Fake deliverance at SCOAN

Not much going on in TB Joshua-land at the moment except for repeats of old material, so we’ll join the club and repeat one of our old articles. If you missed this the first time, read on to see evidence that nobody is really delivered at SCOAN.

A reader recently made us aware of a video of the ex-Pastor of SCOAN Athens being delivered over a year ago from a “spirit of lust and anger that caused him to be disgraced”. This is the same man who is now the subject of allegations of sexual abuse from 4 young women, and was recently described by Wise Man Harry as a “rude, disobedient, disrespectful and full of anger man”.

Two things should be observed here:

1) SCOAN are allowing “demon possessed” people to lead their branches

At the time of the deliverance, SCOAN Athens was still a fully functioning official branch. The man being delivered from demons was the pastor authorised by TB Joshua to lead this branch of his ministry. There are videos online of nearly all the foreign SCOAN leaders and disciples being dramatically delivered from demons, which leads you to wonder why they were ever chosen to lead within SCOAN? Who wants to be part of a church who’s leaders are crawling with demons? As it happens, the people who we know who have dedicated their lives to SCOAN were exemplary Christians, the fact they sacrificed successful careers, education and many other things to pursue full time ministry at SCOAN is testament to their desire to serve God with everything they had. These were exactly the kind of people you would be happy to see in church leadership…. nothing like the crazed, staring, demon-manifesting people we see after years of service to SCOAN. If this is what SCOAN does to you, keep as far away as possible.

2) Deliverance at SCOAN does not work

Or at least it didn’t seem to work in the case of the ex-Athens pastor, and this is far from the only deliverance fail we are aware of. Many years ago TB Joshua conducted a crusade in Australia. There was a well broadcast deliverance of a woman during this crusade, culminating in TB Joshua proclaiming her free, and even bizarrely claiming that her deliverance resulted in 5000 other people being set free. Giles was a disciple at the time, he says that “she later came to Lagos, and I was surprised to see her no different. She had come for more deliverance, and she was behaving the same way. Obviously she was not delivered in Australia.” There are also the well publicised cases of Nigerian celebrities such as Tonto Dike and Jim Iyke who TB Joshua has famously delivered, but without resulting in any visible change in lifestyle.

This is more evidence that you can’t trust anything you see on Emmanuel TV.

I wonder why today’s men in religion like publicizing deliverances and even bringing shame on those being delivered. Is this the way and will of God? Is it a way of attracting people for business or what? I would rather watch someone preach the word on TV and the rest should be done off TV or off screen. We need the word of truth on TVs more than deliverances and miracles. In fact Satan is more scared of the truth than miracles/deliverances. The truth liberates and the pure word of God is like fire.

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107 thoughts on “Fake deliverance at SCOAN

  1. @ All,

    This is what I have been saying to you all along. From all branches people were leading the churches who were found possessed with “demons”. On Youtube this was abundantly posted under Emmanuel TV, Momisi and another website in Russia and the Facebook pages. Can’t remember the site but it is there.

    When we saw this we were furious of the fact that we had interacted with these people personally and had friendships and even had them in our house. Transported them, fed them, supported them, doing together things.

    When all these so called “demons” were “in” those people. We all asked ourselves how can de minister unto people and not manifest themselves ? Also how can it be that if they were using the “anointed water” why did they not manifest while they were spraying it wildly all through the aisles ? It is beggars belief that they were claiming to be possessed with all kinds of demons such as, “darkness, fear, failure, Indian man, seduction, spiritual wife, spiritual husband, depression, queens, spirit of granddad, spirit of grandma, spirit of (computer) games,, depression, anger, crocodile, snake, serpent, giant man, and many more.”

    Why if you are serving in a deliverance ministry one is still uncovered by what they claim is the Holy Spirit. If the Presence of the Holy Spirit would be there, they certainly would have manifested right ? Or when you spray “anointed water”. What we did observe that some women were making noise like Ooooh, Aahhhh, or just kneebuckling but that was it. Nothing as what you would see in SCOAN week in week out.

    Therefore I maintain for the fact and conviction that most of the deliverance sessions are fake and staged, if not rehearsed before time. Because I cannot accept that the way they do it, is any biblical application whatsoever.

