Was TB Joshua’s anointed water a curse on Sierra Leone?

In August 2014, TB Joshua claimed that the Ebola situation was over, and everyone could go back to how they used to live (shockingly dangerous advice). You can hear his words in our “Top 3 prophecies of 2014” video. In the same month, he offered to send his anointed water to any of the affected countries, but only if a request came from the government. Incredibly, it appears that one country, Sierra Leone did request the anointed water.

How has that worked out for Sierra Leone? Tragically, very badly. First, let’s look at what happened to Ebola cases and deaths after the anointed water was delivered (according to WHO data).

EbolaSecondly, let’s look at how Sierra Leone compared to other affected countries. From the same WHO data we learn that:

  • Sierra Leone has the worst fatality rate amongst hospitalised cases
  • Sierra Leone is the worst for cases of unsafe burials
  • Sierra Leone has had significantly more new confirmed Ebola cases and deaths in 2015 than Liberia (where it has been almost completely eradicated) and Guinea (which has double the population of Sierra Leone).
  • Sierra Leone has had significantly more Ebola cases and deaths than any other country, almost double the next worst affected (Liberia).

What can we learn from this? One thing is certain – the anointed water did absolutely no good for Sierra Leone whatsoever. It is possible that it even contributed to the number of deaths. Telling people they can go back to the way they used to live, is the worst possible advice that can be given regarding Ebola. Ebola is relatively easy to contain if simple sanitary measures are taken. The fact that unsafe burials were a particular issue in Sierra Leone could suggest a preference towards more traditional medical care, hence the deadly idea of accepting “anointed” water.

Most anointed water testimonies are carefully choreographed and edited, we only see what SCOAN want us to see, and we only see the cases where they can spin it as a success. The gift of anointed water to Sierra Leone is a rare opportunity to measure its impact with real data. As you can see, the data show that at best the anointed water did nothing, at worst it caused unnecessary deaths.

Think about this before considering the anointed water as a solution to your problems.

27 thoughts on “Was TB Joshua’s anointed water a curse on Sierra Leone?

  1. I honestly wonder why anyone in their right spiritual mind and sense would treat anointed water as a medical help (or perhaps spiritual help). As shown here there is absolutely no positive attributes to this practice and I even further wonder how Pentecostals could even find themselves accepting this doctrine (which is very strong in the Roman Catholic Church).
    People ought to read and understand their Bibles more deeply so as not to get into error or worse still, suffer the fate of these victims in Sierra Leone.

  2. The anointing water could have stopped things getting worse, you can’t rule that out from the datas.

    • There were 3 countries, 1 that had anointed water and 2 that didn’t. The two that didn’t faired better than the one that did, so at the very least you CAN see that Sierra Leone didn’t benefit at all from the water.

  3. I think they did not pray before administering it, and the health centers/clinics did not do their duties well depending on the anointed water.
    To tell the truth, only God knows what is happening

    • @ Fatime,

      Why suggest that ? Why is it when it proves it does not work. Tb Joshua followers always have some sort of excuse. But when it supposedly is “working” (always in their own controled environment) they blast it from the tower with African medical reports from such and such hospital, with no city mentioned with it. Always blame others for the failings of self. Always blame others for not having faith, while there are numerous cases in the Bible where no faith was exercised at all, still miraculous things happened. The eqasion of putting others on the wrong footing when It does not pan out is rife and rampant among TB Joshua followers as if they are first hand spokes men and women for God.
      Let me ask you oh thou spokesman or woman for God. How did the kangaroo go all the way from the mount Ararat from the Ark all the way to Australia with no opposable thumbs clearing up all the bones behind them to reach Australia over 7650 miles away ? Because there is no trace to be found of any dead kangaroos between Turkey and Australia. I am waiting for your reply, oh though great sage and spokesman /woman for God who has all the answers concerning TB Joshua and the “anointing water”.

  4. Where do u get all the resources to keep on fighting one man? Is it borne out of the love for who? Or is a personal vendetta.? Or despatation. Can you actually put a face to this publication. Many am sure would like to see the face behide the façade.

  5. Actually, let’s be for once honest. If this water had done any good, don’t you think that SCOAN would have had at least one case of being healed by Ebola? The fact that not even one official, registered incident has been recorded proves God’s disposition on the matter.
    The wise are being confounded but still they remain fools.

