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Before starting this post we would like to state that we do not in any way endorse John Zavlaris’ ministry. He has never apologised for or acknowledged his role in the TB Joshua deception, and we have received reports of abusive behaviour in his ministry too (though not sexually abusive). With that in mind, we are grateful to JustBloggingTruth who sent in the following interesting comment from John Zavlaris clearly aimed at TB Joshua.

“Sometime ago I heard a minister of the Gospel say “the miracles that you see in my ministry prove my Apostolic call” and all of a sudden we saw that the churches he founded in the past, in a mysterious way they started to close down and the ministers that God gave him started to disappear with out being able to control the situation. My advice to this minister is that he cannot say “I am a problem solver”. For me you have unfinished business with God that needs to be taken care of and your proud heart needs to be humbled to stop the curse upon your ministry. The Bible contradicts you when you project the miracle before the love of God. “If I speak with the tongues of men and of angels, but have not love, I am become sounding brass, or a clanging cymbal. And if I have the gift of prophecy, and know all mysteries and all knowledge; and if I have all faith, so as to remove mountains, but have not love, I am nothing” I Corinthians 13: 1-2 Remember the harvest is ready but the laborers are few.”

The following is commentary from JustBloggingTruth:

Last year i moved from one state to another, and i now live a few hours drive from New Jersey. I had called Zavlaris ministries sometime last year to ask them if they had the new anointing water, but was told by a lady on the phone that, TB Joshua had called Zavlaris months ago and told him that he did not need to use the anointing water anymore and should just use his hands to pray for people. And the lady who is a worker there said Zavlaris did not use anointing water to pray for people anymore.and evidently you can find zavlaris videos from last year where he was praying for people without anointing water, before TB Joshua came out with his lies.
So for all Americans who have followed both ministries, it was a revealing moment for us when TB Joshua denied him. i find it interesting, because Zavlaris never actually responded to TB Joshua’s lies and attacks against him. and i must make a note as someone who has been following both TB Joshua and Zavlaris from the USA, i really believe TB Joshua discredited himself when he attacked Zavlaris, and i know that Americans did not buy his lies.
Just a quick note for those who did not know this about Zavlaris past. Zavlaris had his own church as a minister of the gospel before he even heard about TB Joshua. He was living with his now late wife when he decided to leave his church and become a disciple of TB Joshua. Yes, John Zavlaris was a disciple of TB Joshua for a number of years. (this was on his no longer available deleted blog, during his anointing water trips around the world.) And i believe a quick phone call to zalvaris’ ministries will also confirm this. I know this is going to be shocking for many because of TB Joshua’s lies. So TB Joshua did not actually establish Zavlaries as a minister of the Gospel, but the Lord Jesus did. And it is an insult for TB Joshua to deny his former disciple of many years. TB Joshua’s jealousy must have been stirred by Zavlaris’ rising growth and popularity in the USA. Americans were saving big dollars when they could go to Zavlaris instead of TB Joshua. i personally know that the number of Americans visiting Scoan have plummeted from hundredths to below 50 from the last visit.

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  1. What you have stated is the absolute truth. John Zavlaris was a minister long before his involvement with SCOAN.
    Not only that.
    If you read his comments, after Joshua’s denial of him being directly involved with SCOAN with the lame statement that Zavlaris was using his name simply due to a picture he had taken with TBJ, you will see Zavlaris asking him that if he wasn’t a SCOAN insider then how come he had a certain pin that only TBJ and the wise men did. He refers to this “pin’ as a token of being on the same level of intimacy and relationship with TBJ as the wise men, ironically indicating the ridiculousness of TBJ’s denial statement.
    Moreover, it is common knowledge that Zavlaris’ late wife was prophesied by TBJ to be healed of her cancer and yet died within a period of about 8 months from this so called “healing”. It is also known that his late wife was never at ease with her husband’s involvement with SCOAN, yet followed her husband’s wishes out of devotion and love to her husband.
    And still, Zavlaris remained a faithful devotee despite the devastation that came upon him. Never did he accuse TBJ of false prophecy/healing when it even involved his dear wife!
    This is how committed he was to TBJ.
    Although Zavlaris was evidently hurt and shocked by the humiliating public exposure of lies concerning his relationship with TBJ and SCOAN at large, for unknown reasons, he chose to remain silent. As so do most who leave SCOAN, willingly or not.
    I believe this is due to SPIRITUAL FEAR.
    There is a kind of intimidation that goes on at SCOAN, that even if you yourself witness the worst of sins being committed by Joshua, you must not speak, because after all, he is a “man of God” and his POWER has proven him so…’s the indoctrinated theory of “touch not my annointed or else….” as well as “don’t mess with what you don’t understand”. The SCOAN favourite “reasoning cancellation” approach.
    Most of these disciples who now live a life unfortunately far from the Truth of God’s Word, seem to think that if they speak they are displaying ungratefulness towards Joshua’s accommodation and support-mostly financial- over the years and even more that if they expose the SCOAN falsehood, something BAD will happen to them.
    Religious and spiritual manipulation run high in SCOAN and follow most for the rest of their lives simply because they have learnt subconsciously to fear man and not God.
    And if they do not learn to see beyond “signs and wonders” and the TBJ’s actions are beyond reason theory, they will remain in the same state of “hiding” while also extremely hurt and disillusioned by the things of God, for the rest of their lives.
    “My Name is blasphemed among the nations, because of you.”
    God’s Name is tarnished in the hearts of the abused, hurt and deceived by SCOAN.
    As one who has been there, seen it and gone through it, I urge those who are reading this to NOT BE AFRAID.
    The Truth sets us free.
    Exposing any form of darkness when bringing it into light not only dispells this darkness on the outside but also from WITHIN.
    If I or any member of my family, had been physically/sexually abused by TBJ or any of his disciples, there would be NO WAY that I wouldn’t press charges.
    I will never regret disclosing the truth concerning the SCOAN ATHENS BRANCH, right after the disturbing events, for I know well that this was first and foremost God’s Will and secondly it has freed me from any trace of spiritual, emotional and mental manipulation into seeing Who God really is and developing more than ever an intimate relationship with Him, where no grey zones exist.
    If the pursuit of being a Christian during my years at SCOAN was a full time job, now it is a life time job.
    The Truth, the Cross and the Holy Spirit have turned my sorrow into joy.
    John Zavlari, if you are reading this speak out. Remember, Jesus never left a thing concerning the Pharisees that He didn’t expose. It’s not a matter of protecting an anointing or gifts, it’s a matter of restoring souls who have fallen away due to this deception.