    Secondly I am not surprised that this is again drifting to the surface because to my opinion they do this to attract people to the church who are desperate, have lots of problems they have created for themselves and come to church to get a hand out and go away singing praises about SCOAN of how wonderful it is. While they get money sent home and enjoy themselves from it that is coughed up by the donors and gifts to SCOAN as to want to keep the place going.

    For me I have always said and maintained that is is not right as I was totally alien to this kind of deliverance. I have always also maintained that they were cheating in it. I hope that finally this will be the end of this hell hole over there because to my belief it is only about money and running this place.

  2. Pearl,

    I want to see successful permanent healing of the following diseases with independent pre and after doctors and scientists reports in SCOAN. But I am not going to hold my breath for that. Because I know it is not going to happen. PS, there are people who were born with a hole in their heart and they were swimming professionally. I know a man who had and used to swim with me, so what’s the stampede about ? Rubbish video and lies again to sell off SCOAN as miracle place.

    German Mystery Calf Disease
    Dancing Plaque
    Porphyira disease
    Morgellons Disease
    Lujo Virus
    Jumping Frenchmen of Main Disorder
    Kuru Disease
    Gulf War Syndrome
    Cyclic Vomiting Syndrome
    Nodding Disease
    Stiff person syndrome
    Creutzfeldt Jakob disease
    Brainerd Diarrhea
    Sweating Sickness

    • nothing makes sense on this useless blog/website, you guys should go get a job. TB JOSHUA IS A REAL MAN OF GOD…………………………………………………

      • @ Pearl,

        Ofcourse it does not make sense to you. Willingly closing your consciousness about what I say. Because that’s the reality. Why is he hiding ? Does that make sense ? When you run out of excuses towards the court, escape to another country is the answer ? Only crooks do that. Check out WWII escapees to Chili, Argentina, etc, hiding in Patagonia in mountainous ares and jungles. A real man of God goes to court like Jesus did or had to, no stribbling against it, He Willingly drunk the Cup, unlike your scam false private prophet.

      • Pearl, there are so-called pastors, encouraging people to drink petrol and eat grass. Who says TBJ is no different?

  3. After all said and done, knowing that passing through SCOAN personally, simply served as to advance my relationship with God and serve His purpose in my life, I cannot help but say this:
    seeing Andreas’ “deliverance” again, it is more than evident how fake it was.
    His arrogance, anger and careful choice of words so as not to be exposed concerning his abominant doings during his ministry, are more than evident and prevalent. It is SO evident that he was under pressure to be delivered, following orders his pride and arrogance hated. It is actually laughable the way he adds “before I entered the ministry” so that he doesn’t get in trouble and maintains his seat. Angry, calculated and at the end a cry of relief because he is delivered? Don’t be so naive….it’s a cry of relief because his public humiliation is over. A masquerade unto the Holy Spirit, in his mind an act of obedience to his mentor.
    Those who consciously sin unrepentant, God has given over to a depraved mind.
    Sad but true…..
    Nevertheless, we have been given the Word, we have not been denied the Truth and everyone shall be held accountable accordingly.
    The end is closer than we think.
    You may deceive yourself and others, God cannot be mocked.
    Seek His Mercy while it is still available, whoever you are.

  4. Mark Twain once said about ” a true relgious man” : he is the only animal, that loves his neighbor as himself, and cuts his troat if his theoloy is not straight”.

  5. The only one who seriously needs deliverance from a spirit of sex lust, anger and covetousness is TB Joshua himself.

  6. Scoan’s disciple’s deliverances – compilation:

    Most are just about sex lusts spirits?

    Remember the two married junior ‘prophets’ in the Cape Town branch, South Africa?

    Both were delivered from a spirit of lust etc. while married and the branch closed after that in March 2014?

    Wonder why?

  7. Just wonder,; TB Joshua delivers a lot in other people, where he himself needs deliverance from. TB arranges situation, where-by TB can deliver him-self from troubles, by delivering some-one else. The problem of the other may be the same, as a spirit of lust, or is just projected on a innocent person.. The other becomes a substitute for removing TB,s own troubles. To remove ‘spiritsof lusts’in his pastors, makes it possible for TB to be delivered from the lust-problem in him-self. It is a collective-pattern. It is a stragedy, to not to be exposed for own sin and evil. , the humiliation and shame, is transported to the other.

