News roundup

A few recent news items of note:

University of Kansas Associate Professor Ebenezer Obadare wrote an excellent article called “The dangerous lies of TB Joshua” detailing five ways TB Joshua is deliberately obscuring the truth about the building collapse. The article is well worth a read.

The latest on the building collapse court case is that SCOAN have yet again take legal action against the coroner, in an attempt to put a stop to their criminal prosecution. This shows that they have no interest in justice for the victims, they just want the court case stopped.

On the subject of illegally constructed buildings, it seems the collapsed one is not the only one causing grief to others. A recent news article claims that nearby residents are having to abandon their houses because of flooding caused when SCOAN construction work destroyed drainage canals causing flooding.

90 thoughts on “News roundup

  1. tbjwatch you should be proud that you are absolutely part of the SCOAN industry just as the hotel industry and others – all of which will collapse if there is no SCOAN. Does it ever occur to you tbjwatch folk that if SCOAN collapses today, all four of you will INSTANTLY BE UNEMPLOYED?

    • @Newman,

      No, I will not be. Because I have nothing to do with the setting up of this blog, nor do I get any money out of it. And that is the truth.

      Not one time I got a pay check from TB Joshua Watch. So you are lying to the public here and accusing me of taking money, bribes to write here.

      I write here because I believe that God is never in the building of illegal hostels, buildings, and without building permit.

      I write here because I noticed that TB Joshua is not what he says he is but is a product of what others say about him.

      I write here because God does not want to help a double standards man because he can’t admit he was wrong all along.

      I write here because I have seen how unreliable he is and I do not take his followers for their words.

      I write here because obstructing justice and perjury with lawyers when there is a loophole there for them to take and use is not honorable.

      I write here because I believe he should testify in Court and uses the means available to postpone his own responsibility to testify and tell his 4 lies to a High Court Judge.

      I write here that they are wasting precious money that should be used for missions to defend the actions of the General Overseer of SCOAN.

      I write here because I can’t do what he does. Allow 120 people to die because of my actions and choices. Anyone should stand trial if it is just.

      I write here because I have enough of being called a liar that I was never healed in his church and those that were with me and that it was all my own fault after taking all my money and even ask for more through his staff. Literally this was said: And NOW the MONEY !

      I write here because I believe the deliverances are a sham and a 419 marketing ploy to get people in who think they are possessed but are ridden with dark forces passed off as those that come from Jesus Christ.

      All for free. Year upon year. Month upon month, Week upon week and day upon day.

      I write here because I believe in Jesus Christ and not in shamming Christ.

    • @Newman
      SCOAN will collapse in the near future – and I welcome the day when I can take up a new hobby 😉 Not sure how it will affect my employment though…. If you think a website that doesn’t display adverts or sell products or subscriptions could employ four people (not sure where that number came from), you know very little about the internet!

  2. And no one knows who you are. You quote Professor Obadare and you who are you?
    For respect to the people who read and intervene here, you are obliged to stop hiding. Who earns money from this blog? Who is this person who lives thanks to TB Joshua and hide behind the anonymity of the internet?

    • @ Domi DG,

      When will your understand that you are been taking for a ride ? A ride to the end of the cliff as a lemming. Go follow Jesus. Go follow His Precepts upon Precepts. Stop following a con miracle man. They are unreliable. Only God is reliable. Jesus is reliable. The Holy Spirit is reliable. Trust God, not in those that want the glory for themselves. You know that is wrong don’t you ? Taking away the glory of God at the expense of others and better those that are you own kind to buy their love for them.

    • @DOMI DG
      Nobody earns money from this blog.

      As for our anonymity – when will you give up on this red herring? If we did make ourselves known, it wouldn’t make any difference to the truth of what we reveal, all it would change is that TB Joshua’s supporters could more easily attack us.

      • OK, so you attack SCOAN and all their staff whom we all know without wanting to be identified and attacked – that is the same trick ISIS uses you realize – all supposedly in the name of God. I will soon set up a blog and call it – The fraud of that is called tbjoshuawatch! How do you like that? What makes you think you want to fight Gods battle for him? When it was reported to Jesus there were some people who were alsoworking in his name bet were not among his followers, what did he say? You say you follow Jesus’ example. If Jesus was here today, you think he would have approved of you fighting his battles for him?

      • @Newman
        Go ahead and set up that blog, I’ll look forward to reading it.

        For what it’s worth, Jesus warned extensively about false prophets like TB Joshua – so I don’t think he’d have a problem with us following his example.

  3. From the quality of your English, you sound like an unemployed graduate which is a big shame. But you need to know that you are now one of the SCOAN-dependants – just like the hoteliers, food-sellers, flag-sellers, thieves who go in to steal mobile phones of worshipers. You could actually be better off selling flags in front of SCOAN. At least that will enable you to earn an honest day’s wages rather than this crooked way of living you have adopted. I did ask you earlier about what you are doing about gay/lesbian Christians who are equally wrong according to the bible. You still have no answer. Of course, for that you will not have a sponsor and your children will starve instantly. So your christian love follows the money-trail.

    • @ Newman,

      That is just poppy cock. It might be that some of us actually feeding other children instead of only ours alone. Why selling flags ? Are you looking for some ? Why not go to e-Bay or Amazon and get your flags at a discount. And there are some people who have English as a second language beside their home country’s language. Some are better than others. What difference does it make to you ?

