TB Joshua court case – no more lies, spin or corruption

scoancollapseFinally the Nigerian government are loosing patience with SCOAN, they have fined SCOAN N25,000 (a paltry $125 – pocket change for this multimillionaire prophet), but more significantly they have accused the church of “wasting the time of the court and tax payers money”. As Nosa helpfully explained:

In a layman’s terminology the court is ordering the scoan lawyers to simply comply with the rules of filing suits and to STOP trying to play on the court’s intelligence by filing suits upon suits while it is still in hearing the present suit in a bid to prolong and delay the process…

This is a legal technique employed by lawyers when they aim to frustrate a case by dragging it in court for as long as possible especially in land dispute matters that can be in the court for up to 10 years before a verdict is finally given…a big problem with the judiciary that really needs reforming…

In other words the high court judge has shown SCOAN / lawyers a RED CARD for filing another process relative to the issue on ground while she is still hearing the case..

Whenever a judge fines you for that…instead of maybe reprimanding you for it…your case is as good as buried in that court…except you have a water tight case, you have very little chance of a favorable verdict from that court…

Right from the start SCOAN have been trying to control the narrative of this building collapse, they’ve attacked and bribed journalists, they’ve released several contradictory conspiracy videos on YouTube and they’ve been consistently uncooperative as the court tries to work out what happened. In other words, their survival instinct has kicked in, because they know that a few simple facts becoming public knowledge could destroy their ministry. For example:
  • Did the guest house extension (or original structure) have planning permission?
  • At the time of the collapse, was the building complete? Had it been inspected and certified by the relevant authorities?
  • Did the guest house have “Occupiers Liability Insurance”, compulsory for all public buildings?
  • Is it true that the guest house was sealed off and closed by authorities before it collapsed, but the church ignored this and continued using it?
  • When structural engineers examined the foundations of the collapsed building, what did they find? Were the foundations really sufficient for adding 4 extra floors?

Once these questions are answered, the picture of what happened on the 12th September 2014 will become a lot clearer, there will be far less room for SCOAN to insert their own invisible ray gun conspiracy theories. At this point, things could get very bad for SCOAN. Back to Nosa:

So long as it cannot be proven that the building collapsed as a result of a sabotage or terrorist attack it cannot be admissible as evidence in court because it is an unfounded claim that any one can make.

So long as the evidence supports the facts that the building was an illegal structure without proper state approval or permit and without proper hotel license or permit as well as the original building plan which was supposed to be a two story building was then illegally raised to six stories; the court ruling will have no other option but to indict scoan and its prophet and that without remedy.

So long as scoan and its prophet are both indicted by the coroner inquest as being the primary factor behind the building collapse that killed 116 victims which was indeed very avoidable if they had conducted themselves in a law abiding manner: by seeking state approval and following the appropriate building specifications required to raise a two story building to six floors such as demolishing the existing structure and resetting its foundation and pillars / columns to support the weight of the new building…as well as obtaining a proper hotel operator license for the said building …and also waiting for the building to be fully constructed,completed and certified before allowing their international guests to be lodging there…then this incident (not accident) would never had occurred in the first place…

So long as the paying guests were all invited by scoan who processed their travel documents and collected their package fees from them…then by law scoan is absolutely liable for their safe and suitable lodging and accommodation as paying guests…which by any international standard and stretch of imagination cannot and must not be an “uncompleted building” that is still under construction for that matter…

Remember, 116 people died in this tragedy. Their families are owed a full explanation of what happened. Anyone not cooperating fully with the process are insulting the bereaved families. What these families want is the truth, pray that the ground is now clear for the truth to be revealed.

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  1. T.B. Joshua In Big Trouble (What Would You Advice Him To Do?)

    In would advice him to repent and face his responsibility like a man.

    Synagogue Church of All Nations, Prophet T.B. Joshua.

