TB Joshua’s fake India train crash video

You probably heard about the recent fatal train derailment in India.

You probably expected TB Joshua to claim he predicted it.

You probably expected a dubiously edited video to be released as proof.

You were right. Do they have no shame?

36 thoughts on “TB Joshua’s fake India train crash video

  1. Shame to the one saying this nonsense everyday. You don’t even reach tb joshua nail. You will be deliver on day.

  2. Um, are you ignoring that Mr Joshua indeed saw a train derailing and that India specifically was seen? Ahem.

    • @divine137 Um, are you ignoring the fact that he said it was a country NEAR India, not India itself? Or that he said it would be on a Thursday (or Friday or Saturday)? Or that India has one of the worst rail safety records in the world and this was their 3rd fatal rail accident in 2015 and not even the most deadly? If the bits they edited out are acceptable, why did they edit them out? Ahem.

      • You are failing to comprehend. Notice he saw a train derailment and the country he he specifically saw the name of was INDIA. Whether he uses the statement NEAR or IN, the part that shows significance is the country INDIA. You ignore this and thus makes your position seem foolish.

      • And the other point added is that this is consistent with Mr Joshua. He consistently names a country or city linked to an event and/or the day and in fact he’s even named the AIRLINE and the very day Oct 29th that the crash would take place. These all point to a man who is indeed seeing visions. Whether he clearly sees it exactly as it’s shown to him or whether he is exact in his DESCRIPTION, it is CLEAR that this man indeed SEES SOMETHING REAL as something happens that contain those things he sees linked.

  3. I have watched the prophecy now, and it is an accurate prophecy, 100% acurate!!!!. you should know that Senior Prophet TB JOSHUA, has issues with his english language, so the way he uses his english may confuse people like you demons on this page. he is a seer of God and nothing can stop it. dont you watch his personal prophcieis to individuals??? hehehehe you guys are demons, mind your business, havent you noticed that ever since you started this your demonic website, you have not even achieved your delvish aim , and can never. shame to all of you, you cant stop us, you cannnot stop anytime, rather you keep wasting your time, fools.

      • shame on you whoever is behind this tbjohuawatch , you will fail always. All his prohecies are accurate and you also know that. ok let e ask you dont you watch Emmanuel TV? what about his personal prophecies to individuals, which are 100% accurate too, same power of God on TB JOSHUA, too much power, to much prophetic gifts, too much everyting. yea EMMANUEL . all you demons on this blog can go to hell and rot.

  4. i love me a prophet who can turn a profit

    love a seer who i can revere

    love an oracle who can work me a miracle

    love a soothsayer livin’ off a prayer

    I want me some anointing without the finger-pointing

    want me some deliverance this time with a difference

    want some healing from the ceiling

    want to expel without a spell

    Sing Hosanna for heavenly manna

    sing hallelujah till it comes to ya

    sing with the flute and sing with the lute

    sing aloud, sing loud and proud

    When you watch the unedited version of the prophecy carefully you will find out it supports the edited version.Tb joshua said that the train derailment was going to happen in asia, very close to india or the same enviroment (i.e india). He also said that they (the authorities) wiil know about yhe danger or situation but will try to manage it (these was confirmed from the news abt the train crash). Tb joshua didn’t say the crash was going to happen on thursday or friday but rather what he said was that thusday, friday and saturday (that week ) should be used; “captured” to pray for the nations concerned (Asia) but latet said praying only on thursday should be okay.
    Although sometimes the scoan media team edits some of tb joshuas prophecy, they do these not to manipulate people into believing wrong prophecy but to help people understand what he really prophesied about for tb joshua sometime when speaking “jumbles” his words and sentences, e.g sometimes he refers to a woman as “he” and a man as “she”, and sometimes he says “thousands of people” when he means “many people, etc you need to understand how tb joshua speaks to know what he is reaaly saying or you will take it to mean another thing.
    You(tbjoshauwatch) that might look like it supports your theory about tb joshua but you leave out the ones that shows otherwise (that does not support your theories or proves your theories abt tb joshua wrong). What about the unedited prophecies that were so accurate to the point e.g the turkey prophecy, malawian presidents death prophecy etc, what about the peoples personal prophecies that they testified to be accurate, why don’t you post and comment on these. What about the many people who have testified every sunday live on scoan(emmanuel tv) that they were healed by God through prophet tb joshua, do you(tbjoshuawatch) even try to investigate and interview them to find out whether the healing they claimed to have recieved is actually true but no you don’t why would you , you are afraid that the truth you will find will not support your theories about prophet tb joshua , but you rather interview those that claimed they were not healed because that will benefit your objectives in doing these you seem to forget that tb joshua is not the healer but Jesus Christ is and He heals who He wants to heal(does as He likes)
    You (tbjoshuawatch) say prophet tb joshua and scoan manipulates people but from your blog blog it seems you are the one manipulating people, trying to sway them to believe your alledged and unproven theories about prophet tb joshua and scoan.
    For the people that believe in these blog (tbjoshuawatch) my advice to you is that you should go and seek the truth for yourselve and don’t rely on what people say or think
    Remember. the Word of God said that we are not the judge but God is the judge and we will give account of every idle words we say on the judgement day. Let the wise listen, THANK YOU