    • Hey Awojobi Muriana,

      How about you tell yourself and your false private prophet and the other fanatic followers and staff.

      Leviticus 19:11 You must not steal. You must not act deceptively or lie to one another.

      Because that is the order of the day in SCOAN.

  8. Just unfortunate the inventor of this blog’s aim is to soil the good work of the prophet. You will not prevail.

    • @ innocent,

      We will prevail with the Word of God into your face.

      419 scammer promoter.

      See above.

      None of the staff in December 2013 had demons inside of them they made them all up because they wanted to make all things conform to have a foot standing upon that everyone needs deliverance.

      Deliverance alright, yes, but vermin like you abusing it in thinking everyone is and must be possessed and need to come to have a ride for to siphon off our money to run a lying deceptive show to mislead people with personal problems to put before SCOANS cart to keep it all going.

      • you are so stupid and usless @jesse, you know notin. i wonder what concerns you with SENIOR PROHET TB JOSHUA, mind you life and your business, useless fool

      • @ Pearl,

        Ofcourse, I am sometimes stupid and useless. So, Pleasseeeee, gimme your remote deliverance that you promised you will do, days pass by, weeks even more, months, years, decades and it still has not reached or made any difference, your god is deaf and dead. How come that you claim that” distance is not a barrier”. You say you pray every day how you can mash me up, fall down, come one way, go seven ways and yet I am still going, still doing, still putting it in your face that their no remedy for you as written in II Thessalonians 2, until you, yourself repent of your endless fantasies selling to the publiC by the shed load with 419 scam paradise. My proof will be, whenever TB Joshua crosses my path or I am his’ wherever, I will deliver him and you too and the world will know including you what a scammer you and him are. Let God be my witness, because I will do it. I wwill show you that he is just a mortal man with nothing to go by.

    • TBJ is just another Nigerian scam artist, using religion to get rich and famous. Poor chap, didn’t foresee the tragedy that would unfold because his ego got too big for Heaven.

  9. pearl, you are using the right words, ; stupide and useless, thats what Scoan is for humanity and christianity; stupide and useless. Absolute useless and stupide in their humilliation and absolute useless in there dis-gracing God. There are no words, to explain how low a man who calls himself a servant of God, can go, in stupidity and uselessness. I am sorry for you pearl, that you are one of the lost people of humanity. There is no Salvation in Scoan. It is one of the most dangerous places to go in this world, offering everything what is not Bibly. Freedom in Christ, is just for a vwe, who know Him, all the rest, people as you, are the suckers and beggars on wrong doors. Un-able to grow-up, to take responsibilitity for our own life, and messing around with others life. May you burn in hell! Thank you so much.

  10. And again Pearl,

    …………….”you are so stupid and usless @jesse, you know notin. i wonder what concerns you with SENIOR PROHET TB JOSHUA, mind you life and your business, useless fool”………………

    It is written:

    “But I say unto you; “That whosoever is angry with his brother without a cause shall be in danger of the judgment and whosoever shall say to his brother, ‘Raca’ (Raca in the Bible means – vain, empty, worthless. The Jews used it as a word of contempt. It is derived from a root meaning “to spit on”), shall be in danger of the council, but whosoever shall say, ‘Thou fool, shall be in danger of hell fire’.” – Matthew 5:22.

    It seems that tbj puts a new person on to curse and swear everytime?

  11. To TB Joshua:

    You said that you are possessed with god?

    It is written:

    “And it came to pass, as we went to prayer, a certain damsel POSSESSED WITH A SPIRIT OF DIVINATION met us, which brought her masters much gain by soothsaying” – Acts 16:16.

    “And Saul disguised himself and put on other raiment and he went and two men with him and they came to the woman by night and he said; “I pray thee, DIVINE UNTO ME BY THE FAMILIAR SPIRIT (a familiar spirit is a dead ancestor, esp male spirits, called up) and bring me him up, whom I shall name unto thee” – 1 Samuel 28:8.

    “And mine hand shall be upon the prophets that SEE VANITY AND DIVINE LIES, they shall not be in the assembly of my people, neither shall they be written in the writing of the house of Israel, neither shall they enter into the land of Israel and ye shall know that I am the Lord GOD” – Ezekiel 13:9.

