Civil case against TB Joshua is launched

You have probably seen the widely reported story about two children suing TB Joshua for the death of their father. This is the civil case we’ve been reporting on since August last year. The press have focused (perhaps for sensationalism) on the two children suing, but in fact the mother is the first plaintiff and her children have joined the mother as second and third plaintiffs. It may however prove to be fortuitous that the press have focused on the children because it will most likely win more public sympathy, and any move SCOAN makes against the case will be viewed as a move against two children who have lost their father.

They are asking for $520,000 (US) in damages to “compensate for the money that their father would have been expected to provide them with until he turned 70” (source: BBC), but the money is not the only objective – according to one family member TBJW has exclusively spoken to: “for us as a family we want this martyrdom nonsense to cease and the whole truth to come out. Once that is established, in case there is fault on behalf of anyone, which we believe there is, we would like for them to be accountable so that the Christian community will, where possible, not be victimised by individuals who think they are untouchable even in the extreme instances of causing so many deaths.”

One significant detail is that TB Joshua is personally listed as a defendant, as well as the registered trustees of the SCOAN. This will make it much more difficult for him to duck out behind his trustees.

TB Joshua listed as a defendant in the case

TB Joshua listed as a defendant in the case

This is the first civil case against TB Joshua, but it is unlikely to be the last. Bolaji Ayorinde, the lawyer involved in this case told the BBC that he has had a lot of inquiries from relatives of people who died in the building collapse about the possibility of taking action (source). We’ve heard from other sources that financial support promised to the families by SCOAN has ceased in many cases, which if true will leave many with no other alternative than taking legal action.

Please remember this family and the others in your prayers. While TB Joshua continues to live a millionaires lifestyle, complete with a $60 million dollar jet, there are families struggling to make ends meet having lost their breadwinner thanks to SCOAN’s criminal negligence.

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  1. Rev 19:20 (KJV) “And the beast was taken, and with him the false prophet that wrought miracles before him, with which he deceived them that had received the mark of the beast, and them that worshipped his image. These both were cast alive into a lake of fire burning with brimstone.”
    Tbjoshuawatch you have tried your best to unveil this demon hiding in human skin. He is not the only one. They are a flog of them moving about. One Pastor Divine from Buea Cameroon arrested for rape (a notorious wannabee tb joshua). There is one of TB Joshua’s ex-prophets now calling himself apostle John Chi who allegedly ran into dispute with TBJ because of money and now founder of Ark of God channel in Cameroon. If you follow him attentively you will see that he does his work to the image of tb joshua. Everything about him smells tb joshua. It sickens me greatly because these so-called prophets/apostles are deceiving thousands of true innocent Christians and by so doing putting on the mark of the beast on them not to talk of their hidden earthly financial gain objectives. God!!! Selling anointed water and calling it blood of Jesus. Really who believes that crap.

    • Hi Dr. Ben
      I agree, there are many others like TB Joshua. Do you happen to know any further details about John Chi leaving TB Joshua? Money seems like an obvious reason, since everyone at SCOAN is just there to serve TBJ, but we haven’t received any clear information.

    • @ Dr Ben,

      I agree with you about John Chi and there is another in Greece in Thessalonia that does the same who goes by Wiseman Harry.

      They all do the same thing formula and you normally see unknown black people doing this kind of behaviour during these “scam deliverances” with fantasy stories. These are actors to draw people in to their place to run it. They deliberately split up to divert the attention. When you read in this blog you will find more details why Harry also moved out and what he did with the former existing SCOAN branch which was so called not a SCOAN branch.

  2. If true if false…we have no power to condemn the man of god.the holy book says tho shall not judge…things happen when it was supsd to and its the will of god .prophet did not do it to they dad ppl condemn him but what about all the good he has done did if it was ur family that has been healed by prophet t.b joshua will u not be great full

      • you very crazy,tbjwatch,,,, if it was my father that died in this tragedy,i dont see the reason of suing cos money would not bring him back?how many people die from plane crash??do we ever hear people suing the plane companies???REMEMBER we all gonna die differently,some will be accidents,some disease,but we can nt blame anybody for the way in which tbjwatch is gonna die,God knows,,,,,,why dont you guys question God for allowing that to happen????or you dont believe God knew that those people were gonna die????

