TB Joshua, the “chief mourner” is missing from remembrance service

Ex wiseman Racine reading out TB Joshua's address

Ex wiseman Racine reading out TB Joshua’s address

Today marks the one year anniversary of the tragic disaster at SCOAN that claimed 116 lives. One of the many excuses TB Joshua gave for not fulfilling his civic duty of appearing in court when summoned was that he was the “chief mourner” and was too busy tending to the needs to the families. As the “chief mourner” you would think he would be eager to be present for the one year remembrance service wouldn’t you? Not only was he not present, he didn’t even personally deliver his address, it was read out by ex-wiseman Racine. You can listen to the address in this video or read it on facebook. Wiseman Racine claims that TB Joshua would have loved to have been there in person, but due to security concerns he could not be. This seems an unlikely excuse, but even if this was the case, couldn’t he have done a live video/phone linkup like he used to do when he had international branches? Or at the very least he could have pre-recorded himself personally delivering the message instead of getting a minion to read it out. Of course we know the real reason he wasn’t there, in person or on camera is that he’s not even on the African continent right now, but he doesn’t want anyone to know.

Shortly after the building collapse he announced that he would be visiting South Africa every week in memory of the “martyrs”, and that this instruction was a “revelation from God” (7:10 and 9:04 in this video). Since this statement TB Joshua has not visited South Africa once (at least not in the capacity he described), not even for the one year remembrance service. Why was he disobedient to God’s command? Why did he lie to the victims families?

Meanwhile Kirsten Nematandani, SCOAN’s spokesman in South Africa (with his own shady past) has insisted that “The truth will come out one day, that’s what the man of God has said. Government will go deep into the matter because surely there are answers that are left hanging. Time shall tell.” (source). We’ve got news for you Kirsten, the truth came out back in July, everyone outside of SCOAN supporters know exactly what caused the collapse, the only answer left hanging is when the government are going to take action.

Here we have lie upon lie, coverup upon coverup. To those in SCOAN who know the deception that’s going on and are being used as pawns in this game, when are you going to wake up and remember the 9th commandment – do not bear false witness? Whatever you think you’ve seen or think you’re involved with, don’t let that distort and erode your God given moral compass. Lies come from the father of all lies, so as those who claim to follow “the way, the truth and the life”, it is your responsibility to be instruments of truth, exposing lies and deception.

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  1. It was held in South Africa again?

    Survivors, families and church goers gathered at the Gallagher convention Center in Midrand, SA, to hold a remembrance ceremony for those who lost their lives in the collapse one year ago..

    Interesting that the people who died in the crane collapse in Mecca are also called martyrs by their Muslim brothers?

    And how does TB Joshua knows were they went when they died?

    How does he knows whether they were born again Christians or not?


    • @ Just Wonder,

      That is a good question you are asking there.

      How does he know where they are going ? The bible does not teach that after death we go immediately to Heaven, it teaches something totally different. Just Wonder this man is a fraud, he knows nothing. Just as the dead know nothing. Nor could anyone see their loved one’s into heaven because they are not there YET !

      Here is a good teaching to explain this and let it all be clear once and for all that TB Joshua is an imposter.

      Here is an excellent video about where we go when we die from the Scriptures, not by what we see or speculate.

      • Thank you Jesse, for the video on ‘Where do we go when we die?’ It is super. It explains exactly what happens after death, according to the Bible. I agree fully and that is why I wonder how tbj knows where they are. He did not know them or the state of their souls. He did not even know that his own building will collapse. It is just further deception for the families of the deceased. He must calm them down with more lies for his own sake.

  2. What a whole bunch of baloney.

    Look at this:

    “Wiseman Racine read out a message on behalf of the pastor, “For those of us here who find it difficult to let it go, we must realise that their death is an unavoidable call, to our Heavenly home that no one can disobey.””

    Racine what does the bible say about that eh ?

    Genesis 6:3 And the LORD said, My spirit shall not always strive with man, for that he also is flesh: yet his days shall be an hundred and twenty years. Not being killed. God is not calling anyone home by a collapsed building. What a liar !

    Psalm 118:17 I shall not die, but live, and declare the works of the LORD.

    And above all: Psalm 6:5 Among the dead no one proclaims your name. Who praises you from the grave?

    Psalm 116:8 For you, LORD, have delivered me from death, my eyes from tears, my feet from stumbling,

    Psalm 116:9 that I may walk before the LORD in the land of the living.