    • @jeremiah very good point. They wouldn’t dare fake a healing because of the worldwide focus on Ebola, and if faking a healing is out of the question, then no “healing” materialises.

  6. @TBJW

    Very sad, but interesting observation
    While on the other hand SCOANites claim the anointing water can “part a river for people to walk on dry land
    The ridiculousness of this anointing water keeps getting exposed.

    Hey, didn’t TBJ at some point claim something to effect that one drop of anointing water can cure a land? I forgot his exact his words, it was a while ago before this ebola crisis.

    • @ General,

      Yes, I can testify he did say that. Perhaps he did not realize what he said there and just hoped nobody would quote him on that.

      • @Jesse

        …and yet 4000 bottles could not get the job done…
        I like how you used to say it: “…sham, scam, hogwash, brainwash…”


        If that video could be found it would certainly make interesting article:
        Putting TBJ’s claim about “one drop curing the land” vs the reality of 4000 bottles that failed to accomplish anything.

      • @General @Jesse it would make a good post, but I have no idea where to start looking. I doubt is is online as a nicely edited segment, it probably appears as 20 seconds of a 3 hour live service.

    • Why would you forget his exact word? Go do something fruitful with your time and
      stop fighting the finger of God. TBJ is a Prophet to the Nations; if you know what that

  7. Yes, General he did say; “Hey, didn’t TBJ at some point claim something to effect that one drop of anointing water can cure a land?”
    When we were still deceived by tbj we applied bottles full of it in our country everywhere. In our houses, in our streets, on our heads in our teas, on our lands etc. etc. – just everywhere.
    The country is worse off now than ever before. Crimes, corruptions and murders, broken up families, deaths, tears, grieving, bitterness, hatred etc. etc. are out of control!
    People’s faith in Jesus even received a knock, because of tbj and his ways.
    I think that as a false prophet, that is exactly his goal!
    He is not working with the Lord Jesus for salvation, but he is working with satan for destruction.

    • @ Just Wonder

      Now that I think about it, this should not come as a surprise, remember the false prophet Samuel Akin Adewole said in his vision he was told that many will fall through through TBJ? Whatever spirit that appeared in Adewole’s vision made the mission clear; to make many fall through TBJ.

      Many will fall through him, while others will rise through him also.”
      Source: https://thetbjoshuafanclub.wordpress.com/2009/10/14/incredible-a-prophet%E2%80%99s-prediction-about-tb-joshua/

      Indeed many are falling (harmed / destroyed).

    • @ Just wonder,

      I turn upside down several bottles in different places and the result was that a car crashed in a fence and up till today it’s not fixed as well no plants grow there anymore and a close by shop has stopped cars parking there for less than an hour which results that that branch of that shop chain is not doing well at all. Even the shop plants are drying up. The other place is a place where now drunkards, ganja users and dog owners poo all the time and dump garbage and beer and cider cans. And the garbage tipping has never been worse than now. They even are in the process to close a successful gas deposit station there because of problems of escaping gas from the installation. So much claim for the “anointing water” to heal a country but cause even more vermin to crawl around now of the above mentioned facts and problems. And look what his followers constantly want to happen to us. Death, heart attacks, destruction, failure and the like.

    • @ TBJW,

      I did see and hear it quite a while ago. It is in one of the clips of the different posters on Youtube, even one in Revel2123. I am 100% sure that I saw and heard him claim this. It immediately drew attention to me about it, what made me angry and there might even posts where I have mentioned it on your blog site here. But I have written so many, that I don’t know where it could be. Are you able to search for it with a search engine ? And if you have found it, your could about guess the time and date when it would have been posted in a video from them. But since we are now searching for it, they might try to erase it too.

