African News Network owe an apology to the victims of TB Joshua’s church collapse

The African News Network (ANN7) recently produced a documentary on the SCOAN building collapse and the theories behind it. Sadly, instead of  producing a balanced, impartial piece of investigative journalism they’ve put out a puff piece for SCOAN. If a journalism student turned in this piece as an assignment they would be failed on the spot. We are appalling that a supposedly professional news network would disrespect the grieving families enough to produce a piece perpetuating the lies of the organisation responsible for killing their relatives. We believe ANN7 owe the families an apology and should publicly retract the documentary. These are the reasons why:

1. Emmanuel TV were involved in the production

Throughout the piece Emmanuel TV camera’s and microphones were visible. We’re not claiming it was produced by Emmanuel TV, but at the very least it is clear that the ANN7 crew were not left alone to produce an impartial piece of journalism.

2) The only people interviewed were those who disagreed with the coroner’s findings

Why wasn’t there an interview with representatives from the Nigeria Building And Road Research Instititute (NBBRI), the Council for the Regulation of Engineering in Nigeria (COREN) or the Building Collapse Prevention Guild (BCPG) all of whom found serious structural failings when examining the remains of the building?

Why didn’t we hear from any of the families who are suing SCOAN for causing the death of their family members?

Why didn’t we hear from the coroner or at least hear some of the detailed findings in his report?

3) They gave a voice to the “scientist” who put forward the infrasonic weapon theory

A substantial section of the documentary was dedicated to an interview with the “scientist” who suggested that the building was brought down by an infrasonic weapon on the “hovering plane”. This theory was dismissed by the coroner because the witness had only read about this kind of weapon in books, had not practiced or witnessed the use of the weapon and could not show how it could have caused the collapsed building to come down. The documentary states that he “published a journal” documenting the theory, but if ANN7 had done its due diligence it would have found that the paper in question was substantially plagiarised from wikipedia and has never been published in any journal. Is that what you think counts as scholarship ANN7?

4) There was no critique or analysis of the statements put forward

There are so many questions that could be asked about the infrasonic weapon theory, for example – when has this kind of weapon been used before? How were they able to demolish a single building while leaving the others standing? How is it possible that an infrasonic weapon powerful enough to demolish a building didn’t also kill everyone in the vicinity? Without asking these kind of questions, ANN7 are giving credibility to this ridiculous idea.

Why was the so called “independent” structural engineer (wearing an Emmanuel TV t-shirt) not asked to explain the contradiction between his findings and the findings of the 3 independent agencies working on behalf of the coroner?

5) The presenter seems sympathetic to SCOAN’s cause

The presenter Peter Van Onselen is clearly sympathetic to SCOAN’s cause, if not directly involved with them. What journalist would sacrifice their journalistic integrity for anything less than a cause they truly believed in? To his credit though, he has dialogued with us on Twitter, but unfortunately that has only revealed his cards even more.

See conversation below (if you can follow the twitter embeds):

Here lies the problem. Van Onselen, who is not structural engineer states that he has seen the beams and they were twice as reinforced as necessary. How can a non-structural engineer know that? Simple – because the people taking him round (SCOAN) told him. Shouldn’t a journalist dig a little deeper than that?

The single piece of evidence for controlled demolition is that the building came straight down. There were no traces of explosive found at the scene, no reports of explosions, and as we’ve said before – the only believable way that someone could have the access to rig the building with explosives is if it was an inside job. This is why SCOAN keep up the laughable infrasonic theory, because it doesn’t demand any physical evidence, but even Van Onselen agrees that it’s ridiculous (what a shame he didn’t treat it like that in his documentary). The fact is – there really isn’t any dispute about the cause of the collapse! The coroner’s report contains a litany of structural failings that would have made a collapse like this inevitable, the only people disputing this are SCOAN. Releasing a documentary like this only serves to muddy the waters and stir up even more confusion.