    • I know John Zavlaris personally and was present in his close environment when all these incidents happened with his wife and his ministry as a leader of SCOAN. I would like to confirm that what Jeremiah says is true. He has been silent because all these things that happened was very hard and devastating for him and he preferred to remain silent for a season. There will be a video soon on YouTube where he will express his heart to all who are really interested to know his side of the story.

      • @Lydia

        wow! thanks a lot Lydia. i will be on the look out for that video.
        i have caught a glimpse of John Zavlaris shadowing TB Joshua as he went about the congregation giving prophecy. if i would have known then that he would later deny knowing him, i would have saved it.
        if he can deny his close associates like Andreas and Zavlaris, then he will one day deny the wisemen.

  2. Wow, thank for this clear description of TB Joshua and his low-down ways. Excellent! I always hope that it will enlighten someone out there who needs the truth or who feels they are the only ones feeling like they do about tbj.
    It is just a pity that tbj keeps his devotees away from reading these things on this blog and making up their own minds about him.

  3. Oh and TB Joshua Watch;

    Watch how the Nigerian Pope TB Joshua is going to meet up with the Jesuit Pope Francis very soon.

    Both working for the destruction of Christianity.

  4. Thank God that tbj is dropping his followers!
    I pray that he will do it quicker- for the salvation, healing and deliverances of souls.
    It is to their salvation, although it is a devastating, hurtful, l wake-up experience.

    Proof that both Popes are changing the gospel into a different gospel.

    The Battle Of The Bibles Walter Veith-

  5. It was me <~~~who approached several times John Zavlaris on his blog about him not having anointing from God for himself and only used anointing water from TBJ to run his business hotel ministry. When all of this came to this as is written above he all of a sudden had “anointing”. Because TB Joshua said he had so. I only got furious nasty replies from John Zavlaris and some of his witches team and he has shown his true nature into that to me. That is why he closed the blog and it is now deleted.

    My experience with John Zavlaris is not better than TBJ and his silence is fake and false because they still send people from “somewhere” who uphold to my opinion fake deliverance and ministry in New York (Same formula and content). John and all the branches were closed because of causing trouble for TBJ after 12th September 2014 of which spun 4 lies out of and for the authorities to be monitored. Since SCOAN can easily control their own area in Lagos they did not want the burden of the branches causing leaks in their own setup.

    I am convinced they are told to lie low by TBJ, the last video posted by Just Wonder proves they are still going even though they are denied by TB Joshua.

    All of them are filthy rats and snakes. And still continue with their Satanic plan to deceive the Christian world with their fake miracles and stupid interrogation deliverances and using scriptures to justify themselves with scriptures that they are the modern day apostles and so called “chosen” by God to do what they are doing and other people are no-one that just Bible school students. They are only businessmen and shrewd snake oil salesmen with the Name of Jesus attached.

    Well I have none of it of their rotten falsehood and con artistry. I can’t imagine that none of you can see that John Zavlaris is actually another nasty self grandeur conman, just like TBJ with his team is.

    My other dream two days ago was speaking to individual TB Joshua fanatic followers to leave right now. So whoever has seen someone about this in their dreams about this, LEAVE NOW !

    God is not a man that He should lie. The time is full and obedience will be better than sacrifice.

  6. Ya, Jesse. I also received anointing water from tbj, way back and was told to share it with everyone who wants it. I was also told that just one drop of the original water in any water will make that water also anointed. So you can imagine the stampede to my house. In the beginning I had everyone fast and repented of their sins, but got tired after a while. I stopped telling them to fast and repent and the same results happened. Then I took a step back end stopped everything and started thinking.
    I realized that what was happening through that water has got NOTHING to do with fasting or repenting or for that matter, with me.
    Yes, some ‘anointing’ of some sorts do come upon you, by using that water, but . . .
    Praise God, that I had previous spiritual experiences with Jesus and I started to compare them. They were totally different. So I started to pray; “Lord if this is not from you stop it” – and guess what – the manifestations stopped and the people stop coming?
    That was the final proof to me of those charms coming from TB Joshua.
    I am now back to walking humbly with Jesus and Him performing any miracle for a purpose that is needed for the salvation of a soul for the extension of His Kingdom and not mine or anyone else’s.

  7. You have started your lies against the humble man of God for many years now but yet the number of what you call his followers is increasing each and every day. You cannot fight the Grace of God and succeed.

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