REPOST: Questions SCOAN must answer about the attack on their building

Today is the day the trial against SCOAN and the engineers begins. Already it has been established beyond doubt that the building collapsed due to structural deficiencies (if you still question that, please first read the coroner’s report then come back to us), but SCOAN are still sticking to their “strange hovering aircraft/controlled demolition/terrorist attack” theories. Below is a repost of an article we wrote a few months ago explaining why these theories are completely inadequate to explain what actually happened on September 12th 2014. Let’s pray these deceptive stories get put to bed for good during this trial and the bereaved families get the truth and justice they deserve. If you lost family members in the disaster, you should know about the civil case against SCOAN. If you are interested in participating, please email

Regardless of your position on TB Joshua and SCOAN, you probably agree with us that the families who lost loved ones in the building collapse deserve the truth about what happened. The coroner has ruled that the building collapsed due to inadequate foundations, SCOAN strongly dispute this and have offered up evidence they believe points to sabotage, or some kind of terrorist attack – some serious claims! They have offered three lines of evidence (primarily though social media):

  1. Footage of a plane “hovering”, almost an hour before the building came down.
  2. CCTV footage that appeared to show the building come down symmetrically “like a controlled explosion”.
  3. The testimony of “experts” claiming that the foundations and supporting columns were sound.

Although it seems to only be SCOAN supporters who take these theories seriously, SCOAN has a lot of supporters, and they’re rather vocal. In this article we look at the three lines of evidence and ask some probing questions that we believe SCOAN should answer if it expects the general public to take them seriously.

Questions about the plane

Proof that it was 50 minutes between the last flyover of an aircraft and the building collapse

Proof that it was 50 minutes between the last flyover of an aircraft and the building collapse

The plane is the weakest piece of evidence. SCOAN seem to be suggesting that a plane seen on their CCTV system could have caused the collapse through some unspecified chemical or sonic attack. Here are some questions we would like to hear answers to:

  1. How did a sonic or chemical attack from an aircraft only demolish one building and leave the adjacent ones intact? Surely any technology if this nature wouldn’t be this directional when deployed from the air?
  2. If the building was attacked from the air, how does that explain it appearing to come down symmetrically?
  3. If it was chemical, what chemical was used? What traces were found of it on the site? How could the chemical be potent enough to destroy a building, but without causing any loss of life outside of the building?
  4. What does the airplane have to do with controlled demolition? These appear to be mutually exclusive theories.

Unless SCOAN can answer some of these questions and give some more details to explain why the appearance of a plane an hour before the collapse had anything to do with it, we think it is a complete red herring that can be rejected out of hand. So we will put aside this line of evidence and move on to the next.

Questions about the controlled demolition

Some examples of genuine building implosions.

Some examples of genuine building implosions.

By “controlled demolition”, what SCOAN are referring to is known as a “building implosion”, you can read more about this highly complex and technical demolition technique here. Normally a building implosion requires perfectly timed charges to be detonated in strategic locations across multiple floors. At the very least, to execute this kind of plan successfully, the perpetrators would need to have structural knowledge of the building to know where the key load bearing columns were. Then they would need access to the building to drill into these columns and plant the charges. If SCOAN want this line of evidence to be taken seriously, here are some questions they need to answer:

  1. How did terrorists gain access to structural data on the building in order to plan a controlled demolition?
  2. How did they get large quantities of explosives and other paraphernalia onto the site without being stopped by the armed security guards or caught on CCTV?
  3. How did they manage to drill into multiple points on the building to rig the explosives without being noticed or caught on CCTV?
  4. If the collapse was caused by explosives, why were there no reports of loud bangs? Why were all the injuries consistent with crushing, not burns and explosions?
  5. Were any traces of explosives or associated paraphernalia found on the site? Please give details.
  6. Who do you think was responsible for the attack? Why has nobody claimed responsibility? Why would a terror group go to the bother of executing a highly sophisticated attack, but neglect to claim responsibility?
  7. If you really do believe that your site was compromised to the extent that terrorists were able to prepare and execute this controlled demolition, what measures have you taken to ensure it won’t happen again? Have you had bomb disposal experts check the whole site? Why were you allowing large public gatherings to take place just days later? Either this was highly irresponsible, or you don’t believe your own stories.