    • @francis
      Thanks for the response, and for not falling into the temptation of calling us devilish or in need of deliverance!

      It is a real stretch to say that India was included in what he said, and if it is reasonable to accept that, why did they feel the need to edit it out?

      Regarding the day, he said that on Thursday they should “pray for the safety of the people who enter the train” – why would they be praying for people entering the train on a specific day if he wasn’t meaning it was the day he saw it happening? It’s reasonably to assume he meant the very next Thursday as well (7th May). Since there weren’t any accidents reported in Asia on the 7th May, you could say the prophecy was a success, the prayers prompted by the prophecy prevented an accident. Every time one of these prophesied disasters actually happens, it is in fact a failure, his prophecy didn’t do anything to prevent it, so what was the point? It did nothing other than give him bragging rights.

      Regarding his accurate prophecies, we have not seen any that aren’t either inevitable given enough time, or where editing has taken place. For example, the original MH370 prophecy predicted the plane would crash metres from the runway due to a known fault. Since neither the cause of the accident or the location is known more than a year later, I think we can safely say it was a false word. What about the word he gave in 2011 when he confidently proclaimed that within a few months, the Boko Haram crisis would be over? He said more than a year back that “any moment from now particles of MH370 would be seen floating on the water, by the end of the week we will no longer be talking about this”. In May 2014 he said the Chibok girls would be released unharmed, immediately. In August 2014 he “cancelled” Ebola and said everyone could go back to how they used to live. What about the hundreds and hundreds of prophecies that have been thrown out there over the years and never again surfaced because nothing came up they could fit? One or two seemingly correct prophecies is but a drop in the ocean compared to everything else.

  6. The ‘prophecies’ tbj gives to the individuals, is carefully screened by his devotees.

    Firstly you need to send them an email with all your problems, before they allow you to go for even a visit. Secondly they screen you in detail while in scoan, with tbj looking at the happenings in his office on a TV screen.
    Thirdly you are commanded to wear the same outfit you wore when interviewed by his devotees, so that he can recognize you in the service!

    I can also ‘prophecy’ accurately just like that.
    He cannot even fight his own battles.
    He is such a coward, his devotees must.
    He cannot even walk into a restaurant, because according to him it is full of demons.
    But in his controlled environment, he is the cats whiskers.
    The big me.

    Please stay blind. Do not wake up. Believe the lie and the liar.
    Let the blind follow the blind…

  7. The prophets in the Bible prophesied, because they wanted restoration between God and his creation-that is man. It was always to do with relationships between men and God. About repentance and turning away from your sins to God, through Jesus.

    “if my people, who are called by my name, will humble themselves and pray and seek my face and turn from their wicked ways, then I will hear from heaven and I will forgive their sin and will heal their land” – 2 Chronicles 7:14.

    What has tbj’s divination to do with salvation or deliverance or anything to do with God’s Kingdom?

    This false ‘prophet’ does not even know that and his destinations are not even accurate.
    They are copy and pasted and you cannot see that!

  8. “I see a leader of a developing country die in office. And there is this fighting after the elections because the opposition party refutes the results. I prophesy a balloon … er.. plane crash in an Asian country with many people dead.Yes God has shown me an earth quake in,.. er .. near Japan. And I clearly saw American planes drop a bomb on a car carrying one senior member of al quaida”.

    Each of the above will happen one day. It is just a question of time. Now, tell me, will that prove that I am a Prophet? This is exactly how “prophet” TB goes about his business.

    As prophesies about individual people as some of his followers have pointed out,these are nothing more than wild guesses. I could do as well, if not better than him. I will give you some examples.

    I look at a man and his wife. The man is clearly a lot older than the wife. What do I say? ” Marry, re-marry”. Believe me more than 90% of the time i will be correct, that is not likely to be his first wife.

    There is this nice looking young woman. She has no ring on the finger and she is alone. “Disappointments. Men date you and abandon you”. Does that need any explanation? Why don’t they do it with older women who are not as nice looking?