      • @mist
        What a cruel, heartless attitude you demonstrate. Of course nothing will bring him back, but money does help provide for a family who has lost their main breadwinner. What would you prefer? The family starves or SCOAN is forced to compensate them? Also if the legal process exposes the truth it helps avoid the same thing happening again.

      • @ Mist,

        Why did God let it happen ? Is it not because of doing it illegally and without building permit ? Which God you serve that commands any many of God to do thing illegally ? Which God is that ? Can you tell me ? And if you say TB Joshua is connected to the Holy Spirit then why when 11 years passed down the road about this, HE DID NOT DO ANYTHING ABOUT IT but still carried on searing his consciousness with a hot iron ? Then ofcourse you love the slap fest and punch chest and step toe ministry of TB Joshua as if he is the second coming of Smith Wigglesworth. Did you know that Smith had kidney stones and that he did not wanted it to be operated upon ? And that his daughter was deaf and never got healed ? Why did he not slap his daughter to a pulp or punched her in the chest or stepped upon her toes Smith ? Only stupid people go against the grain while Jesus had a doctor Luke in his disciple line up for matters that were not healed by God but were done by Luke. This all faith thing is not the answer on everything, many people have died because of thinking that God must answer all your requests to Him while there are for such purposes, nursing homes, hospitals, doctors and surgeons and other things medical.

        So then why did God let it happen ? Well if you close up your spiritual ears about doing it wrong can you blame God you opened the door to the Devil and other evil persons ? If you remove the hedge around you with your sins then you have to pay for the consequences and it clearly is not going away. So let your false private prophet face it now himself instead of telling us of how great he is while he can’t even heal a person who is wearing glasses or a severed arm or leg. I am sure there is the “demon of amputee arms and legs” involved in it according to you all, since all is demonic in SCOAN even when it comes being illegal. Even a man that saws off his hand or finger while working or is in a car accident and his legs need to be cut off because of there is no way to save the leg or legs. It is time the scam prophet is going to be exposed to the world as a scam prophet.

  3. Stealing from Africa Christians in the name of God
    These church armed robbers use intimidation and fear for you to shell out 10% of your income as tithes and more even in your sick bed. Many today think that establishing a church is an easy way to make money off poor people through tithing and it is time people know the truth about tithing. For generations, people have been robbed and fleeced by greedy pastors, prophets, apostles, bishops and archbishops who collect money from poor people while living extravagantly. Some friends are also in the church with the desire to make money and fleece the people, but the time is coming when all these armed robbers who use the Bible to rob poor and sick people, giving them false promises in the name of the God, they would be EXPOSED and sent to jail.

      • @ Kofi,

        Only God and Jesus is in charge of Hell, but a question, which Hell are you talking about ? The Grave, Sheol, Tartarus, Gehenna or Purgatory ? Please explain in detail how we go to Hell because we expose your lying festering deceiving false private prophet aka Slapfest, Punch Chest and Step toe ministry application who is only interested in escaping abroad and to divert the course of Justice.

  4. TB Joshua watchers & clan,

    For five years trolling on their bog, they have already pronunced a sentence in the case of TB Joshua.

    Too fast, earlier than earthly courts they have been usurping to be in their condemnatory sentence above Lawyers and God.

    Their mind is all the time tormented with rage, hatred and condemnations toward Tb Joshua like a predators look for their prey.

    They put names “troll” upon those who try to to stop their galloping condemnatory mind horses.

    TB Joshua clan can not cut down condemnations.

    They even call themself Christians, using the name of the Lord…

    • @ SimpleVoice,

      Why use Lawyers while he said many years ago that he did not wanted us to use lawyers in our courtcases but leave it up to God. So why does he not leave it up to God ? And put away his laywers and take it upon the chin and then we can see if God will deliver him. But until so far he does not do either what he says we must do.

  5. Who sent those people to scoan, did TBJoshua called them or they came at their own will? Did He pull down His own building to collapse on those people, and what gain will He get? Who asked u to watch TB Joshua why don’t u watch ur own life. Repent God is coming very soon

    • @Mkhonta
      He built a building on the cheap, he didn’t get approval for it so it never was inspected and the structural issues never found. This catastrophe of a building killed 116 people. How would you feel if it was your family member?