    “Therefore ye shall SEE NO MORE VANITY NOR DIVINATION, for I will deliver my people out of your hand and ye shall know that I am the LORD” – Ezekiel 13:23.

    “O foolish Galatians, who hath bewitched you…” Gal.3:1.

    • Martyrs of faith: those who knowingly or willingly decide to defend with their life their stance on their beliefs, more specifically, will not deny Christ’s Lordship in their life for no one or nothing.
      With all due respect to the deceased:
      Where can it be proven that all these people were born again believers-the only way to enter Heaven-?
      Doesn’t SCOAN itself claim that everyone needs deliverance?
      Deliverance from whom and what?
      You cannot serve two masters at the same time. If- as we have witnessed first hand- these visitors were there to be delivered or some even just curious on the whole matter, how does that make them martyrs?
      If I am a muslim and per chance pass by or even enter a church of Christ out of curiosity, which crumbles down due to a powerful earthquake and get killed by the rubble, does that make me a martyr?
      Instead of fighting over men as if they were soccer teams or political parties, with hatred against the opposed why not sit down and open the Book of books and invite its Author, the Holy Spirit, to indeed lead you to the Truth and be set free once and for all?
      Shouting “SHUT UP MONKEY” and then declaring your salvation has nothing to do with the Christian faith.
      It is really extremely sad that most of you are clueless of which spirit you are.
      When God calls you to His Throne of Judgement-and the time is near- you will give account of your words and actions and not TBJ’s.
      No matter where he ends up.

  12. I have just came to the conclusion, that Nigeria and the Nigerians are true to the rotten name they have in the world. The court system is just as lawless as its ‘prophet’. What they say and what they do are two different things. They promise a lot and produce nothing. They are as far away from the God of the Bible and his laws, as the East is from the West! So are their court verdict on scoan and its ‘prophet’. I have given up all hope now that there is any hope for tbj.

  13. Just wonder. TB Joshua is not guided by The Holy Spirit, thats why he plays the game smart and stragedic. He has all the time, so all parties will finally looze their grip on him. It has no meaning to the whole world and christianity, an illegal mass-church, a corrupt profhet who goes against all Bibly morality and acts by lawlessness., and brings an empty Gospel- message. No-body cares. I believe they call this; christian freedom. Nigerians are used at; waisting time, and believing they are very Buzzy. It is the first reason why this Nation does not function, there is no single order or system to go by. Let it go, learn the lesson and build a meaning-full life, knowing by now, that this TB Joshua,s ‘truth”, has no foundation and no single value. Christianity all over the world has shitting him out.

    • @jamie Once again, I agree with you. Tbj is guided by the Devil. My father always told me when I left the house to go out with my friends, “just remember, the Devil always comes dressed looking like God”. It also doesn’t help when multi-global corporations pump money into the situation, for their own purposes. It simply corrupts the entire system from the top and the poor citizens pay with their lives and the futures of their descendants. Just look at what happened with the 300 kidnapped school girls! A few months later, suddenly in Nigeria, there is a spate of bombings, and now its female suicide bombers. Please convince me there’s no connection, then I won’t think about it again! Your observation about ‘waisting time, and believing they are very Buzzy’ is spot on!

  14. i wonder why you guys are busy killing your selfs for noting and wasting your time and lives, you people are possessed with monitoring spirit. So TB JOSHUA WILL DELIVER YOUR GUYS.

  15. Pearl;
    You and your kind in scoan are exactly why I am convinced that TB Joshua and his followers are hopeless cases. We have been warning you people for years, but you have NO respect for God’s Word and the Truth. Our warnings, out of the Word of God and solid proofs of false ‘prophecies’, were to open your eyes, so that you will not miss heaven and land in hell fires, but to no avail. You stubbornly refuse to think further than tbj’s false words. Stay with your ‘prophet’. Do not listen to the Word of God warning yours. Do not dare think differently than you do.You deserve tbj and will end up where he will end up. Go on in the way you do…….. That apparently make you happy. Cursing and swearing…….. DO NOT CHANGE. DO NOT THINK.