      You can go through this entire blog and inform yourself of what is at hand. Just take another Word Document or Notepad thingie and extract out what you see written. Then try to comprehend what actually is written there and start contemplating on instead of always saying TB Joshua is a man of God. Please start to look that first. Because men of God don’t build illegally without building permit. men of God don’t say predictions that does not make any difference for anyone else than TB Joshua’s followers who can say “It comes to pass”. Now what ? It comes to pass. Now what ? Many dead, many hurt, many strewn all over. It comes to pass. Is that glory to God ? People who have lost their lives ? How is that glory to God ? Or Praise God ? Or See, See, See it comes to pass. I am sorry but whether he said it not, it made no difference for the ones that died, got hurt, or were strewn all over. You might as well have said nothing. It still would have happened. And this is what these dumb prophets do. They stand aside and do nothing. Inside information but sit upon their hands. No point at all to do that. Please keep next time these type of predictions to yourself. That’s all. I for one am not interested for such kind of callous predictions at all to move my name up in neon light above my church if you do nothing about it. Because even all the prayers did not make any difference whatsoever. Just go spend some time in a hospital and empty it or go to nursing homes to clear them out IF you claim you have a give of this and that. That makes sense. Or go feed some children. No problem with that. Leave the rest.

  4. If tbjwatch is an unemployed graduate, is the one saying that then the employed illiterate? 🙂 (Sorry for diversion)

    Interesting article by Prof Obadare.

    I hear that, contrary to the promise to support the orphans and victims of SCOAN 9/12, the later are not being taken care of. No contributions to school fees are being paid for the orphans this year.

    Anyone knows anything about this? Do the scoanites that visit this blog know anything about this and why is that the case?

    Please enlighten us!

  5. WHO ARE YOU ?
    This irresponsible hiding makes me suspect the owner of this blog to be both pros and cons in order to
    defraud the public. I denounce this approach.

    • @ Domi DG,

      You watch too much TB Joshua, Harry Pimpamdedoupulous, John Chi, John Zavlaris and the disciples in SCOAN with water deliverance in progress. Such as:

      WHO ARE YOU ? WHO ARE YOU ? What have you done into this body ? Where are you from ? Where did you come from ? How did this happen ? Why are you here ?

      Sorry but no demons around here where I am or where we are.

  6. You against SCOAN are liers! Go read ur Bible if u have one Scoan will prevail it is u who will collaspe failure to repent. false acusers of Prophet Tb Joshua Holy Ghost Fire with judgement ax will soon visit u all.

    • Hey Proclaimer,

      Zzzzzzz, please wake me up when something interesting is happening from your side. No judgment is coming for any of us. Nothing. Nada. Niente. Noppes. So keep your word curses to yourself and go in your prayer closet and start praying nicely not like oenkakaboenka wulu wulu, wa wa wa. I call fire, fire, fire upon my brothers in the Lord because they are touching my idol called TB Joshua and telling him to drop the court cases and appear before the Magistrates and tell them that he was wrong to build illegally and without building permit and that he is no man of god after all and that he is ashamed of doing so. Until then, no respect will be given. You go, tell him. Shooo.

  7. Is it that TB JOSHUA has never done anything good or you don’t get to hear of them. All you post here are “propaganda and silly lies” you behave as if you are a politician when it comes to matters concerning the great Prophet of the MOST HIGH. Well maybe you truly are a politician promoting Propaganda and lies. Be careful on the grounds you are treading. It’s an advice.

    • @ Nathan,

      Is doing good and doing wrong makes one right ? Where is this going ? Let me show you an example. King David a great man of God. Here is what happened. A man of God’s Heart. But watch what happens when you sin.

      2 Samuel 12Authorized (King James) Version (AKJV)

      12 And the Lord sent Nathan unto David. And he came unto him, and said unto him, There were two men in one city; the one rich, and the other poor. 2 The rich man had exceeding many flocks and herds: 3 but the poor man had nothing, save one little ewe lamb, which he had bought and nourished up: and it grew up together with him, and with his children; it did eat of his own meat, and drank of his own cup, and lay in his bosom, and was unto him as a daughter. 4 And there came a traveller unto the rich man, and he spared to take of his own flock and of his own herd, to dress for the wayfaring man that was come unto him; but took the poor man’s lamb, and dressed it for the man that was come to him. 5 And David’s anger was greatly kindled against the man; and he said to Nathan, As the Lord liveth, the man that hath done this thing shall surely die: 6 and he shall restore the lamb fourfold, because he did this thing, and because he had no pity.

      7 And Nathan said to David, Thou art the man. Thus saith the Lord God of Israel, I anointed thee king over Israel, and I delivered thee out of the hand of Saul; 8 and I gave thee thy master’s house, and thy master’s wives into thy bosom, and gave thee the house of Israel and of Judah; and if that had been too little, I would moreover have given unto thee such and such things. 9 Wherefore hast thou despised the commandment of the Lord, to do evil in his sight? thou hast killed Uriah the Hittite with the sword, and hast taken his wife to be thy wife, and hast slain him with the sword of the children of Ammon. 10 Now therefore the sword shall never depart from thine house; because thou hast despised me, and hast taken the wife of Uriah the Hittite to be thy wife. 11 Thus saith the Lord, Behold, I will raise up evil against thee out of thine own house, and I will take thy wives before thine eyes, and give them unto thy neighbour, and he shall lie with thy wives in the sight of this sun. 12 For thou didst it secretly: but I will do this thing before all Israel, and before the sun. 13 And David said unto Nathan, I have sinned against the Lord. And Nathan said unto David, The Lord also hath put away thy sin; thou shalt not die. 14 Howbeit, because by this deed thou hast given great occasion to the enemies of the Lord to blaspheme, the child also that is born unto thee shall surely die.

