Is this TB Joshua’s worst prophecy ever?

Not surprisingly, TB Joshua is exploiting the horrific terrorist attack in Jakarta by claiming that he predicted it. Watch the video SCOAN have released to see the most vague prophecy imaginable (we’re deliberately not linking, but it’s easily found on the SCOAN Youtube channel). In the words of one youtube commenter:

Something is going to happen this Thursday or Friday. Don’t know what it is. But it could either happen in one of the 59 countries in Europe or perhaps in one of the 42 Asian countries. Honestly how stupid could the people at Emmanuel TV be to post this.

That’s right – he predicted “something” would happen next Thursday (the one just gone), either in Europe or Asia. He actually expanded the target further by saying “Thursday through Friday”, and in the original mentioned Saturday too, but that was snipped out (watch original here). As we’ve said many times before, these prophecy fulfillment videos are in fact self defeating. If his prophecies were useful for preventing disasters, then these disasters would never materialise, the fact that they do is a failure, not a success. Further more, the events are rarely even as he predicted, so they fail on both fronts – inaccurate and useless.

61 thoughts on “Is this TB Joshua’s worst prophecy ever?

  1. When you stay too long in the darkness, your life and sense of reasoning adjust to your environment. This is the story of disciples under Joshua. He has rubbed his stupidity on them. How many disasters happens daily in every corner of the earth? That someone should come out with this kind of shallow piece called prophecy. He can only deceive morons like him.
    I guess the video recorders they used in recording international news in his office for him to use has dirty head.

    • Bisola what makes you think you can fight God’s battle for him? Leave God to fight his own battles. Don’t allow yourself to be used. You call all the millions of scoanites morons? Then you must really be bright! If so, why are you displaying such stupidity in wanting to fight God’s battles? Something is not right!

      • The huge numbers of people that follows Joshua blindly does not suggest his relationship with God, rather it confirms his evil manipulation on them. The Bible says in the book of Revelation how multitude would be following the Antichrist and his false prophets. Looks you don’t read your direct manual. You trust more in Joshua’s pictures, water and oil. Let me give you preview into his oil. Joshua spits his saliva into the oil he gives you. Deal with that. Rev.13:8,12,14

      • I am a battle Axe in the hand of the Lord. Joshua knows how God has been using me and others to deal with him. He will not tell you the details. JOSHUA IS A DROWNING MAN. HE IS FINISHED. STAY AWAY FROM HIM BEFORE HE DRAGS YOU DOWN. The government of Heaven has risen against him, the blood of those he used as sacrifice are crying against him.

    • Do you call yourself EVANGELIST, how can you talk like this, the spirit of the almighty God does not behave like this. Please check yourself well. What wrong did TB Joshua do when he said we should pray about this. Did you border as an evangelist to enquire of God before criticising, do you know what your prayers could have done for Indonesia, you didn’t border to even mention in your prayers that if what TB Joshua is saying is true then God should Please do something, then you are talking about darknes. Well, Like King David in the Bible, I will not touch anyone anointed by God and more so since I wasn’t there when God made you his evangelist, am not going to criticise you but seriously speaking am wondering what you are teaching your church member since its obvious here that you don’t inquire of God before speaking. PLEASE LET US KNOW WHEN GOD TOLD YOU HE HAS NOT CALLED TB JOSHUA. One thing is what I know, WHEN GOD SPEAKS, THE WISE LISTENS. BLESSED BE HIS HOLY NAME

      • Joshua is covering up under call to pray, he is the first born of Satan. We are warning you to stay away from that clown. Read your Bible and focus on God alone.

    • Evangelist i dont understand why pipo just can be grateful for the Grace upon TB Joshua. Trully he is the eyes of the world. ALMOST ALL HIS PROPHESIS COME TRUE THOUGH THEY TARRY BUT YOU SEE THEM COME TO PASS. Let us celebrate the Gift in Him. I am sure you wish that one day you attain his level. Shame

      • Maxi, are you ever grateful to God for your life? If not, do it today. Joshua is a fluke

  2. predicted??at least he did can u predict something of that nature??if we are stupid yourself you got no brain

  3. God revealed to him & has said it out, him alone cannot pray to avert what God revealed to him, after do we believe him? We are instead abusing him instead of searching for solution, we should repent or God will send many dangers to us.