    It is just that people are intoxicated with prophesies and miracles that they see them where they are non existent.

      • If there is any one who is so ignorant, it is you. I mean if you can believe your “prophet’s” lies it just goes to prove that your statement is actually meant for yourself. Unless you are one of those on his pay roll.

    • How long has it taken before “A PLANE CRASHES IN AN ASIAN COUNTRY”? I pointed out that it was a matter of time and in less than two weeks it has happened.(If you have heard of the Indonesian plane crash that is). If I made a living doing this type of lies, my men would already have put out an edited version of my “prophesy”. My followers would be marveling at my “God given powers of prophesying” and I would be laughing at their narrow mindedness. And this is exactly how TBJ does it.

  9. “Let two or three prophets speak and let the others pass judgment” – 1 Corinthians 14:29.

    Keep on judging TB Joshua’s ‘prophecie’.

    You are commanded to do so.

  10. the way tb Joshua is acting in spirit, are no profhesies, it are Words of the spirit. A profhesy is guided by heavenly language and direction. There is greeat difference between receiving a Word from God, that can change a situation, or to receive a profhesy. A profhesy is part of Gods plan and a promise, that it will happen in time or very near. A profhesy is a warning and a prediction that God is in charge Always. TB Joshua speacks by the gift of Words. (Knowledge). To fore-tell a disaster is no profhesy, it is a Word of knowledge. Word of knowledge are about personal troubles, a profhesy is about a move of God by HIs plan.

    • jamie what experience have you had with tb joshua or scoan? have you ever been his disciple?

  11. i find the developments at scoan very intriguing. I just noticed that the page they used to have about the wise men is gone. i wonder what that means. does it mean that the rest of the wise men are leaving?
    and i am very curious why the scoan thessalonica has not been acknowledged on their branches page. and did anyone happen to notice that among all those birthday wishes there was none from scoan thessalonica, well that’s unless i missed it. i wonder if this is still Tb joshua’s way of distancing himself from the scoan athens scandal.

  12. Hi Jamie,

    Even if TB Joshua’s ‘prophecies’ are Words of Knowledge, it is tampered with. Copy and pasted and it leads no one to Christ. It has nothing to do with saving or delivering anyone from the kingdom of darkness to the Kingdom of Light of Jesus Christ. It leads no one to repentance. Not a soul who died turned from their wicked ways to God through Jesus and were saved!

  13. Hi Jamie,
    I know this is a late response, but I did not have time to pen it to paper. I want to tell you about a dream I had many, many years ago and the lesson I learned from it.
    I dreamt of a hospital theater. There was a doctor, dressed in white, in it busy operating on a patient. He was concentrating very hard and just looked at the place that he was operating on. It was the patients stomach area. He never looked up. The whole patient was covered under a white sheet, except the stomach area and the face. Everything was sterilized and clean. Shining clean. That was also true of the nurses helping the doctor as well as the instruments he used. There was a nurse, dressed in white, next to the doctor. She stood in between the doctor and the sterilized instruments on the table, laying in a neat row on the table. The instruments were all spotlessly clean. Sterilized and ready for use in the doctors hands. The nurse had to get the instruments from the table and give it to the doctor, when he asked for it. She assisted him in the operation on the body.
    Then I heard the doctor say; “Needle”. I looked on, to see what was happening. Suddenly the knife, that was laying on the table, jumped past the nurse and into the doctors hand. He did not look up, as he trusted that the right instrument was placed into his hand, for the purpose he needed it for. He tried to use it and realized that it was the wrong instrument. He suddenly looked up and was furiously angry. He scolded the nurse and said; “If I ask for the needle I do not want the knife. Do you understand me. I do not have any need for that now. It is just in my way and dangerous!” I was scared.
    I suddenly realized that that little scalpel knife was me. I was young, just saved and over eager to be used in the Masters hands. I was on fire for the Lord and a fighter for Jesus. I realized that I must work with Jesus, who were the doctor operating on the body. I realized that He is the one doing the work in His body NOT me. I am just an instrument in His hands. I had to learn, not to stay behind the Lord, neither run ahead of Him, but stay close to Him, learning to work with Him! That was the only way, in helping the Lord, with the operations He is doing in His body.
    After the operation, I dreamt, the instruments had to be boiled in water and thoroughly sterilized, before they could be used for another operation again. Even sharpened. They were dirty after an operation.
    So I had to learn, that sometimes the Master will not use me, because I am dirty. I need to be cleansed again. So there will be times of rest and restoration. Times where the fire of God will burn out the dross in my life. I also learned that our Lord does not use or abuse His instruments. There will be times of rest.
    Through the years I realized that a different Gospel is being preached these. Mostly they are cut of from Jesus and just focus on themselves and their ministry. Like you are expecting to do everything without Jesus, because there are Bible verses saying you must go, go, go . . . . . without rest etc. You are taught, that it is your faith that will do the thing. No – the focus must be on Jesus. It is your faith and trust in Him and His work.
    Just Like Mathew 7 says, “Jesus does not know most of these prophesying, driving out demons, miracle working people of today. He will say, Go away from me. I do not know you. You were never next to me in the operating theater working with me, to bring healing, deliverance and salvation to the body. You just read a verse and did you own thing, separate from me. You hurt people or even killed people in your strife to serve me. Go away, you loveless mop!”

