whether he considers TBJ’s words a blatant lie or not is even more. So don’t give us this “the few that were there are being rescued” approach.
    Our brain is larger than the size of a pea. Contrary, to what TBJ believes about his wisemen, disciples and followers.
    Finally, I have three words for you, beyond the lies, the deceit, the heresy:
    Do you consider this a small thing?
    Well, this word was satan’s falling point.
    From the kingdom of light into the kingdom of darkness. And be aware.
    Along with ALL his angels.
    I rest my case.

    • Jeremiah, it hasn’t even been one year since the Athens church was shut down. You’re hurt, angry and you want some form of justice for what you perceive as an injustice I understand. Wait and let the Lord handle it. I’m not saying this as a person looking down at you at all but simply sharing with you that going down this road of holding a grudge (no matter who is at fault) will only lead to uncontrollable bitterness that we cannot possibly comprehend. Bitterness defiles us (Ephesians 4:31).

      Psalms 77:2, Psalms 34:4,

      As far as Brother Zalvaris. I don’t have Facebook for personal reasons so I can’t see anything he would write unless the page is made public. I saw that he has two Facebook accounts… one public and the other private. I saw the public Facebook page but I didn’t see anything related to Joshua unless I just overlooked it. I saw a Zalvaris’ posting on TB Joshua’s Facebook page the other day though (from May 2014).

      But I did speak with our Sister over at Zalvaris’ ministries and simply relayed on this page what she had stated. If you want, please copy and paste Zalvaris’ comments here. Thanks.

      • James,aah why you ve never told the same to TB Joshua that he should have Waited and let the Lord handle the ” sins ” of Athens,London,Cape Town and of John Zavlaris ???

        Please ,go lie elsewhere.

      • ??? Mystery Person wrote: “James,aah why you ve never told the same to TB Joshua that he should have Waited and let the Lord handle the ” sins ” of Athens,London,Cape Town and of John Zavlaris ???

        Please ,go lie elsewhere.”

        James wrote: I think I first learned about about Joshua maybe 2-3 years ago (vaguely remember when). I remember seeing a video of a woman who had a very bad skin disease and she vomited after being prayed for. I do remember being slightly skeptical. I was going to look into it some more but I was involved with something else at the time and lost track of it.

        Around the middle of November 2014 I was being challenged by a militant Atheist to show him that miracles were real. I did a search and came across TB Joshua again. Initially I was a little skeptical but the more I kept looking at every angle of it I couldn’t deny that it was real. So I took a chance and shared it with the Atheist expecting him to immediately debunk what was happening.

        Having known this particular Atheist’s “militancy” for a few years online I was expecting to hear something back from him right away. A day went by… a couple more days went by. So I sent another video of a miracle taking place at Nigeria, then Columbia, then Singapore. The same thing happened… to my surprise I was met with silence. As a matter fact the site I was on was filled with Atheists. The only person who came back and said anything was a former Jehovah Witness (who still is instilled with their doctrine)… and I found out that Jehovah Witnesses don’t believe in present-day miracles… but still the JW had been forced into silence. So in part, that pretty much confirmed it to me that I wasn’t seeing things.

        You probably wouldn’t have accepted it the way that I did but I kinda know these people and it was a miracle in itself that they just shut-up like that. So that is how it was for me.

        I’m coming in late in the game and looking back so obviously my view of TB Joshua is less skewed than yours.

        I already gave my own views about London, Athens and Zavlaris… perhaps soon I can look at Cape Town. Cheers.

      • Ha ha James,your “Mystery Person” is not questioning the miracles you saw .My concern is ,why you don’t want to admit TB Joshua can LIE and do what is not right instead of blaming the fault on the innocent people.

      • Mystery Person, TB Joshua is a mortal. And like the rest of us mortals is capable of anything. Adam was perfect but fell. Noah got drunk. Judah though he slept with a prostitute (Tamar) whose child became Jesus’ ancestor…. Moses, the Lord sought to kill him. David was a peeping Tom. Solomon had a gift of Wisdom yet built an altar for a child-sacrificing cult. Joseph and Mary lost Jesus. The Great Prophet John the Baptist had doubts while imprisoned. Jesus said, “My God, My God, Why have You forsaken Me?” Apostle Peter was a hypocrite. Paul argued with Barnabas. Martin Luther was an anti-Semite… John Calvin had a teenage girl beheaded… Charles Darwin backslid. Karl Marx was Jewish. Billy Graham wished he spent more time with his kids. Myles Munroe died in a plane crash.

        …TB Joshua, black African heritage: Wrong color. Wrong country. Wrong, unorthodox ways.