    • SO Rukwanti,

      You feel by your own feeleology that this is not true then in the bible ?

      James 5:16 King James Version (KJV)

      16 Confess your faults one to another, and pray one for another, that ye may be healed. The effectual fervent prayer of a righteous man availeth much.

      • Rukiwanti, have you ever heard Joshua confessed his fault? Or he is your saint? Rather he would put other to a show of shame in the name of confession for a cheap fame. Wake up from your slumber.

    • Correction brethren God doesn’t send dangers to us. He dliverers us from the dangers Which Satan attempts to send to us. We pray for God’s intervention to stop disasters. As per request by MAn of God .
      I am not judgemental against “evangelist” bisola.
      Let’s not get hooked to her offence or her offending us. We have more to loose than her.

    • @Newman who is still the old man as before,

      Did you go and baptize yourself in water and ask for the Holy Spirit to fill you and repented of your own sins from before and today ?

      You are full out in force here with nothing to offer than supporting a false prophecy again and glory in it that people died and were hurt. Apparently it did not happen to your own family was it now ? I am sure you would be praising God about losing your family members in the attacks and were very happy to promote TB Joshua’s words for it who again sat upon his hands and did nothing that raffle his mouth again.

      • You keep saying these are false prophecies and that some of them are so general and vague they will always come true anyway. If it is tht easy to predict, why not make a prediction and let it come to pass? Take Obama for example. When the prophecy came about his impending illness you made a lot of noise but it came to pass you went quiet over it. what about the prophecy on ISIS? It has come to pass. Look you are only maintaining your daily bread provided by your sponsors. Its a shame you have to be a worker of iniquity only to survive.

      • @ Newman,

        What is the point of coming true prophecies. What can I do with it ? Can I buy a cheese for it in the grocery shop ? Can I drive my car with it ? Does it fill my tank ? Can I have a haircut with it ? Feed my fish tank ? Take the bus ?

        What on earth am I doing with it ? NOTHING !!!!! Just shut up about it now, because there is no use for it. It does not stop anything that is going bad or prevent anything. So might as well just shut up.

        What’s the point of seeing illegal hostel collapsing without building permit ? Or burning down your audio/video department. Sheesh ! It collapsed anyways, it burned down anyways ? Or Universal Studios burning down. Please, get it in your head that it does not make any difference whether you say it or not.

        It comes to pass, Jesus, Joseph, Mary…. so what ? Why glory in people dying, getting hurt, burning down buildings, exploding airplanes or shootings in Paris, US, or planes falling down ? How does this glory God ? It only makes God look more sadistic. He tells you this and that is happening and you sit on your donkey doing nothing !!!! The only thing you do is pray, by all means pray, but it never changed. Get off it.

  4. The Real Gospel is “Good News”. The message of “TB Josua watch clan” is always bad. Tb Joshua is that….Tb Joshua did that…..Tb Joshua said that……bad, bad, bad, wrong, wrong wrong……everything with you is wrong…..

    • @ SimpleVoice,

      Yes brainwashing is very bad and not good for your well being. TB Joshua and Staff are desperate to brainwash you with their ways of useless prophecies that have no use whatsoever. Was the Canadian and the Indonesian national who both died and 20 injured helped with it ?

      Why not pay for their funeral and ask if they were Christians in the first place and if not, have they not missed out to become a Christian ?

      God does not want anyone to perish. Yet the possibility is that they did perish. So whether saying a prophecy or no prophecy it made no difference whatsoever and now you are all shouting Glory to God about it. What glory was it ? That people died and were injured ? You must be mad.