    A Lagos State High Court sitting in Ikeja has slated March 3, 2015 to rule on an application objecting to the coroner’s inquest into the death of the victims of the September 12, 2014 Synagogue building collapse.

    The application was filed before Justice Lateefa Okunnu by the Founder, Synagogue Church of All Nations, Prophet T.B. Joshua.

    The prophet had asked Okunnu to determine whether the witness summons served on him to appear before the coroner did not constitute an infringement on his right to fair hearing.

    He also contended that the Lagos coroner, Magistrate O.A. Komolafe, had been extending the inquest into areas outside his statutory limit.

    Okunnu, on Friday, fixed the ruling date after hearing the reply on point of law filed by Joshua’s lawyer, Chief Lateef Fagbemi (SAN), in response to the submission by Lagos State Government asking Okunnu to dismiss the prophet’s application.

    Canvassing his argument in court, Fagbemi insisted that the coroner’s job stopped at the determination of what killed the victims of the building collapse.

    He maintained that the coroner had no legal backing to inquire into the possible cause of the building collapse, wherein about 116 victims perished.

    He urged Okunnu to stop the coroner’s inquest from becoming “a floodgate for all manners of incursion under the guise of investigation.”

    “My Lord, I submit respectfully sir that even in the wider interpretation of the words ‘how’ and ‘manner’, none of those words can accommodate the situation here to allow the coroner to go beyond mere investigation as to the cause of death,” Fagbemi submitted.

    He, therefore, urged the court to restrain the coroner from further acting in excess of his jurisdiction, in addition to an order declaring null and void such portion of the coroner’s inquest already conducted in excess of jurisdiction.


  2. I must comment you, Nosa, for explaining the scoan court case so well in laymen’s terms. Thank you. As we are not from that country and do not understand their court system? Neither do we understand the Nigerian way of thinking? The whole world is watching the outcome of this court case, but the ‘innocent ‘ tbj is fighting the investigation off all the way!?

    • Brother Nosa,

      Yes, thank you for in depth explanation of my question in former post.

      Does everyone also notice that concerning Boko Haram, “anointed water” “morning water” does not work to deliver the demons out of Boko Haram, but that it takes brute counter force with physical more members of military ?

      And the same counts for Ebola.

      And anything !

      I have not forgotten, many of you have, many of SCOAN also keep silent. Because all can see now they are scammers and liars. Why not agree with me that what I said is a fact and the sad reality.
      Many people in the charismatic church are being mislead by trinkets that their false heinous apostles use to extract more money out of their followers and get more followers with their concocted lies they speak.

      It is sad that those followers have their brains fried by strange fire and Haitian voodoo, Obeah and Kundalini, Chi directed powers in their chakras. I am saying it one more time, watch when the hands are laid upon them. Head, chest, stomach, tailbone. Watch then the power rise up from below and start creating kryas (involuntary movements of body parts) instead of downwards and stability of body what is Holy Spirit Touch. This is how you distinguish strange fire and Gods power flowing. Kundalini is rising upwards, Holy Spirit is coming downwards. Kundalini is holding strategic places in body. Holy Spirit is any part of body and FALLS UPON PEOPLE. This is Scriptural. Watch Peter preach….. Holy Spirit comes from above. Samson is normal, Holy Spirit COMES UPON ! Samson changes. Saul is normal, HOLY SPIRIT comes UPON, Saul prophecies. Holy Spirit moves Souvereignly. Kundalini, chi, qi, DISPENSING AT WILL. NOW you know the difference.

    • @ Evan,

      My reply to your statements.

      3 SCAM, SCAM, SCAM.


  3. Ya, Jesse. The Biblical way as I understand and have experienced is different from what is going on today. Today you can receive the ‘holy spirit’ without repentance or water baptism after heart felt repentance.
    The Bible clearly states the right way as:
    Acts 2:38
    38 Then Peter said unto the; “Repent and be baptized every one of you in the Name of Jesus Christ for the remission of sins and ye shall receive the gift of the Holy Spirit.”
    This is also the way that Jesus showed us, by going through it Himself.
    The way to receive the correct fire from God and not a false fire from false ways.