        God must have made a mistake and chose the wrong man.

        So far I haven’t seen any lies but perfect storms leading to plethora of misunderstandings.

      • @ James,

        Why say TB Joshua is a mortal, while most of his followers do not believe he is. They think he is infallible. They claim whatever he says, is from God alone. Like there is no mixture taking place at all. Which is, but is what we can’t explain to anyone that defends TB Joshua. Which has brought us that TB Joshua is a cult leader who exhibit cult behaviour as well his followers. If you watch him going through the church and a stream of disciples are following him then it is overly clear that it is cult behaviour. If the man would jump from the building suddenly, surely his disciples would do the same thinking the same as in the bible that angels will catch them before they reach bottom. There were even people jumping from the balcony recently in where the one who did it said, Oooohhh he loved TB Joshua so much and he would do anything for him and at the same time have a smirk on his face.

        You can’t defend yourself with that do you ? To me this is where the line needs to be drawn and the gauntlet thrown. Fanaticism is a very dangerous thing and it will result in all kinds of weird things. This incident is then played down and used for proving that nothing will pass by their cameras to record. Ahum, if I place cameras on every corner of my building, unless the camera had a electronic malfunction nothing would by pass this either. This whole thing is full of those kind of things and they pass it off as if God is doing all the puppetering there as well pulling all the strings they do.

        Nobody seems to be worried about that whatsoever. That kind of sensationalism everybody laps up and then say, Oh, look the Devil is doing something here, while the psychologists say its a mental issue and start to prescribe straight away medication for such behaviour to keep them calm, others are just lost in it and throw up their hands in surrender.

        This kind of thing is not orchestrated by God, nor by the Devil, but by people who make the whole church atmosphere to a pandemonium circus and sing hallelujah to that.

        1 Corinthians 14…39 Therefore, my brethren, desire earnestly to prophesy, and do not forbid to speak in tongues. 40 But all things must be done properly and in an orderly manner.

        When you watch the mass prayers you don’t see ANY OF THAT ! While it is claimed that are the demons that are manifesting in people. While I say, these are people who just want to roll on the floor and eat their vomit over and over again.

        It’s typical that this is happening in these kind of churches and Bob Larsons ministries who thrive upon sensationalism. This started with the Toronto Blessing, then it moved on to the Pensecola Brownsville, place and recently ended up with Todd Bentley who finds it necessary to kick an old lady in the face with his biker boot while his so called angel is watching over his shoulder. And if you attend those meetings you see the screaming and yelling all over the place and wriggling people over the floor. When you speak to them years later then they are still the same when you saw them last time. I have my belly full of those kind of meetings because they have nothing to do with God.

      • @ James,

        I am not against miracles or things that is concerning God.

        But here is the thing when we read about the early church fathers. Just to name a few.

        Justin Martyr 100-165: For the prophetical gifts remain with us even to the present time. Now it is possible to see among us women and men who possess gifts of the Spirit of God.”

        Irenaeus 125-200: In like manner we do also hear many brethren in the church who possess prophetic gifts and through the Spirit speak all kinds of languages. … Yes, moreover, as I have said, the dead even have been raised up, and remained among us for many years.

        Tertullian 150-240: For seeing that we too acknowledge the spiritual charismata, or gifts, we too have merited the attainment of the prophetic gift … and heaven knows how many distinguished men, to say nothing of the common people, have been cured either of devils or of their sicknesses.

        Novation 210-280: This is He the Holy Spirit who places prophets in the church, instructs teachers, directs tongues, gives powers and healings, does wonderful works … and arranges whatever gifts there are of the charismata; and thus making the Lord’s church everywhere, and in all, perfected and completed.

        Origen 185-284: Some give evidence of their having received through this faith a marvelous power by the cures which they perform, invoking no other name over those who need their help than that of the God of all things, along with Jesus and a mention of his history.

        Augustine 354-430: In his work The City of God, Augustine tells of healings and miracles that he has observed firsthand and then says, “I am so pressed by the promise of finishing this work that I cannot record all the miracles I know.

        But there are also early church fathers who proved that there were false prophets among them and those that were not operating out of God.

        500 million professing Christians who claim charismatic experiences can’t all be wrong. But if we accept this, then logically we should accept the miracles attested to by one billion Catholics in the world. The truth is that 500 million + people can be wrong too.

        The application of prayer beads is solely Catholic as well Islam, although there are other religions who might do this. As far as I know, God has not commanded us to pray with prayer beads. So therefore I reject such application, even when others take it seriously. To me these are gimmicks and rather distracting us from what we must do as a Christian.

