Documentary on TB Joshua available online

Back in 2001 South African Journalist Jacques Pauw did a documentary on TB Joshua. We have featured quotes from Pauw in several articles, but until recently the full documentary was not available to watch online. The documentary particularly focuses on the fake resurrection video that SCOAN were widely circulating a number of years ago, but it also reveals a number of people who have died after being “healed” by TB Joshua. To this day, we have no evidence, verified by third party medical professionals of any genuine healings taking place at SCOAN.

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  1. A false prophet and his cult must truly be exposed for what they are. Can TB Joshua devotees explain the following: If the man died wearing black pants how did he change into light colored pants? If the man died with his arms straight, how did he end up with his arms folded on his chest and his fingers intertwined? If the man died with his legs straight, how did he end up with one leg folded and his toe moving?

    According to Bisola: “When the service was over, Joshua asked to see us and the coordinator, and requested that we should spread the news that Baba had died. Majority of the people, including the Caucasians, believed, and I wondered why. Some of them did ask questions whether the man died afterwards because they had seen him come around. We simply said that the man was dead, we were preparing him for the mortuary and that all of them will see when his remains would be taken with them back to South Africa . Furthermore, we informed them that we were waiting until the next morning when we would call Baba’s relatives to inform them. At the end of the day, some of them believed our story while others took it with a pinch of salt. At about 9.00pm, T.B. Joshua told the camera crew that he had an assignment for us after we had eaten and were rested. In the meantime, we were to set up the cameras in Baba’s room; because what he had been praying for, for years was going to take place that same day. All of us, including Kehinde, Azeez, and Michael junior, complied as usual without question. With projects like this, only his loyalists or people that he believed could not betray him were allowed to participate. At this time, Baba had been fed and was afterwards given a sleeping injection in his condition. This is to ensure that he wouldn’t remember what happened to him.”

    “Around 2.00am, T.B. Joshua asked us to commence recording. I was taken aback when he laid flat on the unconscious old man for about 30 minutes as we began filming. He then left. It took Baba another 4 hours before he woke up, but the camera crew had to keep filming to accurately record the time of his awakening for the video merging process later in the studio. While on the man, T.B. Joshua had instructed us to insert cotton wool into Baba’s nostrils, ears, etc. When Baba finally began to come around, muttering in semi-consciousness due to the heavy dosage of sleeping pills administered earlier, people in the room began to act out a scene of rejoicing to complete the deception. Prior to this, several people had been invited to give false testimonies like: ‘Ah, Baba, you were dead yesterday. How did this happen?’, or ‘Praise the Lord! Baba was dead, but something happened in the night when the man of God finished service. He had said that we should not take Baba to the mortuary’. We also got a nurse to give false testimony claiming to be one of the people that performed a post mortem on Baba, and that they had inserted cotton wool into his nostrils because they had no hope of reviving him.

    “When we showed the church the edited footage, where T.B. Joshua had laid on the man later that day, followed by the part where the old man revived, many shouted for joy claiming that T,B, Joshua is the Elisha or Elijah of our days. A lot of people were so happy having been deceived into thinking that it was what T.B. Joshua did that brought the old man back to life. They were all invited to come and see the old man even though he still needed some rest. As they came in rejoicing, Baba Maruli was unaware of the general excitement because the medical team had intentionally kept him slightly sedated and in a state of semi-consciousness. This was so that his account of the event would not be inconsistent with ours. This video has become one of the most popular recordings shown to visitors at the Synagogue. Some are impressed that T.B. Joshua raised the dead, many are deceived but those who understand video production business might suspect that this was just a gimmick.”

    TB Joshua is a lying serpent.

    • Josua you are a good teller indeed, woh. If you can tell us much of these without none asked you to, what if someone ask you about a specific issue? Now as you mentioned the word occult in there, josua tell us anything, just anything about your kingdom and accult you working for, dont forget to tell us how you join and your assignments on this earth.

      • That doesn’t make any sense. But then, you love the fake prophet so your brain is scrambled and this nonsense is the result.

        JESUS is the only Way, Truth and Life – and anyone who claims to be, or allows others to claim that he is the Messiah of our times (as has been publicly said on ETV regarding TBJoshua) is no prophet of God, but a prophet of Satan. There is only one Saviour, one Messiah, and his name is Yeshua.

  2. Let this Website read by demons only and be of no use to mankind. I declare the Consuming fire upon its finances.However let the Guys behind this realize before it is too late and Go back to Jesus Christ. Let fire Consume the faces of the demons right behind this. In the Name of Jesus Christ.