      • I like to announce to everyone here that I was healed within 5 minutes when I visited a preacher that came on visit to a ministry in recent days.

        Many incredible healing took place and there was no slap fest, punch chest fest or step toe or demon interrogation taking place in the entire meeting. The demons just left without telling silly stories through anyone.

        The preacher read one scripture about Jesus healing the leprosy people in Matthew 8 and went straight into healing people in Jesus Name for hours and hours and PRAYED FOR EVERYONE personally in asking what you wanted to be prayed for and he then gently laid hands on people and they were healed instantly. Very humble preacher. Many news channels have confirmed he is a true man send by God and even people were healed who were from the Atheist Skeptic Association and from the News Channels.

        The difference was compared to my gripe and anger since I left with SCOAN that I spend years in SCOAN branches, went many times to SCOAN Lagos, faced TB Joshua several times and spend thousands of dollars on basically nothing then going home not healed and had wasted my time. It only confirms me again who is the real deal here. And it is clear that God does not need 10 hour preaching services with a lot of stories going around it and big video footage to fill up Youtube to make a name for yourself.

        To God be the Glory ! Thank you Jesus for my healing !

    • MKhonta,

      What difference does it make, whether by invitation or by own accord you come down. Who wants to attend a place that was build illegally and without building permit and with bad materials. You can’t blame people for your own bad and wrong decisions. If they did not wanted them, send them home. It only shows that it was not out of God in the first place. Because God would have said, this is not as I want it and it will result in disaster. But did the “all hearing” prophet hear this ? NOOOOOOOO he did not, he closed his ears deliberately and he went abroad instead and tried to blame dark clouds for it instead of himself with his bad decisions and his staff. No staff said, Now wait a minute, this is illegal, we should not be doing this, this is wrong, I can’t support this, I vote against matters of illegallity. No, they did not because they did everything to the whim of TB Joshua and now all the fingers on all hands are pointing to him about it and he does not like it. He choose to hinder the course of justice by obstructing it. This is called PERVERTING THE COURSE OF JUSTICE ! Look it up what it means. That means he is perverting and obstructing righteousness and justice as in Deuteronomy 16:18. Which man of God is doing this ? And if blood money to go around in Nigeria is more important than Justice then it is justified to say Nigeria is corrupt in Justice in the sight of men and of Almighty God.

    • @Mkhonta,
      SCOAN and TB Joshua are the proprietors of the building that collapsed. They housed many there so they owed them a duty of care. The fact that the collapse was AVOIDABLE makes them liable.

      I’m not just glad for this family that is suing but for the fact that many others will follow suit.

      Now, if TB Joshua had some construction insurance, then all injuries and deaths during construction would be covered. I suspect he did not. And even if he did, shoddy works especially substandard materials would nullify any insurance claim as generally one should not be fit from their mischief.

      I hope and pray some legal sharks will jump at this and file suits pro bono in Nigeria. I also pray that other families will rise above their fears and sue. This brazen act of negligence ocassioned by green must never go unpunished

    • You are speaking this way because you are not thinking about the families of those who lost their loved ones. If you were you would be sensitive to what you post. Instead of seeking to protect one man you would be seeking justice for the families of those who lost their loved ones.

      Maybe you, like the one man you seek to protect, do not care!

  6. When would the Nigerian authorities bring this criminal who claims to be “man of God” to book? We want justice for the bereaved families and the false prophet, T B Joshua, must be made to pay!

  7. @ Mist and others

    The fact that God knows we will all sin one day does not exonerate us from sin. The fact that God knew Cain was going to kill his brother Abel, did not exonerate Cain either because Abel was meant to die one way or another… The fact that Judas participated in the death of Christ who was in fact here to die, did not exonerate Judas.

    God will not stop anyone from sinning even if He paid a VERY HIGH PRICE to ransom us from sin which He hates the way you and I cannot explain, even when He loves us the way we cannot explain.