        The “anointing water” is the same thing. There is no such repetitive ministrations in the bible recorded. God always does something new. TB Joshua last time said, Oh this is getting old now, something new has to come in place. And lo and behold a few weeks later he comes back with the same thing back again. What is it now ? Is it this or is it that ? He can’t make up his mind. And on top of it he says this is God telling him that. Can God also not make up His mind ? Is it this or is it that ? Double mindedness is not a thing coming from the word of God. As a matter of fact the Bible teaches totally opposite.

        James 1:5 If any of you lack wisdom, let him ask of God, that giveth to all men liberally, and upbraideth not; and it shall be given him.
        6 But let him ask in faith, nothing wavering. For he that wavereth is like a wave of the sea driven with the wind and tossed. 7 For let not that man think that he shall receive any thing of the Lord. 8 A double minded man is unstable in all his ways.

        This is what you constantly experience there, flip, flop, then flap and then flop, flip and flap again. And it seems every time something is happening while in fact they are going round and round in circles. And in the distance they keep laughing their heads off about it.

      • Jesse I wanted to ask you… rather challenge you to something. The reason why I am challenging you specifically is because you say the miracles in TB Joshua’s ministry is 100% fake. In fact, any body can accept this challenge if they like and if you don’t want to accept then I understand.

        In this first video challenge, TB Joshua gets a word of knowledge from a young woman from the U.S. Now you’ve been there 10-12 years so please point out the fakery in this. If you can point it out then I will be more inclined to believe you:

      • @James
        Of course you can find some videos that look impressive. But consider this:
        1. People have testified about being coached by SCOAN on what to say and how to act during these videos. People have testified about how SCOAN setup scenes to look worse than the reality, for example putting someone who has a limp in a wheelchair, or wearing a nebuliser and describing it as a breathing machine.
        2. We have provided abundant proof in the past that the prophecy videos at the very least are deceptively edited to make them look better than they are.
        3. Visitors to SCOAN fill in extensive forms detailing every medical and spiritual complaint. Although the American girl claims that she didn’t put down her condition on this form, we can be very sure that many “words of knowledge” have come straight from this form.
        4. For every impressive prophecy or word of knowledge – how many complete fails are there? As the saying goes – if you throw enough mud at the wall, some of it will stick – TB Joshua throws a lot of mud.
        5. Even if we discount all of the above and assume that some words of knowledge are genuinely miraculous, scripture doesn’t allow us to take that as authenticity of his gift. The false prophets Jesus warned us about also did “great signs and wonders”. A false prophet wouldn’t be very effective if it was abundantly clear to everyone that he was false.

      • James ,God does not make mistakes and nobody here is questioning God.

        What we are questioning is the wrongs we see in SCOAN. And TB Joshua’s wrongs have nothing to do with God ,TBJ does it on his own.
        And I m sure you have seen TB Joshua lying and not once but many times,its just you don’t want to admit .

        If TB Joshua is a mortal man to you as you claim, why do you fear to admit he has LIED and has wronged then and point out his wrongs as you did to Adam, Noah,Judah,Moses, David ,Solomon ,Joseph and Mary ,the Great Prophet John the Baptist,Apostle Peter , Paul, Barnabas. Martin Luther ,John Calvin , Charles Darwin…???

        But what we see so far from you,James does not see any wrong in TB Joshua,he only see wrongs and sins in ‘TBJ enemies” and in other pastors but never in the “mortal TBJ”.

      • @ James,

        These are just videos. Videos are very patient in displaying what they want to see or not want to see.

        Why could the man not prophesy one word over me ? While others prophets I have met in the past have done it galore over me. And why did he tell that my wife was married and married again ? And no it has nothing to do with incubus or succubus. Even before we ever went to SCOAN I have asked her this questions because I know about these things long time. Up till today she said, she don’t know what it is and what it is like. So after lots and lots of years married with her, should I not believe her ? I guess you find it hard to admit that he just did not know anything. It could be that we were constantly hiding our spirit and soul in the Blood of Jesus prayers ??? Perhaps it is hard to see anything then for a Shaman or Diviner ? Have you not seen Theresa Caputo ? She does exactly the same, she can tell all kinds of things about people who she never have met. What about George Anderson ? Or Maureen Hancock. Or even James Van Praagh. All these can do what TB Joshua does with individual so to speak “word of knowledge”. So can Paul Cain, so can Ashley McGuicken, So can John Paul Jackson, as well Lisa Williams.

