The disintegration of SCOAN continues – now the wisemen are gone (UPDATED)

Where have the wisemen gone?

Where have the wisemen gone?

All but one of the SCOAN international branches have closed, healing services are cancelled indefinitely, allegations of criminal negligence are flying around, TB Joshua has been nowhere to be seen for more than 3 months (thought to be lying low in Mexico), Sunday service attendance has plummeted and now the latest development: the wisemen are gone. Wiseman Harry is now permenantly back in Greece heading up the unannounced SCOAN Thesselonica, the other wisemen have not been seen at SCOAN for weeks* and now their presence has been scrubbed from the website (see above). In the same way an international branch will be dropped quietly as if it never existed in the first place, or a loyal overseas evangelist will be suddenly disowned, now it would appear the same has happened to the much lauded spiritual “sons” of TB Joshua.

Our friend Joshua Debunker on youtube saw this coming a while back, if you’re looking for a new prophet now TB Joshua is off the scene, Debunker is your man!

 *UPDATE: Some readers have pointed out that one or two wisemen have been seen in the background on Emmanuel TV more recently than we thought, so it appears some of them remain at SCOAN, but very much in supporting roles. Let’s not forget, SCOAN once claimed that the wisemen were five four men who had received Divine anointing, used by God to prophesy, heal and deliver people. What happened to that “anointing”?

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  1. The Holy Spirit said this morning about TB Joshua; ” They can not find their way home to town”. And ‘to not try too convince them about holyness and truth”.

  2. The “wisemen” are not as wealthy as TBJ. They have families to feed and have no other careers to fall back to. The ship is sinking and being “wise men” they have put two and two together. Sticking it out with TBJ will not benefit them in the future. Jumping ship is the best option.

    There are many churches out there looking for sweet talkers who will hire them. Alternatively they can put together what they have learnt at SCOAN to run their own businesses

    Fortunately for TBJ, as soon as he comes out of hiding there will be many people lining up to fill the gaps left by the “wise men”. As for the branches? They were not branches in the true sense of the word. They were owned by individuals who wished to ride Joshua’s popularity to build a following. Joshua only allowed the use of his name but had little say in the day to day running of those churches.All he did was wait for his cut of the collections at the end of the month. And when Joshua is no longer as popular what would you expect them to do?

  3. Somebody needs a life! Somebody here needs to know Jesus as Lord and Savior. Somebody here is paranoid and obsessed with attacking TB Joshua. When you mature spiritually, you will move and change some things. Some of you need to mature. Similar to what Jesus asked, “How do you people cast out devils?” After all – Jesus said that these signs shall follow those who believe. Maybe some of you don’t believe. Just saying.

  4. It’s noteworthy that your comments, in recent months, about TB Joshua’s next “move” have been far off the mark (ie wrong)… this should perhaps cause you to pause and reflect. By the way, since you follow Emmanuel tv so closely I would have thought that comments from your website amount the wonderful testimonies that give much praise and glory to God would feature. “He who is for us can not be against us”. The Lord Jesus be lifted high. Amen.

  5. By the way, since you follow Emmanuel tv so closely, I would have thought that wonderful testimonies from the crusades in Mexico and Cali, which give much praise and glory to God, are worthy of comments on your website. “He who is for us can not be against us”. The Lord Jesus be lifted high. Amen.

  6. Is this the beginning of the end or the end of the beginning? But until justice is served on the killer, murderer and false prophet, T B Joshua, the battle continues and we will continue to expose him.
    As for the so-called “wise men,” they are not wise at all, but thoroughly deceived. They need a real reorientation and training!

  7. *UPDATE: Some readers have pointed out that one or two wisemen have been seen in the background on Emmanuel TV more recently than we thought, so it appears some of them remain at SCOAN, but very much in supporting roles. Let’s not forget, SCOAN once claimed that the wisemen were five four men who had received Divine anointing, used by God to prophesy, heal and deliver people. What happened to that “anointing”?