Ironically, if we are to take the controlled demolition theory seriously (which we don’t) it actually ends up implicating SCOAN far more than the structural failure option. Executing a plan like this would have required such high level access for lengthy periods of time, doing indiscreet things like drilling into columns and laying wires that it is inconceivable that the building could have been demolished this way without it being an inside job. If SCOAN want this line of evidence to be pursued, they should be ready for all SCOAN staff and contractors to be treated as suspects. Structural failure would be criminal negligence, controlled demolition would be mass murder.

Questions about the “expert” testimony

The “expert” testimony SCOAN have presented is a 13 minute video with 4 supposed “experts” standing over a small, exposed section of foundation. Not only is this video a completely inadequate way to address a hugely complex topic, the experts they have chosen are neither experts nor impartial. For example, the most lengthy “expert” testimony was Dr Stephen Asheri Ntoga, resplendent in an Emmanuel TV t-shirt (there goes any hope of impartiality). He claims to be the “Dean of the Faculty of Engineering in Tanzania”, but no University is mentioned! This title is completely meaningless if it’s not attached to a University. Furthermore, this Doctor has absolutely no online presence apart from this video, or references to the video. No published articles or papers, no news articles, no LinkedIn profile, no faculty staff page, nothing! The three other “experts” fair no better, none have any expertise that can be verified. Here are some questions SCOAN should answer:

  1. Why did the video only concentrate on a very small exposed part of the foundation? How do we know you weren’t just showing the part that was intact?
  2. If you are convinced that your structure was sound, why didn’t you pay for a nationally recognised impartial expert to produce a full, comprehensive report and make it public? If this report countered the findings of the coroner’s witnesses, you might have a point – but a few quotes on video from 4 “experts” with questionable credentials looking at a tiny exposed part of the foundations tells us nothing.

To conclude, the plane theory is nothing short of crazy, the controlled demolition theory is far fetched (but if it’s to be believed actually implicates SCOAN) and the expert testimonies are woefully inadequate, little more than soundbites from people on the street.

If there was any credibility at all to these claims, surely TB Joshua would have turned up in court to present the evidence? Since he refused (4 times) to do this, SCOAN should do the victims families a favour and either shut up about their so called evidence, or do it properly and provide something substantial and believable.

77 thoughts on “REPOST: Questions SCOAN must answer about the attack on their building

  1. Good morning why can’t we leave this man alone we nigerias upon all the good things God have been using this prophet to do in our lives we are still taking against him we are the one who is condemning our country may the God have mercy on us

    • @ Muyiwa Olufesobi,

      Your entire country (Nigeria) relies upon 1 man and a church ? Wow, that’s an astounding claim. So far the only thing your country relies upon is how to get money from abroad from visitors into Nigeria by funny ridiculous “deliverance” with far fetched claims and “healings2 that are not instantaneous as with many videos on Youtube is claimed and other so called “special miracles”.

      But when it comes to people who just wear glasses and can’t be healed from that by the line up, one has to ask how are other things even possible as being claimed for those who have these claimed “miracles” and are not followed for 24/7 with independent camera of where they are going when they had a “healing” as they claim.

      And why would we leave one alone if they did something that God never commanded them to do in the first place by illegally build hostels and without building permit. Which “man of God” is allowed to do something like that ? Whether by Government or by God Himself ? You are saying here that “men of God” can do what they want even if it is illegal ?

  2. Am short of words, but gullable and hypotisnize followers are still blind, i hope some useless and miracle seekers will still support scoan knowing fully they are weak minded fools who see nothing bab from agent of destructions.

  3. Two things
    First, if the applications are thrown out they will probably appeal to a higher court and there will be more delay.

    And who is this Jandy Trust im learning of for the first time?

  4. I don’t know if anyone can answer this, but does anyone here know when (what year, but month would work) the collapsed building was built? Does anyone remember what the building was like or seeing it on SCOAN’s TV channel?