      • @ Jesse and those against TB Joshua.
        who are u to speak against the Prophet of God?
        Well, Jesus Christ made it known to his disciples that just as the world hated me (Christ) even more to my Followers. Therefore, if there’s any who confesses Christ and the world Found nothing in him to be wrongly acused then, he is not a true follower. TB JOSHUA IS A PROPHET SEND BY ALMIGHTY, ALL-KNOWING GOD BACKED UP WITH SUPREME AUTHORITY! and there is nothing anybody can do about it even satan and his agents are in trouble! But hear this, you have to better repent and refrain you mouth from speaking against God’s prophet and who made u a judge over someone else servant; you generation of vipers judgement ax is on you.

  5. In your blindness “Tb Joshua watch clan” you usurp the right to condemn the person of TB Joshua.
    Who gave it to you, if the only Judge who can condemn lives above you in Heaven, so you will recive much more strict, much more heavy, much more harsh proceedings for every empty, idle, and useless word you put here on this blog.

    • @ Simple Voice,

      We did not usurp anything at all. Tell me what is the use of a so called prophecy that is told to 59 European countries and 42 Asian Countries to be alert. It would be same Listen Whole World to me Mr Prophets Incarnate, do what I tell you. Pray ! (No problem with praying for the world but every Tom, Dick and Jane can say this and pass it off as prophecy) You see the piffle here ? Not you. But I can. And others can. If it was averted with hard evidence and these two people were saved and 20 were prevented from injury and the perpetrators caught yes then something is going on. But that did not happen at all. So useless prediction. And if you were told to pray why did you not persuade God that it would be stopped and dealt with ? Please check out the mental issue specialist next time.

  6. TBJ watch. You have managed to use criticism of TBJ’s name and ministry to bring food to your tables for 5years. I reckon you will be jobless and go hungry if you stop this blog. You need this ti keep your donors happy don’t you? Admit it!

      • Yes try taking down the blog for six months ans see whether your wife will not leave you for being unemployed. The Ministry of TBJ is matching on with force!! Fire is unleashed into the kingdom of the devil upon the prophets return. Pleas watch the full video of TBJ’s return ans take your pick whether you will go for deliverance yourself. Its here: that is my New Year present to you. Those of you who were sure the absence of TBJ for six months signified the death of SCOAN, what is your next fantasy? Bring it on!

      • @ Newman,

        Where were you, you yourself were nowhere to be seen ? Now you are riding again on the coattails of TB Joshua. It shows what a coward you are. Why don’t you meet up with me and see how I will deliver you right on the spot with you big mouth. I am not afraid of anyone. Nor of your con man TB Joshua. I have told here that he can meet me up on my designated place and we will see who delivers what and he show his con deliverance and try it upon me. I am telling you who will win. And please do me a favour let’s put some cameras on it for the sake of it and broadcast it to the world on Youtube, Emmanuel TV because I wills how you that he has not power at all outside his circle of by who he is protected by man’s means. You tell him if he wants to take the challenge ? Go ahead, I can’t wait. Nobody has ever been able to deliver me of anything. I have been there, he did not succeed in his own place to do so. I walked away same way as I came, several times. You pieces of nothing. You can tell him whenever he put a dent in a paper bag, he is on. I do not fear a false private prophet and a scam artist.

      • @tbjwatch, watch out! I guess joshua has gone to hire new sets of media propagandist on you. THE TRUTH SHALL PREVAIL IN JESUS NAME.

  7. TB Josua watch clan.

    What can I say to you? Whatever you take you like to use it to hit, to accuse, to condemn. Even you use The Gospel in the same way to bit, to condemn and to punish. You totally missuse the things and The Gospel. You are not doers but Judges. Here above stays Judge for you and He is “watching you” and every single word and premises. Your Gospel is Gospel of accustation, Gospel of condemnation. You totally missuse the Gospel with your blindness. You turned The Gospel up side down. Holy thing using for your hidden motives. You use your time and effort not for saving but for condeming, making one person a victim of hell. You lost wisdom. You went too far away, too far away, too far away. You excced the border of decency in your doggedness. Slanderers will not enter to Heaven. Repent.