  4. And Jesus also said:

    Matthew 28:19-20
    “Go therefore and make disciples of all the nations, baptizing them in the Name of the Father and the Son and the Holy Spirit, teaching them to observe all that I COMMANDED and lo, I am with you always, even to the end of the age.”
    Acts 5:32
    “We are witnesses of these things and so is THE HOLY SPIRIT WHOM GOD HAS GIVEN TO THOSE WHO OBEY HIM.”

    Today – nothing are being preached about repentance or baptism or obedience to God’s Commandment and Word. But with a magic wand (water, stickers etc.) you can receive anything from God, without you bringing your side?

  5. Brethren Jesse & JW…

    To complement your comments…

    My personal experience when I received the Holy Ghost baptism was very simple and straight forward:

    1) The Lord said to me that I needed to get baptized with the FIRE of the Holy Ghost for me to be able to function effectively in the watchman’s ministry of spiritual warfare…so I should go to so and so church (name withheld for obvious reasons) and ask for that particular ministration…

    2) I spoke with one of their ministers there about my reason for coming and he slated me for the next service day that same week…

    3) I kept my appointment with the minister and he said to me that the Holy Spirit spoke to him the previous night to administer the Holy Ghost baptism on me in a specific manner and with a specific song…which was quite different from the normal way he was already used to and trained to be doing in his church…which kept him wondering why the Holy Spirit saw it necessary to instruct him on how to administer it “differently” on me in particular…

    4) I smiled inwardly because I knew that the Lord did not want him to do it in an erroneous way that will eventually lead to me NOT receiving the Baptismal Fire of the Holy Ghost…but I did not tell that pastor the reason why…only to say we are fellow servants and we should obey HIS every instruction as He wills…

    5) How was it administered to me???? The pastor was given a special gospel song to sing along with me…and was to wait until he was instructed to lay hands on me…and that was that…

    The lyrics of the popular gospel song goes:

    Everlasting Father,
    Everlasting Son,
    Immortal Holy Ghost,
    Be Thou Glorified…

    (My all time favorite ever since then)

    6) After we sang together for like 10 to 15 minutes or so…The Holy Ghost said quietly in my ear (as we were both shouting out the song if get my gist)…that I should get ready to receive the GIFT..and almost immediately as if on cue, the minister raised both his hands and laid it on my head…and that same instant all was extremely quiet around me even though I was still singing…

    7) Then the voice of the SPIRIT said gently to me…I HAVE COME!

    Note: at that instant there was an overwhelming internal PEACE & CALM that totally encompassed me and all manner of FEAR & WORRY simply vanished….till today after almost 10 years…I still have that INNER PEACE OF MIND…no matter what manner of STORM is blowing with gale force around me I just KNOW…it will always end WELL because HE is in control…so I cherish this PEACE of CHRIST too much..no three much…

    (John 14:27…Peace I leave with you, my PEACE I give unto you: not as the world giveth, give I unto you. Let not your heart be troubled [worried], neither let it be afraid…)

    But guess what?

    The unwitting pastor who knew NOT what was transpiring between me and the Holy Spirit..confided in me that as soon as he laid his hands on my top of my head…my face suddenly started to “glow” to his amazement..and that he’d never experienced such a Holy Ghost baptism ministration before..but I shouldn’t be bothered if i had not yet received the gift of “speaking with tongues” which is one of the “main” gift & evidence of having received the baptism of fire and that it will come later (as they are taught to tell you..whereas tongue speaking is one of the “least” of the gifts compared to others like prophecy, healing, miracles, word of knowledge etc)…

