BREAKING: SCOAN appeal rejected, TB Joshua must appear before coroner

Quick update: The inquest is finally getting a head of steam behind it. Yesterday it was revealed that inadequate foundations were the cause of the collapse, today the high court rejected SCOAN’s appeal and said that TB Joshua must appear before the coroner. Read more here.

2 thoughts on “BREAKING: SCOAN appeal rejected, TB Joshua must appear before coroner

  1. @ TBJW,

    See Andrés explaining the same as I did. The Holy Spirit comes upon us after preaching and makes us speaking in tongues. Plenty of evidence in this video. Not by doing mass deliverance by screaming and shouting and vomit your stomach out.

    No evidence with TB Joshua. You have to come to him get a knock over and then what are you going home with ? Filled with the Holy Spirit ? No ! Speaking in tongues ? No ! Encouraged to go out by being empowered after receiving ? No ! You get a bottle of water. Declared after service that Jesus Is Lord ? No. Explaining the Holy Spirit and what He is like ? No !

    TB Joshua and followers always draw attention to themselves and their achievements and charity with finances not of themselves but of others and blow their trumpet of how great they are and especially about the false private prophet as advertisement.

    You could see “similarities” between Andrés Bissoni and TBJ, but I see all huge differences as I mentioned above regarding TBJ which are essential for a believer to receive/discern/apply and be empowered and not by trinkets to carry around to prove authenticity and being genuine.

    Let me know what you think ? Anyone can respond if they like. Thank you. Is Andrés genuine ?

    About TBJ, finally he can tell his accusations which he has been upholding in front of the Chief Magistrate Coroner Oyetade Komolafe. Let us pray that God will speak through this all and expose all the lies that have been upheld. JESUS is Lord ! Amen.

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