  14. Hi Jamie,
    Another time I had another dream –
    I was young, it was at the same time as the operating table dream. We were taught, by our pastor, to be bold for the Lord and go, go, go…. for Him. You know – go into all the whole world and make disciples for the Lord and to preach the Word in season and out of season. Boy, did I go. I pushed the Bible down everyone’s throats, because they needed to swallow the Word and get saved. No patience. I did that in the vigour of my youth. I did not care whom I was hurting. That did not even occur to me!
    Then I dreamt that I was teaching a group of people. I saw the finger on my hand pointing to a group of people and I was very seriously preaching to them.
    My finger was going left and right.
    Then suddenly a big hand came down from heaven. It had a wound on it and some fresh blood. I was startled. The hand took my hand gently and turned it back to me. Pointing it to me. I suddenly realised what this verse meant.
    “Preach the word, be prepared in season and out of season; correct, rebuke and encourage–with great patience and careful instruction” – 2 Timothy 4:2
    I learnt that I must preach the Word in season and out of season for me. In other words; If the Lord wakes me up at 14h00 at night and tells me to go and pray for someone in the hospital, I must go. It is out of season for myself, but always in season for the other person. That is how the Lord works and I had to learn to do the same. After all we must become like Jesus and that only happens through dying to self.
    That was many years ago and that lesson served me well. I always remembers the other person first so hopefully Mathew 7 will not happen to me.

    • Makes sense to me.

      This just comes from you what I realised for a while (few years now) that that is what we need to do. Churches think that the more the merrier they are doing God’s Will and Purpose, while many die are being deceived in the process of their so called ministry application. And they just don’t care whatsoever. Reinhard Bonnke is such an individual and Peter Youngren and Magaya. Big crowds resulting in many trampled to death and other nasty problems. They just carry on. All in the Name of God. The same for TB Joshua and followers, only looking to the power tripping but robbing others of their lives irreplaceable.

      • @Jesse,
        I have never seen you speak positive of anyone. Can you give me example of a true man of God in your generation?

        Or do you believe all are crooks….all except yourself?

  15. Just Wonder, thank you for your integrity. Your writings are very beautifull, you have great skill for it! I am called too, but different then you. I have a profhetic gift. The Holy Spirit speacks to me, messages for The Churches. Yesterday, The Holy Spirit asked me; ‘to find the Canaan songs”. I never heared of them. I found them in China. A young woman receives sublieme songs by the inspiration of the Holy Spirit, and she preaches the Gospel. The songs are godly pure and the core of the heart of God. The video is a beautifull example of un-corrupted true christianity. Thank you for your testimony, i believe you are a great servant for Gods purpose. Bless you! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7dMpFofjzq8

  16. I think he is great ,if you don’t like him it’s your own problem ,infect you are the one who is suffering not TB Joshua

    • And how are we suffering ? Don’t notice anything different. Before, During or After. Except now finally justice has been served to this liar and charlatan who had in mind a business not a ministry with accomplishes. Only those that are guilty are hiding. He could not have heard from the Holy Spirit when giving himself approval for to build, especially illegally and without building permit. How is he not guilty in he eyes of the law of the land. But in your eyes and crooked belief that’s absolutely acceptable. Please answer the question here: if he heard from the Holy Spirit or directly from God how come he did not hear anything for 11 years since 2004 that the building that collapsed would be a disaster, lots of grief for others and you disagree God did not know then ? Or the Holy Spirit did not know then that this would happen ? Is that what you are saying ? So why did he close up his so called spiritual ears for all these years or is it not clear to you he did not hear anything in the first place. I am correct when I am saying, now you need to sit down and agree with me that he went on his own insight and personal agenda, because all he wanted was his church to grow from the influx of the people drawn in by false lying, deceiving, 419, evil videos on YouTube that were fake deliverances and thats how it is. So did I miss something out here ? NOT at all !!!!

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