    I just smiled in acquiescence to the pastor…little did he know that I had specifically told the LORD prior to that day…that I don’t want to have the gift of tongue speaking at all except He also gives me the gift or ability to interpret all manner of “tongues” so that I would easily discern anyone speaking or praying with demonic tongues in the church and more importantly UNDERSTAND every word that is being spoken in tongues by anyone around me so as to know more of the mysteries of tongue speaking…

    Now you see why having the gift of speaking with tongues is “good” but..it is 100 times better to also have the gift of tongues interpretation…which is sadly lacking and missing in virtually every church today…you doubt me…call my bluff…

    If you will show me any believer who can accurately understand and interpret not just their own tongues but also all the different tongues of every other believer…

    Then I will show you an angel of God live and direct….

    That’s how rare and hard to find that gift of tongue interpretation is…isn’t it?

    PS: you may learn a little from my experience how to “correctly” administer the gift of Holy Ghost baptism to a fellow believer just as it was done in the Bible in a simple unassuming manner by simply laying on of hands with a simple SONG or PRAYER…not with all these fake humping & bumping, writhing & coiling around on the ground like people possessed with “serpentine spirits”…

    Is King Saul also among the prophets???

    (1 Samuel 10:5-6…and it shall come to pass, when thou [Saul] art come thither to the city, that thou shalt meet a company of prophets coming down from the high place with a psaltery, and a tabret, and a pipe, and a harp, [singing] before them; and they shall prophesy: And the Spirit of the LORD will [peacefully & quietly] come upon thee, and thou shalt prophesy with them, and shalt be TURNED into another man…)

    Is Paul the apostle not also among the prophets???

    (Acts 9:17..And Ananias went his way, and entered into the house; and putting [LAYING] his hands on him said, Brother Saul, the Lord, even Jesus, that appeared unto thee in the way as thou camest, hath sent me, that thou mightest receive thy sight, and be filled with the Holy Ghost. And immediately there fell from his eyes as it had been scales: and he received sight forthwith, and [peacefully & quietly] arose, and was baptized…)


    The HOLY SPIRIT is a gentle, peaceful and quiet PERSON…so next time you see them administering the Baptism of Fire with all these glamorous fanfare and pageantry like that “pastor” obviously wanted to do with me…when The Father “corrected’ him on how to do it the night before…nine times out of ten you will end up receiving a “contrary spirit’ instead of the Holy Spirit who will have none of that…

    Be Wise..Wise up!

    (Ezekiel 16:34…34 And the contrary [spirit] is in thee from other women [true believers] in thy whoredoms…)

    Yeah…maybe we should share more of the WORD with one another more often on this site as that really is so uplifting and edifying…while still sighting our spiritual “cross-hairs” on the “foreheads” of these false prophets lest they think they can try to “escape” being exposed as usual on this site..

    I for one will try and be REGULARLY uploading a few of these “Mysteries of the Kingdom” taught me in the “School of the Spirit” by the SPIRIT HIMSELF…for our perusing pleasure and…


    • @ Brother Nosa,

      “Now you see why having the gift of speaking with tongues is “good” but..it is 100 times better to also have the gift of tongues interpretation”

      By all means ask for the interpretation of your speaking in tongues, but this usually should be done by another person. One that speaks the tongues in public, the other interprets. The same with prophets. Prophets should prophesy together. Speaking in tongues in your private room does not require interpretation, it is rather to reinforce yourself through the Spirit speaking through you. However it can be good to interpret it to yourself too. I am not saying you must not. But by all means if you have received the speaking in tongues then keep using it when you pray. It can also activate the Spirit to do something in where interpretation is not needed. Personally I experience it with warmth coming upon me from on top of my head then comes down. As if a coat or mantle is put over me. I know I have been ridiculed by Kiki for this and scolded, but that is how I experience it. It also happens when I experience danger or danger is imminent or is going to manifest one way or another. I also experience it when an evil presence is manifesting in certain type of people. But it definitely feels like a coat, or mantle that starts from above my head then sort of flows down on me.