    Maybe we can infer if he needed more space for a special event or something. Did he build other buildings around the same time? Maybe the Nigerian government should run inspections on the nearby buildings.

    I can’t believe all of 2015 has gone by and this business still isn’t going to trial. I have to keep reminding myself that it technically isn’t “two years” because that would be in September of this year. It would be terrible to have this drag on ad infinitum.

    Semi-relevant Bible verse: Luke 13:4 & 5.

    Or those eighteen, upon whom the tower in Siloam fell, and slew them, think ye that they were sinners above all men that dwelt in Jerusalem?

    I tell you, Nay: but, except ye repent, ye shall all likewise perish.

    • @Observer Dude
      The coroner’s report said that the only building to have had approval was the main auditorium, but since then it had received an extra floor and engine room that was not approved. I think the whole site is most likely a death trap, it is outrageous that the government has not taken action on this yet.

  5. This blog as a matter of fact is not about TB Joshua. It is part life journey of “authors” and “initiators” of this blog – “TB Joshua watch clan”. It is written journey of their hatred, their condemnation attitudes, anger and fleshly wrong desire. Admit “TB Joshua clan” that you have wanted to condemn TB Joshua?
    Admitt that you want your own justice to put upon him? Admiit that you have wanted to pulveriz him? Pulverize his name and work? Admiit that you took it as your life ministry, ? Do not you think that as a matter of fact it is killing life way. ——Leave it to God.——Why in your blindness you want to pay your life price fro it?…

    • Simpleton,
      The irony of you not leaving this blog to God but prescribing the same to us is totally lost on you…

  6. @ SimpleVoice,

    “Leave it to God.” As in: Since God does not do anything clearly that is why TB Joshua runs to the Lawyers guild to defend his personal choices he did as a so called “man of God” with no consciousness of doing things illegally. Because he knows he and them are just scammers with lies and theatrical antics and scams.

    Then people like you come online to intimidate and to scare monger with your god as a stick to beat us with.

    What we admit is the following, let me write it out to you:

    If we as an individual cannot do what he does, what is then Justice ?

    You can smear this right back in TB Joshua’s face about his sermon for forgiveness and as long you will do this, I will put it back to your face too.

    Offering forgiveness DOES NOT MEAN GIVING UP THE RIGHT TO JUSTICE !!!!!!

    Who does he think he is that he is releasing anyone from unforgiveness here last Sunday ? While he can’t even repent from his own sins and actions in front of the world.

    You think I am hard to fool with his carefully brainwash words he always chooses.

    Let me write it out for you. What makes you as an individual susceptible to being conned ? People like him who want to actually put away their own sins and then try to win trust of those that have no clue where they are going without those who lead. Willingly and on purpose.

    He is unreasonable with his words to be optimistic about things he wants them to turn out. That the Government in Nigeria allowing him to to do must be because they are so hard wired in the money business that they just keep extending it for the outside world and just wait until everybody let it go.

    If the Nigerian Goverment wants to have blood money coming in their country for that sake, it only sums up of what they really are of the atrocities that take place on a daily basis.

    Psychological test have proved time and again that our primary response to almost everything is EMOTIONAL rather that RATIONAL. We rationalize it later and we remain convinced that is was just “simplyvoice” OBJECTIVE.

    There is plenty of scientific evidence for that in the practical sense and equally fascinating arguments about it. Con artistry is here the keyword.

    Drawing on experts’ wisdom anad confirming that victims of scams aren’t necessarily the type of people we would expect, what TB Joshua constantly is doing to his followers with his chosen words what suckers they are with a good story entertained because themselves they have NONE !

    Unfortunately I am not falling for such con artistry and I have made that clear again and again. He can get a kick to his arse from me about that if he wants to hang up stories like that to me. Perhaps that is what he really needs to come down to reality of his own crimes he deliberately did for many years about that. It’s a pity that nobody is doing this because of people like you who constantly come here with diversion stories and hide behind your god you span in front of you about everything even if it results in manslaughter by gross negligence. You simply don’t care and rather want the perpetrator go around unpunished for your own agenda and gain.