    You choose to be a satanist, God knows it, He asks you to make the RIGHT CHOICE and leaves you to make the choice FREELY. God will not STOP mist from choosing to worship satan. And that’s why He did not stop Timetope. The guy had to listen and follow the way of God in what he did and do the right thing (Poor Jesse tries to bring this up all the time).
    hat’s the ONLY way God can stop anyone, including mist. It was and still is God’s own Will to give us free will, freedom of choice. Anyone who does not choose God’s ways will suffer consequences and answer on the last day, like Cain.

    We all have to answer for our choices and either be gratified, on earth and in heaven, or suffer the consequences on earth like Cain and in heaven like you, mist, should know since you are a student of the most powerful “prophet” of the time.

    And that is so for everyone, including those that are idolised. God is no respecter of man.

  8. “When would the Nigerian authorities bring this criminal who claims to be “man of God” to book? We want justice for the bereaved families and the false prophet, T B Joshua, must be made to pay!”

    Mr Terrific so much wants to condemn TB Joshua. He wants his blood. He already set the sentence. Is he too fast? He usurp to be The Judge of the living and dead. He wants to seat like Lucifer on trone of Judgement. Does his pride and flesh drive him crazy and mad? Does he know what is to be humble?

  9. SCOAN is not the first company to have an accident. Let’s start with travel agencies that have accidents on daily basis in Nigeria and around the world who has sued them? Even aircraft crashes that have happened from negligence who has sued those companies? Not forgetting the Stampede that happened last year killing millions of Muslims who went to seek the face of God which legal action has been taking against them?
    And you are here persecuting an innocent man. Who gave you the powers to Jugde a fellow human…remove the log in your eyes first.
    Upon all the works of charity this man of God has done not only in Nigeria but all over the world until he was recognized by U.N.O, u have not mentioned any all u do is critize shame on you. He who has not sinned should cast the first stone. The same bible u r quoting every time says Judge not.
    May God forgive u all. Even if he goes to prison it’s not the first time. God will still save him like before. Even Paul and Silas went to Prison but God rescued them. I have not seen any where in the bible where God abandoned his prophets so for God to delay doesn’t mean that he is not a true man of God. Rather God is giving people like you @TB Joshua watch enough time to repent. A word to a wise is sufficient.

    • @Child of God
      If TB Joshua was innocent, what has he got to fear in court? Even if he goes to prison and is innocent, like you say, God could rescue him. If you want to maintain that he’s innocent, you’ve got a lot of questions to ask as to why he is constantly trying to disrupt the legal process.

      • Pls leave our prophet alone okay. Before the incident at SCOAN sooooo many accidents have happened from many companies in Nigeria and around the world especially transport companies. Who has Sued those companies? Why don’t u follow that one up and our annointed man of God alone. What about the millions of Muslims who died in a stamped last year as they went to seek the face of thier God? ??? What have you to say about that? Haters of TB Joshua I tell you repent before you face the wrath of God.

    • @Child of God,
      Your hypocrisy will together with your other sins reach the throne of judgement long before you do.

      Are you not judging TB Joshua yourself by declaring him innocent?
      Are you also not judging us by finding fault in us and commanding us to repent?


      • Don’t worry when the truth will finally come out I think u people will close this blog. Hi him hi hi hi hi hi and the truth is soon coming out. Check out the verdict of today’s Court Ruling. Hahaha hahahah hi hi hi I I hi hi hi i loosers that’s the beginning n of our victory. Can’t wait for this blog to close because they won’t have anything else to say. TB Joshua this TB Joshua that every day…… but are unable to do 1 over a million of what this great man of God is doing other than sit behind thier computers and Judge.

    • @ Child who is a liar and supports murderers,

      Why can’t you answer the following fact and truth. Did God command to build the hostel there where it was ? If you say yes, then God is responsible for murdering 120 ignorant people to promote a false lying prophet who went into judicial resistance while he said in the past that if WE have a Court case we have to leave up to God ? Why does he speak there from BOTH sides of his mouth ? Oh I know, because he was not into such a predicament and loves the attention he gets by passing himself off as a victim of his imaginary devil he always puts on the front door as cause of it all.

      So if God did not command him to build this collapsed hostel then who did command him to allow to do this ? It is clearly then himself by his own agenda and purpose because of receiving financial leverage out of it. 400 dollars for a week, 4000 dollars for week WITH Butler. Now what is the purpose of all that ? In Mecca they have TENTS ! And when it was time last year there was a stampede caused by who ? By themselves of being impatient.

