Prayer point: TB Joshua inquest concludes tomorrow

Just a quick reminder that the conclusion to the SCOAN building collapse inquest is scheduled for tomorrow, 8th July. Let’s pray that it is a thorough and fair investigation and that justice is served for the families of the victims.

27 thoughts on “Prayer point: TB Joshua inquest concludes tomorrow

  1. i have a few questions for you moderator. Forgive me for asking them under this post, but i wasn’t sure where to put them. if you feel its too irrelevant, please feel free to move/remove them. however i would appreciate an honest response.

    1) is it true that you are the same person written about at this post? [link removed]

    2) is it also true or false that you used to work at the TB Joshua’s London branch as co-pastor with your husband? [link removed]

    3) Have you ever met TB Joshua (whether in person, or be present at his church etc)

    4) Have you ever worked for TB Joshua?

    5) Have you ever been sexually abused by TB Joshua?

    6) Have you ever personally (in person or over the phone) talked to any person claiming to have been abused by TB Joshua? If so, is any of those people available for an interview?

    I understand that you have the right to stay anonymous, but i have no other way to have you or your blog vetted. i have been doing my own independent research on TB Joshua (prayerfully of course), and before i take the next step, i just need to make sure that you and your blog are credible.

    • Dear TBJoshuaWatchBlog

      I have removed the links from your post, because these are sites we do not want to bless with traffic from our blog. As for your questions:
      1) No, I am not that person.
      2) No, I never even visited the London branch and I don’t have a husband.
      3) No, I’ve not met TB Joshua.
      4) No, I have never worked for TB Joshua
      5) No, I have not been sexually abused by TB Joshua
      6) Yes, I have spoken to several women either via email, phone or face to face who claim to have been sexually abused by TB Joshua. Some of them have in the past agreed to speak with real journalists, but they certainly won’t be available for an interview by an agent of SCOAN such as yourself.

      FYI you’re not the first SCOAN supporter to try this tactic, but nice try. Let me just ask you one question – imagine the numerous allegations against TB Joshua were actually true – how do you think you’ll feel standing in front of God one day if you’ve been involved in bullying the victims of sexual abuse?

      • First of all, I already know that there is a high probability that the sexual allegations against TB Joshua are true. you need to re-read my last point in case you missed it, before you come out swinging at me. I said i have been prayerfully doing my own research on him.
        secondly, for someone who has dedicated their lives to investigating everything about TB Joshua and scoan, you shouldn’t get all defensive if people want to know if you are a reliable source or not, unless you have something to hide.
        thirdly, i have never bullied anyone on my blog, but i initially created that blog to challenge people like you, who i felt at the time did not have the guts to show two sides to the story. and besides, i need to know why bisola felt the need to lie about why she had initially visited scoan, i have questions that i need answered before i can believe her 100% (she compromised her own intergrity by lying about small things, so don’t blame me if i have a hard time believing her whole story). and i have actually thought about taking down that post, and might still do.

        and for your own information, i am not an agent of scoan, i happen to be a viewer.
        you are so conceited and think you know everything there is to know about TB Joshua, and have set yourself up as the authority of the crusade against scoan. Well let me tell you something, you don’t even know the half of it, its worse than you think.
        i went to scoan sometime last year as a visitor, and you know what, i am not afraid to say that i was truly outraged by what i witnessed there, the level of hipocrisy there was enough to give me a sick feeling in my stomach.
        i really couldn’t care less what you label me as, but i can tell you right now, for the record that i am not interested in defending or protecting any so called man of God. the only thing i am interested in is defending the word of God, that’s what the Lord commissioned me to do. Thats what the Lord called me to scoan to do. and i only take orders from Him and Him alone.

      • @tbjoshuawatchblog
        Well I’m sorry if I got you wrong, but your site name is a near duplicate of ours, you present the SCOAN anti-Bisola Johnson videos as “The Truth about TB Joshua and his accusers on video”, and then you asked us for the opportunity to speak to the sexual abuse victims on the phone. I think I was right to be suspicious, and to be honest I still am. For your information, we have shown both sides of the story, we did a two part post analysing the Deception of the Age video and Beware of Blasphemers. You should check it out, it might help you understand some of the inconsistencies.

        You realise the Beware of Blasphemers video contains her private confession videos that she recorded at SCOAN in confidence? How dare they release these publicly under any circumstances? How dare you label those videos as “the TRUTH” without any interaction with them? That is what I mean about being involved in the bulling of alleged sexual abuse victims.

        If you really are genuine, you can email us at and begin by telling us some of the things about SCOAN that appalled you.

      • Yes, we are to defend only the word of God, nothing else and nobody else! Regrettably, many so called Christians who are biblically illiterate would rather defend a false prophet, and many are so deceived, just like the Lord Jesus warned about.

