BREAKING: SCOAN building collapsed due to inadequate foundation

In a recent post, we asked 5 important questions about the guesthouse collapse that the public needed answers to.

  • Did the guest house extension (or original structure) have planning permission?
  • At the time of the collapse, was the building complete? Had it been inspected and certified by the relevant authorities?
  • Did the guest house have “Occupiers Liability Insurance”, compulsory for all public buildings?
  • Is it true that the guest house was sealed off and closed by authorities before it collapsed, but the church ignored this and continued using it?
  • When structural engineers examined the foundations of the collapsed building, what did they find? Were the foundations really sufficient for adding 4 extra floors?

Since writing this, we have learnt that the building was not inspected and certified by the relevant authorities, and yesterday it was revealed at the inquest that the foundations were “grossly inadequate” for the load they had to bear.

A structural engineer who was among the team of structural and geo-technical engineers that conducted a Structural Integrity Test on the collapsed building said that:

Based on all the tests and the calculations, we discovered that from inception, the building failed because the base that was supposed to take the load was grossly inadequate.

The minimum base that will be required should have been 4.5 metres by 4.5 metres but what we had there was 2.2 metres by 2.2 metres.

“It was a wrong choice of foundation base; the foundation should have been continuous base and not a pad as was used in the construction.” (source)

This news is significant because it is the first report on the structural integrity of the building that has been conducted independently of SCOAN. This can be relied on far more than the so called experts hired by SCOAN to appear on Emmanuel TV. Now that this news has come out, it is interesting noting that the “expert” on Emmanuel TV spent nearly all the time talking about the steel columns, and hardly mentioned the foundations, which we now learn were the cause of the collapse.

16 thoughts on “BREAKING: SCOAN building collapsed due to inadequate foundation

  1. I mean you guys can realy chase the wind. It’s said that even in paradise, Fault finders will always Find faults. This sttment stands uncorectable about TBJohuaWatch. Ah, Na wa oh. So you guys can actually make it a full time ministry criticising and findx faults in a Prophet.Infact God will realy Bless TB Joshua for givx u this wonderful employment! LoL

    • 1 wonder how does this tb joshua watch do for living?honestly the way the chasing man of God and his church consume 99% of their live,really that must be costing their production at work

  2. TB Joshua is not a builder nor an engineer. He is a prophet and man of God. H e employed most highly qualified Building Engineers , like all of his building that are still there. Why the coroner not investigating the plane that flew on top of the building that cause the Controlled building collapse. The PLANE SHOULD ALSO BE INVESTIGATED ON WHY AND WHAT WAS THERE FORE. The same inquest on the collapse of the building should also be carried to the AIRCRAFT owners to explain WHAT WERE THEY LOOKING FOR ON TOP OF THE BUILDING, proof of the plane has been presented to the Coroner.

    • @ Maserole,

      What do you know about the aeroplane(s) ? Where I live for 18 years now is close to major airports. All the time aeroplanes fly over. No building ever collapses from flying over aeroplanes in my neighbourhood. Show me anywhere or somewhere if you have evidence. When the wind is in a certain direction they even fly lower over my house. My house still stands as well of the entire neighbourhood, even high rise buildings.

      • You are fighting a loosing battle, my brother. watch the evidence of the people who were there on your TV if you do have. Aeroplanes fly for the reason, or different missions. As much as the coroner is blaming Man Of God for unstructured building, in my country, The Government has people to keep on approving each and every level of building up until is completed. For my advice my brother, research on Controlled and uncontrolled demolition. Further more the families of the deceased accepted the loss of their loved ones. Who are you fighting for?

        The coroner has to investigate the purpose of the aeroplane for that particular day, then the collapse. 2ndly, the building has been on a continuous construction without the Government establishing whether the construction is approved or not up until the building is nearly finished.

      • @ Maserole,

        I am not fighting for anything than Justice to be done and to remove the evil liars to go away and/or removed from their positions where they scheme and do devious things for themselves to be famous.

        I have looked a plenty demolition videos.

        What do you have to say about this one ?

        That was an official demoltion application of a 10 storey building and it still is standing.

        What you don’t seem to get is that not having a building permit is a sin. Is a sin ok for a prophet to commit and then say oh I did not do anything wrong ?

        Watch again another new video.

        Again what do you have to say ? Where these buildings without building permit ? It’s not a sin right ? It’s not wrong right ? No ?

        Why are we being told, we should not sin and yet your false private prophet sins and it is ok ? Is it ? Really ? What does he have that we don’t have ? Is God a respecter of persons ? Is He ?

        Think again and again before you answer.

  3. Even if the building has Building permit the same blame of lack of foundation and the rest will still prevail. building permit does not secure the proof of well structured building.