Bad journalism happens all the time, but when bad journalism helps a powerful organisation coverup criminal negligence that led to the deaths of 116 people it needs calling out. Journalism should be fighting for the truth and exposing lies, not perpetuating them. We call on ANN7 to do the right thing and apologise for this complete journalism fail.


37 thoughts on “African News Network owe an apology to the victims of TB Joshua’s church collapse

  1. This whole set-up, this Synagogue of Satan, called SCOAN, is a sham, and will crumble and has started crumbling! The false prophet, T B Joshua, is a professional bribe-giver and gives bribes to journalists and to anyone he wants to influence. I’m not surprised at this at all because in Nigeria most people would sell their mind and their souls for money and they care very little about the truth.
    We wait to see if ANN7 has the courage and the honour to do the right thing and apologize to the bereaved families.
    Meanwhile, where is the false prophet? Where is he hiding? It seems to me that the Lord has begun to deal with him and sooner or later all the gory details will start coming out!!!!!
    Shame on you, T B Joshua, and your deluded bootlickers!!!

  2. I too have seen this so called documentary. Ridiculous piece of work. Even now Ihechukwu Njoke(u) is writing in overdrive all kinds of articles online all over that contradict the former one’s she has written. Many such she took money from TB Joshua and now likely is taking even more bribes to write even more articles to make the false private prophet look good. How sad that people can be hypnotized by filthy lucre to keep writing such lies.

    After so long being exposed all over they keep holding up their lies and their fantasies. True psychopaths have such behaviour.

    Psychopaths such a Ted Bundy who went on a serial murder spree of women and then play Devils Advocate in Court himself to justify of what he did and to put people on the wrong footing with clever talk and smooth diversion of the course of Justice. Would a man of God do such ? Fighting by the natural means and fighting with all means available in the natural and deploy others to defend your case that is already weighed and found wanting on one single area alone of doing things illegally without any approval and have been punished for it already even though it is a small amount it shows that they have no capability to admit their wrong doing and have deranged way of thinking as is described here:

    A Psychopath is among the most difficult disorders to spot. The psychopath can appear totally normal, even charming. Underneath, they lack conscience and empathy, making them manipulative, volatile and often (but by no means always) a complete criminal. They are an object of popular fascination and clinical anguish: psychopathy is largely impervious to treatment and does not want to receive treatment.

    Their main noticeable behaviors are:

    A disregard for laws and social mores <~~~~~ Not appearing before Court when asked to come.

    A disregard for the rights of others <~~~~ Overruling anyone that thinks not like them.

    A failure to feel remorse or guilt <~~~~~ A Major stand out as a sore thumb when it comes to SCOAN leaders and followers.

    A tendency to display violent behavior <~~~ Displayed when you come near them and show them their acceptance of their lies.

    • Psychopaths way of working.

      Their crimes, whether violent or non-violent, will be highly organized and generally offer few clues for authorities to pursue. Intelligent psychopaths make excellent white-collar criminals and “con artists” due to their calm and charismatic natures. Psychopaths are the most dangerous of all antisocial personality disorders because of the way psychopaths dissociate emotionally from their actions, regardless of how terrible those actions may be.

      You cannot bring a psychopath to justice because psychopath do not understand any feelings but mimic them so very well that they are convincing nearly everybody. To really see a psychopath displaying their true nature is to pressurize them so they can’t go any other direction left, right, up, down. Which needs to happen to SCOAN and it’s inhabitants because they use money to vilify and justify their actions because in no other way they are able to display remorse or guilt. None of them you have seen with big sincere tears on their cheeks of repentance or what they actually did. None. All they have done is justify, divert, scheme, use clever words, escape, run, manipulate, twist, flip the handle, curse others, go berserker, use words twist them, show pride, false humility, making themselves equal to God. You guess what spirit that comes from.

  3. Ludicrous indeed!
    ANN7 is not really sharp hey! Their work is just poor. Just look at their news reader who can’t even read properly.