  8. To TB Joshua,

    Devotee Bose preached on Sunday speaking TB Joshua’s own thoughts and her answer to him;

    Bose speaking;
    …“When you are crying, lamenting saying, God why me of all this, why me of all that, why me of all these problems, you are magnifying the adversary above our Heavenly father thus destroying your own confidence in God’s Word. The Word dominating your mouth would soon dominate your heart. The Word coming forth from your mouth produces an overcoming spirit within you. Never allow your situation, challenges or your circumstances to dictate the direction of your confession”…

    The Bible says:
    “If you say in your heart, ‘Why have these things happened to me?’ It is because of the magnitude of your iniquity… the Lord God says” – Jeremiah 13:22.

    So TB Joshua – Let me say it again. Repent.
    Repent of you copy and pasted ‘prophecies”.
    Repent of you sexual sins e.g. sleeping with the girls in your cult etc.
    Repent of deceiving people and lying to them.
    Repent of using and abusing your devotees and not keeping the Sabbath. Giving them rest.
    Repent of you covetousness.
    Repent of you murders.
    Repent of not loving the Lord God of the Bible, with all you heart, soul and strength, but loving yourself that way.
    Repent of using the Name of God in vain and making a joke out of it.
    Repent of not honoring the mothers and fathers.
    Repent of your low down Nigerian ways.

    Repent, so that something worse won’t happen to you!

  9. Oh and TB Joshua – Repent means to stop sinning. To stop you low down ways. To turn 180 degrees from your evil ways. To change.

  10. And to the devotees of TB Joshua,

    And Jesus said unto them; “Go ye into all the world and preach the gospel to every creature. He that believe and is baptized shall be saved, but he that believe not shall be damned” – Mark 16:15-16

    “Then Peter said unto them; “Repent and be baptized every one of you in the Name of Jesus Christ for the remission of sins and you shall receive the gift of the Holy Spirit” – Acts 2:38.

    Were there ever tears of repentance from you, because you did not obey God’s Word? Or were there only tears, because you questioned TB Joshua’s words?

    Did you ever obeyed God and got baptized in water after repentance?
    Or are there any evidence that tbj repented and got baptized in water after repentance?

    The Bible says very clearly what you should do to please God.

    The way back to God through Jesus is:

    “Let there be tears for the wrong things you have done. Let there be sorrow and sincere grief. Let there be sadness instead of laughter and gloom instead of joy. Then when you realize your worthlessness before the Lord, he will lift you up, encourage and help you” – James 4:9-11.

    And did you receive the Gift of the Holy Spirit, after obeying the Word of God and NOT the word of tbj?
    Jesus Promises the Holy Spirit

    “If you love me, you will obey what I command and I will ask the Father and he will give you another Counselor to be with you forever– the Spirit of truth. The world cannot accept him, because it neither sees him nor knows him, but you know him, for he lives with you and will be in you” – John 14:15-17.

    “We are witnesses of these things and so is the Holy Spirit, whom God has given to those who obey him” – Acts 5:32.

  11. To TB Joshua’s devotees,

    Open your eyes. Think. TB Joshua’s custom was and is to drop everyone, when he has finished using you. Think. You know how many people he has dropped in the past, just like that. He has dropped you. Wake up. He has dropped his branches. He has dropped his wise men and he is busy dropping you. Devotees that are still waiting for him to call them back to scoan, lagos, wake up. You are going no where. Leave tbj and start building your own life in Jesus. TB Joshua is just wasting your time, money and your life. Get out of scoan, before you are totally destroyed!!!!!!!!!!!!
    How long are you still going to run after him, hoping for …..
    You are going to sit waiting for nothing. I am talking to you in Cape Town, Johannesburg and wherever you are, having your eyes in tbj to do a thing for you.
    Go home, get away from TB Joshua, you are wasting your time and your life.

    • you are right just wonder i do not trust this man at all. TB Joshua is a one man show. He got jealous of the attention the wisemen were getting, and only wants attention on himself. he removed the banner that used to have him and the wisemen together also, and put up one of himself alone.

      He also removed all the wisemen videos of sermons and prayer with the wisemen from his youtube. i used to be able to search for wisemen sermons and mass prayer videos on his youtube page, but now nothing comes up.

      the only place to find wisemen sermons and mass prayers is from other unofficial youtube users.
      I pray that God would establish the wise men somewhere else before he throws them out like he did john chi. yes he dumped john chi. TB Joshua prides himself in giving millions of dollars away but he could not establish John Chi with a decent church.he has to hold church in a dusty backyard. what a disgrace! he is so fake, his love for his workers is fake! he should have shown a little gratitude for the years John Chi slaved for him. I know he could have done better for John Chi because, wise man Harry started in a church not a dusty backyard. but God has blessed John Chi, he is thriving, holding crusades in Pakistan and South Africa.