        You stare yourself too much on these things as authentication of being genuine. Don’t you see the world is not repenting whatsoever ? They just carry on, they just don’t care. We all know why TB Joshua does it and all the others and I feel I am repeating myself again and again about it. They don’t do it for God, but for themselves, for their own purpose to bring in people and do it again. If God has poured out the Holy Spirit on all men, Acts 2:17 And it shall come to pass in the last days, saith God, I will pour out of my Spirit upon all flesh: and your sons and your daughters shall prophesy, and your young men shall see visions, and your old men shall dream dreams:

        Just tell me what is it that you don’t know yourself ? Just watch the news and you will know what time we have arrived. Take your Bible put it next to it and know where you are at. Continue your walk with the Lord. That is your task. That is our calling. It does not say, run after every “prophetic” Tom, Dick and Jane to figure it out. God has given you and me the Holy Spirit to inform yourself about what the do next. Grow UP ! Run with the Holy Spirit.

    • James,lol, i thought you were also quiet with your spirit and busy enjoying ministering to the Lord in the song video you suggested to me up, instead of keeping yourself busy defending LIES from SCOAN?!

      • What I said was that TB Joshua and SCOAN are not looking at this site as they are about the Lord’s business and choosing to worship the Lord instead. I don’t blame them. Why should they be distracted with an entity that is trying to destroy them? Instead they are most likely praying for you and the rest of their enemies.

        Me? I’m not TB Joshua, I’m not his representative nor do I have any affiliation with SCOAN except The Lord Jesus Christ.

        Prophet Joshua does not need defending from me… if so, he would lose because I am weak but his God is strong. So let God defend him. I’m simply sharing my opinion on the issues at hand.

        That’s ok, right?

      • James,why are you only looking to be understood but you refuse to understand the stand on others on this site??

        How about what i myself said to you was that, WHY James should be busy looking at this site defending LIES and blaming ‘fault’ and ‘sins’ on a Pastor he has never met instead of being quit and be busy only worshiping the Lord as you were suggesting to me?

        If TB Joshua and SCOAN were never ‘distracted’ with anything but always about the Lord’s business and choosing to worship the Lord and praying for their “enemies” as you think , they wouldn’t have time to fight John Zavlaris ministries to destroy him.

        All of us here, we are sharing opinions ,sometimes Facts of Scoan’s Lies and that is what i was doing before you suggested to me to quit my spirit.
        So i was expecting James would be able to follow what he was suggesting to me but i was quite wrong to think so.

      • So if Brother Zalvaris separates his ministry from TB Joshua he will be destroyed? That would mean that Zalvaris Ministries was on the wrong foundation and needs to be corrected. Our foundation ought to be Jesus Christ.

        When a child get’s weaned off of his mother’s breast milk it’s a heartbreaking task because a “seemingly” permanent bond had been created by the child and its mother. But as the child gets bigger it’s time to get off mama’s paps.

        How about when a mother eagle who have to teach their young ones to fly? It seems like a cruel process but eventually they get the drift.

      • @ James,

        “What I said was that TB Joshua and SCOAN are not looking at this site as they are about the Lord’s business and choosing to worship the Lord instead. ”

        That is what you are claiming but every false ministry is claiming that. Even the Mormons claiming that they are busy with the Lords business, does that then also apply what you are saying ? How about the Catholics ? The Hindu’s ? The Buddhists ? And also the Islamaniacs. They are all busy with the “lord’s business” they say. Oh when you disturb them with it, they all get violent because religion makes them violent. They fight in all kinds of forms. One is taking a sword, the other put himself on fire with kerosene, another one is going to remove you from their premises and will ex communicate you because they are sooooo busy with the “lord’s business”.

        Everyone that is a follower of certain religions are all claiming that and you are not different. Then you have all those famous preachers. Joel Osteen, Rick Warren, Benny Hinn, Morris Cerullo, the former Oral and Richard Roberts, Prophet Manasseh Jordan, Peter Popoff, and all those African preachers, like Sign Fireman, Matthew Ashimolowo, and Prophet Angel, Prophet Makandiwa they are all busy with the “lord’s business”. You are right indeed they are busy with their OWN business in how they can siphon off monies for themselves and make their business big with their funny antics and trickery they have acquired. Then you have the former Jan and Paul Crouch with TBN, Kenneth Copeland, Roberts Liardon, Jesse Duplantis and they all busy with the “lord’s business” and if you have to believe them we are now all millionaires and shake the whole world and the like. But really ? If there was no such thing as technology and camera’s we would never hear about them at all. I live literally few miles away from one of the largest churches of a Continent. But since I left there, I never hear anything about them here where I live. But if you are involved in it then they have all kinds of gimmicks to keep you busy and this speaker comes and that speaker comes and then all the pandemonium circus starts all over again. Which I have all gone through. What has it done for me today ? Nothing. Absolutely nothing. Why ? Because I know what they have been producing has nothing to do with God at all. Otherwise you would see whole neighbourhoods changed, fall on their knees and worship God. But that is not happening at all. As a matter of fact of the same church what I was talking about, you see the pubs around that church still full with people who are every night drunk and go on a fighting spree. That is how much it all reaches. Yet they all go to missions all over Africa, Europe and the United States. And they call it the Holy Spirit. Uhuh !