    Isaiah 38:19 The living, the living–they praise you, as I am doing today; parents tell their children about your faithfulness.

    This man is even a worse idiot than this Kirsten the “official” spokesman of SCOAN.

    Really ? Are they for real ? When will the funny stories conjuring stop and the excuses ? How do they think they will fool us ?

    What you mean it was unavoidable ? In what way ? Did your false private prophet not say “I knew it all along”but sat upon his hands to do nothing ? For eleven years he knew that it was illegal building as well no building permit, how is that saying unavoidable. This is just skewed. What a madness. They are truly sick in their mindset. They need help from the local shrinks and tell them their horrid stories of contempt !

    What’s wrong with them ? Keep trying, keep trying. This man needs to be locked up for serial lying and his followers included. Just build an extra prison somewhere, lock them up and throw away the key.

    You know there is place for forgiveness as the Bible commands, but this just breaks it by all means possible. They just have NO REMORSE WHATSOEVER ! Ugggh !

    Everything is cleverly orchestrated to make this man slip back in. False humility and lies. When one thing does not work, they do another. If God is for you who can be against you ? Clearly God had enough of all this fakery crap. Let them pack in and go. Please !

  3. I don’t know why you people continue to despise TBJoshua despite all signs showing he is the true prophet, for once, there are numerous acclaimed Prophets for example in Nigeria, do you want to tell the universe that it’s TBJoshua out of all that’s fake? anyway for the bible said we should not condemn nor judge for he is the only one mandated to, BUT I would like share with you what happened to me and my family here in Malawi, Mangochi, a Muslim dominated area the whole country, one afternoon I was coming from work and two of our drivers dropped me home, upon opening the gate, we noted that in the compound was a mad man, someone well known for as a mad man he always spoke English, I then commanded the guard to chase him out ,to which the mad man rejected by telling the guard that he could have first asked him why he was there, I asked him while in the car dumbfounded why he was there and his reply was “am here because I have something to tell you” pointing at me, I disembarked from the vehicle and approached him tensed and in the process learnt that he was in the yard since morning that day (this was 5:25pm) he told me before we started talking, I should remove a printed TBJoshua faced photo i had placed on my door saying it “disturbs us” I asked him who else was there and he said they were 3 in him namely: Matalazini, zithumwa and chizimba, he even wrote them down on the ground. I remembered I had some bottle that I had put some drops of anointing water and filled with water that I carried everywhere I went, I took it out and shown him, he looked away and said ” please put it back, give me Bushiri water etc but not that water, is fire! I then remembered I had an original sticker on the windscreen of my vehicle, I told him to touch it and he told me to touch it first and I did and nothing happened and when he tried, his hand couldn’t touch it, it was shaking uncontrollably, he took a stick and with it he could touch it but not with a bare hand, he then said he was calling our land lady to tell her to evict us and that the 3 in him would pay the rent to her, my landlady also believes and she told him she could not evict us cos he was evil spirit, he asked my land lady if she could touch it and the land lady proceeded and touched it and nothing happened, he tried once more but cdnt touch and then he asked me if I could make him touch it using my hand, I proceeded and his hand was stuck and my hand was free, he was there for some 30 seconds and he then staggered backwards and fell down, the 3,in him started manifesting saying ” am a snake” etc( by this time a crowd had gathered) after some min, he woke up and said to me ” give me clothes” hr could see he was naked now, I bathed him and clothed him, as am talking, he is starting school and hr calls me everyday, he calls me “leader” tho am not, God is the Leader! the testimony is long and I can share more to those who can write me on kapondachimwemwe @yahoo.com or call or Whatsapp +265 998685212.

    • I’m sorry but I just believe a word of that ‘testimony’. Stickers, ‘anointing water’, pictures of a mere man – all caused the demons in this guy to manifest? Where in the Bible do we see such things? Manfesting as a true believer prays for the afflicted person – yes. Manfesting at the mention of the name of our most dearest Jesus – YES! But placing one’s hand on a sticker, seeing a picture of a man (even one claiming to be a prophet), seeing a bottle of anointing water and manifesting – no.