    • yes , i wil end up were he will end up, which is HEAVEN. See let me tell you, this your blog is so useless. it cannot change a thing, it can never change anytin, it can never win souls to the devil. weapon of propaganda lies in the hand of false people you, like you all hosting this useless and jobless blog. There is nothing you write of put up here that is true, and there is nothing you put up here or write that is real. it can never change a thing, also you guys are faceless, hiding with fear and fake names hahahah cowards, if you are real, show your real identities, false people false people. TB JOSHUA IS A REAL OF MAN GOD. AND GODS SON, SCOAN TILL I DIE.

    • There are so many of these snake type pastors in Africa. Joseph Kony is another one (I don’t know if there is a method of determining who is worse). The local people are ignorant, having been made so by their governments, so they are easier to control, to maintain power. They don’t even know their cultural beliefs themselves anymore, as its all pretty much made up. So basically, anybody can come along with a good story to tell, throw in a bit of fear, false promises, etc, and they fall for it. These guys pay no tax and are always evade the truth. The fact that their governments allow them to practice their lies, thievery and sexual abuse unchallenged, means they probably get a cut from the takings. Churching in Africa is BIG business.

    • @Pearl, do you really think that by making threats on an internet forum, you are showing yourself to be a child of God?

  16. Pearl, there is NO one saved at Scoan, and there is NO garantee any of the members will go to Heaven. You learn from TB Joshua, by his example and behaviours only, that all 3 miljon members of Scoan, are allowed to manipulate serious-court-cases, hide for a while and feel justified by it. With one hand TB feeds the starving poor class, and with the other hand he mis-using their rights, to become great for him-self. No, a real son of God has a total different and adequate behaviour and lives by righteousness. TB Joshua only repeats his back-ground-drama. Thats the tragedy of thoose who have no vision. The vision of Scoan is sellfischness, to corrupt Laws of justice. TB is not able to see how stupide and illiterated he realy is. He acts as a reptile in danger, and teaches his members to do the same. Realy, no-one is going with TB Joshua to heaven. There is no Bible in the self-fabricated escapes of TB Joshua. Scoan has NOTHING to do with Gods way. Shame on TB Joshua, to mess around with the lifes of 3 miljon vieuwers. It is a dead-mans-valley.

    • I think the problem, for most sub-Saharan countries in Africa, is that they have no recorded history. They have nothing to fall back on and so the politicians, witch doctors, snake pastors, etc., have a field day with the local people, many of whom have very little or no education, by manipulating them for their own ends.

  17. Right, we cannot change anything, but our God and Father of Jesus Christ can and He will. He is already busy with tbj. TB Joshua and his ministry are going backwards and not forwards and so are you people, but please stay the way you are. Do not changed, because you might just get saved, delivered and healed by the real Jesus. This is a blog for people who woke up to the truth of scoan. Who are prepared to listen to truth, whom the real Jesus has hand picked for salvation out of your cult! They find support here! So for you- DO NOT wake up. Please!


  18. Yesterday, i saw a sermon by an African profhet. He told the congregation; ‘that his wife could heal more people then he could, and so he left her at home. He called this ; ‘african wisdom”. I call it, the wisdom of fools. Even when the healing-power of Jezus is availeble, they still continue in their strifes for ‘being “the Best”servant of God. Even when life prooves other-wise. Even when the real princes have to walk, and the idiots sit on the horse.

  19. To get Born Again works like this:

    First the egg of a chicken gets born from the chicken and then later the chick comes out of the egg.

    So the chick gets ‘born again’, so to speak.

    Jesus answered and said unto him, “Verily, verily, I say unto thee;” Except a man be born again, he cannot see the kingdom of God” – John 3:3

    And later Jesus repeats it

    Jesus answered, “Very truly I tell you, no one can enter the kingdom of God unless they are born of water and the Spirit’ – John 3:5

    First you get born from your parents and then later you get Born Again through the Spirit of God.

    Just like a chicken-

    I am frankly tired of speaking to eggs!

    • @ Ifeany,

      Let me tell you a truth. Jesus came to set us free from our animal nature, who are you to call us monkeys ?

  20. Ifeanyi, Good for recognizing it, yes, Scoan is a great des-illusion. It is a scam, a repeating-machien of hope and Glory, without the results. And they even ask money for it, to let the whole damned machienery of repeated nonsence, lead them in circly movements. Going no-where, waiting till Jezus returns. African wisdom.