      • Thanks, very interesting observation, they’re doing a proper scrub of all mentions of the Wisemen. I can’t imagine the confusion and fear the devotees must be facing right now.

      • Humpff, I do not understand this. Why are Harry and John Chi thriving ?

        They are doing the same things as TB Joshua. Anybody can rent a hall, rent a car, put some people in a military suit which you can hire too. This means nothing. To me it is the same scam as they do in SCOAN.

        Let’s look at the “healings” “miracles” and the like. What is going on ? A lot of crazy things going on. These are people from ? Who are they ?

        What kind of ministering is this ? It’s the same format as what they do in SCOAN. No evidence of nothing. Let’s look at some. Somebody with a strap around their waiste. Somebody with a crutch. Really ? I am very sceptical of what I am seeing there. I see nothing going on than some people jumping up and down which are so to speak “healed” but are they ? I don’t believe any of it.

        Why is it that we don’t see any of them in countries where there is no corruption taking place on a daily basis. Pakistan. Oh yeah, of course, no corruption there is it ? Ah, South Africa, worse corruption there all over. It’s all the same game and display. I can guarantee you, if I am bringing anyone in the same type of conditions there, they are no allowed to be in prayer line and will not be healed. I am not buying it. Nothing is thriving, it’s another theatrical scam to mislead. No testing of any doctor independent, no other scientist available of verifying anything. Just a wild bunch of strange behaviour. Surely God was really making it look like that. No evidence of speaking in tongues either after the Holy Spirit comes upon them. Sorry, I am not having any of it. None of it. It’s strange fire.

  12. Woe to the sheperds of Israel, who only take care of them-selves! Should not sheperds take care of the flock? You have not strenghtened the weak or healed the sick or bound-up the injured?…you have ruled them harschly and brutally. So they where scattered because there was no sheperd.

  13. To justbloggingtruth,

    Thanks for this observation about the wise men etc. It is very enlightening. Harry in Thessalonia, Jon Chi in South Africa etc. Wonder where Racine is? Saw Daniel and Christopher in scoan the last few months. By the way, the Cape Town ‘branch’ closed down in March 2014. Wonder what will happen to those leaders?

    ANOINTING WATER, Cape Town, SOUTH AFRICA, Scoan Branch.

  14. John chi is actually based in Cameroon. He was only in South Africa for the crusade. the last time i saw wise man Racine was in the Mexico crusade. He probably stayed in Mexico with TB Joshua.

  15. What I tried to say was that both Jon Chi and Harry, were ministering outside of scoan this June, July. Interesting. While tbj is gone into hiding.

  16. You know, I was thinking.
    Where are the Mexico disciples? After the Mexican crusade, I have not seen them. Did they stay behind in Mexico?
    Where are the South African disciples? I have also not seen them on Emman TV. Did the stay behind in South Africa?
    Are they also being dumped, without knowing it?
    Are they being dumped, with nice promises in the pipeline?
    TB Joshua is definitely getting rid of everyone slowly, calculated and systematically.

  17. The situation is moving from bad to worse:
    1. TB Joshuas followers in UK no longer communicate with each other as they used to do before(the used to phone each other and send texts to each other)
    2.Their frequency of watching Emmanuel Tv has dropped significantly.

    • @John Karman
      I’m not surprised. TB Joshua was the star attraction, especially the healing services. The “wisemen” were popular too. Without any of this, what is the reason to keep watching? The empire is crumbling. I bet they’re hemorrhaging money as well.

    • Where do you get this information from ? How can you know about hundreds of them of what they are doing or not doing that were in the branches ? To me this is speculation.

  18. I want to mention also that when you go to John Chi’s website, you will see they will promise you the full video FOR MONTHS and nothing materialized. Same editing of videos takes place of things that are pretend to be happening. A lot of chaos and falling to the ground with nothing to write home about. A violent depiction of the Holy Spirit manifestation, because ??? And what about lifting of legs of those that it looks like they can not walk and then start running ? Yeah, yeah, yeah. I AM NOT HAVING IT !!! Not because of unbelief but I see clear practices of scam practices and lies they keep doing in that kind of format.