    • Then Repent, Simple Voice and be baptized in water and ask for the Holy Spirit to fill you to distinguish your own deception. Did you do this publicly ? Or you just take a bottle of water and spray yourself with it and think you are being baptized ?

    • TB Joshua watch clan,
      They are not more than 4. They are hiding ; only Bisola johnson shows herself as evangelist. I want the owner of this blog to be unmask before the blog close down.
      You have been doing offence for 5 year to someone who is silent, what do you expect ?

  8. Africans should learn to work hard like Americans, Chinese,Europeans and others we should stop being lazy and looking for miracles as a way of an easy life. If we claim to have the best prophets in the world why then are we still in deep poverty. Isreal is the God choosen nation but still they work hard in sciences to improve their condition. Africa stand up and work hard dont depend on your fake prophets they are just frauds, scams

    • Martin, as for you, I think you are out of order here. Those who go to SCOAN cannot have been lazy given the cost of visiting. Hard work is not the only factor that goes into success. I have seen lots of poor people in America and Europe. If a prophet is fake, millions of people around the globe who watch him everyday will know by themselves. They do not need TBJwatch to tell. them. They are not fools and tbjwatch bloggers are not wiser than anybody even though they are deluded they are very wise.

      • @ Newman,

        I don’t need any prophet to tell me anything. God is walking with me every single day and where is your puny prophet’s power. Nowhere to be seen ? I am sure you all have been jumping up and down in your rooms and do your oenkakakdoenka and wulu wulu. And where did it bring you in 5 years ? Nowhere, it’s still here. So with four people we have more power than all those millions ?

        Have you not read ?

        Deuteronomy 23:30 How should one chase a thousand, and two put ten thousand to flight, except their Rock had sold them, and the LORD had shut them up?

        Come on then, show yourself and come out and meet me and see if you can deliver me on my designated place. Jokers. You puny intimidating cheaters. You work with manpower, not with God’s power. That’s clear. You need millions and tons of money from others who break their back for you all to exist. We trust God and we exist. What are you then ? Are you better then us ? These people have beaten you for 5 years and stood strong and here you are with all your millions of people who do not even know how to pray or live because they have to run to a so called prophet who takes them for a ride and extracts money out of them to run a show. Are you for real ?

    • Martin, Members of Scoan are not all africans, prophecies is not only for Africa. TB Joshua and the Scoan is for the whole word.

    • Alas, Martin. It is just not that simple. The human condition affects all races. The psychology of cult recruitment can hook even the most intelligent and hard working.

      Although the majority of TBJ’s followers are African, he is not the only con artist fleecing christians. These wolves operate in America, Europe, Asia, and South/Central America. And they have huge followings. They all attended the same school–The University of Deception and Greed.

  9. Prophecies are not given in full detail (1 Corinthians 13:9). You can say what you want, but if God is with T.B. Joshua you will not be able to stop him. (Acts 5:39)

    • You tell me, how can you stop someone that gets from everybody that supports them money ?

      Go stop putting any penny in his pocket or SCOAN and see how they survive. They will be wiped off the place in a few months.

      You have big mouth because SCOAN has money. I believe in God and I exist and have eluded you all for more than five years.

      Take all the money away and see who will be standing, them or me. Why not prove it and cut it off and see if anyone of you can stand. None, you all will be homeless and begging for money in Lagos.

      • Hey Jessie. What you are saying applies to your blog too. If TBJ’s ministry will collapse without money, in the same way your blog will shut down without the support of the sponsors of the words of darkness behind you.

  10. @tbjoshuawatch,
    Let’s look at the fatalities
    In Jakarta, only 2 people died on Thursday

    On Friday an AU base was attacked in Somalia with Reported casualties in excess of 63 Kenyan soldiers

    On Saturday the Burkina Faso hotel siege ended with 23 fatalities

    Which of these three is more significant?
    Remember his very words were, ‘East Africa….no, parts of Europe and Asia….’

    This is more like prophesying that you should pray not to catch a common cold while you are staring at an Ebola infection.