  4. Online predators and take deception as a weapon do this with consistent intend to control people to their advantage.

    If you look closely to SCOAN they are lead by persons, a group or nation who, directly or indirectly, engages in exploitation, victimization, coercion, stalking, theft or disparagement of others using Information and Communications Technology [ICT]. iPredators are driven by deviant fantasies, desires for power and control, retribution, religious fanaticism, political reprisal, psychiatric illness, perceptual distortions, peer acceptance or personal and financial gain. They can be any age or gender and are not bound by economic status, race, religion or national heritage. Predator is a global term used to distinguish anyone who engages in criminal, coercive, deviant or abusive behaviors using ICT. Central to the construct is the premise that Information Age criminals, deviants and the violently disturbed are psychopathological classifications new to humanity.

    You can see this with SCOAN’S domination with their videos they produce every week online on Facebook, Youtube, African Online
    Magazines, and other means such a blogs pro SCOAN and the glorification of TB Joshua to even apply for the “the Most Famous People” websites.

    They have many people in place to uphold this kind of infiltration. When found at fault they go into denial and work overtime to wriggle themselves out of their mishap and excuses and run from the Law to wreck havoc elsewhere and to deceive more people with their wicked practices. Everything is motivated, answered, bribed with money to keep themselves in the saddle to dominate others who are not strong. They pretend they are weak but have strong grip upon their environment in terrorizing people who are not with them on the same page of their wicked manipulating empire and it’s traits.

    To remind us of such kind of behaviour was very clear noticable when Saddam Hussein was dethroned in Iraq and their spokes man Comical Ali was trying to deceive the media they were in control of the situation and were running out the allied forces who were overpowering them bit by bit. They were constant in conviction they were in the upperhand and having everything in control until bit by bit was chipped away from them. This same behaviour you see in SCOAN. Frantically holding on their place without any remorse, using money, bribes, lies, oppression, false deliverance videos, fake miracle claims to keep it into place and tell their followers that God is upholding them while they do overtime to convince everyone who watch them that it is God Who does it, while they are doing it all by themselves with their followers.

  5. Pastor TB Joshua is an epitome of greed, corruption and everything bad that has enslaved Nigerians, not just at home but globally. This greedy man of GOSH is parasite that lives on the poverty of his church members. When he enquired the private plane for himself for 60 million dollars, you all should have woken up.

    Nigeria has one of the highest rate of youth unemployment in the world. Nigeria health service is in a sorry state. Here we have a supposedly “MAN OF GOSH” living fat on the vulnerability of his members and their folly.

    I know this post will attract some hate and bigotry, but if you can be honest with yourself and face the truth instead of acting like the “idiots” some of you are good at acting.

    How has religion and men of GOSH improved the quality of life (I meant quality and not standard) of everyone of you? Still you will go to church on Sunday, give your widow’s mite to these thieves in the night that only come to destroy your essence as human being and they in turn will use your money to build houses you can’t rent, schools you can’t attend, hospitals you can’t pay for and planes that you will never be close enough to take a selfie with not to even talk of getting on board.

    Wake up NIGERIANS from your sleep and slumber, see these greedy, arrogant and sly men for who are they. Take a week and not go to church, turn that energy to question everything you know.

    Take it to know something you don’t know before. Switch off from everything you have been taught and open your mind eyes. Don’t be deceived, these men are after your money and not the goodness of mankind.

    #ArrestTBJoshua and other greedy Nigerian, Zimbabwean, South African, Cameroonian, Kenyan, Botswanian greedy parasite pastors and false private prophets who thief and deceive you for your money.

      • @ Jeagerin,

        I know what it is like. I have gone through it myself and I paid a heavy price for it.

        We know what Jesus is like, not what he is like.

      • You come across as a gentleman and a scholar. I’m sorry for your bad experience, but be happy that you now walk in truth and light. The thugs that support the greatest show on the pulpit, know very well they follow the prophet of Satan. They are not the ignorant ones, believe me! Its the ones who follow faithfully and do their best to satiate the greed of their master. Courage brother!