  19. Empty vessels speak the loudest. You all are empty vessels that is why you criticise…remove the peck out of your own eyes before you try to remove out of others eyes. Stupid people, idiots!

    • @ DarkChild,

      You mean we don’t put up with your scam tactics is it not ?

      Go on answer me the question about: Did TB Joshua hear from God to build a hostel for foreigners to come in and stay there ?

      If Yes, do you acknowledge that God Who is all knowing knew that this would be a disaster and many would die in the future and it would cost a lot of money to compensate the victims and other problems. Why did God agree with TB Joshua to build such a death trap ? If TB Joshua heard from God. And if he did hear from God why did he not say anything to anyone for over 11 years because only the main auditorium has building approval since 2004.

      If No, do you acknowledge that TB Joshua and staff and the department of adminstration in SCOAN as well lawyers went on a private agenda and illegal agreement with building contractors to build these buildings without building permits ?

      Do you acknowledge that this is a sin and that TB Joshua and all need to repent publicly because of their lies they said to people that they were doing the work of God ?

      Will you answer my question without diverting to another story to cover your tracks and siphon off money from people to peddle yourself forward ?

  20. I love you TBJ, you truly are a servant of the Most High. Let these little brains keep talking trash, we would see on the last day, how long their mouths are. Foolish people! And you say you are Christians, but yet criticise? You have nothing to do with your time but seat and talk about the true men of God.
    Be careful, else a curse comes upon you! A bunge of useful fools!

    • @ Darkchild,

      Do you acknowledge that Alan Turing was a godless Atheist and homosexual and is the builder of the modern day computer. Why does TB Joshua peddle himself forward with tools that are from Satan to proclaim the Gospel on Youtube from a godless atheist search engine provider and make a name for himself ? Please acknowledge your errors. What would Jesus do ? Did Jesus use the godless atheist system to move His Gospel forward or by God breathed inspired writers and scribes to make a Bible of which we preach the Gospel and the Works of the Cross of Calvary ? Do you acknowledge that TB Joshua uses the channels of Satan to make a name for himself and consistently lies day in day out about what happened to the hostel in Lagos on New land.

      Please answer the question and stop diverting your lies to defend a scam charlatan that is using the bible as cover up and not for the people but to make a bigger empire for himself with killing people on his terms and false prophesies that do not help anyone than glorifying himself and making SCOAN to well known name all over the world with tricks and scam tactics with the use of actors to make a merry go round circus.

      Will you comply ?

  21. But Jesus say unto you,” That whosoever is angry with his brother without a cause shall be in danger of the judgment and whosoever shall say to his brother, Raca, ( Raca comes from the Aramaic term reqa. It was a derogatory expression meaning “EMPTY HEADED”),shall be in danger of the council, but whosoever shall say, Thou fool, shall be in danger of hell fire” – Matthew 5:22.

  22. Jesse I see you have a problem here. You are apparently upset at the so-called ‘scam’ going on by the wisemen. You will HAVE NONE OF IT. None of what? The Miracles? Are you the PREFECT over miracles? You do not believe people are being healed. You sit in the comfort of your arm-chair watch videos and decide all the healing are fake? Are you aware that according to psychologists you see what you want to see? You have made up your mind NOT to see miracles so even the obvious ones, you will refuse to see. Have you taken the trouble to speak to the people about the veracity of their healings? Somebody also believes he can keep statistics of when SCOAN members phone and text each other. Ridiculous!!

    With all the speculation on this site, I wonder what you folk here salivating at the prospect of SCOAN collapse will say whan TBJ re-emerges. What makes you think all the work done in building this ministry for over 27yrs and about 50m Emmanuel TV viewerswill just vanish overnight? Remember TBJ was arrested in the past for suspected drug offences and he came back stronger. If you watch SCOAN Sunday service are you not impressed that even in the absence of TBJ, for the past two months, deliverances are still taking place using just his anointing water? If there are problems with SCOAN in Nigeria, I want to inform you SCOAN has bought a vast plot of land in Accra waiting to be developed. I do not know about other countries.

