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Court case

TB Joshua has dodged court yet again, and is appealing his order to appear for the third time. As Zimeye put it, he is “causing delay on hundreds of grieving families who are waiting to obtain a judicial understanding of what truly went wrong when his giant building collapsed on their loved ones on the 12th September last year”.

The Judge has the authority to issue a bench warrant so he appears or is arrested, but so far has been reluctant to do so.

In related news, Yahoo news is reporting that 6 of the victims are still to be identified.

What’s happened to the “wise men”?

Joshua Debunker has released an interesting video, asking what has happened to TB Joshua’s “wise men”? Although they are still listed on the SCOAN website, the debunker has noticed that they are playing a far less prominent role in services, playing the same role as the other disciples rather than preaching and ministering. Is TB Joshua consolidating power as he sees his end coming?

French plane crash

Just to preempt SCOAN releasing an edited video claiming that TB Joshua predicted the tragic french plane crash, we remind you that his prophecy was clearly about Nigeria (it never happened):

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  1. @ All,

    Yup there you are, while there were numerous other plane crashes in the last few days, this one WAS NOT IN NIGERIA !

    So another one edited to make notoriety, AND THEY PRAYED ! Why is it that none of the prayers are heard in SCOAN when it comes to PLANE CRASH ! Wherever it is !

    Plus the day is totally wrong as well. Strangely it is a German one. While just about Greece and Germany were at logger heads about the payment of their debts.

  2. @ All,

    Where was TB Joshua ? Where were any of this Hench men flagging down this plane on the tarmac, if he has seen it ? As per usual, he can only say doom things and don’t do nothing than sit upon his hands as always. How is this supposed to get you closer to God ? It actually puts you off on God about it if you look what they claim. Because when they claim pray, pray, pray, in SCOAN, then it still happens. Might as well say nothing. It still would happen.

  3. please stop lying to the people; on the 15 Sunday I watch man of God, here is his words(people need to pray because I see another plan crash)and he talked about the situation happening again in Russian, please u cant deny the fact, he did not mention any place if u doubt it lets download it so people could see for themselves

    • What video are you talking about? The one where he talks about a plane crash and Russia (embedded in the post above), he very clearly mentions the country the crash will happen in:
      “Pray for your country, I see a plane crash. Pray for your country, pray for your brothers, pray for Nigeria. This is a plane crash. It’s not good to lose another personality again. Fast on the 21, 22, 23. Fast and pray.”

    • @ mist

      mist you must clearly remember that that Sunday joshua spoke about a plane crash in Russia close area. DID NOT happen , he spoke of a Politician in South Africa who would be kidnapped murdered???. DID NOT HAPPEN he said about Obama being rushed in hospital, DID NOT HAPPEN…Instead in a few days within the week his building collapsed.!!!!!!!!! What a visionary prophet you have. ha ha ha

  4. This dude is a prophet of doom. When ever he predicts a plane crash, he asks his congregation to pray against knowing fully well that they will instead pray for the doom so that they will be happy their prophet prophesied and it came to pass. I believe each of his prophesies has something to do with more of the people he wants to sacrifice, and ironically ask his congregation to pray against knowing fully well that in their hearts they will instead pray for

  5. Forget his stupid predictions of plane crashes etc.

    It saves no one from his sins or the rottenness around them.

    Make sure you are ready whenever the Lord will come for you, so that you can go be with Him!


  6. “For the coming of the Son of Man will be just like the days of Noah.

    For as in those days before the flood they were eating and drinking, marrying and giving in marriage, until the day that Noah entered the ark” . . . Matthew 24:37-38.

    “Now the earth was corrupt in the sight of God and the earth was filled with violence. God looked on the earth and behold, it was corrupt for all flesh had corrupted their way upon the earth” – Genesis 6:11-12.

    “The LORD saw how great the wickedness of the human race had become on the earth and that every inclination of the thoughts of the human heart was only evil all the time” – Genesis 6:5.

    So God said to Noah, “I am going to put an end to all people, for the earth is filled with violence because of them. I am surely going to destroy both them and the earth” – Genesis 6:13.

    There were great weather changes in Noah’s time to.

  7. @ All,

    News, Benny Hinn in ICU. Heart problems.

    “Hinn-Koulianos says her dad’s heart rate was up to 200 beats per minute due to an atrial fibrillation issue. Also called AFib, the American Heart Association defines atrial fibrillation as “a quivering or irregular heartbeat (arrhythmia) that can lead to blood clots, stroke, heart failure and other heart-related complications.”