      Here is the same thing ! By being impatient and set up the trap, a death trap by going ahead of it all, before God, before His instructions to do as such by taking short cuts. By implementing their own agenda to get it quick quick. Rush, rush, fast fast. How do I know ? Because when we there in Lagos he had this boat in where invited people in and went fast fast in that boat and people had to hold on the railing in NOT FALLING IN THE WATER ! The trait of a irresponsible man that is. Why take the risk without thinking ? Even nothing did happen, it is still a risk somebody would have falling in the water. What does that mean as a spiritual insight ? That is one of recklessness. So it went with this Hostel. Because God never said that it should have taken place. As if God did not know that this would happen ? And you lot always pass it off with RELIGIOUS DRIVEL and divert it as you can wriggle yourself out of it OF NOT taking responsibilities of your actions.

      That is what is going on here. No lessons learned here because those who were coming did not live to tell while he was playing church next door and you all were laughing. You find that an excellent behaviour of your so called man of God ? So the world is always shrugging off its responsibilities by making lies to themselves and others, while they can’t fix it in any way or form, they find an excuse to do what they did.

      Then you say, Oh lookey here, how benevolent this man is to the victims he made all by himself by his own choices. So that means that all people who do these things and have money to shush up others with it must get away with their lies, deception and evil because they can bribe everyone out of it. No prophet would ever do such things IF they heard from God. Because he did not. He deliberately closed up his so called “spiritual ears” for 11 years when he agreed to put that building right there where it is. And the plan was when they actually ran out of money to have this happening that is what happened and nothing else. How do I know, because when it came that the audio video room was going on fire, he said to the whole church, THIS IS THE LAST TIME I WILL BE SPEAKING ON THIS MICROPHONE. Which shows he knew that something would be happening AND NO-ONE took action and asked him what is this about. So he knew as well his staff knew because they actually found that their audio video room was not sufficient for the purpose it was. So someone made a connection that was shoddy and so it caught coincidently on fire because all they wanted was new equipment. How do I know, BECAUSE I WAS RIGHT THERE AFTER IT HAPPENED and the person who was involved in it was a Zimbabwean and another hustler and liar in trying to fix it while he complained to me about it he did not wanted to do it anymore.

      SCOAN is a lying, thieving, scamming and dispicable organisation that preys on the vulnerable and peddles itselves forward with and evil agenda with the Name of Jesus attached to it.

      From all these years I have had loads of wires used in places and organisations and myself and big companies and we ALWAYS used trip contacts boxes and safety connectors which is the right thing to do.

      While I was there one day someone came in and wanted to put a square English plug in a round hole. There you go, that is the Nigerian way of doing their electrics which is not the standard for such things. When addressed about it, they just laugh it off because to them it is the same thing. They just make it work and when it goes wrong they all run away and nobody is responsible of what happened after that. As long they can get away with it, they will continue to deceive you they are doing the Lords work while lying through their teeth about it. In this world many evil persons get away with their deeds as they do when it goes about status, glory and money. Because they think that a bunch of lives dead can just be thrown away for their own glorification. But we know that whatever has been sown as it is and done, it will come back to you one day when you really have to face the music. Until then, nobody IS INNOCENT ! not even TB Joshua.

    • @ Child who makes lies,

      What is U. N. O. ? I googled it and it is card game.

      So you are referring to a Cardhouse right ? That collapsed when knocked over ?

      And as the Bible teaches and shows us God’s Justice:

      Luke 12:48 But the one who unknowingly does things worthy of punishment will be beaten with few blows. From everyone who has been given much, much will be required; and from him who has been entrusted with much, even more will be demanded.

      Leviticus 5:17 “If anyone sins and does what is forbidden in any of the LORD’s commands, even though they do not know it, they are guilty and will be held responsible.

      GOD NEVER COMMANDED SCOAN, THE STAFF OR TB JOSHUA as WELL THE Building organisation to build such a Hostel there !

      Numbers 15:29 One and the same law applies to everyone who sins UNINTENTIONALLY. whether a native-born Israelite or a foreigner residing among you.

      Luke 12:41 Peter asked, “Lord, are you telling this parable to us, or to EVERYONE ?”