    • @ Newman,

      Ahhhh you never sit in any chair do you now ? You stand up your entire life don’t you ? Type here standing etc etc Here I catch you in your own lies again. Do you really think I am sitting in armchair 24/7 ? Please don’t show your intelligence will you now ?

      I can sit stand anywhere in the world to do what I do. Which is the case, but whatever. I don’t have to inform you that I am elsewhere, while yourself tell nothing about yourself than about this criminal gang how they operate. I remember about the same story about acquiring new lad new building while they closely go sit by other African churches to do their silly “anointed water” scams that only works from SCOAN actors. Unknown people are always healed, delivered, but you never see others who are world famous coming to be delivered or healed.

      Then bragging again with other people’s money with lies. Or bank loan and beg for tithes and offerings and lies.

      I am not impressed by lies and scams. I don’t need to be a Prefect over anything what is so obvious. Why are the businesses complaining their business is belly up and that the “anointing water” is not working for them clearly. Because your personal idol is not there to feed them. You know, I was in a place recently where I passed a big Hindu Temple with a massive Shiva statue in front of it 100 feet high. Now here it comes. There is a huge lake there which they call the Holy Lake and they use the water to sprinkle over different objects and they also drink from it in the belief that it does miracles from them etc etc. They do this for hundreds of years there. So nothing new is it now ? Hmmmmm, I wonder where TB Joshua gets this formula from, eh and as I said before about videos that “water has memory”. Because I was Batman ID there. All occult methods as is discussed here. But here you are again defending the charlatan criminal coming back stronger. Criminals thrive under the sun as the Bible teaches, so your silly assertions mean nothing than private agenda and propaganda and deception. I know he is the false private prophet from Revelation to come and deceive the masses and is able to call fire etc etc from the sky. Nothing that we all don’t know is it. It’s written in the Word so what more does one need to know ? Except you who is drunk in a stupor with the toxic wine of false and lying miracles and false lying prophets. Nothing new about it is it now. Please go fool somebody else. Find an old Jew or so and stop being such theatrical circus and mismanagement of God’s Word.

      • @ Newman,

        I have not made my mind about anything what God does. Stop your lying. But I have made up my mind about the lies of your false lying false prophet and his scam team whom I know personally and know of who they are and what they pretended to be in December 2013. Lies, lies and more lies. None of them had demons, they fabricated them up as they went along. But liars stay liars so that is why it came up in them as it was and is. Now you are out for more victims in Ghana. 4 were not enough and 1 broken leg Victim. With your false lying prophet not seeing a thing. Then commanding them “go get it”. False prophet. False prophet. FALSE PROPHET ! I know you love to beat Baalams donkey over and over again for your own entertainment. You do it with glee so your private agenda for the next victims can take place and dance upon their graves. So far your false private prophet has left a trail of death and stinking bodies around in many countries. And I have none.

        Score so far: Jesse 1 – TB Joshua 0. I am sure you don’t understand any of this. That is why the blind leading the blind.

    • @ Newman, but rather and old dog with trying to do new tricks but cannot pull it off before truthers and uncovering the real purpose of SCOAN.

      Newman will you comply to answer me the following questions:

      Did God instruct TB Joshua to build new hostels to host the influx of people on New Land ? If so, do you acknowledge under oath that God knew before hand this would be a disaster and a death trap for future inhabitants in the illegal built hostel without building permits ?

      If not, does this mean that TB Joshua was out with his staff, disciples, wisemen, administration and building contractors, laywers out on a private agenda and plan to make more money out of the influx of people whom he mislead with false miracles and lies with the help of actors in the church ?

      Do you comply with my questions and will you answer this in the Court when asked such questions ? Will you answer directly when asked why TB Joshua did not say anything for over 11 years that the buildings were illegal and without building permit ?

      Do you comply that this is lying and a sin and diverting the course of Justice and the Law of the Land ? As well abusing the system for personal gain and making a name for one selves under the banner of business venture SCOAN for the acquirement of filthy lucre ?

      Will you answer this question without diverting to your love of the false private prophet idolatry you have which is a sin.