    Watch the word AFib. loosely translated by Jesse, A Fib, is a lie told with no malicious intent and little consequence. Unlike a white lie, fibs rarely include those lies or omissions that are meant to do good.

    I know it does not mean like that, but Benny Hinn is a liar. He even claims on TV that he is not a liar. Yet he lies all the time. Just as TB Joshua is a liar, so is he. They are both fibbers. No pun intended.

    It is time that these fibbers are going to see Who God is ! You can’t keep lying to God. You will be found out. So here Benny gets another chance to sort himself out and repent from his lies. We are seeing this everywhere now as recently with Myles Monroe.

    I am telling you now Temitope Balogun Joshua, stop your lies NOW ! Everybody that works for him. You cannot keep doing this, Repent from your actions ! MENE MENE TEKEL UPHARSIN. The writing is on the wall !!!!! Stop the circus pandemonium ! God will not be mocked !

  8. @ All,

    Just read in an article that TB Joshua lived, or lives in a $ 1,700,000 mansion in 2014. So much for telling us living poor right ? Very humble abode I would say. No ? Telling false prophecies is truly a lucrative business. As I said, scam, lies, deception, deceit, 419.

  9. This opportunity is too good for SCOAN to miss! They WILL release a video by hook or crook to claim their unquestionable leader predicted it. watch this space.

    • @ Survivor,

      Is it not peculiar that there was heard an explosion and smoke before crash ?

      Quote “Germanwings A320 plane crash: ‘Explosion and smoke’ before Airbus plunged into French Alps”

      Funny that TB Joshua always predicts something as if it is inside information, not from God because God would give us a way out. But from possible individuals that are planning something. I did think about then when I looked at the Paris Charlie Hebdo and how quickly leaders of the EU were on the forefront to so called demonstrate for 15 minutes of fame for them.

      What is peculiar also that just now, right now this issue with Greece and Germany is big time on the forefront of all news that Greece is running out of money by April 20 AND…… watch this that the Spanish king was in France coincidentally. These three are suffering the most at the moment regarding debts France, Greece, Spain, (I will put Portugal in it for the word PIGS) the I for Ireland. Most debt in the EU. See evidence here:

      Now putting it together. We know that the EU is in big trouble concerning the Euro. So if the Euro collapses this will send shockwaves all over the world. Germany is and has always been at the center. What better now to have a distraction concerning all of this since Greece was threatening to have new elections a few weeks ago. Which would result in all kinds of more trouble. Then we saw the Greek finance minister sort of flipping the bird to Germany while in the meantime big time denying it.

      Yes, I know this is all kind of complicated, but I think the bottom line is down there concerning all of this. This is a distraction to put things off balance. Germany and France were recently with a meeting in Russia and Putin. We also know that Putin is now in the hotseat of all kinds of things that are unfolding everywhere.

      How great it is when you have a false private prophet that you can throw in as if he is predicting all these so called disasters. I firmly start to think that certain things are played out, not by as things go, but by carefully choreographed matters. Man made disasters. Throw in Obama pushing Nigeria for elections in the end of this week and promoting GEJ for president because he is a stooge sitting in Nigeria for the advantage of the US and UK and so you have the circle complete. Surprise, surprise. Boko Haram so to speak “pushed” back, but no evidence of dead bodies then one or two of them in pictures and Chad, Niger and Nigerian Convoys going through mashed up street but where??? and small stacks of old weaponry that was known that Boko Haram had very advanced weapons does not add up. Throw in some drones now and all is complete. And claims that Ebola will be eradicated by August 2015. Uhuh ! Too many things stacked up as a possible scenario. Not for the simple minded to understand.

      Sorry for the + and + and + and – and – and as sort of putting the puzzle pieces together of what more we will see unfolding. What I think is happening is that some behind the scenes want things to go like this and have the right stooges sitting in place so they can pull at the strings of them of what is happening or going to happen.

      Sorry for the amount of info I have thrown at you. But sit down and think about it how these things fit like a glove for a certain purpose they have set out to do. The picture is way bigger than TB Joshua alone is filling in there that is what I think more and more now. I strongly start to believe he is a pawn in the bigger picture laid out a bit by me up there and assigned for that to deceive the body of Christ wholesale. If you catch my drift. I might have to rephrase some things I guess here and there.