  7. God easier forgive TB Joshua weaknesses,, than hetred, evil words, condemnations, insults shower of “TB Joshua watch clan”….etc

    How long “TB Joshua watch clan” you will get bogged down in it ???

      • @ TBJW,

        Yeah, I would like to know too what his weaknesses are.

        Illegal building without regret is a weakness now ? Bypassing the necessary paperwork for it, is a weakness now ? Disappearing from the scene after disaster in his venture and stay abroad is a weakness now ? Lying is a weakness now ? Deceiving is a weakness now ? Allowing to let people die while you knew it was going to happen is a weakness now ? Not admitting you are wrong is a weakness now ?

        That sounds more like the traits of an willful criminal than a weakness.

  8. If you would ask me like a sinner I would tell you,what is TB Joshua weakness, but you ask me like a Judge.

    Not ordinary Judge but like a Judge of the living and the dead so I will not answer you.

    Amen, Amen Amen I say to you, who is looking for a sentence, you will not left without a sentence.

    • @SimpleVoice
      This is the thing with defenders of SCOAN, you can never get a straight answer. They are masters of avoidance tactics. If you won’t name a weakness, will you at least admit that he has weaknesses? Because that would be further than most of his supporters would go. I’ve had one of the most prominent SCOAN evangelists tell me to my face that TB Joshua is sinless.

    • Simpleton,
      Are you not answering this question as a judge? You hypocrite! You decry judging TB Joshua and here you are judging us

      You have sentenced us already

  9. Vooke:

    For five years TB Joshua watch clan and also you testify all the time that: “The horse is before the cart”. Why after my words you put the cart before the horse on me?

    • Simpleton,
      We’re still waiting for TB Joshua’s weaknesses. Take your sweet time. Dither, digress, pretend you never saw it…..all that nonsense you employ when cornered

  10. It must never be ignored that being cleared by a court of law does not make one blameless. Court battles are all about the best arguments, and this is why some criminals with flesh blood in their hands still roam around. Seldom do the totally innocent get sent to jail,

  11. An interesting story developing for Simplevoice to analyse.

    MasterwebNews 22/2/16 – T.B. Joshua donates N5 million to man whose wife was killed by police.

    Soooooooooo, the “anointed water”, “morning water” and the “prayer wristband” as well the speshul “Authentic SCOAN Credit Card” did not work then apparently ? Please elaborate about this, Simplevoice ?

    Ah well, money buys a lot of people nowadays. Mr Sunday Udoh should really ask himself what he has let himself into by accepting money instead of asking why the “anointed water”, “morning water” and the “prayer wristband” as well the speshul “Authentic SCOAN Credit Card to locate his wife with “protection anointing” were all of a sudden not doing what is claimed that it does.

    I know it was a lie always, so why not admit that it were all gimmicks and set ups but when the real things come about it just does not work. That’s the truth. I always knew it was like this because it never worked for me too, nor for my wife or for my family, my friends, my neighbours and more. It is yourself that need to do it and not some trinket that is used to “unlock” your belief in God. You are the one that unlocks your faith in God. Jesus says HAVE FAITH IN GOD, not in trinkets.

    • @Jesse

      TB Joshua became involved AFTER this incident didn’t he? I didn’t read that they were TBJ followers before the incident. I do find it rather nauseating though that TB Joshua would see this as a PR opportunity. If he really just wanted to show compassion, then he should do it quietly like Jesus commanded. Why make a show?

      • It is a PR stunt. It is very likely that they are part of the church because they want the money inside their circle. They can also come from other churches. I remember that some of the branches moved about and close to other churches so they could do all the “anointed water” services and as soon they were all covered they had to move on again to other places. They were saying they were looking for a building and if anyone wanted to donate for that. When someone found a building near the airport for them and easy to access and suggested it with plenty seating they did not wanted it. They had loads of diverting excuses and told the person they had to do everything as the “prophet” told them. So no input from outside left to opportunity of not being on control.

    • wait a minute a man came to scoan ask the man of God for assistance he Gave him 5million plus other donations in and u still condemn him .I pity u may God have mercy on ur soul

  12. TB Joshua watch clan.

    Your beating egg whites, próving that TB Joshua is guilty and that you have to condemn him has no ends.