      I’m not sure what you intended to ‘prove’ with this ‘story’. That a demon says he doesn’t like TB Joshua? Is this proof that TB Joshua is of God – NO! It just means he told you he didn’t like TB Joshua and not the reason why (if indeed this conversation ever took place). I have been involved in deliverances, seen demons manifest as I have prayed with people, and I can tell you that they couldn’t care less about stickers and pictures and so-called magical water. What bothers them is the mighty name of JESUS and the prayer of the righteous. THAT causes them to manifest, I can tell you!

      • @ Pearl,

        You know why he is hiding, because if he shows up, a lot of lawyers are serving him And you know that. So you keep yapping and yapping over and over again as a broken record as a derailed train wreck.

    • This so-called deliverance is just filled with TBJ branding. It’s all about TBJ, stickers & anointing water, and not even one mention of Christ, and yet you want us to believe that this is CHRISTianity? You don’t need Christ, you have TBJ, right?
      This is just another gospel [according to Chimwemwe].
      Chimwemwe 10:13 For whosoever shall touch TB Joshua’s stickers shall be delivered.

    • Wow , so so great and wonderful, without being told , there is no doubt Prophet TB Joshua is a real man of God. you see all this people on this blog>, tbjoshuawatch, jesse, just wonder, etc, they are fallen disclples of SCOAN, who went there with the expection of being a wise man or wise woman and betrayed Prophet TB Johsua, becuase, they were not choosen as Wisemen by the Holyspirit, that is why they opened this blog to try and tarnish his image, but its not working, rather its uplifting Prophet TB Joshua, because he is True Servant of God.

      • Oh do grow up, Pearl. Please, just be a fully-functioning adult with a brain and a heart not a mindless robot spouting “He. Is. Our. Master. He. Is. A. Senior. Anointed. Prophet. You. Will. All. Bow. The. Knee. To. Him. Shut. Up. You. Fools.” (And on and on and on).

      • hi pearl, God chooses His servants. The way scoan is organized is not by Gods will. If you can not see what is going on there for real, then you are no christian at all, just a illterated religious lamentor and slanderer.

      • @ Pearl,

        I was never a disciple of TB Joshua, I don’t follow mortal men that lie to me about their abilities how they can deceive me and other people. And he is not the only one, there are many more and those many more I have confronted too who were in my country. You know I have stood on the treshold of someone’s house and I just thought what am I going to do, drag them into the park and discuss in a neutral place of what were they thinking ? But I choose to do it differently. You don’t want to come across me when I am in such mood, I can garantee you that and believe me a bucket full of anointing water would not stop me, nor a box full of stickers. So it is better you stay at the good side of me, just an advice.

      • Lol, @ Pearl. You are like a random word generator. Your pathetic little bleats about tbj. There is a special place for people like you in Hell. You know he’s a charlatan but yet you still support him in your pathetic way. You sound like a fishwife who’s just discovered her husband cheating with your best friend, lol. My pleasure!

  4. Temitope Balogun Joshua. false prophet of Nigeria and Africa, where are you oooooooooooooooo! Please come out of hiding, or are you sick or being tormented by your atrocities? Your deluded followers are still waiting for you, please come out !!

  5. Judge dances for TB Joshua:

    An elated High Court Judge, Justice John Ajet-Nasam, captured in a video clip celebrating the birthday of the Nigerian Man of God, TB Joshua, whom he describes as his mentor, is trending on social media.

    The clip has been given special impetus by the judge’s implication in the high-profile corruption scandal which has afflicted the judiciary after an exposé by investigative journalist Anas Aremeyaw Anas.

    Twelve High Court judges including Ajet-Nasam and Charles Quist as well as 22 Circuit Court judges and magistrates have so far been indicted in the latest bribery scandal that has hit the judiciary. Some of the judges were seen allegedly receiving bribe money in various video clips put together by Anas.

    Justice Ajet-Nasam, spotting a northern smock and a cap from a similar fabric, was shown dancing to a tune he had obviously composed himself.

    “Happy birthday prophet,” which he sang six times followed by an unusual idolisation of the man he appears to owe a lot of good things in his life to.

    “Happy Birthday, My Mentor; Happy Birthday My All In All; Happy Birthday My Prophet.”

    Justice John Ajet-Nasam’s spectacular dance to commemorate the birthday of TB Joshua reminded many about his partnership with the Synagogue Church of All-Nations (SCOAN).

    The embattled judge is said to be the right-hand man of the controversial charismatic evangelist, with the Church describing the judge as a partner of its popular satellite television Emmanuel TV.