      • What are you even talking about??Who said that TB Joshua is the foundation of John Zavlaris ministries??
        It is funny how far you can go just to defend the lies of Scoan.

        And when James claimed that this site is an”entity” trying to destroy TB Joshua and SCOAN ,does it mean it is linked with the foundation of TB Joshua ministries?? So what is all these lame excuses come from??

        John Zavlaris ministries was already separated with SCOAN because it wasn’t using their anointing water any more.
        So now tell us ,what was TB Joshua’s problem again?? It was Jealousy of money of course because if you listen very well to the video,you will hear TBJoshua lamenting about ”thousands of Americans trooping at John Zavlaris, if not TB Joshua wouldn’t mind about people trooping at Zavlaris ministry.

        A mother always wish the best to her children and always helping them to reach the best but this is quite different from TB Joshua’s scandal on this innocent man.

        A mother eagle who have to teach their young ones to fly,does not turn against them in public to LIE that she never taught her young ones to fly BUT TB Joshua did it and James still denying this devilish behavior by putting it on others except TB Joshua.

  17. James, you are under deception and you have not addressed any of the issues I presented.
    Like the fake deliverance, shall we say? You remind me of an ostrich, burrying your head in.the sand concerning what you don’t want to hear or know.
    Clearly, if you had been following the posts and comments, you would have known for a fact that not only the Athens branch was officially a SCOAN branch, but also the one that TBJ took more pride in than all the rest. You would have seen the numerous videos of healings and deliverances that Emmanual TV had broadcast throughout the years, referring to the Athens ministry as its branch both audibly and subtitled. A branch that brought in to SCOAN a substantial portion of recognition and promotion in Europe and functioned as a mediator for those Europeans who wished to visit SCOAN Lagos.
    I am really amazed you are so ignorant, or aren’t you?….
    Moreover, TBJ had sent his wife and two daughters for a while to Greece and Evelyn Joshua ministered at the church on two consequtive Sundays. As so did many disciples throughout the years. As so did Harry when he conducted a healing service for two days. Or did he come on his own? 😊
    Furthermore, on a number of Sundays TBJ himself spoke to the congregation greeting us as “his people” and promised to visit us soon, as the pastor brought his cell phone and through the speaker he-TBJ- addressed us. About 500 people were present at a number of times and it has been documented. And not only that. If you are an Emmanuel TV viewer, you will have seen throughout the years on TBJ’s birthdays and Christmas, the appearances of the worship team from the Athens SCOAN branch.
    Also, in one of the posts here, a certain former disciple spoke out clearly on how he and the pastor set up the church upon instruction and funds from TBJ and SCOAN. Just naming a few facts for the benefit of other readers as I somehow think that you James, know the truth.
    Are you really trying to persuade readers that this was simply due to his…. compassion?
    Really, James…..your assumptions would be funny if they weren’t proceeding from this spirit of deception and obscurity that have infiltrated SCOAN.
    Now…..what’s more. To attempt to portray those who are exposing darkness as poor, hurt and bitter souls is simply another satanic scheme. If you think that I will start defending myself on how I feel, you are wrong. You see my friend, I know that this is what those deceptive spirits of darkness want, in.order to stop addressing the real problem. In order to draw attention, elsewhere.
    But if you wish to know, I consider a blessing what I have been through, as my relationship with God and my spiritual knowledge in terms of discernment, would not have been as they are today. Indeed, God uses the foolish to confound the wise and as they say, no pain, no gain. So in an absurd way, -to many- I am actually grateful to God for everything I went through. In His infinite Love He allowed it all for a purpose. And one of the reasons -beyond my personal advancement in Christ- is most definitely to stand for the Truth and become a means so that others may escape this particular deception.
    According to His Will.
    As long as He permits.
    So thank you for your sympathy but spare it for those in need, if indeed you seek Christ, I suggest you start at home…..
    Things stand as they are.
    SCOAN and TBJ must confess publically and repent of all the lies, heresy and destruction he has caused to people, body, mind and soul.
    One can deceive man as long as he wants.
    And He is a most Jealous God concerning His sheep.
    And by the way, do not be surprised if you see John Zavlaris publically apologizing to TBJ for his behaviour, because this is what scoanites are circulating and expecting.
    If, of course, he complies.
    Next thing, the families of the guesthouse tragedy victims, will be apologizing….
    Can you imagine the paranoia?
    THIS IS SCOAN. They beat you, you apologize! They humiliate you, you apologize!
    Wake up, people! Jesus Christ was beaten, flogged, mocked, humiliated and crucified for us!
    May the Lord have mercy on all of us.