    Bad Interests are impossible to convince to abandon their wrong way….

  13. TB Joshua watch clan

    Do not you think to the role of being the Judge of the living and the dead you like so much, that you become slaves of your sick ambition?

  14. Vooke,

    Your presuppositions for worship man, condemnations, fleshly speculations about others, demands for answering fleshly question… Is this a world you live in “TB Joshua watch clan” ? I stand outside it….why do you ask me such question? You like to usurp and to play a role of the Judge of the living and dead you should know everything.

    • Simpleton
      @tbjoshuawatxh blasphemed against your deity by asking for his weaknesses and all you like the rest of his sheeple can afford is digressions.

      Why do you judge me and her you throw tantrums when your idol is touched?

      Whose fault so you think it wad housing those members and visitors in a building under construction which had yet to be inspected and certified fit for habitation?

      Is it my fault that your god never bothered to visit the injured survivors nor pray them out of their injuries?

      Keep trolling here and your blindness will be healed…just like those who came before you. You will turn away from those worthless charms and amulets and serve the living God in truth and in spirit


    • @ Simplevoice,

      I thought I saw your name on a loaf of bread yesterday..Then I realized it said ‘thick cut’! Why try to stop the obvious that is right in the sight of Justice.

      No God would EVER command a so called prophet of His own to do and allow things illegally. Not sure if you can comprehend this, but seeing your answers, YOU can’t. So keep dreaming in your own convictions about it.

      There is mercy about certain things but deliberate buffoonery from your side is not one of them. And certainly not the denial of the right of Justice to criminal acts such as Involuntary Manslaughter and Manslaughter by Gross negligence.

      Now answer the question that Vooke is asking you as well that of TB Joshua Watch and me and to stop dithering around in your own ignorance of diverting the Course of Justice on purpose to let your idol TB Joshua trying to get off with a slap on the wrist of his own personal choices as well his staff and those connected to SCOAN that were disastrous and who did these willful things to cause this disaster. No ignorance should be tolerated when it was done on purpose for so many years.

  15. South African children sue TB Joshua, Synagogue, others over father’s death

    Two South Africans minors have sued the Synagogue Church of All Nations (SCOAN), its promoter, Prophet Temitope Joshua and others at the Lagos State High Court, Igbosere over the death of their father at the collapsed church guest house in 2014.

    The applicants, Bulungu Malaika Wa Kalambaie, 3 and Nora Furah Wa Kalambaie, 6 are asking the court for an order directing Prophet Joshua to pay them the sum of R8,772,000 as cost and damages for the death of their father.

    • @Just Wonder
      While I welcome another legal challenge to SCOAN, there’s something not quite right about the claimants being 3 and 6 and suing through their mother. Why can’t she sue herself?

      • @ TBJW,

        Children can.

        Look at this article.

        And if TB Joshua is counter suing that will show what an arrogant and evil man he is to the outside world to deny these children their circumstances they are into now and in the future and what his personal decisions have caused them. (There is still a possibility to settle this outside of court what these kind of charlatans do usually.) Benny Hinn and Morris Cerullo for example did that several times.

        I think it is a good move from them. And many should follow suit when they get a chance. We can agree about the fact that he is so heartless that he only thinks about his own skin and the future of SCOAN under the cover of doing charity trumpeting for the diversion of the course of Justice of what they did for all those years.

        Then again, who claims to be a man of god and wants to do everything in their means to stop and quash something that one did by the knowledge of many and nobody did nothing to stop it or change it. It was all about expansion and progressing their personal diary to become famous and make it big with fake shows and lies. If he only understands lawsuits I can only welcome others to do the same to him and SCOAN.

        But he is a hard headed man, he just sees it as “challenges” and thinks that is the way forwards in his nasty piece of working ethics and blow horn of how much he is persecuted while he has set the stage for it all by himself. Aka playing victim and playing and brainwashing his followers of how “innocent” he is, which he is not.