    • @ James,

      We cancel and nullify and bring to nought the evil fire and send it back into Jesus’ Hands who will rebuke you because of what He said to his disciples James and John.

      Luke 9:53 But they did not receive Him, because He was traveling toward Jerusalem. 54 When His disciples James and John saw this, they said, “Lord, do You want us to command fire to come down from heaven and consume them?” 55 But He turned and rebuked them, and said, “You do not know what kind of spirit you are of;…

      We reverse any curse and uproot it by it’s root and we bind it on earth as it is in heaven and we cast it into Jesus’ Hands to deal with it directly Who will decide your fate concerning that.

    • He knows full well that he is exposing the heart of darkness in the prophet of Satan – TB Joshua. It is you Scoanites who love TB more than you love Jesus who don’t seem to know what you are doing, nor what TB Joshua is doing, and how what he does marks him clearly to ANY REAL CHRISTIAN as a false prophet, sent by Satan not God to deceive even the elect, if he can.

    • Hey Guys,

      Olumuyiwa Olufesobi does not need forgiveness. Olumyiwa is innocent and has never done anything wrong. We know what the Bible saysa bout that is it not ?

      1 John 1:8 If we say that we have no sin, we deceive ourselves, and the truth is not in us. <~~~~

  3. Hmmmm……what I notice is how SCOAN devotees keep going on “God forgive you for speaking against TBJ”.
    Why not comment on those who were proclaimed healed yet DIED shortly after or denied prayer whatsoever?
    Come on then….for once be MEN instead of MICE.

    • AMEN brother AMEN! But brother how can demons be men? Are you not awere that those command against tbj all are demons? Not ordinary demons that you and I can handle but old encients demons that are at level of dealing with tbj. They are those demons who monitoring each movement and every step of tbj, trying their lucky for finding out any weakness in him but unfortunately that man tbj is always under the BLOOD OF MASTER JESUS and I like it. So those cowders they have to run away to make the first false comments against tbj becouse its only way for them to release their stress, anger,disappointment and shame. These LOOSERS dont worry about them, they are lions without teeth. Brother, dont you think you need these loosers in you life for good eg. footstool, pass treal, move from glory to glory etc? In other words where to put your feet, how to pass a test, who pushing you to another glory? No way brother for you to be called MORE THAN CONGRORE without these demons next to you. Brother, give to ceasar what for ceasar and to GOD what for GOD. But always be sure that you are under the the BLOOD OF JESUS before you read their commants. Remember always you defeat them by the BLOOD OF JESUS and the words of your testmonies. I like your faith brother!

      • nandi, ha ha, TB Joshua is the man who once said; : that he was a dog without theet”! Far from the roaring Lion-picture of the real heros of faith in the Bible! It realy strikes me, how blind you tb-joshua-fans are! The churches all over the world talk about the tragedy of Scoan, Dont you understand what goes before a fall? Dont you understand that something is seriously wrong in scoan? Dont you understand, that God is NOT backing TB Joshua up any-more?

      • Adding verse out of context to verse out of context does not a coherent arguement make. I wish the scales would fall from your eyes to see you are blind being led by the blind man TB Joshua straight into the mouth of Hell, but you choose to be blind even presented with evidence that would convince most unbelievers that they were wrong.

        You use “Faith” (by this I mean “blind faith” – believing even though there is NO EVIDENCE for what you believe, a type of faith the Bible does not support) to justify everything TB Joshua does.

        And yet if a Muslim Imam acted in the way that TB Joshua does, or a Jehovah’s Witness or a Scientologist, you would rightly cry “witchcraft” and try to save people from his grasp.

        But because the man is “Christian”, you’ve lost all your ability to be discerning, weighing up the spirits as we are commanded to, and follow him blindly wherever he goes.

        I feel really sorry for you.

      • @ Nandi,

        Bwahahahahaha, that’s the most ridiculous story I have read until so far from you. You really believe this don’t you ? You watch too much Hollywood movies and the like. I wonder if CONGRORE is a new type of demon and evil spirit ? I don’t write perfect English but this is hilarious.

        Man, if you don’t know how to write Conqueror then please do yourself and us a favour and look it up that verse in the context of the Bible will you now ? Thanks.

        Romans 8:37 Nay, in all these things we are more than CONQUERORS through him that loved us.

        I just wonder what you are trying to conquer in the first place ????