  6. MAY GOD BLESS YOU THE OWNER OF THE BLOCK AND ALSO BLESS AND DELIVER ALL YOUR SYMPATHYSERS. I know how this kind of darkness will get to end. Receive the light of God and the benediction from my lord JESUS CHRIST;

    • Hey Domi DG,

      Thanks for your blessings, I love blessings, but please tell me what kind of blessings you have in mind. How can you ask God to bless me with general blessings and of course God knows what my blessings must be, but it would be nice if you say exactly what kind of blessings you want God to give me, so I can report back to you and thank God specifically for what you blessed me with.

      Secondly, what kind of deliverance are you referring to ? Please be specific but it is not clear to me what you actually mean. And thanks for your concern that you want me to see the Light of your Lord Jesus Christ. But I can report to you that I have seen that Light many decades before already and heard His Voice speak to me to call me for a time such as this and don’t tell me that you yourself never have or had any darkness into your own life passing through because I know you have. But anyways, say Hello to your friend next door and tell them to be happy and that it will be ok one day, but they shall have to go through all this for a while until it all has run its course. Take care.


  7. @tbjoshuawatch,
    Excellent dismantling of this propaganda piece.

    4 months now since he was seen in public. What has he done?
    1. Reject Coroner’s report
    2. Rebuke his own for commemorating the 116 by inviting folks
    3. Churn out at least one ‘fulfilment’ video-the Indian train crash
    4. Churn out one propaganda documentary
    5. Buy a $60M Gulfstream to ply the SCOAN-Prayer Mountain busy route

    All these and he I still MIA, and all his sheeple can afford is catching apparitions of the man.

  8. @Jesse,
    I would differ with your psycopath line of argument because there are some circumstances that would compel some to be ruthless; MONEY and POWER.

    Boko Haram are not necessarily psycopathic but are driven by a confused ideology from hell.

    Cults and extreme control groups are propelled by POWER and ofttimes money.

    These are powerful enough to suppress any iota of humanity in some turning them into animals

    • @ Vooke,

      Well as we know, we see that SCOAN is driven by money and power. Because they constantly have been putting ICT to use to move themselves forward in gathering money and being infamous.

      I don’t know what you personally feel or have personally experienced about those videos they put out on Youtube, by those that are assigned to do so and those that are head over heels fans and idolizing him.

      I was also taken in by the videos they put online way back in 2001 and onwards and discussed with many should I attend and find out what is going on.

      Then I mingled with them for a while and even got them around here and thought well, ok, it seems to be genuine, but when it came to a personal encounter with it all, there was nothing happening whatsoever. And if you have spend many years in a place where they claim it’s happening and it’s not, then it is time to go.

      And believe you me, I have turned upside down every stone regarding my own life and that of others who attended there, who were experiencing exactly the same.

      Let me give you and example so you can see I was not just a bystander in SCOAN. Way back in 2008 I was attending and preaching into a church on a island in the North Atlantic Ocean. After preaching we did some personal ministry and I had a bottle of Oil that was prayed over personally by TB Joshua while we visited him in his office a few months before in December 2007. So we used the oil on several people over there and prayed for them with some of the church themselves together. We later also applied it on their houses, properties and their children as well other families.

      No visible results were recorded at that time or after, not one single healing, not one single deliverance behaviour as you see in there in SCOAN or the branches, not one of the marriages that were in difficulty got result. We were told this was special “anointing oil” prayed over by the prophet TB Joshua. I am still in contact with some of them and I have heard nothing was happening whatsoever. So when I got the anointing water and there were some other things going on they were not even interested to go through that after all the disappointments they had. But we are still friends and speak nearly every day on the Internet. One of them has now only one kidney because they had to operate on it and remove the other one.

      Then there was this couple what was attending into SCOAN and one of their family members were in the hospital and they went quickly with the “anointing water” over there and administered it, only to hear that few days later the woman had died after their return.

      We as a family have been there, no results either for what we came for written on the placards. Nor for those that we stood proxy for. As a matter of fact quite a few have died already after all this attendance over there.