        The only one that needs to be quashed is him and his irresponsible actions and ways of doing. He acts like a spoiled child himself in thinking and his staff that everything is permissible in crying wolf of what they did on purpose.

      • @Jesse
        That’s a very good point, in fact the more I think about it the smarter this seems. Having the kids front and centre really brings attention to the case, and makes it much harder for SCOAN to fight back.

    • @Just Wonder, I doubt if they would win this this being Africa but should they win and then others follow suit, that’d be a good lesson for charlatans to at least rake their sheeple’s welfare seriously

      • @vooke
        Rumour has it the financial support that SCOAN were providing to some families dried up not long ago. It wouldn’t surprise me if more cases like this came up now that they have nothing to lose. There’s at least one other civil case in the works.

  16. Rumors are going around here- that tbj is on his way to Peru?

    He carries on defiantly, as if no accusations are against him?!?!

    Does he not realize that there is blood-guilt on his hands according to the WORD OF GOD?

    “When you build a new house, you shall make a parapet for your roof, so that you will not bring blood-guilt on your house if anyone falls from it” – Deut 22:8.

  17. To you TB Joshua,

    The Lord God HATED Esau, because he was ARROGANT AND DEFIANT.
    “Was not Esau Jacob’s brother?”, declares the Lord.
    “Yet I have loved Jacob, but Esau I have HATED and I have turned his hill country into a wasteland and left his inheritance to the desert jackals.”

    Yet Esau may say, “Though we have been crushed, we will rebuild the ruins.”
    But this is what the Lord Almighty says: “They may build, but I will demolish. They will be called the Wicked Land, a people always under the wrath of the Lord. You will see it with your own eyes and say, ‘Great is the Lord’ – Malachi 1:2-5

  18. To you TB Joshua:

    Because you are defiant of court authority, the following is coming to you-

    “But the person who does anything defiantly, whether he is native or an alien, that one is blaspheming the LORD and that person shall be cut off from among his people” – Numbers 15:30.

    “Submit yourselves for the Lord’s sake to every human institution, whether to a king as the one in authority” – 1 Peter 2:13

    “Every person is to be in subjection to the governing authorities. For there is no authority except from God and those which exist are established by God. Therefore whoever resists authority has opposed the ordinance of God and they who have opposed will receive condemnation upon themselves. For rulers are not a cause of fear for good behavior, but for evil. Do you want to have no fear of authority? Do what is good and you will have praise from the same” – Romans 13: 1-3.!_1.jpg?itok=_xyHMAvw

  19. TBJW,

    He is so deceitfully crafty.

    I am sure he can teach satan a few more tricks…

    I don’t want to be in his shoes though.

    There is a judgment still waiting, beyond this world, for him.

  20. Olympics of “TB Joshua watch clan” going on and on and on.
    Condemnig of TB Joshua torment minds of “TB Joshua watch clan” so they dig in their heels.

  21. “TB Joshua watch clan”

    When you apear before judgment seat of Christ what you will have in your hands?

    “The TB Joshua watch condemnatory blog” ??????

    • @SimpleVoice
      Better than “116 people dead because of my greed and recklessness” or “continually supporting a “prophet” despite stacks of evidence that he’s false”.

    • TB Joshua should have been brought before the court but for some reason, he is still running around telling lies to everyone and Nigeria is letting him spout his lies with the hope to make a bigger money empire out for it for the benefit of Nigeria. It is totally not about building the Kingdom of God. He went to all those countries and look what is still happening in those countries. We know all these prominent pastors are trained to lie but he will come first as he believes the lies he tells are not lies but the truth.

      I am 100% sure if this woman in Peru would have come for healing to him, he would just start dithering around and have some lame excuse to not pray for her and let the staff of SCOAN remove her from the prayerline.

      This was the only way for her to get this sorted and that by operation, it’s amazing what they did with her.

      Why does he not go inside hospitals and empty them in Nigeria. No he has to go all the way to Peru as with the other countries and when leaving they are still going back to their own way of living and behaviour.

      Kingdom of God “establishment”. They have no clue what that is whatsoever.

  22. You are only getting this idea into your head, but reality may be different because you want to take God’s place in condemnation. It is not your role.