  4. Not that I wish to enter into the debate above, but as a brother who lost my younger brother at a tender age of 36 who had great visions for the future and hope for a great life, I am more than annoyed when some people talk on behalf of the families of the deceased (including at SCOAN). We cannot bring our brother back to life, if that’s what is called accepting his death, yes we graciously accept that. But we must have the whole truth about what happened and justice must be done. Do not say the families accept….

    If we were in Nigeria, rest assured we would be in court seeking justice.


    • @ Sheba,

      The same as we are standing for anyone in the gap for prayer. So we should stand for those that are done injustice and cover ups.

      You can believe me that I have had my fair share portion in life concerning many many things. So if I stand up for you, it is because I stand with you in such a trying time. What happened was not needed. It was happening because of neglect and selfish promotion of themselves and they are still at it. When I was in my position where many had died because of foolishness and ignorance nobody was standing around me than my wife and some of the family. Further I did see nobody doing any effort to heal this in my life. Nowhere I did see any pastor than an old retired man trying to be with me about it who is now suffering of Alzheimers. This scam prophet was nowhere to be seen anywhere with his so called prophecies he had for everybody. No consoling words from his so called Emmanuel god that was conveniently not available and AWOL when I arrived at SCOAN gates which they claim has taking residence there.

  5. i told you stop write me am afollower of TB Joshua any statement against him you are waisting your time. Stop write writing me.

  6. My brother, you are getting More confused. 1st, you mention the aeroplanes that has been hovering for some time ,but none of the building collapse, is clear that, that ONE, that Day has a mission.2nd, the demolition shown on TV , even a grade R child can establish the controlled and uncontrolled one, both of us were not there when the shown, differences of both type of demolision took place. 3rd, I am still emphasising that The Nigerian Government, as they are the one issuing Permit, they should have discovered FROM THE START OF THE CONSTRUCTION, that something is being done somewhere, without permit. WHERE were they? can you establish that? My brother they are the one,s to be Taken up for questioning.4thly, Is TB JOSHUA, A MAN OF GOD A BUILDING ENGINEER? The answer is NO. My brother I believe you are not , a plumber, an electrician nor a builder, should any of the above dis-function and causes death, Will you be liable for death of all the people in occupation of the house, or suppose, visitors died in your house at the point in time?

    Lastly, my brother, Face reality, I don,t think your point of argument is precise and to the point. The Aeroplane owner, The Government who issues permits should ALSO BE Questioned, then , the contructors, cause if the Government did its job, nothing of the sort should have happed, e.g. In S.A we have traffic officer to check drivers without license to safeguard accidents that may results in death or disable motorists where the THIRD PARTY MAY NOT COMPENSATE the misfortune.


  7. The Permit issuer should safeguard buildings without PERMIT, What is the point if the Traffic Department issuing Drivers linceses without whether the motorist drive with or without?

    My brother I am a S.A , and I grieved and still grieving for my relatives. But the thing is the right criticism should be directed to the right people.
    Do not misdirect your argument. pls en pls,

    • @ Maserole,

      Is it me that misdirect it ? Who built the building ? Who authorized it ? The Holy Spirit ? Not so ! Would it not have been well ?

      Psalm 127:1 A Song of degrees for Solomon. Except the LORD build the house, they labour in vain that build it: except the LORD keep the city, the watchman waketh but in vain.

      Your false private prophet did not consult the Holy Spirit for directions. Period. You still don’t get it. YOU WILL NEVER GET IT UNTIL YOUR SEE IT !

      • @ Maserole,

        Who is the owner of the building ? The Building engineer ? The Contractor ? Or is it your false private prophet that said to himself, I will built more by my own accord without asking God if this is his will. With his fake deliverance stories of 30-45 minutes he did himself in.

        Lead people away to sleep in the road because of his greed displaying on Youtube day in day out. Walking in the flesh. More buildings, more buildings, more buildings. Ask more money. Expand, make name, glorify myself and let my followers advertise me. While he literally was lying this in an interview where he said, I never advertise my ministry.

        Why put all these videos on Youtube if you don’t ? Why let all these journalists write about him ? Why ask journalists in his office inquire of them what they are going to write ? And give money to them passed off as petrol money, while it were indirect bribes. Why ?

        You come to Joshua Debunker and you will see what comes out of his mouth. Witness it for yourself with your own eyes. Do you want this to spread all over the world ? These lies ? Do you ? Or has he bought you with money too ?

        1 Timothy 6:9 But those who want to get rich fall into temptation and a snare and many foolish and harmful desires which plunge men into ruin and destruction. 10 For the love of money is a root of all sorts of evil, and some by longing for it have wandered away from the faith and pierced themselves with many griefs.

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