      The child had to die because of Davids sin. Are you getting it now ? While David should not have gone with Bathsheba and killed her husband because he liked Bathsheba for as wife. The child needlessly died because of Davids faults.

      You can see what David did. Psalm 51 is the attitude that David did and begged God to forgive him of his mistakes and made it public. But no, you only at your false private prophet is innocent. Far from it. Nobody is innocent. He should let the people GO he is holding onto with his ways and actions.

      • @Jesse who is he holding and what for, I got convinced by his teachings that are based solely on the Bible and his absolute trust in THE MOST HIGH. Talking about David and Bathsheba, what’s the link here, make yourself clear. One thing I don’t understand is why you guys are trying to do God’s business for him. Remember what Gamaliel told the pharisees;
        Acts 5:34 Then stood there up one in the council, a Pharisee, named Gamaliel, a doctor of the law, had in reputation among all the people, and commanded to put the apostles forth a little space; 5:35 And said unto them, Ye men of Israel, take heed to yourselves what ye intend to do as touching these men. 5:36 For before these days rose up Theudas, boasting himself to be somebody; to whom a number of men, about four hundred, joined themselves: who was slain; and all, as many as obeyed him, were scattered, and brought to nought. 5:37 After this man rose up Judas of Galilee in the days of the taxing, and drew away much people after him: he also perished; and all, even as many as obeyed him, were dispersed. 5:38 And now I say unto you, Refrain from these men, and let them alone: for if this counsel or this work be of men, it will come to nought: 5:39 But if it be of God, ye cannot overthrow it; lest haply ye be found even to fight against God.

        So you see Jesse, becareful you don’t end up fighting against God instead. A word to the wise is enough.

      • @ Nathan,

        Seriously. The amount of times that Scripture is used to defend yourself for what is going on SCOAN now is countless. Go through the other posts on here and see if it does make sense in the light of Hinduism, Islam, Buddhists, Scientology Church, Hare Krishna and other religions who have combined billions of followers. So are you saying now that if we speak out to those religions as mainly demonic rooted we are fighting God ? You as claiming to follow Jesus is saying because the above Scriptures that is why all the above mentioned religions still exist because they are actually out of God. Am I reading you right ? Is that what you are saying ? Please inform yourself in other posts about it that that does not make sense at all. Plus it does not validate the claimed ministry of TB Joshua as out of God. Please ask TB Joshua why is he fighting the Law it the Law and does not trust in God as he preached to us many years ago. You can’t do “and and”, it’s either or this or that.

      • @ Nathan,

        You got convinced ? About what ? That the MH370 was found according by the end of the week of 15th of March 2014 ? Or that you got convinced that Boko Haram were just a few disturbed individuals ? Or that you got convinced that if TBJ is a prophet of God and the Chibok girls would be released immediately ? Or that TB Joshua is the one that eradicated Ebola with 50,000 dollars and “anointed water” in Sierra Leone ?

        What about TB Joshua claiming he had a mandate from God to allow to build with his staff and building constructors, engineers to do this illegally and without building permits ? Which God does command men of God to do that ?

      • @ Nathan,

        You say the MOST HIGH ? No sir, he absolutely trusts in the Lawyers guild to keep himself away from being interrogated by the Courts in Nigeria and bribing himself out of predicament and the Lagos High Courts play the game with them. He sues the Government because he believes in his own lies he blames the illegaly built collapsed hostel without building permit. He even entertains the thought the Government send out a Lockheed Martin C130 with a gutted belly and a laser gun from Florida’s military airport according to Russian intelligence flew all te way down to Lagos Nigeria to come and kill him in a muddy swamp.

        Bwahahahahahahhhhhhh you funny man. Please stop. You tickle my both sides now of my body and I am holding myself steady on both ends of my desk making sure I don’t fall off my office chair. Joker, Jester and Clown.

    • That is an Freemason Handshake, it’s pressing the thumb on the middle knuckle of another persons hand.

      Now go play with your IMEI number Vooke because if that was more interesting than disproving your fallacy of TB Joshua is not a Freemason and shakes hands like that.

      Now go rub shoulders and conspire with General, TB Joshua Watch and Liesse to gang up Just Wonder to destroy us inside out because of lack of other targets to shoot at.

  8. @Just wonder, I personally can’t count how many times the man of God, Prophet TB Joshua has delivered people from the masonic spirit and they’ve come back testifying. By the way how did you get to know about all these signs if you were not part of them. Can you show us here how free mason show they are angry since you know how they hold their fist. Funny you

  9. @Jesse if it’s about court, should he bring angels from heaven to defend him in flesh? Court requires lawyers and not Prophets. He can only ask God for directions and let the lawyers know what God’s mind is and how he wants them to approach the case and the lawyers will go to the court and speak the court language. Oh Jesse my man, WAKE UP. It suddens my heart when i hear well educataed people talk without insight.

    • @ Nathan,

      What a ridiculous answer.