  4. PS.
    Your love for TBJ won’t get you anywhere.
    Your love for the Truth Who is Jesus Christ, on the other hand, will earn you a place in eternity….the Heavenly kind. ☺

    • Bro, don’t be deceived. God loves you and me. Whose battle are fighting by talking evil of Tb Joshua. Are not supporting the Devil. Listen, You and me are sinners who without God’s Grace we end up in hell. If our work then is to rebuke fellow sinners, where is our reward from heaven. I mean if TB Joshua is wrong, Should we find a job then of proclaiming his evil doings than praying for Him? Lets think twice. Imagine Jesus came here on earth establish a sight like this and rebuke the taxpayer. Where is our faith. Tb Joshua, you and me are God creatures who are seeking Grace from God. Jesus is a Good Judge. Lets pray for one another. Our enemy is Satan not fellow man. Satan is happy to men accusing one another. Lets worship the true God. He is Love.

      • James, you pray for the sinner.
        The one who is using Jesus’ Name to deceive and manipulate others, you rebuke. Or haven’t you read the Bible?
        I could quote so many passages yet I will leave you with this: ” EXPEL THE WICKED MAN FROM AMONG YOU.”
        1st Corinthians 5:13.
        Furthermore, Jesus never said to the Pharisees, “I am praying for you”, instead He ALWAYS outright rebuked them!
        In the same way, we must do towards anyone who preaches heresy and is against sound doctrine OR LIES AND MANIPULATES IN HIS NAME.
        Having said that don’t dodge the question:
        What do you have to say about those who were portrayed to being declared healed and died or that poor young man who was denied prayer?
        Or do you still insist to be according to ISAIAH 42:18-20?
        Spoken by someone who also was once deceived by SCOAN being an active member….you are naive because all you see is a screen…..
        And yes….satan is our adversary, not man. But don’t forget: he disguises as an angel of light and uses MEN to accomplish his evil plans.

      • @ James,

        Yes indeed, Satan is out enemy, but we can’t help to notice that in SCOAN a lot is fabricated to keep this place running. We are not the only ones that notice it. Go on Youtube and see many start to question what is provided there. You can only do so much. But when it becomes really stupid, people will start asking questions. And that is where SCOAN followers are really bad into. All they can say, boooh on you, stop making TBJ questionable. Then here is the thing, if it was not so blatantly obvious for the close observer, then stop trying to deceive us with these funny videos. They get more desperate by the day of what to produce on Emmanuel TV. Let’s take this erection thing of recently. Why is it that it has to happen in SCOAN ? You really think that it is only there ? How many dogs have the same thing ? Or horses. And Lions, any ida how many times a lion is doing the Tjoeke,Tjoeke ? Let me enlighten you. During a mating bout lions have sex 20 to 40 times a day for a couple of days. Female lions will sometimes sneak out and have sex with a lion which is not in their pride. Let’s look at the Bonobo’s ok. What you think is going on there ? Bonobo Chimpazee’s have 24/7 sex. And here is one coming in with an erection and with a swipe of TBJ’s hand and it is all over. While all the above mentioned animals don’t have any problems with it at all to come back down again. Next time tell the guy to stop touching and swallowing a bottle of Viagra and Cialis tablets before going to church, Ok. Dum Basses !

    • And your hete for tbj where is taking you? Let me tell you the truth incase you dont know, to HATE is an wide open door leading to hell.Better to avoid it, is only good for demons or are you one of them?

      • Ahhhh……this obsession SCOANITES have with demonology is laughable. But then again….been there….know how this “fear tactic” works.
        Anyway….I just wanted to point out how truly SAD it is with these poor souls, who insist on being blindfolded and question nothing against their idol.
        Let’s summarize.
        1.branches have closed down, 2.dozens of committed disciples and pastors have fled,
        3.prophesies that were NEVER fulfilled,
        4.people who were declared healed yet died,
        5.people who were declared healed or delivered and NEVER were- the Athens Branch is full of such cases-,
        6.their guesthouse collapses and first reaction is BLATANT LIES concerning casualties as well as conducting their Sunday service right after that Friday without even mentioning victims or assisting as a whole, rescue teams. BUSINESS AS USUAL,
        6.systematically avoiding and hindering court hearings and no intention of whatsoever assumption of responsibility-fabricating all kinds of stories that even Spielberg would envy-
        7.lying publically concerning their evangelist John Zavlari- denying any kind of relationship with him-(pathetic), yet the pastor in Athens who was sexually abusing the “sheep” was never called out and no one wonders why….
        8.manipulating people into believing that their life, their prosperity, their salvation depends on waters, stickers and bracelets-stampede in Ghana costing the lives of four, hushed away-,
        9.TOTAL absence of repentance towards anyone and anything,
        and the tenth is for you to discern after being given all these facts:
        SCOAN doesn’t care about people/souls, all it cares about is their ministry, TB JOSHUA.
        Scoanites, you can shout, curse, pray, stamp your feet, kick and rebuke as much as you like, this is NOT going to change the fact that you are weaved into deception.
        If only you could see the love and pain in God’s Heart for you, Who is still pouring out His Mercy….
        But you refuse to question ANYTHING and the worship of man has led you astray…..
        You have become like the rich man and Lazarus: even if the DEAD bear witness to you, you will still not believe!
        Nothing more than prayers….