    • @ Simplevoice,

      Then let him appear to the High Court Judge in Lagos or Abuja and let him say the same that it is not his role to judge illegal matters of what SCOAN and TB Joshua did without any repentance and divert the course of Justice about it and hiding as well hindering the proceedings while he said otherwise in the past.

      How can you defend or stand up for such a deliberate serial liar ?

      Leviticus 19:11 Ye shall not steal, neither deal falsely, neither lie one to another.

      Numbers 23:19 God is not a man, that he should lie; neither the son of man, that he should repent: hath he said, and shall he not do it? or hath he spoken, and shall he not make it good?

      TB Joshua is changing his mind as it comes out for him. Crusade after crusade he is pumping this polluted with lies spirit into others. You can’t even talk to SCOAN followers. From own experience and myself have witnessed they lie and deceive.

      Telling a phone caller that one of their colleagues is out but are sitting right next to them. Several times I have witnessed it. We know where that lying spirit comes from. They come from TB Joshua who has laid hands upon them and transferred them into them. If it was the Holy Spirit they would not lie. But they are found they do. So yeah, liars can be condemned and confronted for their deliberate lying and on purpose. But not with you. You know the score, if you sin against the law, you sinned all of the law as simple as that.

      Romans 6:1 What shall we say, then? Shall we go on sinning so that grace may increase?

      So that does not matter to TB Joshua, he just goes by invitation and imparts these lying demons into others again in the next crusade. And that is just fine and dandy.

      He can’t even heal people who wear glasses. Bwahahahaha. How much more these crusades are fakers.

      I knew of a person who claimed they had their inner ear restored by such healing claims, but when asked for their doctors address and phone number they all of sudden did not wanted to give it to me.

  23. The Kingdom of God is THE Rule of an eternal Souvereign God over ALL creatures and things as written in Psalm 103:19 and Daniel 4:3. The Kingdom of God is also the designation for the sphere of Salvation entered into at the new birth which is written in John 3:5-7, and is synonymous with the “Kingdom of Heaven.”

    The Kingdom of God embraces all created intelligence, both in heaven and earth that are willingly subject to the Lord and are in fellowship with Him. The kingdom of God is, therefore, Universal in that it includes all created angels and men.

    Now what is TB Joshua doing. He is casting out so called demons and does healing. But nowhere is he supporting people in being Baptized in water and ask God to baptize them in the Holy Spirit. All he does is slapping people on the head and on the chest. Then after that no-one is going out to do the same as he does, because that is what the Kingdom of God is about. They all go back to their churches and do the same thing which is called Shakti Pat, touch, slap, knock down, shake, and crawl around and they do not speak in tongues nor interpret them, which all those who are in the Kingdom of God can do. It is so called all for pastors alone but I don’t see anyone where he went that pastors speak in tongues and another is translating it or even prophesy together. Not even him. He is solitary and has not other prophets around to confirm his inside information stories he hangs up every week.

    What kind of Kingdom of God is that what he is doing then ? What is lie, is truth, what is truth they twist to their advantage.

    He is not doing any Kingdom of God at all, then going around and collecting money for his venture to run.

  24. In the Kingdom of God and/or Heaven the mission is:

    Mission. The Kingdom of God does NOT enrich its rulers at the expense of its subjects. Instead, it will accomplish God’s Will, including the promise that those who love him will live forever on a paradise earth. See Isaiah 35:1, 5, 6; Matthew 6:10; Revelation 21:1-4.

    That’s not what TB Joshua is doing, he is acquiring a 60 million dollar aeroplane to seperate himself from the masses because he cannot hold up his pee and poo for 10 hours because he does not want to use the onboard toilet which he told his congregation last year.

    Such practices are manipulating the crowd for shelving out more money so they can travel in style to slap people and punch them on the chest and step upon their feet with Shakti Pat and let them roll and crawl on the floor and tell rubbish stories. He finds that as the Kingdom of God well applied.

    Well, I don’t. He is not ruling anything than his own church and manipulates by bribing, lying and deceiving and diverting the course of justice about his own illegal activities. How can anyone support such a criminal ? There are many criminals on earth and they are mostly in prison when it comes to murdering people by negligence and lies as well falsehood.