      Since when is TB Joshua NOT human. And is he exempt from appearing in Court ? Your defense is:

      Prophet, Pastor, Shepherd, Apostle, Teacher aka 5 fold ministry = not human, exempt from testifying, being a witness, cannot be asked to sit in the interrogation chair and interrogated by the opposition lawyers, must be accompanied by angels to defend him or herself therefore Lawyers need to be send to defend him.

      What a rubbish answer and defense was that.

      • @Jesse,

        who said TB Joshua is an angel and can not appear before court, why did he employ lawyers to speak for him at the court, if his Lawyers sees no wisdom in allowing him to sit in the witness box then why should he, because the opposition lawyer is asking for his presence at court does not mean he’s forced by to be there, his lawyers are doing great Job. Am not sure how their argument goes but am sure they always amuse the court with their insightful arguments. maybe it all has to do with what Jesus told his apostles that they should never worry about what to say because the holy spirit will grant them at that moment what needs to be said in defense. BLESSED BE HIS HOLY NAME

  10. @Jesse, you surprise me a lot, how can you compare a ministry that calls Jesus Christ name and gives him thanks for every victory won to Hinduism, Islam, Buddhists, Scientology Church, Hare Krishna and other religions. Read your own self again, “other religion” we are not talking about any other religion here apart from Christianity which The man of God, Senior Prophet TB Joshua has made me to understand that ” CHRISTIANITY IS ALL ABOUT YOUR RELATIONSHIP WITH GOD AND JESUS CHRIST WHOM GOD HAS BESTOWED EVERY POWER AND AUTHORITY. No, tell me, do you really follow The man of God, Senior Prophet TB Joshua and his teachings, like you will know and understand that its nothing but all about Jesus Christ the son of God and not bhuda or who ever you want to belittle Christ to and never try making such a comparison again. Thanks for understanding

    • @ Nathan,

      You call this a christian ministry:

      Your so called “prophet” is deciding to build together with building engineers and companies and his staff around the table of negotiation to allow to build a Hostel on a 2 story building. They all know it is illegal and done without asking building permit to the authorities and continue to sign the contract and start building.

      Which god are you talking about that condones such practices ? Which one ? Was it The god of TB Joshua ? You call that Christianity and doing it in the Name of Jesus ? How can you even say these things ? Does this mean I can do anything anyways because I can, legal or illegal ? Why can’t I do it and he can ? Everywhere in the world this is not allowed except when you are dictator. Is that the basis of your Christian beliefs and the practical side of it ?

    • @vooke,

      And the Illuminati exist ? Please, show me anyone that is one with credentials. Next you will come that you are from the 13th Blood line since you are obsessed with blood. Except you don’t eat blood wurst and haggis. Or do you ?

      • Jesse the deranged moron,
        You are not worth my while. Not as long as you are full of incoherent babble. But what do I expect from an unsound mind?

  11. I agree. Photos like these are not a solid reason to accuse someone of being a Freemason.
    I have seen an SDA preacher showing photos of people who make these hand signs, but ironically in that same presentation he made some of those hand signs himself a few times & he apologized, saying it was ‘accidental’. Can you imagine someone then put a picture of him on the internet & accuse him of concealing his own involvement in Freemasonry by diverting attention to others 🙂

    • @General,
      Permit me to guess that whoever SDAs were showing in their ‘prophecy conferences’ was either a senior US leader probably president or a pope. Am I right?

      SDA eschatology harbors a belief that one day the US will partner with Catholicism and Protestants and persecute sabbath keepers and behead them. They call this D-day National Sunday Law 😳😳😳

      How do they believe in such remarkable nonsense? Simple, Ellen White predicted it!
      They can’t possibly entertain the idea that she was wrong seeing they believe she is inspired and manifested the gift of prophecy.

      She predicted this when US was predominantly Sunday keeping and had elected blue laws ( meant to sanctify Sunday) such as shutting government offices on Sunday, banning sale of liquor on Sunday…., and some states persecuted sabbath keepers or at least ostracized them.

      In very many ways SCOANITES and SDAs have a lot in common. Their prophet makes(made) up ‘prophecies’ from contemporary events

      • EDIT
        With time, the likelihood of a Christian losing their lives not on account of their faith but for sabbath has diminished to next to nil. Roman Catholicism is not growing in power and the US is the bastion of freedom of expression. The US Criminalizing sabbath keeping is presently less probable than Jesse’s probability of guessing my iPad’s IMEI in a single attempt

      • @Vooke,

        Why should I be interested in your IMEI (The International Mobile Station Equipment Identity) MEID no. of your iPad ? I have loads of IMEI’s in my own mobile devices. Why do I need to know yours ?

        How is this relevant to what I post ? Is would be the same remark if you would like to be on my GSM, UMTS and LTE band to communicate.

        You are a terrible annoying person that only wants to draw everything to themselves and try to be superior and things need to evolve around YOU ! Well sorry, but I am not interested into that, give my portion to Fifi the dog.

      • @vooke

        Permit me to guess that whoever SDAs were showing in their ‘prophecy conferences’ was either a senior US leader probably president or a pope. Am I right?


        He showed first the US presidents (Bush Jr. & Clinton) & then other politicians, pope, Tony Blair, Kofi Anan, musicians (christian & secular) & other false prophets/false teachers.

        When I first watched some of his presentations I was appalled at how he quoted Ellen White along side the Bible. You know like when you quote two different books of the Bible which carry a similar message? He would quote from Revelation and then quote her writings like they are part of the canon.