      • @ Survivor,

        I am sorry that the torrent of different information that I gave can come over as a mish mash. Even I find it hard to read it somewhat, but I have difficulty to really express myself in a good way concerning all this.

        Bottom line is: TB Joshua is part of a bigger picture and it is not from a biblical point of view. I believe that he is instructed to tell certain things put in a way it looks like prophecy but does not operate as prophecy. I have a deep impression or conviction so to speak that he is been told this information of what certain people are going to do in a certain time frame.

        I did mention that and some others as well, when prophecy is given there is a way out given by God, just like temptation is there is a way out given by God. And that is not alone by prayer, but buy action and reaction. This so called prophet always sits upon his hands with his followers except when they can write a special story about him and do nothing practically. God would know exactly where certain this would happen and God does not want ANYONE TO PERISH ! Yet when all these accidents we do not know whether they are born again christians and above all whether they are saved. Here is then the so called false private prophet who says I want to save people but yet fails all the time in doing so when he says he has inside information from God. Does that not annoy you ? It does me. If I knew by “information” that someone is going to do this or that, should I or must I not go and change that situation ? What is this with only prayer ???? Does prayer not go together with works ? And works go together with prayers ? Practical application ?

        Once again, I am sorry I am saying a lot of things that possibly make not much sense, but sometimes what does not always make sense is just what makes sense after all. Not saying or claiming this. Just wished I could write it out better than I do. Please forgive me for that.

      • @ Survivor,

        I want to add something for you to look at. Does this not sound familiar ? Like as you would talk about TB Joshua ?

        Washington (CNN)Ben Carson says President Barack Obama is a psychopath.

        His comment came in an exchange between the neurosurgeon who’s likely to mount a bid for the 2016 Republican presidential nomination and his chief adviser, Armstrong Williams, captured by a GQ reporter on the night of this year’s State of the Union address.

        Williams had said Obama looked “elegant” that night.

        And Carson responded: “Like most psychopaths. That’s why they’re successful. That’s the way they look. They all look great.”

        Later in the exchange, Carson accused Obama of knowingly selling the American public “a lie.”

        Then fill in Africa in the word America.

        This is exactly what we are seeing and know about TB Joshua, but now more people need to start saying this. How do we do this or can this be done ! More people should be less afraid to say as it is, instead of being brain dead all by themselves and follow the blue light as a ignorant fly does before they are zapped into it, heading towards immediate destruction.

  10. Thank you TBJW for preempting this. I can almost guarantee they are overworking the media team mutilating this prophecy to fit the facts as usual

  11. Jesse, are sure,that TBJ stays in a 1. 7 ml house? This is very I treating to know,kindly please tbjwatch find us the picture of the house , and why is he not going to court? What is the problem,mr tbj? Go now.and end it all. Yes god is watching.we are waiting.

    • @ Mge,

      Go ask TB Joshua for his address. He won’t give it to you. They say he lives in a swamp where prayer mountain is. It was first encountering to me that he was living on the left side of Main building but was denied later on, while dozens of shirts were hanging out to dry as laundry.

      I found this information in Soweto Magazine, where they took all multimillionaire preachers under the microscope. From Oyedepo to Okotie. Which included TB Joshua and the claim or investigated of a 1.7 million dollar mansion for 2014.

      Why don’t you ask where he keeps all the nice shirts and suits ? In a swamp ? Or in a walk in wardrobe cupboard of a big mansion ? Which would you think it is ? If you for every occasion you have a new shirt on with every church meeting, which is a minimum of 52 per year and then do this for 10 years. How much do you think there will be in his cupboard ? Go on tell me ? And how many trousers ? And how many suits ? Do they fit in a wardrobe in a swamp ? You tell me ! Do they ? Any idea if you have 520 shirts over ten years and you only wear them once, where do they go ? Do you see anyone else walk with them ? Do you ? Oh please, you think we are all dumb and stupid right ? and just grown above the belt area. Shall we talk about shoes ? How many pairs of shoes ? How many can you wear ? You tell me ? Are the all in the swamp ? Are they ? We are all dumb, stupid and lame and ignorant, except you !