      • you need to realize that i posted that title in October 2013. What i knew then is very limited to what i know now. and i already said it was a challenge to your blog, hence similar name. However my views have changed since and the blog is going to take a complete different turn.
        i will look at the two part review you did, which i did not know you had done. i will probably take down that post as soon as i have made another one to replace it.

        i disagree about Bisola’s scoan confession, it was not private, it clearly was public in front of the whole church, you might need to take another look in case you forgot. at one point when she speaks about what brought her to scoan, she was in front of the church.
        truth is very important especially when dealing with sexual abuse cases, because sometimes it is all the investigator has to rely on. But with everything that has surfaced on your blog recently, i am willing to give her the benefit of the doubt.

        i never said i wanted to interview any victims, i simply asked if they would be available for an interview, that is something i would never force on any abuse victim. and you know what, i do hope to sit down with one of them someday soon, because it would be the best way to help me believe them 100%.
        After reading about what happened in scoan athens, i do believe there is a very, very high probability that these allegations against TB Joshua are true. my suspicions are all the way up to 95%, but i just need more.

      • oh my goodness! it was part two that opened my eyes. they manipulated and rearranged her testimony to make it seem like she lied. having a fire outbreak in her home was part of the reason she had come to scaon, wow! oh my goodness! what can i say, Beware of blasphemers totally fooled me. i’m in total shock, and just like Job i found myself with a hand over my mouth while reading your post.
        there goes that sick feeling in my stomach again, only this time there is lump in my throat too. Dear Jesus in Heaven…WHY!
        i know it will never be enough, but i sincerely am sorry.
        i’m pulling down that post, and i’m starting over.

  2. I’m really disappointed at this inquest.First of all, the false and sakawa prophet, T B Joshua, who is the principal witness, failed to appear before the inquest, and he got away with it, and is now cooling off in Mexico pending the outcome of the inquest. Did the false prophet bribe his way out, as he is wont to do?
    We await the result tomorrow, but I won’t be surprised if it turns out to be a farce, like the supreme court of America did!

    • Mr. Terrific, You claim you know all about TB Joshua. I was at the Mexico with him and came back with TB Joshua on the same flight 9 weeks ago to Lagos. What do want with him?

      • I want justice, justice for the families of those who died in vain, chasing after a false prophet. Ask your false prophet to explain why he didn’t see a disaster coming under his own roof, while he claims he could see what happens to people and countries thousands of miles away? T B Joshua is a liar and a REAL FALSE PROPHET! Yes, he deceived me at some point, but now my eyes are open, I know my Bible and I have wisdom and understanding and knowledge and power and authority over every false prophet in Nigeria, Ghana and anywhere in the world!

  3. We serve a living God who neither sleeps nor slumber TB Joshua is with God who will fight for him the enemy will be put to shame today.

      • We do not wrestle against flesh and blood but with the spiritual being who is the devil so the devil is the enemy here and who ever is against the servant of God is a child of the devil.That TB Joshua is a prophet does not mean that he can not face troubles like the one that happened,Is it not God who allowed Job to be tempted,Elisha was full of anointing but he died of a disease,who can question God no one.God is not man and so we have to be careful with whatever we say,hatred will not see us to heaven but to hell.Jesus is alive watch out.

    • You say “TB Joshua is with God who will fight for him ……” I say God is going to require him to account for the death of those innocent soles that perished because of his greed. And that is the very reason he is in hiding thinking, like a small boy, that every thing will just disappear. I am sure he has tried to bribe every one that could be reached. Good thing is that if he is sent to jail, he will be at home since he has been in it before.

      • @ …..

        Why is it that if God is fighting for TB Joshua he IS NOT IN HOS COUNTRY ? What kind of god are you talking about ? Someone that is not guilty must not remove himself from what he is facing. No is allowed, nor should he. The actions of what is doing is clear of a con man. REAL men of God like Shadrach, Meshach and Abednego would stand trial before the courts. Daniel would and did. Jeremiah would and did And above ALL Jesus did ! No words are to express that he is the wolf in sheep clothing and a con man. And you liars try desperately to keep him in the saddle to carry on his atrocious works that is only for those in the SCOAN inner circle and close friends of this so called cover up ministry. There is no bigger scam than this in the last five years that this horrid place you operate from.

  4. “TB Joshua’s church ‘criminally negligent’ over building collapse”
    The church must be investigated and prosecuted for not obtaining the relevant approval before embarking on the construction of the building,” he said.
    The church was culpable because of criminal negligence resulting in the death of the victims.”