  12. The 12 signs that I will present in this post are based on this German book: “Freimaurersignale in der Presse” or freemasonic signals in the press.(This book and Richardson’s monitor of freemasonry can be downloaded on peer to peer like email or you can also buy them online from a number of sources)

    • @Just Wonder,
      Please, just because you got these Masonic ‘signs’ from somewhere other than your head does not make them above criticism. The fact is you are busy peddling them for fact which means you at the very least believe they are.

      Look at them critically. Any public speaker speaking animatedly for more than 15 seconds is bound to make at least one of them. So what myself, @tbjoshuawatch and @General are saying is the signs don’t amount to much seeing they are as common to public speaking and SHIFT Key is to a keyboard user.

      To test this, think of ANYONE you are totally certain they are not into freemasonry and whose numerous photos are easily accessible. There is a 99.99999% chance that you will find all the postures and ‘signs’ there. If you are a public speaker and have a high affinity for photos, check yourself out😉

      So it’s clearly nonsensical to claim TB Joshua is a Freemason merely on this basis.

      I wish to remind you that without Freemasonry, TB Joshua has enough in him that is antiChristian and that is easily and more reliably verifiable. So let us not stoop too low to besmirch him with nonsense

      • Edit
        The reason I have stuck on this blog and was easily convinced of TB Joshua’s deception is because it dealt with VERY OBJECTIVE evidence of all their claims. What is negative about him but unverifiable is left at that or at the very least indicated. I love facts and this is what hooked me.

        These ‘signs’ are light years below the threshold of OBJECTIVE and LOGICAL. If you are going to peddle them as evidence of TB Joshua links to Masonry I strongly suggest you do that away from this blog.

        Radicalized supporters of TB Joshua, and they are many, are likely to dismiss the real meat if it is mixed with such nonsense. So posting them here works against the objects of the blog which is to objectively expose TB Joshua and thereby win some over to the Light of the gospel.

      • See that is now Vooke for you Just Wonder.

        The on the fence sitter and throw it both sides for the sake of discussion and trample upon you. Now I have seen this in the other posts. He is likely Pro TB Joshua than Anti TB Joshua.

        I have always said he is a fence sitter. That’s what Vooke does best. Bring everything in disarray to the advantage of Vooke self. It’s then bizarre how General, Liesse as well TB Joshua Watch are actually and likely Pro TB Joshua but create two different websites on the internet and then bring this confusion to everyone.

        They systematically and categorically pushed away those that were making proper revelations about this demon in disguise TB Joshua and have now been bribed out by TB Joshua himself and his cronies.

        You can see how they do it. They fight you tooth and nail with matters that are not relevant to distract you from the real target is this murderer TB Joshua who does everything to get in the limelight and be glorified as the False Private Prophet.

        There are clearly not sincere and honest in their approach. That is why they first invited me to come and see them so they knew whom they were dealing with so they early could stem the flow of problems.

        They are like the Counter Terrorist Military Pretending they are on your side but in the meantime sabotaging you with the intention to destroy you inside out.

        I did notice that they never react on any post such as Building illegally and without Building Permit as a false pretense they are Christians.

        To them it is just fine to do this doing things illegally and likely also putting posts up all by themselves pretending they are TB Joshua followers just to keep this site going.

        They have an alternative agenda. THEY ARE TB JOSHUA AND CRONIES to deceive you. Because that is exactly how they behave. They filter out what suits them and use it as to twist you in a corner. They don’t do this to TB Joshua. They do it to you the ones they are telling your they are you brother. False brothers and sisters. Sold out to this nightmare club that killed a 116 people and they defend it as you see here because they only have their own thing in mind to actually promote TB Joshua and his murderous behaviour.

      • @Jesse

        “…It’s then bizarre how General, Liesse as well TB Joshua Watch are actually and likely Pro TB Joshua…”

        So just because we [and scripture BTW] disagree with you about your silly “soulless” people theory that makes us likely Pro TB Joshua?
        Grow up man!! This is silly!!

      • @ General,

        Why do you ALWAYS side track ? Answer the question. Are you sitting on the fence so you can choose from every side to put your discussion as you want it to go ? Because exceedingly this is what you are doing together with Vooke. I have always said this about Vooke and your are the one that defended Vooke of not doing that.

        When somebody asks you a question you both side track and put things in that are not asked in the first place. Which gives the impression that you are sitting on the fence and deliberately create confusion for another person to answer back consistently.

        Only on the internet these conversations are like that. Not in person. Because every time you would then divert I would love to slap you around the head for to focus upon what was actually asked from you.

        I will post it once more again sperm+egg+scientist+fusion immediately = no human spirit, no human soul. You had no right to bring in anything else than giving an answer upon that. But that is not what you did. You threw in your own chew toy Joy Brown and 5 million other test tube babies results because you have likely had this discussion elsewhere in some point of your life in ad nauseam. You deliberately did set the stage for that on purpose so you could coerce it to your advantage.

      • Jesse,
        I’m too intelligent and mature to peddle gutter rumors on the worst of my enemies. It does not matter if TB Joshua is the Beast himself, I won’t claim he is without any evidence.

        What @Just Wonder is peddling is not even a rumor, it is plain laughably stupid.