      • @ TBJW,

        He has a private jet now ? Aaah he used that he could not go to toilet to his congregation on normal plane because people would go after him and check out his doings there. Does he not flush then like other people do, because if I go after others in a plane usually I only find some paper and a wet sink in there with some drops of water. But of course when he goes he does not know how to clean up after himself right like we all grown ups can. And being him he is very capable to clean up in such a way that you would not find a trace of what he did there. So much for being humble. Check out Creflo Dollar of begging his congregation for 65 million dollar Jet recently, SIXTY FIVE MILLION ! What is he thinking !!! Only billionaires have such.

      • @Jesse
        According to a source at Lagos airport he has recently procured a jet, plus hanger and maintenance team. We don’t have any more corroborating evidence than this though, which is why we’ve not written about it in a post.

  12. Did anyone notice how agitated and angry he is? “Your prophet is not happy” all the time, repetitive self pity- having only a nigerian passport but not being welcomed in Nigeria- an angry “touch not my anointed” display and something about vengeance and capturing the culprits.
    Yes, Mr. Joshua this is exactly what the judicial system of Nigeria are trying to do and you are obstinately resisting it.
    Sodom fell primarily because of pride.
    Will anybody listen at last?

  13. Of course, as usual, his video men are busy putting bits and pieces together to come out with a “prophesy ” of this plane crash. After all this is what they are paid to do. And as for his followers, many have not even heard about this crash and the first time they are going to know about it is when their “prophet” put out his video.

    It is difficult to accept that there are people who hang on his every word as the truth. Whether it is naivety are desperation for miracles, it is difficult to know. But as long as TB has them followers and believers, he will continue to amass wealth, well at their expense. I think every day he marvels at the stupidity of people including people he thought were very smart and enlightened, like politicians. He comes up with some stupid and weird stuff and every one follows for it. They say when people lie too much, they begin to believe in their own lies.

    TB has lived a life of lies and now he believes he is the smartest person on the planet. Otherwise how can you explain it when a man with all the money that TB has could go on adding flow after flow on a weak foundation when he could have had the structure broken down and a new one built? It is only when such a man believes he is smarter than the engineers and that following the law is for the fools. After all presidents and their wives go and literally worship him. Doctors, engineers, lawyers etc follow to the ground when he pushes them and they attribute that to divine powers.

    Yes go on TBJ, your are smarter than them all, well at least your followers.

    • Yes,Wakayima,this life of blatant lies,manipulation,witchcraft,enslavement of gullible people for money and fame of Balogun has come to end.This MOG(man of gore) will surely face Jeremiah 2:34-35 “”Also on your skirts is found The lifeblood of the innocent poor; You did not find them breaking in. But in spite of all these things, Yet you said, ‘I am innocent; Surely His anger is turned away from me.’ Behold, I will enter into judgment with you Because you say, ‘I have not sinned.’
      This is a man who will show in his tv of propaganda how he helps poor people yet the same will never show you when he buy or receive luxurious 4X4,8X8,private jet in this same medium.
      He will claim that he returned one million naira to a lady,but will not tell you he gladly receive millions of $ from his riches followers all over the world without accountability and publication of how much is synagogue of Satan earn a year:if some one speak of transparency,let him do it in the state of the art.
      He will show how he offers scholarships to needy,but will forget to tell you the studies and accomodation of his own children abroad,especially in America are more expensives than all the scholarships he offers in the eyes of people.
      He will tell you “good christians are good citizens” yet he refuses to submit himself to the justice of his country by delaying action the time he will bribe some people to sustain his demonic thesis concerning the terrible tragedy which occured in his compound(116 passed away)because of his greed and inconscience.
      He will tell you he isn’t Jesus,but will accept to hear people say it,bow down before him,worship him(Peter,Paul and Barnabas vigorously refused such demonstrations in Acts of apostles),give false testimonies like he came from heaven to rescue them,many people can see him in their dreams.So Balogun his ubiquitous,he can come down from Heaven like God, be everywhere like God:what a blasphemy!this is another characteristic of an antichrist.
      This agent of the Devil will tell you he follows the Word of God yet without his demonic stuffs(water,rosary,sticker,frames,stools…)no one can make it.
      He will tell you “distance is not a barrier” ,yet people have to flock all over the world as he says in his arena of slavery to solve their problems.
      The cash flow he receives for this pilgrimage pushed him to add illegal construction which led to the death of more than 100 persons.
      He will tell you he doesn’t want to have branches all over the world but omit to tell you in South Africa,England and Greece,he tried hard:the failure was huge,and he finally closed these three branches.
      Balogun will claim if you are demon possessed,you are not a christian,but we saw all his staff,even people who work with him like so called evangelists,ushers,worship leaders,translators…who are in the synagogue for long even 10 years(The Tonge’s,Annette,Yinka;Fanny,Shiro to name a few) possessed. The so called prophet of end times didn’t see anything and was working all these years with demonics people:(immorality,ancestral spirits,lion spirits…):you can imagine what is going on in this compound.
      TBJW please continue to do what the Bible says when someone refuse to repent and continue to unleash his false prophecies?manipulation,spiritual fraud and scam:Ephesians 5:11New International Version (NIV)11 Have nothing to do with the fruitless deeds of darkness, but rather expose them.