    What it all shows that the Nigerian High Court is just a pathetic joke with keep postponing this verdict upon him and his staff who can just freely walk around and continue to lie to thousands of people of doing their illegal activities of their so called “establishing the Kingdom of God”. I think it is just as long you have a job is it not ? What job is it when you just keep obstructing Justice and deprive your victims of that Justice.

    It must satisfy God so much that that is the case, I think it is time that God now has to come on the scene because I don’t see any Justice taking place whatsoever.

  25. Jesse,

    He is still running around and on the loose, because the whole government etc. of Nigeria and tbj are on the same side.

    The picture is much bigger behind the scenes than what we can see!

    I tried to explain it somewhere else, but . .

    • Brilliant @Just Wonder,
      Only the ignorant can’t tell that Boko Haram are illuminati. How else do they get away with so much!

  26. “TB Joshua watch clan” pur out what torments their minds: scorns, hate, disdain, pooh-pooh, dirty jokes, condemnatory demands.

    Olympics of TB Joshua watchers is going on and on….

    They dig in their heels more and more.

    It is their daily bread.

    They can not live without it.

    • Simpleton,
      You are hooked to this blog. Take time and leave here transformed and not just as confused as you were before.

    • What Olympics ? You think I have time to watch 24/7 Emmanuel TV ? No way I have such time. Since you don’t have anything else to do than lookey here if someone writes something so you can keep blabbering about the same thing over again with your new mnemonics to remind yourself of the criminal you keep defending with his “expression” the right hand of god is power.

  27. TB Joshua watch clan found a victim.

    They looke alike those who bully their prey.

    Attack like predators attacks prey.

    They savour their condemnatory victory.

  28. And what is your role? @ Simple voice

    Is it defending a prophet? Is God failing him so bad for man, simple voice, to do it?

  29. TB Joshua watchers clan.

    Do not you see that I defend you from loosing your mind and going mad in your role of Tb Joshua predators…

    • Simpleton,
      The problem with trolls like you is they weary themselves with their nonsense, they burn out and leave here just as deluded as they were before they got here. Some out of shame open new emails and monikers.

      Receive sense in Jesus name!

      • My thought process was that it was relevant because it is about a religious leader who cannot be found at something that I thought seemed like a court trial to find out what went on during a recent violent skirmish in northern Nigeria and that they must not respect the judge. It was the same country, and I guess I assumed it was comparable. Other people’s mileage for comparison may vary, I guess.

        I hope I’m not giving this new Muslim movement more attention than it deserves. I guess TBJW can delete my post if he thinks so.

  30. Vooke,

    Do not you think, that in the same way you misuse condemnations, you misuse the word “troll”? Do not you think that it hinders your critical thinking about your torment? You can afford much more, not only replay to call somebody troll.

  31. Vooke,

    Looking at your blog one can say that what you do is trolling TB Joshua for five years. In order to shut anyone up here – you call them troll. Am I right ? Is this your tactics Vooke ?

    • Simpleton,
      You will crash and burn. Only a hypocrite seeks a guilty trip tight after calling everyone here mad.

      Why are you a troll?
      You repeat the same line ad nauseum, won’t respond to questions, and whatever you post is totally irrelevant to the subject.

      Now, trolls feed off attention and it must give you kicks seeing responses to your idiocy. Count this as the last unless you post anything remotely relevant.

      You are not the first SCOAN sheeple to attempt to derail threads with silliness.

  32. prophet T.b joshau is the last hope to a hopeless man . when I started watching his program in November 2015 I discover people just hate him for nothing people even go as far as lying against him .I am one of those who didn’t believe until I started watching Emmanuel TV .pastors like okotie deceived us on national TV that he was fake .with what is going on I know even if Jesus Christ comes again he will get the same condemnation as he is getting now .he is the only man of God I see that practice the very act of giving Jesus Christ taught us about it is Rather unfortunate I didnt discover him in time .I love him so much the truth. the truth is building collapse every time in Nigeria especially in Lagos .

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