        You need to grow up and appreciate that not every post is for your puny brains

      • @Jesse, what I have come to reakise on this blog is why you are anti TB Joshua, Joshua teaches to LET LOVE LEAD IN ALL MATTERS, you @Jesse is all about finding fault. See what is happening between you and @Vooke. You are truely anti TB Joshua. Anti Love

      • @ Nathan,

        Perhaps I have learned this from TB Joshua, this hard callous evil calculating attitude to get away with heinous crimes such as illegal building and without building permit as well saying to people I have seen the collapse of the illegal hostel of which I had a hand in with my staff that works in SCOAN for me as well my followers who are my accomplishes in my crimes. That sort of love is a very bad example to follow.

        So yeah, better to be anti TB Joshua because I don’t want to have 116 dead people on my name because of my actions and then try to slither out of my responsibilities to bribe journalists, police, people, south african victims of the crimes, dithering in the case of Justice, diverting the course of Justice and telling the congregation to never use lawyers to defend your case but leave it up to God and then do exactly the opposite and make sure you make your case sore about sitting in normal plane and have to hold up your poo and pee for ten hours so you can twist your arm of the church to buy you a 60 million dollar jet.

        Yes, that’s true love, I am telling ya. While others live in squalor and poverty and can’t do anything then just dragging themselves from day to day he lives in Presidential suites and first class air travel and gives his daughter state of the art apartments as well a bursary of thousands of dollars to get her degree. Now every father would be proud on that as well daughter. No problem with that. But realizing that all these monies come from those who are fleeced from it and it is used to peddle yourself forward with ridiculous claims of deliverance such as Satan lives in Hell and Satan has a base camp on Mercury. Sorry but that is just a funny thing to look at when you hear somebody come up with that foolishness. Because I ain’t buying it. So should you.

        If your were sincere then you admit that this is so and that it is despicable to do such kind of trickery. ON top of you all have threatened me for years about your so called “deliverance” imaginations that would take place remotely. Oh dear, how much I have to tell you. No deliverance will ever take place whether remotely or right in front of this charlatan because he knows I will deliver him and will show him all the corners of the place where he is.

  13. You know Jesse,

    When people cannot see the truth of the matter at hand, it is also because they are not mature enough, yet, to digest it. Let us have patience with them. Maybe in time they will start realizing the deeper or bigger truths working behind the scenes. I am very busy this year and will not be able to follow everything here or comment regularly.
    All I know is that we must NOT stop praying for the release and deliverance of those scoan disciples from that dangerous, occult and sexual cult called scoan.
    They are in danger of losing their salvation.

    • @ Just Wonder,

      I agree with you. I will pray, or do something that I can do. Some discussions could have been completely different if there was not such a competition and try to divert the discussion to another area that is not questioned about.

      I am going to be quite busy well because I have committed myself to something which is different of what I always did. I hope you will pray for me too. Thanks.

    name, age, nationality, profession, photography also tell your religion and your level of education
    Otherwise we have to consider you nonexistent. You are hatred, jealousy, negativity in a virtual state; I mean NOTHING;

    • Dr Kent Hovind,
      He introduced me to creationism and attacking evolution and Darwinism.
      I know he was sentenced to a few years for tax evasion but this guy sent me free materials and changed my thinking for good.

      It’s a pity that most believers are ignorant of the antiChrist agenda behind evolution

      • @Vooke

        He has had a profound influence on me too. I first learned about him from a good back in 2006. Very interesting character this guy Kent is 🙂

        At first I had thought he broke the law, but from what I have read it seems like his whole case was bogus.
        Check these videos where he explains the charges against him:

      • @General,
        I’ve heard that theory that he was somewhat fingered because of his creationism campaign. What we can positively verify is that he pleaded guilty to those charges. Even if he was targeted, he clearly did something wrong. Heard he was released, hope he continues his campaign.

        My favorite spot nowadays is

      • @ Vooke,

        Excuse me, if you permit me to speak about your statement.

        Why is there according to you an Anti Christ Agenda in Evolution ?

        If Finches adapt in the Galapagos Islands according to Darwin with thicker bills because they can crack nuts and seeds better, what Anti Christ Agenda is in there ?

        Your statement would say and argue that this Asian guy who can pierce a hard coconut with his index finger is one of the Anti Christs because he defies the laws of index fingers that can pierce coconuts ?

        Please acquaint yourself with such an incredible ability that no-one can. Don’t come with me it is not proven because it would not be on Guiness Book of Records.

        SO my question to you is:


      • @Vooke

        Thanks for the link, it looks a very good resource.

        I don’t want to sound like I’m not being objective, but is it really that clear cut that he did something wrong & pleaded guilty to the charges? He seems to be denying any wrong doing and hence he says he welcomes a full investigation because he has nothing to hide. I read in another article that last year he was found guilty of contempt of court, but another court rejected this verdict and acquitted him. Some charges against him were dropped.


        From what you said it is clear that you have zero understanding of Evolution and Darwinism. But from what I’ve seen from you it would be a waste of time & energy to engage you on this.

      • @ Vooke,

        Is there a point to talk about Darwinism vs Creationism ? Are you Richard Dawkins or his side kick ? I have read the God Delusion and I wrote him a big email on which he never responded, that’s the kind of Richard Dawkins he is. Because he thinks that whatever comes from him is superseding everything else who thinks otherwise. When he can tell me why there is a ” special signature” in every cell and why, then he can come back lecturing me that God does not exist. It might be one of the sole reason why he does not talk to Christian believers anymore.