  14. @Wakayima, @Vavava,
    I’ve noticed that (at least here in my country) people that spend almost the whole day watching Emmanuel TV also spend considerable time watching soap operas. They find news, and other educational shows too boring to watch, not to mention reading books (the Bible inclusive). So the majority will only get to hear about this tragic plane crash when the SCOAN video gymnasts have shamelessly mutilated the original video of their leader’s prediction to suit this particular crash. When you try to reason with them, they will scream in your face: ‘Touch not my anointed!’

  15. @Jesse,
    Well it is simple isn’t it? For one to be a ‘good’ disciple of TBJ, they have to dishonour the Supreme Designer of the human brain by suspending all logical reasoning. 2 Thessalonians 2 v 11

  16. @ All,

    I believe there is more to the crashing of the Jet.

    I was curious about the new Movie Seventh Son and had the chance to see it. Not because I really wanted to, but I felt I was compelled to see it because of something. The movie was released on 17th January 2015. Way before Andreas was doing this act of crashing the aeroplane into the mountain side.

    The movie plays into a mountainous area. Also the Seventh Son has a resemblance of Andreas Lubitz. See this little video about him.

    The mark that the Seventh Son receives from his “trainer” is similar to the German Eagle which you can see here:

    Also the aeroplane is from GERMAN WINGS !!!!!

    Coincidently the German 1 Euro Coin has on the back an Eagle with spread wings !!!!!

    I believe there is much more connected to it than we see on the surface.

    Andreas Lubitz was suffering of severe depression and had psychotherapy. He could have been reprogrammed by the psychotherapist.

    Hypnosis in Psychotherapy

    Although the development of chemical anaesthetics displaced the use of hypnosis in surgery, and Freud’s use of psycho-analysis began to displace it in psychotherapy, the benefits and uses of hypnotherapy are such that it remains a popular and adaptive form of therapy. Hypnotherapy may be used on its own, as simple relaxation therapy, or it may be integrated with any of the great schools of psychological thought. This integrative approach, termed hypno-psychotherapy, has very wide therapeutic applications.

    If only simple relaxation therapy is required, then someone with a basic hypnotherapy training should be able to help. However, more complex emotional, psychological or physical problems require the help of a fully qualified hypno-psychotherapist who will have the skills to recognise and treat a wide range of disorders and conditions.

    Andreas could I believe been programmed by Hypno-Psychotherapy in being triggered off by certain words or events to get into a hypnotic state and do what he is been preprogrammed to do so. After all he was normal breathing and steering the aeroplane so to speak “cold hearted” into the mountain side.

    Just was thinking a bit along here. I don’t care if anyone think I am nuts. There are far more nuts things then what I am saying here.

    PS, has everyone also noticed that the Greek, German, French negotiations are virtually OFF SCREEN at the moment and all focused upon this disaster as the MH370 was in the time last year.

  17. U see, with d help of tbj nigeria s saved. Didnt u hear dat? God told him to tell president goodluck dat u need soft landing in order to save millions of lives.of which he ask his ad to meet tbj. U know d rest of d story. He jux relaiy it now. Y dont u pple accept d truth about tbj for God sake. Chei there s God ooo. Tank u Jesus 4 d life of prophet tbj. Amen. His God ll 4eva b my God. I dont know about u oo! So, choose his God today & be saved

  18. U can comfirm 4rm emmanuel tv now 5 of april 2015. Dat tbj call president dat there s a message from God to him. The whole mssge s here. Let d word of God change u pple today oo

  19. Sunday was a great day to me and my family. We always watch live service from synagogue church of all nations. It is a very pain full dearth, really Jesus have died for our sins there for let us put our faith in his name. No matter what you are going through he is there for us.


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