SCOAN criticises health organisations for not supporting anointed water Ebola “cure”

You may recall that SCOAN claimed last year the President of Sierra Leone Dr Ernest Bai Koroma requested the anointed water as a cure for the outbreak of Ebola in their country. During last Sunday’s SCOAN service, a civil servant from Sierra Leone called Mrs Fatmata Kargbo testified to the success of the anointed water in curing Ebola in their country. They also criticised health organisations for hindering their attempt to spread the anointed water cure, claiming that without the obstacles Ebola could have been over immediately. See the video below, the relevant section starts at around 8:45.

A few key quotes to point out:

11:11 “Evangelist” Chris Tonge: You mean to say that you were sent by the president of Sierra Leone to actually receive the anointed water sent by “Prophet” TB Joshua to your nation to fight the scourge of Ebola?

Mrs Fatmata Kargbo: Yes

12:15 – They faced many obstacles from the time the plane landed, people and organisations wanting to prevent it being used, but the President allowed it (13:25).

So now we have second confirmation that the request came straight from the president, and after delivery he authorised its distribution. If this is true, that should be of grave concern to citizens of Sierra Leone and NGO’s like the WHO. If it’s false, Dr Koroma has some civil servants to fire. This claim is incredibly damaging to his reputation and the reputation of his country, and it’s being broadcast on one of Africa’s biggest “Christian” TV channel.

15:40 – if we were allowed to use the water as the prophet directed, it would have been over right away.
16:05 – faced obstacles from health organisations
17:20 – people said there wasn’t any scientific proof that it cures Ebola, but we pushed through.
17:30 – since that time, 16th August we have been monitoring to see if there are any improvements.
18:16 – from August, we have been monitoring – these regions have been free of Ebola

Screenshot_110315_013149_PMSo what about her incredible claim that a month after the 16th August, the regions where it was ministered have been free of Ebola? First thing to note is that she doesn’t state a year, does she mean 2014 or 2015? Typical SCOAN obfuscation. We will assume she means August 2014 because the 16th August 2014 was a few days after the anointed water was delivered, and in August 2014 the press in Sierra Leone were reporting that the water was being distributed (* if you think she meant August 2015, see note at end of article). So were the regions where it was administered “cured”? Let’s take a look at some WHO data:

On August the 29th, the outbreak in Sierra Leone looked like this


One month later, what do we see? No regions are fairing any better, but two regions without active cases in August now have active cases. In other words it’s got worse.


What about a month later? On October 31st we can see that every single region has active cases of Ebola.


So what we have from SCOAN is a complete lie about the efficacy of their anointed water against Ebola, and an insult to the medical teams who so bravely risked their lives to eradicate the disease. We’re used to lies from SCOAN, but these kind of lies are worse – they are literally deadly. Ebola can be relatively easily contained when correct practices are observed, the promotion of “water cures” is the highest degree of irresponsibility. There should be no claims about Ebola cures without genuine evidence and research backing them up, the testimony of one woman (contradicting WHO data) does not come close.

* If she did mean August 2015 this would also be incredibly deceptive because by that time, thanks to the tireless and brave efforts of aid workers and medical staff, Ebola was already mostly wiped out. On May 14th 2015 a news site reported that “Just last week, Liberia was declared Ebola-free after 42 days — two full incubation periods — without a reported case of Ebola. Now, Sierra Leone may be close to being able to start the same kind of countdown.”

12 thoughts on “SCOAN criticises health organisations for not supporting anointed water Ebola “cure”

    • Calling us fools. While facts are in your face. How much does it take before you can admit your own supported lies.

      We know what it says in John 10 of how much a liar is a liar and where they come from and how they use ICT as a Internet means to peddle themselves forward with false claims. Why not go personally to WHO find a case of a far advanced Ebola patient with obvious symptoms and put a camera on it and a mic shoved in the Ebola patient’s face and administer it and let the whole world see how much of a scammers you all are. But that is not done. It’s done in the dark hidden jungle where nobody is witness.

  1. I am not even bothering to watch the video as I know that it will make me sick to my stomach.
    After all the lies, abuse, deceit both in doctrine and prophesies/healings, not to mention the criminal negligence which cost the lives of 116 people being confronted with outright audacity and cruelty, now this.
    Time for words to end and legal action to be taken against SCOAN.
    Or psychiatric intervention, at the least.

  2. JESSE, You are about to close down this your satanic website. For you and your friends there is no one who is telling the truth, only you.
    My brother, you must close down and repent. We will pray for you.

    • It’s not my website, so I don’t know what you are talking about. What makes you think it’s my website ?

  3. The Bible says “touch not my annointed and do my prophet no harm”. A word for the wise is quite successful.

  4. @sylvia I dearly agree with that’s what God saith,but is referring to his own I think at least we have somethin common in agreement here sylvia

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