    • No worries there as we can disagree agreeably but truly, I am trying to understand. I just don’t understand the way all of you are going about it. From my standpoint it just seems devilish to me… more like a lynch mob. Maybe I’m wrong in presumption but that is what it looks like.

      Now, If your faith in the Lord has skyrocketed and became stronger as a result of all this as you imply, then Praise the Lord at least for that. I just pray that you would forgive your brother from your heart as the scriptures say. Being a doer of the Word…otherwise it would be fluff Matthew 18:35.

      • James, you are either naive or act as such.
        When up against the devil you don’t go all soft and mellow saying “Jesus loves you, peace brother”. I will remind you that the enemy of our soul has come to steal, destroy and kill…HUMAN SOULS, and he is relentless. He is the master of deception, hiding and manifesting in his favorite hideout: the church.
        Today more than ever the christian dome is under attack. Churches performing the abominate in hiding, on the path of apostasy, misleading hundreds of thousands of souls into the pit of hell. Believe me, there is nothing “nice” about that.
        As I have said before, our fight is not against flesh and blood. Love and forgiveness are prerequisites for a christian, just as repentance and standing for the Truth are.
        Why not go and see two great men of God and how they viewed and handled deception, lies and heresy in the church: the late Leonard Ravenhill and David Wilkerson. You can learn a lot….
        I leave you with Jude verse 22: “Be merciful to those who doubt; snatch others from the fire and save them; to others show mercy, mixed with fear-hating even the clothing stained by corrupted flesh.”
        We are at war, my friend.
        Yet, we are not alone.☺

      • @ James,

        You call us a lynch mob, I would call myself a heresy hunter. Because the charismatic witchcraft church club is full of it and the antics that come with it. I know numerous people who have been to all kinds of meetings all over the world and some come back with all kinds of praise and glory. Others come back disillusioned, frustrated, irritable, angry and have little interest after that in church at all. What the charismatic witchcraft club is promising you a lot is after you have been somewhere, your problems are over. Which is not true. Jesus never said our problems are over. Even IF we had problems, the closer we come to the problems to become really problems, the problems resolve all by themselves and we go in to another direction. Which is God’s plan usually anyways. But the charismatic witchcraft club always want you to believe that you need to be depended upon them and the ministers inside there. And so they start nicely, but end up monstrous and making huge mistakes at the costs of many.

        Just follow the story of Steve Hill. He is best known as the evangelist who preached in what became known as the Brownsville Revival. And what has all come from it ? Please be my guest and explain. Let’s go to Todd Bentley. Notorious, revered by millions and yet erratic as Origen himself. Or even Rodney Howard Browne with the funny laughing bartender “anointing”. Every time he came to our church, it happened to be that I was not there and was travelling somewhere. And I had not planned it. Why was that ???
        Let’s look at Toronto Blessing, with John Arnot. Where they behaved like goats on pogosticks and coo like doves and bark like dogs. What was that ????? What is left over ? Do you hear anything from them ? No !!!!! John Arnot came to SCOAN, holding hands with TBJ and now what ? Me and my wife were in such a church where the full brunt of the Toronto blessing was roaring. The pandemonium was madness, crazy, ridiculous. Women rolling on the floor from one end to the other, somebody else shaking their head like it was whirling 360 degrees and still speaking, men running all around the church, others jumping over the pulpit and fall behind the plants and flowers behind it hysterically laughing. Is that God’s manifestations ? Really ? Why don’t we read anything about that in the Bible or even in the early church fathers diaries ?

        Do some research about Mark Haville, a man that I met quite a few times and discussed with him what he was thinking about it all. Here is a video about him in the time when we were meeting. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=b5mCBRCXEd0

        Watch it and make your mind up. Stop staring at fake interrogatory demons testifying that Satan lives in hell or has a basecamp on Mercury.

  18. Hey TB Joshua Watch:

    TB Joshua Watch wrote: “@James
    For the record, the authors behind TB Joshua Watch have never had any involvement with SCOAN London whatsoever. That post you linked to was a complete fabrication, as was 90% of the content of all the posts they have done “exposing us”. This is an example of the desperate lengths SCOAN go to to try and discredit people with genuine concerns.”