      However, I do have experienced extremely strong electric type of shocks surging in my body and in the area of my hands, feet and stomach. Which could be described as a fire through me.

      1 Corinthians 14:29 Let the prophets speak two or three, and let the other judge.

      This is because they will be putting a check upon each other whether they speak as by the Lord. This is a safety check. Usually the part what says “Thus said the Lord” added to it. The judging part is to correct or to add or to check if the Lord is indeed speaking there.

      Indeed this is missing in the church.

    • Yeah…
      Let him first leave the children of God alone…he is holding captive in his prison church…and stop using the NAME and the WORD of the LORD to deceive believers all over the world unto eternal destruction…

      Trust us… we’ll forget he ever existed in a hurry…

      But still go after any one else that wants to take his place…

      It’s not personal…its business…

      We’re just watchmen doing the Lord’s business and fighting His battles…

      As good Soldiers of CHRIST and Sentinels of the SPIRIT…

      For Real!

    • @ Just Wonder,

      He clearly is scared like a little chi hua hua puppy when it comes to be interrogated for everyone to see.

      But then I don’t understand the Coroner, he said he would arrest TB Joshua if he did not honour his summoning up.

      I begin to believe that they just playing game and frustrate the course of Justice. This is what you get when you deal with millionaires, they answer everything with money and bribes. For normal,people this would never be possible. A poor person who made such huge mistakes would have been escorted long time to a prison in isolation if one would behave like that.

      Tourism and big money is more important than justice. I told you, they will never slaughter their milk cow. Even if the milk cow slowly would poison them.

      What it also shows for everyone to see TB Joshua is not protected by God, but by human beings as security guards and exploit the Law who want to protect their interest and their own position. Shedding blood does NOT COUNT ! They see it as expedient.

      If the Coroner says he don’t want to wait more than two weeks it shows also how weak the Nigerian law system is for victims and that are actual evil and not just. We know what the bible says about it.

      Deuteronomy 16:18 Judges and officers shalt thou make thee in all thy gates, which the LORD thy God giveth thee, throughout thy tribes: and they shall judge the people with just judgment.

      Then when they stand before God they still wll be Judged according to their works and when God finds them wanting, I would not want to stand in their place for not Judging as they were appointed for.

      • Bro Jesse,

        Look at it from this stand point…no one will arrest you for taking a matter to court…right or wrong…

        So until the higher court rules over the matter the lower can not preempt the higher court by ordering for the arrest of the recalcitrant prophet…

        But by law the lower court if it deems neccessary can foreclose its verdict based on the available evidence before it…and rule against the prophet in a. damaging manner that will surely indict him and put pressure on the state judiciary to file criminal charges against him…

        Meaning that what he has been running away from at the coroner court will be waiting for him in a deadlier form at the criminal court..where you either come to court for hearing or MUST be remanded in prison for failing to come…and you can not appeal to a higher court until the lower court has passed judgment…

        In civil cases when the defendant refuses or is unwilling to appear in court to testify and defend himself the court will not arrest him but rule against that defendant who will surely lose the case and pay the ultimate price for it…

        Besides there is virtually no tourism income generated by this prophet for the government that relies solely on oil revenues to survive its economy without which the economy will collapse in less than a month…

        So the only thing this prophet can and does do is to keep on bribing is way out…but that will not save him from his dreadful day in court if the inquest concludes…

        That the illegally constructed building was structurally defective hence it collapsed under its weight..killing 116 people…its like knowing your commercial bus has no brakes yet instead of fixing it…

        You are busy carrying passengers with it because of money…it the bus finally crashes because of brake failure killing every one on board…

        You will surely be changed with complicity and murder as it is

        Meaning a charge of murder MUST be levied against the prophet…and after that no state govt or politician can keep him out of a court trial to face mass murder charges…

        Perhaps that is how the coroner court wants to checkmate and punish this disobedient prophet..by ensuring he faces criminal charges in a proper criminal court…

        We wait..it may all conclusively pan out before the elections at the end of march…

  6. SCOAN 22/02/15: Sunday Live Prayer Line With TB Joshua (Part 1/2). Emmanuel TV

    Look at how irritated tbj was this last Sunday in the prayerline!
    He was shouting at his disciples in the same way as he was shouting at the demons?!
    Is the court case getting to him?