      Will you comply with the fact the above proofs that TB Joshua sinned and has to repent publicly and that he is a false private prophet for the love of money and gain and carving out a name for himself and not for God ?

      Go ahead be my guest and answer the questions accordingly. And will you do so under oath in the dock of a Court before all mankind, the world and God ?

  23. ewma, will you explain to me, why so christians who come to scoan, need such a wicked deliverance, as by the Anoited water? Are they not saved? Or are they un-believers, or heithens? Every person who accepts Jezus, is immidiatly delivered. , for ever-more,. So where do all the so-called demons come from? Or is socan just a cleaning-ministery for what-ever sin, to become removed? Did not Jezus died for our sins? Or is TB Joshua just working in the OT, in steat of by the NT.? Every christian can have problems, emotional and fysical, but they are never demonic possesed. So where do all thoose demonic posseded people in scoan come from? Out of the demon- jungle?

    • Vooke,if Tbjoshua ever had that power to sacrifice people,why didn’t he have started sacrificing blockhead Cunt like you?

    • Vooke,So you are insulting those who died that they didn’t have brain nor didn’t have their lives hidden in Christ ?Right?
      You are nothing than an IDIOT big headed full of himself !

  24. Vooke, yes, for a compleetly blind stubborn self-deceiving person with a wrong self-esteem, it takes a disaster before they awake to them-self. Yes, God warns for a long time. Jezus says; “go and sin no more, so nothing worser will happen to you.”. Being warned and still sinning is asking for the worse.

  25. the owners of this blog they might be the leaders of ISIS and also be a family members of boko haram. You are so full of yourself. Who is paying you to talk this nonsense. Shame on you. Fo your information the whole world love Prophet TB Joshua and the heaven protocol stand by him. Go and get life or you will die of depression.

    • Rhanga, you are wrong, the whole church-world, is talking about TB Joshua, as; a murderer, a dictator, a fornicator, a man with Power but without the right character. No-one wants to have anything to do with TB Joshua. Shame on you, to confuse your discernement.

      • @ Jamie,

        I am totally with Andres Bissoni and his teaching. Here a video so you can see what what he preaches I believe too and what he does I can do, you can do. God bless you. Take care.

        I hope it will help you to see that I am not against the workings of the Holy Spirit at all. But there is big difference between Andres Bissoni and TB Joshua who only cares about himself and his empire and distributing money that is not his’. See how Andres is doing it who travels the world all over without big church trailing behind him to satisfy his own needs but trusts God for his provision and his family. Amazing man. I have been watching him for many years now. I have not met him yet, but I would love to meet him in a meeting one day. God help me with that.

        I hope you will enjoy this video for your personal edification because I really enjoyed it and it made me pray and cry with a loud voice out to God for more.

  26. @tbjoshuawatch,

    Is it possible that TB Joshua is nursing an ’embarrassing’ ailment and is ashamed of coming out?

      • Yes, the deluded folks at SCOAN have always tried to cover everything up for their master and false prophet, but this time they have nothing to cover with. Shame on T B Joshua and all his henchmen and women! The Lord God will deal with each and everyone of you who played a part in this Synagogue of Satan, to manipulate and deceive people. Shame on you again!!!!

      • @tbjoshuawatch,
        I frequent Nairaland and some random sheeple every so often claims to have seen him somewhere behind the cameras.

        The other theory is that he is busy recharging his batteries,fasting and all that and he will make a comeback.

        I can’t for the arrest warrant

      • They keep popping up to say that, but I’m 100% convinced he’s not there. It’s not just him that’s AWOL, it’s his entourage. Some trusted aides/disciples have been noticeably absent since Mexico too.

      • These people at SCOAN are liars! Lying is part of their training and their modus operandum. They will say anything to cover their false prophet. T B Joshua is not “charging any battery,” nor is he fasting or anything of the sort. The man is simply in hiding for whatever reason, but he cannot hide forever!!!!!

  27. I still say go and get life. Nobody take notice of you anymore you the owners of this blog cause we know who you are so please do yourself favour stop embarrasing yourself further.

  28. Blessed be the name of the Lord. God is watching and will fight for his anointed in ways that only He can understand and this will surely come to pass in His time. Only then will His children be vindicated. Amen.