      We as several groups have been there and for as far as I know nobody was healed, nor got anything out of it.

      There was a couple of which the wife had a huge fibroid the size of a basket ball and they went there because I advised them to go there and they came back NOT healed. She had a operation and they had to remove her womb because the doctors no longer wanted to postpone the operation because her being in danger of dying of it.

      Moving on…..

      When the collapse took place on 12th of September 2014 and the behaviour of him after that, it was once and for all clear to me and others that it was all horrible experience and time wasting being there for many years.

      What we further see is exactly that I and some others have described of how they handle everything. There is no remorse, everything is handled by bribes, money, overruling whatever anyone of us need to abide to except them and the stories that go by it.

      Unless they really going to pressurize them into a corner of admitting what they did, they will keep going and say it is God that keeps them in the saddle. Another example is Sepp Blatter, not matter how McDonalds and Coca Cola pressurize them, he still is defiant and as long they cannot stick anything upon him he will put things into place as TB Joshua and their leaders in SCOAN do, they will continue doing their thing which is deceiving the masses for money and have influence where they are and cover each other with whatever is necessary.

      I have no problem with second chances or third or even more. But there is NO remorse, no guilt acceptation, no true repentance whatsoever. Everything is handled off with money. Buying people out. Silencing them and the like. Benny Hinn used to do the same, I have seen the litigation papers of how he operated in several cases where people had died during his crusades as well those of Reinhard Bonke. They say they are men of Gosh, but the evidence is that they are running along side a normal emporium like any other business does. They hide behind their intimidation and the followers go out for to use their scare tactics. Brian Carn is doing it too. Renny McLean is doing it. And Guillermo Maldonaldo does it too. They are the wolves with sheep’s clothing. Not us, we want it done right as it supposed to be. No matter how insignificant we are, that is how it must be and no other way. The years being out here have proven that it just and right to do so.

    • @ Vooke,

      These are the points that are preached in SCOAN the last few years.

      The Abrahamic covenant is a means to material entitlement.
      Jesus’s atonement extends to the “sin” of material poverty.
      Christians give in order to gain material compensation from God.
      Faith is a self-generated spiritual force that leads to prosperity.
      Prayer is a tool to force God to grant prosperity.

      That is a False Private Gospel that comes from the False Private Prophets such as TB Joshua and crew who bloodthirstly have a greed for money to peddle themselves forward and do everything to get famous to be infamous at any cost.

      In light of Scripture, the prosperity gospel is fundamentally flawed. At bottom, it is a false gospel because of its faulty view of the relationship between God and man. Simply put, if the prosperity gospel is true, grace is obsolete, God is irrelevant, and man is the measure of all things. Whether they’re talking about the Abrahamic covenant, the atonement, giving, faith, or prayer, prosperity teachers turn the relationship between God and man into a quid pro quo transaction and make merchandise from us. That is a trait of a psychopath that uses ICT to make themselves notorious.

      • @ Vooke,

        There is no doubt that God has the power to heal anyone at any time. The question is whether He chooses to do so through those who are called “faith healers.” These individuals typically convince their audiences that God wants them to be well and that through their faithand usually a financial offering (under the story of a “sweet Presence of God” ) to condition the giver to write out an even bigger check with funny stories attached to it and God will reward their faith by healing them through the power of Jesus. That’s practiced in SCOAN. Do you get me ? That are words of a psychopath who has only one thing in mind, to elbow themselves forward with YOUR money !

        I am not against giving. I am against false promises that are being fulfilled by them who just figure out your bank account and give you some of the loot they have just pillaged from you already. They are giving you nothing. You have to work for you money. You have to, I have to. They just tell you a psycho story to get in your wallet sly as thieves they are with their butter fingers.

      • Would you care to back that up with the bible verse you got it from? Jesus the Son of God said this in Matthew 6: 20 “But store up for yourselves treasures in heaven, where moths and vermin do not destroy, and where thieves do not break in and steal.”