  6. Ok….I watched just about half an hour of this “exhortation”….from there on my spirit just couldn’t take it anymore due to sadness.
    And why am I referring to it as sad?
    Well, first of all, I saw this man Racine, whom I knew as a gentle and humble man swept away with arrogance. I just can’t believe it!
    All along, he is pointing that finger as if he is a schoolmaster telling his pupils off. Instead of being placid, he is actually telling them “now you hear here, this is the way God wanted things and don’t dare any of you challenge that; what’s done is done, finito, get over it and go about your business!”
    He even has the audacity to address the attendees as “my people” on behalf of TBJ.
    Whose people? Which people?
    Those that TBJ promised as instructed by God, publically, to visit on a weekly basis and yet has not appeared in their midst once?
    And what with this repitition? Was Racine delivering words of comfort or a message to reproach and make sure that no one will dare to question TBJ’s accountability concerning the matter?
    And the audience-who actually did seem somewhat puzzled by the whole approach- repeated the sermon as school children.
    Excellent display of manipulation, yet again.
    Not a sign of remorse but amazing statements of certainty as to where all those poor souls ended up. So, obviously, God has signed a contract with SCOAN/TBJ in which He informs yours truly of who will end up in Heaven and who in Hell! (Even though TBJ has never met them.)
    Moreover, these tragic victims come into comparison with the Apostles themselves, ans as I said it doesn’t matter that all they knew about them was their names….no problem, blabber on.
    I have one question for all you who still serve there and those who insist on covering their eyes with their own hands, after the overwhelming evidence of lies, abuse and deceit over the years:

  7. No ‘chief mourner’ – just a message from one of his puppets:

    SCOAN 13/09/15: Message: Forget The Past By Evangelist Gbenga. Emmanuel TV

    How appropriate – just forget the past now?

  8. To TB Joshua,

    Stop using you puppets to send messages out to the world.

    Not before I hear the Truth out of you own mouth, will I believe there is a change in you.

  9. It is a shameless message based on politics. I asked the Holy Spirit about it by intersession, and this is what He said; ‘ He (TB) is roaming forbidden fruits.” “Foretellers missing the mark of Gods ability to comfort and teach.”. “It is a forced way of demand sacrifize. ” “No man shall lay down his life for Me, without My Knowledge operating”. “The victums are rare opportunities, to quonqer his (tb) estimates in trial”. “God has no deliverances as is shown in Scoan”. “He (TB) is covering his mediocrity”. “The families needs freedom to reign their own issues, they are not alone, i am their Host. “. amen. I asked the Holy Spirit if i should bring this message on internet; this was the answer; “you dont need My permission to bring My words into the world”. / The “truth”about this “message of God” by TB Joshua is, there is no God in it. It is a made-up stragedy for own gain. I am so sorry that TB did not learned anything by this tragedy. The man must have a heart and brains of iron.

    • @jamie you are having mental problems , with hallucinations, , you do not see or communicate with the Holy Spirit, you do not know God. you are a useless, jobless lier. go and drink malaria drugs and also cure your self and repent. MY PROPHET TB JOSHUA IS A REAL MAN OF GOD AND SAFE IN THE HANDS OF GOD. all of you negative people here, @tbjoshuawatch, @jamie, @mr terrafic @jesse @just wonder etc are so jobless and useless.

      • @ Pearl,

        Your “profit” is not safe in God’s Hands. He is hiding, how it that safe ? You know thieves, murderers, drug barons, traitors, evil doers, deceivers and their practitioners hide. They stay away from the public light because their soul is dark. Hence wearing their sunglasses at all times, because you can’t look into their eyes because their soul is blackened with bad things. They don’t want to be seen and asked about, what is this and what is that and how it this. Hiding is not being safe. Hiding is fear as we know what Adam and Eve did. Hiding is cowardice admitting that one is wrong by default. You could say I am hiding too, but I am not. I have been very close already to those that were in SCOAN after I left without you knowing and I know what they are doing and what they are up to. You all are being watched and traced what you are doing. And I can see the desperation in them and their desperate prayers and blowing hard “scriptures” to defend themselves. You all have reaped what you have sown. You are going to pay dearly for deceiving another. And desperation is a very bad perfume you can smell from miles away. If it was not for money to scrub away your failures and evil, you all would be a dead beat horse and a sitting duck.

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