An excellent resource on TB Joshua and SCOAN

One of our regular commenters “General” has compiled an invaluable resource on Youtube about TB Joshua. As we said in our introduction to Anel’s story, many people on first exposure to SCOAN are both impressed and disturbed. The sensible thing to do would be to follow your concerns and see if there is any substance to them. That’s one reason “TB Joshua Watch” exists, and this video resource also gives a very thorough and in depth look into the ministry of TB Joshua. If you want to have a deeper understanding of the concerns we have about SCOAN, this is a great place to go. There are 8 videos of varied length, you can pick any of them to watch below – we particularly recommend “TB Joshua a false messiah“. Thanks General for this valuable resource!

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  1. The main reason why I put together these videos is because I have observed sincere & well-meaning Christians close to me fall for the TB Joshua deception. Initially, the idea of putting together this presentation was to show fellow brethren around me who have interest in TB Joshua but do not have access to the internet to see all the available information. For fellow regular commenters & other readers these things are common knowledge.

    Some of the things are so strange that even TBJ’s supporters would deny them. One recent example is @Lena who claimed “no one in the church thinks prophet T.B.Joshua is a messiah”

    So the idea was to capture these concerns in one presentation at a real slow pace. I thought perhaps there might some folks out there who share the same concerns and can probably find this presentation useful to download & share with people around them who have interest in TBJ. That’s why I uploaded the videos on online.

  2. @General for that beautiful reason of tireless and thoroughly deep investigative skill and compiling some useful knowledge..well Appreciated God General sir!!let the truth sets free God’s People all over the world&time has come and time is now!let Go!

  3. Thanks general. This is exactly what is needed. A summary, because if tbj’s devotees ever do get a chance to go on the internet, it will be short.
    What about this picture of tbj/Jesus on the internet.

    • @Just Wonder

      I strongly believe that picture was made by that blasphemous Watchtbjoshua blog. I see the URL of the picture has their name It looks like it was probably made in 2012, when they intensely cranked up their propaganda of TBJ being the reigning messiah. There is a similar picture to that one in one of their articles they released on October 9, 2012. But the picture in this article shows Moses, Elijah & Jesus as messiahs whose era has past and TBJ being the current messiah; and Peter & Paul as apostles of the past era and the Wiseman as the current apostles. The article was on this URL
      but it looks like it has been deleted. I did save the full article though on my desktop back then & still have it.

    • Great work, Bro. General. May the Lord keep providing the wisdom, strength and protection you need for this exposure!

  4. See how this Masonic hand signal appears now on the small pictures of


    Hope you can find it, because I cannot seem to copy and paste it here.

    Masonic hand signal.

  5. @tb Joshua when I contemplate about the great destruction you have done Mr Joshua in the body of Christ,Iam left with only but one thought;YOU HAVE FULFILLED YOUR MISSION.Your MISSION of turning the truth into a myth of enriching yourself and becoming famous in the name of being a PROPHET!!The lord rebukes you Tb Joshua!!Repent from your sins and accept Christ as the lord and savior before you die;say this after me;LORD JESUS I ACCEPT YOU AS THE LORD AND SAVIOR IN MY LIFE AND I DO BELIEVE THAT YOU ARE ALONE THE SON OF GOD!!huuurrraaaay!! Since you have now accepted Christ sir,No more bribing Journalists and Judges!no more lying to gain favor from the public!no more fornication!no more blasphemy!no more false humility!no more killing innocent souls for being promoted in the kingdom of darkness!tomorrow Im taking a flight from OR Tambo Int Johhanesburg to Lagos to Baptize you with water my Son.

  6. I read these verses and thought of tbj and the africans:

    Let me not, I pray you, accept any man”s person, neither let me give flattering titles unto man.

    For I know not to give flattering titles, because in so doing my maker would soon take me away – Job 32;21-22

  7. @tb Joshua would you mind if ask this sir?which head of state is going to die in the next couple of month?since I know from emmanuel tv that THE BEST IS YET TO COME;would you mind let me know that how many cows you buried beneath your church foundation since you serving a blood sucker monsters sir Joshua?


      • @DOMI DG & @pearl
        You two are just fantasists & denialists. You need to wake up from your delusions, illusions & confusion! Your continuous ranting, trolling & spamming will not make the truths on this site go away. Do your precious selves a favour, repent & turn to the true God of the Bible.

      • Yeah, why not cast out the demons from this website. SCOAN and their followers has failed for many, many years. No morning water or anointed water or prayer wristband has succeeded to stop it. Nor has anyone from this website who contributed to this website and from the scam con site Watch TB Joshua have been affected by all the threats, yelling, cursings, lies, deception.TB Joshua watch has gone from strength to strength and brought consistent messages to expose the workings and schemes from TB Joshua. Clearly have no power no ability to stop it then sending deluded brainwashed TB Joshua followers.

        Ps will we see a copied and pasted as well edited prophecy of the Russian Metrojet crash ? Time will tell. Again not been able to prevent it even though they prayed as a whole church God did not hear nor did do anything about it and with TB Joshua at the helm behind the scenes spraying wildly and frenzied with morning water, carrying prayer wristband around them. Nothing, nix, nada, niente.

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  10. i have been looking for a place to comment on this idiot website that call himself tbwatch, what are you watching evil man. do you think anyone care about what you say about him..fool? go and repent and t b Joshua will always forgive you. everyone on the site are insulting you dont wait for the insult to come on head… you only talk bad of him and you forget all the goodness he is doing all over the world. there are some people that have more than 1 private jets in nigeria. why jb joshua this man?

  11. @9jaboy who do you think you are Mr sir?let me correct you 1st before I teach you my son a lesson of life.our subject here is not about Tb having or owning a Jet,hope you get me me,alright?our subject here is about a wrenched and poor soul coming from arigidi state in Nigeria known as Tb Joshua,who twist the gospel of our lord Jesus Christ to lead many Christian into believing a heresy.this is the lesson of life I freely give you my boy,Go straight to your closet and start to nurture your fellowship with God through Christ not that charlatan known as Tb.say Thank you Sir!!lets Go my Boy

  12. @Domi for after some careful Personal analysis Mr Domi I noted that you are so bored such that you don know what to do,and you end up commenting serious stuff with a carnal minded mentality.let me join you in your carnality and childish mentality.In Barcelona lionel messi has been sidelined for a long time because of an injury,please pray for him to recover speedily.Jose morinho@chelsea isn’t performing well and the supportes want him to go but then the management still trust him that he’ll fix the matter and soon get results,so please pray for him to overcome this testing season.number three,Seblatter the president of Fifa has been dismissed for corruption,pray for him to be sacked.lastly my boy,there’s a fake prophet in Nigeria who killed 115 People last year,he usually call himself a Messiah to his followers,pray for him die sooner than later.Go boy!!

  13. @ General – Thanks for all the good work you have done exposing the evil darkness that SCOAN is. There are many well wished people who genuinely sought God and but ended up deceived by this evil character who made a victim of them.

    Thank you for exposing the lies for the genuine seekers of God and His Kingdom to see SCOAN for what it is. A HOLE OF DARKNESS.

    I pray that the God of Abraham, Isaac and Israel may remember and reward you graciously.

  14. Can I advised all people of God, please stay away from this blog. It is full of hatred, anger and jealous, all these are agents of satan. Satan will use any means to attack people of God, all satan wants is to raise any doubt in your faith. Once that doubt kicks in satan will attack and uses you as he pleases. Let’s stick to the teachings of Jesus; love, kindness and forgiveness. Even the guys who run this blog, as a Christian myself, I pray that you see the light. May the Holy Spirit help you. In Jesus name. Amen

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