      Again I am really angry that he again has thrown in another try to get off the hook for today. Is this even possible ? If you have been to the high court and have been rejected how can you put in another suit ? And why is Oyetade Komolafe even any longer lenient to this situation ? Why not go now for the full arrest application ? Although he has said now to the Lawyer Abimbola “I want you to now give a date (when) you are bringing him to court.” The Coroner should not keep pussy footing around. They clearly are steering until the elections are taking place and is that not very strange or coincidental ? What can they be up to concerning that ? Why keep pushing it forward another day, week, time ? Because they can ? Or is there a time when they are running out of options at some point. I really believe they want to push the envelope to let it make an arrest which then would cause a scuffle between the church goers which is ridiculous ? Are they really believing now he is Jesus ? Wow, I have lost even more respect about this all. What a cowardice kind of person he is. Scheming, twisting, lying, evading, pretending his false acquired status as a so called miracle worker. To me it looks like in public he is not able to do anything at all when he is not in control over others.

  8. TB Joshua is a deadly false prophet. A very deadly one. The signs are manifested in all his conducts. The only problem is that people are not interested in whether he is a false prophet or not as long as they see miracles, signs and wonders taking place in his demonic enclave. He is full of lies, deceptions, craftiness, and manipulations. For those who are looking for signs to show that TB Joshua is false prophet, please read the following: He does not preach salvation. He believes salvation is deliverance which is why he does not teach about baptism of water and the holy spirit as part of criteria for salvation. He does not conduct baptism in his church. He does not lay emphasis on the power in the blood of Jesus Christ and the holy spirit rather he advises his followers to trust and depend on his useless anointing water and faith bracelet. He market and sells the anointing water for profit. He Concentrates on acrobatic hypnotistic miracles creating what appears to be artificial or superficial deliverance. His prophecies lack merit. They are fragmented predictions confusing people in its entirety. He advised his followers not to call on the name of Jesus Christ in times of sudden distress rather they should Chant the following words while holding faith bracelet ” take more of me, give me more of you”. He made damaging claims that the faith bracelet would give strength and empowerment which is in opposition to to the concept of Christianity. A True prophet of God does not make noise. He rarely speaks.Genuine prophecy is always a revelation of God’s warning against sin and it’s repercusion. Has TB Joshua reveal God’s anger against the nation of nigeria for all abominations they commit on a daily basis? The injustice against the poor, the ritual killings, and corruption that pervade the nation? HE is a con artist.

  9. TB Joshua appeals building collapse ruling

    12 March 2015, 20:16

    After the fourth time tbj did not appear in court!

    Coroner Oyetade Komolafe told the hearing that he expected Joshua to be present following the high court ruling, which backed his decision to call him to give evidence.

    “He is supposed to be here. I would have reminded you by issuing a bench warrant for his arrest but I don’t want to do that,” Komolafe told Abimbola.


  10. When tbj gave me the ‘anointing water’, he said to my face; “Tthat a drop of that water will heal your whole neighbourhood and to share it with everyone I can!”

    • @ Just Wonder,

      Well it certainly did not heal anyone in my neighbourhood as I have said in many posts before. My neighbour died of cancer, the neighbour now has lost her job and made redundant. The othe neighbour lost her husband in Iraq and got shot. A friend of mine further down the road his wife all of a sudden died mysteriously which has resulted in a law suit. A lady with a hoarse throat has still not been healed for a long time now. In my road there are many drugs dealers and yesterday when I confronted him, he got all mad with me and resulted that another man came to help me and wanted to punch his lights out. Another neighbour died also last year after being in hospital for nearly a year. So there you go and itvisxworse now here than it was ever before while we had lots of people over here from SCOAN who supposedly also have prayed here while being here. Then another man reported to me that all his animals had died one after the other. Over many years I have seen more ambulances in my street than in a lifetime on various addresses. The street has become more filthy by the day. We have had curb crawlers. (Prostitutes). Women that have offered themselves on the local cemeteries around here. The Hindu community has increased, the Sikh community has increased and made huge Temples, a big Christian church down the road has closed, several people have been driven over and died. Drunk people all over.

      The “anointing water” has been sprayed all over here. That is how wonderful it works.

      He is a liar ! Period. Scam, 419, Cheat, Deceiver and conman.

  11. TB Joshua will always be around as long as Chriatians keep thawing their brains in the name of ‘submitting to the anointing’

    I always insist that DISCERNMENT is a fancy word for SKEPTICISM. All these cultish churches abhor skepticism, they don’t want you questioning nothing, they want you to suspend your God-given reasoning

    Thank be to God for gallant people like TBJW who can take on these charlatans

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