  9. It is a well known fact that this news channel is owned by the Gupta family and is on the take for bribes. They do biased news for Jacob Zuma and his campaigns. They would report anything for money.


  10. @tbjoshuawatch,Jesse,Jaegerin and vooke fakenames

    We know you are not for the truth who doesn’t know you agent of darkness for your info those who knows the True Man of God I can tell you boldly you will never ever deceive them they know him PROPHET TBJOSHUA IS GOD SENT TO THIS GENERATION .

    People who are possessed with the spirit of Lesbian , spirit of gay and all spirits thats not of God they rush to SCOAN so that they are delivered and they are delivered .
    If anyone is against the good works of God through Prophet TBJOSHUA in the name of Jesus Christ then is an Anti-Christ.
    Because you are too foolish just like your foolish father devil you think you will win the battle everyone who has come across this tbjoshuawatch blog they know you you are agents of darkness who are against the true Man of God PROPHET TBJOSHUA I tell you your foolish father was defeated so shall it be forever and ever Amen!!!!!!!!!!


    • @ Francis, And yet another rinse and repeat of the same old drivel. Why don’t you engage in the conversation instead of your pathetic attempts to condemn everybody? A subtle form of bullying – I think Jessie is right about you lot being psycho. No conscience, no limits. Just deny everything and in your limited view of the world from your hole in Lagos, you fool yourself into believing your own rubbish. Must be a big thrill to see it on the screen hey?

    • @ Francis,

      Lesbians and Gays rush to SCOAN ?

      Whey is well known gay man in Nigeria Bisi Alimi not rushing and his entourage to be delivered in SCOAN ?

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  12. @Jaegerin
    Away with you foolish agents of darkness.
    Wrath of God is upon you.


    • @ Jeagerin,

      I Switched on the light in my room because Francis false fake ID change everyday aka well known person being blocked here by Moderator for writing swear words in this blog with everyday a different ID and personal idolatry of TB Joshua, who claimed it is dark up here. lol

      Francis, Can you see me now ????

      • @Jesse, thanks – but I had figured it out already – the way he uses language. He thinks the sun rises out of tbj’s ass and sets there too, lol. And not a single word from any of the aliases he uses, for the families of the victims. How surprising! And shame, I do hope he gets over the obsession with my name, lol.

  13. @Jaegerin ,Jesse ,tbjoshuawatch & vooke.
    You setup a tbjoshuawatch blog just to be against the truth shame shame on you agents of darkness who doesn’t know you all ? Fighting a losing battle your foolish father was defeated on the Cross of Calvary so shall it be forever and ever Amen! a person possessed with with Lesbian spirit ,gay spirit they think its normal life Alas!! until they have an encounter with Jesus Christ then the demon is exposed.I pray Holy Ghost fire upon you in Jesus Christ name Amen! I pray in the name of God of Abraham, the God of Isaac , the God of Jacob and the God of Prophet Tbjoshua where ever you are Holy Ghost fire locate you in Jesus Christ name Amen! Distance is not a barrier God Is spirit.
    Mark 11:24.

    2 Corinthians 10:3-6 For though we walk in the flesh we do not war according to the flesh.For the weapons of our warfare are not carnal but mighty in God for pulling down strongholds ,casting down arguments and every high thing that exalts itself against the knowledge of God ,bringing every thought into captivity to the obedience of Christ,and being ready to punish all disobedience when your obedience is fulfilled.I am who I am spiritually because of Jesus Christ through Prophet Tbjoshua.
    I love Prophet Tbjoshua, I love Jesus Christ my Savior and I love my Heavenly Father my God.


    • @ Francis – It is very clear from your usual rambling, that you have a problem with lesbian and homosexual people. How did this blog which is about the prophet of Satan, become a blog about lesbians and homosexuals? Also, you have an unhealthy obsession about names. You clearly need help. You see, tbj doesn’t deliver people from demons, he actually plants demons into unsuspecting believers. Don’t fool yourself that you are playing with God. You are playing with the Devil. How’s the SUV spotting coming along?

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