    That apart, recall the wise words of Conrad Mbewe;
    ‘…..Here is something else worth noticing. In the Bible, prophets were PROPHESYING ABOUT FUTURE EVENTS RELATED TO THE CONSEQUENCES OF OBEDIENCE OR DISOBEDIENCE OF GOD’S PEOPLE. The prophecies were, therefore, meant to bring God’s people back to himself in repentance and faith, or to encourage them to remain faithful to God in dark times.

    They were not simply telling football teams whether they would win or lose a football match. Imagine Elijah, or Isaiah, or Jeremiah, or Daniel telling us who was to win some match in the great games of their day. Come on; give me a break! That is totally preposterous!….’

    I’d say not ALL prophecies had anything to do with consequences of (dis)obedience. This is a tad dishonest for Agabus prophesies of Paul’s persecution and it has nothing to do with his disobedience, but the bulk of major prophecies have to do with this.

    We have to ask ourselves exactly what purpose his ‘prophecies’ serve because they just elevate him in the eyes of his sheeple above the rest. They are solely used to build his brand

  11. tbjwatch could you please find the TBJ prophecies on Turkey for your bloggers for them to see how true they are. I challenge you.

    • @Newman,
      Why are you shamelessly given to nonsense?

      A brief introduction to ISIS

      Watch this clip as well;

      First, the garbage TB Joshua served mindless sheeple on Auguat as yourself had NOTHING that could not be gleaned on mainstream news.

      Secondly, he claims to have said something at the beginning of the year. I have neither time nor necessity to go fishing for his January claims because you can bet they are vague,and if specific are gleaned from mainstream news.

    • @Newman
      For goodness sake, if you started watching the news and paying attention to what is going on in the world, you wouldn’t be quite so impressed with these pathetic attempts at “prophecy”. It was common knowledge from a long time back that Turkey was suffering as a result of the war in their “neighbouring country” Syria. What a genius your prophet is to regurgitate the news and still have thousands of gullible followers fall at his feet.

    Now you claim that prophecies are vague but accurate.
    otherwise serious people should not waste their time here talking to ghosts !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Poor @DOMI DG,
      Keep trolling and you shall receive healing from your blindness.

      What purpose did Jakarta ‘prophecy’ serve if a at all other than keeping mindless fellas like yourself in perpetual TB Joshua adoration mode?

  13. Offence is the effective instrument satan uses 2 trap us. The way you respond to som1 who offends you determines your future. The mistreatmnt dat tbj watch clan claim 2 hav xprienced is wat has made thm come this far in trying 2 bring down tb joshua. Thy hav held on 2 those offence which hav givn birth 2 hatred to th point were Jesse says he is even redy 2 burst open tb joshua’s stomach shoud he come face 2 face with him. Hope he(jesse) still remembas tht he reviewd dat 2 us on this blog. My msg 2 all is let go of offence and u will not find time 2 speak ill abt yo brotha. Even satanist don’t speak against each other but y shod we who call ourselves children of God go 2 such extent in trying 2 destroy each other. The bible says if u find your brother in sin you who r righteous shod restore him gently otherwise u 2 will be tempted. The Lord bless us all. LET LOVE N LETS LOVE WITHOUT EXPECTION

    • @ Thanx,

      Oh here is Satan again with his traps and his super duper condiments of distraction. Why is it that you all in SCOAN can cast out Lucifer and Satan in the church from normal people who love to act this but not from anybody else, eh ?

      Can it be that these deliverance’s are fake ? Yes, they are !

      PS ofcourse you are gonna say now that Satan is talking through me again is it not ? Duh !

    • @ Thanx

      I said this: “even redy 2 burst open tb joshua’s stomach shoud he come face 2 face with him. ”

      I said, punch him in the solar plexus when he is trying to put that goo that comes out of him and it will stop and so you will deliver him.

      Burst open. You are such a joker. Why is it that on all websites regarding TB Joshua, I am being misrepresented, added to what I say, subtracted of what I say, multiplied of what I say, divided of what I say. You all are such drama queens.