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  30. Starting from the days I saw nude pictures of people “purported to have been healed ” from cancer of the private parts, I knew I was looking at the devil in the face.A messenger of darkness. As if confirming this, my son told me never to waste any time watching him.

    Am here in Malawi. All people who spent money going to his synagogue for healing are either dead or in critical condtions.

    When the building collapsed killing 115people, I knew it was a sacrifice to his master – the prince of darkness! Who is TB Joshua to declare anyone a matyr! Sic

  31. Hahahaha Who doesn’t know you all who are against The Prophet of our generation all you who speak evil against the true man of God we know you are agent of darkness you can’t fight God you are fighting a losing battle shame shame shame on you all against the true Prophet .Eternal fire awaits you and you foolish father satan .


  32. @Rhanga U THlariha
    This tbjoshuawatch blog Is unGodly it’s Anti-Christ .
    Our Prophet preaches Jesus Christ of Nazareth the Son of the Living God these Anti-Christ are not happy because they are in trouble many people are being delivered and their foolish father has been exposed they are confused they are trying to fight him but they don’t know they are fighting a losing battle because they are not fighting him but Jesus Christ.Eternal fire awaits them and their foolish father satan.


  33. @Margaret
    I feel pity for your words spoken against the true Man of God he is a true Prophet one thing you should know is that this


    its not for God its against the powerful man of God Prophet Tbjoshua because the devil has been exposed through Jesus Christ in him look at the spirit of gay the spirit of lesbian those are demons living in people but they have been exposed in SCOAN those things are not of God but of the devil I ask you and you son to change your heart and have a Christ in your hearts then you will know that Prophet Tbjoshua is sent. Following his teaching on Jesus Christ my life has been transformed am a new person in Christ Jesus. May the LORD have mercy on you and your son am speaking to you am a Living testimony of the Morning Water from Tbjoshua .
    1 Chronicles 16:22 Do not touch my anointed one
    And do my Prophets no harm.

    Mattew 12:36 But I say to you that for every idle word men may speak they will give account of it in the judgement.

    Mattew 7:1
    Do not judge or you too will be judged.
    Just look at the tbjoshuawatch blog they remain anonymous they use fake names because they are not for the truth names like Mr Terrific , Jaegerin ,jesse tbjoshuawatch ,jamine,Jamie ,vooke and many others against the Prophet these agents of darkness they have the agenda but they can’t fight God thy are fighting a lost battle.


    • @Francis
      Rather than pitying Margaret, why not take in what she said. How do you justify the nudity and regular sexual content in SCOAN videos? How do you square that with Phil 12:8 “Finally, brothers and sisters, whatever is true, whatever is noble, whatever is right, whatever is pure, whatever is lovely, whatever is admirable–if anything is excellent or praiseworthy–think about such things.”?

      What about the fact she says that everyone she knows who went to SCOAN for healing died? That’s exactly the same experience I’ve had from a completely different country. Stop just shouting the same stuff each time and start to engage with the facts.

  34. @Margaret
    If someone told you she had breast cancer or anal cancer or HIV or any sickness on any part of the body and upon visting the arena of Liberty the person was prayed for by the anointed Man of God and got healed through Jesus Christ went back and gave a testimony the first question you could ask is

    1) Where is proof that you where prayed?
    2) For you can say show me any video any picture for me to believe ?

    For anyone to receive healing you need to believe that Jesus Christ can heal me through the Prophet and have faith in your heart even Jesus Christ said” Your Faith has made you well that means if the person didn’t have faith can’t be made well
    When you go to the anointed man of God Prophet Tbjoshua and you don’t believe that he can heal you through Jesus Christ and you don’t have faith you will come back in the same state you need to believe and have faith you will be made well. Faithless generation you need total proof.


    • 1) Where is proof that you where prayed?
      2) For you can say show me any video any picture for me to believe ?


      Faithless generation you need total proof.


  35. @tbjoshuwatch
    Hahaha too dull to understand just like you father satan who is always behind it remainds me of the way demons manifest in SCOAN like I don’t know how this one find her self here I warned her not to come here because she will be delivered you are not different from those foolish things you are the same your foolish father satan always behind just like his foolish agent like you who can’t realise that they are fighting a losing battle Alas!!! Too dull to figure out Alas!!!!!


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