        I tell you what, if you are not Richard Dawkins or his sidekick why not take your findings to Richard and ask him what he thinks about TB Joshua. Because I was one that made him aware of him in the past and I know he has studied TB Joshua until the collapse of the illegal hostel without building permit. He kept silent until he heard what happened and he took a big swipe to this ministry about it in a general statement that he issued for every ministry in the world. That’s how TB Joshua destroyed the Atheist community to even listen to him because of how he behaves today and in the past. We thank you very much TB Joshua for your list of 116 people who died innocently because of your choices. You have hardened your soul and have no remorse about your actions you do every day to deceive people all over the world. Behind the soft exterior there hides a callous evil calculating cold hearted man who constantly prowls for more victims he can lay his claws into and destroy and drag into Hades/Sheol.

        No matter how much you hammer on the road to fix your idol status, you will find your comeuppance one day much worse than you have been under now.

      • @General,

        “From what you said it is clear that you have zero understanding of Evolution and Darwinism. But from what I’ve seen from you it would be a waste of time & energy to engage you on this.”

        Zero understanding for whatever I would care. What I said came from Darwin himself and now you start refuting me I know nothing about Darwinism. You are very funny.

        You have not seen anything at all. You were looking for diversion of the discussion and think that whatever you establish you have gleaned from a third party piece of a text book. Why can’t you just make it more practical this human spirit and a living soul. Looking at everybody is not any evidence of anything. You tell me when they come in what time, where and how and what it does then over a life time ? When you can explain that practically, you are in. Then you draw my attention or interest. Until now you have only taken a bunch of Scriptures and have been hiding behind God in order to silence me with your straw man argument.

        I need to see it practically applied not from some text you threw at me. And don’t tell me to look around. Because I see nothing there that points out that you are right. You were very unhappy that I took a Amoeba and that it is alive without any blood inside. So how can life be if you say it only is in the blood ? Could you tell me again, if you take blood in one bag rhesus factor so and so etc etc and take it from New York to Sydney and you claim the life is in there, human spirit and living soul is then the human spirit and the living soul transferred to the other person who is the receiver of the bag with blood ? Because that is what you are claiming in this case. Please stop hiding behind God as such I want to see it from you not from only a Bible Text.

  15. Hi General,

    I do not know Kent Hovind or his teachings at all.
    Ask Jesus to help you discern him and keep your ears and eyes open.
    Remain vigilant.

    • @Just Wonder

      I think in a little way you have proven our point, which was that photos like those are not a solid reason to accuse someone of being a Freemason. You couldn’t bring yourself to say that he is a Freemason – basically these hand signs didn’t tell you much, you need more to work with, which is what exactly what we are saying.

      Take care 🙂

      • Touché 😆😆😆😆

        I will never tire of saying that this blog’s OBJECTIVITY is what reeled me in. This is what sets it above gutter press and tabloid journalism. I have seen other less than honest jabs at people that are just disgusting.

        Even Torah had some threshold of evidence that could be used to convict a suspect. So I really don’t understand why @Just Wonder is more than eager to throw every mud at TB Joshua without my proof. (S)he should know better as a Christian.

        Now, please let us avoid feeding the troll as advised by @tbjoshuawatch 😉

  16. Will also keep on praying for you Jesse and for all on TBJW and in scoan.

    Here is a verse of encouragement to all who came out of scoan-

    “Be alert and strengthen what remains, which is about to die…” – Revelation 3:2.

  17. WHO ARE YOU ?
    Posting pictures of people without permits, who are you? Internet really suitable for evil spirit like you. You ashamed of yourself, you hide your photos and names.

  18. @ TBJW,

    You are trailing with new posts for this blog. Get back to your initial assignment. Wake up !

    This is post of someone who was sacked because of telling a patient to get “anointed water” instead of a NHS treatment.

    And let’s see what Vooke and General has to say about it. I am ready to pounce upon Vooke’s sitting on the fence attitude regarding TB Joshua.

    • @Jesse,
      Why don’t you start your blog and beat @tbjoshuawatch’s slackness?

      You are one vindictive certified board m0ron. Just because we called out your sheer idiocy on IVF & AI is no reason to stalk me, ok? If it hurt so you so much that you are stupid, then perhaps you should THINK before you post. And seek counseling before you hurt yourself. Are you suicidal btw?

      Silly troll

      • @ Vooke,

        Why are you lecturing me while you do the same things exactly you do to me ?

        Oh puleease, ARE YOU…Romans 2:20 a corrector of the foolish, a teacher of the immature, having in the Law the embodiment of knowledge and of the truth, 21 you, therefore, who teach another, do you not teach yourself? You who preach that one shall not steal, do you steal? 22 You who say that one should not commit adultery, do you commit adultery? You who abhor idols, do you rob temples?…

        Eeewwww Why should I be your stalker ? Stop wriggling when you are been caught out by your own traps in the word games you love to play.

        And if there was one troll or straw man fantasy tale barer here, it gotta be you hands down without a doubt. You love to ride horses where the saddle sits high up so you can look down on others while they actually can see your weak open underbelly.

        Suicidal ? Yeah Sure, when you are standing next to me telling me to jump because you tempt me that angels will make sure I will not dash my foot against a stone when I would do.