    James writes: Okay. Who are you then? Are you Muslim? What is your story and how did you come about starting TB Joshua Watch? How do you know it was SCOAN trying to discredit you and not a faithful, loyal and former disciple like Soe? That is what I would like to know for starters.

    I tell you what. I’ll start it out. Soe gives her experience so what is “your own” personal experience?


    • @ James,

      I am the one that have been inside SCOAN and have been in the Branches. So I know what is going on. I know also know several of them personally. Also those with their all of a sudden after 10-12 year imaginary demons they all of sudden had. If you want to know, there are loads of posts about me here about that. Go through the posts and you will see. And I have been attacked by it by many because they find that it does not line up what I am saying. So they take some words of me and then assume I have said this or that instead of asking if I really meant it like that. Then in my zealousness I might have written something that flew of my keyboard or my dication that I have done which they then attack that I should do all those things myself and go out to supersede TB Joshua with prophesying and performing miracles. Let’s say if I would do that and make all videos and place them on Youtube, I will get the same story again from them that is is not genuine and that I do trickery. Since I have no trickery upon my sleeve then my videos would be too boring for them to see. But no matter what in their eyes TB Joshua is better, greater, more superior than anything that is existing in this world. Why ? Because of the trickery they can get away with. Why is he adamant to put everything on Youtube ? I have said it before, it is to let people believe “IT’S HAPPENING HERE !” come on over. We will entertain you with all our special effects that comes with it. So they have a team that is all geared upon that. Yet Jesus did not have any of those things at all and gained notoriety by just simply writing and hear say. Now behind who is God then ? Is it not God that does all these things ? So several churches were trying to jump on the bandwagon and thought we can do this here too. So there started the pilgrimage to Lagos. Yet Lagos claims “distance is not a barrier” but yet still everybody needs to come down, because God is not where I am writing with my keyboard they say, it’s only where the Lagos Jerusalem is. And the more it goes all over the place, you can see it is not about Jesus, but it is about TB Joshua and his antics and his lies that everybody believes is true. Just look around in the past, you will see all these things happening over and over again, yet still the world gets worse and worse by the day. So much for all those manifestations that are happening.

    • James,what do you mean by ‘you will start it if TB Joshua Watch gives their own personal experience with SCOAN’ ??
      Do we even need a ‘personal experience’ to point out LIES we see from SCOAN?? Emmanuel.tv is enough for us to see lies there and you can see it on this article,they have given proof from SCOAN channel.

      But if James has a personal experience with SCOAN, you can share it if you wish.

    • @James
      The blog posts that talk about the London branch originated from key leaders within the London church. We know this because A) they had access to unreleased publicity and B) when some ex-members of the church threatened legal action against SCOAN London due to slanderous and completely false blog posts about them, these blog posts were removed.

  19. Brother Jeremiah…

    Let Brother James be brother James..

    It is written:…But if any man [wants to] be ignorant, let him be ignorant…1 Corinthians 14:38!

    You are absolutely right but for my “shock therapy” at scoan about a decade ago after i just repented from being a worldly “born-into” christian to a “born-again” christian i would be still be..

    oohing, aahing and lapping up all these lies of “false miracles” that the would cause the whole world to be hopelessly deceived into a christ-less eternity…

    Retrospectively…am glad I went there…to see the good the bad and the ugly…of satanic LIES…
    Makes me cherish this TRUTH I have…more than my very own soul…and I ain’t selling it…

    (Proverbs 23:23…Buy the TRUTH, and sell it not…)

    Our Brother James…

    Is just a harmless “Tertullus” kind of guy “self hired” to speak in favor of the pharisees who are hell bent on “deleting” that VIRUS called Paul from their Operating System (OS) because of the way Paul kept exposing their “synagogian & pharisean lies” all over the gentile world…which was bad for “pentecostal business” as more jews & proselyte gentiles from the by far richer gentile regions no longer came to Jerusalem to celebrate pentecost…as they were all busy repenting unto Jesus Christ because of Paul’s ministry of TRUTH…

    Meaning lost revenues for the Pharisees!