  7. You bet it is…

    You don’t wanna be him…
    Staring down the barrel if found culpable of mass murder by the coroner court…

    At a jail term if found guilty in a trial…

    At the state consfiscating and repossesing his synagogue estate…

    At the imminent global disgrace and humiliation after his high and lofty pride that will always precede a plunge in the deep…

    At all the millions of us dollars wasted in vain in trying to keep him out of the coroner court…and even much more to waste if he has to face a proper court trial…

    At the dwindling number of his visiting paying customers or pilgrims if you like..

    At the inability of his god to make this problem go away with the wave of a magic wand…

    At the daunting prospect of finally facing the humble Coroner Komolafe face to face in court with his “humble tail” between his legs after all his huffing n puffing…

    At the dreadful eventuality of incriminating himself as s murder suspect under cross examination as a witness in this inquest..

    Which is why he is so desperate not to appear as a witness at all..for he knows he will most likely become an accused afterwards…

    Finally who would’nt be testy with TBjW site dogging your every false prophetic move to expose it..

    The hapless n helpless guy must “inwardly” be going bonkers by now as his clueless n powerless god still can’t take out this “pestilent TBJW” as he promised years ago..

    Nah… Sis JW….

    No one wants to be him now..not even his ride n die disciples…

    I’ll bet he don’t wanna be him right now…
    In his dreams though…
    In his dreams…

    For he be him…and him be he..
    So be it!

  8. Church collapse: Family do DNA test

    Johannesburg – A row has erupted over the identity of one of the bodies of dozens of South Africans who were killed in the collapse of a Nigerian church building last year.

    One family suspects they were given the wrong body. They have commissioned private DNA tests and warn they would want the “right” corpse exhumed if their suspicions were correct.



    25/02/2015 04:47:00 BY PHEPHILE MOTAU

    MBABANE – The bodies of those who died at the TB Joshua collapse in Nigeria might be exhumed.

    This, after a family of one of those who died during the church collapse has rejected the body it received from Nigeria.

    South African publication, Sowetan, reported that a Mkhulisi family is adamant that the body they received is not of their family member, Phumzile Mkhulisi. Phumzile is presumed to have been among the 84 South Africans of the 116 people who died during the collapse of the Synagogue Church of All nations in September last year.

    Two Swazis, namely; Susan Sakhile Dlamini of Nhlangano and Zodwa Nhlabatsi of Phophonyane also died in the incident. The Mkhulisi family is now considering court action to force the mass exhumation of all the bodies from the tragedy if results of an independent DNA testing on the body return negative.


    • And so they should demand that. Who wants to have somebodies else’s body in the thought burying another family member that is not theirs. I for one, would be livid.

  10. Let’s have respect for T.B joshua and leave it for the court to Judge stop showing us your envy ,jelousy to this mightly gifted ,charismatic man of God most those entire comment shows how bad rotten hearts people have God forbid.

  11. Hellow emmnuel tv critics and arch enemies of P tb Joshua i m sorry but it seem this wat de Bible says bout u, “But these as natural brute beast made to be taken and destroyed, speak evil of the thns they understand not and shall uterly perish in their own curruption”2Pet2:12. The Lord is giving u a long rope to draw, so Repent every one of u and stop incuring the wrath of God. Havent u served that old serpent enough? or will u also go with him into perdition?
    I know this blog was specially inspired by Satan himself to limit the pop of captives he frequently loses at the scoan his place of constant exposure, humiliation and defeat. Hes fightx a losed battle anyway.

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