  21. @tbjoshuawatch,
    Why so your sources tell you about the sudden appearance of Racine?

    TB Joshua is about to show up

    • @vooke it’s possible, but also possible he’s Racine has returned alone. There a noticeable number of the Spanish speaking disciples missing as far as we can see. Don’t forget John Chi reappeared as if nothing had ever happened the week after we announced he was gone, then promptly disappeared to launch his own ministry, they do things like that to spread confusion. Until TB Joshua appears live on Emmanuel TV I won’t believe he’s back in Lagos.

      • @tbjoshuawatch,
        You have made fair assumptions on TB Joshua so far, can’t argue with that.

        Am trying to make sense of this message for the ‘martyrs’;
        1. Would the invitations be dispatched right under his nose? Looks like he is way far away from SCOAN

        Why this non-committal call to remember the martyrs as if he won’t be there with them over the anniversary? Was there a better time to promise joining them in the commemoration than on Sunday?
        Did I sense some form of panic/fake remorse in the letter? Sort of like, ‘whatever happens,I love you’?

      • @vooke I wonder if he’s annoyed that the anniversary was being remembered at all. His statement now seems to be a bit of a shrug “come if you like, or not, whatever”. The whole statement proves he’s not on the ground controlling things anymore.

  22. Do you know thaqt when a doctor diagnose a disease and gives u medication you must adhere to the prescriptions. People delivered must not backslide. Thanks

      • @ TBJW,

        I was in heated discussion with a fanatic TB Joshua follower elsewhere online and a few days ago I suggested that TB Joshua would be paraded on the commemorative 12th of September, the discussions all of a sudden stopped.

        That’s when this video all of sudden appeared of Racine………….

        And the video of the Baby born in church, which was already posted last year before. It must be a precursor of somethin’… or again for to attract people to church maybe perhaps they are running out of deliverees. 😉

    • I did watch it.
      The clip is disgusting at most, not that childbirth is but recording and airing it and milking it for all its worth. For me, it’s up there with IS clips of their prisoners being decapitated by explosives or burnt alive.

      The clip was uploaded to YouTube in February last year. So one wonders why it is suddenly being reported.

      This is nothing but nostalgia and calculated to plant suggestions that TB is ‘around’ whereas he aint

  23. Tbjshuawatch just go to the prayer mountain you will find him there.. The man is there i saw him two weeks when i was in scoan.i cab see now that you dont research you just speak.. He is there my brother.. Even in sunday service he is always there.. Since you are so obsessed with the man jus pay by the church youbfind him.please..God bless you as you do

    • I don’t know where the prayer mountain is, please explain to me where I can find it, as I will take your advice and send someone there to find him.

  24. Jus send someone now in lagos to pass by the church and ask to see the man.. Definitely he will come out.. The thing is they dont show him in camera.. Ask anyone who attended church they will tell you that after service of emmanuel tv there is prayerline for visitors from other countries.and its lead by the prophet himself.. Brother let me tell you.. Speaking lies wont take you anyway.. Me my self i learned that Tb Joshua is a man of God thru your blog.. The way you follow him so much made me to understand that he is not a common prophet but real prophet.. You know uncommon blessing attract uncommon enemy

    • Why does he not want to be seen on camera? Has he developed a long nose and he doesn’t want the people to see? Please show me where in the Bible it says to hide away from your accusers. I don’t understand what is the difference between a ‘common prophet’ and a ‘real prophet’. Can you please clarify that for me, thanks.

    • The fact that you think he’ll just “come out” if we show up and ask for him proves you have no idea what you’re talking about and just parroting what SCOAN have told you to say

    • you know that swapy area where he is building a prayers house? are you nigerian.. ask nigerians who live inlagos they will direct you

      • Another funny, I’ve been to Lagos, had to have an armed escort to get to the CBD. Next day armed escort back to the airport to get flight to Abuja. Have you ever left Lagos? Do you know how the rest of the world travel? With heavy security sure, but with dignity and pride. Dignity and pride are very hard to be found in both Lagos and Abuja. I must say, I found more in Accra and Tema, in Ghana. Sure, you Nigerians are smarter than most, I could just never figure out why you didn’t use it to benefit your country, and ultimately the continent. 419 Scams and snake pastors. Is that really the best that you aspire to?