    (Acts 24:1-9…And after five days Ananias the high priest [false prophet] descended with the elders, and with a certain orator [Special Agent 007] named Tertullus, who informed the governor against Paul. And when he was called forth, Tertullus began to accuse him, saying, Seeing that by thee we enjoy great quietness, and that very worthy deeds are done unto this nation by thy providence, We accept it always, and in all places, most noble Felix, with all thankfulness. Notwithstanding, that I be not further tedious unto thee, I pray thee that thou wouldest hear us of thy clemency a few words. For we have found this man a pestilent fellow [VIRUS], and a mover of sedition among all the Jews throughout the world, and a ringleader of the sect of the Nazarenes: Who also hath gone about to profane the temple: whom we took, and would have judged according to our law But the chief captain Lysias came upon us, and with great violence took him away out of our hands, Commanding his accusers to come unto thee: by examining of whom thyself mayest take knowledge of all these things, whereof we accuse him. And the [Scoanite] Jews also assented, saying that these things were so…)

    Now imagine Special Agent James Bond 007…

    Calling Zavlari ministry to hear from them…like you some kinda “Agony Aunt” on the phone they’ll pour out their grief about scoan to…when they don’t even know ya…Fat Chance!

    Imagine a troubled house wife complaining to a total stranger on the street about all the stress she is having with her husband behind their bedroom door…

    Why would they tell you about their grievances with scoan???

    Similarly Brother James Bond 007…is out on a “mission impossible” to salvage scoan’s image on TBJW…otherwise by now he would have long given up the challenge…he is their last hope of success…

    Cause as things stand…scoan is losing a lot of revenues from those “pentecostal pilgrims” who no longer troop in there as they used to do…because of their self inflicted scandals…caused by that bad ol’ devil of course and lets not forget their TBJW enemies too…who started it all in the first place…


    They are busy doing the Lord’s business like Scoanite Mary…while Martha her TBJW sister was busy “disturbing” the Lord’s business…

    So if any one can do it…

    JAMES BOND 007…on his Prophet’s Secret Service…

    Can do it…

    The only snag here is that the scriptures can’t let him do it…
    The scripture can’t be broken…and will not support a BLUE LIE!!!…

    Otherwise how on earth can Special Agent 007 scripturally, sincerely and possibly defend:

    prayer beads…anointing water…altar pool…wisemen ministry…closing all scoan church branches as opposed to planting more churches branches…retrieval of anointing from the unruly anointees… a bad christian is a bad citizen example…dodging and escaping court summons…lying science fiction terrorist bomb attacks…illegal building construction…unlicensed hotel / hostel operation…cut & paste prophecies…and last of all soccer pools result prophecies…mmmh…that was good while it lasted…a real bookies delight and gamblers paradise…

    Trust 007…he sure got his hands full…

    Maybe watching Tom do his “Mission Impossible” tricks…might give him some cool tips…though Tom is way down his secret service spying league..

    I really wonder though…cause his prophet is about to kick up another global scandal soon…that’ll keep 007 researching even harder on how to defend him on the new front before this old front is done and dusted with…wish scoan would pay him some phat change though…this PRO BONO legal work is no longer funny for him…

    Cause he is always complaining about no time to type plus how he needs to go gt some sleep..

    Tell-tale signs of a disgruntled staff are beginning to show the “cracks” on the wall…plus open denial nowadays that he is not “legally” representing Scoan & Prophet Company LTD…

    Yeah…like we don’t know!

    He sure deserves a little “something something” or “chop money” as we say in our Nija lingo…

    NO PAY NO SHOW..that’s the showbiz law which scoan the showbiz church understands too well…

    Bless his poor heart….Let’s give him a capital T for TRYING…

    He is the most “dogged & rugged “scoanite” ever…the best and most noble of them all…

    Only wish he could have used this same kinetic “Christian Energy” to mightily preach the TRUTH with the vigor of Apollos…defend the gospel of Christ with the “passion” of Paul…and fight the battles of the Lord with the “zeal” of Jehu…

    By now he would be getting a standing ovation from the the holy saints & angels watching us all from the “Balcony of Heaven”…

    Hopefully he’ll still cut it…that is…

    If he finally acknowledges the TRUTH…

    Then that’s a man I want in my A Team…a real Pitt-bull that bites deep and just won’t let go…

    Let’s pray for him to be run over, smashed, crushed and broken by the TRUTH like Paul was…and become a kingdom asset like Paul was too…


  20. When aron and myrian rose up agains Moses bcus of God proved him. I know he will do same to the Pr TB Joshua. Jesus said if the accept me they will accept u but since theyve not accepted me neither will they do you. so i fear for all ur churches with very high public recocnition and acceptance. Jesus couldnt suffer any thn or die b4 his time Neither will de prophet until his time. Its time to pray and stop encurying the wrath of God by openly rebelx against his prophet usx scripture as is de usual trick of satan in aproaching children of God, to seduce their minds and conscience. The Lord is still merciful to u. Love

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