      I don’t build illegally, nor with out building permit, if I knew something what would happen I surely would try my best to prevent it, surely if many would die. I am not perverting the course of Justice. I am not doing any of that. Yet still I am the worst boogey man here.

      Once or twice I got really angry upon someone that just keeps getting the blood under my nails with their incessant annoyance about TB Joshua.

      Why do you want me to sin ? Ephesians 4:26 Be ye angry, and sin not: let not the sun go down upon your wrath:

      I can’t kill someone, I can’t lie, I can’t deceive, I can’t be angry, I can’t twist, I can’t divert the course of justice, I can’t build illegally without building permit, I can’t just do that. I am not allowed. But everybody else can. Especially TB Joshua and still he is innocent in his own eyes.

      Look at him now, he has to go to the Court of Human Rights. After he was the sole reason for allowing to built an illegal hostel that collapsed. It was him who chose it. Now stop hindering God’s instituted powers. Taking the Government to the High Court.

      1 Corinthians 6:5 I say this to your shame. Is it so, that there is not among you one wise man who will be able to decide between his brethren, 6 but brother goes to law with brother, and that before unbelievers? 7 Actually, then, it is already a defeat for you, that you have lawsuits with one another. Why not rather be wronged? Why not rather be defrauded?…

      HE AND OTHERS IS TAKING THEIR OWN BROTHERS TO COURT His OWN skin coloured one’s. And that as a Man of Gosh ? Shame on you all ! And that all because of Him. Jesus was lead before Pilate and the before Herod and He took it as it came. What a man of Gosh !

    • Welcome Back, Just Wonder,

      I guess the remote demons in the Courts and living in the Judges are very hard to deliver from where SCOAN is doing their prayers and casting out Lucifer and co. Why does TBJ not go over to the Court and deliver the Judges from their alleged demons they have according to their followers ? How rambunctious !!!!

      It only shows that where they have no power over inside their four wall everything is not going as they want it. Why all these “squashes”.

      TB Joshua needs to go to Court and stop dithering around and tell the truth that he lied all along and that he allowed to build illegally without building permit together with his staff and that he had it all wrong from the start.

      Now his daughter has to bend over all this nonsense that her father did. I feel sorry for her that she had to do this, she wanted to be a teacher. But her father did not allow it. YOU STUDY LAW, END OF STORY ! Period.

      • @Jesse,
        Leave TB Joshua’s daughter out of this. This is another idiotic low of you to go for his family

      • @ Vooke,

        Do you know his daughter ? Well I do. There is not much to say about her, but I would like to mention to you, would you not have your own children get to such a level when all expenses and places you live were covered by church goers and donors and not expenses short ? My own parents never could give me that opportunity and had to sometimes not even eat, put on electricity and sit in the dark for months for me because of my studies and travelling up to my schools.

        Then on top of it she did not even wanted to do this but was forced into it by her father. Is that how you it ? Force your children to study things for your own advance and making yourself famous and the use of it ? Why should I not say anything about that ? Because I can.

        Just in your words, how could you divorce anyone such as that from such a bad man. Why could she say anything bad about him. She got all with the sliver spoon in her mouth, got it all thrown at her and everybody supported her because she was his daughter. Being privileged because of her fathers name and SCOAN. Sheltered and in raised in secrecy for the purpose he had thought out for her. Of course your daughters and sons will also get the treatment as she was given right ? Are you even serious ?

        And so all the children will be done with because they have millions of dollars to go by, while others have to put things aside every month or even choosing for either one thing or another because of lack of money.

      • Jesse,
        This blog is not a gossip column, its objectives are very clear to all but retards. What has TB Joshua’s daughter got to do with anything?