    • So TB Joshua lurks behind the camera and has an announcement read on his behalf while he is there waiting to attend to the foreigners?😜😜😜😜

      SCOAN should enforce a minimal IQ yardstick for all its apologists

      • SCOAN likes them ignorant and stupid. It wouldn’t surprise me if he is grooming a doppelganger. These guys have absolutely no boundaries. Love the IQ yardstick idea though. It should be used throughout the entire continent.

  25. Haha you guys are doing the right thing by accusing the man.. If one person came to know how true is the man is.. It means some people out there are turning to the lord servant thru you guys.keep on accusing him..let people know abwt him.. Some will follow him some wont thru you guys. I very happy i came to know Joshua thru you and i became interested in knowing more about the man and the church.. All i found was that he is serving a living God.. Keep on doing what you are doing

    • I don’t believe you, not for one moment. You haven’t answered my question about what is a common or real prophet. I can see through your mystic speak because God has given me the power to. I’m going to make sure that I tell everybody I meet, whether in person or on the internet, what an infidel this tjb is. So I suggest you pack up your pencil case and leave the 419 office to the experts.

    • So its really a big laughing matter to you. Okay, so my prophecy for Nigeria is that God will smite the stock exchange, as a sign. Tbj is a prophet of the Devil, if not the Devil himself. The Devil can also quote the Bible you know, probably better than most of us. So why didn’t the false prophet give you warning of the stock market crash? See the kinda powers I’ve got, lol. Tbj was probably laughing all the way to the bank anyway, thinking to himself he’s got the pool of fools on the ship to Hell, lol. Thanks for the laughs.

    • More mystic drivel that translates to nothing. You cannot answer my question because you will not pick up your pay from the charlatan tjb.

      • Exactly Jaegerin aka Huntress 😉

        That’s the language they speak, mystic drivel and they are conditioned with it and believe their own goobledygook as if they are the direct spokesman of God. It’s lunatic asylum talk because out in the normal world they are being laughed at because of their strange cult behaviour. That is why they stay in SCOAN to be waterboarded to speak this garbage and try to supersede you with that kind of rubbish. It does not stick on anything only on those that follow them religiously and a member of their looney bin club.

  26. hahaha jaegerin. in my country we have a proverb which says if you are near fire with a mad man as he lay his lands on fire wood, to keep fire up stand up and fear for your life. i wont answer you.. you have your bible read it it has answers for who is real and fake.

    • Yet another one who proves he does not serve the same God as I do. Why won’t you answer my question. Do you answer questions only from Nigerians? That makes you racist as well. I’m too long in the tooth to be fooled by your types. As for you supporting this charlatan what do you think that makes you? tbj is a fool, but you are a much bigger one! Have a lovely day in your Godforsaken country. Will you be lunching at the cannibal restaurant?

  27. You can give me Bible verses but you can’t answer a straight question? Do you honestly think that proves you to be a real Christian?

  28. Scoan is just a fast-ridden-formula. A bad trip for thoose who seek for Spirit and Truth, and a good trip for thoose who eat everything they want. Eat the food of TB Joshua and you sure gone die, each day a litle more.. It is a deadly road. And TB Joshua tries already for years, to restore what he damaged before. He loves to move in circles. , and to let every-one and him–self believe that God is pleased by it too. Thats a misstake; God does not likes it, in fact, God warned him. Why do we need God any-how, if we have TB Joshua? Fast ridden and a formula?

    • @jamie You are quite correct. The introduction on their website has an interesting introduction story about how many times the church he was building fell down. Surely, that by itself is a major sign. Be that as it may, I am going to use the talents that God gave me, to expose these charlatans in which ever way that I can. Africa is full of these snake pastors and the numbers are growing faster than the economy and job creation. A perfect feeding ground for these charlatans. It wouldn’t surprise me if tbj is involved in the kidnapping of those 300 girls, and soon afterwards, suddenly Nigeria had female suicide bombers. This man, along with Joseph Kony are both on my sh**list.

