Charges to be brought against TB Joshua today

TB Joshua, the rest of the SCOAN trustees and the engineers responsible for constructing SCOAN’s stricken building are to have charges brought against them in court today. You can read more about it here:

Let’s pray for courage and integrity for those in authority, pray that the proceedings will be peaceful, that justice will be served, and a message will go out loud and clear that nobody in Nigeria is above the law, no matter how rich and powerful they are. Also, remember the other victims of TB Joshua in your prayers – the many disciples and church workers who live in captivity on the SCOAN compound, abused, worked like slaves and with no freedom of movement. Pray that the outcome of today’s proceedings might help facilitate their safe deliverance from SCOAN to be reunited with friends and family and begin rebuilding their lives.

16 thoughts on “Charges to be brought against TB Joshua today

  1. your statement is good well done”;Let’s pray for courage and integrity for those in authority, pray that the proceedings will be peaceful, that justice will be served,”but the issue of nobody is above the law???? i rubbish it?who are you referring to???we just need to justice to take place,court will rule out the results to the matter and we cant predict at this moment in time,please stop the prediction

      • Oh my God continue to use your humble servent , Prophet T.B Joshua, The more they criticise him the more you lift him up, may he begin raise the dead in the name of your beloved son Jesus Christ. The Devil is in trouble.

    • How come you can’t predict ? Can’t you run to your false private prophet to get the result that will fight tooth and nail PHYSICALLY to get away ? Is it not clear that God wants this to happen so he can see he is no law to himself ? Only Satan is a law to himself because he will never be obedient to anyone. What does this show you now ? Which spirit is driving this ? Did Jesus do away with the Law ? No He clearly stated He came to fulfill it and Paul clearly says that the Law is written to terrorise those who sin. And says that we must not do away with the law.

      That is why TB Joshua did his atrocities in Africa, not US, Or Europe etc. Because he never would be able to get away with it as he despererately does now. So clearly no example to follow him showing no remorse for his actions and choices as well others.

      This is not Christian persecution but a shambolic evading of the discourse of Justice. Open your blinded eyes by the god of this world that is ruled by Satan. Come out, as my dream has told you in another post, LEAVE NOW !

  2. O Moja – so you acknowledge that if TB Joshua should be under God’s Law, that he will be find guilty. Interesting. So it is only, because he is above God’s law, according to you, that he will be innocent. Oh, really. the way you people think?!?!? Backwards is not the word.

    • TB Joshua supporters are the least eloquent of all people and they struggle to construct quality sentences. That’s a theme I’ve noticed. So just ignore what this champion is unable to articulate.

  3. God will fight for tb Joshua no one can be pleased for death of people who has come to him for help in their situation

    • God is not fighting for him. But his own judgement and follow up shows he is using own insight and the use of lawyers. If God was fighting for you, you would come out boldly before a Judge knowing He is behind you. Not using the earthly system to escape when you are summoned up, to face your atrocities. He knows this and shows this by his actions of human endeavour not as a Christian. Shame on him. No example to follow.

      We all should know he did not have a command from God to build the collapsed illegal Hostel without building permit and he can’t uphold his lies in Court. Come out NOW !

  4. God has a way to humble man. And He’s not yet done. For those that think they are bigger than the State and accountable to no one, watch the space…
    No one can change the word of God, no one can change the Truth even in the name of God.


    • Of course they never showed up. Because when they hang up stories like infrared laser guns that it will be a laughing matter is it not ?

      Unlike for the dead whom they declared martyrs by their own means. Who are they to declare them martyrs.

    • Judges are the representative on earth for God. Obey !

      Deuteronomy 16:18 You shall appoint for yourself judges and officers in all your towns which the LORD your God is giving you, according to your tribes, and they shall judge the people with righteous judgment. 19 You shall not distort justice; you shall not be partial, and you shall not take a bribe, for a bribe blinds the eyes of the wise and perverts the words of the righteous.…

      The Judges have to speak justice they are appointed by God I REBUKE YOU, IN JESUS NAME ! Obey the Word of God !

      How much will you pervert the Word of God ?

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