        All you are trying to do is to look knowledgeable. It @tbjoshuawatch wanted a piece on his family, trust me there are innumerable sources of direct information about this. So, kindly keep your gossip to yourself and grow up

  14. What TBJ watch is doing against TB Joshua can be done to anyone including them. Criticism is cheap whoever will ever do anything in this world there is room to criticize. Jesus himself the son of God showed up and was critisized by his haters and led him to crucifiction. It all comes down to faith. Because of unbelief people want God the father himself to now showup and that is when they will believe. If they lived in that day, what would have TBJ WATCH said against Elisha when he cursed a group of boys who were mocking him calling him baldy and two Bears came out of the woods and mauled forty-two of them 2Kings 2:23-24 or When King David lusted for Bathsheba and had her husband murdered “the man after Gods Heart” 2 Samuel 11:1-26. God has his own way to deal with his people over every matter. It is none of any other Man’s business. If I was to examine the lives of” TBJ watch staff or crew”, I would probably come up with a TBJ watch “WATCH” but I can’t stoop that low. I can’t make a career out of criticism of someone’s Life. If TBJ watch crew are the true Christians why do they hide behind electronic gudgets. TB Joshua is better than you all. One thing that impresses me is the fact that TBJ wacth are stonge viewers of Emmanuel TV and they are fulfilling the purpose of the channel “KEEP WATCHING EMMANUEL TV” one day you will find your delieverance from unbelief.

    • @Virtue,
      How do you entertain such defective logic and waste no letters expressing it?

      Ephesians 5:11 (KJV)
      And have no fellowship with the unfruitful works of darkness, but rather reprove them.

      @tbjoshuawatch exists to expose the CONSISTENT and PERSISTENT deception and damnable heresies of TB Joshua,and thereby save hapless souls who are abused and wasted by SCOAN.

      Is it not the height of hypocrisy to decry anonymity of this blog while posting behind a moniker? The anonymity is for security reasons because TB Joshua goons would not spare no energy hounding the owners and former members who patronize this blog. If their identity bugs you, ignore it and focus on what matters; the CONTENT of the blog and not identity of its members.

      Also, is it not hypocritical for you to adjudge TB Joshua ‘better’ than us all yet you won’t have us judge TB Joshua? Why can’t you let God deal with us as you would have us let Him deal with TB? Please keep that moronic selective application of ‘judge not’ to yourself. You are dealing with adult Christians who can see through such shady scripture twisting.

      Happy Lord’s Day and may scales fall off your eyes

    • @ Virtue,

      This twisting of the Holy Scriptures for your benefit to make TB Joshua equal to Jesus is just one of the worst comparisons I have ever seen online talking about these so called false private prophets.

      TB Joshua is only by name made by his followers. He cheats, dodges, deflects and tells you one thing and does himself another when it suits him. Nothing in God’s Word about Jesus is comparable to that. Nothing.

      It’s a man made circus with the Name of Jesus attached to it. A business with clever marketing ploy selling “mircacles” as snake oil men did in the past with religious drivel connected to it. Baked into the present form and exploited on blinded people who are like flies that go to the blue light.

      If there was any evidence of any healing or deliverance of the groups that I went with as I have debated before and in the branches of for example immediate healing of bunion toes as well back that are twisted by scoliosis directly in front of me, you would not have seen me here. But besides of that. It’s unbelievable that anyone of you can still write here as a defender of TB Joshua of what he has done after the collapse of the illegal hostel and no building permit and the many lies he has hung up about it.

      In your book doing illegal things is just alright and especially when it is done by so called men of gosh. or a man made prophet with a paper in his today defending his awful and horrible bad accuracy of what he calls and you call is prophecy.

      How is anyone helped with I see an airplane in such and such country going down, it’s this and this number and it will fiy on such and such day on 16:00 hours from so and so airport and so save people. But no none of that is really happening. And is it not funny that he always knows what Muslims are going to do. Why ? His mum was a Muslim. Born from her after 15 months in one video, 21 months in another. Hihihihih. Are you kidding me ? Which is it now ? 15 or 21 ? That is how accurate he is. He does not even know how long he was in the mothers womb and then claim he was given those powers in the womb plus born again there as well. Are you even kidding me ? And you say he is just like Jesus ?

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