      • Their churches are falling down so they can moan to you please give us me to build a new one. That was the thought behind the Hostel collapse. They were running out of space and just not enough money to go elsewhere. So this was designed to happen in due time. They are already working on it. And in order to make world renown many had to die for to let this charlatan elbow himself forward as the Revelation false private prophet who accesses the spiritual realm by force and extracts information from doom scenarios to peddle himself forward at the expense of many. He is a two faced narcissist. Smile at you and inwardly going to use you to get his plans forward and contradict himself when it comes out for himself and his venture. All these false pastors when they fall lie low and reinvent themselves.

  29. You should understand by discernement, that the whole scoan-system is based on religion, by the OT. They dont live by the freedom of the NT-covenant. , where Jezus is the centre of the believer. , and the Holy Spirit is active in the heart. Scoan has anoiting-powers, but the system is conservative religious, based on sin-consiousness and the Law of dead. The NT is the Law of Life and freedom, and all the works are finished by Christ on the Cross. A religious system has slavery, oppression, hierarchie, and a time-program, while The NT is Always only in the now. Scoan want to pretent they are spiritual, while they are very carnal, and selffisch. To follow Jezus His message is freedom. To follow the message of scoan is dependance and bondage. Follow men is a curse. Follow Jezus is a blessing. If the H.Spirit does not act on the Word they speack, all they do is in-effective., idle empty word-standards and works.

  30. Revealed: Ajet Nassam is TB Joshua’s ‘Right Hand Man’

    High Court Judge, Justice John Ajet Nassam, is a ‘right-hand man’ of controversial Nigerian Pastor TB Joshua, it has emerged.

    Nassam, described by the Nigerian Church as a ‘Partner’ to its popular satellite television network, Emmanuel TV, has represented the Synagogue Church of All Nations (SCOANS) severally, making donations on their behalf.


  31. Quote of Kirsten Nemantandani,

    “Church spokesperson Kirsten Nematandani says leaders are still hoping the truth will come out about who sent a plane and gave permission for it to fly close to the guesthouse just minutes before it collapsed on this day a year ago.

    “The truth will come out one day, that’s what the man of God has said. Government will go deep into the matter because surely there’re answers that are left hanging. Time shall tell.”

    He says pastor TB Joshua still wants to visit South Africa, but for security reasons he won’t be able to attend this weekend’s special remembrance service.

    “He would pray and get answers and that will be the time that he’ll come here. If word goes out that he’s coming, we can have stampede.”

    Some people have steel plate in front of the head. “we can have stampede”. Right. Up to the next killings he is saying for sacrifice.

    Their truth will come out when the cogs of corruption have gripped each other so they can churn out another heap of lies to continue in their actions. Will there be somebody in South Africa stand up to this idiot and tell him he needs a shrink to explain his false greed for selfish gain at the expense of others ?

    This man has been feeding the media frenzy with his lies from day one last year. He obviously gets big hand outs for to speak like that. No shame, no qualms about anything. The show must go on and blood must be shed again on the earth so he can be happy and enjoy the spectacle.

    I am sure he is thinking since he is mr pastor of such and such church that he will make more money for his fat body to be more bloated of the delicacies when this awful man TB Joshua enters South Africa with his trickery and lies and fake deliverance. His look alike Idi Amin and Jabba the Hud looks innocent compared to his evil plans and he is even using the words for it “STAMPEDE” !!!. Its all about expanding not about any Gospel whatsoever. Fat bank accounts, big houses, large cars and 4×4’s and great recognition as being the leader in such. Why is he spokesman in South Africa for SCOAN ? I thought SCOAN is in Nigeria ? No spokes men there ?

    Why can’t he make up his own mind ? Does he have a brain ? Why does he have to parrot TB Joshua “the truth shall come out” ? How much IQ does this man have ? I am sure he is possessed with a gluttonous demon and is wiping his mouth daily from the delicacies he can afford from the donations and tithes of his church he leads.

    Bah, it disgust me that some people have no scruples whatsoever as long they operate in their own concocted lies they daily do meetings for.

    It’s a pity I am not in South Africa, I would confront him day and night to keep his fat gob closed about anything SCOAN.

    From all the prophets in the world, nobody has been able to tell the truth about SCOAN, even though they daily claim, “God told me”.

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