  5. In 2012 South Africa lost 41 lives in Lonmil mine, 81 lives were lost in Nigeria church (Scoan) and in 2015, innocent people were killed in what was called xenophobia attacks.

    For your information readers, our president here is a strong ancestor worshipper, who doesn’t even go to church.

    God is not happy with South Africa.

    The Bible says, ‘do not touch my anointed one or do them no harm’.

    If Prophet can be touched, believe me, God will fight back. South Africa will be destroyed. I will not talk about Nigeria, because there are already signs of anger of God. They know what they are saying about Prophet.

    If South Africa deserves anger of God, the law makers will hardned their hearts and they will succeed in whatever they want to do with Prophet.

    We all know that servants of God always come across serious challenges. What happend to Daniel, what happened to Meshack, Shadrack and Adbenego? What happened to Jesus Christ, our Lord and Saviour? What happened to Stephan? Just to mention the few.

    Prophet TB Joshua is the Prophet of our times therefore I’m not suprised.

    The southAfricans said that they don’t want him here (South Africa), but the families he has taken care of.

    This one will pass and he will still be our true Prophet who hears from God.

    May God fight Prophet TB Joshua’s battles, in the mighty name of our Lord Jesus Christ, Amen.

    • @maggie, dear

      Everything you just said is a very harmful cocktail of myth, error & confusion!

      • @ Maggie,

        When will you apply those Scriptures in the right context ?

        Its easy not to confront falsehood today, but it has become easy to confront those who point it out. How many people tell others not to “touch the so-called anointed” ever check out the claims from someone who has real concerns, and is trying to get them to read about it? I can tell you from experience, very few. Why is this? Because for the most part they can’t read the material, or should I be more specific and say, they are not allowed to. Again I ask why?

        It was an apostle named Paul who called the Berean’s more noble than the others. For what reason? They looked to the Scripture to see if what Paul was teaching was accurate. Today those who protect their favorite teachers say don’t touch God’s anointed for doing this. Paul never said, “Touch not God’s anointed” or “do my prophets no harm”; you will never find an apostle teaching this, nor is this found ONCE in the whole New Testament. I ask again why not? Paul was questioned, why didn’t he say this? The apostle Paul called those who checked out what he said as noble, meaning they were a better stock than the others. How noble are you? Maggie, or even a false private prophet ? Do you go wherever the tide goes? Are you willing to take a stand for the truth of the Word of God despite what people say, or will you follow the rest of the sheep off the cliff like a bunch of fools.

        To tell people not to search the Scriptures and expose false teaching as David exposed King Saul is to be touching God’s anointed. You are stopping people who have God’s anointed word from using it correctly! Even David later on in his ministry as King accepted rebuke and correction from Nathan the prophet. He did not say, “don’t touch God’s anointed” to protect himself, and neither should those who follow their leaders do the same.

        What do the anointed man and women of God act like? Do they stop you from going to check their teachings or anyone else’s by the Word? Of course not, Titus 1:9 “holding fast the faithful word as he has been taught, that he may be able, by sound doctrine, both to exhort and convict those who contradict.”

        No apostle or disciple ever said they were anointed, they did not speak in this manner; “don’t touch me I am God’s anointed.” Except those people who use their doctrine to hide themselves with and push out threats to the ignorant. If someone is truly anointed, they would want to encourage the people to discern what is true and what is not. They would encourage people to pursue truth no matter where it would lead. They would love the sheep enough to protect them from falsehood and want to see them grow. They would allow the sheep to learn and think for themselves. The anointing, who is the Holy Spirit is the Spirit of Truth and someone who has the Spirit of Truth will never run from seeing error but will confront it when necessary. He will give someone the truth from the Word, subsequently leading us away from error.

        So please go you way and stop using this wrong doctrine to make banal threads because every country is suffering now and under the wrath of God and that is not because they are “touching false private prophet TB Joshua”.

    • God bless you my dear.Emmanuel…..we are praying for scoan and the man of God is praying the more fasting the more because God never sleeps and he allows certain things to happen in order to show his glory,God is still saying something let them rejoice for now they will be surprised.

  6. @tbjoshuawatchblog,
    I understand how you feel, coming out of deception and lies at SCOAN. It is very hard to believe that T B Joshua is a false prophet, especially, for those who have been deceived by him. But it is a process and you will begin to understand as you study the Bible more. I was in your position at some point but after I got full understanding, I’m now exposing the false prophet with a vengeance that is unstoppable! Until the day that this false prophet and the great deception of this age makes his confession of lies, deceit, manipulation, false prophecies, false miracles and false healings, we will continue to expose him.
    I know Bisola and was there when she first came to the Synagogue, before she became one of the false prophet’s concubines. Her testimony is 100% true, and sooner than later you will know the truth and the truth shall set you free!

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