        Jeremiah, an ex SCOAN worker/member in Athens Branch for 8,5 years.

  5. When Moses Marole went back the second time to scoan, after he was ‘resurrected from the dead’, I met him per chance at the airport in Johannesburg. We were on the same flight to Lagos and TB Joshua. At that time I still believed that tbj was a man of god. We were early and at that time alone, waiting for the group of visitors and the aircraft to arrive. I had no idea who he was, or what happened to him. That was the first that we met. We started talking and I asked him why he was going and he told me that he died in scoan and was raised from the dead.
    As I, myself had two near death experiences, I was glad to met someone else that had the same experience in real life and who was still alive.
    I innocently started to question him about what happened to him. I immediately asked him; “What did you see after you died? Did you see Jesus and heaven?” To my surprise he said; “No, it was just as if I was asleep. I saw nothing and I was disappointed!” I was buffeled and so was he. I said; “How can you have been dead for such a long time and experienced nothing?” He said to me; “That he did not know whether he was dead, because he wondered about the same thing?”. He believed that he was dead; he said, because they told him so.
    Well, after that I had a big question mark, about his ‘death’, as I had both times been in paradise in my near death experiences and received messages of my life etc. And he had none?
    We sat together for the rest of the week in the ‘church’, and made friends. He was a lovely man and I grew fond of him. I asked him again why he went back; “So he said that TB Joshua did not pray for him for his diabetes etc. the first time when he ‘died’ and wanted him back now for the second time, because he was not healed of his illnesses. I wondered about this, as he was a sickly old man? Why put him through that strenuous trip to Lagos again.
    Was it for the TV interview in the that place?
    Moses died shortly after tbj prayed for his healing and I felt grieve for him and his situation?
    I was fond of him.

  6. just wonder. Do you understand what you have written? The old diabtic man was ‘raised out of death”, but God did not healed his diabeticy? First being raised out of death, and a short while later he has to return to scoan for prayer for his deathly disease? It is hilarious and sad at the same time, that such a kind man is mis-used for a promotion-trip of tb Joshua. When Jezus raised Lazerus, Lazerus was compleetly healed from his sickness and lived another 30 years. Every-time Jezus heals or ressurected, it was a compleet restoration. Imagine to raise a man with cancer out of death, and he still has the cancer after-wards? The Holy Spirit revealed to me that the old man was given an opeaat in steat of insuline by a ‘nurse”. My mother is diabetic, and they can fall into coma, when an injection of insuline is not given, this looks as death.

      • @ Nandi,

        Initiating to what ? Bwahahahahahaha. Please grow up now will you ! You are too much hypnotized by African Cultural superstition. Come to th West and find out that Lamposts, Cranes, Bicycles, Stockings, Trains, Bikini’s and Swimtrunks are not evil inventions of Satan, but progress in infrastructure. And stop your silly funny superstition be part of us.

  7. Covert Narcissists A Wolves In Sheep’s Clothing. Cloaked Narcissists. Pretend Codependents. Expert.

  8. For all who could not see the spectacle on E- TV:

    Full, ‘A Celebration Of Love’ , 52nd Happy Birthday Prophet T.B. Joshua !

  9. The Charlatan tb joshua has no shame in him, just because there is no human trait in him either, he’s just a wolf a monster a sick narcissistic creature, I pity those blind and brainwashed devotees…. But those who are honest with themselves will find the way OUT of SCOAN HELL

  10. @ jesse am very sorry if you are hurt about what I said ok we are all siner just that we shuld no what and how we talk ok cos we are not God so let live everything for God to@ judge jesse sorry sorry once again

    • @ Olumyiwa,

      Thanks, you are forgiven. I prayed specifically for that, this afternoon. God bless you and I pray he helps you to find your way in this life as best as you can to be faithful to Jesus Christ and not to people. In Jesus Name !

  11. i no onger want to receive this evil posts anymore,coz i knw Tb Joshua is a true servant of God,even if someone can say bad things about me tht wl never change anything,he is truly sent

  12. I love TB Joshua, the reason I became christian , he brought me to God. A real man of God, from California

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