        Have you ever thought that your mind might be propelled by demonic forces instead of the Holy Spirit ?

      • @Vooke,

        “And seek counseling before you hurt yourself.”

        Your sledgehammer mentality and your own steel plate you have fixed upon your forehead needs to be removed from your hand and your forehead before you realize that you have a lot of knowledge from third parties, books, videos, and the like and actually if you would strip that all away, there is actually nothing left to debate with. Because no self experience is there than your brain knowledge. Did you know that God never intended to use our brains like as you think we must when he created us. Because Adam knew already everything except that his wife was deceiving him. Your insatiable appetite from the Tree of Good and Evil has made you and huge inflatable hot air bag and think that for everything you know an answer when you can take it elsewhere. Now there is no problem with learning something from somewhere but the crunch lies into by applying it practically and with visible results. If for example I can change by my own ability and knowledge grow a chimney on top of a human being so that cigarette smoking can be enjoyed with better results for anyone and experience I will be hailed by the cigarette companies for the invention of the Century. But that still does it not make it right to tamper with a human being for that. Just because you can, it does not make it right.

      • @Jesse,
        Hang around intelligence and it may just rub off.

        Thank you @tbjoshuawatch for exorcising Jesse’s folly by shutting the other thread.

        Once again @Jesse,
        If you think you are better at keeping tabs on TB Joshua tha this blog,start your own blog and send me an invite. But with your puny brain I would not expect anything more than deranged and scattered musings

  19. ONE THING ! It is not legal using the name of TB Joshua publicly without permission an you remain anonymous. WordPress has to remove its support to these irresponsible miscreants who insult TB Joshua from morning to night without even their identity.

    • @Domi DG,

      We know exactly what TB Joshua will do. He will make sure that we were silently taken out. Because he does not blink over 116 people people being dead because of his choices and that of SCOAN.

      If that is not despicable enough I don’t know what is.

      You and the followers of TB Joshua find this a total normal thing to do. Thinking he needs angels to accompany them to Court. Why even bother with Lawyers if that is what he claims he has.

      He can easily go to all the High Court Judges and deliver them right there and then. Or how about using his eyes to hypnotize them in his favour ? Have you not seen videos how he uses his eyes to let somebody dance up and down to his wiles ? Put him in the dock and let him tell the same story against the Government about the Lockheed Martin C130 and the laser gun in it’s belly.

      Or let him bring Abubaker Shekau from Boko Haram under the control of “anointed water” to testify (the few disturbed individuals) in the dock and accuse him of him blowing up the illegal Hostel and let him confess as he does in SCOAN on Sundays and the Prayerline.

      But we will never ever see the day of that. Ever ! Because then he has to lie under oath.

      If he had so much time to hide for months why could he not be in the Court to testify himself.

      • I know the following and that should be applied here:

        Involuntary Manslaughter:


        Involuntary manslaughter usually refers to an unintentional killing that results from recklessness or criminal negligence, or from an unlawful act that is a misdemeanor or low-level felony. The usual distinction from voluntary manslaughter is that involuntary manslaughter (sometimes called “criminally negligent homicide”) is a crime in which the victim’s death is unintended.

        Elements of the Offense

        Three elements must be satisfied in order for someone to be found guilty of involuntary manslaughter:

        Someone was killed as a result of act by the defendant.
        The act either was inherently dangerous to others or done with reckless disregard for human life.
        The defendant knew or should have known his or her conduct was a threat to the lives of others.

        Gross Negligence Manslaughter

        This is where the death is a result of a grossly negligent (though otherwise lawful) act or omission on the part of the defendant. The law in respect of this has been clarified in the case of R v Adomako (1994) 3 All ER 79 where a four stage test for gross negligence manslaughter known as the Adomako Test was outlined by the House of Lords:

        The test involves the following stages:

        a) the existence of a duty of care to the deceased;
        b) a breach of that duty of care which;
        c) causes (or significantly contributes) to the death of the victim; and
        d) the breach should be characterized as gross negligence, and therefore a crime.

  20. @Jesse,
    In all honesty there is no difference between SCOANITES who spam this blog with silly distractions and your nonsensical rants.

    @tbjoshuwatch was addressing DOMI DG and you had to butt in and copy+paste all this trash. Please think before you post and we pray for your speedy healing from dyslexia

    • @ Vooke,

      Well, I shall have to pray then for your own Dyspraxia to be sorted out.

      Why do you fill in for me whom I was addressing ? You could not have read it as a general statement was it now. You filter everything that suits you to tear your opponent down. Of course I should have put it that it was directed to Domi DG to satisfy your criteria in a post. On the fence sitter. Whenever you stop throwing your preconditioned chew toys from your pram, please announce it here.

      And regarding the cut and paste of the description of two applicable laws that should be applied in the case of TB Joshua. How would you have wanted me to write down:

      Involuntary Manslaughter and Gross Negligence Manslaughter ? Or should I have been called to the bar for that ?

      You get angry about everything especially when just someone states that Myles Munroe has a lot wrong in his ways and setting the bar for his own ministry. Of course you had to disagree and go into a extensive debate with a lot of your own rants expressed there.

      I am gonna copy and paste again so you can get over it:

      Whenever you have finished reading it, you can calm down your jets again. I can totally understand why you have to be Overlord in every debate.

      • @tbjoshuawatch has warned you. This idiotic blabber will see you banned. Keep them to your family(wife/ mother)

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