      You hypocrites, you hide behind your good deeds and trumpet them around as is written in God’s Word for them already their reward is given.

    • @Child of God
      Before the incident at SCOAN sooooo many accidents have happened from many companies in Nigeria and around the world especially transport companies. (from the second comment)

      “SCOAN is not the first company to have an accident. Let’s start with travel agencies that have accidents on daily basis in Nigeria and around the world who has sued them?” (from the first comment)

      He isn’t the first to have an accident, that’s definitely true, but when you are liable for not being safe enough, these things happen. They are also not the first to have a civil suit filed against them.

      Even aircraft crashes that have happened from negligence who has sued those companies?”

      Here are some:

      Not forgetting the Stampede that happened last year killing millions of Muslims who went to seek the face of God which legal action has been taking against them?

      Even if he goes to prison it’s not the first time. God will still save him like before. Even Paul and Silas went to Prison but God rescued them.
      If that happens, it happens, but T.B, Joshua should just testify at the trial and say what he saw. What does he have to lose? None of Paul’s missionary journeys take place in the middle of any of his trials or anything like that.

  10. What this Justice is doing is the following and equally despicable for the victims deaths.

    Leviticus 19:15 teaches, “Do not pervert justice; do not show partiality to the poor or favoritism to the great, but judge your neighbor fairly.”

    Exodus 23:3 likewise commands, “Do not show favoritism to a poor man in his lawsuit.” Justice should be blind, and both rich and poor should be treated equally before the law.

    The Bible calls favoritism SIN: “If you really keep the royal law found in Scripture, ‘Love your neighbor as yourself,’ you are doing right. But if you show favoritism, you sin and are convicted by the law as lawbreakers”

    James 2:8-9. Favoritism is a serious offense against God’s call to love one’s neighbor as oneself.

    This Justice is clearly showing favoritism for TB Joshua, Staff, Builders and their relentless obstruction for Justice by material means and not by God’s true Justice.

    This Justice is saying that we should build illegal hostels all over the world and then let people come and when something goes wrong to pervert the course of Justice.

    It was already clear that this was in the pen because of the deliberate postponing of the verdict month after month. To be a fat cat and extracting more money out of it. Now a civil case was filed they quickly quash it other matters because of the sins of others who upheld their sins day in say out.

    Again it is proven how corrupt they are in the sight when it gets hot under the collar they do away with true Justice for Involuntary Manslaugther and Manslaugther by gross negligence. How cowardly !!! 120 people died and the ones that are responsible for their choices are being spoken free from their personal actions.

    This Justice goes against:

    -The defendant owed a duty to the deceased to take care
    -The defendant breached this duty clearly
    -The breach caused the death of the deceased; and
    -The defendant negligence was gross while claiming he knew “inside information”, that is showed such disregard for the life and safety for others as to amount to a crime and deserve punishment as a result.

    Then here comes this corrupt Justice and does away with the evidence that God never agreed with personal agenda of building a hostel on that place and defies in God’s will to do away with as such ?

    Precious Blood has been shed on that ground because out of God’s will because of their choices and made a curse on the earth right there and they try with religious drivel to exonerate this ?

    This Justice must love his corrupt country so much that he will be past off as a hero in MEN’S SIGHTS ! How is that possible ? Bah ! Bah ! Three times Bah ! What a cowardly act this is ! And stalling Justice by diverting it constantly to something else as invalid. The only persons that are invalid are those who started this all from the beginning.

  11. TB Joshua – chicken and coward.

    “But the COWARDLY, the unbelieving, the vile, the murderers, the sexually immoral, those who practice magic arts, the idolaters and all liars–they will be consigned to the fiery lake of burning sulfur. This is the second death” – Revelation 21:8.

  12. Tb Joshua watch I don’t even want to read your useless foolish comments,You are not only preparing your way to hell, but You also fighting to get yourself a better seat there.

  13. Pls tbjoshua watch, can you enumerate briefly to me the tenets of your christian faith, profession and beliefs? Actually this is my first comment here.

    • @Desert Warrior
      Sorry, but you sound like a SCOAN supporter playing games with us. If you elaborate on the intention behind your request I might cooperate, but otherwise I’ll pass.

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